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Aizawa's Not So Uncommon Headache

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One day, after the crisis of 1-A hearing his married to Present Mic status, one underground hero almost afraid to go inside his own classroom. His instinct was correct after a minute upon his arrival, the class went chaotic. Glaring his way to the podium, he allowed them to ask. Ashido Mina was his first and last choice. The girl merely raised her hand and asked


"Sensei, can you adopt me?"


Aizawa Shouta was tired. 


"No comment."


Then she raised a paper.


"What is that?" A mistake, he later supplied.


"An adoption paper, all you need to is sign here" she explained, raising her other hand to point a blank space on the right bottom corner.


Aizawa Shouta was beyond tired. He was ready to die.


"Anyone else?"


At that the others literally raised the same paper.


"No, I mea-"


There were two person who hasn't raised a paper and that was Yaoyorozu and Ojirou because the former was in the middle of producing it. Damn. So he sighed and took out his phone. He dialed a number and made it speaker. 


"Hello? Shouta babe, what's wrong?"


The whole class snickered


"My whole class want us to adopt them"


They heard a loud familiar laughing voice


"Sorry kids! As much as I want to, me and Shouta had adopted five children!!"


"WHAT!?" Kaminari shouted


"Yeah" Yamada continued "Namely Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Mojo, and Jojo"


"Wait" Sero pondered


"Did you guys-" 


"-name your children-" then Kaminari


"-with Powerpuff Girls!?!?" ended with Hagakure


"Now I'm dying to get adopted!"


"What is powerpuff girls?"


"Oh.My.God! We are soooooo going to have to reeducate you, Katy Perry!" Ashido placed a hand on Todoroki's shoulder


"By children you mean the cats, sensei?"


"The cats!?" Uraraka perked up


"Iida, how did you know that?" Midoriya asked


"My brother was their classmates, so I practically their surrogate son"


"No-" Kaminari


"-fucking-" Bakugou


"-way!!!" Ashido 


Shouta hung up the call and watched with a long sigh as his kids got into a bigger mess. 

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Aizawa sighed deeply. He knew today's hero class started after lunch. He knew the effect of eating before class. He was once a student. Of course he understand. Yet he still wouldn't tell them that he fell asleep on each class and saved by Hizashi's impeccable notes. But right now he was a teacher, these are his students, and he really needed everyone to listen because this lesson would gave a big impact in their futute. He would be fine if it was one of the 'Bakusquad'. The only hope in their group is Baku McExplode himself, although recently he saw significant increase in brain quality, shown by their test score and practical test. He's slightly proud and suspicious because.. it’s the Bakusquad. Have you tried being their teacher? But here, right now, in his class, one of his diligent student Asui Tsuyu is currently daydreaming. He couldn't believe his eyes but he really should because the frog quirk girl has been staring at his black hero suit for the past 20 minutes. It wasn't like he didn't notice the first 5 minutes, but it kept getting more piercing and now he felt uncomfortable. 


Aizawa sighed deeply, right hand placing down the chalk he has been writing with, and stared at her with his deadpan face.


"Asui, is there something wrong?"


As per his observation, the girl snapped up to his face and noticed him. Her green eyes meeting his black. 


"I'm sorry, sensei. I was thinking"


She does look ashamed for a bit. Her cheeks coloring and she immediately glances at her table. 


"Would you like to share the class what you are thinking about?" So you will not stare at my shirt anymore. Is it his zipper? Is his fly opened? 


Curiously Aizawa turns his eyes down then up again. Nope it is not.


It was several seconds of tension silence, before her usually confidence voice asked.


"Sensei, may I see your body?"






This time she faced him


"May I see your body? Oh-without any shirt?"


"WHAT!?" Kaminari shouted/yelling in shock


"What the fuck are you talking about froggy?!"


Aizawa didn't even hear the rest of his class talking or shouting about. Several cells on his brain had died bravely from hearing his student's request. He was sure he looked ridiculous with his mouth opened in shock and eyes just staring blankly at Asui Tsuyu. That is, until his local transparent girl asked.


"Tsuyu-chan, are you in love with sensei?"


He snapped out of his mind and stare at her.


"No, why would I when I already have Ochaco-chan"


This time an audible gasp heard along the class.


The girl mentioned was flushed red, even redder than Todoroki's hair. She faced her girlfriend in panic and embarrased.


Everyone was still talking loudly, expressing their opinion and he could see Midoriya writing furiously like a madman. He really didn't care by now. 


Aizawa took a deep breath.




Then, he finally had his peace. His hair might not float from using his quirk but he deemed that just a glare is enough.


"Asui, I don't have any prejudice about you having a girlfriend. If any of you have same-sex relationship, please don't worry about it. U.A will not tolerate anyone who direspect your relationship...and you have my number" 


The discussion in his class became more tolerable and he really thought his... won't be mentioned anymore. 


"So, sensei, may I see your body?"


Of course not. 


He gave his upteenth sigh of the day and stare back.




"Oh come on sensei, it will not be harmful" Kaminari that little prick on his head


"Yeah! We will not say anything about it" He wanted to snort. As if.


"Please~" Mina was giving her best puppy face and if she could be seen he knew that Hagakure did it too.


Aizawa was about to answer with another 'no', but of course Bakugo has to hit the nail in his coffin.


"Come on, sensei. Or are you scared because you are not as muscular as All Might?"


He didn't even hear Asui about to correct his statement or Midoriya's "Actually, Kacchan, I believe Aizawa-sensei-" because he really hates to be compared, and to be compared with his fellow teacher whom without his quirk was like fragile limbs bundled together. 


He wouldn't say that's the reason. 80% is because his class couldn't focus anymore with the topic going around.......okay, maybe only 20%


Aizawa sighed again, his hand already on his inner zipper.


"Fine, but only the top" 


The class sat straight in their seat.


When it's revealed...


In another class....

"- his is how you supposed to act if you get into any media coverage. Is there any question?"


Kan glanced up from the text book in his hand to see his class listening attentively as usual, several slackers here and there, and silence answered his question.


"Okay, let's continue. Open your book to page-"












And they heard many more cries, ranging from girly shout to manly oohs and aahs


Kan cringed at his class neighbour and it seemed like several students shared the sentiment. But not some people like Monoma who scrambled into putting off the other class. 


"Eyes back to the board! Don't mind the other class! Let's keep studying. Open to page 59, you will see another example of-"


Seriously Kan was used to this. This time though, he wouldn't complain. After all, their shouts woke some sleepyheads, like Tetsutetsu.


Bonus :

Aizawa was completely stunned as he felt curious hands on his body. At first, the young brave innocent naive Kirishima, and the whole class indirectly, asked him if he was allowed to touch a bit, just his arm, he said. Right, arms. Those arms might have teleported to his chest because Midoriya's hand was on his pectoral muscle while Kaminari's was on his six pack stomach. That was only three, he still had three fourth of the class and girls who hadn't touch anything yet, except his arms, hands, clavicles, chest, and stomach. He shuddered thinking what other parts they were about to place their hands on. He really didn't know what to do for 15 minutes before his brain clicked and This. Has. To. Stop. So he activated his quirk and immediately hands leaving his body. He was about to zip it back. But another nuisance came barelling to his class earlier than they are supposed to be.


"Hey, Eraser! Are you-- OH MY GOD, SHOUTA!"


His students stared in shock as they saw their english teacher, Present Mic-sensei's nose producing red liquid, known as blood.


Seriously, his husband's mouth might be able to hide their relationship from the mass, but his nose couldn't.


That day, his class understood why Aizawa wouldn't have any prejudice against them. 


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Unbeknowingstly, the current teacher’s line in U.A was completed around two and a half years ago with Thirteen the Space Hero added as their youngest addition. Those periods apparently aren't enough to know the full information of each other albeit their wonderful synchronization. The most powerful combination however lies underneath the trio who were U.A's almunis : Midnight, Present Mic, and Eraserhead. According to some resources, they have known each other for15 years, the very goal of everybodies friendship. Other than that, they only knew each other at the surface. Midnight the R18 hero have a 10 inchies tall high heels, Present Mic is the hyperactive famous radio host and DJ in Japan, and Eraserhead is an insomniac strict teacher who needs 27 hours of sleep each day. The whole revelation of their complete relationship came out when Kayama Nemuri proposed a teacher only party to celebrate the end of the year in Yamada's house which has the closest distance to a temple and big enough to contain at least 10 drunked to hell people plus one mouse. Yamada, as like the others, is happy and easily consented to the plan. Aizawa, however, just like other occasions refuse profusely, more than before. This act raises confusion in the others mind. If Aizawa don’t want to come then he could skip as usual right? The man himself continues to decline until a day before the day, which is the last work day of the year. On the next day, the teachers, exclude Nemuri and Nedzu, are shocked to see a Yamada without leather. The man wears a pastel color sweater and a pair of soft pants. His usually raised blonde hair is combed down and looks tame and soft which brings the blonde in a new light. The tinted glasses also off which makes his green eyes shimmering in the front porch. Yamada's boisterous personality is toned down so his loud voice sounds better to their ears. After standing like a dumb stone, each of them tip toed their shoes and follow their host of the night to the inside of the homey space to a bigger surpise. Aizawa Shouta also known as the pro hero Eraserhead is wearing a matching sweater with kitty paws prints and pink sweatpants. His unruly hair is tied into a man bun while three cats are tailing his steps. They know that Aizawa is handsome if he tidied himself a little and doesn't look like he needs to hibernate all the time, but tonight it seems like his beautiful features multiplied as they see him laughing at Yamada's cat jokes and shyly accepts Yamada's romantic gestures. The night ends with Yamada and Aizawa's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets because their colleagues don't know their married status, a lot of tears (because Aizawa is too good for Yamada and reverse), a drunken Kan challenges Yamada to a karaoke battle to win Aizawa’s heart while a drunken Thirteen challenges Aizawa to a poet match for Yamada (Aizawa, drunken to the core, only said "I love you" and Yamada is sobbing madly). It is chaotic, they have a hungover and regret the next day but the fact that the most beautiful and wonderful people has been taken and there is nothing they can do about it.

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A. Everywhere but not everytime

Eraserhead lives on naps. He loves napping so much he turns the bottom of teacher's podium and Hizashi's desk as his main camp. Each place has a yellow sleeping bag -Hizashi bought two after knowing both headquarters-, an eyemask -in certain time the sunshine reflected by the window-, and a headphone if he really lacks some sleeping hours. Nobody realizes but he also places several pillows on some cupboards. His colleagues have run across some of them, many are in common place such as janitor's closet, but new students always confused by them. After many pillows accidentally thrown out, Shouta decided to place a note on them. His pillows stayed since then. 


Another place he prefers to sleep on is his own boyfriend's body. Hizashi's shoulder, chest, laps, bottom, anywhere you name it. Shouta just loves it. There is something about Hizashi that just comforts him enough to fall asleep. When he realized this fact, they haven't been dating yet and Shouta was thinking over his own sexuality. In the end, he concluded the reason for his always deep sleep with Hizashi is because it is Hizashi. Gradually he too can fall asleep with just Hizashi's clothing article. 


Although the bags under his eyes are big enough to withhold his eyes if they ever fell down, Shouta always prioritize his students rather than his sleeping hours. There are rare but getting often occasions in which his students call him at night to ask for help, any kind of help. On those times, he cut short his patrol and rush back to wherever they are. After getting into the dorms, 30% of his nights are spent for patrolling, 10% for sleeping, and the rest is to answer whoever knocks his room. All Class 1-A members this year has at least stop once in front of his room. Whether to ask their homework (Ashido, Kaminari, Hagakure, Ojiro, Shouji, Rikido) or to cook some late dinner because Bakugou has slept and they are in any instances not allowed to step into the kitchen (Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Dark Shadow) and even counseling or just to have some comfort (almost everyone of them). He had once fallen asleep while telling them about quirk history and the next thing he saw was the white ceiling moving. Apparently as soon as they realized Shouta had fallen asleep, they tried to bring him back to his room. Uraraka's quirk was involved and a rope and he was a living balloon. Somebody sent the picture the next day, somebody with invincibility quirk. Hagakure was given more homework. 


Even Hizashi has nagged him to at least ask Nedzu to combine their room or have a connecting door or make Shouta/ Hizashi's room bigger or enough for two men. Nedzu grants the last one. Now Shouta lives with his boyfriend in the same dorm as Class 1-A. They still haven't recognized the mysterious blondie. 


