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dabi/hawks minific comp

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  • ooooo ok ive had this in my drafts for a while

    • my favorite dabihawks au with dabi is touya is when they’re childhood friends
    • like; they knew each other in high school 
    • and then after dabi runs away hawks doesn’t see him again 
    • until he joins the league undercover
    • and they have a tearful reunion
    • nah its more like “hello dabi i am definitely a villain- wait …. tou-” “nope
    • dabi doesn’t believe for a second that he actually wants to be a villain
    • bc he remembers how good he was
    • but he lets it go
    • bc he missed him
    • like but high school tho -
    • i know they probably didnt go to ua
    • bc I dont like the idea of hawks at ua
    • and dabi couldn’t have gone to ua cause people would actually know his name 
    • but like imagine them at 
    • shiketsu high
    • meeting for the first time
    • theyre in the same class
    • the teacher makes them introduce themselves
    • -“hi im hawks and im a government experiment bc i used to be neglected but then I saved my neighborhood when i was a kid from villains better than the pros could so the government took me in to cover it up and now im being trained to be the perfect pro hero” 
    • -“hi im touya and my father is an abusive dickhead obsessed with taking over all might as top hero and my mother is a literal angel but he abuses her too plus I have little siblings who im scared for and im either gonna run away out of self-preservation and help from afar or get my family out of this hellhole”
    • -”damn dude ur tragic backstory’s better then mine u have a lot of pity points”
    • -“thanks man yours was pretty nice too but u could have added a lil bit of spice to it yknow”
    • -“what does my precious dog have to die now”
    • -“ooh yeah that would have been just the right touch”
    • and from then on theyre in love
    • they are assholes to the teachers
    • like they are such dicks 
    • they spend the whole day at school either sleeping or throwing paper notes 
    • dabi folding paper airplanes labelled ‘hawks airlines’
    • he makes really good airplanes
    • like hes really good at it
    • like the teacher gets pissed and separates them after dabi makes hawks snort so hard 5 people in the front turn around
    • makes hawks sit in the front and sulk
    • and dabi folds airplanes
    • he throws one at hawks from the back 
    • the course was amazing like the plane flies so smoothly and hits hawks directly on his head
    • he picks it up
    • “u flew ur way right into my heart”
    • hawks is like all ‘is this a fucking challenge does he think he can pick-up line better than me I am the pick-up line master”
    • dabi asking hawks if he can think of any good ways to rebel against endeavor
    • “get a couple piercings”
    • “oh fuck yeah”
    • “what else uhhhh how about u smoke”
    • “.. holy fuck I love you man”
    • and thats how they end up getting suspended for a week for getting high on the school roof

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dabihawks hogwarts au bc im fucking tired of the same old canon angsty “romeo and juliet” “enemies to friends to lovers” bullshit theres too much angst and way too less cliché happy endings and I wanted a harry potter au

  • well first off houses
  • for dabi I had this whole plot idea
  • that his whole family has been in gryffindor 
  • and that endeav*r would fucking murder him if he got in slytherin bc 
  • “those snakes are evil touya” 
  • so of course he tries his fucking level best
  • to not get in gryffindor
  • despite having some of the characteristics
  • he is brave
  • but hes a rebellious idiot in the opposite situation as sirius black
  • so hes determined to get in slytherin if its the last thing he does
  • he fukcing. okay.
  • okay so he puts on the sorting hat.
  • and immediately the hats like:
  • “ah mister todo-”
  • “slytherinslytherinslytherinslytherinslyth-”
  • “wh-”
  • “PLEASE”
  • this goes on with him not letting the hat talk for like five minutes
  • (but his fire is blue 
  • so I rly wanted him to be in ravenclaw
  • it mATCHES CMON)
  • the hat decides on ravenclaw
  • bc he just doesn’t have the cunning and ambition it takes to be a slytherin i mean cmon his life goal is to destroy his dad and in canon he literally joined the league of villains to do it 
  • wow so cunning
  • plus he looks good in blue
  • and so he gets in ravenclaw 
  • hes annoyed but
  • “it’ll do I guess”
  • it’d make rei happy
  • hawks however gets into gryffindor the second he puts on the hat
  • and his reaction is
  • ‘nice’
  • they met on the train
  • dabi was sitting in his own compartment when a kid with the prettiest goddamn eyes hes ever seen in his admittedly short life steps inside
  • ‘hi can I stay here”
  • “hi can you stay forever”
  • ‘what’
  • “nothing”
  • hawks is a neglected muggleborn who was using his magic discreetly to save people in his sketchy neighborhood
  • then the ministry found him and the aurors were pissed off that a muggleborn kid was better at saving people than them
  • so they took him in and the rest is history
  • dabi is a pureblood who hates his shitty abusive dad and loves his mom and siblings
  • and is determined to rebel as much as he can to piss off that dick
  • they’re best friends immediately
  • dabi likes magical history
  • bc the teacher doesnt notice anything so he can slack off and hes good at studying on his own so he passes
  • so he can catch some sleep in those classes
  • hawks likes charms bc hes good at it
  • he makes puns about how “charming he is”
  • dabi pretends he finds it annoying
  • (he doesn’t)
  • (bc he knows its true)
  • and his favorite spell is wingardium leviosa 
  • like its his go to
  • to the point that dabi doesn’t even notice when things just float by him
  • until one day its him thats floating
  • and he just gives hawks a deadpan look
  • “seriously”
  • ‘in my defence you weren’t paying attention to me’
  • but they both love defence and potions
  • bc those are the only classes gryffindor and ravenclaw have together
  • they sit together and fuck around 
  • to the point that the teachers get pissed and kick them out
  • which just makes them run to the grounds and sit near to the black lake
  • they have a tree thats like their spot
  • its a common sight to see dabi lying with his head on hawks lap
  • while hawks is leaning against the tree smiling fondly at him with his hands threaded through dabi’s hair
  • they start dating in fifth year
  • or more like dabi stutters his way through asking him out
  • “hey d-dyou wanna go to hogsmede w’me
  • ‘we?? always go together so yeah ?? and its not like i’d go alone??? cmon thats just sad who goes to hogsmede alone smh”
  • “n-nonono I mean. like. on a (incomprehensible mumbling)”
  • ‘what are u saying u moron I literally cannot hear you”
  • “(inhale) GO ON A DATE WITH ME”
  • ‘yeah ok”
  • hawks was totally freaking out on the inside and he was blushing faintly too but dabi didnt notice bc
  • dabi was so confused and hes like explaining “on a date-date. like I like you. like i wanna be boyfriends date”
  • ‘yea I know I said yes’
  • “haah??”
  • hawks confesses later than day that hes liked dabi since second year
  • “ha, well, I got you beat there buddy ive been in love with you since we met on the train”
  • ‘what’
  • “oh shit gtg’
  • dabi dyes his hair in 4th year
  • hes like “well if I have a little town with a drugstore near my school I gotta take advantage dont I”
  • hawks’ only response is ‘go with black’
  • and when he gets piercings over the summer thats the limit
  • hawks cant handle it
  • hes dying dabi looks so gooddd
  • he hangs out with miruko more just to rant about how hot dabi is
  • (miruko tells dabi one day in the future about all of hawk’s bs
  • theyre in the three broomsticks
  • dabis wisely drinking butterbeer
  • hawks took like ten shots of firewhisky and went out like a light
  • he just leant on dabi’s shoulder and thats where he stayed, snoring, for the next half hour before dabi takes him home
  • miruko “yknow hes so in love with you he used to complain about how pretty u are”
  • dabi “wait back up he likes me???”
  • *softly but with feeling* ‘what the literal fuck dabi’
  • dabi shakes hawks awake wildly
  • “hawks wake up do you like me???” “babe we’re literally married’)
  • and they live happily ever after and nothing bad happens ever ty for coming to my tedtalk

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  • dabihawks…wait for it….fake dating au

    • this is actually so appropriate 
    • no ones done this
    • but u all know exactly whats coming
    • (hawks is a scholarship student sent to a high class college bc the board got jealous of this really smart kid’s quote unquote ‘wasted potential’)
    • (dabi is a rich abusive business man’s eldest rebellious punk rock son)
    • so. hawks is walking to his next lecture when he sees a flyer on a noticeboard
    • “HELP. I am in need of a fake boyfriend to help me piss off my homophobic father when i go home for a family dinner. bonus points if you’re a delinquent and blatantly, ridiculously homosexual. payment in the best cookies you will ever have in your entire life”
    • *hawks voice* sounds like my kinda gig
    • he contacts him straight away
    • ‘im always ready to piss off homophobes’
    • he meets up with dabi to discuss details at some hipster coffee shop called “tomuras’”
    • and immediately thinks
    • ‘fuck hes hot’
    • yeah he has weirdass burns on his face what about it 
    • he has a deep sexy voice and tattoo sleeves and so many piercings hhh
    • and dabi sees him and immediately thinks
    • “aw hell fucking yeah he looks so gay and twinky I really hit the jackpot”
    • bc hawks is literally perfect for this
    • he has red wing tattoos on his shoulder blades
    • constantly wears rainbow patterned tanks and halter tops in order to show off the afore mentioned tattoos
    • and has multiple snapbacks that say ‘IM GAY’ one of which he is currently wearing
    • does that not scream homosexual
    • dabi is fucking delighted
    • okay so they have to work out the details of their ‘relationship’
    • dabis like, what do u think would have happened for us to kiss kiss fall in love
    • ‘okay so I was thinking that it would have happened at a shitty hipster coffee shop, and I dont wanna name an actual coffee shop so lets just make one up lets call it like tomura’s or smth-’
    • dabi sNORTS
    • *distant shigaraki voice from behind the counter* fUCK OFF YOU BITCH ITS NOT HIPSTER OR SHITTY
    • *coughs* ‘anyways.’ 
    • dabis looking at him so fondly he’s in LOVE
    • ‘you turned around with ur coffee and bumped into me, and you thought I was so hot that u spilled it all over me‘
    • dabi: *deadpans* I dunno man I feel like it’d be the other way around im way hotter than you
    • hawks: *whispers* hell fucking yeah you are holy shit those arms are killing me
    • *amused dabi voice* what
    • *panicked, painfully cracking hawks voice* nothing
    • they go with hawks’ story
    • bc in dabis words
    • “its so gay he’‘ll hate it”
    • when the day of the family dinner arrives hawks is super worried that he’ll end up not being sweet enough to rei or mix up dabi’s sibling’s names or ‘not be gay enough’
    • dabi lies on his dorm bed and watches lazily until he gets tired of hawks freaking out and throws a pillow at him to shut him up
    • gay pillowfight montage
    • they hit each other with hawks’ obnoxiously big pillows till feathers are flying everywhere and theyre giggling breathlessly
    • queue gay moment 
    • hawks ‘hey we should practice kissing’
    • “mhm we have to perfect it so its believable yknow”
    • ‘so can we make out now’
    • ‘yeah lets just get right into-mmph!”
    • dabi and hawks end up half and hour later then they were supposed to 
    • id say they were looking rumpled as all hell
    • but honestly thats dabis default
    • and its bold of you to assume hawks wouldn’t waste even more time getting ready
    • hes wearing a pink tank top that says ’blatantly homosexual’ and skinny jeans
    • dabis wearing a leather jacket with many many many pride pins of the bisexual variety and a queen t-shirt
    • gotta stick to them “dabi listens to mainstream rock music” roots
    • (hawks suggested he dye his hair pink purple blue but he ultimately decides against it much to hawks’ disappointment)
    • so they come in and meet rei 
    • her hugs are amazing and make hawks feel so small and protected and cocooned in her warmth is this what a parent feels like
    • fuyumi; hello if you hurt my brother I will eviscerate you
    • hawks: dw id eviscerate me too 
    • fuyumi, grudgingly: good answer welcome to the family
    • dabi blushin rn
    • natsuo: hey big bro, hawks bro *fistbumps*
    • shouto: *chugs gatorade and t-poses* sup’
    • hawks: wh
    • *dabi voice* o h m y g o d I said just dont freak out my boyfriend thats all I asked of u assholes and what do you do you go and freak out my boyfriend I am disowning all of you-
    • hawks is staring at him with motherfucking heart-eyes
    • and then the whole happy everything is destroyed by endeav*r coming back from work
    • dabi slings and arm around hawks waist and ignores his blush, insufferably smug
    • ”hello father this is my homosexual boyfriend we are homosexual and have homosexual sex”
    • hawks belatedly realizes that shit, he really likes it when dabi calls him his boyfriend which is a problem bc theyre not actually dating
    • so hes lowkey freaking out on the inside 
    • but he still plays his part to perfection
    • ‘thankyou for being so accommodating, let me take ur jacket sir, ill put it next to my rainbow colored one over here’
    • endeavor is so pissed
    • and its glorious 
    • dabi is beside himself with glee at the dinner table as he is surrounded by his siblings
    • natsuo slurping soba loudly while staring directly at his dickhead dad 
    • and his mom is aloofly tuning them all out while in intense conversation with his sister about how society is bullshit and businessmen are disgusting
    • while fuyumi is sneakily scratching her fork against her plate to make a screeching sound which makes endeavores eye twitch every twenty seconds
    • and he is sitting next to and playing footsie under the table with his newly discovered love of his life 
    • whom he should probably
    • definitely
    • ask out after this whole thing
    • who is seemingly oblivious to endivores glaring and talking to him about how he’s so happy that he accepts his son for being gay and being generally so supportive of ‘us faggots’
    • endthevore is fuming and its fantastic
    • dabi intertwines his fingers with hawks and smiles and continues where he left off in his one sided conversation with shouto whos nodding and slurping determinedly (*wipes tear* ”i taught him well”) about the homosexual agenda as hawks silently tries to appear as if hes not having a heart attack beside him 

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  • libraryyy au!!

    • I bet ur conf rn
    • ‘library au?? wtf r u on abt ames??’
    • well you see dear reader
    • hawks is super duper fucking short
    • like around 150 smth cm
    • and we already know dabi is really fucking tall tbh im pretty sure hes the tallest out of all of the league villains
    • so
    • dabi is the resident shelf reacher out of all of the workers in the college library 
    • yes the rest are the villainsquad and what about it
    • and hawks is the tired af scholarship student who majors in like literature or smth 
    • so hes always in the english lit classics section of the library
    • first time dabi saw him dabi was fixing the books on the shakespeare shelf 
    • bc he found like five copies of romeo and juliet in the shoujo manga section for some fucking reason
    • hes  scowling and cursing vulgarly and creatively under his breath and muttering 
    • ‘its a fucking tragedy they both fucking die what kinda horse shit asshole would think that mutherfuckin romeo and juliet is shoujo and five copies are you kidding me-’
    • when he looks up and later swears he went blind for second
    • *dabi voice, whispering wistfully* an angel
    • there he is
    • in all his rumpled and messy, hasn’t slept in a week, running on caffeine and pure adrenaline glory 
    • while typing at the speed of light, occasionally glancing at a thumbed, well worn copy of what looks like a huge anthology of poetry larger than his head
    • barely being able to be seen as the streams of sunlight from the window behind him give him an angelic halo 
    • his hair is in a really bad state, uncombed and lookin like its been hastily pinned back away from his eyes
    • hes wearing sweats and an over sized yellow hoodie ariana grande style 
    • honestly he looks terrible I would die if I saw him like that
    • but dabi 
    • well
    • clutches at his heart
    • knees buckle
    • hhhhh
    • hes in love
    • but he doesn’t know his name
    • so obviously 
    • he starts lurking around
    • he learns that this angel has a lot of friends
    • including this one lesbian fuyumi totally  likes who seems to also channel her inner ariana grande with a bunny ears headband she seemingly refuses to take off
    • and hes loud and friendly and sweet
    • also very gay 
    • after this discovery he may have had to stifle a yell and fist pumped
    • this stalking discreet and subtle information gathering tyvm shigaraki
    • ‘face it dabi is stalking’
    • “fuck you”
    • goes on till jin gets tired and tells him
    • ‘yaknow that he borrows books right? so he has to tell us his name at the front desk?? yknow how libraries work right???’
    • toga: ‘noo we said we weren’t gonna tell him! gdi I lost so much money’
    • “you guys were betting on me figuring out how to find out his name??’
    • kurogiri: ‘no we were betting on you not figuring out how to find out his name’
    • *coughs*
    • so 
    • he knows his name now
    • jin told him after a lot of begging
    • “please tell me his name i’ll tell you togas favorite dessert”
    • ‘hmm……ok”
    • hawks
    • as beautiful a name as him
    • and he reads a lot of naruto 
    • dabi is dYING
    • how perfect can someone get
    • dabi takes more shifts at the front desk now for some reason I wonder why
    • so the first time hawks sees dabi is at the front desk behind a pile of a few copies from the haikyuu manga as well as a couple austen classics 
    • he sees dabi and nearly drops his piles which would have been both a disaster and very embarrassing
    • dabi is idly flipping through some biker catalogue while popping bubblegum every ten seconds and his skin is burnt but in a sexy way 
    • hes in a leather jacket with so many band badges and a bisexual pride pin hallelujah to the lord hes got like a billion piercings and hes wearing glasses
    • hawks is wailing on the inside 
    • when god carved his face he was showing off
    • and when the hot guy looks up hawks sees (!!)turquoise(!!) eyes widen imperceptibly before his face smoothes out and his sweet, pretty mouth opens 
    • and he’s talking to hawks and he has the deepest smoothest sexiest voice in the world and hawks can hear a chorus of a million angels singing so its understandable that he almost missed what he says
    • ”may I help you”
    • ‘hell fucking yeah you can goddamn’
    • ”w-what?”
    • ‘noTHING! I-I would like to check out th-these b-books please!”
    • “sure if you let me check you out ;)))”
    • ‘ajsakjjsjajs’
    • “h-how did you make that sound with ur mouth”
    • so they know each other now
    • to togas dismay bc she bet on this too but she bet that theyd first interact after another month
    • but luck was on dabis side for once in his entire goddamn life
    • they are now in the next stage
    • pining
    • and goddamn they are pINING SO PITIFULLY
    • its horrible
    • hawks isn’t in one day and dabi Freaks
    • ‘he hates me I know he does he fucking hates me’
    • the next day hawks is back and smiling at him and dabi is floating on air
    • now to the climax 
    • hawks is reaching up for a sappho compilation and hes like on his tippy toes 
    • so short so small what a tiny bitch
    • hes exhaling, pissed off
    • hes reaching up again to no avail when a warm weight is being pressed up against his back and he feels the rumbling vibrations in dabi’s chest at the same time he hears him breath out, ”need some help there, lil’ bird?” 
    • his cheeks heat up as he feels hot breath on his neck ad dabis towering over him holy fuck hes so tall 
    • dabis hand brushes against his and he pulls out the book easily then presses it against his chest and hawks’ hand comes up automatically to take it and dabi’s hand is still there on his chest, against his heart and oh my god he can hear it pounding oh shit
    • dabi huffs out a laugh, hot breath on the back of his neck and hawks is  t r e m b l i n g
    • *hawks voice* ‘I fucking hate you. you asshole’
    • *smug dabi voice* “yeah I can tell babe”
    • ‘we’re going on a date tomorrow after ur shift’
    • *still smug* “aw babe you know when my shift gets over?”
    • ‘oh fuck off’

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  • villains coffeeshop au bc I was inspired by myself  #spon

