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The Demons Of Hogwarts

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The wind was howling wickedly as rain hit the windows of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. School had started a month ago, and Harry was nervous due to the whole Voldemort coming back last year thing. Anyways, it was time for all the students to head down to the great hall for dinner, all of them sitting down at their house tables. Harry, Ron and Hermione talked while they waited for the food to appear, but it never showed up. Instead, Dumbledore asked for silence.

"I have a very important message for you all." Harry just realized that the sorting hat and stool were up at the front. Were there new students joining them? "Due to the several attacks on Hogwarts already, your fellow staff and myself have decided to bring in some well trained fighters to protect us all so that we may continue to learn and teach magic. They will live among you as if they were normal students, they will take classes, gain and lose house points for you. I have summoned six demons and one fallen angel to serve us." 

As soon as he ended his last sentence, the whole room erupted into chaos. There were people panicking and shouting, scared that these mythical powerful beings would be living with them. After a few moments of the chaos and yelling, Dumbledore loudly called for silence. After a few seconds, the room was silent again. Dumbledore readjusted his glasses and spoke again.

"I will now call in the first demon. Lost, if you will." The doors to the great hall were then opened, and a tall girl with black hair, bright yellow eyes and too many piercings to count walked in. Her black leather boots hit the ground with a thump as she walked, her head up high and her posture good, great even. She had a sort of annoyed look on her face, as if she didn't like being there. The candles in the great hall all blew out and the sound of thunder could be heard coming from outside when she first stepped foot inside. With her black trench coat flowing behind her, she walked up to the front, turned around so she was facing the students, and crossed her arms. She glared at them all, despising every last child and teenager that was in the room. She hated kids, but she had to do this. She could put up with them for now.

Dumbledore spoke up again. "This is Lost, the first demon. Lost, if you could please sit." Minerva McGonagall, the head of Gryffindor house got up from her spot at the teacher's table and went over to them, a bit nervous herself to have a demon in the room. But Dumbledore was calm, so she could trust this creature for the time being. She picked up the sorting hat and waited for Lost to sit down. She then placed the sorting hat on her head, the poor hat cringing as it was placed on top of this foul creature's head. As soon as the hat touched her hair, he yelled out loud and clear "Slytherin!"

Nobody clapped as the sorting hat was removed. The whole room was silent, the only noise that could be heard was the sound of the rain hitting the windows and the loud BOOM! of thunder. Lost got up off the stool and walked towards the Slytherin table. Harry almost felt bad for the Slytherin's, but he knew that there would be at least one of those things in his house too. Draco Malfoy and his group of friends tensed up as Lost's footsteps got closer to them, and she sat down beside Blaise Zabini. She looked down at the table in disgust, and when Blaise moved even a centimeter, her head would shoot up to look at him with a nasty look and a low growl. Blaise was terrified of the girl sitting beside him.

Just then, the next demon skipped into the hall when Dumbledore called for "Roxy". Creepy giggling filled the room as everyone's fear grew by the hundreds, the next demon was also a girl, brown hair done up in pigtails with bright pink eyes. She was wearing a white button up shirt, vest and black tie. A tiny little top hat was slanted on her head as she twitched. Her mini skirt almost showed her rear end, and some girls glared at her while others girls and some boys blushed. She twitched again as she made her way up to the stool, pulled her skirt under her as she sat down. The sorting hat was so horrified of this one that it took a few moments for it to utter "Gryffindor". It didn't even think on whether or not the house was right for her, it just said the first house that came to mind. The hat was removed and Roxy skipped over to the Gryffindor table. Harry's eyes widened as Roxy sat next to him, gave him a creepy smile and twitched, causing her smile to fade. After a moment of staring at the table, she smiled widely at him and held out her hand for him to shake.

"Roxy! Nice to meet you." She spoke with a sweet british accent. Harry gave her a weak smile as he hesitantly grabbed her hand and shook it. Her smile grew wider. "Harry Potter..." Harry said quietly. Roxy's smile somehow grew wider as she replied "I know, sweetie." Harry was about to ask why she called him that when the next demon was called into the room.

