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The scent of the sweet air of spring graced Izuku's being as he walked along side his mother, his ivy green ears flopped down against the sides against his small head, his slightly pudgy fingers gripping onto his mothers thin digits as they walked along the path he had only known for as long as the 6 years he has so far lived . The scent of newly opened cherry blossoms made his stomach growl and he let out a soft little whine. The little one was hungry and sleepy, his bright emerald eyes still dancing with sleepiness and he yawned almost every five minutes.

" Mama...why are we going to the temple so early in the morning? Why are we bringing food to the shrine? Why are we walking so much? Why are w-"

Inko let out an impatient huff and turned towards her child with a soft little smile though her eye twitched ever so slightly. She always though she would be used to his never ending of muttering and talking but she still hadn't.

" Izuku we are going to visit the Todoroki temple today. I have to take care of the Todoroki's son,Shouto. Remember dear? We always visit them every month. " she stated as she gently stroked her sleepy son's head , her eyes gazing into the forest surrounding them.

" Mhm. I remember mama. But still, why so early? It's like...mmm.." Izuki started muttering to himself now and his mother took this opportunity for them to start walking again, her hand holding her son's gently as they continued onto their way, the breeze carrying Izuku's voice away into nothing but meaningless whispers, his button nose twitching every so slightly as he talked to himself about strawberries for some unknown reason.

Inko too was a hybrid, a doe with green eyes and ivy green hair making it obvious that she had passed down her traits to her little child. She was an Omega as well but instead of marrying another hybrid, she had married a human which thus created Izuku, a human hybrid omega making him an outcast of society . And to make things even worse he was a male omega. He was a beautiful child, no one could deny it. His hair silky and the same ivy green as his mothers, his skin as pale as porcelain and was speckled with freckles like the night sky and its stars. He was quite petit for his age, his frame small and delicate looking though his hips and thighs were always a little thicker just like a rabbit, and his feet were always abnormally large. And of course, he had a cotton tail with a white underside that had a mind of its own at times. Neither less, he was still an outcast due to being of a human and hybrid descent. But, once she had found the long forgotten shrine of the Todoroki family and then their temple in the Everyglazed Forest, she knew things might look up. And the hest thing was that Izuku wasn't shunned there. Not even once . So now every month, they both traveled down the path in the forest to give the Todoroki family their offerings and Inko would take care of the youngest son while in return the family would give Inko money for her and Izuku. It was as simple as that.

Inko sighed quietly to herself as she guided Izuku through the forest, the path getting longer and longer it seemed to Izuku making him yet again loose his patience and he let out another quiet whine. He moved sluggishly and he huffed here and there though his mother paid no mind to it. She knew the sooner they were at the temple the sooner her little child would be exploring everything in it.

A couple more minutes passed by and soon enough, a roof was plain in sight and Inko sighed in relief before looking over her shoulder, her hand still holding her son's who was currently holding a flower he had picked and now was studying it.

"We're here Izuku." She said and smiled fondly once she saw a large smile creep on his lips. She let his hand go and in an instant he shot off and bolted towards the temple, the flower still in his small hands gripped tightly. Izuku had always made it a habit in bringing things for said youngest son of the Todoroki family. He didn't know why but he just felt it was right, the other boy always being away with Inko or just in his room. So in a way, Izuku was just trying to become friends with him. He had only known the Todoroki family for about a year and a half now though he barely spoke to them . Well he barely spoke to anyone really other then his mother .

Izuku smiled happily once he saw his mother making her way up the stairs. He looked at the flower he was grasping, its colors a delicate blue and its center was a soft pink, his eyes lighting up. " This is perfect !" He whispered to himself . Soon enough his mother had brought him inside, a man already waiting for the two at the entrance of the large hall behind him. Just the mere presence of the male made Izuku shoved, a hand holding onto his mothers shirt tightly and he peeked from behind her, the flower thankfully still in his shaky grasp.

" You brought the child this time?" The male said to Inko, his voice rough like sand paper yet deep and low, almost reminiscing a growl.

