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Brave and the Bold - Sunnydale

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STORY TITLE: Brave and the Bold - Sunnydale
PART: 01 of ??
AUTHOR: Red Jacobson (
DISTRIBUTION: My Yahoo Group, FF.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth, Hentai-Foundry, Questionable Questing
DISCLAIMER: None of the Characters You Recognize belong to me, they all belong to JK Rowling and her publishers.
SUMMARY: After Halloween, Sunnydale has five new heroes!
FEEDBACK: Of course! It Makes Me Write Faster
RELATIONSHIPS: Xander/Willow, Xander/Willow/Buffy, Eventually Xander/Willow/Multi
WORD COUNT: <6,1010>
SPOILERS: Canon up to Season Two Episode Halloween
WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and Femme-cest.

It's funny how something as simple as changing a Halloween costume could affect the destinies of so many people. People lived who would have died in the normal course of events, and people and beings met their ends long before they were originally scheduled to. Not to mention how this change thoroughly derailed several plans of a rogue power named Jasmine and a demon goddess called Glorificus, who were most unhappy, briefly, at the changes in the weave of destiny. All of these changes came about just because a deity was bored and decided to watch what happened to a mortal, who had provided a great deal of entertainment in different universes, reacted to a new situation. The fact that this mortal was also a favorite of Aphrodite's just increased the entertainment potential, so Janus decided to cross pantheons and see what bit of fun the sexy minx could add to things?

Our story starts on a sunny afternoon in late October, where our heroes are dealing with the latest annoyance inflicted on them by the troll masquerading as their High School Principal...

Outside Sunnydale High School

“I can't believe that little turd,” Xander muttered under his breath, hefting his backpack over his shoulder. “One night that we would have been able to relax, we've got to dress up in themed costumes! How the hell am I going to afford that? I'm the 'Two-dollar Costume King' for a reason, damn it!”

Behind him, Buffy frowned as her enhanced hearing picked up what her friend was saying. She'd known that he wasn't exactly middle class, but to have a problem renting a Halloween costume? That's bad! Thinking quickly, she whispered in Willow's ear “Follow my lead, I've got an idea for our costumes.”

The redhead nodded, looking sadly after Xander as he stalked ahead of them. She knew him well enough to understand why he was so irritated. Her parents may have been absent more than they were home, but at least they left her enough money to buy food! She'd be glad to pay for Xander's costume, but his pride wouldn't let him accept, and she really didn't have the time to convince him. Of course, renting his costume is only the start of things she'd like to do for Xander, but she wasn't going to think about that! Thoughts like that lead to sweaty palms and spazzing out, not a good look for her at all!

As Buffy started walking a little faster, to catch up with Xander, Willow also found herself glancing at the way her blonde friend's behind looked in a skirt she was wearing, only to freeze in shock! Why am I looking at Buffy like that? I don't like girls, I like guys, I like Xander, I'm not thinking about Xander and Buffy looking at me like that! No, I'm not! But suddenly the image of Buffy kissing her, while Xander's hands toyed with her body rose unbidden to her mind and she flushed brightly. Shoving the unwelcome (or were they?) thoughts away, Willow hurried after the two of them, and promised herself a long shower with the massaging shower head when she got home!

Buffy felt mildly guilty about what she was about to do because she was well aware of Xander's crush on her. But she needed him distracted enough not to argue with her, so she shifted her shoulders slightly, making her blouse drop away from her chest a small amount. Not enough to be obvious, but just enough to give Xander a free show. It was too bad she'd worn a bra today because if letting him get a glimpse of her tits would make her job easier, she wouldn't hesitate. Besides, it would be nice to have at least one of the men in her life recognizing that she had a body! She loved Angel, but he was so hung up on her being his redemption that he barely even looked away from her face!

Reaching Xander, she said, "Hey Xan, can I talk to you for a minute?"

He turned toward her, an annoyed expression on his face that he quickly hid under his standard goofy grin. He looked at her, and she saw his eyes widen slightly as he saw down the neckline of her blouse and hid a smile. “Sure Buff, what's up?” He said, his voice amazingly steady.

“I know I screwed up earlier, with Larry and all, and I want to make up to you. I've got an idea of the costumes the three of us can wear, and as an apology, I'll rent all three of them, so Willow doesn't feel awkward about it either, is that okay?” Buffy knew that what she was saying sounded weak, but hopefully Xander would be distracted enough not to notice.

