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Pvlm's Pandora Box

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After your best friend, Tasha, threw up on your newly gifted heels, you were done with the night. Your girlfriends wanted to take you out a new club called “Levels”. It was in the urban area of Seattle and it was pretty decent.

“Shit girl, I’m so-so sorry” Tasha slurred out, her ebony weave was spread over her face because of the sweat and with drool at the corners of mouth. With the help of your other friends, you folded Tasha’s body in the backseat and climbed in behind her.

It was probably one of the worst birthdays you ever had.

Nicole, being the designated driver, dropped the heavily drunk girl to house, letting her boyfriend take care and you were the second one to get dropped off. Waving off the car, you turned the knob to the small cottage that you shared with your boyfriend Jacob.

The first thing you noticed, was the flickering of the lit candles, the red and white rose pedals that started at the door and trailed off further into the house. You hung your keys and slowly followed the trail, your movements sluggish because of the leftover liquor in your body. And the sight in front of you breath taking.

The shadows highlighted the sharp jawline of your lover’s face, his tall body was relaxed on the white armchair that was placed in the corner of the room facing the bedroom door. A white button down shirt was left open, revealing a chiseled torso. Black slacks that enhanced his muscular thighs and his feet was left bare. His stare heated your body as the desire pooled in between your legs.

In a quick movement, he drifted towards you. His nose flaring as he took in your arousal, awaking the beast within him. The pair of russet hands surround your face, tilting your head up toward him. He gathered you into his arms, carrying your thick body into the ensuite bathroom, carefully undressing you. Each layer of clothing revealed more of your rich skin. He cradled you into his arms again, slowly lowering you body into the warm bathtub. The scent of honey and cherry blossoms danced under your nose as you closed your eyes, letting the water erase the horrible night. You felt thick fingers, comb themselves in your curls, pulling it into a high bun away from your neck and face. You felt yourself drift away as those hands ghosted and pressed against the sore spots of your body.

Soon the water became cold, and you were lifted out of the tub and wrapped in a hot towel. Jacob took his time drying your body, once he was done, he took his time to just look at you.

You felt small but loved under his stare. It was as if you were communicating with your eyes. He lifted you into his torso, your thick thighs surrounded themselves around his hips and arms around his neck. Walking forward from the bathroom to the bedroom still maintaining that eye contact.

He traced your features with the roses on the king sized bed. You shivered as Jacob made contact with the sensitive nipples, the curves of your breast, and down the pathway toward your lower body. You tried swiveling you hips, trying to guide him to the place you needed him to be, but he held you still. The rose continued to tease your lower lips and inner thighs, down to your calves and a giggle escaped you as the rose tickled the bottom of your feet.

Rising up, Jacob sucked on your bottom lip and peppered small kisses all over your face. Tears gathered in your eyes. He’s the only that made you feel safe and loved. Nobody can make feel this way.

The pad of his thumbs wiped away the tears the escaped. Jacob’s face nudge itself into the crook of your neck, sucking at your neck making a series of hickeys that trailed to the middle of your chest, creating a heart.

You pulled at the white shirt, and he went with your request and took it off, along with his pants, revealing that he was nude underneath. You groaned at the skin to skin contact, the warmness of his skin and made you hiss since your body was exposed to the cool air. He tenderly grabbed at your chest, sucking in a brown nipple as he make contact with you. Fingers gripped his silky hair, pulling him closer. One of his hands went in between your legs, spreading the wetness that he created around.

You watched as he released your nipple, and moved down your body once more. Jacob placed his hands behind your knee, exposing yourself to him. He flattened his tongue, letting your juices coat his tastebuds. He pointed his tongue and traced everywhere but your clit. Whining, you tried grabbing him by his hair but he slapped your inner thigh and went back to tracing your sex. When he finally decided he was done teasing you, Jacob sucked on your clit and dipped his finger in you. That finger was accompanied by another one as they curled into your special spot. Moaning, you gripped at your breast and rolled your hip encouraging him to increase his movements. But of course, he took his time breaking you apart. The knots started to pull at you as you arched you back off the bed and Jacob pulled away from you.

Pulling you to the edge of the bed, he placed you legs on his shoulders and looked at your lust-dazed face. He moved the tip of his dick up and down your slit. At this point, you felt like crying.

Jacob hushed you by finally giving you what you needed and craved. It was water putting out a flame. He gave you gentle strokes, enjoying the looks of pleasure on your face. Clawing at his upper arms, Jacob came closer to you, his body rolling against you and grazing your clit in every moment. He whispered sweet nothings in your ear, telling you how good you felt and how much he loved you.

You pulled his face to yours, you lips linking with his as his tongue massaged your mouth, you loved those messy kisses. Drowning your moans in his mouth, he wrapped his arms around and pulled you up, still joined at the hips as you both became even closer. His dick reached even further into you, brushing your soul.

Jacob moved your body with his as he bit into your skin, kissing on the mark. You turned your head toward the large mirror on the wall, watching the sweat the clings to you and Jacob’s body.

His large hands gripped your plump ass, dragging you up and down as his thrusts became harder. He growled as he grabbed the back of your neck with his other hand, arching your neck and exposing it. Jacob sucked and nibbled on your pulse as your orgasm neared. Whispering how you wanted him to cum inside you, to let go. And that’s what he did. Switching positions where your knees were near your head, toes nearly touching the headboard. Jacob lost control of his thrusts, pinning you to the bed with no where to go. He hit those sweet spots, making you cry out and beg for mercy. Your pussy clenched around him as your second orgasm was pulled from you. The whites of your eyes can only be seen, your fingernails made his russet skin bleed and his body healed right after. Your throat was dry as you let out silent screams, body trembling under the intense pleasure that your lover gave you. Jacob’s body shook as he released inside you.

Jacob pulled out of you, after going soft. He gave you a deep kiss before pulling complete away from you. Your body relaxing into the plush mattress. You felt a warm towel wipe away the mixed fluids and moments later Jacob came back, guiding your body back under the sheets and pulling your heated body against his.

“Happy Birthday, baby”