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Wedding Bells

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A few years had passed since their days of changing hearts in the Metaverse and saving the world from the god of control. Nowadays, the Phantom Thieves were just living more normal lives as college students and adults. In the time, relationships had bloomed to life amongst the group: Ren and Makoto were engaged to be married, along with Ryuji and Ann, Futaba and Yusuke were starting to express their feelings for one another, and even Haru was seeing someone. It was needless to say that they were living pretty full and happy lives. At least once a week, the group would meet at Leblanc to talk and just be together, keeping their friendships strong.

Today was one of those days, as the young adults sat around a table, drinking coffee and chatting about life and school. It almost seemed as if nothing had changed over nearly three years, other than the topics being discussed.

“The next few weeks couldn’t go by any slower!” Ann said with a huff before leaning against her fiancé, who was reading something on his phone.

“Yeah, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done..” Ryuji said, looking at her.

“A double wedding should be so much fun!” Haru stated, smiling while sipping at her coffee. “I’m so excited for all of you!”

“Isn’t marriage just a paper, though?” Morgana asked, jumping up on the table. “I mean, you guys already live together. It’s like you’re married already… why do you need this big thing anyway?”

“It’s a celebration, Mona-Chan!” Haru said, quite enthusiastically. She insisted on paying for everything, even though they told her not to.

Makoto smiled at this, nodding a little.
“It is, and it will also feel a little bit more… official, I suppose.” She looked over the rest of the group. “Thank you all so much though for all of your help.”

Yusuke gave a small smile, nodding.
“It will be a grand occasion, and I am honored to have helped.”

“You did make the designs for the invitations.” Ren said, smiling at him.

“Yeah!” Ryuji said, looking over. “Dude, they turned out freakin’ amazing! You should be proud!”

Futaba looked up from her computer, joining in on the conversation.
“The invitations are nice, but there isn’t a huge guest list. Mostly us, family members, and some people Ren knows from Inaba. Don’t weddings usually have a ton of people? Like.. at least 100?”

“We don’t need a ton of people.” Ann said, smiling and leaning up against Ryuji. “Just the people we care about, plus a few.”

“I agree.” Makoto stated, nodding along. “Though, I wish it would come sooner. All of this planning is exhausting. With how much I’ve been doing at school, I haven’t even had time to pick out a dress yet…” she sighed, tapping her finger on the table.

“Well that’s something we should do!” Ann said, straightening up. “I have to as well, and I think it would be so fun to go together!”

Haru perked up, smiling at them. “Oh, would you mind if I tagged along? That sounds absolutely divine!”

Makoto smiled, nodding. “Of course!” She said, smiling up at Ren. “We will be sure to surprise you.” Makoto said before kissing his cheek.

Ren chuckled a bit, nodding. “I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.” He told her, giving her a small kiss in return.

“So it’s settled, then?” Haru asked, tilting her head a bit to the side.

The rest agreed, finishing up their coffees and taking the rest of the time to just relax in each other’s company.


After that, the girls made a plan to go out shopping for wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. Ann had called Shiho, telling her the plan as she went with them. After all, she was Ann’s maid of honor, it was only fair that she was along for the shopping. Futaba had stayed behind, making a music playlist for the reception(which could either go extremely well, or horrible). The wedding was only a few weeks away, and there was so much that needed to be done.

Ann and Makoto looked through wedding dresses, neither of them sure what to pick. They had their colors picked out already: red, black, and white. A subtle reminder to their days as the Phantom Thieves.

“All of these are nice, but…” Makoto sighed, shaking her head. There wasn’t time to get a custom made without it costing an arm and leg, so what were they going to do? Even if Haru had offered to pay, she wasn’t just going to do that to her friend. “I have this idea in my head for what I want, and I can’t seem to figure it out…”

Ann nodded in agreement, walking back over. “Yeah, I keep finding things I think would be absolutely perfect for you, but not what I want for me…”

Makoto looked at her. “Same here, I guess that’s what happens when it’s a double wedding, huh?”

In that moment, an idea popped into Shiho’s head, since she had been helping Ann try to decide.
“What about this, though? What if… you found things for one another? You seem to know what would be nice.”

The two looked at the other. That wasn’t a bad idea. Not in the slightest, actually. Besides, that could be fun! With that, the two nodded at the other and were off. Before long, they were able to find exactly what the other was looking for, putting them on before coming out for the others to see.