Unfortunately, it looked like her plan wasn't working as it seemed like his eyes flashed green for a second, and his grin looked slightly sinister until it faded back to normal. "Careful Buff, the Hyena is sleeping, not gone, and you don't want to wake him up, do you?" He said softly, his eyes boring into hers, sending a shiver through her body that she never expected!

His smile back in place, he said, “Well, if that's what you want to do, Buffster, I can let you apologize that way. But, no Batman costume, I don't do Bat-Nipples!”

She laughed a little nervously, she hadn't expected that sort of reaction from her Xander shaped friend. But then Buffy remembered the night that the Anointed One had Willow and the others kidnapped and Xander had promised to kill her if they got hurt. She honestly believed he was capable of it! How did she forget that? There was a lot more to Xander than she generally realized, and it was kind of interesting... but she was with Angel, no thinking about Xander that way!

Turning back to look at Willow, Buffy saw the girl blush and quickly look away. What was going on with her friends? Sure, it was obvious that Willow had a major crush on Xander who seemed to be oblivious to it, but why was she blushing now? Seeing the sign for Ethan's Costumes just ahead of them, she gave a sigh of relief. Hopefully, they could find the costumes she had in mind and then she could think about patrolling, which at least was understandable. Shaking her head, it was a sad commentary on her life that she'd almost rather be dealing with vamps than the teenage drama of her normal life!

Stepping into the shop, Buffy plastered a smile on her face as she saw Cordelia and Harmony browsing the costumes, complaining about the fact that Party Town had a problem with the sprinkler system, destroying all their costumes, and she couldn't get her deposit back until the insurance company had finished their investigation. She couldn't believe that she used to be exactly like Cordelia, before Merrick and then Lothos had turned her life upside down, a spoiled little rich girl who delighted in hurting people she considered beneath her! Although, Cordelia had been better, in her blunt and sarcastic way, ever since the night the Master had risen. The night she had died... Pushing away that thought firmly, she brushed past the two complaining girls and led Xander and Willow over to the superhero costumes.

Her eyes lit up when she saw that he had a Power Girl costume, unfortunately, it was the one with the boob window. She cursed, yet again, that she hadn't been blessed the way her mom was, her mom could fill out that costume naturally, while she would have to use some discreet enhancements to make it work.

But that wasn't important now, she needed to get Xander and Willow to pick out their costumes, and, hopefully, the costume she had in mind for Willow would get Xander to open his eyes. Xander should be easy enough, and once he had his costume it would be a snap to get Willow to take the matching one!

“Hey Xan, what do you think about this one?” Buffy said, holding up the black leather costume with the light blue emblem.

Xander took a look at the costume and grinned at her, his smile almost feral, sending shivers down her spine as she realized just how close to waking up the Hyena spirit really was!

“Nightwing, Buff? Didn't think you were a fan of the Titans.”

She blushed, that damnable grin shouldn't be affecting her like this! She was with Angel, and shouldn't be remembering what happened when the Hyena had been in control and how hard it was for her to find the will to resist when she really wanted to give in! Whooo-boy! It's going to be a cold shower when she finally got home!

Managing to keep control of her voice, she said, "I just remember a few times when he teamed up with Power Girl and Bat Girl and thought that you would fit the bit pretty well. What do you think, Will? Think Xander would look good in this costume?"

Willow looked over at the two of them and, when she got a look at the costume Buffy was holding up, gave a slight 'eep!' as her eyes went wide and she blushed furiously. Buffy decided she really, really didn't want to know what Willow was thinking right then, her own hormones were misbehaving enough as it was!

Xander's voice rumbled as he laughed, “Well, I guess it's unanimous, Buff, you've got yourself a Nightwing for the night!”

'For the night? No! Don't think about Xander dressed up in that costume and the night together! Bad Buffy! Bad! Think of Angel! Yeah, think of Angel who wouldn't look half as good in that costume as Xander will... damn it!'

"Yeah, that's good, Xander, but now we need to find a costume for Willow. I'm thinking Bat Girl, red-headed, genius with computers, see where I'm going with this?" Buffy didn't know how she managed to keep her voice normal, but other than a slight twitch of Xander's grin, he didn't seem to react any differently than normal.

Willow, of course, tried to babble a refusal, wanting to go with her standard ghost costume the way she had for the last several years, but eventually Buffy managed to wear down her resistance, and when Xander told her that he'd like to see her in that costume the last of Willow's arguments faded away.

It was with a feeling of great relief that Buffy paid the rental on the costumes and the three of them left the shop, Xander heading for home while Buffy took Willow home with her to get the costumes ready for the next night.