" Yes. I can't leave him at home because then no one can take care of him and you already know the situation with his father..." she mumbled the last part only to earn her a nod. " Fine. Just don't let him get in the way." He said, well more like huffed out, store even started walking, Inko following behind quickly, which left Izuku alone in the large hallway. All alone to now explore. He smiled lightly to himself and started walking around the halls, touching everything as delicately as possible, getting his hands on anything they could, boredom racking at his brain . It was getting boring now just walking down every hall and looking at the d antics and paintings of people that looked so old to the small boy. So now he was just aimlessly walking, his attention on the flower in his hand now as he walked, his little feet making squeaking noises with the small red shoes he was wearing. Though looking at the beautiful close gave him joy, the suddenly feeling of pain rushed towards his forehead once he ran straight someone, their foreheads colliding causing them both to fall back and Izuku landed right on his bottom, a whimper escaping his lips as he rubbed at his forehead, his ears flopped down and tears threathened to spill from his large eyes. Izuku whimpered softly as he shakily stood up, his eyes slowly moving to the figure he hadn't bumped into. His eyes instantly met heterochromia eyes, the right being a deep brown that was soft and beautiful. The left showed a brilliant blue that was equally beautiful yet there was a...coldness to it. " S-Sorry!" Izuku squeaked out realizing who it was. Shouto, his only friend and the son of Endeavor. He quickly hopped over to Shouto quickly and helped the quiet boy up, his hand gripping Shouto's lightly. " No no it's fine. Don't worry about it..." Shouto muttered softly and he glanced to the side, his face turning a soft shade of red. It was true, he was the son of Emdeavor, the great god of fire but a hatred boiled in his own being when he heard his father's name." Why are you here so early...?" Shouto asked with a slight curious tone. " Well my mama said that she wanted to come to take care of you. Well that and being you what she baked ." Izuku said in a lively tone. He looked behind Shouto with a frown." Shouldnt my mama be with you?" He asked and he received a little laugh from Shouto, his eyes perking up questioning. " Well...I'm trying to get away from my father. I just...I can't be around him anymore. He's driving me insane." Shouto said quietly, his eyes on the floor and he looked so conflicted and distressed just from talking about .

" have me! I won't leave you alone." Izuku said and he smiled at him happily before he had a sudden realization come across his mind. He quickly looked around for the flower he had picked and ushered it towards Shouto ." We'll be friends forever!" He said , cheerfulness in his eyes.

Shouto looked at the flower in astonishment, his eyes widening and he looked at Izuku surprised and confused. But, he found you ignore the warmth in his heart by the small boy's gesture and took the flower lightly.

" Yeah...friends..."


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The scent of freshly fallen rain graced Izuku's being as he walked along the old path, nostalgia passing through him like a bullet, his eyes full of bittersweet memories. He knew the day would come but not this soon. The day he would have to replace his mothers duty of taking care of Shouto Todoroki. He knew that she wouldn't be around for long but he didn't know it would be this quickly, everything practically falling down upon him. He trudged through the thick forests quietly, a basket full of freshly prepared pastries in his hand, the scent wafting almost making him a little hungry though he ignored the temptation and continued on. He had a quite large backpack slung over his shoulder as well, it full of all of his belonging so that was a factor of why he was getting slowed down. Once meeting up to the temples marble stairs that shined pealy white, Izuku let out a soft breath and he held himself together. He could do this. He had to. He had nowhere else to go, society hating him and he couldn't get a decent job so what else could he do? Plus all he would have to do is take care of one person. Easy...

But said person was not only a demigod hybrid but also a Alpha...and Izuku hadn't seen the Todoroki's for almost 7 years due to his mother always staying there at home he temple during the day, which just ended up with leaving Izuku at home to do his homeschooling since he wasn't allowed to attend actual school.