    • okay so it used to be all for ones shady obscure coffeeshop that probably sold drugs
    • until it was all for ones shady obscure coffeeshop that definitely sold drugs and got shut down and he was arrested for it
    • and then his adoptive son shigaraki tomura reopened it as ‘tomura’s” after he dropped out of college
    • and it became a shitty yet aesthetic hipster obscure coffeeshop that probably sold drugs
    • so shigaraki is like the shitty boss who barely comes in for work 
    • and when he does come in all he does he sits on a stool behind the counter and plays animal crossing on his psp
    • and hes so reclusive that you can tell he’s the kind of person who played fireboy and watergirl alone
    • the real boss is kurogiri 
    • u know this
    • I know this
    • shigaraki knows this
    • face it hes the only responsible one
    • hes the manager 
    • and without him the shop would die
    • no one knows why he needs this job but at this point they’re too afraid to ask
    • the first time someone spilled a cup of coffee shigaraki was freaked out and kurogiri calmed him down like the amazing dad he is
    • more than that gamer bitch shigaraki deserves
    • what do u mean im jealous of his affectionate dad friend fuck you
    • anyways
    • toga and jin were the new employees who needed a job bc no one else would hire them
    • I mean who would want to hire them look at them
    • seriously 
    • theyd get such hard nos for every job interview 
    • it was depressing
    • till when toga steps in the little office room for her interview she blinks like thrice in quick succession 
    • bc theres a blue haired weirdo squatting in the spider-man position 
    • on the edge of the desk
    • and guy in nice looking suit hovering nervously next to him like hes gonna fall and hes ready to catch him
    • like yknow how if a kid sees their pet cat on top of the fridge for the first time they get so panicked ??
    • like that
    • exactly like that
    • she caught tomura automatically and flawlessly when he was abt to fall like 5 mins in 
    • ‘woah there mister’
    • while kurogiri was distracted asking her questions
    • she was hired on the spot 
    • for jin he stepped inside and he saw shigaraki sitting on the desk 
    • once again
    • spidey style
    • and he went ‘omg u know who spider-man is? isn’t he sexy?’
    • kurogiri couldn’t find it in him to put a stop to it when shigaraki said
    • “ur hired”
    • bc wow hes making friends!!
    • spinner was a customer that was wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt and jin and tomura literally begged him to work at the shop
    • he was like ‘oh hell fucking yeah if this is how easy it is to get a job I would have worn this shirt in public ages ago’
    • tomura firmly: as ur boss I order you to wear it at least twice a week 
    • jin: and also tell me where you bought it
    • spinner: amazon
    • tomura: ur fired
    • spinner: jk i’ll give you the link pls dont fire me 
    • toga needed a job bc her parents weren’t paying for her tution
    • bc they thought she was a psycho
    • she was like whelp I guess I gotta leave home to pay off those college loans I guess
    • shrug emoji
    • jin however is not in college
    • he left college
    • bc of his multiple personality disorder and how horrible he felt when people made bullied him for it
    • kurogiri adopts him immediately
    • and dabi
    • well i mean I dont even have to explain do I
    • his dads an abusive bitch and he wants to earn money so he can pay for his college even tho his mom says he doesn’t have too
    • he wants to contribute
    • my eyes are wet
    • I love him so much
    • *coughs* anyways
    • so he comes inside for the first time and immediately insults the interior and the shitty coffee and also shigaraki’s hair 
    • then proceeds to ask for a job
    • shigaraki is so annoyed he wants to punch him in the face
    • but dabi whips out his amazing math skills and also gets the expresso machine to work which only works for kurogiri
    • so he is grudgingly hired
    • dabi works the register bc of his aforementioned math skills 
    • this is however a problem bc of his nonexistent people skills
    • indeed, the first time he sees hawks, his eyes widen 
    • and he whispers 
    • softly but with feeling 
    • “holy shit”
    • *amused customer voice* what
    • “shit sorry sir I just saw an angel is all”
    • ‘pls just give me my cappuccino’
    • *dabi internally* oh dear god he is every one of my dreams come true
    • hes wearing sweats and a hoodie and hes got sweater paws
    • its not very fashionable
    • he can do better 
    • but in hawks’ defence, it was nearly midnight at the time 
    • hawks comes up to the counter to get his coffee and does an actual double take when he registers dabi in all his pierced and tattooed and scarred but in a sexy way glory
    • *you cant hit on ur barista, theyre at work its unprofessional they could get fired bc of you!* his 2 brain cells argue
    • but when dabi opens his mouth and says, ‘heres ur latte’ his voice is so deep and sexy those two brain cells promptly burst into flames
    • he leans forward
    • and busts out them coffee shop pickup lines
    • ‘hey they call me coffee cause i grind so fine’
    • dabi is taken aback but recovers quick enough to say
    • “careful your coffee is really hot,, but ur hotter”
    • hawks is at a loss for words for the first time in his life
    • hes never been so thrown off his game before 
    • hes in love 
    • and its chaos from then on
    • bc the banter does not stop
    • it is endless 
    • and its so annoying they are both such assholes
    • they just dont shut up and its like. okay when its just one of them
    • but together they are demonic and horrible and piss shigaraki off so much
    • hawks is a flirty sonovabitch
    • but so is dabi when he gets going
    • so its like a game of who can get the other the most flustered
    • the amount of time hawks spends draped over the counter making bedroom eyes at dabi is ridiculous
    • it is high up on the ‘list of many things that piss shigaraki off’
    • their hands brush together when dabi hands him his coffee and it makes both of them squeal on the inside but they dont say anything
    • *stage whispering kurogiri voice* just calm down pls
    • *stage whispering infuriated shigaraki voice* its been a month of this sexual tension you could cut it with a motherfucking spoon when are they going to fuck
    • it takes another two weeks
    • toga, twice and spinner were betting on it
    • spinner won and he was crowing abt it for like an hour
    • ‘wait u guys were betting’
    • hawks is sharp-eyed but still so oblivious sometimes
    • but well dabi still loves him so whos the real winner

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  • okay so last night I sat up wide eyed in the middle of the night with the greatest galaxy brain level idea ever;

     dabihawks au where they meet at a pride parade

    • the idea came out of nowhere istg
    • it just sprung into my head at like almost 3 am
    • basically
    • hawks is smack bang in the middle of the pride month parade
    • obviously 
    • did you expect any less of our man
    • so hes gay
    • and he is the main part of a float with.. wait for it
    • wings
    • like a huge ass float with him standing directly in front of the huge ass gay angel wings
    • and the wings, god the wings
    • are so beautiful
    • in the colors of the pride flag, og gilbert baker style yo
    • hes wearing a pride flag over his shoulders like a cape, over a rainbow colored tank top with ‘im gay’ written over it in bold black
    • and shorts, bitch, its july
    • pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise
    • so its like close to sunset and the sun is reflecting off of him 
    • so heart-achingly beautiful
    • and the gold body glitter smeared all over his face and collarbones and arms
    • making his skin seem metallic and making him glow like an angel
    • and hes like swaying and cheering
    • with a bunch of other gays dancing and grinding around him
    • hes beaming 
    • hands up in the sky, eyes shuttering closed
    • hes glowing
    • in his element
    • and dabi
    • dabi is a bisexual having the time of his fucking life
    • its his first pride parade
    • bc he never got a chance to go before
    • with endeavore always being there
    • abusive ass dick
    • on a lower float right in front of hawks’ winged one
    • like a minor one with like a huge bi pride flag draped over the front
    • hes wearing a jean jacket with so many pins
    • bands and pride pins and hng his shoulders look so good
    • goddamn
    • and a bi pride shirt and skinny jeans
    • glitter spiked through his hair
    • that was toga
    • (thanks toga)
    • shes there too btw shes a lesbian <33
    • hes taking shots with jin
    •  (pan like his icon deadpool) 
    • and then he turns around to sneak another glance at the literal angel in the gay float with wings behind him
    • and his eyes widen
    • bc hawks leaned forward too much and now hes lost his balance and hes falling
    • dabi steps forward automatically and catches him 
    • it was like that scene in the mamma mia 2 movie when bill caught donna all smoothly
    • and he looks down at his angel
    • and he just. hes lost for words for a second then he just grins and whispers 
    • “hi there ;))”
    • look at it from hawks’ point of view guys
    • howd u feel if u thought u were falling to ur death
    • and thinking
    • ‘well at least its at pride ammiright guys’
    • when ur caught so fucking smoothly by the hottest man you’ve ever seen in your life
    • hawks’ breath hitches
    • holy shit
    • dabi is grinning wolfishly down at him and hes whispering lowly and his voice is so deep hawks is gonna have a heart attack
    • ‘hi there”
    • ‘hey thanks for catching me’
    • “no problem but how’re u gonna repay me huh ;))))”
    • at this point everyone in the crowd is just screaming and at least five people are recording it
    • *kiss the boy by keiynan lonsdale plays in the distance*
    • and then hawks is leaning up and the screaming is unholy

Chapter Text

  • dabihawks au originally based on this prompt from @auideas where person a and b are really in sync

    edit: nope so it starts off with that au but then I got carried away its a reunion fic lol 

    • for the second time bc I lost the first one -_-
    • my fave au is where they knew each other in high school 
    • you all know this about me
    • like. they meet because theyre in the same class and hawks makes a joke that no one gets except touya
    • who cant help snorting
    • and hawks just whips his head around to see this redheaded punk in a leather jacket grinning at him from the back of the class
    • and hawks is blushing so hard
    • next day hawks is sittin’ in the middle near the back
    • as always 
    • bc thats where the smart slackers sit
    • with an empty seat next to him
    • class starts
    • 20 mins in touya swings open the door like “sorry im late sensei traffic was murder”
    • hawks cant help it 
    • ‘dont you walk to school’ he snarks
    • touya doesn’t even miss a beat
    • “yeah I do but someone was drivin’ their car on the sidewalk crazy I know”
    • ‘thats one car asshole-’ *distant teacher voice* “language” ‘-how the heck is that traffic’
    • “it was a big car”
    • hawks mouths ‘but not as big as my dick’ at the same time touya whispers “but my dicks bigger”
    • hawks stares
    • touya stares
    • then he steps forward, drops his bag on the floor next to the empty space beside hawks’ seat and drops down onto the chair and states
    • “this is my seat now”
    • from then on theyre inseparable
    • snarking at the teachers all day and soon the teachers give up on separating them 
    • bc otherwise hawks will stare at dabi dolefully and not pay attention to anything else so he gets nothing done at all 
    • while dabi will spitefully and pettily talk shit abt the teacher to whoever hes sat next to and then check to see if hawks heard how funny he is
    • and even separated they still communicate 
    • with winks and gestures and eyerolls 
    • one time hawks blew a kiss at dabi 
    • he caught it dramatically and pressed it to his heart while winking
    • cue class laughing 
    • they have the same shitty, dirty sense of humor, both like memes, same terrible amazing taste in music 
    • punk, rock, alternative and indie
    • no im not projecting fuck off
    • theyre perfectly in sync
    • which means they kill at dodgeball 
    • more on that later ;))
    • sometimes the teacher says smth and they just make eye contact and like 
    • both just start fukcing sniggering 
    • hawks ‘I wanna tell you a joke but I only remember the punchline :((’
    • “what is it”
    • ‘tooth hurty’
    • “when’s the best time to go to the dentist”
    • *wide eyed, softly but with feeling* ‘you complete me
    • u dont see one without the other
    • and then
    • when touyas gone
    • hawks cant stand it
    • he misses him like a goddamn limb 
    • he was the literal other half of his soul
    • and in shady bars
    • touya dabi 
    • dabi thinks of something funny and says ‘heh’ and looks down at his side to tell hawks
    • but hes not there
    • and dabi aches
    • so 
    • years later
    • hawks is number three hero and dabi stopped watching tv after he sees hawks laugh awkwardly in an interview and saying ‘im single yeah, but im not lookin for a relationship’ 
    • because it hurts so much
    • hawks gets a mission from the hero council to infiltrate the baddies
    • the legit looking league of villains application that he’d found on pornhub only said the interviewer would meet him in ‘a dank alley near you!’
    • so on a night patrol in a sketchy district, hawks flies down and slinks into the shadiest alley he can find 
    • and stares back at the street, deadpanning 
    • ‘d’you guys have like a weather quirk guy bc this is so cliché’, jerking his head up at the pouring rain and rolls his eyes while spreading his wings till he’s more or less dry, running a hand through his dripping hair
    • and looks at the dark alley
    • fingers snap loudly
    • and a blue fire sparks up in a big, scarred hand
    • the glow lit up dabi’s shocked, scorched face, industrial metal piercings and- 
    • those fucking blue eyes
    • hawks sucks in a gasp because he knows those eyes 
    • they’re his eyes
    • staring into his fucking soul he swears 
    • like they always have 
    • god, those eyes have been haunting hawks for five years
    • he drowns in their shade of blue on his loneliest nights as he chokes back sobs under white sheets 
    • he cant breathe
    • and dabi, hidden in the shadows, was bored, waiting for a new wannabe villain wanting to stick it to the man 
    • only to feel like he was punched in the gut and all the breath is gone,  knocked out of him by the familiar, soaking wet frame of the love of his life, back lit by neon lights
    • and suddenly he’s fifteen and captivated 
    • by hawks’ laugh and his terrible sense of humor, so similar to dabi’s own, and the way he moves and how he brings him alive
    • and those big eyes are wet with unshed tears 
    • and hawks is whispering so soft so sweet
    • touya.
    • dabi manages a weak smile 
    • “hey babe”
    • and hawks is faltering as he steps forward
    • till hes sprinting across the distance between them and leaping into him
    • and dabi catches him 
    • and he always will
    • and hawks’ head is curled into dabi’s familiar warm chest and his legs are locked around his hips tightly, ankles crossed in the small of dabi’s back, 
    • wings protecting them from the still pouring rain
    • dabi’s face is tucked into hawks’ damp blond hair, a hand tight on his thighs and the other around his waist
    • “m’never letting go again” he murmurs into his hair  
    • “i wish you never had’ is the muffled reply he receives
    •  and then hawks is looking up at him and dabi aches
    • he ducks his head down to press a kiss against his lips
    • and hawks is rising up, cupping his drenched face and theyre kissing and his mind is blank from every thought other than those of the man in arms
    • and then dabi is preoccupied with pressing kisses on every inch of his face and hawks is giggling wetly and they cant stop smiling into the kisses
    • hawks runs his hands through dabi’s mussed hair 
    • and laughing so purely when dabi tugs on hawks’ own hair in retaliation

    anyways theyre in love and deserve to be happy bye

Chapter Text

  • some lazy dabihawks hcs

    • dabi is a huge cuddler
    • like he has three siblings guys
    • and hes the eldest
    • u think there wasn't constantly at least one small kid hangin off of him
    • cmon
    • so hes rly cuddly 
    • and his body temperature is weird as fuck
    • sometimes hes rly warm
    • and sometimes hes freezing
    • but he can rise his body temperature whenever
    • but in the mornings
    • well
    • so hawks is in flipflops and a hoodie, sipping his morning coffee and lookin out the window at the snow covered city
    • when suddenly his small wings are being brushed aside and dabi’s freezing form is draped over him from behind like a fukcing koala, hes wrapped around him, chin jutting out on hawks’ shoulder 
    • and when his freezing nose brushes against hawks’ jaw?
    • hawks loses it
    • sure that position sounds cute and domestic and shit in theory but actually its horrible bc dabi was so fucking cold
    • and hes barely awake so hes like half yawning and going
    • “body temperature. quirk. cold. and you’re warm”
    • ‘oh my god im getting you a sweater rn what the fuck’ 
    • so they'll go to sleep 
    • and hawks will wake up early 
    • bc hes an early bird get it
    • and his face will be squished against dabi’s chest and his hands trapped somewhere on his shoulders, and dabi has his arms wrapped around him and is obliviously snoring away
    • hes sighs
    • bc hes stuck
    • hes warm!! but so incredibly stuck
    • and if dabi got his way he would wake up at 1 pm every day
    • so hawks is painfully aware of the fact that he has no chance of waking up and he should just fall asleep
    • or stare at dabi’s face like a sap
    • which is what he usually does till hes lulled back to sleep by dabi’s rhythmic breathing
    • but he spends so many mornings waking up surrounded by dabi’s warmth and their crumpled white sheets, the sunlight streaming in through the huge windows in their apartment, and slowly blinking up at dabi’s face
    • and he falls all over again 
    • and dabi wakes up at noon
    • with his favorite person in the world in his arms, gazing up at him lovingly, honey eyes lidded and fond, and when he sees that dabi is awake, hawks smiles softly greets him with a quiet, ‘morning babe’
    • and dabi tucks his face into hawks’ neck and exhales, overwhelmed with the knowledge that this man is in love with him
    • and hawks is laughing at him, his laugh is so pretty and dabi melts
    • anyways I love them and im soft about mornings whats new

Chapter Text

another unnecessary dabihawks au; wrong number in canon timeline ft unrealistically oblivious and jealous dabi

  • its hawks fault
  • bc obviously ofc it is
  • he thinks hes messaging rumi
  • ‘hey rumi so I might have a boner for a villain’
  • dabis just chillin in the villains hideout when he sees it 
  • and proceeds to fukcing choke 
  • “hawks has a boner for a villain?? who could it be other than me omg im the one he spends the most time with!! but wait..what if its not me? fUCK”
  • bc hawks has already met the league at this point
  • so it could be anyone 
  • so dabi types out
  • ”im intrigued”
  • hawks is immediately suspicious 
  • because
  • rumi would have said
  • ‘spill the tea sis’
  • so hes confused as to who tf stole her phone
  • then he gets another message
  • “think u got the wrong number tho’
  • the dawning realization that this is dabi
  • the villain he has a boner for
  • hits hawks like a motherfucking truck
  • ‘shit sorry ignore this bye’
  • “nah fam u gotta tell me bout it now
    which one of my colleagues r u cheatin on me with babe?
    I thought we had smthn :((”
  • hawks is highkey freaking out now
  • like bitch whats he supposed to do
  • and he wonders if he should try to dig himself out of this hole but instead he just bullshits his way through the conversation 
  • bc thats what dabi brings out in him
  • he just says whatever comes to his mind
  • with dabi its just so easy
  • so he texts:
  • ‘im sorry but ur boss is so hot I cant resist him’
  • “shigaraki wtf r u kidding me”
  • ‘yeah man his minecraft skills just turn me on’
  • “but baby im so good at t-posin :((”
  • he called him baby oh my god hawks is dying
  • ‘ur good at posin in general lmao but ur fortnight dancing needs work ,, but his?? so sexy goddamn’
  • “you are joking though right pls tell me you dont actually like the handyman”
  • ‘yeah ur right I dont’
  • “who is it then”
  • ‘damn look at the time i gtg bye’
  • ok so dabi can see that hawks isn't gonna tell him
  • but hes confident in his abilities of working shit out
  • ”call me sherlock dabi holmes cause im gonna solve this case”
  • hes determined, stubborn and in love
  • aint nothin gon get in his way
  • so he makes a list of who it could be
  • “I can cross off toga bc shes a kid”
  • togas out
  • “spinners cool and hawks gets along with him...??
  • but wait hes an actual lizard hawks wouldn't fuck him hes not a scaley”
  • spinners out
  • “and shigaraki’s already out thank fuck”
  • “kurogiri is like an actual dad so not him”
  • “hes just crossing people now
  • till its just
  • “twice”
  • “...oh fuck that just leaves twice oh my god hawks has a boner for twice”
  • dumbass thot didnt even think about himself
  • smh
  • so hes like convinced now that hawks likes twice
  • its like this huge realization for him except its wRONG
  • it makes no sense twice has his pitiful crush on toga
  • but this bitch doesn't think
  • hes just like “hawks is so fuckin gr8 that I bet twice likes him back”
  • so he thinks theyre gonna get together and be a couple and he will die
  • hes mournfully moping around
  • and hawks has no fucking clue
  • hes just chillin with the villains yknow joking around with the gang in the hq, sitting around in kurogiri’s bar, doing shots
  • but all dabi can see is hawks laughing at twices jokes
  • *pitiful internal dabi voice* im funny why doesn't he like me
  • and hes wallowing in his misery 
  • gets up to leave bc he cant handle it
  • hawks, confused: where are you goin? :((
  • dabi, holding back tears: oUT
  • and then he decides 
  • that he has to give twice the shovel talk 
  • as a fellow ‘in love with hawks’ person 
  • to protect hawks’ honor and to get closure
  • god its physically hurting me to write him this obtuse jesus hes so fucking stupid
  • and he goes up to twice and just pulls him aside and twice is like what and hes like
  • “listen man. this is hard for me,, but I want you and hawks to be happy, cause you’re my friend and i love you man-” * twice, automatically* ‘love you too m’guy’ “-and I-*chokes back a sob* -i love him”
  • twice ‘wtf bro’
  • “I get that you’re in love with him and as much as it aches me to admit to you.... he loves you too...”
  • twice, who has been one of many witnesses (including rumi and toga) to hawks’ woeful, thirsty rants about dabi’s ‘face’ and ‘his piercings’ and ‘his abs holy fuck jin
  • ‘dabi what the actual fuck are you on about’ 
  • but dabis on a roll now he aint stoppin for nothin
  • “and I want you to take care of him for me, because he deserves the world and more than I could ever dream of giving him. hes so sweet and hilarious and god he looks like a fuckin’ angel in the sunlight-” 
  • ‘dabi.’ 
  • “-and he loves sunsets and he goes flying in the mornings and eats his eggs scrambled and-” 
  • dabi.’ 
  • “-spends days on end locked up in his apartment eating nothing but kfc when working on hard cases-” 
  • dabi’
  •  “-and his eyes are like honey and his smile is like sunshine I swear-”
  • twice: dabi he’s behind you
  • “what”
  • twice, helpfully: right fuckin behind you!! and damn hes been there for a while man
  • dabi squeezes his eyes shut against the onslaught of inevitable pain incoming
  • shuffles around slowly
  • opens his eyes tentatively and immediately winces
  • bc hawks is right there
  • lookin pissed yet so so sexy
  • “hi hawks”
  • ‘hey dabi are you in love with me’
  • *wailing internally* “y-yeah”
  • ‘oh cool cause im in love with you too’
  • “wh-mmf!”
  • and hes kissing him
  • and dabis just frozen and disbelieving for a moment before hes kissing back
  • and theyre just makin out for a while and when they pull away twice has left, as everybody would
  • dabi, deliriously happy yet confused as fuck: I thought you were in love with jin 
  • ‘what the fuck gave you that impression’
  • “you said you had a boner for a villain and I went through everyone it could possibly be-”
  • ‘except yourself am I fukcing right’
  • “oh”
  • ‘yeah oh’
  • “so you like me?”
  • ‘no I hate you-yes i like you asshole’
  • “oh sweet I like you too”
  • ‘oh yeah i heard!! what was it you said?’
  • “oh fuck no pls”
  • ‘smile like sunshine? was that it?’
  • “please stop”
  • ‘I look like an angel huh?’
  • “yeah you do”
  • *blushing* ‘ur not allowed to be honest’
  • “dont tell me what to do”

was this an excuse to make dabi be pining and sappy and wax poetic abt hawks? yes it was if you have a problem fukcing fight me

