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The Rumors Were True

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Yosuke checked the time on his phone, trying to decide when to cook the noodles for the pasta.  He wanted them to be nice and hot for when Yu walked in the door.  His boyfriend was taking a night class, so since Yosuke had been practicing his cooking lately, he was taking it upon himself to actually make dinner tonight instead of ordering out like he usually did.  He had been helping Yu cook recently, making good on his promise to learn and get better at cooking, and knew how much it would mean to his boyfriend.

Yosuke already had a pot of pasta sauce gently simmering on the stove that he had started once he got out of his last class, sautéing some onions and Italian sausage for the base before adding tomato products and herbs for the marinara.  He had just made a few meatballs to add to the sauce as well, giving them time to cook in the sauce so they were nice and tender.  He had finished cooking a small loaf of garlic bread in their convection oven already and had just finished tossing together a salad.  He even had a fresh block of parmesan to grate over the pasta and salad – a very expensive purchase that he was sure Yu would lightly berate him for – but he thought it was worth it to create a perfect meal for the perfect man.

‘Looks like he’s got about 20 minutes left before his class ends,’ Yosuke thought and wandered over to fill up a pot of water so he could get it started boiling.  He had even been washing dishes between his tasks as he always watched Yu do so there wouldn’t be much work to do after dinner; he knew that if he had left it off, Yu would have insisted on doing them which totally defeated the purpose of surprising him by doing something nice.  Therefore, Yosuke was carefully taking away all options for him.  While he waited for the water to boil, he set the table, setting out some of their matching plates and nicer silverware (it was a mix between cheap stuff they bought on their own and nicer stuff that had been gifted to them), along with some glasses for their drink of choice.  They were still a tad too young for alcohol, but Yosuke was fine with soda even if he was trying to be a little fancy with the rest of the meal.

Yosuke heard the water begin to boil and he quickly rushed back into the kitchen, pulling out the angel hair pasta and dumping it in.  Yu usually made more traditional Japanese home cooked meal type dishes, so Yosuke thought if he was going to cook as well he should bring something interesting to the table.  They rarely were able to try Western style dishes, and pasta was always portrayed as a romantic meal.  He didn’t see how it could go wrong.  He also had a piece of tiramisu sitting in the fridge that he had picked up from the local bakery on the way home; he had requested them to make it since it wasn’t something they normally carried and was surprised when they agreed.  Apparently, they liked testing different desserts to see if they could garner interest.

Yosuke boiled the noodles for exactly 7minutes, ensuring they were el dente before pouring out the water.  He began plating each dish, making sure that the meatballs and sausages were resting on top for aesthetics before grating on the cheese and setting that and small bowls of the salad at each place.  The garlic bread was sliced and placed in the middle so they could grab some as they wished.  He then dimmed the lights and lit some candles in the middle of the table just as he heard the sound of Yu’s feet and the jiggling of his keys as he returned to their apartment.  Yosuke stood excitedly next to the chair Yu usually used, ready to pull it out to seat him at the table. 

Yu stepped in, kicking off his shoes and sliding on house slippers while blinking in confusion at the dim lighting.  He also began to sniff, obviously catching a whiff of the pasta sauce, before peering over toward the kitchen.  “Yosuke, why are you standing in the dark?” he asked, walking toward the table and staring down at the place setting with a dumbfounded look on his face.  “What’s all of this?” he asked, looking over at the kitchen and noting that all of the dishes had already been done.  Yosuke had rinsed out the pot after using it as well.

“This is your dinner. Here, have a seat,” Yosuke said, pulling out his hair.  He was very pleased by Yu’s reaction, and the silver haired man could tell.  He chuckled as he sat down, before looking at his plate.

“This looks amazing, partner,” he said, looking up at Yosuke who flushed slightly at the compliment.  He sat down across from Yu before pouring both of them some soda.

“Buon Appetito!” he said proudly, and Yu quickly picked up his fork and tried one of the meatballs.  He immediately let out a moan of pleasure, before covering his mouth in surprise.

“This is amazing,” he said.  “When did you learn how to make this?”

“When I went home for Golden Week, I did some practicing,” Yosuke grinned.  “And if I’m cooking, I want to do something a little different for you.”

It was Yu’s turned to blush at the sincere way Yosuke said it, along with the way his eyes stared at him with honest appreciation.  “I think I’m going to start looking forward to this,” Yu said, taking a bite of pasta this time and marveling at the flavor of the sauce.  Because Yosuke had cooked it for several hours, it had a lot of flavor and was honestly better than anything Yu had tried at any restaurant. 

