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Shadow sighed as he switched a few of the buttons on the control panel, he gave a soft noise of anger and whined as he heard the shuttle give a soft spurt and then a puff of nothing. He hummed and quickly typed some command into the control panel and soon they were shooting off twords the planet once again. He smiled and headed off to go get dressed, he passed by his two sleeping companions and chuckled as he woke then “Kotetsu, Jesse we’re almost on Skinatra~.” He made sure the other were awake and then headed to get dressed, he changed out of the space suit and into more regular attire. He bore his black skinsuit and then slipped on the exosuit over it. He made sure he looked good and huffed when he powered up his prosthetic, it gave a soft hum and then he shut it down. He walked back onto the desk and started the landing process as they entered the atmosphere of the planet. It was beautiful, green and lush everywhere. They’d be the first people to step foot on the planet and he was excited.2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow had been given the role of ‘Second in command’ when yet he techinally was given the orders and objectives of first command. His tail lashed as he hummed and looked back at the other two. The shuttle gave a hard jerk when it touched down and he held onto the side. He opened the main hatch and slowly walked out, nervous but interested as his big ears twitched. He made sure his prosthetic was activated and begun to move around, gently taking samples from some plants near bye “Thank you little guy, I bet you’ll grow big and strong.” It was funny to see someone speak to plants but it guaranteed that he wouldn’t get eaten. He was light on his feet and begun to spread out further, his eyes wide as he looked back. His tail flicked and he was left mewling as he smelt something beautiful and soon called for the others to follow him. Most of the critters and animals were herbivores, the predators were of course carnivores.
Kotetsu groaned as he was woken up, then he got dressed in his black body suit, then his outer suit, which was green. He went to watch the landing with wide honey gold eyes. “Wow…” He mumbled, then when he went out he interacted with some plant life, a small grin on his face. He was third in command, and was mainly there for some extra muscle, and he was a botanist, so that didn’t hurt at all. He perked up when he smelled something nice though, a soft purr laving him as he listened to orders and followed after Shadow.// Jesse snorted as he woke up, rubbing at his face a bit before putting on his yellow/gold outer suit, already having worn his black body suit. He was there as muscle as well, and as a mechanic just in case anything went haywire, especially the prosthetics he and Shadow wore. He looked around for a bit, then perked up when he smelled the most wonderful scent. “Aye captain.” He simply said and followed close. “Wow, what a might fine scent.” He said, grinning wide and scratching at his beard for a bit.
Guest_PantherPerson2002((It’s fine lovely~!! Ovo~)) Shadow smiled and continued to walk, his eyes scanning around to look for anything that could harm somebody. His prosthetic was now silent, deactivated as he didn’t need it. He hummed and looked at a weird crystal plant and took a large sample, he hummed happily and yelped hearing something yowl behind him. He turned and was met with three large sized creatures that were definitely carnivorous as blood dripped from their jaws. Shadow gave a sharp “Run!” And ran off in a random direction, one of the hulking creatures took after him and he dropped to all fours running as fast as he could. He soon was slamming hard into a large plant and hid inside of it his body covered in pollen. He dusted himself off when the creature ran by and he looked around, nothing looked familiar at all. His back hair was now everywhere inside his helmet, and so he removed it and let his hair free, ears twitching as he listiened for his two friends.//2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002A large red and golden plant bud lay sleeping as it heard a creature run twords it, it gave a few petals up for cover and went back to sleeping.//Another bud, very large about half a size bigger than the red and gold one was also sleeping, the petals a beautiful blue, black and grey lay open as the older flower sat there. Inside in the pit was a human look-alike. It however was connected to the floor, having a darker skin color, almost blue as it matched the petals.2 days ago
Kotetsu yelped and ran as well, he ran very oddly but it was effective in running like hell away from those things. After a bit he found a large red and gold flower bud to hide in. He whimpered faintly and after a bit he took off his helmet and hid it in some pollen pile so its shiny surface wouldn’t give him away. He was covered in pollen in minutes. He panted softly, breathing it in.// Jesse was running away as fast as he could, but after he felt it lightly graze his intact arm he took off his helmet and threw it at the beast, glass shattering, and he dove into the big blue and grey flower, panting softly and curling up small just in case it came closer. Pollen got everywhere too, covering his wild hair, side burns, and facial hair.// The flower that Shadow was currently hiding in was a nice blue, purple and green flower, looking a lot like a rose. There was a figure laying in the middle of the bud, it was human like and had purple curly hair, it also seemed to be very naked, albeit a few petals that came 2 days ago