Makoto had a lovely, strapless floor length dress with a black lace trim, red gloves reaching almost all the way up her arms.
Ann’s dress was a bit different. It was short in the front, just above her knees while it had a long train with roses accenting the edges. It was almost strapless, but had lace covering her chest and arms like sleeves.

Haru gasped when she saw them, putting her hands on her mouth while smiling.
“You two look… absolutely beautiful!” She said, going over to hug them. “Oh! And I found these for you!” She said before walking over to where she was and pulling out two matching veils, both with red roses accenting them.

“Haru-Chan… these are-“ Makoto was at a loss for words as she smiled, looking at Ann.

“They’re perfect!” Ann said, making a little squealing noise before hugging her three friends. “Thank you… really, this means so much!”

Makoto nodded, doing her best not to start crying. She was just so happy! Not only was she marrying the love of her life, but she got to share it with the people who mean the most to her. She couldn’t be more happy!

Not long after, the girls had the dresses paid for and packed up, taking them back to their homes and meeting back up to work on more.


On the other side of town, Ren and Ryuji were instructed to order the cake. They had all decided on a design and what flavors they wanted, all they needed to do was order it and give the bakery the specific instructions as to what they wanted. What they had decided on was a three tier cake: the large, bottom tier would be black with red stars, the middle tier would be red and black checkerboard pattern, and finally the top tier would be white with black designs.

It was all planned out. Ren and Ryuji walked into the bakery, talking with each other with a sketch of what the cake would look like, courtesy of Yusuke. The two walked up to the counter, Ren taking charge and looking at the person behind it.

“Hello, we would like to order a cake for our wedding.” He said, not realizing how it looked with Ryuji standing beside him.

The clerk blinked, looking at the two. “Oh? Yes, of course…” They said before getting out the order form. “Just put down the information here. When will you two be married?” They asked, looking over the two young men.

The two blinked, looking at each other and just giving that look.

“Oh, about two weeks from now.” Ren said, wrapping an arm around Ryuji, making him smirk.

“That’s right, we are so excited. Aren’t we, Dear.” Ryuji stated, Ren trying his damn best not to bust out laughing at that comment. This was almost too perfect, and if any of the others knew about this they would never hear the end of it.

“Oh, most definitely.” Ren retorted, smirking to himself. Oh boy, would he have a time telling Makoto about what happened.

Ryuji looked like he was nearly at his breaking point, trying not to break out in hysterical laughter. But he was committed at this point! He wrapped his arm around Ren’s waist, looking up at him. “I almost can’t wait any longer~”

That was it. Ren couldn’t take it anymore. It was in that moment that he just broke out laughing, letting go of Ryuji and doing his best to compose himself before turning to the young woman behind the counter. “No, it’s not like that. He’s my best friend, and we are having a double wedding.” he explained, smiling and putting the cake design down on the counter and filling out the form in front of him while Ryuji talked to the person behind the counter, showing off pictures of Ann, and Makoto for Ren.

Before long, they were sitting at a table, talking about what they wanted for the cake, and what the girls wanted with it as well. Neither of the young men had realized how many little details went into just a cake! However, before they knew it, everything was organized with the bakery and they were on their way. Ren sent a message to Makoto, asking her how things were going on their end.

R: Hey, we just finished up with the cake, how are you all?

M: We are doing great! Got our dresses and such, and now we are headed over to Leblanc for some coffee.

R: Can we join you?

M: I don’t see why not. We already sent our things to be put for safekeeping until the wedding.

R: Okay. We will see you soon then. I love you

M: Love you too.

Ren smiled, putting his phone in his pocket and looking at Ryuji.
“The girls are headed to Leblanc, I told them we would meet them there.”

“That sounds great right now.” Ryuji stated, sighing. “Who knew something as simple as a cake would be so stressful…” He said, still a little confused by that.

“Weddings in general are stressful.” Ren said, walking. “But it will be all worth it when the day finally does come.”

“Hell yeah!” Ryuji said, laughing a bit to himself before shaking his head. “Man, I can’t believe we are getting married…” He said, musing over the thought. “I mean, I liked Ann for a real long time before I finally asked her out…” He remembered the day well. Valentine’s Day while they were in their second year at Shujin. After everything that had happened in the Metaverse, Ryuji just felt like after all they had been through, maybe a relationship with her wouldn’t be so bad. He never expected her to accept, though.

The two talked more on their way over to Leblanc. When they got there, the four girls were sitting together in a booth, talking and laughing amongst each other. Ren smiled, walking over and sitting down at the counter, facing them.
“You all look like you had a good time.” he said, gazing at Makoto.