Swallowing quietly, Izuku stepped up to the door, it being almost three times his size and made of what looked like copper and gold, it's handles panther heads that slightly startled Izuku. He quietly gripped the handle and he slowly knocked.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Looking around quietly, Izuku hummed gently as he rocked on his heels as he awaited an answer, his hair unruly as ever though it framed his face almost perfectly, his ears were larger and the tips were dusted with pink now, his tail still like a cotton ball and his feet had finally stopped growing. His skin was lightly tanned from always going out to collect food from the forest or just going outside in general. He was still relatively thin though he had gained some muscle and his hips and thighs were much fuller. He was currently just wearing a plain white tshirt, black jeans and his favorite ruby red shoes he wore practically 24/7. The sound of the door creaking brought Izuku's attention back quickly as he was soon faced with the one and only Endeavor, his flames making Izuku sweat already, his intense blue eyed gaze freezing izuku into place as Izuku gulped.

" You've grown up." Was all the burly man said before he moved aside, the man's flaming tail swaying dangerously close to Izuku as Izuku did his best to slide past the male quickly, his face full of nervousness though he put on a smile. Izuku held the basket in his hands a little tighter now as the burly man started to guide him around the temple( though Izuku had explored and remember the temple for so many years so he really didn't need a guide). Izuku quietly continued to follow behind Endeavor, his eyes everywhere but the male as he scanned through the various rooms that were seemingly empty . Everything in the temple was very traditional styled Japanese, from the room designs with shutting doors to even what Endeavor wore, a black silk fitting robe like kimono and a tight fitting black shirt underneath. There were even statues of panthers that lined the walls of the temple , each made of what looked to be a coppery metal. Izuku quietly admired the views on the temple until he ran right into Endeavors back, a shriek escaping his lips and he immediately jumped back, his face bright red and he grew nervous as he made eye contact with Endeavor.

" I'm sorry!" Izuku immediately apologized and he bowed his head slightly, both to show respect and avert his gaze, his stomach churning with anxiety.

" I didn't even feel anything." The Alpha replied flaty before he cleared his throat slightly." This will be your room. Unpack your things and then start attending to Shouto immediately. Also, change out of those clothes and into this." Endeavor said flatly.

" Change into what..?" Izuku began to ask but in a second, a flame appeared in Endeavors hand and a set of clothing appeared like magic. Well it was more like godly power but same thing. It was a simple pair of black pants and a white dress shirt. Different but at that point Izuku couldn't argue. He quietly nodded and took the clothing before he bowed again and then disappeared into the room. He let out a sigh of relief, the suffocating scent of Alpha making his nose twitch and he could finally breath in the bland scent of the empty room. Plain walls , a small though comfortable futon and a sliding door . Nice. Izuku immediately started unpacking as instructed and he aligned gently. He had only brought his pillow, blanket, hygiene products , a hair brush( that he barely used), a notebook and his old plushie from his childhood years along with him. He also had the basket of pastries still and he hoped they weren't stone cold by now. He glanced over at the clothing provided for him and he slowly looked it over. It had a trademark symbol, a flaming panther on the right chest area of the shirt that was almost to small to see, the symbol of Todoroki family. He had seen many times but other then that they were just formal wear. He slid off the clothes he originally had on and he slid on the new pair, their scent like a campfire and it made his eyes burn slightly but he continued and he soon was walking through the halls quietly, the basket of goods in his hand and he searched for Shouto's room. He had searched the next hall and then the next before he started to worry. Did he forget we're Shouto was located? He sniffed the air and tried pin pointing the scent of the male quietly. There.

He quickly started making his way back to the second hall and he was just about to enter a room when the sliding door opened and he was face first into someone's chest, his face against them firmly and he stopped, his ears pricking up and he couldn't move. The scent was  overwhelmingly good to the individual he was currently " against." They smelled like smoke but also rain and they were radiating softness. But also...Alpha. Jumping back at least three feet away


Izuku lifted his gaze instantly, his emerald eyes widening once he met the gaze of said Alpha." Todoroki-kun!" He said, his lips spreading almost immediately into a smile . His ears flattened lazily on his hair and he stood , his cheeks reddening." Uh sorry for bumping into you." He said shyly and he played with the basket's handle on his hand. He could feel the Alpha's gaze on him and it was making him even more shy.

" No no it's fine. You" Shouto responded, his voice soft yet deep causing the Omega to look up with a frown.