Chapter Text

okay so I just had this bullshit sitcomish idea for dabihawks get ready for crap

  • it started with me thinking abt the awesome mental image
  • of the league just chillin in the hq bar
  • its raining outside
  • toga doin knife trickshots 
  • and jin whispering encouraging, “oh fuck yeah thats my boo!!” and worried ‘pls stop ur gonna hurt somebody!!’ alternatively
  • tomura and spinner playing mariokart with little to no cursing from spinner
  • kurogiri cleaning shot glasses behind the bar
  • its as peaceful as it gets with the villainsquad
  • when suddenly
  • the door slams open and dabi steps in looking like an emo drenched rat 
  • physically and emotionally
  • and then he just says “h-hai” in the most mournful, ross-from-friends like tone in the world
  • the reactions are immediate and pavlovian
  • kurogiri immediately sets down his glass 
  • and jin and spinner look away at the floor with wide eyes
  • toga purses her lips awkwardly
  • tomura sighs, and pauses the game
  • dabi, sighing loudly and tragically
  • “guys…I had a fight with hawks…”
  • jin: woah man tragic and woahhh mann tragic :((((
  • “I know jin.. its so s-sad-” *chokes back a sob* “-..he. hes mad at me cause..-” *breaks down crying* 
  • shigaraki drolly: cause why dabi
  • “caus-”
  • door slams open once more to reveal hawks, soaking wet, hair and feathers plastered to his face and jacket with his eyes wide
  • *pushes back hair with fingers only for it to flop back soggily onto his face*
  • ‘..oh dabi..dabi.’
  • dabi staring at him mournfully 
  • h-hi hawks”
  • ‘dabi..’
  • “im sorry hawks..”
  • oh.. im sorry too dabi..’
  • they hug it out
  • the peanut gallery go back to what they were doing


Chapter Text

  • some mainly hawks dabihawks things bc I just finished my mid years and im overflowing with purple prose and love for an angel

    • his wings
    • guys
    • every human who has ever existed has dreamed of flying and hawks has these huge, gorgeous, glorious wings
    • and theyre sensitive on his shoulder blades and dabi takes immediate advantage of that once he finds out and spends ages tickling and stroking and massaging there till hawks is a shivering pile of goo
    • and they flutter when hes excited 
      and they ruffle when hes distressed 
    • and puff up when hes indignant 
    • and they convey his feelings as much as his eyes do
    • and when he turns around huffily after an argument they will smack into dabi’s face accidentally-on-purpose without fail 
    • and that is how dabi knows 
    • that he has fucked up
    • the wounded expression dabi made after the first time it happened will forever be a cherished memory and it never fails to crack him up
    • and his eyes
    • dear god his eyes are so pretty guys
    • with the eyeliner the gold fuckin pops and he looks so cool and sultry
    • but without
    • theyre softer, and usually hazier and lidded, because he rarely goes without eyeliner and when he does its at home when hes relaxed or tired and its late so dabi feels so blessed when he sees him like that bc no one else gets to and it makes him feel special
    • and hawks on slow mornings is the loveliest, softest thing on the planet in dabi’s humble opinion
    • hes so relaxed on those special days and so is dabi, automatically dropping all of his defenses and filters around him 
    • and theyre so cheesy and lazy and their banter is slower, sweeter
    • its sad bc they usually aren't like that
    • with the stress of their lives
    • but when they’re relaxed 
    • its all the more rare and thus something to be cherished
    • he flies in the mornings
    • and his excuse is that
    • ‘im patrolling ok its for the civilian’s safety stop fuckin laughing at me goddammit rumi-’ 
    • imagine you’re walking your dog or jogging at sunrise and you’re yawning and you look up to see your city’s guardian angel soaring across the sky, backlit by the light of dawn and the sky is pale gold and baby blue and soft pink behind him
    • its a holy sight
    • u go home dazed after snapchatting it to everyone u know with the caption “just saw an angel #blessed”
    • he lives in an apartment in a relatively chill part of the city
    • he found it after much agonizing at age twenty
    • took him a month of searching to get this perfect apartment that ticks all of his boxes
    • first off its on the top floor
    • and so he can sneak up on the roof and look at the sky
    • its decent sized and something he feels comfortable in cause its not as pricey as the wild shit other heroes endeavor live in
    • but he does well for it
    • he chose it for its giant windows
    • because he hates feeling trapped 
    • like he was for years by the hero council caretakers
    • huge windows that can open and shut smoothly and a couple of them have, according to rumi when she first came to check it out, ‘weird but aesthetic’ glass painting on them 
    • and it has high ceilings in every room so he flies up and hangs flowers pots from above like in the aesthetic movies and theres plants everywhere
    • and he keeps the windows wide open and so theres always sunlight streaming in through the swaying curtains
    • but huge, clear windows have one problem and its that drunk off his ass he forgets that they have glass
    • *distant hawks voice after a battle afterparty, hazily flying at his apartment at top speed and crashing into the window* oh fuck
    • *the sound of dabi losing it and laughing hysterically from inside* 
    • but its lovely and he adores it 
    • his bed is the best part of the room bc he chose its not for its size, which is average, but for its quality
    • he can just collapse into the mattress and feel like hes floating in the clouds
    • besides that he had practically no furniture at first 
    • and he had no idea how to make an actual home besides the shit pinterest tells him to do 
    • and hes def not a minimalist
    • but he doesn't know what to do cause he never had a place to call home
    • but slowly he accumulated a lot of shit and now its all cluttered and he feels happier than hes ever been when he finds dabi’s stuff in his closet
    • his kitchen is bare but for instant ramen till one day dabi kicks down the door with groceries cause ‘I have had it up to here with ur noodles and i aint eatin that shit any fuckin more okay you’re helpin me cook cause we are functioning adults and we can make ourselves a fuckin wholeass meal right tf now’ 
    • so now its stocked with food stuff besides chicken nuggets and hot chocolate mix
    • and his living room has matching sofas and armchairs and soft cushions and a tv and netflix and the windows are everywhere and clear and open
    • and a big carpet thats nearly wall to wall cause he hates the cold
    • (speakin of, 
    • *dabi voice* hey babe you’re a bird right, do you fly south for the winter?
    • hawks smacks him)
    • and 
    • a pull out sofa that rumi claimed the moment she sat down on it
    • and its not a weird sight for hawks to come home and see rumi looking deadass tired and absolutely knocked out on the couch
    • but boy was it a fucking shock for dabi when he slams into the house at 3 am after a league meeting where hawks had been riling him up for two hours
    • with hawks’ legs wrapped around his waist, one hand on his ass,holding him up and the other scrabbling around for the light switch as they enter the living room while hawks’ hands are gripping and tugging at his hair, distracting him and little moans and pants filling the empty space in between kisses and dabi finally finds the switch and light floods the room 
    • and rumi, the pro bunny hero miruko wakes up with a grunt and blinks her eyes open in the harsh light to the sight of her best friend, who she had been intending on getting blackout drunk with tonight and she thinks distantly, ‘well guess that aint happenin’ making out with the most wanted number two villain dabi
    • and she screams
    • they break away from the kiss and hawks’ eyes widen and dabi winces
    • hawks: hi rumi -stop screaming its okay- this is my new boyfriend
    • thats how dabi met the best friend

    anyways im soft for these dicks

Chapter Text

anon: What Hawks does for his birthday headcanons//drabble?

ooh!! Ive been havin Thoughts abt this all day

  • so hawks usually spends it with rumi. she comes over the previous night at like ten and they get drunk together, talking abt nothing and everything till the clock hits midnight
  • they wake up cuddling at like nine and both groan as they get up to make coffee
  • but
  • if she ever cant come over
  • which was this year
  • she spams him at twelve which is horrible bc he usually falls asleep before that when he doesn’t have a reason to stay up
  • wakes up in the middle of the night to squint at his phone which is lit up and vibrating and he just groans and stuffs his head under the pillow
  • but in the morning hes just happy 
  • and laughing at her messages which consist of variations of 
  • he laughs and turns off the phone
  • he goes to his agency only to have gifts and hollers of ‘happy birthday hawks!!’ thrown at him as he is pushed right back out the door with instructions to ‘sleep in for once its ur birthday’ ‘have fun, hit the bars!!’
  • he is overwhelmed 
  • goes home still overflowing with appreciation for his sidekicks and friends
  • his twitter is blown up by well wishers and hawks stans for a solid 24 hours 
  • he feels so good and his cheeks hurt from smiling bc 
  • his life went from neglectful, alcoholic parents, to isolation as he trains to be a hero, to having no time for celebration as he fights to be a good hero, to now, where he stands still unsatisfied bc heroic society is corrupt but he has the support of so many people and friends, for once
  • he gets a message from dabi
  • and his eyes widen 
  • ‘does dabi know its my birthday??? omg is he wishing me!??’
  • but it just says
  • “come to the usual alley later I got a job for u’
  • he slumps
  • but still 
  • he grabs a jacket and flies to a small, unassuming district with shady looking alleys and slinks into the one dabi stands in
  • dabi pushes back from the wall and looks at hawks as he steps into sight
  • hawks is like ??? 
  • bc he hasn’t said anything yet and just looks constipated
  • hawks is worried and says tentatively ‘hey are you okay?? ur not lookin so hot
  • dabi, relaxing and slipping into their usual banter: “what do u mean babe you said I always look hot”
  • hawks fires back ‘sorry babe I just meant ur lookin a lil blue is all’
  • dabi, without missin a beat “if u think I look blue now, you should see my balls after these little meetups of ours, donald duck”
  • hawks ‘what’
  • dabi, smoothly moving past it “do you know why I called you here”
  • ‘for my charming personality?’
  • “well there is that but no”
  • ‘for a job ig’
  • “nah its cause a lil birdy told me its your birthday today”
  • ‘I though I was the only bird in ur life r u cheatin on me???’
  • “hawks.”
  • ‘ye’
  • deep inhale “happy birthday’
  • hawks is speechless
  • there he is
  • dabi
  • standing in front of him, blushing slightly, pulling out a bucket of kfc chicken drumsticks with a bow wrapped around it from behind him and handing it to hawks
  • hawks takes it, still lost
  • ‘you got me a gift’
  • “yeah I did”
  • ‘w-why would u do that are these poisoned wtf’
  • “nO theyre nOT POISONED-god ur so annoying im leaving”
  • ‘dont I get to thank you?’
  • “i mean you dont have to-’
  • hes cut off by hawks leaning up and pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek 
  • dabi’s eyes are the size of the moon and hes blushing while hawks drops back to his feet, grinning and rocking back on his heels as he says,’thank you’ and then flies away
  • hawks leaves him blushing, clutching his cheek and going crazy overanalyzing the interaction
  • hawks goes home and sets the bucket of kfc drumsticks on the table next to the seven other buckets that his interns got him
  • he grins and sends a snap to rumi with the caption, ’dinner’
  • he turns off his phone when the messages start coming in quick, panicked succession and sits on the sofa with a bucket in his hand as he turns on netflix and settles back to watch home alone 3
  • this is gonna be a fantastic night

here u go anon this is all I got 

happy birthday hawks baby u deserve more then twenty buckets of drumsticks

Chapter Text

dabihawks and the villainsquad christmas drabble bc its crimas!!

im like late but its my dads bday on christmas so I was understandably busy

oh my god my dad is jesus

  • so 
  • hawks has been with the league for several months
  • hes on their side
  • kinda
  • its complicated
  • but he knows them well and hes pretty close to the vanguard action squad
  • and he thinks he knows them well enough that hes not surprised by the heights that their bullshit will go anymore
  • welp
  • toga himiko is here in an ugly christmas sweater to dangle a twig of sad looking mistletoe that says ‘ding dong u are wrong’ in his face
  • he is understandably surprised when dabi nudges him as they walk to the meeting on christmas eve and says 
  • “dont freak out” 
  • hes like ‘???what?’ 
  • and hawks looks up at the door of the league hq as he steps inside, shivering even though hes wearing two hoodies and leggings under his jeans and he immediately blinks thrice in quick succession and is gaping in an unflattering way
  • bc the entire bar is covered in christmassy décor. 
  • the counter looks like a tinsel monster threw up on it, jingle bell rock is playing in the background, there is a fire place with many many meticulously labeled socks hung above it precariously, looking like theyre gonna be set on fire any second now, and every villain in the league is wearing an ugly christmas sweater, some of them looking resigned, some of them looking confusingly ecstatic 
  • hes just wide eyed 
  • dabi snickers beside him and steps forward, gently pushes up on his jaw, closing his mouth
  • “ur gonna catch flies, loser”
  • hawks is blushing slightly but he ignores it and follows dabi 
  • ‘do y’all always go this full on out? bc I can. um. I can get behind this’
  • dabi stops. looks at hawks. 
  • he looks adorable and shy and dabi is cooing on the inside
  • bc hawks just wants to be part of this christmas celebration that feels so familial and nothing like what hes used to
  • bc the only christmas celebration hawks has been part of is his agency’s, and rumi sending him wine each year without fail
  • he looks just like how dabi felt when he first arrived, ill prepared, to the previous christmas celebration at the league ft the vanguard action squad
  • aka the first happy christmas he had spent in a long fucking time
  • but he shrugs it off
  • dabi, softly but with feeling: i thought u were normal 
  • hawks: what
  • dabi, tears in his eyes: but now shes coming dont say I didnt warn you
  • hawks, growing fearful: w-who
  • dabi, whispering: t-tog-
  • he is interrupted by toga, naruto running at top speed wearing a horrendous neon fucking orange christmas sweater that satan himself would balk at
  • she jumps on top of them making them both fall on the ground with her on top of them
  • toga at top, earpiercing, wince inducing volume:
  • *panicking hawks voice* what the motherfuckin CHRIST OH MY GOD
  • bc jin and spinner are right behind her
  • 5 seconds later sees a resigned dabi and a wildly confused, blushing hawks are being engulfed by jin, spinner and toga as they squeeze them to death
  • they then proceed to shove ugly sweaters on top of their heads
  • dabi’s sweater is neon pink with a rudolph the red nosed reindeer pattern
  • hawks’ sweater is lime green and has actual fairy lights strung on it like they light up
  • he looks delighted and dabi stares at him sappily
  • shigaraki went insane from togas badgering and bought an army’s worth of hot chocolate in bulk 
  • the remains of which were distributed by the league to the poor and the street villains 
  • a little warmth for their, cold lonely christmases to ensure that they wouldn’t be as empty as before
  • *excited toga voice* ‘GUYS LETS GO CAROLLING’
  • *flat shigaraki voice* ‘toga we cant we’re villains’
  • ‘so??’
  • ‘we would get arrested’
  • ‘fuck why are we villains’
  • there is a christmas tree
  • and holy fuck it is so big
  • its huge
  • hawks has to crane his neck up to see all of it
  • they make hawks put up the star, which for some reason hasn’t been put up yet and is in the art style of the stars from dora the explorer 
  • it was like this
  • toga ‘well I put it up last year whos doing it this year’
  • shigaraki ‘im the boss so technically-’
  • spinner arguing ‘im the second youngest so-’
  • jin ‘oh fuck no ur not ur like thirty u old man-’
  • spinner ‘oh fuck no im not u bitch-’
  • their voices overlap as they argue for like ten minutes while kurogiri hopelessly tries to stop them to no avail
  • jin ‘I want to do ittt but we should let hawks’
  • hawks ‘what’
  • dabi, grinning wildly “oh yes absolutely hes the youngest and the newest”
  • hawks, whispering angrily ‘fuck u man u know I cant reach that high-’
  • dabi smugly “im sorry what was that”
  • hawks, yelling ‘too bad guys im too short I guess the bossman has to do it’
  • toga, unimpressed and trying to get dabi and hawks to fuck:
  • ‘stop sucking up to the bossman-’ ‘I love u for saying that’ ‘-and its chill dabi can pick u up’
  • dabi stops laughing abruptly
  • “what”
  • hawks, rapidly shakin his head ‘nononono its chill i’ll just fly-’
  • spinner, also trying to get dabi and hawks to fuck ’YOU CANT!‘
  • hawks ‘why tf not’
  • jin, wracking his brains for a solution ‘uhhhh bc we dont want you to put strain on your wings’
  • hawks, touched, ’oh my god! thanks guys you’re so sweet, but its okay really-’
  • shigaraki, firmly ‘nope dabi has to pick hawks up im the boss and I say so’
  • hawks: well fuck
  • toga films, awing from behind the camera as a blushing hawks is lifted up by a blushing dabi to place the star on the top of the glittering christmas tree
  • dabi, eyes wide as he stares at the big, soft, pretty red feathers of hawks’ upper back and the back of his head, blonde hair pinned back, and then he looks down at the delicate, fluffy, smaller feathers above the small of his back, and he swallows and feels his face get redder when he notices how it arches when hawks stretches his hand up to set the star into place
  • then he startles as hawks turns around triumphantly in his arms, beaming and tossing a peace sign at toga, and he adjusts his hold on his thighs quickly and looks up at the same time hawks looks down at him, smiling brilliantly and dabi’s breath catches
  • he looks iridescent in the glow of the candles and fairylights strung around the bar and on the tree and absently dabi thinks, “toga’s still filming”, but everything falls away in light of hawks’ smile softening as he tilts his head at dabi and he was helpless when it came to this angel
  • hawks threw his head back and laughed at something twice was saying and dabi’s eyes traced the line of his tan throat 
  • hawks looked back at dabi and smiled, saying ‘the tree looks amazing, huh?’
  • dabi, breathlessly; “’doesn’t hold a candle to you babe’
  • hawks’ eyes widened and there was a pretty blush painting his cheeks pink and dabi was enchanted as he leant up and kissed him hard
  • hawks was enthusiastic in his response, kissing back and throwing an arm on dabi’s shoulder, the other hand threaded in his hair 
  • and toga was still filming them and whooping as they kissed slowly and softly in front of the tree, hawks still in dabi’s arms, legs wrapped around his waist
  • jin and spinner were cheering when they split apart slowly, blushing madly when they saw the league surrounding them
  • shigaraki, sagging against kurogiri in relief ‘well thank fuck thats over I dont think I could have taken the fuckin ust any longer’
  • dabi smirkin up at hawks ‘I think I know what my christmas present is now ;))’
  • hawks smirking back “yeah ;)) a bible ;)))))”
  • dabi breaks down cackling breathlessly into hawks’ neck and hawks just stares at him lovingly
  • shigaraki, in slowly dawning horror ‘fuck this isn’t what I wanted theyre gonna be worse now abort aBORT’

anyways merry christmas and happy holidays y’all 

Chapter Text

I keep writing angsty, lovely drabbles for the au that hawks and dabi knew each other in high school. 

