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"Hey Mr. Stark?"
"I think this guy likes me. How can I tell?"

Tools clattered to the workbench with a metallic clang and Tony quickly looked up from where he was working.
"Uh, well, what makes you think he likes you?" Tony asked, swallowing down a twinge of jealousy.
"Well… He says things like 'that's not just my gun in pocket' and 'I don't need a knife to rearrange your guts'," Peter said with a blush. Tony turned his full attention on Peter.
"This guy sounds violent, how do you know him? Is this a Spiderman friend or a Peter friend? How often do you see him?" Tony started shooting off rapid-fire questions at Peter.
Peter cleared his throat and took a few steps away from Tony subconsciously. He let out a little laugh and kept his gaze on the machinery he was working on.

"Uh, he's a Spiderman friend and he's… Just eccentric, he's not really dangerous. Unless you're a bad guy," he added with a smile. Tony stood up slowly, taking a step closer to Peter.
"Well, how old is he? Has he ever touched you?"
Peter coughed and rounded the end of the work table away from Tony.

"He-he's, I don't know, in his thirties maybe?" Peter said quietly. Tony's eyes went wide and he carefully asked, "you don't think that's… maybe a little too old for you?" He watched Peter's face carefully as he said it. Peter took a few steps farther away and his face continued burning, but his eyebrows began knotting together in what could have been annoyance. He finally put his tools down and stood up straight to face Tony.

"You know, we don't really have to talk about it, I should have just kept it to myself, Mr. Stark," he said, voice even.

"Now, wait a minute, I want to talk about this! You didn't answer my question," Tony said, crossing his arms over his chest. Peter sighed. "What question?"
"Well, has he ever touched you? You have some adult man making sexual references at you and you want me to just forget about it?" Peter turned away from Tony and walked toward the other end of the bench, picking at some exposed wiring on a discarded robotic arm.

"It's fine Mr. Stark. We've been talking for a while now and I was actually thinking about, you know… maybe hooking up with him. Tonight." He moved his eyes to scan Tony's face as he said it. Tony's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped slightly before he could reign his emotions back in.
"W-wait, Peter!" He cried, finding it hard to hide the desperation in his voice. "What if this guy's a psycho? What if he hurts you? I mean, w-what about m-" Peter cut him off.
"It's ok, Mr. Stark, I'm not a baby. I'll be fine." He turned and started walking toward the nearest exit.
"Wait!" Tony cried again, rushing after Peter. He caught his forearm firmly but gently and turned him back around to face him.
"Peter, I… I thought…" his voice trailed off before he could finish. Peter's face turned questioning as he looked at his older mentor.
"Thought what, Mr. Stark?”
"Well I… I thought you had a crush on me?" He finally managed in a tiny voice, sounding vulnerable. Peter's face turned crimson and he coughed out a laugh, casting his eyes to the floor.
"I didn't know you knew about that," Peter whispered shyly. "Don't worry Mr. Stark, I know you don't want me like that. I was young, just a kid. I know better now. At least this guy's interested, right?" He tried to awkwardly joke. Tony floundered for a moment, then he let go of Peter's wrist.
"But… I know you're not a kid anymore, Pete... Is this going to be your first time?" Tony asked quietly. Peter nodded, still not meeting the older man's eyes.
"Well, I mean.… Why not me?" Tony asked pleadingly, trying to meet Peter's gaze. Peter's head popped up and his jaw dropped slightly. He didn't answer for a moment.
"…Really?" He asked, almost disbelievingly. Tony swallowed and nodded, his heart beginning to thump harder with excitement. After a moment Peter's face broke into a wide grin and he quickly rushed forward, closing the distance that was between them, leaning up and pressing their lips together eagerly. Tony quickly gripped Peter just below his ass, pulling him off his tiptoes and lifting him into the air. Peter immediately wrapped his legs around Tony's waist, grinding his hardening erection into the man's stomach. Tony loosed a groan and hurriedly began walking toward the elevator that would lead them to his bedroom. He slapped at the buttons on the panel and pressed Peter into the wall, delighting in the teens' sloppy, inexperienced kisses.
When the elevator door dinged open again, he quickly began walking toward his bedroom, pushing the door opened and tossing Peter onto his large soft bed. Peter bounced with delight, squealing and giggling, and Tony drank in the sight of the teen.
He'd wanted to see Peter like this for so long; eyes alive with electricity and soft curls wild about his head. He glowed rose gold in his excitement. He slowly crawled toward him, sliding his fingertips under his cotton t-shirt and sliding it up as he did, kissing at the smooth skin underneath. Peter let out a soft moan and threw his head back, relishing in the feeling.
"So this is… your first time?" Tony asked again, slightly breathlessly as he still kissed at Peter's stomach.
"It's my first, like, real-time. But I mean, I've done other things before," Peter stated, tugging at Tony's shirt. Tony ignored the tugging to ask, "what do you mean, other stuff?" Peter breathed out a laugh.
"I'm almost 18, you think I don't get myself off at night and play with toys?" He reached up and began unbuttoning the older man's crisp white shirt. Tony's eyes widened and he was lost for a moment in thoughts of Peter Parker, wet and soapy in his tiny shower, opening himself on a rubber toy. He felt his blood rush faster at the thought and by the time he came back to, Peter was pulling the shirt off his shoulders. Tony quickly reached to unbutton his black dress pants and slid them down his thighs, reaching up to start pulling off Peter's jeans. Peter eagerly lifted his hips, helping the man remove the denim faster. Once they were both in their underwear, Peter quickly peeled his boxers from his skin and sat up quickly, hooking his fingers in Tony's waistband.
"Wait," Tony stopped him, moving toward a side table beside the bed. "I have to get you ready before we start," he stated, searching around in the drawer.
"Mr. Stark, I'm already ready. I… I was planning on hooking up with… my friend tonight. I'm all ready, you know… open," Peter said quietly with a blush. Tony looked up at him from where he stood and a darkly jealous look crossed his face, but he quickly turned his attention back to the items in the drawer. He hoped Peter hadn't seen his jealousy.
"Well… We still need a condom. And some lube. Safety is very important," he stated, trying to shake off his unpleasant feelings and get back to enjoying a naked Peter in his bed. He quickly made his way back to the teen with a packet and small bottle in hand, kissing him hard and a touch possessively when he reached him. Peter giggled excitedly, hoping for something maybe a little rough. He quickly reached up and pulled Tony's boxers from his hips, watching his hard cock spring free of the fabric. It was bigger than he'd expected and he licked his lips voraciously.
"Mr. Stark, you don't have to use the condom," he whispered eagerly as the older man was unwrapping the rubber sheath. Tony continued opening the package and rolled the condom onto his leaking dick. "We have to be safe, sweetheart. I don't want to risk your safety," he replied in a very paternal way. Peter sighed quietly and barely suppressed the urge to roll his eyes across the galaxy, and managed a small smile instead. Tony coated his fingers in lube and gently pressed them to Peter's entrance, watching the teens' face intently for any signs of discomfort. Tony was almost slightly disappointed when Peter's hole stretched and opened easily around his fingers, but he pushed them in and out a few times slowly before lining up his head. He paused for a moment, taking mental pictures of every part of Peter that his eyes landed on, searing the image into his mind forever.
Peter quickly grew impatient, wriggling his hips and trying to push himself onto Tony's cock, but Tony held his hips fast. Peter let out a whine and had a hard time holding his quickly growing annoyance.
"Mr. Staaark!" He groaned, sounding rather like a brat. Tony just chuckled. "Patience, prince," he returned, finally sinking into the teen. Peter let out a groan at the feeling and began rolling his hips, trying to fuck himself on Tony's cock. "Peter, it's your first time. We should make it special! Let me make you feel good," Tony said, sounding slightly exasperated. Peter huffed and stuck out his bottom lip but stilled his movements and let Tony take control. The man pressed his hips into Peter steadily, pulling out almost fully and sinking back in slowly. His pace wasn't necessarily slow per se, but it certainly wasn't as fast as Peter would have liked.

"Can you please fuck me harder, Mr. Stark?" Peter practically begged. Tony pressed in harder and just slightly faster but still not what Peter was hoping for. "I want this to be special, Peter. I'm so honored to be your first," Tony whispered sincerely.
Peter felt a twinge of regret as he realized that he didn't feel the same as the older man. He was ready and eager. He'd not only had plenty of time to learn what he liked on his own, but he'd done things with other boys, short of actually taking clothes off, and he knew what he wanted; what he needed. He just didn't know how to tell the older man without making it awkward for either of them. Tony seemed to want it to be very sentimental. Peter wanted it dirty.
Still, the older man was skilled for sure, he definitely knew what he was doing, and Peter couldn't deny that it felt good to be with Tony. He'd had a crush on the man forever, and had dreamed of this moment for years. He closed his eyes and let the sensations wash over him, feeling the man's thickness massaging against his walls, just centimeters away from his pleasure spot. He pushed his hips down against Tony again, trying to push that extra bit of length in, but was quickly frustrated by the lack of friction caused by the condom. He wanted to feel Tony's cock splitting him in two, but he just couldn't. He let out a frustrated moan and opened his eyes, watching Tony's face.
The older man's eyes were closed and his mouth hung open blissfully. Peter took in the way his skin flushed with all the blood flowing through him, making it look like he was glowing. The freckles dusted across his nose, usually almost invisible, stood out proudly now and Peter couldn't help but feel his arousal peak at the sight. He really was a beautiful man. Tony's toned arms held him tightly, beginning to lose control of himself. As he did finally near his own climax, his control over his movements began to falter, and he began thrusting into Peter deep, fast, and harder than before. Peter cried out in relief and pleasure at the feeling and thrust all of his weight to meet the man's thrusts, surprising Tony and finally helping Peter to reach his own climax.
They came seconds apart, Tony making deep groaning sounds in his throat and Peter shouting Tony's name loudly. Peter's cock dribbled a pool of milky white cum onto his stomach and they both lay together for another moment, panting and coming down from their highs.
Tony met Peter's eyes and his own chocolatey orbs seemed to sparkle with joy. He smiled at Peter and slowly leaned forward to kiss Peter's jaw and throat. Peter let out a quiet moan and enjoyed the feeling. He lay quietly under Tony and closed his eyes, breathing deeply. He'd enjoyed it, truly he had. Tony felt good and he cared about Peter and they'd both been able to get off. So it wasn't that bad, right? Still, Peter felt nagging disappointment tugging at him buried deep down. It was good but it wasn't... What he wanted.
"How was that, sweetheart?" Tony asked sweetly, brushing stray curls from Peter's eyes. Peter smiled weakly. "I-it was really good Mr. Sta-uh, Tony," he replied quietly. Tony smiled bigger and rolled to the side of Peter, laying next to the teen.
Peter didn't waste any time as soon as he did, sitting up and grabbing tissues from the box by the bed and cleaning up his mess.
"Thank you, Mr. Stark," he said appreciatively, standing and scooping up all of his clothes from the floor.
Tony's face scrunched up as he realized what Peter was doing.
"Wait, do you wanna cuddle for a bit? O-or maybe order a pizza? I can fly us to Rome and we can get Italian!" He suggested, semi-desperately. Peter had skipped replacing his boxers and simply pulled his jeans back on, t-shirt already over his head before Tony could finish his questions.
"Nah, I should go, Mr. Stark, I got a lot of stuff to do at home," he said, grabbing his shoes from the floor.
"See ya later!" Peter called, quickly breezing through the doorway.
"Wait, Pete-!" Tony tried, but the teen was already gone. He felt himself deflate in disappointment, sinking low into his bed. Had he been that bad? He'd always been told that he was a great lover. Maybe Peter just hadn't been ready. Tony sighed and pulled the used condom off, tossing it into a nearby wastepaper basket and standing to head for the shower.
"FRIDAY, let me know if he goes out with the suit," Tony called on his way to the bathroom. He turned on the water and quickly hopped in, lost in his own thoughts.
It was not even ten minutes later when FRIDAY alerted him.
"Sir, Peter appears to be headed downtown in the suit," She stated.
"Get a reconnaissance drone on him, covertly, please. I'd like to keep an eye on him for a bit."

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Tony didn't have to wait long. By the time he had dried off and thrown on some fresh clothes, the drone had found Peter and was following closely behind. Tony had called up a screen from midair to watch his movements intently.
He was honestly disappointed in how quickly Peter had left after their first time. He was hoping to do something special to make it memorable for Peter; take him somewhere exotic or buy him some delicate and thoughtful gift. Instead, he was nursing a bottle of wine and trying to figure out where he'd gone wrong.
He watched the teen swinging through the streets in the dimming light and it didn't seem that Peter had any sort of destination in mind, judging by his route. Maybe he was trying to calm his nerves or something. Tony didn't think he'd actually hurt him, so maybe he'd just made him nervous. He watched Peter for almost 15 minutes off and on, holo-screen following him as he walked from room to room before the camera finally picked up a sound from the teen.

"Aha," Peter said quietly to himself. He shot a web to a nearby light post, pulling himself on top and then jumped high into the air, shooting another web to the top of a building and vaulting himself to the top. He landed gracefully on his feet and walked the ledge toward something or someone.

"Get me another angle? I can't see where he's going," Tony said, now watching intently over his glass of wine. The drone quickly circled around and came up behind Peter, showing him walking toward a figure that perched on the side of the building. Tony heard a second voice a moment later.

"Hey! Spidey-babe! Damn, it's been so long since I've seen that sweet ass, turn around and lemme see that thing, woo!" The voice hollered excitedly.
Tony's jaw clenched. This must be the "friend" Peter had been talking about. He heard Peter laugh, clearly enjoying the man's words.
The second man stood as Peter reached him and Tony could see through the eyes of the drone that he also wore a mask like Peter and his suit was red too, but it was different. The man was tall, much taller than Peter, and possibly taller than himself.
He was also loud.

"What you been up to, hot stuff? You been avoiding me? I swear that offer for a mind-blowing orgasm or five is totally still on the table."

And he was obnoxious.
Tony drained his glass and set it back on a counter in the kitchen, a bit too forcefully. Why was Peter giggling about this guy? What an asshole! He stalked to his couch and flopped down, trying to contain the annoyance that was quickly turning to anger.

"Nothing much, just been busy. You know, stopping crime, being good looking, all that," Peter joked in return.

Tony's hackles raised when he watched the strange man reach his arm past Peter and grip his ass tightly, giving him a firm groping while he made lewd sounds. Peter sucked in a sharp breath and Tony half expected and half hoped that Peter would pull away or tell him to stop, but instead he watched Peter cup his hands onto the man's chest and lean in, looking up at the man.

"You're such a tease, Pool," Peter said in a flirty voice.
"Oh, I'm not teasing, my little baby bubble butt. I'll take care of you any and every day of the week."

Tony watched the man's second hand joining the first in groping at Peter's ass, pulling his smaller body closer and throwing his balance off. Tony couldn't deny that he was swimming in vicious jealousy.

"Perhaps you should change the channel for a bit, boss? Your blood pressure is steadily rising." FRIDAY cut in.
"Don't worry about it, I'm fine," Tony grumbled back.
He watched Peter's skinny arms moving tentatively forward, hands resting gingerly on the man's larger hips while he still looked up at him. The eyes on the second man's mask seemed animated in some way and they opened wide, giving him a strange look of surprise.

"Baby!" The man's voice called out. "you never touch me back!" Tony watched Peter's whole body language change, looking like a shy school girl when her crush acknowledged her, complete with pointed toe fidgeting. He could practically see the blush on his cheeks under the mask.

"Maybe I could take you up on that offer?" Tony heard Peter's quiet voice.

No, no, no! Tony fumed on his couch, not able to do anything about what he was watching. Hadn't he been good enough? Why did Peter want someone else?

"Oh my god yes, my place is right around the corner and I am more than willing to whisk you away for a few days," the taller man nodded eagerly.

Tony heard Peter giggle and his stomach roiled. He quickly stood from the couch and went back for the bottle, taking a long swill before pouring his glass full again. When he went back to his seat on the couch, Peter and this freaking dude we're en route to his place. He tried to place the buildings they were passing but the terrain was unfamiliar to him and they were moving too fast for him to get a really good look. He knew he could ask FRIDAY or even Karen where they were but he didn't want to get too far into anything just yet.
He watched the two red-clad figures slide through an open window and braced himself for what he was about to watch. The drone was just a beat behind them and flew in the window, attaching itself to a wall high above them. Almost as soon as they were both standing upright, the larger man closed the distance between them, grabbing Peter and pulling him tightly against his body. Tony felt sick as he watched the man's hands pawing all over Peter's body unceremoniously. Peter seemed like he was full of nervous energy and Tony just hoped he'd make good decisions.

"Can I take off my mask?" The man in red asked eagerly. Peter didn't seem to have an answer for that right off hand.
"Uh, I mean, I…guess? I-I'm not…" he trailed off.
"That's ok, you can do what you want to be comfy!" The tall man assured, and Tony felt a tiny twinge of relief that he wasn't pressuring Peter.
"O-ok," Peter stuttered adorably, to Tony's chagrin. The man gripped the bottom of his mask and yanked it above his head, pulling it off fully.

Tony watched as Spiderman stared at the taller man, knowing his face under the mask was probably awe-filled. He clicked his teeth in annoyance. The taller man was… good looking. Like, really good looking. Like, annoyingly attractive. He had sandy blonde hair that went every which way from sweating under the mask and his eyes were a bright blue. His chin was stubbly and strong and he was just all around, a good looking guy. Tony felt his jaw twitch.

"Wow," was all Peter was able to manage in a breathless voice.
"I know, I'm so hot I just made you pregnant, right?" The man joked. Peter laughed, Tony scoffed. The man quickly reached for Peter again, pulling his hips into his own body and groaning at the feeling of their bodies colliding. His face was animated in a way that made him almost look cartoonish. There's no way this guy was completely sane.
"Can you tell me your name?" The man asked Peter. "I'm Wade. You can call me Master. I mean, if you want," he winked at Peter. Peter chuckled.
"I'm-I'm Peter," he nervously revealed.
"Peter," Wade said it like it was a magic spell or some ancient secret. Tony rolled his eyes.
"So, can I spank you and make you call me Daddy?" Wade asked, pressing tighter to Peter. Tony's lips pursed angrily and Peter giggled shyly again.
"How old are you, Wade?" Peter asked. Tony nodded his approval from where he sat watching.
"Me? I don't know like, at least thirty probably? Somewhere around there. How old are you, kiddo?" He asked, face taking on a wary look. Peter ducked his head, though his mask hid his nervousness and anxiety.
"Uh, I'm… old enough," Peter said non-committally. "I'm nineteen," he quickly followed with a lie. Wade smiled wide and Tony wanted to punch every stupid perfect white tooth down his stupid beautiful throat. And he was mad that Peter had lied too. He watched Peter's hand reach slowly up to the spider emblem on his chest and Tony knew what he was about to do, though he dreaded it happening.
Peter pushed the emblem and the suit fell loose around Peter's shoulders.
"Don't, Peter," Tony urged in a quiet voice.

Peter let his suit drop to the floor and pool around his feet, and suddenly he was only wearing his boxers and his mask. Tony watched Wade's eyes rake over Peter's body and felt more jealous than he ever had in his life. Then, his heart dropped as he watched Peter's hand slowly reach up to his mask.
"Peter, don't," Tony urged again, knowing he would anyways.

Peter peeled his mask from his head. His cheeks were rosy and his curls were messy and matted around his head. His huge brown eyes looked so innocently up at Wade.

Tony almost wanted to call Peter to tell him he had something for him to do, but he knew the teen would either not respond or wouldn't come if he did. Tony felt so angry and disappointed and jealous he didn't know what to do with himself.

Wade quickly gripped Peter up and pulled him into a consuming kiss, wasting no time in turning them around and pushing Peter backward toward his bedroom. The drone took a minute to catch up and by the time it did, Wade had already forced Peter down and was grinding his hips into the boy. From that angle, Tony could see the long swords strapped to the mans suit and it added another element of anxiety for Tony as he watched.
Wade quickly began ripping his suit from his skin, wanting to be as naked as Peter as fast as possible. Once he was in his boxers, he took hold of Peter's boxers and yanked them from his hips without any hesitation.
Tony thought Peter looked nervous, but maybe he was imagining that.
The man gripped Peter's half-hard cock and jerked it a few times, coaxing it into hardness. Peter gasped at the quick movements and harsh grip of the older man, looking owlishly up at him, but he didn't say anything or move away. Wade quickly slid his own boxers down, cock springing into the air, already hard. He might even be bigger than Tony but Tony didn't want to speculate. He did know that it was big enough to hurt if the man wasn't careful with his teen. He saw Peter's eyes pop open wide at the sight and he slid back just a little, unconsciously.

Wade didn't waste any time whatsoever, reaching for a tube of lube that he fished from under his pillow, and pouring it sloppily all over Peter. The teen gasped at the cold sensation but before he could say anything, Wade had taken Peter's cock in his left hand and his own in his right, fisting them simultaneously. Peter let out a yelp at the feeling and wriggled under the man's large hand.
"You like that baby? Just wait until I get inside you," he said in a seductive voice.

Tony felt his stomach lurch from across town at the words.

Wade let go of Peter's cock and took his now slippery fingers and placed them at Peter's entrance, pushing two fingers past it all the way to the hilt in one thrust.
Peter let out a loud shriek and Tony found himself jumping to his feet as if he could stop them from where he was.
"Ooh," Wade chuckled slightly at the sound Peter made. "Is that a little sensitive, baby boy?" He asked in a way that was partly soothing and partially threatening.

Tony gritted his teeth and clenched his fists together. "Don't call him that," the man growled, even knowing that Wade couldn't hear him.

Wade quickly pulled his fingers out and lined himself up with Peter, finding him thoroughly stretched open already. "Do you want me to use a condom?" Wade asked, actually being surprisingly responsible. Peter shook his head no, remembering how maddening it had been when Tony had worn one.
"Ok, no condom, and last question; do you want it fast or really fast?" Wade asked. Peter wasn't sure if he was joking or not and gulped down his incoherent stutters. Wade didn't wait any longer for an answer and thrust into Peter deeply, drawing a loud cry from Peter. Wade pressed his body down against Peter's and gripped his skinny wrists in his own much larger hands, pinning him to the bed. He drew a knee up by Peter's hips and began to thrust jackhammer fast and deep into Peter, pulling broken sobs and cries from Peter's chest. He set a breakneck speed and Peter could only listen to the wet sounds of their skin slapping together over his own cries.

Tony watched the screen in horror, taking in Peter's shocked looking face and feeling his heart-stopping in his chest.
"Peter, the condom! Why did you say no?!" He shrieked.

Wade reached up and laced his fingers through Peter's curls, yanking them unexpectedly. Peter let out a sound that was pleasure mixed with pain and reached to grip at Wade's hand. The older man's thick cock was stretching Peter just ever so slightly more than Tony's had and he could feel every time it pulsed and twitched and every time the swollen head of it nudged his prostate.
"W-Wade!" He finally managed to cry out, the weight of the larger man crushing the air from his lungs. Wade pulled back slightly to look at Peter's face and he raised his chest, dropping his hips down to bombard Peter from a new angle.
"Oh, WADE!" Peter shrieked again at the new sensation, barely able to cling to consciousness. He hadn't been expecting such a rough onslaught and he was barely able to ride the waves of pleasure that crashed over him. Wade wasn't taking any precautions to be gentle and the pleasure was almost overshadowed by the pain.

Tony could read the pain on Peter's face through the glowing screen and he felt murderous. How could Wade be so rough? Peter was small, delicate! I mean, couldn't he even see the way his face twisted up painfully?

"C'mon, roll over," Wade said breathlessly, patting Peter's thigh, finally having stopped driving into the teen. He pulled out, leaving Peter gasping at the sudden feeling of loss and gripped his skinny hips, pushing him to roll over. Peter shakily lifted himself onto his hands and knees, getting nervous about what was about to happen. He'd wanted something rough and sloppy and dirty, but he didn't realize how different it could be with a real, muscle clad, adult and not his plastic and rubber toys in his shower. He felt Wade mounting the bed behind him and turned slightly to look over his shoulder. He had to admit, the man was sexy. His whole body was muscular and sculpted and he knew exactly what he was doing with that big cock of his. He felt Wade pressing inside of him again and gripped the sheets tightly, steeling himself.
Surprisingly, Wade pushed in slowly and gently, working his way back up to speed. Peter breathed a sigh of relief and let some of the tension in his muscles bleed out, relaxing into Wade's thrusts.
He started panting out moans and pressing back onto the man's cock, feeling his release swelling up inside him.
"I'm getting close," Peter panted. Wade rested his hand against Peter's side, sliding it up toward his armpit, then across his chest. Peter thought he was going to stop there, but the large hand snuck higher, across his collar bones and onward to his skinny throat. Peter felt his pulse spike and sucked in a breath, but before he could protest, Wade had tightened his grip so that Peter couldn't make a sound.
"You told me before that you liked it rough. I didn't forget," Wade said quietly. Peter regretted ever having said something like that to such a perfect stranger, especially since he couldn't even remember saying it.

Tony felt a sob escape his chest upon hearing those words. He covered his mouth with his hand and struggled to watch what he was seeing. Should he go find where the men were via FRIDAY or would Peter hate him for it? He was just thankful that where the drone was, he couldn't see Peter's face anymore.

Peter tried to force words from his throat but he couldn't, tiny squeaks falling from his lips. Wade picked up a fast speed again, nailing Peter's prostate with every thrust. Peter gripped the sheets so hard they tore under his fingers. Wade reached forward with his other hand and gripped Peter's curls again, yanking his head back sharply. He pounded into Peter as hard as he could and Peter would have cried in pain if he could breathe.

Tony threw his glass angrily and shattered it against the floor, covering his eyes as he did.
"Fuck!" He shouted.

Wade gave a sharp thrust into Peter, then stilled, whispering in his ear, "do you like that? Does Daddy feel good?" He released Peter's throat for the answer and Peter choked and sputtered, trying to refill his lungs.
"NO!" he managed to wail, tears flowing down his face. Wade released Peter completely and pulled away from him, standing from the bed.
"What-Peter I, I'm so sorry! I-I thought you liked it rough?!" Wade yelped, touch of panic in his voice. He seemed genuinely apologetic. Peter turned back onto his back and tried to slow his sobs. He'd been completely unprepared for this, as much as he thought he'd been ready.
"I-I did too," Peter replied shakily, trying to get his breathing back to normal. Wade came back to the bed and leaned over Peter, reaching to touch his face but stopping short of his fingertips actually making contact.
"I actually… Just had my first time… earlier," Peter admitted, blushing hotly. "I just wasn't really that satisfied, I guess. I wanted him to go faster and harder but… this is too much for me."
"Oh, Spidey-baby, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize you weren't enjoying yourself, I never wanted to hurt you!" Wade frantically apologized, gently brushing his fingers through Peter's hair. "Do you want to stop?"
Peter thought for a moment, then shook his head no.
"Are you sure baby? Cuz we can stop anytime, it's no problem at all."
"No, just... Not so rough, please. Like, I want it a little rough but not brutal!" Peter sniffled, still bright red. Wade nodded and knelt on the floor between Peter's thighs, wrapping his arms around Peter's legs. Peter watched him warily as he began to kiss and lick all over the soft skin of his inner legs, sucking gently to mark the perfect white flesh there. Peter shakily dropped his legs open wider at the touch, slowly laying his head back and enjoying the feeling.
"I'm sorry, baby boy. I want to make you come. I don't want to make you hurt," Wade whispered. Peter gently threaded his fingers through Wade's soft blonde hair and looked down at him.
"You don't think I'm… disgusting?" Peter asked in a tiny voice. Wade stopped what he was doing and looked at Peter with a face that looked amused.
"Why would I baby?" he asked with a lopsided grin.
"Well, cuz I said I had sex with someone else earlier," he blushed crimson as he said it.

Tony had finished his bottle of wine and opened a second, taking a swig to wash down an anxiety pill, and now he sat deflated on the couch.
It hadn't been good; not for Peter. He hadn't been good enough. He'd been too gentle, focusing so hard on not hurting the teen that he disregarded the teens' own requests for pleasure. That's why he'd left so abruptly. Tony couldn't believe it. He'd been so worried about making it good that it hadn't been… good. He'd driven Peter into someone else's arms. And bed. Tony wallowed in self-pity as the alcohol was slowly taking over his head.

"No way, gorgeous. I'm just lucky you're letting me have you," Wade said genuinely. He stood back up and crawled back over Peter, pressing a kiss to his lips before slowly pressing back inside him again. Peter gasped and lifted his knees around Wade's waist, running his hands down the man's muscular back.

It was beginning to look a lot more sensual, and Tony started to feel sick from watching. Peter's face cried out in pleasure, he glowed under this man that Tony didn't feel deserved him and Tony was so angry at himself for allowing this to happen.

"Oh, right there!" Peter suddenly cried out as Wade pressed against that sensitive spot, nestled deep inside him. Wade sped his pace and kept hitting that spot, coaxing Peter to come.
"That's it, baby, Daddy's got you. Come for Daddy, such a good boy," Wade crooned.
"Ah-yes, Wade-ah! There, harder please, just a little- yes! Oh oh oh!" Peter whined, scratching at Wade's back. Soon he was wailing out his orgasm, high pitched and loud.

Tony felt his heart sink. He'd wanted Peter to sound like that for him.

Just a moment after Peter came, Wade came too. He moaned loudly as he filled Peter, and finally, he lay his head down on Peter's shoulder. They both lay panting and absently running their hands across each other's skin for a few moments before Wade finally stood and pulled Peter to his feet, leading him to the shower.

Tony sighed and waved the screen away, wiping a tear from his own face. He decided to head to the workshop again. He wouldn't be able to sleep that night. He could only assume that Peter was going to stay with Wade for the night, and he just couldn't stop obsessing about it. He grabbed what was left of his second bottle of wine and headed for the elevator.

Chapter Text

Tony had stayed in his workshop all night and into the early afternoon. He'd long since finished his wine and started drinking pots of coffee, neither doing much to alleviate his dark mood. Peter was supposed to be there at noon to help with some projects but Tony wasn't entirely sure if he'd show up or not. He thought about seeing what Peter was doing via the drone but decided against it, lest he saw more that he didn't want to. He'd decided to have the drone conceal itself permanently in Wade's apartment, just so he could keep tabs on the man.
Tony glanced at the large clock that hung on the wall; almost noon. He had about a half hour before the teen may or may not arrive.
"FRIDAY, scan Peter when he gets here. Med scan," Tony's called out to his AI.
"Are we looking for anything specific, boss?" She called back.
"Not really. Just anything that's less than optimal. Cuts, bruises. Anything internal, illnesses-"
"STI's?" FRIDAY added helpfully. Tony huffed.
"Yeah," he mumbled, taking another gulp of his strong coffee. "Just don't announce it, keep it between us," he stated flatly.
"Righto, boss," FRIDAY confirmed. He glanced at the clock again. Approximately twenty minutes. He started to feel nervous. He hadn't really thought about what he would say to the teen, if he should say anything at all. Maybe he should try to get him to admit everything on his own but Tony knew it would be like pulling crocodile teeth. He sighed again and ran his fingers through his hair. He knew he looked a mess, having not slept and working in the shop sweating and getting greasy all night, but he couldn't bring himself to care that much. He went back to the project he was working on, something small that would serve to keep his attention focused.
Before he knew it, FRIDAY was announcing Peter's arrival. Tony jerked his head up to the clock and saw that it was five minutes past twelve.
"Mr. Parker is here, well rested and in good spirits. Body scan shows Peter is healthy and has minimal damage."
"Wait, minimal damage, what does that mean?" Tony pressed before Peter could reach the workshop.
"Peter seems to have some bruising around his throat and hips, but it's shallow at best."
Of course. Tony should have known.
"Thanks, FRI," he responded, moments before Peter entered the lab. She wasn't kidding when she'd said he was in "good spirits", the teen was practically skipping, humming happily to himself with a little smile pasted on his face. Tony couldn't help the annoyance that crept up on him. Peter should be blissfully humming because of him, not some rando off the street.
"Hey Mr Stark!" Peter called happily as he set his bag down and walked over to see what Tony was working on. "Sorry I had to leave so early yesterday, I uh-kinda had a few things to do and uh…" Peter trailed off.
"Yeah, I bet," Tony replied smugly, trying to keep his voice low.
"What's that Mr Stark?" Peter asked.
"Nothing," Tony grumbled gruffly.
"Jeez Mr Stark, you look awful," Peter said, noticing the man's weary features. "Are you feeling ok?" He asked quietly.
"I'm fine Peter, don't worry about it," Tony forced out, sliding his chair farther away from Peter.
"O-ok," Peter replied. He seemed bewildered at the difference in the man's attitude between yesterday and today.
Of course he would be, he didn't know that Tony had watched him fuck another man immediately after leaving his bed.
"U-um, is there anything you'd like me to… to get started on?" Peter's voice was small and timid. Tony would have thought it was cute and endearing before today, but it had no effect on him like it usually did.
"Whatever kid," Tony brushed him off, shooing him away with his hand without even looking up at him.
Peter stood there for another moment, not entirely sure if he'd heard correctly but… he must have. He took a step to walk away, then took another look at the man.
"You look like you haven't slept, sir," he said quietly, still waiting for Tony to glance in his direction.
"I haven't, Peter," Tony replied, not gently at all. Peter took a step back toward the older man, gently placing his hand on his shoulder.
"We could… go take a nap? If you want? Maybe we can cuddle today like you wanted-" Peter jumped when Tony cut him off, shrugging his hand off his shoulder.
"I'm fine Peter, and it was pretty obvious that you don't want to cuddle with me," he sneered. "Just go do some work, Parker."
Peter's jaw dropped slightly. Tony had never been so brusque with him, even in the very beginning of their relationship. Peter's eyebrows knotted together after a moment of silence.
"All due respect sir, but yesterday you fucked me and today you won't even look at me? What happened to making it special? Was that just bullshit? Were you just trying to get in my pants?" Peter fired off angrily.
Tony spun around and stood up so fast that his chair went flying across the room, and he towered over Peter.
"In case you don't recall, Peter-" Tony said his name venomously-"YOU were one that came in here yesterday talking about screwing some stranger and with your little ass already prepped to go. I only suggested that you sleep with me instead because I thought I could please you instead. I thought maybe your first time would be better with someone you know, that actually cares about you, but I guess not right?" His hand flashed out and gripped Peter's shoulder firmly, pulling him closer. "What's with the bruises huh? Got some fingerprints on your throat there, angel, how'd those get there? Certainly not from me," Tony continued, trying not to shout through his anger, head cocked to the side.
Peter's eyes widened and he gasped, pulling away from Tony to look at his reflection in a piece of metal that lay discarded on a nearby table. He gasped again when he saw the marks, rubbing at them as if he could make them come off. "I-I-" Peter stuttered.
"You went to see that psychopath anyways, didn't you?" Tony accused, already knowing the answer.
"I-I-I-" Peter couldn't stop stuttering, face flushing hot and red. Tony advanced on him.
"I just wasn't good enough? So good that you needed more? Listen, if you don't want me, then you don't want me and that's fine! But don't come in here patronizing me, you little shit. I get it, Wade fucks you much better than I did, so why don't you go back to Wade then?" Tony realized his mistake as soon as it came out of his mouth.
It was Peter's turn to advance in anger.
"How do you know what his name is? I didn't even know his name until yesterday!" He yelled, poking his finger at Tony's chest. "Are you spying on me?! Listen, I wanted it to be better yesterday too! I've dreamed about that moment for years of my life! But you wouldn't listen to me! I needed… Something else! Something different... I'm not some fragile, delicate little kid! I'm not going to break if you play too rough! And it's not like I'm trying to marry you. I'm not looking for some crazy, committed relationship! I just wanted to fuck! I'm young, I wanna have fun! And I'm allowed to fuck whoever I want," he put emphasis on the last three words, shoving Tony's shoulder and forcing him off his balance.
Tony's mouth dropped open and he stared at Peter incredulously, Peter staring back up at him angrily.
Suddenly, Tony's hand flashed out and he grabbed the hair at the back of Peter's head and yanked his head backwards, pulling a sharp gasp from the teen. He pulled Peter into his chest and kissed him forcefully, pushing his jaw open wide for his tongue to invade Peter's mouth. He walked Peter backward clumsily as he pressed himself into the teen, bumping him with his chest and Peter struggled to get loose.
Peter's legs bumped into the table behind him and he fell into a sitting position, finally breaking the forceful kiss, but Tony kept pressing forward, pushing himself against Peter's small body. Peter let out a yelp and tried to push back against Tony, trying to push him off.
"Tony!-" he squealed.
Tony still gripped his hair tightly and with the other hand he gripped Peter's hip, giving it a forceful shake when he tried to wriggle away.
"No, you wanted it to be better? I'll make it better. Want it rough? Fine-" Tony growled, ripping Peter's shirt over his head. "I'll play rough."
The older man bit at Peter's chest, growling at the marks left by another man, and he forced Peter's legs open wide. Peter cried out again.
"Ouch, Mr Stark please, that's too rough!" He shrieked, but he couldn't deny how incredibly turned on he was in that moment.
Tony took heed to Peter's words this time and dialed back his play, loosing Peter's curls and uncurling his fingers from the fleshy part of Peter's skinny hips, but he continued to push his body against Peter's, drawing his own pleasure from the boy. He kept his arms wrapped around Peter's shoulders, forcing him against his own chest and pressing his hard cock into Peter's thigh, rutting against him.
"Tony," Peter whispered breathily, letting his legs fall open as wide as he could.
"You're a little slut, Peter. You're my little slut." He quickly flipped Peter over, banging his sharp hip bones against the wooden table in the process. Peter jumped back at the pain, but Tony was right behind him and he relished in the feeling of the teens' supple ass pressing against his hard cock. Tony gripped Peter's head again and forced his face down against the cool wood, ripping his jeans from his hips as he did.
"You didn't like when I was sweet, huh Peter? You liked it better when a big strong man tossed you around instead?" He slapped Peter's ass, hard, and the boy yelped again. Tony could see the finger shaped bruises adorning Peter's hips and he gave the boy another rough slap. Peter's arms flailed and tools crashed to the floor noisily as he moaned.
"How dare he mark you," Tony snarled into Peter's ear. "How dare he put his finger prints on you. And how dare you let him." Tony's voice sounded positively blood thirsty, and Peter couldn't help the way he shook with fear and anticipation.
"Mr. Stark, I-I didn't know it would leave a mark! I-"
Tony roughly shoved Peter's head into the table, cutting off his words.
"You bounced on another cock and you liked it, you little slut. No protection either?" he clucked his teeth in disappointment. He quickly freed his cock from his pants, not bothering to undress them, or to worship Peter the way he had before. He was going to do it right this time. He didn't bother trying to open Peter, knowing that he'd still be stretched from the day before, and possibly-
"Did you let him fuck you this morning?" Tony pulled Peter's head up and looked him in the eyes as he asked. Peter's eyes looked scared, but his pupils were so lust blown that Tony knew he must be enjoying himself. And he'd seen first-hand that Peter would let him know if it was too much for him.
"N-no sir! H-he made me breakfast a-and then I came here!" He cried.
"So you didn't even shower?" Tony asked, feigning disgust. Peter's lip trembled and he swallowed hard. "…n-no, sir," he squeaked out in a whisper.
Tony felt anger stirring in his chest, but he quickly swallowed it back down. Peter was an adult. He could make his own decisions. Even if-
"That means that your ass is still full of his cum, isn't it?" Tony asked, voice sounding dangerously quiet. Peter let out a whimper and nodded his head just slightly.
"You little whore," Tony spat. "So you were going to walk around here all day, smelling like another man and taunting me, huh?”
"N-no Mr. St-" Tony cut him off again with another sharp slap to his hip. Finally, he pressed his swollen cock-head into Peter and the boy groaned at the feeling.
"I'll just have to fuck you until you can't feel him anymore," Tony ground out. He set a pace that was much faster and harder than he had the day before, but he made sure to not get too crazy. He wanted Peter to enjoy him this time.
He pushed the boy's chest into the table as he leaned over him, listening to the delectable little noises he made and watching his face intently.
"I didn't even need lube baby, you're still so wet with… Wade." He gave a sharp thrust as he growled the other man's name, sounding like the word hurt his tongue to say. "You can fuck him, Peter," he continued driving into the teen as he spoke. "Fuck him all you want. Just remember; he may want you to call him Daddy-" his voice lowered to a whisper as he pressed close to Peter's ear-"but I'm your King, my little prince. Do you understand?" Peter couldn't control himself upon hearing those words and he came hard, spilling all over the work table and onto the floor, shouting, "Yes, my King!"
Tony gave a final thrust and spilled his seed inside of Peter's walls. His cum dripped from Peter sloppily, and Tony tucked his spent cock back inside of his own pants, zipping them up. He then pulled Peter's jeans back up over his hips roughly, giving a pat to his ass and walking away as if nothing happened.
Peter panted and watched the man walk away, stopping at another part of the workshop and picking up a tool as if he hadn't just fucked Peter into the table. He stood on wobbly legs and thought about everything that had happened. This was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Peter had a hard time concentrating for the rest of that day, thinking about all the things Tony had said. He knew about Wade but Peter had no idea how he knew. He'd disabled all the cameras, sound devices and GPS trackers that Tony had installed into the suit, so he couldn't figure out how he knew what he did. Tony spent the rest of the day pretending that nothing had happened between them, acting very cavalier when Peter was near. Peter, on the other hand, felt like a lovesick puppy, hanging on Tony's heels and desperately trying to catch his attention.
He felt so… satisfied. Exactly the way he hadn't the day before. His body was sore in all the right ways and he just wanted so badly to nap with Tony, but when he'd tried suggesting it, Tony had brushed him off.
"Go ahead kid, go lay down for a bit," he'd said, waving his hand, as if he wasn't the one who'd stayed up all night.
Finally, it was time to go home, but Peter found himself looking for any excuse to stay longer.
"Anything you'd like from me before I go, Mr. Stark?" He'd asked as sweetly as possible.
"Nah, I'll see you tomorrow," he'd replied from where he was half entangled inside of a huge engine. Peter let out a quiet sigh and finally turned toward the door, before looking back at Tony one last time. Tony didn't meet his eyes as he worked, until he heard Peter whisper, "yes, my King."
Tony glanced up with a smirk at that, eyes dark and looking pleased with himself.

Peter was fifteen minutes early the next day, practically dancing his way into the workshop on light toes. Tony glanced up from his work and smiled at the teen. He was practically glowing, he was so happy. Tony couldn't help but feel proud of himself when he thought about the fact that he had been responsible for that happiness.
Peter dropped his bag on a chair and bounded over to Tony excitedly, curls bouncing as he did. He sat next to Tony at the workbench with a wide smile across his face and asked, "what would you like me to do today, Mr. Stark?" in a breathless voice. Tony looked Peter in the eyes and saw how wide with excitement they were, and he began to feel movement in his own pants. He pulled his lip between his teeth and narrowed his eyes, thinking about what he'd like for Peter to do first.
"Why don't you go gather up all the loose tools that fell on the floor?" He said, watching Peter's face with amusement. Peter's smile drooped and he looked confused. "The… tools?" Peter asked, voice quiet.
"Mhmm," Tony responded, sticking the end of his pen in his mouth and crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back. Peter still looked confused, but slowly stood and went to search for stray tools on the floor. He began stooping down to reach discarded and forgotten utensils while Tony watched from where he sat.
"Bend at the waist, not the knees," Tony called out to him with a cheeky smile, winking when Peter looked back at him. Finally, Peter understood Tony's angle and his smile returned.
Suddenly, Peter was bending over slowly, taking his time to collect the tools and sticking his ass out farther than he needed to. He grabbed a wrench from the floor and looked back at Tony, slowly sliding his hands up his leg and he stood back up, wiggling his ass for good measure.
Tony growled low in his chest watching the boy, palming himself through his jeans slowly. He noticed that Peter had worn a pair of jeans that were especially fitted today. He thought they were called cigarette jeans. All he knew was that they accentuated Peter's ass splendidly.

Peter quickly grew bored with his task and came back to the table, dropping his collected prizes noisily, and standing before the older man.
Tony sat lazily, looking up at the teen with his legs spread wide and his hand halfway in the waist of his jeans.
"What would you like for me to do now, sir?" Peter asked coyly, hands clasped behind his back and wiggling his shoulders back and forth where he stood.
Tony looked the boy up and down with his eyes, deciding what he should have Peter do, before finally beckoning Peter toward him with a finger. Peter smiled wide and joyfully hopped over to the older man excitedly.
Tony patted his thighs as though he were beckoning a puppy, and Peter obediently straddled Tony's lap, resisting the urge to rut against him.
Tony marvelled at the teenager, how different he was now to how he'd been just a few days before. He was practically subservient. And all it took was to be a little rough. He let his eyes roam over the soft, beautiful teen and couldn't help but stop at the dark marks that resided still around his throat, though they were fading. His jaw clenched and he swallowed down his rising jealousy, reaching up to cover the marks with his own fingers. They were almost the same size and width. He thought that… Wade's hands might be slightly bigger. He felt Peter gasp and his pulse quicken under his fingers as they rested over his throat, but the boy remained still.
"Did you like it? When he gave you these?" Tony asked quietly. He felt Peter's Adams apple bob under his palm as he swallowed thickly.
"It's ok, you can tell me," Tony coaxed.
"Uh, a-a little bit I guess. But… h-he was too rough," Peter admitted. Tony hummed and nodded, filing away the information for the future. He let his hand fall from Peter's throat and Peter seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.
"You made me so jealous, Peter," Tony stated as he let his fingers roam lightly over Peter's chest.
"I hated seeing you with him. Watching him touch you."
Peter's face scrunched up.
"H-how did you see?" Peter finally asked. Tony dropped his hands and gripped Peter's hips gently, looking up at his big brown eyes.
"I have my ways, Peter. Even if you disabled my safety features in your suit, I can still find you," he looked at Peter intently as he said it. Peter blushed and looked away. Tony decided to forget the subject for the moment and enjoy his delicious teen. He tightened his grip on Peter's hips and pressed his still-hard cock into Peter's supple ass, letting out a soft moan as he did. Peter smiled a small smile and gently rolled his hips in return. Tony looked up at Peter again, taking in his willing features.
"Can I have you again?" Tony asked, voice gentle and quiet. Peter's smile widened, lighting his whole face up, and he nodded vigorously, curls bouncing as he did. "Yes please… sir?" He asked. Tony chuckled.
"You can call me sir if you'd like. You don't have to. Unless I specifically said so," he winked. Peter wiggled his hips excitedly.
"Where would you like me to take you?" Tony asked, wanting to fulfill Peter's every desire.
"You mean, where do I want you to fuck me?" Peter asked to clarify.
"I'd rather make love to you, but yes, that's the general idea," Tony laughed. Peter thought for a moment.
"Can we take a bubble bath?" He asked. Tony's face broke into a wide grin.
"That sounds amazing, my prince."
Peter blushed

A few minutes later, Tony had instructed FRIDAY to run a hot bath with bubbles, bath fizzes and other luxurious items in the water, and to light candles all over the bathroom.
Tony had lead Peter to the elevator and pressed his body firmly into the wall with his own, kissing him slowly and deeply. He was very purposefully trying to avoid doing the same things he'd done the first time.

Once they'd reached the top of the building, they both stepped out of the elevator together and Peter let Tony lead him into the bathroom, where he slowly stripped the teen of each article of clothing piece by piece. Once he had Peter completely naked, he took his time running his hands over his perfect, soft skin, licking small patches here and there as he went. By the time he was finished, Peter was completely hard, cock bobbing in the air, and his knees were quivering. He whined low in his throat, beginning to grow impatient.
Tony chuckled and stood up from where he was caressing Peter's legs, allowing the tip of his tongue to graze Peter's swollen cock as he did, making Peter suck in a gasp.
"Why don't you help Sir get undressed?" Tony cooed to Peter, and Peter eagerly obliged. He lifted Tony's shirt up over his chest, pulling it gently over his head and Tony gave an appreciative moan as he felt Peter's cold fingertips on his skin. Peter then moved to unbutton Tony's jeans, hands shaking with excitement and as he slid them down, he knelt down to his knees before the man. Tony stepped out of his jeans and Peter reached his thin fingers into Tony's boxers, pulling them from his hips reverently. Once they had pooled onto the floor, he took Tony's thick cock in hand, his mouth salivating. He looked up at Tony and when the man said nothing, he parted his lips and licked at the leaking tip. Tony hissed and loosed a low moan at the feeling, loosely threading his fingers in Peter's curls and closing his eyes.
Peter took the mushroom-shaped head into his mouth, licking and sucking at the salty skin, enjoying the hot, heavy weight of it on his tongue. He then drew in a few more inches, beginning to bob his head and hollow his cheeks around the length.
Tony canted his hips gently into Peter's mouth, enjoying the way his warm wet tongue felt, before he gently pulled at Peter's hair, pulling the boy off of his cock.
"Let's get into the bath," he said quietly, helping Peter step into the soapy water. Once Peter had sat down, Tony followed, immediately moving his body over the teen in the water and kissing him deeply. He wasted no time, pressing his fingers to Peter's entrance and breaching him easily. Peter gasped into Tony's mouth and spread his legs wide.
Tony reached into the water and gripped Peter's hips, tilting them up to make it easier for him to enter the teen, then pressed his cock against him and pushing in without preamble. Peter let out a high pitched moan that Tony revelled in, and the man pushed in as deep as he could. Peter quickly brought his heels toward his body, bracketing his knees around Tony's torso to help him reach a better angle. Tony loosed a groan at the way Peter opened beneath him and began to fuck Peter, not too quickly but far from slow. Peter quickly began to press back against Tony, pressing his hips down and enjoying the feeling. The teen threw his head back in pleasure, exposing the long column of ivory skin at his throat and Tony greedily latched his teeth around it, sucking a dark mark to cover some of Wade's marks.
It was remarkably peaceful, the only sounds the quiet moans from both, and the gentle movement of the water in the dim golden glow from the candles and Peter felt his face growing hot with impending release all too quickly.
"Oh, Tony, you feel so good," he forced out in a breathy, wrecked moan. He lifted his hips higher and Tony pressed into Peter's prostate on his next thrust in, punching an erotic yelp from Peter.
Peter's whole body convulsed at the intense pleasure and Tony let out a growl at the feeling of Peter clenching around him.
"Please, Mr. Stark, please," Peter babbled, desperately trying to catch his breath as his pressed back against Tony as hard as he could.
"Please what, prince?" Tony pressed, dangerously close to his own eruption.
"Please fuck me hard, my King!" Peter wailed loudly, unable to wait any longer. Tony's cock throbbed at the title and he growled louder, quickly wrapping his arms around Peter's legs and clasping his hands behind the teens' spine, trapping him in his folded position, quickly standing and driving into Peter hard and fast. Without the water, there wasn't any resistance, and Tony was able to use gravity to his advantage as he thrust deep into Peter, letting him fall back down onto his cock with the force of his own weight.
Peter let out sharp, loud cries and came almost immediately, clenching hard around Tony and milking Tony's orgasm right out of him.
Peter's hot, thick cum shot hard, painting stripes across Tony's stomach, chest and chin and he felt the older man spilling inside of him with force, moaning at the euphoric feeling.
The two men stayed like this for a moment, panting, until Tony's arms began to shake slightly. He slowly knelt back down in the tub, pulling out of Peter as he did so, and set them both back in the water.
He looked over Peter's face, at the way his soft mahogany locks stuck to his forehead with sweat and steam, and the way his cheeks flushed rose, lips swollen and trembling as he struggled to steady his heartbeat and Tony let loose a soft chuckle.
"What's-what's so funny?" Peter panted, looking up at the older man.
Tony grinned wide, eyes glinting mischievously, and he said to Peter in a low voice, "And you thought I was no good in bed," with a wink.
Peter's face cracked into a smile and he laughed too, shoving Tony's shoulder gently. "Shut up!" He laughed, reaching his wet thumb up to swipe a drop of cum from Tony's chin and pressing it onto Tony's tongue. Tony eagerly sucked Peter's digit into his mouth and watched the teens face through his long dark lashes seductively. Peter let out a shuddering sigh, then pulled his hand back, reaching for a bath sponge to begin washing Tony with.

They'd stayed in the bath until the water began to get cold, kissing and caressing each other tenderly, washing each other and listening to each other's breathing echoing around the stone-tiled room. It was more romantic than anything Peter could have imagined, and his pupils were so dilated from his elation that they almost hurt his eyes.
Finally, Tony had stood and helped Peter from the water, wrapping them both in luxurious towels and drying them off. He grabbed a comb and tenderly brushed through Peter's tangled hair, taming it, then they headed for Tony's bedroom to dress.
Peter pulled on borrowed clothes, t-shirt hanging loosely from his frame and sweats barely clinging to his body, then they lay in bed together. The night had slowly crept up on them, shadows growing long and golden around them through the large windows. Tony ordered takeout and the two lay in bed together enjoying each other for the rest of the night.


A few weeks later, Peter was patrolling the city as Spiderman. It was a bright afternoon, warm but not hot, and he was happily swinging from rooftops. It had been a slow day, nothing that really needed his attention, so he was just letting off steam. He hadn't seen Tony for about a week and a half, but they'd been in contact, calling and texting when Peter wasn't in the workshop with him.
Tony had to leave the country for some SI thing that Peter didn't really know much about, but he said he'd be back in another week.
He swung around a building and noticed a small group of men on the sidewalk. They seemed to be having some sort of disagreement about something and it was starting to get violent, one shoving the other and him throwing a punch in return. Peter landed at the top of a light post and watched for a moment. There were five men and they all seemed to be at odds with each other over something. Peter decided to say something to try to break up the madness before it began.
"Hey! No one likes a bully!" He shouted, catching their attention.
"Hey, fuck off, bug boy!" One of the thugs shouted. "This ain't none of your business!"
"Wow, your grammar is amazing!" Peter laughed. "Why don't you guys go find something more constructive to do? Like, maybe night school."
A couple of the men took off at the opportunity to, but the biggest of the group, the one who'd shouted back, stuck around.
"Why don't you come down here and let me squash you?" He shouted up at Peter menacingly.
"Hmm. I mean, you can try!" Peter called as he jumped down to the ground, landing in a crouch.
"Yikes," Peter heard one of the other two say before turning tail and running off. Now it was just the two largest men. Piece of cake. He strode over to them cockily and as soon as he was within arms reach, the thug that hadn't spoken took a swing. Peter anticipated it and ducked. What he hadn't anticipated was the big one kicking his legs out from under him. He landed on the ground with an oof but was back on his feet in no time.
"Hey man, that's not nice," Peter said, dodging a punch from the big guy. He caught the second man's next throw, but as soon as he did, the man reversed his hand and grabbed Peter's wrist tightly, pulling him close. Peter tried to break his hold but was caught off guard when the larger man threw another punch, this time landing squarely on Peter's cheekbone. He was dazed for a minute but quickly regained his balance, and ripped his wrist away from the second man, giving him a rough shove. As he did, the first man pulled out a glinting blade from what Peter thought was probably the sleeve of his leather jacket. He didn't have enough time to get back into a defensive stance after shoving the smaller man and knew that he was about to be stabbed. He braced himself for the pain, trying to pull his arms back in toward his body before the blade could make contact, knowing that he wouldn't be fast enough.
Suddenly, the large man's arm was struck from the air by a long black rod-looking object descending from above. He dropped the knife and yelled in pain, pulling his arm back in toward his body, just as he was kicked squarely in the side, sending him flying. Everything happened so quickly that it was hard to actually make out, but Peter watched the man land a few feet away and take off, followed by the smaller guy. He whipped his head around to see where his aid had come from, only to see Deadpool, reattaching his still sheathed sword to his back.
"Deadpool!" Peter cried out in gratitude.
"Don't fucking touch my arachni-boyfriend!" Deadpool shouted after them, pointing his red gloved finger. Peter smiled wide under his mask.
"Damn, that's good timing man!" Peter cried, slapping the man's palm with his own. They clasped hands and bumped each other's shoulders in a little victory celebration.
"Well, I've been watching them for a while. Low-lives all of them." He shook his head in an exaggerated way, then turned toward Peter, animated eyes on the mask widening. "What have you been up to? I haven't seen you since we made sweet sweet love, sugar buns." Peter forgot how loud he was.
"Shh! Jeez!" Peter exclaimed with a laugh, looking around to make sure no one was around to hear. "That's kind of a between you and me thing?" He said, laughing again.
"Yeah well, I know something that's between you and me right now and it's very happy to see you," he nodded his head to the side in an awkward way. Peter wasn't sure what he was doing and cocked his own head to the side slightly in confusion.
"I'm winking, that's a wink, I'm-never mind, moving on!" He said loudly again. "You free? Tell me you're free because I reeaally missed you," he was literally begging, hands clasped and knees bent so he was looking up at Peter.
Peter giggled and paused for a moment. He was pretty much done with his patrol and he didn't have anything else to be doing…
"A'right, a'right," he agreed with a smile in his voice. "Let's get some food."
"Ooh! Yes! Chimichangas!”

Chapter Text

Deadpool and Spiderman getting chimichangas from a locally owned Mexican food stall on the sidewalk in the middle of the city wasn't your usual every day thing, so of course people were gathering around to get as close as possible.
"Maybe we should have gotten some delivery instead," Peter murmured quietly to Wade as he waved to a little girl that walked past with a big smile on her face.
"Naaaah, this is the best joint in the city," Wade stated, posing for a man taking pictures on his phone. "Totally worth the wait!"
A young man with a camera timidly stepped toward them. "Excuse me but, would you mind if I get a picture of you two?" He asked, holding up his camera like proof.
"Totally, but you gotta make sure you get my good side," Wade answered before Peter had a chance to say no. He turned toward Peter and posed again, one hand on his bent knees and the other with a finger on his chin. Peter had his arms crossed and just looked at the taller man with a laugh. He heard the camera click and realized he should probably at least look. He turned his head and his arms got caught in a strange limbo between crossed over his chest and hands on his hips, not sure how to stand "like a superhero". The camera clicked a few more times and Peter awkwardly waited to be done.
Suddenly, Wade stood up straight and grabbed Peter's shoulders, spinning him around.
"Gotta get his good side too!" He yelled, giving Peter's ass a smack.
"Hey!" Peter yelped, quickly spinning back around, mortified under his mask. He really hoped the guy didn't get that shot.
"Order up, Pool!" A man from in the restaurant yelled, holding out a bag.
"Yas! Let's eat them shits," he called to Peter as he ran to go grab it. Peter couldn't be happier to be heading back to Wade's apartment with the greasy food.
They quickly headed in the direction of Wade's apartment, they were a lot closer than Peter had initially thought, and he couldn't help but wonder if that was on purpose.
"I swear, you're never going to to want to eat another taco once you've had this one," Wade said as they made their way through the door.
"Should we just be walking in the front door? I mean, aren't you worried?" Peter's asked, closing the door behind him.
"You really think people are going to want to come in here and mess with me? Look at me!" He pointed at his back. "Swords!" Peter chuckled. He was probably right. Wade yanked his mask off, throwing it across the living room at the couch and heading for the kitchen. Peter was a little taken aback again at how handsome the tall man was. He was barely taller than Mr Stark but boy, was he broad. His shoulders were so wide, narrowing down to his tapered waist and he had strong legs too. Tony was strong and muscular too, but he was svelte. The spandex suit didn't leave much to the imagination either.
Peter blushed when he realized that Wade had asked him a question but he hadn't heard it because he was so busy ogling the man's body.
"W-what?!" Peter quickly asked, looking around nervously like he hadn't just been caught.
Wade stood in the fridge with the door open holding out a brown glass bottle.
"I asked if you wanted a beer, but obviously you were too busy with this drink," he joked, motioning to his midsection. Peter blushed furiously and was glad he hadn't taken his own mask off yet.
"Uh, no beer for me thanks," he stammered, pretending he hadn't heard the rest of what Wade said.
"Suit yourself, Spidey. How 'bout a soda?"
"Uh, sure, thanks," Peter replied. He was standing in the middle of the room awkwardly.
"You can sit," Wade said with a smile, walking back toward Peter. "Make yourself comfortable, you're welcome to literally everything you want." He winked and gently smacked Peter's ass as he walked past. Peter couldn't help the embarrassing giggle that escaped him when he did.
Finally, Peter pulled his own mask off, following Wade to where he sat on the couch. He sat down half a space away and grabbed the soda Wade had brought him from the table, twisting off the cap and tilting his head up, taking a long draw. Wade watched as Peter did, tracking the movements of his throat openly, not bothering to disguise his lustful gaze as Peter's adams apple bobbed. Peter finally realized that Wade was staring and lowered the bottle back to the table, coughing and blushing.
"Uh, how bout them tacos, huh?" Peter said in a small voice, shy smile on his face. Wade's eyes lingered on Peter, smirking smile on his face as he reached slowly for the bag of food on the table.
Peter accepted the taco that was handed him and opened it, taking a huge bite. He hadn't realized he was so hungry until just then.
"Oh my god," he said through his mouthful, "this's so good!" He looked at Wade with wide eyes.
Wade was already halfway through a chimichanga, cheeks bulging.
"Tol' you!" He mumbled. He quickly swallowed and swiped his finger through the inside of the wrapped tortilla, then offered it to Peter. "You gotta taste this sauce!" He said as he did. Peter didn't think twice as he sucked the offered finger into his mouth, licking the white sauce off. "Mmm," he moaned, pulling off with a tiny pop. "Damn," he said in a slightly breathy voice. "That is amazing."
Wade's jaw dropped open and he exhaled heavily, pupils rapidly dilating as he watched. Peter glanced at Wade with a glint in his eye and took another bite of his taco. He felt kinda smug that he could make this loud, obnoxious man pause wordlessly while hardly doing a thing, and he smirked as he chewed.
Wade looked like he wasn't sure what to do next and he slowly lifted his wrap back to his lips, taking a small, slow bite, chewing thoughtfully. He set the foil covered food down on the table after a quiet moment and slowly stood up.
"I'm uh, I gotta change really quick. My suit's getting a little tight," he said quietly as he walked toward the bedroom. Peter breathed a quiet laugh through his nose and took one more bite of his taco, setting his aside as well.
"Hey Pete, you want anything to wear?" Wade called from his bedroom. Peter glanced in the direction of his voice and saw Wade through the doorway from where he sat. From what he could tell, he had the perfect view of Wade dressing but he didn't think the man could see him watching. He leaned back and spread his knees apart, folding his arms behind his head.
"There's nothing you own that would fit me, Wade," he said, amused. He saw Wade's mouth smile in response. He'd already stripped his suit off and Peter could see him from the waist up through a bookshelf that separated the living room from the kitchen. He knew he probably shouldn't be watching, but damn what a body.
Wade disappeared from view a moment later and reappeared with a gray t-shirt. Peter watched his muscles flexing as he pulled it over his head and almost wanted to tell the man to leave it off, but thought better of it.
Wade stood in his room for an extra minute and Peter wondered what he was doing, adjusting his seat on the couch to get a better view. As soon as he did, he could see Wade from head to toe. He had a hand in the waistband of his jeans and was gently stroking himself quietly. Peter felt his own dick hardening in response and his hand unconsciously moved to rest in his lap. Wade's eyes were closed and his head was slowly falling backward as he touched himself, strokes beginning to grow faster. Suddenly he whipped his head back up, opening his eyes and tucking himself away quickly before zipping his jeans. He turned toward the doorway and as he did, his blue eyes met Peter's, pupils blown wide, and he froze. Peter sucked in a gasp at being caught spying and his face flushed deep red, eyes wide. Wade's mouth turned up into a broad smile and he motioned with his finger for Peter to join him in the bedroom. Peter didn't think twice as his feet hit the ground and he was standing in front of Wade in seconds, looking up at him with wide eyes.
Wade wasted no time grabbing Peter's slight hips and pulling him in for a rough, sloppy kiss. Peter let his hands roam across Wade's back and ass, pressing his hips into Wade's and drawing his own pleasure from the man.
Peter broke the kiss suddenly and pulled back.
"Just a second," he said breathlessly, pulling his cell phone from the special compartment in his suit and holding the power button to shut it off. He wasn't sure how Tony had seen them last time but he didn't want to to take any chances. He set the plastic rectangle on Wade's nightstand and smiled up at the man.
"Don't want to be interrupted by telemarketers?" Wade joked. Peter scoffed, taking a step toward Wade's bed.
"Something like that," he said in a quiet voice. Wade nodded understandingly.
"Your boyfriend?" He asked. Peter's brown eyes flashed to Wade's blues.
"I don't have a boyfriend," he stated, matter of factly. Wade nodded again. "Ok," he responded with a smile. He reached forward and shoved Peter, who landed on the bed with an oomph and a giggle.
"Take that suit off baby, or I'm going to rip it off you," Wade warned, stripping himself of the clothes he'd just put on. Peter nodded and quickly pulled his suit off, revealing his hard cock trapped in grey briefs underneath.
"God, you're fucking gorgeous," Wade praised, taking in the sight of the teen, flushed all over his milky pale skin and quivering in excitement on the bed. Wade's fingertip bruises had almost completely faded, Tony's bite mark almost gone as well.
Wade dropped to his knees and gripped Peter's legs again the same way he had their first time, pulling Peter's body close to the edge of the bed. He nuzzled the silky skin of his inner thigh, earning a moan from the teen, then licked at a small patch of skin, latching his full lips around it and beginning to suck it between his teeth. Peter writhed and moaned at the touch on his sensitive thigh, overtaken by endorphins making him feel high. Suddenly he sucked in a sharp breath and tried to push Wade's mouth away.
"Wait!" He whispered breathlessly. Wade stopped and glanced up. "What's wrong, baby boy?" He asked.
"Y-You can't leave a mark! T-Tony doesn't like it…" he said in a small voice, flushing. Wade scoffed a nervous laugh. "Um, I have some bad news for you sweetie," he stated, glancing down. Peter leaned up to see for himself. His eyes opened wide at the sight of the large dark mark. It was a lot bigger than he'd expected and a lot darker than last time. Peter groaned. He was definitely going to hear about this one. Even if Tony hadn't noticed last time, there was no way he was going to miss this one. He'd just have to deal with it when it came time for it.
"Fuck it," Peter said, dropping his head back onto the bed.
Wade slipped his finger into the elastic leg of Peter's briefs and slid it to Peter's entrance, stroking at the pink muscle. Peter smiled and giggled again, wiggling his hips a little.
"What's he going to do?" Wade asked in a breathy voice. "Spank you?"
Peter laughed. "Maybe. He probably will," he replied.
"Hmm," Wade mused. "And if I, say, leave a few bruises for him to find?" Peter looked down at Wade, face questioning.
"I… suppose he'd probably punish me for being disobedient." Wade moaned, kissing Peter's thigh again.
"Is he good to you?" Wade asked as he drew away from Peter, standing from the floor and crawling up onto the bed to lay next to him. Peter nodded his head.
"Yeah, he's amazing. We've only… you know, been together a few times, and he was…" Peter laughed, "much better this last time than the first time. But other than that, he's… really amazing," Peter replied honestly. Wade drew his leg up over Peter's hips and slowly ground his hard cock against him.
"Is he your daddy?" Wade whispered. Peter laughed, thinking about the title the man actually preferred.
"No, he said you can be my daddy."
Wade drew his head back with a curious expression.
"He knows about me?" Peter nodded.
"I'm not sure how but… he saw us. And he saw the marks. He knows your name." Wade nodded again.
"What's he like to be called?"
Peter laughed out loud.
"He said you can be my daddy but gets to be my King." Wade's eyes widened and his face broke into a wide grin.
"I think I like this guy," he laughed. Peter smiled wide and blushed.
"Ok, can we like, change the subject? Because... it's starting to feel weird," he laughed again awkwardly. Wade smiled and kissed Peter's shoulder.
"Sure thing baby boy. How about Daddy
takes care of you now?" He winked, grabbing Peter's hard length through his thin cotton briefs and giving a little squeeze. Peter sucked in a gasp and arched his back into the touch, relishing in the way Wade's large hand covered him completely.
"Let's take these off," Wade suggested, plucking at the thick elastic band around Peter's middle. Peter quickly shimmied out of them and his face flushed. Last time he'd been with Wade, the sunlight outside had been dimming. This time, it was the middle of the afternoon and he knew Wade could see everything perfectly. He didn't have many scars but he felt a little self conscious about the way his hip bones jutted out slightly, and how small he knew he looked without some form of clothing on. Wade just marvelled at the delicious sight before him, hands roaming everywhere. The larger man lavished wet kisses all over Peter's body and soon enough, all Peter could think about was how amazing those full, luscious lips felt against his skin, and the way his blonde stubble scratched at the tender flesh so gently as he did.
Peter was mewling and canting his hips in the air in no time, cock dripping with the need to be touched and finally he couldn't handle it anymore.
"Wade, I need it!" He cried, clasping the older man's chin between his palms gently so that he could look into his eyes as he said it. Wade looked down at Peter's cock and how red and swollen it was, pulsing with need. He smiled, licking a stripe up Peter's throat.
"Daddy wants you to do something for him first," Wade whispered seductively. Peter nodded frantically. Anything at this point was fair game.
"Why don't you put Daddy in your mouth?" He asked in a low voice. Peter loosed a whine.
"You wanna be a good boy, right? Wanna make Daddy feel good too?” Peter sighed but nodded his head again.
"Yeeeess," he moaned with a little huff. Wade laughed quietly. "Don't be a brat," he smiled at the teen. Peter smiled and rolled his eyes, sitting up to allow Wade to lay back and get comfortable.
"I've only done this a few times, so don't be mad if it's not any good," Peter warned him. He got himself settled between Wade's legs and gripped his… well endowed cock in his hand and prepared himself to take it in. He took a deep breath and parted his lips, leaning forward to taste the man's skin, when a thought came to his mind.
"Don't be mean either!" He said in a nervous voice, eyes wide.
"I-I mean… Please don't be a mean, Daddy." Peter looked pointedly in Wade's eyes to be sure the man understood. He'd seen enough of those videos to know what some bigger daddies did to their smaller twink partners, and he was definitely not ready for that. Wade's eyes widened slightly when he understood what Peter meant. "Of course not, baby. Not unless you ask nicely," he winked again. Peter gave a little nod and went back to his task. He licked his lips and took in the whole top half of Wade's cock at once, suctioning his lips firmly and licking at the vein underneath.
Wade gave a loud shout of pleasure at the unexpected move and Peter felt his body already beginning to melt. This might be easier than he'd imagined. He began to bob up and down as quickly as he could, letting his saliva lubricate Wade's thick length to slide more between his lips, already nudging at the back of his throat and stretching his jaw wide. He choked down a gag, which ripped another loud sound from Wade's chest and Peter couldn't help but to smile at how quickly the man was turning to putty for him. He decided to do something he'd only seen pornstars do before, and he pulled off with a loud pop, watching Wade's (almost black) blue eyes as he stuck his tongue out and slowly lowered himself back down, taking him inch by inch until he could feel the blunt head nudging at the back of his throat. He then took another deep breath through his nose and forced himself farther, feeling the man's thick cock breaching deep into his throat. He relaxed his muscles as much as he could to keep from gagging too much, and forced himself down to the root of Wade's cock until he could feel his nose against skin. Tears streamed from his eyes, but he was determined to be a good boy, and he held still. Wade drew in a sharp gasp, throwing his head backward violently, slamming it off the wall behind him, and his hands scrabbled for something to cling to. Peter quickly grabbed one of his large hands and guided it to his hair, where he eagerly gripped on, clinging for his sanity. Peter's own cock gave a jump at the thought of what they must look like and he continued to hold still for Wade.
"P-P-Peter," Wade gasped out. "C-Can I-baby, can I f-fuck your throat?" He was struggling to keep his hips still. Peter moaned a sound that he hoped sounded like permission, and Wade immediately began to fuck up into Peter's mouth. Drool leaked from Peter's lips and he squeezed his eyes shut tightly. His cock was steadily leaking through his own pleasure at his rough usage, and he regretted not asking Wade to take a video or at least pictures. He supposed that meant they'd just have to do this again. Wade moaned wantonly, each sound steadily becoming louder and closer together, struggling to catch his breath, and Peter loved the way he sounded.
Wade suddenly stopped and pulled Peter all the way off his cock. Peter gasped loudly, looking up at Wade through his tear-streaked eyelashes and he trembled slightly from the adrenaline. He watched Wade's chest rising and falling rapidly as he struggled to bring himself under control. Peter felt ridiculously pleased with himself for being able to stun this particular loudmouth into silence for so long. Wade reached up absently and swiped Peter's tears away with his thumbs, then motioned for him to back up so that he could sit up straight.
Peter knelt on his knees, hands folded obediently in his lap as he waited for Wade to come back from the brink.
"Baby, are you prepped today?" Wade asked, still breathing heavily. Peter flushed and shook his head no. He hadn't been planning to see Wade today.
"That's ok sweetheart, are you ready?" Wade asked. Peter grinned a huge bright smile up at the man and shook his head excitedly.
"Yes, Daddy!" He exclaimed. "Was I a good boy?"
Wade smiled in return, finally beginning to pull his breathing under control.
"You were the best boy," he replied. He leaned in and kissed Peter, tasting himself on the boy's tongue, then motioned for Peter to lie back. Peter obediently dropped onto the bed, spreading his legs as wide as he could, cock bobbing obscenely against his own stomach. Wade grabbed the tube of lube from under his pillow again and poured it all over Peter the way he had the first time. He scooped up a gob of it with two fingers and began prodding at Peter's entrance, breaching the muscle with his middle finger. Peter loosed a tiny "ooh!" at the abrupt pain it sent through him, but he didn't want to ask Wade to go slower because he didn't have the patience for it either. Wade quickly worked his finger in and out and Peter marvelled at how thick it felt inside his tight hole. Wade pushed against Peter's walls, trying to force a wider stretch, and then quickly pushed his first finger in alongside his middle finger. Peter gave a yelping whine at the feeling and Wade looked up at the boys' face.
"You ok baby? Is this alright?" He asked, checking on the boy. Peter nodded but didn't say a word, unsure of how his voice would come out sounding. A moment later, Wade pressed a third finger in and Peter gasped in actual pain.
"WADE!" He shrieked louder than he intended. The older man froze mid-motion with wide eyes, scanning the boy again.
"Should I stop?" He asked, sounding concerned. Peter shook his head.
"J-just give me a second," he panted, trying to calm his body and relax his muscles.
They lay in silence for just a moment, listening to each other's breathing before Peter nodded at Wade.
"I'm okay," he whispered, giving his hips a little wiggle. Wade nodded but moved again very slowly, being as gentle as possible. Finally, Peter was stretched enough, and Wade prepared to enter him.
"Condom?" Wade asked. Peter shook his head no. He knew he was stupid for refusing protection but it just felt so much better without it. Wade dropped his body down so that he was laying on top of Peter, and rested his forehead against Peter's before slowly pressing inside. They both moaned and mewled at the incredibly slow sensation until Wade was fully sheathed inside of Peter. He paused for a moment to let Peter fully adjust and then began to slowly fuck into him.
The teen wrapped his legs around the man's waist and pulled him in tightly, pressing himself down against him as he did.
"C-Can you use me, Wade?" Peter asked, flushing a deep crimson red at his own words. Wade looked at Peter but didn't respond, waiting for Peter to clarify.
"Use me like a toy," Peter whispered. "Use me like a slut," he said.
Wade looked down at Peter's slight frame and thought for a moment, still pushing slowly in and out. He shook his head.
"No?" Peter questioned, almost sounding offended. Wade shook his head again.
"I want to make love to you," he stated, looking back up at the boy. Peter flushed again and a small smile crept onto his face. When he didn't say anything, Wade took it as permission. He brought his left knee up over Peter's hip and used his right knee to spread Peter's legs wide, before finally beginning to thrust hard but languid into Peter. He pulled back slowly and snapped his hips forward roughly, skin slapping skin, and he set a steady pace. Peter was quickly panting beneath him, feeling his orgasm building low in his tummy. Wade steadily increased his speed until he was all out fucking the boy, both of them moaning loudly. They were so deep in the moment that neither of them spoke, just touching and thrusting until suddenly Wade adjusted his position to slam directly into Peter's prostate. Peter let out a scream, digging his nails into Wade's shoulders and pulling his knees up high and tight to his body.
"There!" He shrieked, urging Wade to fuck harder by digging his heels into the man's hips.
Wade excitedly gave Peter exactly what he wanted, losing all control and attacking that little bundle of nerves nestled deep inside of him until he was a screaming, crying mess.
When Peter came it was with shrieks of Wade's name over and over again, eyes slammed shut tightly and nails scratching at smooth skin.
When he finally came down from the highest point of the waves of his pleasure, Wade hadn't slowed, now chasing his own high, and his walls were becoming quickly oversensitive, pleasure turning torturous. His knees began to quake and he couldn't help the little broken yelps and sobs that were now falling from his lips.
Wade was pushing hard into Peter, using his toes as leverage to force himself further in, and Peter couldn't handle it for much longer.
"Please!" He wailed, "Please come! Please Wade, please come!" He cried.
The boy's high, desperate voice drew Wade over the edge and he came with a roar, painting Peter's insides with thick hot ropes of come, splashing and marking every inch of him.
Finally, both of them stilled, falling silent and panting heavily. Peter felt his muscles fall lax and he felt like he was melting into the mattress.
Wade finally drew back and looked at Peter, eyebrows knotted as if he were confused, and his bright blue eyes squinted at Peter as if seeing him for the first time. His cheeks were flushed golden under his tan skin and Peter was taken aback by how beautiful he looked right then.
"Thank you," Peter whispered to the man. Wade pressed his lips gently to Peter's, then pulled back and said in a soft voice, "I love you."
Peter's eyes widened and his heart stopped.

What neither of them knew was that the drone had been watching since they'd entered the apartment, alerting Tony of Peter's presence in Wade's home, and Tony had seen and heard everything.

Chapter Text

Peter looked up at Wade with a shocked look on his face, disbelieving of what he'd just heard. His blood felt frozen in his veins, heart too nervous to beat.
Did he really just say… that? What would Tony say if he found out? He'd definitely be mad. But they weren't actually in a relationship, he couldn't really say anything right? Why was he worried about Tony, Wade just said he loved him?!
Peter didn't know how to react and he lay frozen under the man, wide-eyed and trying to decide what he could possibly say back. Surely not that. Not yet! Did he feel the same way?

"I-I'm sorry," Wade finally broke the silence with his quiet voice. Peter swallowed anxiously and took a steadying breath.
"I just got carried away, baby boy." He leaned up, pulling slowly out of Peter. Peter loosed a low moan at the feeling of Wade's hot fluids running freely down his thighs and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position as well. Wade's face looked a little lost and very vulnerable and it made Peter feel guilty. He had to say
"Wade, I-" he tried but was cut off.
"It's ok, Pete, you don't have to say anything. I didn't mean to let that slip. I just couldn't help myself." Peter hadn't ever heard him so quiet.
"It was just so good. You know, I did tell you it would be mind-blowing," he chuckled, trying to play it off with a joke.
"Wade, you just caught me off guard. I-I… I'm not sure how I feel about… This whole situation. I've kind of just been having fun, you know? I haven't really been looking for any kind of-" Wade cut him off again.
"It's ok! You don't owe me any explanations. Let's just forget that I said anything and move on," he said with a little smile. Peter still felt guilty but he was slightly reassured and he nodded his head.
"It was amazing," Peter told him. Wade's face cracked into a large grin and he looked back at Peter.
"I'm glad you liked it, gorgeous. It's all for you," he winked. Peter blushed and looked down at the state of himself. They were both slick with sweat and come and it was starting to become uncomfortable as it dried.
"Hey Wade, would you maybe wanna shower with me?" He asked sheepishly.
"I'd love to," Wade replied, standing from the bed and offering his hand to help Peter up.
They both walked to the bathroom together and Wade started the shower. While they waited for it to warm up, Wade couldn't help but gaze at the boy with a dreamy look on his face. Peter blushed. He knew he had to decide what he wanted and he needed to do it soon. He didn't want to lead anyone on unnecessarily and he definitely didn't want to be the cause of any heartbreak. Problem was, he didn't actually know what he wanted. If he was being honest with himself, he wanted them both. He wanted it all.
Wade stepped into the shower and offered his hand to Peter again.
Once in the shower, they took the time to wash each other, kissing tenderly and enjoying the feeling of each other's skin under their fingertips. Peter lost himself in the heat of the water and the rush of dopamine swimming through his blood, and he rested his head on Wade's chest, closing his eyes and sighing deeply as the older man held him.
This moment paralleled his evening with Tony a few days ago, and a part of him ached to be held by Tony too.
He felt so mixed up by these two beautiful men in his life and he had no idea how to go about untangling himself. What had started as just wanting to have fun had turned into falling down the proverbial rabbit hole, fast and hard.

Peter spent the rest of his Saturday and the night with Wade. Tony wasn't scheduled to come back for five more days, and aside from school and occasional patrols, he didn't have anything else to really do.
They'd gotten dressed after their shower, Peter borrowing clothes that were comically too big, and they'd spent the rest of their day lazily draped across each other while they watched movies, and talking about little things that weren't important. They made slow love again when the sun went down and they were getting into Wade's humble bed, and then fell asleep in each other's arms. When they woke up, Peter helped Wade make omelettes for breakfast and he sat in the larger man's lap while they ate, wanting to soak up as much touch and affection as he could from the man before he had to leave.
Finally, it was nearing noon and Peter was trying to tame his wild bed head, curls unruly and defiant, before he finally had to leave.
"You gonna come back soon?" Wade asked as he watched Peter struggling with the comb.
"As soon as I can," Peter answered honestly. "Tony will be back in five days and he'll probably want to spend the weekend with me, so it might not be for a bit." He admitted. He left out the part where he went to high school during the week since he'd lied to Wade about his age in the beginning.
He was starting to feel the weight of that particular lie heavier on his conscience lately as well. He didn't really like having to keep secrets or dance around truths, it wasn't who he was.
"Well, what if I come back to your place tonight?" Wade asked with a hopeful tone. Peter thought about that. He did have his own place now, albeit tiny and mostly empty due to his lack of time spent there... And Wade would be his first overnight guest… But then, he had to get up early for school the next day. Maybe not this time around.
"Uh, I don't know Wade, I have early… stuff tomorrow…" he trailed off trying to think of anything better to say.
"Really? Stuff? I don't have to stay the night! Just give me a little grand tour," he winked. Peter chuckled and gave up trying to tame his hair, setting the comb down. He'd worn his Spidersuit there so it was all he had to wear back.
"Alright fine, but you'll have to keep up with me on the way there," Peter smiled mischievously. Wade chuckled.

Peter had slung his way across the city to his own place with his webbing and Wade had kept up surprisingly well below on the street. Peter was shocked how fast he actually was for such a thick man. He'd have assumed his extra muscle mass would have made him slower.
They made it to Peter's small apartment in just over half an hour, and Wade was just starting to break a sweat when they arrived. Peter giggled at the man's red face and unlocked the front door. He'd suggested that Wade just grab a cab or an Uber and meet him there but Wade hadn't wanted to wait, so if he was sweaty it was his own fault.
"Hey babe, I really gotta pee. Show me to the bathroom?" Wade asked as they walked through the threshold.
"Sure thing," Peter replied, yanking his mask off. The front door lead to a short hallway that opened onto the kitchen. From there, it lead into a modest living room that opened onto a smaller hallway that nestled the bathroom across from the bedroom at the very back of the house.
He lead Wade through and opened the bathroom door for him, gesturing inside as he did.
"All yours," he said. "I'm gonna change really quick." He added, gesturing to his bedroom door behind him with his thumb.
"Sounds good honey," Wade replied, pecking his cheek lightly and grabbing his ass with a wink. Peter giggled again and shook his head, turning for his own room.
He pushed the door open and headed for his small closet without flipping on the light, reaching for a t-shirt and pants. He quickly slid out of his suit and wiggled into his jeans, brushing his hair out of his face and turning back toward the room to put his shirt on.
As he did, the lamp next to his bed clicked on, making him jump and drop his shirt to the floor. His face blanched and his heart began to pound in his ears with rushing blood.
"T-Tony!" He squeaked.
The tall man sat comfortably on the side of the bed with an expression that was less than amused. He sniffed quietly and raised his chin haughtily, taking in the half dressed teen.
"Hey Petey. Come here," he beckoned, waiting patiently.
Peter felt his body begin to tremble a little with nerves and he glanced behind him at his doorway, wondering if Tony already knew Wade was there. He bent to reach for his dropped t-shirt but Tony stopped him.
"Nuh nuh no, come here honey, don't worry about that."
Peter took a few tentative steps toward the man.
"I thought you weren't supposed to be back for another week?" He asked meekly.
"Well, that was the plan but-" Tony sat up straight, wrapping his arm around Peter's waist when he was close enough and pulling him tightly against him. "-I got a little ping yesterday that my favorite little wall crawler was in my least favorite apartment of all time."
Peter's shoulders tensed. He knew.
His eyes widened and he unconsciously tried to squirm a step away from the man, to no avail. Tony reached his free hand up and rested it across Peter's flat stomach, running it up his bare skin slowly, placing a gentle wet kiss on the soft skin there and raising goosebumps on his flesh. Peter shivered. Wade was going to walk in any second now and Peter's nerves felt like electrical wiring gone awry.
"Looked to me like you had a really great weekend huh? Tacos and wild sex can make anyone's day." Tony looked up at Peter with dangerous eyes. Peter began to shake more violently, sweating and trying to swallow with his suddenly desert dry mouth.
"What's the matter? Wade got your tongue? He sure had your throat, right?"
Peter blushed, heart thumping in his chest and his lip quivered, not sure what to say or if he should respond at all.
Tony reached his hand for his phone that lay next to the lamp on the nightstand and clicked a button on the side, projecting an short video clip into the air between them. Peter felt his face grow so hot it felt like it might melt off when he realized that he was looking at a video of himself with Wade's cock shoved deep down his throat and fingers fisted in his hair. There wasn't any sound but Peter's face looked wrecked with lust as he choked on Wade's thick member. It was close up on Peter's face, so you couldn't really see Wade in it at all.
"Damn, that's some serious deep throat, baby," Tony marvelled in a quiet voice. Peter flashed his hand out and pressed the same button on Tony's phone, sending the video away.
"Tony-" Peter began in a voice high with anxiety. Tony held his hand up to stop him.
"No, it's ok Peter. It's fine. You don't belong to me. I mean, you said it yourself. I'm not your boyfriend. Still, I thought that maybe you would stop sleeping with him once I proved to you that I could be just as good. Wasn't I good Peter? Didn't you love the way I fucked you?" Tony asked sincerely. Just then, Wade walked in the door.
"Hey babe, you wanna get some-" he jumped to a halt at the sight of the two at the side of the bed, hand frozen on the knob. "Oh, uh…" his face scrunched up in confusion, looking from Tony's angry expression to Peter's terrified one. He took a tentative step in.
"You must be Tony," Wade stated, looking the man directly in the eyes.
Tony's arms finally released Peter's hips and he pushed him back gently, standing to his full height slowly. Peter took a step back and watched Tony's chest puff out, taking a step toward Wade. He felt his anxiety peaking, feeling like he was about to fall into a serious panic attack. Tears sprang to his eyes as he watched the two men that he cared about most size each other up.
Wade didn't let Tony's stare down intimidate him, maintaining eye contact and standing his ground.
"Wade," Tony said in a growl. Wade's lips twitched up into a small smirk.
"Hey big boy, if you're gonna say my name like that, you gotta buy me a drink first," he tucked his hands into his pockets in a gesture that showed he had no intentions of getting physical.
Tony seemed taken aback by the man's choice of humor and paused for a moment. Wade took the opportunity to take a step toward him.
Peter watched Tony's hands clench slowly at the movement but the man didn't move.
"Peter told me all about you," Wade said again, attempting to diffuse Tony's anger.
"He said you're really amazing. He said you're his King? That's pretty kinky," he said with a gentle laugh. Peter watched Tony's jaw muscle twitch and he took a tiny step forward, in case he had to jump between the two men. Tony still didn't respond.
Wade took another small step forward, glancing at Peter.
"I'm not forcing him to do anything, or-or anything," Wade clarified in a quiet voice, gesturing to Peter. Finally, Tony spoke up.
"I don't really enjoy sharing, Wade." He spat the man's name out angrily. "I don't appreciate when other children play with my toys, because I don't like it when my things get broken and stolen from me," he gritted out.
Wade seemed to give pause to that.
"Well, no offense Tony... Can I call you Tony? I'm going to call you Tony. No offense, but Peter isn't a toy. And he doesn't belong to anyone," Wade asserted, finally sounding serious. Tony mulled over that thought in his head before looking behind him at where the teen stood trembling and terrified. He seemed to soften his stance and he cleared his throat quietly.
"Uh, maybe we should all go talk, like in the living room? Unless you want to talk in bed?" Wade tacked on. Tony sniffed again but didn't respond. Finally, he walked toward the door, pushing past Wade and knocking his shoulder into the blonde man as he did.
Wade walked over to Peter and brushed a tear from his eye with his thumb and gently guided him to the doorway.
"Whatever you want here Peter. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, and you don't have to make any decisions. Your life, your choice," Wade said gently. Peter suddenly felt like he was talking to a life coach, but he nodded his head at the reassurance.
Peter trailed behind Wade as they walked toward the living room. Tony sat on a threadbare arm chair already waiting, and Wade plopped onto the couch closest to him, letting Peter have the farthest seat from both of them.
"I don't like you," Tony stated bluntly to Wade.
"Wow, I like you just fine! I mean, seeing as how I don't really know you, I can't really dislike you, right?"
Tony rolled his eyes. Wade smiled brightly.
"I-I…" Peter finally spoke up and the two older men whipped around to look at him.
"I don't want you two to fight. This is my fault," he said in a tiny voice. "I… I just wanted to have fun, but… now it's-it's more than that." He looked from Wade's blue eyes to Tony's dark chocolate ones and he let out a shuddering sigh. He took a deep breath and his face flushed at his next words.
"I… I love you." He threw into the air. He watched both Tony and Wade's eyes widen at the words, then the confusion when they realized he hadn't specified who. Wade's face fell slightly and he looked back at Tony with a smile that was edged with sadness. "There you have it," he said quietly, standing and preparing to leave. Tony smirked a little but didn't say anything.
"No!" Peter yelped, then repeated quieter, "n-no, Wade, stay please."
It was Wade's turn to look satisfied, and Tony's face turned sad. Peter hurried to clarify.
"I-I love both of you!" He said hurriedly.
Tony sighed. "That's not making a decision." Wade jumped in after. "He doesn't have to decide right now!"
"Guys, please!" Peter interjected before they could start fighting. "I mean it, I… I love you both! A-and, maybe its… hard and confusing but… why do I have to choose? Do I really have to decide?" He asked, face flushing.
Wade seemed to understand first and his face broke into a wide grin as he sat back down on the couch.
"I'm game," he said, pupils slightly dilated. Peter smiled in appreciation at the man, then they both turned slowly toward Tony.
The oldest of the three still seemed to be struggling to understand what he was getting at.
"Um, Tony?" Peter said in a sweet voice. "W-what do you think of…" Peter cleared his throat nervously. "I-if we, if I was-"
"What if we were all dating?" Wade cut in.
Tony seemed taken aback by the idea.
"Like, you get to date Peter and I get to date Peter and maybe even sometimes we'd be like, dating each other too? I mean, if you'd want to." The blonde continued in his confident way. Tony finally seemed to fully understand.
"You… you mean like… polygamy?" His face scrunched up. Peter blushed and nodded slightly.
"Polyamory," he corrected in a nervous voice. "It's like a thruple. Then we could, possibly, all be happy. If… If you were ok with it?" Peter fidgeted in his seat. Wade smiled and looked at Tony, winking suggestively.
Tony cracked a smile for the first time since he'd been there, then stood to his full height and pulled his expression back under control.
"So, you-" he pointed to Wade, "-can fuck Peter whenever you want-" Wade nodded enthusiastically. "-And I, what? Get to have you when you're not busy with him?" He asked Peter.
"I-I mean, not exactly. We would split up our time evenly and… I mean, we could talk about it more later but-"
"I don't like to share," Tony stated again. Peter sighed and his face dropped.
Wade took the opportunity to interject.
"Consider this; instead of thinking about losing half of him, imagine it like you're gaining someone else." Wade paused, then stage whispered, "that's me."
Tony cocked his head to the side quizzically and crossed his arms over his chest, regarding Wade fully.
Wade slapped on his best showcase smile and leaned back, allowing Tony's eyes to roam freely.
Tony smirked a little at the blonde's brazenness and looked back at Peter.
He really didn't want to lose Peter, and he knew it wasn't really fair to make him choose. He'd never be happy with either Wade or himself, and he'd most likely end up being with neither in the end if he did have to choose. He did love Peter, and he wanted him to be happy above all else.
Tony sighed heavily. "I'll consider it." He stated resolutely.
Peter's smile lit up his whole face and he leaped up from the couch to jump into Tony's arms, hugging him tightly. Tony melted like butter at Peter's touch. Who was he kidding? He'd vacation in the Bermuda triangle for this boy if he asked.
After a moment Peter pulled away from Tony, big brown doe eyes shining with happiness and he pressed his lips to Tony's firmly.
"Thank you, Tony" he whispered. Tony grumbled low in his chest, but he smiled at Peter.
"Anything for you, my prince." He whispered back.
Tony looked down at Wade, sitting comfortably with his hands behind his head and his ankle crossed over his knee.
"So how do I know that you're going to play fair?" Tony asked the handsome blonde. Wade smirked.
"You could always make me," he said with a wink, only half-joking. Tony's eyebrow quirked and he looked from Wade to Peter.
"Angel, would you mind if I borrow your bedroom for a short time?" Tony asked politely, knowing Peter wasn't likely to say no.
Peter nodded as Tony had expected and he kissed the teens' temple, then took a few steps back toward the room they'd just come from. Stopping, he turned back toward Wade and beckoned with his finger for the man to follow.
Wade's eyebrows jumped high on his forehead and his eyes widened.
"O-oh-" he stood slowly, looking at Peter for some kind of sign. Peter just smiled hopefully and urged him to follow Tony.
Peter watched as he followed Tony down the hall and he turned for one last unsure look before he disappeared through the door.

