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Looking into a Mirror

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SO yeah the beginning is not going to make since but its a fan fic i can do anything xD 

also bc im lazy im not writing Rich's lisp sorry!! <3

Also bold and italic means it comes from the scrip 

anyways enjoy!


Its the new year of a new school year. Jeremy now being a senior, still recovering after the whole squip stuff. He could still sometimes hear it though. He never tells anyone this but none the less Michael always seems to know and have mountain dew red, which Jeremy doesn't even know where he gets it from. 

A lot of things changed from than though. One, Jeremy and Michael were more popular. Rich was less popular now as he didn't have a squip to tell him what to do.... And also what happened last Halloween but they dont talk about that for two different reasons. Jenna didn't feel like she didn't have a voice anymore as people liked her a lot and not even for all of the gossip that she knows. Brooke wasn't insecure anymore and Chloe as rude. Jake's legs were all healed now but sometimes they still hurt a little.

But the best ones is that Michael and Jeremy are dating. Jake and rich are also dating. And last Month Chloe finally told Brooke her feelings and now they are dating. Christine was still single but she liked it, saying she didn't want to date anyone and Jenna also saying that. 

Today was a Friday which means video games till 3 for Jeremy and Michael. Both of them are in Michael's basement enjoying themselves and the company of their boyfriend.


Jer Pof

"Hey thats not fair! You cheater!" I cried out as I lost to Michael at Mario kart. 

"Haha, what me winning?" Michael said with a beautiful smile, I mean-

"No! You pushed me at the last second! I would've won!" I said with a small huff. I would have won and Michael knows it but just as I was about to pass the finish line and get first Michael pushed me making me fall out of the world as we were doing rainbow road. So in the end he got first and I got third!

Michael did a small laugh and did a small shrug. "All is fair in love and war Jer" he said with a small smirk.

I did a small huff and pout "You're sure lucky that you're so handsome or I would leave!" I announced.

Michael was about to say something before I felt weird. Like super weird. I was about to ask Michael if he knew what was happening to me but he also had a look on his face that read "What the fuck" 

Before I got to say anything my vision went weird and im pretty sure im about to......


Faint. Wait what? What felt like a second I was in a different place waking up. I sat up wondering what happened. Holy shit was I kidnapped?! I looked around seeing  chairs, a large TV like screen in a big room. All of the walls were black but there was light coming from the corners. I also saw 8 other bodies, recognizing one as Michael.

Before I called out to him a heard a voice that I knew.

"What the fuck?!" 



We both looked at each other with shocked faces.

Looking around I realized that the bodies were everyone that I knew!

Michael of course, Rich who was now right in front of me, Jake, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna, Christine, and DAD?!

"Whats happening?! Where are we?! Why are we here?! Why is like everyone one we know and an old man here?!" Rich said started to asked too many questions.

"First of all that 'old man' is my... dad and for the rest i dont know!" I responded to Rich, equally as freaked.

"Shut up i'm trying to sleep!" A voice, Chloe, said.

"Hey Chloe nice of you to wake up!" Rich said looking over at her. It seems from the two of us yelling the others woke up.

"Wait Rich why are you in my room? Wait where is my room?" Chloe said as she stood up also understanding the situation. 

The rest also slowly woke up and everyone started to freak out. 

"Where are we?!" Brooke

"What are you kids doing here? Wheres here?" Dad

"Jeremy? We were just in my basement!" Michael 

Eventually we were all shut up by a voice. 

Well finally you guys decided to wake up! I was getting a little bored here.

"H-hello? W-who are you?" I asked after a little bit.

Doesn't matter but I brought you all here to watch a musical!

"ooooo What musical? Do i know it?" Christine asked. Being a fan as all ways but not complaining im just too confused to wonder what musical.intalise

Oh I think you guys do! Now please everyone take a seat and i'll get to explaining all of it!

Everyone was a little hesitant but slowly made their way over to the seats. It was just one long row of 9 chairs. My Dad sat at the last seat on the right, than me, Michael next to me, rich next to Michael, Jake next to rich, Jenna next to Jake, Christine next to Jenna, Brooke next to Jenna, than finally Chloe on the far left. 

"okay.... Soo what now?" Rich asked after we all sat down.

Now we, or you guys watch the musical Be More Chill by Joe Iconis! There are some snacks in the corner if you guys get hungry

"Be More Chill?" Brooke asked. I tensed a little, I had an idea of what this musical was going to be about. 

Michael, Rich, Jenna, and Jake did take some of the snacks that were there.

"Guys! Don't take stranger food you dont know whats in it!" My dad said being the adult here. But honestly i was thinking the same thing.

"You eat some first. If you dont die ill have some" I said to Michael which made him roll his eyes a little.

"Wow, i feel the love JerBear" Michael said in a sarcastic tone.

"Well thats good seeing that I love you!" I said with a smile.

"ewww" I heard Rich say

"You have no room to say anything. You and Jake are 10times worst" Chloe informed Rich.

"Wh-what? No way!" Rich said shaking his head.

"Sorry to say babe but... yes we are" Jake said with a small laugh.

Well seeing how everyone is comfortable and not freaking out anymore lets start the show!

"Wait what is this show about anyways?" Christine asked. 

As we had no clue where the voice was coming from when we talked to it we just looked up.

Oh right! I think you guys will like this! Drum roll please!!!


Or not wow okay I see how it is. Anyways its about a highschool junior name..... JEREMY HEERE!

I chocked  a little on the chip I was eating. Blushing when I realized everyone was looking at me.

"Wh-what me!?..... oh god junior year..." I cried at first but mumbled the last part.

Everyone froze at the last thing I said. They all realized what I was thinking.

This is going to be about the Squip...

Hahaha yep! And of course not just Jeremy but also.... Christine , high school theatre girl, sweetly dorky! MICHAEL MELL, Jeremy's music-obsessed best friend. JAKE DILLINGER, high school awesomeness personified. RICH, five feet five inches of teenage bully. CHLOE, the hottest girl in school, crass and confident. BROOKE, the second hottest girl in school, insecure. JENNA ROLAN, that girl who knows everyone's business. JEREMY'S DAD, never wears pants. Also: MR. REYES, SCARY STOCKBOY. And the Squip!

"Thats one way to describe us...." Michael mumbled 

Music started to play (Jeremy's theme Instrumental) and the big TV turned on showing a stage. Someone who looked a LOT like me was sitting on the bed looking at the computer like it was super important like homework.

But I knew what it was about...... Oh god