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Shiketsu General

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Kaminari Denki is a fun loving person. It’s not like he gets bored easily, it just depends, like now, when he should be writing that essay he needed to submit to Aizawa-sensei first period. He tried, really tried getting into it, even thought of putting up a classical music playlist on YTube (very creative, author-san) to help him focus (Yes Iida, he does listen, sometimes), but unfortunately that was his first grave mistake. Upon opening the said website on a new tab on his browser, he immediately saw newly uploaded videos from some of his subscriptions and all thoughts of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart (Don’t snort Jirou! Everyone knows them, Iida said so! You don’t question Iida, not always!) flew out the window. So, no, he doesn’t get bored easily, he just gets distracted by more interesting things quite quickly. He’s a naturally curious person after all (Hey! Stop laughing! You dare call yourselves friends - even you Bakugou?! My brain is quite intact, thank you very much. Jirou stop!).


Open - close parenthesis conversations aside (did you just break the fourth wall?! Yes, he did), the only way he thought he can quench his very hungry curiosity is to feed it until he’s satisfied, which in this case, was watching those said videos, plus more recommendations, plus more, and more, and more, until he saw this one. He doesn’t remember how he got from watching gaming and gag (plus vines, cats, and meme videos) to this: Famous High Schools’ Mysteries (well, he remembered watching ghost sighting videos, but, yeah), and naturally he was curious, and clicked on it. The video showed the school name, the mystery article, then the author’s speculation or the truth behind it. He recognized the first three schools, then cheered silently when school number four appeared. It was UA after all.



Mystery No.1

The school’s principal, Pro Hero Nezu’s species….”,


He snorted on this one. It will forever be a mystery.


“Mystery No.2

Why no one attempts to do the test of courage at the famous high school, and why there's no seven mysteries ever made up for it.

A post from a student from the famous high school went viral for being creepy yet surprising at the end. On the said post, the student confessed that he and his group of ten classmates from general studies that during one self study session, they just have impulsively thought of doing a test of courage on their campus. That same day, they purposely hid and waited for the school to close to conduct the said activity around the school premises. He stated that they, only armed with their phones’ flashlight function and the moon as sources of light, braved the darkened, empty hallways, and with the exception of occasional corner-of-the-eye movements and the loud howling from the outside, found nothing out of ordinary until they reached 1-A’s classroom. He recounted that the hallway at that time was fairly visible through the light coming from the outside and turned off their flashlight-phones. Suddenly, one of them noticed a big lump on the floor at the end of the hallway. They barely saw what it was until it’s head snapped up, its eyes glowed red and hair raised. It let out a distressed wail ‘Koooooooooozzzzzzzzooooo’ then it crawled very fast towards them. Some of them had attempted to run, only to find their stuck with something liquid coming through the space beneath the classroom’s doors. It started wailing ‘Hiiiiiizaaaaaaaaaashiiiiiiiiiii’ when suddenly, a tall thin figure with its face covered with long, light hair slammed 1-A’s door open and let out a very deafening responding cry, ‘Shooooouuutttttaaaaaaa”, with the loud howl continuing from the outside. A rumble of a chainsaw and a muffled but loud, heavy breathing along with a tinkling of chains was remembered roughly. He said that everything happened so fast that all they can do was cover their ears up and close their eyes. One by one, they had started to drop, not knowing if it was the adrenaline, the unbearable noise, or the weird smell that spread out alongside it. The author shared that he woke up a bit after a while and found himself and his friends being dragged across the floor. He heard an evil cackling along the way, but since he was still suffering the effects of he just ended up closing his eyes again and woke up to find himself and his friends on the school infirmary.   -May XX 20XX, Friday, see original post ...”


Kaminari paused the video and started laughing (but he was sweating cold and internally, he was praying to every deity he knew that he was not stupid enough to try it and too stupid to even think of it). It was just three years ago, and if UA haven’t changed staff those past years, he definitely could figure out what happened. He clicked play.


The video continues “ however, despite the scene being straight out of a horror movie, the post revealed that when everyone from the group came into consciousness, Nezu, the school’s principal had told them that through the years that UA had been established, they were only the second group brave enough to do this test of courage around the school, and therefore, to commend such bravery, he decided to rope the Pro Hero members of the faculty to give them a fright they would never forget, all the while sipping tea (with a small teapot on the side), as if talking about the weather. He told them that because they don’t really do physical training with them, therefore not knowing their fighting styles and such, they were unable to react quickly (the author commented that even if they were in the hero course he was sure that they would act the same).” to which Kaminari agreed to, reminiscing the times the mentioned Pro Heroes, or even just their homeroom teacher alone, had given them a fright without intending to.


“The principal continued that the first group brave enough (*cough* stupid enough *cough*) to ever attempt the test of courage was consisting of The Number One Hero, All Might, the Number Two Hero, Endeavour who was unconsciously taunted by All Might, and several of their classmates. The author (along his group and several teachers present) said it was surprising and asked what happened. The principal happily supplied that the next day, All Might was bedridden, toyed with by one of the ‘ghosts’, most of their classmates unconscious or in a similar battered state, while Endeavour (to which the principal whispered conspiratorially) fainted while standing, as if to desperately try to preserve his bruised and tattered dignity from the ‘mysterious’ scorch marks along the hallway and room doors. The author commented that the principal's face was so happy that everyone on the room started sweating cold from his narration, even more when Recovery Girl suddenly quipped ‘Good Times’. He stated that he won't be surprised if the principal had pictures of the said incident. He also wondered how much tea does the principal's small teapot hold for him to consume 15 cups along the span of his story. The author finalized that everyone should learn from their mistakes and never ever attempt to do a test of courage on a school filled with sleep-deprived, overworked Pro Hero teachers who were probably blackmailed into pranking the students by a Do-S school head. It's to keep your insanity intact, he added’. The students who were presumed to be his group mates during the activity have all left a comment agreeing to the story, which for some, increases the validity of the story.”


Kaminari was definitely surprised, and he was not laughing now. If the number one and number two heroes (ahem, that was intended. All Might will forever be the number one hero. Everyone agrees!) didn't came unscathed, what more if it was them. He saluted the brave souls of the attempters. Nonetheless, he sent it to Kirishima, Ashido, and Sero. He thought of sending it to Bakugou, but knowing him, he would force them to do it  just for the heck of it. With them living on the dorms, it would be easier to sneak in and attempt. He still wants to graduate and be a Pro, thank you very much. He hesitated, especially he's not really close with him, but he sent the link with the time mark and a little note to Todoroki as well. He might not know the whole story, but it's quite obvious that his classmate adores his father as much as Kaminari adores doing his schoolwork.  If that doesn't describe it greatly, he had no idea what will. He continued the video. There was one more for UA, about the principal again, this time his teapot. Nope. Unsolvable. It showed more schools until it reached the last one, UA’s rival, Shiketsu High School. The first mystery talked about some students seeing their doppelgangers, some even getting in trouble for something they didn’t remember doing. Kaminari remembered Sero mentioning about a female student of theirs who apparently can transform into someone else (he only remembered because of an unsavory reason that he would not mention. He’s trying to clean his image. Girls like gentlemen better, they said). The second mystery was apparently a student accused of eating people. He thought he figured this one out quite quickly. He, Kirishima, and Bakugou faced the guy he was thinking of after all. Poor guy. The last mystery caught his attention because he had seen it on his news feeds in most of his social media accounts. He did wonder about it.


“#10 Shiketsu High School

Mystery No. 3

Shiketsu High School General

This is one of the major reasons why this video exists in the first place.

A little more than a month before the upload of this video, a seemingly unassuming #ShiketsuNeoGeneral first appeared at a Shiketsu High student’s appreciation and thank you post made for a classmate. However, in a span of five hours, about 4 pm (assumed to be the end of that school day), the amount of posts tagged with it exploded to roughly almost 2k twits , all praising the so-called Shiketsu Neo General.


We all know that Shiketsu High School is one of the most famous hero schools in Japan along UA. The top three students from the latter are called The Big Three while the former labels them as their generals. It is quite easy to guess that the ‘Neo General’ would be the the future of the high school, and if the quite overwhelming positive feedback would be any indication, this person would easily be one of the most highly anticipated hero in training to debut if they continue to gain recognition from the public. It is such an advantageous situation for any aspiring hero, except for the ‘Neo General’, that is. Yes, out of the 2k something twits, not once was their name mentioned. Yes, we checked every single post tagged, and nope, all we found was just a mere Z. For a school that celebrates their students’ excellence, and for a profession choice wherein one's name is vital, it sure is surprising that Z themselves and their classmates kept their real name. But for a person who wanted to keep out of the limelight, Z sure announced their (at least their classmates did on social media) presence with a very explosive bang.


Through our investigations, we found out that apparently on the day the tag was created, the high school was on their second day holding their annual Battle Festa, which is their version of a sports festival. Unlike other schools, the Battle Festa lasts for two days, the first day wherein the students compete within their year level, much like UA’s own sports fest, and the second day wherein the top ten students who passed the second round from each year level competitions would form six groups (two groups per year) to play the famous Shiketsu BattleTag akin to air soft but utilizes quirks instead.

For a little more background, the groups would be formed randomly and the leaders would be chosen through lottery. The catch is, the leader’s identity would only be known to the group and should be kept secret until the end of the match where the team can decide if they want to change the leader, as strategy. After all, a round can be won by capturing or taking out every member, additional points if the first kill would be the leader. Some says that this kind of simulations would be good for deciding villain capture operations that the aspiring heroes would likely face in the future.


Anyone could predict that the ‘Neo General’ Z's team won the the battle tag, but no one had ever predicted that: a) their group racked up the most points by taking out the secret leader first EVERY round, b)in fifteen minutes (their longest game time) or less, c) they were kept as the leader the whole day (if they are anything like this, who would?), d) they are not any of the known 3rd year Generals, e) they were neither seniors or sophomores, f) they made history by leading the first freshmen group to ever win the battle tag, g) that they helped the second first year group to climb the second place, which was even more of a mark in history (the furthest first years ranked was 3rd), because a first year group winning was not enough, they needed to dominate the whole thing as well, h) that, as revealed by the other first year group's last leader in her speech, that they were won by Z's very persuasive and very intricate plan for them, the curiosity to see how well the plan would go, and yes, that went creepily exact to their every word, and the very determined eyes that Z had. She added that, i) Z seemed so quiet, timid, and cute that one wouldn't even think of the very brilliant, meticulous, ruthless, goal-driven side of them, and j) really bold for a first year transfer student who had been in her class for less than a month to completely overturn the school, and if this wasn't the greatest power play she had ever seen, she doesn't even know what.


However, the audience who had been intrigued and excited to know who was the transfer student (who's practically legend status now), was disappointed when the person who went up the stage to represent the team apologized that Z couldn't come up and talk as they and two of their teammates were currently recuperating for quirk backlash. She added that they want to send their regards to all their fellow students who played and supported their friends and the event itself, and that they were looking forward to the next time. Z was crowned the MVP and that year’s Shiketsu Battle Festa closed.


However, the Shiketsu Neo General tag seemed to disappear the same time as the event finished. Our team kept tabs on the tag the whole month before the creation of this video but it had never resurfaced again the week after the event. Maybe it was the exam season after? Maybe the hype just died that easily? Maybe the school decided to protect Z’s identity to avoid the kidnapping incident that happened to UA earlier? Maybe it was Z their self who asked to keep it (the story of the quirk backlash as cover)? Maybe one day we’ll know who they are, or maybe not, we'll reserve the judgment for their awesomeness for now, but if this kid keeps being impressive, it won’t matter anymore. As long as one day, they would be the amazing hero that they showed they could be. It certainly is reassuring that people like Z would be the future. That and thankfully they chose to be heroes instead.”


Kaminari was amazed. He’s actually a bit thankful that the guy wasn’t there when they had the provisional exam. He would feel bad for the people who wouldn’t have their license if the guy was there. He probably could change the outcome of the exams (they would thrash people easily, and if their description was anything to go by, without even being aware that they do). He immediately sent it to the ‘squad’ then went to trace the tag. He can't help but kinda agree when he saw the tagged posts. The video went on with the supposedly haunted forest where the battle tag was held but he got distracted as few minutes later, his friends have started responding. Kirishima commented that those student who dared to do a test of courage and that the General are so manly, but a bit creepy. Ashido said that they should tell the whole class and organize their own test of courage around the school and that she wants to find who is the General as well. Sero agreed, but as the group’s usual voice of reason, he just had to shatter their fun by complaining that Kaminari distracted him in the middle of doing his essay and now he can't stop thinking about it. That prompted the others to whine about their incomplete essays and reminded Kaminari that all he had written for his was just his name. In his panic, he accidentally whipped his eyes towards the clock on his desk, and yes, it is indeed 1:15 in the morning, yes, he has less than four hours to sleep before the scheduled run with oh god, Bakugou who would not hesitate to drag them down the track screaming, and yes, with his average of doing his essays for three hours, he can kiss dreamland goodbye.


Curiosity sucks.

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How many hours there is in a day again?


“24 hours dumb-dumb.” A voice that suspiciously sounds like Jirou unhelpfully supplied.


“48 hours stupid.” Kaminari was sure that he’s talking to his dying brain that he pointedly ignored the “what are you talking about, you stupid” comeback that his inner voice that, what the heck, why do sound like Jirou , and continued contemplating how many hours a day there is, because seriously, when he’s in a state like this, facts doesn’t matter anymore. He was already awake 5am yesterday, nope, a while ago (thanks Bakugou. “ What the f* dunceface?!” God, now his brain sounds like him), now it is about 9am the next day, ugh, today, and he hadn’t slept since then, not even a wink. So for him, sleep is now the distinction between days, and by this, if one haven’t slept between two days, it is technically still one day for that person, therefore, the conclusion is that a day has 48 hours. Oh, did somebody recorded Iida and uploaded it on Ytube? But why play it? Why would you even-?!


“Kaminari-kun, that remark was a bit-”


“But that doesn’t make sense?”


“Eh, 5 am from yesterday to almost 9 today? Isn’t that just 28 hours?”


“What are you talking about? He’s right. But he’s wrong as well. I have 72 hours in a day.”


“Shinsou, not you too! You’re even worse!”


“Thanks. I try.  I tried 120 hours a day before, but my memory got foggy after.”


“Is that why you slept for 5 days straight?!”


“Oh. Is that what happened? I remember now, thanks.”


“How the heck can you still function well? I’ve been seeing a mini Crimson Riot jump over the fence for a while now. He’s at 5205 now. He’s so manly.”


“Gosh, Kiri, at least that’s cute. I feel like I have acid on my stomach now. Wait, I actually do.”


“Guys, have you at least finished your essays? That’s the sole reason why we’re even alive today. Except Bakugou. He probably had finished 10 months worth of homework. So, did you?”


“Sero, you jerk! Why do you do this? Aren’t we friends?”


“Why would you make her cry? Why would you make me cry? So not manly bro.”


“We’ll talk after 48 hours. Not cool, dude.”




“ENOUGH! One day runs 144 hours for me and God, help me, it’s never enough. So, if you can help and make every minute of my time very productive, it will be much appreciated. THANK YOU.”


That instantly shut the whole class. Until a yellow lump emerged from under the desk that is. The poor, sleep-deprived souls who had read through the horrors induced by that very lump started screaming their lungs out in the broad daylight at exactly 9:06 in the morning. Great.


Perhaps to an outsider, this might very well be a scene of carnage and dubious morality, but for UA High School Batch 20xx Class 1-a, this is an everyday scene. Thanks to a screaming blonde, no, not that blonde , who’s laughing his face off throughout the scream fest, to that other blonde, yes, that blonde , who’s currently screeching, to that purple blob who got so shell-shocked that he got himself stuck under his desk and currently whining, to that other purple head who enjoys watching the Earth burn, like, literally because of the blonde, both options apply, depending on the day, or hour, and to that certain class representative, sorry Iida, but yes, you too, this is domesticity at its finest. One, a sleep-deprived teacher doesn’t appreciate , mostly. He whipped out his capture weapon and shut up the screaming brats. Somebody wolf-whistled from the back. No need to guess who.


“Iida, go fetch Recovery Girl. As much as I wanted to send her these brats to rest, I needed to make an important announcement first. It’s vital that all of you are aware. Go.”


And in ten minutes or so, the shining beacon on this madness, Recovery Girl, bless her soul, immediately went to work and instantly silenced this demon, lethargy, and sadistic amusement , that was plaguing the above mentioned problem children, except you Iida. One was unfortunately, praise the Lord, or Kami, not that Kami, unsalvageable because it was due to his quirk that only he can control, but other than that, and the stink eye the savior gave to the teacher, yes, you too, Aizawa, before giving him the kiss and a gummy bear, oh, what power, peace and quiet was restored at UA once again.


“Don’t cause trouble now, won’t you?” and with her trademark smile that reveals her underlying actual words don’t cause trouble FOR ME now, won’t you?, she bid goodbye to the class. Seriously though, Kaminari thought, as he watched her trudge the hallway, he would really work hard on not injuring himself as much as possible, because sometimes looks can be deceiving, and if what he read few hours ago was anything to go by, she is definitely terrifying. But thanks to her, the world is back to its axis, and there are 24 hours in a day. Life is good.


“Alright. Here is the reason why I made you stay. Due to the busier than usual schedule I had last week, I unfortunately neglected to tell you that we're having guests from another school again. But unlike last time, they would be staying for a week to observe and learn from us, and though they would stay on a different dorm, our class would be hosting them. Come in now.”


With that cue, the door immediately slammed open, and the tall, broad figure blocking the door immediately bowed so low, that it was easier to say that he just slammed his head on the floor and yelled ‘Plus Ultra’. Everyone definitely recognized UA's prodigal son if you can call him that, Yoarashi Inasa. With a very wide smile that would probably be painful for the sleep-addled brains a while ago, he marched to the center and faced them. He may or may have not heard the “tch. Shiketsu bastard” no one will know. He did, but he's a wise man.


“Hello again, UA people! It's definitely a dream come true for me to actually set my foot here in this school. I'm very excited to be here. I hope you all are well! Please take care of of us!”


He then roamed his eyes towards the sea of familiar face. He noticed four of them looking a bit pale, and were they shaking? He really can't tell. As he continued cataloguing the class, some saw that when he reached a certain point at the back, just for a split second, his smile dimmed for a bit and his eyes narrowed just a teeny tiny fraction that most would have probably missed it if they were not looking very hard. Those who did see kept that to themselves.


Then two girls who looked like shoujo manga protagonists and a boy who was weirdly enough, carrying a rabbit stuffed toy on his front and two oxygen tanks, freaking oxygen tanks, on his back entered the room.  


Yoarashi and the girl standing beside him look quite hilarious. He was already towering over most people, but with her who doesn't even reach his chest, even more so. It doesn't help that she was so petite as well. The girl literally looked like a doll. With her golden, curly hair that reaches her lower back, a heart shaped face framed by tiny, fairy bangs that accentuates her large, hazel eyes, long, darker lashes that make it more dramatic, naturally tinted cheeks, and baby pink lips, then top that off with her Shiketsu cape filled with cute, colorful badges and star stickers, she really looked stunning. Shinsou thought, he probably can command her to pose in a doll-like manner, leave her for hours, and she'll probably stay like that the whole time, convincing people she's actually a doll. He'll never do it though. He's not a villain. But if she wants to though? Oops, sadistic amusement begone. Later.


And of course, Kaminari who momentarily forgot his shaking, and that purple blob, were already starstrucked. The girls thought, she really was soothing, and they may or may have not planned 10 slumber parties already in their heads , but really, she is a doll, you know, endearment wise?


Everybody was waiting for her to speak, already anticipating how cute she would sound like, and yes, give them the name, NOW. She started speaking. And yes, Class 1-a was definitely stunned, but not in the way one would think. No, she doesn't have a deep voice that contrasts against her fair looks, nor does she have the cutesy male voice that a male in disguise, you mean a trap, a cross dresser has. In fact, it really was so cute, her eyes were twinkling, those little crinkles at the corner of them, those adorable hand gestures, those little jumps as if she can't stay still, her hair swishing to whatever direction as she moved, really was so cute. Her mouth was moving, yes, and a bit fast it seems, but they can't understand what she was saying, not because she speaks too fast, but because there was no sound at all. Yoarashi and the other girl were still smiling, were they hearing her at all? The other guy, was, well, breathing.


“Did you guys forget to change her batteries or something?”


Everybody glared except Bakugou who was already glaring and Todoroki, because you know, he doesn't do emotions, at that insolent fool who dared voice the question on their minds. For God's sake, tact Shinsou, tact. Don't state the obvious. The smug bastard just shrugged his shoulders.


That seemed to snap the other girl who was starting to get confused at their confusion. She stopped the doll yep, she's definitely a doll at this point, who was still going on her tirade (?) and tapped her temple. She went wide-eyed and quickly fumbled on her badges.


“Sorry guys! How silly of me! I was so nervous and excited to get here that I just started rambling and rambling. I turned on my quirk on the way here and started ranting to these guys. I guess I forgot to turn it off? Oops. Anyway, I'm Ishindenshin Airi, that's a mouthful, I know, so call me Airi or Ishin, or Denshin, or whatever you like, I wouldn't mind, but I definitely would like to be your friends, because that would be so totally cool, and wouldn't it be awesome that we already know each other when we meet as pros in the future, like really, that would totally make the work easier and more fun, then we can have play dates for our children and we can train them and-”


“Sorry, she just gets going doesn't she? The first time we met, she had already planned our funerals.” The other girl stated while Ishin, Denshin, or Airi was still talking behind. This girl, in contrast was a lot taller, even taller than the other boy, but that was because he was currently hunching, they probably have the same height that reaches Yoarashi's chin. She has shoulder length, classic Japanese straight black hair that is parted perfectly on ¾’s. She has dark eyes, almost black and was wearing glasses. She really is pretty too. And yes, a classic class representative shoujo manga character. They won't be surprised if she really was one though.


“I'm Kamikami Kana, the class representative (they called it!) of Shiketsu High Class 1-a. I’m classmates with Yoarashi-kun and Airi-chan over here.” UA High Class 1-a now knows what to call the girl who was now planning her dream house.


“We would likely cause you trouble like right now , but we are all looking forward to learning and experiencing what UA has to offer. I hope we get along.” She then looked and gestured the last person who hadn't introduced himself yet. He has white fluffy hair that one wouldn't even dare comb, bloodshot irises on bloodshot eyes, pale complexion, like literally, would he be anything else?, they can't judge his overall stature with his hunched form and baggy clothes, but if this guy who looks like he would keel over any time now was still standing steadily with a big oxygen tanks on his back, he must be reasonably fit, and come on, he's on hero course. That says something, right?


He only inhaled loudly through his oxygen mask.


“Err, guess not. This is Kigurumi Jun. He's from class 1-b. He has, err, breathing problems, I guess.”


“Ding ding. You guessed right.” ever the eloquent, Shinsou.


“And lastly, eh-?”


“What's wrong Kami-san?” Yoarashi looked at the distressed girl.


“Not you KAMInari.”


Kigurumi took another mouthful and that seemed to finally pop Airi's personal bubble or babble, of currently planning her 3rd daughter's wedding.


“Where's Ii-chan?”


“I know. He's practically shaking with excitement since the announcement two weeks ago (Aizawa-sensei!). He promised to keep still, but we underestimated the power of UA. All Might is here after all. We should have brought a leash or something.”

“Ah. Are you related to Tokyo Shinsou's or to Kyoto's Rokujinzuu’s? I swear we are related.”


Kamikami was about retort, because, nope, she’s not a shoujo manga class representative, though, a class representative nonetheless, just on another genre, and if it’s not obvious what her real personality is, kudos to you, when she was stopped by the sound of muffled squeals, fast mumbling, and echoing footsteps going around and around through the door.


“Oh, there he is. He was like that when he came to Shiketsu the first time. Even more so at the Battle Festa.”


There it was. A bomb was dropped ( thanks again, Bakugou. “Oi, bastard! Wanna go?!”) . Shiketsu was already a trigger word, Battle Festa, even worse. The anxiety of the four stooges that considerably calmed throughout the shenanigans had come back on full force. These guys, were they?


However, due to the distraction from the outside and the inside panic that was happening, everyone had missed that glint on some glasses. That said glasses turned to the girl beside her, and innocently touched the girl’s cape, brushing hair away, and stuff, you know, for a few moments, then turned back to the nearing sound outside the door.


The mumbling was still mostly incomprehensible, but they can catch All Might, Best Jeanist, Endeavor, Eraserhead, Present Mic, and All Might along the buzzing. But for some reason, that made Bakugou suddenly stand up. He remained in his position but looked down and clenched his fist, as if waiting for the right time to attack, and knowing Bakugou, he probably would, and soon. At that then, a figure appeared near the door. It was a boy who could only be Ii-chan, was shorter than Kigurumi, but taller than Airi. He had unruly dark, green-tinged hair, a distractingly yellow backpack, and and equally distracting red high top sneakers. From inside, they could only see his side profile, his face obscured by his hand, his eyes wrinkled from unshed tears, and from the bits and pieces that the other Shiketsu students had, they were tears of joy. They caught “what a good time to be alive” followed by the mention of different gods and deities all over the world throughout his continued mumbling. But the moment he stepped through the door, Bakugou opened his hands,and blasted his way to his next meal. Shinsou started praying loudly for the poor soul about to be murdered in a few seconds.




The boy’s eyes widen, and the sitting Class 1-a who were now practically immune to any massacre committed by the explosive blond, opted to instead focus on the said eyes that may very well be the last time they would ever see it. It was such a waste really, they were very clear, vibrant green eyes that seem to twinkle in gold or a lighter green depending on where the light hits, and the parts of his face left uncovered by his hand were slightly covered by varying shades of glittering, golden freckles. Shinsou started chanting Buddhist words at the background.


Now, everyone expected the boy, Deku, to cry like waterfalls. Recognition appeared on his eyes upon the blonde. The picture they paint right now seemed to be tinged with familiarity, as if this happened many times before. Aizawa, most of the time try to block out other people’s emotion, because as much as he pretends to be a cold, heartless jerk, he couldn’t even be more further than the truth, he actually cares too much. He had seen countless scenes like this, the trembles, the tears, the seemingly defensive position, both hands in front of the body, and Bakugou had always been like this with everyone, and he does believe he won’t stoop so low,  however, if it is really what it implies, God really help him. He started to ready his capture weapon when the unexpected happened. The boy’s defensive position was actually that type of defensive position , the type where he crouched even lower, and punched his attacker in the gut. HARD. He then straightened up, pushed down Bakugou then kneed him on the same spot HARDER. He’s not sure if anyone else saw how those teary, doe eyes turned so sharp in an instant then turned back after his counterattack. This kid was something else that he felt the urge to wolf whistle, so he did. It’s not his fault if he smiled that smile of his. Not at all.




Someone snorted at that. Gaping mouths gaped even more.


Aizawa sympathized with that. Really, not only did a kid smaller than you sucker punched you so hard that he left you spluttering, oh, was that blood?, on the floor, not only he was looking down on you while you do, technically he does, he even had to completely rob you of any remaining dignity that you had left by calling you a cutesy name such as “Kacchan”. What a kid. Too bad he’s in Shiketsu. However, he quickly went on alert when Ka- Bakugou stood up, still clutching his stomach and approached the kid who lost all the fight when he realized what he had unintentionally done. He had already imagined a hundred simulations in his head, where he secretly replaced the “Bakugou” with “Kacchan”on his scenes , and while those terrifying scenes couldn’t be more accurate, that was in another life, the canon one . In this world, the teary, squeaked “Ka-kacchan” was followed by a happy, loud “Kacchan!” when the blonde grabbed the other by the neck in a death grip, understandable, and held out his fist which the kid immediately reciprocated.


This definitely broke the peace and quiet Recovery Girl casted a while ago. Never in their wildest dreams they would see the explosive boy whose default mode was varying degrees of anger and irritation turn into, ugh, would they daresay, soft? He’s not even wearing his murder smile and was actually smiling, as in wide, reaches the eyes, crinkles in the right parts of the face, and peaceful, happy, not snide happy, face. Oh God, no, that kid was now officially their God. This was history! Shinsou who was about to start a prayer for their souls this time, because seriously, if this is not the end of the world, he doesn’t know what is, instead chose to take a picture. That would reverse the apocalypse back to the harbinger, he believes. He saw Uraraka and the so-called Bakusquad do the same. Thank you, Green God for that very, very delicious meal.


However, Kaminari who was in the middle of joining the fun suddenly realized something. Shiketsu. Battle Festa. Five people. Lady Luck, you love me right? He didn’t realize that he muttered the sacred word aloud when Kamikami answered him.


“Oh! You knew about the Neo General Z? I didn’t expect that. So you probably knew about their team right? Yes, we were fortunate to be that team.”

Dun dun. Yes, she loves you very much, Kaminari.

Chapter Text

UA Class 1-a was in mayhem once again, and for once he wasn’t in the middle of it. He distantly heard Eyebags spouting nonsense about whatever Gods and the end of the world, and for once, he agrees. It really must be the end of the world, because for once, he doesn't mind it. He didn’t even mind that the jerk and those extras bravely took his pictures, he can and he will break them later anyway, the phones, the laptops, and the owners. He didn't even mind dunceface muttering something about those Shiketsu bastards, except this one of course, he's not one…most of the time, something battle, something general. Whatever. In another time? He would probably lead the trashing in any kind or form, but not today. Today, the world was right. Today, there is peace and quiet, so as tomorrow, the next day, everyday that this stupid nerd would be here, that's for sure, except when he's not looking. He can't make promises on that.

If there's anything that can make him feel like this, make him forget his anger for a bit, make him ecstatic, aside from being the best, beating the hell out of everyone, and spicy curry and ramen, that is, it would be this nerd. If there is one person he would choose to put up with the rest of his life, it would be him, if push comes to shove. If there is one person he would make a hero duo with, it would be him, he'll still be the number one though. If there is one person he would willingly call his best friend and his brother from another mother, it would be this person, hands down. His mom doesn't even need to tell him. You wouldn't even need to ask him, he knows the nerd would always have his back every single time, and would die for him, knock on the wood, as he likewise for him, knock on the wood twice.