“Good, because I’ll be doing this every Thursday,” Yosuke replied.  That was when Yu held his night class.

“Thursday night date night, huh?” Yu asked thoughtfully, grabbing a piece of garlic bread.  Yosuke grabbed one too and dipped it in some of the excess sauce before taking a bite.  The food really was good, and he could honestly say he was pretty relieved it turned out so well.  He wasn’t lying when he said he had practiced at home; he wanted this meal to be entirely without help for a change.

Yu reached across the table, palm up, and Yosuke glanced up before sliding his hand over it.  Yu grasped his hand, before saying, “You don’t know happy this makes me.  That you truly have found an interest doing something I love.”

Yu smiled shyly at him.  “Well, of course.  Because I love you,” he said.

“Yes but I don’t learn how to play on your guitar,” Yu countered, and Yosuke laughed

“No instead you bought me that guitar and put up with me practicing all the time,” he teased.  “And you listen to me go on about music.”

Yu shook his head.  “It’s not a problem.  I love listening to you talk,” he replied, squeezing Yosuke’s hand.

Yosuke looked bashful at his reply and gently tugged away his hand.  “You can sweettalk me after you finish this awesome meal, ok?”

Yu planned on following up on that statement and grinned, enjoying the rest of his dinner with his boyfriend.  That’s when Yosuke pulled out his other surprise – the tiramisu he had gotten from the bakery.  “I’ve honestly never tried this before but it’s supposed to be a great Italian dessert and I thought it fit the theme for the evening,” he said, while Yu’s eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s very good.  Definitely my style,” Yu laughed.  “You’ll probably like it too since it contains espresso.”  Yu was of course referring to Yosuke’s coffee addiction.  It had only grown worse in college with their morning classes.

Yosuke deftly cut it in half before sliding a piece onto a clean plate for Yu and himself.  He then brought the piece up to his lips and took a bite, surprised by the smooth and creamy texture and how well it paired with the espresso soaked lady fingers.  It was a surprisingly light dessert, and Yu was right, he did like it.  “Wow, did I make a good choice,” Yosuke congratulated himself, and Yu laughed.

“That you did,” he agreed, smiling gratefully at Yosuke.  Once they were both finished, Yosuke quickly scooped up the dishes to clean them while Yu protested.  Yosuke wouldn’t hear it, though, and washed them as Yu pouted.

“You always do the dishes for me when I cook,” he pointed out, while Yosuke tutted at him.

“You also cook almost every night.  Besides, like you said, this is date night.  You know the rules for date night,” Yosuke argued.  He basically had it set to whomever asked the other on a date covered the costs, mainly so Yu couldn’t attempt to buy anything when Yosuke wanted to treat. 

“We never set those parameters for stay at home dates,” Yu argued, and Yosuke grinned at him.

“I believe I just did,” he said, while Yu narrowed his eyes.

“You’ll regret that,” he said, tapping his foot thoughtfully.  He then leaned forward and captured Yosuke’s lips with his before he could retort again.  Yosuke’s mouth was already half open since he had been about to, and Yu used the opportunity to dive his tongue in, pulling Yosuke close as he enjoyed his heat and the lingering taste of tiramisu.  Yosuke gasped into the kiss, melting against Yu and enjoying the sudden turn in the date.

When Yu pulled away, half lidded eyes staring into Yosuke’s who was staring back with a feverish gaze, he couldn’t help but say, “I’m going to give Yosuke’s Restaurant a five star review.  Gorgeous food and a delicious chef,” he said with a wide grin, while Yosuke shook his head.

“Don’t you think you have that backwards?” he asked, and Yu shook his head.

“I stand by my review.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind another taste,” he said, leaning in for another kiss.  Yosuke swiftly kissed him back, while also chuckling at Yu’s odd sense of humor.  When Yu pulled away, he murmured into Yosuke’s ear, “Chef, do you do in home, private lessons?” he asked, and Yosuke felt a shiver run up his spine in response.

He glanced at their bedroom before turning back to Yu.  “I do have a studio right over there,” he motioned, “If you’re interested that is.”

“I am working up an appetite,” Yu grinned, before Yosuke laughed and tugged him into the bedroom.  Yu was definitely going to start looking forward to Thursday nights if they were all going to end like this.