Makoto looked over at him, smiling. “Well, it was a successful trip, if that’s what you’re asking.” She said, sipping at her coffee.

“Well, I would hope it was.” He said, laughing a little to himself. “Our trip was… interesting to say the least.” Ren stated, glancing over at Ryuji.

Ryuji laughed to himself, nodding. “You could say that again!”

Ann looked up, blinking a bit and tilting her head. “What do you mean by that?” She asked, noticeably curious about the boy’s adventure. “How interesting was it?”

The two young men looked at one another before looking back to the others. “We will tell you later.” Ryuji said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Ren nodded a bit, smiling before going over to Makoto’s side and wrapping his arm around her. “I can’t believe how fast this has come up…” he said, thinking to himself about how the wedding would go. There was still a lot to do, but at least most of the big things were taken care of. ‘Take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves’, as it’s said.

Ann smiled a bit, looking up at Ryuji. “I think that it’s taking too long. I want to be married already!” She said, pouting slightly. “We’ve been engaged for over a year now, and I just want to be married!”

Ryuji smiled a bit at her before walking over and stroking her hair. “Don’t worry… it will be here really soon. We are finally going to be married, and I promise I will never walk out on you…” There was a sense of sadness in his voice as he said that, but he shook his head before smiling and kissing the crown of her head. “And you know I don’t back down on my promises!”

The blue eyed girl looked up at him, frowning slightly before turning around to hug him. “I know you won’t…” she said, smiling up at him. “You aren’t like that, and I know you keep your promises..” Ann said, kissing his cheek. “You worry too much, Ryuji.”

He chuckled under his breath, a small smile crossing the corners of his lips before looking at her. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean it, though! And when we have kids, I promise I’ll be the best dad ever-” He said, not really realizing what he was implying at first.

Ann blinked, blushing and looking up at him. “Wait, so you do want kids…?” she asked, a bit flustered by the idea right now.

Ryuji looked at her, smiling and laughing a bit nervously. “I-I mean… well, yeah. One day, sure. Kids sound like fun, don’t you think? I mean, unless you don’t want any, that’s cool too. I just thought that…” he trailed off a bit, the idea in his mind that he wanted to prove that he could be a better father than his father was.

Ann smiled, kissing his cheek and taking his hand. “Let’s just worry about the wedding for now, then we can talk about little ones.” She said, a gentle smile on her face. Ryuji nodded in agreement, looking at her.

Ren and Makoto smiled a bit at this interaction, going back to their conversation about floral arrangements. Roses, of course, were going to be the main flower in their arrangements, but stargazer lilies were also up in the air for an accent. The problem with them, though, were that they were large and pink. It threw off the red theme just slightly. Even working in the flower shop, Ren was at a bit of a loss.

“And I thought the cake was difficult, but the flowers? This is nearly impossible to figure out what will be perfect…” Ren said, sighing a bit to himself.

Sojiro overheard this, placing a cup of coffee in front of Ren. “You kids are stressing too much over this. Take a break, relax for a minute.” He said, walking back behind the counter. He was right, they had been non stop working on this, not really taking time to just relax and think about something other than the wedding. Which was slowly draining not only their energy, but a little bit of their sanity as well. They did need a break.

“Yeah, but what are we going to do?” Makoto asked, leaning back with a sigh. “It’s not like we can just get away right now with the wedding so close.”

“Well…” Haru piped up, putting her hands together. “How about a spa day for you four? I’m sure a full day will be just what you need. We can take care of everything else, you all just focus on the actual event itself.”

“Mm, that sounds nice…” Ann said, musing at the idea. “I could go for being pampered.” She said, smiling.

“Yeah, but ain’t spas super pricey?” Ryuji asked, rubbing his fiancés shoulders and getting a small noise out of her.

“Don’t worry about that.” Haru said, smiling at them with that smile that they couldn’t argue with.

“Haru,” Ren said, sitting up a bit. “We can’t ask you to do that. You’ve done so much for us already.” She really had. Not only was she paying for everything, but she insisted on her boyfriend to do the catering for the reception. Not that he complained, he was like a lovesick puppy who would do anything she asked him to do. Yori was also a Shujin alumni who graduated a year before Haru and Makoto did. Before leaving for Europe to study culinary arts, he had confessed feelings for Haru. Once he returned and heard about her engagement being broken off, he asked if he had a chance. Which Haru happily accepted.