  • but
  • what if
  • their reunion doesn't go as movie cliché as we’d i’d like
  • bc they weren't dating in high school
  • even tho they totally wanted to
  • so
  • dabi sees this birdman step into the alley where hes supposed to be meeting a hero who wants to join the league
  • which he was dubious abt before he sees the most heroic person hes ever met stepped into the alley
  • and hes like
  • “oh hell nah”
  • and hawks is like ‘what?’
  • and dabi just stares at him and says “hi its me im ur dealer from high school that u sometimes fucked.”
  • and he makes to get tf out but hawks is like wait oh hell no
  • ‘touya you fuckin bitch I didnt go on pornhub to find that league of villains application for nothing. ur either gonna let me in this stain fanclub of yours then come home with me for a quick fuck, or you’re gonna kill me rn for knowing ur identity. whats it gonna be
  • “what was that in the middle there”
  • ‘uhh stain fanclub?’
  • “no after that”
  • ‘ur gonna kill me cos I know ur secret identity??’
  • “..forget it. anyways im not letting you in yet and we’re not a stain fanclub, so fuck off’
  • hawks internally: shit that was close
  • bc you see
  • hawks had recognized him on the spot
  • i mean it was hard not to
  • seeing as he was in love with him in high school
  • but they were just bros 
  • who did indeed, fuck sometimes
  • but they never got together
  • tragic I know
  • and dabi saw him and recognized his pretty face immediately
  • and his flight or fight response kicked in
  • he debated internally for all of 5 seconds
  • before he was like
  • ”dammit im leavin I aint fuckin dealing with this shit”
  • bc you see
  • dabi had also recognized him bc
  • *drumroll* he was in love with hawks in high school!!
  • what an absolute shock it is to absolutely nobody
  • that five years ago
  • todoroki touya
  • shiketsu’s favorite gay punk dealer who could getchu whatever u wanted and as it was widely agreed, had very reasonable prices so long as you didnt fuckin mention his deadbeat dad
  • had a hugass crush 
  • on the winged honor student who liked getting high on the rooftop on sunday nights
  • and now 
  • he was still in love with him
  • so he gives him a burner phone with his number in it to contact him
  • even tho the thought of hawks in the league made him wanna laugh 
  • and he tells him that to his face
  • and hawks glares
  • and says coldly
  • ‘you know nothing about me’
  • which makes him wince on the inside
  • and although he keeps his poker face
  • on the inside hes screaming at having the person he really fuckin loves make that face at him
  • and he leaves with the thought,
  • “this wont end well”

im might continue this actually so look out for a second part m'guys

Chapter Text

this is a post dedicated to my favorite todoroki natsuo bc he deserves so much

  • none of his siblings have ever called him natsuo
  • he’s natsu
  • its only fuyumi when shes in a scolding mood or touya when hes mad at natsu for not giving him the wii controller even though nATSUO MOM SAID ITS MY TURN TO PLAY WITH THE WII-
  • and endeavor calls him natsuo 
  • but he would hate it if endeavore even thought for a second that hes fucking allowed to call him by a nickname after all he has fucking done
  • god he hates endeavor
  • out of all of the todoroki siblings, while touya is the one who was abused by him and hated him so much he left, and shouto is the one who has been hurt the most and cut off from his siblings, and fuyumi is the one who tries to push her feelings aside because shes so desperate for some pathetic semblance of normalcy for her family,
  • natsuo is the one who is the most bitter
  • because of endeavor, his big sister buckles under the pressure of basically being a teen mom for shouto, his big brother had something so fucking terrible happen to him that it still keeps natsu up at night, his little brother barely interacts with him and when he does its stilted and awkward because shouto isn’t used to having a family
  • and his mom is in a mental hospital and he barely gets to see her
  • and when he does hes always crying
  • and hes the only one who even mentions touya
  • shouto probably only remembers him as a heartbreakingly bittersweet memory
  • fuyumi cant stand mentioning him because she was his twin and feels like her other half is gone 
  • which is why she better be the one to bring touya back or istg 
  • and natsu
  • is the one who is plain fucking angry
  • that his big brother is gone
  • and he blames endeavore entirely 
  • and loudly
  • and rightly so
  • while he 
  • is another endless source of disappointment for endeavor
  • because he has a water quirk
  • not ice, not fire
  • nope
  • natsu has a mix of his parents quirks 
  • and its actually not powerful
  • he cant move oceans or create tsunamis 
  • but he doesn’t care what his dickhead dad thinks
  • hes a fuckin’ waterbender and hes fuckin’ proud of his quirk
  • right, when they first watched avatar when endvore wasn’t home
  • natsu literally let out a screech of excitement 
  • and touya was yelling out loud in shocked happiness “oH MY GOD NATSU UR IN THIS SHOW!!” and fuyumi was jumping up and down like !!
  • uhh he plays volleyball??
  • im not sure if this is canon actually
  • but well it was in one of those first page of the most kudos filter dabihawks fics and I watch haikyuu so im shoving myself onto the volleyball player natsu bandwagon 
  • hes a wing spiker and hes the ace for his team!! 
  • (for the people who dont watch hq, a spiker is the one who jumps and yeets the ball over the net and an ace is the best third year spiker)
  • hes rly good 
  • as you all are painfully aware
  • hes the sporty sibling
  • but hes not gay
  • *someone* are you gay
  • *touya wipes away a tear in the bg while natsu clenches his teeth and says manfully* no tragically I am heterosexual
  • so he likes sports and hes buff and drinks protein shakes and wakes up early and does push ups and makes breakfast for himself and fuyumi when hes at home 
  • hes college aged?? 
  • hes a fratboy
  • on campus he exclusively wears snapbacks and tanktops with lame slogans on them
  • its why he and hawks hit it off so well !!
  • he calls him hawks-bro
  • big bro touya who is also an ex villain brings home his bf who is the number one hero a month after the end of endthevore and while fuyumi is skeptical of this hawks guy
  • only bc shes the elder sister!! so shes the one who the shovel talk duty falls upon 
  • shes legally obliged to hate hawks its in the elder sibling rulebook
  • natsu thinks hes the shit
  • hawks enters their house and looks at natsu and natsu looks at him and they point at each other like in the clone spiderman meme
  • they are wearing the same snapback and the same hoodie and have the same expression on their faces
  • #its love babey
  • dabi just stands there staring at them yelling about naruto and questioning his decisions in life so far and fuyumi passes by and hands him a shot glass and a ‘same’
  • shouto thinks hawks is super cool but he wont admit it over his dead body
  • natsu chugs milk straight from the carton
  • the first time he did it
  • fuyumi was at the kitchen counter and choked on her toast 
  • made a strangled sound
  • he looked at her straight in the eye and chugged it all down
  • she stares for five seconds then points at the door
  • ‘out. get out of my house’
  • hes terrified that hes too much like endeavor
  • its his biggest fear to end up like him
  • and when hes angry he feels like him
  • and stops yelling and breaks down sobbing
  • he looks in the mirror and stares at his mothers eyes in his fathers face
  • he stares at his fathers nose
  • his fathers face shape
  • his fathers build
  • and wants to scream
  • but he knows that hes never gonna be like him
  • hes going to be a better person
  • he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t

shoutout to natsu. he deserves it

edit: I have been informed that I am a dumb bisexual bc I didn't even think that natsu could be bi which I have now realised that he is sorry lmao 

Chapter Text

i have only a few thoughts in mind right now but yeet 

  • so theyre in different years
  • dabi is a second year and hawks is a first year
  • bc hawks is the same age as fuyumi canonically and the twins au doesn’t fit here
  • so
  • hawks stresses out abt exams a lot
  • his classmates know this and make fun of him for it constantly
  • bc he is obviously an honor student and he gets straight as and he works hard but he still stresses out despite his wishes to come off as a chill motherfucker
  • his classmates and friends soon get sick of him complaining abt tests and also they get sick of his eyebags and claims of ‘im fine guys’
  • so one day they recommend the services of todoroki touya
  • the schools favorite dealer
  • now
  • hawks doesn’t know this
  • he just cocks his head and says confusedly 
  • ‘isn’t that the flame heroes son?’
  • and they shush him panickily and whisper ‘shit man dont talk abt the dickhead dad!!’
  • but its too late
  • bc a tall figure looms behind him and a dark voice says right above his head
  • “shut the fuck up”
  • he whirls around and his eyes widen and his wings stiffen up
  • because todoroki touya is a redheaded punk senior with a leather jacket and piercings and the prettiest fuckin’ eyes in the whole goddamn world in hawks’ humble opinion and those eyes were currently glaring at him and
  • oh fuck
  • hawks fucked up
  • his soul has ascended
  • this is it
  • thats all folks
  • here lies the fifteen year old winged hero hawks, killed in cold blood by pretty eyes and a glare that should not look that hot jesus christ-
  • hawks with wide eyes and a terrified expression on his face: oh my god im so sorry I shouldn’t have said anything I didnt know ur dad was a dick and oh fuckin hell I mentioned him again im so fuckin stupid oh my god please dont kill me im so sorry-
  • and hawks’ friends have all slowly backed away till only hawks is in touya’s line of sight 
  • ‘fucking traitors’ he thinks bitterly
  • and touya is now staring at hawks contemplatively
  • his thoughts are something along the lines of:
  • “isn’t this that new golden boy honor student??”
  • “he looks really pretty”
  • “wow his eyes look like honey”
  • “shit he looks so stressed”
  • and “should I offer him drugs??”
  • touya interrupts hawks’ babbling apologies and says calmly
  • “hey dude you look really tired”
  • ‘.. yeah man I uh. I stress out about exams a lot’
  • “chill out you’re a first year dude”
  • ‘idk how man im under pressure cos im government funded’
  • “u should do drugs just sayin”
  • ‘what’
  • “im a dealer, so I can get you weed”
  • ‘that sound rly sketchy’
  • “I do it bc I hate my dad and I want to be the family disappointment’
  • ‘well anything to fund a charity im in’

its not angsty but im bad at writing angsty things

Chapter Text

Anonymous asked:

Hug headcanon for dabihawks? Please I long for them


thankyou for the request!! and ok anon listen 

  • at first
  • they are both very very much awkward around physical affection 
  • dabi hasn’t had a hug in five years and hawks had probably never been hugged till he met rumi
  • at which he probably cried tbh
  • so the first time they hugged
  • they were lying on hawks’ roof, staring up at the sky and talking about nothing and everything
  • dabi still hadn’t confessed to him about being touya
  • and hawks still hadn’t told him he already knows through three am conspiracy theory’s and hero forums and the depths of tumblr and youtube comments
  • dabi whispers it to the sky
  • “im the eldest sibling of four”
  • hawks snorts
  • dabi glares at him halfheartedly
  • “what”
  • hawks giggles to himself and says ‘yeah I can see it’
  • dabi looks back up and says quietly
  • “I miss them and my mom all the fucking time. they were so clingy, and we were all really close and I miss my little brothers jokes and my little sisters smile and my smallest brothers laugh and my-” he blinks back a tear “-my moms hugs” he admits the last part softly
  • they’re quiet for a while 
  • then hawks says, softly and shyly, looking at the sky
  • ‘my parents never hugged me.’
  • dabi blinks
  • and turns around on his side to stare at him
  • hawks stares steadfastedly up at the sky, red creeping up his ears from embarrassment
  • 'they were..neglectful. I never had an actual family.’
  • dabi sits up crosslegged and gives him a soft smile
  • hawks looks at him blankly
  • dabi opens his arms and grins
  • hawks realises what he’s doing and his eyes widen and he shakes his head rapidly mouthing 'nonono’
  • dabi shuffles forward and pulls him close to his chest
  • hawks stiffens
  • then he relaxes and tightens his grip on the back of dabis shirt and he sniffles and they both let the tears fall at the same time and dabi shoves his head into hawks hair and simply breathes for the first time in an age and hawks rocks into his chest sobbing and dabis shirt gets quietly soaked as he rubs comforting circles on hawks back between his wings and his shoulderblades till he relaxes
  • they fall asleep like that
  • dabi falls apart in front of hawks for the first time after he tells him about being endeavors son
  • hes so incredibly confused that hawks isnt angry and he tries to push hawks away but hawks is calm 
  • dabi never yells but when he does
  • he screams loud, angry and broken
  • “I am related to that fucking monster I am his SON and I left. I didn’t protect them I have to protect them but I can’t let them see me like this I’m a villain-” his voice comes down to a plead and he’s crying, tears streaming down his scarred face and 
  • hawks shushes him and and flies up till he’s above dabi and dabi is face to chest with him and he hugs him
  • holds his head close to his chest and runs soft hands through his hair soothingly
  • dabi quietens
  • they stay like that for a while just. breathing
  • these are so angsty
  • I’m sorry wait I’ll write a happy one
  • hawks doesnt know how to cook
  • and bear in mind 
  • the only reason dabi can cook
  • is bc he is
  • 1. the eldest child
  • 2.  a hobo
  • 3. a big fan of kurogiris creations be they cocktails or meals
  • so hawks wakes up one day
  • to smell pancakes
  • he has no idea how he knows that they are pancakes bc he barely has them 
  • unless he goes to a breakfast bar or smth
  • but he wakes up disoriented and tangled in his sheets
  • and most importantly 
  • and disappointing 
  • alone
  • even though he knows that he and dabi fucked last night
  • hard to forget with his being naked and his legs being weak and wobbly
  • so he dresses (barely, but I don’t write porn) and follows his nose to the kitchen, hovering in the air
  • and he sees
  • in all his bedhead, sweatpants and kiss-me-I’m-hot apron glory
  • his man
  • flipping pancakes not so expertly seeing as there are many pancake bits on the ceiling 
  • which is hard to accomplish seeing as hawks bought this apartment with only high ceilings, big windows and top floor in mind
  • so he tells him that conversationally
  • dabi jERKs 
  • and yelps girlishly and hawks is laughing his ass off way too loudly for ten am
  • the frying pan is tossed in the air and dabi is squatting on the floor with hands on his burning cheeks 
  • dabi peeks through his fingers and then drops his hands entirely when he sees how pretty hawks looks in the morning light
  • hair ruffled, shirt falling off his shoulder and still cackling hellishly
  • dabi gets up and doesn’t even argue at all with the instinct to smother him with love bc of how cute he looks
  • he throws his arms around him and squeezes, chin dropping on hawks’ head while hawks is still giggling to himself while he slides his arms around dabis waist

I want a forty five minute long hug no less

Chapter Text

writingat-night asked:

i keep seeing a shit ton of people making excuses for endeav*r and i’m PISSED OFF. i love ur hcs so so much, mind writing some about everyone (namely his kids and hawks) hating him?


god why would I make excuses for him lmao hes a piece of shit 

also thanks! I’m also constantly pissed!!

  • anyways
  • let’s begin with natsu bc hes the best
  • natsu has always hated his father
  • endeavor was abusive and neglectful towards his family and natsu didn’t give any excuses ok
  • he has no feelings other than pure hate towards that douche
  • hes a college kid 
  • and he is the social butterfly of the family
  • everyone on campus is in love with him
  • and he doesnt hide the fact that he hates his dad nope
  • he openly says shit like “ugh i hate my fucking dad hes such a douchbag” and people are like ?? aren’t you a todoroki?? and hes like “yes” and so the entire school collectively dislikes endeavor 
  • he has a girlfriend who got him into volleyball
  • they are both spikers
  • she also hates endeavor and she comforts him when he stresses abt it and its a very supportive relationship
  • anyways I love natsu
  • fuyumi hates him but she also has this unconditional love bc hes her dad and shes a loving person
  • he doesnt deserve it
  • and she knows it 
  • and so she represses it and tries to be the better person
  • but she hates him
  • so much 
  • she takes that anger out on baking cakes to send to dabi who shares them with the villainsquad 
  • and sends her selfies captioned ‘thanks for the cake the villains loved it xx kurogiri wants to know the recipe’
  • and shouto is the most hurt he is the victimest of victims
  • he hates endeavor a lot and he is constantly bitching about him to his classmates when they have sleepovers in the common room
  • shouto, lying with his head in momos lap while mina paints his toenails: and then he said “stop slurping its so rude” and me and natsu slurped even louder and he looked so constipated 
  • mina, wiping a tear: u and ur brother are icons and we stan
  • now 
    hawks had started disliking endeavor as he had to hang out with him more for teamups an he slowly realised that, wow, this guy is a real big dick
  • not the hero he thought he was
  • so when he leans back in his wheelie chair at three am, staring at the laptop screen showing him hero forums from five years ago yelling about endeavors missing eldest son with a fire quirk, and he realises dabi is endeavors son, and he hates endeavor, hes not that surprised.
  • bc endeavors a bitch.
  • and it makes horrifying sense.
  • he goes live with an interview a week later and makes blatant fun of endeavor and dabi stares with heart eyes at the tv screen at the league headquarters
  • dabi, trying and failing to be casual while taking shots with hawks at the leagues third bar: so what dyou think of the number one hero
  • hawks, fully aware that dabi wants to hear an admission of hate for his deadbeat dad directly from him, also in love with dabi and fully aware that if he says he doesnt hate endeavor dabi won’t date him:
  • ‘lmao piece of shit‘
  • dabi also hates him a whole fuck a lot but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how todoroki touya went from a dealer to future heroes in shiketsu to a dealer to villains bc of how much he hates his dad

Chapter Text

Anonymous asked:

you wrote that you thought hawks had never been hugged until he met rumi. got any thoughts on their friendship? i’m love them


yeS i love them

  • they meet at an exclusive hero party
  • hawks was chilling with(!!)present mic(!!) himself 
  • while mic is waxing poetic abt his husband and patting him on the back 
  • and saying stuff like ‘you’ll understand love someday when you meet someone so beautiful ur eyes water’
  • and hawks is like mmm yes I understanddd 
  • and he floats away towards the desserts 
  • and he sees the lesbian bunny hero hes been meaning yo catch talking to endeavor
  • he can only see her side profile as she grits her teeth through a conversation with the dick
  • and he snorts to himself as she fumbles her way through constipated fake smiles and nods 
  • and he tries not to lose it as she nods one last time and turns around and flips her hair and her smile immediately drops and she starts mumbling vicious curses under her breath 
  • and shes coming his way hes so ready for this
  • she bypasses him as she heads for the creampuffs and shoves two in her mouth 
  • all while muttering continuously about ‘giant dicks’ 'poisonous bastards’ and 'self obsessed single-minded assholes corrupting hero society just so they can have the shitty ass title of japans personal jesus' 
  • and he leans in and whispers 'I mean its already pretty fucking corrupted isn’t it if hes in the top ten and we’re at this bullshit party celebrating isn’t it' 
  • and she whips her head around and squints at him. he gives her his most winning smile.
  • she shakes her head and laughs. 
  • he resists the urge to fist pump and whisper 'score' 
  • bc he doesnt have much friends and he thinks this is going pretty well 
  • she whispers, grinning 'between you and me, at this rate im more and more likely to join the villains out of pure frustration cause of these mind numbing parties’
  • hawks breaks down giggling and she sips her champagne calmly while smiling at other heros passing by, staring at hawks losing his shit
  • he calms down and murmers 'if he ever gets to top three I’m throwin hands I swear that’s a line he can’t cross' 
  • she nearly chokes on the champagne 
  • they stay by the desserts shit talking all the shitty heroes they hate and bond over being gay and present mics music
  • from then on it becomes a ritual for them to hang out near the desserts and chill during those parties

I lov e them so fucking much :((

Chapter Text

dabi as the barista at starbucks and hawks as a regular who’s name dabi writes purposefully wrong each time would be so funny 

dabi heard him say ‘hawks’ the first time and he was like oh hell yes I can have fun with this and immediately wrote his name on the cup as 'hoax’

hawks stared at his cup and shrugged like whatever

and next time he comes to starbucks, hawks remembers to clearly, meaningfully say 'hawks’ when the barista, who looks bored and who’s name tag says, 'dabi’ asks for his name

dabi scratches his name on the cup in hot pink sharpie as 'flamingos’

hawks’ eye twitches when he sees it

this goes on endlessly

one time dabi writes it as 'clint barton’ which actually made hawks snort and dabi stared, blushing as he realized he’d rather be the cause of hawks laughing than him getting pissed

and it went on and on and hawks slowly kept losing it, either with laughter when dabi was funny or with with frustration when it stopped getting funny

till he snapped when dabi handed him his coffee with a “latte with whipped cream and three expresso shots for, uhh, 'flappy bird’?” and wOW, hes barely even trying to hide his grin
he slams his hands on the counter and he notices vindictively that the hit barista flinches, and he leans in, eyes narrowed and so done with this dabi guys shit that he doesnt even notice dabi flushing at the proximity

'ur deadass doing this on purpose on piss me off aren’t you, you sonovabitch’
“well i mean. is it working” and hes openly grinning ear to ear now holy shit what a dick but wow his smile is cute-NO. hawks inwardly scolds himself to focus.