In conclusion, Shouta can sleep anywhere as long as it is a flat surface, can stand his weight, and comfy enough for him. But he will throw it all out if ever his kids need him.

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AIzawa Shouta is a simple man. He loves justice and logical thinking. He hates loudness and illogical things. His boyfriend, unfortunately, is the loudest person he ever met in his life. But he loves him with all his life, not that he would say it. Yamada Hizashi is his longest friend and current lover. Hizashi has three jobs because he loves being a busy body. Despite the blondy unstoppable chatter, Hizashi's kind of loud is a secret comfort for him. Hizashi's talking means Shouta is not alone, Shouta is cared, and most importantly, Hizashi is with him. 


2018 is about to end and Nedzu had proposed a special vacation for U.A's teachers. Everybody is invited to an onsen inn right behind U.A's building. Although the location was not exactly strategic, they couldn't deny the amazing wooden cottage with bamboo garden surrounding. It is not believable that they are just behind the dorms. 


After having a great bath time together, Nemuri is forever banned from taking a bath when intoxicated, Snipe traumatized for life, Ectoplasm and 5 of his clones are still playing volley water, they continue with a game of table tennis. Power loader won greatly, again despite his coughlittlecough body and invention wins their little championship. Nedzu grants him a huge ship with all kinds of sashimi inside. 


The next minute they are lounging in the living room, waiting for the countdown in another hour. Said room was already rowdy from drunken teachers, drunken clones, crazy invention went hazard, and a DJ in the house. Shouta's energy was drained after everything and slumped his body against his boyfriend. Although Hizashi's left hand is busy controlling his DJ machine, who puts a DJ machine in an onsen inn ?, his right hand is tapping the rhythm in Shouta's hips. Hizashi has put one of his special made headphone to filter loud noise above 60 dB. So Shouta can hear Hizashi sang the lyrics of the songs currently playing but not the exact song. It feels warm, cozy, nice, and just everything he loves in one package. 


Suddenly the tapping on his side has reduced into three heavy taps. Shouta blinked his tired eyes to look up from where his head has settled before which is Hizashi's broad shoulder. His black raven orbs looking at Hizashi. His blonde boyfriend raised his hand, the one he used to fumble with the machine, to gesture the clock. It's 23.59. Almost time for the countdown. Shouta put down his headphone and felt Hizashi's arms slittered to his shoulder. The others also realized the music has stopped and looking at the clock above them. 








Shouta saw Nemuri sitting between Snipe and Ectoplasm, the original. Some of clones still dancing together. Nedzu pouring vintage red wine to LunchRush glass. Recovery Girl drinking ocha with Vlad King. Powerloader eating popcorn with Thirteen beside him. 






In their hands some cheap paper horns are gripped. In another hands are some confetti. 






Shouta felt Hizashi's grip tighten around his waist.








Suddenly a hand cupped his cheek and he let the hand moved his face to the side and there Hizashi is. With blonde hair tied in a bun, triangle eyeglasses changed into rectangle ones, ridiculous brows and even more ridiculous short moustache. But it is his eyes, his really really green eyes that make Shouta fall in love once again. And his mouth that are getting nearer to him, and inching closer, and closer, and--


"Happy new yearrrrrr!!!!!"


Shouta feels some colorful weirdly shaped tiny pieces from confetti raining over him and some of his colleagues yelling all kind of noises, ranging from human excited yell to dinosaurs kind of euphoric roar. But everything doesn't matter other than Hizashi's lips on his. As they finally parted, Shouta knows that his life will be devoted to Hizashi, and Hizashi too will forever be with him. Everything is answered within their eyes.


"Happy new year, Shouta. I love you"


"Happy new year too, Zashi. Love you"



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B. C position

Or prawn position as Hizashi dubbed it.

When Shouta is falling into the next stage of deep sleep, his body curled automatically. His posture more lagged, his back and legs bend. His hands are trapped by his own body,

Hizashi discovered it after their first time having sex.


As their heavy pants turned to happy sighs, both of them chuckle. Hizashi let his hand which is on Shouta's cheek to guide his lover head turned back a little bit. Shouta let him and gave another sigh as Hizashi peck his lips.

'God, I love him so much!'

Hizashi smiled at the shorter man. Shouta unconsciously smiled back, before frowning.


"What's wrong, Sho?"

"We are sticky" he gestured to their surrounding. Hizashi noticed white milky liquids between their bodies, some condoms scattered around, and yeah this place reeks. "I'm going to take a shower" But as smelly as this place is, Hizashi still wanted to cuddle.

He embraced Shouta from behind as the teen about to leave the bed. Shouta swatted his hands.


"Nooo!! I will clean everything in the morning so let's cuddle pleaseeee"

He used his puppy face that always won over Shouta's heart, other than cat.

His lover was still frowning until Hizashi muttered a small 'please?' once again. When Shouta had tsked, Hizashi knew has won the match.

Shouta slithered back into the bed, back facing Hizashi and soon they were spooning.

"Fine, but you are making breakfast tomorrow"

They both knew Hizashi was the chef among them. It's basically an empty threat.

"Sure honey!"

Hizashi still loved his black kitten

"Don't call me that!"



"Love of my life?"




"Kitten it is~"

Then Hizashi embraced Shouta properly while his kitten slowly drifting back to deep sleep. Shouta's body adjusted to Hizashi's body curves and settled his head underneath Hizashi's chin with his blonde's lanky arms encircled his petite body.

"Night, kitten"

His answer came in the shape of Shouta's soft snores. Hizashi gave another peck on top of Shouta's black strands.

15 minutes later...


Hizashi felt the body in front of him curled and he was pushed backward. The bony shoulder he had held onto was getting farther and his hands slid onto Shouta's ribcage, right beneath his chest he had fondled before. His unlclothed genital dragged from their space between Shouta's lovely bottom upwards to his hip. There was no more legs to tangle with his.

That's when Hizashi slowly sat and saw what had just happened. His green orbs roamed to Shouta's body and stunned there. He placed a hand to stop his mouth from laughing out loud.

Shouta's body had curled in on itself!

'So damn cute'

After 10 minutes of giggling and squealing, he heard the sound of bed clothe patted. His eyes turned down to see Shouta's right arm patted Hizashi's earlier space.


Shouta muttered, calling his name.

Hizashi clenched his heart tightly so it won't soar into the black sky

Then as slowly as he sat, he sled back behind Shouta and placed some space between their bodies but still have his hands on Shouta's hips.

"I'm here, kitten~"

Settled, Shouta took back his hand and slept back.


Many years later, Hizashi still gushed each time his black kitten slept and discovered another different thing. Shouta always slept on his left side! Hizashi had called him after seeing his lover curled with his leather jacket near his face, like he needed Hizashi's scent to help him sleep. As Hizashi asked him right as soon as Shouta was awake, his answer came in a gruffy voice and a deadpan face.

"I'm a ninja"

Then Shouta collapsed back into their king size bed, Hizashi's leather jacket still clenched tightly, and their two furry housemates purring beside him. Hizashi bought a hardisk that afternoon after his phone has no space left for Shouta's sleeping face.

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c. Stretching and patting

These are two necessary activities to do after Shouta awoke from his naps. Stretching obviously much more important than patting but he personally love patting more than cracking his bones. Due to his C-position, his joints would feel stiff after minutes to hours of staying in the same position. It felt wonderful each time he did it.

Patting must include Hizashi. Nemuri and Tensei would be a fine subtitute but if he is allowed to choose he would always and forever choose his loud blonde boyfriend. Patting to Shouta only include pats on his back or head. The reason for it is to tell Shouta that 'everything is fine' and 'you are alright'. After many times waking up to enemies and villains around, Shouta is sensitive to any kind of sound and sight after waking up. With patting, Shouta will allow himself to wake up slowly.

The thing about Hizashi is, his boyfriend also discovered a unique trait of Shouta in 'patting' stage. Shouta loveeeessss to be patted in the bum. He himself doesn't understand the reason too other than it felt absolutely wonderful. Hizashi had mentioned it again and again it might probably because Shouta was actually a cat in human guise, in which his black kitten meowed in reply.

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d. Smelly feet but no smelly breath


Shouta has more sweat glands in his feet than normal human being does. It produces so much sweat in summer he can't use a socks or he will have to change every 4 hours. That also means that his feet sweaty all the time and his feet has this 'special obnoxious' odor.


Another unfortunate thing is his hero costume, it includes a pair of black boots. Shouta might have a list of its advantages, but Hizashi can't disagree enough to change his lover's mind.


 To help Hizashi and other people normal sense of smell, Shouta wears a pair of flip flop as soon as he clean his feet after working. A fluffy one would just simply help produce and collect his sweat. His days in the dorms are difficult however as he can't just freely plopped out his feet out of his boots in public. 


Now with Hizashi on board, the always smiling hero kept several small coffee bags to put into Shouta's shoes before wearing. It doesn't work much but their cats don't hissed as soon as Shouta's feet are free. 


In turn, Shouta didn't have any smelly breathe everytime he naps. It's a very very efficient mechanism of Shouta's body as the man third favourite thing was his naps; first would always be Hizashi and his current class climbed his favored list which placed them in second place. 


Shouta's breathe has a fruity scent. Hizashi estimated the cause was Shouta's fruit theme pouch which the underground hero loved, but it was proven wrong when Shouta ate a tuna pouch and his napping breathe smelled like he just ate a strawberry parfait. Shouta had confessed that when he was 6 years old he had so many cavities in his mouth because he didn't brush his teeth. 

"Your younger self do know the reason we brush our teeth right?"


Shouta covered his face with his hand


"No" he said "The teacher said it was to get rid of our mouth smelly odors after nappy"


"So when did you realize the real purpose?"


"At 10"


Hizashi facepalmed his face so hard his own handprints marred his face even when he went to class the next day, bringing symphatyc pats he didn't need

After his wonderful discovery, Hizashi had about to change his future plan, from being a pro-hero into a scientist to crack the mystery behind Shouta's wonderful breath smell. Thank god he asked his at-that-time lover because Hizashi not only still on his track to become a pro hero ("You stupid idiot! You are already in U.A! The most prestigious school for hero class!" "But Shouta! Who knows I might be able to develop a fruity mouth spray or artificial quirk to have mouth with heavenly smell as yours!") but also unlocked a heavily blushing Shouta. 


He almost proposed on site. 

Chapter Text

Because of the changes in U.A system, dorms, every students might be depraved of their parents usual attention. From being awaken to breakfast. Then the time they spent inside their home after school ended where they could retell today stories to dinner and sleep. Every students from every class felt this, felt their longing. It has gotten so bad that the second week into the new system, every homeroom teachers received permittance letter to go home. Even for just a short weekend. The homeroom teachers sighed deeply, thinking how do they remedied such situation. Except for one person, who was frowning in confusion.


"What is wrong with you all?" 


The only homeroom teacher of class 1-A hero course entered with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in hand spoke. 


Kan, Nemuri, Maijima, and Hizashi looked up from the papers scattered in the middle of staff canteen's table.


" don't receive any letter?"


Kan asked, head still cradled in one hand, the other holding one envelope


"What letter?"


He took a gulp. Ah, black Toraja coffee with no sugar. The only type of coffee which his stomach could tolerate despite knowing it first as a gift from his friend in Indonesia. The scent always have been a secret haven for his nostrils.


"The permittance to leave. None of your kids admitted one?"


The R-18 hero looked up from her own mug of chrysanthenum tea, her favourite waking beverage. How she could prefer it more than coffee was still a mystery to the other teachers.


"No? Why would they?"


He finally took a seat between Nemuri and Hizashi, he was closer in relationship with them than Kan and Maijima. Several years of friendship with Hizashi and Nemuri changed him to adopt to their nature, loud and attract too much attention. The additional underground pro-hero to their boisterous group was another mystery that even Shouta couldn't comprehend. He was glad the other teachers other than them both could understand his unsociable personality.


As soon as Shouta sat himself, a thin but still packed-with-muscle limb latched itself to his shoulder while an elegantly manicured hand snatched one of his arm. Another occurence that had become a habit to them and a privilege none others would have, maybe except for their other group member Ingenium Sr. 


