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It’s not a feeling she expected to find.

It took her by surprise.
She didn’t think she would ever have that.

They crept up on her.
She never realised it.
It just happened.

One day, her lungs expanded.
And her breath didn’t hitch.

One day, her eyes opened.
And she didn’t regret it.

One day, she touched her left arm.
And she didn’t flinch.

That’s what she chose.
But she wasn’t truly living it.
Not at first.

But she knew, she knew.
There was nothing behind her.
Nothing but a road, paved with blood, pain and fear

The wind swirled.
Playing with her hair.
Reminding her she yet lived.
Gentle fingers dancing across her scar.
Reminding her the cost she paid.

Eyes opened.
The dark of space called.
Her heart clenched.
A longing so strong, so insistent.
To do.

She wasn’t done.
She still had more in her.

She took a deep breath.
Eyes gleaming.
She would be worthy again.

Sara Ryder took a step