" What's wrong?" Now this was a weird way to start off a reunion...

" You just look so...grown up." Shouto said and Izukuz face went deep red. Shouto himself had grown up, his facial features sharper and he was obviously taller then before. He was wearing a white kimono styles rone, floral patterns scattering the fabric and peeking through from underneath was a black shirt . But the one thing that didn't change was his trademark eyes and hair, the colors still almost bleach white and a ruby red,his large cat like ears matching up with the different colors while his eyes mix match. The only thing that took Izuku off guard was the haunting scar that he had seen many years ago, it still a sickly pink that surrounded Shouto's beautiful blue eye. Izuku's face went a soft red once he saw Shouto staring into his eyes. .

" That's the same thing your dad said too." Izuku replied and he laughed nervously while rubbing the back of his neck." I haven't really changed that much though." He muttered. He smiled, his eyes like cresents and soon the silence was overwehming." I-i uh you something." Izuku said and he quickly ushered the basket towards the taller male , his tail and ears perked up as he held the basket out with anticipation.

Shouto's eyes widenened a little but he gently took the basket, his fingers running over Izuku's gently as he took it and a smile slowly formed on his cheeks." Thank you Midoriya." He said and he smiled a little more holding the basket, Izuku's heart nearly jumping out of his chest." Well...lets go in my room. I'm sure my father had already instructed you to start over looking me and such I presume?" Shouto asked as he walke right back into his room, Izuku following him and he nodded.

" Yes. That's really the only thing he told me." Izuku answered back and soon they bother we're sitting on Shouto's large bed, the covers a navy blue and the whole bed was almost a third of the room. The room was simple, a desk, a bed, a book shelf and a closet. Izuku gazed around the room fondly before he looked back at Shouto, who was currently just looking Izuku, his eyes unreadable and his lips were pressed into a firm line.

" Is there something wrong?" Izuku asked softly and he turned , looking his old friend in the eyes with concern in his voice.

" It's just...I missed you so stopped visiting for so long and I just thought you...." Shouto began but he casted his eyes to the side ." No it's nothing. You're here now and that all that matters." He concluded and he gently sat the basket i between them before gently opening the woven lid, a array of sweets peeking back at the two making a warm smile appear on the Alphas cheeks." You remembered..." he muttered taking out a cookie and he looked up at Izuku.

Izuku smiled sheepishly and he nodded quietly before gesturing at Shouto." Yeah I baked them this morning . Go on and eat them." He said softly and he gazed at the basket, his eyes showing he was in a train of thought. 'What did Shouto want to say...' he thought to himself as he watched Shouto quietly eat the cookie. Then another one and another one before it seemed like something got Shouto's attention.

" I almost forgot. I actually have something for you ." Shouto said and he stood up, brushing his clothing off for any crumbs before he walked into his closet and he searched around quietly before re emerging with a vase, his hand cover the contents." It's the gift that you gave me almost 8 years ago. I've kept it all this time and I wanted you to see how it grew." He said softly sitting back on the bed, his tail resting lightly next to Izuku and he uncovered the case. "Look inside." He said smiling softly.

A fond smile gently danced itself onto Izuku's lips as he gently took the delicately colored flower from inside the vase of water, his cheeks growing a bashful pink as he bowed his head ever so slightly, his large ears dropping along with his head softly .

"It's beautiful..." he said softly.

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The sound of rain was what slightly awoke Izuku from his dead like sleep, his ears twitching lazily , the air around him warm and he didn't want to move one bit, something radiating off both heat and just the right amount of coolness near him. He moved closer, his eyes still closed and he nuzzled said object with his cheek and chirped sleepily." Mph..."

" Mm..."