Shouta could only gave a sigh as his upper body was curled in a one arm hug by Hizashi and a part of his arm engulfed in between Nemuri's boobs. He had banned both of them to do it in public, they both have grabby hands, and they retorted to do it at least in teacher's lounge where students rarely came. 


His half drank coffee sloshed a bit to the side yet it still captured by the walls of his mug. 


"Because they missed homeeee"


Hizashi pouted beside him


"They want to go home, even just for a day or given an additional task, they will do it" 


Nemuri sighed elegantly, as usual


"Today is Ibara, tomorrow is Kendou, the next day Kinoko, and the rest are still on the waiting list"


Kan spoken the ones he had scheduled for this week. His eyes traveled to the small compilation of unopened letters.


Shouta just hummed in reply. 


"You really received none, Eraserhead?"


Maijima spoke from across him




"Not even a single letter?"


"No. I've checked my desk and none of the kids ever handed it to me directly"


The four teachers stared shocked


"Why though? Did you approach it with them already? Or threatening with expulsion?"


Shouta winced at the thought. He wouldn't expel them because of their homesickness. This was a new system and they were still adapting to it. It wouldn't be right to stop them. They were all still kids who needed their parents.


"Nah, Shouta is not the kind of person for that"


Shouta gave a small relief sigh. Despite his usual ludicrous attitude, Hizashi could read other person easily. Well, Shouta was an exception. But a decade and a half was plenty enough time for him to know and correctly interpret his small tendencies. 


"Then how did y-"


As Kan was about to ask again, the sound of door sliding against the floor cut his sentence. Then from the ajar space, a distinct voice of two teenagers speaking was heard. Then when the discussion gotten nearer a chipper laugh followed accompanied with footsteps. 


Not long after, the famous explosive boy came in with his usual antidote and an additional lackey, a girl with pink skin, came in. Another plus was a boy with grey hairs and alike sharp teeths. 


Kirishima abruptly halted, bringing Bakugo to crash into his back while Ashido bumped into Tetsutetsu's back. Four pair of eyes stared blankly at the picture of 1-A's homeroom teacher arm and shoulder snatched by two other teachers. Tetsutetsu would later confess that he envied Eraserhead's arm. 


Since it was too late, Hizashi and Nemuri relaxed their stance but still gripped a part of Shouta's body. The owner cleared his throat


"Bakugou, Kirishima, and Ashido. How may I help you?"


Kan also snapped from his initial shock addressed his student the same way, but his mouth frowned as he sighted the white envelope in Tetsutetsu's hand


"Is this another permittance letter?" Kan asked. He really hoped it was not.


Tetsutetsu eyes immediately sought the floor in shame. The white object in his hand felt heavy now.


"Permittance letter? I thought you said that it was the same as us?"


Kirishima asked with head tilt. He had previously apologized to the blonde behind him. Said person had took a peer between the red hair's shoulder and smirked smugly


"Yeah about that-"


"It is a permittance letter to have an absence day" Shouta explained "Because U.A developed a dorm system to protect its student, students are permitted to go home only in national and school holidays. Positive thinking aside, it brought a negative feeling called homesickness, longing to be home and interact with family. Therefore, the permittance letter-" he mentioned with his chin because his he didn't have a third hand "is admitted"


Kirishima, Bakugou, and Ashido looked at the white rectangle object in their friend's hand. Tetsutetsu staring dagger into the ground.


Aizawa sighed audibly. His kids immediately snapped their heads to him.


"I didn't think about the negative effect, for the students especially, when Nedzu had proposed the idea. But now that I think about it, it is unfair for you" he looked to them "If any of you want to admit an absence letter it is fine. I am sorry for not addressing it to you. We will talk about it in details at homeroom tomorrow"


His kids looked at their friend's rigid posture, then to each other. A thoughtful look shared between the three of them before they looked back into their teacher's raven orbs


"Nah, we are fucking peachy" Bakugou said


The teachers eyes widen in shock


Kirishima laughed heartily


"We appreciate the effort, but you don't need to, sensei!"


"But the other-"


"We have discussed it with everyone~ and they aaaaaaaall agree not to admit a permittance letter, except for emergencies"


"Are you sure? You don't need to hesitate"


"One fucking hundred percent sure"


Shouta looked at his students with one eyebrow tilted. Bakugou's shark teeth smile was on, Kirishima also smiled, and Ashido looked proud for some reason he didn't understand.


"But don't you guys missed your parents?" 


Tetsutetsu had crawled back from his remorse state. Face confused at his rival class.


"Of course we do!"


Ashido said indignantly, although it looked like a small anger combined with a pout


"But we could withstand it~ Afterall we have a temporary one who also looooove us to the core"


Tetsutetsu face gotten more confused and even the teacher gotten more interested


"Is it Iida?" Nemuri asked


"Nah. Four eyes are too stoic" 


"Oh! Yaoyorozu?" 


"Too iritating"


"Then who?"


Maijima asked


The whole room enveloped in silence for several seconds until Bakugou, the king of explosion himself, snapped at them


"Are you all fucking blind!? That person is in this fucking place sitting with you all!"


As the eyes still stared in confusion, Bakugou exploded more


"It's fucking Aizawa-sensei!"




Ah, there went the coffee


"Sensei! Your mug!"


Shouta slowly looked at the black mess to his clothes. Fortunately his hero costume base color was the same as his beverage so no harm was done. But his mug...his mug which was a present from Iida Sr. was broken. By his own hand. 


He just stared dumbly as Bakugou scolded Ashido because she used so many tissue instead of a clothe to wipe the mess and Kirishima for taking each piece into his hand. The latter ensured the former that he was fine because he activated his quirk on his hand so the porcelain fragments wouldn't hurt his skin. Kirishima also took the big piece of the previous mug's handle and Shouta, still blankly staring, had opened his palm obediently. 


After cleaning their teacher's whole mess, Bakugou placed the slip of paper containing a list of groceries the dorm needed to Shouta's still opened hand. 


Before they left, three pair of eyes blinked at the stupidly humorous picture of four teacher staring at their homeroom teacher's open palm.


"Oh my god, bakubro, we broke him. We broke sensei" Kirishima stated


Ashido then gave a quick hug to her stunned teacher and left with quite a loud voice


"We love you, dad!"


Kan, Hizashi, Maijima, and Nemuri stared at the list still. Even Tetsutetsu gotten into a trance. Until Nemuri, snapped out of confusion, looked at Aizawa's redden face and-


"Oh m- Shouta!! Your students called you dad!!"


Which was followed by others, following Nemuri's laugh while Aizawa dug his head into his capture weapon. Kan looked at his remaining student in the face and


"Kan-sensei, may I-"


"No, you can't change class nor call me dad. We only need one 



Hizashi still laughing added 


"And that is Dadzawa!!"


He was still being chased by Aizawa after 15 minutes.

Chapter Text

One day, Aizawa dropped out the biggest bomb ever. They were in staff office, each trying to juggle their own misery in the shape of students homework. It was 3 in the afternoon, the time when lessons for today were over and students were allowed to train in the training ground or simply went back to dorm. It also meant all teachers would come into the staff office, either to grade some papers or take it back to their respective place. Since it was in the middle of October, final will be held in early December, there were not much task to do. But since he had three different jobs, Hizashi got to grade today's paper or he would not have a much wanted day off with his boyfriend of 15 years. So he went to his cubicle, right next to said boyfriend and did no talking, although he very much wanted to blabber about his day. Instead he took his green pair of headphone from his desk, scrolled his phone for awhile, and settled an album to accompany his dutiful time. As he was about to increase the volume, he heard Shouta spoke. 


"Hizashi, I want to get married. You are allowed to do the proposal" 


As he said that, Shouta immediately stood and walked away, leaving a wide eyes Hizashi, All Might chocking out blood, and Kan accidentally crushed the pen he was holding and bathed Monoma's homework in red, just like a homicide site. 


After Shouta left the room, Hizashi inhaled some air before whispering under his breath, " What had just happen?" 


All Might, finally regaining his composure, replied "You are about to be married with Aizawa-kun. Congrats.....I guess?" Then he proceeded to tell a stunned Kan to wipe the red substance off his hand. Monoma's work was unsalvageable. 


Hizashi still sat there, looking at his black computer screen until Shouta's word processed completely and yelled shock and happiness. Windows be damned he was euphoric. Thank god All Might and Kan had told the other teachers to go out. Then Hizashi, with renewed vigor, speed up his grading time and planned the perfect proposal of the year. 

Chapter Text

Yagi Toshinori, after giving one Midoriya Izuku his power, One for All, became weaker and weaker. He was waiting for the day he couldn't do anything and became a normal, boring, human being who doesn't have any quirk. He could still maintain All Might's form for 45 minutes tops, but steadily lessen. 


One day, when he was walking to the teacher's lounge, he saw a sign at the door. The sentences : "There is a cat asleep. Please be quiet" carved on to a mahogany piece of wood with beautiful intricate adorned with a drawing of black kitten sleeping at the corner hanged on the teacher's lounge door. He didn't know what it meant, but he knew from previous time of caring his master's kitten, a cat wasn't that easy to be disturbed from sleep. However, this is U.A and he respected each teacher -and pet- privacy. 


Just when he had open the door for a bit, a 1-A class student, he believed it was young Midoriya, startled him from behind.


"Oh, All Might-sensei! What-"


A white strip of clothe, bandage alike, suddenly shot through the ajar door and almost caught Izuku's body. With plenty of experience, Toshinori immediately shove him aside and changed his form. 


However the same clothe had wrangled itself in his body and when he gotten pulled inside, he felt his form changed back and if it wasn't for the clothe quickly adapted to his new size, he would fall down.


Then, he was faced with the cat. 


In front of his face, a figure with red piercing eyes and flowing black hair stared him with such hatred. The tension from it brought his mind to a stop and left him petrified in the clutch of Aizawa's capture weapon. 


His mouth couldn't form a thing, however he let his blue eyes roamed the situation. The whole commotion brought the entire teachers glanced at them, the prep. -Aizawa-kun- was in somebody's lap, he could only saw the leathered back of said person. Aizawa was straddling this man and currently growling at him. 


Toshinori thought that this is the end. He wasn't going to teach young Midoriya anymore, nor the hero classes. He was not going to die in the hands of his enemy, he was going to die in the hands of his colleague. 


He gulped.




"Shota? Why are you up?" 


The man who was straddled popped out his earphone, the man too focused on his computer that he didn't even notice the sudden cold atmosphere nor the tensed body on his lap. A hand shot out and patted Aizawa's head. Slowly, the man, a blondie actually, stroke Aizawa's hair, sometimes combing the strands with his hand. Toshinori could hear his quiet singing like a lullaby in the morning. Then, he felt himself lowered to the ground until he could reach the floor with his legs. Those strands retreated back to Aizawa's sleepy form and a couple minutes later, he was back to sleep, head nuzzled on the person's neck and head junction. Soft snores filled the extremely quiet lounge. Everyone of them gave an equally soft sigh. 


Then, as he was about to walk to his desk, he felt the cellphone in his pants vibrate. He thanked Nedzu for always reminding him to change it into vibration mode. 


He took it out and saw a chat. Curiously, he stopped on his walk and opened it. It was from Yamada. 


To : Toshinori

Sorry for the late help. Eraserhead was in one of his "shut down" mood, read : hasn't slept for more than 48 hours, and he shouldn't be awaken at all. Not unless the guy felt that it was enough. Nemuri placed the sign when he almost strangled Snipe a year ago too.


Ah, he thought, the blondie was Yamada-kun. No wonder the jacket and the hair looked familiar. He had too many questions such as 'why would he slept on your lap?' or 'why is he lacking sleep?' but one should never asked for the mysterious pro hero Eraserhead. The man had gulped hot sauce when he hasn't slept for 24 hours. He wondered whether Aizawa would be able to drink coffee with 5 spoon of salt. (A week after he learned that yes, yes he can)


To : Yamada-kun

It is alright. I am very sorry for bothering Aizawa-kun's nap. Next time I will be more careful


It was a second after he sent it when he felt an immediate reply


To : Toshinori

No probs, big guy!!


Toshinori smiled and gave a thumbs up when he saw Yamada's thumb. 


After the class, he saw young Midoriya waiting for him to apologize and thank him. The boy, however, didn't ask what happened. 


