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Lola Swan

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Lola POV


‘And Lola when will your sister arrive?’ Jess asks when we take place at our lunch table. Jess stands for Jessica, she is my best friend here in Forks. My other friends are Angela, Mike and Tyler. I think they are just as curious about Bella.

‘She arrives tomorrow!’ I said, I’m excited to be living with my sister again. My parents split when we were still young, and Bella went to live with our mother, but I came back here a few years ago.

‘And how do you think she will find it here?’ Angela asks.

‘Wet’, I say and laugh. My sister didn’t like the rain, and well it rains a lot here.

The rest of the break I think about how to handle things about the supernatural. I would have to go to the Cullen’s this evening to make sure that their secret would stay a secret for my sister. Bella wasn’t like me. I knew for a few months now that vampires didn’t just exists in scary stories. My gift developed a few years ago and I learned how to control it on the way.


Bella POV


Today is the day I will move back to Forks. I didn’t remember ever living there. I had been a baby when my mother had taken me and my sister away. A couple of years later my sister went to live with my father but I had preferred the sunshine over the rain.

I’m going to miss everything. I will miss my bedroom, the dry climate and the city, but most of all I would miss my mother. She told me to call her and mail her about every detail of my life. I can still hear her say, ‘You don’t have to go, you know you can stay home. Home, here with me”. I declined knowing all too well that she would be happier if she could stay with Phil.

Phil was my mother’s husband. He is a professional baseball player. He isn’t that good, so he switched teams quite a lot. But now he had been offered a contract for a year.

The thing I did look forward to is spending time with Charlie, my father and with Lola my sister. I didn’t see her very often only when she came to my mother to spend a part of her summer here. we had stayed in touch by calling a lot but that wasn’t the same.


Lola POV


At home I throw away the packaging of the lasagna when I hear my father ask something, ‘Lola, you’re coming with me to the airport tomorrow?’

‘Of course, dad, you already asked that yesterday. We decided to go with my car, remember?’ My father sighs, he had been against the idea but knowing Bella would prefer this he had given in. Charlie or Chief Charlie I could say. He works at the police station and made sure the people in forks would stay safe.

I take my black coat: ‘Dad, I want to go outside for a bit, is that ok?’

‘yeah, but don’t stay away for too long’, he answers.

Outside it is raining but not too hard. I go and sit in my car. It was a pick up that I had gotten for my birthday. He was rather old; my father had bought it from Billy Black, but it had been in a good state. And his sons, friends of mine had helped me with the car. They make sure to keep it in a good state. A few months ago, I had paint it a mint green with my friends from school. It had been a lot of fun and it’s a good memory.


I follow the road out of town and It leads me to the house where the Cullen’s live. I press the bell, but I don’t have to wait long, or Esme opens the door. She is very kind and say I can come in.

‘And Lola what brings you here?’

‘I wanted to come and tell something, it is about my sister.’

She looks at me like she doesn’t understand but she says: ‘Maybe we can speak about it in the kitchen. I will call Carlisle.’ She shows me how to get there and I take a seat at the kitchen table. And a couple of minutes later Carlisle and Esme come in the kitchen.

‘Esme said it was about your sister, I had heard she move here’, he says.

‘Yes, that’s true, I’m going to pick her up from the airport tomorrow.’

‘But that not wat you wanted to tell us, right?’, Esme asks.

‘I wanted to let you know that she doesn’t know. And I don’t want her to, I think that it’s safer for her’, I tell them.

Carlisle nods: ‘I assume she doesn’t know about your gifts either?’

‘Indeed, I kept it a secret, so It would mean a lot to me if you could keep the secret as well.’

‘Don’t worry about it’, Esme says: ‘We will let our children know.’ I look to her thankful. Esme leads me back to the door and then I go home immediately.


Edward POV


I hear Lola leave, she is thinking about her own secret. I think she feels bad that she must keep that kind of information from everyone.

Esme and Carlisle come to the living room. We were all sitting here but we weren’t really doing anything. There is a movie playing on the tv, but no one is watching. Alice is thinking about some new clothes she wants to buy, and Emmet is holding a sports magazine.

‘You all heard what Lola came to say I assume’, Carlisle say, and we just nod. And with that Carlisle leaves the room to read a medical journal or to answer his mail.

Esme goes to show Rosalie some furnishing ideas.

I walk to my room and decide to listen to some music. I enjoy all different genres and had a whole wall filled with CD of many different decades. Sorted by genre and personal preference.


Lola POV


I park my car as close to the airport building as possible. And not much later I see my sister walking our way. I welcome her and then I hear someone scrape his throat.

‘You don’t forget to greet your best friend, or do you?’ Jonah says. Bella laughs softly when I give him a quick hug.

‘I didn’t know you were coming back so soon’, I say. I had missed him, he had only been gone for a month or so, but still.

I wanted to introduce him to my sister, but apparently, they had been on the same plane.

‘Can we give you a ride home Jonah?’ my father asks him.

‘No Charlie, I can take the bus.’ But my father insisted and that’s how it happened that my father and sister were in the backseat and Jonah was sitting next to me in the front of the car.

Bella and Charlie didn’t talk that much, they had made a few attempts to start a conversation. Jonah on the other hand told me everything about his trip, and it had been very nice. When he was done talking we were almost at his house.

