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Shouta really shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

But somehow, he still is.

He’s simply chatting with Yagi about next Monday’s lesson plan, the two of them standing at the edge of the common room. The room is mostly full--the students gathered around the TV, passing GameCube controllers between themselves. Iida had tried to construct some sort of elaborate turn system, but it quickly dissolved into whoever was able to pester one of the current controller holders for it the most.

He hears Bakugou cuss out in frustration while Ashido lets out a whoop of victory. Stifling a sigh, he glances over at the group, prepared to intervene if Bakugou intends to let out his frustration out in any other way than verbally--when something else catches his attention.

“...Aizawa?” he hears Yagi call as his body turns away from the man, eyes focusing just below the ceiling. He makes out what looks like a small abrasion, standing out against the stark white of the nearby walls, shining bright and blue.

Quickly, suddenly, it begins to grow.

Immediately he snaps to attention, pure instinct washing over him. He grabs at his capture weapon, posing himself at the ready.

“Everyone, get back! Move towards the nearest exit, but get away from the center of the room!” he barks out. As soon as he gets the words out his students are on guard, dropping the controllers as they leap off the couch. Again, he tells them to move away from the glowing circle, and while they do, they don’t exit the room, instead readying themselves for a fight. He can even feel Yagi tensing behind him, and he’s sure he’s holding up his own fists, the idiot.

His first thought is that this is Kurogiri, and dread all but consumes him at the mere thought that the League were able to bypass U.A. security yet again. But no, this abrasion is distinctly blue, not purple. A villain with a similar quirk? It does look like a portal, but it--

Suddenly, the portal turns black, and a figure drops from it. He hears and oof! come from the person, who’s now splayed out on the floor in front of them. The portal seems to shut, then dissolve into nothing.

“Stay back!” he shouts, his students already moving towards the figure, quirks at the ready. Small miracles, because they actually listen to him. Shouta then leaps, capture weapon flinging out and tying itself around the figure’s hands.

He pulls it, bringing what appears to be a man, to his knees, arms tied behind his back. He’s dressed in some sort of red and blue spandex suit, with black stripes going down it. They almost look like--webbing?

His first thought, of course, is that this is a villain. But the man made a rather graceless entrance, and is currently making no move to fight against his bindings. Once he’s close enough, Shouta reaches out, and pulls the mask off of the man. As soon as he does, a face turns around to greet him.

It’s--a boy. A kid. No older than his students, he’s guessing. And he’s eyeing over his shoulder towards Shouta, nervous energy flitting in his eyes.

“Mr Stark?” he says blinking. “No, uh, you’re not Mr Stark.” He frowns, turning around as twenty pairs of eyes stare down at him, with varied expressions of shock, curiosity, and determination.

He turns back to Shouta, and now he’s smiling sheepishly. “Um. Hi. This probably looks really bad like, really bad because it looks like I’ve just broken into a….dorm? Or uh, something, and it seems like you have superpowers because of your scarf...thingy, but I swear this isn’t what it looks like.”

Shouta frowns. His own posture is still guarded, tense, but...damn if this kid doesn't sound earnest. If anything, he looks a bit panicked, his forced smile wavering quite a bit, but he hasn’t made any motion to fight against Shouta’s bindings.

Although….there’s something off about this kid. First of all, who says superpowers anymore? And why did he sound so shocked by it, as if it was abnormal? Nevermind that Shouta’s weapon isn’t actually a part of his quirk. Secondly, he’s speaking Japanese, but his voice is strangely accented--American, if Shouta were to guess. Not that it’s necessarily suspicious, but still noteworthy.

The kid blinks again, back at Shouta. “Um. Where are we?”

“We’re at U.A., you dipshit!” Bakugou shouts, palms of his hands literally smoking. The kid’s eyes widen at the sight.

“Woah, dude, are your hands okay? Are they on fire?!” The kid sounds genuinely bewildered, and it seems to throw off Bakugou--but only for a moment.

“Are you stupid? It’s my quirk! Now tell us who you are, or you’ll really find out what my quirk can--!”

“Bakugou!” Shouta snaps, and Bakugou looks up at him, gaze as heated as his hands. Shouta only glares, but it’s enough, Bakugou’s lips pressing thin.

“U...A.?” the kid asks, and okay, he’s definitely not from around here if he’s never heard of the school. But even if he’s from the States, U.A.’s reputation is known worldwide. There is a chance he’s never actually heard of it, which is fair, but it could be something else, perhaps a memory loss--

“Hey, are you guys playing Double Dash?” the kid blurts out, seemingly against his own will. Shouta’s frown deepens, as he follows his gaze over towards the TV. One of the students lets out a snort.