So, no. No matter how much Eyebags was taunting him, the exploding hero, Kacchan, the tsundere hero, Kacchan, or Lord Murder Kacchan, he's not and will not be raging. Don't let that angry tick nerve fool you. Nothing can ruin his calm today-- oh, that’s right.


“Oi, Nerd! Why the heck-


“God- Deku-kun! That was so cool!”


“Don’t call him that! Only I-


“You look like you can't physically hurt anyone, but you just did, and it was Bakugou no less! He didn’t got angry and even smiled!”


“It's a struggle to even greet him without risking an explosion on your face.”


“You even call him that nickname. If I even as much as accidentally breathe on his face, I’ll be blasted right away.”


“That’s what he does when I don’t get our homework and I ask for his help.”


“That’s a bit understandable sometimes. Even I would.”




“What did you do to tame the beast?”


These f- fudging extras ! He let them an inch then they tear him fully open. He knows himself that he was that bad, but after all what happened and what they have done for him, he’s actually making an effort to, tch, you know, argh, don’t make him say it! It’s this nerd’s fault that he was being like this. He’s sure of it.


“Eh? But Kacchan likes you all very much?”


See? The traitor even had the gall to tilt his head to make him look innocent. He definitely knows, he definitely knows me that well. But it’s because of him that these extras were so brave now. It’s very much his fault.


“SHUT UP STUPID NERD! I definitely don’t! Stop saying nonsense! Who would like these extras?!”


“I know you’re our God now, but are you sure we’re talking about the same Bakugou? Probably not. I don’t know any Kacchan, at least not your Kacchan, isn’t it Kacchan?”


“Oh for the love of- Shut up eyebags!”


“Have you heard that? Must be the wind.”


“Ah. Is that why I’m getting goosebumps now?”


“Oh, look! Pigs can fly after all.”


“Really?! Where!?”


“I don’t even want to retort to that.”


“Deku-kun, are you sure you didn’t get hit at all?”


“It must be the air here. Sorry, it’s a bit dirty.”


“It’s the same, that I can assure you.”


“Darn. The water then.”




“Shut the f-”


“Should I start another prayer?”


“Classmates, we are still in the middle of an important announcement, and as such, we should be giving our utmost attention to our guests. But, yes, please.”




Throughout the creative comments, insults , and chatters, more insults, a clear laughter suddenly broke through and got all their attention. Everyone suddenly stopped and looked at the nerd that was still very much in Bakugou’s hold, chokehold. He was laughing so hard, his eyes teared up again and he was clutching his stomach. At that moment, they all thought it was just a natural reaction of a friend to the ruthless teasing, trashing, of his close friend, just something really, really ordinary, but somehow, the way the light filtered through the window illuminated his face in an angle just right that made him look so...ethereal. Even the floating dust bits that were made visible by the same light just added to the effect. Then he stopped and smiled...smiled through his mouth so wide, through his twinkling eyes so fond, through his cheeks so flushed. His golden freckles even seem to glitter. And, oh, was that a halo? Shinsou started praying again.




Yes, nerd. See? It’s your fault. Bakugou mused.


“Kacchan really likes you guys! He only let the people he likes insult him.”


If you can only shut your mouth.


“I’m adopting you.”


“You didn’t even ask if you’re related this time?”


“So it’s sure.”


“Really, he just doesn’t show it, no, he actually does, but you don’t know, so maybe he doesn’t? But yeah, this is the class he enjoyed the most so far. I’m glad.”


“Sh- stupid nerd! Stop-”


Truth to be told, the class was feeling quite good about this...statement. They noticed the recent tiny changes from the blonde, so they must be doing well, but to be right out told that they were actually liked? It was really touching. It came from Bakugou’s very close and very much still choking friend, so it must be true, but like the said explosive blonde, they have appearances to keep.


“Deku-kun, I think we really should get you check by Recovery Girl. Are you really okay?”


“It was quite the distance, so we understand you’re tired.”


“It must be the air here. Sorry, it’s a bit dirty.”


“You just said that a while ago.”


“Oh. Did I? It must be the water then.”


“You just said that as well.”




“Oh my gosh! Recovery Girl! I want to see her! Whaa, icanfinallyaskmyquestionsaboutherquirkand getanautographishouldgograbmynotesandiwonderificanaskkaccahntobrigmetoheratlunch……”


The boy placed his hand on his chin and went to assume the ‘ thinking position’ but instead of thinking silently, he was mumbling so fast. He was clearly on his own world now.




“Ah, sorry! I was just really excited! I’m really okay! Thank you very much for the concern. You’re very kind Round cheeks-san.” and he smiled that stupid angelic smile again, enough to distract everyone from what he just said. But when realization dawned-


“R-round cheeks-san?!”


This is why I kept up with this nerd this whole time. No one should get fooled by his stupid smile and his stupid face. Good job. Bakugou ruffled his hair a bit.


“Un! That’s why I knew he liked this class the best. He remembered everyone!”


This is why I haven’t kept up with him the whole time. He raises you up so high only to kick you down so hard. He pulled a curly hair this time. Then he pulled again and tightened his hold after this.


“He told me a lot of stories about you guys! That’s why I remember everyone!” Then he started naming everyone starting from seat no.1.


“Let me see if I got everything right. You’re glitter bastard or bonjour bastard depending on the day.” Aoyama seemed to bit his tongue hard that he suddenly spluttered blood.


“You’re Raccoon eyes, you, frog face, recently promoted to frog girl, glasses-”


“Bakugou-kun! As much as it is flattering to know you’ve been mentioning us to your friend, but just what did you-”


“Iinchou in good days. Round cheeks, or squirrel face sometimes. Ugh, Tails, karate kid,-”




This is why they are still friends. Bakugou started snickering.


“Pikachu, and charger on good days, dunceface everyday, sh-” Bakugou suddenly covered his mouth.


“Don’t swear!”


“Pot, you’re blacker than the kettle.”


“Really, Bakugou? That, coming from you?”


“Shut it! If you’ve met his mom, you’ll know!” Bakugou involuntarily shivered. He can’t help but remember the first time he met the woman. The blonde took after his mother for a lot of things, including her colorful vocabulary. She was even proud when he said his first f-bomb. They had the same taste with friends as well. She was friends with Deku’s mom. So, he was confused when she told him not to swear or try not to when they visited the Midoriya’s home the first time . And he, the ever brilliant, obedient son that he is, of course tried to comply at first, until he started playing with Deku, that is. It’s always his fault. He was so immersed in playing hero with the nerd that he forgot his mom’s warning, and he, so spectacularly dropped a s- word so crisp, his mom would would start crying in fear. Of course, that was the time his mom, and Deku’s mom whom he fondly calls Mama Inko, chose to check up on them and bring them snacks. They definitely heard him and when he looked at his old hag, she wasn’t crying like he imagined, but she was sweating profusely and shivering in fear. That was when he remembered her warning. He then looked at Mama , ugh, he definitely don’t have the right to call her mama at that time, so Miss, Miss Inko, and saw she was smiling. She looks exactly like her son, they smile so big, eyes almost closed filled with affection. She then turned to Mitsuki.


“He really takes after you Mitsuki-san.”


She smiled even wider. And he, the most prodigious, most talented, best kid in the world finally realized why. She smiles so sincerely, so purely that she can make you think that everything is good in this world, that she, unknowingly, can make you think that even saying toilet can accidentally taint her, and that you absolutely have to protect her from everything that is bad. She can make you feel so guilty without even trying to. He can hear ‘Hi, I’m conscience’ from somewhere in his brain, and ‘ I’m gonna hit you so hard, you won’t even remember your name’ . Indeed. And for the first time in his life, he, with teary eyes, head lowered, hands clenched on his shorts, said sorry so sincerely, it made his mother cry in the same position with a sorry of her own. Two peas in the pod, indeed.


The saint in question uttered a confused ‘eh’ and as expected from crybaby Deku’s mom, she started crying when she saw them tear up. She then gathered both of them in her arms, started patting them, asking them what’s wrong, and when she told them everything is alright, only a fool would not believe her, and they were not fools, so of course, they believed her. And of course, the nerd who was conveniently in the toi- oops, in that place during the slaughter started crying as soon as he saw the group. He doesn’t even know why. That was the day that Bakugou Katsuki pledged that he won’t ever curse again, strictly in front of them, that is.


“Eh? But Kacchan, I don’t mind?” then he smiled and Bakugou saw the immaculate mother once again.




“Okay then. Ugh, where was I? Ah! Crappy hair! Or hair for brains”


“Better.” the said crappy hair just cried.


“Then, you must be Rabbit dude or Disney because he said you had an unusual head. Diabetes or extra no.10, because he said he really can’t say anything else about you. Face mask or tentacles. Earphones or dunceface’s twin! (NO I’M NOT! Jirou yelled at the background) Tape arms or soy sauce face. Shadow dude or bird dude. Icyhot, half-half, halfie, candycane, air pump. Invincible girl or no face. Eyebags, mindfreak, insomnia, Aizawa-sensei’s son-”




“I said no, Todoroki.”


“Zombie, caffeine-”


“Gee, I didn’t know you think of me a lot. Sorry, I don’t like you that way.”


“Don’t flatter yourself Eyebags.”


“Grape dude, perv. And lastly, ponytail-san! Did I get them all correct, Kacchan? That was so accurate I kinda feel bad for them. Mean Kacchan.”


Bakugou laughed maniacally. He really thinks this Midoriya abuses his family’s well-known honesty trait to appear innocent when he goes savage on people. Mama Inko probably doesn’t know her only child is a little devil. But darn, he’s proud.


“You don’t get to judge me. You called people Bat boy, crooked fingers, natto kozo, yoyo eyes and pothead before.”




“Because he had literal plants on his head. You probably got the guy in trouble before.”


“Eh? I didn’t.”


“You try naming these guys and see which one of us is worst. Go name Disney.”


“Pride Rock.”


“What do you-” then it dawned on the blonde. That was the first time the class saw him give someone a deadpan, so done expression. Other people who realized what he meant were half amused and half horrified. Because they get it. Sorry Koda, you’re the purest guy in this class. You don’t deserve this.




“Takeo Gouda? Gori-san?” those who have read that particular shoujo manga just can’t.


“Round cheeks?”


“Peko-chan.” Uraraka’s eyes were dead.




“Tengu? Badzmaru.”


“I could not accept the slanderous second statement.”




“Slime, in all connotations of the word.” the said slime was still stuck and could only whine.




“Aizawa-sensei’s son?”


“Dad! I told you they can tell!”




“I said no Todoroki.”


“But you just said-”




“Ne, Kacchan, you sure do have lots of hot people here.”


Bakugou just spluttered. That sure got the whole class heated up once again. Flustered faces and stammering can be observed all over the room. However, they got confused when the person who caused this got confused.


“Eh? Did I say something wrong?” and did his darn head tilt again.


“Dang it, Deku! I’ve told you to stop saying misleading words! They’d think that they are hot even if they are not!” He started letting out explosions once again.


“Gosh Kacchan, let him say we are hot. Stop being jealous.”


“Fudging Eyebags. He meant hot as in hot, temperature wise. Not hot hot.”  He made an ever bigger boom.


That made the nerd realize the implication of what he just said. He immediately went so red he looked like a ripe strawberry. Then he bowed, many times.


“I’m really, really sorry! I didn’t mean it that way! Though I’m sure you guys are that way too, but, really, it’s not like that! Sorry again! It was just my quirk. It practically makes me a human heat detector, and I’m sensitive to anything hot, hot that way, not hot that way , so sorry again! Oh my gosh, I’m so awkward.” and started tearing up again. Midoriya’s.


Bakugou snickered at his stupid childhood friend. He’s actually betting that the nerd intended to say it that way, but he forgot that he was as socially awkward as Bakugou, so he got flustered at his own attempt. Stupid. He let out a final blast then started for the nerd when suddenly, Oxygen Tank clutched Deku's sleeve. Oh. Everyone had forgotten the rest of the visitors who were still standing and watching all the happenings. Bakugou snorted again and thought, blame stupid Deku. It's always his fault.


“Huh. So we went past the time, huh?” he mumbled but several people have heard him and wondered what he meant.


“I hope you forgive me for being so awkward”, the boy continued while wiping his tears with his hands. Oxygen Tank rustled something out of his pocket and handed it to the crying boy. “-and for crying too much. It just gets into my eyes. Kacchan didn’t help.” He then damped a handkerchief which they assumed came from the literally breathless boy who in turn, pulled something out of his pocket and gave it to the green head again. It was a black-rimmed, slightly bluish-tinted sports glasses that occupied his whole eye area.


“Such a nerd.” Bakugou had his usual smirk, but tinged with a bit of...fondness, as he looked at his friend and ruffled his hair a bit before he started a staring contest with the fluffy white haired boy beside Deku. The nerd in question however, didn’t noticed as he then went to his ‘thinking pose’ and mumbled a bit. “And those guys are quite…” He trailed off into silence for a bit. He was just pulled out of his stupor when Oxygen Tank nudged him and clutched his arm again. He smiled at him and patted the white head’s hair several times. The latter closed his eyes, and they thought that if he was a cat, he would definitely be purring right now.


“Thank you Jun.” then he faced the class once again with a wide smile on his face. “Sorry for forgetting one more thing. My name is Midoriya Izuku, or Deku, as Kacchan calls me, and you can call me whichever, I won’t mind. I’m from Shiketsu High Class 1-b with Jun over here-” and patted the guy once more, then he faced the teacher who amidst the chaos, had pulled his infamous yellow sleeping bag of horror and was currently leaning by the wall on the floor, watching with half-lidded, tired , as usual , eyes.


“-and so, Aizawa-sensei and Kacchan’s classmates, I really feel bad for taking 20 minutes of your time. Should we proceed?” while still smiling, as if he didn’t say something quite...unusual. Maybe?


Chapter Text

The thing was, despite dropping retorts left and right, he just couldn't resist, of course , Kaminari was still feeling a bit anxious. He didn't know what happened, but the Shiketsu Class rep confirmed his suspicions, his nightmare, sort of, yet, nobody but him seemed to have noticed. Well, it certainly was more interesting to see Bakugou unusual like that, certainly even better to poke fun at him, mercilessly , without needing to worry for your safety, at least not yet, and of course, a good bro like him wouldn't pass the opportunity, dang the repercussions, and given that there were just four of them who knew, five if Todoroki actually watched the video, nobody was feeling a bit cautious except him, since the other three, or maybe four, were utterly distracted.


The night he found out about the Shiketsu General, he spent another good hour looking through the twits that were tagged with them. It was mostly praises, which he would agree with. They were certainly very talented in almost every area, and has boundless potential to be a very successful hero even more than him, yes, he admits to that. However, the questions left unanswered led to theories and conspiracies that can be downright chilling, and destructive for the otherwise stellar reputation Z had unexpectedly built, and that unfortunately affected Shiketsu itself as well. One of the most persuasive articles that he found read as:


“Many questioned their win. Some believed that Z’s stated duration of stay (less than a month in the time of the tag’s popularity, and more or less two months in the present) was just made up to exaggerate his win because really, that amount of time they had at the school shouldn’t be enough for them to learn and counter the quirks of the students that they have defeated in the Battle Tag for no longer than 15 minutes (plus the students they have defeated for the rankings). This could be easily assumed as they handed a very comprehensive and ‘creepily exact to their every word’ plan to the leader of the other first year group who gave the latter description, for their win. It was understandable that the student precisely came few weeks before the event (which was quite suspicious as well) and therefore had opportunities to observe and engage with their classmates for training. The fact that Shiketsu had on-site student dormitories can further give chances to this. This, along with the first years’ competition on the event could help explain as to why the student knew the quirks of their fellow freshmen. This certainly can be used to explain why they knew about their senpais’ quirks as well, but wouldn't that be a too obsessive behavior? Heroics is definitely a very competitive field in a lot of different ways, but surely, as much as it's commendable for the effort (real life situations should be this probably this detailed), but some believed it was too excessive, especially, according to some posts, Z was like that even in everyday school situations? Some have stated their bafflement of how they seem to notice and know anything about anyone.


The second reason they suspected was the school. Although the school had history of accepting full time or permanent students almost halfway through the school year, it was still very rare, with Z as their 10th case. Only very special students can count on this, especially with schools as prestigious as Shiketsu, so Z must be one. However, one couldn't deny the possibility of nepotism, since no one had dared state Z's real name. Not even pictures were shown. One couldn't help but think that maybe they were protected by the school, and if you go by this, wouldn't it make sense that they could have provided them the information for the event? Perhaps Z was just a publicity stunt by the school to get noticed since UA had been recently hogging all the attention in the wrong ways? Perhaps by saying they have this amazing student was an attempt to paint them in a better light, then by extension, the heroics world that was recently tainted by All Might’s current incapacitation and the kidnapping of that UA student. Wouldn't a story like that, a story of a new hope for the near future be a good way to gain back the trust of the people? But news flash, we need them now. Unless they were already secretly licensed, even at least provisionally, they are useless. Crime wouldn't wait for that student's graduation at all.


If those reasons were invalid, then another possible answer was that student had a very amazing quirk that can somehow see the quirks of other people. Wouldn't that be a big shift in the power dynamics? Combine that with the said legendary analytical and planning skills of Z, wouldn't they be the next most powerful hero next to All Might? Just imagine how easily they can capture the villains. But then, why hide their identity? If their time of arrival is indeed a truth, they really would have missed the provisional hero license exam, and the theory that the school was protecting them wouldn't sound too unbelievable, after all, it was certainly logical given the chances of the abductions. They were certainly be a good target to acquire given the power of their quirk.


The last viable reason would be that they cheated. If they were as intelligent and as persuasive as the others implied, then it wouldn’t be quite far-fetched to say that they went as far as manipulate other people. A mind manipulation quirk would be possible as well. Wouldn’t that make it easier to explain why they were able to gain knowledge of their senpais’ quirks? Hacking wouldn’t be too far off as well. If the school caught them, then that would certainly explain the sudden death of their schoolmates’ interest towards them. Worst case scenario, they were actually a villain in disguise, and all the information they may have acquired could be possibly be in the hands of someone sinister by now. There were rumours that one had actually infiltrated the previous provisional hero license exams as one of the Shiketsu students, so it wouldn’t be too improbable that the same one or another one were still inside the reputable school’s walls. That would be an even bigger power move, one that could finally fully crumble the heroics world. The two biggest heroics schools in Japan can’t protect their future heroes? That would dissuade people to even try the course because really, would one even manage to stay alive and graduate? Some have expressed their concerns to the school to which they replied that it was just a way to celebrate their school mate’s excellence that served as inspiration for them to do even better. They said that gradual death of the famed tag was just a matter of refocusing their attention from a past event into a more pressing concern in the present such as their upcoming exams, and that one shouldn’t read too much on it. It wasn’t a ploy or anything, just students being teenagers that they were. They said that they have decided to keep Z’s real identity on wraps to protect them from negative backlashes of any form that can destroy their motivation or drive to become a good hero in the future just because of an unintentional omission of their real name. The student in question themself chose to opt out of the spotlight to focus on their studies and establish their name on their own once they have finished. The school had adhered to their wishes and give back to the trust that the said student had given them. The school had ended their statement by thanking their supporters and had asked them to continue to do so.


Like the school, many people chalked it up to youth just being youth. The teenagers set and follow trends as fast as they change clothes, and the rise and fall of Shiketsu Neo General Z was just an example of what the future of our generation can do. Did people really just made a big deal out of this? But then, UA didn’t expect the attacks the villains did to them twice. If there were any villains that were as intelligent as Z, then it shouldn’t be too surprising if they chose to ruin the system from the inside, after all, this would certainly be a prime time to do so. Then, wouldn’t it be better to remove the rot before it even starts? No one can blame the anxiety, the concern, and the cautiousness some people felt from this. This is everyone’s future, and if they can’t trust the heroes to keep it safe, then, it is only rational for them to do it themselves. Shiketsu better make sure that these people wouldn’t have to tell them “we told you so”.

Really, if you read something as creepy as that, wouldn’t you be wary as well? So, no, you can’t blame Kaminari for this. If Z wasn’t secretly a villain, please Lady Luck, just one time pretty please? then they had to be a very obsessive stalker then and neither one sounds good. He really wonders if he should tell Aizawa-sensei discreetly or observe for now. If he did tell sensei, he would keep an eye on them for precaution and Kaminari would be at ease. But then, sensei can’t always go where the students go, well, he can, but yeah, what if they have mock battles again? Sensei couldn’t go in with them and sure, he can watch through the cameras but he wouldn’t reach them in time if the hidden villain decided to strike then. They might have another version of Shinsou’s quirk and none would be the wiser. The blond was afraid of making it uncomfortable for their guests. They came here to learn, not to be suspected, watched, and ousted for something they can’t even prove. If that, happened Kaminari would need to do dogeza a hundred times and promise to serve them for five generations. It would be that bad. Aizawa-sensei would then be so ashamed that he would resign and just go fish tunas for the rest of his life. Z can choose to sue UA for defamation and invasion of privacy, and everyone would need to bow down before him before closing UA and joining Aizawa-sensei in the middle of the ocean. Gosh, he ran away with his imagination too much, but really, it was that grave to him. But fine, he’s just going to observe for now, but he’s not going to do it alone. He’ll enlist the Bakusquad, except for Bakugou, because he will definitely refuse to do so and they might offend him for suspecting his close friend. Oh! Better yet, let him be with his friend all the time so there’s one less person to think of. The friend surely would think twice acting up if he was really, you know. Bakugou might be threatening people with their death every minute, but he has his own sense of justice, and he wouldn’t condone evil even if it was his friend, and hopefully, if push comes to shove, strong enough to fight off his friend, and let’s pray that he doesn’t get his behind handed to him like that by that certain friend, just to be sure. He’ll drag talk to his friends later and ask them to watch out a student for each one of them. It would be much better and easier wouldn’t it? Friends help each other all the time, and misery loves company , and weren’t they curious about Z’s identity as well? This was their chance to unmask them, and if it comes to worst, save their classmates in the process. That would be cool isn’t it? And maybe, just maybe, if they do this, karma would instantly recognize their good deeds, and perhaps, Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t have to ask about that essay he may or may not have forgotten to do entirely. The said sensei emerged from his horror suit and coughed to gain the attention of everyone.


“As I have mentioned a while ago, we’ll be hosting them the whole five days they are staying here. That means they’ll get to sit in each of your classes. The topics tackled between us and them are more less the same so no problem on that. Depending on the teacher and the activity that they intend to do, you lot can ask to work on your own things. We have out of the classroom activities that would serve as your tour around the campus. Of course, we’d have battle simulations, quirk training and rescue exercises. We’ll cram everything that we can so you can have the full UA experience this week. As for your dorm situation, you’re free to hang out or eat dinner with this class in their dorm until your curfew. I’ll explain more later. Bakugou, do you need to go get yourself checked?”


“This is nothing. We’ve done worse.”


“I’m afraid to ask what entails worse, but if you feel like you need to go any time, ask your teacher immediately. Iida, go lead your new temporary classmates to the storage room at the end of this hallway and help them grab their desks. Just follow him.”  


Aizawa-sensei watched the addressed students get out of the room before he dropped a bomb.


“Now, while we’re waiting, can I have those essays I asked you to do?”




After that submission of essay aka public execution of the members of the Bakusquad, with the exception of the leader, of course, the day had been quite normal with their new classmates. They found out that in terms of lessons, Shiketsu was a little bit more advanced than them, just three to five topics ahead in some of the books that both school uses in some classes. Shiketsu Class 1-a Rep explained that compared to UA, they had a relatively peaceful year, sorry for that, and they always had their school events later than UA. She added that any refresher lessons would be much appreciated.


As the day went along, the class found out that their visitors seem to have subject specializations. Kamikami was good with any subject, but she excelled in Japanese, and even whipped out kanji characters that were way up their levels. She was also good with Japanese history along with Yoarashi and Midoriya who were especially enthusiastic. It seemed that they were fans of any hero in any time period, and World History was also game. Lunch didn’t even escaped their fanboying when they met Lunch Rush on the cafeteria, as well as Health Class with Recovery Girl her highness . Airi-chan really love making crafts and baking so she really loved Home Economics. They found out that all the badges she wore on her cape were all made by her. That day though, the class had a baking showdown. The top contenders were of course Satou, Airi-chan, and Bakugou. Midoriya would have been on the ‘finals’ but he chose to be Bakugou’s assistant in the last round. That said, their combined powers were not enough for the first two who ended up in tie. All five of them were quite fluent in English, though Kigurumi who haven’t said a word yet proved it with his writing. Midoriya was especially so, even with an american accent noticeable in his speech. When Present Mic noted this, he just blushed and said that it was because he lived in America in the last two years and had just recently came back two months ago (Kaminari’s ears didn’t miss that). For some reason, that made Bakugou who was sitting in front of him (he kicked out Shinsou who was originally seated there and plopped his friend instead. Shinsou happily complied as he much preferred back seats more) ticked and slightly punched the green head in the stomach. He then let out a loud ‘tch’ and proceeded to humiliate his friend by sharing that the guy taught himself english when they were younger to understand every english interview All Might did. He really is a member of Bakusquad, the said members thought, after all, humiliation by the leader is an everyday occurrence. The last subject of the day though, Math went a bit differently. Ectoplasm assigned a small ten-itemed exercise written on the board to be finished in ten minutes, but just a minute after, he noticed Midoriya a bit restless on his seat and decided to approach the boy.


“What’s wrong Midoriya? Do you need help on anything?”


“Eh, sense-” he was cut off by Bakugou who snorted for the nth time that day.


“Oh, he needs help, but not in the way you think it is. This guy needs to remember to put his solutions on his math problems. He frustrates his teachers every single time he submits his papers with just his answers. They thought he cheats every time. Stupid nerd. Do I need to remind you every time?” Then he glared at the other boy to death.


Of course, he needed to be a bit overpowered, he’s Bakugou Katsuki’s friend after all. Ectoplasm who just recovered from his shock asked him to do his math workbook in the meantime while others were finishing. He was put on another shock when the boy pulled out a collegiate competition level math workbook. Needless to say, Midoriya was exempted on any math lessons from then on.


Day One ended up very well. As soon the day ended, Aizawa-sensei took the Shiketsu kids for more briefing. They joined the class for dinner made by Lunch Rush (to which Midoriya and Yoarashi ate in tears) but were ushered out earlier to let them settle for their stay. The brimming curiosity of the Class 1-a students would have to be quenched the next day (Bakugou refused to answer anything and actually asked to go with Midoriya for the night) Except for Kaminari. He gathered his squad members and told them about his plan of keeping an eye on each of the students to gather proof and testimonies that they can use to present their case to Aizawa-sensei by ‘casually’ asking them about Z. Then he excitedly and confidently told them he figured out who the famed Shiketsu Neo General Z is. It only had to be Midoriya, Bakugou’s seemingly OP friend. However, when they gathered the next day to share what they found out, all of them were wearing a down, confused expression. Why? Each of the five Shiketsu students who belonged to Z’s group all pointed a different person.



Chapter Text




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With a graceful tap of his index finger, with his pinky sticking out as much as it can, Kaminari Denki turned off his phone alarm featuring his sunny, literally meant he’s an exploding ball of mass, not sunny happy,  blonde friend, more like their boss, and his speech to motivate Kaminari to wake up and run for his dear life . All of the so-called Bakusquad members had their own personalized alarm, also means that alarm, tone from their beloved leader. But how were they able to come up with it though? Let Kaminari tell.


The thing with Bakugou was, he always stuck to his routines. When they started, begged him to, the morning runs with him as part of their training regime in preparation for their previous exam where they went against the teachers, Bakugou would come 15 minutes earlier, and if one them doesn’t come within the 5 minutes of that 15, he would personally pick them up on their room and give them a loud awakening (brutal, and five minutes was not much, but still, aww, Bakubro!). When they recognized the pattern, Kaminari had the brightest (?) idea to record his effective, err, encouraging talk in waking them up, and no, he would spare the gruesome details on how they obtained the forbidden treasure. If this were a game, it would be a PUMSR or a Plus Ultra (of course, promote the alma mater whenever able), Mega Super Rare quest, where you need to defeat the ultimate final boss after ten final bosses on a level called ‘write your will before playing’. It was that hard. Actually, Kaminari wasn’t still sure how he managed to convince his friends to do it. He can still hear Sero listing down all the cons of the said idea and audibly slapping his face while letting out an exasperated sigh when he realized he really can’t talk them out of it, not that they were listening in the first place. He joined them, begrudgingly , just to make them see his points, but to all of their surprise, it was really effective as he and Ashido never ever came late for anything since then, and Bakugou never found out . Ah! The wonders of adrenaline, or their desire to live out their full lives and die naturally, thank you very much!


That aside, he was feeling so smug that morning because he had finally cracked the mystery of Z’s identity, and take note, without the help of anyone! It’s totally not also because he beat his alarm into waking up for the first time in his life. Totally not not. Anyway, he was sure of it! Z only had to be Midoriya, their Lord’s God friend. He and his friends had discussed everything until late last night that they ended up falling asleep in his room, who were slowly waking up one by one. All of them were so attuned to their Lord’s voice by now that as soon as they hear it, they wake up to it as if it’s a morning prayer or a morning call to ask for help , like right now. And as soon as he saw them fully conscious, he immediately launched the discussion again. They had 10 minutes before their Lord would come to get them after all.


“Okay guys, let’s quickly review everything. As I’ve shown you, Z’s looks can be deceiving, they had to be really smart and good at logic,or maths, and probably at fighting too, plus they needed to be a transfer student who came just almost two months ago. And seriously, if he can calm and tell Bakugou off and make him do something without being exploded on the face-” he remembered last night during dinner, the said boy suddenly stopped eating one moment. He then faced his left neighbor, Bakugou and smiled at him so brightly. Their Lord just stared back at him silently, then after after a few seconds, let out a loud ‘tch’ and ‘fine’,  then reached for the salt and pepper two seats down the table to his left and handed it to the waiting hands of the green head whose smile got even wider and thanked ‘Kacchan’. Kaminari wasn’t sure if Poor Koda who was right in front of the condiments was shaking in fear of Bakugou himself or his unusual obedience. But needless to say, it was really a shocking sight. Midoriya didn’t even have to say anything. Truly God-tier.