'yes its fucking working now stop it you shitnugget’
“nah your reactions are cute”
'fuck you im never coming here again’

he stomps away with his coffee in hand and leaves the shop.

dabi waits, and counts silently and he’d barely gotten to twenty before the bell above the door jingles and hawks comes back in sheepishly, face on fire

he comes up to the counter with his hands shoved deep in his coat pockets
and dabi says with a shiteating grin “hi welcome to starbucks what can i get you”

and hawks hisses

dabi laughs out loud and hawks glares, still pink with embarrassment

'I forgot to pay’ he mutters, and the tips of his ears hot and its adorable

dabi laughs even louder and clutches the counter for support, his entire frame shaking as he gasps

hawks purses his lips, trying not to blush harder and failing miserably because. 
god fucking dammit the asshole has a very endearing laugh.

hawks pays after dabi calms down and leaves the store for the second time still blushing

but this time his coffee is paid for and his cup has the cute baristas number and a winky face scrawled on it in hot pink sharpie

Chapter Text

*cups ear* what’s that? its okay if I write as many descriptive essays on hawks as I want and am physically capable of?? well damn okay I mean if its what the people want damn u guys are crazy but I guess a dares a dare right @ashmoonstarsheesh lmao

  • dabi was super fucking pissed
  • he had been on the run for a solid month with nothing but a bag with some shirts and staples and his first aid kit bc sOMEBODY aka toga fuckinh himiko was accidentally followed by a hero cop and the hideout got blown up 
  • again
  • for the third time
  • god he was getting tired of this
  • so understandably 
  • he was pissed
  • and cold and his legs hurt and he’s been running for hours cause some asshole hero caught sight of him and hes going insane from the paranoia of being most wanted number two after that end**vor thing
  • he’s dead on his feet
  • its like two am and he’s been running for an hour and his legs are on fuckin fire
  • he was chased all the way to a familiar looking part of the city 
  • he swerved left onto the street with a neon kfc lighting it up
  • and shit its that ramen place with the best chicken noodles he’s ever had and he’s starving he hasn’t had a real meal in ages and his mouth is watering and-
  • oh fuck 
  • kfc + chicken noodles
  • he knows where he is 
  • and he knows exactly what he’ll see when he looks up at the third building 
  • and his grin is wide and gleaming under the moonlight when he sees the lights on the hugeass bedroom window of the top floor apartment are off
  • he nearly drops down to the ground and sobs from the sheer relief of finding shelter after so fucking long
  • but he cant do that so he settles for fistpumping the air 
  • and whispering “score” under his breath
  • he ducks into the alley next to the apartment
  • and climbs up the completely, incredibly unnecessary yet very convenient for him fire escape 
  • considering who lived here 
  • but well who was he to question the blessings of god
  • he leaps onto the balcony and walks past the plant pots and pushes aside the glass door and nearly collapses when he sees the bed is empty and the bathroom is unoccupied
  • he sprints to the bathroom and tears off his grimy clothes and under the shower, and letting out an actual moan at the godlike pressure of the hot water on his back
  • when he gets out 
  • half an hour later 
  • stop judging him you’ve done it too
  • he grabs a pair of sweatpants from the drawer of his shit 
  • and throws himself on the bed on his stomach and falls asleep in seconds
  • an hour later 
  • hawks flies in through the balcony after a longass day of heroing, grumpy bc dabi hasn’t texted him all day
  • and he wonders why he didnt slam into the glass like he usually does
  • but well who is he to question the blessings of god
  • and dumbass doesn’t notice dabi asleep on his bed 
  • he gets into the bathroom and wonders why the shampoo bottle is upside down and the mirror is steamed up
  • he gets out of the bathroom and grabs a pair of sweats from his drawer of dabi’s clothes, wondering where his favorite pair is 
  • decides to forego a meal and go to sleep instead
  • he walks across the room to his bed and he has to muffle a scream when he sees dabi lying on the bed, snoring faintly with his face mushed against the pillows
  • he clutches his chest and grabs the headboard to steady himself
  • takes a deep breath 
  • bc I mean how would you feel
  • if u saw your fuckbuddy/dealer/ticket to get into the league of villains which you might actually want to join for real who you also happen to be in love with 
  • in your bed
  • well 
  • he gets over it
  • he calms down
  • and promptly shoves dabi to the side and pushes the covers away to slide next to him
  • who is startled awake
  • dabi was drifting in between awake and asleep when he feels soft hands on his shoulders pushing him roughly to the side and he groans
  • and an amused yet exhausted, familiar sounding voice says ‘move aside babe I gotta sleep too’ and he huffs and scoots
  • he distantly hears a sigh of relief when he shuffles over to give him space and he feels a ball of heat cuddle into his side
  • and in the morning
  • when dabi next wakes up its sometime near ten am and he is wrapped around an equally clingy mess
  • he blinks his eyes to adjust to the sunlight streaming in through the open balcony and the windows and looks down at his favorite person in the world with heart eyes
  • he vaguely recalls hawks crawling into bed with him and its seems that at some point last night he had turned around for hawks to cuddle into his bare chest, bangs tangled in his staples
  • he brings one of his hands up from where they are slid up hawks’ upper back and stroking where his wings are small and fluffy
  • and he gently untangles hawks’ hair from where the strands are stuck
  • and then smoothens the tousled blonde locks, combing his hair with his fingers softly
  • he moves his hand down to cup hawks’ jaw, pushing his head up so he can see his face, cheek pressed into the mattress and his eyes shut, eyelashes long and lovely, resting at the top of his cheeks
  • he kisses the top of his head and lingers for a second before he drops his hand from cradling hawks’ cheek to cup the back of his head and stroke through his hair once more and he rests his chin on hawks’ head, and gazes at his lovely wings
  • hawks hadn’t even bothered to release all his feathers last night so he has small wings right now
  • dabi watches, transfixed, as the wings flutter slightly as he strokes the sensitive place they sprout from
  • and he feels hawks shudder on his chest as he wakes up from the feeling
  • dabi watches softly as hawks lifts his head up and blinks a few times then stares at dabis chest uncomprehendingly
  • then dabi bites back a smile as he sees hawks go through the stages of realization as he slowly rises his head to look up at dabi only to blush when he sees the look of pure adoration on dabis face
  • dabi laughs softly when hawks shoves his his burning face back down into dabis chest to hide and dabi laughs some more, fingers curling in the most sensitive part of hawks’ wings
  • which just makes him blush harder and whine quietly
  • hawks hides for a moment longer to let out a breath
  • then he looks back up at dabi who’s still staring softly
  • “hi” dabi murmers, a smile curving up his lips
  • 'hi’ whispers hawks, smiling back up at him and dabi feels his heart swell in his chest
  • and they stay in bed all day cuddling and nothing else the end

Chapter Text

Anonymous asked:

The idea of Twice being in the middle of pining Hawks and Dabi is so funny to me. Like one night Dabi and Jin were drinking together and they're both kinda drunk and Dabi just goes, "I think.. I like the chicken, more than I should. Like I love him. Which is shitty because he doesn't like me back" and Twice just stares at him, and every single aspect of his personality is screaming because Hawks told him the EXACT same thing when they were on a job together. He's so tired of them. They're dumb.

shit anon its fucking terrible twice hates it so much he’s not qualified for this at all

he hangs out with both of them okay because they’re both really cool and chill

but gay

when dabi is drunk he has absolutely no filter

and because he knows that alcohol is the only way he will ever tell anyone

when he’s feeling particularly gay for hawks

he will say

“hey twice let’s do shots”

jin is like super excited !!

“hell yeah man let’s get drunk!!”

and half an hour later sees dabi draped over the bar, whining about how “amazing” hawks is

and jin is staring at his beer wondering if he should get another

and jin is a fucking idiot he doesn’t expect the same thing yo happen again

with hawks.

hawks is like oh yeah I’m gonna do shots with this coolass villain it’ll be great

and jin is like fuck yes its gonna be wild

half an hour later

hawks is draped over the bar

whining about how ‘amazing’ dabi is

and jin is wondering how he made the same mistake


u said dabi will be mournful because “hawks doesn’t like me back”

and that is absolutely correct

dabi is an oblivious piece of shit

he does not notice hawks pining after him

and the UST is unbearable

jin likes going on jobs

and when he has to go with hawks its fun and they goof off and hawks is funny

like they had to do stakeout one time

and dabi was super jealous

but hawks spent the whole time whining about how fucking great, ‘hot’ ‘smart’ ‘sweet but in a weird constipated way’ dabi is

and jin looks back to when dabi had said, “hawks doesn’t like me jinnnn”

and thinks

“bitch you thought”

when they finally get together

the league found out cause they were making out on the desk i. shigaraki’s office

toga had swung open the door and blinked

shigaraki had pushed her aside to walk in confidently and immediately slapped an extra hand over his face

because one wasn’t enough apparently ???

jin peeked in nervously

and sighed so fucking loudly


they sprung apart, wiping at their mouths hastily

and jin sagged against the doorframe while everyone just stared at him

he looks up to see so many confused eyes

and hes like explaining

‘listen I have been the middle man for forever and they are both so gay and I couldn’t handle it I was about to lock them in a closet together okay I was that close to losing it”

he has like

the two contradictory sides right

like deadpools voices

yet again

hes the manga version of deadpool

but his voices are in agreement about this

hawks and dabi are assholes that deserve to be together

and at their wedding jin is going to give a long, fucked up speech on how annoying they’d been

it’ll be great

and natsuo will film it


Chapter Text

I have a new au guys

  • -five years after endeavor is killed off, dabi regularly hijacks present mics radio show
  • -takes over every other thursday with hawks to spill the tea about the ua graduates aka tododeku
  • -and the general public know exactly who he is
  • -‘that abusive dead ex top heros eldest kid omg he was abused we stan for getting through that and he was also a villain or smth for a while and now hes a vigilante but yknow kids and their emo phases haha’
  • -hawks doesn’t even hide it when he talks about his mysterious boyfriend in interviews and just calls him dabi or touya and ignores every question asking if he’s 'the dabi’ because everyone knows he is but they’re not gonna confirm it are they 
  • -so every other thursday
  • -present mic pretends to be cut off and gagged and tied up really dramatically so dabi and hawks can have a platform to shittalk people 
  • -'and that’s why i’m not allowed to make the cats take baths- oh! oh no!!’
  • -bzzzbzzzstaticnoisesbzzbzzz 
  • - 'i am being gagged and some men in masks have come to take over my radio station oh noo-’
  • -“yeah that’s enough mic anyways hey guys its dabi and hawks here to spill the real tea-”
  • -'and if any of you caught that reference dm me on instagram i’m officialhawks and i’ll send you an exciting prize-’
  • -“so if I dm u will you send me an exciting prize”
  • -'oh man do I have an exciting prize for you babe-’
  • -“aNYWAYS back to the tEA-”
  • -'aww you’re blushing how adorable the big bad punkrock villain dabi is blusHING-’
  • -“hawks I know you wanna hear the gossip about tododeku and if u don’t stfu I will not-”
  • -'nonono please ill be good-’
  • -“aw f*ck don’t not on live radio”
  • -'but yes tododeku and a reminder for our listeners the gossip rags you turn to on the regular days of the week to quench your thirst with are lying liars okay they liE todoroki is not proposing its all a skam-’
  • -“and birdie had to learn the hard way-”
  • -'shut up’
  • -“shoutos way too much of a pussy anyways and so is deku so theyll never get married ever too bad so sad”
  • -'do u even have news for me you complete asshole-’
  • -“they’re moving in together”
  • -present mic, from the corner of the recording studio: 'oH MY GOD’
  • -'jesus christ mic you’re supposed to be gagged and blindfolded’

so anyways yeah they should get a podcast I would listen just so I could hear them flirt

Chapter Text

-ohh damnnn hawks is the lifeguard

-he sits on the highest fucking lifeguard chair thing 🆗 it scares people how does he sit there and not be 😨 of dying wtf

-and dabis the guy who brings his mom and siblings to the 🏖️ every other week

-🆗 so since natsu def has a 🚰 quirk in canon I guess he can be a super good swimmer in this au

-and fuyumi likes reading lord if the rings and peeking up at the hot lifeguard with the 🐇 headband and nice legs

-and shouto likes hanging around near the cute anxious freckled kid selling icecream

-and rei usually spends the day relaxing on a chair under an ☂️ and occasionally yelling at natsu not to go too far

-nd dabi

-usually spends the outing knocked out, snoring loudly while cuddled up to rei

-but sometimes natsu grabs him and fuyumi and tosses them into the 🚰

-like natsu just picked dabi up

-threw him over his shoulder

-and grabbed fuyumis arm and dragged her to the 🚰 as she cusses him out while dabi kicks uselessly at his chest and attempts to bite his head off

-shouto is already in the 🚰 because he fears for his life

-rei is filming

-so they spend the day flopping around in the 🚰

-natsu gets a lot of 🚰 flicked at him in revenge by fuyumi

-he just jumps up

-and when he falls back to the 🚰

-what seems like the entire ocean crashes on fuyumi

-she shrieks and dabi laughs so hard he falls into the 🚰

-shouto is floating on the 🚰

-occasionally sucking some 🚰 up and spitting it out, making it spout up from his 👄 like they do in the cartoons

-except its gross irl

-🆗 dabihawks

-dabi is 🏊 out really far

-too far and then he’s suddenly stumbling in the 🚰 and hes grabbing for purchase and he doesn’t find it and he panicks

-and hawks is staring out at the sea and spots a head of dark hair bobbing a little too far from land for hawks to not react

-he jumps down the last few steps on the ladder and sprints

-what look like siblings of the drowning man 👀 hawks run by them and look out at the sea to notice their brother going down slowly and they panick

-hawks leaps into the 🚰 and is quickly followed by one of the guys siblings, a buff dude with white hair and they swim out to the slowly disappearing man

-they reach him just as his head goes under and pull him up and between them, carry him back to shore

-when they drop him on land hes lying still and his family is there, a mother, another brother and 😲 his sister is that girl rumis always staring at nice

-he pumps his chest and pinches his nose, grasping his chin and tilting his head back before he presses his 👄 to his

-he breaths air in into his lungs and presses his chest and then the man is gasping and coughing harshly and sitting up suddenly and hawks is on his lap and 😲 hes really pretty now that hawks isn’t 😟 for his life

-when dabi wakes up to an actual angel sitting in his lap he thinks “😲 if this is death then I am surprisingly 🆗 with it”

-the real life angel has ash blonde strands of soaked hair falling into his amber eyes and hes wearing a feather on a string that should not look that good and his skin is a lovely tan and dabi feels his cheeks getting hot when he unwittingly let’s his gaze drift down because washboard abs holy fucking christ on a stick

-dabi and hawks stare at each other for a long moment

-before hawks jumps off him, coughing awkwardlt and then rei is there, sobbing and hugging him tight

-hawks stares at the guy, ‘touya’ apparently and realises again that he is very attractive

-dripping wet, with black hair and a few scars covered up with a 🔥 tattoo, tendrils of wispy black ink wrapped around his torso and a frankly aggressive amount of cartilage piercings but goddamn do they look unfairly good

-when touyas family finally stops fussing over him he turns around and walks up to hawks and hawks is lowkey freaking out

-dabi walks over to the hot lifeguard and braces himself before saying

-“hey thanks for saving my life, you might need to do it again though”

-'what why’

-“cause I’m drowning in your eyes”

-'oh yeah well it was fun giving you cpr we should do it again sometime’

-“please can I have your number”


I just realized I called him touya from hawks’ pov and dabi otherwise im gonna kill myself

Chapter Text

*slides you some FunDip and coffee* How would you feel about some HotWings YouTuber/Twitch streamers au's / headcanons? Has this been done already? Much thanks either way, love you! Bless you!


idk what fundip and twitch streamers are but alright I’ll take the coffee god knows i need it and bless you anon 

