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The Illicit Memoirs of a Noble Bastard

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Everything is awful and I don’t want to talk about it. Instead, I recently caught a glimpse - on accident - of a friend’s diary. He wrote in such graphic detail, I’m certain that he could sell copies for a great deal of money, so why shouldn’t I try the same? Instead of dwelling over everything that’s wrong, I will start recording my memoirs and the vast experience I have had in my life - and will continue to have throughout my immortality.

I suppose the most sensible place to begin is, well… the beginning!

The first time I used my body as part of a transaction, I was still living in my father's home. At the time, I hadn't quite meant for that to happen, but I’m glad it did. It also played a large role in inspiring me to finally strike out on my own.

He was an older man - let’s call him Lord Rodryk, for the sake of my story. There was nothing at all attractive about him, aside from his money and the fact that he was attracted to me. Other than that, his hair had already begun to turn gray, he had an awful moustache, and soft enough around the middle, that you could tell he had enough money to eat quite well. But I'd been so accustomed to being treated as second-rate, that when someone paid me the slightest attention, I was almost immediately enthralled. Here was another member of High Rock nobility, but unlike all the others, he treated me as though I mattered.

The first time we met, there was only harmless flirting. He began the conversation asking the name of my tailor, because he admired how expertly my robes had been taken in at the waist to show off my figure. From there, he continued on about how the blue silk really brought out the color in my eyes, that my hair was a richer gold than any jewelry I could wear… I basked in the attention.

These fancy, high-class parties would happen quite often, so I didn't have to wait much longer to see my Rodryk again. This time, he anticipated meeting with me again and brought a little gift of gold earrings set with aquamarine. I wanted to try them on straightaway, so I hurried off to my chambers with Rodryk following right behind. He watched with pride as I stood excitedly in front of my mirror and put on my new jewelry.

I was so taken by the way my eyes matched the sparkle in the gems, I hardly noticed Rodryk had moved behind me until he lifted a hand to gently brush strands of hair behind my ear to more easily admire his gift. But he didn’t stop there. He leaned in and gently nosed at my hair, then started to gently brush his lips against my neck.

Deep down, there was a part of me who knew the “right” thing to do was to push him away, but instead, I just stood there.

“By the Eight, you are so beautiful,” he muttered and gently slid his hands around my waist.

Still, I did not pull away. I loved the attention. Had I encountered him under ordinary circumstances, I’m certain I wouldn’t have looked twice at him. But he treated me like I was special. He gave me jewelry and didn’t care that I was a “bastard.” I didn’t care that he wasn’t exactly the most attractive person I’d seen. Right then, I would have gladly let him do anything he wanted to me - and so I did.

[[END HERE FOR T(h)oT, the rest is by reader request]]

As he pressed closer, I could feel the bulge in his trousers as he pressed against my backside. Even though I was still young, I wasn’t completely naive. This was clearly a transaction. No one would be so kind as to show such generosity and expect nothing was return. Rodryk expected a favor for a favor, and to my own surprise, I was glad to oblige.

His hand slid over my chest and began to unfasten my tunic. For the moment, I simply relaxed against him, allowing Rodryk to take control. He gently brushed his lips along my neck, and before long, I felt his hand slide beneath my clothes. Rodryk took his time grazing his fingers over my skin until he reached a nipple. His finger gently encircled the sensitive flesh for just a moment before he gave a firm pinch. I gasped and squirmed in his grip.

In response, Rodryk let out a soft groan and pressed himself even more firmly against me. So he liked it when I was vocal? I easily took note of that and whined some more as I pressed back against him, wordlessly begging for more. My own trousers had begun to feel quite tight, as well. The illicitness of this whole situation was so exciting. A much older man - married, no doubt - lusted after me, and was willing to gift me luxurious jewels so that I would allow him to use my body in whatever dirty fantasy he had imagined. It didn’t matter who he was or what he looked like. I loved being wanted.