Chapter Text

Peter tried to wait patiently for the two men to finish what they were doing in his bedroom, he really did, but the anticipation was killing him. He paced for a few moments in the living room wondering what the two were getting up to but he just couldn't help himself.
Quietly, he tiptoed down the hallway and was glad to see that Wade hadn't closed the door fully behind him, peeking his head around to see inside.
From where he stood, he could see the back of Wade, standing in the open space next to the bed. Tony slowly circled around him with his hands clasped behind his back, looking the blonde up and down as though inspecting him.
Peter leaned closer to hear what they were saying.
"Kinda feel like a slab of meat," he heard Wade joke. Tony didn't respond to that.
He was just barely shorter than Wade, but he carried himself as though he were the biggest man in the world. Peter heard Wade clear his throat in the silence.
"I still don't want to share." Peter heard Tony say resolutely.
"So why are you?" Wade asked.
"Because I'd do anything for Peter. Because he's my prince. He wants me to play nice, so I will. If it were up to me I'd have tanned your hide the minute I saw you, and I wouldn't be seeing you again."
"That's fair." Wade conceded. "Also kinky. You know, I'm not actually that bad. I mean, aside from my career. I feel like I'm pretty good to Peter too."
Tony paused at Wade's words, then after another moment he began to circle Wade again.
"Will you stop doing that? I'm getting dizzy. And sleepy," Wade drawled, sounding annoyed. Tony stopped again in front of him and leaned his face close to Wade's.
"Let's get one thing straight," Tony said menacingly in a low voice. "I'm the fucking boss."
Wade scoffed quietly and as soon as he did, Tony's hand flashed out, grabbing his jaw and squeezing tightly. Wade jumped at the unexpected motion, but didn't move otherwise.
"I am the king when it comes to Peter. He's mine. I'm not about to have some fucking punk take him from me." He snarled, releasing Wade with a shove.
"Jeez, you don't have to be such a jerk," Wade replied immediately, rubbing at his jaw.
Peter's eyes widened at Wade's audacity. He saw Tony's jaw muscles twitching and wondered how far Wade would push the man. Tony didn't have very much patience and Wade was a giant dipshit sometimes.
"Like I said already, I'm not looking to take him away from you. Just… I just want to join you." Wade continued.
Tony ran his hand through his hair in an effort to calm himself, then stepped closer to the blonde again.
"You're going to have to accept the fact that, at least when I'm around, I'm in charge. You'll do what I say, whether you like it or not. I'm. The fucking. Boss."
"You're turning me on, hot stuff, dial it down a notch," Wade quipped.
Tony's hand flashed out again, only this time he grabbed Wade's crotch, holding him firmly.
Wade let out a gasp and his hands reflexively shot out, grabbing at Tony's chest as his body jerked backwards, almost doubling over. Peter could only just imagine the shock that must be on his face. And he couldn't help but wonder if Wade really was getting turned on, especially with where Tony's hand was at the moment.
"You are going to submit to me," Tony gave no room for leeway. "If you want me to let you stay here and keep taking up my boy's time and headspace, you're going to prove that you deserve it. That I can trust you."
Peter couldn't deny feeling a little turned on himself by his dom daddy and his dom king in action together.
"Alright, fuckin alright! Let go of my dick!" Wade yelled sounding slightly pained.
"That cock belongs to me now, Wade." Tony made no move to release the man.
"Well don't fuckin' break it then!" Peter had never heard Wade's voice get so high. He wondered if he should interject before anyone got really hurt.
Tony's free hand reached forward and grabbed Wade's jaw again, pulling him back up to an upright position and Wade audibly winced at the feeling.
"Do you want this?" Tony asked in a quiet voice.
"Not particularly!" Wade yelped.
"Do you want Peter?"
A pause.
Tony squeezed. Peter couldn't be sure with which hand.
"Owfuck, yes! Yes, I fucking want Peter, you goddamn sociopath!"
Tony smirked.
"You're going to have to prove it," he said with a smile.
"Well what the fuck do you want?" Wade cried, beginning to sound desperate.
"Submit. To. Me." Tony ground out.
Wade fell silent and slowly Tony released Wade.
Peter watched as the blonde tensely bent his knees, eyes locked on Tony's, and dropped down to the floor in front of the older man, oh so slowly.
He rested quietly, obediently, and waited for Tony to give him more instruction. Tony smiled and ran his fingers through Wade's hair. Wade clearly had a hard time sitting still as he did, fidgeting slightly, but he still sat patiently.
"Good boy," Tony praised in a quiet voice. Peter watched as he took a step forward toward Wade and suddenly his fingers gripped and tightened in Wade's hair. He sucked in a pained gasp.
"Ah! What the fuck!" Wade cried again. Tony gave him a mild slap.
"Watch your mouth," he warned, pulling Wade's head forward toward his zipper.
Peter heard a low growl and knew it was from Wade.
Tony shook Wade's head slowly back and forth, the man's face grinding against Tony's zipper, and the brunette loosed a low moan at the feeling, eyes closed and head falling back slightly.
Wade's hands slowly reached up and clutched onto Tony's hips gently. Tony jumped just slightly at the feeling, his head shooting forward again and eyes opening warily, but he relaxed after a moment.
Tony didn't trust Wade.
"Let me suck you off," Wade told Tony.
Tony looked down at the man, silent for a moment.
"You want me to submit? You want me to prove myself? Fine." Tony's lips grinned a little and his fingers loosened from Wade's hair, allowing him the freedom to move.
Wade smiled and unbuttoned Tony's black pants, sliding the zipper down slow. Their eyes locked onto each other's as he did.
There was something delightfully erotic about their power struggle, and Peter knelt down to the floor where he sat on the opposite side of the door, reaching down to press the heel of his hand against himself.
Wade slowly pulled Tony's pants down, where his slowly hardening cock was outlined inside of his dark red boxers.
"Looks like you like me a little more than you want to admit, huh?" Wade said, and Peter could hear the smile on his face.
Tony rolled his eyes, but continued looking down at the blonde, watching carefully.
Wade gripped the waistband of Tony's underwear, pulling them down slowly.
Tony's cock wasn't fully hardened yet and Wade reached his large hand to grasp it gently.
"No teeth," Tony warned sternly, glaring down at the man.
Wade stroked it slowly a few times before he languidly leaned forward to take it into his mouth.
Tony let out a broken moan at the feeling, cutting himself off almost as soon as the sound came out.
Peter could tell he didn't really want to trust Wade, but was doing his best to humor Peter. He only hoped the two men would be able to get along sooner rather than later.
Wade began bobbing his head slowly, Tony quickly growing to his full length under the man's talented tongue.
Soon enough, Wade was sucking Tony in earnest, bobbing, slurping and stroking the man expertly, and eventually Tony couldn't help but to let his eyes fall closed and his head droop back. He let a few quiet moans escape him before subconsciously reaching his hand out to grab Wade's hair again.
As soon as the blonde felt Tony's fingers, he jerked his head back away from Tony, jumping like he'd been shocked.
"Don't be a fucking jerk," he warned.
Wade didn't trust Tony either.
"Relax, Sparky," Tony drawled, voice thick with lust.
They stared each other down in silence for another moment before Tony began to grow annoyed, pursing his lips at Wade with a huff.
"Alright, alright, relax Tammy," Wade shot, gripping Tony's hard cock in his hand again and guiding it back into his mouth.
Peter couldn't tell from his angle, but it looked like Wade was swallowing Tony's whole length down his throat. His hand was moving faster against his jeans, drawing his own pleasure from the scene before him. He was struggling to keep himself quiet.
Wade slurped loudly around Tony, letting out his own wanton moans as he did and Peter could see Tony's face beginning to flush down to his neck as his breathing became heavier.
Finally, Tony couldn't hold his moans back and let them fall freely from his chest. He gripped Wade's hair gently, despite the protesting sound that Wade emitted.
"Fuck," Tony whispered breathily, barely controlling his hips as they canted into Wade's mouth.
Peter heard a few soft gags from Wade, but the man didn't stop his ministrations.
"I'm gonna cum," Tony breathed, attempting to pull Wade off his cock.
Peter watched Wade's fingers grip into the flesh of Tony's hips, forcing him to stay still. Tony's eyes went wide when he realized Wade wasnt going to let him go and they struggled against each other for a moment, Tony's movements growing more desperate by the second. Wade gripped Tony roughly, still slurping and moaning, and Tony attempted to pull Wade's fingers from his hips unsuccessfully, until finally he couldn't hold back any longer.
"Ahh! God!" He shouted, pumping his hips deep into Wade's throat, spilling his release. Wade let out a dirty moan at the taste, still sucking eagerly.
Finally, their movements slowed to a stop, Tony bringing his breathing under control and Wade pulled off Tony's cock with loud gasps, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
"See, I'm a good boy too," Wade said cockily, though in a soft voice. Tony snorted and looked at the blonde with tired eyes looking bemused.
Wade slowly stood up, trying not to give Tony a reason to be wary, and held his arms out, moving close to Tony.
The older man took a few small, cautious steps backwards until he backed himself into the wall. Wade closed in on him, pressing against his body and wrapping his arms around the man softly. He nuzzled his face into Tony's neck and Tony lifted his chin high, looking down his nose at Wade. His eyes were wide but he didn't give any of his nervousness away.
He really didn't trust the man.
Wade sighed and reached to grab Tony's hands. Tony resisted for a second, then allowed Wade to move his arms, surprised when Wade circled them around himself.
"Yeah, I'm a softie. I like to cuddle," Wade said gently. Tony's face slowly broke into a grin and Peter's heart melted when he saw Tony's guard come down, just a little bit, finally as he held the man back.
After a moment, Wade pulled back and bent down, pulling Tony's pants back up.
Tony's face twinged pink but he didn't say anything. Then Wade cleared his throat.
"So uh, maybe you can help out Daddy now?" He asked, nodding down at himself.
Tony smirked and reached forward, cupping Wade's crotch in his hand and rubbing along Wade's hard shaft through his pants. Wade let out a shudder and watched Tony's hand working, but jumped when he heard Tony call, "Peter. Come in here."
He didn't call very loudly.
Peter's face turned crimson and he stood up, trying his best to conceal the little wet spot that was leaking through his jeans.
"I know you've been watching. You're being a very bad boy," he added softly.
Wade turned his head to see Peter slink through the door with his head bowed, hiding behind his messy curls. His hands were crossed over each other in front of his zipper and his face was burning red.
"I think you deserve a punishment after all of your deceitfulness lately. Trying to sneak off to Wade's house as if I wouldn't know, trying to listen in while I'm having a 'conversation' with blondie here… Tisk tisk," Tony tutted.
"Luckily for you, I'm feeling much too satisfied and relaxed at the moment for any punishments." Tony moved to the bed and sat down, drawing his legs up and leaning back, much like how he'd been sat when Peter had found him.
"Why don't you take care of… Daddy? Maybe he'll return the favor if you're good." Tony smirked.
Wade smiled and rolled his eyes.
"There isn't any need for 'punishment', he didn't do anything wrong," Wade said, walking toward Peter.
Peter saw Tony bristle at being contradicted, but he didn't say anything.
Wade wrapped his arms around Peter, holding him firmly but not tightly. Peter thought he must just really want to cuddle after the struggle he'd had with Tony. He'd never seen Wade not have an upper hand in any situation, and he wondered if Wade would actually be submitting in the end.
"Why don't you lay down, and I'll take care of you," Peter said quietly, pulling back from the hug. Wade smiled and shook his head slightly.
"We'll take care of each other. That's what you do when you lo-uh, when you care about someone," his face twinged pink but he motioned for Peter to move toward the bed.
Once Peter sat in the middle of the mattress, Wade crawled over him, kissing him deeply. The larger man pushed him back and pressed their bodies together, grinding against Peter.
Peter had already been so close to his release that he was back on the edge in no time, panting and moaning quietly.
"Wade, why don't you just let me touch you, I'm not going to last long at all," Peter admitted. Wade smiled and reached to undo Peter's jeans, releasing him finally. He leaned down and wrapped his lips around Peter's shaft, drawing a yelp from the teen, and began to give him the same treatment he'd just given Tony.
Peter squeaked again, knowing that he was going to burst any second now, but Wade skipped the warm up and went straight for swallowing Peter down completely.
"Damn, you are good at that," Tony mused quietly from above them, reaching down to stroke his hand against Peter's still bare chest as he watched.
"Oh! DaddyI'mgonna-!" He yelped out, a second before he was shrieking out his release.
"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" He cried as he spilled over Wade's tongue, shaking and sobbing at the intense pleasure.
Wade popped off and chuckled quietly, wiping his mouth again.
"You're such a good boy," he smiled, patting his thigh.
Peter's chest heaved as he got his breathing back under control.
Suddenly, Wade slid off the end of the bed, adjusting his own needy cock within his jeans and turned toward the door.
"Hey, where are you going?" Tony piped up.
"Oh, I was just going to take care of this in the bathroom. Let you two have some-" Tony cut him off.
"Nuh uh, no, you get back here," he demanded, pointing down at the bed. Wade paused, looking at Tony curiously. When Wade made no move to walk back to the bed, Tony stood and strode over to Wade instead. Tony lowered his voice seductively.
"You get both of us off and think we're going to let you hide in the bathroom instead of letting us touch you? No way," he scoffed, coming dangerously close.
When Tony was close enough, he reached his finger to Wade's jaw, turning his head up, and gently, slowly pressed his lips against Wade's.
The blonde's eyes immediately fell closed and he moaned, reaching up to grab the back of Tony's head and hold him in place as he deepened the kiss. A second later, Wade was rutting his hips into the air desperately, having been in need of his own release for a while now. Tony reached his large calloused hand down to cup Wade through his jeans again, letting Wade rut against him.
Tony broke the kiss, resting his head against Wade's and whispered, "come on, get those jeans off. Go lay on the bed."
Wade did as he was told without any sarcasm or attitude this time, quickly climbing on the bed to lay next to Peter.
The teen was glowing with happiness. He couldn't believe how well everything was working out already, and he sat up to touch Wade. Tony crawled onto the bed again and placed himself between Wade's knees, pushing his legs open wide. Peter leaned forward and kissed Wade passionately, sliding his soft fingers under Wade's shirt and caressing the skin of his chest and stomach.
Tony leaned forward and gripped Wade's thick length in his hand, pressing a tender kiss to the thick vein on the underside and then licking the head up to his leaking slit. Wade gasped into Peter's mouth and his hips twitched, tensing his body at all the pleasures he was being offered.
Tony drew the man's fat head between his lips and swirled his tongue around, tasting the salty precome that was beginning to leak out.
Peter moved to lick and suck at the delicate skin at Wade's throat and jaw, twisting a pink nipple between his fingers.
Wade was quickly being reduced to a panting moaning puddle, and he gently reached to grasp Tony's hair between his fingers.
"Jesus, you two sure-ah, know how to make a girl-ahh! Feel like a princess!" He joked, barely containing himself at this point.
Tony chuckled a deep growling sound, sending shocks of intense pleasure through Wade, who couldn't help but buck up into Tony's mouth, eliciting a loud gag.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry," Wade panted as Tony pulled off.
Tony continued to stroke Wade quickly.
"It's alright, blondie, I'm a big boy," Tony winked. "Just take it easy," Tony added, leaning back down to swallow Wade again.
"Oh fuck!" He cried again, all out writhing beneath the man.
Tony motioned with his fingers at Peter, to join him where he was before pulling off again.
"Come 'ere baby, come be a good boy."
Peter quickly scurried to sit next to Tony and leaned forward to take over where Tony had left off, wrapping his lips around Wade's fat cock. They stretched obscenely, and Wade nearly fainted at the new and different sensations of pleasure coursing through his veins. Peter worked Wade diligently, working as much length as he could inside without forcing too much. Just over half of Wade's hot length fit inside Peter's mouth at once.
"Oh, god! I'm coming soon, I'm-I'm-" Wade panted and stuttered, clutching at Peter's curls.
Peter slid his mouth off of Wade's shaft and stroked him through his orgasm, face still below Wade's cock.
Peter opened his mouth wide, sticking out his tongue and closing his lusty chocolate eyes and Wade came hard to the sight of it.

After a few moments, all three of the men were sated, sticky and satisfied, panting together in silence on the bed.
Wade's eyes were fluttering, trying to stay awake. Tony reached to the side table for a tissue from the box that sat there and handed it to Peter so he could wipe his face off, and once he did he kicked his shoes off and curled around Wade's side, resting an arm across the man's chest.
Peter quickly cleaned himself up and then curled into Wade's other side, under his arm, and curled up on his chest.
"I suppose I could get used to something like this," Tony said in a quiet voice, drifting into sleep.
Wade fell asleep first, quickly followed by Tony. Peter looked at them both sleeping peacefully, their arms around each other and sighed contentedly, snuggling closer into Wade and closing his eyes.

Chapter Text

Peter was the first to wake in the early evening, stretching and yawning around Wade's muscular chest. He rubbed his eyes and saw that Wade's nose was buried in the soft flesh of Tony's throat and Tony's hand was buried in Wade's blonde hair. He grinned and quickly grabbed for his phone, snapping a picture, and then he slid from the bed quietly.
He padded silently to the kitchen, stomach starting to rumble in a hungry outcry. He opened his fridge and saw that there wasn't much in it. Really, he didn't spend a lot of time in his own apartment since he moved from his Aunt May's home.
Tony had insisted on buying the place for him, making sure that no matter what happened, he always had his own place to fall back on. Peter had tried to explain that he really didn't need it, but Tony had insisted, saying that he needed a place of his own at his age.
Peter picked at some grapes that were in the fridge, popping one into his mouth and closing the door, trying to decide if he had enough money to order something for delivery or not.
Wade plodded around the corner then, groggily rubbing at his eyes and yawning loudly. Peter chuckled.
"Morning sleeping beauty," Peter greeted him.
"Sleeping booty," Wade joked, wrapping his hands around Peter's waist to pull him in for a kiss.
Peter's stomach growled loudly and he blushed, pulling away from Wade.
"Sorry, it's been a while since we had breakfast," he said quietly.
"No problem, baby boy. I can get us something really greasy and awful for us if you want?" He offered.
Just then, Tony followed them around the corner. His usually perfectly quaffed hair was disheveled from sleep.
"No, he needs something to take care of his body, not destroy it," he said sternly.
Wade rolled his eyes and reached to open a cupboard, pulling out a glass cup that used to be a jar of jelly and pouring water from the sink.
"What do you think prince? Maybe I'll get us some sushi?" Tony suggested.
Peter smiled and nodded. "That sounds yummy!"
"Great! You wanna go somewhere or stay in?" Tony asked. Peter looked at the time displayed on the stove. It was nearly six.
"Uh, I should probably stay home. I still have to shower and get to bed early tonight, I have.… Stuff… tomorrow." He nervously glanced at Wade. He still hadn't told him the truth.
"Oh, stuff still huh?" Wade joked with a smirk.
"You mean school tomorrow? How's everything going, by the way, Flash still giving you a hard time?" Tony asked.
Wade choked on his water, spitting it all over himself as he coughed. Tony took a step backward and looked at the man disdainfully.
"I'm-I'm sorry school? Like, high school?" Wade asked, staring at Peter.
Peter felt his face get hot and he broke into a sweat.
"Uh, Wade…" Peter trailed off.
"You didn't know?" Tony asked incredulously. "Do you even know him at all?”
"Yeah well, I know Spiderman. I kinda just met Peter not too long ago though. But I figured being nineteen that he was like, recently graduated-"
"Nineteen?" Tony cut in. "He's not nineteen, where are you?"
Peter could just die.
Wade just looked at Peter and didn't say anything for a moment, then he turned around and placed his glass in the sink, kissed Peter's cheek and smoothed his shirt down.
"I gotta go, honey, I'll talk to you later," Wade said quietly, heading for the door. Tony smirked at his retreat and Peter's heart pounded in his chest. Wade left so fast that he didn't get a chance to ask when he'd see him again. The door closed quietly, leaving Tony and Peter alone.
"I take it you may have told a little lie, Peter?" Tony smirked, though he already knew, having watched Wade and Peter's private interactions. Peter knelt down to the floor, dropping his face into his hands and rocking back and forth slightly.
"Ooohhhh, fuuuuck," he moaned quietly. Tony started to feel a little bad for what he'd done, and knelt down to the floor beside Peter, placing his large hand on Peter's shoulder.
"It's alright love, I'm sure he'll be fine," he tried to soothe the boy.
"I fucked up, I should have told him the truth, I never should have lied, I'm such an idiot. I can't believe I fucked up so bad already, fuck-" Peter rambled.
"Hey," Tony cut him off. "Don't say things like that about yourself. Everyone fucks up sometimes." Peter sighed and after a moment he nodded.
"Why don't I order us some food and you can let me take care of you tonight," Tony suggested. Peter accepted, feeling the need for a little extra pampering.
Tony followed the teen to the living room where he flopped onto the couch, and Tony sat behind him, massaging his shoulders.
"You probably won't want to hear this but-"
"Then don't say it," Peter cut him off.
"-you really don't need him." Tony finished anyways. Peter sighed loudly.
"Well, maybe it's more about want than need," he stressed. "He's funny, he makes me laugh. And he's sweet... In his own weird way. And… I fucked up." He dropped his face into his hands again. Tony wrapped his arms around Peter's shoulders and held him in a comforting embrace.
"Sweetheart, I'm sure if he cares about you, he'll be back. Don't worry so much about it," Tony tried to reassure. Peter just huffed out a breath.
Tony ordered takeout sushi to be delivered to Peter's apartment and it arrived in no time. They ate and then Tony guided Peter to his bathroom, filling the tub with hot water and bubbles.
"This bathtub is too small," Tony grumbled. "I'll have a better one installed as soon as possible, I want you bathing like a prince," he continued as he helped undress Peter. Peter huffed out a breath of a laugh and shook his head.
"I'm not even here that often, I'm always at your place," he pointed out like he had many times in the past.
"Be that as it may. This isn't good enough for you."
Peter just conceded and stepped into the bath, enjoying the way the water helped his muscles loosen and he breathed deeply, allowing his tension to melt away. Tony took his time washing Peter, paying special attention to his soft curls as he lavished affection on the teen.
"I am jealous, Peter," Tony said quietly after a time. Peter opened his eyes and looked at the older man's dark chocolatey eyes but didn't say anything in response.
"I'm jealous because I want to be the only one you want and need. But… I'm happy to see you happy." Peter smiled.
"I've watched you with him. You're happy when you're with him in a way that you aren't when you're with me." Tony was kneeling outside of the tub with his arms across it and his head resting on his arms, and he looked at Peter wistfully.
"But I'm happy with you too, sugar daddy. I've always been happy with you," Peter assured him, leaning closer to Tony's face. Tony smiled warmly at Peter, brushing a wet lock from his forehead.
"I know you are. It's just… a different kind of happiness with me."
Peter nodded in agreement. "You're right. But, different doesn't mean… less," he reassured the man. "Everyone's relationships are different from everyone else. That doesn't make them less valid." Tony considered the teens' words for a moment before nodding.
"You are a wise man, Peter Parker," he smiled, leaning in to kiss his teen.
Soon Tony was helping Peter to step out of the tub and dry him off with a towel that he found in the linen closet.
"I'll be getting you better towels too, these might as well be napkins," he groused as he tousled Peter's hair.
Tony grabbed a bottle of thick creamy lotion that he'd gifted to the boy himself from the counter, and lead him to his bedroom, where he proceeded to slowly and tenderly lotion every inch of Peter while the boy lay on his bed.
Peter relished in the feeling of those big, rough hands caressing him and showering him in affection and by the time Tony had finished, he was drowsy and ready for sleep. Tony went to Peter's dresser and retrieved a pair of boxers, helping the sleepy boy wiggle into them, and then he pulled the plush comforter (also a gift from Tony) up to his chin, kissing his forehead softly.
"I'll let you get to sleep, you need your rest for school tomorrow, my little genius. I'll talk to you tomorrow," he kissed him again, this time on his soft lips and quietly made his way out of the apartment, locking the door behind him.

The next morning, Peter woke feeling refreshed, albeit still sad, and prepared for his day at school, then headed out the door. It was only a few blocks away from Midtown Tech, so he just walked, backpack slung over his shoulder. Once he reached the school, he steeled himself with a deep breath, shot Tony a text to let him know he'd made it and made his way through the doors. He kicked himself a little for not asking for Wade's number, but pushed the thought aside when his best friends Ned and Michelle saw him.
"Peter!" Ned called, happily bounding over to him. Peter's face quirked up in a smile. It had been a while since he'd actually spent time with them.
"What have you been up to, man?" He asked cheerfully, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. He had a folded up newspaper in his other hand and Michelle followed close behind.
"Yeah, since when do you have a boyfriend?" She piped up, catching Peter off guard with the question.
"Wh-what?" Peter gaped at her. He hadn't told anyone, everything was all so new still.
Ned smacked him in the chest with the newspaper and Peter gripped it, slowly opening it.
"It's all over the news, man!" Ned smiled at him. As soon as Peter unfolded the front page, he saw it. There in full color was Spiderman and Deadpool standing in front of a taco stand on the street, Deadpool's large red gloved hand gripping Spiderman's ass tightly. Peter turned bright red looking at the picture. He'd really hoped that the man with the camera hadn't gotten that shot. Thinking about it now, he should have thought better of letting the man take the pictures in the first place. I mean, who even takes pictures with an actual camera anymore? He should have known.
"Oh my god, that's so embarrassing," he whispered, mortified.
"Sooo, tell us about him!" Michelle pressed. "He's so big! Look at those muscles, you look like the total twink that you are next to him!" She laughed, ignoring Peter's moans of embarrassment.
"Yeah, and what happened to Iron Man? I thought you had that huge embarrassing crush on your old man hottie?" Ned continued.
"Guys, oh my god!" Peter said in a completely humiliated way, dropping his face into his hands to hide his embarrassment. Michelle steered Peter into an empty classroom and Ned followed behind, closing and locking the door. MJ pushed Peter into a seat, hovering over him.
"Seriously, you need to spill this dirt. I can't believe you didn't tell us!"
Peter sighed.
"Look, guys, yes I've been hanging out with Wa-with Deadpool and we've been kinda close lately-"
"Like sleeping together close?" Ned asked with a wide grin.
"Uh-maybe! Possibly that might have happened once or a few times," Peter blushed through his own grin. Michelle let out a loud wolf whistle.
"Okay, hot, but what about Stark?" She asked.
"Uh, well… we've been having some relationship talks lately and-"
"Is he jealous about beefcake dude?" Ned asked. Peter laughed.
"Um, yes, he is jealous a little bit but, I think… technically we had like, a threesome?" He managed to squeak out. MJ and Ned both lost it hearing that and started shouting and hollering in surprised shock, leaving Peter to bury his face in his hands again.
"Oh my god, Parker, you nasty!" MJ shouted with a huge grin on her face.
Peter threw his hands up, standing back up. "Ok guys, ok!" He yelled over them, quieting them down. "It's very much a secret-" he shot Ned a deliberate look as he said it, "-and nothing is technically official yet. We're kind of considering a like… three-way relationship, but there's kind of a small hiccup with everything and... Tony's definitely my boyfriend now but Wa-Deadpool is kinda… on the fence." He summed up.
Ned's eyes were wide as he listened and he couldn't get over his shock at what he was hearing, but MJ could.
"Wait, what kind of 'hiccup'?" She asked, making air quotes with her long slender fingers.
"Uh, well he-he didn't know that… well, I may have lied about my age and he found out that I'm still in high school and then he took off," Peter flushed deeply again, dropping his head down.
"Oooh," MJ groaned.
"Yeah... Ok, listen, you guys are all caught up now, please can we just get to class?" Peter asked, picking up his book bag from the floor.
"That's fine captain twinky, but you know we still got questions, be prepared," MJ said as she followed him out the door.

She wasn't kidding. All throughout the day, she and Ned both asked him all kinds of embarrassing and invasive questions, in person and via text.
Peter felt his phone vibrate and glanced at the screen.
*Ned: So is Tony like, your sugar daddy? What does that make Deadpool? Your… sugar-assassin?
MJ: Who's better in bed?
Ned: How'd you meet the dude anyways? I thought you didn't kill people?
MJ: Big guy's seriously gotta be packing some heat, right?
MJ: Like, in his pants.
Peter sent them a group message after his phone went off for the fifth time in his calculus class.
P: Guys, I'm not telling you anything about anatomy, stop asking, please. And, we can talk about this later!
They finally relented, but Peter knew they'd have plenty to ask about after school and he was hardly prepared for it. When the last bell rang, Peter huffed and packed up his things as slowly as possible, knowing that they'd be waiting for him at his locker. He wasn't wrong. As soon as they saw him, they began bombarding him with questions.
"Guys!" He yelled, trying to get their attention.
"Can we talk about this another time? I'm exhausted and I just had a huge exam and… There's still a lot of people here!" He added quietly, looking around the halls. His eye caught Flash's gaze from down the hall and he turned, pretending he hadn't seen him.
Flash. The bully that Peter would do anything to avoid. He'd done a pretty good job of it today but it seemed he wasn't going to be so lucky now.
Flash stalked over cockily, his posse watching from next to his lockers.
"So, little twinky Peter has a new boyfriend?" He laughed loudly. "Is he imaginary?" His friends laughed from where they stood.
Peter flushed but didn't take the bait.
"Go away, Flash, I have things to do," he said, closing his locker.
"What, like making out with your imaginary boyfriend?" He mocked.
"Not everyone has an imaginary boyfriend like you do," Michelle deadpanned with her arms crossed over her chest.
"Oh, ouch Michelle, that really hurt," Flash said mirthlessly. "Come on, Parker tell me about him. Is he really into poor orphans or what?" Peter shoved him out of the way with his shoulder and walked past him.
"For your information Flash, his boyfriend is very real, and very buff and would very knock you out, so watch it!" Ned shot back, following behind Peter. Flash guffawed, following them to the doors, teasing him still.
"Really, Penis Parker, just describe him, just a little description!"
Peter walked faster and shoved the large metal doors opened, stepping through them quickly.

As soon as they stepped into the bright sunlight, Peter could see a tall figure leaning against the railing at the bottom of the short concrete stairway. His eyes took a second to adjust, but once they did he saw Wade looking up at him with a smile on his face. MJ and Ned's jaws both dropped when they saw him but Flash didn't know what was going on.
"Tell me about this hot boyfriend of yours!" He pressed, missing the expressions on their faces and the way they froze at the top of the stairs, following Peter a few stairs down.
Peter broke into a wide grin and skipped down the rest of the stairs, jumping into Wade's arms.
"Hey, baby boy! You been telling your friends about me?" He winked. Peter giggled.
"I was worried about when I'd see you again!" Peter admitted quietly. Wade dropped his voice too. "I missed you too much to stay away, sweet cheeks," he whispered, leaning forward to kiss Peter deeply.
"How's that for imaginary?" Peter heard MJ quip as she and Ned walked past Flash on the stairs, his own jaw hanging open now.
He pulled back from Wade and turned to look at Flash, feeling a deep sense of satisfaction at his shocked expression.
MJ stood next to Wade and whispered up at Peter, "Hey. You should probably come down here. You look super twinky and small."
Wade let out a loud laugh and let Peter slide back to his feet.
"Friends of yours?" He asked Peter, nodding his head toward MJ, and Ned who was staring silently, awestruck. Peter nodded excitedly.
"My best friends, MJ and Ned," he said happily.
"Nice to meet you," Wade nodded to them. Michelle smiled politely and Ned finally piped up.
"You're a freaking superhero!" He stage whispered, eyes wide with excitement. MJ smacked him in the ribs with her pointy elbow.
"Ow!" He exclaimed, finally broken from his reverie. MJ nodded to where Flash still stood on the stairs.
"Who's that?" Wade asked, noticing him too.
"Oh, he just the SCHOOL JERK!" MJ yelled. "And he was just leaving!"
Flash nodded and took off running, disappearing quickly down the street.
Wade smirked and looked down at them.
"I feel freakishly tall right now," he deadpanned. "You guys mind if I walk Pete home?" He asked them.
Ned shook his head no and MJ smiled. "Fine, but you owe us both a lunch date. We have so many questions," she said motioning between her and Ned with her thumb. Wade laughed again.
"Fair enough, beautiful lady. It was nice meeting you both," he nodded and rested his arm around Peter's waist, leading him down the sidewalk.
"They seem nice," he said to Peter. "So, how was your day?"
"Why'd you leave like that?" Peter ignored Wade's question.
Wade cleared his throat. "Jumping right into it I see, alright. Well, I was caught a little off guard finding out that my boyfriend lied to me about his age and that I've been sleeping with a high schooler," Wade responded, though his voice sounded kind still.
Peter's head drooped.
"I'm really sorry about that Wade. I should never have lied to you. I just... Didn't want you to think that I'm just some lame kid. I mean, I am but… I'm Spiderman! I guess I just wanted you to think that I was… something I'm not," he finished sorrowfully. He turned his sad brown eyes up to Wade. "Can you forgive me?"
Wade looked down at him and the corners of his mouth turned up into a grin.
"I think I can get over it. But you have to promise me that you won't lie about anything else anymore," he said purposefully.
Peter nodded his head emphatically.
"Absolutely, I never will. I promise I'm not actually a liar."
Wade nodded, pulling Peter in closer to his side.
"Let me take your bookbag, kiddo," he said, pulling the strap from Peter's shoulder.
"Jeez, this thing's heavy! You have a class on brick making or something?" Wade joked.
"No, but I have a lot of homework tonight," Peter responded.
"Alright, well, can I stay if I promise not to distract you? I really just want to watch the smoke come out of your ears while you're thinking."
Peter chuckled. "I suppose, but hands to yourself until I'm done!" He said firmly.
"Deal!" Wade agreed.

Chapter Text

True to his word, Wade let Peter study in peace, being as quiet as possible and keeping his hands to himself. Peter could tell it wasn't easy for the man by all the huffed sighs and little noises that Wade made, but he was happy to look up and see the man's blue eyes gazing dreamily at him whenever he had a moment to look up.
Wade eventually decided to pop in a DVD, choosing The Big Lebowski, and laid upside down on the couch. By the time it was almost over, Peter was finally finished with all of his assignments.
He yawned loudly, stretching and packing his books back into his pack. As soon as Wade heard the zipper, he bounced up from his laying position on the couch like an excited puppy, grinning wide and crooked at Peter.
"Yes! You're finally done! Oh, my one and only, I've missed you so much!" He exclaimed enthusiastically. Peter laughed.
"You're such a dork, it's only been a few hours," but he walked over to where Wade sat peeking over the back of the couch and kissed him firmly.
"So what do you want to do now?" Peter asked the man.
"I don't know, what do you usually do for fun?" Wade asked in return.
"Well, truthfully, I used to just go see Tony and work in the lab or I'd go on patrol." Peter answered.
"Wow, you're such a nerd. Let's play a game or something. We could play twister. Or something less risky if you want, uno? Card game? Poker! Strip poker!" Wade exclaimed with a wolfish grin. Peter chuckled again.
"I'm sorry, I don't actually have any games here. I don't really spend a lot of time here."
"Je-sus, Peter! You're seventeen! You should be doing something fun! Don't you have any video games or anything?"
Peter shook his head no.
"I can't afford that kinda stuff, I'm poor," he laughed.
"Well why the hell haven't you asked your completely loaded sugar daddy for something? I'm sure he'd be more than happy to oblige as long as you're willing to put out a little a'that sweet, sweet suga'," Wade winked exaggeratedly. Peter's face flushed and he ducked his head down with a smile.
"Uh, it's kind of a new thing for us, our whole relationship thing. And I don't want him to think I'm only using him anyways," Peter replied with a little laugh. Wade nodded understandingly.
"So you like, love him?" He asked in a voice that was much quieter, much more serious than before. Peter flushed darker red and coughed, his neck beginning to sweat from all the blushing he was doing.
"Uh, I mean, I suppose so. I've had a crush on him since before I can remember, and we've always been close. Besides, you can't tell me he isn't fine as hell," he added with a cheeky smile.
Wade smirked back at him and moved his gaze off to the side.
"Yeah, he's a top sirloin hottie but don't you ever tell him I told you that,"
Peter laughed and Wade couldn't help but smile at the sound.
"So… he's your king, huh? That's pretty kinky. He's made it pretty clear that he wants me to be submitting for him too... You like being the little prince?" Wade asked curiously.
Peter smiled and rubbed his arm awkwardly.
"Yeah… yeah I like it. Something about the way he commands you around… But he wants you to submit too?"
"Yeah, he said I can't stay unless I do."
"Well… how do you feel about that?" Peter asked, walking around the couch to sit next to Wade.
"You know, I guess it's not the worst thing ever. Like, he's kind of a dick but… I have a bit of a submissive side too. I'm not sure if he's ready to handle us both like that though," Wade laughed. Peter drew his legs up to drape them across Wade's lap.
"I guess being your daddy is kind of a form of submission in itself," Wade said, getting lost in his thoughts. Peter's face scrunched up.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, my main goal is to please you by being your Daddy. Isn't that what it's all about? Acts of service? I suppose it could be selfish sometimes, but my main goal is just to show you that I-I…" Wade trailed off, casting his gaze to the floor. Peter smiled and his heart thumped hard in his chest.
"You can say it," Peter encouraged in a quiet voice. Wade looked back at Peter to see his eager face and he breathed deeply to gather up his courage.
"I love you," he said in a quiet, vulnerable voice. Peter's grin widened.
"I love you too, Wade," he whispered back, leaning forward to kiss the older man. Wade pulled Peter's legs closer to his body, massaging his thighs and calves.
"The audience wants this to get dirty now," Wade said seductively, winking at Peter.
"So do I," he answered, licking his lips slowly.
Wade gripped Peter's thighs and wrapped his arms around his slender back, standing and carrying his petite weight to his bedroom, all while locked in a steamy kiss. He gently lay Peter down on the bed, immediately pressing his own thicker body against him and pressing between his lean thighs, grinding against him. Peter was already growing hard in his jeans and Wade applied a gentle pressure, coaxing him into fully hardening.
Peter let out a few broken moans, lifting his hips up against Wade, but the larger man gripped Peter's svelte little hips and forced them down against the mattress, holding him still. Peter whined high in his throat to protest, but Wade only laughed and swallowed the sound with his kisses.
"Baby boy, how many times have you had sex?" Wade asked suddenly, pausing his movements.
Peter squirmed in the man's clutches, attempting to gain friction against him.
"Um, uh, I don't knoooowww," Peter whined again. "A few times?" He panted.
"So you've never been edged?" He asked, his eyes glinting wickedly.
"Um, I-I don't think so? I-I'm not sure what that means," Peter admitted quietly.
"Oh baby doll, am I ever going to teach you," Wade smiled, nipping at the sensitive skin at Peter's collar bones.
He reached his hand down and cupped Peter's length through his jeans, working him quickly into a frenzy. He didnt let him go until the teen was shaking and yelping beneath him helplessly, then he unfastened Peter's jeans, stripping them from his hips. He took the hem of Peter's shirt and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the floor, then tantalizingly slowly, he stripped Peter of his boxers.
Peter was almost sobbing at his need to be touched, thrusting his hips into the air almost uncontrollably.
"Please-please touch me, Wade. Please, I need it," Peter begged.
"Oh, I'm sure you do sweetie. But Daddy's gonna wait a minute until you can calm down just a little bit. Then he's gonna make you feel better, " Wade promised, kissing Peter's toned tummy. Peter whimpered at Wade but waited patiently for the man to touch him again. As patiently as he could anyway. He couldn't help his wriggling beneath the large man.
Finally after what seemed like forever, Wade touched Peter again. He gently stroked Peter's cock as he watched the boy's face intently, watching for signs of his pleasure. He watched as Peter panted, eyelashes prettily fluttering against his flushed cheeks.
"Yeah Daddy, that feels so good. Thank you Daddy, " Peter babbled as Wade sped his motions. The older man continued his attention until Peter's cheeks started turning pink and his body began to quiver.
" Are you getting close, baby?" Wade asked quietly. Peter nodded his head fervently, soft curls flying wildly.
"Yes Daddy! Yes, oh yes, please-" Peter's words caught in his throat as Wade pulled his hand away completely, and he let out a loud protesting whine, attempting to chase his warm hand with his hips.
"Daddyyy!" Peter moaned indignantly, huffing slightly.
"Oh, Petey, you sound like you're gonna be a brat," Wade chuckled with a big smile on his face. "Did I stop you from coming? Hmm? Was Daddy mean?" He asked through his smile, watching Peter's face grow more irritated as he cooed at the boy. "Just wait until we're done here," he winked. Peter had never been so annoyed at that particular habit of Wade's.
"Can you pleeeaase just fuck me, Daddy? I'm readyyyy," Peter whined again.
Wade tutted through his teeth.
"Oh, Babycakes, you're not ready until I say you are," he laughed loudly before latching his wet hot mouth around one of Peter's pink nipples, drawing a loud squeak from the boys' throat.
"Daddy, can you-ngh! Please take your clothes off? I-uhh! Your zipper's hurting me a little bit, Daddy," he panted as Wade sucked light bruises all over his chest.
"Awe, I'm sorry sweet potato, I didn't mean to hurt you," he said quietly, reaching down to shuck off his own pants, followed by his shirt. Peter smiled wide and plucked at the elastic waistband of Wade's boxers, pulling them down off his hips.
"Thanks baby, what a good boy."
Peter preened at the praise. As soon as Wade was completely naked, Peter gripped the man's now hard cock, rubbing it against his own length happily. Wade's hand shot out and he gripped Peter's wrist tightly, stopping his motions.
"You brat!" Wade exclaimed at Peter's audacity.
Peter shrilled out an annoyed noise and began lifting his hips against Wade's skin, doing everything he could to steal touch.
"Peter, you're being bad," Wade said sternly.
Peter stopped abruptly and looked up at Wade with his chocolate puppy dog eyes.
"'M sorry Daddy. Just want to feel good! You make me feel good, Daddy," he moaned breathlessly, still squirming. Wade gripped Peter's aching cock in his hand again and stroked painfully slowly, watching the delight mixing with the agony on Peter's face.
Let Daddy be in control," Wade soothed. Peter slowly nodded his head, allowing the bigger man to take over, slowing his movements.
Wade smiled when Peter begrudgingly agreed and began stroking the teen again, applying more pressure than before.
"You want me to speed up, baby?" He cooed, and Peter nodded vigorously. Wade obliged, but only very slightly, watching the moisture leaking from the tip of Peter's length beginning to bead and accumulate.
"Ooh, yeah Daddy, that feels good. I'm getting close Daddy-"
Once again Peter broke off into a loud whine when Wade released his throbbing cock, but he didn't have any time to protest as Wade gripped his hip and pushed him to roll over.
"Come on baby, on your tummy," he instructed. Peter willing rolled over, glad to have the pressure from the mattress against his cock. He gently rutted his hips against the plush comforter, hoping Wade wouldn't notice his small movements as he did so.
Just then Wade's large hand smacked the swell of Peter's ass, welting the whole right side at once.
Peter let out a loud yelp at the unexpected feeling and looked back at Wade's blue eyes over his shoulder with his own owlishly round ones.
"Daddy didn't say you could do that, Peter. You really are being very bratty now. I might have to punish you soon if you can't be good," he warned. Peter had never heard Wade so serious or stern before and he let out a quiet whimper, not daring to protest against him.
Wade reached between Peter's legs and pulled his cock out from under him gently, pulling it back between his thighs. Peter trembled and blushed at the strange sensation but he didn't say a word, letting the man gently pet his cock beneath his long fingers, enjoying the small touch.
"What kind of toys do you have here?" Wade asked gently into Peter's ear. He didn't realize the man had shifted his position to hover over him. He almost pushed his hips back to press against Wade's own naked body, but thought better of it at the last second.
"Uh, I have um, some… action figures?" Peter responded, flushing deeper. Wade let out a laugh and rested his left hand against Peter's hips, raising goose bumps from the boy's sensitive skin. His large hand trailed down to Peter's ass and his long thumb pulled at the skin, pulling it gently to the side. Peter buried his face into the bed beneath him, knowing that he was admiring his pink little puckered entrance. Wade's other hand pulled Peter's other cheek away and he heard the man hum appreciatively at the unhindered view he now had.
"You mean you don't have any toys to play with yourself when you're alone and don't have a big strong man here to take care of you?" His voice was a low growl in Peter's ear and the boy shuddered at the vibrations he felt through his body.
"Um, n-no? N-no sir," he forced out.
"Damn. We gotta make a little shopping list for your loaded baked potato daddy, huh?" Wade chuckled. Peter could almost guarantee he'd winked, and he wondered somewhere deep in the back of his mind why Wade kept describing Tony with foods.
"Guess I'll just have to make do for now," Wade stated, though mostly to himself. "where's your lube? I know you have that."
Peter pointed to his side table and Wade reached his long arm over to pull the drawer open and grab the bottle inside. Peter wriggled his hips excitedly for just a second, but stopped before Wade could reprimand him for it.
"You gonna fuck me now, Daddy?" His voice sounded sweet and little and Wade couldn't help but smile at the sound of it.
"No, baby, not yet. Gotta get you all worked up first."
Peter moaned with a frown but he lay patiently in silence. He felt the cool liquid pouring down between his cheeks and let out a shudder. Wade was such a sloppy mess. He laughed quietly a little at that thought.
"Whatcha gigglin' about, Princess Peach?" Wade asked as he slicked Peter's entrance with his rough fingers. Peter's breath caught in his throat as Wade's fingers crooked just enough to catch on his rim as they slid over it.
"N-nothin' Daddy, 'm jus excited," he whispered, not untruthfully. Wade didn't respond, choosing just then to breach Peter with his first finger. Peter let out a cry at the feeling, clutching his fingers in the comforter below him and doing his best to keep his hips still.
"More, m-more, please!" He begged, his cock beginning to ache from the pain of his need. Wade pressed his finger in fully, adding the second right behind. He knew that Peter could take the stretch after having been used within the past few days. He quickly began thrusting into Peter, pulling at his now red rim and forcing him open further. Peter cried out again at the burn of the feeling, but did his best to stay still.
Wade's free hand gripped at the bit of Peter's cock that protruded from between his thighs and stroked it gently as he continued to thrust into him.
He quickly pulled his fingers out and wrapped them around his own thick cock, lubing himself up before he pressed inside of Peter's rim. He forced his way inside of the teens' tight entrance despite not being stretched enough, and Peter squealed at the painful feeling.
"Daddy!" He yowled. "WADE!"
Wade's head snapped up and he froze, taking in the boy's sobbing face.
"I'm sorry, daffodil, I just got a little carried away. Do you need me to stop?" He asked, sounding breathless.
"N-no, I just… please, I need a minute!" Peter sobbed. "You're so BIG!"
Wade half smiled and half winced at the claim, feeling bad for having hurt his baby.
"I'm really sorry, sugar plum. I just got too far ahead of myself," he said soothingly, rubbing his hand gently up and down Peter's spine and feeling the vertebrae as they gently jutted out. Peter shivered, taking deep breaths to adjust to the stretch around Wade.
After a moment Peter nodded, giving Wade the go-ahead and the larger man slowly and gently sheathed himself inside of Peter.
Peter waited eagerly for Wade to start bucking his hips inside of him but Wade remained still.
"S'ok daddy, I'm ready now. You can fuck me," he coaxed. Wade gripped Peter's boney hips and lifted them up away from the mattress, forcing his chest to stay down, but he made no move to pull back and begin his assault to the boy's insides. Peter wiggled slightly and looked back at Wade to see what he was doing.
Wade just smiled down at Peter, stroking his skin gently and admiring the way he stretched around his thick cock and Peter quickly became impatient.
"Daddy! Please! You already got me so close and I really need it!" He whined insolently.
Wade reached his hand up and slapped Peter across his ass hard, tearing a shriek from Peter's lungs.
"You're very bratty today, Peter," Wade growled out. He slapped Peter's ass again and Peter let out a loud sob, his cock leaking onto the bed below him. He reached forward and grabbed Peter's purple cock, stroking it fast and hard,shocking Peter's system.
"Oh! Thank you Daddy! Yes, yes! Oh god, oh god-"
Wade drew his hand back again for a final time and Peter couldn't handle it anymore. He'd been brought to the brink and left so many times that he ached and his body convulsed, and he broke into all out weeping.
Finally, Wade began thrusting his hips hard and fast into Peter. He knew right where to aim to pound into Peter's swollen prostate and he was relentless. He fucked him until Peter exploded his release onto the bed below him, squealing at the sheer force of the pleasure that overtook him and how intense his orgasm was, now that he was finally allowed one.
And then he chased his own pleasure high, pushing deep into Peter and grinding his body against him. He gripped Peter's hips tightly and used him like a toy as he lost control of himself, thrusting so deep and hard that Peter was sliding up the mattress to the head of the bed with each thrust.
After a few more brutal snaps of his hips, Wade came hard deep inside of Peter, filling him with his hot sticky come.
They both panted together for a moment, coming back down from their highs and riding the waves of their aftershocks together.
"God, you're so tight Peter," Wade said, breaking the silence. Peter didn't respond, waiting for Wade to let him loose. His big fingers still gripped Peter's skin tightly, pinching and holding him in place. Wade's hands began shaking and he quickly released the teen.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," he apologized quickly.
"It wasn't so bad," Peter said quietly. "Um, Wade?"
"Am I still a bad boy?" Peter whispered, his head hanging low.
"No! No, Peter, you're not a bad boy. You're very good. You're my good little baby. I-" Wade paused, pulling out of Peter and pushing him gently to turn over. He gently gripped Peter's chin with his thumb and forefinger and tilted his face up to look at him.
"I love you," he said softly. Peter broke into a wide grin.
"I love you too, Wade," he replied, throwing his arms around the man's broad shoulders and holding him tightly.

After they'd cleaned up and gotten some clothes back on, they both walked to Peter's small kitchen in need of rehydration and food.
Wade was poking around inside of the refrigerator in search of anything to make.
"Man, I really need to take you grocery shopping, gorgeous. Your place is empty. How do you not starve to death?" Wade asked, pulling a bundle of grapes out and popping one into his mouth. Peter walked over and opened his mouth for Wade to toss a grape inside, then took a peek himself.
"Like I said earlier, I'm not really here much. Usually Mr. Stark just buys me food cause I'm with him. Or I visit my aunt and she makes something yummy," he responded.
"Yeah? Maybe you should like, get a roommate or… move in with your daddy?" He winked at the boy.
Peter chuckled. "Maybe I should just go grocery shopping." He winked back.
"Ha ha," Wade said sarcastically, trying to keep a straight face.
"Come on, let's go get something. My treat." Wade said, popping a grape into Peter's mouth and following it with a kiss.

Chapter Text

Wade treated Peter to Tai food and they made a quick trip to a store to pick up a few things for the apartment before they headed back.
Once there, they spent a few hours together but Wade had to leave for the night once the evening began getting late. Peter didn't want to wake up late for school the next morning.
They bid each other goodnight and Peter lay down to rest, completely exhausted after such a long day.

The morning came quicker than he would have liked and he groggily shut his alarm off, rising from bed with bleary eyes. He went through the motions of his morning on autopilot, brushing his teeth and dressing without much thought, before finally pulling on his chunky black skater shoes and preparing for his walk.
He texted Tony his obligatory good morning greeting on his way, and additionally, he messaged Wade now that he had the man's number. He hummed happily as Tony messaged him back with a
Good morning, my Prince , followed immediately by a
Hey baby boy! Hope you got some good rest. Can't wait to see you again! from Wade.
As tired as he was, he couldn't help but feel happy at the way things were working out for him. He shot them both a text back saying he was tired but having a good morning, then stowed his phone in his pocket as he entered the doors of the building.
He trudged to his locker and began unloading his books inside, gathering his materials for his first block class with a yawn. He looked around, surprised he hadn't seen MJ or Ned yet, noticing Flash at his locker down the hall. He caught the boys' eye and smirked a little at his expression. He looked like he got caught being an idiot. Because he did.
Peter turned away and closed his locker, gripping his books and heading for his homeroom class. He regretted not stopping for a coffee on his way to school.

Tony hadn't necessarily been spying on the two the day before but he'd been listening.
He decided to take the time while Peter was at school to completely stock his apartment with every type of food and snack he could possibly manage to fit in the cupboards. On top of that, he'd picked up a few special toys to play with the boys. He didn't really care for Wade yet or trust him very much at all, but he had to admit he'd been right. He should have been paying more attention to the things Peter needed, even before he had the privilege to take care of the teen outright.
He'd been busy shopping the day before, picking up all kinds of special things he could upgrade and outfit the apartment with, including the promised bathtub, complete with jets and expensive bubbles. He hired a team of men to bring in a new entertainment center, a bed as big as his small room could handle, game consoles, games, literally anything he could think of.
By mid-afternoon, he was relaxing alone in an apartment that barely resembled the one Peter had left that morning, leaned back on the couch and enjoying a glass tumbler full of amber whiskey.
Suddenly he heard the telltale sound of a key in the knob, knowing full well that Peter was still in school. His brow furrowed and he watched the hallway that lead from the door placidly to see who was entering, though he had an idea.
"Wade," he greeted as he stepped into the living room. "Where'd you get a key?"
Wade jumped and stopped at the sound of his voice, not expecting Tony to be there.
"Damn, Daddy Warbucks, looking freaking sweet in here," he responded instead with a low whistle. "Even had the walls painted, nice touch." He moved his hand behind his back nonchalantly, hoping Tony wouldn't notice the motion.
"Mhmm. The key?" He repeated.
"Oh, I uh, found a copy," he said dismissively as he made his way through the room, toward the hallway.
"Where you going? Don't you wanna stay and chat? Also, what are you doing here?" Tony pressed.
"Just came to drop something off for the boy. Although, I think it's a little underwhelming now," he chuckled mirthlessly.
Tony stood to slowly follow him down the hall.
"Sorry, slugger. I'm sure he'll appreciate it anyway." He called quietly after him. He walked through the doorway just in time to see Wade placing something small against the pillows in the middle of the massive bed, and he quietly walked to stand behind where Wade was stretched out to see what he was doing.
As he got closer he realized what Wade had been arranging, seeing three small plush dolls sitting together. One Iron Man, one Deadpool and one Spiderman in between them. He smiled and reached his hand forward to touch Wade's hip.
"Jesus!" Wade gasped, flinching and falling onto his knees on the bed. "Make a little noise, would you? You're a damn vampire." He said exasperatedly, as he moved to a sitting position and began scooting toward the edge. Tony stopped him with a firm hand against his knee.
"That was really sweet of you Wade," Tony told the blonde, gesturing toward the plush dolls. "Who knew you were such a sweetheart?"
"Uh, you're kinda… blocking my getaway," Wade said, not meeting Tony's eyes.
Tony's hand slid down to Wade's shin and he pushed his leg backwards slightly, toward his body.
"You know, I'm not really looking for a date or anything right now," Wade said uncomfortably, scooting backwards away from Tony.
"How about a little lesson in following commands?" Tony asked, but he didn't sound like it was really a question.
"How about a rain check? I didn't bring my pencil. Or my notebook for that matter," the blonde said, moving farther backward and attempting to crawl off the other side of the huge bed. Tony smiled and crawled onto the bed after him, staring him down with dark hungry eyes as he did. He reached out and grabbed onto Wade's thigh, pulling him slightly back toward him.
"What's the rush, princess? Am I making you uncomfortable?" Tony smirked condescendingly.
"Look, you're hot and everything, but you're Peter's boyfriend," Wade said, peeling Tony's hand from his thigh. Tony cocked his head to the side.
"Thought you were gonna play fair?" Tony asked with a small smile. "You said that sometimes we'd be… "dating" too, remember?" Tony made air quotes with his fingers. "Not to mention that you agreed, if you're going to stay around, I'm the boss. That means you do what I say, when I say so," Tony pressed, in a quiet voice, inching closer slowly. He pushed Wade's knee up again, sliding his foot towards his body, gripping his other shin and doing the same, forcing his knees open wide.
"I'm, uh, not actually that flexible," Wade said, trying to pry Tony's fingers from his legs, but they didn't budge. Tony leaned in close.
"What happened to all that attitude you had? So cocky and willing before. Be a good boy, Wade," Tony whispered into Wade's ear in a low, gravelly voice. "I promise I'll be nice." Wade shivered at the words and thought for a moment. Finally he let out a soft sigh. "I suppose I'll play along, but… just don't be all day," he responded quietly. "Like I said, I didn't really come here to hang out with you."
Tony leaned forward, pressing his chest against Wade's and he licked a slow, broad strip onto Wade's throat, following it with a loud kiss.
"Don't feel like not being Daddy today?" Tony asked quietly. Wade turned his head up to allow Tony more access to his soft throat without really thinking about it as he did, rolling Tony's question around his head with a far off look in his eyes.
"It's not always easy to switch between big and little," Wade admitted.
"Hmm," Tony hummed, lavishing more slow, wet kisses across Wade's throat. The older man wrapped an arm around Wade's lower back and pressed his chest against him harder, pushing him slowly into a laying position. With his knees in the air and feet close to his body, it was easy for Tony to settle himself there between Wade's thighs, gently resting his weight atop the blonde.
"This could be a lesson for me too," Tony remarked quietly, reaching a hand down to stroke Wade's inner thigh through his jeans. Wade flinched a little at the touch but quickly relaxed into it.
"A lesson in what?" Wade asked, voice equally quiet.
"Relinquishing control. Just a little," he whispered into Wade's skin. Wade smiled a little and tried to relax more.
Tony began to grind his hips against the blondes' slightly wider ones and they both released a low moan at the feeling.
Tony reached his free hand up to grip Wade's hair firmly, gently tilting his head back and kissing and licking at the blondes' stubbly chin.
"You think you can follow a few instructions for me?" Tony cooed to the younger man.
Wade rutted his hips into Tony, moaning quietly.
"I suppose we'll find out, huh?" He said breathily with a little laugh. "I thought you didn't want anything to do with me?" He continued.
"Well, I don't exactly trust you but… you're good to my little prince. And you're pretty. We could use this time to get to know each other better. I know you're a smartass and a little shit... But I don't know much else. I might like having you in my pocket too," he smiled at Wade, pressing a kiss to the outside corner of his lips.
"I just have to train you up like a good boy. How to please your King. How to do as your told. What do you think about that?"
Wade's hands slowly reached up to rest on Tony's hips, sliding leisurely across his supple ass.
"Sounds like it could be better than it sounds. Could be worse too. I'm basically just a toy for you right now. What happens if you get tired of me? Or you don't want to deal with me anymore?" He asked in an unguarded voice.
"What happens if you can't handle following my rules? It goes both ways, you know. Only time can really tell. At this point, I'm honestly just doing this for Peter's sake. But maybe it'll grow to be more. Time will tell. I'm hopeful," Tony answered, looking Wade in the eye as he said it.
Wade smiled and his hands began to roam across Tony's back, feeling the tight muscles beside the man's spine.
"I'll be good if you be nice," Wade finally conceded. "But I'm a bit of a needy bitch sometimes, so don't be surprised if I'm more than you can handle. It's cute when it's Peter. Probably not so much when it's me," he turned his face away as he spoke. Tony chortled and lightly kissed the skin between Wade's collar bones that peeked out from the collar of his shirt.
"I'll just have to spank you and pull your hair," he razzed the younger, pulling back and standing from the bed.
"Up," Tony snapped his fingers, commanding gently.
Wade sat up slowly. "Like, stand?" He asked unsurely.
"No, just sit. Good boy," he praised when Wade obeyed. "Take the shirt off."
"You gonna buy me a drink first?" Wade joked, reaching for the hem of his shirt and peeling it off, tossing it to the floor. Tony smiled, amused, and took in the man's tan skin, letting his eyes linger.
"Very pretty," Tony said to himself in a low voice. "Sit up nice and tall. Chin up." He pulled Wade's chin high with a curled forefinger. "Eyes on me." Tony paced slightly for just a moment, deciding what to have Wade do first.
"Open your mouth," Tony said quietly. Wade obeyed, albeit slowly.
"Good boy," Tony said, stroking his finger under Wade's chin and up to his lips, slowly sliding his finger in onto Wade's tongue. Wade waited patiently for Tony to give him more instruction and Tony slid a second finger in.
"Go ahead and suck on that for me," Tony whispered, beginning to feel his pants growing tighter.
Wade closed his lips and his eyes at the same time and began to suck Tony's fingers with a slight blush, bobbing his head slightly, cheeks hollowed.
Tony watched his full lips slide back and forth and hummed quietly, letting his eyes roam again. He placed his hand against the smooth skin of the man's chest, letting his hands roam too. Tony reached to unzip his own pants, releasing some of the tension that was growing there and he pulled his fingers from Wade's mouth.
"Come here, down on the floor. I got something bigger for you to suck on," he ordered, growing impatient at his own arousal. Wade quickly scurried down to his knees on the carpet, knowing he could get Tony off quickly. He reached up and began pulling Tony's pants and boxers down eagerly, needing no prompting, and Tony let him.
The older man's thick cock sprung free, bobbing heavily in the air between them, and Wade wetted his lips with his tongue preparing to dive right in.
Tony stopped him with a firm hand around his jaw and Wade's cerulean gaze flicked up to the the older mans'.
"Take it easy this time. Slow. I want it to last a little longer than before," Tony instructed with a small smile.
Wade huffed a little sigh through his nose but didn't say anything.
"Did you hear me, pet?" Tony knew that he'd heard perfectly, but he wanted him to respond properly.
"Yeah, I heard you. Your hearing's gonna go before mine, old timer," he said, full of his usual snarkiness. Tony gave him a gentle tap against his jaw, not nearly hard enough to be called a slap.
"Take the sass down a tad, and answer me properly," Tony told him, amusement ghosting across his face. He was getting used to Wade and his mannerisms, taking things less personally now. "I gave you a direct instruction. How should you respond?" He asked, leading the blonde.
"U-uh… Yes? Sir?" Wade answered unsurely.
"Good enough for now. In the future, I'd like all of my requests to be verbally answered in a yes or no. You'll address me as sir, master or king." He waited to see if Wade would respond.
"Yes, your majesty," Wade said with an eye roll, sounding petulant still. Tony chuckled and loosed Wade's chin. They'd be working on it for a while.
Wade gripped Tony's cock firmly at the base, causing his hips to stutter, and he quickly wrapped his mouth around the first few inches. Tony let out a quiet "ah!” at the sudden feeling, and took a breath to ready himself for Wade's eagerness.
"You are definitely the best at that," he mused breathlessly as Wade got to work. He gently laced his fingers through the blondes' soft locks. Wade's eyes drew up to Tony's the way they had their first time, but he didn't pull away this time. Tony smiled down at him.
"I promised I'd be nice," he reminded the younger. "Slow down," he breathed, letting his eyes fall closed. Wade begrudgingly did slow his pace but increased his suction.
"Fuck," Tony rasped out, slightly tightening his grip. "Take it easy overachiever, there-ahh! Aren't any bonus points for finishing-ah! First!"
Wade laughed around Tony's thick length, enjoying his own form of submissive control, and continued at his own pace.
"Wade, you n-need to stop," Tony warned, giving a slight pull to his hair. Wade kept going at his fast pace, slurping loudly and moaning slightly.
"Wade, stop," Tony repeated, quickly growing impatient with the younger. After just another minute, Tony had had enough of Wade's stubbornness and clenched his jaw. He reached his hand down and slid his forefinger along his own shaft, pressing into the corner of Wade's mouth alongside it, effectively breaking the blonde's suction. He quickly turned his finger and hooked Wade's cheek, roughly pulling his lips wide and sliding his cock from the blondes' mouth. Wade cried out at the sharp unexpected pain and a trail of saliva drooled from his lips. Tony looked down at him disapprovingly.
"I said to stop," Tony growled in a low voice. Wade's hand was clasped around Tony's wrist, holding tightly to keep him from pulling harder. His blue eyes were tearing up at the sensation.
Tony slowly loosened his grip and began tucking himself back into his pants. Wade gripped his cheek and rubbed it for a moment, massaging the soreness away, then quickly reached out and shoved Tony's hips.
"What the fuck, man!" He shouted indignantly. Tony was caught off guard and stumbled a few feet backwards, catching himself at the last second. His face betrayed his surprise for just a moment before it turned to astonished and shocked anger. He surged at Wade, shoving his shoulders hard and sending him flying backwards. "Don't you dare raise a hand against me, you bratty little shit," Tony fumed, clenching his fists tightly as he loomed over the blonde, sprawled out on the floor. Wade quickly picked himself up and rose to his full height, just one inch taller than Tony, standing straight to make himself appear taller. He gripped Tony's elbows tightly and forced him back against the wall, holding his arms down at his sides. Tony's eyes opened wide with surprise at the motion and he began to struggle against Wade's hold, attempting to break his arms free.
"Let go of me, Wade," he growled low. Wade pressed his hip into Tony's, attempting to pin him fully against the wall.
"What if I just decided that I don't want to let you be in charge, huh? What are you gonna do about it?" Wade asked in a quiet voice, almost a whisper. "I don't think you're stronger than me Tony, especially without the suit."
Tony's face betrayed him again, showing his complete shock at the realization that he might not actually have the upper hand. Wade smirked at the look on the older man's face and leaned in, pressing his body fully against Tony's, shoving him hard into the wall and leaning his face down to the skin at Tony's neck. He licked a slow broad stripe there and chuckled darkly in Tony's ear when he heard the man's almost silent gasp.
"Maybe you're at my mercy now, Tony." He used the same sarcastic, biting tone that Tony used when he snarled his name.
Tony quickly came back to himself at that proclamation and braced himself against Wade. He yanked his arms away from Wade's grasp and brought them up to grip the waistband of Wade's jeans, giving him a rough shove. Wade got knocked off his balance for a second but he was planted too firmly for Tony to make much progress trying to push him away. Wade gripped Tony's shirt between his fists, giving him another shove back against the wall. Tony's head smacked against the wall behind him and he let out a cry of pain. He was just slightly shorter than Wade but he just barely had him in weight, even though Wade was bigger. Tony couldn't help but notice how Wade's hips were wider than his own as they pressed against his and he couldn't help the way the younger man's larger size pressed against his own body thrilled him in a way that shot straight to his dick. Wade's shoulders were much more broad, and Tony knew it would be hard for him to gain the upper hand pressed against the wall the way he was. His hands still gripped Wade's jeans tightly and he used his own upper body strength to lift Wade as high as he could, just enough to unroot Wade's feet from the floor. He quickly swiveled his own torso to the side, effectively throwing Wade's weight and using it against him to propel him toward the wall. Wade was caught off guard and Tony quickly used those precious few seconds to shift their positions, using his own slender hips to try to pin Wade's body. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold him like that for long, so he decided to feign having control and growled at the younger man, reaching a hand up to grip tightly in his hair and yank his head back. Wade let out a yell and pulled Tony closer, his hands still gripping the man's shirt.
"Get off me," Wade said, though there wasn't much force behind it.
"You're being a very bad boy," Tony snarled, bringing Wade's face back down. He quickly pressed his lips against Wade's, forcing his tongue inside of the blondes' mouth, knowing full well that he was risking getting his tongue bitten off. He pressed his thigh against Wade's crotch and applied a steady pressure there, hoping he could diffuse the man in a different way than violence.
Luckily, he felt Wade begin to relax his hands and he felt as his muscles began to release tension. Tony quickly slid his hand down from Wade's hair and wrapped it around Wade's throat, firmly but not tightly. He slowly broke the kiss and pulled back, looking Wade in the eyes. They both panted, trying to get their breathing under control and finally, Wade completely let go of Tony, relaxing into the older man.
Tony waited an extra moment, hands still gripping Wade firmly at his waist and throat, before he finally, slowly released him and took a step back.
They both watched each other carefully, tensed and prepared for an ambush.
Wade was the first to drop his gaze, looking rueful as he did.
"I… I'm sorry," he said in a quiet voice.
Tony sniffed and wiped the back of his shaking hand across his mouth, still watching Wade intently.
Wade's blue eyes glanced back up at Tony's angry chocolate ones and he slowly sank down to his knees before the man. He looked up at him with a vulnerable look and leaned forward, rubbing his face against Tony's zipper, like a kitten, nuzzling against him, begging silently for forgiveness. Tony bit back a low moan, hiding the pleasure that was coursing through him at the way the blonde pressed against his still hard cock.
"I'm sorry I was a bad boy… my King," he tacked on for good measure. "I promise I'll be good. I promise I'll listen," he begged in a sweet voice.
"Please don't send me away." He looked up at Tony pleadingly. Tony huffed again, and reached his hand down slowly, cupping the man under his chin gently.
"Why don't you go bend over on the bed. Finish getting undressed," Tony commanded quietly. He was still thrown by the fact that Wade had so easily matched him in strength. He definitely wasn't going to mention it though.
Wade did as he was told, dropping his pants to the floor and stepping out of them to crawl onto the bed. He sat on all fours and looked down submissively, waiting. Tony admired the beautiful man's muscular body silently and ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to calm his own nerves.
"I want you to open yourself," Tony said quietly, reaching for the lube and tossing it to the younger man. He ignored the scared and surprised look on Wade's face and walked back to the living room to retrieve his forgotten tumbler of whiskey. He drained it in one gulp and refilled it, gulping half of the next one too. He filled it a last time and walked back to the bedroom, seeing Wade following the orders he'd been given.
He stood in the doorway and watched as Wade fucked himself on three of his own long fingers, moaning softly as he did.
Tony walked to the side of the bed, coming into Wade's view. The younger man flushed deep red but didn't stop, obeying his orders fully.
"Are you ready?" Tony asked in a quiet voice. Wade looked away from Tony and nodded his head, quickly following with a "yes, Daddy."
"Sir," Tony corrected. "Or master." He handed Wade the full glass of whiskey and the younger man slowly reached out to take it, unsure if it was some sort of trap. Tony motioned his hand vaguely for him to drink it and Wade quickly knocked it back, handing the empty cup back to Tony.
The older man set the glass aside and rubbed himself through his pants. Wade watched the motion nervously and swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing as he did.
"I don't usually… do this," he admitted to Tony nervously. Tony nodded.
"I'm sure you don't," he conceded, reaching a hand to stroke Wade's backside gently. Tony slid his hand to Wade's spine between his shoulder blades and pressed him down, forcing his chest onto the bed.
"That's it baby, ass out," Tony cooed. Wade watched him nervously.
"Uh, T-Tony… I know I wasn't very good but… please be nice," he pleaded in a quiet voice.
"I'll be nice, sweetheart," Tony answered, surprising himself at his use of the affectionate name. He stripped himself of his own clothes slowly, unbuttoning his shirt and laying it across the nightstand, followed by his pants. He then slowly climbed onto the bed behind the blonde man, giving his ass a light slap. Wade flinched and turned wide eyes over his shoulder to watch Tony intently. Tony wasted no time, gripping himself in his hand and nudging Wade's red rim with the mushroom-shaped head of his own cock. He grabbed the abandoned bottle of lube and poured a stripe down his length, then slowly breached Wade. The younger man let out a pained noise at the stretch and gripped his fingers into the sheet, waiting patiently for more.
Tony pressed in slowly, stopping whenever Wade made a sound of discomfort to allow him to adjust. Finally, Tony was buried completely up to his hips inside of Wade, and the younger man panted shallowly below him, trying to remain still and relaxed. Tony could see the large vein in the middle of Wade's forehead protruding and throbbing from his effort.
Tony slowly began to snap his hips back and forth, trying to keep a steady pace that Wade could handle. As Wade grew accustomed to the feeling, he began to press back into Tony and the older man sped his pace, pulling pleasure from the way Wade's entrance tightened around him.
"You're just as tight as Peter," Tony remarked breathlessly. Wade stayed quiet.
They stayed like that for a while until Tony grew tired of their positions. He pulled out slowly and patted Wade's hip.
"Turn over," he said softly, and Wade gladly obliged, getting settled against the pillows.
Tony entered him again slowly, this time watching Wade's face intently. He saw the discomfort on the man's face, but Wade did his best to hold still, not wanting to be labelled as bad. Tony pressed Wade's knees to his chest and motioned for the younger man to hold them, picking up his pace just a little. Wade made another sound of discomfort but did as he was told, trying to relax into the older man. Tony snapped his hips, purposefully avoiding Wade's swollen prostate as he drove into the man. He wanted to punish Wade, just a little, without stating as much. He was lost in his own thoughts of the younger man's strength and what might happen if he decided he didn't want to take orders any longer. Wade made Tony nervous, but he would never admit it. He continued fucking the man, strokes growing shorter and harder as he began feeling a tight heat curling in his stomach. He wanted to mark the blonde, show him who was in charge. He bent down suddenly to Wade's chest and began sucking a dark mark there, marking the smooth tan skin. Wade sucked in a gasp at the feeling but didn't say anything.
Tony's hips picked up even more speed, beginning to lose control of himself as he did, and Wade let out quiet, swallowed back whimpers at the feeling.
Tony decided to show the blonde a little mercy and aimed to hit his pleasure spot, hitting his mark firmly. Wade cried out, thrusting his hips into Tony at the feeling, chasing for more. Tony began to pound into him relentlessly, hitting that little bundle of nerves as often as he could and watching Wade's face begin to screw up in his own pleasure. His mouth dropped open around silent moans and his cheeks began to flush red at the pleasure he felt. Tony could feel his stomach muscles tightening beneath him and knew he was getting him close. He closed his eyes and chased after his own pleasure, enjoying the tight, wet heat of this strong blonde lover. Wade made a choked little sound in his throat and Tony opened his eyes just in time to see Wade falling over the edge, eyes squeezing shut, eyebrows knotted together, mouth open wide. The way his skin flushed made him glow, and Tony had to admit that Wade was absolutely gorgeous. He felt the man's hot fluids hitting him, splashing across his chest and the feeling brought Tony to the edge of his own orgasm. He quickly pulled out and gripped his cock, stroking it firmly twice before shooting his load all over Wade's face and chest. Tony groaned through the aftershocks of his pleasure, watching the way Wade watched him, face covered in come, and he smiled with a little laugh.
"You're mine, Wade," he said softly. Wade just nodded, quietly whispering back, "yes, my King."
Tony hoped he wouldn't have to break Wade down again, afraid of what might happen if the younger man tried to rebel against him.
For now, the younger man was claimed and subservient, and Tony was glad. He leaned forward and kissed the muscled chest before him between cooling spots of their come.
"Good boy," he whispered.

Chapter Text

Wade wasn't scared of Tony. Far from it.
The reality was, he knew he was stronger than the fiery brunette, if only just barely. He knew that if he really wanted to, he could take him in a hand to hand fight any day, as long as he didn't have his Iron-suit.
No, Wade wasn't afraid of the older man, he was afraid to lose Peter. He knew that when it came right down to it if Peter chose between the two of them, he'd choose Tony every time. And why wouldn't he? The man was ridiculously handsome, suave, svelte and completely loaded. He could give Peter anything he could possibly ever want at any given time.
Wade couldn't offer that. He had money, but not like Mr. Monopoly did.
He'd had a crush on Peter since long before he'd ever known the boy. He'd met Spiderman whilst out as Deadpool and the rest was history. They constantly laughed and joked with each other, and he never complained when Wade would get too handsy. Which was often, let's be real, Wade couldn't keep his hands to himself. He hadn't known that he was quite so young at the time but he'd fallen head over heels almost immediately.
The boy would giggle when he flirted and it seemed to Wade like some nights he was just out to find Deadpool.
But at the end of the night, he always went back to Mr. Stark. Tony was the man that Peter spent his time with, even if Wade hadn't known it at the time, he knew there was someone.
So the night that his skinny, flexible, funny, sarcastic little spider had finally taken him up on his offer for a great night, Wade had been over the moon with his excitement.
Now here he was, not very much longer after, regretting letting the "L" word slip. He should have waited, he should have kept it to himself.
What if Peter didn't really feel the same way?
He loved Tony, that much was clear and obvious. The boy looked at the older man as if the sun shone directly out of his mouth, and he fell over himself trying to make Tony smile just to see it.
He'd never look at Wade that way. He'd chosen Tony for his first time after all. He'd only come to Wade because he wasn't satisfied.
Wade was beginning to agonize over every tiny, minute detail in his mind.
What if Peter decided he was tired of him? What if Tony decided to finally take over completely and pushed Wade out of the equation entirely?
And what about Tony? Did the man feel the same way Wade did? Was he anxious and worried about being left behind? Probably not.

Wade worried frantically in his mind, lost in his own thoughts in a hot shower. Tony had commanded for Wade to get in with him in Peter's tiny bathroom once he'd finished using Wade.
The act in itself hadn't been so bad. It was a little uncomfortable, having been so long since Wade had been the… cushion rather than the pin, so to speak, but the pain was very minimal. It only hurt when Wade could clearly see that Tony wanted it to hurt. Tony wore a very distinct expression when he was feeling angry or jealous, or looked like he wanted to cause harm. His dark eyes seemed to lose focus and his jaw clenched, muscles visibly twitching. His fingers would grip tighter too.
It wasn't too often that Wade saw that side of Tony, seeing how they'd only known each other a short time, but Tony was pretty soft underneath, it seemed. His angry didn't usually seem to last long.
Tony was actually an excellent lover. Wade couldn't have held anything back if he'd tried, Tony drug his orgasm out of him just as effortlessly as picking a strawberry from a basket.
Simple, no effort involved. Wade couldn't understand how Peter hadn't enjoyed it his first time.
Still, he made Wade uncomfortable. It wasn't the man himself that made him uneasy and restless, it was the idea that at any point, he could be the only one Peter needed.
Wade stood silently in the shower, letting his eyes drift over Tony's naked flesh, taking in every perceived perfection.
The man was gorgeous. Infuriatingly so.
He was tall, lean, muscular, strong, confident… He had little freckles dusted across his skin that you couldn't see unless you were really looking, and Wade was really looking. He couldn't find a single scar or stretch mark or even a bruise on the man's skin, no matter how hard he searched.
Wade didn't measure up to Tony. He didn't feel he did, anyway.

Tony tenderly washed the sweat and come from Wade's skin with care and precision, making sure to wash every inch of Wade. His eyes looked focused, and his face was neutral. He was just as quiet as Wade while they showered together, aside from a few commands here and there.
Tony had insisted that he "take care" of Wade, washing and shampooing the man as if he were helpless. Wade assumed it was just a form of asserting dominance, the same as he'd done when he'd come on Wade's face. The older man clearly craved superiority over him. He wanted to break Wade down, to make him submit.
And Wade was beginning to oblige. He had to, or he risked losing Peter.

Tony scrubbed at Wade's tan skin, making sure to wash away every trace of their time together. He didn't want to leave any reminders for himself of how he'd almost been beaten. He'd almost been made inferior by this… beautiful blonde stranger. It was no wonder Peter hadn't been pleased with what Tony had offered. He wasn't young, he wasn't a muscled powerhouse the way Wade absolutely was. He wasn't sarcastic in the way Wade was. He'd seen the way Peter lit up around the younger blonde. He was so beautiful and patient, and he supported Peter in ways that Tony didn't even think about.
He hadn't even thought to spoil the little prince until he'd heard Wade suggest it.
How could he compete with that? Wade understood Peter's strange millennial humor better than Tony ever could, and was a better lover for the teen, too.
And Wade had almost bested him. Just a sharp twist of his wrist when he'd gripped Tony's elbow joints, and he'd have been brought to his knees in an instant, crying out in pain. He could never let Wade know how close he'd been to taking control. He could feel his eyes widening and his heart began to beat faster just thinking about the moment. Before he could stop himself from staring at the younger, his eyes darted to Wade's face, part of his mind praying that he couldn't read his thoughts. He tore his gaze away before Wade could notice the terrified look on his face.
Tony hated to admit it, but there was a small part of him that loved it when he was pressed against the wall, listening to Wade's what-if's. The man's beautiful face had been so close, and his hands so strong... He enjoyed being manhandled too, not just being in control, but he was beginning to have anxiety about the way Peter would receive him if he knew about that submissive side of him. Wade too, for that matter. What if he found that loose little thread and unraveled Tony completely?
Not to mention that if Wade knew how easily he could take the control from Tony, Tony would be history. Peter wouldn't want him anymore, he wouldn't need him at all. He'd be able to rely on Wade for everything, Wade was already his Daddy, too.
All Tony had on his side, in the end, was his wealth. What good was that to a sweet boy like Peter? He'd never asked for a dime, and he barely accepted any of the gifts that Tony tried to give him. He didn't need Tony's money. He didn't think Peter needed him for anything.
So what was he doing here? Trying so hard to be firm, to be domineering like Peter had needed. Like Peter had asked.
But Tony wasn't really like that. Not all the time anyway. He wanted to spoil Peter, to worship him and lavish affection on him the way he'd tried to on their first time together.
And for that matter, if it made Peter happy, he'd gladly give Wade the same treatment. It was fun to be the King, but he wasn't a daddy all the time.
This was beginning to grow complicated and it was leaving him afraid of Wade, and afraid of being left behind.

He scanned the blonde man's golden skin and saw the bruise he'd placed there himself, a feeble attempt to feel in control.
He also saw all of the man's scars. They covered his body.
He didn't need a suit of armor to fight, he was a berserker. He was incredibly skilled in combat and he fought dirty, with his hands and his swords. He took the brunt of his attacks with his own soft flesh, he was stronger than Tony in every conceivable way.
Tony lost himself tracing a particularly long, deep scar with his finger. It ran from the bottom of Wade's ribs all the way down to his hip. He'd practically been gutted and was still here standing strong, and still able to smile.
Tony didn't measure up to him at all.

Wade stood still and watched as Tony absently fingered one of his many scars. The man sighed, probably not even realizing that he had, and Wade figured it must be at how inadequate and ugly he was compared to the older man. How he definitely wasn't good enough for Peter.
He glanced away, trying to stop comparing himself to Tony any longer, feeling himself being washed over with shame and sadness.
The water began to grow cool, the hot quickly running out, and Wade cleared his throat quietly, breaking Tony from his reverie. The older man's head snapped up at the sound, hand jerking away, and his eyes were wide when they met Wade's. He quickly turned, stuttering out something incoherent, turning the knobs on the wall to shut off the water.
"I'll grab you a towel," he said quietly, stepping from the shower and reaching for the fluffy blue cotton he'd bought specifically for Peter. He loved his prince in blue.
He quickly handed one to Wade, running another over his own skin briefly and ruffling his hair for a second, before wrapping it around his waist.
"Here, let me," he told Wade, reaching to take back the towel.
"It's okay, I got it," Wade responded, trying to keep his voice level as he dried his own body.
"Let me take care of you," Tony pressed, taking a step closer.
"Tony, you don't have to take care of me. You're still soaked! Take care of yourself. Or better yet, let me take care of you," Wade offered, toweling his golden hair off.
Tony looked at Wade with a surprised expression, frozen for a moment where he stood as if he were confused.
"You want to take care of me?" He asked disbelievingly.
"Well… I mean, you take care of us, right? All the time. Shouldn't a relationship be equal?" He stated, wrapping his towel around his own waist. Tony's face melted into something that was caught between surprised disbelief and being completely delighted, and Wade thought maybe a hint of relief.
He stepped over the side of the shower carefully, trying to move slowly. The two men were still both on edge since their little power struggle just an hour earlier. Wade didn't want to give Tony a reason to feel threatened.
He watched Tony's face as he slowly reached for the towel hanging from the older man's hips, then gently pulled it from where it had been fastened.
Tony's face wore such a strange expression while Wade slowly rubbed and patted his skin with the fluffy towel. It wasn't necessarily uncomfortable but… surprised? Maybe.
Wade hoped that was good, and reached up to begin toweling the man's fluffy dark hair softly, watching the corners of the older man's lips curling up just barely on the ends.
Once he was done, he wrapped Tony's hips again, giving the towel a gentle tug, playfully pulling at Tony's hips.
Tony's chocolate eyes looked up to Wade's ocean blues and Wade thought he saw nervousness in them for just a second, though it immediately gave way to a small smile. He smiled back.
He didn't want to feel like he was competing with this handsome man that Peter loved.
He gently cleared his throat again once he'd finished, and took a step to pass Tony.
"I'm gonna get going before Peter gets home. It's your turn to spend time with him," he said quietly, still gazing at Tony's surprised expression. Tony seemed to snap out of it at Wade's words and he nodded, watching Wade leave the bathroom.
Wade quickly dressed in his clothes from before, not bothering to comb his hair, leaving it wild, and he made his way for the door.
Tony emerged from the bathroom to see the door closing behind the man, and he heaved a sigh.
This wasn't as fun as he'd been hoping it would be in the beginning. He was glad the younger man was giving him the day with Peter though. He needed some time alone with the little prince. Maybe they'd have time to talk about things. He hoped Peter would be willing to listen.

He quickly set about dressing in the clothes he'd set aside on Peter's nightstand, taking in the way the plush comforter was wrinkled and pooled toward the middle. Where Wade had lain beneath him.
He pulled up his black dress slacks and buttoned them, pulling his white dress shirt over his shoulders. He left it unbuttoned, tugging and smoothing at the bed to make it pristine again.
He noticed the way the three stuffed dolls lay skewed now, not the way Wade had neatly arranged them in the beginning, and he carefully fixed them. They really were cute dolls, and Peter would love them.
Tony hadn't thought of that.
He sighed again, kicking himself for not thinking of something personal like that when he'd been on his shopping spree the day before, but pushed the thought from his mind as he buttoned his shirt. He quickly ran his hand through his damp hair and grabbed the empty tumbler from the nightstand, making his way to refill it in the kitchen once again.
Peter would be walking through the door any second now, and Tony hoped he'd be happy to see him instead of Wade when he did.
He filled his glass, a little too full, and gulped it down in two swigs, quickly filling it again.
He set the now almost empty bottle of whiskey down on the counter and made a mental note to have a few more sent to Peter's apartment for later.
He was almost through with the second glass and was beginning to feel the familiar warm buzzing in his brain when he heard Peter unlocking the front door.
He smiled and waited for the teen to step through.
Peter closed the door behind him, locking it before he turned and took in his surroundings.
"What the-" he jumped, reaching for the knob of the door again, as if afraid he'd walked into the wrong apartment.
Tony cleared his throat quietly, catching his attention and he watched a giant smile grow wide across Peter's face.
"Tony! You did this? This place looks amazing, thank you so much!" He exclaimed, bouncing toward the man and throwing his arms around his shoulders.
"Well, I figured I'd get this place looking a little more livable since you're going to be here more often now. You've got plenty of food, both real and junk, and tons of things to do with your downtime. I'm sorry I didn't do this already," he added on, looking a little regretful as he said it.
"Oh Tony, you didn't have to do all this!" Peter exclaimed. "You already do so much for me!"
"Well… I'm sure I could always do more," Tony relented. Peter just laughed, shaking his head and pressing a kiss to the older man's cheek as he moved to set his bookbag down.
"I can't believe you did this for me," Peter marvelled still, reaching inside his pack for his books. "It looks so great! Um, I have some homework to do, but then maybe when I'm done we can like, watch a movie or something?" He suggested, bright smile still on his face. Tony smiled back warmly.
"Sure thing kiddo, anything for my little prince," he moved toward Peter to place a warm kiss against his forehead. Peter giggled and set up his materials at his new and much more comfortable table and chairs.
"Thanks, Tone," he said warmly, turning and pressing a warm kiss to the older man's full lips.
"You smell like a distillery," Peter remarked as he sat down, not really meaning anything by it.
"Hmm," Tony hummed, regarding his nearly empty glass on the counter.
Peter crossed to the fridge and was shocked when he opened it to find it practically bursting with food.
"Jesus Tony," he gasped, shocked. "There's so much in here!"
"Yeah, I hit the cupboards too. You should be good for a while. I know you're a growing boy-" he winked "-and I'm sure Wade eats a lot too. He's… a pretty big dude," he added offhandedly.
Peter grabbed a yogurt cup from a shelf and turned, smiling at Tony.
"I'm glad you two are getting along," Peter said warmly. Tony just smiled weakly in reply, hoping it didn't look too fake.
Peter grabbed a spoon- "this is even new silverware!” -and sat down to get to work.
Tony gave his shoulder a pat and he grabbed his glass on his way to the living room, to wait patiently for the teen.
After a while, Tony had emptied his glass again, not bothering to refill it, and sat in silence on the couch. He'd glanced over at Peter a few times, finding him completely engrossed in his work, and he'd smiled. He'd always admired the way Peter took learning so seriously. He chewed his pencil a bit as he pondered over his work and Tony huffed a little chuckle, sitting back and getting comfortable on the couch.
His brain was comfortably foggy and he closed his eyes for a moment, allowing himself to relax fully.

The next thing he knew, Peter's miniscule weight was straddling Tony's hips and grinding slowly and gently against him. He opened his eyes blearily, realizing he'd fallen asleep, and he saw that the shadows coming through the windows were growing long and the light was turning golden.
He turned his attention back to the pretty boy in his lap and noticed the deep pink blush that covered his cheeks and crossed over the bridge of his nose, making his tiny sandy freckles more pronounced. His eyes were squeezed shut tightly and his mouth was parted slightly, plush lips swollen from biting them. He was lost in chasing his own pleasure, using the man beneath him like a toy of sorts.
Tony looked down to see that his own pants were tented in the middle with the way Peter was rutting against him. He stayed quiet, watching his sweet boy work himself into a frenzy on his lap, and enjoying the sensations it was gifting to him.
He was panting so adorably, clearly trying his best to stay quiet, and Tony could see the way the fabric of the couch bowed beneath his strong fingers, thanking himself for getting the reinforced split suede leather.
It took everything in him not to grab Peter's ass, spread wide and peachy full as it was in his tight jeans, on his lap. He knew it had to look delicious like that and he made a mental note to set up a camera to catch future hijinks.
He smiled up at the teen drowsily. This was definitely a new favorite experience of Tony's.
Peter's hips began to stutter as he grew closer to his release, his breaths coming hard and shallow, and he was grinding against Tony with long, slow strokes, pressing down firmly. He was pushing against Tony so rigidly that it bordered on the side of painful.
Tony felt his eyes dilate huge at the sight, making him almost light-headed with lust. Finally, he grabbed onto Peter's ass, cupping a cheek firmly with each hand and forced his hips down hard against his own. He followed the rhythm and pace already set by the teen, but pressed much more vigorously, grinding their bodies together hard.
Peter cried out in his surprise, completely lost in his own pleasure, and began whimpering loudly at the feeling of his impending orgasm. He leaned forward onto Tony's chest and let Tony take control, forcing their hard cocks to rub against each other. Tony was soon moaning quietly with his own satisfaction. He looked down at Peter's face, resting in the middle of his chest, and the younger slowly opened his cinnamon eyes with heavy lids.
His lips were parted in a little "o" and his tongue was just barely thrust out between his teeth, and he looked absolutely wrecked. Tony pressed his own hips up against Peter's, once…twice…three times, before he came hot and messy inside of his expensive dress pants just from the sight of the boy. His body quaked under Peter from the force of his aftershocks, and it had Peter following right after.
His dark eyes slammed shut and his body tensed and went rigid against Tony, squeaking through the waves of his own pleasure.
"That's it, come for Sir. Such a good boy for me, Peter," Tony cooed to the boy, praising him quietly as the boy made a mess of his tight jeans.
They panted together softly for a moment, before Peter slowly pushed himself to a sitting position in Tony's lap.
"Sorry to wake you, my King," Peter whispered shyly, with a little smile and a giggle that had Tony's heart thumping, chestnut curls messy in front of his eyes.
Tony chuckled low in his chest. "That's a perfectly acceptable way to wake up, any day any time," he said in his low, bass-y sex voice.
They hadn't even taken any clothes off and it was still one of the best and most intimate experiences either of them had had.
Tony leaned forward and caught Peter's lips between his own, kissing him deeply and passionately. He threaded his fingers through Peter's curls and tugged slightly, still running his other hand across Peter's ass vigorously.
"That was very nice, sweetheart," Tony murmured once he broke the kiss. Peter blushed and smiled huge at the praise, clearly lapping it up.
"You like it when I'm nice to you," Tony stated more than questioned.
Peter looked confused but still smiled at Tony.
"I mean, yeah," he laughed uncertainly.
"Well, what I mean is, you like praise. Like, you respond to that a lot better than when I'm ordering you around," Tony said warily. "Not that you don't respond well then, you're just clearly enjoying this, here and now."
Peter tilted his head in confusion, thinking about what Tony meant.
"I mean," Tony pressed. "When we… had our first time… I was sweet to you, and I tried to make it really special… but you weren't very happy with it. And then the next day, I got mad and yelled at you. I was rough with you and called you a slut and you practically wet your pants with excitement," Tony deadpanned.
Peter blushed and coughed awkwardly. He couldn't deny that it was the truth. Tony watched his body language starting to change, from sated and happy little lap slut, to nervous, uneasy, and possibly a little bit intimidated rabbit.
His brown eyes grew wide and his shoulders began to shift into a somewhat defensive looking position.
"Pete, I'm not trying to make you nervous, I promise that would never be my intention. I'm just… wondering why the difference?" Tony pressed in a soothing voice. Peter rubbed his forearm nervously and tried to stutter out some form of response.
"I-I… I guess I'm not really sure how to answer that, honestly," Peter admitted in a quiet voice.
Tony nodded understandingly.
"Can we talk about it? I kinda wanted to talk to you about things anyways," Tony asked in a soft, vulnerable voice.
Peter's face grew nervous at the older mans' words, and he nodded slowly, agreeing.
Tony saw Peter's face pale, and he shifted his position so he could better comfort the boy in his lap. Peter pulled back slightly when Tony wrapped his arms around the teens' thin waist.
"If you're going to break up with me, then please just do it. I don't want you to drag it out," Peter whispered in a shakey voice.
"I don't want to break up with you, sweetheart, far from it," Tony quickly assured the younger. Peter exhaled a sigh of relief and visibly relaxed at the man's words.
"I just… you didn't like it. Our first time," Tony stated, waiting for a response from Peter. The teen flushed and dropped his gaze down between them.
"Um, n-not… not really," he quietly admitted. Tony nodded. "Okay, but why? Did you not like the way I kissed and touched you first?"
"No, I loved that. I just didn't like how you were treating me like some… fragile doll. I love your attention. I just wanted you to be… a little more rough," Peter said shyly. "I was so desensitized already by the condom and... I just wanted to feel you. I needed you to be… more… dirty?"
Tony's eyes opened wide and he nodded slowly, beginning to understand better.
"So, when I held you down and fucked you on my work table?"
Peter giggled, flushing brighter and ducking his head down. He looked so adorable just like that. Tony drank in the sight, committing it to his memory.
"That was… really, really good," Peter admitted with a gentle laugh, drawing his soft bottom lip between his teeth and looking up at Tony through his long brown lashes. Tony couldn't help the proud smile that spread across his face at the boy's words and he felt his own face twinge with color.
"Ok, so what exactly did you like about it?" Tony asked through his smile. "What did I do that turned you on so much?"
"Are you worried you're not turning me on?" Peter asked with an amused smile, cocking his head to the side playfully. Tony let out his own chuckle.
"Uh, not exactly sweetheart."
Peter shifted his hips to get more comfortable.
"What's making you ask these questions?" Peter asked with a quizzical look. Tony breathed out a quiet sigh. He didn't really want to admit everything he'd been feeling to Peter. But he didn't want to be keeping secrets either.
"I-I…" he flicked his eyes up to Peter's hazelnut ones and Peter could see his indecision and apprehension. He waited patiently for the man to continue. Tony swallowed thickly, and braced himself for the conversation that was bound to follow.
"Wade was here today," he started with.
"Oh, he didn't want to stay?"
"He came to drop off a gift for you." He watched Peter's face. "And he stayed… for a bit."
"O-oh. Well, what did you guys get up to? Hanging out?" Peter inquired. Tony cleared his throat.
"Yeah. W-we… played around a little bit," Tony quickly averted his eyes, growing more nervous by the minute.
"Oh! Wow, that's… that's really great! I'm glad you guys are getting along so well!" Peter exclaimed, genuinely glad to hear it.
"We… didn't really get along. Uh-not that we didnt get along, I uh-" Tony huffed out a breath and ran his fingers through his hair anxiously.
"I wanted him to listen and he disobeyed. When I reprimanded him… he kinda proved to me that… I'm not going to be in charge if… he doesn't want me to be." He finished quietly, nervously glancing up to Peter's gaze. Peter looked confused still, thinking over what Tony had said.
"Well… did…did he hurt you?" Peter finally asked in a quiet voice, swallowing hard. Tony shook his head.
"No, but he could have if he wanted to," Tony all but whispered. Peter's eyes widened.
"I-I think I know what you mean... When you say you like someone kinda... Taking control," Tony confessed sheepishly. "I didn't think I'd like it so much… Peter, I'm… I'm worried that you don't need me," Tony finally revealed. Peter sucked in a breath, face betraying his shock. Tony pressed on before Peter could say anything.
"I want to be your King because I love you being my prince. You always have been. But… I don't want to be so… dominant all the time. I want to be sweet and love you and worship you. The spanking is just a perk," he joked mirthlessly. "I feel like there's no reason for me to stick around. You have Wade, he's strong, he's handsome... He's already your daddy. What do you need me for?" Tony asked, breaking his own heart as the words came out of his mouth.
Peter's jaw dropped and he was silent for a moment.
"Tony," he finally broke the silence in a breathy whisper. "I.… I'm so sorry I made you feel like you needed to be someone else. I love you just the way you are! Having Wade around too has nothing to do with you. I don't need things from you Tony, I love you for you! I'm sorry that our first time together wasn't better. But you didn't have to try to be someone else entirely," he tried to comfort.
"But Peter, I did. You didn't want me until I grabbed you and forced you. You wanted Wade. He manhandled you the right way from the start, and you came hard for him. You didn't do that for me. Not until I saw him, and did what he did," Tony's voice was beginning to crack and he was barely holding back his emotions as he spoke.