“-he had to be that amazing. Besides, can you expect less from Bakugou? He had to be good at everything, even choosing friends (in his mind, he was immediately thought ‘yes, just look at them’ but he won’t admit that out loud. He’s not alone though.), or childhood friends. Of course, they had to be overpowered like him. So I would say he’s Z!”


But of course, like last night, and honestly, any other time they discuss anything under the sun, Sero had to give his totally logical and practical point of view. “I’ll repeat, I would agree that all the given clues totally fits him, but you can’t deny the possibility that some or even everything they said might be fake. Sure, Shiketsu students do have that serious image but even they could be trolls you know. Remember that conspiracy article you’ve shown us? What if it was, in Aizawa-sensei’s words, a logical ruse? Your case is quite strong, but really, it could be the other four as well. I’ll admit that I also felt crept out by that article, but if it really was as harmless as it seems, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. Midoriya looks approachable enough. I’m sure he would confirm it. I’m actually with you on this one. and honestly, I’m not sure what’s the big deal about this, and I’m not even sure why I’m treating it as one as well, but bro solidarity, I guess.”


The truth was, Kaminari did realize that when Sero did say it last night. Like he said, he’s making a big deal out of this, but since he started it and lost a lot of sleep and an essay out of this, he might as well see it through, just for the sake of his peace of mind. Stupid curiosity . As soon as he knew what their quirks were this hero lesson 4th and 5th period, Z would finally be put to rest. They’ll be dead to me.


“I agree. But after reading that article, I kinda feel like I want to cheer them up, you know? They just did their best, and won, and everyone just acknowledged that, so I’m not sure why they were giving them all that crap for something they didn’t even started. I’m sure they didn’t even responded to the tagged posts. I kinda want to meet them and tell them how manly they are, and to not listen to all those nasty stuff. The guy deserved that.” Ahh, pure Kiri. Never change, Kaminari thought. But yeah, he would like to do that too. He’s a hero in the making, and cheering up a fellow hopeful is a totally heroic thing to do.


“That’s right! But hear this, wouldn’t it be exciting if the conspiracy is true though? We investigate then totally bust the ‘villain’ out! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we save UA by ourselves? It’ll be so cool!” Well, that too. He knew he and Ashido get along so well for a reason. He totally heard Sero sighing in the background, but as usual, he was ignored yet again.


“So here’s the plan. We will assign ourselves one Shiketsu student each, or depending on the hero lessons later, whoever we get grouped with. We need to try to casually ask them about Z, then meet up and discuss later. But just in case, who would you pick?”


“I’ll go with Yoarashi, dude. I think I can easily ask him to do gym sessions with me.” Kaminari secretly thought putting two muscle heads, ahem, gym buffs, at least, Yoarashi looks like one , together was a good idea. It can look totally casual asking about Z while lifting kilos of weight. Yup, totally casual.


“Me next! I’ll go take dolly! She looks like she’s really into girl stuff a lot, and like, we can totally bond over it. I won’t mind having her as a friend no matter what we find out at the end.” That would be easy as well. They totally would talk their ears out of each other, and maybe while discussing girl stuff, maybe while doing their nails or gossiping about whoever famous actor they were crushing on, Ashido can totally ask about Z. That would look totally casual. Kaminari was thinking of picking her out, she’s cute and all, you know, but he probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rate she’s speaking at. He can totally ask Ashido to ask for her number casually though. Totally casual , absolutely.


“Ugh, you know what, Midoriya can stay with Bakubro. He’ll totally know if his friend is up to no good. I trust him to be unbiased.”  They all agreed to that. Despite his personality, their Lord is totally prime hero material. He can handle it. Totally. Hopefully.


“Sero, since you’re the most sensible and the smartest between the four of us, you take the oxygen tank guy. I’m sure you can make sense of him. I’m a bit, ugh, less bright, so I’ll take the smarter (easier) one to be fair. Besides, we’re both Kami, so maybe it’s fate?” Sero groaned again, but since he knew they wouldn’t even listen to his protest, he didn’t even bother and just accepted his fate. Kaminari thought she should be totally easy to ask, like any other class rep, and maybe, just maybe, bond over being both Kami’s, be friends, and maybe impress her, and maybe, casually ask her for her number as well? Like, you know, friends do, in a totally casual way?


And with that settled, the four had decided to run down to the track for their awaiting Lord  who would go storm on them anytime now. When they arrived, they spotted their usual running companions. Iida was running on the further side of the track and was about to enter the curve. They saw Shinsou and also Todoroki running into two different sides of the woods. And there, in his blonde glory, their Lord Explosion Murder, Bakugou Katsuki looking- not angry? Then they saw a shorter head beside him and ahh, that explained why. Safe! They also saw Yoarashi, expected, and Kamikami, expected as well, warming up.


“Good Morning UA classmates! How are you this morning?!” Almost everyone winced at the very loud voice of Yoarashi. It’s still 4:52 in the morning after all.


“Inacchan, I'm so happy!” yes, he was. He was practically vibrating and glowing.


“Oh! Sorry, Izu-kun, everyone. Me too! I was just so excited, you know? This is UA! But I’ll try to tone it down for now.”


“Haha! I’m really, really excited as well! I barely even slept!” The heck, the four Bakusquad members thought, he didn’t even refer to Yoarashi’s voice but he made him apologize? He had to be the boss, honestly. And really, first name basis and even cutesy nicknames?


“Stupid nerd, it’s not that a big deal. You’re even shaking in excitement while asleep-” they internally gasped. They haven’t had the chance to coerce the blonde into a sleepover yet, and no, the times they had accidentally fallen asleep in any of their rooms after a study session doesn’t count, technically . Besides, sleepovers should be all fun, those were sure as hell not! Perhaps they can ask Midoriya for help. “And you, what the heck you called him?! Only Mama Inko is allowed to call him that!” and there goes the peace and quiet. Everyone in the track aside from Iida who was still running around, momentarily forgot what they came to do and just watched the shouting exchange between the two loudmouths, with Midoriya and Kirishima in between trying to calm the two. It actually looked like four suns have gathered in one place. One’s a desert sun that dries up (kills) everything beneath it, one’s a summer sun whose obnoxiously hot and loudly announces its presence (in all different ways) that makes you sweat unnecessarily, one’s like a sun at dawn, inspiring and energizing, and the last one’s a sun after the rain, soothing and stunning, and from the way this guy was described from another chapter, pretty self-explanatory. However, everyone stopped when something suddenly zoomed right past them. They all looked at the direction it went to, and to the surprise of the UA students, it was the oxygen tank guy. He was casually running in a very, very fast speed like he wasn’t carrying two oxygen tanks almost as tall as his doll-like schoolmate, all the while clutching his stuffed bunny. He wasn’t even breathing hard like he did yesterday during his ‘introduction’. They gaped for a bit but that spurred on Bakugou, Midoriya. Yoarashi, and Kamikami to continue their warm-ups and start running themselves. Meanwhile, Kaminari, Ashido, and Kirishima were all looking at Sero with something he could only call pity. They were all saying through “good luck with that” through their eyes. Kirishima even patted him once on his shoulder before following the other group. Sero can only sigh loudly.


The breakfast an hour later was really cheerful. Bakugou brought in their ‘new classmates’ who had nothing but praise for the breakfast prepared by Sato and the girls. Airi had given each one of them badges that looked like the ones she wore as a token of their ‘new friendship’ as she said. She pulled the ‘I made them all night to give them to you’ card with a very bright smile and with those sure-win cute, shy gestures to make sure no one would even think of refusing. The walk to the classroom was a bit noisier, but arguably more fun than usual. But the wait for 4th period was almost uneventful. Math and English just went on like normal, with the exception of having three more hands raised to the usual three whenever a very difficult recitation question comes up. Computer Tech was a bit more interesting. When it comes to typing, Iida, was the fastest (efficiency is the key, dear classmates), Kaminari (gamer), Bakugou (rager), and Jirou (gamer and piano player) were close in speed, however, when they got to the typing-it-in part of the lesson, someone actually went a lot faster than the rhythm or the rate Iida goes. They found out that Airi-chan can type as fast as she can speak. But that still wasn't enough surprise. Another Shiketsu kid was apparently faster. He smashed the keyboard as if he was simultaneously possessed, threatened with a gun, and was strapped to a bomb a few seconds away from exploding. Make sense of that, if you will. Sero visibly blanched when he saw who the madman was. Midoriya just ruffled his friend's hair again with a smile as if the madman was a cute pet. Sero can't help but rub his aching temple. He was tempted to fake a migraine and escape.


Finally, 4th period comes. Aizawa-sensei announced that they were going to do a simulation on the newly built, bigger than ever, Ground Zeta or Ground Z. Seriously? Gee, thanks for the reminder, Kaminari mused. That made them recall the plan they have decided on earlier. First on the agenda was to ask Midoriya. Should they ask him, casually, of course, on the way to the lockers? Maybe they can dress beside him and ask? Should they out ask him out alone? No, that would be suspicious. Besides, Bakubro stuck himself to him like a super glue. If only they can get him alone. Fortunately for them, as soon as Aizawa-sensei dismissed them, an opportunity presented itself.


“Oi, Shiketsu bastards, don’t bother waiting for Deku. He’s coming with me. C’mon nerd.” He grabbed and pulled the said nerd away. Midoriya can only wave and smile apologetically to his pouting (Yoarashi) and protesting, assuming the very loud inhale was one, but resigned schoolmates who knew better than to try to pry the green head from the blonde. By habit, the ever-faithful squad members just trailed after their leader who went to the other way- to the direction of the toilets.


“Kacchan, I heard that UA’s toilets were haunted (“really?” mused the other four). Is that what you need me for?” the teasingly smiling boy’s implication wasn’t lost on the members who swore they started hearing a hurriedly ticking time bomb somewhere. You were a brave man, Midoriya Izuku, Deku, Z (maybe?). You will always be remembered. 3...2...1-


Bakugou scowled, then suddenly raised his hand to the boy’s face level. The other four got ready to stop their leader, because really, this guy was all about tougher than tough love, and being exploded still hurts, you know, only to be stopped instead and couldn't help but gape at the next scene. The green head did let out a loud ‘ouch!’, with his eyes tearing up yet again, but it was not because of an explosion on his face, it was because he was being pinched SO HARD on the nose. They had never seen him do that before.


“Hah. Take that. I caught Orion." and surprisingly, he said that in a softer voice and a fond face, but of course, one could only see that if you knew him like Midoriya, a.k.a. if you're Midoriya, because that only lasted twice faster than a split second. You can do the math.  "Anyway, shut it, stupid nerd. It's obvious that these stupid extras have been wanting to ask you stuff-” so touching, so manly Bakubro. But gee, they didn't know they were that obvious. Might as well take advantage of it.


“-one question. Once you hear the faucet stop, time's up and shut it. Clear?” they can only nod with a barely hidden smile.


“So Midoriya, nice to meet you. How long have you been friends with Bakubro?”


“Oops. Are you sure you want to ask that? It will take me as long as an hour to tell you.”  Sero elbowed Kaminari.


“Just ask him dude.”


“Geez. Can’t I even attempt subtlety?”


“Sorry dude, you have none of that.”


“I feel so loved, bro.”


“You’re welcome.”


“Let me go first then!” Ashido was practically jumping. It’s an information, blackmail material , about their friend after all. “What did he meant by ‘he caught Orion?”


“Oh,that? It was back when me and my mother joined Kacchan’s family on their annual camping for the first time. We were stargazing then, when Kacchan suddenly asked why the sky had freckles too. I was about to correct him, when Mama Mitsuki, his mom, laughed so  hard and stopped me. She didn’t bother correcting him, but she taught him the names of the ‘freckles’ and their formations. You know how we all are when younger-” for some reasons, Kaminari can hear Shinsou in his head saying ‘that’s what we all say when we go dumb and do dumb things’ "-and it had been a long time since we met, maybe he’s feeling nostalgic, and you know how morbid or self-deprecating his humor can be-” Kaminari started to think that maybe Shinsou has a telepathic quirk as well because this time he can hear him say ‘I’m thinking more along the lines of a word that starts with M and also ends with I-C- but I guess that works too’

'Shinsou, is Present Mic-' Wow, even Todoroki?


'For the thousandth time, Todoroki, NO.' Even here, on his subconsciousness? Seriously? 


“Pft. I guess even Blasty had moments like that.”


“Don’t tell him I told you, but it’s actually Taurus all  this time, not Orion.” Then he grinned mischievously. That made Ashido giggle, which in turn, made the green head giggle. Where had he been? Bakusquad could really use one of him to‘persuade’ Bakugou into anything, anything, you know.


“Anyway, is this about Z?” This was way too nerve-wracking for something they planned to do so casually, but since he gracefully opened up the topic...


“Yeah. I just found a video about them the other day, and they were really impressive. These guys thought so, as well.”


“That’s right! They were so manly, winning like that! We personally like to congratulate them and let them know we support them all the way!”


“We can aim to be top 10 buddies in the future!”


“They would probably be a lot higher than you, but go on, I guess.”


“Hey!” Ashido smacked Sero in the arm. But seriously, if it isn't obvious, this was just a show while they waited for the ‘alleged’ to respond. Then Midoriya smiled so wide, even squealed a bit, and shook each of their hands.


“I'm really, really happy you said that.” oh, God, is he- “Inacchan would be so happy!”


Midoriya is really- wait, what?!


Inacchan? Yoarashi? What? Isn't it-”


“Z is Inacchan! He is well known at school, you know? He has an awesome control of his quirk already, but imagine what he can do in few more years! He’ll be God-like in his control! They call him Zephyr, Z for short! Who else would it be but the current number one first year Shiketsu student?”




"Zephyr, as in the wind god?"


“He even won this year's First Year's event!”


“B-but the article, and the twits said, Z was just a transfer student who came two months ago?”


“Yes, that part was admittedly me. But because I'm new, only some did recognize and knew me, and one of them must have posted that fact while congratulating me. Then, possibly, a random person who had been digging facts about the members of our team must have came across it and used that fact to their liking, or somebody might have misread or misinterpreted, anything could have had happened, and led to this misinformation. Then another saw, then another. You know how gossips usually goes, the message could change from person to person, more so if one doesn’t bother enough to confirm for themselves. This was especially true in this case. Not all knew the truth, but it sounded so good, right? That’s why it seemed like I ended up like I made the team won, when it's actually I made it to the team that won. I merely did my best to help us win, but really, it's all them, Inacchan mostly. Honestly, we shouldn't really trust what we see online sometimes.”


Sero wasn't sure if he would rather be surprised or be smug about this. Yeah, he thought it was Midoriya as well, but as he told them, they couldn’t be just so sure about something that they happened to randomly saw on the web. He really wanted to tell them ‘ I told you so’- so he did. Yup, that's right, they rarely ever listen, so this would teach them to do so. It honestly felt great, being smug, that is. Unfortunately for him though, they haven't even heard him because Kirishima was busy apologizing and bro-hugging the green head, Mina was pouting a bit, and Kaminari, poor Kaminari was contemplating life. Why does he never get things right? Why? Just recently, he somehow turned his white socks into those multi-colored radial patterned stuff that you typically do on those dye-a-shirt projects. In his hurried and half asleep state yesterday, he actually printed the essay (which he managed to finish miraculously) that he turned in last week instead of that one that he was supposed to have submitted yesterday (The Essay- The Epilogue). Aizawa-sensei stopped him yesterday on the way to his room and asked what kind of prank was he planning. He stopped growing hair on that specific rectangular patch on his right thigh, just few centimeters above his knee, after he tried that torture device called hair removal strips on himself. It was a dare, revenge, Sero gave him from losing at that game two months ago. Seriously, it looked like it was an entrance to whatever mystical garden you'd find on those fantasy roleplaying games, and no, it doesn't look mystical at all and dear readers, we all probably have explored all the hidden recesses and corners of the fanfiction world, so please do not misunderstand, this is a genfic. But if by chance it was only the author who had thought of that (effectively by writing this line that explains it was not at all intentional, and no, it really wasn’t, really) please give your utmost understanding, and maybe a prayer for their soul. Thank God and all those other deities, nobody knows, yet, otherwise, they would probably ask him if he finally had a socket installed. He was about to list down another failure that involved accidentally zapping a phone of a certain one who shall not be named, and fortunately it didn’t seemed harmed, hopefully, he hadn’t accidentally altered a function or something, when Bakugou finally emerged from the toilet.


“You better not be talking trash about me stupid Deku- what the f-fudge? Why are you and sh-crappy hair crying?!”


And honestly, Kaminari wanted to as well.


Chapter Text

The trip to Ground Zeta was as rambunctious as a group of 25 very active, hero-in-training high school students could be, well not all , but with just the Bakusquad including Leader-san this time and honorary or holy member, Midoriya , Mineta, Yoarashi, Airi-chan, Iida, yes, you again, and Shinsou, after all, sarcasm was highly needed in big doses everyday, there was not a silent moment in the whole seven minute bus travel from the school. The two big UA fanboys of Shiketsu, Midoriya and Yoarashi were mostly ooh-ahh-ing over every features and facilities of the school they passed through. Everyone was praising each other’s hero costumes, mostly Midoriya, again, who couldn’t help but gush and fanboy at anyone. Speaking of hero costumes though, the UA students couldn’t help but think that the Shiketsu students really went with the whole military theme. They already saw Yoarashi’s costume from the license exam, but really, do Shiketsu people love their school’s colors that much? Even Airi-chan who they expected to come in a costume that was either ultra colorful or softly pastel with no in between came in with a navy blue shirt with maroon accents and long, puffy shoulders and sleeves, suspenders connected to a high waisted black military shorts folded at the bottom, black tights, and below-the-knee-high black combat boots topped with her black cape filled with colorful badges and her Shiketsu cap. Kamikami on the other hand, went with a more Japanese feel and wore a maroon hakama over a black kimono with a white high collared shirt underneath, and dark brown leather boots. She was wearing a thigh length black cape that parts in middle in front. It had gold buttons and accents, a low collared neckline seemingly connected by a thick strap directly beneath it, and maroon tassels that circles her right shoulder and extends across her other arm.

The last two boys wore quite contradicting costumes as well. Kigurumi surprisingly had a more elaborate (really, if the guy happened to come with pajama and a comforter, no one would even bat an eye on him) and less themed outfit with his thigh length black hooded coat that had navy blue straps on the side of his upper arms with attached silver chains circling his right arm. He had several buckles all around his upper torso and had badges on his right while he had his stuffed rabbit (which was wearing a baby blue t-shirt printed with the word ‘tuxedo’ written in katakana, as seen by the boys at the lockers) inside a big pocket with a stylized JK printed in navy blue on it. On the back of his coat was a stylized RBT on the same color as the letters on his pocket. He had a black turtleneck, black pants, and black combat boots with its laces unruly tied. The most eye-catching of his costume though, yep, the oxygen tanks were now a thing of the past, was his white rabbit mask with a gas mask that doubles as an oxygen mask (mask-ception!) Its ears were spread enough to allow the visor of his school hat through the space in between. Lastly, in contrast with Kigurumi’s detailed outfit, Midoriya had a very simple above-the-knee long black coat with maroon straps on his wrists, waist, and shoulders circled by silver chain on his right arm and a high collar and mouthguard on top. He was wearing black pants and below-the-knee high boots akin to Bakugou’s but with wide, black slanted straps on the upper part, straight ones on the foot area, and a silver sole. The boys knew that he was wearing a plain white shirt with black straps just slightly above the elbow, a maroon tie that’s...uniquely tied, and a black vest. He completed the ensemble with his sports glasses, black leather gloves, and of course, his Shiketsu cap. Kaminari joked that he, Kirishima, Jirou, Shinsou, and Tokoyami who coincidentally were seating near to one another, could probably join them with their costume colors to which Bakugou replied that Kaminari would stick out like a sore thumb (when he asked what he meant by that, Jirou replied that he would look bright and not so bright, to put it kindly, next to them, to which he whined to, of course), Kirishima was showing too much skin, like really, those guys were so covered from head to toe, Jirou might but her shirt was too bright, Tokoyami and Shinsou though, Bakugou actually paused for a bit, snatched Midoriya and Oxygen tank’s school caps and placed them on their heads, then went back to his old position beside the green head. Tokoyami removed the cap while Shinsou touched his, both looked down their costumes, then both stared at the Shiketsu students who were actually staring back. He wore the cap again, Shinsou rearranged his while Kigurumi somehow whipped out two Shiketsu caps out of his coat, wore one then handed the other to Midoriya who immediately placed it on his head. Then, for some reasons, they, all at the same time, straightened their posture then faced forward back to Aizawa-sensei who actually would blend in with them as well. Kaminari thought the song ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ was quite appropriate at that situation (and what do you know, Bakugou actually had a sense of humor!).


Then Kirishima started talking about quirks by asking which of the five Shiketsu students had the flashiest quirk. He shared that if it was their class, it would be Todoroki and Bakugou. Suddenly, the latter just face-palmed while the Shiketsu students had varying reactions. Kamikami sighed, Airi suddenly had a strained smile, Kigurumi inhaled loudly what else would it be?, and Yoarashi just looked at Midoriya. The green head was now visibly shaking in excitement and started muttering very fast again. He was obviously lost in his own world once again. Kamikami just smiled slightly then answered.


“It would have to be Yoarashi-kun. You probably had seen his quirk at the provisional license exam. That’s practically the reason why he was the only first year who attended.”


“Ooh. Yeah, he really went toe to toe with our Todoroki over here.” all were so consumed by the current topic that they didn’t notice the suddenly darkened faces of the two people they were talking about.


“How come you guy weren’t at the exam as well? You had to be very strong to beat your third year Generals. I heard they were as strong as our Big Three.”


“The school usually just sends their third years. If there are any lower years chosen to participate, they must meet the very strict criterias the school sets. Grades, overall participation, attendance, and so on. Usually it would be offered to the recommended students and the top 2 students of each classes for first years. Second years would need to undergo interviews. Not to brag, or anything, but I ranked next to our top 1, Yoarashi-kun, so I was chosen. I unfortunately had a very important business that couldn’t be put off. It coincided with the exam and I regrettably had to turn down my spot this year.”


“I rank 4 on our class, so I wasn’t offered. But, even if I was, I was very insecure of my quirk back then that I believed I wouldn’t be able to pass the exam, so I would still turn down my spot. I still am insecure about it, but the Battle Festa really changed it for me. I can’t wait to take it next year!”

Everyone then turned to Kigurumi who just stared at them for a few seconds before tugging the sleeve of the still muttering Midoriya who was surprisingly being answered to by Bakugou. The latter noticed the tugging then flicked the other’s forehead and pointed to the white-haired boy.


“Mean Kacchan.” then puffed his cheeks out in annoyance. He resembled a squirrel, honestly. “Jun-kun had the same reason. He wasn’t chosen as well, being top 7 on his class, but if he were ever offered, he would turn it down as well because he thought he wasn’t good enough to pass it yet. But you would next year won’t you?” he patted his friend’s head again. “I was still overseas when that happened, so no chance for me. I bet it was fun!”


“Yeah, it was! And that’s totally so unlucky for you Class Rep. But you guys, that was so manly! Accepting one’s weakness and waiting for a better time to achieve something is totally awesome! Totally humbling. I kinda feel that with my quirk sometimes. I try to improve myself as much as I can and I do feel confident with my quirk, but sometimes, when you see other people’s flashier quirks, you know, you just can’t help but be a little envious sometimes.”


“I totally get what you mean! When it goes ka-blam, then goes whoosh, then boom, it totally looks awesome! But crappy hair-kun,-”


“It’s Kirishima!”


“Kirishima-kun, your quirk is totally a hero’s quirk! You’ll be quite indestructible! It’s very good for both offense and defense! You can save anybody! With your skills and your reassuring smile, I’m sure anyone would immediately feel safe when you appear! Totally a good hero material!” he totally didn’t make the other boy’s face as red as his hair. Totally not. “You know, Kacchan was actually really happy that you don’t go boom everytime he uses his quirk! He doesn’t have to hold back and do his best!”


“Shut it, stupid nerd! Don’t say nonsense! You too, sh-crappy hair! Don’t be hung up on flashiness. That’s not how you measure the manliness crap you keep spouting on about. Stupid hair-for-brains.” they were all thinking that Midoriya’s a miracle worker.


“I suddenly felt chills. Close your windows!”


“Zip it eyebags!”


“See? Kacchan’s so nice!”


“Shush! I told you to zip it!”


“Eh, but that was eyebags-kun?”


“Don’t you go smartypants on me, you nerd!” the said nerd just stuck his tongue out which the blonde actually pulled out. When he saw the other was starting to turn blue, he let go of the said appendage then wiped his hand on his victim’s hero costume. The he stuck his own tongue out then smirked so menacingly against the teary green head who was trying his best to glare at his friend while whining about his sore tongue.


“Don’t drool now, nerd.” he even had the gall to scoff. The green head removed his right hand glove, licked his hand, then wiped it on his friend’s face. Then everything went ka-blam, as Midoriya described it. Everyone was really enjoying the display, phones were out recording, and not so subtly looked away when the explosive blonde turned to glare at them. Truly God-tier, Midoriya-sama.


“Ahem, anyway, Kiri, don’t you worry about it! It’s just as Midori said. At least, you don’t have any backlash like Kami, Kaminari over here.”


“Aww, thanks!”


“Aww, no thanks.”


“Ashido’s right though, it’s quite funny when you go yay”


“Rude! Just wait. I’m working on my limits now, and soon enough, you won’t see me do that anymore.”


“In ten years maybe. Good luck.”


“Hey! I’ll have you know-”


“Ne, dunceface-kun.”


Kaminari who was about to retort, whipped his head to the person who called for him. Weirdly enough, it was Midoriya in a ready-to-write-stance with a pen and an open notebook.


“Say, if you let out your maximum output, you fry your brain, right?”


“Yeah, that’s right.”


“I was wondering, why just your brain? Why not get paralyzed all over?”


“Honestly, I thought about it, but I really can’t think of an answer, so I’m just grateful that that wasn’t the case.” Midoriya assumed his thinking pose and went quiet for a few seconds. Kaminari thought that he was going to drop the subject and was about to start another topic when he suddenly spoke up again.


“Ne, dunceface-kun-”




“Kaminari-kun. We all know that the human body produces electricity, right? So if we go with that, your quirk allows you to produce more and use it on your body and emit it. Let’s say the the wattage where you can keep your consciousness intact is the wattage that runs throughout your body, and because you are used to that, it’s comfortable and it doesn’t hurt. Let’s say that that is the usual source of your electricity quirk. But when you go beyond your wattage limit-”

The smarter half of the people inside the bus suddenly went wide-eyed. Oh. Oh.


“-so of course, your usual electricity source won’t be enough, because the wattage won’t be enough and because the wattage is uniform all over, even if you compile all the electricity from your body, it won’t increase the overall wattage. And that is when you’ll turn into your backup source. The wattage is uniform all over your body except for one part, and that is your brain. Your wattage limit is probably the wattage your brain has, and when you release it, you obviously use your brain’s electricity and that halts your brain’s function. You recover a lot later because it can be two reasons: a) your brain produces its electricity differently and has a lot higher wattage. And because you rarely use it, it takes longer to build up compared to the other parts of your body, or b) when you go beyond your wattage limit, you actually use up all the electricity all over your body and your brain only lends some of its higher wattage electricity. Then the remaining electricity on your brain goes down to your usual wattage, then flows to the other parts of the body and when everything stabilizes, that’s when your brain starts to recover. Or something like that? It’s just my theory, you totally don’t have to listen to it or something, thank you for listening and sorry for the bother-”


“Dude. Whoa.”


“What the heck.”


“Dude, I’m not sure I understood everything, but whoa, if that was true, it totally makes sense. If that was true, it totally can help me pinpoint which stuff I can concentrate on and train. Dude. whoa, I’m quite mind blown honestly.”


“You’re always mind blown. You totally took away our chance to make fun of him, but Midoriya, that was good.”


“It’s like a free quirk counselling session, but more on the how it works. That was cool.”


“How did you even thought of that?”


“I’m a nerd, that’s all.” the nerd went so red that he looked like he was about to melt on his seat despite the almost wintry weather outside.


“Show off.” Bakugou snorted once again, but he had a really fond face despite the smirk and tousled his friend’s already messy hair. They were about to start another round of discussion and praise for the very embarrassed green head when Aizawa-sensei roused from the death and coughed to grab their attention. Saved!


“While that certainly is an enlightening conversation, we don’t have all day. Start organizing yourselves get ready to go down.” that got everyone moving, excitement once again bubbling for the upcoming activity. Every single of them were in awe when they saw the said training grounds. It easily was the size of the combined Ground Beta and Ground Gamma, sensei wasn’t clearly kidding when he said bigger. Not only was it an even bigger concrete jungle, and it even had an actual jungle.


“Everyone, welcome to Ground Zeta. This training grounds aim to give a more realistic approach to simulations that the school conducts to help students train and prepare them for real life situations they might face in their future careers as Pro Heroes. Once activated, robots would act as civilians to emulate more realistic rescue and/or villain attack operations. Aside from that and a bigger, more diverse city model that also includes private homes in different sizes, we included forestry and some of the natural land structures such as caves, cliffs, river pathways, and so on, to raise more awareness for our future heroes the conservation of not only constructed properties, but also nature as it is. At least, that’s what the principal said. For your task today, I originally just intended you to play cops and robbers, but when I showed this to the principal, he gave me this simulation training plan as an option that changed my mind. In groups of three, one would play the hero who needs to save the hostage, the hostage, and the villain. However, the scenario is, the hostage had managed to escape and their aim would be to evade the villain and reach the hero then pass through the gates for safety. The hero should secure the hostage and arrest the villain, and finally, the villain should aim to try and detain the hostage and take down the hero. And here’s more twist, for any of the would be-assigned hostages, you would be picking a number that corresponds to a certain role that you had to keep in mind. The group’s success would be determined on who’s handcuffed at the end.”


That was certainly different than usual, the UA students thought.


Iida raised his hand. “How do we decide our roles Sensei? And we only have 25 students. Are we going to have four-member groups?”


