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Never Walk Alone

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Jin and Jimin had a stare-off in the hospital room they were in. The air was tense and quiet, no one in the crowded room dare make a sound. Dr Lee awkwardly handed the newborn into Jin's waiting arms. 


"My beautiful daughter-" 




"-will be named-" 


"Don't do it man." 


"-Kim Jimin, the third child of the Silver pack and our precious princess." 


Jimin face palmed himself and groaned. "Why?" 


"You asked for it." Jin gave his daughter a small kiss on the forehead and continued the glaring. 


"You have betrayed me." Jimin threw his head back dramatically and wiped a fake tear out of his eye. 


Seven-year-old Taehyung and six-year-old Yugyeom held onto the metal bed frame and stood on their tiptoes, trying to see the baby. 


"Appa, why is she sleeping?" Taehyung asked curiously. 


"Yeah appa, why?" Yugyeom asked, reaching out but only managing to touch his appa's elbow. 


"Because she's tired." Jin answered. "Tae Tae?" 


"Yes appa?" 


"She's your little sister and you're her older brother, you have to protect her, okay?" 


Taehyung jumped up and did a superhero pose, in which Namjoon found hilarious. "Okay appa, I will become the best older brother ever!" 


Yugyeom ran to his side and copied his stance. "Me too appa!" 


"You can both be the best older brother ever." Jin chuckled and picked Yugyeom up while Namjoon picked Taehyung up and onto the cot. 


Taehyung stared at little Jimin's face. "Her nose looks weird." 


"Tae Tae, don't be rude!" 




"What should we get Jihoon and Mingyu for their anniversary?" 


"Some new equipment, you two workaholics can knock yourselves out." Jimin said, placing a cup of coffee on the table. "And Jin asked us to have breakfast at their place next week, something about a big announcement." 


Jimin and Yoongi moved out of the Kim mansion eight years ago, settling in a two-bedroom apartment near Seoul where no one knows. It was really peaceful and obviously cheap because Jimin insisted they didn't need anything luxurious when it's just the two of them. And also they will have a plan B for when the paparazzi find them and try to tear down their building. 


Jimin graduated on top of his class and decided he didn't want to be a choreographer like Hoseok. He went onto teaching seven and eight-year-olds contemporary dance at a studio just five blocks away. No one knows who he is and no one really cares, great. 


Jimin opened a can of cat food and placed it in front of Snowy, who now sported a layer of silky fur and grew almost as long as Jimin's forearm. "Snowy says he's loves you too." Yoongi said and Snowy meowed in protest, stop twisting my words. Yoongi smirked slightly. "Alright big guy, whatever." 




"This is the day." 


This was obviously the day. Everyone was awake and sitting at the dining table, chewing on their breakfast when Jin suddenly walked in with a jar in his hands and a serious air around him. He set the jar onto the table and everyone stared at it curiously. Jin ripped off the paper containing the words 'Swear Jar' and replaced it with 'Cookie Jar'. 


"Today is the day that this house is allowed to swear without being-" 


"Fuck yeah!" Yoongi yelled all-too cheerfully and was smacked by his husband. "Ow." 


Jin cleared his throat. "As I was saying, today is the day that this house is allowed to swear without being fined a quarter because Gyeomie is sixteen." 


There was a short cheer where everyone clapped for the tall teen. Yugyeom had a growth sprout last year and just when Taehyung thought he couldn't get any taller, he did. He now sported a mop of pitch black hair - a stark contrast to his light hazelnut ears - and eyes the darkest shade of brown which crinkles up when he smiles. Instead of the dark green uniform he had to wear when he was in middle school, he sat at the table in a white buttoned up shirt, red tie and navy pants that make up the high school uniform. The pants were carefully altered by his appa so that his tail could shimmy its way out comfortably. 


"What about Minie?" Taehyung asked with a mouth full of bacon and scrambled eggs. 


He was taller than Jin, but not quite Yugyeom. He had his overgrown hair dyed a rebellious silver that matched his eyes and tanned skin. He was much more skinny compared to Yugyeom who took lessons at Jimin's dance class and had a thing with Gucci, which explains the yellow tinted glasses he was wearing with his school uniform right now. 


"I saw how you waved off your friends the last time they came." Jin narrowed his eyes playfully at his youngest. "She'll be fine." 


"Fuck yeah!" The ten-year-old exclaimed, high-fiving her favorite uncle. 


Kim Jimin had long hair, blonde like her father and the sweetest chocolate eyes. The bridge of her nose was dotted with freckles and her cheeks were always tinted pink. She wore a dark blue blouse and skirt as her elementary school uniform and weird checkered shoes but no one seems to care. She was the shortest out of the three with the best puppy eyes in the family. She was extremely fit from playing baseball and really, she hangs out with Yoongi too much. 


"Minie hangs out with Uncle Suga too much." Taehyung commented. 


"Okay, here are your lunch boxes and don't give the teachers any trouble this time." Jin handed out their lunch boxes and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. "Taehyung, be careful when you're driving." 