A quiet groan escaped from the object Izuku nuzzled and Izuku instantly shot up from the place he was sleeping. His futon was currently in a room unfamiliar to him for a couple of seconds, his eyes darting down to the “stranger" in the futon. White hair was the first thing that came to Izuku’s vision, a large cat like ear sprouted from the white locks . Then a lazy tail was the second thing, it moving slowly and even brushed up against Izuku, it swirled with crimson red and white like a striped candy cane almost. Izuku watched the male quietly and he laid back down quietly as to not make the male walk up, his face close to the male and he could feel the warmth radiating off from the Alpha , a small little chirp escaping his lips a bit at the male. Todoroki-kun. The male he would be taking care of until well his death bed. His best and only friend. A soft smile danced on Izuku’s lips as he gently patted the male’s soft locks, their messy waves like a sea . He couldn’t really recall what had happen the day before other then the two of them talking till night fell. Izuku slowly closes his eyes a bit, his hand still in Todoroki’s hair. After what seemed like an hour and Izuku constantly dozing off and on, he finally felt a rustle beside him before a soft groan, the male beside him sitting up slowly. Izuku lazily opened his eyes and he yawned a bit, stretching his back out and releasing the tension in his back slowly. “ Morning Todoroki-kun.” He chirped and he sat up with a small smile. Izuku smiled a bit at his friend fondly, his cheeks like little hill as the apples of his cheeks gently flushed.

He was, however, curious about what had happened the night before, his memory, again, a little hazy.” What did we do yesterday?” He asked suddenly to Shouto, his eyes on the male and his lips formed into a straight line a bit.

" You fell asleep after a while. We... we had been talking for hours actually and then you just laid your head on my lap and fell asleep." The Alpha replied in a sheepish manner, his cheeks dusted a gentle pink, his ears flopping down on his hair and he looked embarrassed for sure." I carried you back to your room ." He muttered quietly. He himself however had changed and was sporting a loose white shirt and pants that looked almost like pajamas. Izuku looked down at himself and he realized he was wearing the same clothing as he was the day before, their scent however smelling like the male next to him.

“ But why were you sleeping in the futon with me?” The omega asked curiously, his elbow on the soft cushion propping his head up as he gazed towards the male. That statement achieved a bright red blush to flare up on Shouto’s face.

“ Well I was tired myself and I just...I fell asleep holding you really.” He muttered quietly as he fiddled with his fingers .

Izuku smiled lightly at the male.” Oh okay. Well did you sleep well?” He asked trying to change the slight awkward mood around the two.

“ I slept quite well actually.” Shouto answered and he smiled a bit.

The two sat there for a bit, the silence actually not uncomfortable as before and they both seemed to enjoy it . Soon enough though, Shouto stood up and he stretched out, his tail whipping around and he sighed.” Well we should get up. My father’s probably going out today and such and that means our littler “schedule” starts.” Shouto said, his eyes rolling at the mention of his father.

“ What do you mean he’s going out?” Izuku asked and he stood, lightly grooming his ears a bit and he looked at the male curiously. A god going out? That sounded pretty unusual.

“ Well since he a god he has to go and mean with other gods and such. Help restore places, defend against evils and whatnot.” Shouto said, gesturing here and there and he sighed.” Though that’s not really important.” He said and rubbed at his eyes tiredly.

Izuku nodded a bit, his lips forming a straight line but he would leave the topic alone. “Well I should change and wash up then .” He said and he smiled a bit while Shouto nodded and just stood there. It was stood solid five minutes before Izuku coughed.” Ah-are you gonna stay in here while I change or should I leave-“ he started to say and his cheeks and ears went pink a bit.

Realization was painted over Shouto’s face and he turned as red as a beet almost and he rushed out of the room quickly, a cold gush of air following behind him and Izuku couldn’t help but laugh. For an Alpha, Todoroki-kun seemed so flustered. He smiled softly and he chuckled a bit before he slid off his clothing quietly, his skin marked with freckles like his face, his body like the night sky, his freckles like stars. He sighed quietly and he slid on a clean black dress shirt and some black jeans before sliding on his red shoes, a smile still tracing his lips as he walked out to search for the probably still flustered Alpha.

It didn’t take him long before finding Shouto in his own room, the Alpha sitting on his bed still in the same clothes as before but beside him was a towel and what looked like soap and a wash cloth. As if sensing Izuku was there, he looked over and smiled a bit.” Ah-sorry about earlier. I blanked out a bit.”Shouto admitted and he bowed his head a little only to receive a soft smile and nod.

