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Magical Girl Pretty☆Executioner

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“…That’s thirteen Demons defeated now,” Mimimi declared as Alice finished off a dog-like beast with one swift bullet to the head.

“Too fuckin’ easy!” Alice laughed, clearly enjoying herself. “But damn, if this isn’t fun!”

With Mimimi helping her find new opponents, Alice had been slaying Demons every night for the past week, feeling an incredible rush every time she killed one. This was quickly becoming more than just a release – it was getting addictive.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it…” Mimimi said these words with a clear look of exasperation. “But don’t you think this is rather intense?”

“Can it, bunny,” From the glare Alice gave her, the Angel noticed that her eyes had started to develop a faint red tint. “Or do you wanna eat lead too?”

“Erm, I’d rather not, thank you very much…” She had noticed the magical girl was really getting into this new job, and while that would usually be a good thing, she was quickly developing more and more concern for the woman’s mental health. Her behaviour was becoming rather problematic.

“Heh, it doesn’t taste that bad, really,” Alice took a bullet from her gun and put in her mouth, beginning to chew on it with ease due to her enhanced strength – this action earned her a look of disgust. “Sho what’sh tonight’sh nexsht tahget?”

“Ah,” Mimimi suddenly turned to face the other way, deeply concerned. “One moment… It seems we were spotted.”

“Hah?!” Alice spun around quickly to glare at the eyewitness – a businessman, looking bewildered and horrified at what he’d seen. Clearly he thought he’d just watched a girl murder a stray dog, having evidently been there for long enough to get that impression.

“Gosh, this is why we only fight Demons in hidden areas like this one! But we were spotted anyway...” Mimimi sighed. “Well, I have made preparations in advance for this sort of thing... Your pendant possesses the ability to alter humans’ memories, so if you just-“


“E-eh?” There was a pause as Mimimi tried to comprehend what had just happened. Her eyes widened when she finally realised that Alice had shot the man, four times in the chest.

“There we go, disposed of the fucker,” She spat out her delicious bullet, now completely crushed, with a satisfied smirk. “Hehe… That felt good.”

“Wh-what are you doing, Alice?!” Mimimi rushed over to check on the man – he wasn’t breathing, but nobody would be after such an attack. “You just killed someone!”

“Ain’t that my job?” The magical girl shrugged.

“You kill Demons , not humans!”

“Meh, same thing when you get right down to it… And it kept him quiet, didn’t it?”

“I-I… I am disgusted !” Mimimi practically threw herself at Alice. “How could you do something like that?!”

“I dunno, I just did it,” Alice didn’t feel even the slightest shred of remorse. “Now, looks like some dumbasses heard the gunfire, so I better get rid of them too.”

“What…?” Mimimi looked down the alleyway to see a few other people gawking at Alice in shock and horror.

“Yeah, let’s see how many headshots I can get,” She summoned a second gun and held both tight, ready to shoot.

“W-wait, Alice! You can’t do this!” Mimimi pleaded desperately, knowing that Alice was absolutely going to kill these people. “Don’t kill anyone! Those people are not part of this! Put those guns down right n-“


“Haha! Five outta five!” Alice grinned wider than ever before. She’d just shot all five people in the head, killing them instantly and spraying blood across the surrounding walls.

ALICE! ” Mimimi screamed at her with an incredibly shrill pitch. “You’re sick! One was bad enough, but… Right, this is it – I’m taking your powers away!”

“Haaah?!” Alice glared at the rabbit, looking ferociously intimidating as she aimed her guns. “ Just fucking try it, you little bunny bitch.

“Y-you don’t s-scare me!” Mimimi lied, shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. “I’m doing it right now-“



The gun in Alice’s right hand was now a sword – two days prior, she had discovered the ability to transform her weapons, and now she had just used it to slice Mimimi’s body in half after shooting her seven times in a row.

“Peh,” Alice spat on the disgusting mess of bloody rabbit flesh she’d reduced her animal companion to. “I warned you. Now you’re fucking dead.”

Nobody could stop her now. The one who’d given her magical girl powers, and the only one who could easily take them away from her, had just been murdered. That interfering little Angel wasn’t coming back.

“Wh-who are you?!” Another unfortunate human had wandered into the blood-soaked alleyway, but he instantly regretted his actions when he saw the bloodthirsty look in the woman’s eyes.

“Me?” Alice pointed at herself with fake confusion, before grinning like a maniac and pointing her sword directly towards the man. “I’m your executioner, bitch.”

The sword became a knife, which Alice promptly threw at him, piercing right into his abdomen. Then, it transformed into a bomb while still inside, before exploding and scattering his body all over the place.

“Ohh man, I should use that move more…” Alice was covered in blood, pieces of flesh and miscellaneous gore at this point, but she didn’t care in the slightest. If anything, she found it to be rather arousing. She inhaled the scent of blood like a cocaine addict getting his fix.

The murderer then looked around the alleyway, which now looked more like some kind of exploded morgue. She’d certainly made a mess, and there was no way she was going to clean it – or herself – up. Instead, she leapt up onto the rooftop of a twenty-storey building, leaving the scene for some hapless random to discover.

“Hm, I used a pretty good line back there…” She mused. “Executioner… And I’m a magical girl… I got it! That’ll be my name!”

She walked over to the edge of the roof, leaning over the edge at all the people below, wandering around among the glow of the streetlights. From this vantage point, they were the size of mere ants, and in Alice’s twisted mind, they were worth about as much too.

“Get ready, you damn insects!” She cried, firing a few shots into the air above her. “There’s a new serial killer in town – the hard-gore magical girl, Pretty Executioner! I’m making this world my bitch!”

Nobody had heard her, but the message would have been clear to anyone who did – this woman’s sanity had been completely and utterly destroyed, and with her abilities, she was perhaps the most dangerous being in the city at the moment.

If anyone could put a stop to the killing spree she would now embark on, it would have to be someone with power equal to her own. But for the time being…

Magical Girl Pretty☆ Executioner! Tonight’s gonna be a slaughter!