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Lance, Please

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The battle was getting harder and harder. More and more Galra were up, and the paladins had been fighting for over 3 varga now. Everyone was getting sloppy and slow with exhaustion. The whole group was tired, and Lance's grumpy commentary wasn't really helping.

“Pidge, on your left!” he called, taking down a sentry that was trying to sneak up on Keith. “Hunk, buddy, going a little wide on your shots there. Shiro, squad at your 10. Mullet, watch your guard on your right. It's dropping.”

“I know!” hissed Keith, dodging another swipe. “Just focus!”

“Stow it you two!” barked Shiro, punching another enemy in the gut. “It's not the best time for arguing. Save it for when we're back on the ship.”

Allura’s voice suddenly rang out over the comms. “The commander finally decided to join the fight! Lance, take the shot!”

At that, an inhuman grin spread across Lance's face and he started cackling loudly. Pidge and Hunk locked eyes from across the battlefield and groaned. “Here we go again.” Pidge groaned, scampering away from another hit, Lance's laugh still ringing over the comms. “Could you have phrased that differently?”

“SIX MONTHS.” Hunk cried, smashing his gun into another sentry. “I had to deal with it for SIX MONTHS back at the Garrison. He's probably gonna go for longer this time.”

Lance started laughing even harder. Confused, Keith and Shiro looked at each other and shrugged. Opening his mouth to ask, Keith made to talk but Allura beat him to the punch.

“What are you talking about?”

Visible from his perch above the battlefield, Lance shifted his gun, aiming as he giggled. Right as he found his target, he laughed one last time. “I am not throwing away my, SHOT!”

As soon has he spoke, a shot rang out and the commander went down. Seeing their leader had been taken down, the remaining Galra turned and fled, leaving the paladins on the empty battlefield.

Still singing under his breath, Lance scampered down from his post and danced his way over to the others. “I am just like my country. I'm young, scrappy and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my SHOT!”

He slid so a stop in front of Pidge and Hunk, who gave a large round of applause. Shiro's eyes widened in understanding, and Keith just nodded slowly. “Hamilton, huh?” Keith smirked.

Lance nodded back. “Couldn't resist.”

The group made their way back to the castle, after reassuring Allura that yes, Lance is fine and yes, we’ll tell you what this Hamilton is and why Lance was singing it.


Lance didn't stop for 5 varga, and ended up getting locked in the training room until he stopped. As they left, he locked eyes with Keith and said, “You’ll be back.”


Keith punched him in the face. Pidge cackled, Hunk sighed and Shiro facepalmed.


Lance still says it was totally worth it. (Is was)