  • youtubers au would be fuckin lit tho
  • dabis channel name is ‘dabi’
  • original I know right
  • he would be a fuckin conspiracy theorist kinda channel
  • like deep videos where he makes you question literally everything you’ve ever known
  • sometimes he gets high and does livestreams and answers questions and its a mess and a half
  • the comment section? its a pit of despair
  • and he has a pretty solid fanbase
  • of insomniacs and kids with depression
  • he talks about his own life too and has some chill videos where he tells stories about his siblings
  • sometimes when natsu feels like it he’ll open the channel himself cause he knows the password and he’ll be like “hi guys the past five videos have been angstly as fuck”
  • “so I’m taking over for a video to make sure y'all are happy and not fuckin depressed”
  • and he just rants about something funny that happened to him in class
  • or his girlfriend
  • the fans fuckin love it
  • they think hes adorable when hes just talking about her smile with a lovestruck look on his face
  • dabi also occasionally
  • very rarely
  • when hes in a mood
  • posts song covers
  • he sings
  • and for someone who’s been expecting something to blow their minds in a bad way
  • its a pleasant surprise
  • his voice is deep and slow and raspy and everyone thinks its insane
  • they lose their collective shit whenever they find another video of him singing
  • he did a collab with fuyumi one time and she played piano and he sang a sweet redition of all of me
  • its his most viewed video
  • and at least half of the views are rumi staring at fuyumi and her ‘lovely fingers oh my god and her hair, and her eyes, jesus kill me now’
  • one time he was taking requests and all he got was meme songs and emo shit so he stopped after that
  • bitchass learned his lesson
  • i mean what did he expect with a fanbase like that christ
  • hawks is a shitposter and his channel name is ‘hhhawks’
  • his videos consist of dares and roadtrips
  • and one memorable series where he attempts to jump off of high fuckin rocks and fly with flimsy paper wings
  • with rumi and ryukyu yelling their asses off for him to stop in the background
  • he also has weekly livestreams where he bonds with his fans
  • has a random makeup tutorial their with like ten long minutes dedicated to describing how he does his eyeliner due to popular demand
  • he used to vine
  • started off with youtube but he did have a vine
  • has a whole ugly crying ‘vine is dead’ video, has done reacts to compilations of his vines, reacts to his old vines, the works
  • hawks is a fuckin amazing guitar player alright ill stick to this headcanon till i die
  • the way the fans found out about it, however, was a six second video he did on rumis birthday
  • -*strums* ‘i love you, bitchh’
  • *muffled rumi voice, covering her mouth, with wide eyes* “oh my god”
  • *strums more aggressively* ‘i ain’t never gon’ stop lovin you, biiitchhh’-
  • and so he posts covers with rumi
  • he rarely sings
  • when he does its lovely and so so sweet
  • his voice is slow and deep but he can hit the high notes its crazy
  • one might even say his voice is
  • soaring
  • the music stuff is rare
  • but it was how he found out about his fans shipping him with dabi
  • hes sitting on his couch reading off fan reactions to his tweet about his most recent cover uploaded
  • and there were a lot like
  • ‘damnn you should totally collab with dabi just sayin #dabihawks #yourewlecomedabi’
  • ‘came from dabis channel and woahhh hes right this guys cute #dabihawks’
  • ‘jesus christ on a bike i can see why dabi’s so fuckin smitten dear lord #dabihawks’
  • hawks is understandably confused as fuck
  • he finds this ‘dabi’ guys channel
  • and holy fuck
  • hes so pretty
  • hawks lets out a strangled scream
  • ryukyu looks up and rumi shakes her head at hawks
  • hawks stalks the guy
  • and then finds a mention of himself in one of dabis rant videos
  • he has to pause the video because his voice is so nice and smooth and hawks is gone
  • “okay one of y'all shitheads linked me to this hawks’ guys channel and all I wanna say is fuckin. fuckin thankyou for finding the literal love of my life jesus this guy is so fuckin cute it should be illegal-”
  • hawks is blushing so hard
  • he braces himself
  • and clicks the follow button on twitter
  • then turns off his phone and goes to bed because he knows the internet will explode
  • and hes right

this is getting long so imma cut myself off rn but rest assured I will be writing a second part included a dabi POV and villainsquad

thanks anon you made me happy lmao

Chapter Text

what if the way that hawks went about to infiltrate the league wasn’t as upfront as joining them straight up, which by the fucking way caused a lot of complications for nobody but him

because newsflash asshole my man dabi isn’t a fucking moron and he can tell when a wanna be villain is a spy seeing as they’re the fuckinnumber two hero

  • what if he tracked down their new hideout
  • a bar as usual
  • in a shady alley in the depths of tokyo, and he just steps inside the door that’s helpfully labelled, ‘l.o.v. hideout and bar’ with his jacket slung over his shoulder and an easy smile on his face
  • hes immediately slammed against the back of the door by the most wanted, second to shigaraki tomura himself, fire villain dabi, the league of villains’ heaviest hitter
  • dabi presses one scarred hand against the door next to hawks’ head
  • and the other hand is wrapped around his throat, long, capable fingers tightening, threatening to choke him and its slowly heating up dangerously against his skin
  • and the cold metal of his staples contrasted deliciously with the heat
  • hawks prays for his hard on to go away
  • “how the fuck did y’all find our hideout this time, hero” whispers dabi, leaning in close
  • hawks gulps, which was a mistake because he feels dabis hand tightening against the movement of his throat
  • and his breath is hot on hawks face and he tries not to cry
  • because jesus fuckin christ those bright blue eyes are way too close and hawks is so weak
  • ‘t-there was a sign that said ‘lov hideout and bar’ and im just-’
  • dabi interrupts him with a groan and a
  • “godfuckingdammitsonovabitch
  • and he pulls away and hawks lets out a quiet whimper of loss cause there goes that warm, hard body
  • dabi turns and yells at a door behind the bar
  • “NICE GOING TOGA, the heroes found our hideout. AGAIN.”
  • hawks can’t help letting out a snipe of his own at this toga person and whispers
  • ‘yeah toga you had one job’
  • dabi lets out a surprised snort and turns back around to run his gaze over hawks
  • “why”
  • here goes absolutely nothing
  • ‘uh it said ‘bar’ man and i just want a job, im not gonna tell the heroes’
  • dabi snorts
  • “pardon me if I don’t fuckin believe you in the slightest”
  • ‘but its true I swear I won’t tell those dickbags’
  • “lemme guess you hate them and you wanna’ join the league and stick it to the man, right”
  • ‘yeah how’d you know??’
  • “oh my god you know i know you are a hero right”
  • ‘im not’
  • dabi stops and stares at him
  • “let me get this straight-”
  • ‘I’m gay’
  • “-ok not straight then and nice same-”
  • ‘are you single’
  • “-im not answering that-”
  • please-’
  • “you’re telling me you’re not japans number three hero”
  • ‘im not but I’ve been told he looks just like me must be a handsome guy’
  • dabi stares at him, deadeyed
  • hawks tries for a winning smile
  • this is when the rest of the league floods in from a door in the side of the bar, arguing loudly
  • ‘why the fuck would you even put up that sign in the first place’
  • ‘what possessed you to think that that would be okay’
  • ‘that was so fuckin stupid and stop yelling at the love of my life she has never done anything wrong ever!!!’
  • and
  • ‘im sorry okay but I forget where it is all the time alrighttt’
  • dabi sighs and turns around
  • hawks observes the league of villains, the most feared and most wanted criminals in all of japan
  • bickering like children
  • he glances up at dabi whos staring straight ahead and hawks bites his lip
  • dabi sighs and slowly, one by one the villains finally notice them
  • there’s a silence as they stare at dabi and hawks
  • then a weirdo with a hand on his face and blue hair glares at dabi and oh fuck that’s the fuckin bossman the commission showed him photos of ah crap oh fuck
  • shigaraki, incredibly confused and vaguely pissed: dabi why is the number three hero standing next to you in our villain hideout
  • ‘i already said i’m not this sexy hero guy im a college dropout and I wanna work at your bar’
  • dabi shuts his eyes against hawks’ bullshit and walks blindly towards the bar and pours himself a shot
  • shigaraki squints at hawks as he leans to stare at dabi, who is throwing back a shot, from around the league
  • the little blonde girl, toga, speaks out of nowhere, comforting shigaraki and patting him on the back
  • ‘yknow, maybe this is just one of those days when you’re like, this might as well happen’
  • dabi groans loudly in the background and throws back another shot
  • hawks looks at him worriedly
  • this really wasn’t going how he’d hoped it would
  • shigaraki sighs
  • “if you’re not hawks-”
  • HAH
  • shigaraki turns around to glare at the guy in deadpool cosplay and he coughs and looks down and mumbles an apology
  • “who are you”
  • ‘im sora and im broke can i work at your bar’
  • before shigaraki can say anything, a guy in a suit whos head is made of mist leans forward and says
  • “yeah sure you can! as long as you work hard!!”
  • hawks beams
  • dabi groans again and tugs off the stopper on a bottle of vodka with his teeth and fuckin chugs and woah that shouldn’t have been as hot as it was
  • suit guy introduces himself
  • “its nice to meet you sora im kurogiri and i own the bar”
  • ‘nice!! that’s so cool!!’
  • “im glad you think so!!!”
  • shigaraki sighs and pulls out a psp from his hoodie pocket and sits down on a stool next to the bar and for what hawks can hear, starts playing animal crossing
  • he can’t help but mutter to the person nearest to him, the deadpool wannabe, ‘wow animal crossing?? can’t believe the most wanted villain is a bottom’
  • deadpool wannabe laughs loud and obnoxious and slaps hawks on the back so hard he trips but manages not to fall as deadpool slings an arm around his shoulders
  • “man you’re funny!! even though you’re totally a spy sent by the heroes I think we’re gonna get along dude! im jin! nice to meet you!!”
  • hawks beams
  • ‘even though you guys are villains and im- uh not a hero you guys are really cool!!!’
  • “thanks bro! you too!!”
  • dabi presses his head against the counter and whimpers
  • so hawks gets accepted into the league just because shigaraki decides to let it happen because kurogiri deserves help around the bar
  • he gets a cool bartenders outfit from toga
  • ‘wow where’d you get this?’
  • “im into cosplay!! i have seven different schoolgirl outfits and a nurse outfit, and a cop outfit, and a-’
  • hawks is nodding and listening attentively and twice is staring with heart eyes
  • and dabi is just so disbelieving of all of this what the fuck
  • ‘hey dabi do you like my bartenders outfit ;)’
  • “yes actually”
  • ‘r-really??’
  • “almost as much as your hero outfit”

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rainbowfoxes asked:

Concept: Aizawa as a whistleblower. Fresh on the hero scene and it's going good. Except things aren't adding up. Contrary to reports, crime rates are rising. Some of his cases get buried for being too controversial or hitting high profile targets. Heroes are taking kick backs to look the other way, and it's all about the performance of heroics, not actually helping people. What pushes him over the edge is finding out about what the Heroics Commission is doing to tiny bby Hawks, (1/?)


And the Todoroki cover-ups (because with how awful things were in that house, you cannot convince me that Endevour wasn’t investigated at least once. Someone knew what was happening and they covered it up to protect the system.) back to back. So he takes all his evidence and goes to Mic and his new radio show and they blast it all over the airways. There’s riots in the streets and the two have to go to ground because the Government is out for their heads. (2/3)

Like that’s going to stop them from helping people. The jump from underground hero to vigilante isn’t a big one.And at this point, with the commission doubling down he’s like “go big or go home I guess” and absconds with tiny Hawks and the baby ‘rokis. Hell let’s throw in my theory that AfO is allowed to continue his bullshit by the Government to drive hero culture and have him pick up a little Tenko/Tomura while we’re at. (¾)

What I’m getting at is Aizawa accidentally-on-purpose starts a revolution, adopts like 40 kids with his husband, and basically becomes Batman. (4/4)

listen to me it’d be fucking amazimg

  • aizawa is so good
  • he’s so good that stain would accept him as a true hero
  • he’s so good
  • dabi accepts him
  • his exact words were “I can see that you care about your kids”
  • this coming from dabi
  • who hates heroes
  • so do not even try to say to me that freshly twenty year old pro hero aizawa shouta wouldn’t throw hands if he found out that the number two hero is abusive
  • he found out about it when a fellow pro hero’s license was taken away for trying to go to the commission about endeavor
  • so naturally
  • he starts scouring
  • he asks secretaries upon secretaries and digs in on the old interviews and questions people who’ve seen his family
  • and he finds so much
  • he compiles every bit of evidence against endeavor
  • and goes to hizashi
  • who is feeling an array of varied emotions
  • including but not limited to
  • rage for obvious reasons
  • relief that shouta will finally sleep
  • vindication because fuck yeah endeavor deserves this
  • then shit went down
  • mic has three hours of radio and he was tweeting everything while he revealed all the shit on endeavor
  • and while the media freakes out they went home
  • mic tossed his work out the window and sipped his coffee as he watched it smash on the ground
  • then they drove to endeavors fucking mansion
  • mic spoke to rei through the intercom
  • and they waltzed right in
  • they walked into the living room to see the ragged family sitting on the couch
  • rei sat in the middle with her youngest on her lap as she soothed him and stroked his two toned hair lovingly
  • she was sitting between her two eldest who looked like twins
  • on her right, a redheaded teenage boy with burn scars on his arms and a defiant look on his face
  • on her left, a white haired girl with steely blue-grey eyes and the exact same expression as her twin
  • and finally the middle child, a white haired excitable kid, was running straight at them and yelling
  • “oh my god you’re heroes!! i don’t know you, but youre present mic!! i listen to your show on the radio and all your songs are amazing!! im natsu!!”
  • mic is charmed immediately and kneels down and ruffles the kids hair
  • the redhead scoffs
  • “no theyre not all he plays is pop and its so shitty”
  • mic gasps at the same time as his twin
  • bbefore he can start lecturing this punk on how amazing pop is, the girl glares at the boy
  • “all you listen to is your shitty alternative punk emo grunge pussy music but go off”
  • “i listen to hardcore rock”
  • “pussy music-”
  • she’s cut off by rei who claps her hands over shoutos ears
  • “no more swearing okay that’s it say hi to the heroes saving us and stop insulting touyas bad music”
  • “top ten anime betrayals”
  • rei sends them to go pack
  • and they come back soon and start preparing to leave
  • aka
  • fuyumi grabs a kpop cd and sets it up on the tv for endeavors benefit and shouto sets the remote on fire
  • and natsu grabs a sticky note and scribbles 'i hate you’ on it and sticks it on the tv, only for touya to shake his head and grab his own sticky note and he draws a crudely made dick on it and sticks it on the tv
  • and rei smacks his head
  • and snatches the pencil and leans forward to draw a flaming mustache and drops the pencil like its a mic and walks away towards the bags while touya slowly loses his shit
  • they vandalize the estate a bit
  • cause shouta had brought cans of spray paint
  • mic, touya, and surprisingly shouto grab a can each
  • mic sprays a huge dick
  • touya sprays “ITS OKAY TO BE GAY” in bright blue
  • and when they look at shouto he’s concentratedly making a rainbow
  • which makes fuyumi snort and spray “IM ALSO GAY” above it in pink
  • solidarity
  • they steal all the money they fucking can and drive towards mic and shoutas house to spend the night before rei can buy her own
  • by the next week, endeavor is in jail and rei has her own house with enough rooms for the kids and more
  • hizashi and shouta are brought in the spotlight much to shoutas disgruntlement
  • but he’s not done nope
  • baby hawks is still suffering under the commission
  • people start sending him information that they don’t have the means to bring to light themselves and that how he found out about hawks, from an anonymous source
  • that the government is training a child
  • fuyumi and touyas age
  • and mic brings it up with his listeners
  • 'fellas, is it okay for the government to be training a child the age of my own godchildrens age to become a hero??’
  • the backlash
  • god
  • its amazing
  • the citizens are furious and the media loses its shit
  • people question the government
  • all might himself tweets about how its terrible and he wishes his best to the heroes saving hawks
  • which calms down the country a little but terrifies the government
  • and all might was right
  • hawks’ location is blackmailed from a government worker and he is stolen at night by a small group of heroes
  • hizashi, shouta, tensei, and nemuri
  • and he’s brought by a bedraggled shouta to rei’s house at three am
  • the doorbell is useless and wakes nobody but touya was awake and listening to his nOT SHITTY MUSIC
  • he opens the door to see aizawa looking dead on his feet with a blonde kid with pretty gold eyes about touyas age next to him and touya sighs and pulls in the kid and tells aizawa to “go home you look like shit”
  • shoutas 'dont take that tone with me young man’ came out in a half yawn and sad and pathetic so he sighs and goes home after saying that mic will come by in the morning to explain
  • touya: so uh. he saved you too huh
  • hawks: ye
  • touya: are you hurt anywhere?
  • hawks: ye
  • touya: what’s your name
  • hawks: hawks
  • touya: no whats your real name I don’t care what the shitty government people called you
  • sora stares and feels a blush creep up his cheeks
  • he introduced himself slowly, shakily, and touya smiled softly and took him to his bedroom, and sora looked around at an actual bedroom with life in it with wonder white touya says “you can sleep on the bed I’ll grab a futon” and sora hesitates before saying 'can we just..share..?’
  • touya, trying not to scream because cute guy wants to share bed with him: y-yeah sure
  • that’s how rei found another kid in her eldest sons bed way quicker than she thought it’d happen

Chapter Text

anon asked: Eri shouldn't stay with the LoV. They can't support a child her age and her life was already pretty fucked over by villains BUT BUT BUT Dabi finding Eri and immediately recognizing that she's being abused and helping her escape the first time and that's how she meets Midoriya and when he asks how she got out the first time she says a nice man named Touya helped but couldnt come along because he had to distract which is why he wasnt rly seen in overhauls base afterwards Or: he takes her to hawks


okay i get that, the lov would probably (definitely) be a terrible group for her to live with bUT her interacting with them would be so amazing

just dabi finding her and strolling into the bar and saying “yeah we have to kill overhaul now, cause he’s abusive” and shigaraki loses his shit because he was in a shitty childhood situation before afo found him nevernind after

so they coo over her and assure her that she’ll be safe and sound then when she’s asleep they sit in silence because oh fuck they can’t keep her, they can barely take care of themselves, and kurogiris in jail now

and dabi will not give her to hawks, he is not capable of taking care of a child, he can’t okay he would be fine for like a while but nope he can’t keep eri he’s a twenty year old mess he lives off of chicken flavoured ramen

he would be a great brother figure but not a great father figure


dabi giving eri to


because he is canonically the only hero he has acknowledged as someone who cares for kids and also he’s in a secure position and knows how to deal with kids and also has a husband to help him and also is an adult

so he takes eri to aizawas house and rings the doorbell because that’s how stupid he is, also he need to explain but aizawa is like holy fuck a baby child and ignores dabi because he knows he isn’t dangerous and after dabi explains the situation aizawa literally asks him if he’s in the right profession

anonymous asked:

no no no, I know Hawks cant, hes... Hawks. But Dabi would be like, "Theres a child and I don't know what to do?" "Staples you think I do? I don't know what to do either dont come to me."




  • dabi takes her to hawks because that’s the safest bet he had
  • and hawks was like what the fuck is that
  • and dabi, the eldest sibling, realizes that this was a mistake, taking a child to a neglected, borderline abused only child
  • but they have to manage for a while because they have to plan a way to give her to aizawa 
  • but before that, they have to take care of her
  • she s like ‘who a r e you?? :((’
  • and dabi and hawks have to explain to her that they are going to take her to deku but they gotta find him first
  • shes gratified when they tell her hawks is a hero and she loves his huge soft wings
  • and stares in awe at the tiny blue flame cupped in dabis hands
  • and he aches for the identical looks on fuyumi, natsu and shoutos faces when he used to do little tricks with his quirk for them
  • and hawks watches him with huge eyes as dabi softens around eri and makes the fire dance to make her oo and aa
  • she starts liking them and laughs at their squabbles and cuddles with them when they watch movies
  • because hawks decides that if neither of them watched lion king and kikis delivery service and howls moving castle, she should 
  • she falls asleep halfway through each marathon and dabi feels his heart beat faster when he looks up to see hawks gazing at eri with a fond, soft smile
  • they cry like babies when aizawa comes to get her, they are sobbing their eyes out as they hand her to him
  • and she hugs them for a long moment and cries too but they promise to visit
  • and they’re basically her cool godfathers/uncles and its dope 

rainbowfoxes asked:

But what if the LoV did keep Eri, at least for a little bit? Like maybe they didn't want to risk Overhaul taking her from the heroes, so they keep her for a few weeks. By the time they hand her off to Aizawa, she knows every cuss word, says "fuck Endeavor!" Whenever he's mentioned, likes to play bartender, & her first response to someone touching her is to stab 'em & run. Just imagine this tiny child saying "there's no ethical existence in a heroics-based society." & Everyone's just like 0_o.


oh my god this is adorable except for the cussing part she cannot shes like three oh my god they have to be better than that

  • toga spends an hour combing out her hair
  • another half an hour brushing it
  • then pulls dabi in to help her braid it and dabi sighs and sits on the couch to help her
  • rolling his eyes despite feeling his eyes getting damp when he starts braiding eri's silky silver hair, strangely similar to fuyumi's white 
  • hawks walks in and makes eye contact with dabi and they look at each other awkwardly for a moment
  • before hawks coughs and sits down on the floor and says ‘me next’ very quietly
  • dabi snorts
  • and hawks hisses at him to shut up before he makes fun of him for knowing how to braid hair
  • dabi opens up a bit about his family that night, lying in bed with hawks
  • twice and spinner watching tv with her and introducing her to the most varied collection of shows shigaraki has ever seen in his life
  • they watch movies and shows from one day at a time to courage the cowardly dog to select marvel movies
  • aka thor ragnarok and black panther,
  • from gravity falls to classic ghibli
  • eri giggles at twice’s arguments with himself and calls his straying attention back to the original topics and calms him down
  • she asks mr compress if spinner is a pet
  • and stares in confusion as he loses his shit, clinging to his staff breathlessly while laughing his ass off
  • she sits on the counter and listens attentively as kurogiri talks softly to her about random topics
  • while going through the motions of making dabi all the weirdass drinks he finds online to make kurogiris job more interesting
  • (on that note he probably begged him to make hawks’ first drink at the bar a bj lmfaoo)
  • she cuddles with toga and falls asleep swaddled in dabi’s coat and hugs shigaraki
  • and gets dabi to paint her nails which makes toga ask for her nails to be painted too and then twice and compress and a sullen shigaraki
  • and she leaves with a big impact on their lives

Chapter Text

i had a shitload of tests when i started this ages ago but i didn’t give a fuck because

dabihawks au: person a owns a flower shop and person b comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “how do i passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”, as well as the other au everyone knows works best with this, tattoo artist and florist au

also can i just say this is my pathetic contribution to dabihawks week cause i felt bad about not being prepared?

