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Up in Flames - Fanmix for Kara Stanton

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Up in Flames - Kara Stanton Fanmix
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Machine Gun // Portishead
I saw a saviour,
A saviour come my way,
I thought I'd see it,
At the cold light of day,
But now I realize that I'm,
Only for me.

Byrds of Prey // Bertie Blackman
You picked the wrong girl off the streets,
And my nails are sharp,
Slicing through your bended knee,
And your wanton heart

Tessellate // Ellie Goulding
Three guns and one goes off,
One's empty,
One's not quick enough

She's Not There // Neko Case & Nick Cave
Well, no one told me about her
The way she lied
Well, no one told me about her
How many people cried

Angry Angel // Imogen Heap
Over there stands my angry angel,
And he's frowning like hell,
But I'm not feeling guilty.

Shiny Monster // Gram Rabbit
And with my third eye,
I read you like an open book,
I'd like to close
Upon your greedy little nose

Heads Will Roll // Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dripping with alchemy,
Shiver stop shivering,
The glitter's all wet,
You're all chrome

Up in Flames // Ruelle
When it all goes up in flames,
We'll be the last ones standing