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Getting Ready in the Morning

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He was awoken from his slumber by the sound of his alarm clock going off… for the third time.  The first two times, he refused to acknowledge it, blindly reaching to hit the snooze button before he cuddled further into the younger beside him.

But, now, he knew that he and Taehyung had to wake up if they wanted to make it on time to lunch with his parents.  They still had a couple of hours until they had to be there, but he knew that Taehyung wouldn’t get up without a struggle, especially considering it was a Saturday and neither of them needed to be at work.

Yoongi looked at the sleeping man wrapped around him, heart skipping a beat at the sight.  Taehyung really was beautiful, even to this day, Yoongi couldn’t believe he got so lucky to have him.

He leaned forward, gently placing a little kiss on the tip of his nose.

“Tae, baby.”

Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed, a sign he was slowly waking up.

“Tae, wake up.  We have to start getting ready.”

The younger just took a deep breath, arms wrapping even tighter around the elder, one leg even coming up to cage Yoongi in his spot.

“Tae,” Yoongi said with a warning tone.

“I don’t want to get up,” he whined.

“Well, you shouldn’t have set up this lunch then.”

“We can cancel,” he groggily replied, eyes still completely shut.

“No, we can’t.  You know we can’t.  Get up lazy bum.”

“You get up first.”

“We both know I can’t as long as I still have my human koala wrapped around me.”

“That’s really too bad, hyung.  I guess we’ll have to stay in bed then.”

“Tae,” Yoongi said assertively, causing Taehyung to finally open his eyes, but only jut a crack.


Taehyung pouted, loosening his hold on the elder, Yoongi finally being able to wiggle free and sit up on the bed.

Yoongi looked back at Taehyung, he rolled his eyes with a small smile and placed one hand on the younger’s cheek before giving him a sweet peck on the lips.  He leaned back just enough so that he could look into the younger’s beautiful eyes. Taehyung was still pouting, but exponentially less, since he got a kiss.

“You gonna get up now, my pouty baby?” Yoongi asked with a smirk, thumb caressing the younger’s cheek.

Taehyung leaned back, letting out an overly dramatic sigh as he threw himself into his pillow.

“I guess,” he groaned, now finally sitting up in his spot.

Yoongi smiled and shook his head before standing up, his bare skin exposed as he walked over to his closet.  It only took him a couple of minutes to decide on what to wear, before he emerged, placing his clothes on one of their chairs in the room before turning to see a smirking Taehyung staring at him.

“Stop it,” he said, chuckling slightly as he noticed the other’s eyes scanning him up and down.

“Stop what, hyungie?” Taehyung asked innocently.

“You know what, Tae.”

“I don’t see anything wrong. I’m simply admiring the view in front of me. Is that a crime?”

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” Yoongi said, trying his best not to let Taehyung win this game. 

“And it never gets old.”

Yoongi blushed at that, putting his face in his hands and effectively loosing against the charms of Kim Taehyung... again.

“Aww, did I embarrass you, hyungie?” Taehyung asked again, innocently as he got up from the bed, exposing himself now, as he walked over to the elder.

Taehyung carefully grabbed the other’s wrists and slowly moved Yoongi’s hands away from his face, the blush that he’s met with making his heart soar. 

“Beautiful,” he muttered, looking into the elder’s eyes, his full boxy smile on display.

“Says the most beautiful person ever,” Yoongi scoffs trying to keep his heart in his ribcage.

“Really? I didn’t think I heard you say that?” Taehyung smoothly replies, which sends Yoongi over the edge.

Yoongi playfully shoves the younger away, quickly retreating into the bathroom as he hears Taehyung’s chuckles following closely behind him. Yoongi made a beeline for the sink as Taehyung followed, going into the small closet-like room that held their toilet and relieving himself before joining the elder, only washing his hands before they switched places, Yoongi using the toilet while Taehyung brushed his teeth. 

They were so used to each other at this point, everything they seemed to just flow naturally.  Nothing between them was awkward anymore.  They had long gone past that point. 

When Yoongi dried his hands on the towel handing by the sink, he heard the sound of water coming from the shower behind him.

He turned to see Taehyung adjusting the water temperature, careful to get it just right.  Yoongi took just a few moments to “admire the view” as Taehyung so eloquently put it, before he was heading to the bathroom door.

Yoongi only opened the door a crack before he heard, the younger, “Yoon?”

He turned and looked at the younger.

“You coming in?” Taehyung asked, a sweet smile on his face. 

