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The Dark Lady

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She landed heavily with a thud, her breathing hard. Shakily getting up she looked around. It definitely was a graveyard, albeit an old one. It looked decrepit, as if it hadn't been looked after in a long time. Her gaze fell on a particular towering headstone with an Angel of Death statue next to it.

It read Tom Riddle Sr.

Her heart sped up in excitement.

A groan next to her caught her attention and she looked down at Cedric Diggory, who slowly scrambled to his feet. " you know where we are? Is this part of the tournament?" He asked her.

She sneered at the fool. How he had managed to get a hold of the cup at the same time as her still baffled her. "I have an inkling. If you want to even have a chance to survive this you should go and hide." She added.

He looked at her in confusion but made a run for it and hid behind a headstone in the far corner of the graveyard.

It was then that she noticed a hooded figure walking towards her. Before she could even say anything she was stunned.

When she came back to, she was bound to Tom Riddle Sr's headstone. In front of her she saw a huge cauldron. She tried to look inside of it and could just make something out, but the fiery sparks shooting out of it made it impossible to really see. She then noticed Peter Pettigrew, not able to stop herself from sneering at the man in disgust.

He then began a ritual. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given. You will renew your son!"

"Are you reviving the Dark Lord?" She asked Pettigrew in an excited whisper. He ignored her as he pointed the wand at the grave, making it shake before a bone appeared out of it. He dropped it into the cauldron, turning the potion into a poisonous blue. She arched a brow when she saw Peter shake and turn pale.

"Flesh of the servant," he began, picking up a knife and holding his hand over the cauldron, "willingly sacrificed." He cut off his hand with a pitiful scream, the hand dropping into the cauldron with a sickening sound. "You will revive your master." The potion turned into a burning red as he finished between whimpers.

He then turned to her. "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken."

Her eyes widened suddenly. "Wait!" She exclaimed but before she could continue to explain he cut her arm and with the knife and collected her blood. "No, you idiot!" She tried to kick him in anger but he just shot a look at her and emptied the vial with her blood into the cauldron. The potion turned into a blinding white before it turned into a thick steam. Inside of the steam she could make out the rising silhouette of a naked man. She could see him touching his body and his face before a deep voice spoke. "Peter, robe me."

The whimpering mass of Peter Pettigrew got up, handing a set of robes to the man. He stepped out of the cauldron and she could finally see him. She let out a small gasp. It was not what she expected, though she wasn't sure what exactly she was expecting. In front of her stood Tom Riddle and he seemed to be in his early twenties. "My wand, Peter."

"M-m-my Lord..." He whimpered as he handed the wand to his master, before cowering again, holding the bleeding stump of his arm.

Riddle took it and stroked it almost reverendly. It was obvious how much he had missed the feeling of it in his hands- his real hands. He was lost in thought, something that hadn't been the case in a very long time, at least not this calmly. He remembered when his mind would jump from this calm to a jumbled mess and back in seconds. He remembered the mad paranoia he suffered from since he created his fourth horcrux. It was only thanks to his exceptional occlumency skills that he didn't completely lose his mind, even after he completed his seven horcruxes. But this...this was unexpected, this complete control of his mind.

Then he turned and looked at her, the girl that destroyed his body when she was but a mere toddler. He still did not understand how it could have happened but it mattered no more. He had a new body, he had defeated death, he had the girl bound and at his mercy. But, instead of looking scared for her life, like one should expect, she looked at him in...yes, he would have to say awe, admiration even. It confused him, he couldn't deny that.

"My Lord . . ." Tom turned back to Wormtail who was crawling towards him, "my Lord . . . you promised . . . you did promise ..." Wormtail's robes were shining with blood now; he had wrapped the stump of his arm in them.

"Hold out your arm." He said without a hint of compassion for his servants pain.

"Oh Master . . . thank you, Master ..." Wormtail extended the bleeding stump, but Tom shook his head.

"The other arm, Peter."

"Master, please . . .please ..."

Riddle quickly lost his patience with Pettigrew. He bent down and pulled out Pettigrew's left arm; he forced the sleeve of his robes up past his elbow, baring the Dark Mark that was tattooed there. Tom examined it and stroked it almost lovingly.

"It is back." he said softly. "They will all have noticed it... and now, we shall see ... now we shall know ..."

He pressed a finger onto the mark, Pettigrew howling in pain. He gave a victorious laugh. "How many will be brave enough to return when they feel it?" he whispered, his dark eyes fixed upon the stars. "And how many will be foolish enough to stay away?"

He then turned back towards the girl. "Lillian Potter." He whispered, smirking at her. "You stand upon the bones of my late father. A filthy muggle. Very much like your mother." He gave a low chuckle. "But they both had their uses in the end. Your mother died to protect you and my father, after I killed him, proved himself useful in his death."