*from it’s waist. The creature woke up a bit and shuddered slightly.2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow hummed softly and begun to pace, before he sighed and held his head as he set down his helmet and begun to look at the GPS of the other two, they weren’t that far but would take a while to get to them. His tail flicked and he didn’t notice the plant move. His back turned, showing off his behind as his left arm hummed as the gears turned to get rid of some stiffness.//The blue and Red flowers shuddered but both had different reactions to their little visitors.//The red one slowly awoke, and gently shuddered as it made it’s petals garden before it realized this was something different, so it let out by making large amounts of pollen practically pushing the other out.//The blue awoke quickly and gently curled it’s flower petals to try and get their new visitor to leave so they could get a look at their visitor.//The two plants were huge,at least 7 ft tall.2 days ago
The plant man woke up slowly, then lifted his upper half. Well then, if that wasn’t a perfect ass, he didn’t know what is. He sat up fully. He had light blue and green skin. He was definitely getting a better view. So he pushed the other out easily with his pollen, then started to bloom. This showed him off too, tentacles came out from underneath the petals, a dark green color. His hair was a bit long and had two toned purples, and he had blue eyes that were just plain blue, with shimmering colors. He had no pupil or iris what so ever. He had green veins and he was about 7 feet and more. He tilted his head to the side as he watched the odd creature that had woken him up.// Kotetsu squeaked as he was pushed out, then he sneezed rather loudly and tried to rub pollen out of his eyes.// Jesse yelped as he saw the flower move, so he moved out and looked back, looking very confused. He coughed a bit, some pollen had made it’s way into his mouth.2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow yelped as he was forcefully ejected from the plant, he rolled out of being pushed and hurridily removed the pollen from his mouth and activated his arm, his arm would be a big problem. He growled sodrlt as he stood there his eyes wide and terrified as he saw the plant moving “H-Holy shit…” He stood there dumbfounded as he went to run away,//The blonde plant man inside the red plant emmerged and begun to curl it’s long vines around Kotetsu’s legs so the make couldn’t run away it played around with the others clothes before tearing them. Not knowing what they were doing.//The blue plant was gentle and rubbed at the accented man’s sides, gently playing with the males hair.iy curled two large cones up Jesse’s legs so the male couldn’t escape and got pollen all over Jesse’s face.2 days ago
The blue rose purred softly and wrapped thorny vines around the others legs, the thorns were very dull but very large. He pulled the other close and chirped a bot, spraying pollen on him again, then started to rub the furries butt and back gently, soft cooes leaving the plant.// Kotetsu gasped and whined, his tan skin bare to the world. He squirmed and whined softly, oh god he was going to be in some weird plant tentacle porn.// Jesse flustered a bit at how the plant was being so gentle. He flushed and started to mew softly as he was rubbed, sneezing and coughing as more pollen got in his face. “Eh…Howdy?"2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow yelped and coughed hard at the pollen begun thrown onto him, he waved around his left arm, it whirred to life and he begun to grow more and more dangerous, it would be best to break it(plz~). His eyes widened as his butt and back were rubbed he yelped and pulled back, flailing his arms wildily.//The red plant gently begun to rub it’s vines along the tan skinned males body before pausing at his behind which he begun to push and pull at the chub there.//The blue flower gave a small wave with a vine and continued to play around with the cowboy. They however worried over hearing the other couch and begun to remove some pollen from their face, gently putting it in their mouth. When the pollen would touch their mouths it would turn into a sweet nectar.2 days ago