“Nonsense!” She said, her little smile intensifying. “I insist upon it.”
The rest of them knew that they weren’t going to get around this. Once Haru’s mind was made up, there was no changing it.

Ren sighed, nodding. “Well, if you insist.” He said, chuckling to himself. “I suppose there’s no way around it.” The others laughed lightly at that comment, knowing that it was true.




Their day at the spa was planned for a few days before their wedding date, so that they could relax with the celebration being so close. The two couples arrived at the spa that Haru had picked out for them, she had rented it out just for them so that they could have a bit of privacy. They kept insisting that she didn’t need to go that far, only to get ‘you need to be fully relaxed’ in return. In the past week, the rest of the little things had been taken care of; the flowers, the final guest list, the menu, everything was all set. Naturally, there were still small meetings to be done and the recital, but other than that everything was in order.

Massages were the first thing that were on the agenda, deep tissue and full body massages before the girls went off to get manicures and pedicures. Honestly, this was exactly what they needed. Haru was right, they needed this time to just relax.

“I can’t believe how close it is…” Makoto mused, leaning back as she got her feet rubbed.

Ann nodded at her statement, smiling. “It really did come super fast.” She said, closing her eyes and relaxing. “I’m so excited!”

“As am I.” Makoto responded, smiling to herself. “Since we have a break off of school, Ren and I can go on our honeymoon without having to worry about taking time off.” That was just like Makoto, worrying about the performance in her classes, and how those choices would affect them later.

“Yeah, you’re graduating at the end of this year, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.” Makoto said with a smile. “And Ren a year after that.”

“You seem to have everything planned out.”

“Well, not everything, but it is nice to have a plan.”

Ann nodded a bit, she had that much right. A plan was always helpful, even if you had to wing it after that. “You’re right on the dot with that one.”

Makoto gave a small smile, looking over at her. “My plan, for now, is to graduate and then have Ren do the same. After that, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I’m sure we will figure it out, though. What about you two?”

Ann smiled back, but shrugged a little. “I’m not really sure yet. I guess we'll just have to see where life takes us. I have my modeling work, and Ryuji has been going to school. So I’m sure we will just continue with that…”

“Understandable, really it’s just

getting back to normal life.” Makoto said, smiling to herself.

The two girls talked for a while more, relaxing and just enjoying their time at the spa. The guys were having similar conversations, as if paralleling the girls and talking about similar topics. With the wedding so close, they couldn’t help but talk about the future. After all, this was a huge step in their lives, and it was only natural to wonder what was to come.




The rest of the day at the spa was mostly spent with chatting amongst the four, and all around relaxing before they parted ways. With how relaxed they really were, they were honestly ready to sleep.

Makoto stretched, sighing in relief. “That was nice, I really needed that..” she said, smiling over at her fiancé. “How do you feel?” She asked, walking over to go get changed into more comfortable clothes before plopping down on the bed and letting out a deep breath.

Ren rolled over and wrapped an arm around her waist, cuddling into her. “I feel amazing,” he said. “Loose and relaxed, it’s really nice.”

Makoto smiled, giggling lightly to herself and cuddling into his chest. “I’m glad, me too.” She smiled, looking up at him before wrapping her arms around him. “Just a few more days…” She glanced at the ring that was on his finger with a smile, remembering their proposal a few years prior. It was on her birthday, and it was the best surprise she could have asked for.

“Hard to believe it’s happening so soon, after all this time,” Ren admitted, playing with his engagement ring. “It always felt like something that was going to be ‘someday’, you know? And now it’s happening.” He kissed her temple gently, sighing in delight.

“I know just what you mean.” Makoto said, smiling more when he kissed her head. “That ‘someday’ will be here in just a few days.” She said, looking up at him before placing a kiss on his chin. “I’m honestly just so excited. A little nervous as well, but I’ve heard that’s normal. At least, I think?”

“I’ve heard that, too,” Ren agreed. “I think it’s normal. It’s a pretty big step. Even though we’ve been together so long, it’s a big thing.” He ran his fingers gently through her hair, tipping her head up and kissing her lips lightly.

Makoto smiled gently against his lips, kissing him back softly before nodding. “I suppose so.” She looked up at him, reaching up to play with his hair. “Haru has been incredibly insistent on everything… I can only imagine what it’ll be like when she gets married,” she said, smiling a little to herself.

“I’ve heard the term ‘bridezilla’...” Ren said with a twinkle in his eye. “Honestly, I’m sure whenever Yori pops the question, she’ll have a very clear idea of what she wants and will make it happen.”