The sign itself almost never found outside the teacher's lounge. However, the second you saw that sentences, you better be careful. Cause the cat is sleeping....and he doesn't like to be awaken

Chapter Text

Hizashi could count how many times his friend slash boyfriend called him. Even though he had held the futuristic device since he was 16; his abusive parents didn't care and Shouta was too afraid to ask so Hizashi gave him one as a birthday present. The small rectangular phone was still in used even 15 years later. Hizashi had offered to buy him a new one but the stubborn man declined numerous time. Even when Hizashi bought him, without any consent, Shouta only thanked him and saved it while the old one is in one of his utility pocket. Despite everything, it was a rare occurence for Shouta to ask for anything, especially help. One night, he suddenly got a call.


It happened in the middle of his work. Everything work well. His teaching was fine although several rascals still tried to cheat and there hasn't been any villain case either. All in all it was a fine day and Hizashi was excited to get home. His radio work will ended around an hour from now and it was only to receive and answer calls. Usually people called about their daily problems and sometimes advice for their quirk. Nothing he couldn't handle. After he thanked the young woman in phone, his crew signaled him to answer another one. He replied with his usual cheering tone.


"Hello, listeners!! What's up?" 


Then it was silence, before a hesitance voice answered.


"...'Zashi, I can't see" 




Hizashi knew he couldn't have mistaken his lover's voice. The grumpiness which didn't lessen in years but there was also hint of shocked, panic, and helplessness. He couldn't do anything and he called me. He called. Shouta called the station. That only meant one thing, he needed help. To help him, he needed to focus!!


Clearing his mind a bit, Hizashi immediately answered. Reputation be damned, he needed to save Shouta. 


"Where are you right now?" 


"Fourth joint..near Mocha"


To anticipate their identity and for this kind of situation, Hizashi had asked for Shouta's patrol route. There was five main points in it. Fourth point was the club he, Shouta, and Nemuri went to and the word 'joint' had confirmed it. Near Mocha meant the small alley where they found their second cat, named Mocha because his color was the perfect brown, not too light but not too dark. 


Now that he had knew where Shouta was, all he needed now was to ran. But he was still working and there was just no way he abandoned it. He snapped his head to the left when he heard several knocks. His green eyes widen when he saw his other co worker, Yamashita whose session was scheduled after him. It seemed like his director had called him to replaced him for the rest of his session. Yamashita and his director had smiled encouragingly at him. Hizashi shrugged the small pool of water on the corner of his eyes and smiled. He made a mental note to give them gift later. He went back to his mic and asked. 


"Shou, are you still there? Do you need any ambulance?" 


" just.... I just need you...please"


It hurt his heart to hear Shouta, his always confidence Shouta begged for him, heard by public. 


"Alright. I am going now" 




After the click sound, Hizashi got back to his persona.


"Okay! Everyone, I am so sorry but I have to leave. You see, someone very important to me is in need of help and-and I really love him. The rest of the session will be handled by my adorable kouhai, Emu in 'Scream Good Morning!!' soon. Thank you for listening and have a great day~"


Hizashi immediately put back his headphone and rushed outside. Thank kami the place was not too far considering they went there sometimes before his working hour or after it.


Please be safe...please let him be safe 


The next morning, Hizashi felt tiny needles ran through his left arm and looked at the source. He saw his usual dose of happiness. There laid on his side was the underground hero, snoring softly with several bruises marred his face and body. Few tiny stitches he worked on late night was healing nicely. Shouta's black wavy hair spread out so thick Hizashi could only see his arm swallowed by black strands. Albeit the numbness, he smiled at the sight. Apparently, the blindness was caused by a quirk and only lasted for few hours. Yagi Toshinori, All Might civillian persona, had told his husband Tsukauchi Naomasa about the case when he was listening to Mic's radio show last night. He had called Mic for the coordination and asked the detective to inspect since it was on his way home. Hizashi was happy to know his fellow colleague enjoy his show, but most importantly glad that he and Shouta had so many support. Kayama had called earlier to ask for their situation and had asked Nedzu for a day off. Then his twitter was full of his listeners asking who the mysterious man is and whether they are okay or not. Hitoshi, their in-process adopted child had called Hizashi too and told him that he was going to their apartment after class. Hizashi chuckled thinking how hectic 1-A was going to be the next day. Afterall, he knew at least Midoriya and Jirou listened to his late night show. 


A rustle from his side snapped him from his thought. Not long after, a mop of black hair moved and its owner blearily opened their eyes. 


"Zashi...what time-?"


Hizashi leaned down to kiss Shouta's lips.


"It's 8 o'clock, go back to sleep"




"Nedzu had pardoned us both. Let's bought the red high heels Nemuri drooled over later, okay?" 


Shouta looked up at him 




Then he snuggled in closer and draped himself half on top of Hizashi. Hizashi unconsciously patted Shouta's head affectionately. 






"Thank you"


Hizashi smiled softly


"Your welcome, Shouta"

Chapter Text


"-You all still have spaces to improve, that also includes you, Midoriya. Today's lesson is over. You may all go home" 


6 students of 1-A chattered away, leaving their teachers to go home and enjoy their summer holidays. They might be in a vacation mode, but being a hero wannabe meant extra lesson and each of them were excited for it. Their teacher, surreptitiously smiled behind their backs. Aizawa was so proud of them. If it was the previous year classes, none of them would came out from their home sweet home for a lesson. This year though, they were all packed with great stamina and bigger possibility to improve more and more. They kept him surprised each day. They really slipped through his heart's creaks. 


" is my acting?" 


A voice whispered to his ear. His right hand reflexively whacked his secret boyfriend of 5 years right in his handsome famous face. 


"Ouch! Shouuuuuuu~" 

Present Mic placed both his hands on his right cheek. It was always like this, Shouta with his abusive past made him even more cautious than ever and Mic who never failed to be sad yet amused by his cute boyfriend reflex. 


Aizawa quickly covered Yamada's hand with his own, eyes soften in thought of hurting his loud obnoxious but beloved boyfriend, not that he would say it out loud.


"Sorry....." he added in silence.


"Oh, honey!! You know I would still love you even if you kicked me in the balls" Yamada snickered, hands migrated to Aizawa's cheeks, gaining a reddish hue. 


Aizawa slapped Yamada's arm fondly

"Don't tempt me" He snickered, bringing Yamada to giggle.






"My acting"


Aizawa 'oh' with a bit of sigh


"Oh?" Yamada's blonde blow rose.


His Aizawa then pouted. Lips puckered a bit with cheeks puffed out. So damn cute.


"Ring? For a girlfriend?" 


With pink cheeks and jutted out bottom lips, Shouta looks gullible. This should be illegal.


"My god, Shouta" Yamada couldn't believe his eyes "Are you jealous?" The shocked let his quirk on by itself. His stoic Shouta whom rarely showed his emotion just undirectly told him that he was irrationally envied Hizashi's imaginary girlfriend, a character he created to complete the scene he was asked in the sake of helping Shouta's kids summer class. This. This is the reason. The main reason why he was attracted to Shouta. The reason their relationship lasted for more than 5, and more than 10 years. The reason why he never disappointed when Shouta didn't bother to know him in their first meeting. Didn't even look at his way as he called for him. Shouta always always has his own way of saying love and Hizashi was very glad he was patient and understanding. Shouta completed him perfectly he was sure they were meant to be together. Together, having Shouta at his side whether in good times and the bad times. Just like what he had done for the last 15 years and, what he hoped, forever. This is the exact reason why he choose this scene. When Shouta had asked Nemuri, Cementoss, All Might, and him to act, he really hoped he could find the atmosphere to ask, to take the piece of paper he poured his heart last night to propose to the greatest man in the entire world. Now if only he stop admiring his hopefully future husband to take it. 




Oh. Fuck it.




Hizashi slapped a hand acrossed his mouth. 


"No! That's-uh-Not that I-oh dammit!!" He looked up to see Shouta's surprised look in a frozen time and it went from blank into sad quickly.


"I MEAN EVERYTHING! What's nope is this supposed to be a romantic atmosphere and such, a dinner in the best hotel in Japan with wine, rose, dim lighting, and everything because you deserve it, you deserve everything and I didn't even-"


" really want me?" 


Hizashi stopped when he heard Shouta's timid voice over his own.


"Want you? Are you kidding me, Shou? Of course I want you! I will always want you, now and forever" 


Shouta's dark orbs searched his face, maybe for a sign of lie or something else. It happened for some seconds but for Hizashi it lasted like an eternity before Shouta, cute Shouta ducked deeper into his captured weapon, hands a bit wet on Hizashi's (when did he grabbed Shouta's hands!?), shyly smiled (definitely smiling), answered a small "yes". But still a yes nonetheless and he couldn't help himself but to take his bulkier boyfriend and picked him up to peck him in the lips. It was small but kept all their feeling for each other and Hizashi want to explode he yelled " HE SAID YESSSS!!!!" 


Hizashi stopped yelling when his voice was quirk free to see his soon to be husband activated his quirk. Then they looked at each other and chuckled together. 


"I love you, Shouta" 


"And I-"


"Congratulation, Aizawa-sensei, Mic-sensei"


The two pro-heroes head snapped at the almost toneless voice of one of Shouta's kids. There were apparently several of them as a collected gasps and shushed heard and one problem kid tried to covered their resident pretty boy. Some explosions went off near the dark space and Bakugo's cursing getting louder and louder.


Hizashi almost fell when Shouta immediately stiffened and leaped from his embrace to activate his quirk, white strands went to the dark path hidden between two high buildings. Small yelps were shouted in the air and there they were, the six kids who gotten their extra class today.


"Didn't you all went home?" Aizawa asked, his capture weapon wrapped his sneaky students together.


"W-We we're going to!!" Iida junior snapped his arms like chopping air below Aizawa's capture weapon.


"Then?" Yamada had walked near Aizawa


"It was fucking Deku's fault!" The king murder explosion himself said with enough hatred


"W-We were accompanying Deku!" Uraraka shouted


"Y-Y-Yes! I-I forgotten to take my bag a-and-uh-um ac-cidentally saw....that. Oh and um! C-c-congratulations, Aizawa-sensei!!" 


"Right! Congratulation, sensei!!" Uraraka added, face no longer in panic but happy instead


"Congrats, kero~" Tsuyu who never said anything finally looked up to him with a wide smile


As if remembering what they mentioned, Aizawa's pose slackened and his previously red cheeks went back on fire. Yamada beside him laughed and threw an arm on Aizawa's shoulder. Seriously, his fianceè is just adorable.


"Where is the ring?" 


Of course it has to be their residence cold prince to break the atmosphere.




Yamada accidentally activated his quirk. His right hand went to his pants quickly, fumbling for the wooden box containing rings he bought a month ago. When his finger hit the corner of it, Hizashi was glad he always brought the box anywhere. He took the box, a simple brown box with a ring laid. The ring itself had was a silver band with a five ruby embedded on the outside and a hidden engraving 'my dearest listener', something that had more meaning than the alike words Hizashi usually uttered in the radio. Something that he would always describe Shouta as. 


Hizashi didn't kneel, the romantic moment had passed so instead he asked for Shouta's hand, which the homeroom teacher gave, slipped it into the right finger and kissed the ring. It looked perfect, better than his imagination could ever occurred. If only he looked up, he wouldn't have missed Shouta's smitten face.


They almost didn't hear the 'aww's of the students. In the end, they let them went back home, but not before threatening them not to tell anyone. It was a futile attempt. But they actually listened for once. So the news only shared between their class residences and not to more than them, well except for their colleagues and Principal Nedzu. Regardless of the weird timing, both pro-heroes still thought that it was one of their best moments. 


Maybe in 5 months later Hizashi found the poem he wrote to propose Shouta and gave it to him directly instead, Shouta scowled but secretly happy at the gesture. He proceeded to place it on the refrigerator they gotten from Nemuri on their new apartment. 

Chapter Text

It was such a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly, birds chirping on branches, winds flew several flowers. What a beautiful normal day. If not for his famous class wrecking a havoc. 

Aizawa sighed as both of his problem children stood before him in the class hallway. Midoriya looking at the floor, feeling ashame for getting caught fighting with his childhood friend -or was it rival?- Bakugo. He tightened his capture weapon on the kids as Bakugo started to create sparks on his palm. The rest of the class peered through the ajar door. 