  • hawks is the florist because i want pastel hawks more than i want to live
  • he hasn’t been getting many customers lately besides rumi stopping by once in a while every time she has a new girlfriend
  • so sora is sitting on a stool behind the counter and is barely awake
  • because its a warm and sunny afternoon and the windows of the store are wide open and the sunlight is making him really fuckin drowsy
  • he’s about to drop his head on the counter and call it a day right there
  • when the doorbell jingles merrily in stark contrast to how the door bangs open, rattling the flowerpots on their shelves and almost making them fall
  • and a tall guy absolutely covered in tattoos is stepping in, muttering obscenities angrily under his breath as he looks around till his gaze falls on sora and woah
  • sora feels the tips of his ears go hot
  • his eyes are a bright, beautiful blue and sora is a weakweak man
  • and he’s coming over
  • fuck
  • sora is trying not to freak out because holy shit
  • and tattoo guy stomps up to the counter and slams his hands down making sora flinch and pull back instinctively
  • “how do i say fuck you in flower language”
  • sora’s eyes widen
  • the guy looks really pissed off, so sora doesn’t waste time stuttering and falls into business mode
  • ‘ah, i think i actually have the perfect flowers for that, wait a second’
  • he gets up and walks over to the shelf closest to the window, closely followed by tattoo guy
  • he hums, picking and choosing between flowers and mentally going through the possibilities, not noticing tattoo guy staring at him curiously
  • and tattoo guy
  • aka our man touya
  • is feeling a tad bit foolish right now
  • because he was feeling so spiteful after he found out enji still fucking texts shouto
  • although shouto assured him that he wasn’t going to reply, but wasn’t going to block him either because being ignored pisses him off more which touya found hilarious
  • that he decided to get the asshole flowers for the anniversary of the day mom had gotten her shit together and divorced him (thanks mom)
  • and he’d been so angry thinking about enji that he hadn’t noticed
  • how the fuck hadn’t he noticed
  • how pretty the guy at the counter wis
  • tan skin, pretty hands running through long blonde curls framing his lovely face and amber eyes
  • and touya probably managed to make a terrible first impression
  • so hes wallowing in self pity
  • “god i bet he thinks i’m a fucking asshole why don’t i think
  • the pretty blonde florist floats around the shop, his movements graceful and angelic and wow touya is being so creepy right now he should definitely look away
  • he looks around, noticing his surroundings now that he’s cooled off
  • (slides into your dms with describing words and pretty imagery)
  • and every inch of the shop is covered in mismatched flower pots, green vines and delicate flora dangling off of top shelves and there are pots hanging off of hooks on the high ceiling
  • the shelves are all a honey brown, with rows of tall plants organized in front of them, and money plants against the walls, impossibly long vines carefully dangling from hooks on the wall to keep from getting in the way
  • and there are clumps of dirt scattered on the floor near the pots, brushed aside messily to clear paths
  • the walls are a creamy white, with large windows wide open to let in the sunlight for the plants, and window boxes growing pink roses outside
  • (draw this please)
  • touya feels in touch with nature, standing in a flower shop for the first time, surrounded by plants he can’t name
  • and when he glances at the pretty guy he looks completely at home, as if he belongs with the flowers
  • the florist turns around triumphantly, holding a beautiful bouquet and touya’s breath catches in his throat cause that smile and those eyes, holy fuck
  • sora holds out the bouquet, grinning wildly and feeling so proud of himself
  • ‘okay so the main flowers are orange lilies, they signify hatred, and foxglove means insincerity, and yellow carnations, which go really well with the lilies by the way, they mean disappointment, and meadowsweet mean uselessness, and last but not least geraniums, which signify stupidity!! what d’you think?’
  • touya stares
  • the pretty florist is beaming and his smile is so cute holy shit and he’s holding out the fuck you bouquet and touya is in love
  • touya takes it delicately, making sure their fingers brush together to make the guy blush, and he laughs incredulously
  • “unbelievable. i can’t believe you actually managed to make this holy fuck man, and it looks so gorgeous
  • sora turns around and walks back to the counter, partly to ring him up but mostly to hide his wide eyes and blush
  • touya follows him back to the counter and pays, then leans and rests his elbows against it to watch the florist finishing up the bouquet
  • “so what’s your name, pretty bird”
  • ‘..bird??’
  • “your store’s called ‘flowerhawk’ so i think its only appropriate”
  • ‘its sora’
  • “nice to meet you sora, im touya”
  • ‘uh so, t-touya, do you mind if i ask who pissed you off enough to warrant a bouquet like this’
  • “well ya see, my dad is a total douchebag and today’s the anniversary of the day mom divorced him so its only right to fucking ruin his already hopefullt shitty day right”
  • touya is grinning widely and he looks unfairlygood and sora is a hopeless gay
  • ‘…you’re really hot’
  • touya sputters while sora finishes off the bouquet with a bright, glaringly neon orange bow and hands it to touya with a charming smile
  • touya thanks him, still blushing adorably
  • then hesitates
  • and sora seizes his chance
  • ‘“can i have your number?”’ they both blurt out at the same time like a couple of losers
  • they stare at each other
  • then sora snorts
  • and touya runs a hand through his hair bashfully
  • “well that means i can right”
  • sora shakes his head, laughs and tugs a grinning touya’s phone out of his tattooed hands and adds his number as a contact, shooting off a message to himself before he hands it back
  • touya reads it and laughs loudly
  • “hey wanna get coffee sometime?” touya repeats, the fuckin dimple denting his cheeks making sora whimper internally
  • cause dear god
  • can this guy get any more perfect
  • touya leaves with a satisfied smirk on his stupid face as he pulls out his phone and starts texting rapidly
  • and inside the shop sora buries his burning face in his hands as his phone vibrates on the counter with endless messages from ‘touya ;)’

fucking hell writing this was a bitch but i loved it hhh

Chapter Text

anon asked:

i know u said you were going away for a week so you can answer this when you get back, would you ever do any shigadabihawks headcanons


ive been looking at this ask for days, unable to answer and now i finally can !!! 
yes absolutely!! i love them so much!


  • dabi met tomura and thought, damn hes such an asshole, also hes so pretty
  • it was a love hate relationship yknow cause they clashed and eventually the sexual tension got too much and they fucked
  • when dabi met hawks, fell in love again, and then he brought him to the league
  • tomura took one look at him and realized that holy shit
  • theres two of these assholes that he wants to fuck
  • for hawks it was love at first sight with both of them
  • he saw dabi and he immediately thought, hell yeah, this is gonna be amazing
  • and he saw tomura and he thought, shit, it got better, thankyou god
  • tomura loves them both despite his initial misgivings
  • cause dabi insulted him on sight and he laughed out loud when he saw hawks, number two hero, is the new member of his league
  • *tomura, wiping away tears* only you dabi what the fu ck
  • hawks and dabi were identically frozen and staring at him laugh because holy sHIT
  • spinner realized what was happening and sighed and prayed that kurogiri comes back soon
  • they have cuddlepiles
  • since hawks is the only one who has a home, and the only good piece of furniture is conveniently his california king bed, they spend a lot of their free time just lounging around
  • they dont rly get time to relax
  • what with tomura being a villain boss dabi being his shitty coworker and hawks being his shittier coworker with a hero job too
  • so its fucking lovely when they all get time to relax and just. soak in each others presences
  • tomura in the middle with dabi spooning him while hawks is tucked into tomuras chest, dabi and hawks’ hands entertwined and resting on tomuras hip ahhh
  • sharing clothes!!!! all the time!!!!!!!!
  • i want them to take care of each other, to spoil each other!!
  • hawks being showered in attention cause he was neglected, dabi and tomura literally doing anything he asks, falling over themselves to take care of him cause hes a literal babe
  • dabi rubbing tomuras tense shoulders and hawks softly, lovingly combing shampoo and conditioner through his long, unkept hair till hes sniffling bc love
  • hawks and tomura draping themselves over dabi, calling him petnames and barely ever by the name he had to take on to hide his identity and being affectionate and soft

im gonna die this is late but i love them

Chapter Text

suddenly imagining this au where dabi gets his whole big fight with endeavor like he always wanted and there are cameras and other pro heroes on the way and he finally has a platform to ruin endeavor

and when he starts talking, jeering at endeavor 
‘father dearest’ 
while everyone watches silent and shocked, he just grins widely and insanely and shoots out jets of blue flames hotter than a terrified, white faced endeavor’s own weakened orange sparks

and emboldened he screams out his story of how endeavor abused him and his mother and his little brother and it disgusts him it was never looked into that endeavors eldest was hospitalized and then disappeared without a trace at the tender age of sixteen

and people start joining in

people tweeting their own stories and lining up in front of the cameras to talk about either endeavor or other pro heroes they can testify against, suddenly courageous, cause if this moron can do it they can too, exposing false heroes who have no right to stand up there known to the public as protectors when they dont deserve it

and the heroes arrive and hawks, whi knew this was going to happen because of course dabi was gonna do this

last night he’d kissed hawks’ sweaty collarbone and whispered a love confession against his skin and hawks had guessed in that moment that he was about to pull some life threathening shit

he catches his tired (but still grinning fiercely) dabi before he drops of exhaustation and aizawa uses his quirk on endeavor and hawks sends his feathers to take him down and into holding with the help of other furious heroes with gritted teeth and tense shoulders, who just wanted to save people and they cant believe they trusted this bitter, toxic man

but like whatever all this happens and after it all dies down and endeavor is jailed for life along with all the other fake heroes, and sweet rei has her own home to live in with her ecstatic kids and they all hug her for a long time

dabi? somehow? becomes kinda like an icon to the kids of his generation

cause what they had needed was a figure, a representative who would stand up against the bullshit of the flawed hero society
not a broadshouldered leader like endeavor as hawks had thought when he brushed off the, to him, outrageous sounding idea of a figure like him to be the next all might

hawks could have shouldered the weight of the country easily, but dabi did it carelessly, thoughtlessly, cause it was the thing he’d needed to do. hes no all might but he’s one of many people looked up to

suddenly hes a public figure like a hero except not and the entire country fondly refers to him as 'their chaotic good emo son’ and he has twitter stans and he has accounts dedicated to updating on news about him which blows his fucking mind because he’d dismissed the drean if being a hero when he realized he wouldnt be able to have a platform to expose endeavor if he was a hero. it was far too complicated, the hero society 
and hawks laughs for an hour about dabi’s newfound fame then abruptly stops when he realizes #dabihawks is trending on twitter along with a grainy video of dabi collapsing and hawks skidding and kneeling behind him to catch him in his arms

dabi teases him about being his hero
hawks.exe has stopped functioning

people want dabi to do an interview and talk about himself and what motivated him and so many other things
but he hates pretty much every interviewer who exists only to ask condescending questions and start scandals
so hes like 'nah fuck that shit hawks has a youtube channel’

he does a qna livestream and answers twitter questions like a proper famous millennial

he films in what everyone recognizes as hawks’ apartment and he ignores at least twenty questions specifically about that till he cracks and snaps, “yes this is hawks’ apartment, yes im rooming with him, yes i pay the fucking rent now can y'all stOP”

deep questions coming in about what motivated him and if he thought about his family while in the league

“the one thing that kept me going from age sixteen to age twentyfour was the thought that i can make life better for my family, i can end their suffering,, and also this mans entire career-”
hawks loses it, giggling into his hand and dabi stares at him fondly from over the camera and the chat goes wild
someone asks what he thought when he met hawks and he laughs
“meeting hawks was like. a joke.” 
“sorry babe, but seriously i didnt believe for a second that he wanted to join the league of villains, like look at this guy hes so heroic, he’ll stick to the simplest way to save people, always. i didnt want to, but we got closer and i realized it wouldnt be so bad if i let someone in, and i definitely wouldnt mind if its this guy”
'aaaAHH wh- when did u get so smooth you dick’
dabi beams and does a peace sign and hawks makes a strangled noise and covers his face

then less deep questions

“dabi my man congrats on fucking the hot? piece of ? ass that is h-hAWKS- what the FUCK” 
*crashing sound as hawks falls over cackling breathlessly*
“hawks did you send this in yourself??? wh- get up stop laughing!!”

imagine dabi and hawks as the countrys poster children, adored by literally everyone, and their starcrossed romance is something movies are made about 
ok alright maybe perhaps thats too much but whatever i love these morons

Chapter Text


i want some computer whiz in the league to hack into endeavors twitter account and then let dabi go crazy aaah go stupid

like first of all he starts retweeting bs for the hell of it just to get attention on the account

‘im,, jsut a litle creatchre,,, i Canot stop thsi’

and then when people start tweeting at it asking 'who tf managed to hack the no1 heroes twitter can i send them flowers’ he starts tweeting like 'ahaha waddup its ya boi,,,,dabi todoroki’

reactions are obviously like 'holy shit,, the fire villain dabi,,, is endeavors son ?????’

someone is frantically spamming 'i cALLED IT I FUCKING CALLED IT YALL’

most people are like, 'wow makes sense, endeavors a piece of shit ofc he managed to make his son turn to villainy’ bc japan hates endeavor change my mind

he makes a threat of reasons why endeavor is the worst person in the world and people start adding to it and all the shitty things hes done are revealed

tweets for someone to make sure its all screenshotted so it lives on when the account eventually gets suspended

tweets his entire life story and it goes viral and hes replying to peoples tweets and tweeting about how much he misses his siblings

'shoutout to my lil bro @ natsuuboi go follow him #alsonatsuifyouseethis #sorryforfakingmydeathhahaloveubroxxxx’

'nah fuyumi never made a twitter but actually she does have an insta and yall have my full permission to spam her-’

and within hours people are comfortable with him and his stoner ass personality and the important questions fizzle out and then its just random shit

and the final tweet is

'yeah before this account gets deactivated id just like to say that @ officialhawks is one goddamn sexy motherfucker #callme’

dabi makes his own twitter once endeavor is in jail and he is pleasantly surprised to find that #dabihawks and #hawkscalldabichallenge was trending for a solid week

and he laughed aloud when he saw that hawks had tweeted angrily at 3 am

'dickhead thinks he can fool the world into believing he made the first move smh true hawks stans will know that i jumped him at first fight 😤’

his reply is simple but it makes their budding fandom go absolutely apeshit

'love you too baby ;)’

Chapter Text

anonymous asked:

Tbh I always loved you dabihawks AUs and was wondering if you could do more some time? (*Whisper chanting* Pjo au pjo au pjo au) did u know i liked pjo ??? thats supposed to be a secret

but alright jshsj ok yeah like i havnt been thinking about it for ages

edit: i lost this so so so many fuckin times,,, but here goes. im so sorry its this late anon ive had a fucking shitty few months rip i hope to god you see this

  • dabi would be a legacy of apollo and vulcan, the roman version of hephaestus, on one side, and khione on the other
  • and endeavor, his dad, who thinks hes so great cause hes a legacy of apollo and vulcan, married rei, daughter of khione,,so that his legacies have fire and ice
  • dabi has this weird fuckin blue fire
  • apollo kids dont have fire but because of his vulcan blood, he has fire, and its even stronger bc of apollo, therefore blue
  • he and fuyumi are twins
  • she has ice
  • genes fucked up and gave him fire despite their bodies being built for each others powers
  • and he can withstand cold temperatures
  • and constantly wishes he had ice instead so he wouldnt keep destroying his body trying to adjust to his powers especially cause his father made him use them at an early age
  • shouto is ice and fire, and natsuo is the healer, hes strong, plus a few seer abilities
  • this also fits in with my hc that natsu is a docter!! so like
  • thanks vulcan
  • but mostly apollo, for being so over achieving. your efforts are appreciated
  • nothing compared to hermes tho i dare u to google what hes the god of
  • hawks is a fuckinsksjlsksk
  • a fuckin
  • ok
  • ur not ready
  • half harpy half hermes kid
  • everyone asks ‘duuude why did ur dad fuck a harpy what was he oN’
  • 'uhh, obviously for the wings it’d eventually give me- i dont fUCKIN know man, can yall stop asking
  • so hawks has red wings and likes chicken nuggets and considers his dad a huge asshole
  • 'met the guy once, and once was enough’
  • he was born out of a drunken one night stand (fuck you hermes) and his mom, a harpy who doesnt really care, leaves him soon after she gets bored
  • hes soon found and picked up by rumi and ruyuuku, half blood duo extraordinare and they eventually find their way to camp
  • and hes way better at camp, grows up from a hobo chicken to a ray of sunshine
  • he learns to be good with people and he brushes off any bullying with jokes about himself and gains respect for being such a chill guy
  • so social skills and diplomacy!!
  • plus hes good at memorizing things, thanks to the harpy genes
  • also pretty loud, thanks to the harpy genes
  • plus, he has wINGS
  • so,,, wings + hermes kid + all these characteristics = a messenger for the two camps basically sent by the gods
  • hes the middleman between the two camps as soon as hes old enough to get taxis and can fly well enough travel across longer distances
  • they meet cause hawks had to go deliver some message to the praetor of the roman camp
  • and hes stopped by the river where percy met frank and hazel in the books
  • idk the name its been a while fuck off
  • by a demigod guard on duty
  • hes about to fly across
  • when someone yells
  • what the fuck
  • hawks looks around, flapping his wings in confusion
  • okay, woW, now hawks is confused out of his mind and pink with annoyance, what the fuck
  • oh oops right why would there be someone in the air
  • hawks looks down sheepishly
  • theres a roman guard, looking to be about his age, 16 or so, completely ignoring his job and apparently tossing pebbles at the river a few feet away, from the piles hawks can vaguely see scattered around him
  • he sees him cup his hands around his mouth and shout
  • okay okay calm your tits
  • hawks flies down to the guy and lands and hes v confused ok
  • but the guard guy is way more interesting up close than he was from the sky
  • hes not wearing his helmet, taller than hawks, his hair a messy jet black, his eyes bright blue and his smile lazy but really cute
  • and sue him or whatever okay but,,
  • hawks is a sucker for blue eyes
  • and then hes being teased
  • “what were you lookin around for?”
  • hawks’ feathers puff up in indignation and he kicks him in the shin
  • 'shut up asshole, i came down didnt i. what do u want’
  • the guy laughs
  • “i just wanted to see your wings, your feathers are fuckin dope”
  • hawks is kind of endeared at this point, is this guy for real
  • he offers hawks a pebble and goes
  • “u wanna try?”
  • hawks stares
  • then he shrugs internally, cause why the fuck not, hes here all week why not make a friend while hes at it
  • he takes the pebble and their fingers brush and its all so cliche
  • hawks tosses the pebble and then hes being laughed at and taught how to throw pebbles
  • and they hang out getting to know each other for a solid few hours until someone comes to see why the fuck the messenger guy isnt here yet
  • aka shigaraki
  • who drags himself down to the river to see dabi fucking around with the pidgeon guy and he sighs
  • drags a waving, beaming hawks to the camp while dabi grins wide and waves back
  • then theyre talking all the time and hawks is making up excuses to fly over at least once a month and dabi is using all the drachma endeavor has to call hawks,
  • “its for a good cause”
  • and endeavor hates it because hes a greek hating dick
  • he thinks the camps shouldnt interact
  • when dabi discovers this hes fuckin delighted
  • “fuckin lit, a new way to piss him off!!”
  • *dabi voice* ive been thinking about that exchange program, maybe i should make the switch!
  • *constipated endeavor noises*
  • endeavor is old enough to be respected by a small few, and old enough for most people to wonder why the fuck he isnt dead yet
  • they eventually go on their first quest together
  • alone
  • no one wants to go with them because no one is willing to thirdwheel
  • shigarakis actual answer was “are you kidding me id rather die”