She probably wouldn't have felt quite so relieved if she'd noticed that two other girls had been paying attention to their choices, especially Xander's Nightwing costume. Driven by impulses that neither of them could have explained, Cordelia Chase chose to pick up the costume of Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, while Harmony Kendall was feeling exceptionally daring as she chose to dress as Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaran, the heroine known as Starfire.

With the pieces in place, Janus and Aphrodite sat back to watch the entertainment.


The Next Evening
Just after Dark

The wave of magic that flowed through the streets of Sunnydale staggered him briefly, but when Dick Grayson opened his eyes he instantly realized that something was very wrong with this picture! Not only was he not in his body, but he also had no idea where on Earth he currently was located. Touching the switch to the jaw microphone with his tongue, he softly said, "Nightwing reporting, anyone in earshot respond please."

It was with a sense of profound relief that he was immediately answered by Barbara and Karen, although he was a little uncomfortable with Helena and Kori being in the area, especially after the weekend that Huntress and Starfire had spent with him and Barbara. Sure, it was fun, but the two of them were such hedonists that would be difficult to concentrate on figuring out what was going on.

The four women quickly converged on his location, Barbara and Helena running up (and he still had no idea how they could run in those boots!) while Karen and Kori floated down from overhead.

His eyes were constantly scanning their surroundings, trying to match what he was seeing with the known patterns of the rogues he dealt with and was drawing a blank. The Scarecrow might find amusing to have people change on Halloween, but there were none of the normal aurae of fear than Crane's hallucinations carried with them. Keeping his voice crisp, he said, "What've we got people? Besides the fact that none of us are in the body we woke up in this morning, I mean."

Power Girl was the first to speak up, “We seem to be in a town on the California coast, about two hours south of Los Angeles, but there is something really strange about this place. There's a feeling of contained evil all over town, and there are far more vampires than I've ever seen in one place! I already had to use my heat vision to flash fry a couple of them, a Sid and Nancy type couple who were trying to snack on some scared kiddies.”

He looked at her, "Just to make sure what type of vamps we're dealing with, these are the demon-infested corpses, not the ones they have in England?"

Power Girl nodded emphatically, “Absolutely, their demonic taint was clearly visible, and they crumbled to dust when the body was destroyed. These are monsters, not beings.”

Bat Girl added, “I've taken a look at the local newspaper archive, there are an awful lot of people dying from wild animal attacks, or bar-b-cue fork accidents, not to mention roving gangs on PCP. I don't know exactly what's going on here, but this is not a very nice place!”

Starfire frowned, “I've been working with friend Raven to recognize mystical energy, and it seems like there is something sending out power coming from the shopping district,” she said, pointing off to the left.

"Right! Starfire, Power Girl, you two provide oversight and make sure we're heading in the right direction. After we figure out what is causing this, then we can see about dealing with the root of the problem. Any questions?" The habits of command instilled by the Bat came to the fore automatically, and all four women nodded instantly before Karen and Kori jumped into the air and started slowly flying toward the source of the trouble.

Helena moved closer to the two of them as they started walking, her voice soft, "How are you two holding up? I've dealt a bit more with the fangs then either of you, so I know how bizarre it feels! Do either of you have any religious items on you? The person whose body I'm wearing apparently believed in overkill because she's got at least a dozen crosses in various pockets."

Checking his uniform, Nightwing pulled out a large wooden cross, although the bottom had been carved into a sharp point, perfect to use as a stake. It made him feel good that the person he was possessing was out there protecting people, and he decided to leave his host some advice if he got the chance.

Barbara looked slightly amused as she pulled out both a cross as well as a Star of David from the pouches on her belt. “I'm not sure if my host is confused about her religion or just covering more bases,” Barbara said, grinning as she hung both of them around her neck.

"Okay, now that we are all ready for the fangs, let's go!" Nightwing said, breaking into a run as he followed the direction that Kori and Power Girl had flown. It didn't take long for the three of them to arrive at a store that had "Ethan's Costumes" painted on the front window. His lip quirked, a costume shop was appropriate since they had all turned into their costumes.

Triggering his microphone, “Power Girl, Starfire what do you see inside the store? Is the magic coming from the shop or through it from somewhere else?”

“It's coming from the back room of the shop. There's one man, completely human as far as I can tell, kneeling in front of a bust of some kind. From the two faces on it, I'd say it was supposed to represent Janus, but what the God of Doorways and Beginnings would have to do with causing this lunacy I don't know,” Power Girl's voice sounded in his earpiece, a little annoyed. Nightwing smothered a grin, knowing that she really didn't like dealing with magic, a trait that she shared with her cousin Superman.

