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love is crazy

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A pale faced Naruto Uzumaki suddenly appeared in front of her that Hinata almost, almost fainted (she told herself she's already changed and is not that weak anymore) from the sheer shock of seeing her crush only with a towel on.


"Ah! You're Hinata, right? Hi! What are you doing here?" He grinned brightly and Hinata quickly got red in the face.


"A-actually... I'm here for Sakura-chan..."


"Ah, well, Sakura-chan went out with Ino and Karin."


"Ah... Uhmm... Okay... I... uh... I'm... ju-just gonna.... uh, l-leave then." Hinata began to turn away. She's really quite sure she'll faint if she stayed far longer in this place with Naruto only on that.






Naruto began scratching his head sheepishly. "You're friends with the weirdo with the insects right?"


Hinata took some moment before she realized who Naruto was talking about. "Y-you mean Shino?"


"Yes! That... that... that Aburame!" The blond gave a nod. "Shino Aburame!"


"Y-yes... I-I'm friends with him..."


"Then, are you good with insects like he is?"


"W-well... I... am f-familiar with insects..."


"How 'bout spiders?"


"Eh?" Hinata was, by now, wondering if Naruto was still right in the head answering these weird questions—


"Are you good with spiders too?"


—and then it hit her. The scream awhile ago, and why Naruto was only on a towel. It was quite possible there was a spider inside the bathroom.


"Well, spiders are insects too right? Well I need help on something—"


Right then, Hinata began giggling.


"Huh? Hinata?"


She smiled at him. "Do you have a plastic cup or a small dustpan, at least?"


He frowned, but gave her the cup.


Hinata strode towards the bathroom and gently scooped the small, harmless spider in the bathtub once she caught sight of it. Opening a window, she released it there, and then closed the window again.


Naruto looked at her in awe. "You're amazing, Hinata!" He jumped up and hugged her.


Hinata only flinched once, but was unconscious quickly right after.


"Hinata! Hinata!"