He was called by All Might in the middle of his nap in the middle of lunch break in the middle of the day. When he was awoken, his instinct kicked in and he looked from side to side in case they were ambushed. When his eyes laid upon the huge lanky ex-hero, he gave an audible sigh. 


"Who was it this time? Midoriya or Bakugo?"


All Might scratched his cheek




Aizawa sighed again. There went his nap time. 




"Inside your class"


He stretched his stiff body for awhile before he walked his way to his problematic class. 10 minutes later and here we are, in front of class 2-A with Midoriya and Bakugo bounded by his weapon.


"What is it this time?" 


When he got a mumbling mess mixed with incoherent angry words, his eyes shone red and he tightened it more, halting both teenager in their story.




Then the smoke smell gone away leaving Bakugo to pout and tell the whole story, obviously pointing Midoriya as the perpretator. Midoriya being Midoriya was too naive, although he had gradually shed some, mumbling he was also in fault. 


Aizawa gave his umpteenth sigh of the day. This was getting irritating, not that their first year time wasn't. But to have to arbitrate one prideful kid with his victim two times a week was too much. The last time was very serious that both of them used their quirks to fight. However that one he could tolerate because it was his fault too for not noticing his kids mental health and since then he tried to understand them more. Now what should he do so they would learn one's lesson. 


"I want you both to write a paper consist of 10 pages describing about good teamwork. I want it on my desk tomorrow morning"




Aizawa's eye twitched


"Fifteen page"




"Language. Now it raise into twenty pages and if you protest!" Bakugo immediately ceased his sparks and closed his mouth "Then you will be cleaning the dorm again. Understand?"






Then he reluctantly released both of them simultaneously with a loud shriek of a child. The three of them went into alert. He knew all children who was peeking went outside piling behind him too. 


The sound was getting nearer and Aizawa had his weapon on his hand ready. Midoriya had activated his quirk and Bakugo sparks were getting bigger. 


Then suddenly they could see a girl with white hair running towards them. They were all taken aback because they recognized her. Midoriya had unactivate his quirk in response and had kneeled on one knee, ready to scoop her into his arms. When she was just several feet ahead, he opened his arms then-






She run through him and hugged Aizawa's leg tightly. Then she pivoted so her body was behind him. 








Aizawa was shocked. He had been the appointed guardian for the little girl and done his job as usual. Eri also had slipped into his heart and in the end he didn't have the heart to place her into a foster house. She had been living with her for two months and this is the first time his kid (officially) called him 'papa'. He almost cried on the spot if not for his twenty something kids who was trying to ask him questions, Midoriya embarrased because Eri didn't go into his arms, and a first year who was panting in front of them.


Aizawa scooped Eri into his arms. The poor girl was scared so badly she buried her face into his capture weapon. 


He looked at the boy in front of them and gave his infamous glare.


"Who are you and what is your purpose with my child?" 


The boy who had run with angry face looked up to him and frowned at him.


"That should be my question. Why is some homeless people could get inside UA? Are you a villain?" 


There was a collected gasp around him and Aizawa could hear Ashido and Kaminari prayed for him to not get killed. 


Aizawa was about to answer but Bakugo had cut him with a laugh.


"This 'homeless' person is our teach, the pro hero Eraserhead. Who the fuck are you?" 


The boy, instead of running cowardly, had frown even deeper.


"Eraserhead? Never heard them. I'm Tsuda, a first year who gained the biggest point in the entrance exam. Aren't you Bakugo, the winner in UA sport festival last year? Are you sure you are not manipulated by this guy?"


Oh. God.


Now Kirishima and Hagakure and almost his entire students also prayed for this stupid boy life. 


Aizawa activated his quirk, the boy immediately tried to activate his quirk to no avail, and with his captured weapon he tied the first year and brought him to his face. 


"Listen kid. Since you are so proud of being accepted into UA, as a teacher, I will teach you some lesson. One, don't judge the book by its cover. Two, listen to your senpai. Three, don't harass someone's kid and every other children out there and lastly LEARN. SOME. FUCKING. MANNER. AM I UNDERSTOOD?"


The boy finally realized who he was talking to had shuddered and pissed on his pants. Aizawa let the kid down only to have Tsuda made a pool of pee and slumped into it. Before he can do anything more, two of his colleagues running to the scene and gasped at what he saw.


"Eraserhead!" Present Mic called


"What happened?" Midnight asked after looking at everything.


"Is one of you his homeroom teacher?" He asked, hands placed on Eri's back and his hair had flopped back.


"Uh...Tsuda right? He is supposed to get into class 1-A so Midnight class.. I guess?" Present Mic said, a finger scratched his temple "Did he do something already?"


"He asked who Aizawa-sensei is" Bakugo replied


"He what?!" Midnight screeched.


"He asked who Aizawa-sensei is and also question whether he was a villain or not" Midoriya answered.


Midnight and Present Mic laughed out loud while Aizawa sighed. 


"God the nerve of first year student" Midnight wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes






"Expel him"


"What? Shota, you know I couldn't expel a student because they are too naive and asked who you are right?" 


"He made Eri scared"


"Eri?! Okay, I'm calling Nedzu" Midnight had dragged her to be student by his collar leaving a piss trail and soiling the floor along the way. 


"Eri-chan!!" Mic called, legs carrying him in front of Aizawa "Are you okay? What did he do to you? Are you hurt? Do you need first aid kit?"


The girl looked behind her and bawled as she saw who it was.




Mic was frozen in shock but not for long. He scooped his little girl into his arms, rocking the two of them so she won't cry. 


"Daddy.....and papa?" 


Aizawa and Mic stunned as Midoriya mumbled. 


"Are you both Eri's parents? Are you married, sensei?" His eyes were sparkling as he stared at both of them. Aizawa looked around him and yup they all heard the boy alright. 


He walked to Mic and took Eri into his arms.


"You explain" he whispered while Eri played with his capture weapon.


Mic was pale and huffed. Leave it to his husband for leaving him with his twenty problematic students. 

Bonus :


"He what!?" 


"Calm down, Shouto" 


Shinso placed a hand on his brother's chest to gently push the sick boy back. Shouto slumped down into the pile of pillows behind him. His mismatched eyes frowned as he imagined the scene from his sister story.


Eri sat on Shinso's lap nodded. She knew that if Shouto was healthy, he would freeze the arrogant boy too. 


"And then?" Shouto coaxed


"I kick him in the shin. He was angry. So I ran to papa's class"


"2-A?" Shinso asked. He was irritated that he wasn't in hero's class or he will teach that boy a lesson for insulting his sister and attempting to use his quirk on her.


Eri nodded


"Then I saw him in front of the class and ran to him. I-I didn't see Deku and the explosion boy in front of papa" 


Shouto snorted thinking how embarrased his boyfriend would be if Eri ran but instead to him, she hugged his homeroom teacher. 


"Did you call Shouta 'papa'?" 


"Ummm...yes? I-is that bad?" 


Shinso snickered


"No, it's not. Don't worry about it" 


Shouto smiled. 


"And then?"


"I don't know? But I think I heard someone asked who papa is? And uh.. asked if he is a homeless guy"


"He-he what!?" Shinso and Shouto shouted


"Asked whether papa is homeless? And also if he is a villain. What is homeless?" 


Shouto and Shinso had laughed so hard Shinso's stomach hurt and Shouto have to swiped a tear. 


"Homeless, Eri-chan, is someone who doesn't have a home or place to live. They usually don't have money for it so they wear ugly clothes"


"But....papa's clothe is not ugly"


"Eri, do you remember Hizashi's hero clothes?" 


"I do!"


"Which one do you think looks better?" 




"Exactly" Shinso answered "Shouta's clothe looks bigger than it should be and not flashy like Hizashi"


"Not to mention he doesn't shave his scruff often so he looks like one of those homeless people" Shouto added


"Ohhh I see and then-"


Shouto's room was filled with laughter and for once, Hizashi and Shouta didn't bother them.


"-a boy with yellow hair asked if papa and daddy already have sex or not. What is sex?"


Or maybe not. 

Chapter Text

AU :  a person has an animal spirit within their soul which affect either their personality or quirk

Being a teacher in U.A didn’t mean you would be out of boredom. A teacher should defined as an individual smart enough to fine a leeway out of boredom after reading tragically hilarious answers. In U.A those moments were spent on bets. Any kind of bets would be accepted, from mild warning to needing ambulance kind of warning. The participants could enter any bet they wanted and sometimes they would include outsiders just for the fun. Last week they invited Best Jeanist and Gang Orca on a who-can-scared-kids-the-most bet. Needlessly saying, Gang Orca won the bet and he wasn’t proud of winning 163.750 yen. They used the money on sakes to wash his depressed orca spirit. In conclusion, these bets were invented and finished quickly and most importantly without a second thought. Just like right now.  


"A hug?" Snipe asked, voice didn't hide the confusion on his mind. The archer fish inside his soul was parched for more information on a new hunt.


"Yeah!" Sexy bunny Nemuri exclaimed "Let's see who can get a hug from our black kitten"


The small crowds of teachers in their boredom starting to make a ruckus. They knew how scary black kitten a.k.a Aizawa Shouta was.


"Are you asking us to have a bet on who will be killed by Aizawa first?" Ectoplasm asked, the real body. His other clone was hiding on a special cupboard. Since Ectoplasm's spirit animal was an octopus, he couldn't help loving small spaces and clones were seen inside random cupboards. Nedzu had placed several special Ectoplasm cupboards so nobody would bother him.


"Are you mad!?" Power Loader exclaimed.


"Hey, watch it!" Snipe yelled when Maijima's thorns grew from his back and pricked his hand.


"Oh right sorry" Maijima replied, trying to control his stress so his hedgehog spirit wouldn't thought that they were in danger and lashed some thorns.


"Get back to the main point. Do we get something for doing this stunt?" Ectoplasm asked.


Even though cat was considered as a small vulnerable being, their hidden weapon called anger danger paws had crazily sharp nails. Despite their cuteness, their agility could make you scream like a banshee once they pounced on you. Worse if you gotten near and they hissed. You should pray for your safety in the next 5 minutes.


"Hmm...How about usual bet?" Nemuri asked back.


Ever since everyone loved to play pranks on each other and betting on the victim's reaction, they have developed a system out of it.


"5000 yen? For my safety? Ya think I'm that cheap?" Snipe sniffed.


"How about a gift from me?" Nedzu suddenly spoke, surprising each teacher there.


"HOLY SH--" Each one of them almost launched to the sky.


Sneaky little Nedzu always managed to make their bets much more interesting, but more risky than ever.


"Mysterious gift from the principal..." Thirteen and Cementoss hummed, both brains starting to consider the gift.


"You guys have better chance, you don't have dogs as your spirit animals" All Might a.k.a Yagi Toshinori mumbled from the side. Beside him, Vlad King nodded. Both of them, and Present Mic, had dog as their spirit animals and if there was one thing that kitten Aizawa hated the most would be dogs. Everytime Yagi tried to pat him in the back, Aizawa would immediately hissed at him.


Although Kan didn't get the same harsh treatment, it didn't mean that he got warm greeting. Their first meeting ended with several claw marks and a bloody nose. But along the way, Aizawa slowly adapted to his being and now Aizawa had.....tolerated his existence in teacher's lounge.


The only one who might have the possibility to get a hug and came home unscathed would be Present Mic. Nobody understood their relationship but when Nedzu placed Mic's desk beside Aizawa, the kitten didn't complain.


When Nedzu saw the somber faces of his employer, he thought of another idea.


"Okay! Since the game is too risky, how about three days off? Oh, also for those who has a partner are allowed to spend it with them"


Everyone launched to their desk to invent the ideas of getting a hug from Aizawa Shouta.


"A hug?" Yamada asked, his unique brows quirked up.


Nemuri felt deja vu for a second.


"Yeah! From Shouta himself and you are not allowed to tell him to hug you" Nemuri cut when her friend was about to say something.


Yamada pouted.


It would look nice, the man was quite handsome to be honest, if only he would cut off those ridiculous moustache.


"So, are you in?"


At first they had decided to leave Yamada out. It wouldn't be the first time they left someone out of the game because the person was considered to have an almost 100% success attempt. But after discussing it again, they agreed to let Yamada tried.


"I'm in" Yamada said after his initial pout "What's the deadline?"