The plant chirped, then broke the prosthetic easily before. His vines were rubbing at the cuties hips and butt more, finally prodding at his entrance. He sprayed a bit more pollen at the others mouth so he could have some nourishment from his nectar.// Kotetsu squeaked and mewed softly, his face a bright pink as the plant messed with his but. He whined and whimpered softly,, his eyes shut tight and he was submitting to the plant.// Jesse squeaked, then started to lick it up happily, it tasted so good, he didn’t mind what the plant was doing.2 days ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow screamed as pain shot up his arm before it numbed instantly, he whimpered and whined as his mouth was filled with pollen. He swallowed down the nectar and felt his body start to warm up, his body wiggling still as he tried to wiggle away, his prosthetic buzzed loudly. He gave a soft swat with his hand and fell over onto his behind. He mewled weakly and curled his tail.//The plant gave a happy chirp and begun to gently push a small tendril inside of Kotetsu’s entrance, it soon begun to mess with the others prostate, chirping louder as it played with Kotetsu’s entrance.//The blue plant seemed to like the other, so it happily put more pollen inside the males mouth, it chirped and rubbed a vine against the others behind, gently pushing at the others suit.a day ago
The plant cooed gently to him and rubbed him gently to try and calm him, then it put the metal arm to the side. It hummed softly to him and prodded at his entrance gently. The vines went up to his chest and started to tease at the cute little buds on his breasts, they were so odd.// Kotetsu whined softly and swallowed up some nectar, after awhile it warmed him up nicely and it gave him a nice buzz. He mewed and wiggled a bit when he felt the tendril, then relaxed and nuzzled close.// Jesse mewed and drank it up happily, pressing back into the vine. He nuzzled a stray vine with a happy coo.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002The furry whimpered and whined as his nipples were teased, his legs kicked and he turned over onto his stomach, his butt up in the air. He felt the vine at his entrance and yipped as he felt it sink deeper inside, he pressed his cheek into the ground and whimpered as he was filled up.//The red plant chirped happily and nuzzled against the others body and begun to gently thrust the tendril in and out, enjoying the others warmth to the fullest extent. It continued to fill the others mouth with pollen however.//The blue plant seemed to warble and gently rubbed the vine hard against the others covered entrance. He tore the males suit and slammed it’s vines deep inside, messing with the males prostate.a day ago
The plant cooed, then infiltrated the cute furry thing to it’s limits, filling him full and messing with the bud inside of him, his prostate it believed. It crooned again and brought him a bit closer, then made sure to put more pollen into his mouth, making more nectar.// Kotetsu moaned loudly, now noticing how hard he was. He whined helplessly and opened up more ,his member up and out in the air.// Jesse gasped and gasped as he was filled up, then he rubbed back against the vines for some more stimulation, loud moans escaping him, making him instantly hard at how much his prostate was being used.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow gave a soft noise as he swallowed down the nectar, his mouth wide as he panted. his member twitched below him as he whimpered and moaned softly as he was thrusted into "H-Hah…” His body twitched and his nuts pulled up to his body as he came.//The red plant chirped again and gently pushed a vine at Kotetsu’s mouth it had plans that were to flood the others mouth with nectar to have the cute little human be its own little pollinator. Two tendrils that looked like suction cups attached to Kotetsu’s nipples, littlier tendrils licking at Kotetsu’s nipples.//the blue plant chirped louder and continued to thrust against the others prostate, before pushing pas. It grew little bumps on the side that slammed into the cowboys prostate, making it constantly receiving pleasure.a day ago
The blue/green plant squeaked when it saw the white substance, then it started to lick it up with a soft mew. It tasted very interesting, making it’s vines curl, even the ones in the furry. It decided right then it should keep this one. It put a vine to the furries lips and went to fill him up.// Kotetsu squeaked and moaned loudly as he felt so much happening, then after his nipples were teased he came right then and there. He panted and whined, drinking up the nectar, his tummy starting to bulge out with how much he was taking in. He felt a little weird after his tummy got very big, along with his hips.// Jesse mewled and whined loudly as he came hard from all the stimulation. Holy shit this was amazing. He panted and whined helplessly, it felt like the other wasn’t going to stop for awhile.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002The furry opened it’s mouth and let the other push a vine into his throat. He whimpered and whined as he was filled from both ends. His body gave a hard jerk and he was left hard all over again as his body begun to heat up he felt his hips and tummy grow and shift a little as he was filled. He whimpered loudly and curled his tail as he was held there.//The red plant hummed and happily played around with the males nipples, enjoying how the other squirmed beneath him. He suckled harder at his nipples and let the other squirm, he licked up the males seed and happily begun to pump nectar into Kotetsu’s body.//The blue plant chirped and continued to thrust into the male, a second vine begun to push inside of the males back entrance, it made sure to rub against the males prostate and have a sharp chirp before it was pumping nectar into the males entrance.a day ago