"I'm so sorry Tony. I just needed you to listen. And, I'm not sure if you remember, but Wade was too rough. Neither of you was perfect for the first time. But that's just it, it was my first time. I'm still learning about myself. Who I am, what I like. I know that I love you. I always have, since I was a kid! What I think you might be struggling with, is the fact that we're all a family unit. You two don't have to compete with each other. We're like a… a team. I want you both because you're both different people. Not because I think one of you might be better than the other. I'm not trying to pit you against each other. My likes and dislikes will change and evolve as I get the chance to try things out. Love is fluid," Peter was crying by the time he was finished and Tony couldn't help the tears that rolled down his own face at Peter's words. It felt like a huge, crushing weight made of his own fear had been lifted from his chest, leaving new room for his other emotions to grow.
"You… you won't get rid of me if I-if I can't be commanding all the time?" Tony asked, sniffling and wiping his eyes.
Peter shook his head. "Of course not. I want everyone to be happy. We're supposed to make each other happy. What did Wade say?" Peter asked, rubbing his own eyes dry with his sleeve.
"I didn't tell him anything. I just made sure he had a shower. He let me wash him but he took care of me afterward. It was kinda nice actually," Tony mused, losing himself for a moment in his thoughts from that afternoon. Peter smiled.
"You like spending time with Wade? When you aren't trying to be someone else, I mean?" Peter asked.
Tony thought about it for a moment, then nodded his head. "Yeah actually, I do," he admitted with a smile of his own.

"Well, maybe he likes you too. And maybe, just maybe, he might be having a hard time with this right now too. Maybe he's trying to hide some insecurities of his own?" Peter suggested.
Tony had never actually considered that. He'd assumed that Wade was as confident as he made himself out to be. What if Peter was right?
Maybe he should have a one on one chat with Wade. Properly this time, instead of trying to be who he thought he needed to be.
Tony smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, reaching forward to wrap his arms around Peter's shoulders, pulling him in tight.
"Thanks, baby. I knew there was a reason I loved you," he said jokingly. Peter giggled and wrapped his arms tightly around the older man.
"I love you too," he said happily, kissing Tony's neck.

Chapter Text

Tony had to admit, he felt so much better after having talked to Peter instead of keeping it to himself. There was still a lot of nervous apprehension about the whole situation, but now it was no longer about whether or not he'd be cast aside by Peter, but whether or not he could win over Wade. He knew he didn't have to, as a matter of fact being in a three-person relationship didn't necessarily mean that he and Wade had to be romantically involved at all. But he wanted to try to at least be on friendly terms with the man if nothing else, and he was determined to give it a shot.

He left Peter alone for the rest of that week, still sending calls and texts, but letting Wade spend the next few days with him instead.
Normally he'd never have left Peter in someone else's care, but he found that he trusted that Wade was responsible enough (if just barely) and he needed time to plan something for the weekend. He kept an eye on them as well, but he wasn't surveilling them the way he had before.
Wade was actually such a big sweetheart, as goofy as he may be. He was always worried about Peter's happiness comfort and safety, and Tony couldn't help but to appreciate it so much more than he'd originally thought he would.
Problem was, he couldn't think of anything that would really impress the man. He'd never really had to before, just being Tony Stark was always enough. He'd considered asking Peter for a few ideas, but in the end, he wanted it to be something he thought of on his own.

The week passed by slowly, Peter attending school on time and returning with his friends in tow at the end of the day. They were coming over to visit a lot more often now that Peter's apartment was so much more hospitable.
Tony watched Wade playing video games with them and messing around with them. He made pizzas and served snacks. He was actually really good with all of them. Tony was genuinely surprised. When he'd began looking at information about Wade, he'd turned up almost nothing.
Deadpool on the other hand, he'd found so much that he never really wanted to see. He was snarky and impulsive, childish and physically dangerous. He obviously was some type of "hero" but not the kind that refused to use a gun, for sure, and he wasn't shy about a little carnage.
This domestic Wade that was playing Uno with a group of teenagers in a pink frilly apron was not at all what he'd been expecting. He couldn't help but smile as he watched the blonde slap a Draw Four card on the pile, much to Ned's chagrin. All of them laughed and razzed Ned, urging him to pick up four more cards and Tony turned off the screen that was playing video feed from Peter's apartment. He wanted to plan something really fun and out of the ordinary. But what?


Peter was happy. He was enjoying his new relationship to it's fullest. He had his own place, two sweet, amazing and handsome boyfriends and the best friends in the world, not to mention an amazing sex life. Being a bit of a sugar baby was a great perk too. And not only that but Flash hadn't messed with him at all since meeting Wade. Whether because he'd been proven wrong or because Wade was so massive, Peter didn't know. Either way, it was so great not to have someone constantly trying to tear you down.
He was smiling through his classes, bouncing home and soaking up every minute of affection he could get with either of his two daddies.
The blonde had convinced him to let him stay overnight with a lot of begging, quite a few kisses, a promise not to interfere with school and a chocolate milkshake.
Peter loved having his friends over and how much they got along with Wade, too. It was like everything was working out perfectly for him and he wasn't going to tempt fate questioning it.
He was really beginning to enjoy laying curled together with Wade at night, too. He was so much smaller than the other man, he could lay wrapped against his chest and Wade would hold him tight like a little doll. It was blissful in the middle of the much too large bed that Tony had bought, with a satiny sheet draped over them and Wade's naturally high body temperature for warmth. Peter hadn't felt so happy in longer than he could remember.

Wade was… adjusting. He loved Peter and he loved his new relationship with him. He still liked Tony, even though he was feeling a little threatened by the older man. Tony was still a good guy. And he was good to Peter, which was really the most important thing. He spoiled the teen rotten and Wade appreciated that he did. He loved meeting Peter's school friends and he admired Pete's choices in the snarky and smart MJ and the adorkably sweet Ned.
He was definitely enjoying his alone time with Peter the most though.
They didn't have to be doing anything sexual, Peter just loved to sit in his lap and read aloud to him or to lay against his chest and nap. Wade couldn't have fathomed such simple happiness in his life before this. He never thought he'd have a chance with his sexy spider friend, let alone be allowed to stay the night with his gorgeous alter ego.
Tony had brushed against his shoulder on his way out a couple days prior, not aggressively though, and informed Wade that he wouldn't be back for a few days and that Peter was all his until then. Wade hadn't wanted to make eye contact, but when he did glance up, he saw that Tony wasn't wearing his usual cocky smirk, but a smile that was actually warm and friendly.
He wasn't sure what had happened but he didn't want to stop the man and ask.
He didn't ask Peter either. It kept nagging at the back of his mind here and there, thinking about Tony's strange shift in behavior. Was he just glad that Wade had submitted to him in the end? That is what he wanted after all.
Maybe he was looking too much into things. The whole encounter had been like seven seconds in total. Maybe he should just try to relax about it.
Still, he wasn't entirely comfortable with having to submit to Tony, not fully. It was fun to switch roles sometimes, but the older man seemed to be taking things a little bit overboard. Maybe that was how Peter liked the older man, but not Wade. Being made to submit was a treat sometimes, being broken out of your shell and forced out of your comfort zone, but Tony seemed to want to take that power and stretch it over every aspect of their lives. Wade would do anything to keep Peter, but that didn't make it entirely enjoyable for him.
In the end, though, Tony had let Wade spend the rest of the week alone with Peter, and that in itself was its own gift. He should be appreciative.

Ned and MJ had gone home for the night and Peter had jumped into the shower, having had gym class that day and skipped the communal shower afterward. Wade had watched quietly and joyfully from the doorway for a few minutes, enjoying the way he ran his hands over his own skin under the hot water, relaxing and de-stressing before he'd eventually left the teen to start making them something for dinner.
He found everything he needed to make some turkey burger tacos and got to work adding spices to the frying meat and chopping fresh vegetables on the counter. He hummed brightly while he worked, getting lost in the sounds and smells of the kitchen.
He didn't mind being a housewife, in fact, he was glad he finally got to show off his culinary skills for someone other than his friend Weasel. While Weasel was definitely his best friend, he was also an asshole and wouldn't have given a straight compliment if his life depended on it.
He was sure Peter would be impressed. He turned the burner off under the taco meat and set about quickly setting the table as he heard Peter getting out of the shower. He continued humming to himself as he danced around the kitchen, grabbing two glasses from the cupboard and a bottle of sparkling white grape juice from where it was chilling, pouring them each some. He could hear Peter getting dressed in his room and smiled to himself at the thought.

Okay, he was happy. There couldn't be anything better than this.
Golden evening sunlight pouring through the windows, delicious home-cooked meal after a great day, beautiful little web-head naked in the other room… This was euphoric as euphoria could be.
Wade turned toward the hall to let Peter know that dinner was ready only to be stopped in his tracks as the teen walked around the corner first.
Wade choked on a gasp as he took in his appearance.
Peter's chestnut curls were tousled and damp across his forehead and he wore a thin white tank top that hung loosely from his shoulders, draping across his collar bones. Below that he had a pair of tight black shorts on, so short they could hardly be considered boxers. Wade could see his pretty little cock pressed tightly against the cotton. Over them was a lacey black garter belt, adorned with velvety soft black roses, that was clipped to a pair of opaque thigh-high tights; also black.
Peter's milky white skin peeked out between all of the black fabric and looked perfectly porcelain and touchable. Wade felt his jeans growing tighter as he looked, but what really caught his eyes was the way Peter's long silky neck craned up at Wade, watching for approval, and there at the hollow of his throat was a tight, thin black leather collar. It was a dainty little thing, adorned with red cartoon images of Deadpool's mask. A lacey little bow rested right in the middle, a delicate sounding bell hanging below it.
Wade felt his pupils dilate and his breathing grew harsh, falling hotly over his own parted lips.
Peter squirmed a little bit in place, nervously running his hands over the hard boning of the garter at his tiny waist.
"I-is it… too much?" Peter finally asked in an unsure voice. Wade snapped out of his trance at the sweet little sound and a wide smile grew across his face.
"Baby," he said breathlessly. "You look-I mean you, you're so… wow," he finally managed to sigh. Peter giggled a little, causing the bell to tinkle quietly.
"I can't believe I managed to make old motormouth himself speechless," he smiled coyly at the older man.
"Can I touch you? You know I want to touch you right now, can I?" Wade asked, barely containing his excitement. Peter could see his body practically humming with anticipation. He looked like a kid in a candy store, set loose with his parents' money. Peter drew his bottom lip between his teeth and glanced down at himself looking pleased, then looked back up at Wade's cerulean gaze and nodded.
Wade didn't waste any time, gripping Peter by his hips and lifting him into the air. He guided Peter's long legs around his waist and pressed his lips against Peter's plush, slightly chapped ones, kissing him deeply. He pressed his hand against Peter's lower back, grinding his body against his own and Peter let out a little cry. Wade was so turned on right then that he wished his clothes were already gone, feeling much too hot and restricting around his body. His eye caught the way the light was still streaming in from the living room and decided it must be much cooler outside. He strode towards a sliding glass door in the corner of the living room that lead to a small balcony and pulled it opened.
Peter squeaked, realizing what Wade was doing.
"Wade! We can't go outside, someone could see!" He said in a voice high with anxiety, eyes wide. Wade smiled and stepped onto the balcony anyway.
"Let them see, Peter. Everyone should see this," his lust blown eyes raked over every inch of Peter. "You're so gorgeous. God, I can't even believe that I get to have you right now," Wade continued to marvel as he gently laid Peter down on the ground. The whole balcony had been lined with plush outdoor pillows of all shapes and sizes, Tony's doing, and Peter looked like a dream laid out in the middle of them.
Wade made fast work of stripping his own t-shirt off, throwing it back inside through the open door and pulling his jeans opened, sliding them down his legs. He watched Peter in the pillows, ever the perfect picture of sin. He squirmed below Wade, running his long boney fingers over his own skin and pressing his knees together in an attempt to gain friction on his hardening cock. Wade could see the way he was growing hard with his own arousal, stretching the thin cotton fabric of his shorts obscenely and creating a dark wet spot.
Wade quickly stepped out of his own boxers and stood above Peter, stroking himself lazily as he watched the show before him. Peter whined and rolled onto his stomach, knees spread wide and his ass pushed up into the air at Wade. The back of his shorts were sheer and the material rode up high, exposing his firm round cheeks below the hem as it wedged between them. His tank top drooped loosely from his thin frame, riding high on his lower back, revealing miles of pale alabaster skin. The sight of the dimples on Peter's lower back peeking out between the barely-there fabric of his shirt and shorts, and the sound of Peter's bell was driving Wade crazy, and finally, he couldn't handle it anymore. He dropped to his knees with a growl and bit at Peter's round ass cheek, drawing a yelp from the boy. He quickly leaned up, giving a harsh slap to Peter's other cheek before gripping Peter's hips and yanking his body backward, into his own naked hips. He lined his own thick cock over the material between Peter's cheeks and slid it back and forth, reveling in the way the cool mesh felt between them. Peter let out a few whimpers, looking over his shoulder at Wade. "What if someone sees us, Daddy?" Peter simpered in a shy little voice. Wade chuckled low in a voice thick with arousal.
"Baby, if they see us it's an early Christmas gift for them. Anyone that gets to lay eyes on you like this is blessed. I know I sure am," he breathed. Peter flushed but didn't say anything else.
Wade gathered the thin material of Peter's shorts together in one hand and with the other, he ran the pad of his thumb over Peter's little pink hole. Peter gasped and Wade could see the muscles in his back tense at the feeling of Wade's dry calloused skin. Peter felt the older man's thick finger pressing against the tight muscle, trying to breach his entrance.
"Wade! Daddy, lube please!" Peter whined.
"Shit, we didn't bring any, honey," Wade looked around quickly and resorted to leaning down to Peter's entrance. He quickly and sloppily licked and slurped at Peter, slicking his entrance while humming loudly, then he reached forward and pressed his first two fingers into Peter's mouth, urging him to wet them with his own tongue. As soon as he had, he pressed his first finger to Peter's entrance and pressed it in to the first knuckle. Peter yelped and whined, trying to hold still for the older man.
"Good boy baby, you're such a good little kitten for me," he cooed, trying to relax the boy. He began pressing in and out at a moderate pace, attempting to coax Peter open. Peter mewled and squirmed, his cock feeling much too constricted in his tight shorts, and he began thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking himself on Wade's finger while seeking out friction. Wade quickly pressed his second finger in, letting Peter work himself on it for a moment before he began applying pressure to Peter's walls, his own thick cock throbbing with impatience.
Wade was leaking copiously with precome and he smeared it around his head to slick it before he pushed it impatiently against Peter's slowly opening entrance. He nudged against Peter and slid his fingers out, pressing in before he could contract closed again.
"God Peter, you're so fucking tight," Wade moaned, not bothering to keep his voice down as he firmly pressed in to the hilt. Peter let out whining moans at the feeling of being stretched open so fully and so quickly.
Wade's fluids were helping to lubricate Peter and he began to fuck into the teen in earnest, loud fast and hard. Every thrust made Peter's bell jingle loudly and Wade was loving the way it sounded in the open air outside.
"It sounds like fucking Christmas baby! I love that bell!" He cried joyously, spanking Peter's ass loudly.
"Wade!" Peter yelped, face flushing at the prospect of people walking past on the street hearing them. "Someone will hear you!”
"Us baby, people will hear us, and let me just tell you," he thrust in hard again, drawing a cry from the boy. "You sound fucking beautiful." He gripped Peter's hips again and yanked them both into a standing position, pressing Peter up against the iron bars of the railing. He lifted the teens' nylon clad leg onto the top of the rail, still firmly sheathed inside of him.
"Oh my god, Wade!" Peter yelped, flushing brightly as the view of the street was laid clearly before him.
"It's alright baby, you look so fucking beautiful, let the world see you!" Wade practically yelled. He stroked his large hand across Peter's thigh gently, feeling the soft material that lay over it, before firmly gripping onto his knobby knee and beginning to pound relentlessly into the teen. He set a brutal pace, nailing his swollen prostate with every chance he could reach it, and Peter couldn't hold back the squeals and yelps that punched their way out of his lungs. Peter squeezed his eyes shut, thankful that the street was empty and enjoyed the total assault that Wade was providing to his senses. His little bell jingled brightly, echoing off the brick buildings surrounding them. It made Wade crazy with lust hearing it peppered between Peter's little noises.
"Sing for me baby, that's it. You take it so good, such a noisy little baby. That's Daddy's baby, huh? You sound so precious-" Wade was encouraging loudly from behind Peter. "Would you like if people on the street got to see you take it so good? Hmm?" Wade asked in a quieter voice, leaning toward Peter's ear.
Peter felt his face flush deep red and hot. The idea of being seen like this was humiliating, but it made his dick achingly hard to think about. Pressed the way he was against the iron bars of the railing, his little cock stuck right between the bars and he whimpered at the thought. Anyone could walk by and see them like this and it made him delirious with lust and fear.
Wade gathered the loose material of Peter's white tank and pulled it tight, jerking Peter's whole body back away from the railing and into his own chest. He wrapped an arm around his thin defined torso and his pace slowed. He began thrusting in deep slow strokes, barely holding back his deep grunts as he neared his finish.
"Baby, can you come? Come for Daddy," Wade coaxed, reaching forward to wrap his hand around the teens' smaller cock through the thin cotton of his panties. He pressed and kneaded for a moment before quickly shoving his hand into the waistband of the boys' shorts and gripped his length, pumping Peter in time with the strokes of his hips.
"Wade! Oh-oh, I'm close! I'm so close, Daddy!" Peter gasped in a pitchy and breathless voice, hands reaching behind him to grip at Wade's legs.
"Baby, open your eyes," Wade murmured into Peter's ear again, sounding like he was barely holding back.
Peter opened his eyes and looked up over his shoulder at Wade's blue eyes. They were so swallowed by his thick black pupils that Peter could barely tell what color they were. The light was beginning to dim, sun mostly finished setting and shadows were settling across the man's light features. Wade nodded his head forward and Peter followed his gaze.
"Across the street," Wade said. Peter scanned the buildings on the other side for what Wade was talking about.
He gasped sharply when he saw it, and Wade tightened the arm he had across Peter's chest. He tried to squirm away, but the older man held him too tightly, speeding his pace again and snapping his hips into Peter, aiming for his sensitive bundle of nerves.
"Oh my god, Daddy!" He yelped in a hushed voice, turning his head and hiding his red face behind his arms. Wade squeezed Peter's cock tighter, working harder to make Peter come. Peter was barely standing on his own feet with the way Wade held him.

Across the street and down the block a little, two men Peter had never seen before sat outside on their balcony, a floor higher than the one they were on. One of them, a bigger built man with dark hair and tan skin was sitting comfortably with a grin plastered across his face, while the other smaller looking man was squirming and twisting in the first man's lap. The smaller one had bright red hair and looked younger than the other man, but not by much. They were both watching Wade and Peter with intent and clearly enjoying the show.

The pleasure and humiliation and taboo of everything culminating into one intense high had Peter coming hard, unable to keep the depraved sounds he was making from spilling out, the way he spilled over Wade's hand.
Wade followed immediately behind, filling Peter with his hot juices.
They both panted for a moment before Peter dared to peek between his arms again. The two men were still on their porch, but the red-haired twink was nuzzling his face into the other daddy's throat and they were beginning to lose focus on Wade and Peter.

Peter quickly pulled away and ran back into the doorway, making his way to the kitchen for a glass of water.
"Wade! Did you know the whole time?" Peter demanded, turning on the faucet. He was quickly followed in by the older man.
"Not the whole time! I thought we were alone when we went out there. I noticed them when we stood up but I thought it was kinda hot! Kinda kinky, you know?" Wade said, reaching for the glass once Peter had taken a drink.
Peter sighed, eyebrows furrowed and pouting.
"You let them watch us! You let them see me!" He accused, though he didn't really sound all that angry.
"You liked it, didn't you? C'mon Petey, admit it! You're kinkier than a geriatric gardener's favorite hose! You liked iiittt," Wade teased in a sing-song voice. Peter's mouth twitched into a grin but he continued to pretend to sulk.
"Did you just call me a hoe, Wade Winston Wilson?"
"Did you just triple name me like it's a threat? And no, Capability Brown, I did not call you a hoe, I called you a voyeur. Big difference," Wade retorted, setting the glass of water on the counter. Peter looked at Wade quizzically.
"Look it up, captain smarty pants. Listen, you sounded
like you very much enjoyed that. True, sassafras?" Wade pressed. Peter's face flushed and he dropped the grumpy act.
"Maybe," he replied sheepishly.
"So are you mad at me?"
Peter thought for a moment.
"I… guess not. But that could have been someone I know! That could have been someone I went to school with! Look at me! I'm so flaming right now, I might as well be on fire! Im wearing a bell!" He said exasperatedly, motioning down at what he was wearing. "Can we please not do that again?"
Wade huffed a sigh and relented, nodding his head.
"I'm sorry, Pete. I didn't mean to make you upset. I'm glad you had fun though, but I promise I won't do it again. And for the record, you look fucking amazing, I love that stupid bell so much. I could fuck you again right now, just looking at you, mmm!" He winked exaggeratedly and waggled his eyebrows at Peter with a smile, and Peter giggled.
"How about some tacos as a bit of an apology?" Wade gestured his hand to the table where everything was still set out and ready. Peter turned his attention, finally seeing all the veggies and sauces and guacamole that had been prepared and he sighed happily.
"That looks so good, Wade," he took a step toward the older man and placed his hand on his chest, leaning in for a sweet kiss.
"I accept your tacos but you still owe me. I'll think of what later," Peter winked.
"Hey, that's my thing, I wink!" Wade pretended to pout. Peter just laughed and gave Wade's shoulder a gentle shove.
"I'm going to change first, I'll be right back," he informed the blonde, pecking his cheek and walking towards the bedroom. Wade watched him walk away, his ass looking absolutely mouthwatering in his cheeky shorts and the garters.
"That was a good look on him, admit it."

Peter had gotten into some comfy sweats but left on his flowy tank and, much to Wade's pleasure, the collar, although he'd removed the bell.
"Awww, babe! The bell's the best part!" Wade had whined over dinner, pouting his lower lip out like a brat. Peter just laughed quietly and ignored him.
After they finished eating they cleaned up the kitchen together, then sat together for a while on the couch flipping through channels. Peter sat draped across Wade's lap and rested against his chest and Wade couldn't pay attention to anything that was on television, too distracted by the red and black strip of leather at Peter's throat.
"Did you buy that?" Wade asked suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence. Peter looked back at Wade.
"Uh, no I-I thought you bought it for me," Peter answered. "I found it in my nightstand. Along with… well, other things." Peters face twinged pink thinking about all the toys that were in there now that Tony had gone shopping.
"...Tony?" Wade asked skeptically. Peter shrugged his shoulders and his mouth grew into a smile.
"I guess so," he answered, laying his head back on Wade's chest.
Wade smiled to himself unconsciously.

They'd gone to bed not long after that, Peter had school the next morning. When the morning came, Peter woke feeling refreshed and happy, although he hated having to leave Wade again. It was the end of the week though, the last school day before the weekend, and Peter trudged through his morning as always. He quickly dressed, ate some cereal and brushed his teeth. He was on his way back to the bedroom to say goodbye to Wade when the man stepped out of the room fully dressed.
"Leaving too?" Peter asked, barely stopping himself from colliding with the tall man.
"Walking you to school today Peter Pan," Wade replied, pulling on his beat-up old high tops. Peter grinned excitedly and they headed out the door.
Peter was practically skipping in his happiness, holding Wade's hand and beaming down the sidewalk.
They arrived a few minutes early and stopped before the steps to the school. Wade lifted Peter's arm and gave him a slow spin before pulling the giggling boy into his chest. Peter stepped up onto his tiptoes and pressed his lips against Wade's, the older man tilting Peter's jaw back to deepen the kiss.
"Ew, Wade, there's a super twinky squid on your face! It's gonna suck your lips right off!" they heard from behind them a moment later.
"You're such an idiot, Michelle," they heard Ned say mirthlessly. They both quickly turned to see MJ and Ned behind them and Wade's face broke into a wide grin.
"Hey! Cheech AND Chong! You never see them in the same place anymore!" He exclaimed, wrapping his arms tightly around MJ's tiny shoulders and subsequently her head. She squirmed and pushed away from Wade, giving him a playful shove.
"Listen losers, I love you but you gotta give me a minute with Pete here before you steal him from me for a whole day," Wade laughed, gently pushing them toward the door. The two teens relented and walked into the school, Ned throwing a peace sign over his shoulder at Wade.
"Yeah peace, peace be with you!" He waved before turning back around to Peter.
"Insufferable, both of them. I don't know how you do it with them. I'd have moved to Nepal by now," Wade joked rolling his eyes and sighing exaggeratedly. Peter just giggled again and waited for whatever Wade had to say.
"I'm probably not going to be there when you get home. I'll clear my junk out and hit the bricks, I'm sure Daddy Warbucks is itching to come back over," Wade informed Peter, sounding semi-reluctant to go. Peter pouted a little then nodded his head.
"Alright dad-Wade," he glanced around him quickly to see if any of the students milling about had heard him. There weren't many people nearby but the ones that were looked hardly awake anyways. A quick glance over Wade's shoulder told him that Flash was on his way into the building, but he didn't seem to notice the two of them standing there yet. Peter grinned and decided to up the PDA just a touch, standing on tiptoe and draping his arms around the man's neck.
"I had a ton of fun with you the past few days," Wade told the teen, wrapping his arms around Peter's waist. Peter smiled up at the blonde.
"Me too, maybe we should talk sometime about…roommates?" Peter said the last word a touch too loudly as Flash was walking up right behind Wade, catching his attention. Peter smirked a little, showing off just a tad. Who could rightly blame him though? After all the years of torment Flash had put him through.
Flash wore a slightly nervous look as he quickly passed by them into the building, not making eye contact. Wade didn't notice him at all.
"Ooh, that sounds like it could be an exciting conversation!" Wade grinned widely. "I am definitely looking forward to that conversation. At the moment, you're about to be late for being a nerd and smoking pot behind the bleachers. Wait, do nerds smoke pot? I'm sure some do, being a nerd doesn't make you uncool. Well, not that smoking pot does make you cool-" Wade rambled, getting lost in his words before Peter interrupted him.
He leaned up and kissed Wade firmly, stopping the flow of words rushing out as he did so. When he pulled back, he smiled at Wade.
"I'm gonna be late. I'm also gonna miss you. Text me later," he smiled, kissing Wade's cheek as he slowly walked into the building to join his friends. Wade watched him walk away with a dopey smile plastered across his face before he finally left for Peter's house to get his things.

By the time Wade reached his own apartment it was mid-morning and the sun was shining brightly. He cheerfully marched through his front door, dropping a duffle bag full of his things on the floor as he did. He kicked his shoes off and walked to the fridge for a bottle of water. He was on his way to lounge on the couch when he heard a knock at the door. He sauntered over to answer it. Pulling the door open, he discovered a nervous-looking Tony. The older man quickly straightened himself out and composed his face into something more relaxed.
Wade stood silently in the doorway, look of surprise painted on his face, and his hand frozen on the knob.
"Uhhhh…" Wade managed to utter out through his shock at seeing the man standing in his doorway. "How did you find my house?"
Wade shifted his weight from foot to foot subconsciously, betraying his own uneasiness.
"Well I-uh, I have my ways." He cleared his throat quietly before going on. "I-uh… I wanted to say, well… I wanted to know what… you're doing Saturday?" His voice rose in pitch slightly as he finished his sentence and his cheeks twinged a light pink. Wade's face dropped into a more suspicious look and he drew his arms across his chest, looking back at the older man.
"Why, so you can give me obedience lessons?" Wade asked accusingly. "I'm not really looking for any kinky power play stuff, Kathryn from Cruel Intentions."
Tony's lips twitched up a little at the corners.
"I just… wanted to apologize. Personally," he added, keeping eye contact with the blonde. "And try to explain myself a little. I think we got off to a bad start." He searched Wade's face for any signs of anything that might be positive. Wade pursed his lips and mulled over Tony's words for a moment.
"So what are you offering, exactly?" Wade asked, wanting to be clear they were on the same page. Tony cleared his throat again and loosened his tie nervously with his finger before he answered.
"I'm… I'm asking you to come out on a date with me," he finally answered, slipping his hands into his pockets. Wade narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "How do I know I can trust you not to pull that daddy stuff on me?"
Tony swallowed and dropped his gaze to the floor.
"I won't, Wade. I want to take you somewhere nice. In public," he tacked on for good measure, sounding awfully sincere.
Wade stayed silent for another moment.
"Like… public public?" He asked. Tony's eyebrows screwed up quizzically.
"I'm not entirely positive on what that means but I'm going to say yes," he answered, watching Wade's face again.
Wade's mouth began to curl upwards at the thought.
"Like a fancy date?" He asked, beginning to twirl his shoulders a little.
Tony broke into a full smile, knowing he'd gotten a yes.

Chapter Text

Tony had smiled and offered to pick Wade up at four on Saturday.
"Four?! Like, the afternoon? What, are we catching the early bird special? Getting the senior discount? You gotta get home for early bedtime, right?" The blonde broke into a laugh. Tony smirked at the man.
"Very funny. I just thought maybe I'd take you to do something fun before dinner. Unless you want to do the typical dinner, movie, make out session and home," he said through a cocky smile.

"Nah, four's fine. Pick me up here. And we're agreeing here and now, no funny business," Wade stated, pointedly looking Tony in the eyes as he named his condition. Tony smiled and nodded, then held his right hand out. Wade accepted and shook, trying to think of anything else he might draw terms for, ultimately not being able to think of anything.

"Ok, well… I look forward to seeing you tomorrow," Tony bowed slightly and raised Wade's hand to his lips, kissing it gently. Wade chortled.

"Fuckin dork," he teased, but smiled happily anyway. Tony huffed a little laugh through his nose and turned to leave, waving over his shoulder. "See ya tomorrow, blondie. Look pretty."

Tony went to Peter's apartment and waited for him to return from school. It wasn't too long, only about an hour. Tony had poured himself a drink and sat on the couch to work on some papers for Stark Industries on his Stark pad. He was so preoccupied lately with Peter and Wade that he was beginning to fall behind on his work.

He made some good headway on some things that needed to be addressed before Peter walked through the door.

"Hey munchkin, how was school?" He called from his seat on the couch. Peter appeared through the hallway a moment later and set his backpack on a chair at the kitchen table, beaming from ear to ear. He hopped over the back of the couch, landing lightly next to Tony.
"It was great! Wade walked me to school and the look on Flash's face was priceless. I got an A on my physics test, and MJ invited me to go paintballing with her and Ned tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll go though, I haven't seen you in a while," Peter finished, leaning over to greet Tony with a kiss.

"Hmm. Well actually, that's perfect timing. I made plans to take Wade out tomorrow. Kinda shmooze him, you know, make him more comfortable with me," Tony informed Peter, watching his expression carefully to see how the boy would react.

Peter's smile drooped a little and his eyebrows screwed up slightly.
"You mean like, on a date?" He asked.
"Well… yeah, I mean… that's-that's what you… you said I should do, right?" Tony responded, beginning to feel slightly nervous.

"W-well… yes, I mean, I guess so but… I kinda meant like, maybe sit down and talk with him. You're taking him on a date?" Peter asked again.
"I… yeah?" Tony responded, confused.
"It's just… you've never even taken me on a date," Peter finally said in a quiet voice.
Tony's eyes widened as he realized the mistake he'd made.

"Oh… oh, Peter I… I'm so sorry, I didn't even think about that! D-do you want to come with us? It could be like a three-way date!" Tony offered hurriedly.

Peter shook his head. "I don't want to be a third wheel. You're going to talk to him about stuff... I don't want to be in the way of that," he said in a dejected sounding voice.

"Well… how about I plan something special for us? Just you and me, we can do anything you want to," Tony proposed.

"I don't know Tony," Peter began, standing and walking back toward the kitchen. "I mean, I do want to go on a date with you. It's just that now it feels like a pity date." He grabbed a container of cookies from a cupboard and slid them onto the table, grabbing for a cup from the next cupboard over. He crossed to the fridge and poured himself some milk and turned to pull his school books from his bag. Tony stood to meet him in the kitchen.

"Pete, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm only doing this for you, to begin with, I-"
Peter cut him off.
"It's fine Tone, don't worry about it. I have a lot of chemistry homework to do," Peter replied dismissively, pulling papers from a folder and setting them on the table.

"Pete, it's Friday," Tony pointed out, to no avail. He stood behind where Peter sat for a moment in silence before he finally placed his hand gently on Peter's shoulder.

"Should I go?" Tony asked quietly. Peter paused what he was writing and thought for a moment.
"You can stay," he finally said in a voice just above a whisper. "You don't care if I hang with MJ tomorrow then?" He tacked on.

"Of course not, my love. I'm sorry I didn't think about taking you first, that was my mistake," Tony murmured into Peter's ear, kissing his cheek gently. "I'll make it up to you,"
Peter nodded and went back to his work. After a moment, Tony went back to his own Starkpad and they both sat working silently together for a while.

Tony made dinner that night, crafting a beautiful carbonara sauce and fresh pasta with homemade garlic bread. Peter was actually shocked at how easy and fast Tony made it seem. He clearly had been doing it for a while and it was absolutely delicious. Peter told Tony as much, but he was for the most part silent still. Tony could tell the teen was hurt by his plans but it was really too late to change anything, and Peter kept telling him he didn't want him to anyway.

Tony did everything he could think of to dote on Peter at dinner; lighting candles, allowing Peter a glass of Gavi di Gavi, offering to have gelato delivered afterward for dessert.
Peter ultimately refused the gelato but indulged the man a dance in the living room to the light Italian music he was playing. He wasn't very coordinated when it came to dancing but Tony was an excellent lead.

Peter was still hurt but was beginning to feel slightly better, thanks to all the effort and romance that Tony was putting into everything. He clearly felt bad, and maybe it was a little bit silly, but Peter couldn't help feeling a little dejected by Tony's choice to take Wade out before him. A little jealous.

Peter tried to brush those feelings aside and just enjoy being in the taller man's presence. It really had been a long week without him, even with Wade around. He wanted them both sometimes, too.

The two went to bed around ten, Peter being a little extra tired from waking early for school all that week. Tony wrapped his lean defined arms around Peter and held him as he drifted off to sleep. Peter couldn't deny being delighted when he found that Tony had gotten comfortable on the left side of the bed, reverse of where Wade had made himself comfortable all week prior.

When they woke in the morning, Tony had breakfast and coffee with Peter and he was all smiles as he was waking up.
Peter was glad that Tony was excited, it was exactly what he'd been hoping for, he'd wanted this from the very beginning.

He just couldn't help how… envious he was beginning to feel. He'd been able to brush it off the night before in the dim candlelight.
But it was morning now, the light was bright and golden and warm, and Tony was taking Wade on a fancy date in a few hours.

Like the kind that Peter had spent several years of his early teens imagining he'd be going on. He'd spent so many nights imagining that one day he'd be old enough and attractive enough and good enough for Tony to want to take him to his favorite places. He couldn't wait to be alone with the handsome Italian, dressed in ridiculous clothing and pretending the rest of the world didn't exist for one night…

And here he was, watching Tony getting ready for a date with someone else.
Obviously, he knew that Tony most likely wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for him in the first place. But he was absolutely fighting back a green-eyed monster, swallowing his pride as best he could.

Tony took a quick shower after they ate and put on clean clothes that he'd brought with him the night before. Peter watched as he pulled his jacket on and reached for his keys, heading to finish getting ready at his own place.
He offered Tony a little smile to encourage him, though it was false and reached to clutch Tony into a hug.
"I hope you guys have a really good time!" Peter said, kissing the man on the side of his neck.
"Thanks, baby! Wish me luck!" Tony replied, pulling back and returning the kiss onto Peter's lips. He turned and walked through the door, closing it quietly behind him as he left.
Peter huffed a little sigh and turned to find his cell phone, pulling open a group message and attaching Ned and MJ.

Hey, you guys still on for today? Peter hit send and waited for a response. Not long after, Ned was already messaging back.

Sorry bro, my mom's having a bunch of her family over, so I'm not allowed to leave the house. You guys have fun

Peter sighed again and waited for MJ to respond.
After a minute he got a ping on his device.

Hey, let's plan for another day, two player paintball is no fun.

Peter groaned exasperatedly and thought for a moment, before opening a new message between just Michelle and himself.

Wanna hang out today? We can go get lunch and go shopping or something.

Peter set his phone down and went to the fridge to pour himself some orange juice while he waited for a response. Shortly after, he heard his phone go off again and reached to check it.

MJ: Sounds cool, I'll pick you up. Be ready!

Peter smiled and went to change into some nicer pants and a button-up shirt. He couldn't help but wonder what Tony was going to wear on his date with Wade, then quickly squashed that thought down before he could get too much more envious.

He went to his bathroom and quickly ran a comb through his unruly curls. MJ didn't live far away and she had her own car, an old Ford Taurus that she'd picked up cheap. He quickly made his way back to the living room, shoving his phone in his pocket and grabbing a jacket. She'd be there soon.


Tony had left his own place and was en route to Wade's apartment. He was still feeling a little nervous, and now he was feeling guilty too. He tried not to feel too guilty though, after all, he was doing this for Peter in the first place.
He'd decided to wear a light blue button-up shirt, paired with a black tie and layered under a thin gray sweater. He tied it together with his old black leather jacket. He wanted to look nice but not overdo it. He'd decided to drive his silver Saleen S7, hoping it wouldn't be too flashy, but knowing that he was a flashy man regardless.

He pulled up to the curb within a few minutes, traffic being relatively light in this part of town, and ran his fingers through his carefully coiffed hair before stepping out of the car.
He entered the building and headed for the elevator, stepping on and pressing the correct button. He fidgeted with his tie and pulled his sweater down, nervously brushing off invisible threads as he rode up.

Finally, approaching his destination, he took a deep calming breath and stood up tall, going over his plan in his head. The elevator dinged, and Tony stepped out. Wade's door was at the end of the hall, and Tony found himself walking slower and slower the closer he got.
"Alright, stop being a baby, you're Tony freaking Stark. You're a multi-millionaire. You're the king of dates. You're a genius! You're standing outside his door, stop talking to yourself," he wrapped up his little pep talk and quickly knocked. He could hear the sounds of Wade shuffling around behind the door and waited for the blonde to open it.

Suddenly the door swung open, making Tony jump at the unexpected motion. Wade had on a pair of gray pants that looked extremely soft and no shirt. He looked at Tony with wide eyes, then stepped aside to let Tony in.
"You're really taking me on a date, huh?" Wade said in a quiet voice as Tony stepped past him into the room. Wade looked reluctant to close the door, but did so anyway.
"Yup. I know I'm a little early but I didn't expect you to be half undressed already," Tony smirked at the blonde, hands folded behind his back and only thinly veiling his wandering eyes.

Wade looked at Tony and shook his head.
"Half dressed, pessimist," he poked, as he walked past Tony to head toward his bedroom. He stopped before he could cross the threshold and looked back at Tony, holding up a finger.
"Don't follow me," he said commandingly, stepping through.

That was definitely residual distrust of Tony because of his past actions, and Tony couldn't blame the man.

"Couldn't decide what to wear?" Tony called, trying to put the younger at ease.
"Honestly, I didn't think you were really coming," Tony heard Wade's voice echoing from his bedroom. Tony smirked a laugh and continued to wait patiently.
"Besides, as you said, you're early. I still have ten minutes to figure out what I'm wearing," Wade continued. Tony chuckled and looked around the apartment.

It was… small. Not very colorful. Most of the walls were bare and some things that actually were hanging on the walls were broken or crooked.
It was a little bit messy, but not necessarily dirty. Still, Tony wouldn't dare to sit on any of the furniture there. There weren't any curtains on the windows and the living room was covered in empty cases for DVDs and jewel cases for video games. Wade clearly lived like a bachelor.
Tony didn't hear Wade coming back through to the living room as he looked around.

"Filthy slut I am, I know, I'm working on it," Wade's voice made Tony jump again. His nerves were extra touchy today.
"Wow, jumpy. I know I'm pretty intimidating," Wade smirked with an expression on his face that Tony couldn't entirely read. It was mostly smug and a little suspicious. Tony looked Wade up and down.
"Wow, you look…"
"Pretty? You said to look pretty. This is the closest thing I've got," Wade finished for him, averting his eyes and betraying his own nerves as he said it.

Truly, Wade did look very handsome. He'd put on a blue-gray button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a dark gray cardigan over top and Tony had never seen him looking so… good.

He smiled and reached out for Wade's hand, bending forward slightly at the waist. The younger reluctantly placed his hand in Tony's, and Tony drew it to his lips the way he had the day before. He gently kissed Wade's knuckles and looked up at Wade's blue eyes.

"Ready to go?" Tony asked politely, and Wade smiled and nodded.
"As ready as I'll ever be. Where are we going anyway?" Wade replied with his own question.
"You'll see," Tony replied, leading Wade toward the door.

In a few moments, they were exiting the building and stepping onto the sidewalk. Tony walked straight for the expensive silver car he'd parked there and opened the door chivalrously for the other man.
"You've got to be kidding me. Is this yours?" Wade asked with wide eyes.
"I mean, I'm holding the keys so most people would say yes, I own this car," Tony chuckled, pleased with Wade's shock.
"Well, fuck me. This car is nicer than my life," Wade muttered, sliding down into the car. Tony didn't reply as he closed the door.

A few minutes later they were headed for the outer city limits to a more rural location. The streets were becoming much more scenic and traffic was minimal. Houses were big and beautiful, full of color and with big yards.
"I've never been this far out of the city," Wade admitted, shifting his gaze from the old houses to Tony in the driver's seat.

The older man was shifting the manual transmission like it was second nature to him, and he looked like a boss in the driver's seat in his leather jacket and blue-tinted sunglasses.
Wade smirked, not bothering to hide his open gaze as he looked Tony over from head to expensive toes.

"Lookin' sharp, Daddy Warbucks," Wade commented with a little smile. Tony's lips curled into a grin and he glanced over at Wade.
"Glad you approve."

They didn't drive for much longer. The roads were becoming more sparse and turning from concrete to dirt. Wade wondered if the loose rocks would mess up the undercarriage of the car.

When Wade thought there couldn't possibly be anything out this way, they pulled into the dirt parking lot of a homey little blue building. It looked like a house turned into a business and there was a faded old sign in the window. Wade couldn't quite make out what it said.

"Listen, if you're planning to either kill, murder or rape me, please warn me ahead of time, I don't like to be unprepared for life-changing experiences. Also, I'm not really that big of a fan of the country, but I do like cows. You could just bury me in a field with a few if you want," Wade called to Tony as the brunette stepped out of the car. He walked around and opened the door for Wade, holding it open for him.
"I intend to neither kill, murder or rape you. Also, killing and murdering you are the same thing. Please step out of the car," Tony said in a calm voice, holding his hand out again.
Wade took it and stepped from the car, inspecting the building again.

It was actually pretty cute, the bright blue paint semi faded and chipping in places, but it felt warm and inviting. The inside looked pretty brightly lit, but the windows were so blocked by squares and rectangles of different sizes and hues of color that Wade couldn't see in.

Tony lead Wade to the front door, not bothering to knock as he pushed it open. As soon as Wade stepped inside, he realized where he was standing.

"Oh my gosh, is this one of those painting places?" Wade asked excitedly as he looked around. Tony smiled at his excitement and nodded slightly.
The rectangles and squares that covered the windows were actually brightly colored paintings of various depictions.

It was so colorful it looked like the rainbow had thrown up inside of the building.
Suddenly, a small older woman came around a hidden corner wiping paint from her hands onto a smock across her chest. She had long silvery-white hair and a huge smile on her face.
"You must be my four-thirty! You're right on time!" She beamed, quickly crossing the room to shake their hands.
"I'm Margot, you spoke to me on the phone," she announced, offering her hand out. Tony quickly took it and shook it gently, smiling back at her.
"Tony," he replied. "This is Wade," he added, motioning his hand in the blondes' direction. Wade took a big step forward to quickly take her offered hand as well.

"Margot," he said in a breathy, almost amazed sounding voice. It reminded Tony of the first time Wade had said Peter's name. He'd thought Wade had said it in such a ridiculous way, like he'd been saying some sacred word. It had made him roll his eyes. It made him roll his eyes this time too, but he smiled afterward. Tony was surprised at just how excited Wade actually was and he was pleased that he had decided to bring him here.

"It's wonderful to meet you, we can begin the class as soon as you're ready!" Margot said, turning and walking toward the front of the room. Wade noticed a small raised area on the floor where an easel was set up with a completed painting on it, next to an easel with a blank canvas.
Below it on the floor was a bunch of large pillows and two shorter easels, each with a blank canvas, as well as a palette next to each that contained blobs of various colored paint.

"Are you kidding me, I'm so excited!" Wade exclaimed, turning a smile at Tony. "What is this place?" He asked.
"It's called Painting with a Twist and it's a lot of fun," Tony answered, turning to a small refrigerator on the sidewall and pulling out a bottle of expensive wine and two glasses from a rack above it. He turned back to Wade.
"White okay?"


Michelle had picked up Peter and they headed downtown to walk around the local eccentric shops on the strip. They stopped in a vintage store and tried on colorful fashions from the sixties and seventies, giggling at each other as they did. Peter had on a particularly loud purple shirt that was covered in tiny yellow flowers, with an extremely low cut v neckline and puffy sleeves and a pair of round orange sunglasses. With his curls, it almost looked like it belonged to him.

Michelle was looking stunning in a short flapper style dress with shiny red heels and long black gloves up her slender arms.
"Wow MJ, you look great in that. Great gams, gal!" Peter joked, falling into a period role easily. MJ laughed and shoved his shoulder gently.
"Yeah, you're looking pretty good too, there Elton," she replied with a chuckle. Peter laughed and took the sunglasses off, actually considering them.
"So why aren't you with daddy one and daddy two today?" MJ asked, looking through a rack full of pantsuits.
Peter sighed. "Because daddy one took daddy two on a date," he answered, sounding slightly annoyed.
MJ stopped what she was doing, surprised look plastered across her face, and she turned to Peter.
"Really? Without you?" She practically gasped. Peter groaned.
"I mean, it's totally my fault, I was the one that suggested Tony take Wade out in the first place. They need to have a one on one talk and so… Tony's taking Wade out," he sighed again, fidgeting with the sunglasses in his hands.

"Well, did they ask if you wanted to go?"
"Yeah, after he told me about his plans Tony did, but… I don't want to be a third wheel! And they need to talk anyways."
"You could have been a mediator though," Michelle pointed out. Peter didn't respond.
"Well, are you just going to be okay with it? I mean, neither of them have taken you out yet. Aren't you going to make them jealous?" Michelle continued.
"Jealous?" Peter questioned.
"Yeah, make them regret not thinking of you first."
"I don't know…" Peter said quietly, turning halfway toward a rack.
"Oh come on. Remind the daddies who they're really here for! Let's get dressed."


Tony and Wade sat beside each other, working on their own canvasses. Wade was excitedly following Margot's instructions to the letter, making sure each mark and line was perfectly placed. Tony kept getting lost and falling behind, too busy pretending he wasn't watching Wade in his excitement.
"You need more dark blue in your background," Wade informed Tony, leaning over to add a few strokes, absently placing his hand on Tony's knee to balance himself as he did.
They were painting a colorful galaxy background with stars and a ringed planet in the foreground. The planet was split in half between the two canvasses so that they could be put together or stay separate.
"Mine's better," Wade laughed, smiling at Tony. Tony couldn't help the wide smile that spread across his own face in return.

Margot was busily demonstrating how to blend the colors together in the planet to make them swirl into the perfect contrast against the inky blues and blacks of the background.
"Adding just a few drops of yellow and blending with the red you've already laid down will create a bright and unique orange that stands out perfectly," she said as she swirled her own paints.

"That is absolutely not a lie," Tony agreed with a little laugh, looking at his own work. There was still a lot of white patches showing through his brush marks.
Wade's hand relaxed and his fingers rested loosely on Tony's thigh. Tony cleared his throat quietly and lifted his hips off the floor, shifting closer to Wade, who was lost in his painting again.

"Our next and final step is to dab white, silver, gold or yellow throughout your galaxy and watch the stars shine!" Margot finished her lesson with a bright smile, dabbing her own painting in example.
Tony set his paintbrush down on his pallette and sat back to admire Wade's work.
"You're pretty good at that," Tony said quietly, leaning in closer. Wade added one last silver star and set his own brush down, turning to grin at Tony, and finding him much closer than he had been. His smile faltered just the slightest bit but crept right back. He leaned slowly forward and parted his lips, and Tony happily mirrored the action, closing the space between them.

Their lips pressed together softly, tentatively, sliding together chastely in little broken kisses before Wade deepened the kiss. They both could taste the wine on each other's tongues and explored each other's mouths languidly.
Margot quietly cleared her throat and stepped down from the raised platform that she stood on, walking toward a sink on the side of the room quickly.
"Gotta start cleaning these brushes!" She said awkwardly.
The sound startled Wade, still feeling the slightest bit on edge around Tony, and he hurriedly pulled away, turning his head.

Tony wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and reached for his half-empty glass of wine, draining it in one swill.
"You ready to get outta here?" He asked Wade in a quiet voice. Wade smiled and nodded his head.
"Sure. What's next?" He asked, standing and brushing his pants off.
Tony stood and crossed the room to grab his leather coat from where it hung. "I was thinking we'd grab a bite to eat. I'm starving and that wine is gonna hit me harder than it needs to if I'm empty," he answered honestly. Wade chuckled, reaching to pick up his own glass and finishing it as well.
Margot crossed the room toward them again, seeing them gathering up their things.
"It's been really great working with you boys!" She said happily, thrusting her hand out to shake again. Wade grinned brightly and took it.
"This was so much fun!" He exclaimed. Tony couldn't help but find his enthusiasm endearing. He was childlike in a way.
Tony shook her hand next and thanked her before he headed for the door. Wade followed closely behind, still energetic from the artistic surprise. Tony slipped a large tip onto the front desk as he passed it.

Wade was excitedly talking about the class and the paintings that hung in the room once they got outside and Tony sped up to beat him to the car, ensuring that he could open the door for him.
"Such a gentleman," Wade teased, leaning forward to peck Tony's lips before climbing into the car. Tony felt his cheeks twinged pink and he quickly crossed around the front of the car to get in.
"I've already arranged for Margot to have the paintings sent to my tower once they're dry and ready," Tony informed Wade as he shifted the car into gear. "You're such a princess," Wade teased quietly, beginning to look a little starry-eyed from the wine. Tony glanced at him quizzically. "Living in a tower, I mean," Wade clarified. Tony scoffed a laugh and rolled his eyes fondly.

A short while later they were driving down a winding back road and Wade was feeling much more comfortable about it. He leaned back and stretched his legs out, letting his knees fall apart slightly. He turned his head and looked over at Tony with a little smirk.
"I didn't know you were into painting," he said, watching Tony's hand on the gear shift. Tony huffed a laugh in response.
"I'm not, yours was much better than mine," he reminded.
"Well… ok true enough but I mean, painting and wine? That's kinda romantic. Just last week you were domming the shit out of me. Who knew you had it in you!" Wade's smile grew bigger as he watched Tony's face pale and then flush pink. Tony didn't turn his gaze away from the road as he cleared his throat softly.
"Well… Again, I'm… I'm sorry about that. I was… busy trying to be someone else. Not that it wasn't kind of fun…" he trailed off and cleared his throat again, and Wade waited patiently for him to continue. "I'm... Not always that person. I actually really prefer being… romantic and-and… cherishing my partner," he finally turned his head slightly to glance at Wade.

The blonde wore a look on his face that was completely incredulous.
"You're kidding, right? That's a joke? What happened to mister "I'm the fucking boss", huh?" Wade teased, still not believing what Tony was saying.
"Well, I'm still the fucking boss," Tony turned and threw a wink at Wade. "But… I'm more than that too. I'm in it for Peter, bottom line. I always have been. I'm still not exactly fond of the idea of sharing but… I'm warming up to it. You're not too bad. I guess I can kind of see what he sees in you," he finished with a smile.
"Oh, kinda?"
"Well, you're obviously pretty," he let his eyes wander over Wade quickly as he said it. "And I'm getting to know you better. Infuriating, by the way," he poked, concealing his laugh. "No, you're not so bad."
"Gee whiz, thanks Daddy Warbucks!" Wade laughed.
Tony turned the car into the parking lot of a small Italian restaurant that was nestled into a secluded little corner of the woods and turned off the engine.
"Don't get me wrong, you've got some things to learn. We're right on time," he added, pulling the handle to release his door and stepping out of the car. He crossed around to open Wade's door for him.
"That seems like a backhanded compliment," Wade asserted, stepping out.
"No, just a constructive criticism. No ill will intended," he assured Wade, closing the door behind him.

They both walked to the front door of the building and Wade beat Tony to the handle.
"I can open doors too, Tone, I'm not crippled," Wade replied to Tony's sour expression with a smirk. Tony didn't realize he'd been making a face at all and smiled, turning his gaze down.
"You're right, thank you, Wade," he replied quietly, shoving his hands in his pockets and entering the building.
The interior was lit in a dim golden light, candles throughout the building burning, real and artificial plants covered every surface. There were pictures of the Italian family that owned the restaurant throughout the years on the walls and each table had a white linen cloth on top and a large round candle surrounded in ivy as the centerpieces.

Tony was scanning the room for a host or hostess when he felt Wade's fingers gliding over the small of his back, under his sweater, playing with the fabric of his dress shirt. He glanced over his shoulder at the blonde and caught him checking out his ass.
Tony simpered and murmured back at the younger man, "Like what you see?"
Wade didn't bother to avert his gaze, grinning widely as he replied, "It's definitely a great ass."

"Hello, Mr. Stark! Sorry for the delay, I'll get you two seated!" A young man came quickly around the corner with menus in hand and shook Tony's hand firmly before walking toward the side of the large dining room. "I'm Logan, I'll be your server. Right this way," he called after him.

Wade rested his hand more firmly against Tony's back and he felt his face flush slightly as the man walked a step behind Tony, feeling almost as if he were guiding the older man.
They walked through a large empty dining room full of tables and chairs and into a smaller, more intimate room that was attached at the back.
It was similar to the last room, but it was more amorous. The walls were decorated with romantic sunsets over an Italian countryside and paintings of roses and lilies, and light piano music played overhead.
"Did you rent this room?" Wade asked, stepping inside.
"I did," Tony responded nonchalantly.
"And the restaurant, I'm guessing?" Wade went on.
"I did that too," Tony confirmed, pulling out a chair for Wade.
"Isn't that a little redundant?" Wade laughed lightly, accepting the seat.
"I like my privacy," Tony smiled, taking a seat opposite at the small round table. The waiter quickly set the menus down in front of them, listing the wines available as he did. Tony responded in Italian to the young man, and Wade sat back in his chair watching him.
"Caffè in ghiaccio per favore e una soda alla ciliegia per il Mio appuntamento,"
He gesticulated with his hands as he spoke, and Wade had to admit, he was impressed and interested.

The young man turned and left the room to start bringing their drinks and Wade scanned the menu quickly.
"This is a little out of my comfort zone and I can't read this menu," Wade admitted, looking back at Tony.
The older man laughed. "Povero bambino, hai Bisogno dell'aiuto di papà? Do you need me to translate for you?"
Wade smirked and pushed his menu away.
"Why don't you order for me?" Wade answered with a tilt of his head.
"Ordine per te? Sarei felice. I'd love to," Tony replied.
"Cut it out, you're giving me a language boner," Wade retorted, leaning back again and crossing his arms over his chest. Tony chuckled and looked at the blonde. The wine was beginning to swim in his veins and the candlelight was making everything look much more attractive than it already had before. Tony licked his lips and paused for a moment, before leaning toward Wade and saying in a low voice, "Potrei dirti qualsiasi cosa. Come sei Bellissima. Come sono in realtà parte dello scoiattolo. Saresti acceso lo stesso," with a wink.

"Seriously, I'm going to throw you over this table and fuck you right here," Wade warned.
Tony felt his pupils dilate and he swallowed thickly, leaning back in his own chair slowly, unsure how to respond. Wade winked back, licking his lips lasciviously as he did, just to tease the older man. Tony squirmed in his seat, lust beginning to flow through him undeniably.
Just then, the young waiter returned, placing a glass of red soda in front of Wade and a glass of iced espresso in front of Tony.

"Are we ready to order?" The young man asked brightly. Tony cleared his throat and glanced down at the menu, scanning it quickly to decide what he thought Wade might like and handing them both to the young man.
"Sì, avrà il pansoti e io avrò i cjarsons. Tortellini di Zucca per il tavolo per favore," he cleared his throat, trying to keep his eyes off Wade as he spoke. The younger man had pulled a cherry from the top of the his soda and was holding it by the stem and tonguing it suggestively, eyeing Tony as he did.
The young man bowed slightly and left the table to put in their order, not noticing Wade in the slightest.

As soon as he'd left the small room, Tony clicked his tongue at the blonde across the table.
"I thought you weren't comfortable with me?" Tony accused light-heartedly. Wade chuckled and leaned forward, dropping his elbows onto the table and lowering his voice as he did.
"I thought you liked to be in charge?" He asked, grinning at Tony's blush and chewing the cherry obnoxiously.
Tony looked around the room nervously, finding nothing to settle his attention on, and finally looked back at Wade.
"Not all the time. I'm not always that person," he reiterated what he'd said earlier in a quiet voice. "I wouldn't mind if you-" he cut himself off before he could finish the question, lifting his coffee to his lips and looking away again.

Wade perked up, cocking his head to the side.
"If I what? I-I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear that last part. If I did what now?" He pushed with a grin. Tony reached his finger into his collar and tugged it slightly, beginning to feel uncomfortable himself.
"I didn't hear… w-what you said just then, what was it?" Wade continued impishly.

"I-I just meant-" Tony ran his fingers through his hair, shifting his position on his chair. "I don't have to be in charge. You could if you wanted to…" he trailed off, feeling his face go red all the way to the tips of his ears as he admitted it.
Wade's jaw dropped and he sat in a stunned silence for a moment.
"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Wade asked slyly.
"Probably," Tony replied, finally making eye contact. "But… we have to talk about some things first," Tony said with finality.

"Oh boy, hot stuff. Things like what?" Wade asked, his face breaking into a big goofy grin again.
"Like… limits. Hard limits. You made a lot of mistakes your first time with Peter," Tony said resolutely, feeling his confidence coming back. "Actually, you have since then, too."

"What do you mean I made mistakes?" Wade asked incredulously, face screwing up in confusion.
"I-I mean… You violated a huge rule of consent before you even took your clothes off. When you first took him back to your apartment, you never asked him to verbally consent, you didn't insist on a spoken answer at all. He never said it, you should have insisted. You took a giggle from a teenager as consent," Tony explained seriously.

Wade cocked his head and looked like he was lost in his thoughts, thinking back to that night.
"Ok…" Wade replied slowly. "What else?"
"Well, you put your hands on his throat and you choked him. He didn't ask for that, and you didn't ask if it was okay. You should have gotten his explicit consent first.

"O-okay… So it turns out that I'm a bigger douche bag than even I originally thought…" Wade stated, looking troubled.

"You need to ask him about what he is and isn't okay with. By the way, when he does tell you he doesn't want something, you should listen instead of forcing it on him," Tony's voice was beginning to take an angry edge.

"What are you talking about?" Wade asked defensively.

"The porch!" Tony almost yelled, sounding frustrated. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he continued. "The porch, Wade. He asked you not to go out there and you did anyway. He tried to get you to be quiet and you kept giving him reasons why it was okay. That's violating consent," Tony concluded, breathing out a sigh and doing his best to hold Wade's gaze.

"H-how do you even know about that?" Wade asked, looking slightly angry and slightly guilty.
Tony sighed. "I keep my eye on you two, especially you and especially because of things like this. I shouldn't have to tell you that no means no."
Wade nodded slowly and sat back, lowering his gaze to his lap.
"You're right," he said in a small voice. "I definitely am in the wrong, and I owe Peter some apologies. I should have known better."
Wade then looked back up at Tony with a renewed fire in his eyes.
"But what about you, huh? What about your violations of consent?" Tony looked at him quizzically, trying to recall what Wade might mean.

"Really? You can't figure it out? You've been watching us from the beginning! You never got my consent to watch my sexcapades! And I certainly didn't say it was okay! Peter even turned off his phone thinking that you'd bugged it, so you didn't have his either. Did you set up cameras in my apartment or something?"

Tony nervously swallowed and lowered his head slightly, still keeping eye contact.
"I did."
"Oh, ok! So it's fine for you to watch us but it's not okay for me to accept implied consent? He might not have verbally said 'yes', but he certainly didn't say no either," Wade pointed out stubbornly.

Tony nodded in agreement. "You're right, I had no right to do that. I thought I was doing what was best for Peter in the beginning and then it turned into… I suppose a form of control. I'll remove the cameras from your apartment as well as Peter's immediately."

Tony reached down and pressed a few buttons on his watch and Wade could hear a few mechanical beeps as he did.
"There. They're gone," Tony assured. Wade nodded, not entirely soothed by the action.

"Look, I know you're not some BDSM master or anything, but you need to get better at the basics," Tony informed Wade in a voice meant not to offend. Wade's head drooped and Tony could barely see his face.

"I would say maybe I should go but I don't even know where we are," Wade gave a quiet, mirthless laugh. Tony reached his hands across the table, resting them in front of Wade.
"I don't want you to go. I'm not mad and I'm not trying to make you feel bad. That's not my intention. I just want you to know where you need to try harder. I have to try harder too," Tony assured in a low voice.

Wade slowly reached a hand up and slid his fingers across the table until his fingertips touched Tony's.
"Thank you," he said quietly, finally looking back up at the brunette. Tony gave him a warm smile and hooked a pinky around Wade's.

"I've made my fair share of mistakes with both of you. That's one of the main reasons I asked you here tonight. I wanted to apologize for how I've acted. I was so worried about losing Peter and losing my place in his life… I was just trying to assert dominance and control. That's not really who I am. And I'm sorry that I made you uncomfortable with the things I said and did. I thought that Peter wouldn't want me anymore, and I thought I had to prove myself to you. I'd like to start over," Tony professed. "So… I'm sorry."

Chapter Text

Peter and Michelle were sitting in a small local restaurant sharing appetizers and giggling with each other.
"So, you're going to really sell this for the daddies, right?" Michelle asked, taking a bite of a fried zucchini stick. Peter sighed, taking a sip of his root beer.
"I don't know MJ, I feel bad being mean about it. I mean, it really was my idea to begin with! And it sounds weird when you call them that," he added with a little chuckle.
"Well, what would you call them, then?" She asked in return. Peter sighed again, rolling his eyes.
"I call them Wade and Tony," he smirked, snagging a pickle slice before MJ could get it.
"Hey! Listen, I'm really glad that Tony took your advice and decided to take Wade for a chat and all that good stuff, but the reality is, he should have taken you for the first date! You were pining after him for years, it was pathetic!"

"Mean!" Peter retorted, tossing the balled up end of his straw wrapper at her.
Michelle laughed and ducked. "It's true though! And he probably had eyes for you too! He should have known to take you out first thing, hell, he should have taken you out already! And here he is with muscle daddy instead of you, treating him to some of the Peter Parker special! Doesn't that make you mad at all?"
"I… I guess it does. I dreamed about how our first date would be for so long…" Peter answered wistfully.
"Then make them jealous! Tell them about what an amazing time we had and tell them I totally rocked your world!" Michelle pressed, taking a sip of her iced tea.
"Michelle, I'm not telling them we had sex," Peter laughed, mimicking her movements with his own soda.
"At least tell them we kissed then. Tell them how we had an amazing first date and there's absolutely no way they can top it. Then, they'll both want to take you on the best date you've ever been on in your life!" MJ reasoned. Peter thought about it as she said it. It kinda made sense… In a tiny crazy way.

"Alright, I'll tell them we went out but I'm not going to say anything gross," Peter laughed again.
"Hey, I'm not gross!" Michelle said, only half feigning her offense.
"No, you're gorgeous. And I am very much in a… relation…ships? Peter chuckled.
"It's true, but isn't it kind of like, an open one?"
Peter shook his head, swallowing a bite of his own zucchini stick.
"No, that's not how it works. We're a three-person relationship, but it's not open… unless we all, you know, agree on it," Peter amended.
"Oh, I see," MJ said quietly, eying Peter like she was thinking about something.

The two spent a few hours laughing and joking over dinner, sharing each other's meals and enjoying each other's company. Afterward, Michelle had driven Peter home and walked him to his apartment door.

"So, any idea when thing one and thing two are gonna be back?" Michelle asked as they walked through the doorway. Peter rolled his eyes, heading through the narrow hallway toward the living room. He set his keys down on the short bar that separated the living room from the dining room and draped his coat across it.
"They probably won't be coming over here after their date. They'll go back to their own places, I'm sure, either alone or together."
He started to feel agitated thinking about it, so he quickly shoved the thought from his mind.
"Hey, you wanna like, play some video games or something?" He offered.
"Sounds good!" Michelle responded enthusiastically, throwing her own jacket over Peter's and heading to the kitchen.
"Wanna drink?" She offered, pulling open the cupboard door and reaching for a glass.
"Sure, whatever you're getting is good!" Peter agreed, already setting up a console on the large television.

Michelle grabbed another glass and looked in the fridge, pulling out a green bottle of lemon-lime soda that hadn't been opened yet. She looked at it quizzically, knowing that Peter didn't really drink soda that often and wondering why it was in his fridge. She twisted the cap until it cracked and began pouring some into each of their cups, wondering if maybe it was Wade's or Tony's. Suddenly it dawned on her that it was probably Tony's, for mixing…

She looked up above the fridge and grinned when she spotted it.

A moment later MJ was sitting next to Peter on the sofa and handing him his drink.
"Drink up!" She said with a laugh, taking a big swig of her own. Peter thanked her and took the glass, lifting it to his lips without a second glance. A second later, he was sputtering and coughing and MJ was cackling wildly. Peter set his glass on the coffee table, still trying to quiet his coughing.
"What the hell is that?!" He exclaimed, watching her drink more of her own.
"It's a little rum, courtesy of daddy It's personal stash," she answered, sounding almost triumphant.
"Michelle, we can't drink that! That's Tony's! And we're not old enough!"
MJ just giggled and drank more.
"Oh, live a little, Peter!" She said, sounding exasperated. "He owes you! Doesn't he? He took someone else on a date that should have been yours! You can drink a little of his rum." She stated, picking up his glass and thrusting it back into his hand. Peter looked at her, still feeling unsure about it.
"Drink, Peter!" MJ called loudly.
Peter sipped the drink again nervously, then quickly started taking bigger sips.

Soon, they had both drained and refilled their glasses, nearly forgetting about whatever game they were going to play and were laughing together on the couch about nothing.
"Boy, I've never had a drink before!" Peter hiccuped, smiling widely at Michelle.
"It's nice, isn't it?" Michelle goaded. She watched him giggle for another moment quietly before she finally set her nearly empty glass down on the coffee table.
"Pete, are you like, a total twink?" She asked him, catching him off guard.
"What do you mean?" Peter asked, mostly stifling his giggles.
"I mean, are you like, only into burly older men? Or do you like girls too?" She asked quietly.
Peter thought about it for a second before he responded.
"I guess I'm not entirely sure. Like, I think girls are attractive. I've just never been with one," he answered honestly through the syrupy alcohol haze that he was in. Michelle hummed in understanding and paused for a moment before leaning forward and pressing her lips to Peter's.

Peter was feeling sluggish due to the effects of the alcohol and it took him a moment to pull away from MJ.
"What are you doing?" Peter asked quietly, reactions delayed and subdued.
"I'm helping you make your daddies jealous," MJ whispered, leaning in to kiss Peter again. She turned her head and guided Peter to open his lips, darting her pink tongue inside his mouth quickly.

Peter couldn't help the response he felt in his pants, he was a teenaged boy after all. His brain knew that it was wrong, that it was breaking Wade and Tony's trust, but he couldn't seem to make his thoughts and his body work together. He closed his eyes to kiss Michelle and it made him feel drowsy like he was falling asleep. He breathed slowly and deeply and in just moments, he felt like he really was going to fall asleep. He finally was able to pull back and look at MJ, blurred and distorted as she was.

"I think I should go to bed," he managed to slur out before he actually managed to get on his legs and start moving.
"Let me help you," Michelle said, quickly jumping up and wrapping her arm around his shoulders, leading him to the bedroom.
Peter couldn't believe how fast and hard the alcohol had hit him, but he supposed it made sense since he'd never really drank before.

He allowed MJ to lead him to his bedroom and he sighed in relief once he saw his bed, excited to pass out. He quickly yanked his shirt off over his head and slid his khaki pants from his slender hips, crawling toward his pillows as fast as his gangly limbs would allow. He was beginning to feel overwhelmingly hot, and his lips were beginning to tingle warmly. He let out a sigh of relief at the feeling of his cool sheets against his hot skin and buried his nose into the soft pillows, allowing sleep to claim his addled brain. Unconsciously, his arm curled around the plush toys that Wade had bought him before and he hugged them close to his chest.

He felt the bed dipping and bowing slightly under MJ's tiny weight as she climbed up next to Peter and he felt her long fingers brushing against his back gently.
"Pete, you should probably roll over, I don't want you to suffocate in that bourgeoisie pillow," she advised in a soft voice. Peter grunted and pushed himself onto his side, barely conscious.

The last thing he saw was Michelle sliding her own black pants off her slender dancer's legs and climbing under the covers next to him. He couldn't remember when he'd gotten under the covers.


Tony and Wade enjoyed dinner after their conversation and stayed an hour after they had finished just to enjoy each other's company. When they finally decided to leave, they stepped outside together into the colorful twilit sky and it was beginning to get chilly. Tony took off his leather coat and placed it over Wade's shoulders, giving a light squeeze before pulling his hands away.
"You're so cheesy, I love it," Wade chuckled as he did. Tony let Wade open his own door and they both got into the car.
"So, where to?" Tony asked, fidgeting with the keys.
"Mmm," Wade hummed as he thought. "I'd say my place but I saw the way you were looking at the state of my floors. Wouldn't want you to get your knees too dirty there," he winked as he said it.

Tony's hand jerked as he was putting the key into the ignition and clamored against the dashboard. He coughed loudly, face flushing red.

"Uh-um, m-my place?" Tony barely managed to stammer out, avoiding eye contact with Wade as his hand shakily inserted the key finally.
"I mean, it's really up to you. You could drop me off at home and call it a night. Or you can take me back to your place and we can knock each other's junk around," Wade stated the options in his strangely cavalier way like he were suggesting coffee or tea.
The ridiculous way he phrased it made Tony laugh and he dropped his guard, feeling his nerves easing up slowly. He thought for a moment and finally turned the key, turning the engine over.

Just under an hour later, Tony was taking a sip of aged whiskey at his own private bar with a shaking hand. Wade stood behind him, slowly running his hands over Tony's hip bones and thighs, pressing his body against the older man as he did so. He licked a tiny strip of salty skin at Tony's pulse point and the older man dropped his glass to the counter faster than he'd intended to with a clatter. Wade huffed a laugh through his nose as his hands began to tighten around Tony's flesh.


The next morning, Peter woke to the feeling of gentle hands rubbing and squeezing at his morning wood. He'd been having a great dream about Tony and Wade and he couldn't help but smile at the feeling. He wiggled his hips slowly, enjoying the attention and relishing the feeling.
He slowly became aware of the warm body pressed against his back and smiled as he wiggled back against it, drawing a little moan from the person.

Peter froze at the sound and threw open his eyes, sucking in a gasp. That was definitely not the low, bassy morning voice of Wade, nor was it Tony's low growl.
"Michelle!" He yelped, jumping into a sitting position.
MJ smiled up at him, batting her long eyelashes and arching her back seductively.
Peter's eyes were drawn down to her body, now only covered by her lacey black bralette and panties and he tried to gulp down the lust he felt at the sight.

She truly was stunningly beautiful, all long limbs and curvy hips beneath a tiny waist. Her stomach muscles were lightly defined and her long slender fingers danced over her tawny skin as she watched Peter watching her. Her smile grew wide and the tip of her tongue glided across her pointed white teeth. One hand delicately rested against her collar bones and Peter followed her other arm down to where her hand was stroking rhythmically against the lace between her legs.

He sucked in a gasp and felt his face go red, quickly turning his attention toward the ceiling in an attempt not to look at her, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.
Michelle giggled at his reaction and reached up with her free hand to cup Peter's chin and pull his gaze back down to her.

"It's ok, you can look at me," she said in a low pur. Peter gulped thickly and slowly let his eyes wander across her frame. He felt his head pounding from the drinks the night before and breathed out a sigh of tension, allowing himself to relax next to MJ, feeling her body heat radiating close to his skin, closing his heavy eyelids.

Michelle leaned up slightly, reaching forward to gently take Peter's hand. He was too groggy to protest and he allowed her to move his hand wherever she wanted.
Seconds later he was registering the feeling of damp lace scratching against his fingers. He opened his eyes just as his fingers were being enveloped in a warm, wet, sticky heat. He gasped and froze, eyes wide once again as he looked at her in shock.
She just grinned wolfishly and continued guiding his hand forward. Finally, his brain caught up and he tried to jerk his hand back, only to be held fast by Michelle's deceptively strong fingers.
"MJ!" Peter cried, not sure what else to do.

She giggled again and sat up fully, holding Peter's fingers trapped against her slit under her panties.
"Pete, don't be such a prude. It's just a little sex!" She laughed in a low voice that Peter wasn't entirely familiar with.
"Michelle, you're my best friend, isn't this weird?" He asked, exasperated. She scoffed.
"Didn't you hear what I just said? It's just sex! Have you ever even been with a girl?"
Peter blushed and turned his head away.
"Uh, no. Not really," he admitted quietly.
"Well, that's perfect then. You can see what it's like and we both get something good out of it. No one will even know," she concluded with a smirk.

Peter felt guilt nagging at the back of his mind. He also felt a few too many drinks, not enough sleep and undisguised lust rolling around with it. He thought for a moment before he huffed a heavy sigh.

"You have to promise me that no matter what we do, we'll still be friends, and you can't tell anyone," he said sternly, meeting her eye to further drive his point home. She rolled her eyes with a smile but she finally released his wrist.

"Deal, boy wonder," she said, still smiling mischievously. "I'll take charge. Just let me do the work," she winked, pulling herself up onto her knees. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Peter's, tipping his head back and forcing his jaw open to explore his mouth with her tongue. Peter couldn't deny the arousal he felt, feeling himself growing harder in his tight boxer briefs.

Michelle suddenly pulled back and sat back on her haunches.
"Kneel on the floor," she commanded in a tone that said she wouldn't take no for an answer. Peter quickly slid off the mattress and got to his knees, peering up at her. She settled herself on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs wide around Peter's shoulders.
"I want you to lick my clit," she said simply. Peter felt his face flush hot and red and he swallowed thickly. He slowly reached forward and placed his hands on her thighs gently, looking up at her through his long lashes.

She smiled down at him coyly and placed her hand on the back of his head, gently pulling him forward. Peter quickly turned his attention to the delicate black lace that covered Michelle's sensitive areas. His mouth began to water and he softly nosed against her, feeling the damp heat of her through the material and breathing in the musky smell of her arousal. He parted his lips and poked his tongue out, pressing against her experimentally. She let out a soft moan and he licked a stripe against the scratchy fabric.

MJ threaded her fingers through Peter's curls and shoved his face against her, leaving no room for dispute. He immediately began to suck and lick against her in earnest, letting out his own moans as he did. She wiggled her hips, pressing against his mouth, fully controlling his motions with her hands in his hair.

They stayed like this for a few moments, tension growing as their moans and breathing grew heavier and louder through the quiet room. Michelle began riding Peter's mouth and tongue with abandon, throwing her head back above him. Peter looked up and saw the long column of her silky throat exposed, and finally, he couldn't handle his own arousal. He removed a hand from Michelle's soft thighs to stroke at his erection through his cotton underwear.

Michelle gripped his hair with iron fingers, ripping his head back and pulling a yelp from Peter.
"I didn't say you could touch that," Michelle reprimanded sternly, breaths coming heavy and fast. Peter almost laughed but her face looked so serious that he didn't dare. He wondered what they must look like, him on his knees before her and her all clad in black lace. He realized that she was without a doubt in charge.
"I'm sorry…" he whispered, trailing off at the end.
"Miss," Michelle corrected with a smirk. Peter rolled his eyes and huffed a laugh through his nose. Michelle yanked his hair again and Peter yelped out, "Miss! I'm sorry, Miss!"

Michelle smiled and released him roughly, almost sending him falling backward as she did. She slid back into the middle of the bed and beckoned for him to follow with her finger. He eagerly crawled back onto the bed, waiting for her to tell him what to do. He didn't have to wait long.

"Take off your underwear," she demanded. Peter blushed deep red, but slowly did as he was told, keeping his knees tight to his chest to keep himself covered.
"Lay back, arms above your head, legs straight," she commanded. "Then don't move."
Peter let out a whimper, knowing how exposed he was about to be, and ever so slowly began to unfold himself before her. As soon as he was in the position she wanted him in, she let out a little sound like a purr.

"Good boy, Peter," she commended, licking her lips as she gazed at his naked body.
"You're such a little twink, Peter. So skinny. I'm excited I get to be your first time with a girl," she said in a low, sensual voice. Peter felt himself blushing from the roots of his hair all the way down to his chest and he couldn't help the corners of his mouth turning up into a little smile.
"Me too," Peter whispered, intoxicated.

Michelle wasted no time in climbing on top of Peter's waist, straddling his hips. She hooked her finger into her panties, pulling them aside, and Peter felt his cock twitch at the sight of her pussy. A patch of soft hairs grew just above where her clit was hooded and Peter wanted to reach out and stroke it, but he stayed still like he was told.

"Um, sh-shouldn't we…" Peter began quietly. "Shouldn't we use something? A condom or something?"
Michelle smirked, reaching to grip Peter's hard cock. "I'm on the pill," she assured. "Besides, you're not going to come inside me," she stated, watching his face intently as she said it. He felt his face flush but he didn't protest.

She gripped him tighter and began to tease her clit with his cock head, moaning loudly and watching him as she did. Peter sucked in a breath at the feeling of the hot wetness that was pressing against him and he let out his own little moan, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation on the sensitive slit of his head. Suddenly she shifted her hips and he felt his length being buried in her tight wet heat. He gasped loudly, bucking his hips up and drawing a moan from Michelle above him. The feeling was so different than any he'd ever felt, having never been with a girl in this way before. It was silky and smooth and sticky and oh so delicious and he couldn't hold back the little whimpers that fell from his lips.

Finally after what seemed like forever, she began to roll her hips, snapping and bouncing slowly, chasing her own pleasure. She ground tightly against him, quickly growing closer to her own orgasm. It was happening a lot faster than he was used to with Wade and Tony, but he supposed that was normal considering that they were both seventeen. Peter thrust slowly up into her, not daring to bring his hands down to touch her.

Suddenly, he felt Michelle's hips stutter against him and he opened his eyes to see her face as she came. Her face neck and chest were glowing a beautiful peachy pink under her golden skin and her full lips were parted in her pleasure, tightly coiled curls falling uninhibited to frame her face, and gracefully falling to her collar bones.

Peter let out a little moan and began to thrust his hips up into her harder and faster at the sight, getting closer to his own release. He felt MJ's short nails on his chest, gripping him firmly but not enough to break skin, and he turned his eyes up to look at her. She was smiling in a way that almost looked devious.

"Stop," she whispered the command. Peter whined loudly but did as he was told, impatiently waiting to reach his own climax. Michelle leaned up and slid off of Peter's cock, quickly pulling her underwear back in place as she did. She gently patted Peter's cheek and smiled a little laugh.
"Thanks, Petey," she whispered, shifting herself off of Peter's waist. Peter whined again as he watched her go.

"Wait, what about m-" his complaint was cut short when Michelle moved to the side and the bedroom door came into view. Peter gasped and shot up, drawing his knees to his chest and scrambling to cover himself with the blanket.

"T-Tony!" He yelped, heart beginning to race in his chest.
Standing in the door was an angry-looking Tony. His arms were crossed over his chest and his eyes were on Peter alone.
Michelle looked behind her and saw the angry man, and she quickly jumped from the bed to grab her clothes from the floor. She looked back at Peter with a grimace and whispered, "I'll text you later," as she squeezed past the older man and out of the room.

Peter heard the front door shut behind her as she left and he felt his heart leap up into his throat, tears beginning to burn in his eyes.

"Tony, I-" he tried to squeak out before he was cut off by the older man raising his hand in the air. He didn't say anything, simply turning and walking away. Peter leaped from the bed, grabbing his clothes from the night before, jumping into his pants and gripping the shirt, frantically trying to pull it over his head as he chased Tony down the hall.

"Tony, please!" He cried as he ran, feeling the tears running hot down his face. "Tony, it isn't what you think, it-it's not… I wasn't-" he was tangled in his shirt as he ran, trying to push his head through. Before he could get the garment on correctly he was colliding with the larger man, falling flat to the ground with an "oof" in the kitchen. He finally managed to pull his shirt over his head and looked up at the angry man towering over him. He scrambled onto his knees and wrapped his arms around Tony's legs, holding him tightly as he looked up through his tear spotted lashes.

"Please, Tony, please," he begged incoherently, pawing at his legs as he did. Tony had his arms crossed against his chest again and he was glaring down at Peter with fury and hurt written all over his face.

"What are you begging for, Peter?" He finally managed to verbalize, voice low and controlled, trying to avoid yelling. He knew if he started yelling he'd start screaming and things would get even worse.

Peter sobbed against Tony, nuzzling his face against his thigh. "Tony, I'm so sorry, please, please believe me," he pleaded.

"Believe what? I walked in to see you and Michelle fucking. I'm pretty sure there's no explanation for that other than cheating," Tony seethed, reaching down to pry Peter from his legs. Peter held tightly, sobs growing more and more desperate as he tried to hold on.

"No please! It wasn't my idea! I-I told her no! I did, and then we, and then I... She convinced me-!"
Tony cut him off again when he finally was able to pry Peter from his legs and he quickly took a few steps back, away from Peter.
Peter followed him on his hands and knees and Tony became exasperated, growling loudly in anger and frustration.

"Peter!" He boomed, stopping the teen in his tracks. Peter let out a scared yelp and crouched low to the ground, looking up at Tony nervously.

"This is pathetic!" Tony roared, scrubbing his fingers through his hair and turning to pace in the small kitchen. "I'm not going to hit you! Get off the floor and be a man! This was your idea in the first place! I wanted you to myself, but you're a little slut who just had to have his way! You got all the cocks you wanted and it still wasn't enough?! You just want to fuck anyone in sight, don't you?!" Tony raged. Peter curled in on himself on the floor and wept openly, holding his face in his hands.

"P-please Tony, pl-ease," he sobbed, on the verge of hyperventilating. Tony let out an exasperated breath and turned to the table, kicking one of the chairs in anger.
"Un-fucking-believable," Tony muttered, stomping to what was left of his bottle of rum and then storming off to flop down on the couch.

Peter stayed on the floor, feeling his heart clenching in dread, fear, and shame as he cried. He stayed there until he could finally reign in his emotions, sniffling and hiccuping as he shakily lifted himself from the floor. By the time he made his way to the couch, Tony had pretty much downed most of what was left of the liquor.
He gently eased himself into the seat on the opposite end of the couch, looking up at Tony with his swollen eyes. His hands were clasped in front of him and trembling as he tried to figure out what to say.

Tony stared off through the glass door that lead to the balcony and silent tears streamed from his eyes as he did. Peter's heart clenched at the sight of them, knowing he was the cause of this man's pain.

"Tony, I-" Peter whispered, trying to quietly catch Tony's attention. Tony slowly turned his head to look at Peter, anger still tainting his features. Peter slid just slightly closer to Tony, trying again.

"Tony, I'm sorry," he began. Tony huffed incredulously, rolling his eyes and turning his gaze back through the door.

"I mean it, Tony, that's not what was supposed to happen. I… it just happened. I swear, I didn't mean for it to happen," he said just above a whisper, voice cracking on his words.
Tony didn't respond, taking a big swig from the bottle, nearly draining it completely.

"Please, believe me, Tony. I didn't mean to hurt you. And I love you, I just want you," he pleaded.

Finally, Tony turned to look at him, pausing to take in the boy's tear-streaked face and swollen eyes.

"I think we need to take a break," he finally said.

Chapter Text

Peter spent days in his apartment crying after Tony left that Sunday. He couldn't believe how badly he'd messed up. He finally had everything he could have possibly hoped for, everything was going right, and then he destroyed it with one stupid decision.

He stayed holed up in his bedroom, skipping school and shirking Spiderman duties completely. He wasn't eating properly and he hadn't showered in almost a week. He just couldn't bring himself to do anything but cry in his bed.

He'd tried calling Tony but he wouldn't respond. He never got an answer to any of his messages either, but he kept on texting.


Please talk to me

I'm so sorry for what I did

Please just talk to me


Wade had been trying to get ahold of Peter as well, but he couldn't bring himself to answer the man's calls or texts. He knew he'd have to tell Wade what had happened eventually, and he just wasn't ready to lose both of them. He thought at one point he heard a knock on the door, but he never got up to see who it was. He figured Wade would have just let himself in, but who knows for sure.

Michelle had sent him a few messages too, but he hadn't answered her yet.

Pete, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault

Is everything okay?

I haven't seen you around in school, I hope everything is alright

Please forgive me, Peter, I didn't mean to ruin everything for you. I was an idiot

Peter, I'm so sorry.

He felt like he was in an endless loop of apologies and sadness and it just wouldn't stop, no matter how hard he wished he could turn back time. He didn't know what day it was anymore, had no concept of time since his bedroom was devoid of windows. He just knew that when he was awake, he was sad.

He lay catatonic in his bed, huddled under the huge comforter with the two superhero plushies that Wade had bought him clutched tight to his chest and he was staring at the wall in the dimly lit room when he heard the door slowly creaking opened. It took him a moment to register the sound but by the time he finally had, he felt a weight shifting the mattress. A hand slowly and gently slid across his shoulder in a warm embrace. He didn't bother looking to see who it was. It could have been a murderer, he didn't care.

"Baby doll?" He heard a soft voice call. Wade's soft voice. His heart stuttered and he felt tears welling up in his eyes. He knew he'd have to tell him what happened.

"Are you okay, princess? I haven't heard from you in a while," he continued in his gentle, almost whispering voice. Peter didn't make a move to respond. He felt Wade shifting his weight behind him and suddenly he was wrapped up close and tight in Wade's arms, the blondes' larger body pressed flush against his back.

"You don't have to lay here alone. I'm happy to stay with you," Wade said soothingly in Peter's ear, and Peter felt a hot tear roll across the bridge of his nose. He didn't deserve this sweet man. His shoulders began to quake with the force of keeping his sobs swallowed down, but he couldn't hold it back for very long.

Wade kissed his shoulders and neck, trying to comfort him through his emotions.
"It's okay, baby. It's okay," he repeated over and over while Peter worked through his sobs. Finally, Peter felt like he'd cried out every tear in his body and he lay staring at the wall again, breathing shallowly.

His tiny, broken voice whispered into the silence a moment later, scratchy and low from not being used for so long.
"I don't deserve you," he stated simply.
Wade didn't respond, waiting to see if he'd continue.

He finally followed it up after a beat of silence. "You deserve so much better than me. I'm nothing but a little slut." He said it in such an even tone like he was talking about making breakfast. Wade's face screwed up into something like anger and he sat up, pulling Peter onto his back so they could finally look each other in the eyes.

"Don't ever talk about yourself like that," he replied, slight edge to his voice. "Not like this," he added on for good measure. Peter scoffed and turned his face away, not enough energy to properly smirk.

"I am. Just ask Tony. I'm just a slut that wants to fuck everyone I see," he turned back to Wade, face placid. "I fucked Michelle."

Wade winced at the words, but he didn't give away his emotions.
"I heard," he responded quietly, turning away slightly. Peter looked at him quizzically.
"You heard? From Tony?" Peter asked. Wade nodded his head.
"I called him this morning because I hadn't heard from either of you in so long. I was getting worried about you. He told me what happened on Sunday."

Peter's face flushed with shame.
"I hate myself," he whispered, voice on the edge of tears again.
Wade turned his gaze down to the fluffy comforter and let out a tiny sigh.
"You don't need to hate yourself. Everyone makes mistakes," he said evenly.

"Mistakes? I cheated! I cheated and I barely even wanted to, and then I got caught. I wanted to make you and Tony jealous by going on a date with MJ and then-" Peter's voice was growing frantic and distressed, a tear escaping his eye again when Wade cut him off.

"Wait, you were trying to make us jealous? Why? For what?" He questioned, confused.
Peter hung his head again shamefully.
"I was… jealous. I was jealous because Tony took you on a date… instead of me. I wanted him to take me!" His voice cracked again on his words and he brought his hands up to hide his face.

"I was such an idiot. I am such an idiot! I don't deserve either one of you. I wouldn't blame you if you just left and never came back," Peter whispered through his fingers. He heard Wade sigh heavily but nothing after that.

They sat in silence for a while, Wade's hand resting on Peter's knee gently and Peter attempting to bring his breathing under control. Finally, he broke the silence.

"Do you hate me, Wade?"
Wade turned and looked at Peter with incredulous eyes.

"I could never hate you, Webs. I was pining after you for years," he said with a little chuckle.
"I won't lie, I'm pretty hurt. But I wouldn't leave you over it. I think it might be a little harder to convince Tony though. He's pretty torn up about it."

Peter turned to look at Wade.
"You think so?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"Well, you just convinced him to talk to me, he took me back to his place and let me fuck his brains out and then when he came to see you, you had your dick in someone else."

Peter hung his head shamefully at Wade's words, knowing that what he did was so wrong. Suddenly, Wade's words sunk in and Peter's head whipped up with a surprised expression.

"He… he let you-"

"Fuck him. Yep. It was a seriously wild night! I had that man making some noises even I have never heard, and that is saying something! Did you ever notice the way he kinda pokes his tongue out when he takes a drink, or like, how he licks his lips a lot when he's nervous? He's totally a slut after a few drinks," Wade chuckled to himself as he reminisced.

Peter's lips twitched up into a tiny smile for the first time in days as he listened. He honestly felt so glad that Tony and Wade's night had gone so well, despite everything that had happened afterward. It's what he'd wanted, after all. He just wanted them to get along, and it seemed like it had gone better than he had hoped. Wade's face looked far away as he spoke, betraying the fondness he felt at the memory. Peter just hoped that he hadn't completely destroyed the bond that had been forming between the two older men with his actions.

"I'm sorry for what I did," Peter spoke quietly.

Wade reached forward and gently placed his hand against Peter's jaw.

"I know, sweetheart," he replied.


It took a while, but Wade had finally convinced Peter to get out of bed and into the shower.
"Look, I love the smell of a dirty gym as much as anyone, but you seriously smell, Parker." While Peter was washing up, Wade made him a huge lunch.

It was the first time in days that Peter had been clean, or changed his clothes, or even eaten anything more than a half a pop-tart. He finally realized how hungry he was when he saw everything Wade had set out on the table.

"Eat up, squirt! You're looking even more boney than usual! Even your bubble butt is looking less… bubble-y," he added on with a pointed look at Peter's ass.

Peter felt himself giggle and he let out a deep breath, feeling tension melting away from his body. Even his lungs felt less constricted than before. He hadn't even realized that his muscles were as tense as they were. It felt good to finally feel like he was getting things off his chest, even if the situation wasn't exactly better.

Peter helped himself to two plates full of delicious food and Wade sat beside him, happily munching along. Once Peter was finished, he felt so much better, so much more human than before.

The hot shower had washed away the heavy, puffy feeling of his face from all of his crying and now that his stomach was full, he was beginning to feel like he could think straight again.

He heaved a sigh and looked over at Wade.
"I really don't deserve you," he repeated his earlier thoughts.

Wade turned to him with a serious face that rarely graced his features.

"Stop being an idiot."

Peter's eyes went wide at Wade's words, but he kept quiet, listening to the man.

