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Love And Hate

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"Normal Speech"
"Mind talking"
"ParselTongue mind talking"
'ParselTongue thoughts'

Harry James Potter was extremely pissed. He had just received his third detention this week by Professor Snape in potions for adding the wrong ingredients to a potion they were meant to brew due to lack of sleep. Not only was he tired from said detentions he had been receiving but he was also tired from Voldemort's constant snide remarks about everyone and anyone harry looked at or talked to from inside his head. Voldemort had found out that he could enter Harry's mind no matter how good at Occulemency harry was due to their connection, so when the evil wizard got bored, which was most of the day now, he would intrude on Harry's mind. It happened so frequently now that it was almost normal for the boy to hear the voice of his enemy and when Voldemort was busy with death eater work or sleeping, though not often, it was becoming strange for harry not to hear him talking. Harry didn't like the idea of  Tom being able to see or read his thoughts and memories but it wasn't like he could use any of it against him. Tom was still too weak to attack and still hasn't regained all his followers yet. So all Tom really was to harry for the time being was a sarcastic muggle hating voice that pestered harry too often. Sometimes harry would shout at Tom in his mind from some of the comments he made but sometimes, although they were rare, he would talk to Tom. Mainly during lessons that he found boring or when he was alone. And that's exactly what was happening more and more which lead to the now three detentions he'd had this week from only Snape.

"Honestly Potter? You need to focus more or you'll end up failing all of your classes!" Tom smirked from inside Harry's head which forced harry to let out a low growl that a few students noticed. More and more of Harry's piers had began to notice he was much more irritable since Tom began speaking to him and even though they didn't know the reason for Harry's outbreaks of anger, they were getting slightly worried and a lot more scared of the boy in case they said something that would set him off.

"Shut up..." harry told him slowly and quietly, but Harry's efforts at getting Tom to stop didn't work.
"Is that really a smart way to talk to me, harry?" He asked with sarcasm and mockery dripping from the words. "You should watch that mouth of yours."
"Shut up." Harry repeated louder than before and with slight annoyance that Tom ignored. Instead he heard the man chuckle deeply.
"Make me!" The man hissed with anticipation. He wanted harry to lash out for a good show and from the vastly rising temper of the scar faced boy he was mostly sure he would get one. "Come on harry! Make me cower before you from your almighty power that was locked away from you! I would really enjoy to see the full power of the boy who defeated me all those years ago instead of what you call your magic now!" Harry flinched from those words. On the first evening that Tom had invaded Harry's mind he found out from Tom that there were many magical barriers on his magic core stopping him from accessing a good 65% of his magic. Harry at first was confused by this sudden revelation but then with the slightest help from Tom turned the confusion into anger. He had yet to know who put the barriers up but he had a pretty good idea.

The flinch given from harry reassured Tom that he was breaking and most likely with one more swing he would take his anger out on every one within fifteen feet of him. "I dare you to try and make me cower. Make me see why no one should mess with 'the boy who lived'" He said, the last four words covered in sarcasm.

"Shut up! Shut up, shut up!" Harry exclaimed and threw his hands up to his head where he began to whack the sides. However, before anyone could realise what and why he was doing it Professor Snape turned around with madness and fire in his eyes from being madly disrespected by not only a child, but James Potter's child.

"How dare you, you insolent little brat!" Snape raised his voice slightly but not much as it was not needed. He walked back to Harry and raised his brow at Harry's almost painful expression. "Look at me when I speak to you!" He kept the same tone with even more venom in it. Harry still remained facing the ground with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands on his head.
"Potter, look at me or I will give you detentions for the rest of this week!" Snape threatened to try and get the boy before him to snap out of it, which lead him to wonder what 'it' even was.

The audience of students were watching with a plethora of different facial expressions. Many of the Gryffindors were watching with worry and of that group sat all of Harry's friends and some others. The other Gryffindors were watching the exchange with either fear or anticipation for something worse than shouting to happen as well as some Slytherins. However most of the Slytherins were smirking at the punishment given or who it was given to. Hermione watched her best friend with exceeding worry. She was the first to realise something had changed within harry a few weeks ago, causing the other students to take more notice of his sudden snappy and standoffish attitude.