The plant cooed gently and went to kiss the others forehead gently, he was so damn cute, he couldn’t wait for this one to transform, he would be so adorable as his pollinater. It moved it’s 'human’ hands and hugged the other, gently playing with his bum and hips, making them squish gently as it kept thrusting into both holes.// Kotetsu moaned and keened, oh god he felt ready to cum again from the plants menstrations. He panted and mewed as he started to fill out more, now looking very squishy and big. He opened up more, wanting to cum again so bad.//Jesse panted and groaned as the plant put another vine into him, soft squeaks coming from him as he started to swell, his tummy, butt and hips getting rather big. He wanted to nuzzle close to the plant and give it more.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow keened as he was held and wiggled at the new attention, seeking more. He gasped and panted as his hips were squished, he felt his body ache a little bit as he grew chubby. His shoulder blades begun to sting, the same happening at his middle back he appeared to be growing a pair of butterfly wings.//The cute red plant pulled the human closed and continued to mess around with his cute pudgy body, he made sure the other was a nice queen bee type and happily begun to pump him even fuller of nectar. The vine inside Kotetsu’s entrance pushed in deep and made sure the new womb was comming along then pulled put, but not before filling him with delicious nectar and seed.//the blue plant held it’s pollinator in the making close, it rubbed along the males thick body and nuzzled it, easily dubbing the human a princess bee in itself. It made sure the womb was in perfect condition and then proceeded to fill the 'human’ with seed and nectar.a day ago
The plant cooed to the new butterfly, holding him gently as it pumped him some more with necter, he kissed the cute furry on the cheek gently, ready to let him rest if need be. Well after he got some more of that white liquid. It got the vines to wiggle around and hit his prostate multiple times.// Kotetsu gasped and whined softly, his back was hurting now, soon enough pretty see through wings with an oil spill coloring popped out of his back. He whimpered and tried to nuzzle close for comfort, he felt aches and a weird itching happen on his body, which meant some fur was growing in. He panted softly, feeling so heavy already, but it made him so hot he was about to cum again.// Jesse whimpered a bit as he filled out more, feeling pain across his back and forehead, and feeling itchy too. He whined and opened his legs up for more. At some point he had cum again, the liquid covering his large tummy and the vines around him. He cried out when he felt the glass like wings pop out of his back.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Bee*a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow keened as he felt his large black red and white butterfly wings pop through the skin. He wiggled around his left arm to try and push himself further onto the vine hitting his prostate. He screamed loudly sound the one in his mouth as he came again, his member seemed a little smaller and his testicles were also smaller. He panted and wagged his tail which stayed there. His eyes appeared bigger as well, but without pupils this time. He snuggled closer to his creator and panted as he was allowed to rest,body struggling to stay awake as his body processed the changes.//The red plant happily laid it’s pollinator beside it’s own little nest in the middle of the plant, it contuined to rut into the other, chirping before it begun to play with the cute queen bee’s fur, rubbing the new fur gently.//The blue plant held the human close and rubbed the males back, it laid the princess down and gave a soft noise to it as it helped the other relax.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002It chirped and gently collected all the semen and sit the bee down to rest.a day ago
The blue/green plant cooed gently to the butterfly and licked up the rest of the white stuff, then it sat down and cuddled it’s creation, cooing gently to him as the last of the changes went through him.// Kotetsu panted and moaned loudly before cumming again, then he went limp. He mewed softly as his new fur was rubbed, it growing on his arms, legs, pretty much everywhere except his chest and his face. His eyes were changing, turning into one solid honey gold color. His long and beautiful antenna popped out of his forehead, his hair changing a little and becoming black and yellow, his antenna flicked lightly as he started to feel sleepy, his wings pressed against his back. His lower body at this point was huge and he was sporting a small stinger right above his huge butt cheeks. He buzzed faintly and nuzzled close.// Jesse flustered lightly and relaxed against the other gently, his butt growing big as well, joined with a small stinger. Fur grew a plenty on his body, all black with a bright yellow color.a day ago