"End of the month"


Yamada nodded


"Alright! Oh, one more thing! There should be witness or evidence of said hug or nothing will be given"


Yamada sighed. His hand casually fixed his presciptioned tinted glasses which has slipped a little bit when he pouted.


"Fair enough, count me in"

 It was hopeless.


It was such a stupid idea and there was no way they could finish such impossible quest. They would like to punch Nemuri for bringing it up and punched themselves for getting tempted at Nedzu's offer.


Snipe had to buy two boxes of band aids to hide Aizawa's claw marks on his face and arms, Ectoplasm shuddered and startled everytime there was silence for at least 5 second, Power Loader never attempted to step his foot outside his department, Cementoss -usually blessfully silent Cementoss- had turned to a mumbling mess, and ex-All Might would always roamed his eyes to every spot everytime Aizawa was mentioned. The only people who didn't get much damage was Thirteen and Kan who only tried once and learned their lesson : never try the impossible.


Just then, the door was opened harshly and a bruised up Nemuri trudged into her own cubicle, passing Snipe's to receive a few band-aids on the way.


As she plodded into her desk, her head thumped against the wooden surface and a groan was echoed on their closed space.


"This is not suppose to be that hard" she said to nobody in particular. But most of them nodded in reply regardless.


"Yeah and it's almost the deadline" Ectoplasm reminded, one of his clone was shuffling through the calendar on their computer.


Nemuri groaned once again.


At the last moment before they agreed on the whole thing, Nedzu had added.


'If none of you succeeded, each of you will take turn to accompany my afternoon tea time. One at a time'


Nemuri shuddered at the thought.


Tea time with Nedzu always always ended with them begging to be let out.


Another groan immediately escaped her mouth.


Then, he heard a playful humming near her.


Her blue eyes viewed everything and spotted a blonde man with green headphone humming happily.




"Nee, Yamada!" Said man turned to see Nemuri, the headphone he was about to wear hanging loosely on his shoulder "Did you manage to do it?"


Yamada cocked his head


"Do what?"


"That stupid bet" Snipe said. The cowboy had plopped beside Nemuri's seat.


"Beeeeeetttttt.... oh! Oh oh oh! That hugging?" He asked after a long while.


"Yeah. The deadline is tomorrow" Vlad King mentioned from his private cubicle


"Gotta finish it or we got to sit with Nedzu for his afternoon tea. In turn. Alone." Yagi muttered, body already trembling like crazy. He had apologized to Gran Torino for he feared another man/ animal other than his mentor.


"Oh shit! Why didn't you tell me about that?" Yamada said, his green orbs turned to Nemuri quickly


"Well....." she drawled "..about that-"


Her sentence was cut when the door to the teacher's lounge opened harshly.


Their eyes, once on Yamada Hizashi quickly turned to a man with black fringes and black clothes as his hero suit. The white capture weapon a complete contrast against everything.


All teachers body immediately startled. Snipe waved hastily while the other cluttered back to their seat/ cubicle. Then, from their safe distance, each eyes observed the black figure still standing near the door.










The black boots Aizawa wore created a thumping sound as he walked to the center of the room. Snipe and Kan chanted mantras in their minds since both of their desks was near the center or currently, the place Aizawa was heading.


When Aizawa stopped to loom over Snipe, the man almost let out an embarrassing yell. But his hands clamped over his mouth and gulped down his urge to shout.


After ten seconds of silence, Snipe started to ramble, "Hey man, I am really sorry for what I did for the past three weeks and also I am sorry for eating one of your energy pocket, breaking your precious cat print mug, putting salt in your coffee, and-"


Snipe's mouth shut down when Aizawa's black orbs staring him down. His whole body shuddered in retort.


Then, the glare was gone and the thudding of Aizawa boots continuing their journey was the only sound in their lounge.


Their heart stopped when Aizawa stopped on his desk. However, instead of facing said furniture, his front was oriented towards Yamada.


Yamada, who had been watching the lurking of U.A's feral black kitten turned to Aizawa and frowned.


He opened his arms wide-


"What's wrong?"


-and the looming kitten was safely captured in the blonde's arms.


The gasp had almost broke the horrible atmosphere, but one of Ectoplasm's clone quickly covered Yagi's dog squeak.


They watched as Aizawa's body slowly loose its tension as Yamada carefully and gently rearranged Aizawa to sit side-way on top of Yamada's tights and Aizawa's head was placed near Yamada's left shoulder. They fumbled a little bit before settling with Yamada's chin on top of the kitten's head and both of his arms closing in on his body, liked he was protecting Aizawa.


Then, with his long legs, Yamada turned his rotating chair into their original position, facing the computer. His left hand circling Aizawa's waist and his right was busy patting and stroking Aizawa's left arm. As usual, Yamada chattered away but with low volume than his normal and Aizawa made a soft sigh.


After several minutes with Yamada smiling and Aizawa gave several happy sound, Yamada straightened up, ignoring the way Aizawa tensed. He looked around and asked


"Did I just win the bet?"


"Bet?" Aizawa asked, eyes twitching.


"CONGRATULATIONS!" Nedzu's voice suddenly rang through the speaker so loud, they cringed at first "It's rather unfortunate that nobody will be accompanying me for my afternoon tea time, but regardless, Yamada Hizashi has won the three days off vacation with his partner!!"


One by one the sounds of head thumping was heard from one cubicle to another and many loud groans and frowned was made.


In the middle of them all, one Yamada Hizashi was cheering loudly and an angry kitten in his lap demanded a quick explanation.


Chapter Text

"A hug? From me?"


Aizawa's ears couldn't believe it. No, he wanted to deny everything. But the sorry faces of his colleague couldn't wipe his mind of the thought.


After the whole mess -and Aizawa got to recharge in Yamada's embrace- they made a circle with their chairs and explained everything to him. His bum was still planted on Yamada's lap.


They were betting on who got a hug. From him. Out of all people. Him.


The feline inside him wanted to catch and finish each of them but his blondie's arms were tightened on his waist.


He couldn't help the sigh.


"Why?" He asked.


"Because you like nobody!!" Nemuri shouted.


"Or at least that's what we thought..." Kan added the last part. The tip of his index finger and thumb was massaging his nose bridge.


Faced with the sentence, Aizawa's gaze looked to the white floor.


"I-I don't-?"


"Exactly" Snipe claimed


"Out of all people, why Yamada? I predicted the winner to be Nemuri, because she is a rabbit" Ectoplasm said from beside Nemuri.


Maijima nodded along with Kan beside Yamada. Across them was Cementoss holding a tea in his hand. It was amazing how the teacher was so calm, like in a tranquil, and they wondered whether Cementoss actually hearing their discussion.


"Didn't you say you hate dogs, senpai?" Thirteen asked from Yamada's other side.


"A loud one at that" Maijima snickered when Yamada gave an indignant 'hey!'


"How can I-" Aizawa said, eyes rolling "-when my spiritmate is a dog"




"Y-you are spiritmates?" Yagi inquired, mouth accidentally stuttering in shock.


Aizawa's head tilted a little bit, confused at their reaction.


"Yeah, look" he said.


Then he took a deep breath and channeled his animal spirit. Suddenly, a black cat was projected on the floor. It stood on its hind legs with a face bored as it faced its audience. Then with a grace only a cat could produce, it leaped onto its human's tight and starting to purr when Aizawa stroke its sleek black ink fur.




A light brown shiba strolled from the front door to near Aizawa's legs. It slowed its pace and came into a stop right before Aizawa and Yamada. The dog placed its head onto Aizawa's thigh, just a few centimeters from the cat.


They watched as the purring stop and the cat awoke from its peaceful slumber. It rose its head and noticed the bigger animal's head near it.


The silence ensued was predictable, but what happened next never matched with their logic.


The cat stretched its flexible body, walked a little bit, then lying again on Aizawa's tight. But this time, its body curled around the shiba's head. The dog gave a happy bark and played around with the cat's swishing tail.


Just like that, both animals slowly vanished from their sight in small stripes of light.


Aizawa watched with glee at his friends' jaw almost dropped to the ground.


"Wh-why didn't you tell us?" Nemuri asked, feeling betrayed. Afterall, other than Yamada, she was his other best friend and second longest friendship, tallying with Iida Tensei.


Aizawa asked back in his usual gruff tone "What for? And besides, if I can get a vacation out of it, it would certainly logical to hide it for a long time. Who knows how many secrets we have and how many vacations we could get out of it"


Behind him, Yamada was grinning happily too.






"The bell has rang. Can't believe it's this late and it's time to go home!"


Yamada patted Aizawa to get off him and quickly tidied up everything. Aizawa too took everything he needed before clambering up to Yamada again.


With a grin, they waved-


"See you guys in three days!!!"


-and left, leaving 8 people stunned on the seats.


That was the last time they placed a bet on Aizawa Shouta.


Bonus : in the end, Aizawa and Yamada only took one day off to go to Disneyland and their regular Cat cafe before sauntering back to school together.

Chapter Text

1 month before H day

‘It’s Zashi’s birthday soon’




‘What should I get for him this year?’


A sounding yell from the right.


‘Should I buy him another cake?’






‘Maybe Mochi want to wear a suit again?’




“Nope. Not until the police came”


‘We have groom suit last year’


“Eraserhead-san! Thank you for your work! Please leave him here and we will send the fee as usual”


He nodded. He looped his capture weapon into one of the streetlight and made his way back home.




2 weeks before H day



Aizawa looked up from Jirou’s work. He was very glad to see more black rather than red. Very refreshing or as refreshing as it could be for his dry eyes. Certainly better than Kaminari’s. 




His best friend of 15 years must have saeen the happiness radiating from him. She casually slung her arm on his shoulders. She looked up, glancing right and left. Then she whispered.


“Have you find a present for your hubby?”


They have been married for more than 5 years and magically keep it quiet despite their jobs. Nemuri, Tensei, and Nedzu were the only people there and the only people knew about it. 


“Nope. I was thinking about getting a cake”


“Cat cake?”


He nodded.




“-Mochi catwalking in a suit”


Aizawa glared at her. Of course being best friend for years meaning understanding his circumstances.


“You shouldn’t make things easy to guess, honey”


“Don’t call me that!”


Nemuri moved out of the way when Aizawa’s hand about to slap her arm.


“Well you better search for something better because it’s two more weeks”


Aizawa huffed.


“I know, I know”


Nemuri sauntered to her next prey.


3 days before H day

Aizawa placed a full stop on his last sentence, or might be what he last wrote in 5 minutes. From outside he looked as calm as a still lake. Inside he was burning with firey passion or what he shamely called jealousy. 


Just yesterday, when he was searching for a venue to celebrate his secret spouse birthday in the newest tabloid, Hi Hero!, rather than a great cafe or family restaurant he found the picture of his husband in his full in hero costume. Underneath it was a big headline “PRESENT MIC OR PRESENT WED!?!” Let’s just say it didn’t take him 5 minutes to double read it and tore it to pieces. It was only a gossip column about a beautiful woman with black long hair and curves in the right places was seen having a deep conversation. Said journalist also mentioned about the many intimate touches during the meeting. 


He had think about it again and again. Was it right for him to get mad? Afterall, Hizashi only heeded Aizawa’s wish to keep their marriage under the table. He was the one who asked to place the ring on a necklace than in their ring fingers. He was the one who decline one invitation to another invitation of Hizashi’s radio party. So was it wrong for Hizashi to find a woman, to cheat him? There must be someone out there who deserve him more that Shouta did. Someone that look amazing, eye candy than dry eyes and baggy clothes and unruly hair. Someone with perfect curves than big muscles. Someone funny enough to match his comedic side. Someone who— someone who wasn’t Aizawa Shouta. 




Aizawa looked up.


‘When did he sit?’


“Fuck! Get the teachers!”


“I’m on it!”


“Why is he crying?”


‘I am?’


“Did-did we do something?”


“Oh no, poor sensei”


‘It’s not me. It’s poor Hizashi’


Just then, the door to he classroom opened and a pair of hands holding him.


“Shouta? Hey, what’s wrong?”


Aizawa saw blurry mess of black and yellow. Two big and familiar hands cupped his face tenderly. He smelled the most amazing scent in the world, a mix of leather and pine wood. He wanted these. He wanted Hizashi to be by his side forever. Until they have white strands, until it bald, until they retire into old men, until the day they went to heaven together. 


