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Lily White

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Respected, Feared, known for his great leadership and intelligence ─ that are just some of the words to describe the Alpha Leader of Luna Crescere, a pack that guards the west area and the village of Pesca. He led his own pack to victory just by using his cunning strategy against vicious alphas who dare to hunt omegas in Pesca. He was adored by many and hated by those who cannot win against him. But despite all the recognition he receive, all the fight he won, he still doesn’t acknowledge himself as worthy. For he knew what he is and what he’s not.

“Jinyoung ah! Over here!” Jinyoung quickly looked at his side to meet the pair of sharp eyes of his trusted Sub-Alpha Intelligence, Kim Namjoon. A tall guy with grapelike hair color that matches his bomber jacket which was paired with tight leather jeans ─ accenting his thick thighs ─ and black sneakers. He walked calmly towards the said man as he pointed out something in his monitor. Jinyoung bent down to see clearly and made an irritated noise in his throat.

“Do they ever learn?” He whispered ─ glaring at the screen where 4 man was threatening a couple of female students. Pesca was known for being the village full of omegas since it is the farthest to the main city that is why pesky horny alphas tried sneaking in always.

“Send the nearest patrolling group there and make sure to scare them for good.” He commanded as Namjoon nodded his head, typing fast while talking to his intercom. Jinyoung sat in his chair, sighing and massaging his temples ─ ears perking up as soon as he picked up footsteps making its way towards him.

“What is it?” He spoke without looking back, he knew too well who dare to walk closely to him.

“Easy bro. I’m just here to check on you. Hey joonie!” He heard a man said cheerily as Namjoon nodded in his direction for a quick second before resuming on looking at the data flashed in the screen.

“Seun ah if you’re here to bother then do it when there’s no work to do. We have those horny bastards here again for the fifth time this week.” Jinyoung grunted as the man chuckled. His blonde hair messily styled, sunglasses blocking his intimidating eyes ─ wearing a shirt inside a leather jacket that was tucked inside his pants, boots adorning his feet, all of them being all black. Gold rings wrapped around his fingers, signalling anyone that he’s powerful, rich and not one to mess with.

“Still grumpy I see. Don’t worry I’m not here to play around. I’m here to deliver the news that a grand meeting for pack leaders is about to happen next week.” Jinyoung looked at him in surprise. Surely, he’s been attending that useless meeting where other leaders just shows off what they did the past years but at this rate where the mating season is just around the corner, he doesn’t have the luxury to attend. It’ll be dangerous for his area ─ and for himself.

“What?! What are they thinking!? Don’t they know it’ll be mating season soon? What the fuck is that old man thinking?!” He shouted as the other pack members flinched in fear. Jinyoung doesn’t usually get outburst but when he does, people cower.

“I know that’s why I’m here to tell you that as soon as I heard them at the headquarters.” Jackson’s cheery aura became serious ─ a strong aura for a strong Alpha.

Jinyoung thought of a way to solve the situation until he felt something swirling in his stomach. Realizing what it was, he quickly stood up, scaring the other people inside the room as he speed walk towards the door.

“Jinyoung where are you go-“

“Home. Don’t follow me. No one follow me. Make sure you guard all the gates and places where those fuckers can sneak in. I’m going to think of a way to solve this.” He firmly said as he closed the door behind him.

He looked around ─ dark, silent, empty. He winced as he felt the bubbling sensation in the pit of his stomach, cursing as he started walking towards his apartment. Every steps felt like he was being poke with needles as his breath started to become ragged and heavy.

‘Shit. I forgot to take one this morning because of all this crap.’ He thought as he continued on walking ─ his eyes becoming blurry and his mouth dry. He felt his knees grow weak as he gasp for air.

“Fuck.” He hissed when he bumped into something and stumbled down. He looked up to see a figure of someone standing in front of him. He internally cursed himself for being stupid and reckless. If something is to happen to him now, if someone reveals his secret, he’s doomed forever.

“Jinyoung hyung.” A soft voice echoed in jinyoung’s ear as a soft moan escaped his lips. He couldn’t move a muscle because of pain and the warm feeling was suffocating him. He made a whiny noise as he clutched his clothes that was starting to feel stuffy. He was starting to lose his senses and he knew that was a bad sign so he mustered all his strength and spoke.

" me.”