“To acknowledge your new classmates, I’ll be giving them the privilege of choosing their group members. However, they are not allowed to choose any of their schoolmates. The remaining students can form groups on their own. Please choose someone who could be a big weakness and a big strength in terms of your quirk. We’ll decide the roles through lottery.  Then anyone who would pick civilian would do another lottery to determine what type of civilian you would need to play as. I would repeat, please keep this in mind, and act accordingly. And no, no one’s having four members, I and Ectoplasm would join those groups automatically as villains.” as if summoned, Ectoplasm appeared at the entrance gates of the training grounds, and as if to remind them how thankful they should be that he was a hero and how awful he would be as a villain, he multiplied into two. Then everyone looked back to Aizawa-sensei who was smiling maniacally again.


“Plus Ultra, I guess.”


Plus Ultra, indeed.


“Let’s start the grouping. Yoarashi, you start.” the called student seemed to have a very dark face on him.


“I’ll choose the familiar faces. Yaoyorozu-san and… Todoroki.” Everyone was thinking how powerful that lineup is. All were recommended students, and all had powerful quirks. However, Yoarashi and Todoroki seemed to be in bad terms as they started to glare at one another. However, that made this even more interesting. Would that affect their performance for today? Would something happen? Airi who can’t stand this situations jumped and waved for her turn.


“I’ll go next! I’ll go with Ashido-chan-” both girls approached one another, held hands and squealed together. Kaminari thought Ashido progressed too fast on their mission. “- and you, Mr. Eyebags.” Shinsou couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow, as if asking, ‘really?’ but when he saw the determined look on the smaller girl’s face, he smirked. “Sure, dolly. Check your batteries beforehand, don’t want you dying on me.” the doll’s eyes seemed to have glinted quite mischievously at that when she returned his smirk with her own.


For the nth time that day, Kigurumi surprised everyone once again when he stepped out next. He just silently raised his index finger then looked at Midoriya.


“Oh! I’ll say stop whenever, okay?” the others were baffled by the exchange, but soon understood when the rabbit masked boy started moving his raised arm left and right in a quick pace. After a few seconds, Midoriya yelled stop and it ended with Sato. The boy once again did it, and this time, it ended with Sero. The other members of the Bakusquad looked at him with those eyes once again, and he could only groan internally. He greeted the white haired boy with a smile that could only be described as a grimace, and he hoped that the other wouldn’t think too much of the cold sweat he was feeling. It’s winter after all, cold weather, cold sweat, right? He internally groaned once again for sounding so lame. He coughed to get his head in order and told the boy he was looking forward to working with him. The other just stared at him for a few beats, then nodded before facing forward again. Sero just started pep talk-ing himself .


Bakugou then pushed Midoriya forward. “Go next, stupid nerd.”


“You’re too excited Kacchan! Right, so I’ll choose Kacchan because he won’t let me choose another, and....” then he started muttering again, probably to weigh his options. But of course, Bakugou didn’t let him.


“Just choose stupid Deku. The day would be finished if you keep analyzing everything.”


“Eh, but everyone’s amazing!” The blonde glared even harder.


“None of this extras can beat me, no matter who you choose!”


“Rude Kacchan! What if you pick civilian?”


“Hah?!” he grunted, as if picking civilian was too impossible. Shinsou and the Bakusquad were secretly hoping him he would.


“Fine. You can try beating Aizawa-sensei then.” the teacher can only raise his eyebrows for the boldness. Also, this kid, somehow, actually thought that there was not a chance that Bakugou would ever pick civilian. The teacher wanted to applaud the kid for his faith on his friend, not that he would. But he would admit that he’s looking forward to this. He’s hoping that the kid would pick that role and see how they would work against him.


“I would pick Kaminari-san-” Kaminari rejoiced internally. Finally! Everything was going according to plan and totally not also because the pretty fellow Kami chose him, and he can totally ask to be friends after this. Totally not. But whatever happiness he felt before was immediately replaced by fear and betrayal! when the other Kami announced her other choice.


“-and Ectoplasm-sensei. It would be an honor, please.” Now, Sero was the one looking at him with pity and not so obvious not sadistic glee at his fate. Good luck dude. Needless to say, Kaminari never hoped to be a simple, ordinary, innocent civilian as much as he did right at that moment. Please, to every God and deity listening, please!


In the end, the groupings and the roles were assigned as follows:


Group 1 (The RECOMMENDED Line-up)

HERO- Yaoyorozu Momo

VILLAIN- Yoarashi Inasa

TARGET- Todoroki Shouto (hidden role: A family member of a famous person)


Group 2

HERO- Shinsou Hitoshi

VILLAIN- Ishindenshin Airi

TARGET- Ashido Mina (hidden role: Hero)


Group 3

HERO- Kamikami Kana

VILLAIN- Ectoplasm

TARGET- Kaminari Denki (hidden role: office worker) (he can’t help but cry in relief!)


Group 4

HERO- Sero Hanta

VILLAIN- Sato Rikidou

TARGET- Kigurumi Jun (hidden role: elementary student)


Group 5

HERO- Bakugou Katsuki (the said blonde just smirked. Of course, you extras.)

VILLAIN- Eraserhead

TARGET- Midoriya Izuku (hidden role: 3rd year Heroics student)


Group 6

HERO- Tokoyami Fumikage

VILLAIN- Hagakure Tooru

TARGET- Aoyama Yuuga (hidden role: villain)


Group 7

HERO- Jirou Kyouka

VILLAIN- Kouda Kouji (everyone protested on this one, it’s physically impossible, they said)

TARGET- Shouji Mezou (hidden role: an injured person) (he asked if Kouda wanted to switch but was refused.)


Group 8

HERO- Uraraka Ochako

VILLAIN- Iida Tenya (again?)

TARGET- Asui Tsuyu (hidden role: police officer)


Group 9

HERO- Kirishima Eijirou

VILLAIN- Ojirou Mashirao

TARGET- Mineta Minoru (hidden role: journalist)  (some thought it was somehow fitting)


“Alright. Now everything’s been organized, we would have Present Mic on the cameras to supervise and stop any matches that go too far. The simulation time limit is 45 minutes. For the remaining time, we would go back to the classroom and discuss what we should and should not have done, and the quirk laws that explain why. All the targets and the villains would go to their designated hideouts. Once you get there, the villains would be blindfolded for five minutes to allow the targets to ‘escape’. No one’s allowed to peek or use their quirk for that whole duration. Cameras would be watching you. Once the time is up, the villains would come and find you, then after five minutes, the heroes would come in to the designated base and try to fulfill the mission. Anymore questions? No? Ready, GO!”

And in, they ran.

Chapter Text

After all the major events that had transpired in the Heroics Worlds recently, Aizawa Shouta wasn’t really kidding when he said that a day for him runs 144 hours (and sometimes, even more). Between the significant increase of day and night patrols and operations, catch up lessons and training sessions even after class hours, long meetings that lasted for days, and all those other things that he needed to do after everything else, he was ready to change his name and flee the country (to avoid contact with any human or humanoid being for a month would be a sufficient alternative, thank you).


He already considered himself lucky if he had squeezed at least an hour sleep in between shifts those past few weeks. He got so used to working for hours straight that he couldn’t even fully enjoy his one week usual hero duty break that Principal Nedzu himself had organized for him. He was so restless, he felt like he was slacking off that he only managed to sleep for almost four hours, which was long enough in his books. Besides, Recovery Girl helped him yesterday, if anyone would ask.

However, that was not the only reason why he was currently fidgety. He found today’s simulation quite interesting, mostly for how the groupings could possibly work out. His new ‘students’ were definitely a unique bunch. He was already quite interested with Yoarashi with what his performance at the Recommendations’ exam, and to see him against Todoroki and Yaoyorozu would definitely be something. His schoolmates were nothing to scoff at either. He read their profiles, and he must say, he was looking forward to how their quirks work. The girl with glasses, he found out was also a recommended student, and a brave one to challenge Ectoplasm, of all people. The others would make good matchups for some of his specific students. In fact, he was already making plans to train these students together.


Plus Ultra.


He would admit though, he was mostly curious about that kid Midoriya. Bakugou’s behavior with him was quite remarkable . It spoke not only of their bond (he was honestly surprised with Bakugou’s almost, almost, wordless compliance), but also their deep-seated trust and respect for one another. For the blonde to openly show that though, Midoriya must be really something. He felt that with the boy’s ‘self-defense’ from yesterday and it certainly gave him the impression that there’s a whole lot more to the boy than his seemingly harmless appearance. He went back to their conversation just a few minutes ago. They were making their way silently to their designated base when the teacher heard the high-pitch stammer from his companion. That made him stop on his tracks and when he turned to face the boy, the kid frantically bowed at him.


“S-sensei! I-i  just want to- I’m a big fan! When Kacchan told me that he had you as his teacher, I was a bit jealous, and this is a big dream come true and a big honor to be under your supervision for even just a week! I really wanted to ask for your autograph yesterday but I was so nervous and too excited that I was trying hard not to faint! Thank goodness Kacchan knows me too well! I know it isn’t the right time for this, but I might as well do it before I lose my nerve. Would you mind signing this for me?”


The boy suddenly produced an obviously quite used notebook and a pen and offered it to him while still bowing. It was opened and he was quite surprised to see that it had handwritten information about him. It wasn’t much, but it was more than what most people knew. He scanned the other pages and his eyebrows furrowed as he found familiar names and their profiles. They were mostly frighteningly accurate. Call it excessive or over reaction, but he couldn’t help but activate his quirk


“Where the heck did you get this kid?”


“A-ah! It was my hobby since I was young sensei!-”


Since he was young?


“As you can tell, I love heroes and studying quirks in general. I used to watch any nearby hero interactions and I try to analyze their fighting style, their quirks as much as I can, their possible weaknesses, strengths, uses, and everything else! Kacchan told me it was a bit creepy and stupid, but I thought should try to learn from the best!  I try to implement whatever I learn to my own training and help other people if they need to. It’s just all interesting, how quirks work, how it alters the body, and all that, and oh! Its benefits and stuff- oh, I said that already, didn’t I? I would want to learn the origin of quirks if I can, but that doesn’t seem too possible? But for real, your quirk is so awesome, Aizawa-sensei! I also find it fascinating that you essentially fight quirkless! That’s an even more impressive feat! I’m so curious on how your quirk works...andalsoyourcaptureweaponbutthatwouldbetoomuchtoaskisn’ttitorcanIactuallyask…”


The kid really does get lost in his own thoughts. He even lost his stutter now. The teacher could see it with the small notes that scattered the pages. He scanned the notebook a bit more, sighed, and gave it back to the kid. He turned off his quirk.


“How many of this do you have, kid?”


“I’m currently on 15th, Sir!”


He really had been doing this forever. He sighed again.


“While this hobby of yours is impressive, it could potentially be dangerous if given to the wrong hands. I suggest that you should be cautious with carrying these. Keep it up though. But, as you’ve said, it’s not really the time for this, so I’ll refrain from signing this. Come, we had a time limit to chase.”


“Thank you Sensei. Sorry for bringing this up suddenly. I’d be more careful next time.”


“It’s nothing.”  


The teacher had continued walking towards the base. The student had followed him, mumbling, and with the yeses, no’s, whines, and groans, he seemed to be arguing himself as well. He was actually anticipating the kid to ask him more questions. It would be a tad annoying, but when he heard the kid’s insight on Kaminari’s quirk, he was a little curious on what he would say about his quirk. However, he did say that this was not the time, and since the kid seemed to have taken note of this and restrained himself, Aizawa kept his silence as well. As soon as they have reached their location, Mic had signalled the 5 minute leeway and the ‘villain’ had blindfolded himself without so much a word between them. He thought the kid had left.


In the last two minutes, the kid spoke up again.


“Sensei, your quirk is really fascinating. I initially thought that it was similar to the defensive mechanisms of animals. I thought maybe you produce some quirk cancelling substance or a pheromone that you disperse through your hair and eyes, that maybe your eyes turn red to signal that you do, kind of like how you can tell which ones are venomous or poisonous, and that your hair raises up kind of like how cats do when they are aggressive. I’m only half right though. It’s a form of bioluminescence that only manifests on your eyes and signals the part of the brain responsible for quirk function to cease. It raises the temperature on your head significantly, that’s why your eyes actually dries twice as much. Your hair goes up to release that heat build up to help cool you down. Though that heat seemed to be more like the energy released by quirk cancelling handcuffs or devices, therefore, it makes your quirk more potent, so maybe the hair raising mechanism is multi-purposed? Huh. I wonder if that quirk cancelling enzyme you produce could be replicated and used for apprehending criminals, kinda like tranquilizers, or even for permanently erasing quirks for crime punishment? Ah! I should stop that line of thought.-”


Aizawa couldn’t believe what he just heard. He knew how his quirk works, but to be given the rundown on how it actually works was… he couldn’t even process it properly with admittedly sleep-deprived brain. And now the kid was talking about probably obtaining a sample for that thing he was talking about and making weapons? This kid could potentially be more dangerous than he actually thought. He once again activated his quirk- how did the kid found all that out? If the boy used his quirk simultaneously as he did, how the heck- was it? He remembered activating his quirk upon receiving the notebook, then he scanned the notebook for a bit before deactivating is quirk. That’s it?! From those few seconds, he was able to take his quirk apart so easily. Just from that few seconds? He even had the nerve to talk about it so casually like he was just sharing gossip to a friend. This kid. What was his quirk again? Can his quirk actually do that?


He was about to confront the kid again when Mic’s voice boomed through the speakers.


“Villains, are you ready? Go!!”


By the time he got to rip off his blindfold and face the kid, he was long gone. He started hearing explosions and screams outside. He took his first step as well.


This looks way more fun than he thought.


Ashido Mina truthfully was just curious about who Z really was. It just seemed fun when Kaminari proposed the idea of befriending the Shiketsu students to figure out who the mysterious person was, but she really was starting to enjoy Airi-chan’s (as she asked to be called) company. They really had a lot in common (she dances as well!) and Mina was really impressed with her creations that she apparently sells on her own online shop. They already exchanged numbers and added each other on every social media sites they were both using (they follow a lot of the same people!). So when Airi-chan had asked her if she wanted to try something awesome, she readily agreed. It probably wouldn't be so bad right?


The girl told her to wear the badge, and once Present Mic had given the signal for the villains’ pursuit, touch the badge. Check, check, check.


She didn't expect this.




Eh? Ashido looked around to see if the other girl had already found her. There was no one.




This is certainly getting creepy, she thought aloud.


Sorry, Mina-chan, that's what people usually think when they first experience my quirk. Isn't it cool though? My quirk allows me to talk to anyone who has my badge, as long as they press it! Kinda like a walkie talkie! Cool right?”


“Oh my gosh! Is this really your quirk? It's really awesome!”


“Don't worry though, I can't sense you with this nor would I ask where you are! This way, we can still talk while doing the activity!”


We really should be focusing, but man, this is really cool! We could do secret operations with this one- oh! Can I ask you something?”


“Sure! Fire away!”


“I have seen stuff about Z online, and I was really so curious! And I heard that your group was Z's group. If it's not really a secret or anything, can you tell me who Z is?”


“Sure!”   This is it, Mina mused, oh, can she hear-


“Don't worry Mina-chan, this just really works like a walkie talkie. I can't read minds. I can only hear the things you think out loud, or things that you would say with your mouth! But yup, I heard that last bit. Sorry. Yes, Z! Everyone's really curious about it, but I can't blame you. Z was-


Mina couldn't help but stop at the suspense.


-the name of our group!


Mina visibly shrunk from that. But really, it was a bit of a letdown. Quite big, if you would actually ask her. Oops. Hope she didn't hear that. She didn't.


When we were deciding to name our group, Ii-chan, or Midoriya-kun had suggested to use Z. He said it was to recognize my quirk, Zener, which we used as our communication means.”




“ That's how we hid the leader so well.”


“So, the leader was-” Mina couldn't ask because the girl had started crying, at least that what she thought when she heard sniffling and hicks.


That really meant a lot to me, you know. I was so insecure with my quirk. They thought just because I can talk telepathically meant I can automatically read minds. No, I can't. I wouldn't hear anything you don't want me to. Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean I’m not trustworthy either. I keep secrets so well! I was accused for a lot of things that I didn't do. I almost gave up because it was just so hard. To know that my teammates didn't judge me for it, and even recognized and thanked me for it, I can't just-


The girl just sobbed so hard. Mina was about to ask where she was, screw the activity, for now, her friend was crying and she was going to comfort the hell out of her!


-f-for them to completely trust a girl from General Studies-


Wait, really?


-who was just transferred a month ago, one with a bad reputation, no less, was just so overwhelming. A-and now, y-you're even be-befriending me! I'm just so happy! Geez! Sorry, I'm really a big baby! I didn't mean to cry! Sorry again, and thank you Mina-chan, I'll stop now.


She saw the girl haven't even travelled far from their base. She was wiping her tears with her hands and her sleeves. Mina didn't even think twice. She ran and hugged the poor girl. This time, she spoke aloud with her mouth.


“It's okay Airi-chan! I'm sorry for bringing those memories up. I'm glad I met you too! I'm glad to be your friend! I'm sure the other girls would love to hangout with you too! We totally should have a Girls Only Party soon! Stop crying now, okay?”  


She felt the smaller girl nod. What more can she do to cheer her up? Ah!


“Ne, Airi-chan, shall we do something fun?”


The girl just looked at her with curious, teary eyes.


When Iida finally zoomed past through after 3 minutes of literally lurking right in front of her, Asui felt quite relieved. From the frost quickly creeping through the buildings, the harsh, cold, winds, and the rising gigantic icebergs, it was quite obvious what their neighbors were currently up to. Yes, her group was assigned south of the Recommended students’ base (the very center of the training ground), which meant they were directly on path to the icy warzone created by obviously which students. It was bad news for her in more ways than one.


The cold shouldn't be a problem with her new thermoregulating device, but then, they were still adjusting the maximum temperatures that it can withstand without her being risked to any side effects or malfunctions. It seemed that the current temperature had surpassed the current threshold of her device which she was sure was artic low already, and she was this close to giving in.  She couldn’t even move from her spot anymore. Unfortunately for her, her silent pleas for Ochako to be faster and for Todoroki to stop seemed to have spurred on the latter and his competitor when ice shards have started to scatter with even stronger and colder winds. She couldn’t help it anymore and fell down from the wall she was clinging to. At least, now I know to just ask Todoroki for my device. But before she could close her eyes, she saw a dark blurry figure approaching her. Thanks Iida, and I leave the rest to you, Ochako-chan.


Later, she woke up with Ochako and Iida calling her name and peering down at her, asking if she was alright. A bit disoriented, she looked around her and she realized she was actually feeling warm. She touched her device and was working properly again. She also had a blanket. Was it her group mates? She clutched the blanket and looked at them questioningly. Ochako just shrugged her shoulders and Iida old her that she already had it when they found her.


Who else could it possibly be? She remembered the dark figure before she lost consciousness. Yaoyorozu? If you really thought about it, that could only be made by Yaoyorozu who could readily whip out anything at any time.  Then when she sat up and accidentally touched the wall behind her, it - it was actually warm! She looked behind and saw that a part of the wall and even the ground she was lying on was not frozen. The warm spot formed a circle that laid between the ground and the wall as if a cocoon or a cave. Was it Todoroki this time? It could only be him, couldn’t it? She tipped her finger against her mouth and tilted her head when a thought suddenly popped into her head. However, her still muddled brain was yet unready for any type of thinking, so when she felt a sharp pain on her head, those thoughts quickly disappeared as soon as they came. Still, she made a mental note to thank those two for later. For now though, it seemed that newly awakened Tsuyu had a quite mischievous side when she suddenly looked at Ochako with glinted eyes and slightly nodded to Iida’s direction. The girl easily got what she was trying to say and grinned devilishly.


“Iida-kun~” and even before Iida could react, Ochako pushed him down and pinned his arms. She was about to cuff his hands when Asui beat her to it.


“You’re under arrest villain, for peace disturbance. Police officer Asui Tsuyu, you can call me Tsu, at your service, kero.”

That made Ochako laugh out loud.


Iida spluttered and started protesting on how this was unfair, but the girls only giggled. Iida, seeing the other girl recovered and cheerful, could only sigh and accept his fate. Just this once, he thought. He could always complain later anyway and smiled at his two laughing groupmates.

What the heck had just happened here?


While swinging from building to building, Sero had thought of ways to attack Sato. Even if he was faster and more agile, the other’s pure strength was something. Ambushing him would be a good way. Maybe capture him immediately with his tape? But how about Kigurumi? Should he go for him first? He kept on thinking up strategies when all of a sudden, he noticed something lying on one of the stairs he just passed through. He thought it was familiar and decided to check it out.


It was Kigurumi’s stuffed rabbit.


He picked up the plushie and inspected it for any damages. Fortunately, it was unharmed, and there’s not even a speck of dust on its body and its shirt that interestingly enough says ‘Tuxedo’ in katakana. Not even gonna question it, he thought.  


But then, wouldn’t this have meant that Kigurumi was around? With the bunny in hand, he jumped from his position and looked around the alleyways nearby. He must say though, this eerily silent, dark, narrow alley he just entered felt like he was about to approach a murder scene out of a cliched but still creepy horror movie. The path lead to an intersection, and he just went with his gut when it said left. He was even laughing at himself. Seriously, there’s no need to be scared. It’s not like he would miss and trip on a foot sticking out from the concrete wall divider isn’t it?


But he did. But he did.


He felt his heart stop. He felt like fainting that he was sure he lost consciousness for a few seconds while standing. He thought he did, because when he came to, he was sweating so hard and so cold, and he was clutching the bunny so hard he felt like if he could easily tear it apart with how tight his grip was. He started breathing in and out.


Calm down Hanta. You’ll be a pro hero. This won’t be the last time you’d see this. It comes with the job. It just couldn’t be helped sometimes. Relax. Think. You’re a rational person, at least you try to. Breathe in, breathe out. Just think of Kaminari. What would he look like freaking out? He’ll probably accidentally set off himself. Think of how Ashido would make fun of him. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. And with the reminder of his friends, he had finally calmed down, albeit slowly. He then started thinking that the person might just have fainted, or just slightly injured. No need to think too far. He then took a moment to steel himself then went to look at the foot again. Now that he was a bit calm, he realized that he recognized that foot, or more specifically, that boot.


It was Sato’s!


That definitely spurred him into action. He momentarily forgot his fear with his worry for his friend. He felt his heart stop once again when he found Sato sprawled on his back on the floor, head facing right, unconscious and bleeding on the right side of his forehead. There was a massive crater on the wall and the ground Sato was lying on. There seemed to be pieces of a device scattered nearby as well.  Was that from the impact of his fall? But who would be strong enough to do this to the other? Explosions? But the only people capable of doing that were occupied with the simulation. Unless… but he stopped that line of thought when he heard his friend groan. He placed the stuffed toy near Sato’s line of sight and checked him all over. Thank goodness, the other just fainted and was fortunately starting to wake up. Though blood trickled down to the ground, the actual wound wasn’t too bad and had stopped bleeding.


He observed the guy for a bit. Sato’s eyelids fluttered then he opened his eyes. Sero didn’t miss his friend’s slight wince and shiver. He was immediately filled with concern over his friend. He tried asking the boy how he was feeling, but Sato cut him off and groaned. He then shakily raised his arm and pointed towards the path he was facing. Sero wasn’t sure what he meant by that and tried asking, but the guy just groaned again and pointed at the same direction.


Did Sato just flew from there?


What the heck .


Sero’s nerves went back full blast, and gulped. His friend just groaned again, and Sero assumed that Sato must have really wanted him to go there.


Okay, fine. But first-


He pulled out the communication device they were given in case of emergency during the simulation, and reported to Present Mic who told him that he already sent the medical robots when he saw Sato flying towards the camera and broke it. Ah, so it was a camera. The teacher said that he didn’t see what happened before the disconnection but asked him to check the other student in their group as he hadn’t caught him on any camera nearby yet. Mic then jokingly congratulated him for his win. He of course complained that he didn’t even do anything to which the teacher replied that his teammate had probably done it for him. Sero just thanked the teacher again then cut off the line.


He turned to Sato to let him know that help was on the way and he’ll be off only to find the guy dozed off again. He patted the guy before grabbing the plushie, then set off to find their ‘new classmate’. Kigurumi, huh? He guessed that looks could really be deceiving, but then he saw how the guy was just this morning, so he thought it shouldn’t be that surprising. But it really was. Besides, he didn’t know what was the guy’s quirk anyway. Was it super strength as well? But he really looked like he should be in a hospital, especially with those oxygen tanks. Ugh , he really shouldn’t be asking. Quirks were really weird after all.


He tried to silence his thoughts to concentrate on his task, but could you blame him? The horror movie vibe was back as he went further and further through the straight alleyway.  He had been following the path for more than five minutes now, and he hadn’t seen any intersections nor any signs of life yet. This training ground was unnecessarily big.

As he was about to reach the the end of the alley and into what seemed like an open warehouse, he noticed something lying on the ground. He immediately rushed to it, thinking it might be the boy, and finally, he found him. But what the heck, if this guy had punched Sato from here, that’s insanely strong. He found himself feeling sorry though, as it looked like the guy’s quirk incapacitates him like this every time. Now he understood the tanks. It seemed that the guy just really wanted to do his best despite his quirk and he could easily appreciate that. It was, as Kirishima says, very manly. Maybe he wasn’t so bad at all?


But before that, he needed to check the boy. After carefully laying the boy’s bunny near his head, Sero then kneeled beside him and checked his vitals. Sero leaned towards boy’s chest and to his surprise, his heartbeat was very slow. He checked the boy’s breath next, and no, he wasn’t breathing either! Does this happen whenever Kigurumi uses his quirk? He really felt bad for the boy if he had to be at risk every single time! He quickly stood up and looked for the boy’s oxygen tanks to see if they were nearby and nope, not even a trace of them.


Did he remove them a while ago?


He shook himself. Now wasn’t the time. Every second he would waste from looking for the tanks or even for thinking things through would be crucial for the boy.  He hurried back to where he left the other student and his heart dropped for the nth time that day.


He was gone. Only the plushie was left lying.


What was happening? He couldn’t stop the onslaught of dangerous what-if’s in his head once more. Was he pranked? Was he really okay? Was it someone else? Oh God, he needed to contact Mic-sensei. He tried to grab the device from his pocket but he was shaking so hard that he dropped the thing on the ground. However, as he bent to pick it up, he involuntarily shivered from a sudden, unexplainable chill. When he raised his head from his position, he saw the plushie sitting up with its back against him. Then, just like the creepy horror movie he kept on thinking about a while ago, the bunny slowly turned its head to face him until its neck was twisted, in a sickly looking 180 degrees. Its neck was so wrung out, its stuffings were overflowing from its seams. It looked at him straight with its lifeless beady eyes and its sewn x-shaped mouth. It tilted its head.


Sero inhaled loudly and harshly looked away. He started reciting a mantra on his head.


It was not real. He was just hallucinating. Hanta, snap out of it. It’s not real.


Summoning the last of his strength and his courage, and his sanity, he shakily started feeling out the device.


He caught something.


He looked down.


It wasn’t the device.


It was the bunny.

Chapter Text

“Heyoooo, Listeners! Everybody still alive out there?! I’m your host for today, Present Mic, at your service! So while you little listeners are busy playing cat and mouse all over the grounds, I’m here to give updates on your fellow classmates!


First group to cross the line is Group 8- Iida, Asui, and Uraraka! Asui here got an incident while Uraraka and Iida were duking it out. Upon her rescue she revealed that she was a police officer and captured the villain Iida! What an exciting twist! Wh- what? Yes, you d- I- Oh- Okay, okay! Alright Listeners! In consideration to Iida over here, we would discuss and decide the result of their match up, but if you’ll ask me, the girls had captured the villain and that’s that! Just kidding Iida-kun!


( Good job terrorizing that loudmouth, Iida , Aizawa thought somewhere).


There you go! Ooooh! Listeners, just in! Second group to- err, this is also debatable, but yeah! The second group to cross the line, let’s just take this literally, not as a win for now, okay? Group 4- Sato, Sero, and Kigurumi! Sato, the villain of this group was taken out a loooot earlier by whom we assumed was Kigurumi, the hostage of the group. Sorry, no video footage of that, but who else could it be?! Yes, you’re right! Our hero! Unfortunately, it wasn’t him as well, as it was Sero who found him injured and almost unconscious. But do not fret your pretty little heads, young listeners! Sato’s now a-okay and currently sleeping! Sero on the other hand… another plot twist my friends! Our hero had fainted and was carried out along with the sleeping Kigurumi whose hidden role was an elementary student! Yup, for me, he was totally winging it. Ahh, I miss those days when all I do was eat, play, and sleep, and let me tell you, I was pretty irresistible back then as now. Don’t hurry growing up, my little listeners, alright? Enjoy youth as much as I did. Don’t be like your other teacher out there. Oops! Just kidding Eraser! Stop calling! But boy, he sure does know- kidding! Sorry Eraser! I’m sorry! Anyway, yes, both of the guys were in good condition! Good job to the first two groups, especially to the hostages! Though your wins were still in question, you did technically take out the villains! It will be a good topic to discuss for later! Alright! Before Eraser calls me through the comms once again, that was all for your update! Lastly, let me remind you that you have less than 30 minutes left for the exercise! Still plenty of time, but don’t take too much time, alright? I’m rooting for you Listeners!”


Whether it was the success(?) of their friends, the hype from their teacher, or the reminder of the time limit, the remaining participants seemed to have been spurred on as they wore more determined faces, and not too long after the said announcement, some had been successful in many different ways.

Tokoyami really respected how their teacher took care of their training every single time. Even in simulations like this, Aizawa-sensei always tried to expose him to his weaknesses as much as possible which really helped him come up with different ways to try and overcome his shortcomings. If not, at least it helped increase his endurance. This though, he thought, was by far the most difficult training the teacher had came up for him, in a sense. Their base was deep, long cave located near the left hand corner of the forestry area’s center. It was general knowledge that he was less in control with dark places, and that was his weakness number one. He had considerably improved since his last rampage, and he was more confident in controlling Dark Shadow, but the problem was his opponent. His quirk gets stronger the darker a place gets, but that doesn’t mean he get heightened senses as well. He might be more attuned in places like this, but that doesn’t mean he sees that much more at dark more than a normal person, and if one can’t see Hagakure when there’s light, then the more one cannot when there’s none.