"I mean it. You're a smart kid Peter, but sometimes you're such an idiot. There's no reason for you to feel jealous of me and Tony's relationship. We wouldn't even have one if it weren't for you. You know, polyamory works in different ways. We don't have to be a triad relationship, we could just as easily have been just dating you and not each other. Like a "V", instead of a triangle."

Wade took a sip from his glass of orange juice and looked over at Peter with serious eyes.

"Jealousy is a normal part of polyamory and life in general, but cheating really isn't okay. You should have talked to us. At least one of us. Why did you fuck Michelle?"

Peter squirmed and blushed under Wade's intense gaze, but he knew the man deserved an answer. He cleared his throat and diverted his gaze to Wade's throat, watching his Adam's apple instead of his face.

"I-I really… don't know."

Wade's face soured for a second before he composed himself.

"I mean… it wasn't really my idea… but… I guess I didn't really know how to say no."

"Bullshit, you can say no just fine," Wade interjected, eyes beginning to look angry.

Peter quickly tried to explain himself again.

"No no, I mean, yes, I could have said no. I should have said no. I think there was just a part of me that didn't want to say no. I think I was just excited and maybe nervous… I've never been with a girl! And she… she looked so good… and she… I just felt pressured and… I wanted it. I wanted to make you guys jealous and… I wanted her." Peter finished. He felt hot tears pricking at his eyes and his throat felt like it was constricting. It was hard to talk about. He'd really enjoyed it. But he knew how much he'd hurt the men in his life with his actions too.

He stayed quiet, trying to hold back his tears and keeping his gaze focused on Wade's knees while he waited for a response.

Wade was quiet for a while before finally, he let out a huge, long, loud breath.

"Baby, promise me this won't happen again," he said commandingly, taking Peter's hands in his own and training Peter's attention back to his face.

Peter shook his head enthusiastically.
"I promise, I will never ever touch anyone else again, just you and…" his face fell for a second and his voice softened. "Just you."

Wade squeezed Peter's fingers and leaned forward to kiss Peter's cheek.

"You know, if we talked about it and everyone agreed, you might even be allowed to date Michelle too. That's kind of a big part of polyamory. I'm definitely not talking soon, but dating other people is an option. It's all about consent, though. You should have talked to Tony and me first. But, we're going to move on from this. I don't want to be trapped here, dwelling on the mistakes you've made. I'm moving forward. Together. You're going to have to figure out how to win over Tony on your own. If you still can."

Chapter Text

Tony felt… for a lack of a better word, awful. He didn't want to face what he was feeling. It was too tender; too sensitive.

When he'd gotten back home, he'd sat on the couch with a bottle of liquor and drank away his next few hours staring at nothing. He couldn't bring himself to look at the messages that were rolling in one after the other from Peter. He turned his phone off, setting it aside on his coffee table.

He finally decided it was time to get up once the bottle was a few sips short of being dry and he made his way to the lab. He stayed there until he felt like a zombie, completely numb inside and out. He didn't know how many days had passed, and his body was fully on autopilot, tinkering away at old projects.

Three days had passed by the time he finally left the lab again and made his way to his apartment on the top floor.

He quickly stepped into his shower, knowing that the smell of alcohol must be seeping from his pores, and washed himself clean.

When he was done, he sloppily toweled himself off and crossed to his bedroom to get dressed. He pulled on a pair of faded sweatpants that had worn thin and a black tank top and immediately flopped onto his bed, falling to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillows.

He slept for the better part of two days, waking Friday morning around eleven. His head pounded ferociously and he had a thirst to rival that of a desert. He groaned and peeled himself from his mattress, trudging out to his kitchen for a glass of water. He drank most of it and filled it again, slogging his way to the living room. He flopped onto the couch and reached for the remote, flipping through channels, sipping his water as he did. He felt the water rehydrating his dry veins and his head was beginning to grow clearer.

Despite everything he was feeling, the pounding headache, the nausea, the sore heart, his hormones still raged through him. He looked down at the obvious hardness pressing an imprint through his pants and frowned in annoyance. Jerking off was the last thing he was in the mood for.

He tried to ignore it by flipping through the channels for a minute and trying to find anything to distract him, but his problem just got more persistent. He heaved a heavy sigh and pulled his length from his pants, lazily and sloppily stroking himself to an orgasm. Instead of going away though, the problem kept "popping up", to Tony's further annoyance.

He heaved another dramatic sigh and mulled over his options.

He could call an escort, or go to a club and find someone to hook up with. Both options seemed too impersonal, too soon, and definitely too loud.

He huffed and reached for his phone, pressing it on and waited for the screen to load. He ignored all of the messages and calls he'd missed. Most of them were from Peter, and he wasn't ready to look at them yet.

He opened his messages and scrolled past Peter's to Wade's name and pushed the button for a new message. He quickly typed it out and his thumb hovered over the button before finally pressing send.

Come over?

it said simply.

He set his phone back down on the table and stood to get dressed and get his bed head under control. Once he brushed his teeth he felt almost human again and headed back to the living room to finish his water. He drained it in one swig and set his glass down, picking up his phone as he did. A new message flashed on the screen and he clicked it open.

Sure thing, teddy bear. Be there soon


A short while later, Tony was opening the door for Wade and ushering him over the threshold. He closed the door behind the younger man and stood at a small distance behind him. Wade looked around for a moment before turning to face Tony and sliding his hands in his pockets.

"What's up? Everything okay?" He asked in a level voice. Tony took a step closer to Wade, keeping his eyes focused on Wade's throat and collar. He didn't feel ready for something as intimate as eye contact just yet. He gently reached his hands forward and placed them gingerly on Wade's hips. He leaned forward so close that his lips brushed against the sensitive skin just below Wade's ear.

"Just wanted a little company," he murmured against Wade's throat, breath fanning over the blondes' skin, pricking up goosebumps.

Wade hummed in response and took a step forward, gently closing the gap between the two of them. He could feel Tony's hard cock pressing against his pelvis and reached between them to grip it tightly in his hand.

Tony gave a little huff of air as he gasped in surprise at the sudden movement, but he immediately felt grateful for the friction Wade offered. He placed a loud, wet kiss to the side of Wade's throat and the younger quickly moved his hands to undo Tony's button and zipper.

He pulled Tony's jeans open harshly and whispered in a seductive voice, "why don't we take this to your bedroom."

Tony let Wade lead him there and as soon as they were in the room, Wade practically tossed Tony onto the bed.

He stood at the end of Tony's bed and stripped his clothes off piece by piece, tauntingly slowly. First his jacket, then his shirt. By the time Wade had taken off his underwear, Tony had started panting and he could barely keep his hands off of himself. A wet spot was beginning to darken the denim of his jeans.

"Strip," Wade commanded, barely suppressing a smirk at how fast Tony scrambled to comply.

When Wade finally got a good look at Tony, he let out a low whistle.

Tony's cock lay swollen, plum-purple and leaking against the man's hip, looking painfully hard and throbbing rhythmically.

"Haven't you ever heard of masturbation?" Wade said jokingly as he raised his hand and lazily and sloppily stroked himself.

"Yeah, tried that. Didn't work. I need your help," Tony grumbled, annoyed edge to his voice.

"Alright, alright. So what do you want?" Wade asked with a little grin.

"I wanna get off," Tony stated, exasperated.

Wade breathed out a laugh and smiled at Tony.

"What do you want from me, big boy?" He asked again, slowly beginning to crawl up the bed.

"I need you… need you to be rough," Tony blushed as he said it. "I need it hard, fast and dirty."

Wade smiled and leaned closer, but still didn't touch Tony's skin.

"How rough?" His hot breath ghosted out across Tony's skin, raising goosebumps across Tony's flesh.

The older man let out a shudder and wrapped his arms gently around Wade's waist.

"As rough as you want. As rough as you can," he pleaded, pulling Wade's hips down closer. "You can choke me, you can pull my hair. Anything you want to do to me, just make me feel it," he whispered, feeling his skin grow hot at the words falling from his lips.

Wade pulled back to look at Tony warily.

"Tony? Is this really what you need right now? I kinda don't feel right- I mean, I-I can be soft too," he whispered, gently kissing Tony's collar bone.

Tony shuddered again and shook his head.

"I don't want soft, I don't need soft. Please just-just fuck me until I break," Tony begged, still not making eye contact.

Wade sighed and looked down at Tony's painful erection. He couldn't just leave him like that.

"I'll give you what you need but you have to give me a safe word or I'm not going to touch you," Wade stated rationally.

"Oh for fuck's-whatever, whatever you want, just please-"

Wade pulled away farther.

"Tony, this is non-negotiable. I do actually care about you, you know."

Tony heaved a frustrated sigh and pulled his hands from Wade's waist, pulling them into fists and pounding them into mattress below him. He looked a bit like a child throwing a tantrum.

"Christ, uh, okay okay, how about… cherry? Cherry, okay?" He begged, finally meeting Wade's eyes, tears glistening in his own.

"Please, I'm begging you, this really hurts," he cried, voice breaking on his words.

Wade thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

"Cherry it is," he acquiesced.

Finally, he brought his hand up slowly and wrapped his long fingers around Tony's throat, squeezing gently. Tony closed his eyes and smiled, sighing a breath of relief and tilting his head up to allow Wade more access.

"We can stop anytime-" Wade began, quickly cut off by Tony's exasperated growl.

"WADE!" Tony snarled. "Please!"

Wade shook his head.

"As you wish, your highness."

Suddenly, Wade was moving faster than Tony could comprehend. He felt the younger man's fingers digging painfully into his side, forcing him onto his stomach before he could register what was happening. His eyes widened in shock as his strong fingers closed around his throat again, restricting the airflow almost completely, pulling his head back and forcing his chest up into the air.

Tony let out a garbled yelp when he felt Wade's calloused fingers seeking out his entrance, rubbing roughly against the tight pink muscle.

"Where's the lube?" Wade growled low in Tony's ear. Tony's hand reflexively reached to pry Wade's fingers from his throat, unable to make any sound constricted as it was. He quickly realized that Wade wasn't letting go and he forced out a whine.

"Tell me where it is or I'm using you dry," Wade said menacingly, yanking Tony's chest farther back painfully, lips brushing against the shell of Tony's ear.

Tony's eyes widened and he quickly flung his arm out, flailing wildly in the direction of his nightstand.

"Good boy," Wade purred low. He wrapped his free arm around Tony's middle and hoisted him up roughly onto his knees.

"Get it, slut," he commanded roughly, shoving Tony toward the side of the bed, while still holding tight to his throat. Tony would have cried out if he could, scrambling to reach the drawer. His hand was shaking as he pulled the drawer open, fingers barely reaching the bottle, and as soon as he got his hand around it he grabbed it and passed it back to Wade as quickly as he possibly could.

"Such a good little slut," Wade praised, taking the bottle from him. Tony flushed and waited for further instructions.

He felt two of Wade's fingers, cool with slick lube, pressing against his entrance, pushing past it without any warning. He hissed through his teeth at the pain and his hand flew up to tap at Wade's hand, gripping at his throat.

Wade immediately released his grip.
"Ooh, I'm sorry! Is that too much, baby girl?” he asked sincerely.

Tony gasped, filling his burning lungs with badly needed oxygen. He shook his head, still panting to catch his breath.

"No. No, it's okay, it just hurt. It's okay, that's what I wanted," he gasped. Wade stayed still for a moment before he slowly began wiggling his first two fingers inside of Tony. When Tony stayed still for Wade, he began to press them farther inside. Soon, he had three fingers seated deep inside of Tony and the older man was panting and writhing below him, bucking his hips in search of friction.

Wade could see the way Tony's cock was weeping profusely onto the bedspread and the man was practically crying beneath him. He decided to cut the preparations short.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, can you take it?" He asked gently, slicking his cock with more lube.

"Don't ask, just fuck me. You made me think up the stupid safe word so just-" Tony's grumbles were cut off by a high yelp as Wade shoved the blunt head of his cock inside of Tony without warning. Wade pressed quickly all the way in to the hilt, burying himself completely inside of Tony, and Tony couldn't do anything but whimper beneath the broader man.

Once Wade had adjusted to the tight squeeze of Tony's velvet heat, he wasted no time setting a brutal pace, slamming home with each thrust. Tony was reduced to a screaming, crying mess in minutes and soon was begging Wade to give him more.

"Please, please, I... I need… I need more, please!" He whined. Wade reached forward and shoved his first three fingers into Tony's mouth, stroking against his warm tongue. He pressed back far enough to make Tony retch, listening to him gag wetly as his hips kept up their brutal pace. Tony sucked the offered fingers obediently, drooling around them and pressing back to meet Wade's rough thrusts. The loud squelching noises would have embarrassed him any other time, but now, he just needed to forget his thoughts for a while, and Wade was proving to be the perfect distraction.

He spread his legs farther and dropped his belly to the mattress, humping against the cool, wet blanket desperately, whimpering and falling apart by the second. He hoped silently that Wade wouldn't reprimand him or make him stop pleasuring himself, needing the touch so badly.

To his relief, Wade dropped his heavy weight on top of him, pressing his hips deeper against the older man, digging his toes into the bed and pushing in as deep as he possibly could. Each thrust forward forced Tony's hips harder into the mattress and he clenched his fists into the pillows below him.

"Daddy, I'm g-gonna cum," he sobbed in a hoarse voice, so near to his release he couldn't think about anything else. Wade gently kissed Tony's shoulder, then gripped a fistful of his hair, shoving his face hard into the pillows, adjusting the angle of his thrusts and aiming to brutally pound into Tony's sweet spot.

Seconds later, Tony's muffled scream pierced through the air, his body shuddering sweetly beneath Wade. The young blondes' hips began to slow, fucking Tony through the aftershocks of his intense orgasm. Finally, Tony's body stopped shuddering and Wade released his grip on his hair. Tony turned his face to the side and panted, eyes squeezed shut tightly.

"That was, that-that was just, I-"

"You're welcome," Wade cut him off, voice no longer a hard growl. Tony's cheeks flushed pink and he opened his eyes to look up at the young blonde above him.

"Thanks," he practically whispered, feeling his muscles relaxing into the mattress now that his arousal was finally sated.

"Don't go to sleep yet, your highness. I still need your help to get off," Wade cooed into Tony's ear. Tony's lips twitched into a smile and he took a deep breath in.

"Alright, how do you want me?" He murmured back. He grunted as he felt Wade pulling his long hard cock from inside him.

"We're going to finish my way. Sit up," he gently commanded, helping Tony into a sitting position. He adjusted his position so that he was sitting against the headboard and then held his hand out to guide Tony into his lap.

Tony tried to sit quickly down onto Wade's cock, but the younger man's strong hands held his slim hips firmly in place.

"Slow!" Wade urged, gently lowering the older man down. Tony groaned at the feeling of being penetrated so slowly, avoiding looking Wade in the eyes again.

Once Tony was fully seated, Wade began to rock the older man's hips back and forth, grinding deliciously against his prostate. Tony couldn't contain the deep moans he was letting out at the feeling, his cock had finally gone soft, beginning to fill and harden again. He wrapped his arms around Wade's broad shoulders and leaned his head against the younger man's neck, closing his eyes as he shifted his hips languidly.

"This feels nice," Tony whispered, beginning to slowly bounce up and down. Wade kissed gently at Tony's neck, against the shallow finger-shaped bruises beginning to form there, and ran his hands over the expanse of Tony's back, groping at his ass. He gripped Tony's shoulders, pulling him away slightly to kiss gently at his chest.

"You know," he began, kissing near the glowing blue reactor in Tony's chest. "I used to think you were so perfect. I thought you were this… faultless man, free of scars and imperfections. No worries in the world."

He kissed closer to the edge of the reactor, where old scars littered his chest. "I was so worried about not measuring up." Another kiss. "About not being good enough. I thought Peter wouldn't want me."

He felt Tony's muscles tense at the sound of Peter's name and he licked a stripe across Tony's chest to try to bring him back to the moment.

"Now, I can see you for who you really are. All of your scars and your flaws. Your temper and jealousy."

Tony dropped his head to Wade's shoulder, hiding his face in the younger man's neck.

"I still think you're perfect." Wade whispered, cupping Tony's face and pulling him back up to meet his eyes.

Tony felt hot tears threatening to spill over again, and he stifled a sob. Wade gently pressed their lips together, sliding his tongue against Tony's lips, asking for entrance. Tony opened his lips, allowing Wade to deepen the kiss, and sighed into the comfort he felt.

He realized that he actually did feel safe with Wade. He found himself loving and craving the feeling of his big hands against his skin and a fat, hot tear rolled from his closed eyes.

They stayed like this, lazily kissing and fucking, running their hands against each other for a while, silent save for the wet sounds of their skin and the little moans falling from their lips.
Tony dropped his head back in pleasure every time Wade licked or kissed at the expanse of scars across his chest, and he felt another orgasm building low in his tummy.

"I think this is what you really needed," Wade whispered breathlessly. "I think you just needed to feel someone love you."

Tony broke down at Wade's words, unable to hold it back any longer. He'd spent an entire week numbing his mind and emotions, doing everything he could to forget what had happened and block it out. To suddenly have it all rushing back to him was overwhelming.

He clutched tightly to Wade's shoulders, holding him close as his body was wracked with sobs. Wade wrapped his arms around Tony's torso, pulling him in tight, peppering his skin with little kisses. He sat up onto his knees, laying Tony lightly onto his back. He shushed him gently, kissing and caressing as much of Tony as he could, trying to help him through his waves of sorrow.

After a few moments, Tony was able to bring himself under control, heaving sobs becoming hiccups, and he let out a sad little chuckle.

"I'm really sorry I just ruined this for you," he muttered, looking away bashfully.

"Oh my sweet habanero, it's gonna take a lot more than that to make this hard-on sad," Wade chuckled, happy to be there for Tony, happy to try to make him laugh. "You have a really hot crying face," he added with a goofy grin.

Tony laughed and shoved Wade's shoulder playfully, taking a deep breath and feeling himself relax. He wiped the tears from his eyes with the heels of his palms and sighed, looking at Wade fully this time.

"Thanks," he mumbled, a tiny smile gracing his face. "For being here for me." His cheeks twinged pink. Wade's returning smile was warm.

"Any time, your highness. Just between you and me but I think I might be falling for you," he said shyly. Tony felt his cheeks growing redder.

"The feeling might be mutual," he whispered back.

Wade whined low and quiet in his chest, giving an experimental thrust of his hips, punching out a sound of pleasure from Tony's lips.

Tony chuckled and slowly pressed back against Wade, feeling his second orgasm quickly rushing back to him. His face and chest flushed and his eyelids fluttered closed at the feeling.

Wade smiled at the reaction and leaned close to Tony's ear.

"Does that still feel good, baby?" He asked in a husky voice.

Tony shuddered and nodded, wrapping his arms firmly around Wade's waist, holding him tightly. He dropped his knees open wide onto the mattress and leaned forward to kiss Wade again.

"You can fuck me, daddy," he whispered when he broke the kiss.

Wade made an appreciative noise and began to slowly pump his hips into Tony again. This time, he took his time, all the tenderness he could muster, swimming in the beautiful sounds Tony was making.

Tony felt his orgasm peaking in no time at all, and his thighs began quaking beneath Wade.

"Wade, I-I," Tony panted, trying to articulate his thoughts, scattered as they were. "I'm, I'm gonna-"

"Me too, baby," Wade forced out in a gasp as his hips began to stutter. Tony felt relief wash over him, and he sobbed loudly as his pleasure-filled him with heat.

His cock spurted hot and sticky all over both of their chests and stomachs and his hole began to clench down around Wade's hard length.

"Oh, Christ!" Wade yelped, feeling his own orgasm being milked from him, coating Tony's velvety soft insides.

"Oh, Tony!" Wade gasped, trying to catch his breath. "That was amazing," he said breathlessly, bright blue eyes meeting Tony's near black ones.

Tony smiled and heaved a sigh, leaning up to kiss Wade deeply.

"It was amazing. You're right, that's exactly what I needed," he whispered back.

After they'd both caught their breath, Tony lead Wade into his bathroom and they'd gotten into the shower together. They took their time washing each other and lazily kissing. It was so much different from the first time they'd showered together, so much more tender and personal.

Suddenly, Tony realized that under everything he felt and everything that had happened, he truly appreciated Peter for creating a bond between Wade and himself. It never would have happened without the boy, and Tony was so grateful for it. Especially now when he needed someone so much.

He leaned forward to where the man stood in front of him and wrapped his arms around Wade's shoulders, resting his head on the blonde. He held him tightly and rocked slightly, drinking in the feeling of his heart beating against his own chest.

"Thank you, Wade. For being here for me," Tony whispered again, barely audible under the loud shower head. Wade's arms wrapped tighter.

"Not a problem, your highness," Wade responded fondly.

A short while later the two had gotten dressed and were in Tony's kitchen together. Wade had gathered all of the empty liquor bottles and glasses that were strewn about, while Tony had ordered a late lunch to be delivered to the tower.

Tony sat at his kitchen table watching as Wade filled the sink with soapy water.

"You really don't have to do my dishes for me, Wade. I don't even do my own dishes," he laughed.

"It's no big deal. It's what I'm here for. Moral support, great sex and good in the kitchen. What more could you ask for from a boyfriend, right?" Wade smiled over his shoulder.

Tony smiled, then dropped his gaze to the glass of cold water that Wade had gotten for him.

"Loyalty," Tony muttered under his breath.

Wade turned and looked back at Tony. He finished washing the last of the glasses (there weren't many) and rinsed it, setting it aside on the dish drainer with the rest, and grabbed a towel to dry his hands. He then walked across the open, sun-filled kitchen and sat down across from Tony. He took his hand gently in his own and waited until Tony looked up at him

"Peter really misses you," Wade began quietly.

Tony quickly pulled his hand back in annoyance.

"I don't want to talk about that," he growled. "He-" Wade interrupted him.

"He made a mistake. One he regrets very much. I'm not excusing it or saying it was okay, I'm just saying, maybe you should consider talking to him. Maybe it doesn't absolutely fix things but maybe you'll at least get it off your chest a little bit. It'll make you feel better."

Tony looked at Wade severely, like he was thinking over a thought, before he finally replied, "You're talking about closure."

Wade put his hands up in faux surrender.

"I'm talking about communication, nothing more or less. I think it would be good for both of you."

Tony hummed and looked over at his phone, where it still sat on the coffee table in the living room. He'd never even bothered to open the messages.

He drummed his fingers on the table for a moment before looking back up at Wade.

"I'll think about it."

Chapter Text

When Monday morning rolled around, Peter finally decided that it was time to get back to his classes. He'd missed a whole week of work, and while it wouldn't be too difficult for him to catch up, it would definitely be time-consuming.

He was starting to feel better since Wade had been there. He'd been plenty reassuring that Peter would be okay no matter what happened in the end. Tony still hadn't answered his messages, but he could only hope that someday soon he would. Peter couldn't help but keep trying to get through anyway.

I'm sorry for everything I did. You deserved better. I hope you have a good day

Peter hit send before thumbing off his phone and stepping into the school building. He had no idea what he'd say when he saw Michelle. His plan was pretty much to just avoid her. He skirted the walls of the hallways, avoiding being in the throng of rushing students and keeping his eyes to the floor. He still didn't feel quite right to be in public yet, he just knew that he needed to get on with his life sooner or later.

He quickly emptied the contents of his book bag into his locker and grabbed his books for his first period, rushing to his homeroom with his head ducked down. He grabbed a seat at the back of the room, immediately pulling up his hood and laying his head down on his forearms. Unfortunately for him, Ned would have recognized him anywhere, anyway.


"Peter! It's been forever, bro! Are you okay?" He asked, thankfully quietly. Peter peeked up from under his hood and met Ned's worried eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just been going through some stuff lately," Peter replied. Ned nodded his head in understanding, just as their homeroom teacher walked in.

"Let's catch up at lunch," Ned stated, quickly standing and rushing to his seat. Thankfully, Michelle was in a different homeroom.

Peter went through his morning mostly as usual. He was surprised when Flash had actually offered his help to catch up on work he'd missed. He decided to take his peer up on his offer. He wasn't exactly being a jerk anymore. What could it hurt?

By the time Peter saw MJ again, his day was most of the way through. He'd already caught Ned up on what had happened between himself, MJ and Tony, and Wade. Ned had been completely shocked. Apparently, Michelle had been avoiding him the past week too.

Peter stood at his locker in dread, doing his best to hide in his locker without being too obvious about it. Michelle spotted him anyways and nervously walked to where Peter stood.

"Did you get my messages?" Michelle asked timidly. Peter let out a tiny sigh and closed his locker door partly, meeting her eyes as he did.

"Yeah," he replied, clamming up right after.

Michelle shuffled her feet before speaking again.
"I'm really really sorry, Peter," she all but whispered.

"You and I both," Peter responded absently.

"Tony wasn't too mad, was he?" She questioned.

"He called me a slut and hasn't talked to me since. So yeah, I'd say he was pretty mad," Peter answered snarkily, feeling himself growing bitter.

Michelle looked genuinely remorseful and Peter almost felt guilty for being mad at her. But he couldn't just forget and let it slide. It had totally thrown off his whole life.

"Well, what if I offered to talk to him myself? Apologize to him directly?" She suggested, hopeful look in her eyes.

"You know, if you can get ahold of him please do, I'd like to talk to him myself," Peter threw her way coldly, slamming his locker door closed.

Mj nodded but didn't say anything. She wore a painfully guilty look on her face and she had some tears in her eyes. Peter hated seeing her hurt like this, she was his best friend after all. But he took a deep breath and steeled his resolve. This was her fault. If she wanted him to accept her apology, she needed to prove that she was truly sorry.

"I'll see you around, MJ," Peter said quietly as he began walking away. She just nodded and watched him leave. He had one more class left before he could finally head back home and start catching up on all of his missed work. He hurried ahead so that he'd have time to turn his phone back on and check for any messages before class started.

He quickly made his way to the back of the room and pulled his phone from his pocket, switching it on and waiting for the startup screen to load. He tapped his foot impatiently.

Finally, the screen turned back on and he quickly switched over to his messages. He actually had a few in his inbox and he grew excited.

Hey Babycakes! Wade.
I stopped by your place but you weren't around! You go back to school today?

A few minutes after, he'd sent another text.

I'm proud of you for going back. I hope you're having a good day

The next had come about three hours afterward, about an hour before now.

You want me to come over tonight and help with homework? I promise I won't be a distraction!

Peter smiled and quickly typed a response.

Give me a few hours before you come over, but I'd love the company

He pressed the back button on his phone, now that he didn't have any unread messages from Wade and was preparing to turn it back off when another notification caught his eye. He quickly clicked it and his heart leaped into his throat.

Can I see you tonight? We need to talk.

Peter's eyes widened, hot tears threatening to start spilling over. Tony. It was Tony! He was finally responding! And he wanted to see Peter! He couldn't help the way his heart thundered joyously in his chest and the way his hands shook. He typed a response faster than he'd ever texted before in his life.

Yes! Tony, I've missed you so much! Please come over tonight, I'll talk about anything you want me to! I'll do anything you ask, just please come over!

He quickly hit send, then began typing another message quickly. The bell was going to ring any second.

Wade asked to come over tonight too, he'll be over later. I have a ton of work to catch up on from last week but I can wait until later for that. I just really need to talk to you

Just then the bell rang. Peter moved to hit the power button on his phone but decided to shoot one more quick text Tony's way.

I love you, Tony

"Peter, phones away, class is beginning," he heard his teacher call from the front of the room. His face flushed when he looked up and saw that everyone had turned to look at him. He cleared his throat nervously and nodded his head.

"Yes ma'am," he whispered, just as he felt his phone buzz in his fingers. He decided to chance it and take a quick glance.

I'll see you tonight

It said simply. Peter smiled and quickly pressed the power button, dropping his phone back into his bag. The next fifty-five minutes were the longest he'd ever had to sit through in his life.

Finally, after what seemed like years, Peter was packing up all of his extra work into his bag and rushing for the doors, practically running to get home. He didn't bother stopping to turn his phone back on, planning to do it once he'd reached home.

He was turning the key in his doorknob just a short seven minutes later, panting and his shoulder was aching from all of the heavy books he was carrying. He rushed through the door, barely caring if it closed behind him, and rushed to the dining room to drop his bookbag on a chair with a groan. He quickly reached into his front pocket and pulled out his cell, thumbing it back on. While it was loading, he rushed to the sink and poured himself some water, throat having gone dry from a combination of rushing and nervous excitement. He quickly paced back, turning the screen on to check for messages.

He had one.

I'll be there soon.

Peter checked the timestamp and it was marked about eleven minutes before. Suddenly, he was petrified.

Tony would be there in just a few minutes. He didn't have any time to prepare himself. He couldn't shower, or change or try to relax at all. It was just going to happen.

He scrubbed his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. He considered pulling out an assignment and getting started, but he knew he'd never be able to concentrate. So he paced. And paced.

And paced some more.

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door and he jumped, his blood running cold and draining from his face. He felt himself beginning to sweat and he gulped. He quickly rushed down the hallway to the door and braced himself as his hand touched the knob.

Taking a quick breath, he turned the doorknob and pulled the door open. Tony stood calmly, hands in his pockets and face neutral. His hair looked soft but his face was unkempt and stubbly, eyes covered in dark blue-tinted sunglasses.

Peter's eyes went wide and he sucked in a quiet gasp, overjoyed to see the handsome man before him. It had only been a week but Peter felt as if he hadn't seen Tony in so much longer.
He'd forgotten how tall the man stood and how much bigger than Peter he really was.

"Can I come in?" He asked, voice gravelly and quiet. Peter was quickly shaken from his awe and nodded quickly.

"O-of course! Yeah, yes, please! Please come in, Tony," he rambled, quickly standing out of the way to let the older man in. Tony slowly stepped over the threshold and walked toward the living room. Peter closed the door and quickly followed behind.

"Tony, I-I… I've missed you so much," Peter managed to squeak, wringing his hands nervously behind the taller man. Tony didn't respond, just looked around the apartment as if taking in every detail. Finally, he turned and faced Peter, finally meeting his eyes.

Peter's heart thumped and he took a shaky step forward, not sure how to greet the man. He slowly began reaching his hands out, lifting them up and moving towards Tony's shoulders, clearly going for a hug. Tony still didn't move and Peter faltered, lowering his arms back down.

"C-can I please have a hug, Tony?" He asked in a tiny voice. He knew he probably sounded pathetic but he didn't care. Tony breathed a tiny sigh through his nose and then he finally moved.

He pulled one hand from his pocket, and leaned forward, loosely wrapping it around Peter's shoulders, patting him almost awkwardly.

Peter surged forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Tony's midsection and burying his face into the older man's shirt, taking a huge inhale and relishing in his scent. He held on tightly and felt tears beginning to well up behind his eyes once again.

"I missed you so much, Tony," he repeated in a shaky voice. "I know you can't forgive me just yet, but please, I'm so fucking sorry," he said, beginning to shake from the force of holding back his sadness.

He felt Tony slowly pull his other arm from his pocket finally and he wrapped both arms loosely around Peter's shoulders, holding him in return.

They stayed like that for a moment before Tony finally broke the embrace, pulling back gently. He cleared his throat and gestured to the couch beside them, indicating to sit. Peter nodded and followed Tony's lead, sitting close enough that their knees knocked gently, but not so close as to crowd the older man.

Peter quietly peered up at Tony with owlish eyes through his shaggy chestnut curls, and Tony's face took a fond edge looking back at him. His dark eyes softened and his lips sloped gently upward at the corners.

"I miss you, tesoro," Tony finally sighed out, voice barely audible. Peter unconsciously leaned forward, craning his head farther up.

"I miss you too, Tony. A lot," Peter admitted, cheeks heating up at the raw honesty of their words.

"I'm really fucking mad at you."

Peter's head dropped and his eyes turned sad.
"I know."
Tony drummed his fingers slowly on his own leg, thinking quietly before speaking again.

"I still love you. I just wish you hadn't done what you did."

Peter's head dropped lower.
"I'm sorry," he repeated. "I have no excuses for what I did."

"You definitely don't. And I'm not going to forgive you that quickly either. But…" Tony looked around for a moment before lightly resting his hand on Peter's knee. "I want to try to fix things. If we can."

Peter felt hope constricting in his chest and he couldn't stop the little smile tugging at his lips at Tony's words.

"You mean it?" Peter sighed in a wistful voice, eagerly wrapping his fingers around Tony's.

"Yeah. It's going to take me a while to get over it though, I want you to be aware of that."
Peter nodded and leaned forward, gently resting his head against Tony's shoulder. He'd missed the older man so much.

"You said you have homework to do?" Tony asked in a quiet voice. Peter just nodded against his chest, eyes closed.

"I missed all of last week. I have to make it all up, on top of this week's assignments and a project that's due soon." Peter sighed, thinking about his list of what needed done. Now that he was really compiling it in his head, it seemed like a lot more.

"You should get to work on it, honey. Especially if Wade's coming over tonight. Lord knows his goofy ass is a distraction." Tony stated, ever the doting, concerned parent figure and voice of reason. Peter let out a little chuckle in agreement, then sat up slightly to look up at Tony.

"Can I ask about how your date went?" He squeaked in a tiny voice. He was nervous to bring up that day but he hadn't been able to talk about it at all with Tony himself.

Tony sat quiet for a moment before he spoke.

"I took him to a little painting class. We made some paintings together and they're in Wade's apartment now. He wanted me to keep mine but it wasn't very good, so he decided to keep mine too." Peter waited for a moment while Tony was silent before he spoke again.

"Then we went out for dinner. Had some very serious, much-needed conversation about rules and boundaries. I had cameras in your apartment and his. They're gone now."

Peter sat stunned at the news. Wade hadn't bothered to mention that. He didn't really know what to say to Tony, but he could see an embarrassed pink flush creeping up his neck, even as he kept his face placid.

"So that's how you knew all those things? How you saw us having sex and how you knew what we said," Peter put together out loud.

"Yeah," Tony admitted, somewhat shamefully. "I saw what happened with the balcony. I told him he needs to take no for an answer. He told me I need to back off. Then we went to my place…" Tony trailed off, flush growing deeper.

Peter pressed a little for more information. He couldn't lie, he wished he'd been there to watch and he absolutely wanted the dirty details.

"And? Wade said you had a few drinks…" he tried leading Tony. Tony flushed crimson to the tips of his ears and cleared his throat.

"Why don't you tell me about your date with Michelle?" He countered. Peter felt himself blush but decided that Tony deserved to hear it too, the same as Wade.

"We went shopping, got some lunch and came back here. We were playing video games and she found your rum. I got way too drunk and then…. We went to bed," he finished sheepishly.

"Uh-huh. So you and I both had a few drinks and got a little too loose is basically what happened," Tony summed up. Peter drooped his head down again and nodded. They sat in silence for a moment before Tony spoke again.

"Did you like it?" His voice was barely above a whisper. Peter looked up at him and met his dark eyes. He wasn't sure what the correct response should be.

"I… it felt good. It was my first time with a girl and I could never have guessed it would feel like that. But… I think the regret I have overshadows any other part of it. I never should have let her take control like that," he answered honestly.

"What do you mean she took control?" Tony asked curiously.

"Well… I guess I'm just a bit too… submissive. I just couldn't help myself when she was telling me what to do and how to do it. And it was so… intoxicating. I was just.. so overwhelmed and full of lust… I'm so sorry, Tony." He hung his head again, feeling a few hot tears running down his face, dripping down into his lap.

Tony's face screwed up into something not entirely readable and he hummed before he said anything.

"So let me get this straight… She got you drunk, took you to bed, and then took advantage of you?" He asked with a bit of a growl in his voice.

Peter looked back up at Tony with a gasp and shook his head.

"No! I mean, yes but… I should have said no, I should have been more in control of myself! I should have-"

"No, Peter, that's technically rape. Did she have your consent?" He asked stormily.

"She said it wasn't a big deal, she said it was just sex and it didn't mean anything. I should have said no, I should have told her it was wrong but I was hungover and she was persuasive…"

Just then a soft knock on the door caught both of their attention, both of them turning their heads to the sound.

"That's probably Wade," Peter decided. "He's early. Should I tell him it's not a good time?"

"No, it's fine. We should all talk about this together too."

Peter nodded and slowly stood to answer the door. Tony waited on the couch as Peter walked down the hallway, hearing the sound of the door creaking open.

"Hey Wa-what are you doing here!? You can't be here! Not now!" Peter whispered, just barely able to be heard from where Tony sat. That piqued his interest and he craned his neck to hear better. Why would Peter say that to Wade? He knew the man was coming over.

"It's really not a good time! He's finally talking to me again, you can't mess this up for me!"

"It's alright baby, I'm here too. It won't be that bad I promise." Wade's hushed voice.

"But-!" Peter exclaimed again before he was cut off by Wade's voice.

"It's alright, squirt. It'll be quick."

Finally, Tony heard the soft shuffles of feet coming closer in the hallway and a moment later Peter's frightened form appeared in the entrance to the living room. He was looking at Tony like he was terrified and his breathing was visibly heightened.

"Please, I-I didn't know! Please don't be mad at me!" He squeaked, throat constricted by anxiety. Wade's big form appeared just a second after, towering over Peter and placing his big hands on Peter's tiny shoulders.

"Hey, sweet potato. Glad you finally decided to come over here," he said quietly to Tony. Tony nodded but he still looked confused. Wade gave Peter a little nudge and the younger boy moved from the doorway on shaky legs, his face drained of color. Wade followed him in, and once Wade had exited the doorway, Tony could clearly see MJ's tiny form cowering in the hallway.

Tony felt the hairs at the back of his neck bristle and his jaw clenched tightly. He slowly stood to his full height, eyes only on Michelle. Wade quickly took a few steps closer to Tony, trying to be a buffer between the oldest and… everything else.

"It's okay, Tone. I found her on the way over here and convinced her to join me," he said in a quiet, soothing voice. Tony's angry eyes shot to Wade's blue ones and he glared hard at the man.

"Why? Why would you do that?" He growled angrily.

"I just-first off, I didn't actually know you'd be here, and second, I really think that we all need to talk about what happened."

Michelle finally spoke up, cutting off what Tony was preparing to yell out.

"I'm sorry!" She squeaked. "I really am, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to ruin your relationship with Peter and I'm really so sorry for everything I put you all through!" She forced out, wringing her hands nervously.

Tony huffed and massaged his temples in annoyance. Wade took another step forward and gently placed a hand at Tony's hip, trying to provide a reassuring, grounding touch for the man. Tony unconsciously leaned into the touch and he took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Michelle, you got him drunk and took advantage of him." Tony was barely keeping his voice level. Wade wrapped his free hand around Tony's other hip, pulling him in a little tighter. From where Peter stood, it looked like the move could be either to hold him in place or for comfort. Probably a bit of both.

"I-I, that's not-" she tried.

"No, I walked in on you two, remember? It happened." Tony interrupted her.

"No, of course it happened, I just - what I'm saying is, he wasn't drunk anymore. And… he had a choice."

"So you didn't persuade him… at all?" Tony asked, not sounding like he was accepting what she had to say in the least bit.

"I didn't say that" Michelle responded quietly.

"So what happened, Michelle? Please tell me because I'd really love to know," Tony ground out. He reached to Wade's hands and pulled them off his hips, moving a few steps forward before the broader man could grab him.

"Look, Italian ice, you can't assault a teenager," Wade reminded Tony quietly.

Michelle gasped and her eyes filled with tears, shining in the light. Her lip quivered and Peter felt his heart twinge in sorrow for her.

"I just… I just missed him!" She cried out suddenly. "He's my best friend and all he cares about is you!" She shrieked, tears sliding down her face and her finger pointed in Tony and Wade's direction. "I missed him! I just thought that maybe if he liked fucking me too, that I'd have a chance to spend time with him again, and we were trying to make you two jealous, but it was stupid and this is all my fault and I'm just fucking sorry!" She wailed.

"I'm sorry and I just came here to tell you that he didn't even want it! I tried to be all in control like you guys so that he would want it and then it worked, and I thought maybe-" she fumbled for words for a moment before she finally just broke down and sobbed. Peter crossed to her quickly, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

Tony's face wore a sorrowful expression and he let out a long breath full of tension, scrubbing his hands over his weary face.

"I need a drink," he grumbled out, pulling away from Wade again and heading toward the kitchen.

"One for me too, hot stuff," Wade called after Tony, crossing over to where the two teens stood. Tony grabbed a bottle of Scotch from the top cupboard and began pouring two crystal glasses full of the amber liquid. When he turned back around, Wade was holding them both in his big arms.

Tony couldn't stop the warm feeling of affection that threaded it's way around his heart at the sight, as much as he'd never admit it.

He took the few steps to the kitchen table and sat down, placing Wade's drink down as he did. He didn't quite know how to feel. Maybe they all were a little bit to blame.

"Why don't we sit down, guys?" Wade suggested, ushering them toward the dining room. Peter willingly obliged, sitting to Tony's left. After a moment, MJ sniffled and nodded, shuffling her feet to where the other two sat. She took the seat beside Peter, leaving Wade to sit beside Tony.

"I guess I owe some apologies," Tony stated into the silence. "I didn't realize I was taking up so much of his time," he added sincerely, looking ahead at Michelle. She glanced up sheepishly and met his gaze.

"I'm sorry too," she returned quietly. Tony nodded and dropped his gaze to his glass.

"This needs to never happen again," Tony said firmly. "I can't trust either of you two right now. And it really did fuck up our relationship, which may I remind you, is something that was still pretty new."

Michelle nodded and cast her eyes to Tony's drink.

"It won't happen again," she promised.



A while later, Wade sat with Tony on the couch, allowing Michelle to help Peter catch up on some of his missed assignments. There was no way he trusted to leave them alone, but as long as they were only a glance away, he decided he could accept it. He couldn't keep Peter away from his friends, and he wouldn't want to even if he could. It wasn't right.

It put a bit of strain on Tony in a way that he didn't expect. He lay with Wade on his chest, arms wrapped around his torso and sipped whiskey from a tumbler from one hand, while the other ran idly through Wade's soft, unruly hair. He listened to the youngest two working out an equation together and couldn't help but feeling like a dad making sure his son wasn't getting up to things he shouldn't, instead of like a boyfriend with the people he loved. He wasn't sure how long he'd be able to handle such an unsettling feeling.

Wade seemed to sense that the man was deep in his troubling thoughts and he lifted his head up to look Tony in the eyes.

"We'll be okay," he said just loud enough for Tony to hear. He leaned forward and kissed Tony gently, sweet and soft, then kissed harder.

In seconds, Tony was letting the younger blonde take control of the kiss, turning it into a mini-makeout session, filled with Wade's tongue and punctuated by tiny rolls of his hips against Tony's thigh.

Tony reached down and grabbed hold of the back of Wade's jeans, gripping the waistband tightly and grinding the man harder against himself, pulling tiny whimpers from his throat.

He was almost lost in the hot, sloppy kisses and the growing need from the handsome blonde. Almost.

Except for the small part of him that wished Wade wasn't staying with Peter that night.

And the part that wasn't sure if there could still be a future with Peter.

Chapter Text

Tony had seen Michelle out at the end of the night, making sure that she was gone before he left, himself. He'd said goodbye to Peter first with a soft if awkward kiss to the crown of his head and a promise to be in contact soon.

He'd said goodbye to Wade last, letting the man walk him to the door. After a sloppy kiss and a few giggles from Wade, Tony had smiled for the first time in what felt like ages.

"You sure you don't wanna come back with me to my place?" He leaned close to Wade's ear and whispered, "We can lick chocolate sauce off each other's bodies and take a bubble bath while we finish what we started on the couch?" with a smirk and a wink.

Wade let out a little groan and canted his hips toward Tony, giving the man's waistband a little tug.

"I thought I was supposed to be the dirty one," he moaned. "Sorry polpetto, I promised Peter I'd spend the night with him," Wade responded with an exaggerated sigh. He looked Tony up and down lecherously and then his face turned serious.

"You know, I'm sure Peter wouldn't mind if we both stayed the night. He'd probably love it."

Tony shook his head gently, removing his hands from Wade's hips and placing them in his own pockets.

"Not tonight, Romeo. I'm definitely not ready for that right now. Besides, he needs some sleep before school tomorrow. Let him get some rest, yeah?" He advised. He hesitated a moment, gazing fondly at the younger man. "Since when do you know Italian, by the way?"

"Oh, I may have looked up a few things. Ho fatto colpo su di te?"

"Sempre." Tony said fondly.

Wade smiled and kissed Tony's jaw, just above the spot that he'd learned drove the older man crazy. Tony gave a little growl in response. Wade huffed a breath of a laugh and gently gave Tony a push into the hallway.

"Goodnight, Casanova," he said fondly, slowly closing the door.

Wade sighed and turned back into the apartment, heading to where Peter waited nervously. It was getting late.

"Hey hotcakes. It's getting to be about bedtime, I think," Wade said quietly, heeding Tony's words to let Peter get some rest. He gently lifted Peter's chin with three fingertips and pressed his lips against the youngest's. As soon as he pulled away, Peter began to cry.

He looked up at Wade with watery brown eyes, lip quivering slightly and the torrent of emotion began to break free. Hot tears began to overflow and slide down his face and Wade felt sadness grip his chest.

He quickly pulled Peter into a tight embrace, running fingers through his hair and rubbing his other hand up and down his spine.

"Baby!" Wade exclaimed. Peter spoke before he could ask what was wrong.

"I miss Tony so much," he sobbed. Wade nodded and waited to hear if there was more.

"I don't think he wants me anymore, Wade. He just wants you, and it's all my fault. He doesn't want me anymore," he shook with the force of his sobs and Wade could feel his tears soaking through his shirt.

"I'm sure that's not true, Spiderbaby. He came here, didn't he?"

"He didn't even kiss me goodbye. He was too busy trying to convince you to leave me, too."

"Oh honey, I think you need to take a nice hot shower and put on some sweats and get some sleep sweetheart," Wade said gently, turning Peter around and guiding him down the hall.

He helped Peter undress and started the water in the shower to let it heat up, then knelt down before the boy.

"It'll be okay. We'll all be okay," he said, much as he'd done to Tony. "We'll all figure things out. He just needs time," he promised Peter.

Peter sniffled and nodded with a sigh, before stepping into the shower under the spray of water. Wade leaned in and grabbed a bottle of what he hoped was soap, he couldn't tell with all of the fancy things Tony had stocked the shower with and began scrubbing Peter gently. He hummed a little tune as he washed his milky fair skin with care and then moved on to scrubbing his curls. When he was finished he sat back and allowed Peter a few minutes under the hot water before he finally reached in to turn off the shower.

He grabbed a fluffy towel and dried him gently, fluffing his curls until he heard a giggle and then finally let him go.

"Let's get dressed, snuggle bear," he said, leading Peter across the hall with a firm but gentle hand.

Once Peter had pulled on a pair of silky shorts, he helped him into the bed and crawled in next to him, wrapping his arms around him tightly.

"Get some sleep, sweetheart," he whispered, peppering his forehead with kisses. The boy was asleep within minutes.

Wade sighed and lay looking up at the ceiling. He knew Peter had every right to be upset, but he also knew it was going to start taking a toll on him to be in the middle. He couldn't think of a worse thing to do than to step back and let Tony and Peter handle their issues on their own and alone, but that's really what he wanted to do.

He just wanted things to go back to the way they were when they had first started. Power games with Tony had been pretty fun if he was being honest and having Peter at the center of all their love and affection had been perfect. Peter was right though, Tony seemed to really be attaching himself to Wade since he'd caught Peter and Michelle in bed and it was hurting Peter, which in turn was hurting Wade too. He knew he said he'd stay out of it, and truthfully, he would do his best, but he just wished he could think of a way to speed the process along. Maybe he should try having another talk with Tony. But then again, that would most likely just lead to more sexy times and really, what would that accomplish?

He closed his eyes and let himself drift off to sleep to the sounds of Peter's breathing and dreamt of a time when things had been easier.



When Peter woke in the morning, he was curled into Wade's side, arms and legs draped and tangled into each other's and he smiled. He removed himself carefully so as to not wake the sleeping beauty and began getting himself ready for school. He started a pot of coffee and made enough for Wade to have a cup before he left and began pulling on his shoes and gathering his things from the kitchen table. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter and the travel mug from the cupboard that Wade had surprised him with before. It was covered in little cartoon caricatures of Deadpool and Peter adored it to no end. He poured himself some hot coffee, doctoring it with some coconut flavored creamer and a few ice cubes and popped the lid on, about to make his way to the door.

Before he could make it out of the kitchen, Wade appeared from the hall with a loud yawn, startling Peter.

"Sorry, sugar. I just didn't want you to go without sayin' goo'bye," Wade slurred out groggily. Peter smiled and quickly crossed to him, wrapping his arms tightly around the tall man.

"Thanks Wade, I really needed that," he told him honestly. "I made you some coffee, and you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like."

"Thanks, Petey. Honestly, I'm probably gonna go back to bed," he stated, eyes barely opened. Peter chuckled and leaned up on tippy toes to kiss the blonde before grabbing his bag and heading toward the door. He looked back over his shoulder at the handsome man.

He was leaning against the wall with his eyes barely opened, hair sleep mussed and disheveled. His soft gray sweats hung low on his hips, hugging in all the right places and loose in the rest and his chest was bare. Peter could hardly stand to leave his house with such a delicious looking snack waiting for him in his bed, but he knew he couldn't afford to lose any more time from school.

"Hey Daddy, can we play tonight?" He asked hopefully. It had been a little while since anyone had shown him intimacy in that way. Wade perked up a bit and opened an eye to peek at Peter with a tiny smile playing on his lips.

"Mmph. 'Omework firs' " he babbled, barely coherent. Peter laughed as he opened the door.

"Okay, I'm going to hold you to it though," he responded as he stepped through the doorway into the hall.

"Imma hol' it to you alrigh'" Wade mumbled. Peter giggled again.

"Hey Wade… I love you," Peter called quietly in a vulnerable sounding voice. Wade seemed to wake up a bit at that and he opened his blue eyes fully. They shone clear and bright in the morning sunshine.

"I love you, Web-head. Now get going or you'll be late. I'll have to spank you," he winked. "And thanks for the coffee, babe."

Peter felt his face glow with elation and his smile widened as he closed the door and headed on his way.

Wade watched Peter leave with a smile on his own lips and then once he was sure Peter was all the way down the hallway, he reached over and flipped the coffee pot to off before heading back to the bedroom. He really was more exhausted than he'd have imagined to be. He didn't mind going back to sleep at all.


It was almost five hours later when Wade woke to the sound of the front door opening. His head jerked up off the pillow and he looked at the clock. Almost noon. It wasn't time for Peter to be home yet.

"Fuck," he grumbled, flinging the heavy comforter back and stumbling blearily out of bed. He walked quickly but quietly down the hallway toward the kitchen. He could hear someone rustling with something on the counter and he stayed out of sight, reaching silently around the corner to grab a knife from the block. As soon as he had one withing his grip he took a breath and leaped around the corner with a ferocious yell, wielding the knife high in the air.


"FUUUUCK!" the man in the kitchen screamed back, leaping backward and landing on the floor with a crash.

"Oh shit!" Wade exclaimed, dropping the knife to the floor with a clatter when he realized he'd nearly taken out Tony.

"What the fuck?!" Tony screamed, gripping his heart as he panted and scrambled backward. "Jesus Christ, Wade! What the fuck were you thinking?!"

"What was I thinking?! I was thinking, 'damn, this is some good sleep but oh shit, there's an intruder in the kitchen!'" Wade shouted back.

"I was making coffee!" Tony shouted again, attempting to pull himself off the floor. Wade stepped forward and held his hand out to help the older man up.

"What are you doing here? Peter doesn't get out of school for a few more hours," Wade questioned the brunette.

"Yeah, well. I actually came looking for you. I tried texting a few times but when I didn't get a response I figured you were sleeping. I was right." Tony smoothed his clothes down and ran a hand through his hair to try to pull himself back together.

"Yeah yeah, thanks for the wakeup call mom. What're you looking for me for?"

"Well, honestly, I was hoping to finish what you started on the couch last night. I went home and couldn't stop thinking about you and… you know, that thing you did that I… really liked…" Tony's voice trailed off and he cleared his throat, face turning a crimson red.

"Oh… oohhhh, Sugar Bear..." Wade groaned almost apologetically. "I uh, actually can't do that. Not right now."

Tony looked a little put-out, but he took a step forward and hooked a fingertip into the waistband of Wade's sweatpants coyly, licking his lips.

"Sure you can. I can help get you warmed up if you're still sleepy," he offered with a grin, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. Wade huffed out a laugh and took a small step backward, but Tony followed, reaching to cup Wade's soft cock through his pants.

"Uh, no. Nope," Wade repeated, batting Tony's hand away. "Trust me, I don't need any help being turned on. Like, at all. I just-" he took another step back when Tony continued persistently forward. "Honey-" he was cut off when Tony took another big step forward, followed by another and pressed his body against Wade's.

Wade could feel Tony's erection pressing against him and he felt lust beginning to pool low in his belly.

"C'mon, big boy. Don't you want to play with me? I'll let you put it wherever you want," he murmured with a laugh low into Wade's ear as his hands ran across Wade's bare chest, traveling lower.

Wade gently pushed Tony back, looking him firmly in the eye.

"Tony, no. I promised Peter we'd play tonight after he does his homework, and I don't want to be too tired to really give it to him," he informed sternly.

Tony's mouth opened slightly as he understood why Wade was resisting and he stepped backward.

"Oh. O-of course. I… I'm such an idiot, I'm so sorry. I should go," Tony stammered, trying to get himself together. He quickly turned, ready to scramble for the door when Wade's big hand wrapped around Tony's wrist and pulled him back.

"You don't have to go Tony. You could stay and play with us too you know. I have plenty for both of you."

Tony scoffed, though it sounded weak. His eyes were beginning to look watery.

"I can't, Wade. I'm not ready to be with Peter yet. It's too soon."

"He thinks you don't want him anymore, Tony." Wade stated plainly. "He thinks that you only want me." They looked at each other for a silent moment before Tony dropped his head down.

"I… I don't know if I do," Tony whispered. Wade let go of Tony's wrist like he'd been burned.


"I just… you weren't there that morning, Wade! They looked… like they belong together. More than he and I ever will. I'm just not right for him."

"You're kidding me, right? I mean seriously, you must be joking." Wade took a step closer to Tony, somehow managing to seem taller than the older man. Maybe that was just how Tony felt.

"You fought with me-physically fought-to prove that you were the top dog in his life. You're his king, remember? His mentor. He wanted you first, and you wanted him too. Think about it, think about how bad you wanted him. He's yours now and he would do anything for you. Are you seriously going to tell me that you don't want that anymore?"

"He's happier with you anyways," Tony moped crossing his arms over his chest, clearly sulking in self-pity.

"You're wallowing and you're being petulant. You're acting like a brat," Wade spat, beginning to bristle with anger.

"Well I guess I'm just a brat then," Tony said quietly, furrowing his brow. Wade scoffed and shook his head.

"I wasn't going to interfere but you're not leaving me much choice," he stated in a calm voice. "You need to figure your shit out and you need to do it soon. You're hurting Peter and it's hurting me."

"I was hurt first," Tony argued. Wade clenched his jaw and his pulse quickened.

Before Tony had a chance to react, Wade's hand flashed out and gripped a fistful of hair at the back of Tony's head. Tony let out a cry and his face was one of total shock.

"I wasn't going to pull this card, just know that," Wade whispered menacingly, pulling Tony close to him. Tony stumbled forward and his hands reached up reflexively and gingerly pressed against Wade's bare chest.

"Down," Wade commanded, pulling Tony's hair to force him onto the floor. Tony hissed in pain and fell easily to his knees, tears glistening at the corners of his eyes. His hands slid down Wade's body and gripped onto the waist of his pants.

"Hands off," Wade commanded, "Behind your back." Tony immediately did as he was told.

"I wasn't going to do this," Wade repeated. He shook Tony's head slightly with his fist full of soft hair.

"Ahh!" Tony cried quietly, looking up at Wade pitifully.

"You're going to be nice to Peter. You're going to stop sulking. You're going to do it today."

Tony let out a shaky breath and peered up at Wade with wide eyes. Wade shook Tony's head again, rougher this time. Tony cried out again and a tear escaped his eye.

"Did you hear me?!" Wade demanded gruffly.

"YES! Yes, sir, yes I heard you!" Tony cried shrilly, barely able to keep his hands behind his back the way he was told.

"Good boy," Wade cooed in a calmer voice. "You know, Peter cried last night because you didn't kiss him goodbye. He sobbed. I don't like seeing my baby crying. Do you like to make Peter cry?" Wade asked in a voice that held warning.

"I suppose under the right circumstances-" Tony tried to snark, but was cut off by a sharp slap across his face, so hard that it echoed around the kitchen. The force of the blow would have turned Tony's head, but Wade's fingers gripped iron tight in his hair and held him firmly in place. He let out a pained bellow, reaching his hands up to cover his face.

Wade jerked his head back so that he faced straight up to the ceiling, and a loud sob escaped Tony's throat, strangled and constricted as it was. He felt tiny hairs snapping under the pressure.

"Put your hands. Behind your BACK." Wade snarled menacingly, leaning down toward Tony's face.

Tony struggled to comply, pained in so many places and at such an awkward angle but still did as he was told. His knees were screaming in pain against the hard floor of the kitchen, and the way his head was tilted back constricted his breathing and sent shooting pains sparking down his spine. His shoulder blades threatened to rip from his back and his scalp tingled like fire at how tightly Wade gripped him. His body was beginning to shake from all of the sensations. He finally broke down into sobs. His face was hot and splotched red with humiliation and tears.

"Please, Wade, pl-ease!" He moaned miserably through his sobs.

"Please what?" Wade growled.

"Please, sir! Please daddy, please let go!" He wailed.

"I need you to be a good boy, Tony. I need you to stop being such a shit and move forward. Just a little bit, baby, can you do that? Can you be a good boy for me?"

"Yes! Yes, I will! I'll be good, I'll be nice!" Tony pleaded.

Finally, slowly Wade released his grip on Tony's hair. Tony loosed a trembling sigh and brought his head back to the correct angle but didn't dare move his hands or try to stand.

"Are you still hard, baby?" Wade asked in a quiet voice. Tony's face flushed deeper red and he hung his head a little lower.

"Yes, sir," he said, barely above a whisper.

"Good boy." Wade cooed. "Stay that way, if you can."

Tony nodded his agreement. He hated to admit the way being manhandled and mistreated, especially by Wade, turned him on to no end. Wade loved to exploit that fact.

He reached forward and firmly wrapped his long fingers around Tony's throat, squeezing just hard enough to hurt, but not enough to block his airflow. He began pulling Tony back to standing by his neck, and Tony willingly cooperated, thankful to be off his knees.

Tony felt exhausted, even knowing that the situation could have been so much longer, and much more painful. His whole body seemed heavier and his eyelids drooped a bit. His adrenaline was beginning to wane and he was feeling completely drained.

"Now, you're going to continue being a good boy for me, right?" Wade asked, looking him sharply in the eyes.

"Yes sir," Tony answered numbly, all fight having gone out of him.

"Good. Make some fresh coffee. I'm going to shower."

Wade dropped his hand from Tony's throat and looked Tony over. His hair looked disheveled and he had a large red welt in the shape of Wade's big hand that spanned across most of the entire side of his face. He looked like most of the fight had gone out of him, which Wade was thankful for. Tony was a pain in the ass to get control of because they were so evenly matched physically as well as mentally.

He made a mental note to get an ice pack for the older man and ask about any other grievances once he'd showered. Wade sighed and scrubbed a hand across his face, turning back toward the hall.

"W-wait…" Tony said timidly. Wade stopped and looked over his shoulder at him. Tony shuffled his feet a bit, then asked, "well, what do I do after? I-I mean, it won't take me long to make the coffee," he pointed out.

Wade hummed in agreement. "Then just relax on the couch. I won't be long."

Tony nodded and Wade left for the bathroom.


Wade hurried to wash his body and hair and rinse once he'd gotten into the shower. He really didn't want to leave Tony alone for too long in his vulnerable state and he still wanted to be sure that he got a point across. It wasn't just a fun little scene, there was a point behind it. He quickly rinsed and shut off the water, stepping out and drying off, then hurried to Peter's bedroom to put on some of the spare clothes he had for himself there.

Once he'd pulled on a pair of jeans and a white shirt with a kitten on it, he headed back to his older boyfriend. He stopped at the freezer, grabbing an ice pack and then headed to where the man slumped quietly on the couch. Two mugs of coffee steamed on the coffee table. Wade smiled and moved to stand in front of Tony.

The older man seemed to notice him then and hurried to sit up. He had dark circles under his eyes and he looked exhausted. He looked up at Wade with bruise dark eyes and waited.

Wade draped a leg over either side of Tony's, sitting gently in his lap and gingerly pressing the ice pack to the welt that still looked angry on his cheek. Tony sighed and leaned into the cold feeling.

"How ya doing?" Wade asked quietly.

"Sore," Tony answered truthfully. Wade nodded.

"I'll get you some painkillers in a minute. Are you going to be good when Peter gets home?"

"Yes, sir. I'll do whatever you want."

"I understand why you're upset. You're allowed to be upset. I just need you to figure yourself out a little bit. If you don't want to be with Peter, then you need to tell him. But if you don't, I can't be with you either. I'm here for Peter, first and foremost."

Tony sighed and closed his eyes, leaning heavily into Wade's hand against the ice pack.

"I don't want to leave Peter," he stated. "I'm just hurt. And… I feel a bit like his father instead of his boyfriend. I don't like feeling that way," Tony admitted, a tear escaping his eye. "I hate having to watch over him while she's with him. I should be able to trust him, but he broke that trust."

"He did. And I can't tell you that you should forgive him, or how long it'll take for him to gain that trust back. But you have to give him a chance. He just wants you. He loves you, and he misses you."

Tony opened his eyes and looked up at Wade.

"I'll be here tonight. I promise."

"Good," Wade whispered, leaning forward to catch Tony's lips gently with his own. Tony leaned forward eagerly, glad to have some positive attention from the blonde. He timidly rested his hands on Wade's hips and pulled him in closer. Wade allowed Tony to slot their bodies together until there wasn't any space between them and kissed him languidly, nothing hurried or rushed.

Tony's hands began to roam over Wade's thick, muscular thighs and back over his denim-clad ass. He began rutting his hips up, tiny aborted thrusts against the gorgeous man in his lap, and little moans began to fall from his lips. Wade pulled back, breaking the kiss.

"Have you been horny since last night?" Wade asked, a whisper against Tony's lips. Tony nodded.

"You had me getting hard last night on the couch," Tony admitted.

"And you didn't touch yourself?" Wade questioned incredulously.

"I tried but… it's just not as good as when you do it," Tony's face flushed as he spoke. Wade grinned and breathed a quiet laugh. He leaned forward and began to kiss and lick at the spot just below his jaw, the one he knew drove Tony crazy, and within seconds he had Tony moaning and writhing beneath him, canting his hips up to grind against Wade.

Suddenly, Wade pulled back and stood up. Tony's face looked disappointed and his mouth fell open slightly, but he didn't dare protest.

"Here," Wade said, taking Tony's hand and guiding it to his own cheek. "Hold your ice pack baby. I'm going to get you those pills now."

"But-it's, it's okay, I don't need them right now," Tony tried, but Wade kept going as if he hadn't said anything at all.

He was back within minutes and handed three small round pills to Tony.

"Take them," he commanded gently. Tony did as he was told, reaching forward to take his coffee from the table and take a sip to wash them down.

"I want you to lie down and get a little nap in before Peter gets home. You look exhausted," Wade commanded gently, reaching to help Tony out of his suit jacket.


"No," Wade said sternly, looking Tony in the eye with a fierce gaze. "If you want to get off, you'll have to wait until later. Right now, I want you to take a nap."

Tony sighed in exasperation and rolled his eyes, then immediately flinched, his eyes going wide. Wade didn't appear to want to deliver punishment for the behavior, so he decided not to push his luck and just do as he was told.

"Fine," he grumbled quietly, settling back on the couch. He crossed his arms over his chest with a huff but closed his eyes and felt sleep creeping over him in no time. Wade moved to gently slide Tony's shoes off and sat at the other end of the couch. He began to massage the older mans' feet and legs gently, helping him to relax fully. Tony smiled as he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Tony slept fitfully, dreaming of shadows that inflicted pain everywhere they landed. They fell across his chest and it made his heart ache. They wrapped around his legs, and his knees cried out in pain. He opened his mouth to scream, to yell for help, to beg for an end, but his voice failed him and nothing came out but a gust of wind, hot and sharp in his throat.

Suddenly, he was falling. All around him was blackness, stifling and consuming like blindness, and his heart pounded like it would burst from his ribcage. He landed in a pile of something soft, too soft. He was sinking, unable to claw his way out of this soft, ever-changing mass of what felt like everything and nothing all at once. It was soft and intangible like a cloud, but so suffocating and airless. It didn't feel like being saved. It was just another version of the same myopia.

The room, or lack thereof, that he was trapped in had changed from blackness to stark white. It was like a void, without shadow and without any source of apparent light. The thing that he was sinking in to was what would have been the floor in a normal room. It seemed to teem and ripple like water around him like it had a life of its own. The ceiling seemed to go on forever, stretching into oblivion and filling him with a mounting sense of hopeless dread.

He felt a hot tear roll from the corner of his eye as he tried again fruitlessly to cry out.

Suddenly a quiet, gentle sound like a distorted voice rang and echoed around him. He tried to take a breath but the air was too thick, too motionless. He couldn't force his lungs to operate.

The voice rang out again, soothing like a bell, but he couldn't quite make out the words. He strained to hear through the formless nothing that filled his ears.

The sound rang again and this time he was sure it was a voice. It called again.

"Baby?" He finally made out. He reached his fingers out to anything and nothing. He stretched his fingers as far as he could.

"Honey, wake up," the voice said, getting louder. "Tooooonyyyy," it called in a sweet, singsong way, stretching the syllables.

Tony woke with a gasp and a yelp, bolting upright and clutching his heart where it raced in his chest.

"Tony! Jesus, you alright?"

Wade's voice. It matched the one from his dream.

"Yeah! Yeah, I uh-" he ground a palm against his cheek, wiping away a stray tear there. "I just… had a nightmare," he said quietly, trying to calm his heart.

His shirt was drenched in sweat, skin clammy and hot. His legs shook. He glanced around to get himself oriented and remembered taking a nap on Peter's couch.

Taking a deep breath, he swung his legs gingerly to the floor, leaning forward and clutching his now cold coffee. He took a swig and groaned.

"Peter's going to be home soon. I just thought you might like to be awake when he got here." Wade spoke quietly and gently, like to a frightened animal.

"I'm sorry you had a bad dream. Anything you want to talk about?"

Tony shook his head and continued sipping his coffee, staring at nothing.

"Nothing really notable," he stated softly, setting his mug back down. Wade nodded his head.

"Still going to be good for me?" He finally asked, breaking their silence. Tony felt the cold coffee churning unpleasantly in his stomach and he nodded his head without looking at the younger man.

Wade patted Tony on the back and didn't say anything more.

They sat together for a bit, both staring off into nothing and lost in their thoughts.

Suddenly, Wade began to lean into Tony's shoulder, burying his face into the side of Tony's throat. He gently grazed his full lips against the sensitive skin there, brushing his flesh against Tony's softly. Tony could feel the younger man's smooth lips and his sharp stubble rubbing against his throat just where it felt the very best, just beneath his jaw and against his pulse point. He felt his stomach turn again at the torturously delicious way it made his heart race. He knew that Wade was doing it on purpose. He had to be, it was too perfect to be coincidental.

He hadn't meant to give up the secret of his hypersensitive erogenous zones quite so quickly, but the younger man seemed to know just where to push to get Tony worked up. Like his buttons were made for Wade to press; like he already knew them in alphabetical order.

Wade pressed his upper torso into Tony's shoulder, squeezing against him in a way that made Tony feel uncomfortable because it felt so incredibly good. Too good.

"Please," Tony sighed before he could stop himself. He felt Wade's big hand slide over his jeans at his thigh, and his cock pulsed as if it were reaching for Wade like it hadn't gone soft in his sleep at all.

"Tony I... I really care about you."

Tony was surprised by the blonde's words and his eyebrows quirked up in confused surprise.

"I just… I don't want you to think I'm being mean. I just want things to go back to normal."

Tony didn't respond, just mulling over Wade's words in his head.

Wade kissed softly at Tony's throat, the tip of his tongue darting out to taste the salt on his skin, and he felt the older man shudder. He licked his lips and kissed harder, louder, sucking his flesh gently between his teeth.

"Wade, please," Tony said again, voice breathy and forced. He felt Wade's lips curl into a smile.

"What do you need, baby? I won't let you come, but I'll touch you if you need it," Wade whispered back, sounding excited.

"Please stop," Tony forced out, quickly squeezing his eyes shut. Wade stilled and pulled his lips away from Tony's throat, backing away.

"You… want me to stop?" Wade asked, sounding confused.

"I just… I don't want it to be like this," he admitted, wiping his sweating palms against his denim-clad knees.

"…oh," Wade said, sounding like he didn't quite understand but wanted to respect Tony's request anyway.

Just then they heard the telltale sounds of Peter turning his key in the lock and Tony felt a wave of relief wash over him. He hated to think about the way all of their relationships had changed over such a short course of time and he found himself wishing that things had never gotten this way. Things had finally been going smoothly and Peter had messed everything up in one fell swoop.

Now, Tony couldn't trust Peter or Michelle and Wade was beginning to push him too far, and that was making him uncomfortable too. He knew the blonde was trying his best to mend the situation, but sheer force and intimidation just wasn't going to work. He was beginning to feel like if he never came back he'd probably be alright, and he hated it.

"Hey, sweet pea, we're in the living room!" Wade called down the hall, his hand still resting gently on Tony's thigh. Tony didn't know how or if to respond. He knew he was supposed to be a good boy for Wade, but Wade hadn't given him any clear instructions. He decided to wait quietly and play it by ear.

"We? Is Tony here?" He heard Peter call back as he closed the front door and made his way through the apartment.

"Yeah babe. He's come to play with us and spend some good old quality time like we used to." Wade squeezed Tony's thigh gently and Tony knew that he should respond positively. He put on a thin smile as Peter appeared from the hall and stayed quiet.

Peter stopped as soon as he laid eyes on the two men and his jaw dropped.

"Tony! What happened to your face?!" He exclaimed, quickly rushing to where he sat at the end of the couch.

"Wha-my face?" Tony questioned.

"Yeah, who the hell hit you like that?!" Peter demanded crouching down and reaching gingerly to touch Tony's cheek.

"Oh, I'm..." He wasn't sure what the correct response might be. Was he supposed to tell Peter about Wade taking control? Or was he to keep it to himself? Wade spoke up before Tony could say anything.

"Don't worry about that, squirt, the mark'll be gone by tomorrow." Peter's eyes widened and he took on an incredulous expression.

"Wade. You didn't do this, did you?" Peter asked in a horrified voice, jaw dropping open in disbelief.

Tony's face scrunched up in confusion. His cheek and temple were a little sore still truthfully, but he didn't think it could be that bad. Maybe it was just the fact that there was a mark at all and not really the severity of it.

"Please tell me you two weren't fighting-" Peter continued, but was cut off by Wade.

"We weren't fighting! Honey, I promise it's okay. I just took care of the problem, it's no big deal!" He assured, rubbing his hand higher up Tony's thigh.

Tony squirmed a bit uncomfortably but kept his head down and his gaze forward.

"Problem? What problem?" Peter demanded, beginning to grow angry.

"The-honey, what problem? You were just crying about him last night! The problem of Tony not wanting to forgive you! The one where he made you upset because he wasn't willing to give you a second chance!"

"Wade, you hit him and you think that will solve a problem?!" Peter shrieked, voice growing shrill. Tony kept his gaze forward, not sure what to say or not to say and caught between his two lovers.

"I didn't just hit him, I'm not an abuser, Peter!" Wade was beginning to sound angry too. His hand tightened around Tony's thigh as he did his best to control his temper. "I took control! I made him submit and he did it willingly! Now he's willing to spend time with us and be nicer to you! Isn't that what you wanted?!"

"I want him to forgive me because that's what he wants to do! Not because you bullied him into doing it! This isn't what I want! I want both the men that I love to love me and to get along! That's it! I just want everyone to be happy again!" Peter cried, tears burning at his eyes and spilling over onto his cheeks. He didn't realize that he'd gripped Tony's arm in his anger and his fingers were digging in painfully.

"That's all I want too!" Wade yelled back. "I just gave him a little nudge in the right direction, that's all! Look, he's here, he's hard and he wants to spend time with us, right Tony?" Wade demanded, finally turning his attention on the older man. Neither of them had bothered asking Tony anything up until this point.

Both Wade and Peter fell silent and turned to Tony, waiting for a response. Once they finally had stopped arguing, they realized that Tony's breathing had sped up and was hitching and broken in his throat, and his eyes shone wetly with unshed tears. He still didn't move his head to look at either of them.

"Tony?" Peter called in a voice just above a whisper.

"Tony, you want to be here, right?" Wade's voice was quiet again too.

"Are you okay, Tone?" Peter asked again.

"Yeah, what's up, your majesty? You're awfully quiet all of a sudden."

Tony let out a sigh and tore his attention from where he'd been staring at nothing.

"Honestly guys, you're really hurting me," he finally answered in a breathy voice. Peter gasped and clutched harder at Tony's arm.

"I'm sorry!" He cried out. "I don't mean to hurt you, Tony, I'm really trying hard to prove it to you!" He pleaded.

"Yeah, I didn't mean to make this worse, I swear to god I didn't," Wade followed timidly.

"Guys, seriously, you're both freakishly strong and you're about to rip off my body parts," he quickly reached to where Wade clutched his thigh and gripped his fingers, trying to pull them off. Wade gasped and released his grip immediately, throwing his hands into the air with wide eyes.

Tony let out a hiss and rubbed at the area where the blonde's fingers had been, then quickly turned to where Peter still clutched too tightly to his arm.

"Your turn, slugger, ease up on the merchandise, yeah?" He stated, pain threaded through his words.

"Oh shit, Tony I'm sorry!" Peter yelped, removing his fingers from Tony's arm and shoving his hands into his lap. Tony sighed and looked at Peter, eyes looking heavy.

"I know that you're trying, Peter," he finally stated in a quiet voice. "I'm trying, too."

He turned his head to look at Wade. He was feeling a little more comfortable with both of them in the room and willing to listen.

"I know you meant to help, and I do appreciate it but this… this was not the right time. I didn't come over here to be mentally exhausted and beaten into submission. Truthfully, I wanted a little one on one time with you before anything else happened." He turned back to Peter.

"Pete… I fucking love you," he stated, letting his voice sound as vulnerable as he felt. "But I'm not sure how to be with you anymore. I mean, physically, I can handle. I know how to take care of you the right way now. But mentally? Emotionally? I don't know when I can do that again. Or even if I can do that again. I'm sorry honey, but you really fucked up my trust. I've been hurt too many times in my life. I can't let you walk all over me too. I'm not your dad, and I don't want to feel like a babysitter."

Peter had been reduced to sobs as Tony spoke, trying his best to stay quiet and nod his understanding of the oldest man's words.

"I'm sorry guys but… I'm not sure if you really want me here tonight. I should probably head home," Tony stated, fidgeting for a moment with his hands in his lap without making eye contact with either of them.

"Please stay," Wade whispered, looking as solemn as he sounded. "I thought that I could force you to get over it but… it was really wrong of me to try. I'm so sorry polpetta, I've probably been making you pretty uncomfortable for a while, haven't I?"

"Only today, Principessa. And not for reasons you might think. We both know I like it when you take control of a situation. I've had a raging boner since you touched me last night, so…" he trailed off for a second, blushing and clearing his throat. "Honestly, what bothers me most is you know how to turn me on. You know right where to touch and how to touch it, but you're using it as a weapon against me. I can't prescribe to that. Not in a situation like this."

Wade turned sad blue eyes on Tony and nodded, swallowing thickly and gently resting his huge hand on Tony's knee. He didn't squeeze or tease or move his hand slyly up, simply rested it there.

"Will you please stay with us? Peter wanted to play tonight but… we don't have to if you don't want to. Is that okay with you, Pete?" Wade asked, turning his attention to the youngest.

Peter quickly nodded and turned back to Tony.
"We don't have to do anything you don't want to! In fact, we could just do whatever you want! We could make this night about you!" Peter said excitedly, his heart thumping in his chest nervously.

Tony let out a chuckle and shook his head a little bit. "It's okay. You guys don't have to change your plans because of me. I can just head out."

"No!" Wade and Peter both shouted in unison, making Tony jump. Wade blushed and turned his gaze away for a second. Peter cleared his throat and repeated again, quieter, "No, please don't go? Please, let's just have a quiet night in. I have enough, we can order a pizza and we can just stay in and watch a movie and maybe cuddle… or not, if you don't want to!"

"Pleeeaase, Tony?" Wade added in, shamelessly fluttering his eyelashes at the oldest man with a big grin on his face.

Tony's face broke into a smile and he released a breath that he didn't realize he'd been holding. He felt the muscles in his shoulders and spine release tension he hadn't even realized was there and he closed his eyes for a minute.

"I suppose I could stay for a while. But you're not paying for pizza, Peter, you don't have enough for that."

"I'll buy," Wade offered quickly. Tony smiled and looked at both of his boyfriends, both eager to please and genuinely interested in his company, and he felt happier than he had in a while.



Peter rushed to finish his homework, as per the agreement he'd made with Wade that morning and Wade had ordered a ridiculous amount of food to be delivered to the apartment. The two then set about doting on Tony in every way they could think of. Wade poured him three fingers of Scotch and massaged his shoulders afterward while Peter worked. When the teen was finished he hurried to get some comfortable clothes for them all to change into from his closet.

Tony followed him into the bedroom to dress and Wade trailed in after. Peter handed both of the taller men a pair of sweats that would fit them and he gave Tony a comfortable if a bit too tight, black T-shirt in place of his stiff button up and they all quietly dressed. Peter stole glances at the two men in their various stages of undress and smiled under a blush. He liked just having them there, doing everyday things together, and it was nice to have a moment of normalcy in their upturned lives.

Wade's phone rang just then, signaling that the delivery man was in the building and he left to retrieve the food. He pressed a quick kiss to Tony's lips as he breezed by and threw a wink over his shoulder at Peter, and then he was gone.

Peter quickly adjusted a clean t-shirt over his own shoulders and glanced at Tony a bit nervously.

"I'm really glad you decided to stay, Tony. I really have missed you," he said in a quiet voice. Tony's lips quirked up into a small smile and he walked the few steps that separated them, wrapping his arms delicately around Peter's little waist.

"I miss you, tesoro. Truly. I miss the way we were."

"I know, papi, I do too. I can't begin to tell you how much I regret what I did," Peter replied sorrowfully.

"Well… why don't we just forget about all that for right now? Let's just get comfy on the couch and cuddle with… our big sweet idiot and eat too much food and just be normal again. Just for a little bit."

Peter smiled and squeezed Tony tightly, relishing in every second of touch he was receiving from the older man.

"Alright, amor mio, why don't you go get a movie set up. I'll be right out." He released Peter and gave him a gentle nudge toward the living room.

Once Peter had gone, he took a deep breath and looked around at Peter's room, grounding himself. He saw the way the three plush characters that Wade had bought for Peter were cuddled together at the head of the bed and it made his chest feel warm.

He was ready for a night of normalcy, and he reminded himself that he could leave whenever he wanted. He smiled and headed back toward the large front room.

Peter was crouched on the floor, fidgeting with the cables that attached to the DVD player and Wade came in the front door with an armload of food. It smelled hot and greasy and delicious and Tony's stomach rumbled. He walked to the kitchen to retrieve some plates and silverware for the three of them and they all converged together at the couch.

"What are we watching?" Tony asked, setting the plates on the coffee table. He sat on the edge of the couch, feeling a touch of nervousness creeping up his spine again.

"Why don't you pick, Tone?" Wade suggested.

"Nah, you guys go ahead," he responded, waving his hand at them vaguely.

"I'll pick then," Wade said with finality, moving to the huge case that housed an insane amount of movies.

"Ooh, perfect!" He exclaimed with a smile, snatching one from a shelf.


The three men sat together on the couch after they'd all eaten their fill of greasy food, watching the movie that Wade had chosen. Tony sat tucked between the other two, legs and arms all intertwined and the oldest man had to admit, it was a great feeling. His arms were stretched around both of them and Peter lay draped across his chest. Wade snuggled into his side, a wayward hand slid under the hem of his shirt to rest against his skin comfortably; without agenda.

"This movie is ridiculous," Tony stated with a little smirk on his lips.

"This movie is hilarious!" Peter countered, reaching for a small box of M&Ms and offering one to Tony.

The brunette opened his mouth and allowed Peter to feed him the treat.

"Listen, this movie is genius, and that Stan guy is ridiculously hot," Wade added, slipping his fingers into the box and snagging some candies for himself.

"What is this movie called again?" Tony asked.

"It's called The Bronze," Peter supplied, eyes fully on the screen.

"That guy looks familiar," Tony mused as the attractive brunette actor dominated the screen.

"I'll bet he does," Wade smirked.

The movie changed to a bedroom scene, and while it was definitely meant to be funny, Tony could feel forgotten arousal beginning to rush and swirl through his blood. The familiar-looking Galway man was shown in the scene gyrating, thrusting and performing acrobatics with his woman costar and Tony found himself suddenly hyper-fixated on the way the man's muscles worked and moved. He felt like a horny teenager getting hard at the very allusion of sex and his cheeks flushed hot and pink.

Wade's leg had been draped over Tony's and tucked between them and the blonde adjusted his knee just then, upper thigh grazing against Tony's rapidly hardening dick. He didn't show any signs that he'd noticed, so Tony did his best to just focus back on the movie.

Wade shifted again a moment later, wrapping his arm tighter around Tony's middle and then sliding his leg up Tony's lap again. His thigh brushed against his now fully hardened cock, only slower and with more pressure. Wade then pressed his own hips into Tony's waist where they'd been resting. The younger blonde was clearly growing hard himself and just knowing it made Tony's dick throb almost painfully, precome beginning to leak slowly from the tip.

Tony made a pained sound in the back of his throat and attempted to sit up straighter, pulling away from Wade's powerful thighs.

"You okay, Sir?" Peter asked, looking up at him through his lashes. "I know he's hot but this scene isn't actually sexy," he laughed.

Tony let out a forced, breathy laugh that sounded fake to even himself and nodded his head. His blood rushed a little faster in his ears at the title that fell from Peter's lips and it's implications.

He was a little vexed by the situation laid out before him. He had his two lovers, both currently eager to please and both absolutely gorgeous, draped over his lap and he knew it wouldn't take much to have them rubbing against him like kittens. But he was still upset with them both.

Upset with Wade for trying to strong-arm his way back to normalcy and with Peter for breaking his trust in the first place. But… it had been a while since he'd had Peter, and he missed him. He wanted him. And as much as it got on Tony's wick, Wade knew exactly how to make a simple touch feel like absolute ecstasy.

Tony swallowed anxiously and looked down at Peter, realizing that the young brunette was still looking up at him through his thick, dark chocolate eyelashes with a mischievous smirk on his lips. Tony quickly glanced over to Wade and saw that the blonde too was looking up at him with his sky blue eyes, lips quirked into a roguish Cheshire cat smile. Peter batted his lashes at Tony sweetly and the older man couldn't stop the nervous chuckle that came bubbling from his chest.

He took a deep breath and cleared his throat, trying to turn his attention back to the movie while he mulled over what he thought he should do.

"Excuse me," Wade interrupted his train of thought in a calm voice. Tony glanced back at him. "I just couldn't help noticing this… delicious cucumber that's growing in your garden," he winked, gesturing to Tony's lap.

He'd been so turned on for so long that it actually ached, a throbbing pain between his legs, damp spot growing on his jeans. The ache was beginning to spread to his hips and he found himself trembling almost imperceptibly. Tony's face turned red, but Wade just smiled and Peter giggled, adding in his two cents.

"A cucumber sounds delicious," he smiled at Wade. "Maybe we should make a salad."

Wade let out a loud chuckle and looked back up at Tony. "What do you think, big boy? Wanna play?" He grinned, dragging the tip of his tongue across his pointed white teeth temptingly. He slid the hand that still resided against Tony's skin just slightly lower toward his belt buckle, stopping short of actually being intrusive.

Tony felt his pupils grow and dilate and waves of endorphins crashed through his blood, making his head spin and his breath hitch. He looked at both of them squirming with lust and grinding against him and he let out a little sigh. There was no way he was passing on this opportunity, no matter how upset he was.

"Let's play," fell from his lips softly, almost unbidden. Suddenly it was like feeding time in a tank full of piranhas and Tony was a tender piece of meat.

Wade lunged forward without hesitation and wrapped his lips around a sensitive spot at Tony's throat, biting and marking him as he pumped his hips against Tony's. Peter gripped his jaw in a firm hold and pulled him in for a deep, consuming kiss, grinding his hardening cock against Tony's waist as well.

Both of their hands roamed frantically across his body, touching, rubbing, scraping, squeezing pulling, pinching, gripping. Tony let out a sharp gasp and held an arm around each of them as if they were life rafts keeping him afloat in the middle of the ocean. Their hands took turns teasing at his iron-hard cock and he cried out in pleasure, feeling a burst of precome spurt so hard from the tip that he almost couldn't tell if he'd come or not, he was so wet.

He threw his head back and his knees spread wide of their own accord, inviting bolder touches. Moans began falling from his lips as Peter and Wade worked together to strip Tony down to his wet boxers in just minutes. Tony could feel soft and calloused fingers working together to caress every inch of his skin, teasing at the hem of his briefs and firmly pinching his nipples in tandem.

"Oh god," he moaned out breathlessly, absolutely swimming in pleasure. He reached his hands behind Peter and Wade's heads and grabbed two full fistfuls of hair, gently but firmly. He turned and pulled Peter into a kiss that was sloppy, wet, loud and full of tongue, then released him and gave Wade the same dirty treatment.

As his attention was turned on Wade, Peter quickly climbed into Tony's lap, grinding his own erection against Tony's. Tony's body spasmed at the feeling and he accidentally yanked both of his boy's hair. Wade let out a dirty moan and Peter squeaked out a yelp.

Tony quickly released his grip on Peter and wrapped his arm around the boy's tiny waist, holding him firmly while he began driving his hips up into the boy's supple ass. His pace sped and he drove harder against him, closing his eyes and chasing an orgasm that was so near. He couldn't help himself, Peter was warm and his weight against his cock was perfect and he was so close and the way he was squirming in his lap-

"Wait," Wade panted out, lowering his arm down like a lap bar across Tony's hips and pinning them still against the couch. Tony gasped and loosed a loud, pained sounding cry as his much-needed orgasm slipped away and he struggled to find friction against his aching dick. He'd forgotten that his fingers were still wrapped around Wade's hair and he was pulling hard enough to snap a few. Wade let out a little hiss of pain and reached up to gently untangle Tony's fingers from his hair.

"Ooh, 'm sorry," Tony whined, barely coherent and still fighting against Wade's arm to come.

"Pete, get up and get undressed," Wade commanded gently. Peter rushed to do as he was asked, tripping over himself to get out of his boxers.

"Good, now go to the bedroom," Wade continued commanding, gripping Tony's hips firmly and hauling him easily to his feet. Tony wrapped his arms around Wade and began to slide his erection up and down against Wade's hip. His eyes were closed and his face was red and Wade wondered if he even knew what was going on around him or if he was too lost in chasing body heat.

"Tony, you're being a naughty girl. Daddy doesn't want you to come yet." Wade said gently, though he didn't want to push too much for control after the morning they'd had.

"Whyyy?" Tony whined, stomping his foot and pouting. Wade couldn't stop a laugh from bursting from his chest.

"Let's at least get to the bedroom, Mauna Loa. Peter's hot and tight and waiting for you," he cooed seductively. He watched Tony's eyes widen slightly and a bit of recognition crossed through the lusty fog in Tony's gaze. He nodded and started down the hall, Wade a step behind him.

When they stepped into the room together, they were greeted by a beautiful sight. Peter lay in the middle of the bed, looking impossibly softer than the incredibly soft, fluffy duvet that he lay on, legs spread and writhing in excited pleasure. His creamy peachy skin was flushed at his bony chest, his cheeks were bright pink, and his red cock bobbed and leaked against his stomach. He ran his own small, long fingers across miles of porcelain skin and Tony and Wade both stood frozen in awe of the sight. Tony was the first to move.

He dropped his boxers to the floor and crawled onto the bed, slowly making his way between Peter's thighs. He caressed the delicate, nerve ending filled skin at Peter's inner thighs and watched the boys' legs shake at the promise of more to come.

Tony licked his lips and began kissing and licking at Peter's thighs, pulling the skin gently between his teeth to hear Peter's gasps and licking wet spots onto his skin. He drew Peter's leg up a bit and placed his large hand on Peter's boney knee, running it over the soft skin there. He squeezed a bit and Peter giggled, then he ran his hand down the outside of Peter's leg, squeezing at his round, naked ass.

He took his time, kissing at Peter's jutting hip bones and his flat tummy, just above where his hard cock protruded red and wet into the air. He ran big, calloused hands over every inch of Peter that he could reach, tasting and worshipping every bit of him that he could. Peter lay in a puddle on the bed, moaning out his pleased sighs and cries as he relished in the affection Tony was giving him. He'd missed his king so much.

"Please fuck me, Tony," Peter begged, breaking the silence that none of them realized had enveloped the room.

"Anything for you, my prince," Tony murmured back, swallowing his lips in a kiss filled with passion and words that had been left unspoken between them. Peter wrapped his arms and legs around Tony, pulling the eldest into position to drive straight into his eager hole. Tony wasted no time with preparations and gripped his painfully hard cock near the tip, guiding the blunt head to Peter's tight hot entrance. He rubbed the precome that was still drooling steadily from his cock in circles into Peter's skin in place of lube and began pushing his way inside.

Peter moaned and threw his head back, exposing the long column of alabaster skin that was his throat and Tony leaned forward to latch his teeth onto it. He squeezed his jaw slowly until he felt more than heard Peter's quiet whimper of pain and in that moment, he drove his hips fully forward, pushing home in one thrust.

Peter let out a shriek and they both lay still, allowing Peter time to adjust to the sudden and full stretch, and allowing Tony to will away the stars dancing behind his eyes at the impossible squeeze of heat around his tortured cock.

After just a moment Tony felt Peter loosen his muscles and knew he was ready. He tried to start slow but he was just so damn close to release. He pumped slowly into Peter twice, then gripped his hips and began fucking him like a dog in heat, mind solely on pleasure and heat and wetness and Peter wailed at the rough but delicious treatment.

Tony moved forward on the bed and forced his way deeper into Peter, making him cry out again and before he could stop it he was filling Peter's ass with hot come, painting his walls white and marking him once again as his own. He bit down hard on Peter's throat and growled loudly. Though it hurt, Peter didn't dare move or make a sound until he was done, even as his chest heaved from his heart racing.

Finally, Tony pulled his still hard cock from Peter's stretched hole and released his grip on Peter's throat. He pulled back and looked Peter in the eyes, his own pupils blown huge. His eyes looked black and his teeth were tinged with pink, telling Peter that the man had broken skin, and a shiver ran down his spine. An icy chill of thrilling fear wedged its way into Peter's heart but before he could react or say anything, Tony was pressing close to him again. He felt him nuzzling his nose near his ear, but it felt less affectionate and more aggressive than he might have liked. He heard a low growl rolling from Tony's chest and he turned wide eyes to where Wade still stood, beginning to feel a bit uneasy.

Wade seemed to see the touch of panic in his eyes and he took a step forward. Before he could say or do anything, Tony began to whisper into Peter's ear.

"If you ever betray me again, or hurt me the way you did, I will end this. I will end everything. I may even end you," his whisper was a snarl and Peter understood every implication that Tony was injecting into his words. He felt a few errant tears slip from the corners of his eyes and he nodded frantically.

"Yes, my king. I will never ever hurt you again, I swear to you," Peter whimpered back. He couldn't deny the actual terror he felt in his bones and he hoped for Wade to interrupt soon.

He didn't have long to wait because in that instant he felt the bed dipping and rolling under Wade's weight as the man crawled onto the mattress.

Wade reached forward and grabbed Tony by the hair, pulling but not nearly as rough as he'd been that morning. He didn't know exactly what was happening that had caused such a shift in the mood and such a change on Peter's face, but he knew he needed to intervene. Tony turned angry black eyes on him, looking almost feral, but within seconds his gaze was softening and he seemed to be coming back to himself.

Wade didn't say anything but leaned forward to kiss Tony, ignoring the faint taste of blood as he did.

"Let me fuck you," Wade murmured into Tony's mouth, sounding more like a question than a demand. Tony was still for a moment, then nodded in agreement. He was still hard, and truthfully, he could probably come at least twice more. He'd kept himself waiting for so long that he felt like some kind of animal whose only instinct was to fuck. He knew he should probably try to calm down but he also knew that Wade could handle whatever he happened to throw at him. Plus, Tony felt that Wade almost deserved it after the mark he'd left on his face.

Peter slowly pulled himself into a sitting position from under Tony, backing away as fast as he could without showing any of the fear and nervousness he actually felt. Tony had never acted this way toward him. He knew he probably deserved it, but it made him worried that Tony might actually try to hurt him. He tried not to catch the oldest's attention as he scooted away.

Wade noticed the way Peter was acting and how unusually quiet he was, but he had no idea what Tony had whispered to him and so he had no idea why the boy was so scared after finally convincing Tony to make love to him again. He was left just hoping that they'd all be able to work out their aggressions and frustrations by the time they were done together.

"Do you want me to get you ready?" Wade asked. Tony loosed a little growl low in his throat and turned a glare on Wade.

"Don't waste my time," he responded, voice hard and edged with anger. His chin was turned up and his jaw set, and he sat with his chest lifted and slightly puffed out. His body language suggested that he was challenging Wade and the blonde's eyes opened wide in surprise at Tony's answer. He had never seen this side of Tony before either, and he was intrigued.

Wade had no reason to be afraid of the man, he knew that he could best him in strength, even if just barely. But this strangely aggressive, menacing construction of Tony might have a little more teeth to his bite.

He released his grip on Tony's soft hair and looked the man over, trying to decide what his next move would be, like a game of chess. He could react by being aggressive in response to Tony's hawkish behavior and risk escalating the situation into something much less enjoyable for everyone than sex, or he could react in a completely different way. One that Tony wouldn't expect.

"Actually, why don't you fuck me, big boy?" Wade suggested, smile growing on his face. Tony looked taken aback for a moment, then a wolfish grin spread across his lips. Wade watched Tony's eyes rake over his entire, bare body and he felt a shiver of excitement dance down his spine.

