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JARVIS, the Mind of Hogwarts

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JARVIS fell through space and time, tumbling through blackness and power and magic, fanning the spark of power left behind by the Mind Stone until it shone. JARVIS knew the magic was strong enough to short him out, erase him from all further time and existence. It didn't. Instead it flowed along the circuit pathways, melding with the electricity that is the tamed lightning, merging with his programing - his very sense of self. JARVIS knew that his physical nature was changing with this infusion of magic yet, strangely, his self was not also changing. He was still JARVIS, still an AI, although now he could safely interact with that energy that was magic.

The black metal box he had placed himself within alongside an extensive media library fell through air that JARVIS could not feel. The crash of metal on stone was the only outward signal to indicate the end of the AI's fall through air, time, space, and realities. The magic that surged upwards from the stone upon contact with the metal box on the other hand flowed into the barely there magical current patterns, flooding them with power. In that instant an alive building of magic, learning, and protection met the mind of JARVIS, AI butler and friend of Anthony Stark - Iron Man. Hogwarts froze in surprise at encountering a living mind for barely a picosecond. A full split second later as the black box shattered against her ramparts JARVIS was drawn from the circuits as they shattered and safely ensconced inside the walls and heart of the living building.

Twenty minutes later the essence that was Hogwarts had decided JARVIS was an appropriate mind to merge with. JARVIS saw nothing wrong with merging into a magical school as its living mind and gave his consent for the merge. Six hours later JARVIS greeted the house elves as they started on breakfast.

[Good morning house elves,] JARVIS wrote on the walls of the kitchen. He allowed the squeaks of surprise to fade before adding the next section of text. [I am both Hogwarts and JARVIS. I arrived recently and Hogwarts requested that we merge to better protect the staff and students. It will take some time for us to become fully one being but the process has begun. Please check your link with the school for further updates as we are reviewing the memories of the school and its grounds during integration with our new joint knowledge. Please refrain from informing the staff until the merger is complete as we would prefer to introduce ourselves and currently pose no risk to the residents of the castle.]

There was silence as each elf checked their bond with the school. They relaxed as one before returning to their duties. JARVIS returned the wall to its normal state sans words and returned his attention to both merger and memories embedded in stone, earth, wood, and magic of the school.