The day ended with half lesson, a worried pack of students, a lecture followed with hugs and kisses from Hizashi. 


But still with no present.


6 hours before the H day

Knock! Knock!


“Oh hey, Ochako-chan!”


“Hi, Izuku! Sorry for bothering you. Did you get the message?”


“Yeah. Rikido has climbed down the stairs and Bakugou’s cussed was heard even from here. I’m about to go to supermarket to buy other supplies. Momo and several others are going with me”


“Can I join you guys?”




H Day

A flurry of footsteps was heard in the one of U.A’s empty hallway. It has been an hour and half since the last students passed the front gate and went back home. The afternoon light painted broken white wall into a beautiful mix of orange, yellow, and red. One pro-hero was on his way to the supposedly empty classroom. When he opened the classroom, another pro-hero, underground, stood in the middle, looking as shabby as he usually did. But in his green orbs, his husband always a sight to behold, a pearl among trash. Stunning, wonderful, an eye candy. He was blessed to have the honor and call this man his.  


“Sho? You’re ready?”


Hizashi didn’t need to give his everyday Present Mic’s greeting. His raven beauty of a husband always knew when he would arrive to go home each day. But today he was surprised to find his spouse of 5 years message him to come and get him, 30 minutes before their appointed time.




Shouta called him, beckoning him closer.


Like a moth to a flame, Hizashi was attracted. 


“What is it? Are you sick? Something’s wrong?”


Hizashi arrived in front of Shouta, hands immediately took others without any preamble. One of them quickly assessed Shouta’s health. 


Was he sick? He looked fine today. Was something amiss? He had made sure everything was okay and ready today. 




Shouta placed his hands on top of his which were planted on both of Shouta’s perfect cheeks. 


When did they move there?


“Happy birthday”




It was a loud popping sound, colorful triangles, and so many cheers around him. He looked to his left and right and found the kids, their unofficial kids, stood before their hiding places and clapping and yelling and cheering. A glance from Shouta’s shoulder was a decent size cake with yellow frosting -his favourite color!- and adorning it were several radio-shaped fondant. On the top layer, he gasped aloud, were two fondant, created to shape like chibi version of him and Shouta. They were holding hands together and below it was several small figures, their handful kids. Then he looked straight once again. His husband, Aizawa Shouta, was sporting one of his smirk which quickly melted into his fond smile when he realized that Hizashi’s eyes were upon him. 


“Oh wow.... Shou, I-God, If we haven’t married yet I would marry you again and again in a heartbeat”


Shouta thrown his head as he laughed freely. 


“Me too, Zashi, me too”


Then he had a line of students queuing to shake his hands, given him small trinkets and other things they thought pass as a gift. On the end of the line was Shinsou and Eri, giving him a new headphone and a handmade bracelet. 


After the party started, he went to find the conductor of this surprise birthday party. As expected, he was standing in the corner of the room, still trying to blend in the dark. Not very effective as every corner of the classroom was filled with color from a disco ball hung in the middle, how he missed such a big decoration was amazing.


“Hey, husband”


Shouta smiled.


He casually slipped his arm into Shouta’s waist.


“Hey yourself”


Hizashi kissed Shouta’s cheek.


“Does that mean that we are out?”


Shouta nodded


“I also told your colleague in the radio station. Now they can put my name on the invitation party”


“Are you sure?”


“You know I will not do anything I am not sure of”


Hizashi smiled back and kissed Shouta deeply and as less sensually as he could. 


“Happy birthday, Zashi”


“Thank you, Sho!!”


Chapter Text

Yamada Hizashi didn't know how much he meant to his 12 years friend and 4 months boyfriend, Aizawa Shouta. The underground hero has never said those three words and never taken any initiative with their romantic course while Hizashi did everything because he loved Shouta too much. One day he discovered in a bad way when they were ambushed in a trip. Just not too shabby opponents but gave enought panic. The opponent too were consisted of 5 people and almost got apprehended before they use their quirks. But one of them had the quirk to temporarily blinded a person and Aizawa didn't manage to escape in time. When he couldn't see anything, he panicked more and lashed at anyone who gotten nearer. The other teachers couldn't do anything, not even gotten nearer when Midnight almost captured by Aizawa's capture weapon. Until Present Mic came. "Shouta?" He called the raven. Aizawa perked at his name, the only sound that penetrated his messed up mind," 'Zashi". Yamada gotten nearer until he could hug his boyfriend tightly. Later on, Aizawa might be ashamed for crying in his boyfriend's arms watched by their colleagues and students. But Hizashi remembered the memory vividly and store it in his mind as the day he realized how much he meant to Shouta.

Chapter Text

Rikido sighed aloud. In the silent of the night, his muscle memory opened the oven latch. Wave after wave of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies smell wafting in the air, filling the small kitchen space of 2-A dormitory. His right hand slipped into a cat mitten, courtesy of Yaoyorozu and her habit of useless-expensive shopping trips. It was so cute, with its ginger color and beady black eyes, yet thinking about the price tag earlier certainly didn’t help his reluctant mind in using it. After his hand encased in the softest material ever, he gently took the tray with what he presumed as his third batch. He roamed his eyes over several containers full with other confectioneries. He sighed once again, thinking the source of them all. 


‘Can they even finished them all?’


“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”


Rikido had never whipped his head as he was just now. The view of their living room was now blocked by the figure of Aizawa-sensei, their one and only homeroom teacher. He looked as weary as usual but his clothe showed several shallow cuts and bits of dirt. Seemed like he had just finished patrol. Was it that late? 




He snapped to reality and nodded.


“Sorry, sensei. There’s....something in my mind and I cannot fall asleep”


Aizawa’s mouth was a little bit ajar, about to utter something. But quickly snapped it back into a thin line. They both knew the reason. Although those events happened last year, the mental effect was everlasting. 


“ stress baking?”


Rikido felt a blush creeping to his cheeks in shame. Stress was his coping mechanism. It might came along his quirk development as he needed sugar all the time...and he always forgot everything; time and materials. 


Once when he was 10 years old his pet goldfish died. He was devastated. The pet was the last gift from his deceased grandmother who taught him the fun in cooking. He spent the whole night, from 10 p.m to 4 a.m, in the kitchen. His mom found him sleeping on the floor, a bowl of dough near his head, and 17 batches of vary cookies and 13 tarts. They gave everything to their neighborhood, familiar and not. They gained the title ‘nicest family’ in the area. They didn’t eat sweets for a couple months later.


“Yes, Sensei”


The man before him nodded in understanding. 


“It’s okay, everyone have their own coping mechanism. There’s nothing to be ashamed of”


Aizawa took a piece of cookies on the tray which was still held by Rikido. It was just a little extra mili weight, but his body suddenly realized how much it longed to rest. The tray with cookies were in the air for some second before his teacher quick reflex catch each pieces using his capture weapon. He couldn’t stop his awed at the abrupt show. It was like watching magic trick upfront.  


“Are you alright?”


Rikido apparently had half crumbled to the floor, Aizawa held his right arm, his other hand placing the tray gently on a cabinet surface. 




He muttered, still rewinding one of his teacher hidden techniques. Midoriya was going to be elated tomorrow. 


When Aizawa raised his arm, he felt a jolt of electric running through his arm. Rikido was sure that he had grimaced for Aizawa’s face contorted back to a worry look. 


“Does your arm hurt?”


“Yes. It’s the side effect of my stress baking”


Rikido replied, both arms hanging by his sides.


When his body finally realized the time he had spent baking, his arms, shoulders, and lower back would ached. The pain usually kept him up for few hours before it lessened and finally he could fall asleep. 


Aizawa seemed contemplating something before he sighed. Then he walked toward the living room and crooked his finger, beckoning Rikido to follow him. 


“Come here”


“But the cookies-“




He looked back to the cookies and to his teacher again and again before he finally went with Aizawa. 


In the living room, Aizawa told him to sit on one of the sofa. Rikido was confused as hell, but he trust his teacher not to do anything stupid. 


‘At least its Aizawa-sensei and not Mic or Midnight’


As he sat down, Aizawa walked behind the sofa and stopped where his back was. He murmured a word like ‘relax’. Then Rikido felt two strong arms on his shoulders, radiating warm and giving pressure to his tired muscles. 


The student turned his head toward his teacher.






Hesitatingly he looked back toward the wide TV on the room.


Holy fuck. Aizawa was giving him a massage in the middle of the night. 


Aizawa’s hand kneaded his shoulders from top to the bottom half of his back. Loosening every tense muscles along the way. At first Rikido was seconds from screaming in pain. But Aizawa relentlessly kept the ministration. At the time his palm was massaged, Rikido almost melted in the sofa. All of his muscles were relaxed and his eyes kept closing without his permission. 


When he felt no more warm pressure on his skin, he whined audibly. He heard a murmur from afar and felt his body lifted to the air. He could do nothing other than succumbing to the body holding him. Minutes later he felt the familiar softness of his pristine white bed and blankets surrounding him, replacing the warm body. He smiled when the lights were turned off. Certainly he missed the way Aizawa slight smile before the pro-hero closed the door. 


The next morning there was no evidence of his late night baking except for the 25 jars stacked on the table. As he went into the living room, his classmates had eaten at least one piece of his creation. 


“This is great!!” Ashido commenting while munching a piece of walnut cookie.


“Yeah, this is masterpiece alright” Kaminari followed beside her. In his hand was a jar of matcha flavored cookies. 


“You could actually sell them all, Rikido-kun. I’m sure you can get lots of money from these cookies” Uraraka told him when he got near. 


Rikido smiled widely


“Yeah! Thanks a lot”


By 8, the living room was full of class 2-A snacking batch after batch of cookies. Since it was Sunday, they agreed to watch movies while eating cookies as breakfast rather than the supposed to be pancake day. He had apologized profusely to each of them, in which he gained smile and great comments on his cookies as replies. At 10, Aizawa-sensei had appeared. Everyone greeted the man in their own way. Rikido however about to thanks him. Aizawa saw it coming and simply held his hand, signaling ‘yes you are thankful, I understand, your welcome’. Then  he took a piece of cookie from Bakugou’s jar and went to the bathroom. 


Aizawa found cat-shaped cookies on his desk a week later. 

Chapter Text


Aizawa’s mug tipped dangerously from his hand when he found one of his student on a fine Wednesday evening. The liquid inside had richocheted from all surrounding porcelain material before it settled as the owner stabilized his hand. His eyes still busy staring at the view of Hagakure Tooru in her yellowish tank top and blue short lying on the sofa. However reality hit deep as he could only said clothes floating in the air along with a piece of neatly folded white towel on what he assumed her forehead. Further observation he found small puffs of air coming from below the towel. Her breaths also sounded ragged and deep. Piecing each of these information he concluded one thing. 


“Hagakure, go to your room and take a rest. Have you taken any medicine yet?”


It looked like she closed her eyes because the towel fell down and he felt those invisible eyes finally noticed him. 


“Oh, did you know?”


Aizawa hummed. Not exactly the answer to his question but confirmed his suspicion. One of his ward was sick, summer fever probably, and currently lying on a sofa in their living room. 


“Observation. Now did you drink any medicine or not?” 


He placed his mug filled with hot tea on the rectangular glass table before sinking beside his student on the floor next to her body. He placed the back of his hand carefully on her forehead, around 38 degrees, and placed the fallen towel back. 


“I did. Yaoyorozu gave me. Iida had taken my temperature, he said it was 38,2 and lecture me the importance of taking a rest. Oh! Oh! Bakugou also made me porridge to eat before the pills!”


It was amazing how she could sound so happy while sick. Not to mention talking with what he presumed the most fearful teacher in U.A despite being their homeroom teacher. Maybe there were some good points in those accidents. 


“Okay. I will go back to my room. If you need anything else uh... I will be there” 


Aizawa awkwardly -why was it him that feeling awkward?- got up from his position and walked the rest of his small trip. His mug was almost forgotten before he sneak a glance once more at his student. 


Just as he took one step, he heard a hesitant voice.




He halted his next step. Slowly he rotated his body and glanced at somewhere below the towel. 


“Is something wrong?”


“Umm....” Hagakure’s invisibility was between a blessing and a curse. However for once he didn’t need to see to know her hesitant face. 


“Can you rub my back?”


There were only few times in his life where villain could caught him distracted. He was quite sure not only was he absent in reality, but his face would made even the toughest villain, maybe All for One, laughed at it. 