This next demon walked into the room, a sweet smile on her face. Her name was Sapphire, due to the colour of her eyes being the same colour as the gem. Her hair was blonde, put up in a ponytail. Hair was covering her right eye as the 4'11" demon went up to the stool. She waved at a few students as she sat down, her plaid flannel too big for her small frame. Some students relaxed at the appearance and kind aura of her, and McGonagall gladly put the sorting hat on her head. The sorting hat smiled slightly when it first touched her hair, visibly relaxing. It took a minute for it to think of which house to put her in, and eventually it called out "Ravenclaw!" 

A few Ravenclaw's at the Ravenclaw table clapped, and as she got closer to the table more and more of them started to clap as she sat down beside Luna Lovegood. Sapphire gave her a warm smile as Luna returned it, the both of them shaking hands. The students in Ravenclaw were happy to have Sapphire in their house, they knew they would all get along with her quite well indeed.

Dumbledore smiled as he called for "Ally". This one was not a demon, but instead a fallen angel. Everyone smiled and blushed heavily as she walked in. She was wearing a short tight dress, her hair flowing as she walked gracefully. Boys and girls were in awe with her appearance, her double D's the reason Ron was drooling. Hermione punched him in the arm for staring. 

She walked up to the stool and sat down, the sorting hat smiled again as it was placed on her head. Again, it took some time to think of which house she should be placed in. After a moment, it called out "Slytherin!"

It was the Slytherin's turn to clap as she got up off the stool and went to the Slytherin table. She sat down beside Pansy Parkinson and spoke with a french accent. "Hello. I must say, you look quite beautiful. What is your name?" Pansy blushed at the compliment and told the fallen angel her name. Ally smiled and responded with "What a lovely name." She then looked at Lost. "Hello, Lost. Looks like we're in the same house." Lost glared at her, not saying a word.

The next demon to enter was named Dawn. She walked with a spring in her step, confidence written all over her face. She was wearing a pink dress, her "emo" black hair with bits of lavender dye up in a messy bun. Her eyes were pure white, glowing. She went up to the stool and sat down, the hat was placed on her head. She had a smirk on her face as the sorting hat called out "Gryffindor!" Gryffindor house clapped as she got off the stool and walked towards the table, and sat down beside the twins, Fred and George. While the next demon, Dusk, came in, they had a small conversation about pranks and jokes.

Dusk was Dawn's twin sister. Dusk had white hair that went down to the floor, her eyes pitch black. The room went quiet again as she made her way to the front, all eyes on her. Everyone was uncomfortable. 

She sat down on the stool as the hat was placed on her head. The hat was uncomfortable, so it quickly shouted "Slytherin!" A few Slytherin's clapped as Dusk got up and walked over to her new house without a care in the world. She sat down beside the one and only Draco Malfoy. She looked around at her fellow house mates, her face emotionless. 

The last demon to join Hogwarts was Bernadette. Her hair was the colour of lavender, her body chubby. She had a kind, innocent smile on her face as she walked up to the stool. The hat was placed on her head, and the sorting hat relaxed and smiled as it called out, "Hufflepuff!" 

Hufflepuff house clapped and cheered just like Ravenclaw did as Bernadette walked to her table, sitting down beside some nice Hufflepuffs, already making friends with her house mates.

Dumbledore smiled as McGonagall took the hat and stool and left to put them back where they belong. Dumbledore adjusted his glasses and finally said what Ron has been dying to hear him say. "Let the feast begin."

The food the appeared, and everyone began eating. Ally was talking to Pansy about some makeup brand, Bernadette discussed activities to do in the Hufflepuff common room. Sapphire talked to Luna about the cutest creatures they've recently found, Dawn talked to the twins about what prank they should pull together. Eventually, Dusk started a conversation with Draco about their wealth. Roxy twitched and giggled as Harry told her about quidditch. Lost however ate in silence. Blaise would take glances at her as he ate, but Lost didn't look up from her plate. Eventually, she looked at him and asked him what his name was. Blaise looked at her and responded, "Blaise Zabini." Lost nodded. She asked him what there is to do around here that would be fun, and he told her about quidditch. 

When dinner was finished and everyone had dessert, the houses lead their new protectors to their common rooms. Draco couldn't help but feel jealous at the fact that Roxy and Harry were really close to each other as they left the great hall...Wait. What?