He wasn't all that crazy about it either, but with the training he'd been raised with, magic was just one more obstacle to overcome.

"We're going to need answers about whatever brought us here, so Huntress and Bat Girl take the point. Capture and silence him, but minimal violence otherwise, understood? Starfire? Can you patrol the town and protect the innocents? There are a lot of kids running around and I'd like it if they got home safe at the end of the night."

The alien princess smiled, “Of course! I can do that easily, I will enjoy destroying these vampires who are menacing the children!”

“Kori? Make sure that they are actually vampires and not some poor schmuck who chose the wrong costume before dusting them, okay? I know how you get when the battle lust comes over you!”

She grimaced, but nodded, “I will. Thank you for the reminder Nightwing.” Taking to the air, she sped off toward the center of the craziness.

“Power Girl, I want you monitoring this guy, and if he's lying about anything, let us know, okay?”

The women nodded, an eager smile on Helena's face. She always enjoyed the more violent aspects of their calling, which is why he warned her to hold back. Barbara was far more scientific in the application of force, using just what was needed to do the job, so he didn't worry that she would go over the line. Of course, if Helena did go over the line, she would find herself over his knee getting her ass spanked again! The fact that she enjoyed it as much as he did was a side consideration. He put the memory of all three of the girls over his knee aside, they had work to do at the moment.

The two of them made quick work of the door and rushed inside, with he and Karen following behind them after making sure they weren't observed. There were the sounds of a brief scuffle before a man's voice cried out in pain. Moving through the opened door in the back, he scanned the room, immediately recognizing that Karen identified the subject of the bust correctly, it was Janus, alright.

Listening to Helena and Barbara interrogate the mage, he examined the rest of the shop while Karen stood guard. Nightwing had absolutely no concerns about the three of them getting all the information needed out of the idiot, and it would break this 'Ethan's' concentration to be the focus of three unhappy women!

Nightwing shook his head at the stupidity being shown by the moron. Making a sexual comment in that situation was just asking for a beating from all of them. It was a good thing that Power Girl was holding back, and letting the two non-powered women handle the attitude correction, she's strong enough to break bones without even meaning to.

He continued searching the shop while they questioned this Ethan guy, not finding anything overtly incriminating. Ethan had just taken a short-term rental on the shop two weeks before, after the prior tenant had disappeared one evening, leaving their stock of vintage collectibles behind. The landlord had taken the merchandise in payment of the rent and re-rented the shop.

Taking a look at the shelves in the office, he frowned at the occult nature of most of them, but at least none of them seemed to be bound in human flesh, they really didn't need to bring the Lovecraftian Old Ones into this! It was when he was moving the books aside that he discovered something interesting. In the back of one of the shelves that was bolted to the wall, he noticed that the grain of the wooden panel was slightly off in a square section. On closer examination, he could see the faint line where the section had been cut away and replaced. Tapping on the center of the panel he heard a satisfying echo, demonstrating that there was an open space behind it.

A few minutes searching found the latch and, after checking to make sure it wasn't booby-trapped, pulled the panel away from the hole. 'Bingo!' Nightwing thought as he saw the piles of sealed plastic bags, each containing a white powder. There were also several piles of wrapped currency and what looked like a ledger of some kind.

“Power Girl? Can you come over here? I want your opinion on something.” He called out loudly. He didn't think that this was Ethan's doing, but if he was responsible for the drugs it would make him even more nervous.

Karen looked over and nodded, before walking toward him. He was concentrating on what was in the hidden compartment but still had to stop himself from staring at the cleavage on display when she was beside him.

He managed to jerk his eyes away after only a second, but the smirk on her face told him that she was well aware of what he was doing. In a low, amused voice the buxom blonde said, “Go ahead and take a look, Nightwing, after all, these are the only tits in the building you haven't had your hands on, or wrapped around your dick, aren't they?”

He turned to look directly at her, his eyes resting on her cleavage briefly, she would have been annoyed if he didn't look after that invitation, before saying "You were invited that weekend, remember? But you said you had to get things done at your company that couldn't wait. I'll make sure we check your schedule the next time we have one of our get-togethers!"

“Make sure you do, it sounds like a hell of a weekend and I can use the relaxation as much as anybody else!” Growing serious she said, “So what've you got, Man Wonder?”