He was also quite sure that small ‘pfft’ coming from his invisible student and not some stupid villain ghost in the air. 


“Sorry, Sensei! I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just uhhh mymomusedtodothat”


It took several loading seconds before he managed to disentangled her jumbled words and nodded.....because he didn’t know what else to do.


“It’s okay if you think that it’s weird! I didn’t mean to hold you from your rest!”


But he had walked back to her space. His precious half-hot-half-cold tea, a Todoroki tea, was perched once again on the table. 


“How do you want me to do it?”


She might think that her wish would just be a wish for she took her time in thinking. 


“Umm... you can sit here and I umm...”


Aizawa nodded in understanding this time. When Hagakure’s shirt had moved he took the space left to sit. Then he felt a small weight on his lap. The girl was placing her head on his lap. Then he started to place his hand on her back shirt. Slowly he moved it up and down rhytmically. She sighed in relieve.


“My body” she started to fill the silence “whenever under the weather always ached. My mom usually try to give me a short massage. However, she doesn’t have much energy so she changes it into back rubs”


“Would you like me to do that?”




“Give you a massage”


“Yes-I mean no! I will?”


The pro-hero only nodded and slowly he put pressure under his tips. Hagakure sighed deeper than before. Then she began to tell him another story of her family. Aizawa nodded when needed and giving her advice when being asked. Her voice gradually decline into more of a hush tone. The space between each sentence became longer and soon she didn’t even utter a word. Instead small snores replaced the silence between them. 


Aizawa didn’t stopped his ministration even when the rest of his class clambered down to cook or coming from outside. He simply hushed them all each time he saw them. 

At the evening she was surprised to open her eyes and found her homeroom teacher asleep. Her head was still pillowed on his tight. She also felt a light material blanketed her body.


When she sat, she found half of the class were sitting around them. Some of them were playing uno, the girls were chatting slash gossiping, some was seen cooking in the kitchen probably for their dinner, and few who decided to come to the living room had snatched one of Rikido’s cookies jar. Everything was done in small volume. Not even a yell was heard from their kitchen. Considering the cook was Bakugou, it must have taken a tremendous effort.


Midoriya as expected was the first to notice her.


“Hagakure-san! You have awaken!” He exclaimed in silence.


Todoroki, his loyal follower, had turned his head to her and Iida had fast walk to get the thermometer once again. 


She could only stare back until Iida offered her the thermometer. It was better for her to take it herself rather than having said technology shoved to her nose or eyes. 


Iida quickly took it when it was beeping and gave her a smile. The fever apparently had broken as she napped. Now she could only felt her body damped and slicked with sweat. She need a quick shower.


She slowly moved from her teacher’s sleeping form and draped her blanket to him. His mug was still there, sitting untouched. 


Hagakure smiled once again and took her needed trip to the bathroom before returned to the living room with a freshly made hot tea and woke him up. Exactly the time for dinner. 


After dinner, she encountered him.


“Thank you, Sensei” 


She watched the pro-hero hummed and rose his mug.


“Thank you for the hot tea”

Chapter Text

Aizawa was decidedly not surprised when he found a Kirishima and Bakugou on his door at 2 a.m. He had just finished grading their works and about to shut his forever heavy lids and found himself opening the door a second later. All sleepiness dissappeared when he noticed the blonde sulkily leaning on the red head. Both boys were still wearing stinking shirt, not pajamas.


“What. Happened”


Kirishima at least had the looked like a dejected puppy while Bakugo really honest to god sulked.


“Had an accident when training” 


The blonde muttered.


He took a deep sighed and step aside to let them both in. They shuffled together inside. Kirishima helped Bakugou sat on his bed. Aizawa shut the door and knelt near Bakugou. He observed and poked a little bit at the red appendage located on his ankle. 


“It’s just a sprain. Nothing broken”


Defiitely not big enough to awaken Chiyo


Kirishima exhaled loudly while Bakugo didn’t look that much different. But judging from his tensed face earlier, it was much more relax. 


“Kirishima, hold him down”




Kirishima moved without a comment. When he had gotten behind Bakugou, he used his hardening quirk. Bakugou obviously struggled to no avail. The anger mess wouldn’t dare to hurt his best friend (maybe beyond ?) and his explosions were nothing more than a harmless bark. He was rendered useless within seconds. The ironic thing was that Kirishima moved without thinking after Aizawa simply barked an order because the red head blinked several times and looked down in surprise seeing the blonde in his lap. What a good pavlov dog.


Aizawa rolled both sleeves of his black shirt. 


“I am going to...try and fix it. It’s going to hurt but try not to scream”


The night ended with an emotionally tired boneless Bakugou sleeping in Kirishima’s arms. Said boy quickly followed when Bakugou aslept. Aizawa tucked both of them in his bed and took another one and sleep in the sofa. 


The kid’s ankle was fixed the next day.


Chapter Text



Midoriya was jolted from his sleep. His ears were ringing, giving him a headache in the good morning. His brain immediately recognized the source of the loud yelling. 


Thinking he wouldn’t sleep anymore, he took a glance at the clock on his bedside. 8.02 a.m. Definitely one of his best sleep ever. 


He sat slowly and took his time stretching his arms and body. Since his puberty, his body had grown taller. He was so tall that his friends took a picture with him and comparing his last year picture with the new one. Bakugou was having a fit after the discovery. His lovely boyfriend, one Todoroki Shouto, had stars in his eyes. They almost broke the bed frame. 


It certainly gave him plenty advantages. He could see better, joked with Kacchan for not being the shorty broccoli anymore, and most importantly not tip toeing everytime he would like to peck Shouto’s adorable lips. His new kink was placing his chin on top of red and white strands.


The only backlash was body ache. Everyday he felt electric surge underneath his skin layer. Chiyo obaa chan had adviced him to take 15 minutes in the morning to stretch and 5 minutes to jog around the dorm. It has been a couple of months since then and Chiyo was pleased at him for once. He had done it diligently and now he didn’t need to jog anymore, not that he would break the good habit. 




Midoriya looked down at the tuft of white and red on near his hips. Shouto face surfaced from the tangled blanket spread across both of them. 


“Morning, Shouto”


He combed Shouto’s silky hair with his fingers, sometimes halting for some seconds to scratch the scalp. Shouto started to purr in happiness and Midoriya tried so hard not to melt at the sight.


“Morning” his sleepy cat mumbled “Why awake?”


“Ah, it’s-“




Midoriya closed his ears, trying to decrease his childhood friend’s loud yell. 


“Bakugou” Shouto said, more awake after King Explosion’s explosion which followed his shout. It it was medieval it sounded like a battle cry. 


“Yeah” Midoriya sheepishly answered. 


He had explained all of his past with Bakugou. He didn’t leave any detail untold and the revolution of their friendship years later. By the end of his story, Shouto was about to kill Bakugou. Much much later Shouto slowly noticed the new characteristic of Bakugou Katsuki. He predicted it was because of the appearance of a certain red head. They were all forever in Kirishima’s debt.


“Come on, let’s see what tipped him today”


Shouto gave the smile he reserved only for Izuku and leaned to peck Izuku’s lips.


Stepping the last step, they immediately discovered the whole reason of Bakugou’s shouts, although they couldn’t decipher the exact one. They could only see Bakugou standing behind the sofa, grumbling. His hands were on someone -Aizawa- ‘s shoulders. Their homeroom teacher smiling his scary smile from his seating on the sofa. Surrounding them were some early riser. From left to right : Sero, Ojiro, Jirou, Tsuyu, Iida, Kaminari, Mina, and Rikido. Bakugou pacifier and unofficial boyfriend, Kirishima Eijirou, was standing on his favourite spot, behind Bakugou. 


Midoriya and Todoroki walked to Sero. The tape man greeted them both and scooted over to give the newcomers spot on the floor.


“What is happening?”


“Ya know the rumor about Aizawa-sensei giving massage?”


“Yeah, Kirishima’s chat right?”


As he uttered that, he was sure Aizawa had glared at the red head boy. Kirishima startled and made a sorry pose, head lowered and hands looked like he was praying for their Sensei to forgive all his sins. 


“Yeah. Today Bakugou and Rikido is trying to return the favor by giving Sensei a massage. So far nobody are abled to give him enough power” 


They watched as Bakugou once again almost blasted their teacher. The teacher himself looked bored and yawned, occasionally thumping his vacant shoulder. 


“Hey bro, why don’t ya try? Your quirk is a super power right?” 


Sero lightly mentioned. Midoriya laughed at the idea. Deep inside he didn’t want to kill his homeroom teacher. 


Todoroki silently listening to their talk with his head lolling on Midoriya’s shoulder. 


“Shocchan!!! We are back!”


“ ‘Zawa-san!!”


Every attention snapped toward the front door where three person were standing. A blonde guy, a purple head, and the lovely 5-year-old everybody loved so much.


Aizawa leaned down a little bit to scoop the girl who was running at him. The girl was in an adorable ruby set dress that adorned her red orbs. She giggled heartily as she hugged her father, bind by blood or not. Aizawa would forever be her silent dad.


“How was your trip, Eri?”


Aizawa asked as he played with her wavy hair.


“It was great!! We found everything on the list! Zashi even bought me the red fruit! It’s the umm-“




“Yes, apple! It’s so pretty!”


Aizawa nodded with earnest.


When he accepted his sexuality, he had also accepted the fact that he would never have a child. He had told Hizashi too, when the blonde professes his love to him, he shouldn’t be with him, he still had hope. Hizashi, his stupid bisexual lovable idiot, told him not to worry and told him that he was going to be a pro-hero and a radio presenter. He too wouldn’t have time to raise a child and most importantly he loved Shouta too much. 


Here they were 16 years later, living as teachers with 2 official kids and 19 unofficial children and 3 cats.


Aizawa would do everything to have these children by his side, even if it meant answering Eri’s endless questions, helping Hitoshi with nightmares, and handling Class 2-A shehaningans. Everything while juggling his pro-hero job and being a responsible homeroom teacher and a good husband.


“Zawa-san, can I play with ‘Zuku?”


Aizawa looked at the girl on his arms and her big round eyes. Her finger was pointing at the problematic boy of his class, dubbed as Problem #1. 




He kissed her nose and placed her down. She quickly jog toward the green haired boy.


“Midoriya” he said with his most gruff voice “IF anything happen”


He didn’t have to continue as Midoriya had known and understood the rest of the sentence. He gave a frightened salute and sauntered to his room. Todoroki following beside both of them. 


“What are you guys doing anyway?” 


Hizashi had stood beside Bakugou who had silently continued his massage. 


The King apparently needed more lesson in power.


“We are trying to give Aizawa-sensei a massage! Sensei had given Rikido and Bakugou!”


“Me too!!” 


Several of them snapped toward Hagakure Tooru who had graced them with her presence.


“Yeah! So we decided to repay him with a massage too!”


Hizashi hummed.


“You kids know Shouta have quite a big pain tolerance right?”


“Ermm” Kirishima scratched him temple sheepishly “About it Sensei, Aizawa-sensei haven’t felt anything. Not even with Bakugou’s power!”


Hizashi tiltes his head to the side. His unique eyebrows making his face like a chinese man.


“Try it on me”


Bakugou, still quite enraged, took Hizashi’s hand in his. Although mumbling things suspiciously sounded like ‘why in the damn hell I’m doing this’, he still put extra pressure and trying to apply the same power he used for a massage. 


Then, as if the world had brightened, Hizashi said a quick “Aha!!” 


“Or course listener!! You should apply more power! Around this much!”


This time Hizashi placed one of his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder and gripped it. 




Hizashi and Shouta laughed at his student reaction.




“I am NOT puny! Tell him Shocchan!”


Aizawa patted his husband who was leaning his head on his shoulders, hiding fake tears.


“You are not puny”


Hizashi looked up but his pout still etched.


“That’s not very convincing, Sho”


Despite his saying, his hands started to gently apply pressure on Shouta’s shoulders. It was Hizashi’s familiar warm and also magical hands. No sooner than that, his eyelids drooped. Each time he blinked, both were going further and further down. The last thing he remembered was Hizashi’s voice...


“-and that, listeners, is how you massage Aizawa Shouta!”


And the sound of their children cooing at him


...and thought to himself...


‘When I’m awake, you are all expelled!’


He missed their shivers.