“I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. I feel like they’ll be married within a few months after he asks.” Makoto said, thinking about how Haru might want to do things. It was clear that Yori wanted to ask her, it just hadn’t happened yet. However, everyone knew that it would be soon.

“Probably,” Ren agreed. “They waited longer than we did to start dating, after all.” He stretched, his joints popping delightfully as he groaned. “I need to do spa days more often. I feel like a lump of happiness.” He wiggled his toes. “First time I’ve ever had a pedicure.”

“I agree, I can go for being pampered a little more as well.” Makoto said in a giggle, kissing his cheek. “And how does that feel?” She asked, a light, teasing tone to her voice.

“Letting someone else handle my feet was weird,” Ren admitted, wrapping his arms around her and tugging her to lay on his chest. “But once I got used to it, I liked it. Though the bottoms of my feet are ridiculously ticklish; the scrubbing part almost had me kicking someone in the face.”

“Oh really…?” Makoto asked, a smirk crossing her face before looking up at him with a somewhat devious smile. Oh, would she have fun with that later. She was taking that into account for when she needed to get what she wanted out of him.

“I feel it only fair to warn you that I will kick you if you tickle me,” Ren said, returning her grin. “Just so you know, love o’ my life.”

“Oh, my love, I would like to see you try.” Makoto said in response, looking up at him. “Who said I wouldn’t fight back? I don’t care if it’s you, there will be consequences.”

“I feel like we’d have to go to war,” Ren said mock-solemnly. “That would be uncomfortable. Let’s avoid it.”

“Hmmm, alright.” Makoto said, snuggling closer into his chest. “I have other methods of getting you to talk, anyway,” she teased, smiling to herself. “And you know that.”

“Those are far more effective,” Ren agreed, his voice a soft purr as he ran his fingertips up and down her spine. “I’ll agree to pretty much anything, depending on what you do.”

Makoto squeaked lightly at his touch, blushing and looking up at him. “No fair, you caught me off guard…” she said, mockingly sounding upset.

“Oh, did I?” Ren asked, grinning down at her as he slipped a hand under her shirt to stroke her skin. “How about this?”

“Well played, Joker. Well played…” Makoto said, moving closer to him. “I hate when you do that, you make it so I can’t say no and you look at me with that stupid-adorable face of yours and I just-“ she sighed, looking at him. “It makes me just… melt.” She said, smiling lightly as she put her hand on her fiancé’s cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, my Queen,” Ren replied, leaning into her touch as he closed his eyes for a moment. “You do realize you do the same thing to me as well, right? When you look up at me with your enormous, lovely eyes, I can’t resist you.” He opened his eyes, taking his glasses off and putting them aside.

Makoto blushed lightly, but smiled and began to play with his hair. “You know, I really hope that you do your hair back for the wedding.” She said, looking into his eyes. “You have such pretty eyes, and I want to actually see them for a change.” There was a light, teasing tone in her voice for the last part, but Ren could tell that she was being genuine about that part. “Please? For me?”

“Mmm,” Ren hummed. “I think I can do that. I might even put product in my hair and comb it back. Do you want me to wear contacts for the ceremony, or would that be too drastic a change?” She’d asked for so little as far as details in the wedding, and this seemed like an easy thing to do.

“Whatever you feel comfortable with..” Makoto said with a smile before kissing his nose. “If you’re happy and comfortable, that’s all that matters to me…” she said, humming gently to herself while playing with his hair more.

“I haven’t worn contacts in years,” Ren mused. “I’d have to see if my prescription has changed, and get new lenses.” He considered, then shrugged. “Too much effort, and I prefer my glasses now.”

Makoto groaned lightly, closing her eyes and nodding. “It is too much work, especially with the wedding being so close.” She said, laying on his chest. “I like your glasses, they have a certain charm to them…”

“They do a good job of framing my eyes,” Ren agreed, running his fingers through her hair. “Especially since I got the smaller frames.”

“They look great on you, I like these frames much more than your old ones.” Makoto said, making a small noise of relief as he played with her hair. “We should probably get some rest soon, though.” She stated, wrapping her arms a bit more snuggly around him.

“Mmm, I suppose,” Ren agreed with a yawn. “I don’t wanna get up and turn the light off, though.”

“How many pillows and small objects do you think it would take to hit it and turn it off?” Makoto asked, mostly joking but part of her wanted to see that, even though it would be more effort than it was worth.