A minute went by where Professor Snape stood with anger and although no one could tell because it was strongly hidden, worry. Ron, Seamus, Dean and Neville, Harry's supposedly closer friends just stood with yet more worry. Harry stays in the same spot and position and mumbled things that didn't sound like English to most while the rest of the class stared. That's when Hermione knew she had to do something. So thinking before acting she walked a few feet over to where harry was and placed a hand on his tense shoulder. Her immediate thought was he was very warm and shaking slightly.
"Harry? Are you ok?" She asked rather reluctantly just in case his anger was directed to her which was unfortunately what happened, kind of.

Hermione's hand was met with a sharp sting that made her wince a little too much. A few eyes landed on her as she held her hand with her other and of those eyes Snape's were the most obvious. He snapped his head to the shorter girl and his eyes followed to her red hand. It was bleeding. He raised an eyebrow and looked at harry yet again.

"Yes harry! Take anger on anyone who thinks you are weak or powerless." Toms voice got louder and louder, drowning out Harry's own thoughts of trying to calm himself down. He could feel more magic invading his body from the anger but he just couldn't control it. Harry wondered if it was even his own magic that had been taken from him by a meddling old man or if it was Toms and he was trying to get harry to do his own bidding. He couldn't focus on calming down with everyone around him so he dropped his arms, stopped his mumbling and opened his eyes making some jump at he sudden movement. He was met with his professors feet and looked up to see Snape staring at him lividly before his eyes were invaded with fear at what he saw.

Severus Snape was a simple man. He was a professor at one of, if not the best magical school in the world with the title as the potions master as well as the head of the famous Slytherin house. He was, although no one could know but a certain few, was fighting for the light side as a triple spy for the one and only Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, one of the most powerful wizards of the time. He was an ex death eater which made it easier to spy after the rise of Voldemort due to him being marked.

Okay, maybe not such a simple life but he had simple morals and simple wishes and commands. His morals were to help in the defeat of the Dark Lord and if he died in the process, wouldn't mind as it was for 'the greater good' of mankind. His wishes was to continue the way he was as a professor as he enjoyed making the insufferable brats less stupid than they already were even if it was only slightly. His commands? Many followed his rules, especially the students at Hogwarts, so why was a certain raven haired, scar-faced boy who lived be different? Well that would be his blood. The son of the very well known James Potter. Even thinking of his name made Severus' blood boil in anger and slight pain from all the suffering he went through at Hogwarts from being James, Sirius, Remus and Peters main target. All the bullying he suffered from Potters arrogance. And when he found out that his ex-best friend Lily Evans was dating James Potter he was defiantly pissed. Then when a few years after his time at Hogwarts he received news that the two were engaged and soon to be wed he was rage filled. And finally when he found out by none other than Lily herself that she was pregnant he was livid. All that hatred built up over the years was taken out on innocent people every time there was a raid and Severus would be lying if he said it didn't feel good at the time to let his anger out on those before him. The hatred that had built in Severus for James caught the eye of his Lord which lead to him being apart of Voldemort's inner circle. This made him even more feared at Hogwarts when rumours got out about their professors 'Lord'. He neither confirmed nor denied that he followed the dark Lord and was honestly pleased that people knew who they were messing with. That is until he changed sides in attempt to save Lily and in the process James and Harry which failed miserably. So now he had rumours that he was a death eater once more in the present day and that's why he and Harry Potters relationship was history making. They were known for having strong amounts of emotion for one another with all being a form of hatred.

However no one would ever realise the reason he hated Potter because he hated himself for betraying Lily and every time he looked at harry all he saw was her eyes filled with hate. As much as he tried he couldn't tell himself enough that they weren't the eyes of Lily and instead, the eyes of the offspring of James Potter, and James Potter was a swine resulting in harry taking after him.

The potions master stood before the boy with raging eyes from the disrespect he was given only moments ago. The boy was given a detention for being stupid and clumsy resulting in harry shouting at Severus which then lead to the professors anger rising as well as many threats leaving his mouth. All this done in a mere two minutes and now Snape was looking at the most strange yet horrifying thing he had seen in quite a while.

When Harry looked up at his teacher in an almost calm manner his professor was not met with those beautiful green eyes that reminded him so much of sweet Lily, but instead they were a striking bloody red, taking on the appearance of someone else's eyes.

Lord Voldemort's eyes.