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The scent of the sweet air of spring graced Izuku's being as he walked along side his mother, his ivy green ears flopped down against the sides against his small head, his slightly pudgy fingers gripping onto his mothers thin digits as they walked along the path he had only known for as long as the 6 years he has so far lived . The scent of newly opened cherry blossoms made his stomach growl and he let out a soft little whine. The little one was hungry and sleepy, his bright emerald eyes still dancing with sleepiness and he yawned almost every five minutes.

" Mama...why are we going to the temple so early in the morning? Why are we bringing food to the shrine? Why are we walking so much? Why are w-"

Inko let out an impatient huff and turned towards her child with a soft little smile though her eye twitched ever so slightly. She always though she would be used to his never ending of muttering and talking but she still hadn't.

" Izuku we are going to visit the Todoroki temple today. I have to take care of the Todoroki's son,Shouto. Remember dear? We always visit them every month. " she stated as she gently stroked her sleepy son's head , her eyes gazing into the forest surrounding them.

" Mhm. I remember mama. But still, why so early? It's like...mmm.." Izuki started muttering to himself now and his mother took this opportunity for them to start walking again, her hand holding her son's gently as they continued onto their way, the breeze carrying Izuku's voice away into nothing but meaningless whispers, his button nose twitching every so slightly as he talked to himself about strawberries for some unknown reason.

Inko too was a hybrid, a doe with green eyes and ivy green hair making it obvious that she had passed down her traits to her little child. She was an Omega as well but instead of marrying another hybrid, she had married a human which thus created Izuku, a human hybrid omega making him an outcast of society . And to make things even worse he was a male omega. He was a beautiful child, no one could deny it. His hair silky and the same ivy green as his mothers, his skin as pale as porcelain and was speckled with freckles like the night sky and its stars. He was quite petit for his age, his frame small and delicate looking though his hips and thighs were always a little thicker just like a rabbit, and his feet were always abnormally large. And of course, he had a cotton tail with a white underside that had a mind of its own at times. Neither less, he was still an outcast due to being of a human and hybrid descent. But, once she had found the long forgotten shrine of the Todoroki family and then their temple in the Everyglazed Forest, she knew things might look up. And the hest thing was that Izuku wasn't shunned there. Not even once . So now every month, they both traveled down the path in the forest to give the Todoroki family their offerings and Inko would take care of the youngest son while in return the family would give Inko money for her and Izuku. It was as simple as that.

Inko sighed quietly to herself as she guided Izuku through the forest, the path getting longer and longer it seemed to Izuku making him yet again loose his patience and he let out another quiet whine. He moved sluggishly and he huffed here and there though his mother paid no mind to it. She knew the sooner they were at the temple the sooner her little child would be exploring everything in it.

A couple more minutes passed by and soon enough, a roof was plain in sight and Inko sighed in relief before looking over her shoulder, her hand still holding her son's who was currently holding a flower he had picked and now was studying it.

"We're here Izuku." She said and smiled fondly once she saw a large smile creep on his lips. She let his hand go and in an instant he shot off and bolted towards the temple, the flower still in his small hands gripped tightly. Izuku had always made it a habit in bringing things for said youngest son of the Todoroki family. He didn't know why but he just felt it was right, the other boy always being away with Inko or just in his room. So in a way, Izuku was just trying to become friends with him. He had only known the Todoroki family for about a year and a half now though he barely spoke to them . Well he barely spoke to anyone really other then his mother .

Izuku smiled happily once he saw his mother making her way up the stairs. He looked at the flower he was grasping, its colors a delicate blue and its center was a soft pink, his eyes lighting up. " This is perfect !" He whispered to himself . Soon enough his mother had brought him inside, a man already waiting for the two at the entrance of the large hall behind him. Just the mere presence of the male made Izuku shoved, a hand holding onto his mothers shirt tightly and he peeked from behind her, the flower thankfully still in his shaky grasp.

" You brought the child this time?" The male said to Inko, his voice rough like sand paper yet deep and low, almost reminiscing a growl.

" Yes. I can't leave him at home because then no one can take care of him and you already know the situation with his father..." she mumbled the last part only to earn her a nod. " Fine. Just don't let him get in the way." He said, well more like huffed out, store even started walking, Inko following behind quickly, which left Izuku alone in the large hallway. All alone to now explore. He smiled lightly to himself and started walking around the halls, touching everything as delicately as possible, getting his hands on anything they could, boredom racking at his brain . It was getting boring now just walking down every hall and looking at the d antics and paintings of people that looked so old to the small boy. So now he was just aimlessly walking, his attention on the flower in his hand now as he walked, his little feet making squeaking noises with the small red shoes he was wearing. Though looking at the beautiful close gave him joy, the suddenly feeling of pain rushed towards his forehead once he ran straight someone, their foreheads colliding causing them both to fall back and Izuku landed right on his bottom, a whimper escaping his lips as he rubbed at his forehead, his ears flopped down and tears threathened to spill from his large eyes. Izuku whimpered softly as he shakily stood up, his eyes slowly moving to the figure he hadn't bumped into. His eyes instantly met heterochromia eyes, the right being a deep brown that was soft and beautiful. The left showed a brilliant blue that was equally beautiful yet there was a...coldness to it. " S-Sorry!" Izuku squeaked out realizing who it was. Shouto, his only friend and the son of Endeavor. He quickly hopped over to Shouto quickly and helped the quiet boy up, his hand gripping Shouto's lightly. " No no it's fine. Don't worry about it..." Shouto muttered softly and he glanced to the side, his face turning a soft shade of red. It was true, he was the son of Emdeavor, the great god of fire but a hatred boiled in his own being when he heard his father's name." Why are you here so early...?" Shouto asked with a slight curious tone. " Well my mama said that she wanted to come to take care of you. Well that and being you what she baked ." Izuku said in a lively tone. He looked behind Shouto with a frown." Shouldnt my mama be with you?" He asked and he received a little laugh from Shouto, his eyes perking up questioning. " Well...I'm trying to get away from my father. I just...I can't be around him anymore. He's driving me insane." Shouto said quietly, his eyes on the floor and he looked so conflicted and distressed just from talking about .

" have me! I won't leave you alone." Izuku said and he smiled at him happily before he had a sudden realization come across his mind. He quickly looked around for the flower he had picked and ushered it towards Shouto ." We'll be friends forever!" He said , cheerfulness in his eyes.

Shouto looked at the flower in astonishment, his eyes widening and he looked at Izuku surprised and confused. But, he found you ignore the warmth in his heart by the small boy's gesture and took the flower lightly.

" Yeah...friends..."