“ It’s alright. But...why do you have bathing supplies next to you?” He asked in a puzzled tone. Shouto frowned a bit and tilted his head to the side.” Well to wash up of course. I was going to bathe soon.” He answered and laughed a bit causing Izuku to become embarrassed. “ Well I’m going .” Shouto said and he started walking, Izuku subconsciously following the male without a second thought though Shouto had expected that. It was the same thing when they were children, Izuku always following Shouto around.

Soon the two made their way to the bathing house in the back of the temple, it being indoors so they let a large door with the same design as the entrance door, the panther heads staring at Izukuw and his ears lowered almost instantly. Shouto glanced over at him slightly but he opened the doors wide for the two, the room was very warm and wet, the water vapor already making Izuku’s clothes stick to his skin as he walked inside with the taller male, the warmth nice but slightly over bearing in some sense. The floors were boarded with wood panels and before the two was a large onsen(hot spring), steam wafting from it, it being decorated with bamboo and large black rocks, the water crystals clear. Izuku hadn’t noticed but Shouto was already undressing beside him, the male’s pajama like clothing flopping on the floor and he had wrapped one towel around his waist before walking over to the hot water and slowly submerging himself into it. Izuku looked over at the male, the movement catching his attention but his face went completely red once he saw Shouto.

Now Izuku was of course not completely innocent so he wasn’t that fazed by seeing another man practically naked but this took him by surprise. He blushed a raspberry red and he swallowed a bit. “ Um so yeah I’ll just leave you to him bathe.” He said frazzled and he spun on the balls of his heels quickly and started for the door.

“ Wait where are you going?” Shouto asked and he turned over to face the male, his arms at the edge of the onsen and he had his arms folded a bit to support himself.

” Well I’m leaving to give you some privacy...” Izuku said slowly and he frowned slightly at the male.” Why?” He asked confused.

”Well I was just assuming you would help wash me since that is a primary responsibility that your mother had done...” Shouto said slowly and he looked away quickly, his cheeks turning red again.” But I mean if you find it weird we don’t have to-“

Izuku blushed a bit more, his freckles completely covered by pink as he listened to the male hug he frowned a bit.” It’s a responsibility?” He asked and Shouto nodded. Izuku didn’t remember his mother telling him that but then again, it was a while ago when she told him. He slowly took a deep breath and sighed before making his way over to the male and he grabbed the soap and the cloth and he dunked his hands into the steaming water before he looked over at Shouto and smiled sheepishly.” Well of it’s a responsibility then I guess I’ll have to do it. Let’s just make it as less weird as possible.” He said and he smiled laughing a little . WOW was this day going great... _-_-_

There had been talk in the Northen Forest about a new omega servant to the Todoroki family and it really pissed Katsuki off. Sure he had many servants but all were either Beta or Alpha and the ones that were Omega weren’t even around that much to serve him. Plus, to what he had heard from one of his maids, the omega was not only male but also a human hybrid, something only legends have told. He was currently just sitting on his throne lazily, his clothing very revealing of certain aspects, his chest on full display as well has his arms, his neck covered in necklaces and jewels and he wore a red cape with fur trimming, the trimming as wild as his own ash blonde hair. He overlooked the land that he owned with bored eyes, his chest rising and falling deeper and slower with each breath.He was a hybrid himself but like Shouto, he was a demigod but of a wolf heritage. His ash hair sprouted sharp wolf ears that twitched in annoyance once he was disturbed by a cheerful voice.

“ Bakugou! Oh wait I’m sorry! Bakugou-san we have found where the human hybrid is tending to. He lives in the Everyglazed Forest and serves Todoroki Shouto.”

Katsuki turned towards the voice, his blood red eyed full of interest. Before him was a male with hair that resembled crimson horns, his eyes red but brighter and more cheerful then Katsuki’s own. He bared a dog heritage, his ears spiked up in the mines of his hair and his tail was crimson and constantly wagging.” And what is the human hybrid’s name?” He said, his tail curled like his wolfish grin.

“Midoriya Izuku.”