Jesus Christ. Carefully, Shouta loosens the bonds, but only slightly. The kid doesn’t even seem to notice. He instead moves to kneel in front of the kid, facing him. He can see Yagi behind him, hand clenching around his phone, clearly apprehensive. Shouta nods at him, barely a movement, but Yagi returns the gesture, stepping around the corner as he dials the phone. Shouta then turns back to the kid, who’s staring wide-eyed at him.

“What’s your name?” he asks.

The kid blinks. “I--it’s Peter Parker, sir.”

Hm. Definitely not from around here. “Care to tell us what you’re doing here on U.A. property?”

Peter audibly gulps, and Shouta can see sheen of sweat that’s starting to gather on his forehead. “Well you see, I was in New York with Mr. Stark and Captain America, and out of nowhere this guy with a purple mask on--it looks like a sock, really--and also he had on this weird coat?--but anyways, he had this uh, gun, projector thingy? And it looked like he was aiming for Captain America, and I thought I that could shoot my webs at it and fling it out of the way? But I underestimated the force the beam was shooting off, I guess, because it ended up, uh. Hitting me, instead? And uh, here I. Here I am. Now. Sir.” he finishes lamely.

Now it’s Shouta’s turn to blink at the kid, utterly confused. He doesn’t know who Captain America was--some up and coming American hero, he can only guess (but seriously, what a pretentious name, holy shit). Mr Stark was just a name--again, he doesn’t know who that is, or if he’s supposed to know who that is. Someone with a purple mask….no high-profile villain comes to mind, but again, he isn’t as up to date with American Hero conflicts as he is for those in Japan.

And the webbing that he mentioned….he was shooting it out of himself? Perhaps his own quirk that he was using, but that doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy.

The one thing that does stick to Shouta’s mind, is that they were using some sort of technology--not a quirk. Unless it was some sort of amplifier, for the quirk’s power, but--


He’s about to ask the kid who Captain America is, when Yagi comes jogging back into the room.

“I notified Nedzu and Tsukauchi,” he states, and Shouta nods at him.

Yagi glances around, shifting his weight, and oh yeah, there’s twenty pairs of eyes staring at him and the kid. He sighs.

“Everyone, go back to your rooms,” he says. Already preparing for the protests that greet him, he flares up his own quirk. “Now.”

Thankfully, that’s all it takes, and they begin to shuffle off as he feels his hair returning against the nape of his neck. He hears a faint whimper, and turns back towards Peter.

“What the heck,” the kid says, his now paled face going slack-jawed and wide eyed. Shouta raises a brow at him.

“It’s part of my quirk.”

“Your what?”

Well, that’s….not knowing of U.A. is one thing, but this? The kid was able to name that old video game his students had been playing almost instantly, but he doesn’t know what a quirk is? Not even mentioning the fact that it sounds like this kid is both working with Heroes, and has a quirk of his own.

This is….

Shouta can’t deal with this right now. He really can’t. He turns back towards Yagi, who’s looking at the two of them, equally as shocked.

“You lived in America for awhile, right?” he asks. The other man blinks at him, then nods, slowly. “Have you ever heard of a hero that goes by Captain America?”

“You haven’t?” the kid nearly shouts. Shouta blatantly ignores him, focusing instead on Yagi, who only shakes his head.

“How have you not heard of him?! Wait, wait, okay, have you heard of Iron Man?” Peter asks. Shouta glares at him for a minute, then shakes his head.


“Have you heard of All Might?” Shouta asks, noting how Yagi tenses slightly behind him.

He’s met with a blank face. “Who?”

Shouta resists the urge to bury his own face into his hands.


Thankfully, Tsukauchi and Nedzu show up quickly. The kid has stayed relatively quiet after their exchange, but a permanent expression of hazy shock seems to encompass his face. When the two first arrived at the dorms, Yagi met them at the doors, to catch them up on what little they know about the situation. Not long after, the three of them make their way into the common room.

When Peter sees Nedzu however, Shouta thinks it’s a miracle that the kid doesn’t outright faint.

“W-what is that?” he asks shakily, hands trembling where they’re bound behind his back. “I mean, I’m sorry, that’s very rude of me--I just--”

“Who knows what I am!” Nedzu says, unruffled as ever. The kid only blanches further after hearing him speak, and Shouta feels kinda bad for him, because yeah, if this kid knows nothing about quirks he can only imagine how shocking seeing Nedzu must be.