“Is this all it takes to get you worked up?” Rodryk taunted in a low, husky voice. His free hand slid down to my groin and gave my length a firm squeeze through my clothes. “One little present gets you this hard? Or maybe that’s not it. Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about me all this time, just waiting for me to shove you down and take you…”

Though I was still covered in layers of fabric, I was certain he could feel my cock practically jump into his touch. The more he wanted me, the more excited I became.

“Y-yes, M’Lord,” I mumbled and pressed my hips forward into his hand.

Instead of giving more, he pulled his hand away, but finally started to work on removing my clothes. “Let’s have a good look at you, shall we?”

I feel I might have been a bit too eager to shrug off my tunic. I tossed it aside and reached back to hold onto Rodryk, keeping him close. Meanwhile, he unfastened my belt, though it felt like it took ages for him to remove my trousers. With my torso bare, he took his time trailing his hands over my sun-kissed skin, appreciating my slender form, (I hate to admit I was a bit skinny back then, and hadn’t gained muscle tone until after I left home). We were still at my vanity dresser, so I could see everything in the mirror. I thought I looked absolutely stunning as I writhed under his touch, with my cheeks tinted a light shade of pink.

Rodryk trailed his hands along my hips and teasingly slid his fingers below my waistband. Again, I nudged my hips forward, to try and urge him to work more quickly. Of course, I could have simply removed the pants myself, but it was fun to let him feel like he was in charge.

“Need something?” He asked with a low, breathy chuckle.

I nodded. “Too many clothes.”

Rodryk tsked at me, idly trailing his fingers over my clothes and down my inner thigh. “After I’ve given you such a generous gift, you’d still ask for more? What a greedy little thing you are.”

“Please, my Lord, I’m begging you!” I pleaded in as desperate of a voice as I could manage.

Just as I had hoped, Rodryk finished his work and tugged my trousers down to my knees. I shuddered as he took my cock in a firm grip and slowly rubbed his thumb in circles over the head. “Look at you.” He used his free hand to tilt my chin, making sure I was watching in the mirror. Of course, I had been, all along. “Look at what a mess you are. Already dripping so much for me, and I’ve barely laid a finger on you yet.”

Although I might only be a bastard, my father still was a noble, so I imagine it must have been exciting for Rodryk to debase a high society brat. It would have been so easy for him to toss a few coins around at the local brothel, but clearly the man had certain refined tastes that only I could satisfy.

For a moment, I lost my focus on pleasing him. I leaned my head back against his shoulder and began steadily rocking my hips forward into his hand, desperate to relieve this ache that had begun to build. Just as I let my eyes fall shut, I could feel his other hand move up my torso again, until he finally brushed his fingers against my lips. I automatically slid my tongue forward and began sucking gently on his fingers. This was the first time I had submitted myself to another man, but it was not my first time, completely. I knew what would be coming very soon, and I knew I wanted his fingers coated very well with saliva - if not the oils I had stashed away in a drawer somewhere.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally pulled his hand away and lowered it between my legs. We were still at my mirror (I suppose he must have enjoyed the view as well as I did), so I quickly kicked my trousers off the rest of the way, and lifted one leg to rest a knee on the dresser-top to get a better view as he slid two fingers into me.

For all his gilded words, Lord Rodryk was not quite so gentle with his actions. He had shown me sufficient kindness, and now it was clear he meant to take what he wanted - what he had earned.

It didn’t take long before the ache faded. I relaxed around his fingers as he steadily continued working me open. He clearly didn’t want to waste much time on this, since after just a moment, he pulled his hand away again and started to tug down his own slacks. It took this opportunity to reach into a nearby drawer and retrieve a vial of oil for Rodryk to use. He took the oil and quickly spread it over his hardened length before positioning himself at my entrance.

I eagerly leaned back, but he teasingly pulled away from me with a breathy chuckle. “Is something the matter?” he asked after I let out a soft, needy whine.

Please, m’Lord,” I muttered. “Please, I need you so bad!”