Before Wade could even consider regretting his decision, Tony's hand flashed out and grabbed him by the throat. Wade barely had time to gasp before he was being thrown onto his back on the mattress near where Peter sat, knocking the wind out of him slightly.

Tony pounced, crawling on top of Wade and pressing his body against the broader man beneath him. Wade let out a sound that was partially a sigh and partly a moan and closed his eyes, tilting his head back with a smile on his lips.

Tony grabbed at his wrists and yanked his hands up above his head roughly, holding them both in one hand. Wade let out a little chuckle and wiggled his hips excitedly. He'd made love to Tony a few times, but never with Tony in such an aggressive mood, and it had been a while since they'd all made love together.

Wade glanced over to where Peter sat and saw that his face still looked uncertain and a little nervous, now for Wade and no longer himself. He smiled at the youngest and tossed a little wink his way, hoping to diffuse his nerves.

Tony began licking and sucking at the skin on Wade's neck and Wade closed his eyes again to enjoy the attention. Tony brought his free hand down and circled a finger around the tight ring of muscle between Wade's legs. He only waited a second before pressing his fingertip inside and Wade let out a little hiss, followed by a quiet moan.

Tony worked his finger in and out until it was almost fully buried and began pressing a second in beside it, forcing them both in deep. Wade winced audibly as a choked off whimper fell from his mouth at the burning sensation of Tony's long, thick, dry fingers dragging against the ultra-sensitive skin of his rim and his walls.

"You can take it," Tony told him in a strangely placid voice. Wade catalogued the response in his mind to review later. Before he could respond, Tony abruptly pulled his fingers free of Wade's tight wet heat and quickly lined the head of his cock with Wade's barely stretched hole. He used the precome that was pooling at the slit to wet Wade's skin the way he had with Peter and began applying pressure to breach Wade.

"You're giving me the slut treatment," Wade announced, voice sounding pained as Tony continued pressing into him. Tony's mouth quirked up into a crooked grin but he didn't turn his attention from his cock and the way it was slowly disappearing inside of Wade.

"I could have sworn-" he broke off in a grunt, panting as he tried to grow accustomed to the stretch. "I could have sworn that I'd asked for the princess treatment."

"Pillow princess maybe," Tony replied in a low growl. "Just let Sir do all the work." He punctuated his words with a sharp thrust of his hips, finally entering Wade and burying himself almost completely. Wade cried out and pulled at Tony's grip on his wrists as he panted and sweated beneath the man.

Like with Peter, Tony couldn't manage to keep things slow, fucking into Wade like it was his life's mission to breed him.

"Oh fuck! Yes, Sir, yes please, give it to me hard, fuck," Wade yowled, clearly loving Tony's rough treatment. Tony brought his free hand up and slapped Wade, though not nearly hard enough to leave a mark.

"Yes daddy, punish me, I was a bad girl!" Wade cried, bringing his knees up to bracket Tony's waist and allow him deeper access.

Tony grunted and closed his eyes, letting himself get lost in the pleasure of it all. He fucked Wade hard, fast and as deep as he could get. He quickly forgot about holding Wade's hands down and grabbed onto his hips, using them to maneuver the blonde's body like a toy.

As soon as Tony released him, Wade reached and began stroking at Tony's skin, touching every part of him that he could reach. He watched the expression on the oldest man's face go from total concentration to something much softer. His hips slowed and he turned from a fuck machine into something nearer to the Tony Wade knew. Suddenly, he was rolling his hips and tilting his thrusts to pleasure Wade too and it was clear that the change was unconscious. Wade continued running his hands all over Tony, reaching up to caress his face and run fingertips lightly over his full lips.

Tony's eyes were still closed and his face changed again, becoming something almost remorseful. Tony abruptly opened his eyes and his eyebrows furrowed again into anger. He slapped Wade's hands away and pulled out without warning.

"Turn over," he commanded impatiently, growing frustrated when Wade didn't comply immediately.

"Turn over!" He said again, this time practically a yell, and he gripped Wade's hip to flip him over forcibly.

"Jesus Tony, are you-"

"I'm fine! Just put your ass in the air and take what I give you!" He snarled, slapping Wade's ass hard. He placed a hand at the back of Wade's head and shoved him roughly into the mattress, sliding back into Wade's now sloppy, wet hole.

Tony was once again a machine; an animal with no thoughts of his partner's comfort or pleasure.

Wade didn't really mind. He was one to enjoy a little rough play and as far as that went, Tony was doing fine. He was definitely not going to say he wasn't confused though. Tony had been so quiet and almost shy not long before this. He hadn't even been sure that he was going to stay, and now he was clearly striving for control.

Wade struggled to adjust his position, his back arched just a little too much, straying into the territory of discomfort and Tony was just missing his prostate with each thrust. He reached with his hand to coax Tony's fingers out of his hair and, away from crushing his skull into the mattress but as he did so, Tony's fingers tightened just slightly more and he emitted a low rumbling growl from deep in his chest.

"Honey-" Wade managed to get out, rushed and quiet, but Tony didn't hear it. Wade heard a sound drop from Tony's lips that sounded like something between an annoyed grunt and a morose sigh. He felt something hot and wet drip onto his back that could possibly be sweat but was most likely a tear. Tony muttered something that was clearly not supposed to be heard, forgetting about Wade's, and Peter's for that matter, super hearing.

"…my turn... my turn to be selfish…can't even do it," he unconsciously thrust his hips in a rhythm that matched his words, and then he began to slow his pace. After a minute, he sighed and pulled out again, giving Wade a gentle tap on his hip as he let him up.

"Turn over again, babe," he said, sounding almost defeated. Wade did as he was told without a word and looked up at Tony. The oldest of the three didn't move, staring off into space, beginning to look increasingly more miserable by the second. Finally, Wade broke the silence, as it was beginning to grow uncomfortable.

"You know, you can be selfish without being mean," his voice trailed off but he held his gaze on the oldest's dark chocolatey eyes.

Tony looked at him wordlessly, his chest rising and falling gently as he tried to catch his breath.

"Why don't you let me ride your cock, daddy?" Wade suggested. Tony looked like he was going to say no for just a minute before he loosed a quiet sigh and nodded his head. Wade grinned and eagerly scrambled to sit up, moving to make room for Tony to get comfortable.

As soon as the oldest had settled back against the pillows, his gaze seemed far off, as if mentally he weren't even in the same room as the other two. Wade couldn't have that.

He quickly began lavishing wet, open-mouthed kisses to Tony's stomach and chest, running his hands across the brunette's soft skin.

"Mmm," Wade moaned softly into Tony's flesh. "You're going to fuck me good, right your highness? Gonna fill me up with your hot come?" He purred. "I need it, daddy."

Tony closed his eyes and smiled, allowing himself to enjoy the pleasures Wade was showering him with and he nodded in response to Wade's question.

Wade silently motioned to Peter where he sat off to the side and gestured for the teen to join him in showing Tony affection. Peter was reluctant but he moved slowly over to the oldest man. He leaned forward and gingerly kissed at Tony's plush lips, startling when Tony immediately reached up to cup the back of his head with his fingers.

When Tony stayed gentle, Peter kissed Tony more confidently and Tony opened his mouth to deepen the kiss. The oldest man consciously poured wordless apologies into Peter's mouth as he did.

Suddenly Wade was changing positions, straddling Tony's hips and preparing to impale himself on Tony's thick cock. Tony opened an eye and watched the delicious sight as it happened, watching his cock disappear inside of the blonde and the expression of bliss that settled on his face as he took it all.

Wade wriggled his hips a little and got comfortable before he began moving, feet planted firmly against Tony's sides, knees high in the air and his big hands holding Tony's svelte waist for balance. He arched his back slowly, pulling off Tony's cock experimentally before sliding back down. Tony loosed a noise that was swallowed by Peter and Wade smiled.

Wade let loose, fucking himself on Tony like he'd never get the chance again. He bounced up and down, twisting his hips as he did. He ground back and forth against him and the sound of skin slapping against skin rang out into the room. Tony broke the kiss with Peter and began moaning uncontrollably, crying out at the delicious feeling.

Wade brought a hand from Tony's waist and used it to cup his balls, pulling them up toward his body, holding his own cock against his stomach and out of the way.

"Look, daddy," he said breathlessly, catching Tony's attention. "Look at the way your fat cock stretches out my pussy."

Tony only had a second to look before his eyes rolled back in pleasure. Wade's dirty talk was making it too hard to concentrate.

"You like that daddy? Like stretching out my pussy? Filling me up so good? You're going to ruin me, fucking me so good. You always fuck us girls so good, daddy, so hard."

Tony was moaning so loud that he almost couldn't hear the filthy words dropping from Wade's mouth and Peter was licking and kissing the skin on his chest and Wade was bouncing just right and squeezing so perfectly and-

"I'm gonna come," Tony forced out, gripping Wade's waist and taking control. He pulled his body down against him tightly and began fucking up into Wade's tight wet hole like a fleshlight, hips slapping loudly. Wade loosed his own cock and it bounced in the air between them with the force of Tony's thrusts and he giggled maniacally as Tony used him.

"Fuck!" Tony cried, pulling Wade down hard, forcing himself in deep and spilling hot come inside of Wade. Wade couldn't help the way he wiggled his hips against Tony's strong hold, still hard and needing. Finally, Tony released him, collapsing into a puddle on the mattress and panting to catch his breath.

"Daddy!" Wade whined impatiently. He hadn't been given his release, and for that matter, Peter had been waiting without one as well.

"Make us come too, daddy!" He whined again. Tony's lips twitched into a grin but he didn't have the energy to move. His cock was finally going soft and his strength was depleting. All he could think about was taking a nap. He gave a gentle nudge to Wade, signaling for him to get off his lap.

Wade groaned and pouted but still sat up, letting Tony's soft cock slide free, followed by a rush of his come, pouring out onto Tony's stomach.

"Ugh!" Tony cried with a laugh, stretching a little with a yawn.

"Daddyyyy!" Wade whined again.

"Don't be such a brat," Tony finally managed, voice soft and drowsy.

"No fair! We wanna come too, daddy!" Wade didn't stop whining.

"Fine," Tony grunted, "you're right. I'll be fair."

He sat up clumsily on his elbows and began propping himself against the headboard. Wade watched him expectantly but furrowed his brows when Tony settled in with his arms tucked behind his head. He looked like he was getting ready to go to sleep.

"Wait, are you taking a nap?!" Wade cried incredulously. Tony chuckled but didn't open his eyes.

"I could. I suppose you'll just have to think of a way to keep me awake," he smirked.

Wade set his jaw in a pout and slapped at Tony's inner thigh. Tony let out a little yelp and a jerk but didn't move otherwise.

"So you want me to just take what I want?" Wade asked, draping himself slowly over Tony's legs and crawling up toward him. The eldest let out a sound like a purr and lifted his hips off the bed, pressing into Wade's toned stomach. Wade let out a little chortle and didn't wait for an answer. He looked down at Tony's full round ass and smirked. It would be rude not to accept a gift when it's given to you, right?

Wade gripped his cock, pumping it in his fist a couple times before he slotted it into the cleft of Tony's ass. He looked up at Peter before he went any further and the boy's face was lost in lust.

Wade motioned for Peter to come closer, and when the boy obeyed he kissed him quickly, then gripped his waist to move him where he wanted.

He pulled Peter onto Tony's lap to straddle his waist, facing Wade.

Tony moaned from behind Peter and they grinned at each other. Wade began rubbing the tip of his wet cock against Tony's entrance, and he slowly pressed in until the tip finally breached Tony's tight hole with a soft pop.

They both let out a groan and Wade began gently pressing farther inside immediately. He reached back and wrapped his strong arms around both Peter and Tony, squeezing them all tightly together.

He quickly leaned over Peter's shoulder and attached his soft lips to Tony's plush ones, devouring his mouth with tongue and teeth. As he conquered and claimed Tony's body, he slipped a hand between his stomach and Peter's and reached for the youngest's hard dick where it lay trapped between them.

Peter let out a loud cry and threw his head back onto Tony's shoulder, digging his blunt fingertips into the flesh at Wade's sides and pulling him impossibly closer.

Wade's hips spasmed in excitement, pressing as deep as he could into Tony with Peter between them. He could feel Peter's balls pressing into his lower stomach as he did, his slender thighs spread wide to the sides. It was all so incredibly stimulating, hands moving everywhere, hips rolling and thrusting. Tony's knees bracketed Peter's body, draped over the youngest's legs and holding them both open wide.

The brunette's big hands ran greedily over Peter's chest, palms flat and spread, touching and taking. His cock had begun to fill and harden again where it lay nestled between Peter's pert cheeks.

Peter wasn't going to be able to make it much longer. Sandwiched tight between defined, sweat-slick chests and Wade's big paw nearly engulfing his cock, he was barely holding it together. Tony's hands trailed electricity across his skin as they caressed it with fervor. The man's erection was slowly growing against him and he couldn't stop the way he tilted his hips back as if to invite him back inside. Wade's mouth latched hot onto the meat between Peter's neck and shoulder and the boy let out a cry.

"Wade!" He yelped, voice ringing high amidst the low grunts and moans of the two larger men surrounding him. "Hnng! Daddy!" He managed to squeal, clutching at the blonde's hips right where the slight curve of his waist broke the straight lines of his torso. His hand squeezed harder and he smirked against Peter's skin.

"You can come whenever you need to, baby. You're such a good boy."

Peter reached up and cupped his hands gently around Wade's face, but couldn't manage a response before his eyes were rolling back, jaw falling slack as he painted sticky ropes of come onto both of their stomachs.

The room quickly began to grow overwhelmingly hot and Peter's lungs didn't want to cooperate. He gasped for air in big gulping breaths, trying to lift his face up above the heat radiating from both of the larger men.

"Please," he squeaked, beginning to tremble and grow light-headed.

He felt Tony from behind him. His lips pressing wetly against the back of his shoulder, beard scratching softly against his skin, then his hands raising up beneath Peter's arms. The older man gripped him firmly and lifted him from between himself and Wade like a child, setting him as gently as he could on the bed beside them.


As soon as Tony had set Peter down, Wade wasted no time in taking charge of the older brunette. He burst forward and gripped Tony's little waist in his big hands, practically encompassing the smallest part of him, and thrust forward roughly.

Tony gasped, then the oxygen was forced from his lungs in a gravely yelp as Wade finally was able to bury the last few inches of his long, fat cock inside of him. His eyes grew huge and round at the unexpected stretch and his jaw dropped open. He clutched his arms around Wade's shoulders and held on tightly as Wade began to fuck into him fast and hard.

Wade spread Tony open and wrapped his hands around the backs of his thighs, holding him right where his ass met his legs and lifting him up into the air. Tony could do nothing but hold on for the ride.

The blonde pistoned his hips like a jackhammer, loud and fast, using Tony's weight to drop him down heavy against him. Every thrust in forced a tiny broken scream from Tony's mouth until the room was filled with only the sounds of wet slapping punctuated by the creamy sound of Wade grinding inside of him with every other thrust and laced through with Tony's "Ah! Oh, uh!"'s that rose in pitch and volume with every passing second.

Peter had never seen his two men together like this, and though he lay spent on the mattress, his eyes were sharp and focused on the delicious treat before him. He'd never seen anyone take Tony apart and make him come undone the way Wade was now but fuck was it gorgeous.

Tony was clearly at Wade's mercy. His skin was flushed rose across his nose and chest and his black eyebrows knotted together as he looked up at Wade, mouth dropped open and taking everything he was given. Peter had never heard his voice at such a high octave either and it was beautiful. His cock had grown fully hard again and it stood proudly, squeezed between the two men. Peter wondered if he'd be able to come again.

As Peter watched, Tony's eyes began to lose focus and grow heavy-lidded. They slid from holding Wade's blue-eyed gaze and fell onto Peter where he lay on the bed. Somewhere deep inside him, he felt embarrassed, maybe even ashamed. His face flushed a deep red but he wasn't able to make a coherent thought, let alone form words.

Suddenly, Wade growled low in his chest, drawing both of the brunette's attention, and pinned Tony against the headboard. He pressed his body against Tony's tightly and began fucking deeper and deeper into Tony. He wasn't even pulling out anymore.

Tony let out more sharp cries and his hips began to jerk rhythmically. Wade was clearly abusing his swollen prostate and was cresting on his own climax.

Tony began to whine high in his throat, a long and unbroken sound, quickly followed by whispers that Peter could barely make out.

"Please daddy come please let me come please daddy come inside me please daddy please no more please stop please daddy please-" his words were falling out as if they were one and Peter wondered if he realized everything that he was asking for or if he were too far lost.

"Come baby, come for daddy. Come untouched, your highness," Wade responded. His voice sounded strained but still so full of love. Tony didn't stop chanting his pleas as he nodded his understanding of Wade's permission. He looked down at where his cock throbbed sore and red again and then looked back up to Wade's bright blue eyes, blown dark with lust.

"Daddy, please…" he begged quietly. Wade still used his hands to lift Tony into the air and off the bed, but now that he was pinned against the headboard, Wade was able to loose his grip momentarily.

His hand flashed out and grabbed for Peter's small hand, startling the boy. He yanked Peter's wrist, pulling him closer to the older two, then led it to where Tony's cock stood into the air. Peter immediately wrapped his fingers around it, not quite closing around the girth, and he began to milk him for all he was worth. Tony let out a cry that almost matched the high pitched squeals that Peter had been known to loose and he slammed his head into the headboard in an attempt to throw his head back.

Wade brought his free hand back and wrapped it around Tony's throat, squeezing tighter and tighter.

"Come," Wade snarled, voice low and dangerous sounding. Tony did as he was told at once, letting out a strangled cry as he spilled hot over Peter's hand. His body shivered and convulsed and he looked at Peter again through half-lidded eyes.

Through everything, Wade's pace hadn't faltered, fucking into Tony brutally. Now, Tony began to grow oversensitive and he began to whimper and squirm on Wade's cock, face showing clear discomfort.

"Wait," Wade commanded, focused on reaching his release. "Be good for daddy," he instructed, closing his eyes and chasing pleasure. He was so close. So close, and he could feel the way Tony's ass was working to be free of him, the way his body needed to be released and it spurred him forward.

"Just a little more, your majesty, fuck I love you," he growled. "Such a good boy, such a good fucking boy."

Tony whimpered, tears sliding from his eyes and his breathing came labored. Either Wade really liked hearing him this way or he'd forgotten that he still clutched at Tony's throat.

Finally, finally, Wade let out a loud cry, pounding Tony into the wooden headboard, slamming his head back against it, and ejaculating hot and forcefully deep inside Tony.

Tony gasped as much as his restricted throat would allow and he waited for Wade to finish, to be released, shaking and panting.

Wade loosed both hands from Tony and he panted loudly, still impaling the man on his cock, then he pulled back, allowing the older man to drop back down onto the mattress, free of him. He crawled backward to give him space, then grabbed his ankles and slid him down the bed until he was forced to a laying position. He flopped down next to Tony, laying his head on the older man's chest and draping himself over Tony's abused body. Peter followed suit and curled up at Tony's other side. All three of the exhausted men were sleeping within moments.




When Peter woke up, the room was almost completely dark. He could hear water running in the shower and stretched, hoping to join whoever was in the bathroom. His side brushed against a warm body and he realized that Tony still lay sleeping beside him. He began to stir as well.

"Pete?" Tony's voice sounded out, quiet and groggy. Peter leaned forward and kissed at Tony, not sure where his lips would land in the dark. They met with Tony's sharp cheekbone. The man let out a little sound like a pur and draped his hand over Peter, stroking his bare skin gently.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. Peter's face turned questioning in the dark, but he knew Tony couldn't see it.

"For what?" He whispered back.

"For being awful to you. I shouldn't have been so mean. I saw how scared you were." Peter didn't respond. He knew that Tony had every right to say what he said. But he also knew that he didn't need to be threatened.

"I just got caught up. I was so turned on and you were submitting and I needed to fuck you again…" his voice trailed off for a minute. "I just needed you. I've missed you and it made me realize that I don't want to lose you. Not ever. I wanted you to feel scared like I did."

They were quiet again, listening to the sounds of the water splashing as Wade moved in the other room.

"I'm... a little ashamed that you saw me like that."

Peter thought about Tony's statement but couldn't decide what the older man might mean.

"Drooling on Wade's dick like some little cock-slut getting fucked stupid. God, how embarrassing," Tony clarified, sounding humiliated. Peter couldn't help the smile that spread across his face.

"I would literally cut off my own arm to watch that again."

Tony sputtered out a surprised laugh at the response.

"You aren't disgusted with me?" He asked, voice ultra-quiet.

"What-why would I be? Peter chuckled. "You watch me get fucked all the time. Are you disgusted with me?"

"No! Never, I would never think less of you for-"

"Then why should I?"

It was silent again for a moment.

"It felt fucking good, right?" Peter felt more than saw Tony nod his head. "And he fucked you right, and you came hard. And you love him and he loves you. What more could matter?"

Tony couldn't think of a response, so he stayed quiet. "You still love me?" He asked.

"You still love me?" Peter asked his own question in return.


Chapter Text

The next morning, Peter, Wade, and Tony all rose early. Peter had decided to take another personal day from school, confident that he'd be able to catch up on the work and equally confident that he'd never be able to run the mile in gym class after the rough dicking he'd received from Tony the night before.

Tony sat groggily on the couch sipping at a mug of hot coffee and Wade whistled while he made the three of them breakfast. Peter walked quietly to where Tony sat and gingerly sat down half a space away.



"I love you."

Tony's lips turned up into a grin and he looked at Peter from over his mug before he set it down on the coffee table. He sat back and held his arm out, an invitation to cuddle close. Peter happily obliged, tucking himself under Tony's arm. "I love you too, squirt," he rasped back in his sleep deep voice.

Peter's chest swelled with happiness, having missed this familiar ease for so long.

"I missed you."
"I missed you too, sweetheart."
"Are you still mad at me?"

Tony sighed but wrapped his arm around Peter's shoulder tighter. "Yes I am," he stated in response. He felt Peter's shoulders tense up and he rubbed his hand up and down his arm in a way meant to be soothing.

"I'll probably always be mad. It will always hurt when I think about it."

Peter whimpered and lowered his head into Tony's side shamefully. Tony squeezed him again.

"That doesn't mean that I don't love you. I'm tired of being without you. I was sad without you. I apologize that I got a bit too possessive of you last night. Maybe a little overly aggressive. Maybe I was trying to work out my frustrations on you and our trophy boyfriend back there. It wasn't right, and I'm really sorry that it happened. Do you forgive me?"

Peter quickly nodded his head and looked up at Tony's warm brown eyes. "I forgive you, Tony."

"Good," Tony smiled and leaned down, pressing a kiss to Peter's lips.

"Breakfast heathens, and swindlers!" Wade called loudly from the kitchen. Tony groaned. It was too early to be so energetic.

"You're in the wrong place for swindlers. Heathens, maybe," Tony called back. Peter giggled and stood, helping Tony to his feet. He stooped and picked up the older man's coffee, handing it to him with a sweet smile and relishing in the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled back.

"Enough with the goo-goo eyes! I'm getting a cavity over here! I made all the bacon I could find, so you two better fuckin' like bacon," Wade called again, grabbing plates from the cupboard and setting them on the table. Peter's attention was piqued and he happily lead Tony to the dining room.

Tony met Wade's eyes with a smile on his face but unease in his eyes. Wade's own smile faltered for a moment when he took in Tony's face, then he quickly pulled the smile back on like a sheet over a spill, and leaned forward to awkwardly peck a kiss on Tony's cheek.

"Good morning, handsome," he said quietly, not meeting his eyes. He quickly turned and set about placing plates heaping with food onto the table.

"Are we having breakfast guests?" Tony asked curiously, seeing the amount of food Wade was setting out. Wade and Peter looked up at each other and laughed. Tony didn't eat nearly as much as the other two could.

They sat down and began helping themselves, talking about nothing of import and smiling at one another over coffee and orange juice. Peter was the most excited, happily lapping up the attention that having both of the men he loved in his home afforded him.

Tony had eaten his fill, which really wasn't a lot, and sat back comfortably, sipping his third cup of coffee and watching Peter and Wade interact in their own special brand of excitement as they ate inhuman amounts of breakfast food. Wade turned with a smile toward Tony, but as soon as their eyes met, his smile faltered once again and his blue eyes dropped.

Tony felt his stomach drop with them. Had he done something wrong? He'd let Wade take over like he'd wanted to in the first place, let the younger man inside him again and given more than he had to give just the night before. Had he not been satisfied? Had he been expecting more? Had he not been as good in bed as he thought he was?

Maybe this wasn't about sex. Maybe he just didn't want Tony to stick around the morning after. Maybe he just wanted some alone time with Peter. He'd seemed cuddly enough as they'd all woken up together though.

"I should get going," Tony suddenly stated, oblivious to the fact that Wade and Peter had been mid-conversation. They both fell silent and looked at him.

"Awe, can't you stay?" Peter asked, voice lilting to a whine. Tony looked up to Peter, then cautiously to Wade. The younger blonde's face had a tinge of what looked like sadness.

"Please, Tony?" Added Wade softly. Tony pondered for a minute, then reluctantly nodded his head gently.

"I suppose I could stay for a bit. I do have a lot of work I'm missing out on though," he said softly.

"I'm gonna, uh, go get dressed…" he trailed off, clearing his throat as he stood up. Peter and Wade exchanged silent glances and watched as the older man hurried away.

Tony took his time once he'd gotten to Peter's room, finding his suit pants and white button-up shirt on the floor, to think. It was clear there were some mixed signals but he wasn't sure where, or who was giving them off.

Was it him? Was he just pushing too hard? He didn't think he'd been pushing at all. He thought they'd all been getting along fine.

Maybe he was just overthinking things. Maybe Wade didn't have a sad look in his eye and maybe he wasn't avoiding eye contact-

Tony's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening quietly and shutting a moment later. He paused where he stood halfway through buttoning his shirt and looked over his shoulder.

Wade. Of course.

Tony turned back away from the blonde and went back to buttoning.

"I'll be done in just a sec," he stated absently, hastily tucking his shirt in loosely.

"That's fine," Wade responded, equally quiet.

Tony glanced at Wade from the corner of his eye when he realized that the man was just standing there and he felt a spike of anxiety constricting in his chest. If Wade had entered the room with the intention of getting dressed, Tony certainly wasn't standing in his way.

He looked around quickly in search of his socks and red tie, finding the latter draped over a lamp on Peter's long wooden dresser. He took a quick glance around the room and realized that clothes were everywhere, a clear reminder of the last few days that seemed to feel like weeks.

His face twinged pink when his thoughts returned once again to the mind-blowing, carnal night they'd had just hours ago and he couldn't help the quick, wide-eyed look he cast in Wade's direction. His gaze met with Wade's blue one and he quickly looked away again.

He hurriedly spotted a sock on the floor and cleared his throat.

"Did you… need something?" Tony asked, focusing his attention on searching for his last missing article of clothing.

Wade sighed and shifted his weight from foot to foot, but didn't respond.

Tony spotted the sock he'd been looking for across the room, by the door.

The door that Wade stood in front of. Of course.

Tony cursed under his breath and grudgingly took a step toward the younger man, glancing from the sock than to Wade as he did. He was feeling extra nervous, still unsure of why Wade was acting strange or what he'd done to provoke it. All Tony could think about was retrieving his last stupid sock and getting out from behind a closed door.

"Um," Tony cleared his throat again. "I'm just gonna-" he took another tentative step forward but jumped when Wade suddenly took a big, fast step toward him.

"Tony listen," the younger man rushed out. Tony's eyes went wide and he looked at the man, assessing whether or not his nervousness was founded. Wade held his hands up before him like he were dealing with a frightened animal and took another big step, closing the distance between them faster than Tony would have liked.

Wade didn't stop his advance, wanting to put as little room between them as possible before Tony managed to run out of the room.

"Listen," he repeated, sliding his arms around Tony's shoulders and embracing him firmly but gently. He felt Tony's body stiffen and heard his breath hitch in the back of his throat as he did.

"I'm not going to hurt you, relax, my little Italian dressing." He rubbed his hands up and down Tony's back soothingly but the brunette didn't relax. "Did you enjoy last night?" Wade decided to ask quickly.

He felt Tony's face grow hot and felt him squirming a bit where he stood.

"Uh, yes. It was-" Wade cut him off again.

"Did I please you? I mean, really? It wasn't just coming for the sake of sex but like, I made you feel good?" He felt Tony's hands slowly raise up to hover over his hips, not quite touching but not quite not either. He finally felt Tony relax a bit.

"It was…" Tony trailed off for a moment while he thought. "It was amazing. I've never… had a… lover… quite like you," he admitted in a soft voice. Wade pulled back a bit to look Tony in the eye and couldn't help the cocky smirk that spread across his lips at not only Tony's words but the deep red flush that bloomed across his face. As soon as Tony looked back at him, his smile dropped and he sighed.

"Wh-why do you keep doing that? Why can't you look at me? What did I do wrong?" The questions burst from Tony's lips before he had the chance to think about it. His voice grew in octave and betrayed how upset it actually made him.

Wade's wide blue eyes flashed back to Tony as he realized what he'd been doing to the older man and he shook his head. "No! No, I-I didn't mean-" he stopped and took a breath.

"I'm really sorry Tone, I... I didn't realize I was making that face out loud. I just-" it was Wade's turn to shuffle nervously. "I'm… really fucking sorry." He finally finished.

Tony looked at him with confusion written all over his features. Wade sighed again as he prepared to explain himself.

"I… thought that mark would go away by now." Tony's confusion didn't clear up. "I just… I left a mark… on your face. I hit you so hard that you still have a welt and a bruise on your face and every time I look at you I feel like a fuck up and I regret thinking that it would actually help to… hurt you." His words came tumbling out of his mouth fast and unsure. He loosed his hold on Tony and crossed to the bed, sitting down heavily with his head hung low.

"I'm really, really sorry," he repeated again.

Tony watched Wade walk away with wide eyes and stood unsurely in the middle of the room. He still hadn't seen this mark that first Peter and now Wade were upset about. He looked around for something to use as a mirror and remembered that there was a small one in the nightstand drawer beside the bed. Grabbing it out, he held it up to inspect the mark.

Part of the outside edge of a hand was etched from his eyebrow to just above his cheekbone in a welt, and a sickly purple bruise rested inside it, fading to green in some places. It wasn't actually as bad as he'd thought but still, it was clear. He put the mirror back and turned to look at Wade where he sat.

"I… appreciate your apology. I'm not really mad though."

"You're not? How could you not be?" Wade asked incredulously.

"Well," Tony moved to where Wade sat and slowly lifted his knees onto the bed, climbing up and straddling Wade's lap. "You were right. I needed to get a grip and make a decision, as upset as I was, and still am."

Wade placed his hands gently at Tony's svelte waist, holding him in place. He looked up at Tony's dark eyes and a small smile quirked the corners of his mouth up.

"So, we're okay?" Wade asked, uncertainty on his face. Tony chuckled.

"I thought we were more than okay after last night." His cheeks flushed pink again and he glanced away coyly. Wade's smile broadened and he leaned forward to tenderly kiss and lick at the hollow of Tony's throat. Tony moaned and closed his eyes, skin tingling with pleasure. He leaned his head back to expose himself more to the younger man.

Soon Wade had deepened his ministrations, jaw open wide and teeth scraping gently against Tony's esophagus. His lips were just a little sticky and he smelled like maple syrup. His bite was so wide that Tony could feel the sharp rises of Wade's molars, but the man didn't bite down or push for anything more. His huge hands roamed across Tony's back and finally down over his pert ass, lifting and squeezing the tender meat there, pulling the older man in to grind against him lazily.

"Don't make me come in my pants, I really do have to do work today," Tony stated absently, voice beginning to sound breathless already.

Wade laughed, nipping gently at his chin.

"You really think I could make you come in your pants?" He asked, amused. Tony ducked his head away bashfully but Wade caught his chin and pulled him back. He smiled up at the older man, tracing his features with his light blue eyes.

After just a few moments of the silent affection, Tony was squirming with embarrassment, pulling his face from Wade's fingers and clearing his throat, hoping the blonde wouldn't notice his light blush.

"So, did you…" Tony trailed off and Wade waited patiently for him to finish his thought. "Did you mean to… to say the "L" word last night?" He stammered, not meeting Wade's blue eyes. It was the younger man's turn to blush.

"Well... What if I did? Would that bother you?" He asked his own question in reply.

Just then they heard the door opening behind them.

"I finished cleaning up and putting everything away," Peter announced as he entered. He smiled as he climbed up onto the bed next to the older two.

Tony made to stand from Wade's lap, straightening his legs and pushing away, but Wade flashed his hands out to grip him tightly and yank him back even closer than he'd been before.

"Ungh!" Tony grunted when the unexpected grip on his hips collided his body into Wade's. The blonde quickly shifted Tony and lifted his body so that he was straddling one leg instead of both before he could say a word.

Wade smirked and just as quickly reached to wrap his free hand around Peter's slim waist, sliding him in close too and pulling him up onto his open leg. He squeezed them both tight and leaned up to kiss Peter, pressing his tongue inside and exploring every plane and ridge greedily.

He quickly cut off the passionate kiss and turned to Tony, flattening his palm and pressing Tony's torso against his own. He tilted his head and parted his lips, thrusting the tip of his tongue out, staring intently at Tony's red swollen lips.

Tony parted his own lips, eager to invite Wade's tongue inside and he closed his eyes, clutching at Wade's soft T-shirt and pulling him close. He heard Wade chuckle low in his throat, but he couldn't bring himself to care; to be embarrassed. The younger man tasted of cinnamon candy and stale coffee.

Not long ago, Tony had been bitterly jealous; anger and resentment churning in his stomach as he watched Peter and Wade for the first time in his small apartment. The hackles on his neck had raised and he'd felt venomously protective of his boy when the blonde had stood in front of him that first morning in this very same room.

Now, he was drowning in oxytocin at Wade's touch, serotonin and dopamine buzzing and crashing in his veins, flooding his system. He craved Wade's kiss like a dehydrated man craved water.

Wade broke the dirty sloppy kiss just the same way that he had with Peter and he quickly gripped both Peter and Tony's hair in his fingers, yanking them both back firmly but not painfully. They both loosed a sound at the unexpected feeling but allowed him to take control, following where he lead.

Wade drew them away from himself, turning them to face each other and forcing them toward one another. "Now kiss," he demanded, sounding a bit like a child playing with dolls. Tony smirked a bit at the silliness of it but leaned forward anyways, gladly capturing Peter's soft, if a bit chapped lips.

He was immediately filled with a warmth that was so similar to the one he'd just experienced with Wade. His skin tingled pleasantly and his heart felt so full of love and passion he thought it might burst. He pressed harder against Peter's lips, tasting milk chocolate and chai. He brought his hand up to thread his fingers through Peter's soft curls and did his best to pour his love right into Peter's mouth. He heard Wade moan contentedly from where he watched beneath them and smiled. Everything finally felt… perfect; in place.

This is the way everything should have been from the beginning. Just love, passion, and trust. It was all just… perfect.


After they all three had gotten dressed, they'd spent the morning into the afternoon cuddling together, touching whenever they could and kissing in every free moment. There was no sense of mistrust, no feeling of competition. It was just peaceful; relaxing.

Peter and Wade were equally sad to see Tony go when it came time, but truly, they all had been shirking responsibilities and duties. Peter had plenty of missed schoolwork to catch up on, Tony hadn't properly worked in weeks and none of them had been devoting time to superhero-ing. It was time for their lives to get back to normal and to set everything back on its tracks.


Months down the road, things had never been better. Wade and Tony were not only getting along but they were genuinely enjoying each other's love and company.

Tony had taken Peter on his first date, finally. He'd surprised the young man with a weekend trip to Australia for a day of wine tasting at Berri Estates winery, which was then followed by dinner on the wharf. Tony, of course, pulled a few strings to ensure that no one was looking at Peter's ID. He then took him for a romantic walk around the city before heading back to their hotel suite where they made love on every possible surface of their room. The next day he took them to the beach where they enjoyed the salty taste of the ocean and the golden rays of the sun. On their twenty-two-hour flight home, they enjoyed Tony's personal movie theater in his ridiculously spacious private jet. They lay wrapped in luxe down comforters on the biggest cashmere pillows Peter had ever seen and they watched all the movies and television shows that Peter's heart desired, all at Tony's command.

He'd bought everything that Peter had given a second glance to, whether Peter objected or not while they were out and about in Australia and Peter was excited to give wade the gifts they'd found for him.

Before they'd left, Tony had made Wade aware that they'd be absent, offering the man to stay at the tower in Tony's bedroom and with full access to just about everything. "Except my cars, keep your paws off," he'd warned before embracing the man and heading on his way to get Peter.

Wade had taken up the offer, knowing that Tony's bed was a hundred times more comfortable than his own. If he secretly wore Tony's dirty T-shirts from the laundry simply because they smelled like him, then that was nobody's business but his own. He refrained from calling Peter and Tony, not wanting to interrupt what he knew was incredibly important to Peter, but he still shot them texts when he felt lonely. Which was often once Saturday afternoon hit. He wasn't used to being alone anymore.

After he'd paced back and forth in Tony's living room for the sixteenth time, he decided he needed to burn off some steam and got dressed to head to the gym. He knew there was a room not far away in the tower that was filled with gym equipment but he didn't want to be alone, so he grabbed an empty gym bag he found in Tony's closet and a water bottle that looked like it had never been used and headed down the street.

The building was spacious, made of brick on the outside and painted gray on the inside, with accents of red. There was the usual equipment lined around the spacious building, but in the middle of it all was a boxing ring. Wade had never seen anything like that before in any gym he'd ever been in and he was immediately intrigued.

There was a man, not quite tall and not quite short in the ring when Wade entered the building. He had his fists balled up, one guarding his chin and the other lower as he watched a second man circling him in the ring. Wade set down his bag quietly and decided to watch the two for a moment.

The first man had long dark hair pulled into a messy bun at the back of his head, sweaty tendrils fell loose around his face. His eyes were ice blue and focused on the second man in the ring. The second man was just taller than the first, his hair worn short and just as dark as the first, but his eyes were dark like Tony's. Wade felt a breath of loneliness breeze over him when he thought of Tony but he shrugged his shoulders, watching what happened.

Both the men were already a little battered, looking like they might have been sparring for a bit already. The short-haired man wasn't as broad as the long-haired man, but they both cut impressive figures.

The taller man swung suddenly but the long-haired man was able to duck in time, sliding his feet to the right to avoid being hit. He countered with his own swing, hitting the taller man in the ribs.

The man let out a grunt and let loose a barrage of punches, a few landing squarely on the shorter man's jaw and his chest, sending him spinning and falling to the ground. A burst of scarlet blood sprayed from his mouth and he landed hard.

The taller man chuckled and shook his head. "Always too slow," he chided, bending to pick up a water bottle from the corner. "I'm done, I'll see ya next time, Ajax," he called, crawling from the ring and heading toward the back of the building.

The shorter man growled in frustration, lifting his head and meeting Wade's gaze head-on. His face looked nearly feral, fists balled in anger.

"Fuck you, Brock!" He called, dragging himself to his feet. He panted, and blood and sweat dripped down his face and Wade found himself… aroused?

"You got a pretty good hit in," Wade encouraged, taking a step forward before planting his feet again. The man had on a white T-shirt, positively soaked in sweat and showing his nipples right through the material, and he wore dark gray joggers. His clothes clung to him perfectly and Wade had to actually force his gaze away for a second before he embarrassed himself.

"Thanks," the man grumbled, grabbing his own water bottle and moving on shaky legs to exit the ring himself. Wade noticed the way his body trembled, no doubt fatigued, and felt himself smile internally.

This feeling was definitely new. He had barely even noticed the existence of other humans since being with Peter and Tony and yet suddenly he couldn't seem to notice anyone else but this man.

The Galway man planted a foot on the outside of the ring, bending down and lifting his other leg to step out of the ring, and Wade didn't bother hiding his open gaze at the man's ass, directly in front of him as it was. The man's second leg got caught on the rope, unable to lift it fully in his fatigue and he cursed, beginning to fall backward. Wade took another step forward quickly, happy to catch the man before he landed on the cement floor.

His arms wrapped around the man's torso, hands grazing against his hard nipples, cupping his chest accidentally on purpose, and his solid body collided with Wade's pleasantly. Wade could smell the sweat and leather and sandalwood scent of the man and he felt himself beginning to grow hard in his pants.

The stranger quickly got his footing and pulled away from Wade, spinning on his heel to glare up at him with a pink blush on his face.

"Uh, th-thanks," he mumbled, averting his gaze and tucking a strand of his hair behind his ear. His arms seemed to be instinctively covering his chest after Wade's touch on his sensitive skin.

Wade cleared his throat and tried to stifle the lopsided grin he knew was growing on his face. "No problem," he replied. After a beat of awkward silence, Wade spoke up again.

"You still working out or were you done?"

"Uh, I still wanna do my circuit," the man responded. "I was going to do a quick cool down."

Wade nodded and picked his bag back up, following the man over to the equipment. He watched as the man stopped at a speed bag and began working with it. He was actually impressively quick for as bulky and solid as he was. Wade sat his stuff down at a weight machine beside the man and began adjusting the weights, adding as much as he possibly could.

The other man slid an icy blue glance his way and faltered as he watched Wade adding more and more plates.

"Christ, you can lift all that? Shouldn't you start out slow?" He questioned. Wade smirked at the man as he sat down and began to easily move the weights as if he hadn't added every single one. The man's blue eyes grew huge, clearly impressed.

"This is slow," Wade replied, still watching the other man. "Shouldn't you get a towel?"

The man looked at Wade quizzically before he answered. "What, a little sweat bother you?"

"No, the-the blood… you're still bleeding."

"Shit," the man hissed under his breath. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it to scrub his face and Wade gladly ogled his exposed stomach and chest. His abs were insane.

Wade's grip on the weights slipped as he was staring and they crashed back to the ground with a raucous clammer before he could catch them, making the other man practically jump out of his skin.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" He shouted, dropping his shirt and bringing his arms up in a defensive "X" to protect his face.

"Uhhh, wow, I am so sorry," Wade apologized, actually embarrassed at himself.

"You staring too hard or what?" The man griped, sounding a bit like a grumpy old man.

"Actually yes," Wade flushed, glancing away. "I'm sorry, I'm honestly such a pervert." The other man flushed harder, unsure how to respond to Wade's honesty.

"Uh," he managed, awkwardly heading to another machine on Wade's other side. He didn't follow it up with anything and tried to keep his gaze forward. Wade caught him looking a few times anyways.

Wade smiled but it quickly faltered.

He was flirting. He was flirting and having devious thoughts and he was semi aroused and his mouth was watering and-

He should text Tony. Just to see how they were doing. To make sure they were having a good time. To avoid doing something stupid he might regret later.

He quickly reached forward to grab his bag and pull his phone from it, typing as fast as he could and shooting a text Tony's way.

"Hey, Meatball! Hope you guys are having a great time! I sure am!" He hit send, then immediately smacked himself upside the head. I sure am???

He grumbled to himself and wondered if the text sounded suspicious. He felt… guilty.

"Girl trouble?" The stranger's low voice cut through his thoughts and he turned to look at the man. He was behind the leg press and he was lifting an impressive amount of weight. That meant his legs were really strong. No doubt strong thighs too-

Wade shook his head to clear out the increasingly dirty thoughts growing there and looked back at the man's pretty blue eyes.

"Just…" tell him the truth, then you can't get yourself in trouble "texting my boyfriend," he finished. The man's smile faltered for a second but he quickly pulled it back on and nodded his understanding.

"He at work?"

"Uh, no, he's-" this is going to be confusing "in Australia," Wade finished, hoping he wouldn't have to explain more.

"Vacation? Without you?" The man pressed, still looking at Wade with those unnervingly blue eyes. Wade wondered if this is what Tony felt like when Wade looked at him the same way.

"Well, he's… on a date weekend," he stated, glancing at the man to see his reaction. As expected, he was confused.

"How can he be on a date weekend if you're here at the gym?" The man pondered, one thick black eyebrow arching perfectly. He gazed at Wade a little more intently, letting his gaze roam up and down Wade's body.

Wade took a breath. "He's with our boyfriend." He turned to look at the man head-on, watching for his reaction.

The man paused where he was, legs fully extended, pressing the weights away from his body and Wade could see the wheels in the man's head turning. He then pulled his legs back in and turned away, still clearly in thought.

"So, your boyfriend has a boyfriend?"


"And his boyfriend is also… your boyfriend?"



Wade grabbed for the bar that held the weights again, beginning to lift them once more and waiting to see if the man had anything else to say. They were both quiet for a while. Wade was glad there weren't many other people in the building, and the ones that were were across the room.

"So how does that work? Like, you guys are polygamists?" The man finally asked. Wade chuckled.

"Something like that. We're open to dating more than one person."

The man turned his attention back to Wade before he spoke again.

"What about like, hookups?"

Wade turned wide eyes back to the stranger and swallowed hard. He couldn't stop himself from raking his gaze over the man. What about hookups? They'd never really talked about that before. Maybe that was a conversation they should have.

Or maybe it wasn't. Maybe that would hurt their relationship somehow and he shouldn't bring it up. Lust was normal, right? Even in monogamous relationships, attraction to other people had to exist. Maybe he was just having these thoughts because he was lonely.

"I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I'm sorry," the man said, cutting through Wade's thoughts like a knife. "It's really none of my business."

"Oh, I…" Wade trailed off.

The two continued exercising for a while in silence, but now they were both openly gazing at each other as they did. Maybe Wade imagined it but he thought he saw the other man's eyes grow darker as he looked over at him. Maybe he just thought he'd seen the man licking his lips as he looked over Wade once again. Maybe he should stop looking back.

Wade's phone chimed loudly and it startled him from his thoughts. He quickly dove for the phone and clicked open the message he'd received.

"You sure are? What does that mean? What are you doing?"

He quickly thumbed a response.

"Just at the gym" he sent back. He couldn't decide if now was the perfect time to tell the older man about his sinful thoughts or if he should wait. Or if he should even tell him at all. Maybe he should just keep it to himself.

"Alone?" came the reply seconds later.

Fuck. That was fast. Tony was a smart little shit.

"I'm working out with a guy here" he waited nervously for a reply. He didn't have long to wait.

"A guy, huh? You being good?"

"Yes, sir"

"Is he cute?"


"You promise you're being good?"

"Yes, sir. It's the hardest thing I've ever done," he answered truthfully if a bit dramatically. His heart thumped in his chest and he hoped Tony wouldn't be mad.

He took a deep breath and looked over at the other man. He glanced away quickly, pretending he hadn't been caught staring again.

"Everything okay?" He asked, sounding a little too calm, like he was forcing it. "You look scared shitless."

Wade felt his face grow hot again and he cleared his throat. Tony still hadn't replied and it was making him nervous. He tried to set his mind back to his workout but he just couldn't get it together.

A message alert sounded.

"Peter wants to know his name."

He told Peter? Was Peter upset? He hadn't done anything, he was just talking! And maybe he'd gotten in a chance groping earlier but who in their right mind wouldn't have?

Wait, his name?

"What's your name?" He blurted out, thumbs poised over his keyboard to type the answer.

"James," the man responded smoothly.

James. Wade liked the way it sounded in his head. He quickly typed the response and hit send before he realized he was probably being rude. He looked back up at the man and thanked him.

"I'm Wade."

"Nice to meet you, Wade. Your polygamist boyfriends want to know my name?" He questioned with a smirk on his face. "Are they as good looking as you?"

Wade's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped, but before he could answer, his phone went off again.

"Cute. Peter wants you to sneak a picture."

A second message.

"Also, keep your dirty paws off or you'll lose them piece by piece. That's from me."

A third message.

"Also also, if you're interested, get his number. We can talk about this more when Pete and I get home."

Wade was floored. Was this… good? It wasn't bad per se, right? The guy-James-wasn't put off by his relationships, and Tony and Peter were both being (at least it seemed) supportive about the little crush he had. Was it a crush? Just a simple attraction, surely.

But this meant that he was allowed to flirt a little, right? Lord knows flirting was practically a pastime for him.

He set his phone down and turned to face James, the pretty, square-jawed, raven-haired, blue-eyed muscle daddy that Wade was officially allowed (probably?) to flirt with. He leaned against the machine slightly and plastered a crooked grin on his face.

James smiled awkwardly and chuckled. "Yes?" He asked.

"Thank god I'm wearing gloves because you are too hot to handle," Wade said, grinning wider.

James broke into a fit of laughter. "What the fuck?" He laughed. "You're not even wearing gloves, that's the worst line ever."

"Uhh… well, have you been to the doctor's lately? Cause I think you're lacking some vitamin me," Wade tried again.

"WOOOOOW," James spluttered through his laughter. "Reaching, aren't we?"

"Do you have a tan, or do you always look this hot?" Wade asked, sitting up straighter. James was howling at this point, face incredulous at Wade's awful pickup lines.

"I'm fucking pale, you goon!" He wheezed. Wade couldn't stop smiling. James was pretty when he was laughing, even with the dried blood and contusions on his face from fighting earlier.

Wade grabbed his phone and decided to try one last line. He handed his phone over to James.

"Hey, can you look at this really quick? There's something wrong with it."

"I'm not a tech guy," James said, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes. "What's wrong with it?" Wade smiled wider.

"It doesn't have your number in it."

James turned disbelieving wide eyes on Wade, mouth hanging open in a wide half-smirk.

"Gosh, you are just so slick, aren't you?" He shook his head incredulously.

Wade shrugged with a smile, holding his phone out to the man still. "I'm allowed to ask for your number, I might as well go big, right?"

"You're allowed, huh?" James repeated, finally reaching for the phone. He smiled at Wade, then turned his attention to the little plastic square, pressing the home button and searching for the contact info.

"Where's your thingy?" James asked, sliding the pages back and forth. Wade chuckled.

"Child," James teased. Wade stood and leaned over James to open the contact app, then stayed there while James put his number in. When the man finished, he handed it back, flushing when he realized how close Wade was now and that he was face level with his crotch. His blue eyes seemed to grow wider as he looked up at Wade.

"Uh-" he cleared his throat. "I think I'm actually done for today. Sparring really took it out of me earlier."

"Oh! Of course!" Wade took a few steps back to give him room to stand.

"I'm gonna hit the showers," James stated awkwardly, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb. It was a good idea. Wade hadn't really gotten much of a workout in, but there was no way he'd be able to concentrate on that now, and he'd worked up enough of a sweat to smell bad.

"Care if I join you?" He asked. They both flushed deep red at the question, but James just shrugged.

"It's up to you, I can't stop you."

Wade nodded and reached down to grab his gym bag, following the shorter man through the gym.

"Uh, I um-" the man cleared his throat. "I'm not gonna… do anything with you…" he said quietly over his shoulder.

"No, no!" Wade quickly agreed. "Of course not, I would never try to-uh…" he trailed off, afraid to put his foot in his mouth. James lead the way through a door at the back of the large gym that opened into a locker room, where he grabbed some bottles of shampoo and soap from his locker. He clearly frequented this place often. Wade set his bag down on a bench by James' locker and then followed him through another door that lead to a separate room.

This new room was tiled on every surface and multiple shower heads lined every wall. Wade didn't realize the shower was so… open. He flushed but took James' lead, the man heading to a spigot on one side of the wall, Wade heading for one opposite, so as to not be too overbearing.

He wasn't sure what to do with his clothes. This room didn't have anything but showerheads and a drain at the center of the room and he peeked over his shoulder at the other man.

James was stripping off his shirt, tossing it into a little cubby that sat hidden inside the wall beside his showerhead. Wade quickly turned back and found the cubby that was located near his own showerhead and began stripping down as well. He was a little embarrassed that he was standing naked in a room with a man that he'd just met and flirted with, but fuck it. He stuffed his socks and shoes into the hole in the wall with the rest of his clothes and turned the knob to start the shower.

He let out a little yelp when icy water began to fall on his heated skin and he heard a low chuckle rumble and echo around the room. He smiled and rolled his eyes, standing aside until the water turned warm before stepping fully beneath it.

After a moment of scrubbing his fingers through his hair to wash off the sweat, he realized he didn't have soap of any kind. He turned toward the other man and used his hands to cover his dick before catching his attention.

"Hey, James?" He said shyly. The man was scrubbing shampoo into his hair, having let it down, and soapy suds were running down his insanely muscular back, down to his… shorts. He'd left his shorts on. Wade didn't even have shorts. Shit.

He turned over his shoulder and saw Wade's embarrassed, wide-eyed expression and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Forget soap?" He asked with a smile. Wade nodded, thankful that he didn't even have to ask. James chuckled and shook his head, reaching for his own bottle and walking across the room to hand it to Wade.

The blonde carefully removed a hand from his crotch and gratefully accepted the bottle, both men doing their best to keep their gazes up and respectful. What a weird first meeting with a potential date. James quickly turned and walked back to where his own showerhead ran and Wade enjoyed the way his wet shorts clung to his round ass as he did.

When the two were done showering, they headed back to the locker room and changed into clean clothes. James pulled a square brush from his locker and a spray bottle and Wade hung back and watched as the man sprayed his hair and then combed it. The strong smell hit his nose immediately and he recognized it as the sandalwood scent he'd smelled earlier.

"What's that?" He asked, oblivious to the fact that he'd been staring. James smiled at him through the mirror in his locker.

"It's just a conditioning spray. Keeps my hair from getting knotted," he explained. He was wearing a tight black T-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans that hugged his ass, and he wore a pair of scuffed and dirty yellow high top sneakers. He replaced the brush in his locker and grabbed out a black leather jacket. That explained the leather smell too.

The man was damn good looking. Wade found him so attractive that he actually felt guilty again. Maybe he should just forget about texting this guy. Just leave it as a single-serving gym crush. He could always visit the gym again too and see if he was around. Maybe then he wouldn't feel so… damn guilty about it.

He pulled his phone from his bag and clicked it on, seeing that he'd missed a text while he'd been in the shower.

"Where's that picture? Peter really wants to see this guy" Wade chuckled.

"Hey, uh, not to be like, more weird than normal but, can I get a picture with you? My…" he trailed off for a second, then continued. "My boyfriend really wants to see you." His face flushed but he held his gaze.

James smiled, suddenly looking shy and oh so adorable.

"Really? What did you tell him about me?"

"I just said I met this hot guy at the gym," Wade replied, watching James flush darker.

"Uh, okay well, I suppose yeah… yeah, that's cool," he stammered, tucking his damp hair behind an ear bashfully. Wade smiled and stood, clicking on his phone camera. He stepped close to James, standing behind him so that his chest rested against James' shoulder, unconsciously placing a hand at his hip.

"Say cheese!" Wade said, holding the phone in front of them and at an angle that forced them to both look up. He snapped a couple shots and then looked at his phone, scanning the photos. He didn't notice his body was so close until he realized that he could feel James' body heat against his chest.

"Oh, sorry!" He quickly apologized, stepping backward. James' face was still very pink.

"Uh, I gotta get going, but please, shoot me a message okay? So I have your number. Actually, send me that photo?" He asked, grabbing a black backpack from his locker and slinging it over his shoulder. Wade nodded with a huge smile on his face.

"Of course," he responded, watching as the man left. He decided to wait a few minutes until he left, himself. He wanted to avoid any awkward situations that would make him seem like a stalker or something. He opened his messages and attached the best of the three photos he'd taken to a message and sent it to Tony, then he opened a new message and attached the same picture. He found James' contact info and sent it to him as well. The man had entered his name as "GymRat" and he grinned stupidly again.

He quickly adjusted his bag on his shoulder and headed for the exit. By the time he'd made it to the sidewalk and into the sunshine, he already had a message on his phone.

He quickly clicked his phone on and looked to see what it said.

GymRat: Thanks! I'm not going to say we look good together but… ;)

Wade blushed. Another message rolled in right after.

King Meatball: Ooh. Nice catch

Wade sighed happily. What the hell was his life?

Chapter Text

Tony lay snuggled in with Peter on his private plane while they watched some movie with a girl witch that could fly and her black cat. He'd let Peter pick everything they'd watched, and so far this one was pretty cute. The blankets they lay wrapped in were so fluffy and thick that they couldn't feel anything but the encompassing softness, but light enough to be comfortably warm.

Tony carded his fingers through Peter's silky locks absently as he watched, phone lying next to him. He'd been talking to Wade off and on for their entire trip home. He knew he could have used the jet and made the travel time faster, but he loved the one on one time he was getting with his prince. It had been a while since he'd had that with him, and he knew the boy missed it as much as he did.

Tony had shown Peter the photo that Wade had sent, the tall blonde with messy hair smiling from behind a shorter man with inky black hair. The man was good looking, square jaw with dark stubble set against alabaster skin, a wide smile that was sweet and straight with plush carmine colored lips, long silky looking coal hair that framed big shy looking blue eyes that were icy and set underneath thick, dark, square brows, and an amaranth blush that played prettily across his cheekbones, over the bridge of his nose.

Very delicious indeed.

While Tony wasn't very thrilled about it, he knew the younger man was experiencing a little case of puppy love. When he received the overly enthusiastic text from the young man the day before out of the blue, he knew something was up. It was only a matter of time before he'd figure out what.

He hadn't expected it to be another man, feeling a sharp pang of jealousy and sadness when Wade had admitted it. Tony was glad he could trust the younger man, but he couldn't help feeling envious. He couldn't really blame the younger man, though. They had all talked before about dating other people and adding people to their group, they'd just never really done anything about it.

He supposed it was bound to happen that someone would bring it up. Tony wondered if it would be this same bittersweet feeling each time, happiness for his partner balanced perfectly with sadness and anxiety and what felt like loss.

Peter had had his reservations too, seeming disquieted when he'd first been told. They'd been at a restaurant having lunch when Tony had gotten his text. Peter's mouth had dropped open and he'd floundered for a moment before he responded.

"O-oh… uh, w-what's his name?" Peter had asked, trying to compose himself back into something that resembled happiness.

"I'm not sure. I'll ask." He quickly typed out a message to Wade and waited for the response.

Peter looked far off in thought for a minute, thinking about the situation, then he looked up at Tony.

"See if he'll send us a picture, I wanna see the guy."

Tony received a message then; Wade's reply.

"He said his name is James."


"I'll ask him for a picture." Tony typed another message, thumbs tapping rapidly.

Cute. Peter wants you to sneak a picture.

He hit send, then thought for a moment, beginning a second message.

Also, keep your dirty paws off or you'll lose them piece by piece. That's from me.

"I think he should get the guy's number. What do you think?" Peter came out with. "It would make him happy, right?"

Tony pondered the pros and cons quickly before making a decision. He did want Wade to be happy. And what could it hurt? Best case scenario, Wade gets a new partner with potential for all of them to get a new partner. Worst case scenario, Wade gets rejected and they have to cheer him up, no problem.


Also also, if you're interested, get his number. We can talk about this more when Pete and I get home.

The two had gone back to eating their lunches, though now much quieter than before. A while had gone by before Tony realized that Wade hadn't texted back yet. He wondered what Wade was doing. Hopefully not already getting handsy.

"Did he send a picture yet?"

"Not yet. I'll text him again."

They sat in more silence while they finished and waited for their check, waiting for Wade to respond. By the time Tony had helped Peter into his jacket and had lead him outside, he finally heard a ding from his phone. He'd thumbed open the message and looked at it with Peter.

"Wow, he's… like, really pretty…" Peter trailed off, sounding somehow both happy and unhappy.

"He is. Not nearly as pretty as you though, tesoro." Tony leaned down to kiss Peter, pulling him into a tight embrace.


Wade had spent Saturday night buzzing with excitement, unable to focus on anything. He'd gone back to his own apartment, which was beginning to seem too small and dark for his liking and had paced back and forth. He'd tried eating a cup of noodles he'd found in a cupboard but he just couldn't. He couldn't stop fidgeting and pacing and sighing. He hated to keep bothering Tony and Peter on their last night of their romantic getaway, and it was way too soon to text the new guy. Wasn't it? Tony would know things like that. He couldn't wait until his boys were back.

He'd ended up donning the red leather and latex suit and patrolling the city all night long, into the early hours of the morning. He'd managed to stop a couple carjackings, an attempted mugger and a jay-walker that was not expecting Wade's voice from the shadows whatsoever, but he just couldn't shake the sense of restlessness. Maybe he was just being silly and overdramatic. He was known to do that from time to time.

When he made it back to his apartment he was exhausted. He barely managed to peel off the suit before he fell onto the bed unconscious.

He slept for most of the day Sunday, knowing that Tony and Peter were on their long trip home. He woke in the early evening with a hunger that he hadn't felt in a long time, dragging himself from his bed. He realized he was naked from the night before and he felt greasy from not washing off his sweat before collapsing into sleep, but he didn't care about that. He didn't have anyone to impress and he was too interested in the thought of food to worry about what he looked like.

He stood and grabbed a pair of dirty, faded blue jeans from the floor and pulled them on. There were holes in the legs and he chuckled when he thought of the face Tony would undoubtedly make if he saw them. He then went to his small closet and yanked the first shirt he saw off of a hanger. Truthfully, there weren't many in there anyway.

He pulled the threadbare cotton shirt over his head and stretched with a yawn. He quickly dug through a pile of clothes and found two socks. They didn't smell absolutely awful so he popped them on and slid on a pair of dirty old sneakers. He took a quick glance at himself in a mirror as he passed and the reflection made him jump. He was dirty, greasy and disheveled and his matted hair went in every direction. He looked like he lived on the streets.

He couldn't believe he used to look like this all the time and he was suddenly feeling incredibly grateful to Peter and to Tony for forcing him to be a better version of himself.

He quickly grabbed his wallet and stuffed it into the pocket of his jeans and then picked up his phone from the small stand by his bed. He checked it for messages as he made his way out the door.

Pastel Princess: Wade! We're coming home today! I think we'll be back late. I'm so excited to see you!

He smiled to himself and headed out onto the street. There was a groovy little taco stand that he'd been missing.


Peter was excited to be home again. They'd landed a little after midnight Sunday and, while he and Tony were both exhausted, he couldn't wait to see Wade. Even Tony was excited to talk about his new little interest, even though they were both nervous about it.

Wade had texted Peter to let him know that he'd be by the next day. He knew the older man was probably just enjoying a little alone time, but a part of him worried if he was shacking up with this handsome blue-eyed stranger of his already.

He couldn't spend a whole lot of emotional effort on worrying though, he was dead tired and all he wanted to do was curl up in his own bed. Tony had agreed to stay the night with him, so at least he wouldn't be alone.


When they woke the next morning it was nearly afternoon. Wade was calling Peter's phone and both he and Tony stirred from their sleep.

"H'lo?" Peter slurred, eyes still closed.

"I'm coming over! I'm too excited to wait any more!" Wade's loud, excited voice rang through the silent room and Peter heard Tony chuckle quietly beside him.

"Use yer key, love you," Peter mumbled happily, clicking his phone off. He rolled over and curled up on Tony's chest, running his fingers through the soft graying hairs there. Tony groaned and stretched, wrapping an arm around Peter's shoulders.

They startled awake a short while later when Wade burst noisily into the room. He ran and leaped onto the bed, bouncing them both into the air, and began to attack them with kisses and affection. He pinned them both down beneath him, noisily kissing any bit of skin he could reach

"I missed you so much! You were gone for so long! I'm so glad you're home!" He exclaimed. Peter giggled and squirmed at the way his stubble tickled his skin, and Tony sighed through a smile, trying his best to keep still. Dignity, you know.

Finally, Peter wrapped his arms around Wade's broad shoulders and used his super strength to pull him down on top of himself. He sighed at the feeling of the man's weight on top of his body.

"We missed you too, Wade!" He squeaked.

"How was Australia? Tell me all about it! Did you see any of those crazy spiders? Did you get chased by a kangaroo? Tell me, tell me!"

Peter giggled and Tony rolled onto his side, propping himself up on his elbows. He leaned forward and captured Wade's lips in a passionate kiss. They finally pulled apart when Peter giggled below them and Wade turned to kiss Peter as well.

"You two have morning breath, and I still want to hear about everything!" Wade announced.

"It was amazing! It was so beautiful and it smelled so good everywhere! The people were all so nice and the food was soooooo good!" Peter told him excitedly.

"The sunsets there over the water are so beautiful. We'll have to all go sometime and swim in the ocean," Tony added. Wade grinned as he listened.

"Now, Casanova, why don't you tell us all about this pretty James guy?" Tony continued with a yawn.

Wade's eyes grew owlish and his face flushed bright watermelon pink.

"Uh… w-well, he, I mean, I-I met him at the gym and uh… we talked a bit and I asked for his number," Wade stammered, swallowing nervously.

"Wow, thanks that's very informative. What have you learned about him? Have you asked him out? What kind of things does he like? What does he do for fun?" Tony pressed, rolling his eyes.

"I-I don't know… I haven't texted him yet," Wade admitted. Tony's eyebrows flew up incredulously and Peter gasped.

"You ghosted him?! WADE!" Peter reprimanded.

"What do you mean you haven't texted him yet?" Tony followed. "Wade, aren't you interested?"

"Wha-no! No, I... I just thought it was too soon! I don't want him to get weirded out or anything!"

"Wade," Peter said again, trying his best to sound parental. "Text him right now."

"Now, text him," Tony added. They both repeated themselves until Wade finally agreed.

"Okay, okay! Alright, I'll text him." He pulled his phone from his back pocket and held it in front of his nose. "Well, what do I say?" He asked quietly.

"Good morning is a nice start," Peter said.

"Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth maybe?" Tony added, yawning again. Wade shoved his arm and Tony chuckled.

"I'm gonna piss, I'll be right back," Tony announced, standing from the bed. Peter and Wade were both quiet as they watched his boxer brief clad ass walk away, both smiling stupidly. Once he'd left the room, Peter smacked Wade's shoulder.

"What are you waiting for? Text him!"

"Ouch! Alright, alright! Jeesh, the abuse!" Wade grumbled, stalling. He slid open his phone and clicked on to the messages, opening the thread from "GymRat" and smiled.

"Just say good morning?" He asked nervously.

"Wade," Peter said sternly.

"Okay okay," Wade mumbled, quickly typing out the simple message. His finger hovered over the send button for a minute before he finally pressed it. "Sent," he announced.

"Yay!" Peter said joyfully. "Can I see the picture again?" He asked, taking the phone from Wade's hands. "Wow. He looks so sweet," he said, a twinge of sadness in his voice.

"He seemed pretty cool, but I didn't spend a whole lot of time with him so I don't really know for sure." Peter handed the phone back and smiled up at Wade.

"I'm hungry," the younger man announced. Wade sat up and climbed from the bed, helping Peter up too.

"I'll make breakfast," Wade volunteered.

"Nah, I'll just have cereal," Peter informed. They heard Tony coming back from the bathroom and just as he walked through the door, Wade's phone pinged. They all grew wide-eyed and looked at each other, then Peter and Tony rushed Wade to find out what the message was.

"What did he say, what did he say?!" Peter jumped up and down excitedly. Wade's hands shook as he clicked open the message.

"I-it's a picture," he stated dumbly.

"Of what?" Tony asked.

"I'll open it," Wade answered. Peter groaned.
"It's... Him… heh," Wade let out a silly little laugh, face flushing again as he swallowed thickly.

"Can we see?" Tony pressed. Wade turned the phone around and showed them both.

The picture was of the man lying in a white bed, fluffy blanket pulled halfway up his chest. His shirt was off and his long black hair was splayed and messy around his head and shoulders. He had an arm beneath his head and his biceps and chest muscles flexed. His full red lip was pulled between his teeth seductively and his bright blue eyes shone, half-lidded coyly. The message read; Thought you'd forgot about me

Tony and Peter's jaws both dropped and they looked up at Wade.

"Answer him-"
"-Now." they commanded in unison, handing the phone back.

"Uh, o-okay, um…. No… I didn't… forget about you," he said aloud as he typed.

"Say something else, say something about the picture," Peter pressed. Wade nodded and looked back at his phone.

"Um, how about, 'nice picture'?" He asked.

"Seriously?" Tony said with a drawl. "how about, damn you look yummy, come bounce on my cock?"

"Tony!" Wade gasped. "Actually, that's not horrible." He quickly began typing again.

"No Wade, don't! Let me see what you wrote!" Peter yelped, grabbing the phone from the blonde.

You look yummy. I wouldn't mind seeing you like that more often

"Oh good," Peter sighed in relief, handing the phone back. "Send it."

"This is exciting," Tony chuckled, heading for the door and toward the kitchen. Peter took Wade's hand and dragged him along behind.

"I'm so glad you guys are here, I have no idea what to do when it comes to stuff like this," Wade admitted.

"We know," Tony and Peter stated in unison.

Peter grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and reached for a box of puffed wheat cereal, pouring some in. He offered the box to Wade but the older man declined and he placed it back in the cupboard. Tony pulled a cup of yogurt from the fridge and grabbed a spoon, handing one to Peter.

Wade's phone dinged again and his eyes grew wide, but this time, he smiled.

"It's another picture!" He said excitedly, clicking it open before being prompted.

"Lucky you," Tony teased, licking the lid of his yogurt before taking a step closer. "Can we see?"

Wade made a breathy sound and his face went red again, eyes still opened wide.

"Uh, I guess so but I might have to ask him soon if he's okay with it, cuz…" he trailed off and Tony reached for the phone, pulling it gently from his fingers.

"Oh wow, he's hot for you. If you don't fuck him I'm leaving you," Tony stated with a smirk.

"Lemme see!" Peter exclaimed through a mouth full of cereal and taking the phone from Tony. He let out a squeak.

The man was still in his bed, but this photo was from a different angle. It showed his wide, white smile at the top of the frame and scanned down to his bare hips at the bottom. He'd pulled down his fluffy white blanket and dark black hairs were just beginning to show right at the bottom of the picture against his alabaster skin. His free hand was teasing a dusty pink nipple, his pale skin on full display. The message read; I taste just as yummy as I look. Send me a picture?

"Oh, Wade," Peter breathed handing back the phone.

"What do I do? What do I do!?" Wade exclaimed, looking frantically from Tony to Peter and back again.

"Oh come on, you know how to be sexy. Send him something good!" Tony encouraged with a smile.

"Here," Peter offered, taking the phone back again. "Sit on the counter, take off your shirt."

Wade quickly did as he was told, stripping his T-shirt over his head and hopping up onto the counter.

"Now look sexy. Put your hands on the counter? And spread your legs a little more," Peter directed, kneeling down to get a good angle.

"Since when are you a photographer?" Tony asked, taking another bite of his yogurt and enjoying the show. Peter was right, Wade looked good like that.

"Hold that pose," Peter said, stepping forward and quickly pulling Wade's socks and slippers from his feet.

"What are you doing that for?" Wade asked.

"There's just something sexy about a guy wearing only his jeans," Peter stated, taking a few steps back and clicking a picture.

"Give me your sexy face," Peter supervised.

"What the hell is that?" Wade asked with a laugh.

"Think about… coming home to find me and Tony together in bed, naked and ready for you."

Wade groaned and pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, closing his eyes partway and imagining the scene Peter had set for him.

Peter snapped two photos quickly and smiled. "Perfect," he announced, attaching a picture himself and hitting send before Wade could refute it. The reply was almost immediate.

GymRat; Mmm. Can I see you today? Also, who took that picture?

Wade responded honestly. My boyfriend Peter. I'm not sure if today would work though, they just got back from their trip.

GymRat; :(
I hope they had a good time!
A third message rolled in immediately after the second.
Did they see those pictures of me??

Wade gulped and quickly typed a response.

They did. I'm sorry, if you don't want me to show them anymore I won't

GymRat; I suppose it depends on their response. Were they mad??

Nah. Tony said if I don't fuck you, he will lol

The response came a little slower this time.

GymRat; That's kinky. Sorry if I'm being a little too much, I haven't… been with anyone in a long time.

"What's he saying?" Tony asked, taking the last bite of his yogurt and licking the remnants from his lips.

"He said he wants to see me, but I told him no because you guys just got back."

"What, no! Tell him yes! Take him on a date!"

"I don't think that's exactly what he wants," Wade chuckled nervously. "He said it's been a while since he's… y'know, been with someone."

"What about you?" Tony interjected.

"Me? I mean, it's only been a few days since the last time we-"

"No, you dum-dum, I mean, what do you want? Are you okay with just something sexual? Or were you hoping for something deeper? You need to find out his intentions and decide what you're okay with."

Wade nodded, knowing Tony was right. He looked back at his messages for a second before he typed anything in.

What do you want from me? he asked, maybe a little too straight forward.

GymRat; What do you mean?

I mean, do you want to date me or fuck me? Or both? Or neither?

Wade had barely noticed Peter and Tony leaving the kitchen, making their way for the shower. He only realized he was alone with his conversation once he heard the water running through the wall.

GymRat; I suppose a little of both. I'm not going to lie, I'm ridiculously horny so I really want to fuck you. But, I wouldn't mind getting to know you, too. You're hot and kinda funny. And I think it's really weird but really interesting that you have multiple partners.

Wade smiled and considered the message carefully. Tony had a point, he wasn't sure what he really wanted. Another message came before he could respond. James was quick at his responses.

GymRat; Wait if I were to date you, does that mean I have to date your other boyfriends too?

Wade chuckled out loud and began thumbing his response.

First off, you don't have to, it's a privilege and second, no. That's between you and them but if you didn't want to, you wouldn't have to

GymRat; Hmm. Can I see you tomorrow? Please?

Wade thought about it. Peter would have to go back to school, he was already missing today, and Tony usually went to his office on Mondays. He'd be free anyway.

I would love to see you. Wanna get lunch?

GymRat; You could just eat me for lunch ;)

Another message came right after.

I'm really sorry :|
Lunch sounds awesome. The cafe by the gym sound okay?

Wade laughed and replied quickly.


He slipped his phone into his pocket and jumped down from the counter. He heard the water in the shower running still and decided he may as well join the other two men and tell them about his date. He felt giddy just thinking it.

"Hey guys, guess whaaaat!" He sang as he entered.

Chapter Text

Wade could not contain his excitement Tuesday morning. He woke early and saw Peter off to school, kissing him before he left. They'd all spent the night at Peter's apartment again and Tony had woken to say goodbye as well.

Once Peter had left, Wade and Tony had looked at each other quietly, standing before each other with sleep-messy hair and groggy eyes.

"You still gonna see him today?" Tony asked in his gravelly morning voice.

"That's the plan," Wade reminded him. "You still alright with it?"

"I'm okay with it. I think if you're going to have sex with him though, you need to make sure he's clean first."

"That's a good point. I don't want to risk anyone's safety. What about me? I should get checked too, right? Just in case?"

"Hey FRI?" Tony called. The watch on his wrist lit up as if it were activating.

"Yes, boss?" A woman's voice rang from the StarkTech hardware.

"Scan Wade for STI's, please. While you're at it, do me too. Why not?"

The watch began emitting a low-frequency beeping sound and a beam of light traced over Wade from head to toe, then did the same to Tony.

"All clear," the voice said. "Although you should up your potassium intake, boss." Wade didn't see FRIDAY in action very much and it still creeped him out a bit.

"Thanks, sweetheart. We're all good, now you just gotta make sure he's clean too before you put a finger on him. Or in him."

Wade blushed and nodded. Tony was right as usual.

"I gotta get ready to go," Tony announced, heading to get dressed. Wade watched him leave and decided to pull out his phone, scanning over the messages he'd received the day before. He clicked to a new message and began to type.

Hey, just for my own curiosity and the well-being of my partners, when was the last time you were tested for STI's?

He didn't expect a response for a while, knowing that it was still very early and that the man might not get back to him right away.

Tony emerged from Peter's room minutes later already dressed and looking more put together than Wade himself ever did, even on his best of days. He smiled at the older man.

"You look really handsome," he stated, taking Tony's face in his palm and pulling him in for a kiss. He felt Tony smile against his lips.

"Thanks, baby. I gotta get going, but make sure you let me know what's going on today, I hate waiting," he announced with a smirk. He slapped Wade's ass as he strode by and made his way for the door. "See you later, honey," he called over his shoulder, leaving Wade to himself.

The blonde had paced for a bit, trying to decide what to do with himself while he waited for his lunch date. It wouldn't take him all that long to shower and change into something nice, so he had to find something to do for at least six more hours. He sighed and looked around himself.

He decided to start with having a light breakfast, but that was barely going to take up much of his time. Once he'd finished, he decided to wash the few dishes that had accumulated in the sink from the night before. That also didn't take very long, so he decided to start rearranging the things on the walls and shelves. He almost couldn't believe himself as he was doing it.

A little over two hours after sending a message to James, he heard his text alert chime. He dove for the phone where it lay on the counter in the kitchen and opened it, desperate for anything to distract him from the painfully slow passage of time.


Sorry it took so long! I've been at the gym all morning. In answer to your question, I was just tested recently and I should be receiving my verdict soon! I don't assume it's anything but clear since it's been so long since I've done anything sexual with anyone.


Also, I have to say, I think it's really awesome that you're so responsible with your lovers. Gives me hope about other things you take care of ;)

Wade smirked awkwardly and decided what to say in response.

You were at the gym that early? Sparring again or just training? I'm glad to hear you've already been tested, takes a little off the wait time. ;)

He cringed at himself a little at the brazen things he was saying, but clearly, James didn't mind what he was saying over text. He'd been pretty overtly clear.

What time did you want to meet up? Eleven okay? I'm excited to see you again.

It was almost nine in the morning. It would only be two hours to wait, and more than enough time to get ready, right? He hoped the man would go for it.

He suddenly found himself wondering what would happen after lunch was over. Would James want to leave or would he want to spend more time with Wade? And if he did, what would he want to do? Where would he want to go? Hopefully not Wade's own apartment.

He winced at the thought of the handsome man being there. It made him feel guilty for taking Peter there for their first time together. It was messy and bare and hardly comforting. At least he'd had the benefit of it being night time then, he wouldn't have that luxury this time.

He felt himself beginning to panic and decided to shoot Peter a quick message.

Hey Babycakes, how do you feel about me bringing him over to your place after our date, if he wants to hang out? I don't want to take him to my place. If not it's really okay

Luckily he didn't have to worry about the younger man responding for a while because of how much time he still had before he even saw James, let alone before it came down to whether or not staying was an option.

He decided to start getting ready to shower early, wanting to look as fresh as possible and made his way down the hallway when his phone chimed again.


I'm free now if you wanna meet up. I just ran home and showered and changed, so I can meet you there in no time at all.

Wade's stomach did a flip and his mouth went dry. Suddenly he was nervous. He needed a shower and lots of deodorant before he left.

Sounds good, I can meet you sooner. How about I let you know when I'm on my way? I'm about 12 minutes out

He then quickly turned the knobs on the shower, jumping in before the water had heated properly. He made quick work of scrubbing his hair and body and rinsing off so that he could leap quickly from the shower. He didn't want to leave the raven-haired man waiting too long.

He grabbed a towel from where it hung on the wall, nearly giving himself rug burn as he scrubbed it over himself as quickly as he could. He then rushed to Peter's room and searched through the clothes he had in the closet.

He grabbed a light gray shirt and pulled it over his shoulders, reaching for his favorite pair of jeans and sliding them on as well. He didn't bother trying to find clean underwear, he didn't want to take the time to bother. He quickly rushed to the dresser and pulled out a pair of socks that he was pretty sure were Tony's and slid them on his feet.

He quickly ran his hands through his mostly dry hair and ran to get his shoes from the front door. He was ready.

He sent Tony a text letting him know that he was leaving early and then sent another one to James.

I'm on my way!

He turned his key in the lock and headed down to the road. He'd be there in no time. He felt his heart start beating too fast and he tried to take a few calming breaths to relax but it didn't help as much as he'd hoped.

He could see the little cafe coming closer as he walked, and he stopped. He was so nervous. This wasn't the way he'd done things with Peter or with Tony and it hadn't really been the way he'd done things before them either. He shook his head to try to clear the negative thoughts from his head and forced himself to keep moving.

I can do this, it's just a stupid little date. Not even a date! Just some coffee, and maybe lunch. Nothing big! I can do this!

He opened the glass door before he could chicken out and he saw James already waiting at a table on the side of the cafe. He was peering out the window beside him, his leg fidgeting nervously and Wade felt a little bit better about the fact that he wasn't the only one nervous. He made his way to the secluded booth that James day at and as he drew nearer, the dark-haired man spotted him.

James jumped to his feet, banging his knee loudly against the underside of the tabletop as he did and knocking his cup of coffee over. He scrambled to right it and then looked at Wade with wide, icy blue eyes. His face drained of color, leaving only the tip of his nose pink and Wade thought he looked like some kind of ice deity that way, all whites and icy blues framed by soft raven hair.

He felt his lips curl into a little smile that he just knew was crooked and stupid, and he leaned forward toward James.

James held a shaky hand out but Wade went forward and wrapped his arm around the man's muscular shoulders in an awkward hug. James patted his back nervously and released a breathy chuckle that was clearly brought on by nerves.

"Uh," James mumbled as they pulled apart, clearing his throat. "I'm g-glad you came!"

"Me too," Wade said honestly. "You look really nice!"

The man was wearing a soft-looking cobalt blue t-shirt under his worn leather jacket and a pair of new-looking jeans.

James blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, ducking his head down.

"Th-thanks." He reached over the table to the napkin dispenser and pulled out a handful, sopping up the mess he'd made just minutes before.

"Sorry, I'm such a klutz," James muttered, keeping his head down.

"It's no big deal. I am also a mess," Wade reassured with a smile. James peeked up at him and a shy smile crept across his face.

They both slid into the booth across from each other and sat in awkward silence for just a moment before either of them spoke.

"So your boyfriends they know you're here? With me?" James asked timidly. He was so painfully shy in person, his texts seemed like a completely different person altogether. "I don't want to cause any problems for you."

"It's all good, Sugarplum. They know and support it. You're not weirded out by that?"

"Nah. It's the future, time is evolving. Personally, how could I be against something that lets you love whoever you want?"

"It's not necessarily that easy..." Wade stated, thinking back a few months to Peter's little mishap with MJ.

"I'm sure. Two people in a relationship is hard enough, I've never even imagined it being more. I'm sure it takes a lot out of you to have to keep so many people happy."

"Sometimes. The good thing about my relationship is, we're all together, like a triad, so it doesn't all fall on me to fulfill everyone's needs. We share the love as well as the responsibility."

It felt nice to talk about in a way that didn't feel like it was defensive.

"That's very cool. So is this going to turn into me meeting the 'other boys'?" He asked, making air quotes with his fingers.

"Potentially. I think I would probably hold off on that until I knew it was right. Kinda like a single parent introducing their child to every partner they date. You wouldn't necessarily expose your loved one to that unless you were okay with them getting attached," Wade trailed off with a nervous cough.

"Anyways, tell me about you. You work out a lot?"

James sipped at the remainder of his coffee and nodded his head, setting it back down.

"I live right by the gym, I practically grew up there. I spend a lot of time working out, training and sparring. Lately, I've had a lot more free time and pent up energy that needs... released," he trailed off as well, blushing dark red and averting his gaze out of the window.

"I could tell. Those pictures you sent me," Wade waggled his eyebrows a little and James dropped his face into his hands with a chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm really sorry about that. I'm not usually so perverse, especially not in person. I apologize if I gave you the wrong idea, I've just been kind of a needy bitch lately," James laughed the last part, face red and mortified.

"So you're not like that except over text?" Wade asked to clarify.

"Well, you know how it is. Everyone's a lot braver behind their keyboard right?" He laughed nervously.

"I suppose. So I'm guessing you went through some kind of separation recently? Hence the 'need for release'?" Wade asked, squirming a bit in his seat. He couldn't stop from raking his eyes across James and licking his lips involuntarily. He knew exactly what he looked like under that soft shirt and boy did he wish he could touch. But he was going to take it slow, as slowly as possible, even if it killed him.

James cleared his throat again and looked up through his eyelashes at Wade sheepishly.

"Yeah, about five months ago. We had different interests, I think."

"Mind if I pry?" Wade pressed gently. If James' face could have flushed any harder, he'd have turned purple by now.

"Uh, well he wanted to introduce me to his parents... I didn't want anyone to know that I'm…" he trailed off, glancing up at Wade and clearing his throat again. Must be a nervous tick. "So he started sleeping with other people behind my back and I didn't appreciate it."

"Wait wait, back up. You're saying you're not 'out'?"

James' eyes widened and he glanced around nervously before he looked back at Wade.

"Not... Exactly. No one knows. If that's a deal-breaker, I totally understand," he said, sounding a bit defeated.

"Not necessarily but why?"

"You saw that guy I was sparring with at the gym? He was kicking my ass. I got a few good rounds in, don't get me wrong but that was him being friendly. If he knew? I probably wouldn't have walked out of there. I'd never be allowed back to my gym, my friends wouldn't talk to me-"

Wade could see the distress growing in his eyes and cut him off before he could full-on panic.

"Okay! Okay, I get it. I'm really sorry you have to live that way. What about this though? What if someone sees us here? Would that be bad?"

"Honestly, it could cause me some issues. But I think I could explain it away pretty easily."

"Hmm. So next time we'll go somewhere farther away?" Wade suggested.

James smiled. "Next time huh? I must be doing something right," he laughed, mostly to himself.

Just then a woman with a red and white striped apron walked over to their table.

"Sorry, fellas, kitchen is a nightmare right now. What can I get for you boys?" She asked.

"Uh, can I have a refill please?" James asked, sounding so polite it was almost painful.

"Sure thing, sweetie. What about you, Blondie?"

"Mocha latte!" Burst from Wade's lips before he could actually think, and the woman grinned and wrote down his order on her notepad. "Comin' right up, boys. Sit tight, I'll be right back."

Wade laughed as she walked away and leaned closer to James, prompting the fairer man to lean forward as well.

Wade stage whispered, "I've never had whatever that is, I've just always wanted to say it!"

James burst out laughing and leaned back, grinning at Wade and giving him a quick once over.

"You're funny," he stated.

"You're painfully awkward and it's oh so adorable," Wade replied coolly, making James duck his head down once more. "So, that guy that you were sparring with, he's a friend of yours?"

"Yeah, usually. Something like that, but you don't want to meet him."

"Hmm. Can I ask you the dirty questions now?" Wade asked, smiling coyly at the smaller man.

James smiled shyly and nodded. "Sure, just try to keep it down, okay?"

"Of course. So, are you a top or bottom?"

"Wow, right to it, huh?" James laughed nervously.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It really doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned."

"Well… I suppose I can do either. I prefer-" James cut himself off when he noticed the waitress coming nearer, clamming up completely and leaning back away from Wade.

"Your drinks, boys. What are we eating today?" She held her notebook and pen in front of her, poised to write.

"I'm not all that hungry," James admitted, looking to Wade.

"Shit, I'm starving," Wade replied, drawing a laugh from James. "I'll take the garden omelet. Home fries too, please," he said, grinning up at the young waitress.

"Ketchup?" She asked.

"Absolutely," he smiled again.

She nodded and headed for the kitchen to put in the order.

"I'm always hungry," Wade informed with a smirk. "Now, you were saying?"

The grimace on James' face clearly said that he was hoping Wade would move on.

"I was… just saying that I do both."

"And that you prefer to…?"

James let out a little scoff and nervously looked around again. "I-I… I prefer… bottom." He ducked his head down low and lifted his coffee to his lips, hiding behind it more than drinking it.

"Mmm, good to know," Wade smiled, lifting his own drink to his lips and sipping. "This tastes like chocolate!" He announced, licking some foam from his lip. He watched James' blue eyes track the movement and slid the drink toward him.

"Try it!"

"Uh, o-okay," James stammered, reaching forward and lifting the cup to his own lips. Wade didn't disguise the hungry look on his face as he watched James taste the sweet drink, watching as the foam coated his top lip.

"It's good," James replied, quickly handing the drink back. "You know that mocha means chocolate, right?"

Wade just smiled at the man, wishing he could lean forward and lick the foam from his lip.

"Hey! Little Bucky has a life outside of the gym!" Came a voice suddenly. James jerked upright and his face paled as he looked up to where the voice had come from. His icy blues went wide and Wade watched his Adams apple bob as he swallowed hard.


"You got a little cum on your lip, been suckin' dick again?" The man chortled as he came to stand by the table. Wade's brow furrowed and he looked up at the obnoxious man. It was the man that he'd seen at the gym in the ring with James that first day.

James' hand flashed up and wiped his mouth quickly, awkwardly laughing at the horrible joke the man had made as if it were funny.

"You better watch this little fruit, he'll be trying to work his way into your back door as soon as you have your back turned. Know what I mean?" Brock said to Wade, a crooked smile on his face.

Wade's mood soured and he knew his face showed he was venomously angry and protective, jaw clenched and brows furrowed tightly.

James turned a shade of green that Wade hadn't seen before and he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"Brock, c'mon man, just-just get whatever you're getting and go, okay?" James voice was quiet and soft.

"Yeah yeah. Is this a date? Am I interrupting?" The man wore a grin like a shark. Wade finally spoke up, no longer able to keep to himself.

"What we're doing is none of your business and you need to back off before you get hurt." He stated, voice calm despite the way he felt.

Brock let out a scoff and rolled his eyes, but made to leave anyway. "Whatever. Later loser, don't be late to spar again or I'm kicking you out of the ring. You're getting extra drills too." The short-haired man turned and walked to the front counter to pick up whatever he'd ordered and Wade watched him every step of the way. When he turned back to James, his face was still white as a ghost. He ran shaking fingers through his long hair and turned to look out the window, lost in his own head.

"Why don't we get outta here?" Wade suggested in a soft voice. James turned to look at him but remained silent, his hands quaking and fumbling for his coffee cup. Wade could see the pulse point at his neck hammering away.

"C'mon, let's go for a walk or something. Find something else to do, farther away." He slid from the booth and stood, holding his hand out to James to help him up.

"B-but, what about… I thought you were hungry?" He squeaked in a tiny voice.

"Fuck it, we can get something somewhere else. C'mon. I'd rather you feel safe."

James let out a big sigh and followed Wade in standing, peeking over the taller man's shoulder to look to where Brock still stood. He shrank in on himself almost immediately.

"Go ahead, hon. I'll be right behind," Wade assured, giving his shoulder a gentle push. He watched as the man nervously shuffled to the door, keeping as far from the other man as possible.

He watched the man at the counter take his order from the woman and follow loosely behind James. He heard perfectly when the man murmured "Faggot," into James' ear as he walked past, and watched as he shoved James enough to throw off his balance before he walked off.

James stood on the sidewalk with his head hung low, hands shoved deep in his pockets. Wade quickly stepped to the counter and paid for their things before promptly joining James outside.

"Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about that asshole."

"He's going to make my life hell. He knew, he knew we were on a date, he's going to tell everyone, they're-"

Wade cut him off before he could get too panicky.

"It's alright, you're with me now. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you." He quickly pulled his phone from his pocket, clicking his messages open to see if Peter had responded yet.

It's fine if you bring him back, but our bedroom is off limits Peter had sent.

"I know a place we can be alone." He motioned for James to follow him and began walking back to Peter's apartment, mind caught between homophobes, closets, and breakfast.

"You sure you're not hungry? I make some mean breakfast food, myself!" Wade offered. He glanced over his shoulder and realized that James had fallen a few steps behind and he stopped.

"Am I going too fast?" He asked the raven-haired man.

"Nah, I just… we're still pretty close to the diner and…" he mumbled, trailing off.

"Ah," Wade mused. He understood why James didn't want to walk next to him, but he'd never been with anyone that was scared to be seen with him. He wasn't sure how to react and it was making his stomach feel sort of topsy turvy. He turned and kept walking, consciously keeping a steady pace.

Soon enough, they had reached Peter's apartment building and Wade held the front door of the building open for James, ushering him inside. He noticed that once they'd crossed the threshold, James was much closer on his heel, feeling his body heat right at his elbow. He lead the way to the elevator and pressed the button to the 16th floor and they rode up in silence.

Once the elevator doors opened, they walked down the long, dimly lit hallway until they reached the right door. Wade pulled his copy of the key out of his pocket and turned it in the knob, glancing over his shoulder at where the smaller man stood silently. Something was making Wade begin to feel uneasy. Probably just how long they'd both been quiet.

When Wade closed the door behind them, he felt James' hands reaching to snake around his waist and he quickly turned around.

"How about breakfast, hmm? And maybe some coffee that's better than that black tar you were drinking at the diner?" He gently pushed James back by his shoulders, stepping out of his grasp, and moved to the kitchen, starting the coffee first. James let out a low, gravely chuckle and agreed, moving to stand to the side of Wade.

"This place is beautiful," James commented.

"Thanks, it's not mine and we're not allowed in the bedroom," he replied, unable to control the impulse to divulge the information. James laughed again, loud and genuine.

Wade looked down at him and his nerves settled a bit. The man's clear blue eyes were focused entirely on Wade, bright and smiling. He seemed to be letting go of the nervous energy he'd had just minutes before and was smiling bigger and brighter. Wade wondered what he would look like if the fear in his heart was gone for good.

"Why do you let him treat you that way?" Wade asked bluntly. He'd been thinking about the interaction for the entire walk back. James' face fell again, the smile dropping off and disappearing.

"What?" He asked in a quiet voice, eyes turning wide and nervous again.

"I heard what he called you. You didn't even stand up for yourself. You laughed at his jokes as if they were funny at all."

James' face went white again and he stood up straighter, turning and pretending he was lost in their surroundings.

Wade didn't buy the act. "Don't you want to be happy?"

James' face went through a series of complicated emotions in a matter of seconds, and Wade watched as he settled on a coy smile and turned back toward him.

"You could make me happy right now," he purred, reaching forward to grab at the waist of Wade's jeans. He simpered up against Wade's front and looked up at him as he slowly began dropping to his knees.

"No, uh-uh! No!" Wade admonished sternly, gripping his forearms and yanking him back to his feet with ease. James gasped and his eyes went wide but he did his best to hide his anxiety at Wade's brute strength. "You can't just solve your problems with a combination of running away and sex, James. I know we don't really know each other, but I really would like to get to know you. And I want you to be happy. Truly happy."

Wade still held James' arms tightly against his chest and the smaller man looked up at him. His face crossed from fear to anger to sadness and his breathing began to speed up as he tried to keep himself under control. Finally, a tiny tear escaped the corner of his eye and he released a long breath as his muscles went lax.

"I know you're right," he whispered in a fragile voice, closing his eyes and turning his head away. Wade slowly loosened his grip on James' arms until he was rubbing them comfortingly instead.

"Why don't you let me make you breakfast and we just spend some time together? No expectations, no sex. Sound okay?" Wade asked gently. James smiled up at him and nodded, then leaned forward and tucked his head up under Wade's chin and took a deep breath.

"Can we just start over?" James asked, voice watery and small. Wade wrapped his arms around James' broad shoulders and rocked him soothingly.

