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An eternity in darkness, rotting in the Imperial cell. Forgetting all she once was and giving up all she would ever be. That damned elf spraying venomous words into the darkness, knowing the woman would hear.

“Oh, look, an Imperial in the Imperial Prison. I guess they don’t play favourites, huh?”

No, they don’t. At least not when it concerned her. She learnt from past mistakes, and being on the receiving end of such treatment her entire life, that there is no such thing as a favourite in the world. People are fickle and selfish, picking up and dropping just as quickly what they desire.

The only ones who ever saw worth in her have also disappeared, lost to the void in her heart and mind. So much for that.

Yet all this changed only a few hours ago, a cruel turn of fate from the unlikeliest of sources. The Emperor himself offered a wild notion, believing she could be the saviour from his dreams. But why did he do so? Out of desperation? Pity? Vengeance?

She decided quickly enough the reason did not matter. I am free. The very notion is astounding, albeit like tasting a poisoned sweetroll. Everything has a price. Save Tamriel from the jaws of Oblivion, likely at the cost of her own life – and soul. Do I even have such a thing? Did I? One can hope.

Such a deal is forgotten, to be addressed in a moment. For now, the woman breathes deeply, recalling the fresh, mingled scent of grass, flowers and running water carried on the air. The breeze tangles its gentle fingers in her blonde tresses and sun covers exposed skin in welcoming kisses. Her body shivers, soothed by the change in temperature from those wretched sewers. It should not feel a luxury, she thinks, with a bitter twist of her lips.

Letting out a soft breath, the would-be prisoner decides she has dallied enough. This is only a brief respite from the challenges that lay ahead.