Lillian didn't know what to say. She had wanted this. She read up all she could about Lord Voldemort and Tom Riddle, she snuck out so many times late at night into the restricted section of the library, learning dark and dangerous spells and she tried out so many of them on any animals she could find. She even had a favourite spell by now.

'It would be easier if I was a bloody Gryffindor...' She thought to herself. Sometimes being a Slytherin did have its not having the courage to speak up to the wizard you admire the most- the Dark Lord himself.


Suddenly she was hit by a blinding pain. Her entire body convulsed, the ropes cutting into her soft skin as she strained against them. Then the pain stopped and she whimpered in relief.

"You will talk when spoken to." Riddle barked at her.

"I-I'm sorry, my Lord..." She answered, finally finding the words.

Riddle gave a loud laugh. "Found your manners, didn't you?" He looked around the graveyard. "Ah, here they come..."

Several pops sounded around them as cloaked and masked figures apparated into the graveyard. Her muscles still twitching, she tried to find a more comfortable position against the tombstone. She looked up and saw several Death Eaters standing at attention before their Dark Lord. She scoffed when she saw glimpses of long pale blonde hair under one of the hoods. He was a pathetic excuse of a servant for the Dark Lord and his talentless squib of a son was nothing but a whiny, spoiled brat. No matter their bloodline, the Malfoys were a family she abhorred.

Suddenly, one of the Death Eaters crawled forward on his knees and kissed the hem Tom's robes, animating the others to do the same. She heard them murmer "Master" and "my Lord". She scoffed again, audibly this time.

"You show some respect you filth!" One of the Death Eaters shouted at her as they formed a small circle around her, Riddle and the still sobbing heap of Peter Pettigrew.

"Silence!" Riddle barked. "Thirteen years. Thirteen long years since we last met like this, my Death Eaters. Yet here you are, answering my call as though it was only yesterday. We are still united under the Dark Mark then, aren't we?" He looked around. "I think not! All I see is once loyal followers who denied me, who plead innocence, who plead bewitchment. Where were you when you could have come to my aid? Did you think I was gone? Dead even? You, who knew the steps I took to defeat death itself?"

"Master, forgive me!" One of the Death Eaters flung himself forward, crawling on his knees towards Riddle. "Forgive us all!"

Riddle looked at him in disgust and raised his wand. "Crucio!" The Death Eater screamed in pain as Riddle looked around at his followers. "I do not forgive! I do not forget! But you want it? Then earn it! All of you have a debt of thirteen years to pay!" He lifted the curse, the Death Eater panting and whimpering in pain. "Get up, Avery." He said, before looking at Pettigrew. "Peter here has paid off some of his debt, haven't you Peter? Despite your cowardice, despite your returning to me out of fear of your friends instead of your loyalty to helped me return to my body. Never shall it be said that Lord Voldemort does not reward his followers."

He made some waving motion with his wand and conjured a silver hand which attached itself to Peter's stump.

Peter Pettigrew looked at it, his eyes wide and teary. "My Lord! Thank you!" He grabbed the hem of Riddle's robes, kissing it repeatedly. "This is so much more than I deserve!"

"I know." Riddle sneered before kicking at Peter, so he would release his robes.

He then stepped towards Malfoy, his long blonde hair not fully hidden under his hood. "Lucius, my slippery friend." He spoke to him in his deep, smooth voice. "I heard about your exploits at the Quidditch World Cup. While they sound amusing enough, wouldn't your energy have been better invested in finding and aiding your master?" He asked, his tone calm but the danger it was laced with sent shivers down Lillian's spine.

"My Lord, I was constantly on the alert," came Lucius Malfoy's voice swiftly from beneath the hood. "Had there been any sign from you, any whisper of your whereabouts, I would have been at your side immediately, nothing could have prevented me -"

Lillian couldn't stop the loud snort that escaped her and tried to suppress her laughter but couldn't stop that either.

She felt the eyes of everyone present on her and while she couldn't see his face she could imagine the thunderous look on Malfoy's face. Riddle looked at her with a bemused expression. "I am curious about what it is you find so amusing, Lillian Potter."

He didn't ask for her to elaborate. He ordered her and she knew it. "I am sorry, my Lord." She began and the way she addressed him got the circle of Death Eaters abuzz with curious murmurs. "It's just...from what I have heard, Mr. Malfoy here was one of the very first to claim that he was under the Imperius the entire time he followed you and he would never have done so otherwise. I just thought that the way he buttered you up so he won't get punished...was funny because it was so pathetic."

Riddle's face remained unreadable and she saw Malfoy stiffen behind him while she explained herself. She smirked at the Malfoy patriarch, fully aware of his hidden eyes on her. She decided for another dig at him. "Kind of reminds me of his squib of a talent for magic, whiny and spoiled. Pathetic, like his father."