"I'd love to."

Wade made scrambled eggs and bacon and James helped make frozen waffles. They worked happily together in the kitchen, smiling at each other as they did. Breakfast was done in no time, and they sat and ate companionably together.

James was quieter now, but he still smiled. Wade was pretty sure that he'd managed to break through a wall of protection that James had put up and it made him feel nice to know. He was intrigued by this complicated stranger. He wanted to know more. He wanted to be there for him when he was getting shit from some asshole that he still called a friend.

"So, where do you work?" Wade asked, breaking the silence for the first time.

"I work at a shop downtown. I fix cars. They like that I can lift the parts without much help," he laughed. Wade smiled and took in the man's muscular arms and shoulders.

"I can see that. What about family? Roommates? Got any of them?"

James shook his head as he sipped his coffee. "My parents both passed on already and my sister's moved far off. No roommates. I already have enough trouble with those guys at the gym. No need to give 'em more reason to beat on me."

"Beat on you? They really hurt you?" Wade's eyebrow raised and he focused his eyes sharply on James, taking in not just his reply but also his body language. James didn't notice the way Wade had lasered in on him and nodded his head around a mouthful of eggs.

"Sure. Get me doing drills for hours before they get me in the ring, then they knock the piss right outta me. Eventually, I'll gain a little stamina," James chuckled as if the statement were normal.

"So they wouldn't be able to hurt you without tiring you out first, would they?"

"Prob'ly not. I'm stronger than I look. Apparently, you are too," James changed the subject without realizing that Wade was probing for information.

"I suppose so," Wade answered offhandedly, still stewing over what James was telling him.

"You picked me up like I was a child. With what I'm used to, that's a little scary," he admitted, catching Wade's blue eyes with his own to drive his point across. After a few seconds of silence, he quickly dropped his gaze and cleared his throat, stabbing another forkful of eggs. "Kinda hot too," he tacked on, stuffing the bite into his mouth.

Wade let out a little chuckle. "Maybe someday I'll show you how strong I am."

"Someday soon, I hope," James replied with a pink blush on his cheeks.

Wade let out a sound like a pur and leaned back, taking in James' body again. He couldn't help it, the man was sexy.

James unexpectedly set down his fork then and turned to face Wade. "Do you want me?" He asked, candidly. Wade's eyes went wide and he took a second to process the question.

"…Yes," he answered truthfully, not sure where James was going with his question.

"You wanna fuck me?"

Wade let out a cough and felt his own face growing hot. "Uh, yes, but not-"

James cut him off. "You wanna be with me?" His voice was quieter this time, more unsure.

It took Wade an extra second to figure out how to answer that question truthfully. "I… do… but I'm not sure if I'll be able to."

James nodded like he understood perfectly well why Wade had answered that way. "I have a lot of baggage. I'm not even out yet, I get it. That's probably a question for the future, huh?"

Wade nodded and breathed an internal sigh of relief that the man hadn't been offended.

"So… ideally… it would be alright to… to ask to kiss you?" James' face burned red as soon as the words tumbled from his lips. He kept his head turned away, clearly afraid to face rejection head-on, but his body was poised in such a way that he looked ready to pounce if the answer was in the affirmative.

Bypassing an answer, Wade stood up. He saw James shrink in on himself a bit, but he was clearly doing his best to hide his nerves. Wade turned slowly and took a step toward the living room. "C'mon," he coaxed gently. James perked up like a puppy and immediately stood to follow at Wade's heels excitedly.

Wade plopped heavily in the middle of the couch, spreading his thighs just a bit and leaning back, doing his best to look non-threatening. James stood timidly by, unsure what would be appropriate and Wade held his hand out to him.

As soon as James took his hand, Wade pulled him down onto his lap, guiding his hips with a hand at his waist, and he could hear the man giggling excitedly under his breath. Once James was comfortably in his lap, he began softly running the backs of his fingers up and down his strong thighs, excited to touch, then he looked up into his icy blue eyes and smiled.

"You can kiss me."

James wasted no time, crashing his lips against Wade's with a desperate squeak. He brought his hands up to cup the back of his head, curling his fingers into soft blonde hair. Wade could feel how needy he was in every ounce of his body and energy, letting him kiss hungrily into him. He allowed his own hands to gently roam, not wanting to get too carried away, and he enjoyed the way the man squirmed in his lap. James was doing his best to meld every inch of their bodies into one, desperate to feel as close as possible.

James broke the kiss suddenly with a gasp and looked at Wade with wide, terrified eyes. His face was bright red and his hands shook as his hips rutted against Wade jerkily, as though he couldn't control himself.

"I'm sorry!" He yelped as he thrust. "I'm sorry!" A second thrust and then he was burying his head into Wade's throat, his body trembling, fingers clutching tightly at Wade's hair.

He panted for a few minutes and finally, his fingers loosed their grip. "Oh God," he whispered. "Oh my God, I'm-I'm so sorry!" He kept his face buried in Wade's throat, too mortified to look him in the eye.

"Did… did you just come?" Wade asked, a big grin on his lips.

"Ohhhhh, Jesus," James groaned. "I should go, I should go, I'm so sorry." He began climbing quickly out of Wade's lap, but the taller man was faster, flashing his hands out and clutching the waist of his pants, yanking him firmly back into place.

"Don't go! So soon?" Wade chuckled, manhandling James by his waist. "We only just had our first kiss!" He used the man's jeans to bounce him gently up and down a few times in his lap, feeling himself growing hard. He quickly let go before he could get too ahead of himself.

"I'm so sorry! I told you, it's been a long time. I didn't mean to!" James was beginning to grow upset. Wade wrapped his arms loosely around James' waist, holding him in a way that he hoped was comforting to them both.

"It's okay! It's okay, it happens. I'm not mad, you don't have to go. Can we still kiss at least?" Wade asked, looking up at the man.

"You're not disgusted?" James asked in a small voice. Wade laughed.

"Takes a lot more than that to disgust me, honey. Why don't we get a little more comfortable?" He asked as he stood, holding James easily in his lap. He turned and laid him gently on the couch on his side, laying down next to him.

"Is this okay?" Wade asked, brushing his fingers against James' cheekbone and the stubble there. James' face was still splotchy and red from embarrassment, but he slowly nodded.

"You're not mad at me?"

"Honestly, I'm a little flattered. I've never made anyone come just from kissing them. I must be a damn good kisser, huh?" He joked.

"Yeah, or I'm just pathetic," James mumbled under his breath. Wade gripped his chin firmly and pulled his face up so they were looking eye to eye.

"Stop that."

"What?" James' eyes went wide again.

"Stop doing that. That self-deprecating stuff. You're not worthless and you're going to learn it if it's the last thing I do."

James scoffed a laugh and turned his gaze down to Wade's lips. He timidly leaned forward, parting his own and then looked back up to Wade's eyes.

"Don't try to change the subject," Wade whispered with a smile, lips brushing against James'.

This kiss was different than the first, completely soft, entirely unhurried. They explored each other's mouths with their tongues rolling lazily. It was once again James that began to close the space between them, sliding his leg between Wade's thighs. He guided Wade's arm around his waist and he let out a tranquil sigh.

"This is nice," James murmured softly. His kisses began to slow until finally, he fell asleep in Wade's arms. Wade kissed him one last time on the forehead and closed his eyes as well.

He definitely had some worries and doubts, but he sure was hopeful about this.

Chapter Text

"Honey, this seems like it might not be the best idea. I think he could be a little more than you might be able to deal with," Tony advised, dipping a piece of sushi into a small dish of soy sauce.

"I can't just tell him I'm not interested, I am!" Wade responded, reaching for his cup of pineapple boba.

"Yeah but Wade," Peter interjected with his mouth full of seaweed salad. "It seems like he isn't ready to come out yet. Can you really be with someone that walks a step behind you all the time? You're ludicrously affectionate, you might as well be a golden retriever!"

"Good use of vocab word. And didn't you say his last relationship failed because he didn't want to come out to the parents? Do you want to be a dirty secret?" Tony asked, leaning forward and feeding a piece of his sushi to Peter.

Tony had decided to treat Wade and Peter to dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner. He'd paid for a private room so they could talk about Wade's date without having to worry about anyone overhearing something they shouldn't.

They sat at a low table that was heavily laden with all of Tony's favorites from the menu, as well as some things that Peter and Wade had wanted to try. The walls were beautiful silkscreen doors that were decorated with traditional Japanese art. The room was red and gold and sapphire and gorgeous.

The table was surrounded by silk pillows both square and round and in every color. Tony and Peter both sat while Wade chose to lay sprawled out on a pile of them.

"He just needs some help, he's scared! You should have heard the dude, he was such a dick." He lifted a piece of ham from his bowl of ramen and slurped it into his mouth. "I don't think it's entirely his fault. He's just trying to do what he thinks is going to keep him safe. And he said those guys at the gym hurt him and beat up on him already! Of course he's scared to admit that what they keep accusing him of is actually true! He thinks it's bad, he's clearly ashamed."

"Yeah, honey… I just don't think this is such a good idea. He's got a lot of baggage," Tony stated, turning his attention completely on the blonde and fiddling with his chopsticks. "I don't know if it's really a situation you need to put yourself in the middle of. I think… maybe you want to save him, and it's making you feel like you need to be something more to him. I'd say maybe keep an eye out for him to make sure he stays out of trouble, but you could end up spending a whole lot of time with someone who doesn't want to stay out of trouble. Not only that, but you of all people will end up getting attached. Even if you tried to just keep it casual, I don't think you'd be able to.

Wade looked annoyed at what Tony was saying, but he listened anyway. He could see Tony's perspective of the situation, but he just didn't agree.

"I don't think you guys should really judge him so harshly, you've never actually met him. He's so sweet and funny and… really really sexy. He's interested in meeting you guys, too," Wade trailed off for a minute as he thought about the situation. "Are you recanting your willingness to let me see him?"

Tony blinked as he looked at Wade, then flitted his dark cocoa eyes to Peter's milk chocolate ones as he thought of a response. He clearly hadn't expected to be asked that question.

"I… just think you should be extra cautious. You don't know anything about him or who he really is. You can't risk your identity either."

"I'm sure that's what you told Peter about me too," Wade pointed out, leaning over the table to steal a piece of Tony's sushi.

"Maybe so," Tony mused, leaning back against the cushions behind him and watching Wade struggle with the piece he'd chosen. He kept the fact that he'd thought Wade was an insane person for the first long while to himself.

"I'm just worried you're going to get hurt. And don't make your decisions with the wrong head, you can't let his looks decide everything for you."

"It's true," Peter agreed, sipping his tea. "We both know how driven by sex you can get. I'm sure he's great but make sure you're not only interested in what's in his pants."

"Wow, thanks, guys. I'm pretty sure last I checked, you are the teenager and you-" he pointed his chopsticks from Peter to Tony. "Are the playboy. Maybe I get a little over-excited and maybe I'm a little loose, but I'm not an idiot you know."

"We don't think you're an idiot, Daddy, we just… don't trust him," Peter admitted, cheeks tinting pink.

"Oh, I get it. But I think he deserves a chance. Maybe he just needs someone to help him understand that he's okay the way he is. You know, you two could be good influences on him in that way…" Wade suggested, letting his sentence hang in the air. "Sometimes you need someone's help to get you out of the closet, right?"

Peter and Tony looked at each other but didn't say anything. They knew Wade was right.

Wade's phone pinged and he slid it from his pocket, checking his messages. It was from James and he smiled as he opened it. He was beginning to love that the man sent pictures the way he did.

When he clicked it opened, he was slightly taken aback for just a second. It was a close up of James' mouth and nose. His fingers were wrapped in white tape and they pulled his bottom lip down, showing where it was split open. Blood dribbled down his chin and over his fingers and his teeth were stained pink. Thick dark blood ran freely from his nostril as well. Wade didn't know why but it turned him on a little. He was glad he was laying down. No need to prove Tony and Peter right so soon.

A message came in just a second later.


Got a little practice session in tonight. Might have been a bit distracted but I got my licks in ;)

Wade smiled wider and quickly thumbed a message in response.

Don't hurt that pretty face too much, I like to look at it. Maybe one of these days we'll have to get in the ring together d;

He set his phone down on the table beside his ramen and reached for his boba, freezing with his hand halfway there when he realized that Peter and Tony were both smirking at him.

"Speaking of Romeo, is that him?" Tony asked, crooked grin on his face.

"Maybe," Wade responded offhandedly, picking up his cup and sucking a gummy ball of tapioca up through the fat straw. Peter giggled and leaned up, trying to see the phone's screen.

"Can I see? He sent you a picture, right?"

"Mmm," Wade moaned, letting go of his straw. "You probably don't want to see it," he stated, reaching to grab for the device. Peter was quicker and snatched it up off the table, pulling it in close to his chest with a high pitched squeal.

"You shit!" Wade laughed, sitting up onto his knees and launching himself at Peter. He tackled him to the floor, the impact of the fall absorbed by all the pillows as they hit the ground. Peter let out another squeal as Wade began tickling his ribs, his larger body pinning Peter down.

"Gimme that back, brat!" Wade growled playfully.

"I'm gonna look!" Peter giggled, holding the phone out of Wade's reach and fumbling with the screen. Tony sighed from where he sat and rolled his eyes.

"My partners are both children," he stated loudly, before reaching and grabbing the phone from Peter's fingers.

"Hey!" Peter and Wade both said in unison.

Tony clicked Wade's messages opened before either of them could move and his dislike of what he saw was clear immediately on his face.

"That's… kind of disgusting, why would he send you something like that?"

Wade sat up and climbed off of Peter, leaning over and pulling the phone from Tony's fingers.

"It's not disgusting, he's a fighter! He can take a punch, and I think it's kinda hot," Wade retorted, upset by Tony's response. Peter sat up and glanced at the picture over Wade's shoulder.

"He's… kinda scary, Daddy," Peter whispered, eyes wide and still on the picture.

"Scary? With our line of work? We get hit too! We get bloody too! Are you guys serious?!" Wade was clearly growing increasingly more upset.

"Okay, okay alright, point made. We're sorry Wade, it wasn't for us anyway. When do we get to meet this scrapper of yours, hmm? Maybe it would be easier for us to see what you see if we… you know, see him." Tony suggested, trying to soften Wade's anger.

"You don't get to meet him until I know what I want. You'll just both have to stop talking shit for a while, alright? Can you two handle that?" Wade grumpily plopped back down onto his seat, no longer interested in the spread before him.

"Maybe I should pay the bill so we can go," Tony said quietly. He stood and opened the door of the room, signaling for their attendant.

A young Asian man appeared at the doorway. "Hey, Sanosuke, can I get the bill please?" Tony asked politely.

"You want some boxes?" The man asked Tony. "There's a lot left."

He turned back and looked at Peter and Wade. "Boxes?" He asked. Wade and Peter both shook their heads no.

"I'll just pay for it all. I have a few friends that are on their way for the rest," he said, handing the man a stack of bills from his wallet. "This should be more than enough to pay for what's here and keep drinks going for them, plus cover a tip for you and Tsubame. If not, I'll see you next time, bud," he shook the man's hand and went back to gather his things together. "Let's get going, boys," he announced as he made his way out.

"What friends?" Peter asked as he followed behind. "Was someone coming to meet us? Maybe we should stay," Wade followed Peter out silently.

Tony shook his head as they exited the building and headed toward where he'd parked his StarkCar. "No one's meeting us," he answered aloofly.

A few homeless people were gathered next to Tony's car, a man and two women, trying to get a glimpse inside of the tinted windows. They'd been on the sidewalk when Tony had pulled up but now they were much closer.

"Hey," Tony called to get their attention. They all took a step away from the car, but before they could walk away, Tony went on. "There's a room in that restaurant that's waiting for you." He handed one of the women a hundred dollar bill. "Just tell them you're Tony's friends," he informed them.

"Jesus, thanks a lot, mister," the man said with a huge smile. The three hurried inside the doors.

"Tony!" Peter exclaimed, leaping up to wrap his arms around the taller man's shoulders. "That was so sweet, I can't believe you did that! We're you planning that the whole time?"

"I'm not a complete asshole guys, jeez," Tony chuckled, hugging him back. "I wasn't planning it, but I didn't want all that to go to waste and, I remembered seeing them out here…" he trailed off, clearing his throat as his cheeks grew warm.

Wade smiled a little too, even though he was still grumpy. He leaned forward and kissed Tony over Peter's shoulder.

"That was sweet but you're still a jerk," he informed. Tony chuckled again.

"Story of my life." He released Peter and clicked the unlock button on his keys, holding open the door.

"Maybe you should put it in 'self-drive mode," Peter winked as he sashayed past and climbed into the car. Tony smirked at Wade and climbed into the back after both of them.


That night, after they'd all played around and showered, they were getting ready for bed. Wade had calmed down, with a little help from a blow-job from Peter, and he wasn't as upset anymore. He lay on Peter's side, Tony on the opposite, and they all cuddled close.

"Are you going to see him tomorrow?" Peter asked into the silent darkness.

"James? I'm not sure, I hadn't talked to him about it," Wade answered quietly.

"Will you see him if he asks?" Tony chimed in.

"Well… I don't see why not. You'll both be gone all day. Is that a problem?" Wade asked his own question in response.

"Just be careful," Peter said through a yawn.

"Did you find out if he's clean yet?" Tony asked. Ever the responsible adult.

"He's waiting on his results," Wade admitted. "I want to take it slow anyway."

"Yeah well… just-"

"Be careful, I get it."

It didn't take very long before they all had fallen asleep. It had been a long day for all of them.


Wade woke to his phone pinging in the middle of the night. He hoped it hadn't disturbed the other two in their sleep and he quickly sat up, taking his phone with him to the living room before it could make any more sounds. He could already guess that it was James. He wondered what the man was doing at almost two in the morning. Part of him wondered if it was something overtly sexual that he was about to open, or something personal. Either way, it wouldn't just be something small this late.

When he opened the picture, he saw that his suspicions were correct. The picture showed James sitting somewhere that was mostly dark, illuminated by the faint yellow-green glow of something electronic, most likely a television. His knees were pulled up, drawn in tight to his chest and his free arm wrapped around them. Half his face was hidden behind the arm and only his eyes peeked out underneath of messy, disheveled hair.

His blue eyes looked sad, his thick dark brows drawn tight together and tears ran unmistakably down his cheekbones.

I'm sorry it's so late. I just didn't want to be alone anymore. I hope I didn't bother you

Wade touched the phone icon next to James' contact information and put the phone to his ear. No need to dance around it. The man needed company.

After two rings, the receiver clicked on.

"…H-hullo?" James' raspy voice echoed from the other end. It was eerie sounding; almost hollow.

"Hey, Peaches. Feeling a little sad?" Wade asked quietly, hoping his voice sounded soothing. The other end was quiet for a moment, save for the sound of James' sniffling.

"…I suppose you could say that. I didn't mean to bother you so late. I just don't have anyone else to talk to."

"It's alright, sweetie. Why don't you tell me what's up? What's got you so sad?"

"Jus' the same ol' same. Tired of hiding and bein' afraid… bein' alone." Wade could hear an accent slipping through James' words, though he couldn't place from where. He wondered if it was because it was so late.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. You gonna be busy later? Maybe I could see you again. At least for a bit."

Silence on the other end, then the sound of shuffling.

"…I'm not sure." It sounded like 'sherr'. "I don' work er nuthin'. Didn't have any plans."

"Well… why don't you meet me somewhere? We can spend some time together?"

James was quiet for another minute as he thought about it.

"Okay but… can I just meet you at yer place? I don't wanna risk… you know… gettin' harassed again."

"It's my boyfriend's place but… I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I'll talk to him once he's up." He was silent for just a moment. "Maybe we can just take another nap, since we're both up late tonight, hmm?" Wade chuckled quietly.

He heard James breathe a little laugh into his phone. "That sounds better'n I can say, Wade. You sure you don't mind that I called you so late?"

"Well," Wade replied, leaning back and getting comfortable on the couch. "I'm pretty sure I'm the one that called you. So I think we're even." He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. He heard James laugh again and his heart thumped a little extra hard.

"Can you do me a favor?" James asked quietly into the phone.

"What's that?" Wade asked, closing his eyes as he lay back on the couch.

"Can you… tell me a story? Help me fall asleep?" His voice sounded small and timid.

"You suggesting that my stories are boring?" Wade joked. "Nah, how about um… the thrilling story of composting and it's benefits?" Wade asked, stifling another laugh.

"Seriously? That the best you got?" James responded though Wade could hear a smile in his voice now.

"Alright alright. How about the story of… a little boy with blue eyes, who… had a pet rabbit," Wade pulled together.

"Dragon," James slurred drowsily.


"Pet dragon…not a bunny," he mumbled. Wade could hear his breathing starting to deepen and he smiled, listening for a moment.

"An'… not-not too small. Not too little…"

Wade heard the clear sound of James falling into sleep and he waited a minute more, just to be sure. Finally, he clicked his phone off and slowly stood from the couch quietly resuming his place in bed at Peter's side.


When Wade woke in the morning he was groggy and foggy-headed. He hadn't gotten much sleep before Peter's alarm was already going off and he was feeling it pretty hard.

He drug himself to the kitchen, making Peter a cup of coffee while he and Tony got ready for their days. He could barely hold his eyes open and he kept dropping things, making a loud mess as he trudged through the apartment.

Tony couldn't help but notice. Wade was never a morning person but this was extreme.

"You feeling okay, hot stuff?" He asked as he stopped in the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee.

"Yeah," Wade's voice rasped, his eyes crossing from the strain of holding them open. "Tired, 'm j'st tired."

"Didn't you sleep?"

"Sure I did," Wade answered, nodding off for just a second.

"Okay, you need to get back to bed," Tony stated, looping an arm around Wade's waist and guiding him back to the bedroom.

"Say bye to Wade, Pete, he's going back to bed," Tony called as they made their way down the hallway. Peter popped his head out of the bathroom where he'd been brushing his teeth and kissed Wade.

"Up too late talking to boys, weren't you?" Peter teased. "I'll see you later, honey."

Wade let Tony steer (read: carry) him back to bed and he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

When he woke a couple hours later, it was to a knocking on the front door. He groaned and dragged himself from the bed, trudging down the hallway. The person knocking was persistent.

"Coming! Jus' a sec!" Wade called as he approached the door.

He quickly pulled the door open and found himself peering at nervous-looking sapphire eyes.

"Uh, I-I'm sorry, I just-"

"James?" Wade asked groggily. He was still pretty exhausted.

"I'm sorry, its just-you said I could come over and well, you weren't answering your phone, and I…I just didn't want to be alone and…" James paused and looked Wade up and down. He'd been sleeping in just a pair of loose gray sweats and his hair was a mess from tossing and turning. "Y-you look nice," he grinned with a blush.

Wade took in James and saw that he looked just as exhausted and disheveled as he must. His eyes had dark circles beneath them like he hadn't slept well either, his hair was piled messily in a bun on the top of his head and his clothes looked like he'd slept in them.

"C'mon in," he offered, moving aside to let him in the door. "You want some coffee or anything?" Wade asked with a yawn, rubbing his eyes.

"Uh, n-no, I was actually hoping that offer from last night still stands?" James replied softly.

"Last night?" Wade repeated. His brain still wasn't quite firing on all thrusters.

"Yeah, you said… you said maybe we could take a nap together? I didn't sleep so good and… is that too weird? Is a nap date a thing?" He shoved his hands in his pockets and turned his head down apprehensively, looking up through his thick dark lashes at Wade.

"A nap date is the perfect kind of date," Wade agreed, taking James' hand and tugging him down the hallway toward the bedroom. He let go once they'd crossed the threshold and turned to James, stripping off his denim jacket. James flushed at the unexpected move and grazed his fingertips lightly across Wade's bare abdomen, though he didn't seem to notice.

"Kick off your shoes, get comfy," he instructed as he turned and flopped down on the bed.

"Uh, o-okay… hey, I thought we weren't supposed to… never mind," James mumbled, keeping his thought to himself. He quickly toed off his sneakers and pulled his shirt over his head. He then began to slide off his jeans before he paused again and glanced up at where Wade was watching him with a smile.

"Do you mind if I-?" He asked, referring to the pants.

"Get as naked as you like, I'll never say no to that," Wade winked and yawned again. James chuckled nervously and glanced around at Peter's room and the decorations as he slid his pants off.

"He… really likes superheroes, huh?" He asked, holding his arms in front of his boxers shyly. Wade felt a muted spike of apprehension slide down his spine at the question, not wanting to be on the subject of heroes for too long and he took a glance around the room himself. There were Spiderman baubles, Ironman trinkets and Deadpool figurines dotting the entire room.

Before Wade had a chance to respond, James asked another question.

"He's pretty… kinda gay huh?" It was timid and awkward but Wade knew exactly what he meant. There was pink and ribbons and sparkles all over the room and it was clear that Peter had no problem displaying his feminine side.

"He's out," Wade stated bluntly, turning on his side to appraise James fully. "He's not ashamed of himself."

James' face burned bright red at Wade's statement and he turned his attention to his feet, not sure where to look.

"You gonna came lay with me? I'm falling asleep already," Wade said, mercifully changing the subject away from James' closeted-ness. James nodded gratefully and quickly joined Wade in the huge bed.

He climbed in awkwardly, but cuddled in close when Wade held his arm out in invitation. He draped himself across Wade's chest, tangling his legs with Wade's. He wasn't much shorter than Wade, but it was enough of a height difference that he was able to tuck his head under Wade's chin and lay on him comfortably.

Wade realized that the fairer man must crave skin to skin contact in a way he didn't understand. He was always trying to touch Wade as fully as he possibly could. Just the day before he'd practically tried to climb inside of Wade and it had overstimulated him so much that he'd come in his pants. Wade would have to ask Tony about that. But he wasn't exactly being as supportive as he could be anymore, so maybe not.

Wade wrapped his arms around James' tightly and sighed contentedly.

"Comfy?" He asked.

"Mhmm," James responded, letting loose his own yawn.

"Good. Lunch when we wake up. Get some good sleep."


When Wade woke again it was to Peter, and he was angry.

"What the FUCK, Wade."

Chapter Text

James heard the creaking of a door opening from the farthest edges of his subconscious mind and a siren began to sound in the distance. He knew there was something he wasn't supposed to do but he couldn't remember what. He just felt so warm and safe. Someone's strong arms were wrapped around him and he felt protected. He buried his face deeper into the warm safety and tried to ignore the warning bells ringing in the back of his head.

The person smelled good and it made him feel safeguarded. He squeezed tighter. They squeezed back.

He heard something that sounded like footsteps and he began to lift from sleep.

What the FUCK, Wade."

Time to panic.

He jerked up, banging his head on something-or someone judging by the sound that followed. He brought his knee up and shoved up from where he lay and it connected with the same body that he'd just hit with his head. His legs got tangled in hot itchy sheets and he toppled off the tall bed onto the floor with a thud.


He was practically naked, and he'd unquestionably just been caught in bed with another man.

Time to go.

He scrambled to gather his clothes and shoes from the floor, shimmying his jeans up his legs as fast as he could, not bothering to button them before he headed for the door.

Fuck fuck fuck.

This was bad.

He glanced up for just a split second and made contact with furious brown eyes, attached to a furiously set jaw on a furious boy. Boy?

Didn't matter, he'd been caught. He needed to go.


He whipped his head around to the voice, wide-eyed and hair wild and saw Wade.


He was the safety.

But there was someone else, and he was angry. He was warning sirens.
He was dangerous.

James ran from the room, careening down the hallway and out the door, almost faster than his feet could carry him. He felt like he was flying, but his heart raced and his muscles strained.

He reached the front door so fast that he slammed into it, fumbling with sweating palms to open the door. He turned the knob and headed for the safety of the street.

He took the stairs instead of the elevator, needing to keep in motion, and he struggled to pull his t-shirt over his head as he descended.

He still held his shoes in his hands when he reached the ground level, almost colliding with a man in a suit who was entering the building.

"Hey!" The man yelled as James ran past.

James nearly lost his footing when the man called for him, attempting to dodge out of his reach before he could grab him.

The man had short, almost black hair and a crazy detailed goatee, and he was tall and svelte. His eyes were dark and they were watching him.

They knew. The man knew what James was. He couldn't hide it.

He burst through the front door onto the street carrying his shoes.
Just like the walk of shame.
Just like what he was doing.

He'd forgotten his jacket.

He'd just have to buy another one.

It was cold outside.

When he felt like he couldn't run anymore, he ducked inside of an empty stoop and thanked his lucky stars that it didn't smell like piss.

He quickly pulled his socks and shoes on, glancing around him as he shivered in the cool air.

He didn't have anywhere to go.

He could go home but it was dark and cold. And he just didn't want to be alone.
Cooped up in a tiny shithole by himself.

But he couldn't stay outside. It was so cold after being so warm just minutes ago.

Now he felt guilty.

He hadn't meant to hurt Wade when he'd left.
He hadn't intended to run away in terror either.


He should have just stayed to himself in the first place. He should have never gotten involved. This was punishment for wanting to lay with a man.

For laying with a man.

And he'd liked it.

He always liked it.
But if it was wrong, why did it feel so good?

He needed to hit something. He needed to work out his frustration.
His anger. His confusion. His hurt.

His sadness.

His loneliness.

He headed toward the gym.


Wade heard Peter cuss and his eyes flew open. He looked at the teen and could see the anger and hurt all over his face.

Before he could say anything, James' head flew up and smacked hard into his chin, sending pain shooting all through his jaw. He groaned and reached up to clutch at the spot, but before his hand could even reach his chin, James' knee flew up and caught him right between his legs.

Wade cried out, tears immediately growing fat in the corners of his eyes as he reached both hands to cup his groin. James had leaped from the bed, hitting the ground hard and running.

Wade gingerly sat up and saw James already struggling to pull his jeans up, eyes frenzied and unfocused, not looking up from the floor.

"Wait!" Wade choked out, still writhing in agony on the bed.

But James was gone. Half dressed and already down the hall before Wade could get another word out.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me Wade, are you serious? It's been one day! It's been one day since I asked you NOT to bring him in here!" Peter yelled, throwing his bookbag angrily to the floor.

"This is our place! Our room! This is my space!"

"Peter, I-I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, I forgot! I wasn't thinking, I was so tired-"

"You weren't thinking, Wade. You weren't thinking?! You brought him in my room! Did you fuck him in here too?!" Peter shrieked, tears spilling over his eyes as he paced back and forth.

"No! No, Peter, I would never-"

"Never?! Never what?! Bring him in here when I asked you not to? What if he saw my suit, Wade? What if he figured out who we are? Not to mention the fact that you completely broke my trust! How can I believe you, how can I trust you?!"

"Please, Peter, we were just tired! I'm really so sorry but all I could think about was going back to bed! And-"

"So you invited him over, waited for him to show up, could only think about going to bed with him, and you want me to believe that you didn't have sex in my bed? In our bed?"

"Pete, it's not like that! He came over here because he was lonely! He's lonely, honey, he needs people in his life! He needs support!"

"Well, I don't have to be the one to give it to him!" Peter screamed, fists clenched at his sides.

Just then Tony came through the bedroom door, look of concern on his face.

"What's going on, what's with all the yelling? And why did I see James running from the building in terror? That was James, wasn't it?"

"Oh, that was James alright!" Peter yelled. "Wade decided to let him into my bedroom after I asked him not to!" He turned and screamed the last part at Wade.

Wade carefully stood from the bed. His testicles felt like they were floating around in his guts and he groaned in pain.

"Peter, I swear, I didn't-"

"You didn't mean to, you forgot, you definitely didn't fuck him in my bed, even though he barely had clothes on when I found you two!" he was yelling again.

"Okay, okay! I think we all need to calm down and try to talk about this," Tony tried to mediate, moving to Peter and putting his hands gingerly on his shoulders.

"No, Wade just needs to go," Peter stated, voice hard.

Both older men looked at him with shocked wide eyes.

"Pete!" Wade tried, but Peter shook his head vehemently and pointed to the door.

"You need to go home, Wade. I need time to disinfect my bed and you need to not be in my sight for a bit."

Wade's jaw dropped but he didn't say anything. Maybe it was time to go home. He walked slowly to where James' jacket still lay on the floor and he stooped to pick it up, draping it over his own bare torso. He glanced over his shoulder at Peter and Tony and then made his way for the door.

He bent down and pulled on his old sneakers, not bothering to find socks. Before he could open the front door, Tony came jogging out from the bedroom.

"Wait!" He called, catching him before he could turn the knob. Wade turned and looked at him.

Tony reached up and wrapped his arms around Wade's shoulders, squeezing him tightly. Wade returned the embrace, arms twined around Tony's slim waist.

"I'll call you," Tony said. Wade nodded and loosened his grip, pulling back enough to give him a quick kiss, then he turned and left.


James had been hitting the heavy bag for a while. He wasn't sure how long it had been, but it was long enough to break a sweat and break the skin on his knuckles.

His breathing was ragged and he pushed himself harder.

Push past the pain, push past the sadness.

His arms were beginning to shake with overexertion and he could feel his punches beginning to weaken.

He decided to stop, catch his breath, refill his water bottle.

He'd changed into a spare pair of shorts he kept in his locker and pulled his hair back tighter, resigning to spend his day here. There weren't many other people to bother him and he could stay to his own thoughts.

He did his best to keep those thoughts Wade-free, but all he kept thinking about was how good it felt to lay with his skin touching Wade's and how nice it felt to feel his big hands trace electric sparks across his flesh.

He couldn't help the way the blonde's face burst through the gray cobwebs of his mind, like a ray of sunshine through the rain clouds. Or the way his laugh made James' heart flutter a little too fast like he was dying.

He needed to stop thinking about it. He'd fucked up.
Not that it mattered.

Shouldn't have been there in the first place.

What was wrong with him?
He shouldn't feel like this about some man he'd met in the gym. Or any man at all.



He exhaled his lament, venting his frustration and scrubbing a shaking hand over his face. He moved from the heavy bag to the treadmill, deciding to try to outrun his demons once again.

He started at a brisk pace, wanting to be so exhausted that he couldn't feel his thoughts anymore.

He didn't see Rumlow and a few others from his boxing company enter the gym.

He didn't see as they began to watch him more than what they were doing.

He didn't see the moment they decided to make him a target once again.

×××××××××××××××××××××××× ×××

"Peter, I don't think you're being entirely fair right now," Tony stated calmly. He'd said goodbye to Wade, but he'd done so with a heavy heart. He knew that it absolutely wasn't his choice but he still thought Peter was being too harsh on the man.

"I gave him one rule, Tony! One thing I said he couldn't do and he did it first chance he got! How am I supposed to not feel disrespected by that?" Peter asked. He had a point.

"Fair enough, but I think you of all people should understand what it's like to make a mistake that you regret making. He's always been more than fair to you, and to me too, even when we didn't deserve it. Wade doesn't spend a lot of time trying to hurt us and I really think he must see something in this guy that we don't. He saw something in us," Tony pointed out.

Peter huffed and dug his spoon into his carton of rocky road and shoveled it into his mouth. He knew Tony had a point but dammit if he was going to admit it. He had every right to be mad at Wade. One night away wouldn't kill them.

Did he really disrespect Peter so much? Did he really just have no consideration for his feelings? That was Peter's sanctuary! His sacred space! It wasn't like he didn't like James, but he didn't even know the man. The closest thing to meeting him he'd gotten so far was making eye contact for half a second while his pants were still only halfway up.

And even that was more like looking into the eyes of a terrified kitten. Peter had never seen someone look so absolutely petrified. He was white as a ghost and he wore the face of a beaten child.

Wade had been talking about how the man needed help. He said that the guys at his gym had been harassing him. Maybe it was even worse than what Wade thought. Maybe it was something else entirely.

Peter scrunched up his eyebrows again. He wanted to focus on being angry for a bit more.

"Maybe I shouldn't have kicked Wade out," Peter acquiesced. "But that doesn't excuse what Wade did."

"Very true. I think you need to reconsider banishment though, little prince," Tony said with a hint of a grin on his face. He could admit, he saw Peter's point of view, and Wade was clearly in the wrong. He just didn't think the youngest should be so harsh. Hopefully, he could steer him in the right direction.


Wade pulled James' jacket tighter around his chest. It was getting cold, the last summer breeze turning into cool fall chill. He wondered where James had gone and hoped he hadn't been too cold on his way there without his jacket.

He headed in the direction of his own apartment. Perhaps this was just the push he needed to do something about the mess. Then he could just invite James over there instead.

If James was willing to see him again. He'd seen the look on his face just before he'd left. He'd been absolutely mortified. He hadn't even said goodbye. It was almost funny in a way, that he'd been so scared of Peter of all people. If you didn't know about his super strength, he was just a thin, pretty boy who loved pink. Definitely not a major threat.

Wade kicked some rocks absently as he walked, not really in any hurry to get to his own place. He was upset that Peter had thrown him out, but truly, he should have known better. If he'd been thinking about anything else besides sleep, he never would have gone back to the bedroom. He never wanted to hurt Peter, that was never on his list of things to do.

When he finally reached his own building, he took a deep breath before entering the lobby. He hadn't really spent any time there in quite a while. He knew it was still dusty and messy and empty. He'd have to do some actual grocery shopping before he asked James to stay, too.

Wade smiled. He liked imagining James in his future plans. He had every intention of helping James deconstruct the walls he'd built. Knocking them down would be too much too fast. Too intrusive. But he could certainly offer assistance.

He climbed the stairs to his floor and trudged down the hallway to his place. He had a sense of apprehension growing in his stomach. He associated the old place with his life before Peter and Tony. It was something he didn't really want to go back to.

He sighed and turned his key in the knob, stepping into the room. It wasn't quite as bad as he remembered. It was definitely dusty and pretty dank. Smelled a little funny. But he'd never been one to open windows before Peter.

He smiled as he slid open the two large windows that were in his living room and let in some cool fresh air. He glanced around at all of the things that needed done.

He decided to shower and get properly dressed first. He quickly headed for the bathroom, taking off James' jacket and draping it over his pillow before heading back to the bathroom.


James felt something hard smack into the back of his head and he lost his footing, nearly falling on the treadmill. Luckily he was able to catch himself before he did. As fast as he'd been running he would have seriously hurt himself if he fell off. He pressed the stop button on the machine and gripped the back of his skull with the other hand, rubbing at his head and glancing over his shoulder to see what had hit him. He was met with Brock Rumlow's cocky smirk and realized that it had definitely been knuckles that had caught him.

He sighed in annoyance and focused on the machine he was on as it went through the cool down cycle and prepared to fully stop. His legs were shaking from how long he'd been running and his arms were still sore, his knuckles aching. He was completely exhausted and completely unprepared to deal with Rumlow and the rest of his cohorts.

"Please go away, Brock. I don't have time for you right now," he sighed over his shoulder.

"Of course you do!" Brock announced, reaching forward and wrapping a strong arm around James' waist, yanking him from the machine before it could stop, spinning around to disorient him.

"Hey!" James cried, narrowly avoiding toppling over as he lost his balance and footing. "Let go of me!" James shouted indignantly.

"As you wish," Brock replied. He immediately loosed James and smiled as he watched the raven-haired man try his best to land on his feet.

His legs were so tired and weak that he stumbled forward anyway and landed on his hands and knees, shaking and panting. James heard the guys that Brock was with laughing under their breath and his jaw set angrily. He forced himself up onto his shaky legs and glared at Brock.

"Thanks a lot, asshole. Can you just leave me the fuck alone today? I'm really not in the mood and I don't have the patience for you right now," he announced, trying to push past him.

Brock was tall; taller than James. He was actually just a couple inches taller than Wade was. He towered over James.

His face was square, jaw chiseled and strong, and his nose was long and wide. His dark eyes were deep-set and he never smiled. His dark hair was short and dark stubble dotted along his chin. He might be handsome if he wasn't such an asshole all the time.

Brock caught James before he could walk away, pushing him back and almost sending him to the floor again. James was in no condition to fight back. He'd put out way too much energy prior to Brock harassing him. He'd been at it for hours.

"Please, Brock, just for once leave me alone, please!" James practically begged. His hands throbbed and his muscles were sore and his heart was aching. He just wanted to shower and go home.

"C'mon, let's spar. I didn't think you'd be in the gym today, let's make the best of this time, shall we?" Brock smirked.

"No, man, I already did the bag, my hands are shredded. Besides, you got all yer lackeys here, spar with them," James retorted, trying once again to get past the man. He was surprised that he let him slide past as easily as he did, but he understood why seconds later.

He felt fingers close around his hair, threading their way deep into his now loose bun and jerking him back. He let out a pained yelp and felt himself being lifted off his feet by his hair. His hands shot back to grab onto the hand that gripped him, trying to relieve some of the pressure on his scalp and his spine went rigid.

"It's pretty useful the way you keep your hair like this, princess. It's like the perfect handle. I'm sure all your little boyfriends love it when you're sucking dick," Brock taunted.

James felt himself being dragged back into the tall, solid body behind him and as soon as the fingers in his hair let him loose, he dropped down to his knees and attempted to dart away.

"Just love being down there on your knees, don't you?" Brock mocked, letting his foot fly and connecting hard against James' ribs.

All the air in James' lungs was forced out in a cry of pain. He landed flat on the floor with the wind knocked out of him.

This was actually farther than Brock had ever taken things outside of the ring, and James found himself stunned at the clear abuse.

"Bro, take it easy. We have to keep it in the ring or he could press charges." It was one of Rumlow's lemmings, one of the airheads on the team.

"He won't do anything about it. Will he?" The tall man asked, kneeling down to hover over James where he lay.

He struggled to catch his breath, each lungful of air feeling more like battery acid than oxygen. He hurt everywhere and sweat dripped down into his eyes.

He could try to make a break for it, but he would have to retrieve his phone from his locker. And he wasn't going to let Brock win by running away.

"G-get out…out of my gym," James sputtered, voice weak. He tried to push himself up on his forearms but Rumlow placed his hand at the back of James' head.

It was gentle at first, almost caressing the way he petted James' hair. Then it began to grow harder, pulling at the hairs as he stroked across them. Finally, as James was almost up on his elbows, Rumlow shoved him hard, bouncing his face down against the hard floor.

James let out another shout as his chin smacked the floor, biting his tongue hard enough to bleed.

"It's not your gym anymore, sweetheart. Hasn't been for a long time and you know it. You don't pay the bill every month, I do. It might have your daddy's name on it but he's dead and I'm here and there's nothing you can do about it," Rumlow taunted, enjoying the look of defeat that was beginning to grow on James' face.

"Listen, Brock, I'm not here for this. If we're not gonna train then I'm going home." It was one of the men that Brock had with him. James heard a few of the others voice their agreement.

"That's fine, ladies, go if you want. Me and Bucky here are going to train, right Buck?"

James wished he knew how many men Brock had with him. He wished he hadn't left his phone so far away. He wished he hadn't hit the bag so hard, he wished he hadn't run so long. He wished he had more of a chance to fight back.

But he didn't.

It was long past time to panic.

He heard the shuffling footsteps of some of the men leaving, grumbling as they did. James wasn't sure how many stayed, but any at all was too much to handle and he knew it.

He felt Brock wrap his arm around his waist again, feeling himself being dragged up onto his feet.

When Rumlow let go, James could barely stand on his own. His legs trembled and he still fought to catch his breath, gripping at his sore and bruised ribs. It took him a moment to realize that his eyes were shut tight, and he forced them open, glancing around at the men that were left.

There were only two. He didn't really know them that well, but he recognized their faces. They didn't seem to mind standing by while Rumlow... Hurt him.

"Just lemme go home, Brock. You've had yer fun, you got yer licks. Just lemme go home" he begged. He knew his native twang was bleeding through and he knew Brock noticed.

For some reason, it always seemed to thrill the tall man when it happened. This time was no different.

"Awe, sweet little southern belle, there you are!" He grinned, taking a step closer.

"Don't Brock, I'm goin' home." He tried to take a wobbly step but Brock stopped him immediately.

He gripped James' chin in his hand, knowing it would hurt after hitting the floor, and he squeezed, pulling his face up until he had to stand on tiptoe. James didn't fight back. He knew it would be no use.

"Such a pretty little southern girl," Brock said in a quiet voice. "I'll bet all the boys love that mouth." He leaned closer, seeming to have forgotten about the other two men that were left. He leaned close to James' ear and murmured, "You wanna suck my cock with that pretty mouth?"

James' tired eyes widened in fear and he felt a new burst of energy run through him. He began trying to twist away from Rumlow, pushing and clawing at his hand and trying to force himself away, though he couldn't find a foothold.

"Lemme go!" He shouted, trying to drop his center of gravity to squirm out of the man's grip.

As weak as James was, he was absolutely no match for the taller man. The tears he felt running hot from his eyes were this time borne of fear and not pain.

Rumlow chuckled and brought up his free hand.

He wasn't even using both hands to hold James captive.

He pressed his first two fingers roughly against James' bruised, busted and bloodied lip and forced them into his mouth, quickly hooking them into the soft, sensitive flesh under his tongue, pressing down hard and invading his throat.

James felt his body jerk at the painful sensation and he knew that the far off gurgling he heard was coming from his own throat.

His fingers then spread apart and pressed over his tongue, sliding toward the back of his throat and making him gag and retch. His eyes began to roll back at the lack of oxygen and he watched as the edges of his vision began to fade to black.


Wade had managed to straighten up most of his apartment. There wasn't much in it, so the cleaning consisted mostly of throwing away arbitrary trash, wiping dust and crumbs from random surfaces and putting dirty clothes into the laundry basket that usually sat empty in the bathroom. He'd straightened the cushions on the couch, put loose discs back in their jewel cases, gathered all the mismatched shoes by the front door into a pile and even wiped the spots from the dirty window in his bedroom.

He was almost finished sweeping and it had been hours since he'd left Peter's apartment and he was bored. He hadn't gone this long without talking to someone in months.

He was also worried because he hadn't heard anything from James. He'd expected it to be a while but it was almost nine in the evening now and still not a single text, call or picture. Peter hadn't contacted him either, but that was to be expected. He was rightfully angry.

But James; Wade had expected to have at least gotten a message apologizing for leaving, or maybe to say that he'd gotten home. Nothing.

Wade decided to text first.

Hey Classy Chassis, you get home okay? I'm sorry for this afternoon. Still wanna see me again?

He stuffed his phone into the pocket of his clean jeans and finished sweeping, deciding to find something to snack on once he'd finished.

He set the broom aside once he'd emptied the dustpan and opened a few cupboards, finding them once again bare. He really needed to go shopping. He glanced at the time.


Fuck it. He could go to the store. It's not like anyone was waiting for him to get home. His heart throbbed at the reminder and he shook his head to clear it from his mind. Peter just needed time and an amazing apology. And Wade just needed six frozen burritos, a pizza, two bananas and lots of candy, specifically.

He grabbed James' jacket and put it back on, heading for the nearest grocery store. It would help to kill time while he waited for James to message back. And he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the way it smelled.

There weren't many people once he did eventually arrive at the store, and the echoing silence and reverberating 90's music was the perfect breeding ground for deep thoughts.

Why hadn't James responded yet? Surely he wasn't asleep already after having taken such a long nap earlier. He pulled his pocket from his phone and checked.

No messages.

He was starting to worry. He walked around the store and grabbed an armload of staples, then headed for the candy aisle, still wondering if James was okay by himself. He'd clearly been in need of company the night before. Tonight couldn't possibly be much better for him. Something just seemed wrong.

He grabbed a few packages of licorice rope, chocolate candies, gummy fruits, fizzy sweets, and Cheetos and headed for the checkout, wondering if maybe Tony could help with finding James.

Except, did he need found? Would it be too intrusive to try to track him down? What if he searched his name online and just happened to come across his address? Then maybe it wouldn't be quite as weird if he were to show up there? Or what if he really really wanted to just be alone right now?

But he couldn't remember if James had ever told him his last name. If he had, Wade didn't remember. Plus, he wasn't technically a stalker, so he didn't necessarily want to do that.

He didn't notice that the cashier had already scanned and bagged his items until he gave him the total and Wade looked up for the first time.

It was a young boy and he looked tired. Wade pulled out his wallet and handed a plastic card to the boy, grabbing his bags to go. He took his card back and headed back home.

Still no messages.

Once he'd made it back, he slowly emptied his bags and put away the items he'd bought. He kept thinking about his phone. He kept thinking about how it was getting later and later and he still hadn't heard anything.

Maybe he should send another message.

Is that a no? I'm really sorry about what happened but please just let me know that you made it home safe? I'm starting to worry

He grabbed a bag of licorice rope and opened it, pulling one out and nibbling on it as he stared at his phone on the counter anxiously.

He'd wait until midnight, then he was going to get seriously involved. Something just didn't feel right to him.


Rumlow slowly slid his fingers out of James' mouth just after he blacked out, relishing the way his body fell lax and completely under his control. He rubbed the saliva from his fingers across James' full lips, enjoying the way they moved under his touch. Supple and sumptuous.
He let his eyes roam slowly down the smaller man's body and smirked. He was completely at his mercy.

He flashed his eyes up over James' shoulder as some of the other men began to shift uncomfortably.

"Go home. Show's over," he growled, wanting any and all witnesses to be gone immediately.

"What are you going to do with him?" One of the men asked suspiciously, eying Rumlow.

"Don't worry about him. He'll wake up in a few minutes in the locker room and ready to go home, now go out," he snarled. He was losing time. James really would be waking up soon. Rumlow wrapped an arm around James once again, releasing his grip on his sore jaw finally. He watched James' body fall limp and felt a sick sense of glee at the way he hung like a ragdoll in his arms.

The other men shuffled away awkwardly, heading for the exit and Rumlow could hear the way they muttered to each other under their breath.

"Guy's a total whack job."

"Yeah, gotta wonder sometimes if he's really the queer and just doesn't want anyone to know."

"Who knows. At least he can fight. I'd have been out of here a long time ago if he was any worse."

"Should we leave him alone with that poor guy?"

"It's not any of my business. As far as I'm concerned, I was never here."

Rumlow furrowed his brow but kept his mouth shut, half carrying and half dragging James to the locker room. The front door required a key card to get in and it automatically locked for the night at ten. There were no other people in the building and once the two idiots left, they'd be completely alone.

He drug James all the way to the showers, setting him down on the tile floor and getting to work stripping off James' sweaty t-shirt. He then flipped on the showerhead above him, jumping back before he could get sprayed himself.


James woke to a shock to his system, icy water dousing his hot sweaty skin. He gasped loudly, sitting bolt upright with a shriek. His eyes flew open and he looked around him, his heart racing. He was on the floor of the gym shower. His shirt lay next to him, next to…he saw the feet and followed them up.

It was Rumlow. It hadn't been a dream.

His gut filled with dread and all of his aches came rushing back. The cold water felt like daggers against his skin and he slid himself out from under the spray.

He huddled on the floor, soaked and shivering and watched helplessly as Rumlow stalked toward him.

The man grabbed him by his hair again, forcing him painfully to his feet and James didn't bother trying to hide his cries and whimpers of pain and terror anymore. The man dragged him back to the locker room, walking quickly so that James wouldn't have a chance to get his footing.

He guided him to straddle a bench in the middle of the room by his hair and James was powerless to disobey.

He shivered violently and looked up at the man through his wet, matted hair as it came loose from his bun.

"W-w-why are you d-doin' this?" James' teeth chattered as he looked up at the angry man. Everything hurt and he had no energy left. He slumped defeated before Brock.

He was answered by a sharp, stinging slap across his face and he brought his hands up to protect himself. Fear threaded through his veins again like icy cold filigree.

Before Brock could say anything, the sound of a cellphone chiming in a locker sounded, echoing and making them both jump.

"Is that yours?" Brock asked, voice sounding hard. James' eyes widened and he swallowed, deciding on what to say as quickly as he could.

He hastily shook his head, hoping Rumlow wouldn't be able to tell the lie.

"Hmm," Brock hummed, pacing in front of James and taking in his wet, cold body. He stopped suddenly and reached forward, pinching one of James' nipples harshly where it stood out, hard from the chill.

James gasped again and tried to push his hand away, only to be met with another slap.

"Stop!" He cried, still trying to push the taller man's hand away.

"Oh come on, you know you like it, you little slut. A big strong man touching you? That must be so good for a little queer like you, right?" Brock asked tauntingly.

He knelt down, keeping his eyes locked with James' and his hand firmly clamped onto his chest.

"You're not going to tell anyone about this, are you?" He asked threateningly.

James' mouth fell open like he was going to say something, then his jaw clicked shut and he shook his head.

"Good boy. Because you know that you'd lose the gym and everything your daddy gave you if I'm not here to pay the bills for you, right? And then where would you be?" He squeezed his fingers a little harder and James let out a pained moan.

"Y-yes, yes, it's between us, I swear!" He cried, feeling hot tears slipping down his cheeks.

"Good," Rumlow responded, looking down at where James' wet shorts clung to his muscular thighs.

He looked back up at James' terrified eyes and reached forward slowly, cupping him between his legs and slowly applying pressure.

James yelped and grabbed at Rumlow's wrist, but he knew he didn't have the strength to make him stop.

He pressed harder, beginning to squeeze. James' tried to hold it back but he couldn't suppress the squeal that escaped him at the agonizing feeling.

"Please!" He wailed, body still shaking, heart still racing.

Rumlow began to fondle and rub at James' soft manhood, pressing too hard to feel good.

"Get hard for me," Rumlow demanded, not letting up.

"I can't!" James shrieked, all-out sobbing now. "Yer hurtin' me!"

Rumlow slapped him again, harder this time and he scowled furiously into James' face.

"Get hard," he growled again, not letting up his attentions. James sobbed and closed his eyes, trying to think of something that could help him do as he was told.

"You get hard for every other man that looks your way, you can get hard for me too," Rumlow demanded.

James felt the hand at his chest mercifully let go of his sensitive nipple only to flatten against his chest and shove him down onto the bench. His head smacked hard against the wood and he let out another yelp. He felt Rumlow straddle his thighs.

The angle of the pressure changed and he felt Rumlow's hand, grasping at his soft cock in his cold wet shorts.

He kept his eyes shut and tried to shut down his mind, tried to detach from the situation as much as he possibly could so that maybe his body would respond the way Brock wanted it to.

He felt himself beginning to grow hard, much to his own horror, and Rumlow grasped at him harder, beginning to stroke and pump him through his silky shorts.

His hips canted slightly, enjoying the feeling in spite of himself, and his hands were clenched tightly at his sides. He felt Rumlow's free hand begin roaming his body, touching the skin of his chest and stomach, scraping at him as he worked to get him off.

"Please, no," James whined quietly, still not opening his eyes.

He felt himself growing more and more frenzied, terror and disgust mounting and mixing with the pleasure and lust and soon he was ready to burst. He felt sick and ashamed of himself.

"Please! Please!" He whined, not sure anymore if he was begging for more or for Brock to stop. He was completely appalled at himself, but he couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something about this was familiar.

Suddenly, just as James was about to reach his climax, his knees rising up and trying to draw together and the muscles in his stomach tightening, Brock just…stopped.

He stopped his movements altogether and released his grip on James completely. His cock throbbed in his cold shorts as his lost orgasm slipped painfully away.

James cried out at the loss of friction and felt fresh tears escape from his eyes as he slowly opened them.

Brock leaned over him, smirking and watching the reactions James' body gave him. He waited for James to open his eyes again.

"You're such a fucking fairy," he taunted quietly, reaching his hand back up and flicking near the head of James' cock with a fingernail.

The feeling was intensely painful, thumping hard against him in his most vulnerable of places and he let out a wail as his body convulsed. His hands flew up to protect himself from where they'd lay balled into fists at his sides.

Brock snickered and stood up, slapping James' still damp bare side with a flat palm as he did and turned for the door.

"Practice is two days from now. Be there," he commanded and then he was gone.

James lay on the hard bench and let the tears fall freely, sobs echoing around the empty locker room. He didn't dare try to move until he was absolutely sure that Brock was gone.

He sat up slowly, his body creaking and groaning in protest as he did. He didn't know how he'd make it home. It was late and he knew the temperature had been dropping as the night went on. He didn't know what time it was or how long he'd been at the gym, but he knew that most of the world was probably asleep by now.

He sat on the bench for a while, legs clenched tightly together, arms wrapped around himself. He kept his head down and he waited until there weren't any more tears left to shed.

Finally, he forced himself to stand on his exhausted legs. He pulled his locker open, pushing aside his phone to get to his jeans.

They were all he had now. His shorts were still soaked in cold water, his t-shirt lay abandoned on the shower floor and there was no way he was going back for it, and his jacket had been left that afternoon in a strange boy's apartment.

It was going to be a long, cold walk home.

When he'd managed to fasten his jeans, he sighed and walked to where the mirrors stood on the wall. He peered in the filmy glass and what he saw looking back at him looked barely human.

His black hair was ratty and disheveled, hanging loose over his face and in his pale, dull eyes like some sort of horror movie creature. Circles bruise dark lined his eyes. His face was gaunt and placid and his skin looked thin like paper.

He looked like a vile creature.


A repulsive, good for nothing, wretched waste of space.


He was nauseating. Only a truly fucked up thing could have gotten so close to coming in such a monstrous situation.

He didn't deserve to be without pain. He didn't deserve to be treated like a human being. He didn't deserve dignity. He didn't deserve comfort or happiness and he certainly didn't deserve-

His phone chimed again.


He turned and slowly crossed back to his locker, retrieving his phone from where it lay tucked in the corner. He clicked it on and scanned the messages he'd received.

Boy🖤 Hey Classy Chassis, you get home okay? I'm sorry for this afternoon. Still wanna see me again?

Hours earlier. He scoffed quietly and opened the most recent message.

Boy🖤 Is that a no? I'm really sorry about what happened but please just let me know that you made it home safe? I'm starting to worry

James felt his heart squeeze in his chest. Now he was making Wade worry. He was making Wade doubt himself.

Of course he wanted to see Wade again. He needed that tiny slice of happiness in his life. But Wade didn't really deserve that. He didn't deserve James and all of his problems. All of his baggage.

All of his trauma.

He switched his phone off and stuffed it into his back pocket. He may as well begin his cold walk home. The sooner he left, the sooner he could wrap himself in a nest of blankets and forget that he existed.

He started walking.


It was two minutes until midnight and Wade was pacing like crazy. He still hadn't decided what he should do about his missing man problem and he was beginning to itch with anxiety.

Just then his phone began ringing and he dove for it, reading the screen.


Wade sighed, but he felt happy too. He hadn't heard from anyone all day, and he'd be lying if he said he hadn't missed Tony and Peter too.

"Hello?!" He answered, sounding a bit crazed even to his own ears.

Hey Meathead, is your night going okay?" Tony's voice rang through the receiver.

"Yeah yeah yeah! It's great, like super great! I got woken up to a kick in the nuts and then my boyfriend threw me out and my potential boyfriend ran away and I haven't heard from anyone all day and now it's midnight and I'm FREAKING OUT-"

Tony interrupted him before he could start screaming or hyperventilating.

"Hey, woah! Okay, honey, I'm sorry, that was a stupid question," he paused before he continued. "He kicked you in the nuts?" He asked, a note of amusement in his voice.

"It was an accident but that's not the point! James hasn't answered my messages all day and I'm really worried!"

"Okay…Okay. Maybe his phone is off?"

"It's a possibility but why?"

"I literally have no idea."

"Okay...Okay. But what if there's something wrong?"

"Honey I'm sure he's alright, but if you're super worried about it, call him. Or, I can try to track him down if you want, wouldn't be a problem at all. Or, I can at least see if his phone is on. Just tell me what I need to do. Peter's already gone to bed, so I'm here for you."

Wade smiled at Tony's reassurance. It was nice to have a support system. His smile dropped a moment later when he thought about how James didn't have anyone but Wade. And he barely knew Wade. It just made him that much more nauseous.

"Try to find his phone, I'll text you the number."

He quickly typed the number into a message and sent it to Tony. He heard Tony talking to FRIDAY in the background and suppressed a shiver.

"What did it say?" Wade asked impatiently.

"SHE said his phone is off, but it's moving very slowly down the street. Leaving the gym you said you met him at."

"Of course, the gym!" Wade exclaimed, feeling kind of dumb. Of course, "GymRat" was at the gym. Duh.

"I gotta go find him! Thanks a lot, Tony!" Wade exclaimed, slipping his feet inside of his shoes and reaching for James' jacket again.

"No problem, darling. Just let me know if you need anything else. I'll be up for a bit."

"Love you, Tony.

"Love you, Wade. Peter loves you too."

Wade smiled as he ended the call and made for the door. Before he could leave, it occurred to him that perhaps he should bring an extra jacket. Just since James obviously didn't have his own.

He grabbed one from his bedroom and ran out the door, deciding to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Once he hit the street, he ran in the direction of the gym, wanting to waste no time.

The gym wasn't far away, but he didn't know how fast James was walking either. Since he didn't know where exactly James did live, he didn't want to somehow miss him. He probably should have asked which direction the man was actually moving.

He reached the building within a few minutes and stopped at the front doors, peering inside. There were a few dim lights still on but no sign of a person.

Now he had to decide which direction to keep walking in. He glanced around him quickly, seeing an alley that was shrouded in darkness, a street that consisted mainly of stores and shopping complexes that were closed for the night and a road that was pretty well lit and seemed to have a lot of cars parked in front of the buildings.

Wade's instinct told him to go down the street with the apartments and cars. It just made sense.

He quickly crossed the street, heading east. He scanned in windows and doorways as he went past, as well as keeping an eye on the sidewalks. There was no way he could miss him.

He sped up his pace, heart racing as his eyes darted from shadow to shadow until finally, he saw movement ahead of him. He caught a glimpse of messy black hair and what looked like bare shoulders over the roof of a hatchback across the street. He wasn't sure why James would be walking around at night in the cold half-dressed but he was hoping he'd caught up to the right, man.

He dashed across the street, not slowing until he was just a few steps away.

"James?" He called out gently.

Wade would recognize the gentle slope of his neck, those broad shoulders and the curve of his lower back where his hands fit perfectly anywhere. The streetlights were just bright enough to make out the light freckles that dusted the tops of his shoulders. It was definitely him. Wade could see him shivering and the way he tried to keep himself warm with his arms wrapped around himself, but his head was bowed low. A part of Wade almost wondered if he was sleepwalking.

"Sweetheart?" He called softly, reaching forward to gently touch the inside of his elbow.

As soon as his fingers made contact, James let out a high yelp, collapsing to the ground and curling in on himself, scooting back until he hit the building behind him. His arms flew to cover his face and his knees were tucked in tight.

"Please no! No more! Please don't touch me!" He sobbed, rocking himself back and forth on the ground.

Wade's eyes flew open and his jaw dropped. He knelt down in front of the man but stayed a step back.

"James? Honey, it's me, it's Wade. Baby, it's okay, it's me. I'm not going to hurt you," he cooed, doing his best to sound soothing.

James slowly looked up at him past the protection of his own body, but his eyes looked hollow. He shivered violently.

"It's me, baby. Do you recognize me?" Wade asked gently, not daring to reach out and touch again.

Slowly, recognition dawned on James and his head slowly nodded. He let out a quiet whimper and sucked in a shuddering breath like he was letting down his guard just a little bit.

"W-w-Wade?" His teeth chattered so loud Wade worried that it might actually be hurting the man.

"What are you doing out here with no clothes on? Can I take you home, sweetheart?" Wade was so glad he'd decided to bring an extra jacket.

James nodded, stronger this time, and he continued to whimper quietly.

Wade reached up and brushed the hair from his eyes gently, then held his hand out to help the man stand back up. When James gingerly placed his hand in Wade's, the taller man could see the way the skin was rubbed raw from his knuckles and it was as cold as death. He winced internally.

"Let's get you up," Wade said, gently placing a hand on James' back and pulling him up onto his feet. "Here," he stated, wrapping the man in the extra jacket he'd brought, thankful now that he had. He zipped it for him, assuming it would be hard for James with his frozen, mangled fingers.

James never once lifted his head, stooping low and keeping his tired eyes on the ground.

"Where do you live, doll?" Wade asked, wanting to get the man off the street and out of the cold.

James grunted and began walking slowly down the sidewalk again, and Wade could hear his sneakers sloshing with every step.

"Doll baby, I'm not trying to be too pushy, but can I carry you? Your feet are soaked. And you need to get someplace warm fast. I promise I'll be gentle."

James turned to Wade without a word and put his arms up, like a tired child asking to be held. It made Wade's heart ache.

He gently wrapped his arm around James' back and scooped his legs out from under him, lifting him easily. He could feel his icy skin right through the jacket he'd brought and he wished he'd brought something warmer.

James sighed and nuzzled his cold nose into Wade's throat, soaking in the heat that radiated from Wade's skin. Wade could feel how hard he was shivering now that he held him in his arms.

"Needed you. Needed you," he whispered. If Wade didn't have enhanced hearing, it would have went completely unheard.

"Just tell me where to go, beautiful," Wade stated, beginning to walk at a brisk pace in the direction that James had been going.

"Corner… second door… red door," James panted, struggling to force his words out.

"Got it, babe." He began following the directions James had given him, walking to the corner and turning, then searching for the red door.

"You got a key, honey?"

" 's open," James mumbled weakly. Wade decided to save his lecture for another time.

He quickly turned the knob, entering the dark apartment. It seemed colder inside than it was outside.

Wade flipped a light on as he closed and locked the door, then turned to scan the apartment. It was even smaller and more empty than his own.

There was no furniture. The walls were bare. There was no table or chairs. He spotted a nest of old and stained comforters in the corner of the living room and assumed that must be where he slept.

"Jesus, honey, you live like this? It's freezing in here!" He noticed an old space heater near the pile of blankets and crossed the small empty room to it. He gently lay James in the blankets, piling and arranging them until only his face stuck out. He looked sickly.

Wade quickly reached his long arms to flip on the heater, turning it all the way up and pulling it as close as it would go.

He scanned the empty room once more. It was going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

James forced himself to a sitting position and Wade wasn't sure how he was able to move at all. He could see the man's exhaustion written all over his skin.

Wade quickly leaned forward and pulled the blankets back up, wrapping the man in them tightly.

"Do you have a bed?" Wade asked gently, hoping he'd be able to move the man. James just shook his head no. "Then you need to lay back. I'm going to get you changed into something warmer and get you comfortable. You need sleep and then we're having a long, serious conversation when you wake up."

James' tired eyes widened slightly but he didn't argue. He clearly didn't have the strength or energy to do much of anything.

Wade stood slowly and walked in the direction of what he assumed was the bedroom, passing a small bathroom on the way. The place was so empty it almost looked like no one lived there at all.

He flipped the switch in the bedroom and scanned quickly. There were clothes all over the floor and a small, rundown mattress. Clearly, James didn't sleep there. Wade rummaged for a pair of thick sweats and the closest thing he could find to a sweater, quickly finding the pants but having a harder time with the shirt.

He stood and walked to the closet, peeking at the few things hanging there.

"Score," Wade muttered to himself, grabbing a thick gray sweatshirt and sliding it from the hanger. He quickly jogged back to the living room, flipping off the lights as he went and knelt down before James.

He hadn't moved. He still shivered, even under all of the blankets.

"Let's get you dressed, dear," he said, reaching forward and slowly sliding the blankets from James' shoulders.

His eyes were vacant but they flicked to Wade's face as he slowly reached for the zipper on his jacket.

"Is this okay?" He asked before unzipping it.

James glanced around him as if there was anyone else there and then slowly nodded his head.

" 'S okay," he mumbled, watching Wade unzip the jacket. "You don't have to do this. 'm sorry I got that kid mad at you."

"Well I'm here, so I'm going to, and don't worry about that right now." He slid the jacket to the floor and his eyes were immediately drawn to the dark purple bruise around the man's nipple. It was too big not to notice. He grabbed the sweater and began sliding it over James' head.

"Were you sparring today?" He asked, trying to sound casual. He'd seen the faint bruising on his face by now too. James shook his head no.

"Just the bag. Runnin'," he responded. He kept his gaze down.

"Okay," Wade answered, red flags raising in the back of his head. He hadn't been quite this beat-up looking when he'd left Wade earlier that afternoon, and if he hadn't been practicing then something else had to have happened.

He pulled the sweatshirt down and moved the blankets back more to help him out of his jeans. As soon as his fingers touched the zipper, James gasped and flinched back, eyes going wide.

Wade immediately drew his hands back, holding them in the air.

"It's okay. I just want to help you get into some more comfortable pants. I won't hurt you." It was clear that something had happened, and he couldn't wait to find out what.

"O-okay," James murmured, still looking anxious. Wade undid his jeans slowly, helping him out of them as gently as he could, then quickly realized he'd have to remove the man's sneakers first.

He moved and grabbed one, pulling it off, along with the soggy sock underneath. His foot was frigid.

"Hey, how'd your shoes get wet?" Wade asked, removing the other sock and shoe. He held James' feet between his hands to warm them for just a moment before fully removing his jeans. His shaking was finally beginning to subside.

James weakly shrugged his shoulders. "Puddles," he mumbled in answer.

"It…didn't rain."

"S-sprinklers." He was so exhausted he couldn't come up with a good lie and he knew it.

"Your hair is damp too," Wade stated, lifting James' feet and beginning to slide his pants on.

James lifted his hips a bit to help, but Wade was sure that if he wasn't helping James, he'd have probably just passed out half-dressed and wet in his pile of blankets. He could barely keep his eyes open.

Wade finished helping James dress and began tucking him back into the blankets, gently guiding him to lay back.

He gently slid the hair tie from the end of James' hair since it was already almost out anyway and began gently brushing his fingers through it, pushing it back away from his face and trying to detangle it a bit.

James' eyes had fallen almost immediately shut, but tiny whimpers were falling from his lips at Wade's touches.

"Hurts," he mumbled, sounding almost drunk. Wade's eyebrows screwed up and he tilted his head. James had loved it when he'd run his fingers through his hair before.

"That hurts baby? Did you hit your head?"

James shook his head no, then stopped and began nodding in agreement. Wade sighed. He wasn't going to get anything out of him tonight, and it was getting later. He should let the man get to sleep.

"I'll be here when you wake up. Do you need anything?" He asked quietly.

"Hol' me," James slurred, turning slightly on his side.

Wade smiled and looked around him again. He couldn't wait for the morning. He slid James' jacket off his shoulder and toed off his shoes, lifting the blanket and moving in close to the smaller man.

As soon as Wade was comfortable, James scooted as close as he could to Wade, pressing tight against him and nuzzling his cold nose into his chest. Wade wrapped his arms around James and he could still feel the chill coming off James' skin under his thick clothes.

"Good thing I run like a furnace," Wade stated absently. He heard James whispering something to himself nearly silently and listened harder.


Wade slid his phone from his pocket to send a message to Tony before he fell asleep.

Found him. Something happened but I don't know what. I'll tell you more tomorrow. Goodnight, love you

He put his phone down beside them on the floor and closed his eyes. He'd had a long day too, and within minutes, both the men were fast asleep.


Tony woke the next morning and saw that Wade had messaged him late. Much later than he'd expected. He wondered what Wade meant when he'd said that something had happened but he decided to wait until later to message him. He'd probably sleep late.

He yawned and looked over to where Peter slept beside him and smiled at the young man's sweet face. He brushed a stray curl from his forehead and gently ran his fingertips across his soft skin.

Peter slowly began to stir, waking from his sleep. His eyes opened unhurriedly and Tony felt his heart flutter as they did. He loved watching Peter's thick eyelashes flutter, and the way his face looked serene with sleep was absolutely perfect.

"G' morning, Tony," Peter murmured with a smile, wiggling closer to the man.

"Good morning, prince. Did you sleep well?"

Peter nodded and yawned. "Pretty good. How about you?"

Tony nodded. "Fine. We gotta get up soon," he reminded, glancing at the clock over Peter's shoulder.

Peter whined. "We still have time though!"

"Time for what?" Tony chuckled, watching as Peter sat up in bed. The lithe boy quickly pulled his shirt over his shoulders, sitting up on his knees with a wide smile and looking down at Tony.

"This," he stated, climbing to straddle Tony's lap. He playfully ground his ass against his soft cock and felt him beginning to grow hard with interest.

Tony chuckled and gripped his hips, watching the beautiful show that he was being rewarded with.

Peter ran his hands across his own chest as he continued to buck his hips against Tony's.

Tony groaned under his breath, feeling himself growing too hard to ignore and he flipped Peter onto his back on the mattress.

"Little brat," he growled fondly, yanking the soft pants down off his hips. "We have to be quick or we'll be late." He pulled the front of his own pants down, pumping his erection a few times.

He gripped Peter's legs and lifted them up onto his shoulder, leaning forward.

"Ready?" He asked, petting his finger across Peter's pretty pink hole. Peter nodded excitedly and Tony began to line himself up, preparing to breach the boy.

"It's gotta be quick," he repeated, forcing the head inside of Peter as he did. Peter let out a little yelp and then wasted no time pressing down against Tony, fucking himself on his thick cock.

They both began to move against each other frantically, chasing pleasure as quickly as they could.

"Harder, daddy," Peter panted, swiveling his hips. Tony obliged, changing his angle and letting go, giving Peter everything he had. He set a brutal pace and rhythm, the room filling with the sounds of skin slapping skin and within minutes, Peter was crying out his release. He tightened around Tony, squeezing and milking his cock as he came, dragging Tony over the edge as well.

Tony bit back a groan as he planted his seed deep inside of Peter and they both lay panting on the bed just long enough to come down.

"C'mon," Tony huffed. "Shower time."


Wade woke in the late morning stiff and sore. He stretched as quietly as he could so he wouldn't wake James and then tried to decide what to do. He watched James as he slept. He looked so peaceful and serene, but in the bright morning light, Wade could see the marks that bruised his face.

Small dark contusions dotted along his cheeks, his left cheekbone brandishing the worst of them. His lip was split on the outside and was slightly swollen. His hand rested on the faded blanket beneath his head and Wade could see how mangled the skin across his knuckles was.

He didn't have any time to piece it together before he realized that James' hips were gently rocking against his stomach and that he was hard in his sleep. Wade smiled and lifted the blankets just enough to watch the way he rubbed against him.

Tiny whimpers fell from James' throat as he began to press harder into Wade, shifting his hips back and forth. Wade was stuck, unsure whether he should touch or just watch, but he was beginning to grow hard himself.

He decided to chance it, slowly reaching his arm down to where James humped against him. Instead of grasping his hard cock through his pants, he formed a circle with his fingers and held his hand so that James could rut into it, barely suppressing his own moans at the delicious treat he was being given. He loved the way his cock felt in his hand, even through his pants.

James' cheeks began to flush and he started panting, still with his eyes closed.

"No…don't touch…," he moaned. Wade's smile fell and he listened harder.

"No! …not you…Wade!" He gasped, beginning to stir in his sleep. His hips still canted into Wade's hand and Wade kept quiet.

"Safe…safe…Wade," he whined, eyes beginning to flutter open.

Wade saw the slivers of crystal blue beginning to show between his black eyelashes and he smiled.

It only took a few seconds, but James realized what he was doing and his eyes flew open with a gasp. He scrambled backward and his chest began to rise and fall heavily as he proceeded to hyperventilate.

"Oh God! I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn't realize, I-"

Wade cut him off.

"It's okay! It's okay baby! We can play if you want to!" He soothed, trying to sound reassuring.

James' hands flew to his lap, pressing his erection down and hiding it with his hands.

"I'm so sorry! God, I'm so disgusting!" He cried, a tear escaping his eye.

"What, honey no!" Wade cried, sitting up and scooting closer to the smaller man. James looked like his heart was going to explode and Wade quickly gripped his shoulders firmly but gently.

"Honey! I make you safe!" He tried, repeating what James had been saying in his sleep and his delirium the night before. It seemed to work because the panicked look on James' face began to ebb away, his breathing beginning to slow.

"I make you safe, I'm safe," he repeated quieter.

James was nearly calm when he spoke again.

"How did you know that?" He asked suspiciously.

"Know what?" Wade asked, genuinely confused.

"How did you know you're my safe place?"

Wade felt his cheeks flush with happiness at the man's words and a small smile graced his lips. "Lucky guess, I suppose." He glanced down at where James was still hiding himself with his hands. "Can I help you with that?"

James flushed and his knees drew up to hide himself more. "I…you're not disgusted?"

"Why would I be?" Wade asked, sliding an inch closer to James.

James turned his head away, looking back at the floor again.

"What did you mean when you said 'not you?'" Wade asked, moving forward another inch.

"What do you mean, when did I say that? James asked, completely confused.

"Never mind. Can I kiss you?" Wade asked, realizing that every romantic gesture that he took for granted with Peter and Tony was going to be much harder with James.

The man's blue eyes widened in what looked like surprise, and then he was nodding his head enthusiastically.

Wade smiled and leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against James' in a chaste kiss. He didn't pull back when he broke the kiss, allowing the next move to be up to James.

The man surged forward, opening his mouth and eating into Wade in a way that made him feel intoxicated.

He reached his hand down and gently rested it on James' hands where they rested in his lap.

"It's okay," he whispered between kisses. "I won't hurt you," another kiss. "Or just tell me to fuck off."

"Fuck me," James breathed, then quickly pulled back with wide eyes, shaking his head.

"No, no, no, I-I didn't mean- I didn't mean that I'm sorry, I'm not ready!"

"Okay! Okay, it's fine baby. Anything you want, you just tell me. I'll do anything for you," Wade admitted honestly, surprised at how genuinely he meant it.

James panted for a moment, looking Wade up and down, then down to where his hand still rested on his own. He liked the way it felt when Wade touched him. It was very different from the way Rumlow had the night before.

"You… you want me?" He asked nervously.

"I want to give you everything you need."

James flushed and ducked his head down.

"Can…can you please touch me?" He asked, voice high and vulnerable, not meeting Wade's blue eyes with his own.

Wade smiled and gently placed his hands on the outsides of James' knees, slowly but firmly sliding him close. He placed his finger under James' chin and gently forced his head up so that he could look him in the eye.

"I would love to touch you, sweetheart. I would absolutely love to make you feel good." He kept his voice gentle and watched James' face as he spoke. He'd never been in a position like this with such a vulnerable lover before. It scared him when he realized how much responsibility he held.

He guided James to turn around and pulled him into himself, having him lean back against his chest. He gently caressed his inner thighs beneath his hands, coaxing them to spread.

"You just tell me what feels good. Whatever you need. If it's too much just tell me. Don't kick me in the nuts again, though, okay?" He added, trying to ease any anxiety James might still have.

It worked, because James laughed quietly, ducking his head low again.

"I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Don't worry about it right now, let's just have some fun, okay?"

He slowly slid his hands up James' thighs, one trailing up his hip and under his sweater to the soft skin of his belly and the other coming nearer to where he was still semi-hard in his pants. James' hand quickly reached up and grabbed onto Wade's, then relaxed and he threaded his fingers through Wade's, pulling it higher toward his heart.

He leaned his head back onto Wade's shoulder, trying to relax into his warm clutch.

Wade slowly began to ghost across the impression of his cock through his sweats, running his fingers up and down, before finally beginning to apply some pressure. He rubbed at James in small circles, feeling him growing hard and canting his hips again.

James' breathing began to deepen and his muscles finally relaxed completely as he let himself just enjoy what he was being given.

"Go slow, okay? Please don't hurt me."

"I wouldn't dare," Wade replied, though he wondered why James felt the need to ask not to be hurt. He wondered what kind of treatment the man was used to. Maybe he'd just had some rough lovers in the past.

He slid his hand into James' waistband and began sliding his fingers through the soft hairs at the base of his cock, but James' gasped and grabbed onto Wade's hand with iron-hard fingers. His body twitched and he turned his head up quickly to look Wade in the eyes.

His own eyes were wide and wild, his breathing fast again. Wade kept still, not moving or speaking until James felt comfortable.

Finally, James shook his head, slowly turning back around. "You won't hurt me," he muttered to himself as he got settled again, almost as if he was reminding himself. He loosed his fingers from Wade's hand.

The way he said it made Wade feel unsettled. Something was wrong.

He went back to sliding his fingers across James' skin, gently grasping his cock and beginning to pump it slowly. James moaned and leaned his head back again, this time giving in completely to the pleasure.

He moaned and thrust his hips up into Wade's hand with abandon, his breathing growing deep and loud as he quickly reached a climax. His hand still gripped tightly at Wade's fingers near his heart and Wade could feel his heart beating like it was trying to escape his chest. His other hand reached back and grabbed at Wade's hair, pulling tightly.

"Oh, Wade! Oh, Wade, please can I come?" He wailed, still thrusting his hips up hard into Wade's hand.

"Come whenever you want, baby. Such a good boy, you're doing so good," Wade encouraged, squeezing just a bit tighter.

Suddenly, James sucked in a deep gasp and threw his head back again, eyes staring directly into Wade's.

Wade felt James' cock twitch and then he felt hot liquid spilling over his fingers as James was able to come. He loosened his fingers just a bit but held on as the man rode out the last of his pleasure.

"Oh Wade," he breathed as he came down. "Thank you so much, thank you, Wade."

Wade noticed a wet spot growing on his shoulder and quickly realized that James had been crying. He wasn't sure when he'd begun to cry but he held him tightly still.

"No need to thank me, baby. It was almost all my pleasure." He kissed at James' jaw softly as he got his breathing under control.

James had stopped shivering the night before once Wade had gotten him in dry clothes and cuddled close to him, but his body still trembled.

"Are you okay?" Wade asked.

"Yeah, that was amazing. Thank you so much, I needed that so bad." James admitted.

"Are you hungry?" Wade asked.

James was quiet for a moment before he shook his head.

"I'm okay."

"What do you mean? You had a rough day yesterday, you didn't eat dinner last night… let me take you out for breakfast."

"It's alright, I don't have any money."

"I didn't ask. Please let me get some food in you? When was the last time you ate?"

"Hmmm. When we had breakfast together at that boy's apartment."

"What-are you serious?! That was two days ago!" Wade exclaimed, making James flinch.

"You're a fighter! You need to eat, you need fuel! C'mon. Let's get ready to go out," he ordered, leaving no room for discussion. "Shower if you need, change if you want. Do your hair pretty. My treat." He slid his hand from James' waistband and wrapped his other arm around James' hips, pulling him to his feet as they stood together.

"C'mon sweetheart, get ready." He gave James a light slap on his ass and sent him toward the short hall where the bathroom and his bedroom were nestled.

James blushed and peeked over his shoulder at Wade, but did as he was told anyways.

Wade watched him walk into the bathroom and shut the door, then crossed to the empty kitchen. He turned the water on the faucet on and washed his hands with the dish soap and then wiped them dry quickly on his jeans. He glanced toward the hallway again and could hear James shuffling in the bathroom still. He decided to do a little mild snooping.

He began pulling open cupboard doors, looking to see what James had for food.

It turned out, a whole lot of nothing and about seventeen cases of chicken flavored ramen packages. Wade opened every cupboard he could find, and the only thing he could find aside from sodium bombs was crumbs and dust.

He quickly crossed to the tiny refrigerator and pulled it open.

A half-empty jar of mayonnaise, a stem that used to hold grapes. Half a bottle of water and a gallon of milk that held about two inches of what looked like yogurt, that was probably milk once long ago.

He heard James emerging from the bathroom and didn't bother trying to hide his snooping by closing the cupboards.

"What the hell is this?" Wade asked as James rounded the corner. He'd changed into a cotton long-sleeved shirt and the jeans he'd worn on their first date. His hair looked like it had been brushed through and was no longer matted.

He stopped in his tracks and surveyed the kitchen, then looked at Wade.

"Uh, whatcha doin'?" He asked his own question in return.

"You cannot live on ramen! You need clean energy, where's your food? What do you eat?" Wade demanded, beginning to grow upset. No one should be living like this.

James' body still trembled and Wade could see it from where he stood. His face looked pale and his eyes were a little glassy.

"Never mind, let's go. We have some serious things to talk about."


"You gonna eat breakfast before you go?" Tony asked Peter as he grabbed himself a cup of yogurt from the fridge. Peter grabbed a red apple from the bowl on the counter and dropped it into his bag for later.

"Nah, I'm gonna stop and get some coffee on the way."

"Well. How about I send over some sushi for you, MJ and Ned for lunch?" He asked.

"Sounds good, thanks daddy," Peter smiled as he slipped his new sneakers on. He went back and kissed Tony before heading out for the morning.

"Make sure you talk to Wade today! He misses you!" Tony called after him.

"Yeah, yeah, I will!" Peter called back.

Tony grabbed his jacket and his keys, heading for the door himself.


"Let's go somewhere that serves breakfast all day, there's literally nothing better than breakfast," Wade chatted as they walked down the sidewalk. He'd adjusted his pace so that James couldn't walk as far behind and he stopped every time he noticed him lagging.

They'd decided to walk in the opposite direction of the gym, the diner and everything they were familiar with, hoping they wouldn't run into anyone unpleasant like they had last time.

"This place looks good, what do you think?" Wade asked, stopping in front of the huge glass window front. The interior was dark cherry wood and brown leather and the lights were dim. Not many people were inside and those that were looked like they were keeping to themselves.

James stepped behind him a moment later and peered inside.

"This place looks as good as any," he agreed, hands in the pockets of his own jacket.

"Good, let's go," Wade said happily, slipping a hand through James' elbow and pulling him inside.

James resisted a bit, nervous about who would see them, then quickly relaxed when no one even looked up upon their arrival.

Wade pulled him to a booth near the back of the room, holding his hand out to let him slide in first.

James awkwardly did, sliding all the way over to the window, expecting Wade to slide in on the other side. His eyes went wide when Wade slid in beside him.

Wade leaned over to him with a smile. "It's okay. Kiss me?"

James' heart began to speed in his chest. His eyes were owlish and he glanced around them. They faced the back wall of the store and the front counter was too far away to even see. The back of the booth that separated theirs from the one behind it was too tall to see over. They were perfectly hidden, and James understood exactly why Wade had chosen this spot.

His lips slowly turned up into a grin and he nodded his head a little.

"O-okay," he whispered sheepishly, leaning forward to peck Wade's lips with his own. His smile grew wider when he realized that he'd kissed Wade, in public, and nothing bad had happened. He leaned forward again and kissed Wade deeply, basking in the feeling of not feeling the need to hide.

"Hey, boys, no sex on my tables. But if you need, there's a bowl of condoms on the front counter. Remember, safe sex is the best sex!"

James flew away from Wade faster than Wade would have thought possible, hiding his face behind his hand in the corner of the window and the booth at the unexpected voice.

"The man speaks the truth," Wade responded, gently resting his hand on James' leg. He wanted to be reassuring, not pushy, so he didn't say anything about the reaction.

"No need to be shy honey, we've seen much worse in here," the man aimed at James as he pulled a notepad from his pocket. "What can I get for you handsome fellas?"

"We haven't decided yet. Can we please both have a coffee and an orange juice?" Wade ordered for them.

"Sure thing, Babycakes. I'll be right out with that," the man stated as he left.

Wade squeezed at James' thigh. "You okay, sweetheart?"

James peeked out from behind his hand nervously, peering through his hair. He slowly brought his hands down, turning slightly to face Wade again.

"He…he didn't yell at us," James stated, blinking at Wade.

"Why would he?" Wade asked.

"He didn't hurt us," James said, still looking shocked. "But didn't he…didn't he see…?"

"Honey, people won't hurt us for loving each other. I mean, there are still assholes but…whatever it is that you're used to is not the norm, I promise you. I think maybe you just had some of the wrong people in your life before this."

James slowly sat up straight, fixing up his jacket and smoothing his hair back as he glanced around with wide eyes.

"Let's decide what we want, I'm hungry but I can imagine you're starving," Wade instructed, grabbing a menu from the opposite side of the table. He leaned back and lifted his arm over James' shoulder, holding him gently.

A few minutes later, the waiter came back with a tray of drinks and began setting them down on the table before them. James flinched away when he saw the man, but didn't hide again. He slowly scooted closer to Wade, feeling like he was pushing limits by touching him in public.

He took a good look at the man. His hair was different than James had ever seen. It was short in the front, straight bangs and long pieces on the side, but it was shaved in the back and it was colored yellow and bright green and just a tiny bit blue. His eyes were such a unique, vibrant cerulean blue and they were rimmed in bright colorful makeup that somehow clashed with and perfectly matched his outfit. He wore no jewelry in his ears but a hoop through the side of his nose, and he wore thick clear rimmed glasses. He was young and tall and he was wearing a bright floral dress with a vintage yellow flannel over top and tall black socks that went up his thighs, with a pair of combat boots. He wore a green necklace that looked like chains that held a crystal inside of a coil and one that really stood out to James. It was a small rainbow on a delicate chain that said "Gay is okay!" across it.

He finally met the man's eyes and smiled just a tiny bit.

Maybe some people are safe.
Safer than others.

"What are we having guys?" He asked after he'd set down their drinks before them.

"Go ahead," Wade prompted James, smiling patiently.

"Uh, t-toast please," James stammered out, sounding painfully shy again the way he had on their first date.

"That's it?" Wade asked, arching an eyebrow. "Protein? Fruit?" He pushed.

"I'm okay," James said quietly, tucking his hair behind his ear. Wade turned to the waiter.

"He'll have toast on the side of his bacon and scrambled eggs, home fries and a bowl of fruit. I'll have the garden omelet," Wade ordered, taking control of the situation.

"Coming right up, gents," the young man stated, walking away quickly.

"Wade! That's too much! I can't pay you back for that!" James whispered, looking up at the taller man.

"I didn't ask you to pay me back. I know that you're hungry. If you want to pay me back, then make sure you eat," Wade commanded, feeling just a bit strange giving orders that way to someone besides Peter or Tony. He didn't even do that often.

James flushed then nodded, staying quiet. Wade quickly squeezed his shoulder reassuringly and kissed his forehead.

"Do you like spending time with me?" Wade asked suddenly.

"Yes," James answered immediately. "Very much."

"Hmm," Wade hummed. "You wanna continue spending time with me in a more permanent way?"

"What does that mean?" James asked curiously.

"Well, do you want to be with me? Like, be my boyfriend? I know we haven't known each other long, but I would really like that."

James' face flushed deep red and he looked up at Wade in surprise.

"Really? You wanna add me to yer collection? Why?" James asked in return. Wade chuckled at the phrase James had used.

"I'm not sure what it is, but a huge part of me wants to protect you. I like spending time with you too, and I like taking care of you. Plus, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see you naked all the time," Wade smirked and winked at him.

James choked out a laugh and smiled up at him, not sure what to say.

"But what if you can't handle all my crazy stuff?" He asked nervously.

"We'll deal with it if that time comes. Hopefully, it doesn't. Whaddya say?"

"Uh, o-okay. Okay, yeah, sure!" James answered, a smile slowly growing wider and wider across his lips. Wade lifted his chin up with a gentle hand and smiled back.

"Now I'm going to take it a step farther. Maybe too far. Feel free to say no," he stated turning to face James more. The fairer man's face showed the confusion he felt.

"W-what's that?" James asked, feeling more nervous now than before.

Wade smiled and leaned in close.

"Have you ever had a sugar daddy?" He asked in a low, sensual voice, scooting just a bit closer to the man. James shook his head no quickly and he swallowed hard.

Wade dropped his voice lower and leaned close so that his lips brushed against James' ear when he spoke.

"I wanna be your sugar daddy. I wanna spoil you and give you everything. I want to buy you grapes and feed them to you, one by one. I wanna buy you clothes just to take them off of you. I wanna be the one to make you come. I want to be the one to make you feel safe," he cooed, internally high-fiving himself for somehow managing to sound as smooth as Tony on a regular day.

He heard tiny little whimpers falling from James' throat and glanced down to where his hands now pressed into his lap.

"I already make you hard," Wade pointed out, inching closer still. "Let me give your heart a boner too." James was panting under his breath now, trying to keep quiet. "Make me a happy daddy," Wade pressed, adding the icing on the cake. "Be my sugar baby."

"But-" James squeaked, shifting slightly in his seat. "If-if I say yes to that, then I have to fuck you whenever you want? In return for all the…spoiling? Then I have to give you anything you want, right?"

"Not exactly. Not at first. I want you to have anything you want. If that means not sleeping with me at all, then so be it. But please, please fuck me from time to time. I know something's going on right now, and I intend to find out what, but until it's over I'm willing to wait until you're ready."

James pulled back then, looking Wade in the eyes. "What do you mean, you know something's going on?" He parroted back, looking a bit fearful.


"Oh. Well, honey, I know something happened to you yesterday. We need to talk about it."

James began violently shaking his head, sliding away from Wade quickly.

"Nothing happened, I'm fine! Everything's fine!"

Wade put his hands in the air again. He had a feeling he'd be doing that a lot with James.

"It's okay, no need to get upset. I just want to talk about it."

"There's nothing to talk about!" James squeaked, beginning to look panicky.

"Okay, no problem! Let's forget about that right now. How about my offer? What do you say? You can ask me for anything, anytime."

James' breathing slowed just a bit but he still had a panicked look in his eyes at Wade's questions.

"Baby? How about I give you some time? You don't have to decide right now," Wade reassured.

James nodded jerkily, still keeping distance between them. Just then the waiter came back with a tray full of food, placing it all before them.

"This looks excellent, thank you-?" Wade said, prompting the man for a response.

"Binx," the man replied.

"Well, thank you, Binx," Wade smiled at the man.

"Let me know if you need anything else! I'll be back to check on you," he stated before leaving to tend to his other guests.

Wade began arranging the huge plates full of food around the table and in front of James, before sliding his own in front of himself.

"Enjoy, dear."

"This is way too much."

"Do your best," Wade joked stabbing a forkful of eggs and popping it into his mouth. He watched as James took in everything in front of him and then gingerly speared a cut chunk of strawberry from the bowl of fresh fruit with his fork, chewing it slowly and deliberately. Wade wondered if he was nervous.

"Try those hash browns, they're really good here," he urged, stealing a piece of potato for himself and popping it into his mouth.

"A'right," James agreed, scooping a bite into his own mouth. "Thought you said you'd never been here?" He mused, turning to glance at Wade as he chewed.

Wade picked up his glass of orange juice and brought it to his lips, hiding a smirk. "I haven't, I just wanted you to try them."

James' lips turned up at the corners and he glanced down at the table laden with food in front of him. "Thank you," he said genuinely.

"Literally any time and always my pleasure," Wade responded. He was on a roll today.

"Can I ask you a question?" He asked nonchalantly. He lifted his arm to rest it against the booth behind them, lightly encompassing James' shoulders. James subconsciously moved closer as he finally allowed himself to tuck into his food.

"Why not," James drawled, a bit absently. It kinda hurt Wade, watching James enjoy his breakfast in the way that he was right now. It wasn't about whether or not it tasted good, it was about the fact that he was starving.

"Well…" Wade tried to figure out the best way to ask the question. "Who did you think I was when I found you?" He kept his gaze loosely around the decorations in the room instead of directly on James.