That was his second handicap. He would be able to sense her general direction but he might not be able to pinpoint her that accurately while she, on the other hand would be able to see Dark Shadow.  He could overpower her, but one shouldn’t underestimate the power of being able to strike first, or in simpler terms, ambush. He couldn’t carelessly attack as well, as minimizing property damages, especially to natural ones like this cave, were one of the things he should keep in mind in any operations he would partake in. It wouldn’t be too early to have that mindset now ( and he was sure that while Aizawa-sensei might not particularly mind, the principal definitely would). More importantly, he needed to conserve his energy for the more taxing techniques he recently collaborated with Dark Shadow (and just in case he needed to carry anyone out the cave. They were quite far from the entrance after all). So yes, on top of simultaneously controlling Dark Shadow and trying to hone his senses in the darkness, he needed to watch out for an literally unseen opponent and rescue his target, this certainly was the most daunting challenge he ever had to face, yet.


Anyway, as he reached quite a distance from the mouth of the cave, he summoned Dark Shadow and covered himself with his quirk for his Black Ankh. He walked further down the cave, trying hard to silence the amplified sound of crunched pebbles under his every step so as not give himself away. He hadn’t moved much from his position when a crashing sound, possibly of a larger stone that was accidentally sent off flying then collided with the cave’s walls, echoed throughout the cavern. He stopped, crouched down, and readied himself to attack.




That was Hagakure!


He was about to turn to where he heard the sound from when a bright beam from the depths of the cave suddenly shot towards him and he was forced to dodge. Only one person was capable of that kind of attack, and there he was in flesh, both his arms at the back of his head, with his left hip thrusted forward, and his usual cocky smile on his face.


He was caught after all!


Pardon Monsieur!”




He needed to quickly formulate a plan and let Aoyama escape. He needed to locate Hagakure and steal her attention. The quickest way is to make her reveal herself. She would surely try to distract him again the same way she did a while ago and this time, he would fully take advantage of it and make Aoyama run. At least that was the plan.


“Tokoyami-kun! Here!”






“Let me! Ahn~!”


The boy made let out another shot that barely missed him again. Tokoyami really needed to let him run now. As much as he appreciated the help, he can’t have him blindly attacking anywhere, especially at him.


“Tokoyami-kun! Aww! Over here!”


How dare she coo at me!


“Aoyama, run now!”


But the boy just attacked once more, which he barely dodged yet again. This went for a few more times. What was happening?   He swore that he would hear Hagakure from the other side but Aoyama kept on shooting near his direction. Did he miscalculate Hagakure’s distance? Or.. It finally clicked. Could it be…? Tokoyami was ‘Fuming’ Fumikage. (It didn’t help that the author had a bad sense of humor either.) He glared somewhere up the cave, then to the spot where he last heard Hagakure, and by the time he looked at the other boy, it was positively deadly. He didn’t miss the gulp Aoyama took. Good.


“Aoyama! You traitorous heathen!”


“Gracious! Aoyama-kun, we have been caught!”


The boy coughed (to hide his visible fear, Tokoyami’s sure) and changed his expression. He then even had the audacity to look at him pitifully and waved a finger to further the insult. Then he placed his right hand on his temple while his left hand clutched his chest. He let out a dramatic groan.


Cue bright shoujo manga background with falling rose petals, thought Tokoyami.


“Tokoyami-kun, we live far two different worlds. You live in the darkness, while I am meant to be in the light, just like her. We were just not fated to stand by one another. I belong to her side, she and I on the world of brightness. Mademoiselle Hagakure, we stand side by side.”


“Oh, Aoyama-kun!”


In some faraway corner of Tokoyami’s mind that was not consumed by the sudden shock, pain, anger, and mistrust, he was thinking if  Aoyama meant that he and Hagakure were actually, literally standing side by side. He could easily imagine Hagakure putting her hand on Aoyama’s folded arm, the other hand on her chest, and one of her feet raised. Her eyelashes would be fluttering, cheeks flushed, and eyes shining. Yup, exactly like those old romance movies and  nope, he doesn’t watch romance. It just happened that the old school action movies he usually watches happened to have those. He was totally going for the edgy side, okay? Totally.   But why the heck were they talking like he caught them cheating on him?


That thought fortunately quenched the negative emotions quickly as they came. He was glad that he caught himself quickly as his control on his quirk slipped a bit. There would be a whole lot of trouble if that happened. So he reminded himself that this was just a simulation, and Aoyama just happened to pick the hidden villain role. It hurt a bit, but he knew that these classmates of his would never do so in reality. They were as passionate to be heroes after all. So with a renewed vigor, he took a stance to capture the ‘villains’. However, he didn’t took account for this.


“Alas, the time for parting has come, Tokoyami-kun, and it is time for us to join forces, Hagakure-chan-”


“He dumped you, boss.”


“Shush, Dark Shadow. Come, let’s capture these traitors!”


He was about to run when he noticed that Aoyama was preparing to attack. He had a...weird stupid look on his face that seemed like he was holding something back. He seemed to have heard Dark Shadow saying ‘ He’s gonna take a dump, boss’ , but it must have been his imagination. Doesn’t matter, he thought then continued to shorten the distance between them. As he was about halfway through, the other boy released an attack that passed through him but near enough that he felt something was different about the shot. It was very weak! Usually, one can feel the pressure crackling on the the other boy’s attacks but this barely had anything. It seemed like the laser they use laser tags. Harmless, but used as a source of light. Wait…!


“This now goodbye, sayonara, au revoir, Tokoyami-kun!”


With that, the world exploded into blinding brightness.


At his last remnants of consciousness, he could hear the two excitedly talking about the success of some technique, probably the one they executed just now. The boy had tried holding back like he was holding back , and Tokoyami thought Dark Shadow was right. He also heard that apparently this was all suggested by someone last night, and that they were amazing like a while ago. He stopped hearing them as he tried to fight his slipping consciousness, but as he realized that he was still feeling that sensation of Dark Shadow covering him, that familiar thrumming of power that uniquely belonged to his companion that somehow didn’t extinguish after all that light, he thought that he did win in a sense, and gave in to the lull of sleep.

On the other side of the forestry area, the defeated members of the group were tied slumped on the ground. But despite their noticeable tiredness on their faces, they both have a fond smile on their faces while looking at the very red-faced victor who was hiding his still visible face in one hand while frantically waving his other hand. Anyone who was showered with praises for five straight minutes would probably react the same way as Koda did.


One couldn’t blame Jirou and Shouji though. Kouda was amazing!


They agreed that they heard a loud scream just a few moments after Present Mic gave them the signal then Jirou started retelling her side of the story.


As soon as Jirou travelled half the distance to the base, she stopped to check her surroundings, just in case there were any traps, not that she was expecting it from their villain. Pfft. If there was anyone who would never ever be a villain at their class, it would be Koda. He was as pure as anyone can get. But still, she checked. To her surprise, animals all over the forest had started making noises. Everywhere she strained her hearing, there were squawks, chirps, rumbles, even roars, and hisses. When she checked the ground, she heard a lot of shuffling and scratching on the ground, as if the dirt was being dug out or being moved. She understood what was happening underground when a mole popped out then went back down. But she didn’t let that deter her and moved on, or at least she tried to.


Multiple rabbits had come out and bounded on her feet to impede her from walking (and it didn't help that they were just too cute). She was torn between wanting to pet them (as this was probably a rare chance) and in trying to escape. She decided to just go for it!


Yup, she gave in and crouched down to pet them.


However, by the time she probably had touched each bunny (she was not sure. There were a lot!), they had started to leave one by one, and that’s when she noticed a path of acorns that lead to what’s behind the rock formations in front of her. She knew it might be a trap ( pfft. Koda and traps? Unbelievable.), but her curiosity got the best of her (she thought she heard Kaminari’s voice saying “been there, done that, I regret everything” but she probably had imagined it) and followed the path to see what her angel of a classmate had in store for her. As she trudged through the acorn path, she noticed a squirrel suddenly scurrying towards the bush. She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrow in question.


Oh? It suddenly got curiouser and curiouser (she heard Kaminari’s voice chanting “don’t give in” again and again, but really, who would listen to Kaminari? Not her.) and with the decision to see what’s in it for her, she took a step towards the squirrels’ path of nowhere (this time she can vaguely hear Kaminari, but from the few words she had heard clearly, she was sure he was reciting Shinsou’s prayer from yesterday. She did a ‘shoo away’ gesture in her mind to exorcise Kaminari’s voice from her mind).


But that was her mistake.


As soon as she entered the bushes, she heard a familiar voice.


“You are not allowed!” Eh? Iida?


“You most certainly can!” Yaomomo?


“I disagree, kero.” Tsuyu?


“You can do it!” Uraraka?


The rest of her classmates’ voices followed, even Bakugou’s ‘DIE’, and Kaminari’s ‘Yay’ but no one was there. She walked around, went back and forth, and have gone in circles during the onslaught of the voices but she had not seen one person. Suddenly, the voices slowly started overlapping one another (at one instance, the sequence became “you are not allowed”, “we’re just playing on different levels”, “die”, “yay”, and honestly, it was a bit funny) until everything meshed together. It got so bad that Jirou couldn’t help but curl herself into a ball and try to cover her ears as much as she can. She wanted it all to stop and unconsciously released her Heartbeat Fuzz attack. All the voices had stopped and was replaced by simultaneous flapping of undefined number of wings. Then everything was quiet.


A scream suddenly pierced the silence.


That was Shouji!


Despite her shaking legs, she hurriedly stood up and tried to run towards the direction where she heard the voice from. She took a rest and tried to steady her breath and her legs by leaning towards the closest tree when she covered some distance. Feeling a bit helpless, she turned her head everywhere to take in her surroundings. Her eyes went wide when she looked back to the clearing she just came from. At least fifty large rats started running from one direction to the other to probably move to a safer hiding place. She realized that her attack might have caused this and continued to watch in fascination and disgust to what unfolded in front of her (and thank you very much to the heavenly body who decided to protect her from ending up as rat lunch). Before the panicking rats were able to disappear behind the shrubbery once again, different sizes and types of predatory birds have each swooped in and clutched the rats with their talons before soaring away majestically towards the sky.


It was beautiful.


She didn’t realize that she was staring so hard and was woken up from her daze when she slipped a bit from her position. Yes, that was right, she needed to go to Shouji.


Thankfully, she didn’t encounter anything else before she met up with Shouji.


Shouji on the other hand had a similar experience. As soon as he got away from the base, several squirrels had led him with a similar acorn path to what seemed like a dried up stream. He liked to do fishing when time allows and was quite knowledgeable with areas such as this, so he quickly understood what the animals wanted him to do. He crouched down to inspect the damage.


The land wasn’t too dried. There were wet muddy spots scattered all over and when he took a handful of the soil, it was moist. The incident probably happened just recently. He scanned his eyes towards the span of the stream and noticed that it actually led up the hill. It looked like any other cliff, but the growth of moss on its rocky parts told Shouji otherwise. It was a small waterfall.


However, its non-existent state was probably due to the fallen logs that were sitting on the peak. So the squirrels led him to this. He gave himself a moment to assess the situation. It didn't look like it would take him that long, considering there were just at least two logs, four at most. Plus, a hero wouldn't refuse any pleas for help, even if they came from puffy cheeked fluffs. So yes, request accepted.


The problem was to get there. The fastest way was to climb the rocks. He tested a few steps up, but unfortunately, they were either crumbly, unstable, slippery, or a combination of all. Should he just trek then? As he looked around for more viable options, he felt something tug at his shirt.


He turned around and was surprised to see a doe. It nudged him and turned its head towards the left. Shouji presumed it was pointing to the direction it came from. It started walking to that direction but it stopped midway and turned around its head to look at him. It raised its front legs then scratched its right hoof on the ground. It went back to him and tugged his shirt once more. Oh! So it wanted him to follow. It released a huff as if to say “finally, he gets it!” and Shouji thought if it could, it would be rolling its eyes at him many times. It went through area with the tallest and thickest shrubbery where he struggled with the narrow spaces (he tried to move hard branches to pass through. Many had smacked him wherever as it went back to its original position. At least it wasn’t thorny) and tried not to destroy any of the plant life (he probably have eaten a few leaves as well. He tasted something bitter on his mouth. He hoped it wasn’t poisonous). Aside from the doe, he couldn't even see anything ahead. All he remember was they were going up.


When he finally escaped that tricky maze (he was practically convinced by then that it was one), he was amazed to find himself literally just few feet away from the water way! He guessed right as well. There were three large logs that blocked the water flow. He felt more motivated to solve this problem as he saw how clear and clean the water was and it was such a waste to just keep it there. He started to make a plan.


Plan A: with how close the logs were to the edge, it would be easy to push them. The thing was, the pressure from the water behind him could push him down as well. He was cautious of that and the possible negative outcome of dropping the logs. He doesn’t want to start a cycle.


Plan B: he can destroy the logs. It would practically end like plan a would, but the good thing was he can do it from the side, and he would be safe from the waterfall.


Plan C: keep the logs intact and move them from the side but that would take longer.


He didn’t thought of a plan d, but several stags with massive racks and several monkeys that dragged thick vines with them said otherwise. So Plan D it was.


The next few minutes of his life was practically a Disney movie. He didn’t remember what exactly happened (all he can say was it was wild , get it? *nudge nudge) but the end was a successful joint effort within the three species and in just twenty minutes, the water flowed down freely and had started to resuscitate down stream’s former glory back to life. The operation would mark more than Aizawa’s famous A’s that so far, only Yaoyorozu had achieved.


He grazed his eyes towards the place to take in its beauty one more time. He thought he would probably want to go back here on his free time and maybe take his classmates here as well. While he was pondering about those, he felt a tug on his shirt once again. It was the same doe. This time, he didn’t even wasted a second and immediately followed his guide (he didn’t want to be sassed again as well). The doe led him all around again and when they emerge huffing from another thicket yet again, he was surprised that he had returned to the base and Kouda was there at the mouth of the cave, waiting. He shyly smiled at him. He was about to question the guy when he heard a rustling from his right, and Jirou came out. She looked equally surprised (and breathless) at ending up there as well. She quickly turned worried and faced Shouji.


“Are you okay Shouji? I heard you scream.”


“Yeah, I am. I didn’t scream.”


“Oh god. It was a bird then. That’s good.”


She breathed a lungful, her hands on her knees and she seemed to be shaking a bit.


“Are you okay though?”


“Yeah. I’m good. So Kouda, what now? I must say, I didn’t think you had it in you. That was a good plan. I don’t think I have the energy to fight you right now.”


“I agree. Even I am quite drained. Though I can’t exactly describe your plan as evil. You made me help the animals after all.”


“You too?!”


The boy in question was starting to panic a bit then he bowed.


“I’m sorry Shouji-san, Jirou-san! I didn’t mean to use you! I know I should have taken the task more seriously but I don’t want to use the animals against you. I don’t want to hurt them unnecessarily. Again, I’m sorry! If Aizawa-sensei fails us, please tell him it was my fault and that you two don’t deserve to fail with me! It was me who was reluctant to use my quirk. Please forgive me, and here, please!”


He held out his two hands and bowed even deeper and waited to be cuffed. He missed the shared amuse glance of the two who smiled at their team mate. Jirou called his name two times before he raised his head to face them. He was confused with the two pair of hands held out on his face.


“We give up Kouda. You totally got us. Good job!”


“Yeah, I really think that you won this round. I’ve never known a villain as kind-hearted as you though.”


“That’s true! If you ask me, it looked like we were the bad guys instead of you. You would be a good hero Kouda.”


That’s exactly How To Kill Kouda in Seconds 101. The boy was so red he was practically smoking. His hands were moving miles per hour.


“N-no! I-it was t-thanks to you as well, Jirou-san! Y-your words from before, I-I r-remember them so well.” then for a moment, he went serious. “Also, I think everyone has their own reason to why they do what they do. Some people weren’t given a chance to speak out their concerns that they end up resorting to whatever means to be heard. I think I want to be a hero who would give a chance to those people. Just like what I did today. The animals can’t speak for themselves. They can’t exactly come and say that the rats have been eating their chicks or that their water source was cut off.” his voice became a bit shaky. His eyes were teary as well and he couldn’t stop the hic that interrupted his speech but he went on. “*hic- was- excuse me- thank you- right. If I was ever reluctant to use my quirk once again, I just need to remember that my other purpose was to speak for the animals. I shouldn’t be afraid, as they would want to fight, protect their own, and keep surviving as well.”


That made the two smile even more. And Jirou of course couldn’t resist.


“You’re practically a Disney princess Kouda. You’re friends with every animal. You don’t even have to tell them, but they would fight for you. Heck, they would even bake a pie for you.”


Kouda was back to being a stuttering mess once again.


“Oh, but how did you know the problem with the waterfalls and the rats?”


“Oh! I used an animal translation device. With this, I ask some of the animals about their primary concerns.”


“That’s cool! I didn’t know we already had those!”


“We didn’t. It was just lent to me today. It was a prototype. Apparently it only worked because my quirk was already animal communication based. I would visit the Support Department today to get this duplicated then tweaked.”




The two wanted to ask more questions but they remembered the time limit. The three then decided to go back and cross the finish line together all the while teasing Kouda once again.

Shinsou narrowed his eyes in suspicion. He had never seen a hostage victim this happy to be tied up on the ground (unless one’s something like that, and this was a hobby. And nope, he wasn’t judging, okay?). It was even so loosely tied that all Ashido needed to do was shake her hands a bit and it was off. Seriously, why isn’t she running? She even had that big smirk (that screamed something was about to happen but it wasn’t my fault except it totally is) on her face. Seriously, what the heck?


“Aren’t you setting me free?”


“I think if you actually use your sense of sight and your sense of touch, you would find that you are quite capable of doing that yourself. You can do it Ashido. You’re an independent and abled woman. You don’t need a man.”


“Come on, Shinsou! Even I wanted to be swept off my feet by a knight-in-shining armor sometimes.”


“Let me call Iida for you.”


“You would do! You’re totally a knight-in-shining armour material Shinsou!”


“Nice to know I’m second choice. And in case you can’t see, oh, right, you can’t . I’m wearing all black which meant that light is absent, which I think I sorely needed everyday, especially right now. So damsel-that-stresses me, please enlighten me.”


“Oh, boo! Don’t be too dramatic. Set me free before the villain comes!”


He rolled his eyes 360 degrees times five (because two rotations wasn’t enough) and proceeded to ‘help’ (eye rolled three more times) the girl when a voice interrupted his ‘rescue’.




He looked at the other girl carefully. Her eyebrows were bunched in the middle but with the way it was twitching, as well as her shaky mouth that was threatening to rise on the ends, it was obvious that she was attempting to hide her amusement. So she was an accomplice. Shinsou had immediately decided literally just moments ago that if the girl didn’t know of Ashido’s plan, then he would finally deem her human, but alas, today was not her lucky day. He decided to continue ‘freeing’ the idiot when he was rudely interrupted once again by the cursed doll.


“I won’t let you do that! You have to go through me first!”


He ‘untied’ (he snorted) Ashido.


“Too late. Run and be free blind princess. Be careful of the walls. They hurt.”  he heard the footsteps moving away while dramatically throwing the rope behind him.


“What are you gonna do now villain?”


“You-” gotcha.


“Alright, Barbie, no you’re too short for that. Her sister, whoever that was-” I’m finally doing this, huh? My time has come, Shinsou thought. “Do the PPAP song and dance. On loop 5 times.” and when the said girl did his command, he got a bit amused that she really looked like those creepy cursed dolls that move on their own and have mentally listed those funny dances on the commercials he had seen lately. He got out of that stupor when the girl accidentally hit one of her badges while she was doing the “ugh, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” step as she did it in front of her chest instead of above like the original did (he snorted and thought short arms) and it rolled down four steps in front of her. He, the ever golden hearted human that he was, picked it for her, and he, the ever taunting bastard that he was, decided to stand in front of her and pinned it on his chest to make it look like some kind of prize that she would get once she finished her dances. He gripped the edge of the badge to move it on an angle and looked at the pattern on the badge just for the heck of of it. It was a different pattern from what he received. He then looked at the badges that decorated the girl’s and found one that matched the one that was shoved on him a while ago and one that matches the one he was holding right now.  


Hm, what a curious thing. For a moment, he thought he heard Kaminari screaming ‘no’ somewhere, but he probably was, considering his hero partner chose Ectoplasm-sensei as their villain. RIP Kaminari Denki. Cause of death, bad luck (he heard the other boy’s voice again that said “Oh, you don’t even know the half of it” but he probably had imagined that one more time). You might or might not be remembered forever. With that thought, he touched the matching badge with the other still on his hand.


He heard a voice making the ‘tsk tsk’ sound. That probably was his imagination once again.




“Huh? That sounds familiar.”


I didn’t expect you the type to have the loud inner voice, huh.


“Well, duh. That happens when you only have yourself to talk to”.


What? You too?”


“Why am I talking to myself again?”


No, you’re not! Not this time at least!”


“Why the heck I sound differently? I know I’ve heard that voice from before”.


Well, duh! You heard me speak yesterday, stupid.


His inner voice even had the guts to snort at him.


“Well, yeah, including all the days I’ve been awake for sixteen years. But I never sounded like the squeaky doll in front of me before.”


So, you remembered my voice after all! But hey! That was a bit rude! I'm not squeaky! I’m perfectly fine!




What what? I'm dancing in front of you after all. Let me just say this though, I never pegged you for the Pikotaro type. I thought you're more of a dark, helluva depressing and emotional punk or hardcore rock kind of guy.


“Well, yeah. But chosen ones like me need some dose of stupid sometimes, otherwise mere mortals wouldn't be able to handle all our power. Wait- dancing? Pikotaro?”


He whipped up his head too fast and narrowed his eyes at the girl. She was still dancing. She still has that blank look that everyone gets when controlled by his quirk.


“So this means-”


I’ll give you one chance to guess!”


“Is this your quirk?”


“Tada! You got it right! Pretty neat, huh?”


“Oh, does this mean you can read everything that’s on my mind?”


“Nope. As I’ve said to Mina-chan, my quirk works like a two-way radio. The matching badges act as buttons. And It’s not mind reading, it’s more of hearing.or talking. I could only hear your ‘inner voice’ or your loudest thoughts. Don’t worry, I won’t know any of your deepest and darkest secrets oh, Chosen one.”


“Oh? Is that so? How about this? Bakugou is seriously a tsundere. You heard that?”


Nope. I didn’t hear the sentence before you said you heard that.


Aren’t you scared of this? Of me?


Nope, not a thing.”


That’s what they all say at first. No, not scared at all.


Still nothing.”


No, nothing was wrong. That’s what they all say if asked if there was, with me.


Did you actually do anything?”


That’s what they say to start this never ending vicious cycle.


Why aren’t you saying anything?”


It’s always my fault even if I did nothing.


Why did you suddenly shut up?


It’s not like you’ll believe me anyway.


Are you okay?


Funny you asked me that. What do you think?


Hey, what’s wrong?

Nothing. Everything.


Are you still alive?


Barely. But I’ll do everything that I can to make. I’LL BE A HERO.


You can do it.”




“I only heard your ‘I’ll be hero’. But I agree. You can. You will. You and me both.”


“I thought you can’t hear anything.”


“I swore I didn’t, except for the last bit. I think I can imagine what went through your head for you to practically shout that line, but now that we’re both here training to be heroes, nothing, I mean nothing would be able to stop as now. So stop sulking, emo kid.


He perfectly understood the implication of that. Why the heck he was brooding anyway? He’s still not used to people receiving his quirk positively. Maybe it was the snark as well? But that part was all him. He loves being one and he was proud of it. He won’t admit but he was considerably cheered up, and this, this was something novel. He disliked how people get when they were under the influence of his quirk, and this was the first time someone affected talked to him, albeit telepathically and she wasn’t even scared. She was sassing him as good. But the thing was, this girl doesn’t know Shinsou Hitoshi...and his sadistic tendencies when happy.


Shush. Let me brood in silence.”  then with his mouth, “Do the macarena.”


Meanie! Why are you even making me do this?”


“To test a theory. And just for the heck of it. For that, pirouette, five times.”


What?! It’s not fair! I haven’t done any single bad thing to you! Why are you doing this? I’m not even fighting back! Come on, lead me to the entrance!”


“As if you can fight back in your state. I’m curious about something and I’m pursuing that right now in the sake of science. En pointe! Twirl, leap, land, then pirouette. Robot dance after.”


The small grin he was sporting when he heard the girl protest loudly in his head had turned ‘Aizawa-sensei’ maniacal and a few moments later, he did lead the girl towards the finish line...doing cartwheels all the while. He scampered before he broke the effect of his quirk to avoid the wrath of the ‘doll’, not that she can with her body aching all over.


“Heyoooo! I’m here once again Listeners to give you an update! Group 6- Tokoyami, Aoyama, and Hagakure! That was a very ‘enlightening’ fight you got there! But wait! We had an interesting development! Did I hear that right?! Dark Shadow didn’t budge from the light attack!? Oooh! We’ll be discussing that later! For this group, the villains win! Yes, you heard that right, two of them! That was the hostage, Aoyama’s secret role my friends! What a betrayal! I kinda feel bad for you Tokoyami!


Moving on, Group 7- Kouda, Shouji, and Jirou! What?! Kouda was the villain?! No wonder these guys surrendered! Anyway, I heard that they were led around and was forced to do things! Oops! I made sound so bad! They were basically asked to help by the animals. They were asked to do a good deed? That doesn’t sound like a villain at all! That sounds like a Disney movie! That would be a good thing to discuss for later, Listeners! By unanimous decision, the villain won again!


Just fresh from the finish line, Group 2- Shinsou, Ashido, and Ishindenshin! Seriously, you kids, what did you do? I didn’t understand one bit of what happened on your group. All I saw was Ashido, whose hidden identity was a hero by the way, escaped then went back to find  Ishindenshin who was crying and all they did was hugging, chatting, and faking the capture! Then most of the feed was Ishindenshin dancing anything under the sun! Shinsou! Why the heck did he ran away? There you go guys! I absolutely got nothing out of this, but somehow, the hero had won the fight!


And- ooooh! What’s this?! Dear Listeners, Ectoplasm was utterly and irrevocably crushed! Heck yeah! Group 3 Hero Kamikami had finished the tasks with flying colors! Good job, kiddo! And- Kaminari, are you okay? You should be celebrating kid. You look like you just died!”


I just did sensei.


Actually, I wish I did.







Chapter Text

Mineta didn’t sign up for this.


Seriously, out of all the outcomes he had imagined and expected for his group, it wasn’t this one. It wasn’t even one of his scenarios! Sure, his role was to stick himself somewhere safe when the two get on with their fight and observe like the journalist he was supposed to be, but he didn’t expect to literally stick himself somewhere, like above a lamp post where he was currently holding on for dear life and shivering a tad bit too hard.


Let him tell you what happened. Though he was disappointed that he didn’t get to group with any of the girls, he was thankful that he got some of the relatively calm guys (which just meant that it wasn’t Bakugou and Todoroki who both needed to seriously calm down in many different ways) who happened to have relatively calm quirks. Really, he knew that relatively calm sounded like a euphemism for less flashy or plain and boring, but believe him or not (please do), he only meant that their quirks make them rely more on close range combat and they were less likely to destroy anything around them compared to Bakugou’s, Todoroki’s, and even Sato’s (because seriously, his two teammates can send him to the moon and back). He thought that they might be able to get away with a lot less property damage than most groups, which he thought would be a plus to their performance review for later (yeah, he knew. Shocking that he was actually thinking about these things. He was a character with a supposedly A-rank intelligence and he needed to show it, dang it).


This was hell!


His eyes were threatening to pop off like his hair from how wide they were from shock. Since when can he do this? Since when?!


Sure, one of his priorities was, well, obvious, but more than that, he wanted to be a Pro Hero. That’s why he was here in UA busting his balls off figuratively and literally. He actually pays attention to his classmates’ progress and techniques and catalogues them to study for later. He knows he is (literally) the runt of the litter, therefore he had to work as twice as hard (albeit secretly) and use whatever was going well for him. So believe him (again, please) when he says he was pretty knowledgeable when it comes to their quirks. He was always present whenever the guys wanted to spar, just like yesterday after class, so yes, he definitely had seen most of the things that Ojiro does with his tail wherever and whenever he can. He was definitely a witness to the development and birth of the other boy’s super moves and knew (from first hand experience) that that tail definitely packs a lot of punch.


But this just now had waaaaaay more than a lot of punch than he remembered, one he swore no one (Kirishima’s too shocked face was a proof) had definitely never, ever, had seen before.


He just freaking punched, or whacked, tail-whacked?, a hole on the building!




Freaking Ojiro Mashirao!




“That was so manly dude! I didn’t know you can do that! That was freakin’ awesome! I’m so going to ask you to spar more!”


The other boy just chuckled a bit.


“Thanks. I just had the idea today after talking to the new guys at the gym this morning. It’s still hard to do and it hurts a bit. I only managed to do it two times in my first try and this was my third. But yeah, fair warning just to show you that I can whip this out any time. And sure, we can spar any time.”


Really, one way or another, all of his classmates were freaks! Of course they would do something like gossip while continuously exchanging blows- oops! It was Kirishima’s turn to punch a hole this time - and destroying school property like nobody’s business.


Everything’s ruined! That building, that other building, the ground, that telephone post, that window, his plans, their grades, their future, everything! Through the glass windows, the so-called civilians were starting to panic inside the concrete walls. That distracted his two groupmates who looked around the scene, but then Ojiro seemed to have remembered that he was currently playing a villain and started attacking Kirishima again. The latter was obviously torn between trying to fight back and diffuse the panic. God! This was bad! He needed to do something to negate this! He frantically looked around for something to do. What can a mere journalist do? Aha! They didn’t say that the hostage can not go to the cross alone, right? It was cowardly, but that would be the fastest way to stop this. As soon as he gets there, it would be considered as the hero’s win then he could ask Present Mic to deactivate the robots for them. That was a win-win situation, right? Should he…?


Stop right there Minoru Mineta. You’re smart, right? Think for a bit. Don’t be a chicken. You want to impress the ladies, right? You want to be a good hero, right? This is your time to shine!

With that thought, he stopped and dropped his initial idea.