"Okay appa." Taehyung gave Jin a kiss on the cheek and went ahead to start his car. 


Minie reach up and Yugyeom lifted her up so she could return Jin's kiss. "If you curse at school I swear to God I will make the fine three dollars." Jin warned but Minie simply smiled bashfully. 


"I love you appa." 


"I love you too sweetie." 


Minie jumped off and ran after her oppa. Yugyeom gave Jin one last kiss and picked up his bag. "Bye appa, I'll see you later." His voice was quieter than all his siblings'. 


"If anyone bullies you or does anything to you, tell Taehyung." Yugyeom purred as Jin scratched him behind the ears. "Be brave." 


Yugyeom nodded and went to the garage, where Taehyung's car was parked. 


"Heads up Kims!" 


Taehyung gave Namjoon a high-five before he entered the garage. Namjoon smiled happily as he bent over to ruffle his daughter's pretty pigtails. Everything just froze when it was Yugyeom's turn. 


Yugyeom gave a curt nod and tried to pass the entryway while maintaining as much distance as possible from Namjoon. "I- I'll see you at dinner." Namjoon tried to hide the small crack in his voice, he really did. 


Yugyeom nodded and turned around immediately, taking long strides towards Taehyung's car. Namjoon sighed. "You'll get it." Jin said in a comforting manner. "Just give it time." 


"He's traumatized." Namjoon stated bluntly - hopelessly. 


"It's better now, he doesn't have anxiety attacks when he sees you." Jin tried, rubbing soothing circles on Namjoon's back. 


"I'm trying, I hope he knows that." 




Taehyung swerved the car around and parked it near the gates to Goode Academy's middle school building. They all go to a public school because, as their dad quotes: "You'll learn to survive the hardest challenges there." And really, the hardest challenge they had to face was cafeteria food. 


"Bye Minie!" Taehyung waved at his sister walking off and turned to his brother. "You ready?" 


"No, not really." Yugyeom fidgeted with his fingers and looked out the window. The leaves on trees were still green enough to be called summer. "What if nobody likes me?" 


Taehyung almost scoffed, but he didn't. Yugyeom was rich, famous and adorable, who wouldn't like him? The only reason that he believes that everyone avoids him was because Taehyung made sure of it. Ever since middle school, Taehyung has been infamous for being overprotective of his younger siblings. No one flirts with - much less asks out - Yugyeom without his permission. He hangs around him like a hawk and if Yugyeom ever knows, he will find out who told. 


"You'll be fine. Rosé is there, Youngjae is there, Dino is there, you practically know everybody already." Taehyung said calmly. 


"That's not a lot of people." Yugyeom pouted in disagreement. 


Taehyung was about to drive off but he noticed the bat leaning against the seat behind him. "Minie forgot her baseball bat." 




And so, they journeyed into the middle school grounds to find their princess. Since they went to school here, they could navigate around easily and found Minie's class in no time. They didn't find her in the class, they found her cornered outside by two boys who looked like they were threatening to punch her. 


You do not mess with any of the Kim siblings, if you do, the other two will come after you, and that's never good. 


"Give us your lunch money Princess." The first boy growled. 


Minie's eyes turned red and the boys almost flinch at the smell of alpha. But they won in numbers. "I told you I don't have any money! You just look stupid right now!" Minie screamed in frustration. 


"You literally have Fendi shoes on." The second boy pointed out. 


Minie sighed. "You have two chances to let me go." 


The boys shared a look and snickered. "Why should we listen to you Princess?" 


"One." Minie's tone was very threatening. 


One of the boys pushed her against the wall and laughed. "What are you gonna do? Fight me?" 


Minie winched but smirked. "I was hoping you would say 'you and what army?', the effects would have been better." 


Taehyung lifted a boy off his feet by his collar and held his hand out, in which Yugyeom placed the baseball bat in. "Were they bothering you, Minie?" 


"Let go of me grandpa!" The boy shouted, successfully making a vein pop in Taehyung's template. He was dropped and shoved up against the wall, where he finally learned fear. 


"What did you say?" The end of the baseball bat was pressed against his chest and if Taehyung's expressionless face wasn't intimidating enough, Yugyeom picked up the second boy and shoved him up beside his friend. 


"N- Nothing." The boy squeaked. 


Taehyung smiled, which was somehow scarier. "Good." Minie was mirroring his smile. "Now, if you ever bother Kim Jimin ever again, you would have to answer to me. You got that?" 


"No one would notice if they're gone for a few days, right?" Yugyeom grinned evilly and the boys nodded their head frantically. 


"Good." Taehyung brushed off their shoulders and handed the baseball bat back to Minie. "You forgot your baseball bat." 


"Thank you Tae Tae." Minie said sweetly. 


"You're the devil in disguise." Taehyung whispered as soon as the boys were gone. 


"And who did I get that from?" Minie poked him in the ribs slightly and smirked. "Bye." 


"Bye Princess."