“Hello, I’m Officer Tsukauchi,” Tsukauchi greets.

Peter nods, weakly. “Peter, sir, uh, Peter Parker.”

“Nice to meet you, should I call you Peter?”

“Um. Sure.”

Tsukauchi’s lips quirk up, slightly. “You’re from the United States, correct?”

“Yes, sir. I’m from Queens.”

The officer nods. “And you said that you were transported here by a villain while you were in New York?”

“Yes, I--I think so? I don’t know what else would’ve happened.”

“And who did you say that you were with?”

“Mr Stark and Captain America, sir.”

Again, Tsukauchi nods, but this times he turns back to the three pro-heroes. “Well, he’s telling the truth, as crazy as it sounds.”

“Can I ask a question?” Peter asks. Tsukauchi turns back to him, and nods.

“Okay, so, uh, where am I? Who are all of you? Why is that rat huge--and also why is he talking? And how do you know that I’m telling the truth?”

Tsukauchi blinks at him, expression softening a bit. “Well, first of all, my quirk allows me to determine if people are lying or not.”

The kid pauses, then nods. “Um, okay, sure. So what’s a quirk?”

That seems to give Tsukauchi a bit of pause, but he pushes past it. “A quirk is like--a superpower, if you will.”

“Okay. And how did you get it?”

Tsukauchi blinks, and yeah, that is a rather odd question, or an odd way to phrase it at least. The kid doesn’t know what quirks are, necessarily, but it seems that he had some sort of villain run-in. And again, he mentioned having something akin to a quirk of his own, and Mr Stark and Captain America certainly sound like pro heroes, from the story he was telling.

“Well, I was born with it. I gained the power when I was four, but it was the nature of my birth.”

“You--you were born with it?” the kid cocks his head at the officer, expression a bit incredulous.

“You mentioned Mr Stark and Captain America,” Shouta interrupts, and the kid’s wide eyes turn towards him. “How did they get their….powers?”

Peter bites his lip, eyebrows drawing close together. “Well Mr Stark--Tony Stark? Iron Man?” Shouta stares back blankly, and the kid shakes his head. “Well, anyways. Mr Stark doesn’t have any powers, he uses the suits that he builds. And Captain America, he was injected with Super Soldier Serum. But that was like, forever ago, because he was frozen in ice for seventy years but now he’s back, and currently fighting with the Avengers.”


Shouta really doesn’t get paid enough for this.

He looks back towards the three other people in the room, who look about as bewildered as he feels. Well, except Nedzu, who looks just as calm as he always does, a smile glinting in his features.

“Well, I think this is fairly obvious, isn’t it?” Nedzu proclaims, clapping his paws together. “It’s clear that Mr Parker has been transported here from a different universe!”

“I was what?!” Peter shouts, and Shouta can’t help but think that it’s the sanest thing he’s said all day.

Nedzu nods, as he’s met with four utterly baffled faces. “Mr Parker, do you have any superpowers of your own?”

The kid reeles a bit, still clearly overcome with shock, but he audibly swallows, seemingly forcing his words out. “I….yeah? I mean like, a couple years ago I was bit by a radioactive spider, which heightened my senses and gave me super-strength. Oh, and I can also walk on walls.”

Shouta blinks, eyes stinging. Toshi coughs welty, but he’s thankfully able to hide the red spattering within the inside of his elbow.

“Excellent! Would you mind demonstrating your powers for us?”

Shouta kind of wants to knock Nedzu upside the head, but the principal’s quirk isn’t for nothing, so Shouta keeps his hands by his sides, only watching as the kid gawks at the principal. “I….sure?”

Nedzu nods at Shouta, and he’s forced to stifle a sigh as he retracts the bonds of his capture weapon that were still wrapped around the kid. Peter looks back at him, nodding in thanks and offering him a small, sheepish smile. Shouta just nods in return.

Slowly, the kid stands, walking over towards one of the walls. Carefully, he places one hand flat against it, then another then--

Then, he walks up the walls, by the palms of his hands and the balls of his feet. And that’s….

Well, that’s something else. Truthfully, he’s never seen a quirk like that.

He’s only gone maybe half a meter off the ground when Nedzu exclaims, “Alright, don’t go up any further!”