Taking showers and baths together was one of Taehyung and Yoongi’s favorite past times.  And no, not for the reason that you may be thinking.  That was one thing that was off limits in the shower.  Well, it wasn’t so much off limits as the two just didn’t do it.  It was an unspoken understanding.  Nothing ever escalated in there. It was simply a time that the two could take care of each other. The only thing that they would do in the shower or bath was make out.  But, it wasn’t sexual, it was completely loving, with passion filled in the languid movements of their lips together.  They just wanted to make the other feel loved and cared for in every step. For that reason, when they decided to do it together, it took much longer, making it a rarity in their busy schedules with how much they were usually rushing to get ready.

Yoongi looked out the now fully opened bathroom door and saw the clock on the nightstand.  He let out a sigh.  He turned to face the younger, disappointment showing clear on his face.

“We don’t have time, Tae.”

Taehyung’s eyes dimmed the slightest bit before he walked over to Yoongi, looking out at the time, as well.

“We still have time, Yoon.”

“Not enough, though.”

Taehyung thought for a moment and left the bathroom to go to the closet.  Becoming curious, Yoongi followed Taehyung, only see him emerging from the closet with the outfit he was going to be wearing.  Considering that it took the younger a long time to decide on what to wear on normal days, Yoongi didn’t expect him to be able to choose an outfit quickly for a day like today. So, to have it already ready was completely unbelievable. Not only that, but Yoongi had never seen these clothes before.

“I bought it yesterday after work to wear today.  I was- I am nervous to finally meet your parents.  Like not through a computer screen.”

Yoongi looked at him with wonder.  As much as Taehyung loved fashion, he was a very careful spender.  He would only buy new clothes if he needed to, but most of the time he loved repurposing his old outfits into something new.  To go through these lengths for his first official meeting with his parents made Yoongi smile with wonder in his eyes.

“I think this will shave off a good chunk of getting ready time, so what do you say?”

Yoongi looked at the younger before stepping toward him.  He grabbed the nice new suit and set it down on the chair next to where he sat his clothes down.  Taehyung watched his every movement.  Once it was sitting carefully, to not get any wrinkles in it, Yoongi looked at Taehyung and kissed him. 

It was short, but perfect.  Then again, Yoongi didn’t know if there was anything but perfection when it came to Taehyung.  Yoongi grabbed onto one of Taehyung’s hands and they made their way into the shower, both tensing up ever so slightly until they adjusted in the water temperature.  They pulled slightly away from the water stream, just enough so that it wouldn’t be going over their faces and they started kissing.  It had been a long time since they both had enough time to do this and it was much needed. 

They stayed there for quite a while just holding each other and kissing, until they broke apart, smiles stretching wide on their faces.  Only then did they start cleaning each other.  It was such an intimate thing for them.  The other taking care of them.  They couldn’t get enough of the affection that they each poured into everything. 

When they got to washing each other’s hair, Yoongi decided to have fun with it, so he lathered up the younger’s hair in shampoo, until it was nice and foamy, and then, with both of his hands, he made lifted the younger’s hair up to a point on top of his head until he was satisfied.  

When Yoongi started laughing, Taehyung joining in once he opened the shower door to look at himself in the mirror.

“Oh, you think that’s funny?”

Yoongi nodded, “Yep.”

Taehyung grabbed some shampoo in his own hand and did the exact same thing to the elder, both of them giggling the whole time.  When they opened the shower door to see themselves in the mirror, they couldn’t hold it in anymore and they both started belting out laughs. They felt like they were kids again, and it was nice.  They were so in love.

After they finished each other’s hair and stayed under the water for a bit longer, sharing gentle touches and sweet kisses, Taehyung shut off the water, stepping out to get each of them their towels.  He dried himself off a bit and wrapped his towel around his waist before returning to where Yoongi was still standing in the steamy shower.  As soon as the younger approached, Yoongi stepped out of the shower, Taehyung immediately placing the towel around his shoulders, rubbing his arms for a moment before pecking his cheek. 

They didn’t have much time before they had to leave now, so, they each multi tasked.  After they put their underwear and pants on, Yoongi started drying Taehyung’s hair, the younger doing a little bit of makeup on himself before they switched places. They ended up finishing pretty quickly after that, both just putting on their shirts and a hint of their own colognes as well as a little bit of jewelry, each of them wearing one of a pair of dangly earrings, which Yoongi wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for Taehyung.   He knew the younger liked all of that cheesy couple-y stuff, but he really didn’t.  However, nothing could compare to the way Taehyung’s eyes lit up ever so slightly when he agreed to do those things.

When they finished, the both of them looked absolutely stunning if Yoongi did say so himself.  Taehyung always looked incredible to him, though, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. 

They each grabbed their wallets and keys, sticking them in their pockets before Taehyung held out his hand to Yoongi.  Yoongi smiled and took it, intertwining their fingers as they finally left their apartment, the feeling of complete and utter adoration filling their hearts to the brim.

Man, did these two love each other.