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A Collection of Monster Romance Stories (working title)

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"Tell me,” she spoke, her thin fingers running gently up your arm as her tail coils around you.

It wasn’t a move to frighten or harm you, it was one of comfort. Her equivalent of holding you, hugging you.

You meet her eyes, her unnatural yet beautiful eyes, the pupils narrow slits that watch you intently, the green color taking up her entire visible eye.

“Tell me, lover, why you adore me so?”

Her voice drags out the “s” sound, almost predictably so, but you think its endearing.

She circles further around you with her bright green tail, holding you in the only way she really knows how.

“I adore you,” you start, voice a little softer than you’d liked it to be. “I adore you because you don’t judge me.”

She tilts her head in curiosity, her jet black hair obscuring some of her features. You reach out and brush it away, your hand resting on her cheek.

Her tongue darts out between her lips, tasting the air like a normal snake would.

“You see me and take me as I am, faults and all. And I do the same for you.”

The corners of her lips twitch up ever so slightly and you continue speaking.

“I adore you because you make me happy. You’re never not pleased to see me and you give the best hugs.”

Her tail squeezes you a little tighter, a small smile on her lips now. You make it your mission to make her smile widen.

“I adore you because you listen to me and I feel like I could talk with you until the sun sets and rises again and still not grow tired of our conversation. I adore you because you are beautiful and my best friend and-”

You’re interrupted by a pair of cold lips on your own, two slender arms draped in golden bracelets wrapping around your neck. She takes your breath away not only with her kiss but also with the coil of tail wrapped around you in a hug only she can give you.

You only stop her when your head starts to spin in the wrong way and she reluctantly lets you go, uncoils her tail from around you, a blush on her tanned cheeks.

She’s embarrassed. Embarrased because of her eagerness.

You cant help but smile and peck her on the lips, wordlessly reassuring her that she did nothing wrong. She seems to understand and steals a kiss from you.

“I love you.” You say as a final confirmation. A final statement to chase away any doubts or worries. She smiles in earnest now, her sharp fangs poking into her bottom lip ever so slightly.

“I love you too.”