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Spencer Reid Imagines

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“Hey Mamma, fifty bucks says the hook up during the next case.” Morgan chuckled as he watched you and Reid bicker from his desk. Garcia turned in the desk chair she’d claimed and cocked her head.
“I’d say the sexual tension gets too much on the plane but they never really act on it.” Garcia hummed.
“We talking about Spence and (Y/N)?” JJ asked as she headed over to get the two of them. “Cause my bets that (Y/N) smacks him on right on the nose, quick, hard… poor kid won’t know what hit him.”


“No (Y/N) has a nice temperament… they’ll fight on the plane and he’ll snap first realising he has feelings for her, she’ll know about the same time but will be in denial until he gets hurt or nearly hurt and… well they’ll snap.” Rossi said as he strode past the group, not needing to be a profiler to tell what they were talking about.
You went to storm away but Reid muttered something that you swore sounded like adolescent mentality so you went right back to bickering with him.


“We have a case… and would you two please stop fighting?” Hotch sighed.
“I would but tweedle dumb’s being an as…” You glared at him when he cut you off.
“Tweedle dumb is one half of a set of twins it would only make sense if there was two of me.” Reid pointed out. Morgan chuckled and shook his head, guiding you into the meeting room as you muttered angrily.



“… it’s statistically improbable that this was done by a woman.” Reid muttered as you cupped your hot drink and took a seat opposite him.
“This was far to feminine to be a man’s work.” You muttered and even JJ and Rossi hummed as if they could see your point.
“I highly doubt it (Y/N).” Reid muttered as he looked over the file in front of him.
“Well you’re just impossible.” You sighed making Morgan chuckle in his seat next to you.

“Actually I’m improbable… the fact that I exist proves that.” Reid snipped back irritably.

“All I’m saying is she can’t change the outcome of a statistical analysis just because she doesn’t like me.” Reid sighed as he finished knocking on the doors he and Morgan had been sent to knock on.


“Hey I’m stayin’ out of it Pretty Boy.” Morgan laughed.


They headed back to the offices the local police department had set you up in and found it empty bar you, Garcia’s voice flowing through the speaker phone.
“We got nothing one of you might as well rest up.” You sighed. “The team are at this motel and as soon as you get there tell one of them to come back.”
“You mind if I go?” Morgan muttered to you.
“It’s cool but I want to sleep next.” You sighed.

“Don’t kill Reid.” Morgan said as he headed out the room.
“I can’t I’m not male.” You call after him making Morgan grin.
“You know you two just need to take a weekend off and go into some wood cabin somewhere and just take out your frustrations with some hot nerdy sex.” Garcia muttered.


“Urm Garcia?” You sighed when Reid’s mouth dropped open.
“I bet Reid’s just… if he’s had sex before he’d probably be a master at it but if he’s a newbie… sweetie you should ride that nerd into the mattress.”
“It’s not that hard to master sex.” Reid commented. “Oh and (Y/N) was trying to tell you I was here but she’s got a little tongue tied.

“Oh… wow, awkward… I’m sorry sweetie I’ll go!” Garcia yelped.

After about ten minutes of arguing over the information Garcia had printed out you found yourself trapped between Reid and the table. His jaw twitched and suddenly his mouth was on yours, his hands fumbling with your jeans and panties, yanking them down to your knees as he turned you around.

You watched him shut the blinds and lock the door before returning to his spot behind you, a yelp leaving your lips as he gently slapped a hand against your ass. With one hand he skilfully unbuckled his trousers while the other leisurely teased your clit and now dripping folds.


“It goes without saying that we need to be quiet.” Reid mumbled as you felt his swollen tip skim through your folds and stop, almost pressing into you.
“Yes, quiet… just go.” You gasped desperately, moving against him and trying to get more of him inside you.


As he slid into you his hands skimmed down your arms, his hands intertwining with yours so the only thing hold you against him was the table. He thrusted into you quickly and with a gentle roughness you hadn’t expected.
It didn’t take long for you to start biting your lip to keep in the moan that was building, your walls clenching around Reid who had slowed and was desperately trying to keep his old pace only to tip you over the edge and you let out a low whimper as you came.

A few more thrusts and Reid had pushed you through your high, coming himself as he gasped out your name. the two of you had barely enough time to straighten up and unlock the door before JJ came in eyeing you both suspiciously when the atmosphere in the room seemed calmer and less frustrated.