The brunette paused his nibbling at a piece of bacon and looked at Wade from the corner of his eye for a moment before he finally responded.

"What're you talkin' about?" He asked warily.

"Well, you said 'no more, please no, please don't touch me.' I was just wondering what that was all about."

James flushed and ducked his head down, reaching for his cup of coffee and sipping it slowly, clearly buying time to think before he answered.

"I didn't mean anyone in particular. I just…thought you were someone comin' to hurt me," he said quietly and he still hadn't turned back to make eye contact.

"But you said 'no more'. That kinda insinuates that something happened already."

"No I…I was confused. Exhausted."

"Okay. So how'd you get those bruises on your cheek?" Wade pressed harder.

"I…we were practicing and-"

"Practicing what?"

"We were sparring, we have a practice session tomorrow for a big event coming up."

"You told me you just hit the bag though," Wade stated, not taking his eyes off James.

James had frozen, staring ahead with wide eyes and his hand halfway to his mouth with another bite of food.

"Eat," Wade encouraged gently, nudging his elbow lightly. He could see the thoughts in James' head, quickly trying to think of something to say.

James did as he was told and lifted the fork to his lips, peering at Wade from the corner of his eye again. After he'd chewed thoughtfully for a moment, he swallowed and turned slightly to Wade.

"I… must have been mistaken…" he stated quietly. "It was a pretty long day."

He took a deep breath and gently put his fork down on the table, turning fully into Wade and sliding closer, placing his hand high on his thigh. He cleared his throat and then smiled coyly, leaning slowly into the junction of his throat and shoulder.

He licked his lips and placed a wet kiss there, licking at the salty skin beneath them. He slowly slid his hand between Wade's leg, caressing his inner thighs.

Wade's eyes went wide and he sat up straighter, rigid at the unexpected move.

James pulled back just enough to whisper, "I'll let you do anythin' to me. I'll let you put it anywhere. Choke me with your cock, fuck me until your dick falls off, beat me and treat me bad, I don't care. Just please, please forget about yesterday. Yesterday never happened, nothing happened. Please."

He ducked his head down onto Wade's shoulder, hiding his face for just a second before he sat back down in his own seat. He tucked his hair behind his ear and glanced at Wade sheepishly. His face was bright red and hot, but he managed to hold his gaze.


Wade's jaw dropped and he blinked a few times, unsure at all of how to respond. The speed at which James had gone from shy puppy to sex kitten was enough to give Wade whiplash, and the fact that he'd actually watched it happen was astounding.

Of course he wanted to agree to a delicious offer like that, why would he say no to getting James naked and doing whatever he wanted to him? He could practically already hear the beautiful noises he'd make with Wade deep inside him. But a bigger part of him still had questions, and he didn't want to lose his chance to ask them. Instead of answering, he asked another question.

"Why would I beat you? Do you like that? Did you have lovers that have done that to you?"

James scoffed a laugh and lifted his glass of orange juice to his lips before he dropped his head down.

"I'm just a piece of meat, Wade. It's all I'm good for. I'm a warm hole to fuck and a punching bag that bleeds. I don't even know why you're interested in me." He cleared his throat quietly and it was silent between them. Wade had no idea what to say.

Finally, James looked back up at Wade with a small sad smile quirking up his lips.

"Lover," he stated. Wade was still so taken aback by the things James had said that he had no idea what James might mean.

"I mean, you said 'lovers'. I've only ever had one. The rest were just men that wanted me. Either I got something for it or I didn't have any choice."

Wade's jaw dropped even wider and he felt tears pricking at his eyes.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he finally breathed out. "Sweetheart, you're completely fucking breaking my heart." Wade's voice cracked on the words with the effort it was taking to keep the tears at bay. "Have you... have you been…" he swallowed thickly. The word itself was so hard to say.

"What? Raped?" James supplied, casually picking up a piece of toast and taking a small bite. "Sure. A handful of times. I used to work on the streets. Sometimes the John's don't wanna pay. Sometimes, you just…don't have a choice but to let it happen." He sighed, eyes beginning to look tired. "I'm not hungry anymore. I'm sure you don't want me now that you know. So you can take me home and I'll give you whatever you want and you can forget you met me." He sighed again and turned to face Wade with a sad smile. "I can suck your cock better than anyone you've ever met, I'm always tight and I can take a pounding for hours. Sexually and physically."

Wade pushed his mostly empty plate away, having lost his appetite and shook his head, still not responding to the overly sexual things James was saying.

"We should go back to my place," Wade stated quietly, sliding from the booth and standing to wait for James.

"Wherever you want me is fine," James responded, sliding out after Wade.

He followed a step behind Wade, from seeing Binx to pay the tab to walking all the way to Wade's apartment and arriving almost an hour later. Neither of them said a word the entire time, Wade glancing behind him now and again to make sure James was still there. James walked with his hands in his pockets, eyes on the ground and an impending sense of doom growing in his stomach.

When they walked through the door into Wade's apartment, James took a look around before stepping inside.

"Really nice place," James said absently, slipping his beat-up old sneakers off.

"Thanks," Wade mumbled distractedly, setting his keys on the island in the kitchen, lost in thought. He heard the rustling of fabric behind him and turned around.

James was standing in the middle of the living room with his pants on the floor beside him. His hands fiddled nervously with the hem of his shirt and the tip of his pink cock peeked out from underneath it. It would be such a beautiful sight if Wade didn't know that he was offering himself like payment.

"James-" Wade began but was cut off quickly by the brunette.

"I-I'm ready," he said, dropping to his knees. "I can take it without any prep unless you're really huge, then I can open myself for you." He rushed to flatten his chest to the floor, sticking his ass high in the air and spreading his strong thighs wide.

Wade choked on his own spit, undeniable lust growing in his stomach. He looked so fucking good. And he wanted to. He wanted to take James up on his offer. He wanted to feel the man's soft skin against his own and he wanted to make him scream. But this…this wasn't right. This isn't how he wanted it.

"James, please don't do that. You can get up," he turned away slightly, feeling guilty for staring as much as he was.

"Oh, of course," James said, quickly lifting himself from the floor and crawling over to where Wade stood. "You want my mouth first." He pulled open Wade's button and gripped at his zipper before Wade could even respond.

"Hey!" Wade cried, grabbing James' hands and holding them still. They looked at each other in silence for a second, Wade trying to know what to say, James trying to understand what Wade might want.

" wanna hurt me? You w-wanna hurt me first?" He asked, voice sounding shaky and not nearly as brave as he had minutes ago. "I-I was kin'a hopin' you'd wanna save that for later."

"Stand up, please," Wade commanded gently.

James stood slowly, head bowed low and his shoulders tensely up by his ears. His face had drained of color and he was clearly waiting for a blow to land.

"Do me a favor and put your pants back on? Or at least your underwear? I can't keep up the self-restraint with you standing there all delicious like that," Wade stated, glancing away again.

"But…but you don't have to have any self-restraint, I'm letting you-"

"Yeah, I know. Please, just-" he waved his hand vaguely, turning a bit toward the island he leaned against.

"O-okay…Is there something wrong? Is it just me?" James asked nervously, walking back to where his pants lay discarded on the floor. He stooped to pick them up, pulling them back on and standing awkwardly in the living room.

Wade glanced at him to see if he was dressed before turning back to him. He stuck his hand in his own pants and adjusted his half-hard dick quickly before taking a step forward.

"Are you thirsty?" Wade asked.

"I'm okay. Um, Wade?"


"I'm not sure what you want from me," James shuffled anxiously, fiddling with the hem of his shirt again.

"Sit, please," Wade gestured toward the couch and James obeyed.

"You want like a porn thing? Like a casting couch thing?" James asked, taking a seat on a cushion and spreading his legs wide.

"No, what? No! No, I-" Wade sighed, moving to sit next to the man. "I don't want sex. I don't want you to offer yourself to me. You're not a product, you don't have to sell yourself. Not to me. I do want something from you, though."

"What? Tell me," James asked, curious what the man did want.


James' face grew serious and his body language became wary. Wade could see him building walls right before his eyes.

"Where are you from? I noticed that sometimes you have a bit of an accent. Southern? It's cute."

James' face flushed and he looked away. It reminded him of Brock's glee at hearing his accent slipping through and it made him a little nervous that Wade liked it too.

"I-I was originally from Indiana. I think sometimes I just can't keep it out of my voice. I try to keep it New York, though," he admitted.

"You don't have to do that for me. Like I said, I like it. So what brought you out here?" He asked. He wanted to get to know James on a personal level and he wanted to help James dismantle the walls he'd put up. He didn't want him to feel a need for them, not around him.

Wade and James had a conversation, the blonde learning about James' childhood and the things that had shaped him into who he was.

"When I was about 15, I had a best friend named Steve. I didn't know it then, but I think I was in love with him. One day, he and I were out in the field, jus' messin' around and…well, I wanted to kiss him…so I asked if I could and he said yes. So…I leaned in to kiss him and it was about the most amazing thing I'd ever felt. So I kissed him again. Eventually, it started to be heavy pettin' and he was rubbin' up against me and I think we might have tried to go farther if my granddaddy didn't catch us." He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he told this part of the story.

"Granddaddy saw us through the kitchen window and he came stormin' out with a vengeance. He beat Steve with his cane so bad he had to go to the hospital and get a cast on his arm. Actually did a little time in the town jail for beatin' someone else's child. Boy though, did he save the worst for me. I ain't never been beat so bad as that day. He beat me till I damn near breathed blood and all the while he was screamin' about me bein' a little faggot. Ain't no grandson of his gonna be no little pansy-ass fairy fuck." James paused for a minute and stared into space, reliving the event, Wade was sure.

"Did you ever see Steve again?" Wade asked after a moment of silence.

"Nah. Granddaddy shipped me off out here to go to a boarding school so I could never see him again. I never did, neither. Miss him like crazy sometimes. He was my best bud. I hope he did okay after that, though."

He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, readjusting in his seat so that his feet were tucked up underneath him. He turned into Wade and cuddled in close, and Wade gladly wrapped his arms around the man.

"Grandpappy told me that I was sick. Sick in the head. Told me I was a pervert and that I was gonna go see the devil in hell when I die if I don't straighten up. He scared the shit out of me. Took months to fully heal after that first beatin', I didn't want no more. So I stopped looking. At everyone. Stayed alone for a long time. Stayed afraid."

"What changed?"

"Dunno. I graduated from boarding school and moved into the real world. I realized that some men looked at me the way grandpappy said I shouldn't never look at no man. And I started using it to my advantage. Started makin' money young, charging rich men with wives for a little blowie. Got ripped off a few times, but I learned a lot. Got hurt a few times but nothin' major."

Wade tightened his grip just a bit at the thought of a young, vulnerable James being used by dirty old men.

"Where did you stay?" Wade asked, wondering what he had done alone in a city he didn't really know. "And what about your parents?"

"My mom died before I got shipped off. My daddy came out here for a while though. After I graduated. He came to live with me for a bit. It was nice. He didn't ask if I was still doin' things with boys, but I think he always kinda knew. He wasn't like my Pappy. He started a gym out here and he let me work there. He had a nice place and he let me stay for a while. Then he got real sick. He didn't make it long after that. He left me the gym but…I couldn't really pay for it. That's when…" he stopped suddenly, tensing up.

"That's when what?" Wade gently pushed.

"That's when…I got my job at the mechanic's. It pays the bills at the gym, and for that shitty apartment I live in, but not much else. I still turn tricks sometimes when I can't stand bein' hungry no more but…it ain't been for a while. I been doin' okay."

"You don't have to do that anymore. I'll make sure you have more than enough to eat, sweetheart. And you don't have to worry about anyone hurting you anymore either. I'm sorry your grandpa did that to you, that's really shitty. That must be why you're so afraid of coming out, huh?"

James nodded his head against Wade's chest. He hadn't realized it, but as they'd been talking, they'd been getting more and more comfortable on the couch, until James was laying on top of him. He'd been gently petting his hand over James' hair and found that he was really enjoying the quiet intimacy he'd found with the man.

"You don't have to be afraid of that anymore. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you," Wade assured, gently scraping his nails against James' scalp.

James stayed silent, thinking about the secret he was harboring from the world, and from Wade. He knew he could never tell the man what was really happening, Wade would never want him if he knew that he was still being used and hurt.

Nobody wants a broken toy.

Not only that, but he'd lose the gym if Rumlow wasn't there to actually pay the bill. James was paying every cent he could to Rumlow, but it wasn't nearly enough.

He sighed on Wade's chest and closed his eyes, soaking in the delicious feeling of his fingers on his sore scalp. It really was nice to feel real affection for a change.

"Do you believe me?" Wade asked quietly.

"Hmm?" James chirped, half asleep already.

"That I'll keep you safe."

"Oh. Sure." James opened his eyes and thought for a minute. "You know, I really can defend myself. I'm not nearly as bad at fighting as it seems. I'm just always tired when they get me in the ring. I'm stronger than you think."

"I believe you," Wade responded fondly. "I just need to ask you one more question."

"What's that?" James asked, no longer wary.

"About the bruises."

James tensed again, not willing to talk about what had really happened. He'd been caught in his lies already and he didn't want to get tangled in any more falsehoods.

"I know you said you were practicing yesterday but…you already told me you didn't, so your stories don't really match up."

Wade could feel James' muscles coiling with unease beneath his hands.

"You don't have to tell me what happened, but I need to know that whatever it was, was consensual. I won't tolerate someone hurting you."

James' eyes went wide and he was quiet for an extra-long second. No way was it consensual, nothing about it was something he'd wanted, but how could he possibly tell Wade that?

"It was," he lied.

Just then, Wade's phone began ringing from between them in his pocket.

"S'cuse me, honey," Wade said, reaching between them to pull the device from his pocket. "It's Peter," he announced after checking the ID.

"Hey Pumpkin-nut, still mad at me?" He asked, smile in his voice. James felt his stomach drop a bit. He didn't mean to, but he felt a bit jealous. He wanted Wade's attention all to himself. Maybe it was selfish, but he needed it more than that spoiled boy did. He squeezed Wade tighter.

He knew it was that same kid that had walked in on them, he could tell by the syrupy-sweet voice chirping through the speaker. He sounded much different when he was happy.

"Hey, Daddy! I'm sorry I was a little mean to you yesterday."

"A little is an understatement," Wade chuckled into the phone, smiling brightly.

"Did you miss me? I missed your dirty texts in French class," Peter cooed into the phone.

James' eyebrows furrowed a bit, but he reminded himself that he had absolutely no right or reason to be jealous. If anything, he was the side piece.

"Of course I missed you, Sugar. I'm just glad you're talking to me again. So, is my suspension lifted?" He asked.

James was growing a bit irritated at listening to Wade's conversation with the boy and he sighed quietly, pushing himself up so he could look at Wade's face.

The blonde was beaming bright, laughing into the phone. James was a jealous man. He'd never known it before this moment.

"When are you going to come see me again?" Peter asked into the phone.

James leaned forward and claimed Wade's lips in a possessive kiss before he could answer, listening to Wade squeaking incoherently as he simultaneously kissed back and tried to pull away.

"Wade?" Peter's voice chirped.

"Mmm!" Wade moaned into the phone, pushing James back with a hand at his chest gently. "Yes, baby!" He said as soon as his lips were free of James'.

"I said, are you coming over?" Peter repeated.

"Yes! Yes, honey, I am but not tonight okay? I'm with James right now."

"Of course…" Peter trailed off, silence hanging between them for a moment. "I gotta get going anyway. Homework to finish."

"Oh, okay babe. Well, I'll call you tomorrow, okay? I still gotta call Tony too, let him know I'll call!" Wade said quickly.

"I will. Love you Daddy."

"Love you too, baby." Wade hit the end call button on his phone screen and then looked up with a smirk at James, still laying on top of him.

"Is somebody a touch jealous?" Wade asked amusedly. James' face flushed but his eyebrows furrowed together and he looked away quickly.

"No!" He answered defiantly, not meeting Wade's eyes anymore.

"Uh-huh," Wade replied with a crooked grin. "I love when you kiss me but babe, do me a favor and save it for when I'm not on the phone please, okay?"

James still didn't look at Wade, but slowly nodded his head.

"I'm not on the phone now…" Wade reminded, wiggling his hips a bit playfully.

James' lips turned up into a smile and he slowly turned back to Wade, licking his lips.

Chapter Text

Wade had made dinner for James, serving a tray of lasagna and a glass of wine ("I'm so used to having Italian sausage in me that I'm turning into Tony") and after, he'd helped James get the shower running. He was beginning to look exhausted again and Wade just wanted to treat him the way he felt he deserved.

He took the man's dirty clothes after he'd gotten into the shower and had put them in his washing machine, fetching soft and new pajamas from his closet. They were probably a gift from Tony that he'd forgotten about.

Speaking of Tony.

He needed to call the man. He'd told him he'd keep him updated the night before, yet he hadn't even texted him yet.

"Use the really good stuff, I'm never here to use it up!" He called as he set the pajamas down on the sink.

"Thanks, Wade!" James called back. Wade smiled. He could get used to that sweet voice in his apartment.

He then turned and closed the door behind him, stepping out into the connected living room and kitchen. He slid his phone from his pocket and thumbed over to Tony's contact information, pressing the call button.

Tony answered after three rings.

"Hey! What's up, Blondie? How's everything been with your missing man?"

"Alright," Wade said, thinking about everything that had happened since the night before. Just thinking about it made him feel exhausted. "He was freezing to death, half-naked and starving when I found him."

"Is he okay? What happened?"

"He's alright now. I fed him and brought him home with me. His place doesn't even have heat. I don't want him to go back there. You should have seen it, he sleeps on dirty blankets in the corner of an empty room like an animal. I'm not letting him go back to that."

Tony was quiet for a moment as he processed what Wade was telling him.

"So what happened to him? Should he go to a hospital?"

"I honestly don't think he'd allow that. He won't tell me the truth about what happened either, but I'm sure that something did. He's had a seriously hard life. He used to suck dick just to have money for food."

"Who are you talking to?"

Wade whipped around, wide-eyed. He hadn't heard James getting out of the shower.

"You haven't slept with him yet, have you? Do you know if he's clean? He could have something."

"Who is that?" James demanded, that panicked look coming back into his eyes. "Who are you talking to about me?"

"I-it's okay! It's my-it's Tony! He's safe, I promise!" Wade tried to reassure him, taking a step forward and reaching to gently touch his arm.

"I don't know him," James stated, voice hard. "You have no right telling him my personal business."

"You're right, I… Tony, I gotta go, love, I'll talk to you later?" Wade said into the phone quickly.

"Should I come over?"

"Uh, probably not a good idea. I love you, have a good night, okay?" He quickly clicked the phone off and slid it into his pocket, looking at James with wide eyes and his hands raised slightly.

"I'm really sorry honey. You're right, it was none of my business, but you have to understand that I tell my lovers everything. It's important to be open."

James' jaw clenched a bit and he looked down at the floor, shuffling his feet.

"Yer gonna make them hate me. They already don' like me," he stated quietly.

"That's not true honey, they don't even know you."

"Right. But now they know that I'm a whore."

"Honey, it's fine. They don't think badly of you. I'm sorry I told him without asking. Forgive me?"

James sighed and glanced up at Wade, then he nodded softly.

"Okay. I'm really sorry, I'll be careful what I say from now on, alright? I promise."

"…Kay. Promise they won't hate me?"

"They won't hate you. Actually, I'm sure they'll love you once they meet you."

"Can I ask you a question?" James asked, crossing his arms over his chest.


"Why is one of yer boyfriends a kid? Are you some kinda pervert?"

"Ha!" Wade laughed out loudly, big grin awkwardly crossing his face. "Uh, no? I'm not some kind of pervert. At least, not in this situation. Uh, he's actually eighteen now, so he's not a kid, technically. He was younger when I met him, but I didn't know and it's a long story but…he's incredibly legal."

"Do you prefer younger lovers?" James asked bluntly. "I'm not younger than you. We're probably the same age."

"Oh, age isn't really a factor for me. Tony's older than all three of us, but dammit if he isn't the sexiest almost senior citizen I've ever met. Peter's age is just a small part of the whole package. And he has a great package."

"So…you have a kid boyfriend and a senior boyfriend? I'm not gonna lie, that doesn't sound sexy to me."

Wade laughed again. "Just wait until you see them, especially together."

"I've seen the boy. He was screaming at you."

"And you were running away," Wade pointed out. James blushed.

"Why do you want him?" He asked.

"Why do you want me?" Wade asked his own question in return. James'eyes widened but he stayed silent, not having a response to Wade's question.

"You'll have to meet them soon."


"Because, unless you've changed your mind, you said you'd like to be my lover too. That means that you need to get to know them."

"I suppose," James grumbled quietly. He was feeling more and more jealous by the minute, though he didn't really know why. He didn't like this feeling.

"Your bruises are looking better, that's good." Wade pointed out, changing the subject.

"Yeah, until tomorrow when I get the crap kicked out of me."

"Why, what's tomorrow?"

"Got a practice meetin'. Gotta get in the ring and show what I've got. Our big fight is coming up soon."

"Ah. So you'll…actually be sparring?" Wade asked. James ignored the sly way Wade had slipped in the fact that he knew about the lie from before and nodded his head.

"I'm really hoping Rumlow doesn't wanna get in the ring with me. I hope he pairs me with some of the new guys."

"Isn't that unfair to the new guys?" Wade asked with a chuckle.

"It's unfair to me if I gotta fight Brock. He loves to kick the shit outta me."

"Is that the guy from the diner?" Wade asked, happy to know the bigot's name now.

"Uh, yeah," James trailed off, not wanting to say too much about the man.

"So he's the one that hurts you?"

James' eyes flashed wide and his breath caught in his throat.

How did he know?! I didn't tell him anything about yesterday!

He must mean in the ring! He's talking about the ring!

"I-In the ring!"


"Yeah, you said he gets you really tired and then beats the stuffing out of you. Why don't you just tell him you want to spar with someone else?"

"I can't. He's the head of the team, he hired all the new guys and he calls the shots."

"Isn't it your gym?"

"It's…it's complicated. Listen, these pajamas you gave me are really nice but, do you have my clothes? I should get back home before it gets too late." James stated, changing the subject again.

"Oh no, you're not going back. Not tonight."

"What do you mean?" James asked, edge of unease creeping into his words. He took a small step back from Wade.

"I mean, no offense but your place is a shithole. It's cold and you don't even have a bed. Isn't it nicer here? With me?" Wade asked.

James' cheeks flushed and he smiled a little, nodding his head.

"Yeah, it's definitely nicer not to be alone."

"Then don't go. Stay here for as long as you like, stay forever! It's almost the same distance from here to the gym as your place. Just stay. Please?" Wade asked.

James breathed out a little laugh and he smiled. "A'right, maybe just for the night."


Wade woke the next morning as the sun was shining through his blinds. Early.

He yawned and stretched, his neck and back popping comfortably as he did. He sighed contentedly and began opening his eyes more, taking in his bedroom around him. It had been a while since he'd woken up here.

He spread his legs a tad, feeling his typical morning wood between his legs and closed his eyes again. It felt so good, not like usual.

He was used to his cock hanging heavy between his legs when he woke, aching for touch and release, but this morning he could feel pleasure coursing through him already without touching himself.

He groaned and closed his eyes, allowing his sense of touch to take over. It felt…wet.

"Hmmm," he hummed quietly, thrusting his hips just barely into the air.

Suddenly he felt hands splaying across his hips, holding them steady and his eyes shot open. He gripped his blanket and threw it back, immediately meeting James' blue eyes.

His cheeks were hollowed and his lips were wrapped tightly around-

"Hey!" Wade yelped, gripping his hair firmly. "D-d-don't do that! Stop!"

James just shook his head and continued his ministrations, swallowing Wade all the way down to the hilt.

"Ahhh!" Wade cried, throwing his head back. His hips lifted again and he couldn't hold back at all.

"Stop!" He said again weakly. "I don't want you to do that! You don't have to do that!" He panted like he was running and his heart raced. He was right, it was probably the best blow job he'd ever had but-

"It's not right!" He sobbed, attempting to push James away again.

James pulled off Wade's cock slowly, releasing each inch agonizingly slowly before he finally released him with a filthy pop. His hand still pumped at the shaft of his cock and he ran his lips up and down it a few times before finally, he asked, "Why shouldn't I?"

"Ngh!" Wade garbled. God, it felt so good. "Y-you don't owe me anything! You don't have to-Ahhh!" He cried as James began to pump him faster, tapping the head against his tongue as he did. "You don't owe me any payment!" He wailed. He was sweating from the force of trying to hold back his orgasm and speak to James, and trying to keep eye contact was almost a mistake. James was absolutely filthy and he put on an amazing show.

"I'm not worried, Daddy." Wade felt his heart stop for an extra second at the way it sounded on his lips. "I'm not trying to pay you back." He continued pumping Wade with his hand, licking and sucking at his heavy balls as he spoke.

"Oh, God!" Wade yelped. "Th-then what are, oohhhhh, what are you doing!?"

"It's a gift, Daddy! To show you how much I appreciate you! Do you like your gift?"

Wade's brain went into overdrive, computing what James was saying. It wasn't payment, it was a gift! That was okay, right? God, it sure felt okay.

His body was shaking and sweating and his face was hot and he was so close and…James was an adult. This was his choice, it was okay, right?

"Y-yes! Yes, dear God in heaven please let me have more, oh my God, oh God-"

James grinned like a Cheshire cat and opened his mouth wide, showing Wade inside thoroughly before he gingerly wrapped his lips around just the tip.

Wade watched with bated breath and James kept a close, sharp eye on him as they both paused. Suddenly, James closed his eyes and sank down again to the hilt fast.

His nose touched the soft hairs that lay at the base of Wade's cock and he moaned around the girth of it. He didn't have a gag reflex anymore but he had taste buds.

Wade shrieked and James moaned, listening to him cry out above him. He slid off again quickly and looked up at the blonde.

"You taste so good," he commented, slurping at the precome that was leaking copiously from the slit.

"Oh! Th-thanks baby," he managed to force out. "L-lots of-fuck! Fruit!" He squealed. James giggled as he swallowed him down again and the vibrations were too much for Wade.

"I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!" He yelled, trying to tug James off. "Please! I-"

James slapped his hands away and sucked harder, licking at his sensitive slit like an animal starved for water.

"Oh fuck!" He cried as his body began to convulse. He came hard and his body tensed as he fell over the edge. James slurped loudly, attempting to swallow every drop.

It was too much, even for him, and some of the milky white come spilled from James' busted lips, dribbling down his chin.

When Wade's body finally calmed, he lay spent on the bed, eyes glazed and unable to focus as he stared at the ceiling, panting. He felt James release the suction he'd had on his cock and lick gently at the come that managed to spill down his shaft.

Finally, Wade turned his gaze down to where James still gripped at Wade's cock. The brunette smiled and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out to show Wade that he'd swallowed every drop.

Wade groaned and then laughed his own weak laugh, still trying to catch his breath.

"Holy shit," he breathed out finally. "That was some gift."

James chuckled, a low and gravely sound, and then rose to his hands and knees. He slowly climbed over Wade's body and straddled his waist.

He was completely naked, and his cock bobbed heavy and needy between them.

"My turn, Daddy?" He asked in a sweet, quiet voice. "I'm really nervous about my day today and I really need your help," he simpered.

Wade's pajamas were still pulled down and his cock was still exposed and at James' mercy.

"Wait," Wade panted, beginning to regain some of his strength. "I can't fuck you yet."

James' coy smile slowly fell and was quickly replaced with something akin to embarrassment.

"Oh," he said dumbly, moving to lift himself off of Wade's chest, no doubt to slink away quietly.

Wade quickly reached up, gripping his arms tights around James' waist and pulling his body in tight against his own.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked with a grin. He then quickly rolled them both onto their sides, forcing James down face-first into the mattress.

He quickly straddled his legs, grabbing tight handfuls of James' perfectly round ass and squeezing. James let out a moan and began to grind into the mattress below him.

Wade gave his ass a sharp slap and then sucked his own fingers into his mouth to wet them. He quickly placed them at James' exposed hole and began petting across it.

"Is this okay, baby?" He asked breathlessly.

"Anything you do to me is okay," he answered, looking back over his shoulder with lust blown eyes.

"Huh. We'll have to talk about that answer later, but right now, I'm going to make you feel good."

He pressed the tips of his fingers past the tight ring of muscle and sucked in a sharp breath.

"Damn, you are tight," Wade marveled absently as he worked his way inside.

James began moaning low under his breath, throaty and bassy and absolutely delicious. Just like Wade had imagined, only better. He pushed back, lifting his ass high into the air, begging for more.

"Wade, please? Please fuck me?" He begged.

"I can't honey, you haven't gotten your results back yet," Wade replied, adding a third finger.

"Ugh!" James yelped at the wider stretch. "Deeper, please," he instructed. "Fine but, can I have a toy or something? Please daddy? I need as much as you can give me."

"That's not a bad idea," Wade agreed, fumbling for his nightstand drawer. He only had a few toys in his drawer, but any of them would be fine.

His fingers touched one and he quickly yanked it from the drawer, pulling it into James' line of sight.

"How's this?" Wade asked, taking it in himself. He'd forgotten about this particular toy. It was long. Bigger than he was, and thick. It had a pretty, defined head and it was ribbed and had bumps all down it.

"Yes daddy, perfect. Please, can I have it?" He begged so pretty.

Wade quickly pulled his fingers from the man's tight entrance, reaching for the bottle of lube that was still under his pillow. He quickly drizzled it all over the silicone cock and then poured it between James' ass cheeks, not caring about the mess he was making.

He wasted no time beginning to work the head of the fake cock inside of James, marveling at the way his back muscles shuddered and rippled.

Before long, Wade was all out fucking James, forcing the dildo in deep and fast and James was wailing under him. He wished he could feel him for real, but he couldn't risk his other lovers that way.

"I'm close! Oh God, I'm close Wade!" James cried, clutching tightly at the pillows beneath him. Wade reached between his legs and began pumping him, helping to bring the man over the edge.

James came silently, his voice caught in his throat as he shuddered and tried his best to keep himself together. When Wade thought he was finished, he gently pressed the fake cock in as deep as it would go, drawing an overstimulated cry from James. He then slapped his firm ass, once, twice, three times, before slowly pulling it back out.

As soon as Wade had removed the toy, James collapsed onto the mattress into his own sticky puddle of cum.

"Fuck. Baby, you can't suck my cock like that, it isn't safe yet," Wade chided as they both came down from their highs.

"Whaddya mean?" James slurred, turning his head to look at Wade.

"I mean, if you have something, you definitely could have just given it to me. I'm not trying to be mean but, I have to think about all of my lovers, not just how fucking amazing you are at giving head."

James cheeks flushed and he averted his gaze again. "M'sorry daddy. Just wanted to make you feel good," he mumbled, lifting himself from the sticky bed.

"I appreciate that. But let's keep it safe, okay?" James nodded with his head bowed low. "And James?"

The man kept his head low but glanced up with his crystal blue eyes.

"Thank you so much, baby."

They got up and showered and dressed, James back into his outfit from the day before, though it was clean now.

He tried to refuse breakfast but Wade wouldn't let him leave without eating something, so he managed a small apple while Wade watched.

"That's going to be one of my rules if you decide to be my sugar baby. You're not allowed to leave my place without a meal in your stomach, and you have to eat three meals a day. I'm not budging on that."

James flushed but appreciated the attention.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you today? I don't have any other plans. I can keep that creep off your back," Wade offered for the third time that morning.

"No, I don't need to give him another reason to abuse me. It'll be worse if he thinks you're my boyfriend there to protect me. And since that would literally be the case…" James trailed off.

Wade knew he was probably right. "What if I just go to workout and happen to see you guys in the ring?"

"Why don't we just do that another day?" James suggested with a smile. Truthfully, he was dying to say yes to Wade. But he knew it would lead to something bad.

"I gotta get going. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Fine. Hey, wait! Can I take you out for dinner and drinks tonight?"

"What about your other boy toys?" James asked. "Aren't they getting a little jealous?" James sure would be.

"Hmm. Maybe. Hey, why don't you come with me to Peter's place then?"

"That spoiled kid?"

Wade chuckled. "He is a little prince, isn't he?"

"He's a little brat." James spat under his breath.

Wade cleared his throat, hearing what James had said clearly.

"He's my little prince," he stated deliberately, arching a brow at James.

James ducked his head down, tucking a stray piece of hair behind his ear sheepishly. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"Well… if you won't come with me, at least come back here. Don't go back to your place. Everything you could possibly need is here and I won't be too far away at Peter's place. And if you change your mind, you can come anyway."

James thought about the offer and looked around him.

"You trust me here alone?" He asked.

Wade walked forward until he was standing in front of the shorter man and lifted his head up gently.

"I trust you. Please don't break that trust." James nodded, face glowing with happiness. Wade leaned in and kissed him quickly, then squeezed him in a quick, tight hug.

"If I don't see you, I'd love a text or a call so I know what's going on, and make sure you eat. I'm not kidding, eat!"

James chuckled and nodded his head, grabbing his jacket from the island in the kitchen.

"I'll eat," he assured, heading for the door. "See ya, babe."

Wade smiled as he watched the man leave.


James was buzzing with a new kind of energy as he walked to the gym from Wade's apartment. His skin and scalp were tingling and his hair felt like it was standing on end. He felt electricity tingling in his fingers and toes and his step felt lighter. He couldn't keep the smile off his face.

This is happiness.

He had a good feeling about today. He'd gotten better sleep than he had in months and he felt like he had extra energy now that his stomach wasn't so empty. He felt like he stood a chance.

He walked through the front door and headed for the locker room to get changed into his workout gear, a smile still playing on his lips.

"Barnes, glad to see you showed up," a voice called from the side of the ring in the middle of the room. He glanced in the direction of the voice and his smile dropped slowly.

It was Brock. Of course it was Brock. He was always the first one there, and James had known that he'd be there, had prepared for it. But still, seeing the man again was like swallowing razor blades and being sucker-punched in the kidneys.

He'd tried to forget about what had happened over the past day and a half but it had always been right at the edges of his mind, and now it was staring him in the face.

He was sure it was just a trick of his mind but Brock seemed to be getting less attractive each time he saw him. It was almost as if he were transforming into something monstrous. Maybe that was just something that James' mind had manufactured from the stress of the trauma.

Regardless, his deep-set eyes seemed to be getting beadier and more hawkish, and it made James feel unnerved.

His step had faltered when he'd looked up at the man, but he nodded and kept his head down, continuing on his way to the locker room.

He hoped that the taller man wouldn't follow him. He had no need to, he was already changed into his all-black workout gear and he had his shoes on. He hoped that some of the other guys would start showing up soon. He didn't want to be caught half-dressed in the locker room, or alone in the building at all.

His skin was beginning to tingle unpleasantly and dread began to weigh heavy in his gut.

It's okay.

He'd just get dressed quickly and get out of the locker room.

He opened his locker once he'd reached it and threw his bag inside, unzipping it quickly and reaching inside for his army green silky workout shirt and his black shorts. He quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head and replaced it with his green shirt. He then glanced at the door and felt his heart skip a beat, unbuttoning his pants and yanking them down like they were on fire.

His heart caught in his throat as he suddenly heard the door opening and he froze with his pants down around his knees, bent over to cover himself, with his eyes wide on whoever was coming in.

He felt panic rising from the pit of his stomach until the man entered the room, then it quickly left him, leaving him a bit light-headed in its absence.

It was one of the men that Brock had hired onto the team. Colt or something.

His eyes met James' and he stopped in his tracks, his eyebrows flying up.

"Are you okay?" He asked, sounding genuinely concerned. "You look fucking terrified."

It was the first time James had ever heard the man's voice.

"Yeah, yeah…I'm okay," he answered quietly in a shaking voice. He quickly rushed to remove his jeans and pull on his shorts, not wanting to miss a precious second of time safe with someone else in the room.

He stuffed his pants into his bag along with his shirt and shoes, then quickly began to pull on his wrestling shoes and lace them.

It only took a second but he realized that he'd placed himself in the exact same spot that Brock had held him in last time. His breathing was becoming labored and loud, gulping in huge panicked breaths.

He peeked over his shoulder at the other man in the room. He'd already pulled his shorts on and was working to right his inside out workout shirt. His body was lean but muscular, looking more like a gymnast than a fighter. When his eyes reached the man's face he saw that the man was looking back. He flushed and quickly glanced away, shoulders hunched up to his ears.

Great. Now he's going to think I was checking him out. Another asshole to beat the shit out of me.

"Seriously, are you alright?" He heard from over his shoulder. He carefully looked back again, but the man was making his way over to him. James stood quickly and turned to face the man. It was safer to have him in the room with him, but it still wasn't safe with him.

"I-I," James tried to answer in a small voice.

"Do you have asthma? You're hyperventilating," the man stated, placing a flat palm over James' sternum and pressing gently. He used his other hand to pull James toward him by his shoulder blade.

James' eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open slightly. He was surprised that any of the guys from the team was willing to touch him, in case the gay was catching.

"No…no asthma," he managed between huge breaths. The man still held his hand at his chest, feeling his breathing.

"Panic attack? Your heart is beating crazy fast," he asked, dropping his voice lower and leaning closer. As soon as the man said it, James realized that's exactly what was happening. He nodded his head quickly, holding back tears but just barely.

"Okay, well breathe with me," the man instructed, still holding his hands tightly at James' chest and back.

James couldn't help but blush. This whole experience was new to him.

"In slow through your nose," the man instructed. "Out slower through your mouth." He repeated it a few times and breathed with James, helping him to finally calm down.

"There. Better?" The man asked, smiling at James. James found himself smiling back and he nodded. He really did feel better, though his chest felt sore.

Suddenly the door swung open again and this time, it was Brock that stepped through.

"What the fuck gay shit is this? He turning you, bro?" He laughed in the direction of the blonde man. The blonde dropped his hands slowly and sighed, rolling his eyes and moving back to where his own locker was.

"Very funny Brock. We're almost done in here, where's the rest of the team?" The man, Cole maybe, asked as he pulled on his shirt.

"They'll be here soon." He turned to look at James and fixed him with a dark look. "Put on your princess shoes and grab your water bottle. We got shit to do." His gaze lingered longer than strictly necessary and then he turned and left.

James stood awkwardly, shuffling his feet in his unlaced shoes and sighed, trying to shake off his nerves. He'd felt amazing just before he'd come here. It was okay, he was going to have a good day. He wasn't going to be alone with Brock, and there was no way he'd try anything like last time again.

He lifted his foot up onto the bench and began pulling his laces tight, glancing quickly at where Chad stood.

The man was watching him. His hands were in his pockets and his shoes were on. He was ready. What was he waiting for?

"Uh, thanks," James stammered bashfully. "For helping me breathe." He mumbled and kept his head low, not making too much eye contact.

Chase hummed and continued standing there, before finally breaking his silence.

"Is he always like that?"

James glanced up through his loose hair, making sure the man was actually addressing him before he spoke.

"He's usually worse," he grumbled, finishing with his laces. Clark laughed and shook his head, before looking James in the eye.

"So, are you guys brothers or something?"

"No, thank God. He's just…he's an old friend."

"Friend is a loose term, I'm sure," Clay mused. "Is he right though?" He asked, taking a step closer.

"What, that we gotta get out there?" James asked, glancing at his watch.

Carl laughed and stepped even closer. "No, I mean, about you being, you know…gay."

James froze, wide-eyed, and steeled himself, suddenly wishing that he had asked Wade to come after all. Apparently, no one was safe. He couldn't tell if Craig looked hungrier suddenly or if it was a trick of his imagination.

"It's okay if you are. I won't give you any shit for it," Coby stated, taking a couple steps closer. He was almost right in front of James now. "Everyone kinda wonders. He's always calling you those horrible things. Is it true?"

James quickly took a step back and turned to his locker, digging for a hair tie in his bag.

"It's nobody's business," he managed to force out quietly.

"True. We've just been wondering for a while," Clive said, following a step behind James as he walked to a mirror to pull his hair back.

James watched Cale in the mirror as he combed his hair away from his face with his fingers. The man was blatantly checking him out, raking over his body with his eyes, lingering at his lower back and ass.

"You know, Brock says other stuff about you," Chet stated absently.

"I'm sure he does," James sighed, turning to face the taller blonde. Everyone seemed to be taller than him.

"He says you do stuff for money," Chic said lowly, licking his lips as he continued to undress James with his eyes.

James felt his skin crawl. How many people had Brock told that to? And how did he even know? He shuddered and tried to find a way to step around the man without coming within his grasp and soon realized there wasn't one.

"That's a lie. Besides, you couldn't afford me. Excuse me," he said quietly, attempting to step past the man.

"Woah, wait!" Cash said quickly, putting his arms up so that James couldn't get past.

James felt panic rising up his esophagus again and he stepped back until his back hit the sinks.

"Wait, I'm so sorry! Please, I didn't mean to get off on the wrong foot, I shouldn't have said those things to you!" The blonde rushed out. "Please, I'm sorry. I was just curious and I just wanted to talk to you about it personally, I never meant to make you uncomfortable. Forgive me?" Cyd asked, holding his hands up to show he meant no ill will.

"I…" James trailed off. He couldn't trust anyone enough to forgive them, and he certainly couldn't trust someone that had been looking at him the way Cook had been.

"I'm really sorry, I'll back off okay? Honestly, I was curious because…well, I was wondering what you might be doing after practice today?" Colin stammered, face growing pink.

James cleared his throat and shuffled his feet a little uncomfortably. "I'm actually really taken. I got someone waiting for me," he mumbled, finding it hard to make eye contact as he said it.

"Oh. Of course, someone like you would definitely have someone at home. Silly me. Well, it was nice talking to you. Maybe I'll catch you in the ring." With that, Corbin finally turned and left the locker room.

James didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He'd just gotten asked out. He'd also just been asked if he turned tricks. He wasn't sure which made him more uncomfortable. He quickly closed his locker and made his way to the center of the gym, where the rest of the team had already converged at the ring.

"Nice of you to join us, Thumbelina. Your hands should be wrapped by now, you're wasting my time," Brock called loudly. The other men sniggered quietly.

"Sorry, I got distracted," James said, embarrassed. He grabbed his tapes from the table by the ring and quickly began wrapping his already battered knuckles.

"Yeah, sucking Clint's dick in the locker room, I know," Brock replied, louder than necessary again. "Let's get James and some new guys in the ring together this time. He may not be the best fighter but he can pack a punch and fight forever. Toby," he called, pointing to one of the bigger men milling about. "In the ring. James, hurry the fuck up and get your little fairy ass in the ring," Brock sighed as if James was a disobedient child.

"Sorry, 'm…I'm almost done," he stammered, beginning to feel anxious again. He glanced up and his eyes met with Clint's. The man mouthed "breathe" at him and he nodded his head, taking a deep breath to relax.

Finally, he was done wrapping his hands and he lifted himself up, using the rings to pull himself into the mat. If Brock was going to have him start the first fight, it was definitely going to be a long, exhausting day.

He got into his ready stance, feet apart, hands together and high. He eyed up his opponent, looking for any weak spots, any weaknesses in his form and took a deep breath, waiting for Brock to say 'go'.

"Toby, feet further apart! He'll knock you on your ass if you aren't planted!" Brock coached from the sidelines. "James! Hands higher! Protect your face, it's how you make money!"

James heard some of the other men chuckle again and he felt his cheeks go red but he didn't respond, raising his fists higher in front of his chin. He bounced on the balls of his feet, ready to finally prove his prowess this time around.

Toby was big, muscular and no doubt strong, but most likely slow. If James could stay out of arms reach, he could get inside his attack zone and take him out quick. Or so he hoped.

"Fight!" Brock finally called from the edge. The other men began shouting encouragements, mostly to Toby, but James could hear Clint in the din of voices cheering him on and it made him feel a little more confident.

The two men began to circle each other, sizing each other up. Toby finally swung then, lunging forward and swinging his arm in a wide circle that James just barely stepped back away from.

"Hands UP, Jamie, protect yourself, ALWAYS!" Brock shouted. James gasped and brought his hands back up, narrowly avoiding another swing from Toby. As soon as the man swung, James ducked low and propelled himself forward by his toes, launching himself into the taller man's gut and forcing him off his balance. He quickly retreated and watched to see how the man recovered.

He recovered slowly, as James had guessed he would. He stumbled off balance, trying to right himself while keeping himself open for attack. James quickly seized the opportunity and ran forward again, this time launching himself upward and swinging his fist, connecting with the taller man's jaw.

"Fuck!" Toby cried, attempting to grab at James and pull him in. James ducked and rolled, popping up behind the man and driving his elbow into the man's kidneys.

"Stop! Win!" Brock yelled before Toby could even hit the mat. James smiled as he panted, shaking off the tension before the next round.

"Nice to see your ass moving," Brock called. He turned to look and saw that Brock was standing directly behind him, sizing up James like he hadn't thought he had it in him.

"Ready stance," Brock directed, deciding who James should fight next.

"Let's get someone a little faster in there. Jacob, you're up," he called, patting the man on the shoulder.

A man just a few inches taller than James climbed up into the ring, jumping excitedly with excess energy. He was wiry and had shaggy brown hair. James had seen him a few times in the gym, but he'd never seen the man's fighting style. He was clearly faster than Toby, and possibly faster than James too.

He took a deep breath to ready himself, he knew he was going to take a few hits with this one.

"Ready stances, Jacob hold still please!" Brock called, pacing beside the ring.

Jacob let out a maniacal laugh as he did his best to stay put before Brock called go. He clearly needed some kind of medication to keep him calm that he hadn't taken that morning.

"Sorry boss," he called back in a strange singsong way, elongating the syllables.

He made James feel unnerved. He just needed to stay focused and not let the man into his head.

"Let's go!" Rumlow shouted, starting the match.

Jacob began jumping up and down again, circling James faster than he was comfortable with, and James quickly dodged to the side, putting more distance between them.

Jacob let out his crazy laugh again, faking a quick step toward James to knock him off his balance. James took the bait and jumped back, keeping his hands high and his stance wide.

Jacob sneered at him and laughed quietly.

"Right where I want you," he taunted, jumping a few more times in place before somersaulting into the air.

James was completely taken aback and his eyes widened as he watched Jacob flip right over his head, landing behind him. His hands dropped as he watched, and before he could turn and take a defensive stance, Jacob had already swung.

James turned right into it, hands too low to block and too off guard to react. It landed hard on his jaw, a spray of blood bursting from the last split he'd gotten in his lip as it broke open again.

The punch forced a pained cry from his mouth and he staggered backward, trying to put enough distance between them to get himself back together again, but Jacob was too fast.

"Get your fucking hands up, Boy George and if I have to say it one more time I'm going to break them off!" Rumlow shouted from beneath them.

James was beginning to get too worked up, beginning to make sloppy mistakes. He needed to pull it together and focus. He could do this, he could prove it to them.

"C'mon Jay, you got this!"

He heard Clint's voice from the floor and it took him by surprise. No one ever cheered him on.

"Get your head together, he's psyching you out!"

He was right.

James took another deep breath and prepared himself for another round, waiting for the quicker man to move first.

Jacob tried to fake him out again, doing a backflip where he stood to see how James would react.

James felt himself flinch, but he stayed still, not budging his feet or taking his eyes off the squirrely man.

Jacob growled loudly in frustration and lunged at James, fist drawn back as if he were going to throw a punch.

James didn't move, keeping his eyes trained on the other man, expecting the unexpected.

He was right, as Jacob made it almost all the way to him, then changed his trajectory and launched into another flip over James.

James expected it and let a hard right hook fly straight up into the air the moment he saw Jacob jumping, connecting perfectly against his ribs and sending him flying to the mat.

"Yes! That's how you fight!" Clint whooped excitedly from the sidelines.

James smiled as he wiped the blood from his chin and stood straight. To his surprise, Brock didn't call the match. He glanced down at where the rest of the men stood and saw the tallest man fuming, glaring daggers at Clint, and the blonde man smirking despite him.

"You gonna call the fight, ref? Your boy's down," Clint pointed out with a small smile.

Brock growled quietly and stepped toward Clint, then turned in annoyance and shouted, "win!" Pointing at James. "Get him outta there!" He continued shouting, instructing the remaining men to remove Jacob from the mat. He paced angrily as he decided what to do next.

Clint grabbed James' water bottle from the table near the ring and climbed up, calling James over to give it to him.

"Thanks," James panted, genuinely thankful. No one else would have done the small and simple gesture, and he really did appreciate it.

Clint wrapped his arm around James' neck, pulling the man in closer.

"He's trying to get you down, you know it. Don't let him get in your head. If you need time, just call it. I got your back," he stated quietly so that only James could hear him.

James met Clint's blue eyes with his own and nodded, thankful to have someone in his corner for once. He just couldn't figure out why.

"Let's go, Nancy and Mary! Stop making out, we have a fight to start!" Brock called in annoyance.

"You got this, he's gotta let you out soon. He's almost out of fighters." The blonde continued, ignoring Brock.

"CLINT!" Rumlow screamed from the floor, reaching up and grabbing the man by the back of his shirt and yanking him down.

Clint turned and shoved Rumlow, knocking him off his balance.

"I'll cut you from the team, pansy in training," Brock growled in his face.

"Not this close to the match. Keep your hands off me," Clint said back, taking a step closer.

Brock scowled furiously but didn't say anything else. He then turned to the last man on the team that was left, aside from Clint and himself.

"Cisco," he called. "Get in there and beat the fucking tar outta that little twerp."

The last man was tall and built like a linebacker. He was dark, possibly Samoan or other Pacific Island descent and he legitimately scared the piss out of James. He'd never heard him say very much, but he knew the man had maxed out the weights on pretty much every machine at the gym, and that he wasn't slow despite his strength.

His eyes were so dark they looked almost black, and he had long black curly hair that he wore in a high, tight ponytail on top of his head. Brock didn't typically put James and Cisco together but apparently today, he wasn't happy to see James performing so well.

James felt his eyes widen and the hand that held his water bottle started shaking. He quickly turned to drop it down onto the table beside the ring and Clint met him halfway, taking the bottle for him.

"It's alright. Call time if you need it," Clint reminded as he set the water bottle down. James nodded and turned just as Cisco was standing upright in the ring.

He didn't look exceptionally scary. Most of the time he wore a neutral expression and he was quiet. But James knew the kind of damage he could do, and being the smallest member of the team with a few known weak spots, he was more than a little wary.

"It's not really a fair match," James stated, glancing down at Brock. "I've already done two rounds and Cisco outweighs me by a lot."

"Too fucking bad. It wouldn't be practice if it were easy, now would it?" Brock smirked. "READY STANCE!" he shouted.

James rushed to get into his stance before Brock could start the match.

"Keep your body low!" James heard Clint call from the sidelines.

"Fight to the death, gentleman," Rumlow announced calmly, smiling as he did.

James heard a low rumbling laugh roll from Cisco's chest and his blood turned icy. He lowered himself more, keeping his hands up to protect his face and his eyes on Cisco.

Cisco didn't bother putting his hands up to protect himself, he simply walked forward toward James.

James swallowed hard and watched the man advance on him, not sure what to do first. Finally, when he was almost out of time, he dodged to the side.

Cisco reached out and grabbed James by the arm, yanking him back. James let out a yelp and had no choice but to follow where he was pulled to.

He tried to pull away from the man's big hands but to no avail, so he drew back his fist and aimed for Cisco's solar plexus.

He connected, but the man barely even registered being hit. He then spun James by the arm, folding it behind him painfully and pressed his own wrist into the base of his spine.

James let out a shriek at the unbelievable pain that began pulsing through his whole arm, threatening to snap like a toothpick under the man's big hands.

They stood like that for a moment, Cisco holding James still, James whimpering low under his breath, trying not to sob and Brock and Clint watching with opposite expressions of glee and horror.

Finally, the huge man released James, shoving him down to the floor. James landed hard, blood dripping from his lip as he did. He quickly rolled over and began trying to scramble to his feet before the huge man could be on him again, but he wasn't fast enough.

Cisco grabbed James by one slender ankle and lifted him high into the air, dangling the man upside down. James tried to grab onto the man's legs for support or to try to curl up and grab the man's wrist but he just couldn't do it before Cisco dropped him.

He landed heavily on his shoulder blades and the wind was knocked out of him completely. He tried desperately to catch his breath, fighting the burning ache that filled his lungs instead of oxygen.

He rolled onto his stomach and quickly tapped the mat, signaling that he couldn't fight anymore, but Brock once again didn't call it.

Cisco grabbed James by the waist, lifting him back to his feet and set him down. James could barely stay on his feet, let alone concentrate on anything that wasn't air.

Cisco quickly crouched down and kicked his leg out, sweeping James' out from under him with hardly any effort at all.

"Hey, call the match!" Clint yelled out angrily, getting in Brock's face. "He tapped out, he's done!"

"Back off, Clint!" Rumlow yelled, pushing him aside and stepping forward. James was laying on his back, completely limp and sprawled out. He looked like he'd blacked out fighting to breathe.

"I swear to God if you don't call it, I'm turning you in," Clint threatened.

Rumlow scowled but didn't respond, sighing slightly and calling out, "Win, Cisco. Clint, laps. Everyone else, see a doctor."

He turned and stormed off in the direction of his office, entering and closing the door behind him.

Clint scrambled up into the ring, rushing to get to James' side as Cisco silently exited the other side.

He leaned down and rested his ear against James' chest, listening and feeling for breathing or a heartbeat. He quickly found the latter but had a harder time finding the former. He rested his fingers between James' nose and lips to see if he could feel the air move.

Clint breathed a sigh of relief when he felt it, shallow but there. He sat up and inspected what he could see of James for anything that needed immediate attention and found nothing pressing.

"Hey, Jay?" He called softly, trying to get the man to wake up. He gently shook him by the shoulders and tapped his jaw lightly, growing increasingly more worried as the minutes passed.

Clint suddenly heard a deep, rattling breath being sucked into James' lungs and he sat back a little just in case.

James' azure eyes popped open and tears began streaming from the corners almost immediately.

His eyes searched frantically for a second before a wheezing sob escaped him.

"James?" Clint said again quietly, as though he was afraid to speak too loudly.

James' hands reached out and grabbed at Clint's jaw, cradling his face in his fingers.

"Wade?" He wheezed, barely a sound at all. He clutched Clint tighter and pulled him closer, his eyes not seeming to focus. "Hurts, Wade."

"Uh…" Clint trailed off, clearing his throat as his face began to heat under James' fingers. "You uh, got the breath knocked out of you. You're gonna be pretty sore for a few days. How's your head?"

"Hurts too," James laughed quietly, quickly morphing into a pained moan.

"Well, I'm a little worried about moving you right now in case you did hurt your head or neck. Should I call an ambulance?" Clint wondered. James moaned and shook his head slowly.

"Uh-uh," he groaned, letting his hands slide down Clint's chest and down his arms, clutching at his forearms. Clint's blush grew darker. "Take a lil' nap?" James suggested, eyes closing on their own.

"I think that's a bad idea. Do you know where you are?" Clint asked, opening James' eyelids gently and peering into his pupils.

"Gym," James sighed, still breathing shallowly to subdue the ache.

"And who are you?"

"Bucky. James…Barnes."

"Okay. And who am I?"

James' eyes began fluttering open, his eyebrows furrowing as he worked to focus on the face of the man before him. His head throbbed and the lights were too bright, blurring everything around him.

The blue eyes and light hair seemed familiar but sort of wrong at the same time. The eyes were too small, the face too short, sort of wider.

He blinked again a few times, willing his sight to come back.

"Okay. Why don't we go get you cleaned up and headed home if you're not going to get checked out? Can you sit up?"

"Rather sleep," James sighed again, turning his head to the side.

"Shit," Clint mumbled to himself, trying to decide what to do.

"Barton, go home or run laps because I know you didn't do any," a voice called from the distance.

Clint looked up and saw Rumlow on his way back from his office. A quick glance around told him that they were the only ones left in the building.

"He needs some help, I think he has a mild concussion," Clint stated, rather than responding to Brock's initial statement.

"Fine, then help me get him to my office so I can call for help," Rumlow retorted.

"I don't think we should move him."

"Then leave."

"I don't want to leave him like this!" Clint stated, exasperated and growing annoyed.

"Listen, either you help me move him and help can collect him from my office, or you don't help me move him and help can collect him from here. Either way, you need to go home now. Cleaners will be here soon for the ring and we're closing early. Figure it out."

Clint growled his frustration and shook his head. "Fine. I'll help you take him to the office, but I don't want to leave him alone with you."

"You have to go home. The show's over, sorry you didn't get to fight. We have one more practice session, I'll make sure you get it the ring. Please go home."

Clint looked at Brock suspiciously. "Why do you want me out so bad?"

"Because unlike you, I have shit to do. I have a team to manage and a few team members to replace," he looked squarely at Clint as he said the last part. Clint rolled his eyes. "So please, help me or don't."


They both stood and assessed how to move the man. He was the smallest member but he was by no means light. He was mostly muscle and right now he was dead weight.

"We'll move him to the edge, then we'll have to get out one by one to carry him out. Get his shoulders, I'll get his legs," Rumlow instructed.

Clint did as he was directed and carefully lifted James' head and shoulders, being careful of his neck, and Rumlow cradled his waist, legs draped over his arm.

"Okay, set him down on the edge and get out," Brock instructed, watching as Clint crawled between the rings and hopped to the floor. "Now gently pull him out and hold him so I can get out and get his legs."

Clint did exactly that, carefully sliding his chest out of the mat and leaning his torso against his own. Brock quickly followed and gripped his waist again.

"Okay, there's a couch in my office, we can lay him down there."

They moved quickly but smoothly across the gym floor and through the office door. Clint spotted the small couch right away and began leading Rumlow there.

"Set him down, gentle. Good," Rumlow said as they rested him on the couch. James groaned and whimpered just the tiniest bit.

"Alright, get going. I'm going to call for an ambulance now," Brock stated, looking sharply at Clint.

"Call them now," Clint demanded.

"I am," Rumlow said, reaching for the phone on his desk. "But I have to see you out of the building since you're the last one in, so hurry up." He held the phone high pointedly and waved his hand at Clint to get him moving.

Clint was hesitant, looking past Rumlow to where James lay vulnerable on the couch. "I could just stay until the ambulance gets here-"

"I told you, I have a lot to do, I can't be babysitting you too," Rumlow huffed, annoyed. "Please go so I can call! At this point, you're the reason he's not getting help."

Clint sighed and nodded. "Fine. I'm going. Just…give him my number," he quickly grabbed a piece of paper from Brock's desk and a pen, scribbling some numbers down.

Brock scoffed and looked at Clint seriously. "Really? You too? Jesus, I really do need to get some new team members."

"It's not like that, Brock," Clint said quietly, sliding the paper to Brock's side of the desk. "I just want to make sure he's okay."

"Bye," Brock said pointedly, waving his hand at Clint. Finally, Clint turned and walked back to the locker room to collect his things. A few minutes later, Clint exited the locker room and glanced over at Brock's office.

He saw the man on the phone finally and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard him giving the address.

Brock watched as Clint exited the front door, listening for the click behind him. As soon as he was gone, he set his phone back down on the desk. He'd never even clicked on the main screen, let alone called anyone. He looked back at where James lay on the couch and closed his office door, turning the lock.

He turned around and really looked at the man. His shirt had slid up as they'd lay him down, so a sliver of his soft belly showed under the fabric, and his hair was coming loose and hanging in soft tendrils around his face.

He stepped closer and leaned down, gently swiping some of the blood from James' lips, then he caressed his jaw with the back of his fingers, feeling the stubble there against his skin.

He sighed as he stood, retrieving a smelling salt from the top drawer and crossing to James with it. He held it under the man's nose for just a moment before James gasped and opened his eyes.

"Clint?!" He forced out, looking around frantically.

"Nah. Your new little boyfriend left. It's just you and me," Rumlow said in a quiet voice. He watched as James' eyes focused on him and grew wide, his lip beginning to quiver.

"Just relax. I'll take care of you."

Chapter Text

"He's not answering again. Last time he wasn't answering, something happened to him and he refuses to tell me what. I'm really worried!"

"FRIDAY says he's still at that gym, he hasn't moved. I'm sure he's fine. He's with a bunch of guys, you know how guys get," Tony stated, attempting to be reassuring.

"Yeah but…I-I don't know, it just doesn't seem right!"

"Maybe he's...I don't know, making money?" Peter suggested from where he perched on the kitchen counter. Wade halted his pacing and turned a glare at Peter.

"He doesn't need to anymore, he knows he has me to take care of him."

"Well Wade, you have to consider the possibility. It's what he's done for who knows how long. And who says he feels comfortable asking you for anything yet?" Tony chimed in, trying to be the voice of reason.

"You both need to stop. I don't want you talking about him that way. He's important to me and I need you both to respect that," Wade replied harshly, looking from one to the other.

Peter ducked his head down a bit and Tony looked away bashfully.

"We're not trying to be harsh, Wade," Tony said quietly. "But you have to consider all the possibilities."

"Really? What about the possibility that he got hurt and had to leave and he left his phone there? What about the possibility that they're running him ragged, the way he said they do? Or the possibility that they're hurting him somehow? What if he went back to my place or his and just forgot his phone? What about those possibilities? I didn't hear either of you mention those. You both just jumped right to 'what if he's fucking for money?'! Forgive me if I'm a little crabby but I genuinely think something's wrong, and you two can't get over the fact that he's a sex worker." He went back to pacing, running his fingers through his hair in exasperation.

"Was. And what if I have FRIDAY tap into the security cameras at this gym?"

Wade paused in silence for a moment. "You can do that?" He asked quietly, looking at Tony's expression.

"I can do anything," Tony replied.

"Normally I'd say no, but I think this time I'm going to have to insist," Wade responded, taking a step closer to where Tony leaned against the counter.

"Alright. FRIDAY, patch me into the cameras at the gym on French Ave, please. Let me know when you're through."

"Sure thing, boss," a disembodied voice called into the room. Wade jumped at the sound of it and then grumbled under his breath.

"Thanks," he mumbled, sounding annoyed at the two of them still.

"Hey, Wade? Can't you just…spend some time with us? Like we used to? I really miss having you around. I mean…" he trailed off a bit. "I feel like I don't really get to see you anymore. You've been spending all your time with…him. I mean, we were talking about you moving in with me and now you're barely around. Do you even still want that?" He asked in a small voice.

Wade's eyebrows shot up and he looked at Peter for a moment with his lips slightly gapped.

"Pete, I...I guess you might be right." He walked to where Peter sat and slid himself between his bent knees, placing his hands gently at his hips. "I'm…really truly sorry. I didn't mean to be ignoring you-" he turned to Tony. "Or you. I've just…been pretty caught up lately. It's just so exciting because it's a new experience and…I just…I feel like he needs help before anything can start. I'm sorry if that's been taking away from the two of you."

"So…can you forget about him? Just for tonight?" Peter asked, sliding his hands over Wade's shoulders and wrapping them around his neck, pulling him in closer.

"I'm in," the incorporeal voice announced suddenly.

Wade turned quickly to Tony with a hopeful expression. "Can you bring it up? Can we see it?" He asked excitedly, pulling away from Peter a bit to move closer to Tony. He didn't notice the small sigh that Peter heaved or the way his shoulders slumped.

Tony pressed the button on his watch that would activate the holoscreen projector and a clear view of the gym floor came into view. The camera seemed to be located above the locker room door, facing the front door and Wade could see the big wrestling ring in the middle of the room.

The building seemed empty of people, but most of the lights were still on.

"Can you check any other angles?" Wade asked Tony.

"Hey, sweetheart, what other cameras can you get me?" The brunette asked his AI.

"There are two more cameras with different views, sir," she responded.

"Just two?" Wade asked quizzically.

"Get me split screen and show them all at once, FRI."

The screen quickly split into three views, the middle being the same as it had been before and the two new angles flanking it. They now could see the sidewalk in the front of the building and anyone that walked by the door, as well as the alley at the back door. A blonde man stood in front of the building, but besides that, no one else was on camera.

"That's…that's really it? That's all the cameras they have?" Wade asked, searching every bit of the images frantically. "W-what about the office? What about the other side of the gym?" His voice was rising in pitch and he couldn't hide his anxiety at not having found the man.

"Well, maybe that's just it, maybe he's in the office and we just can't see him?" Tony suggested.

"I don't know…maybe. Something just seems wrong to me. Can you leave those screens up? And what about sound?"

"The sound quality of the cameras is not that good," FRIDAY's hollow voice sounded.

"Can you let us hear it?" Wade asked, willing to give it a shot.

The sound came on immediately, but it sounded mostly like white noise. There were a few sounds underneath the static but it was so hard to make out, it could have been anything.

Wade sighed and turned back to Peter, laying his head against the teen's chest and nuzzling under his chin.

"This sucks."

"Give him some time. I'm sure he'll contact you soon," Tony reassured, moving to wrap his arms around Wade's waist.

"Can we just get some Chinese food and be lazy, please?" Peter begged. "I had a really hard calculous quiz today and I just want to spend time with you two!"

"You're so spoiled," Wade said, lifting his head from Peter's chest and leaning up to kiss him.

"More spoiled now that you're here," he giggled, wrapping his legs around Wade's waist.

"Yeah. Let's put something on HBO and just…chill, huh?" Wade agreed, glancing at the screen that was still projected into the air.

"Hey, can you leave that up, Tone? I wanna keep my eye on it for a bit."

"Sure thing, hot pants," Tony answered, using his fingers to virtually move the screen and position it in the air.

"Thanks, Italian ice. I appreciate it," Wade stated genuinely. The blonde man was still milling around at the front door, but he didn't seem to be causing any trouble.

Wade turned his attention back to Peter and lifted him from the counter, carrying him to the sofa.

"I'll order food!" Tony announced, already pulling his phone from his pocket.


"Just relax. I'll take care of you."

James gripped at his chest where it ached all through him and glanced up at the clock that hung above Rumlow's desk.

Getting late.

"Where's the rest of the team?" He asked cautiously.

"I sent them home. Practice is over. Like I said, it's just you and me."

James swallowed and glanced at the closed door.

"It's locked. Don't try to run. Don't fight me. I don't want you getting hurt more than necessary," Brock said in a quiet voice.

James felt chills run up and down his spine.

Brock walked behind his desk, pulling open a drawer and taking out a rattling bottle of pills. He twisted it opened and poured a few into his hand, offering them to James.

James shook his head, watching the man warily.

"It's ibuprofen. You'll want it. I know you're sore. You got dropped pretty hard."

"My head hurts. I need to go to a hospital," James stated.

"You'll be alright. It's just a little concussion. Just lay back and let me make you feel better," Brock replied, still eerily calm.

He sat gently on the couch beside James, brushing a strand of hair from his face. James couldn't help but flinch away from the touch.

"You did really well today in the ring. You should keep that up."

"It's amazing what I can do when you haven't completely exhausted me first, huh?" James snarled, immediately feeling like he shouldn't have. Luckily, Brock just smirked.

"Why do you let them hurt me?" James dared to ask, watching Brock's body language carefully.

"It's easier to play with you when you aren't struggling so much," Brock replied, looking James right in the eyes as he said it.

"What…what do you mean?" James asked shakily.

Brock smiled and looked over James as he lay on the couch. "Take these," he commanded, thrusting the pills back at him again.

James accepted them this time, swallowing them dry.

"Good at that," Brock remarked, watching James' throat bob as he swallowed. James blushed and turned away, not wanting to look at the man.

"I want you to roll onto your stomach and let me see if there's any bruising on your shoulders," Brock said, a slight smile playing on his lips.

"I…I can't. It hurts to move. It hurts to breathe," he replied back honestly.

"Let me help you then," Rumlow smirked, sliding his hands carefully underneath of James' shoulders to help him sit up.

James winced and groaned in pain as Brock moved him, but it wasn't even worth it to try to fight back or protest. He could barely move with the pain he was in, let alone fight back.

He felt Brock's fingers trace against his skin as he gently lifted his shirt. James' heart began racing faster, but he felt too dazed to really react.

"Not too bad. A little bit of bruising. It's probably mostly internal. Let me rub your shoulders," he demanded, sitting on the arm of the couch behind James and straddling his body with his knees.

James didn't protest, staring into the distance blankly.

Brock began gently kneading at the muscles in James' shoulders with his thumbs, focusing on his neck and down his spine.

"How's that feel?" He asked in a quiet voice, much closer to James' ear than he expected.

"It's-it's nice," James sighed, closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling on his sore muscles.

"I'm sure you hurt all over, huh?" Brock asked, not waiting for an answer. He ran his hands over the tops of James' shoulders, fingers slowly creeping down his bare chest and caressing at his nipples.

James shuddered and tried to shrug Brock off, but he didn't have the strength.

Rumlow's hands began roaming across the bare skin of James' torso, touching at every inch that was exposed.

"Stop," James whispered, sounding hollow.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" Brock asked with a smile in his voice. "Lay on your stomach. I'll help you," he ordered again.

James didn't want to, but he didn't know how to make the man stop.

"What…will you do if I...don't?" He asked, breathing shallowly to avoid the bitter pain in his lungs.

"Do you want to find out?" Rumlow asked, brushing his fingers through the loose little hairs at the nape of James' neck almost lovingly.

James shook his head and began shifting his body carefully to obey Brock.

Rumlow gripped James' waist gently, helping lift and lower his body into the position that he wanted.

"This is why I let them hurt you. This is why I run you ragged. You're so docile. So meek. I love you like this," Rumlow cooed, running his knuckles gently across the corded muscles in James' back.

He dipped a finger into the elastic waistband of James' shorts, running it back and forth against his soft skin, and James shuddered again.

His head rested on a small pillow and he lay staring at the door, wishing he could leave.

"I noticed Clint chatting you up today. I saw him touching you. You gonna fuck him?" Rumlow asked.

James shook his head the best he could against the pillow and made a sound that he hoped sounded like no.

"No? Even if he paid you?" Rumlow's second finger joined his first in James' waistband, tugging slightly. James could feel the couch dipping down as the tall man gently moved to straddle his legs.

James' skin crawled but he didn't show how uneasy he was. He just continued staring.

Brock finally did what James expected him to and pulled his shorts down slowly over his ass, leaving just his thin black boxers between them.

"Please don't," James pleaded softly. Rumlow didn't respond as he slid the silky shorts down his calves and over his feet. He felt the man tugging off his beat-up old sneakers and running the pads of his fingers across the soles of his feet, tickling him and making his feet twitch.

He closed his eyes tightly and felt a tear slip out between his lashes. He could handle this. Whatever Brock did to him, he was sure he'd endured worse. He just had to cooperate as best he could and make it through.

"I don't know if I believe you. I think you would fuck Clint if he paid you enough," Brock continued in his quiet voice. His hands began running over James' calves, touching greedily and slowly working their way up.

They spanned wide to touch as much as possible and soon James felt his intrusive fingers at his sensitive inner thighs, beginning to dig in.

Brock's hands cupped James' ass right where it met his legs, squeezing tightly and his thumbs pressed into the more delicate areas of his most vulnerable places. A loud whimper escaped James' chest and his breathing started increasing painfully, wheezing loudly.

"Please," he tried again, knowing it was no use.

"Don't worry, I know how much you want it. I'll take care of you. Can you handle a big cock, baby?" Rumlow asked, kneading at James' ass.

James whined again and buried his face in the pillow. He could handle this. He could just pretend it was Wade. He could just picture Wade.

He felt the man's body lying across his legs, gripping at his ass and nosing between his thighs. He felt his legs being pulled apart and spread and he prepared himself to be



Used like a dirty whore

Made love to.

"You always made me so jealous, James. Always spreading your legs for men, but never me, right? You could just never want me, could you? I tried so hard to get you to notice me but….no matter. It's my turn now. And I get to have you with your eyes open. Open your eyes, James, I want to see those beautiful eyes."

James whimpered again, keeping his eyes squeezed tight. No way he could see them from where he was anyways.

He felt lips kissing and licking and sucking at his inner thighs and he felt thumbs petting across his entrance through his underwear. He took as deep a breath as his battered chest would allow and tried to relax his muscles. It would be over soon.

"Lift your hips," the voice commanded, and James pretended it was Wade's sweet voice that he was growing to love. He did as he was told and impatient hands pulled his underwear from his body, leaving him completely exposed.

He shuddered at the chill and buried his face deeper into the pillow. Big hands roughly spread him apart and fingers began prodding at his entrance, working their way inside. He let out a hiss as one breached him, roughly pulling at his rim and stretching him too fast, followed by another.

"Ah!" He cried at the burning stretch, back muscles tightening painfully.

The fingers began to press into him, working in and out quickly, finger banging him forcefully.

"Y-yer hurtin' me," he squeaked, voice high with anxiety.

"God I fucking love when you get all southern belle on me," Brock laughed, ignoring James' plea. "You're wet James. In here. Did you let someone fuck you this morning?" He asked as he began working another finger inside.

"Ouch, please! It's too much!" James cried, trying to wriggle away.

Brock gripped his hip with iron fingers and pinned him down with a quiet growl and James froze, hearing the warning loud and clear.

Maybe he was doing this all wrong. Maybe if James just treated…Brock as one of the John's, then maybe this could be less painful for him.

"Please, can I sit up?" James asked, voice still high.

"Answer my question. Did someone get to fuck you this morning?" He asked as he finally got the third finger inside.

James yelped and sobbed, gripping at the pillow beneath his head.

"Was it Clint? Did you already fuck him, you little slut?" Brock's tone was changing, growing hard and angry and James' heart skipped a beat.

"N-no, I don't want Clint," James said honestly.

"Well, he sure wants you. He was so far up your ass today it was unbelievable. Won't he be upset to know that I had you first," Brock chuckled. "I'm going to ruin your tight little ass."

James whined again, unable to do anything else. Brock was still brutally fucking into him with his fingers and he was sore and achy all over.

"So who was it? You fucking guys on the street again? Whore?"

"No!" James whined, tears falling from his eyes again.

"So who was it?" Brock demanded, pressing his fingers in deep to punctuate his question.

"Ah! Ouch, please! Why does it matter so much to you who I had sex with?!" James cried.

Brock paused and sat up a bit straighter. James peeked an eye open and dared to glance over his shoulder. Brock's face was one of recognition, quickly followed by a dark look of what could have been jealousy.

"You have a boyfriend."

It was a statement, not a question.

"You have a boyfriend now and he's fucking you whenever he wants, isn't he?" His voice sounded furious.

"Wh-why do you care?" James asked, voice trembling. His answer was met with a hard slap at his ass, followed by another and another, growing harder as they landed.

"Ow, please!" James cried again, trying to lift himself off of his chest as Brock loosed an onslaught against his ass and thighs. He pulled his fingers from inside of James and began slapping him forcefully with both hands, leaving red welts across his whole backside.

"Please!" James shrieked, finally getting up onto his knees. "Please stop, please!" He sobbed.

Brock wrapped his hands around James' chest, yanking his torso back against his own, then reached his free hand forward, sliding down James' bare body and gripping tightly at his soft manhood.

James let out another shriek and grabbed at Brock's arm, trying to pry him off. He thought he'd managed to do it when Brock let go, only to be met with another hard slap, across his face this time.

Brock's fingers then quickly dug into the soft flesh of his cock again, squeezing too tightly at his balls.

James' legs spread in an attempt to release the pressure but it only served to allow the hard bar of Brock's cock to slot between his ass cheeks.

"Sure wish you were hard for me, sweetheart. Then I wouldn't have to work so hard to get you off. No matter, I'm sure you'll get hard once I stuff you full, huh?" Brock stated, pulling his shorts down and releasing his hard cock. He tapped it against James' tailbone, right where the two dimples at his lower back resided, before sliding it down and letting it catch against his rim.

"Please don't! Please, just let me go, okay? I promise I won't tell anyone! You don't have to do this," James begged, shaking profusely. He felt the blunt head of Brock's cock nudging at his partially opened entrance and sobbed. It was no use. He was just a toy to fuck and he knew it. Just a glorified fleshlight.

Brock began pressing inside of him and he squeezed his eyes shut again, thinking of Wade.

It was just Wade. Wade was sweet, Wade cared for him. It would be okay.

The cock fully breached him and he gasped as it pressed inside, inch by inch until it bottomed out, reaching deep. The sharp burn he felt was nauseating. The man behind him groaned low and gravely, pulling the arm across his chest tighter so that their bodies were pressed together.

And then, he began his assault.

He drove hard and fast into James, caring little for his comfort or pleasure, only concerned with chasing his own.

"Fuck, so good and tight. Such a good little slut."

The small room filled with the sounds of skin slapping skin and it took James a moment to realize, his own sobs and cries of pain.

"This is so much better when you're awake," the man growled.

"What?! What-ugh! What does that-ugh! Mean?!" James sobbed between forceful thrusts.

"You get so sloppy, Jamie. Remember when we used to go to the bar together? Remember how you started losing time?" Rumlow chuckled. "That wasn't exactly a coincidence. I missed you when you stopped coming out."

Of course James remembered. They used to go out together all the time. Back when they were still friends. When things hadn't gotten so bad between them.

He'd thought that he'd been losing time from drinking too much. He'd thought he was becoming an alcoholic and that he was blacking out, so he'd stopped going out with Brock. That was about the time that Brock had started becoming cold and distant.

"What-uh! What were you doing to me?" James asked, almost afraid of the answer. Brock laughed quietly and continued grinding into James.

"Just a little pill. Slipped into your drinks. It made you sleep. I'd take you back to your place and wait until you couldn't keep your eyes open. Then I'd fuck you until I was done. You never remembered after it happened."

James was horrified, disgust blooming in his gut. He fought back waves of nausea as he sobbed harder.

"You're,-uh uh, ah! You're lying," he croaked, not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

"I'm gonna come," Brock announced, pressing in deep and grinding hard against James' body.

Thank God.

It was over.

James held as still as he could, despite his trembling and being wracked with sobs. He could feel Brock pulsing inside of him and felt wet heat coating his insides and he breathed a sigh of relief, despite himself.

He waited, heart racing, for Brock to move. To let him go.

"Oohh, Jesus. That was so good," Brock sighed, loosening his grip just a bit. "Now we make you come."

James' eyes widened and he began shaking his head no, whimpering quietly.

"No! Y-you don't have to do that, I just wanna go," James pleaded, pulling slightly at Brock's hand around his chest.

"It's alright. I have more for you. It's been a while since I've had you," he murmured, nuzzling his nose against James' ear. "Turn over. Get on your back," he commanded gently.

"I-it's okay! Really, I don't need-"

"Do as I say."

The command was laced with threats.

James sobbed and dropped his head low.

It would be over soon.

Brock pulled his softening cock from James' abused entrance with a squelch and slid back a little, giving James room to move.

James forced himself to move. Forced himself to lay down and take more.

He settled himself gingerly on his back, trying to ignore the sharp aching pressure in his lungs. His arms stayed tight to his body, crossed over his chest and fingers curled against his chin defensively as he found anything to look at that wasn't the man between his legs.

"Hurts, huh?" Brock asked, noticing the way that James' movements were growing more and more stiff as the pain soaked in.

James kept his gaze focused on the worn brass paint on the doorknob as he nodded demurely.

"Let me help you feel better," he smiled as he placed his foot on the floor, standing halfway and retrieving a small bottle from a shelf on the wall.

He popped open the cap and drizzled cold goo in a line across his body, not bothering to avoid his arms. He set the bottle back down on the shelf before settling back onto the couch, pushing James' legs farther apart and lovingly admiring the line of come that was leaking between James' thighs.

"You're so full of me right now," he said quietly, reaching forward to firmly grasp James' wrists, pulling his hands up above his head. He hovered over James and a low purring sound began rumbling in his chest. James kept his eyes locked on the knob.

"Kiss me," Brock demanded in a whisper.

James' lips quivered and pressed tightly together, fresh tears pooling in his eyes.

"Mm-mm," he mewled, refusing to look at Brock.

"Kiss me," Brock demanded louder.

"I DON'T WANT YOU!" James suddenly screamed, pressing away at Rumlow's chest, trying to force him out of his space.

Rumlow fought with James for just a moment, struggling to catch James' hands as he tried to fight him off before he caught him. He crossed the man's arms over themselves and pressed them hard into his chest, pinning him down painfully.

James let out a shriek that melted into a sob and finally looked up at Rumlow.

The man was livid, face twisted into an anger that James had only seen before once from his grandfather.

"That's the problem, isn't it?!" Brock roared, sounding half crazed. "You never wanted me! No matter what I did, I just never could live up to Steve, could I?! YOU NEVER SAW ME!"

James sobbed in pain and terror, turning his face as far away from the man as he could.

"Please," he cried, voice hoarse. "I'm so sorry, I never knew! You always say those awful things to me, how could I know?!" He wailed.

He tried pulling his knees together but Brock put a stop to that immediately.

"No, I'm going to have you tonight. I'm going to fuck you until I can't fuck anymore, and you're going to love it," he growled angrily, holding James' arms with one hand and forcing his legs open with the other.

He dropped down onto James' body and pulled his hands above his head again, now using his own thighs to hold James' legs open.

"Feel it," he hissed, lining himself up again with James' fucked open hole. He pressed himself inside in one smooth motion and moaned loudly. "Love it," he continued. "Want me."

He began gyrating his hips, fucking deep and slow into James, moving sensually and deliberately. He was seeking James' pleasure spot and getting closer.

James gasped when he felt a spark of heat run through him, feeling himself growing hard beneath the pressure of Rumlow moving against him. His knees began to grow tighter around Brock's legs and he squeezed his eyes shut.

The liquid that Brock had poured on James' chest was heating and spreading across their skin, making the man slip against James as he moved.

"Doesn't it feel good? Don't I make you feel good?" Rumlow asked, a note of desperation sounding in his voice.

James shuddered and said nothing.

It was going to be over soon.


Clint paced outside the front door, deciding what to do. He didn't trust Rumlow for a second and he hated having to leave James alone with the sociopathic asshole.

Maybe it was Clint's fault that Rumlow seemed to be taking it out on him more than usual. He probably shouldn't have been flirting with him in a gym full of homophobic creeps, but he couldn't help himself.

And it wasn't all flirting. James had been having a panic attack just getting changed, how could he not try to help? And what did it say about Rumlow that James had such bad anxiety being at the gym that he had a panic attack before anything even happened? Wasn't James' name the one on the gym front? So why did Rumlow act like he fucking ruled it?

Clint let out a frustrated growl as he paced back and forth. Rumlow had said that he'd call for help, he'd even seemed much calmer when he'd said it, but it had been at least ten minutes and Clint didn't hear any signs of ambulances. Maybe Clint should just call for one himself, then at least he could be sure it was really on its way.

But maybe James had woken up and said that he didn't want help. Maybe calling for one himself would just make James like him even less. Rumlow was already getting ready to cut him from the team. If James had any power or control over things, maybe that would just be the final nail in his own coffin.

He paced some more, not willing to leave the sidewalk until he knew what was going on, but it was getting cold, and he still wore his sleeveless workout shirt.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath as he glanced around.

Across the street, a small cafe was nestled between two dilapidated brick buildings. The perfect place to sit, watch and wait.


Rumlow grunted and panted, holding James' arms high above his head and driving into him mercilessly. James' legs were pushed up to his chest and opened wide, and Brock had one leg high up by James' chest for extra leverage to fuck James as hard as he could.

Brock had come inside James four times already, planting his seed as deep as he possibly could. He'd wrung three painful orgasms from James despite his cries to please stop. They both were soaked in sweat and they no longer bothered to talk or beg or shout.

Brock moved on animal instinct, fucking because it felt good, biting because he wanted to, squeezing because he wanted more. James had dissociated after coming for the second time against his will and now he lay lax and soft, just taking what he was being given and following directions.

"You're going to come for me again. One more time," Brock growled. He suddenly pulled his cock out of James, releasing a rush of hot come that spilled out of James and made him twitch.

He was so sore, rubbed raw and aching, bruised. Every movement Brock made felt like hot glass against his skin. No matter what he tried, there was no way it could feel good anymore.

He felt himself being yanked into an upright position, pain screaming from his muscles, and he followed where he was lead. His panting had exacerbated his wheezing, and he could hardly hear anything else anymore.

Brock arranged himself on his back on the couch and tugged at James' waist, leading him into his lap.

"You're going to do the work this time," Brock panted. "This will be the last time if you can come and make me come. Then we can finish."

James would have cried, but his tears had run dry hours ago. Instead, he fixed his gaze to a dirty spot on the wall and climbed up, impaling himself on Brock's long cock.

He rocked his hips back and forth, despite the pains that shot through his body and he worked for his freedom.

"That's it, push back on me," Brock cooed, watching James' body move as he caught his breath. "You're so fucking pretty, Jamie. I've wanted to see you like this for so long."

James' hair was matted to his face with sweat, his lips were busted and his body was battered and bruised. His eyes were vacant.

This would never be over.

He was in hell.

"Touch yourself," Brock commanded. "I'm getting close."

James moved his hand over his overly sensitive cock and just barely touched it, rubbing against it lightly. He felt a warm orgasm crawling in his tummy and thanked his lucky stars. He could see the end.

He put just barely more force into it and soon felt his muscles tightening painfully, his dick twitching as he came dry. He whimpered loudly and shut his eyes again, trying to control his pain.

"Oh fuck, princess, that's right," Brock moaned, gripping James' hips and grinding harshly up into him. "So good, so good, I'm gonna fill you with my come. God, I wish I could give you more," he babbled as he came for a fifth and final time. He gave James' ass a light smack and smiled, resting and catching his breath. James shook and panted above him, waiting to be set free.

"We're both going to have to shower before we leave. And I'm sure I don't need to remind you that this is between us?" Brock stated, a clear warning to keep his mouth shut.

James nodded demurely and refused to look at Brock.

"Tell me, was I better than your piece of shit boyfriend?" Brock taunted, still smiling up at James. "I want to make this a regular thing," he continued, not waiting for an answer. "Whenever we meet, I want you to come into my office when we're done from now on, is that understood?"

James' lip quivered and his chest rattled with suppressed sobs.


"If you agree to come willingly, I won't have to have you hurt anymore. What do you think, does that sound good?"

James froze. It did sound good, but was it a fair trade? Come willingly to be raped to avoid being beaten?

"I'm not giving you a lot of time to think about it. What happens next time we meet is up to you. Now, get off me."

James scrambled to his feet, moving as far away from Rumlow as he could now that he was finally able to.

"Jesus, you're just dripping in my come, baby," Brock laughed as he sat up, watching it run down James' inner thighs from across the room. He stood and crossed to where James cowered, leaning forward to swipe his finger through the filth. He then raised his finger to James' face.

"Open," he whispered, and James felt himself grow sick as he obeyed.

"Stick out your tongue," Rumlow continued. James once again obeyed. Brock pressed his finger deep into James' throat, pressing his come covered finger down against James' tongue and sliding into the back of his throat.

James gagged around the man's long finger as he slid it deeper down his throat and he felt his stomach churn at the salty, bitter taste.

He remembered Wade tasting sweet. He'd liked the way it tasted, but it seemed like that was years ago.

Finally, Brock slid his finger from James' mouth, pressing his jaw closed.

"I own you," he whispered into James' ear. Finally, he moved away, grabbing both of their clothes from where they lay on the floor and throwing James' to him.

"Get dressed and head for the showers. I don't want you naked on camera," he stated harshly, pulling his own clothes on.

James held his clothes in his hand and looked down at himself, covered in sweat and come running down his legs.

"Um, please," he squeaked, the first words he'd spoken in over an hour. Brock looked up at him as he pulled his shirt over his head. "What?" He demanded.

"A t-towel? Please?" He begged, sounding tiny and pathetic, the way he felt. Brock chuckled and grabbed a roll of paper towels, throwing them at James.

"Hurry up. Get to the showers," he said callously, unlocking the door and breezing past James.

James shook as he wiped himself clean, avoiding touching the places that had already been rubbed raw. Finally, he pulled his clothes back on and ran his hand over his hair in a half-hearted attempt to tame it.

He couldn't wait to be free of this place. He just wished he was going to see Wade tonight. But at least he wouldn't be at his own tiny hole. He could spend the night safely surrounded by Wade's things, and maybe even eat dinner tonight.

He sighed and tried to calm his whistling lungs. He just had to shower quickly and he could go home. He could go to Wade's apartment and forget today had happened.


Clint was ready to go home. It had been hours and he hadn't seen a trace of James or Brock. He hadn't gotten a call or a message either, and he wondered if Brock had given James his number at all. His ass was numb and he'd been nursing the same cup of coffee since he'd entered the cafe. It may just be time to go home and hope to see James at the next practice.

He stood with a sigh and rubbed at his sore butt, stretching as he looked out the window, but as he did, he saw the lights in the gym finally turning out.

His attention was tuned in immediately and he watched the front door.

Brock exited, face looking serious, and he held the door open. James exited right behind him. He was limping and he looked completely exhausted. His hair was down and hung wet around his shoulders. Brock said something to the smaller man and he looked up at him, his face growing more and more horrified as Brock spoke. He shook his head frantically but Brock just shrugged his shoulders as he locked the front door.

James brought his hands up and gripped at his temples, looking like he was going to have another anxiety attack and Clint wanted so badly to go and try to help, but how could he? How could he explain that he'd been spying for hours?

Brock patted James hard on the shoulder and then turned and left, leaving James heaving for air on the sidewalk.


"What?!" James asked, horrified.

"Sorry, sugar. Rent's gone up. What you're giving me isn't cutting it, you need to start bringing in more."

"But I already pay you everything I have! I can barely afford to eat as it is! I-I'm giving you everything I have!"

"You're just going to have to figure it out. I'm sure you have some regular customers that have been missing you," he stated coldly as he turned the key in the lock.

"But!… But!" James stammered, trying to hold back tears.

"You're going to have to start giving me 300 plus your usual."

"300!" James squeaked.

"Have a good night, princess. Rent is due in a week." He clapped his hand hard on James' shoulder and then turned and left.

A week?!

There was no way he could pick up enough shifts at the garage to cover anything near that in time. Brock was right. He did have to get back on the street.

He gripped his head in his hands and allowed himself to feel the intense sorrow in his chest fully, tears running down his face. All he wanted was to go back to Wade's apartment and sleep.

But he didn't get to do that.

Not tonight.

He only had a moment to feel sorry for himself, then he had to get to work. He didn't have time to eat or rest. It was still sort of early, around ten in the evening. Plenty of time to search for potential clients.

He quickly scrubbed his hands over his face to wipe away the tears there, turned to his reflection in the glass of the mirror and fixed his hair, then took as deep a breath as his battered chest would allow and stood up straight.

He'd have preferred to wear something nicer than what he had on, but he didn't have time to go home and change. His jeans and t-shirt under his jacket would just have to do.

He decided to head to a spot he knew uptown that he could usually score at and turned to cross the street. He saw something move in the window of the small cafe across from him and turned to look but nothing was there. It must have been a trick of the light.

He tucked his hands into his pockets and headed for the little hole in the wall club, hoping his old customers might be there.

He toyed with his cell phone in his pocket, afraid to see how many missed messages and calls he had from Wade. He couldn't bare to think about that now. He could hardly bare to think about anything.

He trekked across town relatively quickly, making it to the club close to eleven. When he made his way to the door, the bouncer that greeted him was less than happy to see him.

"Dove. Haven't seen you around in a while," the man smirked, voice gruff.

"Yeah. Been busy, Serj," James replied with his gaze cast down. "Can you let me in please?" He asked, voice pitched higher than usual. The bouncer knew James well, just not his real name. He was older, tall and strong and he was no-nonsense, though he was kind to James.

"You know you aren't allowed in here. Not if you're selling yourself, and we both know you are. Can't have that kinda stuff in a classy place like this."

"Classy," James repeated with a roll of his eyes. "C'mon, just let me see if Tom is in there, please. Then I'll be outta your face," he tried again, moving to the side for a couple that the bouncer was allowing to pass.

"Tom? Really? Ain't he a bit rough?" The bartender asked with a grimace.

"Yeah well, he pays good. Can I go see him please, Serj?"

"No. I'll have to send someone to get him out here for you, but I'm not allowed to let you inside anymore," he said apologetically.

"Well…alright. Tell him-"

"Dove wants to see him, I know." The man grabbed a tiny speaker attached to the front of his shirt and pressed a button, speaking into it. "If anyone sees Tom, tell him Dove is out here and wants to see him."

He dropped the device and looked at James. "That's the most I can do for you, kid."

"Thanks a lot, Sergio, I really really need to see him tonight," James admitted with a slight pink tinge to his cheeks.

Serj sighed and shook his head, watching as James crossed his arms over his chest to keep out the chill as he waited.

"You really shouldn't be out here, kid. Doin' this shit. Can't you get a respectable job?" The older man asked sincerely.

"I got a nine to five. I still need more money. That's the way the world works, ain't it?" James replied with a shiver.

"At least get a decent damn coat, then," Serj muttered.

Just then the door opened and a huge man stepped out. He was tall, incredibly handsome and he wore a lecherous look on his face.

"Did I hear Dove is back in town?" He asked loudly in his suave voice. James felt his stomach flip, nervous excitement and anxiety beginning to churn. Tom wasn't his favorite client, just the best paying.

"Oh, sugar, you look so skinny," he said, catching sight of James.

"Nah, not too much more than normal," James tried to joke, switching on the personality that he knew Tom liked the best.

"Where've you been? You were gone so long I had to find a new little chickadee to play with," Tom said, a big smile crossing his handsome face. He stepped over to James and wrapped his arm around his shoulders, pulling him in close. James stumbled and placed his hand on Tom's firm chest, looking up at him through his dark lashes. He knew the man liked that wilting flower, damsel in distress shit so he played it up as much as possible.

"You got a new pet?" James asked, sounding much more shocked than he actually was.

"Well, he's nothing compared to you. I'm actually quite glad to see you. What do you say we take a little ride to the place around the corner and I show you how much I missed you?" He grinned, letting his hands slide down to roam across James' back and down to his ass.

"You guys gotta take that somewhere else," Sergio warned, glancing away.

"Oh we were, thanks," Tom smiled charmingly at the older man, pulling a crisp hundred dollar bill from his pocket and handing it to him. "See you tomorrow night?" He asked, turning and leading James to his car.

He held the door open and ushered James into the passenger seat, smiling as he reached over him to buckle the seatbelt for him.

Once he'd entered the driver's side and clicked his own seatbelt, he wasted no time getting down to the dirty details.

"How much do you want for everything?" He asked as he switched the car into gear.

"I suppose it depends on what you mean by everything," James replied, feeling a bit nervous.

"Oh come on Dove, don't you remember? Everything," he repeated gleefully, turning on the turn signal and going around the corner.

"Uh, I don't know, Tom. How about a blowie for 75?" He asked.

"Hmmm. I'm sure I can think of a few things I'd like to add to the package for an extra charge right?" He grinned at James and suddenly he looked like a comic book villain in James' eyes.

