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Birthday Headcanon // CRIMINAL MINDS

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Derek Morgan:



  • Derek making your birthday romantic.
  • Waking you up by kissing you passionately.
  • “Happy birthday babe.”
  • Derek kissing you passionately.
  • Making you breakfast.
  • Derek taking you to a restaurant.
  • When you’s come back home, you see your family, friends + bau co-workers.
  • Being so excited/overwhelmed.

Spencer Reid:



  • Spencer wanting your birthday to be amazing.
  • Telling you facts about birthdays.
  • Spencer giving you flowers.
  • Spending most of your day at home with him.
  • Going out to a romantic restaurant in the evening.
  • Spencer looking at you with so much love.

Aaron Hotchner:



  • Aaron waking up before you, and making you breakfast, with the help of Jack.
  • Jack waking you up by jumping on you and saying happy birthday.
  • Eating breakfast in bed.
  • Jack and Aaron making you a birthday cake.
  • Spending your day with Jack and Aaron.
  • Aaron making your favourite meal.
  • Eating your ake that Aaron and Jack made you.

David Rossi:



  • David making you a delicious breakfast.
  • David spoiling you.
  • Taking you to fancy restaurants.
  • Drinking wine.
  • Stargazing

Luke Alvez:



  • Luke being extremely romantic.
  • Luke making you breakfast.
  • Spending most of your birthday in bed with luke.
  • A lot of passionate sex.