Hmm . Teamwork might not be the goal of this exercise and technically, he could escape for his safety right there and then, but Aizawa-sensei mentioned discussing the laws on class later. He should think of something that would lengthen the discussion on their turn and put their group (mostly him) in a positive light. How about barricading the entrance to avoid spreading the damage? He could make a show of leading the civilians to a safer place.That’s a good one! That could show that they were conscious of the properties and most importantly, the safety of the people. But he was a just journalist right now though. Was it okay for him to do that? In a real life situation, he would be able to call for backup heroes and the police. Could he do that with the communication headset? He really should start reading more law books that address his current dilemma. He took another moment to think about what to do next.


Alright. He was decided. A journalist might not have the same license to use his quirk like a hero does, but they can still help people in any way they can (as long as it’s legal, he should remember that). Okay! Time to show how awesome Mineta Minoru is ! With that, he started to run across the road while stringing his pop off balls to create a makeshift barrier tape in attempt to isolate the area and reduce the possible casualties.


Man, this totally feels awesome.


Seriously, he was feeling good. The rush of the wind as he ran only heightened the self pride singing through his whole being at the moment. But he should have known that good things don’t last forever. Despite the high and the ‘wind’ (which actually felt a bit too cold than expected if he was being honest) that he was feeling at the moment, he was painfully aware of the ugly truth. As much as he felt like he was going too fast, the truth was he hadn’t move that much from where he came from. No amount of adrenaline could make up for the shortness of his legs.


They say an average person takes ten seconds to cross a two-lane road. Five seconds to walk each lane. For Mineta, it took seven and a half seconds. In those seven and a half seconds that he took to just get to the middle, if he were even just a foot taller, he would have reached the other side of the road by now. He would have proudly finished his barrier tape and he would have started evacuating the citizens to safety. They would have completed the exercise with possibly the highest mark and Aizawa-sensei would even praise them (him mostly).


But no. In those seven and a half seconds that he took to just get to the middle, he instead reached the prime spot to get blown away by the too sudden, too powerful surge of winds that came from further ahead. He never have been too thankful that his quirk allowed him to stick and hold on too tightly until now. He had another stroke of luck when the length of his makeshift barrier tape reached Ojiro just right that he was able to whack him with his tail up to his current position where all he can do was watch. He could only watch how the civilians that he could have saved with his sticky barrier or could have been evacuated into safety helplessly flew away in every direction. He could only watch how Kirishima shoved Ojiro away and blocked the enormous spikes of ice with his body. He could only watch, holding on for his dear life and shivering a tad bit too hard, as another forceful gush had threw his teammates and friends towards the nearest building. The too big holes on the walls were not intended. Not this time.


He remembered the times where he chose to just watch. Those sparring sessions where he could have participated, where he would surely ended up bruised and scarred, but at least he learned something. Those training sessions where he could have put himself out more, he would not be guaranteed to succeed in the end, but at least he would come out more experienced, more prepared, more able to save at least his friends’ lives who never forgot to save his as soon as tragedy stroke. All he did, could do, was watch.


What made his situation even much worse? He realized that he couldn’t even blame his short stature for what happened. His slowness, which was something he could have improved, was definitely on him. But it was not even that. The few minutes he went on idle and contemplated taking the coward’s way was what could have made a difference. That was all on him. Sure, they would say that bad things could happen in a snap or that it was out of his control, but as soon as he saw the civilians panic, he should have made his move right there and then. His appointed role shouldn’t have affected his will to do what’s right and his job to help others. He wants to be a hero, right?


He was frustrated. He was disappointed. Amazing? Not him. He was up there, pathetically crying while pathetically clinging for safety, all on his own. The public would not believe he was a hero-in-training. They would probably egg him to death, and he would gladly let them. He fittingly deserved that. But still, he wanted to be a hero. He doesn’t deserve that even more, but he never wanted to be one as much as he did right now. He swore from this moment, as soon as his feet can touch the ground, he would start to work twice as harder than ever before. He would make sure that by the end of his high school life, he would be twice as much deserving as his classmates would be. He swore this to his heart as he looked ahead to the source of this power. To the center of the city, where three of the strongest candidates were currently out of control. He could only watch as ice emerged towards the sky only to be turned into nothing but dust as the wind howled painfully once more.


No, this was not the scenario he had imagined. One where he lived and came out a changed man. It was the worst. It was the best.


Aizawa had let out another sigh. It was probably, he doesn’t know, his 25th, 40th, now maybe? He had been searching around their assigned area for at least 20 minutes before he decided to venture out.


Seriously, where the heck did the kid go?


He, of course expected that it won’t be as easy, from the way the kid just disappeared last minute (yeah, he kind of thought that Midoriya couldn’t possibly have gone that far. The few minutes between him talking about the teacher’s quirk and Aizawa removing his blindfold wasn’t too long), but he didn’t thought it would be as frustrating. He went through all the surrounding alleyways, he went in and out of every building near their base, climbed up the roofs and even scourge down the sewers (what the heck, Nedzu?), but there was nothing, not even footprints. He was considered as one of the best in the art of stealth and tracking, but seriously, the kid could give even some of the most hidden wanted criminals he had ever arrested a run for their money.


That or he wandered too much and got lost.


With the kid’s brimming curiosity, and apparent love for anything hero-related, UA included, option two was likely the answer. So here he was once again, standing on the roof, outside their base this time, and braving the harsh afternoon sun and freezing wind (why did he ever thought mid-noon out of class sessions in the middle of winter were a good idea?) while squinting so hard just to see a glimpse of green hair which shouldn’t be too hard to see. Oh right. He was wearing a black cap. But still.


How would he explain Bakugou though?


That was right. He hadn’t seen his student yet either. If one thought that green hair would be hard to miss, how about a screaming, swearing, explosive, light blonde that prefers propelling himself towards the sky with his explosions as his choice of transportation means (emphasis on screaming, swearing, explosive, and airborne) then? Nuh-uh. There were no telltale booms from a distance, not even a shadow of that spiky hair, a whiff of the burnt smell, nor smoke that one would associate with the boy.


The teacher really found that weird. Bakugou never backed down from a challenge. He was practically trembling in excitement as soon as Midoriya chose Aizawa as their villain. The blonde had kept throwing him that smug challenging look that would make any lesser man cower in fear not him of course). He expected to see the student blasting himself straight to Aizawa like a homing missile as soon as the signal was given, yet, less than twenty minutes left, still no Bakugou. It wouldn’t be that hard to see him as he wasn’t exactly hiding that much either as he was looking for Midoriya as well.


He briefly entertained the thought of the two opting to cross the finish line together instead of engaging in a fight, but that wasn’t Bakugou’s style at all. Midoriya could probably convince him to, but if that was the case, he believed that they wouldn’t take them this much time at all. Besides, Mic wouldn’t let him hear the end of it if he was bypassed just like that.


Fine. he’d wait. He looked ahead and couldn’t help but express his growing frustration.


That was not the only reason he was sighing though. He noticed the gigantic ice towers and the harsh, frosty whirlwinds from the center of the city area as soon as he stepped out of their base.




The students who could only be the culprits were at it again. Seriously, problem children, every one of them.


He let them be initially. He had his own task he needed to focus in. He decided to be vigilant instead, just in case. Besides, this would be a very interesting topic to talk about during the discussion. Quirk laws regarding a civilian's public use of quirks sound vague to many and this was a perfect way to introduce the topic (he wasn't expecting Todoroki to be the one to do it though, but then again the kid may seem quiet but he was one of the most competitive students he ever had. The Inasa kid seemed like Bakugou who would intentionally rile someone up).


However, every time that he happened to glance at the center, the icebergs seemed to be bigger than the few minutes before. Still, he let it be. It was not until a sudden explosion of sharp ice shards and painfully frosty wind while he was traipsing the roof that he decided to finally stop and really, really assess the situation. Frost had started to coat the buildings around the perimeter. Icicles were hanging from the roof gutters and nearby posts. The way the ice would crawl and form snowflakes through the glasses until everything was covered would have been fascinating to watch in another time. But definitely not when just a few notch stronger attack from Yoarashi could turn everything into dust. It had reached the other groups’ areas as well and Aizawa was wishing so hard that the other kids were okay.


“Eraser, please go and assess Group 1’s situation. I would have intervened when I saw Asui got frozen if not for- Holy! This is now urgent. Kirishima’s group just got obliterated! Stop those two Shouta! They are looking terrible!”


“I was already going anyway. Continue monitoring the damaged areas and send me updates. I’ll go there as fast as I can.”


He disconnected and started dashing towards the center of the destruction. He couldn’t help but muse along the way. He didn’t think that it was this bad. It was bad enough that these two very promising recommendation students were willing to compromise their positions and their future yet again just to act on their ill feelings towards one another. He let it pass the first time because there were things that wasn't just his business. But this time, he thought he definitely had to sit them down and talk to them sternly as soon as this exercise finished. They didn't have to tell him what's going on between them, but they would have to try hard to make him understand why did they have to destroy everything and risk everyone just for the sake of that.


As much as he believed in their potentials, he wouldn't hesitate to expel them if he couldn't be convinced. Heroes try to prevent and save people from disaster, not cause them (and Nezu wouldn't be happy that his 3 day old finally-finished-project was blown, and frozen, to smithereens, so God help them three).


As slowly approached the center, he couldn’t but look at the extent of the damage done. He was about to sigh when he noticed something. That made him stop temporarily and went closer to one of the frozen buildings that was left open. He was expecting to see equally frozen ‘civilians’ but there was none. He went further and took a glimpse on nearby buildings and they were all as empty as the first one.


If anyone would be brave enough (only Nezu and Mic were) to call him off for the slight upward tilting of the right corner of his mouth, they would be slammed shut quicker than they could blink. But yeah, sue him if you want, but he just couldn’t help but be a tiny, tiny bit proud. If there was anyone left in this group that he would trust to be rational and do what’s right, it would be Yaoyorozu. There was no doubt about it. Thank goodness.


Wait. But what about her? Hizashi didn’t mention her in any of his reports that he continued to feed Aizawa along the way. He clicked his tongue. He started to run once again, hoping that the girl was fine.


There she was!


She was lying unconscious on the floor covered in a large black blanket. His eyes did not miss the large spot of weirdly dry and unfrozen ground  she was lying on (Todoroki? Huh. Guess he still had senses left) but he ignored that in favor of the lump that she seemed to be holding to under the blanket. He crouched down to check her breathing, and thank goodness it wasn’t labored as he was expecting. In fact, it seemed like she was just sleeping. He placed the back of his hand near her temple and didn’t find her as stone cold as he thought. He shook her gently to see if he can wake her up and as he did, the blanket was shrugged of a bit and revealed the small ‘kid civilian’ he would assume she had protected.




The call of her name seemed to have done the trick. She had started stirring up. The teacher awaited until she had gained enough consciousness to gently chide her with questions.




“Yes, I am. Are you alright?”


That sprung her up. She bolted into a sitting position, panic and worry painted on her face. He asked again if she was alright. She started tearing up and clutched the ‘kid’ on her arms tighter. He tried asking her to calm down but that only seemed to worsen her feelings. She only cried harder.


God. UA never taught him how to handle crying teenagers. He gave out another sigh then tried to calm her down again. Once the hics have stopped, he then slowly asked her what happened. The poor girl had sobbed again. She told him about how frustrated she was about being helpless, that she couldn’t stop the two from causing harm to themselves and to others when she was tasked to be the hero. She also felt her heart ache for her classmate as she heard some of the things that the other boy had said. But she couldn’t approach them, couldn’t even if she tried to because of their fight. She couldn’t try to cheer up or comfort Todoroki as he and the other boy were so into the battle that they couldn’t hear her anymore. She then kept on apologizing for not being able to do anything, for not being able to uphold the things he had taught them, and that she was lacking too much. She continued to degrade herself. For a moment, he briefly went back to when he was her age. He thought about his own lack of self confidence and shortcomings that still plague him from time to time just like now- stop. He doesn’t need that now. God. now he felt bad for his former teachers because he was worst. He really couldn’t handle this. He was definitely not the best candidate to cheer up people. But he would, would try, at least.


He pinched the space between his eyebrows then inwardly let out a long suffering sigh (which he was thankful that the sobbing girl didn’t notice. He didn’t want her to think that he was getting troubled by her when he was just prepping himself. He wasn’t, really. He didn’t want to add more fuel to the pity party). He did the only one thing he could think of.


He patted her head. Lightly and briefly.


“You did well.”


The hics once again stopped. He continued.


“You did well. You could have tried and tried stopping your teammates. You could have risked yourself more. Instead, you’ve decided to act on what you thought was better. Least number of casualties (he wouldn’t tell her about her classmates yet) and you’re safe as well. Heroes exist for other people. But heroes are people too. They can’t do everything alone, that’s why we have hero teams. I know it’s frustrating when you’re aware of the expectations riding on your back, that you feel like you needed to solve everything, but sometimes it’s wiser to wait or rely on someone who just fits the job better and focus on what you can do instead. And you have done just that. I know, it’s really frustrating. But you should remember, quirks can only do so much. The rest is up to you. Again, good job Yaoyorozu.”


She completely stopped crying. She wiped her tears then closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, a moment. She opened her eyes and wore a more determined look on her face. She attempted a smile. It was wobbly, but bright.


“Thank you sensei. I’m going to work even harder to catch up.”


“Good. But for now, bring the civilian with you and go straight to Present Mic. Get yourself checked then show your classmates that you are fine. Work harder later. Rest is also important.”


She chuckled a bit. He knew it. He’s just not suited for this kind of things.


“You too, sensei (ungrateful brat. Don’t call him out now). Sorry for breaking down in front of you. Again, thank you sensei.”


Her smile vanished and was replaced by a serious expression.


“I only heard a bit from their conversation. It’s not my place to tell you but it’s not good. For the normally expressionless Todoroki-san to react that, it-it’s...I’m sure you can tell from just that how bad it is. And Yoarashi-kun, I’m sure he had a reason why. Please talk to them sensei. Please give them a chance.”


“That’s what I have intended to do anyway. Go now.”


The girl nodded. She turned around and poised to run when she abruptly paused.


“Actually sensei, it wasn’t just-”


However, when Yaoyorozu was about say more, another surge of the ‘blizzard’ had passed through them. Right. He momentarily forgot those two. He urged the girl to rush away while he turned ahead, wore his goggles and activated his quirk. He ran until he finally reached the center. There they were.


This was a lot worse than he imagined. Todoroki was almost buried in the center of the tallest iceberg. Only his right side was visible but barely. He was trembling badly. His hand was still moving, still attacking but he’s facing down. He had that blank look in his eyes. He wasn’t even looking at his opponent anymore, wasn’t literally seeing anymore, but he kept on accurately attacking the other boy. He was moving on instincts alone.


Oh god. His mind quickly turned gears and imagined scenarios. To be able to move like that either meant he was just that talented or- he stopped. He didn’t have the time to get sick right now.


The other boy was just as worse. He also had that vacant expression, but unlike Todoroki, he seemed to be just defending himself, producing a massive whirlwind that encircled him to avoid any attack from Todoroki. He was less shaky but obviously tired. He would erratically change between too strong and flimsy that would both end up spreading out and hitting everything along their path until it completely dissipated.


That was the problem. He managed to erase their quirks as soon as they entered his vision. However, Yoarashi had already released the attack from his body. It didn’t get affected by the erasure at all, and what’s even worse was that it was the too strong kind. It blew him further away, and made him crash towards a wall. That caused his quirk to deactivate. He took a moment to stabilize himself. The biting temperature had started to get into him as well, but he ignored it. Once he was steadily back to his feet, he then tried to jumpstart his quirk. It took a few tries, but once he got it going he started to formulate his battle plan.


From his position, he could only see Yoarashi. He tried erasing his quirk but Todoroki had already released his sharp, jagged ice. It only left him vulnerable. Aizawa didn’t have choice but to return the quirk.


He then thought of trying to find a spot where he can see them both and simultaneously cancel their quirks. He needed to be closer for that to work though. He didn’t doubt that the two would try to stand up and resume their fight as soon as they get their quirks back. He was getting a bit worried. He needed to be quick. He doesn’t have time.


That’s when he saw it. A sewer!


He took it back. Nezu was a genius.


He went down and it was perfect. It was freezing down there but at least he didn’t have to worry about being blown away again. He took the path where the sounds and the vibrations were the strongest and it had perfectly led him to the back of a building with the perfect distance and the perfect view.


As soon as the class finishes, he would buy Nezu a box of that expensive tea he was currently addicted to.


Then everything was over in a flash. The two boys also seemed to have finally lost all those adrenaline and fainted in a flash .


Thank God.


His co-teachers came in time for the clean up. He definitely needed help extracting Todoroki from that monstrosity. From then on was smooth sailing. The kids were definitely in bad conditions. Both of them were suffering from hypothermia, Todoroki moreso. But now that they had them, they could easily get the medical attention that they needed. His colleagues had left as soon as they finished with the exception of Cementoss who instead left to search less icy areas that he could repair easier for the meantime. He had some persistent nagging feeling left, that he might have missed out something, but he chalked it up to the things he would have to do when he comes back to survey for his damage report (dang it) but for now, he couldn’t help but let out a huge relieved sigh. At least for the moment, he could finally relax.


Present Mic who had seen everything finally resolved, felt like joining the success.


“Alright Listeners! Man, that was epic! You’re supposed to be a villain Eraser, but you alone just saved the day! Salute to you my friend! You still got it! Oh-what- stop! Don’t call! I’m just joking! Just joking, I swear! Geez, I thought all that ice had managed to cool down your temper as well but I was wrong- no! Just kidding! Kidding! Anyway, good job! I think that technically finishes the simulation, but we still have few minutes left, and that meant that my job is still not over! So for our last time check Listeners, you have five minutes left!”


And that was when Aizawa knew what he had missed. It came as a screaming, swearing, explosive, light blonde that prefers propelling himself towards the sky with his explosions as a his choice of transportation means right and went right straight to him like a homing missile. He was wearing his communication device. Why?


The teacher had dodged that quickly and he tried activating his quirk. Unfortunately, it seemed that it had reached its time limit for now and it will be a long, quite while before he can use it again. Dang it.


His options to fight back were already limited, but it seemed that Bakugou had instead decided to make his teacher dodge the whole remainder of their time. He had tried to run to no avail, and he didn't even had the chance to unfurl and use his capture weapon as the kid had let out back to back to back attacks.


He noticed that the student was actually silent and too focused, and he thought that it was...unusual? Bakugou was one of the most intense people he had ever met but his intensity right now seemed to be different than usual. It was a bit unsettling, if he were to be honest. He could only describe the blonde’s gaze as calculating.


They kept at it for a few more times and he noticed that they kept getting further from the center. He narrowed his eyes at his student. He had a feeling. He doesn't know, but this felt like-


“Ah. I caught a wild sensei.”




For a moment nothing had registered on his mind. He heard someone shout ‘you’re late nerd!’ followed by an apology and a fast muttering, but it just went out to the other ears.He just slowly turned his head towards the person who owned the voice and the hands that were currently holding him into place.


He wasn't even sure if he didn't just imagine that smirk on that person's mouth because he was quickly blinded by the toothy, wide smile of the boy. He saw the mouth moving but he was still in daze. He didn’t catch anything the boy said and just absentmindedly raised his eyes and met equally blinding green orbs that were swimming in amusement.


“Hi, sensei!”


That finally snapped him back into awareness. Ah. Midoriya. He then heard a clink and felt a cold sensation on his wrists. He turned back to his other student who was wearing his usual smug smile that was even more cocky than usual. Bakugou.


What the heck just happened?


The broadcast had started again. All he heard was Mic laughing his life off (because yeah, he wouldn't see tomorrow anymore. Better yet, he'll make sure that that idiot wouldn't even be alive by the time the sun sets). He couldn't even hear anything but oh god that was good, have you seen his stupid face, and the finishing line. Yeah, he was just half listening because he was eavesdropping on the kids’ more interesting conversation about how they apparently planned his capture. He didn't hear much, no thanks to that noisy blonde, not that other noisy blonde, but he caught 5 minutes (he would assume using the last five minutes for their plan. Cocky brats), something map (of Ground Z, maybe?), a whole lot of degrees, latitudes and longitudes, and Bakugou apparently being slightly off by five degrees. The latter even pulled out a legit map and the former had pointed where he thought the other had messed up. Bakugou complained of course. He was already reeling from his sudden capture, but to suddenly hear that behind the scene planning that would put even NASA to shame? The heck?




It was planned? What did that mean? He narrowed his eyes at the implication of that. He looked at the boys suspiciously.


“What do you mean by planned? Can you explain how the heck did you know that I was going to stand on that exact location, exactly five minutes before the simulation ends? How did you-”


“Allow me to explain, sir! My hidden role is a third year heroics student. I quickly assumed that I would already have my provisional license at this time and would be interning as well. I would definitely ask my agency if I can be chipped somewhere, maybe in my costume? But I would really prefer it inside my body. Just in case that I get involved in very dangerous cases, and if I happened to be kidnapped or detained at one, my agency or anyone in charge of the case would be able to immediately obtain my location, and if lucky, the enemy base location.


However, since that was not an available option, I studied and memorized the provided map as much as I can (Bakugou snorted then muttered ‘big nerd’). I have been training myself to read maps and understand coordinates since I was younger as I believe that that would give me advantage for my future career. I asked Kacchan to study the map as well. He had done the same map reading training I’ve done when we were younger (the said blonde scoffed and said that it was against his will)! Present Mic had agreed when we asked if we can use the comms device between us.


I persuaded Kacchan to go with my plan. I told him that I would think of something fast, efficient and surprising to you. We actually decided to pull off our plan as soon as the signal was given because that was how Kacchan wanted it. But as soon as I stepped out of the base to find a good spot, I suddenly felt weird? I didn’t remember wandering around.


Kacchan told me that he tried calling me through the comms a lot of times but apparently I have been telling him to wait. When I came to, I was already at the center. At that time, the damage was already massive. I felt so guilty that I slacked off so I thought, why not make the most out of my role? I decided to help there just in case I was needed but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Many things happened and when I saw you there, I hid. You were so cool out there sensei! I waited until the cleanup was done and when you had been stationary, just standing in that position, and Mic-sensei announced the last five minutes, I gave your coordinates, then Kacchan attacked! Ah. Sorry Kacchan, it was actually sensei’s fault that you were off. He was the one off.”


“Of course. Everything I do is great. Don’t make me wait that long again, stupid nerd. You made me place last today. I won’t forgive you next time, you heard that?”


“Sorry again Kacchan! It wouldn’t happen again! And you were really, really amazing, Kacchan!”


“Tsk! Oi, you’re bleeding. You’re still as clumsy as hell.”


“Eh? Oh! I didn’t notice!”


It was a long gash on the outer side of his right leg that spanned from the middle of his thigh to just above his calf.


“Can you walk?”


“100%, Kacchan!”


“Tsk. Go straight to Recovery Girl after this, you stupid nerd.”


“Oh my gosh! Kacchan’s worried? Are you sick right now? You need to get checked too! ”


“I would curse you so hard right now if I could, you freaking nerd!”


The teacher tuned out the bickering idiots and let Midoriya’s tale sink in. It frustratingly made sense. He had thought that Midoriya may be tempted to wander and explore, but he seemed to be the kind who prioritizes work first, if his talk about all those training he did was anything to go by. Besides, Bakugou probably wouldn’t let him. The blonde would want to attack as soon as possible, and from what he heard and seen about the other kid, he was probably smart enough to plan something like that and pull it off. He wouldn’t admit it, but it was impressive. He thought that it was really weird when he didn’t see them as soon as possible. The fact that Midoriya didn’t remember wandering around was worrying though. He needed to look into that as soon as possible. He was about to ask for more details when he suddenly heard a louder guffaw.


You're so dead Hizashi.


“Come on, you villain.”


“Kacchan! That’s rude! Sorry sensei! You apologize too, Kacchan!”






After Aizawa had managed to make Present Mic stop laughing (guess how), he let the students take their desperately needed break. He warned them not to lurk around the clinic if they have already been checked or if they didn’t need to. He told them that he was going to give them the full update when class resumes. He took his own break after checking his injured students, sighing as he trudged down towards his work desk. He chucked himself inside his sleeping bag and pretended he was sleeping (his co-workers knew he wasn’t but they knew him too well to not approach). He let everything sink in. He thought that this was a lot tiring than the 144 hour shifts that he had in the past. Today had been exhausting, and it wasn’t even over yet. It was not as bad as the USJ nor the Kamino ward incidents, but it was as equally taxing. Not for him, but for the students. This time, there were no villains involved. They had to face something they or their friends have done themselves. He couldn’t forget Yaoyorozu’s or Mineta’s defeated expressions, nor the worried faces of most of his students. Even Bakugou was unusually quiet.


That was what he came into when he entered the classroom. The atmosphere was just stifling. Some were looking down, some were staring into space, but all were obviously antsy, waiting for him, for the updates.They all jumped and pounced him with questions as soon as they realized that he had arrived.


“Alright. Settle down everyone. All of your classmates are fine. Sato fortunately didn’t break any bones and didn’t need any stitches. He could be discharged today and could join the class tomorrow if he continued healing in his current pace. Sero just fainted. He could join the class as soon as he wanted to. Kirishima fortunately managed to activate his quirk as soon as he hit the wall. He just fainted and didn’t have any injuries at all. Like Sero, he could join the class as soon as he wanted to. Ojiro was as lucky. He had used the new move he was practicing on to make a hole on the wall. His tail was bruised, but otherwise unharmed.”


Mineta cried in joy with that.


“Unfortunately for Yoarashi and especially for Todoroki, I could only tell you that they were in a very bad but not the worst condition. It was lucky that their bodies were more cold tolerant than expected, and that they were stopped just in time. However, they won’t be joining the classes anytime soon.”


Yaoyorozu clasped her hands together and leaned her face towards it. She closed her eyes and let out an audible sigh.


Suddenly, a knock from outside the door pierced through the forlorn state of the class. True to his sunny personality, as soon as Kirishima entered with that toothy wide grin of his, the mood of the class had suddenly lifted. He was followed by Ojiro who had his tail wrapped, Sero, and Midoriya who was wearing a bright smile as well.


Most of the class had jumped out of their seats to greet the newcomers. Mineta even wailed and clung to Kirishima and Ojiro. He apologized repeatedly to his group mates who just laughed and patted him good-naturedly.


“Oh, right! Sensei, Sato’s going to sit in later. Recovery Girl said to tell you that she’s just letting him rest for the moment. Ah, here. She said that she was going to update you with Todoroki and Yoarashi’s condition through this.”


Kirishima handed him a similar communication device. As soon as he touched it, it let out the static sound that indicates a call from the other side. Aizawa quickly put it on. He greeted the who the class assumed was Recovery Girl then listened intently. He mostly stayed silent, occasionally grunting, sighing, as well as muttering some yeses and no’s, but the class hanged on to his responses with bated breath. Finally, after a few minutes of suspense, the teacher thanked the other line, and let out another sigh.


“Good news. It seemed that Todoroki had woken up for a few minutes while the the other doctor was called by the security to confirm the arrival of the thermoregulation specialist they called in for help. He apparently started the other half of his quirk and warmed himself. They just found him slumped and breathing heavily on the floor by Yoarashi’s bed with his hand barely touching Yoarashi in attempt to warm him up. They put him back to his bed to let the specialist continue what he started. They are both stable now and if the their treatment continues without any interruptions, they can come back to class after two days.”


“Tch. Stubborn extras.”




That lifted the mood of the class even more. Some even got teary-eyed, Yaoyorozu especially, but everyone’s happy. Everyone’s safe! Seeing his class like that, Aizawa allowed himself a tiny barely there smile. He quickly erased that though when he met Shinsou’s knowing smirk. Brat.


“Everyone, sit down. Alright. What happened today was unfortunate for some of your classmates, but I wanted to still congratulate you for doing well. Take everything today as a lesson. Disaster can befall anytime, can catch everyone unaware in a single second. During this times, we could be forced to make hard decisions, and this is what you need to steel yourselves into.


This is what we prepare you kids for. We provide the training, the knowledge, the experience, and the guidance.  But we can only do as much. Half the task belongs to you. If you complied to every session, every simulation, every tests that we throw at you and worked twice as hard every single time, then you won’t be at loss when it’s time to go out there and face the harsh realities. You should be, would be, more than 200% prepared.


I also want you to reflect on what type of hero you wanted to be. We all have things that we believe in, values that we uphold to. If there is such a time where everything else had failed, I want you to dig deep and stick into those beliefs to make a decision you won’t regret.


If you fail, or you feel like you did, then take that frustration as your motivation to work harder. It’s okay to lick your wounds and feel depressed for a few days, but make sure you’ll emerge as different, better person.


But if few setbacks were enough to bring you down, you shouldn’t be in this line of work at all. Being a hero is a lifetime commitment to yourself and to others. Please keep that in mind. Anyway, I know I’ve said that we would be discussing the quirk laws and regulations where your earlier actions fall into, but I’ve decided to to wait until everyone’s present as this would also be a form of feedback for all of you.


I would go start my damage report, so this is self-study period. Iida, you’re in charge. I may or may not see you later at PE, so good day to you all.”


The rest of the day was quite uneventful. Present Mic had obviously noticed how some of the students still had that strained look on their faces, so instead of their usual English class, he turned it into a game where the class was divided into two and they took turns into guessing or answering which correct word would make the sentence grammatically correct. If one group answered incorrectly, the other group would have a chance to steal. They played for three rounds, 10 questions in each, and whoever loses that round would be punished. New round started with zero points for both, and whoever had the most wins after the final round are the victors.


Midoriya was kicked out of the game a lot earlier. He couldn’t stop himself from blurting the answer. They used Sero’s tape to cover his mouth. It was very effective.


At one point, Airi's group lost the round. The punishment that she had picked was to recite a tongue twister ten times. Some got worried that her mouth would burn off at the rate she executed them. The group was both thankful and afraid by the time she finished. At the end it was her group who won.


PE was a lot quieter. Sato had came back and joined the class. They opted to just go to the gym where they were supervised by Present Mic again. He just let them do what they want while he graded papers on the reception table. It was just a guise though.


His friend was still obviously a bit bothered by the incident a lot earlier, so he volunteered himself to watch Aizawa’s kids.


