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Royal blue bedsheets slumped onto the ground, the white pillows ajar. The soft glow of the romantic, cranberry candle highlighted the tangled mess on the bed. You lay on your side, watching Souji stare up at the ceiling.

His shot hair fell in gentle waves on the silk pillows, silver on white. His bare chest heaved up and down, a light coat of sweat covered his warm skin. His reddened lips curved into a small smile.


Souji’s smile broadened. “More than happy. Think I’ll ace that test tomorrow.”

You giggled and brushed his bangs out of his face. Your thumb ran across his soft bottom lip. “Glad to know that having sex increases your intelligence.”

“It does. I’m not lying.”


Souji caught your finger tracing his jawline. He kissed your knuckles before shuffling closer to press his lips against yours. You kissed back, excitement flirting through your stomach when Souji’s hand stroked your bare hip. You pulled back and raised an eyebrow. Your eyes fell between your bodies.


“I did say I felt good about tonight. Come on, I need that 100%.”

You laughed when Souji raised his eyebrow back at you. Before you could say anything else, he rolled on top of you again and kissed you. You touched his cheek.

Grey eyes met your own. His eyes were always so silver and so warm.

You liked them.


“You want to what?”

Souji nervously smiled and leaned against the polished counter. His white fleece sweater wrinkled in the crease where arm met elbow.

“My friend, Akira, needs a place to stay…so, I was thinking of offering him a room here.”

You sighed and wiped your hands on the kitchen towel. You crossed your arms, your hip bumped against the sink. “You know…the last time I said yes, your friend nearly got us kicked out of the apartment. Our neighbor hates us.”

“Teddy apologized. He didn’t mean any harm.”

“Kanji made a hole in the wall.”

“To be fair, Yosuke was teasing him. They fixed it right after.”

“Duct tape doesn’t count.”

“It certainly helped though. He won’t stay long. Akira is quiet. Promise.”

You shot a glare, but were met with a toothy smile. The same damn smile he uses when he wants something. And you always cave in.

You and Souji lived together in an apartment for nearly six months now. The apartment wasn’t anything special. A simple living room, kitchen and two bedrooms across each other with one bathroom in the hallway.

The kitchen had cinder cupboards, with matching black-silver sinks, a stove and fridge. Souji loved cooking and made it a habit of packing your lunch whenever you had a late class. You were okay at cooking, but you made a mean pasta. On occasion.

A decretive red and white carpet swept the floor of the living room. A loveseat, a single sofa and a three-seater couch housed the walls. A rather large TV sat across the loveseat, Yosuke and Souji joked about jumping through it for old times’ sake. You had no bloody idea what the hell they were talking about.

The bathroom was simple with a white toilet, two sinks, a tub and shower. Your favourite part of the whole set was the dolphin shower curtains you bought last month.

Finally, the bedrooms. The guest room had nothing, but shelves and a single bed and counter. Though, your bedroom was just right. Pushed against the wall was your neatly spread bed. Across the bed was a TV with scattered PS4 controllers, lodging near the console. The window curtains were dark blue; beneath them were weights and other exercise equipment. A potted plant sat on the dresser beside The Great Gatsby. Opposite of the dresser, stood the closet and a bookcase. A large stack of colourful novels rested beside the bookshelf; Souji wanted to rearrange them with you. “It’ll be a romantic date,” he had said when he picked up Hamlet.

Between juggling jobs and university, the two of you made it work. It’s been two years since you and Souji began dating.

You ran a hand through your hair, grooming back your bangs. “Fine.”

Souji grinned and half-turned in the motion of doing a mini victory fist pump. Without a second thought, he pulled out his phone.

“He should be arriving tonight.”


“Yeah, I told him yes before I asked.”

“If I didn’t love you…”

Souji laughed, finished texting – you assume – Akira and strode over. He wrapped his arms snug around your waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck. Silver-grey hair tickled your cheek. You sighed again and returned the warm, sudden embrace; your fingers combed through his short locks.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re too charming for your own good?”