* He yawned softly and relaxed, rubbing at his eyes a little, his hair retained most of it’s color besides having some streaks of gold and black on the strands. He chirped softly and started to doze off. a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow leant back against his creator and whimpered as his cute fur changed to a more black color. His grip loosened as he begun to doze off he yawned softly and snuggled into Garry’s throat whining softly as he continued to doze off. His left arm gave soft unhappy machine noises as it begun to whip back to life.//The red and white plant happily nuzzled it’s creation and rubbed at the cute stinger, before making sure the other was relaxed before he let the bee doze off.//The blue plant hummed gently and laid the bee down and rubbed their sore body. It chirped and snuggled close, before closing the petals over them. Dozing off as well.a day ago
The plant dubbed Garry cooed gently and rubbed his fur gently, letting the petals close around them as the plant dozed as well.// Kotetsu flushed and mewed softly as he was nuzzled, then fell asleep with an odd murmur escaping him “B-bunny…” He buzzed softly.// Jesse chirped softly, then started to close his mismatched eyes, one red and the other chocolate brown. He was rather tired and he was glad the hands on plant was protecting him…huh, probably be a good idea to call him Hanzo.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002The butterfly snuggled closer and purred gently as it slept.//The plant dubbed Bunny happily snuggled it’s little pollinator, well it was small compared to the tiny size of the plant. The plant gently snuggled it’s cute bee and begun to doze in and out if consciousness. Before it dozed off it gently rubbed along the bees wings, the plant fell asleep soon after.//The newly named Hanzo happily cuddled the princess bee it had made. It made sure the other was sleeping well before it dozed off itself, making sure some cool air came into the inside of the plant but not enough to free or anything that could harm them inside.a day ago
Garry crooned gently, then fell asleep with the butterfly.// Kotetsu shivered lightly as his wings were touched, then fell asleep along with the plant.// Jesse cooed softly, thankful for the light breeze. He chirped softly and fell asleep easily.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002((Timeskip~?))a day ago
{yush plz, can you do it?}a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002((Of course~))a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002((How ling? Maybe a few days?))a day ago
{mkk~}a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002((Okay~))a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002A few days had passed and the furry turned butterfly was currently working on his flower. His eyes looked around to make sure he got every single spec of pollen, when he was done he begun to gobble down the pollen, then he floated up and propped himself up on a branch he happily licked and suckled on his fingers so they were clean then he peered back down at his flower. He felt his stomach give a soft gurgle and his entrance drip as he saw a few vines. He floated back down and scuttled over, his hands hurriedly scooping up the pollen. He ate it and shivered, his tail flicking as he felt his cute thick thighs get drenched with slick. He loved his flower and desperately wished to please.//Bunny smiled as he watched his cute queen bee struggle to stand, he gently chirped and held a vine up to help guide her back to the main spit he been given in the pit of his flower. His hands helped him down into it and rubbed along the males swollen stomach.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002He’d be producing drones and a lone princess to go and collect for them. He then smirked and covered the other’s face in pollen, before he begun to steadily pump pollen into the queen bees mouth.//Hanzo chirped at their thick princess, they gently rubbed at the princess’ stinger and made sure the other was nice and fed before they pushed some pollen into the males mouth, before a vine messed with their back entrance.a day ago
Garry cooed gently to the butterfly, it was very glad it’s creation wanted to please them, he was so happy and cute too~. And so full of his nectar and pollen~. The plant chirped softly and he made some vines go over and go into the others entrance easily, ready to pump him full of seed so he could have more little cuties to gather more pollen and make him healthier and bigger. He slicked him up nice and pulled him close so that he could 'kiss’ again, and fill him up some more possibly.// Kotetsu flustered as he tried to wake around at least, being so big now it was hard, especially if he kept falling on his now large ass. He squeaked and tilted his head as he saw the vine, he held onto it and went back to his plant, waddling the entire way over. He flushed as he sat down in the pit, feeling like a rather snug fit. His wings buzzed behind him as he made a slow descent down. He purred softly as his tummy as rubbed, his wings buzzing more, which meant it felt good. He mewed and licked up the pollen easily, thena day ago