Billy and Jacob came outside when we arrive. We talk about the past, to freshen up Bella’s memory. But we go home almost immediately, Bella looks tired and she still must unpack.

When we arrive home, I show Bella her room. I leave her to unpack and go to my room which is right next to my sister’s room. My homework was finished so I decide to read a book about the legends of the Quileutes. It is a new book and I had just time enough to read the first two chapters before dinner. These were about their history ant how the spirit warriors came to be.

Downstairs my dad had cut the pizza in pieces and put them on the table. Bella notices almost immediately that we never eat fresh meals and decides that she would cook from now on. To quote her, ‘it can’t go on like this’.


Bella POV


The night falls, it is raining. I think it has been raining for the past two hours. I couldn’t imagine how it could still be raining. I didn’t sleep very well maybe four hours. When I fell asleep it was raining and when I wake up it’s still raining.

I take a long warm shower to wake up and eat some breakfast. Lola had said we would be doing something today, but she wasn’t downstairs yet.

So first I clean up my room, put all my clothes in the dresser and decorate a bit. Not much just some pictures of home. I notice my lack of clothing for this kind of weather. Lola would probably be able to help me with that, I think she is better with clothes.

When it is 11AM Lola is still sleeping. I had looked a little bit through most of the rooms, especially the kitchen. So, I know where everything is. Then I hear a noise upstairs maybe Lola is finally awake.


Lola POV


The next day it is almost eleven am when I wake up. I had stayed up very late reading. I figured out that the stories about the spirit warriors were only the beginning.  Later they became shapeshifters and they changed into giant wolves. It is determined by your genes and triggered when the enemy is close by. They used to have multiple enemy’s but now there is only one enemy left, vampires. I had never saw one them as a wolf so maybe the genes were not triggered yet. And if I would come across one of them would they be dangerous. I assume they’re not because they exist to protect people.

After ten minutes I’m able to come out of my bed and it is time for a warm shower. Around a quarter for twelve I’m completely ready. My clothes are comfortable, some black jeans, a light gray shirt and a dark blue leather jacket.

Once I’m downstairs I see Bella looking through the cabinets.

‘Finally’, she says: ‘How long can you sleep?’ She sets the table and takes some cheese and bread.

Charlie had to work this weekend and he couldn’t switch his shift. But I had promised him to do something with my sister. While we’re eating I tell Bella about the school, Forks and more thing that could come in handy.

‘And what are the plans for the day?’ Bella asks.

We clear the table while I answer: ‘I thought we could go to the beach’ Bella says it is good, but I was hoping she would be more enthusiastic.


Around 1PM we were at the beach. There is wind, but it is just a breeze and it is nice. Bella and I walk on the beach and I could see she is cold. She is not used to this weather, but I could see she didn’t mind. She likes the beach.

We talk about how she is doing, about how it was our mother Renée. And about Phil and his new Job. It is nice to hear what is going on in their lives.

We decide to turn around and go back to the car when I feel an electric pulse through my body. It isn’t pleasant. I become dizzy end feel some energy leaving my body. I stop walking to catch my breath when I see the images in my head. I know what’s happening. I see a wolf in my head and I know someone’s genes were triggered. I blink my eyes and from one moment to next the feeling is gone.

‘Lola, Lola…’ Bella looks at me and she looks worried. ‘Are you ok Lola?’

‘It’s aright’, I say: ‘I’m just a little bit dizzy.’ I try to look as good as I could and say: ‘I’m good Bella.’ I try to sound confident and I hope it works.

I still see her giving me glances until we are at the car. Bella insists on driving. She doesn’t trust me behind the wheel now. We are driving toward the house of the Blacks. I hope that Jonah and Jacob would keep Bella company.  It is somehow my responsibility to go and check on the boy who had just changed into a wolf. For as far as I knew he was the first wolf.

To my surprise Bella finds her way around here quite well, I mean she just moved back here.

When we arrive at their house, Bella wants to walk to the front door. I just tap on her shoulder and point to the shed.

‘They like to work on their car together.’ she follows me when I take the familiar pad and then push the door of the shed open. Jonah looks up surprised. Apparently, they hadn’t heard us arrive, although our car makes a lot of noise.

‘Not happy that we’re here?’ I ask, I try to sound hurt, but he knew me too well to fall for that.

‘I will have to think about that’, he jokes. ‘Hey Bella’, he waves at her and I see that his hands are covered with swipes off black oil.

And just then Jacob came from under the car: ‘I think it will work now’, he says.

‘You are better right’ Jonah comments: ‘This is the third time you have said that.’

‘Help me up’, Jacob asks me.

I just offer him a hand and help him up: ‘you know that your hands are covered with filth?’ Jacob just laughs and throws a white cloth to me. After this Jacob went to stand with my sister, who was still standing in the doorway.

While they talk I go and sit next to Jonah: ‘Hey, I actually came to ask you something’, I say quiet, so Bella would not hear.

‘I should have known that’, he says, he looks away from the car and his eyes are on me now. ‘What do you want Lola?’

‘Is it ok if Bella stays here for a while’. he looks like he didn’t get why I asked that question: ‘I have to do something, I will be gone but not for more than an hour.’

He stays quiet. ‘It’s alright, she can stay’, he says eventually.

‘Bella’ I say while I got up: ‘Is it good if I leave for a while? It’s kind of important.’

‘It’s ok! You can go’, she says immediately: ‘But don’t forget to pick me up later.’