Peter nods, craning his head around to greet them with a shaky glance. “Yeah. Sure. Totally.”

“Now, Aizawa, would you care to activate your own quirk on Mr Parker here? Attempt to erase his powers?”

“Erase my powers?!” Peter blurts out as he whips his head around towards Shouta, but Nedzu raises his hands in attempt to placate him.

“Don’t worry! If it works, it’ll only last for a moment, you’ll gain your powers back in full.”

The kid audibly gulps, but he nods, satisfied enough.

Still, Shouta almost refuses, but the kid is less than a meter up--if he falls, he should easily land on his feet. After a futile attempt to blink away some of his dry-eye, Shouta meets him with a gaze, feeling cool air graze the nape of his now bare neck--

And nothing happens. The kid stays put, completely unaffected.

Shouta frowns, and tries again. Still, nothing.

“Well! There you go! Aizawa’s quirk cannot work on Mr Parker because he is not of this universe, and does not actually possess a quirk!”

“Don’t you think that’s….a bit of a leap?” Tsukauchi asks as he eyes Nedzu, a single brow raised.

“Perhaps. But let me ask--oh, you can come down now--the boy one more thing!”

Hesitating slightly, Peter lowers himself off of the wall and turns back around to face Nedzu. “Um, yes? Sir?”

“What language are you speaking right now, Mr Parker?”

A blink. “Uh. English?”

Nedzu nods with a smile, splaying his arms wide. “You see! A universal shift! We shouldn’t be able to understand each other at all, since the rest of us are speaking Japanese, but well, here we are!”

Nedzu looks far too pleased with himself. Tsukauchi can’t stop frowning at the principal, while Peter and Yagi both look like they want to vomit.

Shouta wants a pay raise and twenty hours of sleep.

“Unfortunately, I’m not sure if, or when, you’ll be able to go bad to your own universe,” Nedzu says, much more solemnly this time as the smile vanishes from his face.

If?” Peter squeaks out. Nedzu only nods.

“But! You said you have your own heroes on your side, didn’t you? I’m sure they’re working very hard to right this wrong.”

Peter seems to pause, then returns the nod. “I, yeah. Mr Stark, he’s great with technology, I’m sure that he--”

Suddenly, a spattering of blue catches Shouta’s eyes. Before he can even get a word out to warn the others, the portal opens, same as the one before but this time the figure coming out of it makes a much more graceful entrance.

“Peter?!” the figure shouts as the portal closes behind him. The voice is oddly mechanicalized, although worry is evident in the tone. Shouta suspects it’s due to the fact that the figure is what appears to be a robot, a red and gold suit hovering off the ground, blue repulsors burning smoke into the carpeting below them.

He appears to be a robot, but with a wave of rather dull acceptance, Shouta doesn’t really think that’s the case.

“Mr Stark!”

Shouta, capture weapon at the ready since he first saw the portal open, spares a glance at the kid. He sees that his eyes are light up with recognition for the first time since he’s arrived here.

“Oh, thank God,” the metal figure sighs, as the faceplate of the suit begins to retract. When it does, it reveals what appears to be a middle-aged man, with dishevelled brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. He seems to be guarded, still, but he’s eyeing Peter with stark relief.

When the man notices the rest of them however, he frowns, eyeing them all.

“Well. Hello there? Honestly, this isn’t what I expected, that beam was meant for Cap so I was prepared for twentieth century New York, but this is certainly….different.”

“And you are?” Shouta asks, weapon still readied. The man raises a brow towards it, smirking.

“Cute scarf,” he quips. “And I’m Tony Stark.”

When he’s met with blank stares, he sighs. Shouta wants to scoff at first, at the man being so vain, but there’s something underlying his gaze that Shouta can’t quite place. Something more serious than his own ego. “Okay, so you don’t know me. If it weren’t for the technology around I’d say that we’re still in the past, just not New York, but that’s clearly not the case. Zemo wants a legacy, he’d have no use for Steve in the future. Which leaves….”

He looks over at the kid, who reaches up to rub at the back of his neck, wincing slightly. “An….alternate universe?” Peter half-asks with a wavering smile.

“As far as we’ve been able to determine, that seems to be the case!” Nedzu states. The man--Stark--turns towards the voice, blinking slowly as if he’s just noticed Nedzu for the first time. Judging by the various expressions that seem to pass over his face in rapid succession, Shouta suspects that he just has.

“Oh, God help me,” Stark mutters, burying his face into his metallic hands.

Yeah, that sounds about right.