* he sucked up the pollen easily, it tasted so good. He nuzzled close and drank up as much as he could, his tummy distending and growing as he ate.// Jesse perked up a bit as he was rubbed, especially near his stinger. He buzzed softly and rubbed back happily, then he licked up any pollen, it being his favorite snack now. He purred softly and rubbed back against the vine going for his entrance, happily spreading his own cheeks for the plant. He loved the plant a lot and would happily give him any kids. Besides he loved being nice and big for it.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow wiggled his hips back to take the vine into his wet sopping entrance. He gave a soft noise and begun to nuzzle and 'kiss’ back to the plant, his hands gently still collecting pollen as it feasted. It was nice and full of a whole bunch of kids, but could still get pregnant with even more babies. His toes curled and he licked a small stripe up one of the petals, his wings flapping slowly and gracefully as he stood there, letting his thick thighs bounce as he twitched a little.//Bunny happily played with it’s cute queen bee, rubbing over the bees stomach as it happily fed it pollen. It was glad it’s queen bee was so big. It gave a soft noise and wagged it’s little vines at it. A couple starting to play with the queen bees member, curious of what it was still.//Hanzo held it’s cute bee close and continued to feed it pollen. The flower was very happy to have such a good been for it’s pollinator. Although he had seen a big butterfly go by one day, ita day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002seemed to reek of pollen from another flower that he’d walked by when he’d been searching for a place to place his roots.a day ago
Garry cooed gently and thrust a vine deep within his butterfly, then started to fill him nice and full of seed. He giggled softly and kissed his cheek gently. He loved him so much, very glad he had hidden in his petals.// Kotetsu mewled and keened as his tummy stretched, it felt so full of kids and pollen he would probably fill the entire bud with them. His member in question had shrunk during the transformation, it was 2 inches at this point and was very sensitive if given the right touch, lets just say vines did it for him.// Jesse cooed softly as he fed, feeling some more kids join in with the giant bunch within his tummy. He remembered seeing the butterfly, it had felt oddly familiar, but stunk of a different pollen. He wondered if his friends had suffered the same fate as he did, well suffering was the exact opposite of what was happening to him. Maybe at some point he could go see if they were alright. Albeit it was a bit tough to fly, but he could do it. He would have to ask Hanzo first though.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadowa day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002((shit!))a day ago
{X3}a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow gave a soft happy noise as his stomach bloated put further than it had been before. His body clenched down on the vines and made sure he caught the seed. He whimpered and whined softly as he came hard, his own member barely 1.9 his tail wiggled around and his wings slowly flapped as he stood there, body jiggling as he was thrusted into.//Barnaby smiled and chirped as he continued to play with the bees member, soaking up the seed as it made sure to contuine to feed Kotetsu, loving how big the other was. He desperately wished for every queen bee he had to have been this perfect. He gave a softer chirp and nuzzled into his throat, a vine pushing down inside of Kotetsu’s urethra.//Hanzo smiled a little and rubbed Jesse’s big belly. He loved how good of a bee Jesse was and usually gave his princess everything, he was interested in the butterfly and would likely approve of the bee going to find him but he wanted to makea day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002sure he gave birth first so the babies could get big and then he could go see the butterfly. It interested him to see the beauty the butterfly was, but it looked ugly compared to his beautiful bee princess.a day ago
Garry moaned softly, then kept the vine in the other when he was done. He nuzzled the other gently and cooed softly to the butterfly, peppering with kisses. He was a rather loving plant. He messed with the others tiny penis and made sure he felt immense pleasure.// Kotetsu moaned and whined, rubbing his tummy gently with his slightly padded hands. He yelped and keened when he felt something enter his poor penis. It felt so good and weird he had never felt something like this before. He panted softly and jiggled lightly as he tried to open his legs up for the plant, he wanted more~. “U-uwaah!~” He yelped out at last, still suckling for more pollen.// Jesse squeaked and shifted a little so his tummy was lightly resting on his huge thighs, his butt making him rise up at least a foot or two off the ground. He relaxed as the other rubbed his tummy, it felt pretty good to be honest. He panted softly and flushed as he started to shuffle over and nuzzle the humanoid plant in the middle of the bud.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow gasped wide eyes and teary yes as his body was over come with pleasure, he was cumming right away, his seed shooting out infront if him as he stood there. His body twitched and felt numb as he whimpered and whined, toes curling as he slammed his hips hard down into Garry’s hands.//Barnaby chuckled and watched, he continued to play with the males penis, cooing at how the other reacted to the sounding. Je hummed happily and pushed the vine in deeper and then pulled it back out to mess with the head of the others member.//Hanzo cooed to his cute little princess and rubbed over his huge stomach, he reached down and rubbed at the others cute butt, gently smacking the fluff before he rubbed along his stinger.a day ago