At the corner of his eye, he saw Asui approach Yaoyorozu. The taller girl had been as cooperative, as competitive and as responsive, but she was obviously not herself. Her smiles were strained. She was either spacing out or looking down on her hands that she would clench or unclench from time to time. He got the gist of what happened and it was totally understandable. He had too many experiences like that too. This was the other side of heroics. This was the price of all that prestige. Scars that you have to live with for the rest of your life. May it be that slash on the cheek or the faces on your dreams, you can never leave the battlefield unscathed.


As much as he loved teaching the kids, he kind of hated it as well. Shouta always told him off for getting too attached and he understood why. You raise those kids for three years. You work hard to help them grow, to learn, to be the best heroes that they can be. You happily send them off as bright-eyed young heroes. Sometimes, that brightness just gets less and less every time you meet then somewhere, then all of a sudden, you’ll just hear they’re gone. Oh man. Sometimes he couldn't help but think if he did something wrong, or if it was his teaching who led them astray. He cries every time. It sucks. Totally.


Shouta had been impersonal for years. Always professional. Always distant. But this year was different. He would deny it with all his being, but he already loved these kids. That’s why he’s going to help his friend take care of them. He would totally get attached, but there’s the two of them now who would cry when they leave.


Long explanation short, that’s the sole reason he was secretly eavesdropping like your friendly, totally embarrassing neighborhood uncle. Anyway, Asui was handing Yaoyorozu a blanket. Oh! Asui had that wrapped around her a while ago!


“This was from you right?”


Yaoyorozu had grabbed the folded blanket and swiped her hand towards the fabric. He didn’t miss the surprised then confused expression on the taller girl’s face.


“Y-yes. I certainly made this one.”


“I just want to thank you for helping me, kero. If not for this one, I could’ve froze from the cold.”


“I-I’m glad. B-”




“I’m coming, Ochako-chan. Would you like to have it back, kero?”


“No, you can have it. Thank you Tsuyu-san.”




The confused face stayed on as she followed the retreating girl with her eyes. Hizashi really found that weird. He couldn’t get anything else from that so he then looked towards the other girls who wanted to talk her. It’s clear that they were giving her some space. Nothing gets past them, huh? That’s good.


“Hello, Mic-sensei!”


It wasn’t his fault  he fell down from his seat. Totally not.


Bakugou who was by the door, snorted at that.


“Don’t go scaring people now, stupid nerd.”


“Mean Kacchan.”


The kid even stuck his tongue at his friend. Hizashi was totally watching with interested eyes.


“What are you, 5?”


“You got it wrong Kacchan. I’m 4.”


“Lame. Hurry up now, stupid.”


“Oh! Sensei, would you mind if we borrow the next door training room? I wanted to try something new with Kacchan.”


“Uh, oh, sure. I think that would be fine, as long as you leave as soon as this class ends.”


“Actually, would it be possible to book it for two more hours? Is it booked? Because we are totally going to need a lot longer!”


“Ugh, let me go check. It’s not booked at all. I’ll let you for today but next time, you would need to comply by the rules, alright? Bakugou can explain them to you.”


“Thank you very much, sensei! Kacchan totally said that you are one of his favorite teachers!”


“What the heck nerd?! I didn’t say that! Don’t involve me with your sappy craps!”


The teacher didn’t notice the blonde’s very red ears. He didn’t. Really. Not.


He was seriously adopting this Midoriya kid though.


He handed him the key and to his surprise, instead of rushing out with his friend, the kid went to Yaoyorozu.


“Hello ponytail-san!”


“M-midoriya-san! Ah- I j-”


“Can I ask you to come with me?”


“Oh. Do you need help with anything?”


“Yes. I would totally appreciate it if you can help Kacchan and me. Please?”


Hizashi would bet it was the smile. Darn blinding.




“Yay! Let’s go! See you later everyone! Good job for today!”


Then he was out, dragging the poor girl with him. The teacher would admit he was interested, but he’ll wait.


By the way, did he mention that Mineta seemed weird too? He was working too hard on the treadmill. And hear this, usually, Hizashi had to keep an eye on the boy just in case he would act inappropriately, but this time, he didn’t even spare the girls a glance! Good Lord! The wind really helps sometimes, huh?


He was not as obvious as Mineta and Yaoyorozu. He spaced out more often than not so no one had thought differently when he got unresponsive, staring too hard at his desk. He was always caught sleeping in class, so no one was the wiser when he assumed his usual sleeping position to pretend that he was asleep. He acted the same, pretended to act like his usual goofy self when his classmates tried to ‘wake’ him up on his turns at that game in English. His squad members who stayed with him at the gym only noticed when he didn’t laugh at that joke that never failed to amuse him.


It did now.


They might have looked at each other questioningly for a moment, but shrugged it off as soon as they thought of it. It wasn’t until later that they met up for their so-called investigation in his room that they knew what was wrong.


“Alright guys, listen to this! I’ve found out who Z was! They even told me themself! Drumroll please! It’s Airi-chan! Technically, Z was the name of their group! It was suggested by God Midoriya after her quirk, Zener! Her quirk allows her to talk telepathically to anyone with her badge. It won’t work if she didn’t activate it though. That was their main communication means during the Battle Tag! How cool was that! She definitely fits Z’s description. Cute, totally unexpected, and knows everything- not really though. It’s totally Airi-chan! We did something fun with Shinsou by the way. She could actually talk to him with her quirk even if he was controlling her with his own quirk! I feel so bad for Airi-chan though. Shinsou's sadistic tendencies got out of hand.”


“Whoa! That’s really an awesome quirk! I want to try it too! It would be so manly! Why did you even decide to do that with Shinsou. That guy is ruthless! I feel bad for Airi-chan too. Anyway, no, you’re wrong. You saw me work out with Yoarashi this morning, right? I sneakily asked him about Z, and guess who he said it was? It was Kigurumi apparently! He said he doesn’t really know what his quirk is, but they apparently call him Zoom in Shiketsu! He just disappears whenever they said! You’ve seen him run this morning as well, right? That’s another reason! He was that fast! He doesn’t really, err... fit the cute description, but in a way maybe? He has that rabbit of his (Sero shuddered at that), so maybe that? But he’s really unexpected and mysterious. I think he fit the ‘seemed to know everything’ vibe, you know?”


All that about Kigurumi made Sero remember what happened in the clinic. As soon as he woke up, the embarrassment from fainting came back to him. He covered his reddened face with his hands then proceeded to twist and turn on his bed. He was already imagining how he’d leave Japan and change his name when he accidentally knocked something out of the bed  with his head swinging. It rolled underneath.


What was that?


God, tell him not again!


He tried reaching under with his hand but he didn’t feel anything but the floor.


Did he just imagine that?


He tried reaching out again several times, both sides this time. Still none. God, he didn’t really want to do it this way, but it was his last option. He stood up and crouched down the bed. With his head facing away, his eyes squeezed shut, he stretched out his arm towards the center. He stopped. He had caught something in his hand. He squeezed it a bit. It was soft, plushy. Plushy?!


God, no! Please?!


He quickly pulled the item and stood up. He held it in two hands and squeezed. He internally groaned. It was really plushy. He started chanting to every heavenly body he knew. He even started bargaining. Anything for a bit of courage if it was what he thought it was. When he felt that he was ready as he can be, (he’ll never be when it comes to this one, that’s for sure) he slowly opened his eyes.


There were two feet.


A blank shirt (that should have already rung the bell, but no!)


Two round arms. Nose. Two beady eyes. Two long ears. Two beady eyes. Two. Beady. Eyes.


It was the bunny.


What did you think Sero did?


He screamed, of course. He screamed. And screamed. And screamed.


He woke up Kirishima, Ojiro, and Satou who were sleeping in the other beds beside him. They started screaming as well. Recovery Girl bounded to them angrily and that was actually the real reason why they went back to class earlier. Satou would’ve been kicked as well if Recovery Girl didn’t remember that she hadn’t gave his last treatment.


“If you’re strong enough to scream like a banshee in my office, go back to your classes and be more productive, you ungrateful children. Just like your teachers, I swear.” 


She closed the door on their faces.


God. He was really embarrassing himself hard today. He was really tempted to resume his identity change plan. He sighed and looked at the bloody bunny again. He held it on the base of its arms and proceeded to shake it while muttering ‘it’s your fault’. When he stopped his ‘revenge’ on the stuffed toy, its head suddenly dropped to its left and he got scared again. He started apologizing this time. He knew that his classmates were looking at him like a lunatic, but he just smiled too bitterly at them and apologized for getting them kicked out. He decided to find the rabbit’s owner only to find Kigurumi standing by the stairs nearest to the clinic. He thought the bunny might be the boy’s way of expressing his concern for him so he approached him, handed out the bunny, and said his thanks. He then put his arms on his waist and proceeded to sigh his frustrations out. In his head he was blaming Z repeatedly, but he it seemed like he have accidentally spoken out loud when the other boy had let out a loud gasp.


Sero apologized again and muttered ‘who is Z anyway’ to himself. But it seemed he had spoken out loud yet again when he felt something on his elbow. Kigurumi used his rabbit’s arm to get his attention then pointed the clinic’s door with it. Sero followed with his eyes. The person who just went out of the door was no other than Midoriya who was smiling as usual. He hadn’t seen them yet. He looked back to the other boy and pointed towards Midoriya, silently asking for a confirmation if it was really him. The boy just nodded his rabbit’s head, then he started waving its right arm. That got Sero momentarily confused. He quickly understood when he heard the chirpy voice greeting him.


“Hello, Tape-kun!”




“Do you want to walk with us back to the classroom?”


“N-no, I’m good. I needed to grab my stuff anyway.”


“Sure! See you there.”


He patted the other boy’s hair and linked their arms together. Sero watched as they walked towards the direction of the classroom. He started to walk the opposite way when he felt a prickling sensation in his nape. He turned around and saw Kigurumi staring at him before he looked ahead once again. He went on his way.


Sero was about to tell his own findings to his friends who were currently bickering about Z's identity when Kaminari had finally spoke.


“It’s not them. None of them is.”


That got all their attention. Not to be offending, but Kaminari rarely talked this seriously.


“Did you guys know that there was a villain that infiltrated the Provisional License exam?”


All of them expressed their disagreement and disbelief.


“I didn’t believe it either, but I asked Bakugou if they told them anything at all during the make-up classes. You know what he answered? ‘Who told you that, Crap for brains? You shouldn’t know that’, he said. Do you know how they did it? They disguised themselves as a student from another school. Can you guess which school? Shiketsu.”


All of them let out an unbelieving gasp.


“How do you think they managed to? Yes, that’s right. There was someone who helped them from the inside. Who do you think it could be? I’ll give you a hint. They’re in UA right at this moment. A member of Z’s group. Th-”


The sound of the door opening interrupted Kaminari’s revelation. The person had closed it back and clicked the lock into place. The three flitted their eyes at the newcomer then back to their friend.


Kaminari looked like he wanted to faint.


“I see you already have introduced me. That’s good. Thank you for getting that out of the way. You see, I’m on a mission. I just needed a teeny tiny thing that I am close to obtaining.  It’s nothing much, really. It’s just a copy of UA’s database. Nothing important. Oh, did I just said that? Oops. But you know, I’m a good person, so I’ll give you a chance to save the data and save everyone. You just have to win my very, very easy game. Don’t worry, it’s just Simon says. You just need to follow every single thing I say. Very easy, right?"




It was Kamikami.

Chapter Text

He was breathing too hard. His legs were aching too much. He was running too fast.


But no, he couldn’t stop, wasn’t allowed to stop.


He might not seem as passionate as some, but he always tried to do his best.


He might seem to be kidding, or playing around most of the times, but he was as serious as his classmates in achieving his dreams.


Sure, he can get overwhelmed easily at times, but who doesn’t?


He knows his limitations, when he needed to step back, when to take a breath for a moment.


He would admit though, the time frame of that ‘moment’ wasn’t specified. Sometimes it would be minutes turning into hours. He was not really proud of it, but yeah, he does run away from some things he had to do sometimes, aka, homework. He was certainly working harder now, asking if he doesn’t know, attending study sessions (no matter how brutal Bakugou’s are, for some reason, he gets it way better with him), and more to keep up with his inspiring, determined classmates.


But still, he knew the consequences and he was willing to take the responsibility for those decisions, those things he had missed one day.


He definitely hadn’t thought that it would be as soon as this day.


And definitely not like this.


He was currently being chased by his math teacher and three of his clones,


Was it coincidence that he had missed exactly four math homework assignments and failed four math quizzes?


He doesn’t know, won’t ever know.


All he knew was he had confirmed the reason why four was called the number of death.


So here he was, hiding inside an unsuspecting janitor’s closet on the fourth floor on the fourth building from their base. ( Kaminari, what did you just tell yourself about the number four?) He had been hoping that Kamikami would come soon. Attacking his teacher had crossed his mind but he thought that it was better to wait for his partner for her input or plan. Just in case she decided they needed to run, he didn’t want to be incapacitated and be a burden. However, he had been here for almost half an hour now. He had been watching through the slits of the closet door, but so far, he hadn't encountered any signs of life yet. He was actually worried at first that he chose a quite easy place to hide in, but fifteen minutes past, he thought that he might have done well. But still he remained vigilant (hah!). Normally, he would already be bored to death not doing anything for the whole time he was waiting but his flight response and his nerves were in overdrive. He was ready to-


There were sounds. Some rattling, some creaking... Silence.... Footsteps... Then a loud smash made Kaminari jump out of his skin.


He hadn’t uttered any word yet, nor sigh, too afraid to do so the whole time he was inside. Still, he covered his mouth with his hand to not let any sound escape.


It kept going on and on like it was played on repeat. He couldn’t help but wince every time those smashes reverberated through the whole building, or maybe it was just on his floor? He wasn’t sure. All he knew was it kept getting closer. And closer. And closer. Until it stopped, two meters away, just right in front of him. He could only see through the narrow spaces, but that was enough to witness how his teacher who was facing forward slowly turned to face towards him instead. He didn’t even realize that his hand over his mouth was shaking until he had unconsciously tightened his grip.


Ectoplasm-sensei may look intimidating, but he was calmer and kinder once you get to know him. He was one of the most patient people he knew, but right now, none of those qualities seemed present in his teacher’s aura. And when their eyes met through those little, little gaps, Kaminari couldn’t help but tremble harder. He wasn’t sure if it was the trick of the light or a hallucination induced by his nerves, but there was something terribly different on that momentary glint in his eyes.


When his teacher had started reaching out his hand, Kaminari knew it was time. He closed his eyes to accept his fate.


He was done for.


Or so he thought.


He had been patiently anticipating the sound of the turning knob and the creaking, this time of the closet door, his only barrier towards his certain death. He could already hear his screams that would surely follow in his last moments on earth. He had even started reminiscing, the ‘life flash right before your very eyes’ type, when he heard a grunt. A grunt?


He opened one eye, out of curiosity, (Kaminari, do you remember what you told yourself about your curiosity?), kept one eye closed just in case the horror wasn’t finished, and checked what could have possibly produced that sound. He didn’t expect that he was just in time to see his teacher falling sideways with an audible thud down the floor. That certainly made his eyes shot wide open in surprise. He took a moment to relax and take in what just happened. Finally! He was about to open the closet door when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching. It echoed throughout the hallway. If that wasn’t creepy enough, a seemingly innocent gigantic cloud had cast itself over the building, making the whole place dimmer, and made it harder for Kaminari to see the mystery person. It didn’t help that they were wearing dark clothes as well. He couldn’t see their face, but he didn’t missed the way they looked down at his teacher’s unconscious form the moment they have approached. He then saw a booted foot nudge down his teacher’s coat. What the…?


He narrowed his eyes and peered just a little bit closer to the gaps. Dang, he still couldn’t see them. He tried angling his head in different positions, hoping for a better vision when the figure suddenly crouched down and started rummaging Ectoplasm-sensei’s pockets. What…?


The figure had stopped and in their hands was something rectangular. It was small, like a card- wait, wait, wait. Despite his half conscious- half panicking state a while ago (who was he kidding, he still was, even now), he made sure to listen well to the debriefing, and Kaminari was sure that they were not required to retrieve a card or any object of that sort, nor was it even mentioned even once. So, in conclusion- no, none of the possible scenarios he had thought of sounded right.


And he seemed to have the knack for choosing the worst option.


The figure started tilting the object and, there in that particular angle, it caught enough light for him to see what the heck that thing was.


It was Ectoplasm-sensei’s ID.


Also known as the staff pass, or you know, that card, that thin piece of whatever it’s made of, that the teachers scan to easily access few restricted areas of UA. Aizawa-sensei had mentioned once, that the chances were unlikely, but if they ever found one, it should be returned immediately. It’s not too powerful. Those restricted areas that it can access mentioned were just school facilities such as certain training grounds, laboratories, security rooms, and Support Department storage rooms where the hero gears and prized tech are kept. Oh, and the UA student and staff database which only contain the records of grades, student works, personal histories, and just basic personal information that would be enough for villains or anyone who may or may not be tempted to compromise UA or anyone from the school.  Really, nothing too exciting.


It was just alarming. TOO alarming. Even more so when the figure stood up.


Kaminari then started to move. He started shouting, asking the stranger to stop but they didn’t even looked at him. Were they pretending to not hear him? He immediately attempted to open the closet door only to find it stuck. The heck?! Everything was supposed to be new here, right? Kaminari didn’t believe that UA would ever miss something minor like this. Not even one bit.


He tried to shout and open the door again. When that still failed, he started banging the door. Still not. UA forgive him, but he didn’t have the choice. He needed to break down the door! He started kicking it, even tried to force it open with his whole body, but to no avail. Seriously? Even UA’s janitor closets were high spec?! If it was in another time, he would be so in awe, but not now. He looked around to see if there were anything he could use but he was the only content of the said closet. With no choice left, he repeated everything he had done just a minute ago. He grew a lot frustrated and started to throw his whole body yet again, and again in attempt to open the unmoving door. He was beginning to hurt all over, and honestly, he was half tempted to break down right now and then.


He paused and breathed in for a moment. He prepared himself. He decided to do this attempt a lot more harder. He backed away as much as he can (disappointingly two steps), took a stance, and finally, he threw himself for the fourth time and closed his eyes to brace for the impact.


Except there was none, as the blasted door just opened on its own when he was about to touch it. Instead, he wasn’t able to stop running and because he wasn’t looking, he tripped over his poor sensei’s body and went stumbling on the floor, face first, hard.


Goodness. He just missed few homework exercises, but this was seriously a bit too much for a punishment. He was sure he already wouldn’t be getting sleep over the image of four of his math teacher chasing him, now he even got body pain, and a potentially dangerous situation.


But he didn’t get to groan and complain that long. He felt something hit his head and he heard it land just in front of him. He raised his head to look at the other cursed object, and when he realized what it was, he scrambled into a sitting position, and hurriedly grabbed the object. He released a relieved squeak. It was sensei’s ID!


But then he realized, where was the figure? He caught something by the corner of his eye and whipped his sight towards it immediately. He needed to teach this bastard a lesson.


“Oi! Why the heck did you-”


His supposed tirade abruptly stopped when a flash momentarily blinded him. He immediately shifted his eyes towards the direction it came from he caught sight of the same boots. However, this time, he could clearly see that the booted feet were connected to flowy, awfully familiar , maroon clad calves. The rest of the person’s body was hidden in the dark once more.




“Oh, no. You touched it.”


That familiar voice rang throughout the expanse of the empty hallway, it’s silence bringing out the tone of the speaker that he never thought he’d associate with who he thought was them. And if he was correct in his assumption, he would first say that he would admit he hadn’t had much interaction with that person, but those few times were enough for him to make an impression that that person’s personality was a cross between Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Todoroki, a stickler for rules, but obviously girly, and blunt. Oh. how wrong he was.


This person’s tone was cold, detached, and malicious.


They started moving forward, each step echoing loudly in their isolation. Each step thrust light into the darkened figure, slowly revealing their identity, feature by feature, until the only thing left was their face.


This was the first time Kaminari didn’t like being right.




“Caught in the act. How naughty Kaminari-kun.”


“What do you mean-”


The girl just merely raised her hand. In confusion, Kaminari looked at his own bare hands, then looked back at hers. It took him a moment to realize what he was staring at was her hands, her gloved, very much covered hands .


He immediately understood the implication.


He didn’t even notice that he dropped the card until it hit his shoe and it clattered right by his foot audibly enough for him to finally realize. He muttered a shaky apology and crouched down to pick it up. His fingers kept on flexing (or was it shaking?) as he carefully grabbed the object.


He didn’t even got that far when he dropped it again. It was as if it burned him. He felt ashamed. Why was he hesitating? Why was he feeling guilty? He didn’t do it, dang it!


With a more stable hand, he finally picked it up and quickly placed it on his shirt and started to wipe it off, making sure that his fingers were covered in the fabric too. Wait! He just had an idea! He can just wipe it off and put it back like nothing happened-


“Nope. Your thoughts are quite obvious, but sad to say, no, it won’t work. Do you know which pocket I specifically got it from? People from Sensei’s line of work are very particular with items like that. He would certainly realize once he wakes up.”


He looked up and around.


“Good job, but no. The cameras won’t work.”


“Wh-what do you-”


“Because I said so. ”


Goodness. This girl was crazy.


“You can certainly try putting it back and not say anything, but I don’t think you can even keep it in. Especially if I have this.”

She raised her phone and in her screen is an image of him holding the ID. That explained the flash. God, did he say he wanted to be friends with her? Even if she forced him, no way in hell would he accept!


Really, not to be judging, but does Shiketsu students all have loose screws? This girl was winning so far.


“Careful. You’ll rip it.”


What…? Kaminari didn’t realize that he had tightened his grip, but what confused him more was the term she had used. Rip? He was evidently still reeling from the shock that he also failed to notice that the card he was holding was...a lot thinner… and bent…? He suddenly felt his heart dropped. Oh God. What did he do?!


He immediately looked at his hands, fully expecting to see the reason why he could, would never be a hero anymore. Except he got this instead. All the reason for his current panic, nerves, shaking, everything else one can call what he was experiencing now had just turned into a… paper. A human shaped piece of paper. A paper…


Fricking what?!


He couldn’t drop the thing faster. He even jumped a little. He put his hand on his chest and inhaled and exhaled too many times to calm himself. This was getting too insane. He took more breaths, (because seriously, after all this, if she said that she was going to murder him next, he would fully believe her and just accept his faith, so this might be the last time he could, would ever breath) and when he happened to look down, he noticed something on the paper. There was something written on it. He stared at it, confused. He tried to read it, but it was too small for him to see. He picked it up.


“Ectoplasm...UA… teacher’s… ID-”


“Surprise. Pretty cool, huh?”


He looked at the lun- girl again to see what she was talking about when he saw that thing she was holding between her fingers. She threw it slightly into the air, caught it with her hand, and showed him what exactly it was.

It was sensei’s ID again!


“You see, this was another reason why you would be blamed no matter what, if I just choose to. Because of that ruckus you made inside the closet, you didn’t notice that I literally just looked at it for a few seconds before I put it back. You see, I don’t need to have the real thing when I can do this-”


She placed her free hand inside her pocket. When she pulled it out, there was another human-shaped paper with the same writing right in her palm. She closed her fist and when she opened it, there was another copy of sensei’s ID.


“-and it would be so easy to make the original disappear and resurface it somewhere, like, let’s see, the bottom of your bag, your locker, or your room drawer, maybe?”

She then closed both of her fists that were holding the copies and waved them. She placed her right hand over her left. Kaminari saw through the gaps that she turned them back into their original forms as pieces of paper. She then looked at him, at his hand specifically, then raised her right hand and waved her index finger. He felt the paper he was holding flutter, and despite his hold, it slipped through his fingers, and it flew back to her. She then stacked it over the other two and tucked them back to her pocket.


“Unfortunately for you, that’s only one of the things that I could do with my quirk. To explain my quirk a lot easier, these pieces of paper basically functions as shikigami’s of those exorcists. I just write whatever I want while picturing it on my head, and like magic, it comes true.


But of course, with quirks, there’s always a catch. I can only use this for places that I claimed mine. And guess which place I recently claimed? Yup, you don’t even have to guess.


And let me answer before you even ask. We needed to go back a few months, the day of the provisional hero license to be exact. It seemed like it ended peacefully and successfully, but what most of you didn’t know was they had discovered that a villain had actually infiltrated the exam. You can ask that angry blonde friend of yours, only he, and those that were present in the remedial classes were informed.


It was pretty terrifying, isn't it? Not only because nobody knew, but also because of the school they had used. UA just had that kidnapping issue, All Might was forced to retire, then suddenly, Shiketsu, the other highest rating hero school in all of Japan suddenly infiltrated? If you were just a civilian, could you still trust the hero association after this? I think not.”


Kaminari had heard, or more like read those lines before.


“But the point of that was, how did I know? Nope, Yoarashi didn’t tell me. I already gave the answer on the way here.”


“Y-you had a very important business that you had to-... D-don’t tell me-”


“Bingo. You see, the thing about my quirk was, when I claim a place, any passage, security points, doors, restricted or not, doesn’t work on me. Shiketsu was quite easy. I just had to choose the perfect person to use.


But don’t be mistaken, I am not a villain. I just merely sell information, for a very, very expensive price. As long as they are willing to pay, whatever they want, I can deliver. After that, whatever they do it with is not my business. So let me ask you, would you choose a mere identification card for several millions? Of course not. I’m a business-minded person after all. And that’s the only reason why Shiketsu, and in extension, the hero world, is not in tatters right now.


UA didn’t disappoint with their security, but as I have temporarily claimed it, I didn’t even have to exert effort.

Ah, before you even think about it, no, I wasn’t planning on using anyone here, initially that is. I’m just here to quietly copy every single data UA has and leave as quietly. However, I do get that mood sometimes, that strong urge to play with someone’s life. Sensei here just happened to be in the middle of it, but my real target is you. It was amusing, seeing you and your little group of friends squirming about on your seats when we came. Right there and then, I knew you were aware of Z. It was even more fun seeing what you guys looked like when I dropped the confirmation like a bomb.


I would like to applaud your group’s bravery in asking my teammates about the rumours. Honestly, I would have just ignored you and go on my merry way, but I thought I needed to reward that courage anyway.


As I’ve said, I am not a villain. As your reward, I would give you a chance to stop me from collecting UA’s data. This school’s database is a lot more massive than Shiketsu that it would take me until Friday night to finish it off. You will have until that day to attempt.


And yes, in case you were wondering, what transpired a while ago was just my way of introducing myself, and yes, I did just lock you up there. It’s just, as I've said, I rarely am in the mood to generous, and when I do, I’d like to do things big, and dramatic, so I suggest you listen to me. You can certainly try reporting me or something, but I would just like to remind you that when I claim a place, it means I can do everything that I want to anything inside of it, and that includes every living person inside, like your classmates and your teachers. Listening in, even through the most tightly secured room in this building is a piece of cake after all. You don’t want any of your friends suddenly dying off, don’t you? So, yes, in layman’s terms, you don’t have a choice. Gather your friends after dinner and I would explain the mechanics of our game.”


Kaminari couldn’t do anything but slump down the floor. It was all his fault. If he just obediently did his homework and didn’t come across that stupid video, UA and everyone wouldn’t be in danger. God, curiosity does kill cats.


“I just remembered, you didn’t exactly got your answer, huh? Those teammates of mine had probably given different answers. They were truths, but they weren’t the right answer either.”


The girl then started walking towards Kaminari. But she passed through him and pulled out handcuffs. She then bent down and started cuffing the still unconscious teacher.


“What did the rumours say again? Knows everything, intelligent, manipulative, has a powerful quirk, but doesn’t look like it. Sounds familiar, right?


You see, the initial name of my quirk is ‘Kamigami’. The ‘paper god’, which is just fitting, until I discovered the condition of my quirk, that is. They changed it to a name of certain gods who were known to bless the owners of the homes they reside in. That or play pranks on them or worst, cause the opposite, and bring them misfortunes instead. Once they claim a house, they can do everything they want, and nothing, nothing, could ever stop them. That’s an even more perfect way to describe my quirk.


Hence, in the underworld information market, I am known as ‘Zashiki-warashi’, named after my quirk. Also known as ‘Z’.”


If Kaminari’s mouth could gape even more, it would have surely fallen down the floor by now. He couldn’t even think of anything, couldn’t even continue his self-wallowing (at least, for now), now that he finally learned the truth. All he knew was those articles were right on the money after all!


“I’m the one who spread those rumours, after all.”




He couldn’t dwell further (not that he can after all those continuous onslaught of truths) when he heard another grunt. Ectoplasm-sensei was starting to wake up, and in an instant, the lunatic was back to being the responsible class representative like nothing major happened.


“Sorry for accidentally hitting you too hard sensei. Here, let me help you get up.”


The teacher still looked disoriented but he seemed to have snapped into full consciousness the moment he noticed the handcuffs when he was about to reach for Kamikami’s outstretched hand.


“...oh. Good work.”


Ectoplasm took her hand and stood up. He addressed them both and started walking out the building, silently telling them to follow. which Kamikami immediately did. When Kaminari had started walking, he found the girl looking at him with that sinister smile before she turned her head forward, and continued trailing behind the teacher’s unsuspecting back.


Kaminari suddenly found it tempting to jump off the nearest window, and disappear from the face of the earth.



Chapter Text

It's just Simon says, she says.


Kaminari found himself groaning out loud, horribly, horribly frustrated with himself for what he was about to do.


He was not alone. The members of the elite Bakusquad were all visibly disturbed as well.


His mind went back to last night, to the source of their current predicament.


Kamikami just barged in to his room as soon as he finished her description. Actually, no, he wasn't even finished then. Rude.


Hah. Forgive him, but all the good humour (and all the life in him, to be honest) in every corner of his body had been sucked dry by the said female, so all he can do now was make sarcastic, lame jokes that nobody would appreciate (except, maybe Shinsou). But that’s about the only fun he can get now, so he'll take any opportunity that he can.


He’d probably go so bitter and cranky when he’s older, he’d make Shinsou so proud.


He just watched (with dead eyes, he may add) as the girl reiterated everything she told him to his friends. Yeah, Kiri, his eyes were that wide too. Yeah, Ashido, his jaw almost fell down too. Yeah, Sero, he almost fainted too.