“Comes with the boyfriend package.”

“Shut up.”


Akira…certainly wasn’t who you were expecting.

When Souji stepped through the door with him and brought him to the living room where you were, you found yourself blinking twice at Akira’s boyish charms.

Ebony, curly hair accompanied by raven eyes and long lashes. His skin porcelain like a China dolls’. The thick, rimmed glasses on his face made him look like a cute nerd. He stood around the same height as Souji, if not a little taller. Simply clad in a red long-sleeve and black jeans, Akira looked like a model out of one of those men’s magazines.

How does your boyfriend know so many good-looking people? Not to mention Souji was just as good looking to boot. It must be a hidden talent of his or something. Good-looking people attracting more good-looking people.  

“This is Akira,” Souji gestured to the ebony. Then he motioned to you. “Akira, this is my girlfriend.”

Akira smiled and untucked his hands from his pockets. You stood up and shook his big hand. Warm and surprisingly softer than expected.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said.

Even his voice was pretty.

You returned his smile. “It’s nice to meet you too. Make yourself at home, but don’t put any holes in the wall.”

Akira tilted his head. Souji laughed, his hand waved dismissively.

“Long story. Anyways, let’s get you set up.”  

Akira hummed and tailed Souji after flashing a small smile at you. They wandered through the hallway; Souji opened the guest room across from the bedroom the two of you shared. Souji had already carried Akira’s boxes in. When they disappeared, you sunk on the couch and flipped through the TV channels.

It took ten minutes. Just ten for something to go wrong.

You finally found something to watch when something shattered loud enough for you to hear. It followed with a resounding bang. You didn’t even bother to sigh as you trudged to the room and toed the door open.  

Sure enough, Souji and Akira stood in the middle of the room, staring down at what looked like – or what used to be – a glass Christmas globe.

“What happened?”

They jumped and whipped their heads toward you. Souji questionably hopped in front of the wall; he pressed his back against it. Akira sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Just dropped something,” Souji replied.

“Sorry,” Akira said.

If these two didn’t look suspicious, you would be lying. You decided to give them the benefit of the doubt since they were trying to sweep whatever they had done, under the rug.

“Right…just be careful, okay? I’ll grab the broom.”

They both nodded and when you turned to leave, you caught their shoulders relaxing. You laughed under your breath and returned with the broom and dustpan shortly.

Akira had moved from the middle of the room. He crouched beside the glass shards, carefully picking them up one by one. Souji remained against the wall near unpack boxes and two suitcases. 

“Souji, what are you doing?”

“Taking a well-deserved break.”

You snorted and placed the dustpan near Akira. He dumped the shards and held the pan as you swept the broken glass.

“Akira infamously breaks another heart.”

Akira chuckled and shot Souji a look. “Look who’s talking.”

“I don’t talk to multiple girls at once and have them attack me on Valentines’ day in my own house.”

You quirked an eyebrow as Akira stood. He cleared his throat and took the broom from your hand. For someone who looked so…innocent and harmless, that was unexpected.

“Souji’s lying.”

“Sure, Lupin.”

Akira’s lips curled into a smirk, his eyes narrowed for a moment at your boyfriend before his attention fell on you. He tilted his head like a bird.

“Where’s the garbage?”

“Kitchen, under the sink.”

He nodded and stepped around you. You turned back to your boyfriend who was still leaning against the blue wall. He casually crossed his arms.

“Souji, maybe you should help Akira unpack.”

“I will. Soon.”

“All right. Whatever you say.”

You spun on your heel, made it to the door and paused. You touched the wooden door frame and glanced over your shoulder to catch Souji staring.

“The duct tape is in the living room, behind the TV.”

Souji laughed. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Just so you know.”  

When you left and entered your own bedroom, footsteps scrambled outside, heading toward the living room.