Garry squeaked, then purred happily as he soaked up the cum. He mewed then gently kissed him, then laid him down. He giggled softly to him.// Kotetsu whined loudly and cum spurted out when the vine came out. He moaned and started to get hard again as his head was rubbed. “A-aahn!~” He mewled, eyes close and tears leaking out.// Jesse gasped and whined as he was rubbed and smacked, it felt nice against his jiggly, fluffy butt. He panted softly and lifted his butt up for more, soft mews leaving him. “H-honey~.” He whined, flushing more as the other rubbed around the stinger.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow panted a little bit, feeling his swollen stomach make it a little hard to get up. His tail wiggled and he was left shivering as he whined up at Garry. His tail curled and he gave a small stamp of his foot. His left arm was still a broken prosthetic but now he had no reason to use it.//Barnaby smirked and continued to play with Kotetsu’s member, pushing a thick vine deep up to Kotetsu’s entrance. It gently prodded it and then pushed deep inside, hitting his prostate. It continued in until it reached the males cervix, pulling back so it could thrust in openly. The plant hummed and smirked as he continued to mess around with Kotetsu’s member.//Hanzo hummed happily, before it tilted it’s head and peered at it’s mate so listen, a small vine made a question mark and he lined a vine up to the males entrance, it pushed deep inside and he made sure it was slamming away before he let the other speak.a day ago
Garry cooed gently and rubbed Shadows head gently. It purred softly to the butterfly, tilting it’s head a bit. He held the other up a bit, then started to make a little pillow for him to make him a bit more comfy.// Kotetsu gasped and keened loudly, tears running down his cheeks as he was played with, it was that good. he felt ready to cum again from it, it felt so weird though, a new experience entirely.// Jesse giggled a little, then started to keen and moan as he was thrust into. After a bit he got some courage up to ask him. “P-please play with my butt again honey~.” He purred out, his wings buzzing behind him.a day ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow cuddled close and suckled gently at some vines that we’re close enough, his wings flittering as he laid there, his beautiful wings glinting faintly in the beautiful sunlight on the planet. He chirped up to Garry and whined again as he rolled onto his back, letting his big tunny rest in the air.//Barnaby smiled and continued to play with Kotetsu penis chuckling as he pushed a vine down deep inside, letting it push as far back as his bladder before he pulled it back out. It cooed happily to it’s liver and held him close, the vine thrusting in deep to ensure pleasure.//Hanzo chirped and nodded happily, he was gonna do what ever Jesse asked. He begun to gently squish and slap around Jesse’s butt, making sure to play with it just how the other wanted him too, the vine pushed in deep and played with Jesse’s cervix.a day ago
Garry cooed gently to the butterfly, vines wriggling around until they settled and put a pillow underneath the beautiful beings head. He purred softly, then attempted to talk with some hand movements. 'You want to tell me something little butterfly? Or big since you hold all my seed~?’// Kotetsu yelped and moaned, his face turning red again. He might actually piss instead of cum this time. He panted and mewled, nuzzling close to the plant human with soft pants. He whined, then proceeded to piss himself, his face turning red.// Jesse gasped and mewled as he was played with, then he yelped when he felt a weird pleasure go through him. He keened and was ready to cum again.9 hours ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow whined and made grabby hands at his creator and wiggled his wings around as he tried to sit up “I-I want your attention!!” His lips turned into a pout and he was left whining as his tail curled, his hands gently managed to grab Garry’s legs and he pulled a little.//Barnaby cooed to his cute bee and absorbed all the weird clear liquid it tasted salty but he was able to use it to hydrate his outermost petals, which needed constant strengthen. He cooed and asked gently using his veins to create the words 'Feeling better? Or do you want more?’//Hanzo cooed and held the other close, slamming the vine hard against the males cervix, he ground the vines head at the males opening and begun to push teasingly at it8 hours ago