He couldn’t blame them, but he wouldn’t be able to say the same for him. It might somehow looked like he was just taking in everything quite well upon hearing the revelation for the second time, but the truth was, every time he heard his friends gasp and saw their faces blanch, he felt heavier and heavier with guilt. His heart felt tighter and tighter with disgust and disappointment with himself. If only he finished his homework first that day. If only he didn’t click videos after videos until he found that one. If he only he didn’t took it seriously and pursued “Z”. If only he was smarter. If only he was more focused, more serious, and much better. He doesn’t feel that he belongs here, that he doesn’t have a right to be a hero anymore after all the mess he had caused. If only-


“Kaminari-kun, I trust you’ll be paying attention to this, yes? After all, it’s UA and your classmates that are on stake here.”


He felt like he was a deer caught in headlights. He shakily raised his head and looked at her with agaped eyes and mouth before quickly looking down in shame again. It felt like his flaw which caused them to land on this situation was shoved on his face yet again, as if he wasn’t doing it enough by himself already. He couldn’t, didn’t dare meet the eyes of his friends. He didn’t think he still deserved to look at them, or call them friends. He whispered an apology, so soft that one would usually need to be literally at the speaker’s face to hear, but in this pin-drop silence, it was as loud and clear.


“Good. Let me explain this little game of ours. It’s just a very easy game of you guys following my every order. A simple game of Simon says. Nothing too complicated. The little twist is, after carrying out every order, you must collect these little paper pieces of mine. You have to keep them until your last mission on the night of the fifth day where I’ll let you attempt to stop me.


Of course, you can certainly refuse to do it, and you can try to tell a teacher or any of the higher-ups, or anything behind me at all, but let me remind you that I would certainly know, no matter how. But then, I can’t guarantee that all the information I’ve gathered so far wouldn’t be anonymously uploaded for everyone to see and use. I can’t even guarantee the safety of anyone in this school, or Shiketsu and those affiliated to them.


Ah, yes, you can certainly try to ask Eraserhead to erase my quirk, but I haven’t lasted this long in this business without any sort of security for myself. I have someone outside who would simultaneously feel the deactivation of my quirk and they would not hesitate to act on my threat on my stead. All it would take is just a click after all. Don’t even bother finding them, even I don’t know where they are right now. Huh, perhaps they would send it straight to the League of Villains, and how fun would that be to watch the hero world finally crumble.


But I’m afraid we wouldn’t even get to that point. You know why? Remember, I can do whatever I want with my quirk and it wouldn’t even take a brain cell to make things disappear . You can search every crook and cranny of this ginormous school but they won’t find a single thing that they could associate with me. Not to mention, I could easily make anyone do my bidding too. My group mates, you teachers, or even your friends against you? Hilarious.


I can easily paint you guys as liars, who made claims who can’t even present substantial evidences. Only your group knows the condition of my quirk that I could easily do verbally, without the necessity of written proofs. And where would that put you? A suspension perhaps? Expulsion which leads to ending your dreams of playing heroes? How about the two great schools? More shame for UA? Suspicions for Shiketsu? Then a serious rift between Japan’s best hero school? The possibilities were endless, but they would pretty much end the same way. If you do wish for that to happen, it certainly is not hard to arrange.


However, you all seem intelligent enough to know which is the right choice of action. You’ll find my paper children containing your tasks when you wake up. I hope you sleep well for you would certainly be needing all that energy for tomorrow. Farewell”.


And out she went.


Finally, they were left alone, but Kaminari suddenly felt like she took all the air out with her. His room seemed a lot smaller, he felt smaller. The remorse he was feeling for himself and for these three innocent people he had wronged had just occupied all the space. He didn’t know how to start. Apology, explanation, kneeling? He wasn’t sure if those were enough. Ashido had just gained a new friend but with this debacle, not only would she lose her new buddy, he’s certain he would be dropped after this. So as Kirishima and Sero who had just been released by Recovery Girl. He hated to think of the possibility that Kamikami was secretly connected to their accidents. If it really was as she said, then anyone could be manipulated into hurting others. What if Todoroki and Yoarashi who caused the Ground Z incident weren’t actually conscious of it?


Ah, seriously. He could think of those later. Right now, he needed to focus on these people in front of him. If they demanded him to leave and withdraw from school, he would do so right by this second, actually, no, he’ll ask them to let him clean up this whole mess first, and then he would quit without any word. Right. Time to do this.


He righted himself into a kneeling position. He rested his arms on his thighs, closed his eyes, and let out a breath to calm his nerves. He then bent his upper body down the ground and placed his hands forward.

“I- I am s-”


“It’s not your fault.” It was Ashido.


“B-but I-”


“Seriously, bro, it’s cool and manly that you’re taking responsibility, but it really isn’t your fault. Sure, you started the Z train, but we went on board on our own.”


“I agree. If it was in another, err... less serious situation, I would have told you off and smugly say ‘I told you so’, but not on this one. Who knew it would be actually like this? Not us, and definitely not you. But man, this is crazy. We imagined a whole lot of scenarios and to actually land on the worst one was a bit hilarious. Scary, but a bit funny if you think about it.”


Kaminari finally raised his head. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. They didn’t even let him say he was sorry, didn’t even blame him. He didn’t care if it wasn’t what most thought of as manly, he was definitely crying!


“G-guys! Still, I want to apologize. I still initiated it after all! But thank you. Thank you!”


He stood up and threw himself over his- yes, friends! If they can forgive this, they won’t mind snot and tears. God! Now he knew that if there was a single thing he had managed to get right, it would be meeting and managing to befriend with these awesome people.


“You guys are so cool! You are the best!”


They just all chuckled at his antics. Ashido patted his shoulder comfortingly while Kirishima put him on a headlock and ruffled his hair. Sero just stared at them, sighed and smiled.


“But if you would think about it, wouldn’t this actually be a better situation?” They all turned to Ashido.


“What do you mean?”


“I mean imagine this, if we didn’t get caught up on this, she would actually copy the data without anyone knowing. If I interpreted correctly, if we succeed on the mission, we would actually have a chance to stop that too and she would get away without any data at hand.”


“Well, for me, realistically speaking, she definitely could say that while doing the opposite and we won’t even know. But if by chance that she is true to her word, yeah, I do agree that this situation is in a way, better.”


“I guess that’s true too. But I’ll try thinking positively on this one and hopefully I’m right.”


“I’m honestly a bit worried about the tasks she would give us, but I’m going to be positive too and face them head on. That’s the manly thing to do after all.”


“Yeah, between the four of us, we would make sure to do our best and help each other out. We might have failed our first finals, but we won’t stay failing forever. We would make sure to win this game.”


“Yes. We should make plans and carefully think about the possible solutions and choose the best one. We got each other’s backs.”


“And hey, if we win this, we can actually say we saved UA on our own!”


“Not to be a downer, but that’s a bit too much. It’s a nice thought though, but definitely too much. I kept thinking that we should let in at least our smartest and strongest classmates, but I’m not sure if she would allow this. Maybe if it’s too hard, we can low-key ask for advice. Surely that would be fine.”


“Oh, boo!”


“Don’t be like that man! Maybe we shouldn’t risk them too. They would be our last resort. Just believe! We can do this!” Kirishima then huddled everyone.




“For Bakusquad!”




“For our classmates and teachers!”




“For UA!”



It’s very easy she says.


It’s just Simon says, she says.


They expected it to be hard, but not this hard .


They expected to be ran down the ground with gazillions of errands but not like this.


But then what did they expect from someone who’s practically a god who sells information for millions and blackmails people just because she felt like it?


It wasn’t like this (they hoped), but certainly like this (unfortunately).


It was in third period P.E. Many had opted to just do sparring. Interestingly enough, many of his classmates had asked to use their new support items. Kaminari saw Aizawa-sensei raised his eyebrow on that, but didn’t comment on it.


Kaminari was the first one to go and his task read as a simple ‘Ask the gravity girl to spar with you. While sparring, look for my piece of paper. You  would know it is the right one as it would light up once you laid eyes on it. Strike the target with your quirk. P.S. Don’t bother asking for help, only you would see it.’.


Simple enough. Doable. Kaminari grinned. He can do this. Until he found the target, that is.


He did as he was told. He asked Uraraka to spar. Some, including her looked a bit surprised because he never had asked her before. But she agreed. She told him he would be the first one to try her upgraded head gear.


And that was story of how she wiped the floor with his face. Bakugou was laughing like he was possessed while Midoriya was asking him to stop. He could even hear Shinsou snickering somewhere. And those traitors. Ashido was laughing too loud as well. Kirishima and Sero were obviously trying not too. He tried his best to show them his displeasure but it was not exactly easy to glare at them when you would be raised twenty feet up the ground then scream your lungs out at your free fall. Unfortunately for him, his seemingly sweet, kind partner was a secret sadist who would only break his fall when he was only a few millimeters away from breaking every bone in his body. He couldn’t even try to defend himself and use his quirks because he was trying to look for the target even if he was strung up and down like a yo-yo.


Not only she did this a few times, but she also used all those new martial art moves she had been practicing on, and boy, she was good. However, he had noticed that she had been looking paler and paler as they progress, mostly after she had used her quirk. She had been wearing all her support items that help against the motion sickness she gets, so it was definitely a bit weird that she seemed struck by it either way.


He was going to question it, but when he was thrown to the ground for the nth time, he finally had found it.

He only ever saw it in movies and he had never, ever in his wildest dreams imagined that he would be put into this situation.


Why the heck was the target on Uraraka’s headgear of all places?!


It was on her right temple and oh god, he was so not ready for this. He was still working on discharging his quirk on smaller points of his body like the tip of his finger like some sort of a gun, but so far, he could only managed to do it with his support gear, which he stupidly removed in fear of breaking it when he was repeatedly being pummelled to the ground.

He tried to look away as fast as he can in hopes of not igniting it, but too bad for him, he had stared at it long enough when sparks suddenly appeared and crackled on it and it started burning from its feet. And it was burning really, really fast.


He heard the collective gasps of his partners in crime who could also see the paper, as well the confusion of his their classmates upon their reaction. That caught Uraraka’s attention who turned away to look at them questioningly. That presented the target perfectly.


The fire had already eaten half of the paper and that’s when Kaminari decided to just wing it. He closed his eyes for a moment, quickly rummaging his brain for a way to this without hurting his classmate.


He was badly panicking when suddenly, he heard a “what’s happening Kacchan?” from afar.


That’s right! Midoriya!


He quickly tried to remember what the boy had told him about his quirk. Wattage uniform all over except brain. Brain is back-up, has higher wattage. Each of his body part had their own wattage. He wasn’t sure if he even said that- wait. Wait-- that’s it!


He tried to feel the electricity coursing all over his body, tried to focus on the electricity coursing under his skin. And then he felt it. If he were to describe it, imagine those biology diagrams that show the blood flow through network of veins in different parts of the body. It was exactly like that except it was electricity instead of blood. And wow, Midoriya was right, the electricity coursing through his body below his head felt like a calm and steady stream or a river that lead straight up a roaring ocean which was his brain. However, as much as he wanted to dwell on his surprise and success, he had a strict time limit.


He brought back his attention to every part of his body and this time focused on his right index finger. He positioned his hand like a gun, his index as the muzzle. He then imagined a container with a lid, and slowly, he opened the lid, and like a liquid, electricity had started to flow out of his fingertip and then he heard a crackle.


He opened his eyes as soon as he heard the sound and luckily, Uraraka was still facing that way and the target which only had the head left was right on his face. He then angled his finger the best that he can. He gave a silent plea for it to work, and then he let go. Bull’s eye!


He wasn’t able to celebrate his success when he saw Uraraka falling down. His friends’ triumphant screams suddenly turned horrified upon realizing what happened.


The world suddenly stopped. He couldn’t even see his classmates running worriedly towards the girl. All Kaminari could think about how arrogant he was on thinking that he finally got it. That because of him, another person had gotten hurt. What the heck he was doing?!


He felt tears stinging his eyes but he wiped them away roughly with his sleeve. He already had been selfish, but this was not the time for him to drown even further with his guilt. He stood up, pushed his way through and kneeled down Uraraka’s unconscious form. He tried shaking the girl awake, while constantly repeating her name. He felt like breaking down when she didn’t move an inch. He should have known better than to leave it to fate’s hand, considering his luck’s track record recently. He knew he needed to do it, but if this was the consequence, then he should have just grabbed it with his bare hands.


Yesterday’s and today’s guilt had merged together and spread through his being like a plague. He felt so low and empty, so consumed by his negative feelings that he didn’t even register Kirishima’s hand on his back an his voice. Only when a hard smack that he finally went back to reality.


“Oi, dunceface, listen when people are talking, idiot. Sh- Crappy hair over here had been trying to tell you that round face is waking up. What the hell are you getting dramatic for anyway?”


However, he ignored their group leader’s continued rant in favor of the girl. He vaguely heard Midoriya, his savior who he also failed, telling the blonde that he was being dramatic as well, and the latter’s explosive shut up retort.


“Uraraka? Uraraka, are you okay?”


The girl groaned and moved. Ashido also knelt beside her and gently started calling her name in hopes of further rousing her awake. She groaned again and started opening her eyes. She blinked for a moment before attempting to sit up. Kaminari and Ashido were quick to give her a hand, the latter keeping her hand at the other girl’s back as continued support.


“W-what happened?”


“I’m so sorry Uraraka! It’s my fault! It’s my first time doing that move and I’m really so sorry that I don’t have control over it and I should have known that-”


As he was firing away his lengthy apology speech, the girl he was addressing had been alternating between blinking and furrowing her brows. She retracted the attached eyepiece of her head gear and wiped her eyes with her hand. She wrinkled her forehead once more then suddenly wore a surprised look that turned to excited.


“Huh.Thank you Kaminari-kun!”


“-so for the last time I hope you can forgive me-huh? W-what did you just said?”


“I said thank you, Kaminari-kun.”


She was even smiling.


“E-eh? W-what?”


“I would say though, that was a bit dirty when you guys yelled. Did you guys intentionally distracted me to let Kaminari-kun attack?”


The said Bakusquad members just awkwardly laughed.


“Y-yeah, that’s right. I-I was starting t-to feel embarrassed for myself too, t-that’s why.”


“M-me too. Sorry.”


“I-I’m s-sorry too.”


“Normally, I wouldn’t let it pass me, but by some stroke of luck, your attack actually fixed my head gear! I was slowly getting sicker as I use my quirk on you, just in case you didn’t notice. It’s because I had recent upgrades made on it that were still on test run, but you managed to complete it! It’s working well now!”




He was dumbfounded. He had imagined the worst scenario, had even thought it happened, but this, this was way more than he expected. Of all the things that his impromptu attack could do, miraculously fixing his opponent’s head gear wasn’t on the list. The possibility of it didn’t even occurred to him. He was sure, even his friends were wearing the same surprised expression.


Have you finally smiled on me Lady Luck?


Nah. I still don’t trust you.


Uraraka finally stood up and brushed the dirt over her costume. The crowd around her went back to their spectating position once they were assured of her condition.


“As thanks, would you like to continue our match?”


“N-no, I had enough. It’s completely my loss. Thank you Uraraka.”


“No, thank you. Ask me again next time, I wouldn’t mind. I can even teach you my moves.”


“I appreciate it. I’ll ask next time.”


“Thanks again.”


She then patted the area where the paper was situated in a while ago, and as she moved away, another, a new one this time had fluttered down by Kaminari’s side. It had a new task written on it, and he wasn’t sure how he would do this-   zap yourself into half unconsciousness then look for the next piece.   He didn’t realize he was staring at it for so long, that he didn’t even notice his classmates leaving one by one nor his fellow Bakusquad members patting his head or shoulders before going straight to their own sparring sessions (tasks). He almost jumped when he was addressed by one of the three who stayed behind.


“Kaminari, do you need help picking up your shattered pride? It’s in a million pieces, so let me just grab a broom.”


“God, you’re as lame as ever, eyebags.”


“Thanks Bakugou, I know I’m awesome too.”


“Hah?! Where in hell have you got that from?! How about you sleep for once since you’re obviously delusional.”


“I know you care about me a lot. Thanks Kacchan.”


“You M-mff- Deku, can you let me curse, just this once? This f-freaking- bastard is clearly asking for it!”


“Eh? But I don’t mind?” and smiled.


“Nevermind. Come here, you bastard!”


However, Kaminari was above caring this time. How was he supposed to do this? Just releasing all his electricity reserve then enter the his ‘yay’ state? That was half unconsciousness, alright. But how was he supposed to find the paper? When he recovered? He was deep in thought again that he didn’t notice the other boy looking back and forth between his childhood friend who had fallen under the quirk of the other purposely, if you would ask the said childhood friend, because no way would he fall for such tricks, ever, and Kaminari who was looking more dejected with every passing minute.


“Ne, dunceface-kun-”


That snapped him out.


“A-ah, sorry. What was it Midoriya?”


Oh, right. He had to thank Midoriya.


“Anyway, t-tha-”


“That thing you did with your quirks a while ago was so cool! Was that the first time you have done it?”




“That’s really good! I think if you just practice a lot, you would be able to finely control your quirk without suffering the backlash too much! Your quirk is really interesting and powerful! I can’t wait to see that day!”


“A-ah, not really. It’s thanks to you actually.” He looked down and rubbed his nape, still reeling from his negative thoughts.




Kaminari raised his head at the confused tone of the other boy, only to find him with an equally confused expression on his face.


“What do you mean? It was all you dunceface-kun. Good work!”


The boy just smiled so sincerely at him that he couldn’t help but  be a bit happy despite his feelings right now. He might not trust himself, but he does trust Midoriya, and if he said so, then Kaminari would believe him even if he does not agree with idea. With that thought, he had managed a small, wobbly smile. It might just be a teeny-tiny bit, but a progress is a progress, for both his quirk and his emotions.




“No problem! But, ah, I suddenly thought of something, so would you mind if I ask for your help?”


“Sure.” Midoriya beamed at him, then called for Bakugou and Shinsou who were still at it.


“What’s up? Do you have more good Kacchan content for me? The more embarrassing, the better.”




They were about to bicker again when Midoriya finally shared his idea.


“Eyebags-kun, I knew your quirk through Kacchan here and Airi-chan, and I know how it works, but I was just wondering, is it possible to do control someone partially?”


“I have thought about it, but I haven’t tried and-” it’s not like anyone is willing. “...yeah.”


Shinsou laughed awkwardly and glanced at Midoriya. He was a bit taken aback that the guy was staring so intently at him, as if he heard his silent thoughts. Shinsou then saw the boy reach out his hand. He followed it with eyes, the way it went to his shoulder, felt the momentary squeeze. He then trailed his sight towards its owner, and he couldn’t help the shivers that went through him.


Midoriya was smiling, that wide, reaches the eyes, too sunny smile that was way too impossible to ignore. But it was his eyes that caught Shinsou’s attention. It- it was hard to describe it. It was warm… and cold at the same time. It was sympathizing, no, understanding, like he had been there, in the same situation, yet it looked ruthless, calculating, like- Shinsou gulped. He really couldn’t explain it, but one thing’s for sure, there was something on it, something that may be the reason why even his fiercest classmate, Bakugou, respect him that much. It was chilling, but for some reasons, it made one actually feel safe, like one could tell that the boy was on your side. That was the closest way he could explain. He couldn’t ponder about it a lot longer as it soon melted into the usual sweet look that the boy always held.  He gave another squeeze, then let his hand fall off to his side. He gave a little cheeky chuckle.


“I have an idea. You won’t mind, won’t you?”


Shinsou just shook his head no.


“Oi, what are you up to, nerd?”


“Perfect! Kacchan, I would need your help.”


Bakugou narrowed his eyes, as if annoyed, but he just crossed his arms and looked ready to listen.


“If I remember correctly, your quirk works like this. You ask a question and if they answer, they get under your quirk. It breaks either through an impact or force that wakes the person up or if you cancel it out. But what if the the activation and the impact happened simultaneously? Would that cancel out the quirk or would it be possible to be half conscious?”


Midoriya rambled a bit more but Kaminari had stopped listening after ‘half conscious’. He couldn’t help but remember the words on the paper. It didn’t specify how he would make himself half unconscious, but technically, it meant the same as half conscious, right? He just had to figure out the zapping part, but maybe, Midoriya had ideas. He eagerly raised his hand up and volunteered.


“Me! I’ll do it! Please, let me!”


If he sounded a tad bit desperate, well, they were friends here after all.


“Thank you Kaminari-kun! Now I just need you now Kacchan. Please? Please Kacchan?”


Midoriya clasped his hands together on a pleading gesture. He even crouched down a bit, and angled his face upward to further emphasize his large ‘would tear up anytime now’ eyes towards his target. All of them already knew that this was already a losing, no, a lost battle. It didn’t even took three seconds before Bakugou released a very loud sigh as he untangled his arms and placed his hands inside his pockets instead. He made sure to roll his eyes as hard as he could.


Freaking fine.


He rolled his eyes once more. Stupid Deku. As if he could say no.


“Yay! Welcome aboard, Amazing Kacchan!”


“That seriously sounds like a circus act. Are you going to juggle or something?”


“Isn’t it? That’s what I thought too.”


“Freaking nerd! Do you want my help or not?!”


“Yes please! Thank you Kacchan! Okay, Eyebags-kun, you use your quirk against Kacchan, and you Kacchan use your quirk on yourself. Let’s see if that would cancel out Eyebags-kun’s quirk or if it’s possible to do half control..”


They made three attempts. The first two ended up with Bakugou being later than Shinsou. He succeeded in timing his explosion on the last one and had cancelled out the other’s quirk. He would make sure to shove it on the other’s face every time he could from now on. The thing was, he didn’t know the things Shinsou made him do the first two times and that the three of them had captured it all on their phones. It will all come out at the right time and the right place.


Then Midoriya made Shinsou and Kaminari next. The blonde had tried to repeat the technique he had just discovered, but since it required him to concentrate, trying to answer the question at the same time, it pretty much ended up like Bakugou’s tries. For the fourth try, Midoriya asked him to ready one of his fingers and as soon as he answers, zap himself. It took a bit more tries but he had successfully cancelled out Shinsou’s quirk. They all looked at Midoriya, quietly asking if he wanted them to do more, but the boy was already in his thinking pose and was already miles away from the looks of it. They left him alone while Shinsou asked the two if he could practice more. Since they were at it, he thought he might as well take advantage of it and see if he can find more things about his quirk. Bakugou refused with a very loud ‘heck no’ while Kaminari complied.


Just a few minutes after, Midoriya once again spoke.


“Ne, can you still think while under his quirk?”


“Yup. It’s pretty much like sleep paralysis. You’re awake but you can’t move your body to your liking.”


“Good. Dunceface-kun, that’s your cue.”


“What do you mean? Wha- wait. Oh. Ohhh!


The both of them looked at each other excitedly while the other two were left confused.


“What are you two talking about?”


“Just wait and see Kacchan. Dunceface-kun here would do magic.”


“I’m not sure if I can do it again Midoriya, but I’ll try.”


“You’ll be fine! Eyebags-kun, if you may?”


“This sounds shady as hell, but fine. Kaminari.”




And he went under. He ignored the noises from the outside and tried to imagine the imagery once again, this time targeting his head. He thought it will be much harder, as the currents were a lot stronger and wilder on his brain than the rest of his body, but because of Shinsou’s quirk, he couldn’t feel anything and use anything but his brain, and that made it actually much easier. Because he was focusing on one thing, he felt his ‘vision’ a lot more broader, ironically, like zooming in on a microscope or a camera lens. He could feel the connections all over his brain, those little sparks whenever those little tiny things meet, and the similar yet different ways electricity course throughout every section of his mind. He understood Midoriya’s theory more now that he could see or feel it. He again decided to explore this later and instead focused on what Midoriya wanted him to do. He chose the smallest part of his brain, he took a sigh mentally and unleashed his attack.


He looked like those assassination targets that took shots straight to their head. At least to the other three. He didn’t knew that though.


Instead, he felt like he just woke up from a restless dream. As he went out of his focus, he heard the other boys’ voices asking if he was alright. I’m okay, he answered back, but he just chuckled. It’s not like they can hear him anyway. But then he heard them make confused noises. So he looked up, at their faces, and saw their wide-eyed, open-mouthed expressions. He got confused. Then suddenly, he was tilting. Why the heck he was tilting?!


He closed his eyes, bracing for the impact, when suddenly, he felt he was upright again. He then opened his eyes and saw his classmates’ faces one more time. They were still gaping at him! He narrowed his eyes at them, to try and look as intimidating as he possibly can to prompt them to answer, but he was tilting again! Then up standing again. Then again. And again. He was starting to get dizzy, so even if he wouldn’t be heard, he tried to shout out the culprit’s name.




Except the boy didn’t react. Nor the other two, they were still staring at him like he grew another head.


Down. Up.




He repeated the name again and again, but still, no reaction. God, he was really getting dizzy. His throat was starting to ache too, which was weird. He wasn’t even using his mouth.


“Shinsou! Please! Stop! I’m about to puke! Gods!”


Then the boys started laughing. That got him too confused. What the heck was funny? So he asked.


“What the heck is funny? Shinsou! Stop!”


“You are, dunceface!”




That only made them laugh louder.


“K-kaccha-hahah! K-kacchan, s-stop la-laughing, hahah! T-that’s rude! Ahaha!”


“You’re laughing too! Stupid nerd!”


“Oh my gods! Stop laughing! Stop this!”


Bakugou had bent down, clutching his stomach from wheezing. Midoriya and Shinsou were both teary eyed, and was pretty much in the same state as Bakugou.


“Oh, lord. Kaminari, I’m worried for your life. How the heck have you survived till now?”


“Uh, ah- I can’t answer you right now. All the blood’s in my head. Would you mind stopping this so I can answer properly?”


“You are answering properly.”


“What? How are you even replying? Can you hear my thoughts? Oh god, do you actually read minds too?”


“No. You’re telling us yourself. Do the running man”




Then he felt his body move and he was starting to bob up and down again. Was he doing the running man now? He questioned Shinsou’s taste.


“You really don’t have any right to judge me right now Kaminari.”


“Oh my g- you really do hear my thoughts!”


Bakugou who was just recovering from laughing too hard couldn’t help but lie down the floor, literally dying from another round of mirth.


“Kacchan’s about to die!”


“RIP Bakugou. Cause of death, Kaminari Denki’s obliviousness. May he rest in peace.”


“D-don’t hahaha! K-kill m-mff ahhaha! M-me n-now a-ahahaha e-eyebags!”


“You can’t even speak right. Alright Kaminari, who do you think you were talking to?”


“Myself? Wait- don’t tell me it’s you?!”




“Then… then you do really minds!”


That made Bakugou howl with laughter even more.


“God no.”


“At least for people under your quirk?”






“How about me dunceface-kun, can you hear me?”


“Eh, Midoriya?”


“What did we have for breakfast?”


“Cereals. Why are you asking?”


“Do you think I’m speaking to you telepathically through Shinsou’s quirk too?”


“Y- you- eh? W-what’s happening?”


“You tell us.”




“You did it, dunceface-kun.”


“I’m- am I actually talking to you right now?!”


“Yup! I know you can do it!”


“Oh god. I actually did it!”


“About time.”


“Good job again!”


“Good job on destroying Bakugou’s grumpy reputation too.”


The said grump was too busy breathing in and out to respond.


“Congratulations too, Eyebags-kun!”


“Thank you.”


“Ah, if you don’t mind, would you release me now? I’m really getting too dizzy now.”


After that, they experimented a bit more on Shinsou’s quirk. It turned out that he can give a list of commandments while the person was conscious and if they responded, they would actually carry it out just like how Kaminari did five pirouettes, five cartwheels, five back handsprings and two splits, as Shinsou commanded before he reluctantly answered (he didn’t have to hear what happened to Airi-chan to know how much pain he would be in after).


At least, when he was lying down on the ground, catching his breath (and aching all over), a human paper had fluttered down right by his hand. He discreetly grabbed it and he felt like he could cry from relief when he found it blank. He was done for today (and he was glad that his method of completing his last task seemed to have been accepted. Thank Kami. No thanks, Kami). Or so he thought when Bakugou suddenly grabbed his collar, dragged him into the sparring mats, and demanded that he fight him with that new technique of his that Midoriya apparently explained while he was risking his very life for science. He knew it, this would be the day he dies.


He felt like he missed something. However, that thought went to (was forced to) the very back of his mind when Bakugou had started attacking him. Again, for science .


The other two boys were left standing on the side, watching the (one-sided) spar of the two blondes.


“I want to thank you again for what you’ve done for me today.”


“It’s my pleasure! I love studying about quirks and I was really interested with yours, so, it is me who had to thank you for going along. It’s really rare, powerful and really, really helpful. Anyone is very fortunate to have it. The hero world more so, that it was you who had it. You’re a good man, Eyebags-kun. Don’t let other people say otherwise, okay?”


“I just literally said thank you.”


“I know. Kacchan’s flair for dramatics have rubbed on me, that’s why. Would you mind if we have more sessions like this? Would you mind if I suggest more ideas to you?”


“I would be grateful. By the way, this would be quite awkward to ask, but would you want me to try it on you next time? You know, for your research and all? I thought you wouldn’t want to miss out on the results, so you didn’t volunteer, but I know some researchers would want to try to experience it for themselves, and really, it’s not the best thing to offer, but if you want to, I won’t mind.”


“Thank you! You were right about that!  You gave me a chance to experience this rare opportunity so I definitely wanted to savor it bit by bit. But, I would definitely take you up on your offer next time!”


“I’ll be happy to. I don’t know what your quirk is, but we could try the experiment on you too next time if you want to. See if you can cancel it out or be like Kaminari.”


They both chuckled at the memory.


“Gosh. I would love to, but I think my quirk would be a bad match.”


“Really? How so?”


“Oi, stupid nerd, you done geeking out?”


“Rude Kacchan. I was just waiting for you to finish.”


“Freaking dunceface fell asleep.”


“Whose fault do you think it was?”




“Mine. I guess it was mine.”


“Do you want to spar or do you want to look around?”


“Look around!”


“Thought so. Oi, eyebags, let’s spar while I’m in the mood. You suck.”


“Gee, thanks. I know you care about me Kacchan.”




“Good luck Kacchan! You would need it!”


“You shut it too!”

One down, three more to go.