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Gambler of Feelings

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How to properly express yours feelings? That question was on her mind, even in the past. She still didn't knew how to show her feelings to others. Sarada Uchiha always stayed calm, regardless of situation. At least according to their high school newspaper and many strange rumours.

Sarada usually didn't paid attention to the gossips about her life, she treated them like some sort of invisible individual. A very good example for this sort of treatment was her biology teacher Shino Aburame, even though he was now wearing a very flashy goggles. She actually liked his lessons, but it didn't changed the fact that he lacked a charisma to be noticed by other people. And it didn't matter how sad it was to compare this situation with the poor Mr. Aburame treatment, especially when it best described it.

Even though she was worried about this specific rumour, Sarada couldn't break the rules set up by her father. Not after he gave her on birthday the book containing this rules:

Rule number one:

Always maintain your poker face, regardless of situation. Especially when it comes down to hearing rumours or being confronted about them. If you are Uchiha - you simply don't care about some sort of idiots opinion.

Rule number two:

Idiots are idiots, but since you are an Uchiha you can't be a one.

Rule number three:

If you have a goal to reach, so you reach it, no matter what others think about it. Ah, and never lose with someone else.

Rule number four:

Looking for a boyfriend is prohibited. Try to focus on your dreams. Guys are just an unnecessary waste of time.

Although a rule number four was a little bit strange the young Uchiha heiress didn't mind it. That strange book with a weird set of rules helped her to survive in the institution called high school. She should be happy then, right?

Behind the red glasses, her onyx eyes didn't show a happiness at all. A middle-length black wavy hair, which confirmed that she is Sasuke Uchiha daughter, looked today terrible. However this two things meant that Sarada Uchiha wasn't her usual self today. That was like signs of an upcoming apocalypse. And everything by one stupid rumour about her mom.

Sarada knew that this was just a stupid rumour, she knew that gossips are natural part of life, but she couldn't helped being worried about her family well being. She was an Uchiha, so she should follow mentioned rules. However her thoughts drifted around few simple questions:

How to properly express your feelings? What would you do, if you must follow a certain set of rules? Are you trying find happiness, by following them? And the most important one...

What she should do if she is close to breaking rule number one?