Chapter Text

Anonymous asked:

Dabihawks college au?

man this is literally the most valid au the league have been described as “dumbass 20 something year olds” and “stupid college kids” at leasT thrice nd thats really all they are

  • okay so dabi takes art !! because hes gonna be a tattoo artist, the best au tbh
  • hes strolling through college he doesnt care what happens hes already got a job at his favorite tattoo parlour hes doing chill
  • which is hugely different from fucking everyone else
  • hawks is taking the hardest fucking criminology and psychology courses
  • hes gonna end up a detective u know he is
  • he wants to help the world but he hates attention???
  • and his backstory was like, that he saved some people and the police ended up needing him somehow
  • idk im not a crime fiction author im barely an author
  • and theyre impressed af by how quickwitted and smart he is
  • then they ask him who his parents are and when he shows them the neglect he lives with they woOSH him away
  • and he ends up being fostered but hes gonna have a police career
  • police detective! ft! buddy cops with rumi!
  • (i am writing a cop and thief au now. i get sidetracked easily)
  • dabi as the chill as fuck delinquent guy who doesnt seem to care about anything and is breezing through classes he loves and claims to have never touched a book
  • and hawks as the constantly stressed and yet cheerful and lovable guy who lives in the library and still manages to be friends with everyone on campus and their mom
  • dabi secretly a graffiti artist in his spare time please give me the good shit??
  • hawks as the loser in love with the murals and messily intricate spraypaint telling stories on the walls near the campus coffeeshop and all through the streets he walks through to get to class
  • he tries to detective it out, has a notebook where he writes down every clue he can find and all the places hes seen that unmistakable art style
  • dabi meets hawks because hawks catches him graffiti-ing up an alley near hawks’ dorm
  • its like late night and hawks is getting back from, noT a party
  • the library
  • where he fell asleep
  • again
  • and he sees dabi whos hood is up and is in full black and busily spraying an intricate design of flames licking up what look like angel wings
  • and hawks freaks for a second cause !! this is the guy!! holY shit and he found him by chance!! insane!!
  • then inhales and whispers a cool line
  • ‘thats illegal in like literally every country i can think of you know’
  • dabi, the bitch, doesnt even turn around and just scoffs and goes:
  • “who r u a cop? mind your business”
  • hawks brightens and starts and when he starts he doesnt stop
  • 'um actually- i aM! or thats what ill eventually be! hi, im hawks, and, uh, sorry man i was mostly kidding about the illegal thing, mostly, like, it iS illegal but i dont care, ive actually seen your art a lot and its great to finally meet the artist cause your art is amazing dude, i love your style, i always feel some kind of emotion even with all the cuss words hidden not so subtly in the corners-’
  • dabi turns around, eyebrows raised cause goddamn this guy talks some shit, and when he turns around his eyes widen and he’s like holy fucK
  • bc
  • surprise!
  • he has a secret crush on him!!!
  • im so predictable its not even funny
  • hawks is the pretty boy dabi has been stalking ever since he saw him dead asleep in the library a month ago and thought was the 'cutest person on the planet even though he was drooling and snoring and had eyebags visible from like so far away and oW okAY fuyumi yoU rant abt girls to mE i am allOWED to rant abt boys to yOU jaCKASS-’
  • so from then on they keep seeing each other everywhere
  • or well, dabi had already been seeing him everywhere, the pitiful stalker that he is
  • hawks was just too dead to the world to notice
  • hawks spills his coffee on dabi while hes at a hurry in starbucks and hes like oH shIt and when he looks up and sees dabi hes like,,oh shiT,,,, and theyre both all flustered and hes babbling apologies and promises to buy him another after his class
  • leaves in a hurry and dabi wonders if he just scored a date
  • the league is a frat and you cannot convince me otherwise!! meet me in the fucKIn pit
  • ive probably said that before tbh
  • well
  • i am a dumbass bitch. i will never change. this is a promise.
  • so dabi’s in the frat and theyre always teasing him about hawks and telling him to grow some balls and get his number but,,dabi’s a pussy ass bitch
  • theyre constantly flirting and toeing the line between friends and wanting to fuck
  • but theyre friends and always hanging out and getting to know each other
  • hawks starts chilling about his classes more and dabi gets better at showing up to his own
  • hawks gets to know the league through dabi and within a month hes practically an honorary member hes bffs with everyone
  • hes suddenly always at the frat and playing mariokart with jin and spinner
  • and then staying the night in dabi’s room when it gets too late for dabi to feel okay letting him walk back
  • and sharing beds and then waking up tangled together nd staring at each other blushing
  • and hawks stutters and tries to excuse the way hes pressed up against dabi and not moving at all
  • and then he wonders why dabi isnt moving either and dabi just sighs and kisses him quiet
  • dumbasses??? as fuck
  • let! them! be! the! stupid! college! kids! they! are!

Chapter Text

anon asked: the bar scene in tangled but it’s the league. this isn’t even able to be a joke since they both do the exact same thing (singing about their dreams) 

anon this is actually the best thing ive ever seen,,, the league are literally those assholes at the snuggly duckling!! holy shit

and all they need for them to get out of their slumps and mid twenties washed up criminal angst period is an overexcited preppy blonde to hype them the fucK uP about anything and everything

hawks doesnt have magical hair that glows when he sings im sorry anon i refuse to allow that 

but??? he can have wings?? white angel wings that turn red when someone pulls a feather out 

but he can absolutely still do the feather telekinesis bullshit and the feathers are the real useful thing, they like shed or something and they’re all soft and still knife sharp so thats why his captor hides him 

‘his captor’ dont ask me who idfk

and when dabi eventually cuts them off like the hair in the movie, theyll grow back, except red, and hawks can shrink them super small but he cant move the feathers

whats hawks’ dream tho???? he wouldnt care about no floating lantern bullshit

oh i got it his dream is to fly, free and uncaged. kinda terrible that he has wings but cant fly because hes stuck in a tower press f for respects

okay but,,,our man dabi is literally flynn rider im losing my shit

great youve actually got me writing a tangled au fucking woW anon i hope ur proud of urself

he goes to the bar a lot and they werent really mad about him having a wanted poster they were just worried and the fighting before the singing scene was their way of showing that they care

his real name is something else and he goes by a name he thinks is cool and hes a criminal and he falls in love with a beautiful blonde theyre literally the same person who r we kidding

but the bar scene!!!

dabi, who at this point wants to get hawks off his back and hasnt yet realized he actually wants him on his dick: hey lets go to this bar full of the most murderous people i know

hawks: okay!

hawks walks obliviously inside the bar

and then screams

because within a seconds the door around dabi is suddenly full of knives thudding into the wood one by one and he doesnt even look phased

and hes,,what the fucK hes beaming????

“aw hi toga its good to see you, too”

‘fucking kill yourself you fucking asshole’

dabi strolls up to the bar with his hands in the pockets of the trenchcoat that shigaraki is severely regretting buying for him for christmas and hawks follows with wide eyes while everyone stares at the audacity of this asshole who just left the league and now he shows up again like who tf does he think he is?? and who is that absolute babe behind him what the hell how come dabi always gets the hot ones

he leans his elbow on the bartop and grins and goes, in the fake rich (except actually rich but no one really knows his sob story) voice that everyone curses the use of because it always makes them laugh and theyre mad at him right now goddammit: “kurogiri, your finest lager please”

shigaraki loses it and yells “fuCK YOU”, bodily throws himself at him, ready to fucking beat his ass all the way to australia even though it hasnt been discovered yet in this universe

and then spinner tries to tug him back but twice pushes him forward because, bar fight, hell yeah, and then everyones fucking going at it and bodies are grappeling and punches are being thrown and shins are being kicked and honors are being defended

and hawks is like whaT the fUCK is hAPPEniNG!!

hawks tries to pull dabi out and gets a fist in the side for his troubles and he backs off, wincing and clutching at his ribs, but hes talking all the while, trying to reason over the din, babbling about how, hey, maybe we should think this through, but no ones listening

he finally loses his cool and screams, “stOP!!”

they stop and everyone is looking at him

hawks, passionately: hes trying to heLP me! yeah, hes an asshole, (*muffled dabi in the background, held in a chokehold courtesy of magne* 'heY’) but he saved me and helped me escape from my prison and he’s taking me to fullfil my dreaM! what, you think you can beat the bitch out of him? have some humanity! havent any of you ever had a dream before??

shigaraki squints at him, the sheer brightness of this holy being confusing him into actually wondering what his dream is, magne leans back thoughtfully, absently tightening her arm around dabi’s throat making him let out a strangled noise, twice scratches his head and toga stares at hawks with heart eyes bc hes an angel

kurogiri: huh. yes actually i had,, a dream.. once..

*everyone turns around to gape at him, including hawks bc he didnt really think that would work*

“-ive always fancied myself a bit of a bartender you know, not like at this scraggly place, no offense, but at a high-end establishment, some place classy and aesthetic. its always been my dream to own a nice bar or a club, respected and in the city”

 queue more gaping and everyone absorbing this information about kurogiri and then ,,,,,everyone starts talking about dreams they once had about a better life and hawks is beaming and dabi is staring at the floor wondering why he ever thought hawks wouldnt be adored by these assholes on sight

anon asked:

HI THIS IS TANGLED ANON HERE as someone who takes ANY media i like and combines it with dabihawks i am Very Proud of making you make a tangled au as for hawks captor, i immediately thought of the old lady from the Hero commission because Fuck Her! does this mean pascal is fantasy au hawks’ hawk? i hope so. i didn’t come up with a substitute for hawks’ dream BUT IM GLAD YOU DID because this means that the lantern scene is 100% hawks flying w. dabi and if that’s not love then i don’t know what is

holy shit,,, hawks’ captor is the commission lady yes and??? fuck yeah?? hawks’ pet hawk is named,,,hawky,,,,,yes? hawky right bc thats what ive been calling the fantasy bird in my head

lantern scene,,,,, im emotional now god damn,, just imAGINE IT!!! taking a boat to the lake,,,, seeing lanterns bc they still exist in this universe just pretend theres a reason,,, and dabi is in hawks’ arms,,, and there is screaminh yes but Only at the start and after that its just hawks staring at the view and saying stuff like ‘wow the stars are beautiful tonight’ 

dabi, staring at hawks: yep b’beautiful,,,, yknow what else is beautiful

hawks, oblivious: what

dabi, softly: …you

queue music!! aesthetic lighting!! hawks almost dropping dabi in shock!!!

and they get to kiss bc ill be damned if ill let them have the same moment ruining that they had in the movie pls the lighting was so gooD and the atmosphere was peRFECT 


Chapter Text

anonymous asked:

“HATE to that person but do you wanna give up some league in quarantine hcs, maybe with hawks depending on if you hate him rn”

oh my fucking god ur asking me for quarantine hcs,,,,,,,, lets take a moment to acknowledge that thats a thing that you just did,,,,

like ill dO IT but like,,, after im done laughing my ass off 2020 is off the shits 

  • okay so this is like assuming that the league are all chill and vibing and alive at the time of corona alright
  • no one is in a glass jar pulling a mewtwo yet, no one is in jail with their past being revealed yet, no one is TRYING TO KILL TWICE
  • its corona time
  • so there would be absolutely no change in shigaraki’s behavior he already just sits around inside gaming and slash or planning a revolution and both of these are strictly indoor activities 
  • theyre not even allowed to take mariokart out of his room 
  • kurogiri forbid it after toga made an attempt on dabi’s life 
  • so shigaraki finds out theyre in quarantine when he realizes
  • dabi hasnt disappeared mysteriously and come back looking like someone mauled his neck for a whole week !
  • naturally he walks blearily out of his room at an ungodly hour bc he got thirsty and sees spinner, twice and toga playing monopoly while dabi sulks on the couch and hes like
  • ‘what the fuck is going on’
  • kurogiri takes precautions !!!
  • not in a rich white person way 
  • more like
  • hes sanitizing the bar more often
  • he makes sure the gang has masks for if they feel the need to yolo and venture outside
  • he makes a dramatic speech 
  • ‘so im sure ur all wondering why ive asked you here’
  • ‘we cant leave kurogiri just get on with it’ - bitchy and tired and emo
  • hes embarrassed about it but he goes on 
  • ‘please,,,, im begging you all,,,,,,, wash your hands i know some of you think of yourselves as above it but tomura i am begging-’
  • ok 
  • look im not calling him out or anything, no tomura hate i think hes very sexy (now… he wasnt at the start)
  • but does he LOOK like the kind of guy whos always washed his hands after pissing ? nO he looks like the guy who was recently cornered by his friends to under no uncertain terms, ‘wash your hair you can scheme later’
  • hes had a lot of character growth 
  • toga is really incredibly disappointed nothing is happening this sucks
  • sticks up a one of those small whiteboards up on the wall in the bar 
  • it says in bright red marker ‘⬜ days since quarantine’ 
  • shes also one of those ‘fearless’ kids,,,, 
  • shes like ‘no illness can hurt me im not afraid !!!’ 
  • sneezes once and she sits wondering if she should panic
  • starts wearing the mask,,,,
  • jin is kinda like 
  • just walking around as cool as you please
  • and compress, whos been freaking and panicking since day one, corners him and hes like ‘why ! arent ! you ! affected !’
  • ‘i wear a mask !!!!!!!!!!! daily!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck could HAPPEN im basically in a hazmat suit im FINE’
  • compress is like ‘huh. reasonable’
  • spinner is unafraid he is a lizardman he will be okay <3
  • love him <3 miss him <3 hes a king <3
  • boi got ,,, opinions,,,,,,,,
  • his take is that the government is either exaggerating because rich people are afraid
  • or that theyre hiding the full extent of the disease from news media
  • he doesnt know that its both
  • dabi is a walking talking freakshow
  • like okay hes horny and mad and sick and tired of being stuck at league hq 
  • he walks around with his eyes wide and unseeing and shigaraki is staring to get worried because he’s scaring the newbies
  • ‘dabi what the fuck is wrong with you’
  • dabi, numbly: if endeavor dies because of coronavirus i’m going to hunt down the root of this virus and kill everyone starting with them
  • shigaraki exhales and purses his lips
  • slaps him on the back a few times in vague comfort and moves on
  • dabi’s also like
  • again 
  • ‘really horny’
  • thats his excuse for why hes moping around 
  • when hes not bitching about endeavor to everyone who’ll listen
  • but he misses hawks
  • and he wishes he couldve been at hawks’ place when the quarantine was announced
  • hes complaining on the sofa to spinner on the first weekend as the rest of the league play risk, which shigaraki is dominating and absolutely demolishing everyone in
  • when
  • !!!!!!!! hawks appears !!!!!!!!
  • hawks at home on the fourth day of self isolation: *texting twice* sos please send teleportation guy ujiko whatshisname i miss u guys lol
  • twice, not knowing hes gonna kill him: aw okay fuck yeah ! bitch !
  • hawks at home ‘ahhh twice. what a nice guy. what a good dude. what a real homie’
  • hawks shows up at the league hq 6 days late with starbucks and tells himself hes using the quarantine as an excuse to get closer to the league but he misses dabi’s face 
  • appears and falls onto the risk board as dabi is mid sentence going 
  • ‘god what id give to have him appear in my lap’
  • then everyone is shouting hysterically, shigaraki is pissed bc he was winning, toga is excited bc this is the coolest thing to happen in a week, twice is triumphant bc he organized this, dabi is stILL somehow complaining because ‘i said LAP was that TOO MUCH for the universe’ and hawks beams at the mayhem because he missed them

can u ??? tell im bitter ???? about something?????? 

Chapter Text

anon asked: Dude theyre FIGHTING

i know baby i know 

but itll be okay 

they’ll fight,, and it’ll be horrible and full of tension of all kinds and dabi will finally win and pin hawks against the wall with his palms heating up and his eyes burning hot from anger and pain as smoke curls all around them and twice shakes and paces with his head in his hands 

and hawks will break, start shouting and crying and reveal his actual feelings on the hero industry and how he doesnt wanna do this mission or be a hero anymore and how hes fucking tired of it all and to just kill him because that would be making it easy 

and all the fight will leave dabi’s eyes 

 and he’ll look tired for a moment, so tired of the way things were for him, and still are for people like hawks who couldnt get out 

 but his gaze will be steady when he shushes hawks 

dabi will wrap his fingers around his wrists to stop him from gesturing and calm him down, and wipe away his tears and kiss him softly, one hand wrapping around hawks’ frame and letting him go boneless, shuddering his anger and pain out, dampness growing on his threadbare shirt where hawks is burying his face and finally breaking all of the masks 

twice will watch them for a moment, quivering as he watches hawks quiver, his mirror

and then he’ll go and join them unsteadily, wrapping an arm around dabi’s back and hawks’ waist and tuck his face, mask torn to shreds, into hawks’ hair and he’ll exhale













( knew each other in high school au ft. dabi whispering “keigo” hoarsely for the first time in a decade and hawks’ breath hitches )

dabi tells him who he is viciously, pain and fury clear on his scorched face and hawks’ eyes widen and his heart thuds because oh fuck, oh fuck that’s touya thats his boy 

and then they’re fighting again and keigo’s eyes are terrified and wet because shit, he doesn’t want to fight him he’d never want to fight him and he’s regretting so much and flashbacks take over his mind and dabi pushes him back and back, and he barely holds him off until he’s pinned to the wall and-

 -his face is inches from keigo’s and he can feel the heat from his body and his flames and those bright eyes-

-and keigo looks up at him, surrendering completely and wholly and dabi’s eyes cloud over and he searches his face for something and keigo hopes to god he finds it

then dabi’s face twists with pain and sharp, pure relief and he collapses and buries his face in keigo’s neck and whispers his name in the most cracked, hollow and ruined voice keigo has ever heard but he inhales, shuddering and sliding his hand up to grip at touya’s shoulder because he’s got him back, he’s got touya back and nothing could ruin this












what if 

instead of it being the other way around

dabi is the one that remembers being a touya, being a kid and his best and only friend being takami keigo, the boy he was gonna run away with, the boy he’d give up everything for the moment he asked, the boy he loved.

and then he overheats himself trying to defend his siblings from endeavor and a month after that he’s on the streets with his hair dyed black because he couldnt take the sickening clinical whiteness of the hospital or the thick, terrified air at the house a second longer

but he never forgets keigo, thinks about him while his skin is burning and his father sneers, when he sneaks out the hospital window in the pitch black night, and buries him in his mind, only to pull him out on nights when he lies awake afraid. he’s doing this for kids like him, kids like them

he dreams of his father and revenge when he feels like he’d rather die than live a second long, and he dreams of keigo and his tousled hair and big smile and bruised skin when the spite and hate are choking him

then he sees hawks on tv and billboards and he drowns himself in the misery and the drugs and the alcohol wishing there was a life where quirks didnt rule over everything and he could fall in love with a boy without wings 

then he meets hawks and he’s asking to join the league with a confident smile and his head tilted up fearlessly and he doesnt seem to remember, he never mentions being keigo and he doesnt mention touya, doesnt recognize dabi and dabi is miserable and full of regret and


simmering with hate, hates the way things are, the way he cant change them and the way he loves keigo still, hates that keigo doesnt recognize him 

and then keigo is betraying him, like he knew he would but he’d still stubbornly hoped, and all the bitterness and anger and rage pours out of him