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Steve woke up to a dark mauve sky sprinkled with stars and the sound of a crackling fire. He eventually remembered falling from the sky and the last thing he could see was blue. It was raining all day, yet he was dry?
He also noticed a black combat jacket covering his torso, it looked familiar. He cursed as he tried to move his stiff body, the weight of his suit and his newly recovered wounds combined.

When he sat up he was on the shore overlooking the destruction in the sea. Shield headquarters was no longer in the distance, and three of the destroyed helicarriers were spread across the sea like a fleet of small silver ships. He looked at the fire and then he noticed a black figure in the haze of light on a bed of rocks across the other side of the shore.
The shadow was the silhouette of a man crouched over, wearing all black and the sheen of a silver plate was visible. 'Buck?' Steve thought to himself as he started walking over.

Steve could see buck shivering, damp clothes sticking to his rising chest, his long wet hair hanging low across his face. The atmosphere was completely different now, the man in front of him was his best friend.
'Buck is that you?' Bucky didn't reply or show his face. Steve caught bucky's chin and swung his body to face him, like he always did when Bucky tried to hide something. 'Bucky.'

Steve knew bucky had been crying, he looked so confused that he let his mission live. He was torn inside. His eyes were bloodshot, like two blue opals at the bottom of the Red Sea. He never looked at steve, his hair covering most of his face. 'Bucky it's okay.' Bucky looked confused, struggling on trying to find an answer in his head. Everytime he tried to put a voice to his thoughts nothing came out.

Steve pulled Bucky’s head gently and wiped the hair from his face looking directly into the decaying man in front of him. 'Bucky look at me it's okay.' Bucky still didn't look at steve, like he was trying to hold it together.
'James Buchanan Barnes, you're going to look at your best friend and everything is going to be okay.' Bucky finally looked at Steve with tears streaming down his face. 'S-steve I-I..' He clutched steve with his hands which he needed to do after all these years, his head tucked under Steve's chin, sobbing. Steve felt the shivering, whimpering mess that is his Bucky Barnes.

After the sweet embrace Steve carried bucky to the fire, he lay him down. He noticed his hands were soaked with blood, it was like a nightmare. He quickly checked himself and remembered the serum, it must have been bucky then. 'Buck are you bleeding?', Bucky just stared at him clearly in pain. 'N-no I-I'm fine S-steve.' Steve looked at him, his brows furrowed, 'c'mon buck let me see.' Steve was crawling towards bucky, his hands on bucky's hips. 'S-steve I'm fine please,' almost as if he was pleading for steve not to touch him.

Steve pulled his shirt off slowly, Bucky covered his face with his silver and cream hands, not wanting to see Steve's reaction to him. 'Bucky what happened?'.
'T-the steel g-girder caught me and cut through me.' Steve looked horrified at how he could cope with this. Bucky still covering his face. Steve started noticing an odd trail if bruises across bucky's hips, 'Buck take your trousers off, now.' Bucky could sense the severity in his tone, he quickly moved his hands and noticed Steve's eyes were at his hips. 'S-steve it's n-nothing, please n-not today please.' Bucky was pleading not to further the exploration of his damaged body. 'Okay buck, but when we get back I want to see all of you, understand.'