Ignoring the 'Man Wonder' crack, he'd gotten used to it ever since he turned the Robin costume over to Jason and then Tim, he gestured toward the white powder. “Is that what I think it is? It looks like cocaine to me, but your vision can analyze it better than I can without my gear.”

Narrowing her eyes, she looked intently at the packages and gave a low whistle. “Yeah, that's coke alright, stepped down quite a bit, but still enough to get the attention of the feds. Think our mage is branching out?”

Shaking his head, he said, “It looks like the previous tenant, the one who mysteriously disappeared was the one with the side business. The ledger might tell us more, but, what do think about the idiot in the other room?”

Karen scowled, "He's lucky that the two of them haven't castrated him with a rubber band by now! He's an extremely unpleasant and slimy individual, and sexist enough to make Wildcat wince! But he's also extremely dangerous, he came to Sunnydale deliberately to cause chaos, because an old friend of his is something called a Watcher, and there is a Slayer here. I don't know what either of those is, do you? Anyway, the feeling of evil I mentioned earlier? There's apparently a dimensional rift in the town called a Hellmouth that's drawing the vampires and other demons like it's Club Med.”

"He said that the spell would end at daybreak on its own, was he telling the truth?"

“His heartbeat stayed steady and he didn't give any of the tells that said he was lying, so I'd say so.” She said thoughtfully.

“Good, that gives us just about seven hours to make a difference in this town before our hosts take over again. Do you think we can make a decent dent in the vampire population before dawn?”

A wide smile crossed her face, “Oh yeah! Be nice to cut loose for a change! But, what are you going to do about the coke and the cash? Seems foolish to leave it here, since I doubt that Ethan will be taking it with him when he leaves town.”

“Well, I was thinking that your heat vision could get rid the coke, but the cash could really help out our hosts, especially since it seems that they are aware of what is going on, and are fighting against it, based on the way they were equipped.”

"It certainly won't do us any good, not that we have to worry about money, and I have a feeling that the person who it belongs to will be one of the piles of dust out there if he isn't already."

“Wouldn't surprise me at all,” he said, “let me pull the ledger and the cash out of there, and you can do your thing.”

Breaking the cash up into five equal piles, he put them into individual sacks for their hosts to carry and then wrote a brief note to his host explaining what they had done, and why. He also included the books and ledger in the package for his host.

By the time he was finished, there was no trace of the drugs, and Barbara and Helena were walking out of the back room, brushing off their hands.

Helena said, “He'll be out until at least noon tomorrow, our hosts can collect him after they resume control of their bodies.”

“Good! We've got several hours to make a difference people, so let's go to work!”


Just Before Dawn
Outside Sunnydale High School

It had been an extremely busy, but exhilarating night for all five of them. Helena had personally taken out nearly thirty of the vampires, enjoying the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of watching her prey dust on the end of her stake! Koriand'r and Power Girl had each accounted for at least a hundred of the demonic bastards, but they had advantages she, Dick and Barbara didn't have. Helena didn't really mind though, it was always fun to be fighting alongside the 'bat brats' although she did regret that they weren't in their own bodies, because taking the two of them back to her apartment and getting naked would have been a perfect way to end the evening!

Although considering the way that her body reacted to Dick and Barbara's hosts they might just find themselves naked and sweaty even when they were back in control!

Seeing the first signs that dawn was coming, she decided to help things along, because Helena could feel the tension in the girl's body, she needed to get laid in the worst way! Walking over to where Dick was leaning against a low wall, Barbara cuddled against him, she said: "We're probably going to be back in our own bodies in a few minutes, so I wanted to do this while I had the chance."

Not giving either of them a chance to object, Helena leaned in and captured Barbara's lips in a kiss, making the redhead moan and open her mouth to Helena's probing tongue. They kissed briefly before she turned to Dick, who took control as always, and she found herself pressed against his body as his mouth claimed hers! It was her turn to moan as she felt his hardening cock rubbing against her, and she really hoped that her host got to enjoy that spike plunging into her soon, she was soaking wet!

Hearing a feminine moan from behind her, she broke the kiss and turned to see that Kori and Karen were kissing as well. 'So it seems that Power Girl is yet another one of the lapping ladies? I thought it was just those of us in the Bat Clan?'

Just as Helena was turning back to Dick and Barbara the sun broke over the horizon and Cordelia Chase stared around her in shock! 'Did that just happen? Did I just make out with Xander and Rosenberg, and enjoy it? No! No! I am not dealing with this right now! I'm going home and climbing into bed, and pretending this has been nothing more than a really, really bizarre dream!'