Garry squeaked, then chirped happily and went to hug the cutie, cuddling him close and kissing him gently. 'So cute~.’ He chirped a little, then nuzzled close.// Kotetsu flushed and whined softly. He looked at the vines and blushed. “F-feeling better now, s-sorry for peeing…” He mumbled, antenna down. He chirped softly and went to nuzzle close to the other.// Jesse gasped and came again easily, a loud moan escaping him. He nuzzled close and buzzed lightly, wiped out from it all.8 hours ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow whined and snuggled closer, tail wagging happily, he purred and kneeded his master’s body and looked up suddenly, he whined and shivered hard “I-Im pregnant T-Too!” He keened feeling adventurous vine press up into him, his body wanting it out as he tried to get over a few cramps from the babies.// Barnaby smiled calmly and held the other close 'Its fine Kotetsu, I could never get mad at you~.’ he chirped happily and rubbed over the males big stomach, before he started to think of something to keep the male grounded in the plants pit.//Hanzo cooed and held the other gently and laid him back, using a few vines to rub along the males big stomach.8 hours ago
Garry cooed gently and nodded his head, then made the vine go away, then made some more go and gently rub his tummy.// Kotetsu flustered softly and nodded his head, then started to mew softly as his tummy was rubbed, it felt pretty good actually. He relaxed as his tummy was rubbed, feeling nice and well rested.// Jesse squeaked as he was lad back, his wings folding close and his tummy in the air. He purred softly and got into a more comfortable place, then relaxed into the others touch rather happily.3 hours ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow purred and snuggled close, his cute wings slowly fluttering as he leant against his creator. He mewed and warbled when his stomach was rubbed.//Barnaby smiled and hummed happily as he held the other close 'Oh my beloved little one, look at you you’re so big and full of our children~.’ he cooed go him and chuckled.//Hanzo hummed and continued to rub the other, before he held him close, chirpung gently into his ear 'Oh my lovely little bee~.'3 hours ago
Garry laughed silently at how cute the other was being, it would probably take several weeks for the kids to be born, and they would start as little squishy larvae, like usual insects would be, but they would probably also be half furry. They would be so adorable though~. He would have to get a bunch of fresh leaves from the non sential plants so that they could eat.// Kotetsu flushed even bigger, he already knew how big he was but it felt so nice, he kinda wanted to be this big all the time. He purred softly, it sounding richer now. He shifted a bit and squeaked, feeling himself jiggle with the movement. “F-feel so good~.”// Jesse flustered and nuzzled close, then he leant up and kissed the plant on the cheek, then went back down because he felt so heavy.2 hours ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow panted and wiggled around as he was snuggled, his tail curled and he mewled as he snuggled close licking at the others face before he saw more pollen, eating it quickly.//Barnaby cooed happily and held the other close, his hands helping the other relax further by contuining to rub at the males stomach 'goodness I love you so much~.’ he chuckled softly.//Hanzo kissed the others cheek and helped him sit down and rubbed his big belly 'Look at you, all pregnant for me~.'an hour ago
Garry cooed gently, then started to wrap him up gently, it now becoming dark. 'Nearly night time love, ready for bed?~’// Kotetsu flustered more and cooed happily. “L-love you too Bunny~.” He mewed softly, face a bright pink.// Jesse purred and nodded his head. “Yeah, nice an’ big, doesn’t feel half bad at all darlin’~.” He said, wings hour ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow nodded and curled up, he snuggled close and purred as his big belly got a little on the way but he enjoyed it anyways. His tail curled and he flicked his long tongue out to wet his nose. “yeah~.”//Barnaby smiled and begun to bundle the other in broken off petals, helping the other relax.//Hanzo nodded and smiled as he chuckled, rubbing at Jesse’s stomach. He let the other relax and wrapped him up tight so he’d be ready for hour ago
Garry cooed, then started to close up his bud, wrapping the other gently until he would be nice and warm, then he nuzzled close to the lightly wrapped butterfly and hugged him gently. 'Goodnight~.’ He purred out, face a bright greenish color, which meant he was blushing.// Kotetsu flushed and mewed softly as he got comfy, then he hugged a leaf close before he started to doze.// Jesse squeaked and sighed softly, then relaxed some more. He curled up into a ball and yawned. “Night sugar~.” He mewed, then started to hour ago
Guest_PantherPerson2002Shadow purred and nuzzled into Garry’s neck, he was soon heard snoring as he slept, tail flicking around inside the cute bundle he was wrapped in.//Barnaby hummed and soon he was dozing as well his cheeks a small hint of green.//Hanzo held the other closer than before and nodded as he begun to doze off, a gentle kiss was placed to the males cheek and then he was dozing off quickly.44 minutes ago
Garry giggled softly, then fell asleep.