Acting like a desperate little slut came so easily to me, almost like second nature. Perhaps that’s because it simply is my nature to be desired so carnally. I felt as if I had this Lord wrapped around my finger, and it felt incredible.

Just as expected, Rodryk wasted no more time. He thrust into me with one quick snap of his hips, causing me to loudly cry out. His hand clapped over my mouth to keep me silent, so that no prying eyes might come investigate the source of the noise.

Once he was fully inside, he paused for a moment, whether it was to allow me a moment to collect myself or to savor that tight heat gripping his cock, I cannot say for certain. Either way, it suited me perfectly well and gave me time to adjust and relax. Rodryk began with slow, shallow thrusts. I shuddered slightly to feel him moving inside me, but it didn’t take long before I was ready and desperate for more.

I purposely tensed around him for just a brief moment, only to tease. He buried his face against my neck and let out a muffled groan as he rocked into me a bit harder, finally. “Mara’s tits, you feel incredible,” he mumbled and picked up a steady pace. His hand moved from my mouth to securely grip around my torso for leverage.

All the while, my eyes never left the mirror. I was fascinated by my own appearance - already quite a mess, a thin string of precum dripping from my cock down to the surface of the dresser, yet still quite lovely, wearing nothing but those beautiful new earrings. I couldn’t resist sliding a hand down to grip my own length, but Rodryk quickly batted it away.

“No, not unless I say so,” he demanded and roughly pushed me forward so that I was nearly on top of my vanity, face pressed into the mirror. “I’m the only thing that’s going to make you cum. You don’t finish until I’m through with you, understand?”

I could barely reply. All I managed was a soft moan and strained nod of the head.

“Good boy,” he praised and continued his thrusts at a rougher, less forgiving pace.

I did my best to focus and hold off as long as I could, but it proved quite difficult. I had been loving every minute of this. Eventually, I feared I couldn’t go on any longer, and tried to speak up barely able to form words, “Rodryk, I can’t-- I’m gonna--”

But it was enough for him to understand what I was trying to say. He moved his free hand down to take my length in a firm grip, preventing me from finishing too soon.

“Already, huh?” he taunted. “You love my cock that much, it’s all it takes for you?”

As he continued, I focused on squeezing around him some more, trying to take my mind off the unbearable pressure that had started to build. I needed him to finish so that I could finally find relief, as well.

After what somehow felt both like an eternity, but also nowhere nearly long enough, Rodryk bucked his hips one last time, and I could feel him throbbing inside me as he filled me up. But still, he kept his grip firm and pulled me upright once again. The mirror had been terribly smudged, but I could still see well enough.

“Look at you,” he muttered, idly kissing along my shoulder. “You’re such a mess.”

I bit my lip and watched as he pulled himself out and droplets of his cum ran down my thigh. He moved his free hand down between my legs to feel the mess he had made.

“I want you to see what a messy slut you are.”

I wanted to see it too.

He brought his fingers to my lips, and I dutifully licked them clean - every last drop.

“Very good. You’ve earned this.” He finally relaxed his grip on me and began to steadily stroke. “Come on, sweetheart, cum for me.”

And I did, quite enthusiastically. It didn’t take much coaxing until I finally hit my peak, ropes of thick cum shooting onto my mirror. I writhed in his grip, hips bucking and twitching even after I had spilled my last drop.

Once it was all over, I sighed and leaned bonelessly against my dresser as Rodryk finally let me go and tucked himself back into his trousers. He made sure he looked decent and paused to give me a light smack on the bottom. “Since you’re such a good boy for me, maybe next time I’ll bring you another present. Would you like that:”

I glanced over my shoulder, smiling weakly at him, but gave an eager nod.

“I knew you would,” he chuckled softly with a smirk and headed for the door, leaving me as if nothing unusual had happened at all.


This chapter is dedicated to my dear friend Jaques Benoit, who has been like a brother to me, and gave me this incredible idea to record my memoirs.