She barely registered Harmony and Summers breaking apart like scalded cats, her mind was whirling with a confusing maelstrom of thoughts that she just couldn't handle at the moment! Without a word to the others, she hurried off to where her car was parked, wanting to get this insanity behind her.

She never even realized that Xander and Willow were still making out furiously even after the spell was broken, but when she found out later that day Cordelia wasn't sure if she was disappointed not to have been included or not.

It was only when she got home and found the wrapped bundle of nearly twenty thousand dollars, as well as a note from the Huntress that she had to accept it was actually real, and not a hallucination. It was a very confused young woman who showered and crawled into bed, still trying to sort out her feelings for what had happened.

Surprisingly, she was the only one who had that problem. Harmony wasn't bothered at all by the fact that she'd been making out with Summers, it wasn't the first time she'd had her hands on another girl's boobs after all, and since Summers had been a cheerleader at her school in LA she probably wasn't a stranger to another girl's body either.

Buffy only regretted that the spell broke too soon, she was actually enjoying herself, although the self-honesty that Karen had left her made her admit she would have rather been making out with Xander and Willow, simply because she was already far closer to the two of them. But the two of them were still so focused on each other that the rest of the world didn't even exist.

Turning to Harmony, she smiled and said, "Hell of a night, huh? If you want to talk about what happened we're usually in the library after school hours." Her smile turned into a smirk, "And if you want to continue what we were doing? Well, there are plenty of secluded spots in the stacks where we can find a bit of privacy.”

Harmony smiled a little uncertainly, “I think I will be stopping by the library. I don't remember everything that happened earlier, but knowing that Vampires and Demons are real, it explains things I didn't really want to think about, but now I'm going to have to, aren't I?”

Buffy smiled sadly, “You don't have to, but you probably won't be able to completely ignore it anymore, sorry.”

Harmony shrugged, “Oh well, it beats the boring life I was dreading. I can be a lot more useful helping out than I would be as a trophy wife in training, only valued for my deep throat skills and being able to take it up the ass!”

Buffy winced, “Ouch! Is that really what you think your life is going to be, Harmony?”

"I'm not blind, Buffy, I know that the only way I could get into college is if my father decided to bribe the admissions board, and that's never going to happen! Besides, I can see what my mother's life is like, and Cordy's, and most of the other wives in my parents' social circle. Most of them are second wives, knowing that as soon as they start showing their age they'll be members of the ex-wives club. Fuck that! If I can make a difference and avoid turning into my mother, then I'm going to do it!"

Buffy stared at her in shock, “Wow! Okay, I really don't know what to say to that Harmony, but, if I can help you, let me know, okay? I know that my parents didn't have the best marriage, but nothing like that!”

Harmony grinned, “I'll take you up on that, and if you don't like the idea of the stacks for privacy, I know a few other places where we wouldn't be disturbed.” The grin turned lecherous, “Although I'd really be interested in seeing if Xander got the skills Nightwing had? Starfire has some really fun memories of a weekend she spent with the two of them and Huntress a few months back. Not to mention that she and Nightwing were together for a couple of years before that.”

Buffy laughed, “Yeah, Power Girl was invited but wasn't able to make it, and she was really pissed when she heard about it!”

Looking over at Xander and Willow, Buffy wondered if she was going to need a fire hose to break them apart? Giving a sharp whistle, the two of them stopped kissing to glare at her, and Xander said, "Do you mind Buffy? Willow and I have several years of my blindness to make up for!" Willow nodded emphatically in agreement, making Buffy and Harmony both laugh before Buffy said,

"While I'm glad you got your head out of your ass finally, Xander, if the two of you keep going the way you are going, you're going to be arrested for public indecency, and I really don't feel like getting Giles to bail you out, okay?"

The two of them looked at each other and broke apart, with Willow saying, “Yeah, that wouldn't be a good idea. Besides, my parents are away again, so we've got our choice of comfortable beds!” Standing and taking Xander's hand, they started walking away and Willow called over her shoulder, “See you later Buffy!”

With an amused grin, Buffy turned to Harmony and said, “Want to come back to my house? My mom should be awake and we can get some breakfast before the interrogation.”

“Sure, my parents aren't due back for another week, and I'm getting tired of Starbucks muffins.”

With a laugh, Buffy nodded and they headed for Harmony's car. It wasn't until several hours later that she realized she hadn't thought of Angel at all after the spell was broken.

End Chapter One


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