“Most of the ones on the bed,” Ren chuckled. “I knew we should have gone with the press switch, not the flip switch.” He squeezed her gently before getting up and padding over to the light switch. “Would you mind putting my glasses on the bedside table?”

“I can do that.” Makoto said before picking them up and placing them gently on the table. She shuffled herself under the covers, waiting for Ren to come back.

Turning the light off, Ren felt his way back to the bed. He found the end of the bed and patted his way up, finding Makoto’s feet and patting his way up her body with a grin.

Makoto laughed lightly, grabbing his hand and pulling him down. “Come on, sleep. Now.” She said as he could practically hear her smiling in her voice.

“But Mako,” Ren chuckled, flopping on top of her. “No, you’re right. Lots to do before the wedding.”

“That’s what I thought.” She said, smiling a bit before cuddling up next to him. “Good night, I love you…”

“Good night,” Ren yawned, cuddling her close. “I love you, my Mako.”




Meanwhile, similar happenings were going on with Ryuji and Ann. The two were cuddled up on their futon, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

“I still can’t believe we’re gettin’ married in a couple days…” Ryuji said, playing with Ann’s hair. “Are you sure that you want to marry me?” he asked, still a bit nervous and unsure of himself. He loved Ann, and wanted to spend his life with her, but was he really what she was looking for?

Ann opened her eyes to look at him before sitting up a bit. “Of course I’m sure, Ryuji. Why?” she asked him, just staring at him.

“I don’t know, I just…” he sighed a bit, running his hand through his hair. “I just thought that you wanted someone better than me,” Ryuji stated, slightly looking away from her. “I’m not the most strong or good lookin’ guy out there, so why me?”

Ann blinked before smiling and shaking her head a bit. “Ryuji… it’s because you’re you,” she said, placing her hand delicately on his face. “You have a good heart, and you follow it. I love that about you, you’re driven and determined. And who said you weren’t good looking?” she said, winking a little at him.

Ryuji chuckled lightly, resting his head against her hand. “Yeah? I guess so…” he said, glancing at her. “But I still think I don’t deserve you.”

Ann rolled her eyes before shoving a pillow in his face. “Stop that-!”

“What? I’m only speaking the truth,” he said, his voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

“Shut up. I love you and we are getting married in a few days.” Ann said in response, pulling the pillow away before kissing him gently. “After that, we can start our new life together. Okay?”

Ryuji looked up at her, returning the kiss before nodding. “Yeah, you’re right. I love you too, more than anything. I promise I’ll be the best husband, and do my best to be the man that you deserve.” He said, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Ryuji…” Ann said with a sigh before wiggling out of his arms, making him make a small confused sound. “When will you learn that you already are?” She asked, crossing her arms over her body. “You’re everything I could ask for, plus some. I’ll make you sleep on the porch if you don’t accept it!” She said, her voice slightly teasing, but there was a tone that she had that he knew she wasn’t kidding.

“Alright, alright…” Ryuji said, throwing his hands up in surrender. “Still, hard to believe I managed to land the hottest girl in school.” He said, smirking to himself.

Ann smirked a bit, hitting him with a pillow while laughing a little. “And all I got was the rebel,” she said, playfully teasing him.

“Well, you know how the world can be. Someone has to do it, right?” Ryuji asked, looking at her.

Ann nodded in agreement, kissing his cheek. “You got that right! And that’s why we changed the hearts of rotten adults. Hard to believe we are adults now, though.” She said, resulting in being hit by Ryuji’s pillow and giving off a squeak.

“Stop talkin’ like that. You know we are the same deep down.” He said, laughing lightly.

“Did you just hit me?” Ann asked, looking at him before hitting him back with her pillow.

This ended in a pillow fight, followed by endless laughing and cuddling together on the futon as they chatted about times past.

“Hey… you know I love you, right?” Ryuji asked, wrapping his arms around her before pulling the cover over the two of them.

Ann smiled, shifting closer before nodding. “Of course I do. I wouldn’t be marrying you if I didn’t feel the same. We should get some sleep.” She said before kissing him softly and resting her head on his chest.

“A’right. Goodnight. I love you.”

“I love you too…”

Ryuji played with Ann’s hair as she quickly fell asleep. He stayed awake a bit longer, simply admiring the young woman who was on his chest. He felt so lucky that he had her in his life, and she would be forever. Ryuji rubbed his fiancés head and back as she peacefully slept, smiling to himself a bit before kissing her forehead and falling asleep soon thereafter.