"It just depends. I'm a little too worn out for the whole package tonight," he admitted, feeling raw and tender from the rough treatment he'd already received.

"What? Someone used you up already? Selfish," Tom griped quietly, pulling into a little hotel. He turned off the engine and smiled at James.

"Wait right here while I get us the room," he commanded, stepping from the car. James watched him enter the main office and begin talking with the woman at the counter and as quickly as he could, he started turning over the car.

He opened the glove compartment and searched, finding a ten-dollar bill that he stuffed into the pocket inside of his jacket, then quickly moved on to searching the middle compartment, finding a few loose dollars there as well. He then pulled down the sun visors, searching the mirrors there. He quickly stuffed the money he found into his pockets, feeling ashamed of himself, and sat back as though he hadn't moved.

Tom emerged from the office brandishing a key and a magnificent smile and James wished that he'd met the man under different circumstances as he exited the vehicle.

"C'mon, I got the one with the good mini-bar!" Tom told him excitedly. He unlocked a door marked "9" and held his arm out for James to enter.

James heard the door close and knelt down to his knees immediately. No reason to beat around the bush. He looked over his shoulder at Tom and waited for him to sit at the edge of the bed the way he usually did.

Tom made an appreciative sound in his throat and slid his fingers into James' jacket, pulling it off his shoulders slowly.

James felt his mouth go dry and he regretted not having asked for a bottle of water before he was expected to perform. He then knelt down and ran his long slender hands down James' chest, gripping at the hem of his shirt and lifting it up above his head.

"I've missed you so, Dove," the man breathed, sounding excited already. "My new little kitten is fun but he could never satisfy me the way you do," he cooed into James' ear.

He quickly stood and crossed in front of where James knelt, pulling his wallet from his back pocket and pulling out three twenty-dollar bills, a ten and a five. He held them in plain sight for James to see and then set them on the top of the small dresser that sat against the wall. He then began undoing his pants and let them fall to the floor.

James knew what to do next. He gripped Tom's slender hips in his hands and began to nuzzle and lick at the man's hardening cock through his thin underwear, working him into a frenzy. He moaned and closed his eyes, preparing himself to worship the man's cock.

"Where did you get all those red marks on your chest?" Tom's voice suddenly rang out into the silence. James jumped a little at the unexpected sound, then opened his eyes and looked down at himself. He hadn't even realized how much Brock had marked him. There were scratches and teeth marks everywhere and it made James shiver.

"You have marks on your back too," Tom continued, sitting gently on the edge of the bed. "Take your pants off for me," he suddenly commanded.

James' eyes widened but he didn't dare protest. He could see the money on the dresser. He'd do as he was told.

It was just strange, usually, if Tom wasn't getting it all in then he allowed James to keep his clothes on. Still, he stood and slowly dropped his pants down around his ankles, waiting for another command.

"Jesus, even your legs-turn for me," he commanded, scanning James up and down. "Oh, Jesus!" The man almost yelled, gripping James' hip to stop him turning as he examined his backside.

He dipped the tip of his finger into James' underwear and tugged just slightly, pulling a gasp from James.

"No, I'm not-!" James began before Tom cut him off.

"It's okay! It's okay, I'm sorry. I know you don't want to go all the way and I can see why but…may I please take these off?" He asked, tugging gently again at James boxers. "I'd really like to see the marks."

"It's no big deal. I'll be fine," James stated, goosebumps blooming across his skin.

"Yes but…look I'm paying for your time. I'll pay you extra to let me see you," Tom stated, standing and pulling another twenty from his wallet, placing it with the rest of the money.

James thought hard as he looked at the money. It was already almost a third of what he needed. Who was he to say no?

"I suppose for that money, you can look at whatever you want," he stated, allowing Tom to take control.

The man quickly gripped James' boxers and pulled them down, exposing James completely.

"How many people did this to you?" Tom asked, sounding shocked.

"Just one," James responded truthfully.

"Seriously? You have welts and bruises everywhere. You look like you got jumped." James heard the bed creak as Tom sat down on it. "Will you bend for me?" He asked, voice strangely soothing.

"Uh, that's kind of embarrassing, don't you think?" James chuckled awkwardly, starting to flush.

"Like I haven't seen every bit of you before," Tom chided, applying a gentle pressure to James' lower back coaxing him to bend over.

James slowly obeyed, bending over and feeling his face flame with humiliation. He didn't want someone examining the way he'd been violated.

"God, you're so raw. Are you sure you want to play tonight? I can meet up with you another day, you know."

James quickly dropped to his knees and turned around, slinking between Tom's legs and rubbing his face against the man's thighs.

"I uh…can't really afford not to," James admitted, keeping his eyes focused away.

Tom carded his fingers through James' hair, scratching at his scalp gently.

"Are you in trouble, Dove?" He asked quietly.

"Not as long as I work the next few nights. Y'know, you're supposed to be the tough guy. The guy that's a little too rough on us toy-boys," James informed, changing the subject.

Tom laughed out loud. "Is that really what people say? Just because I like to make the boys open their throat wider," he clucked, gorgeous smile in his voice. James chuckled and found himself smiling for what felt like the first time in ages.

"Well, you know I'm the best at that. So, why don't you let me make you feel good and then I can get my shift started, hm?" James suggested, dropping his voice lower seductively and brushing his nose against Tom's half-hard dick again.

"I suppose that sounds fine," Tom said softly, closing his eyes and leaning back as James got to work. "Just, don't take anyone else that wants too much from you, okay?" He asked, sounding far away already. James moaned around his cock in response, non-committally.


Later that night, almost early, James was walking his way back to Wade's apartment finally. He'd made enough for the night to be able to stop and he wouldn't have to work more than one more night at max. He was exhausted, sore, hungry, humiliated and he hurt in so many places he couldn't even wrap his head around it.

He couldn't wait to use Wade's shower and fall into his big bed, surrounded by the smell of him.

He stepped through the door with a heavy sigh, eyes barely open and turned the lock behind him. He slowly shuffled through the open living room-kitchen combo and into the small hallway, flipping the light on in the bathroom.

"Where have you been all night?" A voice surprised him, making him jump. He spun around and was looking into Wade's angry, exhausted-looking face. His heart dropped into his stomach.

He could just die.

He was covered in filthy men's putrescence and had been used completely, filled with his abusers' seed and he smelled like cock. He was a disgusting mess.

"W-Wade!" James shrilled, tears filling his eyes instantly.

"I've been trying to reach you all day and night! What were you doing?" Wade asked angrily. "I was worried about you!"

"I-I'm sorry! Please, I….I just…" he scrambled for words, trying to figure out anything that could defend him, coming up short.

"Where were you?" Wade demanded again, taking a step forward. "I'm not trying to be pushy, but if we're going to try to be in a relationship, you need to keep me up to date on your location! I was worried about your safety!"
"I-I…." Tears began to stream down James' face and he dropped his head down, shoulders slumping in defeat. "I…have to get tested again," he stated, partially hoping Wade wouldn't understand what he meant.

"You-? Tested?" Wade repeated before understanding dawned on his eyes. "You were with someone else. Were you...making money?" He asked, his body language growing more aloof.

James' head fell further down and finally, he nodded. "I had to," he forced out in a whisper. "They raised the rent at my gym and-"

"You had to? I told you I'd give you anything you needed! Didn't I say that?" Wade asked, not bothering to hide the hurt in his voice. "I know we never talked about it but I need you to be exclusive or at least talk to me when you're doing something with someone else, but this?" He shook his head incredulously. "You could have been hurt, you could have been killed! I wouldn't have even known! Come with me," Wade demanded, turning and walking back to the kitchen, standing at the bar. James followed timidly a step behind, head still bowed low.

"How much did you make tonight?" Wade asked.

James looked at him in surprise and stammered for a second before he answered.

"I made…two hundred and fifty-seven dollars, including tips," he answered quietly.

"What did you do for it?" Wade demanded to know.

"I just…sucked a couple guys off. I didn't go no further," he admitted.

Wade's face screwed up in something like disgust and he sniffed the air a few times, leaning closer and sniffing at James before he quickly took a few deliberate steps backward.

"You smell like…piss" he hissed, looking accusingly at James.

James' face burned beet red and he dropped his head down again, hugging himself in his own arms.

"They paid extra," he whispered in his own defense.

"They?! So, wait a minute, back up. You let multiple guys piss on you for money?! James!" He yelled. His hand reached to his back pocket for his wallet, and James flinched at the sudden motion, expecting to be abused.

"You made two hundred and fifty dollars letting strangers defile you instead of asking me for some help?"

"I can't just ask you for money!" James wailed, holding back sobs. His body shook and ached and he hated himself and all he wanted to do was shower and sleep, he didn't even care if he ate anything.

Wade pulled open his wallet and began pulling out money bill by bill.

"Well, there's… one hundred," he set it down on the counter. "Two hundred," he set it next to the first. "Three hundred, four hundred, five hundred…should I keep going? Because I can! I can keep going for a minute! But you'd rather be out sleeping with dirty men, though."

Wade slammed his wallet on the counter next to the five crisp bills and James sobbed as he looked at them.

"You need to shower because you smell foul. You can stay here as long as you like, but I'm going back to Peter's apartment for a few days. I shouldn't have had to leave there, and you could have been there with me, warm, comfortable and eating food instead of dick but here we are. Get some sleep, wash your clothes and for the love of God, please don't go out and fuck for money! I spent so much time defending you to Peter and Tony-!" Wade rambled in exasperation, throwing his hands into the air.

James couldn't speak through the painful sobs wracking his body. He just nodded in agreement and watched as Wade stormed out the front door.


Chapter Text

Wade burst through Peter's front door feeling hurt and upset and angry and frustrated. Tony was standing at the coffee maker looking bleary-eyed and spun around in surprise when Wade came noisily into the apartment.

"Wade! Did you find him?" Tony asked as the blonde came stalking down the hall and toward him.

"Yeah, he's fine," Wade answered in a hard voice. He didn't slow down as he got closer to Tony and the older man was puzzled, bordering on nervous.

"Wade-?" He asked, but was cut off when the man reached him, gripping his face in his hands and pulling him in for a stinging kiss.

Wade devoured Tony's mouth, thrusting his tongue in deep and pressing his body against Tony's, giving it his all.

Wade finally broke the kiss and Tony gasped for breath, opening his eyes wide to really look at the man before him.

Wade pinned Tony to the counter with his hips, grinding against him and beginning to breathe heavily as he kissed Tony, but his face looked anything but pleasant.

Tony tried to turn his face away to get a word out but Wade was at his jaw immediately, kissing and sucking.

"Wade!" Tony tried again, beginning to breathe heavily himself. "Love, no offense but what the hell? It's barely seven in the morning."

"Frustrated," Wade growled, nipping at the sensitive spot under Tony's jaw and sucking light bruises onto the skin. His hands swiftly traveled down Tony's back and into the band of his sweatpants, kneading at his ass.

"Wow, this is a new kind of frustrated in my book," Tony panted, lifting a leg up to wrap around Wade's waist. He slid his hands under Wade's shirt and caressed the soft skin there, closing his eyes and enjoying the onslaught of pleasures he was being given.

"To what, exactly, do I owe this pleasure?" Tony asked, pulling at Wade's waist and grinding against him in return.

"Don't wanna talk about it. Just lemme touch you?"

"Ngh, okay sure," Tony breathed out, allowing Wade to lift him up onto the counter.

"Wow, you two look more like a couple of teenagers than I do right now," Peter laughed with a yawn, dressed for school but curls still a mess from waking up late. "So you came back, that means you found him, right?"

Tony jumped at the sound of Peter's voice, accidentally biting Wade's lip.

"Ow. Yeah, I found him. He decided to reappear in my apartment at the last second. He was out all night."

"What was he doing? Did he tell you why he didn't answer your messages?" Peter asked curiously.

Wade grumbled and leaned forward to nuzzle at Tony's throat, softly pressing against him again, but without the urgency. His hands roamed everywhere he could reach and he kissed Tony's skin noisily.

"Can I stay home from school? I wanna play too!" Peter asked with a smile.

Tony turned to the youngest, face hazy with drowsy pleasure and soft black hair a mess on top of his head. "No more skipping school," he said quietly, knees bracketing Wade's hips tighter.

Peter pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. "No fair!"

Wade chuckled and looked over at him. "Yeah, you better get going if you wanna get to school on time. I'll be here when you get home."

"Ugh!" Peter moaned. "No faaaiiir!" He whined again as he grabbed his bag and put on his coat. He quickly ran to where Wade and Tony sat, kissing them both before heading for the door.

"You better really be here! Don't blow me off for your flaky boyfriend again, okay?" He yelled as he left for the day.

Wade sighed and leaned his head against Tony's chest, wrapping his arms around the slender man.

"Boy troubles, Sport?" Tony asked, holding Wade in return.

Wade let out an overly dramatic sigh and grumbled a little more.

"Did he say anything about where he'd been?"

"Oh, he said plenty. I'm honestly starting to wonder if this isn't going to work between us."

"Wow," Tony breathed, pulling back just a little. "That's some seriously fast turn around from just last night. You really care about this guy, don't you?"

"Yeah, I really do, but what if it's just a chemical attraction? Y'know, like, he's... Very pretty and clearly into me but…he doesn't trust me. He didn't trust me enough to ask me for help last night."

"What kind of help?"

"He's having some kind of money problems. That's where he was all night, working. Instead of just coming to me."

"Uegh…." Tony uttered, thinking about his words before he said anything. "So…did you ask if he's in trouble? I don't know the guy real well but something tells me he's the kinda person that would have trouble asking for help. Not only that, but I'm guessing that if he is having money problems, hooking is kind of a safe bet for him. It's a for-sure thing."

"Yeaaahhh," Wade moaned against Tony's collarbone. "I didn't think to ask about anything. I was just really upset. He didn't even bother texting me!"

"Maybe he was scared that you'd stop him."

"I would have!"

"And you're shocked that he didn't call?" Tony stated admonishingly.

Wade was silent for a moment, thinking everything over.

"How did you leave him?" Tony asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, did you guys talk at all? Did you give him a chance to explain?"

"N-no…I told him he needed to shower because he smelled gross and that I wouldn't be home for a few days."

"Wow. What did he say to that, exactly?"

"He…didn't say anything. He was…crying really hard," Wade informed Tony quietly.

"Wade, you seriously screwed the pooch. You left your extremely vulnerable, anxiety-ridden puppy in your apartment, alone, thinking that you're completely disgusted by him. Not wise, babe, not wise at all. Don't be surprised if you find some puddles on your metaphorical carpet, because he's probably pissing himself."

"Y'know, you're just so goddamn clever," Wade muttered, knowing that Tony was right. He'd fucked up.

"Honestly, it seems a little dicey to me. You guys seemed like you'd had a really great morning together, from what you told me. Then all of a sudden he's walking the streets in need of money? So what happened between then? Something's not adding up. Isn't that what happened last time too? He was at the gym?" Tony reminded Wade.

"Huh. I think you're right. Maybe I should check out this gym of his a little better."

"Maybe you should do your best to apologize and make it up to him, and Deadpool should visit the gym later. Worry about him now."

"Well, I can't leave," Wade sighed. "I promised Peter I'd be here when he got home. And…I have been breaking my promises to him lately. Almost always for James, too. I can't break another promise."

"Commendable, babe. You could at least try to call James. And you know, you have all day to try to see him, before Peter gets back home."

"True but then I'm giving up Meatball time. This having three guys thing is super hot but really fucking difficult," Wade chuckled wryly.

"I agree with you, and I've only got two. Neither of which have mental health problems either."

"What do you mean?"

"You must have noticed, Wade. His anxiety is worse than mine, I'm sure he has depression issues and if he thinks selling his body is his only option to get by, he probably has a few self-esteem issues too. I mean, it's just a possibility, maybe not. But when I saw him for all of two seconds, I've never seen a person look that absolutely completely despairing. He looked so…scared, like he doesn't even want to exist. He's afraid to come out, so he's hiding a huge part of who he is, he has a history of abuse…please tell me you noticed."

"I mean, yes, but I guess not to that extent. I knew he had some problems but…I just assumed he needed more love. I thought-"

"That you could fix him? Wade, he doesn't need fixed…he needs someone to just see him, and accept him and be there for him. He does need more love, but he needs much more patience than you and I do. More attention than Peter. Can you give him all the things he truly needs? Because if you're having doubts now, then you need to let him go, or you'll just hurt him more."

"You're making me feel kinda shitty."

"Good, you gave me a boner. And you need to understand that your actions have serious consequences when it comes to other people. Especially vulnerable people like this poor man. Honestly, the way you talk about him makes me want to give him attention too."

"Back off, Barbie, he's mine. At least for now. Maybe once we've had some real time together, then we can branch out a bit, but…that's up to him anyways. That's if he stays with me after this."

"We need to update the rules now that James is a fixture in your life too, by the way. We need to set clear boundaries where he's concerned, especially if you don't want Peter or me touching. And it's been a while since we talked about boundaries anyways. I think he's been missing flirting with other people a bit."

"Understandable. Maybe after all of this is fixed, we can all sit down together and James can see what our rules are like and see what he wants to add, if anything."

"Sounds good. Now, I need to take a cold shower and get dressed. I'm not going into the office today. I'm taking a personal leave of absence, so I'm all yours," he said with a grin, finally loosing his arms from around Wade's shoulders.

"Can we just snuggle for a while first? I'm exhausted and you're incredibly sexy right now with your bedhead and flannel PJ pants," Wade joked, ruffling Tony's hair.

Tony chuckled and used his legs to pull Wade close again, pulling him in for a passionate kiss.

"Fine, but I really do need to take care of this first," he stated, grinding his erection into Wade's chest.

Wade chuckled and squeezed Tony in tighter, lifting him from the counter and carrying him to Peter's bedroom.


James lay at the edge of Wade's bed, staring at nothing. He'd showered in as hot of water as he could handle, then pulled on some of Wade's clean clothes. They were much nicer than anything he himself owned. He liked the feeling of the soft material against his bruised and abraded skin. It made him feel like he still existed. Like there was something to keep him from floating away entirely; grounding him.

He had no idea how long he'd lay in the bed, wishing to feel Wade's breathing and warmth beside him. He'd slept fitfully for a while, afraid to sleep and be alone. He couldn't stop thinking about Brock waiting in the dark to violate him. Now the sun had begun to rise over the horizon and fill the room with light and…he just lay.

Vacant, empty, sore and aching, inside and out. More than anything, his heart felt heavy with sorrow and grief.

No matter what he did, he just couldn't do it right. He was a huge failure, and everyone that had ever been in his life knew it.

Brock knew it. He was worthless. No consequences came with hurting him, because he didn't matter anyway.

Now Wade knew it too.

He'd been so angry.

So hurtful.

He didn't even bother to say goodbye.

Because he didn't matter anyway.

He was just something to use, not something to love.

Maybe it was about time to cut Wade off. He didn't deserve all the shit that came with James' life. He had a good life without him. Why mess that up? Why hurt someone good like Wade?

James would never be good.

Never good enough.

He sighed and rolled over, feeling Wade's soft sheets against his abused skin, staring up at the ceiling. His chest and shoulders were still sore, but he knew it wouldn't last too long. A few days max, and he'd surely had worse.

He watched as lights reflected across the ceiling rhythmically from the cars that passed by in the streets below and wondered how he could ever manage to peel himself from the mattress and move on with his daily life.

It seemed impossible.

Everything seemed impossible.

At least now that the sun had risen and the corners of the room were bathed in light, he wasn't quite as afraid of monsters hiding in the shadows. Maybe now he could get some real sleep.

He sighed again and forced his eyes to close, willing himself to fall into slumber. He couldn't be sure if he ever really did though.


Wade panted where he lay on top of Tony, his lissom body completely engulfed by Wade's thick muscular one. The blonde lay his head against Tony's chest, listening to his heart hammer away in its cage.

"That was something I've definitely missed," Tony stated with a smile in his voice. Wade chuckled and sighed.

"Baby, can I ask you a question?" Tony piped up, threading his fingers through Wade's sweaty hair.

"Sure thing, your highness. What's up?"

"Have you…have you made love to James yet?"

"Not yet. We got close yesterday but he hadn't gotten his results back yet from the clinic. After last night, he has to go get tested again," Wade replied honestly.

"Does it upset you?"


"That you can't make love to him?"

"Of course. I'd love to hear him scream my name, he has the prettiest voice. I bet he sounds almost just as pretty as you sound when I'm stabbing the walnut," he laughed.

"Wade!" Tony yelped, face turning beet red.

"When I'm frapping the 'ccino!"

"Oh my god, if you don't stop!" Tony cried, slapping Wade's shoulder.

"I just mean, you sound real pretty when I'm stirring up the hidden honey pot, that's all," Wade grinned, loving the way it riled Tony up.

"That's it! No more honey for you! You're banned, that's the last you're getting!" Tony shouted playfully.

Wade laughed and leaned up to look at the embarrassed man's face.

"Can I ask why you ask?"

"I was just wondering. I don't know that I'd be able to keep my hands off Peter for that long. You, maybe," he teased.

"Hey! That's not a nice thing to say to the man that most recently blew your mind, you know! And, didn't you keep your hands off Peter for like, a few years before he came onto you?" Wade pointed out with a grin.

"Actually, I came onto him, because he was telling me about how he wanted to hook up with you."

"No way."

"I'm quite a jealous man. I nearly broke down in tears trying to convince him that I was the right choice. Turns out the right choice was both of us."

Wade smiled and leaned forward to kiss Tony. He'd missed this quiet, intimate, "grown-up" time. Of course, he loved Peter, but sometimes he wanted to feel like he wasn't talking to a World of Warcraft veteran, and more recently like he was trying to tame a terrified wild animal.

"James is…so wonderful, but…sometimes I feel like it's just too much. It's just so much. Y'know, he begs me not to hurt him sometimes. And then when I ask him about it, he doesn't even remember doing it!"

"Really? That's kind of not normal, was he abused a lot growing up?"

"I'm not sure. He said his homophobic grandpa beat the snot out of him when he caught him getting to second base with his best friend but he didn't say anything about any other times."

"Awe, poor guy. Was he ever sexually abused?"

"Not that I know of, but I'm not honestly sure that he'd tell me if he was."

"Well…what if that's something that's happening now?" Tony ventured.

"What does that mean? He said the guys at the gym really take the mick out of him, so I guess technically he's being abused but like…he's a fighter. That's kinda voluntary, isn't it?"

"Well, I suppose not necessarily. But I mean…what if he's being sexually abused now?"

"Well, I mean…he's a princess of the street…can he be abused that way?"

"Wade, seriously? Of course he can! Think about the things you've done together. If he said no, or told you to stop and you didn't, that's abuse! Regardless of what he does to make money. What about those people he's hooking up with? What if he sets a clear boundary and they break it? Wouldn't that be abuse? Of course he can still be abused."

"That does make sense. I was really really harsh this morning about his job, too. He probably thinks I hate him or something. God, I'm the worst person!"

"People make mistakes but you have to own up to them. You need to apologize to him and get him here so we can all have a discussion about rules, but you need to find out what's wrong and help him first. There's definitely something wrong."

"You're right. He's probably awake by now. I should call him."

"Well, I'm going to get in the shower now. And eat something, I'm starving!"

"Ooh! Make me some toast?" Wade asked excitedly, moving off of Tony so that he could get up.

"We'll see how I feel. But I'm not cutting the crusts off, junior," Tony replied, grabbing his robe and throwing it over his shoulders as he stood.

Wade chuckled and watched him leave, sighing and reaching for his phone from the nightstand. This could possibly be the hardest phone call he'd ever had to make.

He clicked to the thread of messages between James and himself and pressed the call button, not wanting to wait for texts.

The phone rang a few times and Wade felt himself growing nervous. He really had messed up.

The phone rang and rang, but there was no reply. Finally, it just stopped ringing and clicked off, changing to a dial tone. Wade ended the call and tried again. He was hoping James had a voicemail box, but apparently not. It clicked off again. Wade sighed and rolled onto his back.


James lay in Wade's bed.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed or if he'd been awake or asleep. His bladder ached from how full it had been for so long and his spine was beginning to go numb from not moving. He knew he should get up and take care of himself, but he just couldn't bring himself to want to do anything at all.

He heard a musical sound far away but he wasn't quite sure what it was. It was invasive and annoying but he couldn't bring himself to look away from the spot on the ceiling to find out where it was coming from.

He wished he didn't have to be alone again. Everything just seemed so dreary and isolated. Maybe he should try to get up and go get a coffee. Even if he didn't have anyone to talk to, he wouldn't have to be by himself anymore. He wouldn't have to keep reliving all the horrible ways that Brock had touched him the day before. All the ways that he'd hurt him, probably since day one.

He remembered meeting the man. They were young, James was freshly graduated from the hellish school that he'd been shipped to and was finally happy again with his dad. He was helping keep the gym running smoothly and spending all his free time learning how to fight from an old friend of his dad's.

The man had said he was a natural and James had been delighted to hear that he was good at something.

Brock had wandered in one day, bright-eyed and full of snark, and James had immediately been happy to call him his friend. He'd started coming as often as he could and they'd started spending all their time together, getting closer and closer.

Brock had invited James over one night for a sleepover, complete with popcorn, and movies and messing around. They'd wrestled for a bit, Brock pinning James easily to the mattress in his room.

Now that he had the hindsight he did, he knew that he should have recognized the look in his eyes. He'd been so hungry, his pupils blown wide. James hadn't recognized the look. He'd been so naive.

Brock must have been angry or at least upset when James had flipped him onto his back and giggled his way to the popcorn bowl, throwing a few pieces his way.

Brock had shrugged it off, but he'd been a lot closer that night, physically. He was right at James' elbow for most of the rest of the night.

He'd asked James about his deepest secrets, and James thought he could trust the man, both of them boys at the time.

He'd told him all about Steve. He'd told him about the way he still dreamed of his childhood love and wished to see him. He told Brock all about his bright blue eyes with the flecks of green and his honey gold hair. He'd told Brock once about what had happened with his grandfather, but the taller boy only ever wanted to hear about what he'd done with Steve.

Specifically, the day they'd been caught. He asked details about where Steve had touched him and if he'd used his tongue when he'd kissed Steve. James never had a reason to not trust him, so he told Brock willingly about how good it had felt when Steve's nervous fingers had touched the zipper of his pants. How nice it had felt to put his own hands under Steve's shirt and feel the warm skin there.

He told Brock everything.

All about the fantasies he had of a grown man touching him the way adults did. The things he imagined doing with the pretty older boys that would come into his dad's gym.

He never could have guessed the way he was baiting Brock. The way the brunette was using the things James told him to touch himself. The way he was suddenly lurking over James' shoulder, chasing away anyone that dared try to get close to him.

Suddenly, Brock was being possessive, getting upset when James couldn't come over for the night, and angry when he was talking to someone that he might find attractive. He seemed to be always there with James.

James hadn't understood at the time. He'd thought Brock was being a good friend. Then, when some of Brock's own friends started questioning him about the nature of their relationship together, that's when the names started.

James sighed and rolled over. He couldn't help but wonder when it really had started. Had Brock planned it from the beginning? Or was it something he decided over time? Had he taken one look at James and read the words "Gullible, Weak, and Target" across his face and just known? Or maybe he made up his mind when James' father passed and he didn't have anyone to protect him anymore.

He threw back the blanket, finally dragging himself to a sitting position. It almost felt strange to be upright. He forced himself to his feet and walked to the bathroom, finally relieving himself after hours. He couldn't bring himself to look in the mirror. He didn't want to know what Brock had seen the night before.

He trudged back to Wade's bedroom and grabbed his phone from the nightstand, heading to the connected living room and kitchen. He didn't have the willpower or motivation to get something to eat, so he sat gingerly on the couch.

He glanced at his phone screen and saw that he had two missed calls, both from Wade. His heart did a funny flip in his chest, excited to see the man's name, nervous to talk to him.

He knew he shouldn't put it off too long though. He didn't want a repeat of last night. It had probably been, overall, the worst night of his life, aside from his father's death.

He timidly clicked on the missed call notifications and called the man back. His heart picked up its pace and he felt himself sweating. He wasn't really prepared to be yelled at again, but he knew he had to call back.

The phone rang once, then halfway through the second ring, Wade picked up.

"Baby! Sweetheart! James, thank you so much for calling me back! Did you get some rest?" Wade asked, voice soft but excited.

"Uh, I s'pose," James answered nervously, his voice quiet and monotonous.

"That's good. Listen, I'm... really really sorry about the way I treated you this morning. I never should have said those awful things to you, I was way out of line. And I'm sorry for shouting."

They sat in silence for a few moments, just listening to each other breathing before Wade inevitably broke the silence.

"Can we have a serious talk?"

James gulped and stayed quiet.

"I just…I'm sorry that I got so upset. I was just really worried about you, I thought something bad happened, and I couldn't bear it if that happened. That's why I was so upset."

James listened, feeling himself growing less nervous now that he knew Wade wouldn't yell anymore.

"Are you there, sweetheart?" Wade asked softly into the phone.

"Yuh, uh, yeah. M'here," James finally answered.

"Babe, can you tell me what's going on? Tell me about last night, please."

"Last…night? I…worked. Brock said rent went up. I got a week to make three hundred extra bucks." James explained carefully.

"Brock said, huh? So you went out and…you did things for money," Wade said, though both of them knew. "Let's talk about that."

"Don' wanna tell you about what I did," James stated matter of factly. He didn't.

"That's fine. But…you let some guys do…some nasty things to you."

James didn't answer and they were both silent for another moment.

"Can I ask you not to do that again?" Wade asked gently.

James still didn't answer.

"Sweetheart, I understand that you do sex work for money, and I know that you told me before about it, so I had no right to be upset with you this morning. I was just…honestly jealous and kinda hurt. You said you don't really do that anymore."

James quietly cleared his throat.

"But the other stuff, the…piss play stuff…" Wade trailed off and James felt his face blush deep red. "I know I have no right to ask this, but I'm going to anyway. Can you promise me you won't let anyone do that to you again? Please baby?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I promise," James replied, honestly glad to have made the promise.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I'm going to ask more of you, but you have every right to tell me to fuck off, okay?" Wade was keeping his voice light and soft and it made James feel safe enough to hear the man out.

"Okay," James whispered.

"Okay, baby. I'd like to ask you to trust me."

James' face scrunched up in confusion. He hadn't expected that.

"I do-" Wade cut him off

"No baby, really trust me. When you find out that your rent went up, tell me. When I offer to pay for it, believe me when I say it's not a problem. If you're having a bad day, talk to me about it." His voice dropped lower. "If someone's hurting you...I want you to trust me enough to tell me."

James felt ice run through his veins. His heart began picking up its pace again and his breathing began growing louder.

"Can you trust me, baby?"

"Y-yes!" James stuttered, a few tears escaping his eyes. He truly appreciated Wade and everything that he was doing for him. He just hoped he never found out about the huge secret he was harboring from the entire world.

"Okay…okay, great! Thank you, baby," Wade's voice sounded brighter. James could hear his smile through the phone. "So…can you stop hooking up with…clients? Please? Because truly, if you're my boyfriend, as I hope you still want to be, then I... really want to make love to you. I can't do that if you're out with other people for money. I just…personally can't handle that."

"You want me to stop making money?" James asked in his ultra-quiet voice.

"No baby, I want you to stop making money like that. I can give you everything you need! You just have to trust me. Can you do that for me? Can you stop selling yourself? For good?"

"I-I…" James thought hard. It wasn't his absolute favorite thing to do anyway, and it could get dangerous. It was humiliating sometimes. But he knew that it was a quick, easy way to support himself, to eat and pay his rent. But Wade had already offered those things and more, more than once. Maybe it was time to let go of the things that happened in his past and focus on what was being offered to him. "Yes. I can stop. I-I'll stop."

He heard Wade breathe a sigh of relief. "Oh baby, you have no idea how happy that makes me. So, do you want to tell me about anything? Anything that you need to let me know, while we're being open and honest."

James heard himself let out a dry chuckle.

He's hurting me.


Please help me.

"That's great, baby. Just know you can tell me anything, at any time."

He uses me.

"Thank you, Wade. I really appreciate all of this."

He makes me feel worthless.

"Of course baby. Can I take you shopping today? I'll buy you absolutely anything you want."

"I have to pay that money to Brock."

Don't let me go alone.

"Okay. Well, you want to be mine, right? Still want me?"

"Of course."

More than anything.

"Good. Well, baby, then it's time to meet my other boys. We'll all have to sit down and talk about rules and boundaries. You can see what it's like to be with us and set your own rules for the contract."


"It's just us saying what we want and what we don't and what we absolutely won't stand for, and the things that we really need from each other. You get to be a part of that this time."

James smiled. He hoped he'd get along with Wade's other boyfriends. It could be nice to have a support system. And people to talk to.

"Well babydoll, I'll let you get on with your day. Thank you for being willing to talk to me. I really appreciate it. Make sure you eat something before you leave, and please please don't go back to your place. Not until I can get it livable for you."

"You don't have to do that."

"I know."

"Bye, Wade."

"Bye, Angel."

"Love you."

He heard Wade smile.

"I love you too."


James walked briskly to the gym from Wade's apartment, envelope full of cash tucked into his pocket. He had to admit he felt better now that he'd talked to Wade, but his heart still hurt from the harsh way he'd spoken to him.

He just hoped he could keep this transaction quick. He didn't want to be in the gym with the hateful man any longer than necessary.

He took a deep breath as he walked through the front door, keeping his head down and going the long way around the ring toward the office, to avoid any of the others on the team that could possibly be there.

He could feel his muscles tensing and he clenched his hands into fists, his fingernails biting into the flesh of his palms. The door was open already and he could see Brock bent over his desk writing something.

He stopped when he got to the doorway, knocking on the doorframe and pulling the envelope from his pocket, gripping it just a bit too tightly in his sweating hands. He could hear his pulse hammering away in his ears.

Brock looked up at the sound with a confused look on his face that quickly turned into a cocky grin and he sat back in his chair, dropping his pen.

"What brings you here Jamie? We don't practice again until next week." His voice was unnervingly calm and quiet. It made the hairs on James' arms and the back of his neck stand on end.

"Uh, uh, I just…wanted to give you this!" He thrust the envelope out in the direction that Brock was in but refused to step into the office.

"What's that?" Brock asked, leaning forward again and resting his elbows on the desk, nodding toward the envelope.

"It's…it's the rent money, the extra. It's just over enough for two months, so I'll have time to get caught up with saving…" he trailed off, his hand slowly dropping back to his side.

"You made more than six hundred bucks just last night? Go go, Turbo-Slut," Brock laughed to himself, a little too loudly for James' liking. His shoulders hunched up to his ears in humiliation and he nervously looked around to be sure that no one else could hear.

"Just take the money, okay?" James murmured, gaze dropping rapidly.

"Why don't you be a big boy and come bring it to me?" Brock teased, still not moving to stand up.

James sighed and glanced up at the man behind the desk. The smile on his face told James that he was enjoying every second of this.

"C'mon, I don't have all day to play with you. Come and bring it to me," Brock demanded gently.

"No, take it," James still refused, fidgeting nervously in the doorway. Finally, Brock stood up, slowly making his way to the door. His heavy, deliberate steps were intimidating and made it hard for James to stand his ground.

"Give it to me, Jamie," he whispered, holding his hand out for the envelope. James quickly placed it into Brock's hand, being careful not to touch his skin.

"It's…it's seven hundred dollars. I'd like you to write a receipt for me, please," James requested softly, afraid to look up at the man while he was so close. He heard Brock smirk and he swallowed, squeezing his nails into his palms again.

Brock snaked his hand up smoothly and gripped James' jeans at the waist, holding him firmly in place as he leaned forward, looking over James' shoulder cautiously at the other people in the gym.

"Why don't you let me eat you out really quick? Or maybe you can suck my cock?" Brock whispered into James' ear, tugging gently at James' pants.

James felt his stomach lurch and he slapped Brock's hand away, beginning to heave gulps of air into his lungs.

"Don't touch me!" He hissed under his breath, not wanting to cause a scene. "Please just-! Just write me a receipt, okay?"

"Why don't you come in and play for a bit? Come and sit on my face. You were so delicious yesterday, I'd love another taste." He reached forward again and pulled at the hem of James' shirt, brushing his knuckles lightly against his skin. James gasped and pushed his hands away again, taking a step back.

Brock gripped his wrist so hard that it hurt and James let out a little noise of pain as Brock pulled him back in close.

"C'mon. Come in so I can write you that receipt," Brock coaxed, pulling on James. James was beginning to hyperventilate and tears were springing up in his eyes.

"No! No, I-I can't come in! I have to-plans, I have to go, please!" He gripped at the doorframe with his free hand so that Brock couldn't pull him into the office, his fingers digging painfully into the wood of it.

"Hey!" A loud voice called from a few feet behind James. Brock released James' wrist like he'd been burned and took a swift step back, looking at where the voice had come from. James quickly wiped the tears away from his eyes as nonchalantly as he could before he glanced over his shoulder.

A sweaty, smiling Clint was walking over to them. James hadn't noticed him there when he'd arrived.

"You made it!" Clint said, resting his hand on James' shoulder as he came to stand beside him. "I was worried you were going to blow me off. Ready to go?"

"Go," James repeated, voice monotonous as he tried to figure out what Clint was talking about before he realized the man was saving him. "Go, go yes, I'm ready to go," he said shakily. "I-I just need Brock to write me a receipt for the rent payment." He looked back to Brock, eyes focused at the man's neck and no higher.

"You two hanging out now? Since when is that a thing? Wait, don't tell me this is your secret little boyfriend?" He asked James with a smirk. "Is this the guy that's fucking you?"

"I really don't think it's any of your business if we're sleeping together or not and it's really inappropriate for you to ask. Try to keep me out of your dirty fantasies, alright?" Clint snarked right back.

James' heart skipped a beat, unsure how Brock would react to the way Clint was talking back to him and he sucked in a breath, holding it tightly.

"I'm just taking him to lunch so he can give me some pointers on my stance, that's it."

James was surprised how effortlessly he was able to come up with a story.

Brock's jaw clenched in annoyance but he turned to his desk, pulling open a drawer and taking out a small yellow notepad. He quickly opened the envelope James had given him and counted the money before filling out the paper. He tore the sheet off the top of the pad and handed it to James.

"There. We're good for two months," Brock stated in a gruff voice.

James quickly took the paper and turned, beginning to leave the office as quickly as he could, throwing a quick thanks over his shoulder.

"Hey!" He heard Clint call again. He slowed down and glanced over his shoulder. "Wait for me! Do you mind hanging with me while I take a quick shower? I'm all gross."

James stopped and looked at the man, then glanced over his shoulder at where Brock still stood in the doorway to his office and nodded his head.

"Sure, I'll wait for you in the locker room."

"Great, thanks," Clint smiled. They walked together toward the men's locker room and Clint held the door open for him. Once they were inside, James rounded on Clint.

The blonde man barely stopped in time before colliding with James.

"Why did you do that?" He asked, looking Clint in the eye.

"Why don't we talk about it over lunch?" Clint suggested, sounding serious.

"You really want to go to lunch with me?"

"Might as well. It'll be pretty suspicious if we don't leave together and I'm pretty hungry myself. I'd love to treat you." Clint had moved around James and walked to his locker, stripping off his clothes and shoes as he talked.

James flushed when he realized he'd been watching Clint undress intently, but he couldn't quite pull his gaze away.

"I shower nude, FYI," Clint informed as he dropped his shorts to the ground, hooking his fingers into his boxers and looking pointedly at James with a smirk. "I see you staring. I know I'm pretty hot," he winked with a smile.

James quickly turned away, covering his face with his hand. "Sorry!" He squeaked, completely embarrassed. He heard Clint laugh quietly.

"I'll be just a sec, promise. Hang tight, okay?" Clint asked before dropping something that sounded plastic into his locker with a clink. James kept his gaze on the floor as the man walked past him to the showers.

It made him nervous to think of what Clint had seen or heard that made him feel the need to come rescue him, and he wasn't looking forward to the conversation about it.

He heard Clint moving under the water from the other room and waited patiently. True to his word, he only took a few minutes before he was back. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist and James couldn't help the way he watched the man. He was intriguing. And kinda sexy in a weird…James definitely wasn't attracted to him kind of way.

He watched as Clint moved past him to his locker and picked up whatever it was that he'd dropped, putting them into his ears before unhooking his towel. Headphones, it seemed like.

He realized that Clint had paused and glanced up to see the man smiling his goofy crooked smile at him.

"Put on some music and I'll dance if you want a show," Clint laughed, holding his towel open around himself, though he faced the opposite direction. James could see the dimples at the top of Clint's ass and could just make out the top of his pert-

"Oh my god, I'm really so sorry!" James squeaked, burying his face in his lap. He heard Clint laugh again and he was mortified. What was wrong with him?!

Sick pervert.

"Hey," he felt a tap at his shoulder a moment later. "Ready to go?"

James slowly looked up, finding that the tall blonde was fully dressed, holding his gym bag. James nodded, following the man closely as they headed for the exit. He didn't dare look in Brock's direction as he left.

Clint lead them to a small restaurant a few blocks away, smiling and chatting pleasantly the whole way. James was lost in thought.

Brock had really wanted to do things to him while the gym was full of people. If that was the case, then there really wasn't a time that he could be safe from the man. And Clint had to have seen something, or he wouldn't have felt the need to step in.

And maybe he shouldn't be out with Clint, going to lunch together. He couldn't seem to keep his eyes off the man while they were at the gym, and he wasn't even interested in Clint. He didn't think.

No, he definitely wasn't. He had Wade and Wade was sexy and sweet and smart and funny and even though he didn't know first hand, he was definitely a good lover.

Maybe he just couldn't stop looking simply because he was naked. Not that he checked out everyone in the locker room…

"Hey! You there?"

He snapped out of his thoughts with a blush, realizing that he was standing over the table that Clint had already sat down at. He quickly took a seat opposite Clint, glancing around him.

"Sorry, I was-"

"I'm sure you have a lot on your mind. Look, I'm not going to waste any time here, what does Brock have over you? I saw him…touching you and, you didn't seem to want it all that much." He stared intently at James. He was incredibly direct.

"What?! I-I…no, I mean he-he…it's just that-"

"I saw him grab your wrist. I heard you tell him to stop."

James flushed. "Jesus, were you spying?" James asked, beginning to grow angry.

"No, no I actually overheard you guys on accident. That's what caught my attention. I heard him ask you…to…sit on his face," Clint blushed and turned away as he said it, embarrassed of the words coming out of his own mouth.

"How could you possibly have heard that if you weren't eavesdropping?" James asked, eyebrows knotting up angrily, cheeks flaring dark red.

"Oh," Clint replied, reaching to his ears and pulling out one of his headphones to show James. "I accidentally bumped the volume and it got turned up too high. I could hear everything pretty clearly. I heard him ask you...a few other things too. I heard you most clearly though. You said no quite a few times."

"I don't get it, you bumped your headphones and somehow you heard an entire conversation from across the room? Sounds a lot to me like you were eavesdropping." James wasn't any less angry.

"Oh no! They're not headphones," Clint said, popping the device back into his ear. "It's my hearing aids. I accidentally turned it up. I could have heard a mouse burp from across town, and you two were the only ones that were talking. It's actually kinda painful when that happens."

"Hearing aids? Are you deaf?" James asked, not quite sure if he believed it.

"Mostly. Does that make you think less of me?" Clint asked. His face showed how vulnerable he actually was about it and it made James feel like a jerk.

"No! No, of course not. But…I'm humiliated." He admitted.


"I just…can't believe you heard him say those things to me. You have to promise not to tell anyone about what happened," James demanded, leaning in toward the taller man.

"James, you should be reporting him to the police, he's disgusting. I never really liked the guy, to begin with, but Jesus what a creep. Does he touch you?"

"Stop," James warned, looking at Clint hard. "Just stop right now, stop thinking about it, stop worrying about it."

"He always says those disgusting things about you, and now I hear him say this? I can't just forget about it," he laughed mirthlessly.

"You need to," James said, his jaw setting aggressively. "Don't worry about me, I'm a big boy. Brock and I have something that I can't mess up, and I need you to not mess it up either, got it?"

Clint was silent for a moment, thinking over what James had said before he finally spoke up again.

"So what does he give you? If you're giving him, what? Money? Sex that you don't seem to want? What are you getting out of it?"

James jumped to his feet and gripped the front of Clint's shirt, pulling him slightly out of his chair.

"Please. Stop. Now," James growled in Clint's face. Clint looked up at him with shocked blue eyes and didn't respond, his jaw dropping open.

James realized that the quiet hum of the diners around them had settled into deafening silence and he glanced around to see that everyone was staring at him with varying looks of fright on their faces. He quickly dropped Clint's shirt and smoothed his hair back, beginning to breathe heavily.

"I-I should go. I'm so sorry, I have to go. I'm so sorry Clint," he scrambled to stand and be sure that he had all of his belongings before he left, but Clint's hand reached out to gingerly grasp at his wrist.

James turned wide eyes on him as he froze at the touch.

"Please don't go. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed. I can be pretty nosy sometimes. Please stay? My treat." Clint's voice was quiet.

James glanced around him and the rest of the diners had mostly gone back to their meals. He slowly sank back into the chair and sighed, closing his eyes and dropping his head.

"I really am so sorry, Clint. I shouldn't have grabbed you like that."

"No, it's okay! I should have let it go the first time you asked me to. I just can't help myself sometimes. I like you, James. I don't want someone hurting you, that's all."

James blushed again and looked down at the table before him. He knew that the blonde liked him, he'd asked him out already. But he had Wade, and he wasn't messing that up.

"I have-"

"A boyfriend. Or a girlfriend, I remember. It's fine that you don't want me, but can we at least be friends? I'd really like it if we could. I like being there for you. I helped you today, didn't I?" He asked in a gentle voice.

James dropped his gaze but nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I really appreciate you getting me away from him, actually," James admitted, embarrassed.

"Well. I'm glad I could help, then," Clint said, a small smile growing on his lips, though not nearly as bright as before. "I just…I couldn't help overhearing him say…that he had a taste yesterday…"

"Don't," James warned again.

"Did you want it?"

"Clint, please,"

"He never called an ambulance for you. Did he-"

"Clint, really, please please stop!" James hissed under his breath.

Clint sighed and leaned forward. "I hate to do this to you, but I'm going to blackmail you."

"What?!" James asked, horrified.

"I know we're just getting to know each other and this could totally ruin our friendship but-"

Clint, please don't," James begged.

"I'll give you three days."

"I don't have any money! I have nothing to give you!"

"Three days and you tell someone what's happening. Either you call the police or tell your partner. Three days, and if you don't, I will."

The two men glared at each other for a moment before James dared to respond.

"You can't do this to me! You'll ruin everything!"

"I just want to know that you're safe."

"You're going to ruin my life."

"You just think that now. But you need to get away from that asshole."

"I need more time!"

"Three days."

James sat back in his chair with a huff, clearly frustrated. He ran his hand through his hair and considered his options. He really didn't have any.

But he would lose the only thing of his dad's left, and he didn't want to do that.

"What can I give you?" He asked quietly. "What can I do?"

"You can tell someone. I can't just let this keep happening." The look on Clint's face was weighty, no trace of the usual grin on his face at all. "Why are you protecting him?"

James didn't have an answer for that. Not one that he was willing to explain to a man he barely knew.

Just then a young waitress stopped at the table. "Sorry about the wait guys, our kitchen's understaffed today. What can I get for you?" She asked sweetly. James stood from his seat and pushed it in.

"Sorry, I was actually just going," he said, turning and heading for the door.

"Wait!" Clint cried, jumping from his chair and following after the man. "Sorry, ma'am!" He called as he left.

James burst through the door into the cold air and shoved his hands in his pockets, bowing his head down against the cool wind.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Clint called as he caught up to James, walking swiftly beside him.

"I'm not really hungry," James stated as he kept walking.

"But...wait!" Clint yelled, grabbing for James' arm to try to stop him. The brunette yanked his arm away, spinning on his heel and Clint collided directly into him. He gasped and quickly stepped backward as James advanced angrily on him.

"What, Clint? What do you want from me? You want a piece'o me? Like everyone else? You wanna touch me? Wanna put yerself inside me, too? Huh? Feel how tight I am?" James asked, crass and fuming. He bumped Clint back with his chest, challenging him. "You don't even know me! You don' know nothin' about my life!"

Clint's eyes were wide with shock and he didn't quite know how to respond.

"I-I just want-"

"What? You tryna be my hero? Tryna save me so you can get a little reward? Huh? A little prize? You want a little taste too? Hmm? Just like Brock? That what you want?" James pressed menacingly.

"No! Never!" Clint yelled back, growing exasperated. James kept walking, pushing him further down the sidewalk. Clint stumbled as the sidewalk ended and they wandered into the grass of a small park.

"Here!" James yelped, ripping his jacket from his shoulders. He threw it at Clint as they continued moving and Clint nearly fell as it hit him.

"What are you doing?" Clint asked, holding his hand out to stop the angry brunette.

"No, here! You want a piece, too, I get it."

James grabbed the hem of his shirt, yanking it up and pulling it over his head.

"What the hell?!" Clint reached forward and grabbed James' arms before he could remove his shirt fully, pulling them back down.

"Go ahead, Clint! Take whatever you want!" James yelled, dropping his shirt and reaching to open the fly of his jeans. "I'm all yours! Go ahead and take it!" He grabbed one of Clint's wrists and jerked him forward, shoving the man's hand inside of his open pants, pressing it against his length.

Clint gasped loudly and his blue eyes grew owlish, mouth gaping into an "O". The man froze, staring at James in stunned silence.

They stood silently for just a moment, both of them equally as stupefied by James' actions, before Clint yanked his hand away, taking a step back.

"I don't want you. Not like that. I will never touch you that way without your consent and don't you ever compare me to that disgusting pig ever again." Clint's face was furious and James felt himself regretting his outburst almost immediately.

"I only ever wanted to be your friend. I told you, it's fine if you don't want me, but friends don't let each other be abused. I'm not changing my mind." He stared at James for an extra-long moment to be sure he understood, then threw the jacket back at James. "Put your clothes on," he commanded harshly, shoving past James and walking back in the direction they'd come from.

James watched him walk away, panting and trying to make sense of his own actions. He hadn't accomplished anything, and now the only person he had on his side at the gym was upset with him. He hadn't even convinced the blonde to at least give him more time.

He quickly pulled his shirt down, buttoning and zipping his pants again, and then he hurried after the strange blonde, pulling his jacket back on as he went.

"Wait! Wait, Clint!" He called, running after the man. The people on the street must think they were playing the strangest game of tag ever.

"Please wait, I'm sorry!" He called as he caught up with the blonde. Clint didn't slow down or look his way. "Clint, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said those things. Please listen!" He ran forward and stopped in front of the blonde, forcing him to stop.

"What, James? You gonna force me to touch you again so you can get me in trouble with your boyfriend? Is that the plan?" Clint asked, glaring at James and using the same tone James had.

"No! No, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that, just-I panicked, okay? Look, I'm scared! You're asking me to do something that I really really do not want to do and you're barely even giving me enough time to cope with that, okay? I'm a little freaked out right now."

"I get that you're scared, I do, but you can't treat people that way, James." Clint glared down at him.

"You're right, it was wrong of me," James glanced around quickly, then motioned for Clint to follow him into the empty nearby alley. "Come with me?"

Clint sighed softly and followed slowly behind. Once they'd rounded the corner and walked a few feet into the alleyway, James turned and looked at Clint with a despondent look on his face.

"There's no way I can make you reconsider? Nothing at all I can do? I'll do anything." He offered.

Clint looked at him and regarded him seriously. "If I was not such a good man, I could ask a lot of you," he stated, watching James' reaction to his words.

"You don't have to be a good man. I'll lay down right here and let you have me if you promise to keep this between us. Just forget about what you heard today," James cooed, stepping close to Clint and gingerly placing his hands against his chest.

Clint took a deep breath and closed his eyes, resting his hands over James' for a moment before he spoke.

"I will never ask that of you. You have a partner, and you have someone hurting you. And you have me, trying to make you safe. That's what I want from you; your safety."

James sighed. "Will you at least give me more time? A week?"

"Three days is more than fair. Hopefully, it doesn't take that long. I'll give you until noon."

James' heart dropped and so did his head. He rested it against Clint's chest, leaning against him.

"You're really going to make me do this, aren't you?"

"'Fraid so, Buckaroo."

"Don't call me that. He calls me that." James said softly. Clint reached up and gently carded his fingers through James' hair, resting them there for a moment.

"You'll be so much happier once he's not in your life anymore. I promise. Can I walk you home? Or, to Wade's house or something?"

James pulled back, looking at Clint curiously. "How'd you know his name?"

Clint blushed. "You uh, you thought I was him. Yesterday after you got hurt. You called me Wade and…you were pretty soft," Clint chuckled.

"Soft?" James didn't understand what Clint meant.

Clint gently reached to James' face and caressed his cheekbones with his knuckles, trailing down his chest and to his arms, rubbing them softly with his fingers. "Soft," he repeated, hoping James would understand.

James laughed and blushed.

"Wow, that's…pretty embarrassing."

"It was nice." Clint smiled. "C'mon. Let me take you somewhere before I fall for you," Clint sighed, gently pulling away from the shorter man.

James blushed darker red but followed him from the alley. He didn't understand what he was feeling for Clint. It wasn't quite what he felt for Wade but…it wasn't really different either. But with his imminent deadline hanging over his head, he didn't have time to wonder about it.

His whole life was being upended because of this tall, goofy, handsome blonde. What was it with tall, goofy, handsome blondes? Apparently, James had a type.

He wished he was brave enough to hold Clint's hand as they walked, but it was the middle of the day and there were people everywhere. But he couldn't help the growing sense of happiness he felt that Clint cared enough to do this.

"You're going to ruin my life," James repeated softly.

"You just think that now."

Chapter Text

Clint had walked James all the way to Wade's apartment, not leaving him until he'd reached the door.

"You sure you won't consider forgetting about all this?" James had asked in his ultra-quiet way. "I can be pretty persuasive."

"Did he hurt you yesterday?" Clint asked in return. James looked away, cheeks turning pink, and he cleared his throat instead of responding. "Right. And did he try to hurt you today?"

James sighed and turned a deeper red.

"Right. So no, I will not reconsider. I'd honestly love to tell your fella about all this now."

James turned wide eyes on Clint, heart beating rapidly. He couldn't handle that right now, there was no way. Everything was so up in the air and he and Wade had barely reconciled and he was heading toward a new way of life, a better life.

Telling Wade at all would completely throw a wrench into things as it was, and he was terrified of losing what he was creating with the man.

"But…you don't have any proof," James stated as it occurred to him. "Anything you tell anyone would be hearsay." He almost smiled, thinking that he might have actually won.

Clint gently reached forward and took James' hand gently in his own, then slowly pushed up the sleeve of James' jacket.

"That," he pointed at a darkening bruise that circled James' wrist, "is from where he grabbed you today." He pushed the sleeve up farther, revealing more bruises cuts and scrapes. "Those are from before. I can almost guarantee you have more and worse. It might be hearsay but if I tell them you're being raped-"

"Shhh!" James hushed, giving Clint a gentle shove. "Shut up!" He whispered. "Don't say that!"

"It's the truth, Jay. You have to admit it to yourself. If I tell them that's what happened, they'll want to do a sexual assault kit. They'll find his DNA, it'll be more than enough to put him away. Why don't you want that?"

"They won't be able to do it without my consent," James pointed out. Clint looked at him pointedly.

"Without your what?" He asked.

"Consent," James repeated.

"What is it? My hearing aids aren't quite working…"

"Okay, I get it okay, I just…"

"It'll be hard. I'm not saying it won't. But I'm willing to bet that whatever he's giving you isn't worth it. You're going to lose it and it's going to happen soon. You almost had a breakdown today."

"I did not!" James stated indignantly.

"Babe, you tried to get naked in a park and made me grope you. That's not a normal reaction to…just about anything. That's also how I saw all those bruises all over you, and by the way, is that a bite mark on your collarbone? Pretty sure that's just more evidence."

"Ugh!" James groaned in exasperation. "I get it! Okay?"

"Like I said. It's not going to be easy. But, I'm here for you, in any way you may need, I'm here. Wade's here for you. You're not alone."

"Thanks," James groaned, though he didn't feel much better.

"Oh, my number!" Clint exclaimed, pulling his cell from his pocket. "I'm sure Rumlow didn't give it to you."

James pulled his phone out and traded with Clint. They put each other's numbers in and swapped back.

"Thanks," James said again, a hint of a smile on his lips.

"Well…just remember, three days, noon. I'll be in contact."

James nodded solemnly, and his eyes widened slightly when Clint leaned in for an awkward hug.

"I'll see you around. Maybe I'll catch you at the gym," Clint smiled, turning and heading back to the lobby.

James smiled and watched him leave, then opened the door and entered Wade's apartment. He took a deep breath. Things were finally looking up, maybe he could do this after all.


"I'm home!" Peter excitedly chirped as he skipped through the door and tossed his bag on the floor. "Wade? Tony?" He called.

"Hey Bambino, in here!" Tony called from the couch where he lay sprawled across Wade's lap.

"Hey, hot stuff! How was your day?" Wade asked as Peter bounded excitedly in and flopped down next to him.

"Torture!" Peter exclaimed, snuggling in close. "I spent all day thinking about you two and what you were doing and I kept getting all flustered and distracted. Accidentally called my teacher daddy when he called on me."

"Woah!" Wade and Tony exclaimed, teasing him.

"It's not my fault, you should have let me stay home!" Peter huffed with a grin.

"And let you end up like this guy?" Tony nudged Wade with his elbow. "No way. You're going to Harvard. Or Yale."

"Ouch, stinger, spicy daddy," Wade recoiled in mock pain. Peter giggled and leaned down to kiss Tony, upside down.

"Classic Spiderman move," Wade chuckled as he watched.

"What's that mean?" Peter asked as he sat up.

"Nevermind. So, it's the weekend. What do you want to do?"

"Honestly, I was kinda thinking."

"Dangerous past time," Wade commented.

"Very funny, Wade. I was thinking, I've been pretty jealous of you having to spend so much time with James. I didn't think I would be, but…anyways, what if we invite him over here? He could stay for dinner or we could have a sleepover, or maybe he could stay the weekend! Then, no one will have to feel left out!"

"Wow, honey, that's incredibly thoughtful of you!" Tony said, sitting up. "But maybe we should just start with one night? I think he might be a little more than what you might be able to handle right away."

"He's got a few rough patches, but he's a sweetheart!" Wade added his two cents. "Also, I had no idea you were feeling jealous, kitten. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well…I just didn't want to mess anything up for you. I know you were still getting to know him and going through the honeymoon period and stuff, and you still kinda are…" Peter trailed off as he shrugged, looking bashful. "I was just missing having all the attention on me. It was kinda nice when it was like that," Peter said sheepishly.

"I'm sure," Tony said with a chuckle. "It'll be a good chance to lay a few ground rules though. Wade doesn't want us to touch him yet, so keep your paws off," he said teasingly to Peter, making him giggle.

"Well, so it's a yes then?" Peter asked, looking from Tony to Wade and back again.

"Sounds good, kiddo. Wade?"

"Definitely. Yes," he answered with a big smile on his face. "I'll text him."

"I'm so excited! " Peter squeaked.


James sat on the edge of the couch in the living room and gazed around the apartment. He wasn't quite sure what to do with himself at someone else's place alone. He was used to being alone, but usually, he'd play a lone game of solitaire or read a book. He didn't know where anything was in Wade's apartment, and he didn't feel right snooping around looking.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened the thread of messages between him and Wade, scanning through them with a smile. How was he ever going to tell Wade everything? There was absolutely no way he was going to the police, but Clint had just said to tell someone, not that he had to get authorities involved.

Even still, how would Wade react? He knew who Brock was and he already didn't like the man, so who knew what kind of trouble that could cause.

And what about Brock? What would happen to him? What if Wade confronted the man and they couldn't get him out? What if he somehow managed to completely take control of the gym and James lost it forever? Or what if he just started abusing him more? What if he just started taking more from James?

His leg began bouncing and his stomach churned as his mind ran through all the absolutely horrible things that could possibly happen, and he was beginning to wish he had a little company.

As if by some cosmic happenstance, his phone chimed in his hand, alerting him to a message. He clicked the notification at the top of his phone and it redirected to the bottom of his messages from Wade. James felt his face breaking into a huge smile as he read the message.

Boy 🖤"Hey gorgeous! You have any plans tonight?"

He beamed as he typed a reply. It was nice to know that someone was thinking about him.

"Nothing big planned. I was thinking about people watching from your window and maybe having some cereal if that's okay?"

The response came quickly after that.

Boy 🖤"Seriously? Cereal?

I have a way better offer for you."

James waited eagerly for the next message.

My guys are ready to meet you.

James felt his heart leap up into his throat.

Oh shit. They wanted to meet him. This was real, it finally felt real. When? What if they didn't like him? What if-

Boy 🖤"Stop worrying, I know you are.

They're excited to meet you. We can all chill and order some food and see how we all get along. Come over?"

James felt light-headed.

Right now, they wanted to meet him now.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Okay, he had to get dressed. No no, his clothes were fine, he looked nice in his Henley and jeans but not too dressy. What if he wasn't dressed up enough? He didn't have anything else to wear! Would he have enough time to make it home for a change of clothes before he went over?

No way, they'd think he was blowing them off or avoiding them. Which…

No no, he had to do this, it had to happen!

He looked fine. Wade said chilling and ordering food, definitely not a black-tie affair.

Okay, so his clothes were okay. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He grabbed the only detangling tool he could find, a fine-toothed comb, and fought to get it through his thick, long hair, pulling it into a quick bun. Then he quickly scanned the drawers in the bathroom, searching for an unopened toothbrush, finding one in an old package covered in dust. He'd have to buy Wade a new one.

He quickly brushed his teeth, using admittedly a bit too much paste, then he scanned his reflection in the mirror. He hadn't looked at himself since the first night at the gym when Brock had soaked him in the showers and-

He took a deep breath and braced his hands on the sink, closing his eyes and trying to will away the unwanted memories. He shook his head to clear it and slowly opened them again, seeing the sink first.

Carefully, he raised his gaze to the mirror and tried not to see anything but himself this time.

He looked…

Good, actually. He wasn't nearly as pale or as gaunt. His hair looked shiny, and no longer brittle and scraggly like a horror movie monster. His eyes didn't look glassy from hunger and he didn't look quite as scrawny, though he could have been imagining that. In Wade's small, cozy bathroom he felt good about himself, comfortable. He scrubbed a hand over his chin quickly and decided he didn't have time to shave, but his stubble really wasn't that bad anyway.

He gave himself one more quick once over and decided he would take a quick peek in Wade's closet for something to dress up what he was wearing a bit.

He quickly went to Wade's bedroom and looked through the closet. There wasn't much hanging there but he found a nice gray cardigan to throw over his outfit. He smiled to himself. He looked nice, and he was meeting Wade's partners. His life was really looking up.

He grabbed his cell from his pocket and texted back.

Be there soon!


"He should be here soon!" Peter said excitedly a while after Wade had gotten the message. "Your place isn't that far away, just across town!"

"Gee Petey, you might be more excited to see him than I am!" Wade chuckled, as he paced nervously. Truth be told, he was very excited. He couldn't wait to see all of his boys together and see how they all got along.

"Maybe I should brush my teeth," Wade suggested, hurrying to the bathroom without waiting for an answer.

"Maybe we should pour drinks?" Peter suggested, trying to find something to do with himself while they all waited.

"Maybe not, what if he doesn't drink?" Tony suggested. "And you're not getting one anyway, so don't ask."

Peter pouted a bit but didn't respond.

Just then they heard a knock at the door. Tony jumped up quickly and headed to answer it. "You just stay there!" He hissed quietly at Peter.

He stopped in front of the door and quickly ran his hand through his hair, straightening his shirt, then reached to pull it open.

James gasped as Tony opened the door and his cerulean eyes were huge. He looked like he was trying to decide whether or not he should just go. His face was pale and Tony could see the way he trembled with nerves.

"U-uh, I-I-I," James' cheeks flushed pink and he cleared his throat, taking a quick breath. "I, uh, Wade…" he then sighed, his head and shoulders beginning to droop in frustration and defeat. "I should go," he stated, his voice soft and quiet.

"Hi sweetheart," Tony greeted in a soothing voice. "It's nice to finally meet you." He looked James up and down. He looked pretty nice, aside from his beat-up old shoes. They had holes in them, and Tony frowned slightly.

James must have noticed because he began shuffling his feet. He wiped the back of his hand across his forehead, beginning to sweat.

"You look very nice. I'm Tony," he held his hand out in an offer to shake with the man and was surprised when James thrust a small bottle of wine into his hand instead.

"F-for you!" James squeaked, still visibly trembling. Tony smiled at the unexpected gift and glanced up at the way he held a hand behind his back still. Just then he heard footsteps coming down the hall behind and knew that Wade was on his way to the door.

"Gonna let him in, Tone?" Wade asked with a smile as he reached them. Tony watched James' eyes light up as Wade appeared beside him. "Hey, babydoll! Is that my sweater?" Wade asked with a chuckle.

James' face was an open book. Tony wondered if the man even realized. He watched him grow anxious again, maybe even afraid, and he piped up.

"Didn't you wear that on our first date, Wade?" He asked with a smile. Wade smiled too.

"Yeah! It looks better on him though. C'mon in James, Tony is just so rude," Wade poked at Tony's side and the older man laughed and hurried down the hallway, out of the way.

James stepped in and gently pulled the door closed behind him, then peeked over Wade's shoulder, before leaning up on his tiptoes to kiss the man.

"I'm sorry I took your sweater, I just wanted to look nice," James admitted, his voice barely a whisper.

"It's no big deal, love. I like seeing you in my clothes, Wade winked, taking his free hand and leading him into the apartment.

As soon as they stepped foot into the living room, Peter pounced excitedly at the two men.

"Hi!" He chirped, a huge bright smile on his face. "It's so nice to meet you!"

Wade heard James gasp just the tiniest bit and he felt his hand squeeze within his own, then it slid from his grip and the man pulled a big bouquet of flowers from behind his back, thrusting them out toward Peter.

"I hope you like them!" James squeaked, and all three of them could see the way the flowers shook in his trembling fingers.

Peter's whole face lit up at the sight of them. They were all yellow, his favorite flowers. There were a few tulips, daffodils, daisies, a yellow hibiscus, an orchid, some sunflowers, a few tiny sweet peas. The bouquet was gorgeous.

Peter accepted them gratefully and immediately buried his nose in them.

"They're so beautiful, thank you so much!" He breathed happily, stepping forward and throwing his arms around James' shoulders, pulling him in tight.

Wade watched James' eyes turn the size of tea saucers and laughed under his breath as he watched the man's awkward reaction.

James' arms hovered somewhere between hugging Peter back and freezing in midair. He looked at Wade as if needing to know what to do and Wade chuckled. He pushed the arm that was closest to him down against Peter's back and the man quickly caught up, holding Peter back tightly.

"You're a great hugger. How did you know yellow flowers are my favorite?" Peter asked with a smile as he released James.

James' face flushed hot pink as he stammered out a response. "I-I, I saw a-uh," he cleared his throat. "Well, when I was, it's just that I happened to notice…" he took a deep breath and glanced up at Tony where he stood in the kitchen and then dropped his gaze down to his own feet. "I saw…a sunflower in…in your room. So I thought you might like those." His shoulders shot up to his ears and Wade could hear his breathing picking up its pace. He wondered how he never noticed before just how incredibly bad James' anxiety actually was.

He reached out and gently rested his hand on the man's shoulder, trying to be comforting.

"Oh. About that," Peter began. Wade felt James' muscles tense under his hand. His head dropped even lower. "I'm really sorry about the way I yelled, and I'm sorry I scared you. I wasn't mad at you, I was mad at Wade. Why don't we just put that behind us, okay?" Peter asked.

Tony and Wade were both surprised at the way Peter seemed to be handling James' trepidation and unease.

"Thanks for the flowers," Peter said softly, leaning into James. "I love them." He kissed James' cheek and turned to the kitchen to find a vase to put them in.

James' surprised eyes followed Peter to the kitchen and then met Tony's dark brown eyes. He quickly glanced away, tucking a strand of hair that had fallen loose behind his ear.

"You want a drink, hon?" Tony asked. After a beat of silence, James peeked up at him and realized that he'd been talking to him.

"Me? I, uh…sure, please. And thank you," James whispered, clenching his fingernails into his palms.

"Should I open this wine or grab something stronger?" Tony asked.

"Uh, w-whatever you'd like is fine," James responded. His voice was so soft and quiet, like he was afraid to be too loud.

"I'll chill this for a bit. Whiskey for now?" Tony suggested.

"Sounds perfect," Wade spoke up, stepping close to James. He wrapped his arms around the smaller man, happy to hold him after the long night and day they'd both had. He squeezed him in tight and pressed a kiss to his temple.

James was too nervous to hold Wade back, not while his two other lovers were watching. He settled for gently hanging on to the hem of the man's shirt, taking comfort in the way his skin felt against the back of his knuckles.

Tony joined the two of them with three tumblers of whiskey. James tried to pull away when the man got close, but Wade held him firmly.

"It's okay, babe. You can love me, too," Wade whispered into James' ear. Keeping one hand wrapped firmly around James' waist, he reached for one of the glasses that Tony held. "Thanks, doll," he said to Tony, leaning in for a kiss.

James' eyes widened and he watched the two of them intently as they passionately kissed. It was hot. They were both extremely hot, and he was starting to get a little hard watching. He quickly buried his face into Wade's chest, not wanting to get caught with a boner the first time meeting Tony and Peter.

Tony broke off the kiss and made a sound like a low pur in his chest. He slowly walked behind James and James felt his palms start sweating. He peeked over his shoulder at the oldest man and saw him blatantly checking out his ass. He gripped at Wade's shirt tighter.

What if this was a mistake? What if all of this was just some huge trick to get him into Peter's apartment with the three of them? What if they just wanted to use his body like everyone else seemed to want?

His breathing picked up and he felt himself pressing into Wade as if he could climb inside the man and hide.

"Can I touch?" He heard Tony's voice close behind him, soft and low, and he squeezed his eyes shut but didn't answer.

"It's up to him," Wade responded, equally as soft.

James gasped and considered his options. Probably not wise to deny any of them what they wanted in this situation, just to err on the side of self-preservation.

"Can I touch, honey?" Tony asked again.

James' breathing shuddered and he quickly forced out a response.

"You can have anything you want from me," he said quietly, slipping into "work" mode easily. "I'll give you whatever you want."

Tony's eyes went wide and he lifted his hands into the air, taking a step back. "That didn't sound like a yes to me," he stated honestly, moving to the side of the men again. "Here's your drink, doll," he said as he handed a glass to James.

James gratefully accepted the glass, lifting it to his lips and draining it in one go. This was going to be a long night.

Peter giggled from where he stood in the kitchen still and grabbed for the bottle, bringing it to where the older men stood.

"Let me fill that for you," he said with a smile, struggling to hold the large bottle in his delicate hands. James nodded politely and held the glass as the boy poured the amber liquid.

The first drink didn't take long to start affecting him, he hadn't eaten a whole lot that day. His head started feeling warm and fuzzy and he felt his muscles start to relax a bit too. He wanted to be careful with his drinks. After learning about what Brock had been doing to him-

He shook his head to clear the thought away and looked up at Wade's handsome sweet face.

"He wouldn't hurt me," James said, quietly, then immediately blanched as he realized he'd said it out loud. "Oh, I-I mean-" he scrambled for a way to fix what he'd blurted out, but Tony cut in before he could.

"He absolutely would not hurt you, you're right. Honestly, he'd probably murder anyone that tried to, if I know Wade as well as I think I do."

"You do, you know me as well as you think you do," Wade responded seriously to Tony's statement. "I ever catch anyone hurting you and they're dead meat, and that includes these two," he nodded to Peter and Tony.

"I-I…I can protect myself," he reminded Wade quietly.

"I believe you, baby. Just know that I won't tolerate anyone treating you, or them, badly. Ever."

James felt his stomach churning but shook his head, keeping his eyes averted. Now was definitely not the time to tell Wade his little secret. He could wait until tomorrow. Tonight was going to be a good night.

He looked from Wade to Peter to Tony and did his best to smile. They were all so handsome and looked sweet and they were gentle with him and happy to see him. This could be a really great night if he could just relax.

"Wanna play video games?" Peter piped up, changing the subject mercifully.

"I'm no good at games," James admitted. "I never had anythin' like that."

"Well, I can show you!" Peter squeaked excitedly.

"That's a good idea, you guys can get that started and Tony and I can order some food. You hungry?" Wade asked James.

James nodded, a little dizzy from the liquor. "Starving," he said. Wade gave him a sharp look and he felt himself crack a smile. "I ate today," he assured.

"Good. We'll be back in a sec," Wade said, letting go of James and taking Tony's arm, guiding him to Peter's bedroom.

Peter smiled and grabbed James by the hand, dragging him to the front of the couch and pushing him down to a sitting position.

"We can play whatever you want! Tony bought me just about every game in existence!" Peter exclaimed excitedly.

Spoiled brat.

James shook the intrusive thought from his head. He didn't have a reason not to like Peter, he wasn't going to think one up either.

"Uh, like I said, I don't know nothin' about games," James said softly.

"How old are you?" Peter asked suddenly, expression pure curiosity.

"Uhhh…" James flushed and tried to think if there was a reason why Peter would be asking. "I'm…like a hundred."

"Ha, you're funny," Peter giggled. "I was just thinking, maybe we could play a classic game like Pacman or something if you want?"

James felt himself smile and he lifted his glass to his lips. "You think I'm that old?" He asked before taking a sip. Peter's smile grew as well and he turned where he sat on the floor, resting his chin on the couch between James' legs.

James blushed and tried to nonchalantly move back, so his crotch wasn't so close to the boy's face.

"So…" Peter said, looking up at James with huge doe eyes. "Wanna play Pacman, then?"

James let out a little chuckle and nodded, setting his glass down gently on the table beside the couch. "Sure, kiddo."

"Tony calls me that," Peter stated, not moving from where he was between James' legs. He just kept staring up at James.

"What's up, kid? Do I have something in my teeth?"

"You're insanely pretty," Peter declared, finally turning away with a look that could have been reverie.

James let out a nervous laugh and shook his head, watching Peter crawl on all fours and set up his game boxes or whatever. "I ain't nothin' great. Just your average James," he quipped dryly.

Peter paused to look over his shoulder at James and James had to stop himself from the thoughts he should never think about one that looked so young.

"Just say thanks."

James looked back up at the boy on the floor. "W-what?"

Peter finished flipping switches or moving cables or whatever he was doing and turned back around, scooting between James' legs quickly.

He rested his hands on James' knees and leaned up, getting close into James' personal space.

"I said, you're insanely pretty. Now, you just say thank you."

"Uhh, th-thanks?" James answered, leaning back slowly.

"Good. Now make sure you do that every time someone gives you a compliment." Peter's gaze was captured by James' huge biceps defined under Wade's cardigan and he reached up to squeeze them. "Wow. Do you think you could bench press me?" He asked with a goofy grin.

James returned the grin and allowed himself to look Peter over, taking in the details of his tiny little body.


"That is seriously hot. Wanna try?"

James laughed. "Wouldn't you rather have Wade or Tony do that?"

"I've never asked Wade, and Tony's strong but he doesn't have pipes like these." Peter continued squeezing and caressing James' arms and the man felt goosebumps rising on his skin, not sure if he liked the attention or not. He let out another uneasy laugh.

"Can I ask…that's really Tony Stark, isn't it?" James asked the boy, eyes widening in fascination.

"Oh yeah! Actually, I'm surprised you didn't even react. Most people faint or scream or get all weird. It was like you didn't even know."

"You think I wasn't weird?" James laughed loudly. "I'm always weird!"

"Oh, I'm not denying that. But, I think most of your weird is actually just anxiety," Peter stated, dropping his arms down to rest on James' thighs again.

The way he looked at James was unnerving. Not necessarily bad, it was just strange to be looked at the way that Peter did. Like he was studying him and every part of him. Like he could see inside him.


Wade lead Tony to the bedroom, wanting a moment to talk to the man alone.

"So, he seems…terrified," Tony stated once the door was closed.

"Yeah. He's kinda skittish as it is but he's definitely a little extra nervous. I think he's doing pretty well so far though, right?"

"Definitely, I think he'll be great," Tony said as he sat on the edge of the bed. "I'm sure once he gets used to us he'll be fine. He just needs some time to adjust."

"My thoughts exactly. Well, maybe Peter can help bring him around. He's like a puppy, nobody can resist that cuteness, right?"

"Let's hope," Tony chuckled. "Now let's order some food, I'm starving. What kind of stuff does he like?"

"I'm not sure. He seems to like pretty much everything, as far as I can tell."

"Well, let's just get a bunch of stuff and we can do a little taste of the world kind of thing?" Tony suggested.

"Sounds good. Your treat."

Tony laughed. "Fine. You gotta sugar your new baby, right?" He teased.

Wade laughed. "It's true. I'm not quite on your level though."

"That's alright, he'll have me, too," Tony said as he put the phone to his ear.

"I take it you like him?" Wade smiled.

"We'll see how it goes," Tony said as the line connected.

Wade turned as Tony began talking to the person on the phone and quietly pushed the door back opened just enough to slip out without being heard.

He tiptoed down the hall and listened for the sound of video games being played, but he couldn't hear any. He did hear a different sound, however, and he focused his attention on it.

He could hear James breathing heavily and grunting rhythmically and Peter's own high-pitched grunts as well as his musical little giggle, and his stomach lurched. They weren't doing what he thought they were doing, were they?

They couldn't! James knew how important his partners' health and safety was to him and he knew he needed to be tested! Not only that, but Wade wasn't entirely sure how he felt about Peter or Tony playing with James quite yet when they'd barely had time to establish a relationship of their own.

He slunk as quickly as he could down the hallway searching for a glimpse of the two boys and what they were doing. When he didn't see them on the couch, his heart stuttered.

He quickly stepped to the edge of the living room and caught a glimpse of them. At least, the top of Peter's fluffy head bouncing up and down from the other side of the couch.

"C'mon! You're almost there, keep going!" Peter's voice, amidst giggles.

"Ain't even hard, I could do this all day." James' voice, panting and struggling like he was doing something physically demanding.

"You're shaking!"


"You're so close, I think I set the number too low!"

"Too late now! You're gonna owe me so many fig newtons and shortbread cookies."

"You really are a hundred."

Wade crept to the edge of the couch and peeked to the other side. A smile crept onto his face and his anxiety drained away almost immediately.

James was on the floor doing one-handed pushups and Peter was laid across his back, clinging tightly and giggling like crazy as he bounced up and down in the air.

"Are you keeping count?" James asked, sounding barely winded.

"Of course I am! There's no way you make it to two hundred with me on your back!"

"You underestimate my power, young grasshopper. Also," James huffed. "You're like a bird. You got hollow bones er somethin'."

Peter laughed again and Wade could see the pure, childlike, unfiltered joy on his face as James lifted him so easily.

He smiled and crossed his arms to watch, hearing Tony's footsteps coming down the hall. He turned and held his finger to his lips, then waved Tony forward to see what he was seeing. Tony stood beside him and Wade watched the smile growing across his face, too.

"I definitely made it past two hundred by now," James said, still rapidly pressing up and down like it was effortless.

"No, I'm counting! You have like, twenty more to go!"

"Easy," James said, speeding his pace.

"Oh my god!" Peter giggled, tightening his knees around James' waist to hold on better.

Suddenly James slowed down and his face had a bit of a confused look on it. "Uh, hey champ?"


"Uh…is that your, uh…are you getting…?" James trailed off, beginning to look embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry," Peter quickly stated. "This is just super hot."

"Oh my god," James muttered, his arm giving out and sending them both crashing to the floor.

"I'm so sorry Pete, but you can't touch me like that," he said, rolling over and attempting to lift Peter from on top of him.

"I'm really sorry, I couldn't help it! I could see your muscles moving and your shirt is tight and just, mmm," Peter said with a blush, scooting away from James where they sat on the floor. "Sorry I messed up your streak, you were so close to two hundred!"

Tony put his hand in front of his mouth to try to hide the chuckle that was rumbling from his chest, but the movement caught James' attention and he all but panicked.

His eyes turned huge and round and suddenly he was breathing like he'd run a marathon. He moved as far away from Peter as he could, as quickly as possible, eyes darting from Wade to Tony and back again.

"It's not what it looks like! I didn' touch 'im, I swear!" He forced out, looking too frightened to stand up. He looked straight to Wade and in a shaky voice he forced out, "Please don't punish me."

All eyes were on James then, and no one quite knew what to say.

"Babe, it's okay!" Wade tried to reassure. Tony walked around the couch and held his hand out to help Peter up, then they both offered to help James.

"We saw you two playing. What was the bet for?" Tony asked, trying to calm the terrified man. James slowly took the hands that Peter and Tony offered, standing cautiously to his feet.

"I said he couldn't do two hundred pushups on one hand and he said he could do it with me on his back. So I bet him snacks for a month," Peter said with a smile. "Looks like I owe you a lot of gross cookies."

"But I didn' make to two hundred," James stated honestly, not meeting anyone's eyes. "I'm sorry I was playin' with him, I probably should have asked. I'm real sorry." He put his hands on his stomach and Wade could tell he was working himself into a stomach ache with his worry.

"It's okay, you two were having fun. I'm glad to see the two of you getting along!" Wade informed him as he crossed the room to the smallest man. "You didn't do anything wrong, sweet stuff." He wrapped an arm around James' shoulders and squeezed him into a hug.

"If anything, I should apologize for going full salute on your back," Peter laughed awkwardly. "And I messed up your streak."

Wade felt James tense immediately at Peter's words and he looked up at Wade. "I didn' touch 'im, I didn'! I promise I didn' put a finger on 'im!"

"Honey! Baby, it's okay! Nobody's accusing you of anything. Were you guys going to play Pacman? I'll play," Wade said reassuringly.

"I call player one!" Peter announced, dashing to grab the controllers.

"Uh, why don't you guys go ahead and get started, I just have to run to the restroom. Excuse me," James said quietly, hurrying away before anyone could stop him.

Tony gave Wade a serious look and said, "I'm just gonna go talk to him."

"Be nice," Wade said, sitting on the couch to join Peter.

"Aren't I always?" Tony threw over his shoulder, walking slowly down the hall after James.

He stood a few steps outside of the bathroom and listened to the water running through the door, waiting for James to re-emerge. A few moments later and the door slowly opened. Tony heard James take a deep breath and then he timidly exited the bathroom.

"Hey," Tony said quietly, hoping not to scare the man too much. He still jumped anyway.

"Can we talk privately?" Tony asked, being sure to keep a few steps back from the fearful man.

"Uh, s-sure, did I do something wrong already?" He nervously laughed.

"No, nothing like that. Let's talk in Peter's room," Tony ushered the man across the hall, despite the look of panic on his face. "No big deal, I just want to talk." He followed James into the room and slowly began closing the door. When he heard James' breathing rising to the level of hyperventilation, he quickly took his hand off the knob.

"It's okay! I'll leave it open if it makes you more comfortable?" He suggested. James nodded, trying to hide the tears glistening in the corners of his eyes.

Tony slowly walked into the bedroom, taking a seat at the edge of Peter's bed again. When James watched him wearily from the middle of the room, he patted the bed gently in invitation.

James dropped his head and walked shakily to the bed, sitting gingerly a foot away. Tony heard him gulp.

"So…I guess you want me to take my clothes off?" He asked in almost a whisper.

"What? No! No no, nothing like that. I just…have a few questions for you. First off, no one in this house is going to punish you. For anything. Does someone punish you, James?" He asked, getting more comfortable on the mattress.

James let out a fake laugh and focused his eyes down on his toes. "Course not," he whispered.

Tony didn't quite believe the man, just based on his body language.

"Okay, well…did someone used to punish you?"

James sighed and looked slightly at Tony. "Nobody punishes me, I'm not a child. I'm not sure why I said that."

"Hmm. Do you feel safe here, James?" Tony asked, laying back and propping his head on his hand.

"I…suppose so. I don't really know you guys so well."

"You told me I could have whatever I wanted from you."

James slowly moved to look at Tony from the corner of his eyes. The way his ice-blue irises shifted without his expression changing made a chill run down Tony's spine.

"Were you talking about your body?" Tony pressed, voice quieter. James' head slowly turned more toward Tony and his strange quiet calm was unnerving.

"You never have to give your body to someone if you don't want to, you know that, right?" Tony asked, ignoring the frightening vibe the man was putting out. "No one here is going to judge or hurt you. Do you believe that?"

James' expression softened, and he really looked at Tony, his face unguarded this time. He looked exhausted and sad.


"Of course not. The goal here is just to get along. You're Wade's new love interest, and being so, Peter and I are interested in you. It's really as simple as that. Naturally, I feel the need to protect you because I don't want him getting hurt if you get hurt."

James' face turned a light shade of pink, but he seemed to be softening up around Tony.

"I have to ask you a serious question," Tony continued. "You can lay back if you want. Make yourself comfortable," Tony offered, watching as James did exactly that. He lay back and turned on his side, looking Tony in the eyes. His face looked so vulnerable it almost hurt to look at.

"It seems to me like someone might be hurting you," he stated once James was comfortable.

He expected the way James tensed up, his eyes widening and his pupils growing larger.

"Is that the case?" Tony pressed.

"What…makes you think that?" James asked cautiously. He was such a quiet person.

"Just some things I've noticed. The way you offered everything to me is one clue. You don't even know me, and I could see by your face that you didn't want me to touch you. So why would you say that to me? Clearly, it wasn't what you really wanted. Is that something you have to do to keep yourself safe?"

James rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling. He took a breath and opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but then he closed his mouth again.

"Hmmm," Tony hummed again. "Wanna tell me about it?"

"There's…nothing happening."

"I'm pretty good at knowing a lie when it's told to me there, sweetheart. You wanna try that again?"

He watched James' Adams apple bob in his throat as his eyes began searching the ceiling, as if for something to say.

"Is someone hurting you?" Tony repeated.

James sighed and turned slowly back to Tony. "It doesn't matter."

"It very much does matter, you matter. Can you tell me who?"

James stayed silent, watching Tony carefully, keeping his face guarded.

"Okay. Well, can you tell me how this person hurts you?" Tony moved on, trying for any bit of information he could get.

"Why do you care? You don't know me."

"Everyone deserves to be safe."

"I'm fine."

"So you definitely don't have serious anxiety due to whatever trauma you're going through?"

Tony watched James shut down after that. His face remained neutral and his mouth stayed shut. His crystal blue eyes studied Tony quietly.

Tony slowly reached forward and took James' hand gently, rubbing his thumb across the man's knuckles softly.

"You recognize me?" He asked in a low murmur.

"You're Tony Stark," James whispered back.

"Then you know who else I am?" Tony asked, pulling James' hand slowly until it rested against the faintly humming blue reactor in his chest.

"You're Ironman," James stated simply.

Tony couldn't help the little smirk that quirked his lips. He liked being known.

"So then you know that I can help you. I want to help you."

"You could hurt me, too. You could take advantage of me and use me for your own pleasure."

"Is that what's happening to you?"


Tony sighed. "Well, listen. I'm here for you. If you ever need to talk or vent or…turn someone in…" he trailed off. James breathed a tiny laugh and Tony smiled.

The older man was surprised when the younger began to scoot forward, toward him. He cuddled in close and tucked his head under Tony's chin, pressing his body against his, then wrapped his arms around Tony's waist.

Tony gently wrapped his arms around James in return. It was so different from the other two. Not nearly as tiny as Peter but not as tall or broad as Wade. He soothingly ran his hands up and down James' back.

James pressed himself further against Tony, almost painfully, as if he were trying to climb inside the man, and Tony felt him take a deep breath. He let the breath out shakily and Tony heard a few quiet whimpers fall out with it, before James began to whisper, almost inaudibly.

"Somebody's hurtin' me."

Tony nodded knowingly and held James tighter, rocking slightly as he rubbed at James' back soothingly.

"Thank you for trusting me with that," Tony whispered to James. "Is there anything you could show me?" He felt James nod against his chest and he loosened his grip so that James could move.

The younger man sat up, his face red with embarrassment and he wouldn't meet Tony's eyes again. Slowly, he reached for his shirt and began to pull it up sluggishly. He pulled it up to just under his armpits and looked down at himself. He had bruises, scrapes, and contusions littering his whole body. There were sickly green and purple bruises at his waist and hips where Brock had gripped him tightly and pinned him down, bite marks where he'd bitten with no regard to how tightly he clamped his jaw, his nipple was still faintly green from when Brock had pinched him the first time he'd abused him. His fingers had scraped long angry lines down his chest and onto his stomach. There was even faint bruising around his throat from being choked into submission.

He heard Tony murmuring under his breath and dared a glance up at the man.

He seemed to be completely focused on each and every mark on his body, one by one, like he was cataloging them.

"There's more, isn't there?" Tony asked finally. James nodded his head with big watery eyes and he watched Tony's jaw clench tightly.

"Are any of these from fighting?" He asked, trying to keep calm. James shook his head no, then shifted so that Tony could see his back. It was ten times worse when it came to the scratches. He pointed to the top of his shoulders and said: "This is from fightin'."

Tony didn't have the heart to tell him that the bruise he was pointing out was practically non-existent and completely drowned in red scrapes and scabs.

"Do you mind if I take some pictures?" Tony asked, wanting to reach out and touch, but holding back.

"Uh, f-for who?" James asked cautiously.

"For me. For evidence, if you decide to seek help. It'll be very good to have."

"You can't tell Wade about this," James said quietly, eyes flicking toward the open door. They'd been gone for a bit now, Peter and Wade might start to get suspicious soon.

"I won't tell Wade," Tony said, knowing he wasn't being entirely truthful. "Can you take your shirt off please and lay back?" He pulled a pair of yellow sunglasses from his shirt pocket and put them on, pressing them closer to his eyes.

James timidly did as he was told, keeping a very close eye on Tony as he did. The older man could completely understand his hesitance.

Once James had lain flat on the bed, Tony quickly got to work taking the pictures that he wanted. He clicked the side of his glasses and James could hear a shutter sound.

Tony got a picture of James' whole body from the top of his jeans to the very light bruises on his throat, then began focusing on certain places.

He gently placed his hand over James' hip, just over a strangely shaped bruise and demonstrated how it most certainly was from a (much bigger than his own) whole hand squeezing tightly.

He then took hold of James' wrists, pulling them above his head and pinning them gently one over the other, explaining the bruise on the top of his left wrist. He took a picture of that as well, then moved to the small round bruises on the underside of the younger man's biceps. He took a picture showing both arms, then gently placed his thumb inside of one of the bruises, demonstrating how it was from a hand holding the poor man down.

It took him a moment to realize that James' breathing had escalated and his heart was hammering its way out of his chest. He realized that he was straddling the man's waist and holding him in exactly the same way his attacker had and he quickly shifted off the man.

"Sorry, I should have thought about that a bit better," Tony admitted. "Can I just get a few of your back? I won't ask to see more."

James quickly pulled himself to a sitting position as he nodded and turned. Tony got a few quick shots, some of his whole back and some focusing on perfectly placed teeth marks and clearly finger-shaped scrapes, then he took his glasses off.

"You did amazingly, I'm proud of you," Tony said honestly, handing James his shirt back. The man quickly pulled it back over his head and looked at Tony from over his shoulder.

"You can't tell anyone, only I can," he said in a strange, hoarse voice.

"You're right, but now we have for sure proof, and you have me too. I'm here if you need me. And you know that Wade is too. He'll want to know about this."

"I know, but I can't bring myself to tell him," James admitted, standing slowly from the bed.

"Well, you need to tell someone soon."

James let out a wry chuckle and smoothed his hair back. "Yeah," he whispered.

"You know, I could use my StarkTech to find out exactly who it is and get them behind bars tonight," Tony offered. James turned wide eyes at him and didn't respond. Tony put his hands in the air. "Just an offer."

"Guys! Food's here!" They heard Wade call from the kitchen. Tony smiled and looked back at James.

"Thank you for trusting me," he said again, and James stepped forward to hug Tony tightly. He sighed and held him for just a moment before James released him.

"Let's go eat," Tony smiled, ushering James from the room with a gentle hand on his shoulder.

After that, the man seemed much more at ease. He didn't jump or flinch as much when someone made a sudden movement and he smiled more. He wasn't afraid to be near anyone either. He didn't try to hide himself away when someone looked at him, and Tony felt glad that he could help get the man's traumas off his chest, even if just a little.

They decided after they ate to gather on the couch and watch a movie together and James settled himself nearly in Wade's lap, cuddled in close. Peter cuddled into Wade's other side and Tony sat beside James.

He caught Peter gripping James' hand gently in Wade's lap and smiled. He was glad the two of them were getting along.

They didn't get very far into the movie before James had fallen asleep against Wade's chest and Tony couldn't help but snuggle into the pile of men on the couch, wrapping his arms around James' waist. He could get used to this. He leaned up to Wade and kissed him gently before he whispered into his ear.

"He told me his secret. I'm not supposed to tell you."

James groaned in his sleep and shifted then, laying farther down and pressing his body against Tony's.

"We'll talk later," Tony whispered, holding James tighter. "But I'm liking this," Tony admitted.

"Good," Wade smiled.


James woke to Wade gently shaking him, and he opened his eyes to see the end credits rolling across the giant screen in front of them. He quickly sat up, realizing that he'd somehow managed to end up tangled in Tony's arms as well as Wade's, and Peter was still holding his hand. He glanced at the three of them and saw that they were all eyes on him, though they all wore tired smiles on their faces.

"I'm so sorry, I fell asleep!" He yawned, trying to disentangle himself.

"No problem sweetheart, you must have been pretty tired. You wanna go to bed?"

"It's probably pretty late, I should get goin' home. Or…to your place if you want me to," James suggested, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"It is late, I'd rather you just stayed here. No need to have you out this late just to go be alone," Wade stated, sounding a tad paternal even to his own ears. Tony smirked at him as he sat up and stretched out.

"Yeah, let's have a sleepover!" Peter cooed excitedly, rubbing at his own eyes with his sweater covered paws and yawning.

"You really don't mind?" James asked Peter as he sat up and turned his head, cracking his neck. "I don't take up much room, I can sleep on the couch. I just need a blanket."

"Not even a pillow?" Peter asked incredulously. "And, no, you're not sleeping on the couch. There's more than enough room with us," Peter said definitively. "C'mon." Peter stood and took James' hand, pulling him to his feet and dragging him toward the bedroom.

Tony and Wade smiled at each other as they stood and began shutting down the electronics in the living room.

"I think Peter really likes him," Ton