The silence around them was deafening. Lillian kept on smirking when Riddle turned back towards Lucius Malfoy. "What do you have to say to that, Lucius?" Riddle asked, his voice full with amusement.

"I wish to duel this brat to teach her some manners if you will allow it, my Lord." He ground out between his teeth.

"You will not kill her." Riddle said and with a flick of his wand released Lillian from the ropes. She dropped down and took a moment to gather herself before she got up and stared at Lucius, a mocking smile playing at her lips. Riddle looked at Pettigrew. "Her wand, Peter."

"Of course, my Lord." Pettigrew picked up her holly wand and handed it to her.

"Crucio!" She aimed her wand at Peter Pettigrew, her face contorted in an angry sneer, as he writhed in agony, dropping to his knees as the other Death Eaters stared in shock at her for using an Unforgivable Curse. "You have no idea how much I wanted to do this since last year, Wormtail." She hissed at him. "You filthy coward. You pathetic, little-"

"Enough!" Riddle snapped at her.

Lifting the curse off of Peter, she turned towards Riddle and bowed her head at him. "I am sorry, my Lord." It was obvious that she wasn't.

Riddle eyed her for a few moments, his expression unreadable, before he spoke again. "Do you know how to duel, girl?"

"Yes, my Lord. We learned my second year." She answered.

"Very well. Then begin, I am very interested to see how this will play out." He stepped to the side, leaving the center free for Malfoy and Lillian.

They both had their wands at the ready and barely inclined their heads at each other when Lillian quickly aimed her wand at the ground in front of Lucius, shouting "bombarda!"

The Death Eater barely had the time to erect his protego as the ground in front of him exploded, covering their battleground in heavy dust. She quickly followed it up with a ossis effergo, aimed at Lucius' general direction and smirked when she heard a pained cry through the still settling dust. She then raised her wand and cried "serpensortia!"

A large black snake appeared explosively from the tip of her wand and fell heavily on ground. "Greetings, my friend." She hissed at it in parseltongue. "Find my enemy through this dust, please. Attack him."

"As you wish, young misstress." It replied and slithered onward.

She followed the conjured serpent and smiled when she saw it strike at Malfoy several times, only just missing as the adult dodged several times, his broken arm craddled by his wand arm. Lillian aimed her wand at the adult. She made a circle motion and a sharp thrust with her wand while mumbling "somnum exterreri solebat". A dark purple mist shot out of it and circled Lucius' head before disappearing in it. As soon as it was gone in his head he stiffened, his eyes unfocused. Then he started to scream and trash on the ground. Her snake was about to take the opportunity to sink her fangs in him when it suddenly disintigrated into nothing. She looked up and saw Riddle with his wand raised. He then aimed it at Malfoy and lifted the curse off of him.

"One of my most loyal Death Eaters, humiliated by a fourteen year old girl...the Girl-Who-Lived no less."

"My Lord-" Lucius began with a weak voice but Riddle interrupted him.

"Get out of my sight." Once Lucius got on his shaky legs and back to his spot in the circle, he spoke to Lillian. "Why do you adress me like my Death Eaters do? Why don't you defy me?" His voice laced with genuine curiousity.

"Because I greatly admire you, my Lord. You were one of the most accomplished students of Hogwarts and are the most powerful Wizard in history. You have delved in magic that others wouldn't touch and came back more powerful. There is not a lot that earns my respect." She said with a pointed look at Malfoy who stared right back at her. "Power, intelligence and knowledge are among those things though and you have all those things in abundance, my Lord."

Riddle smirked at her compliments before continuing his questioning of her. "Since when do you speak parseltongue?"

"I first discovered that I can speak it whe I was ten." She answered. "Though Dumbledore said it might have something to do with my scar."

Arching an eyebrow, Riddle stepped towards her and grasped her by the jaw. Her eyes widened but she didn't say or do anything. After eyeing her scar for some time Riddle pointed his wand at her scar and pressed the tip firmly against it before pulling away slowly. She started to shake from the pain and let out a strangled cry after he yanked his wand away with a sudden movement before he released his grip on her and she collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily. Her eyesight started to shift for the worse and she took off her glasses, surprised to find that her eyesight seemed to have been corrected after whatever it was in that blasted scar was removed.

She got back on to her still shaky feet and looked at Riddle, who stared at something smokey that was attached to the tip of his wand. "My Lord...what is that?"

"A piece of a piece of my soul." He answered and pointed his wand at his forehead, merging the piece back with himself. His eyes rolled back in his head and for a moment it seemed like he would collapse, but he caught himself and straightened back up as if nothing had happened. His eyes then flittered from her forehead, noticing the lack of a scar, to her emerald eyes, noticing the lack of her glasses. "It seems that piece not only gave you the scar but also interfered with your eyesight."

"Yes, my Lord. You seem to be correct. I don't need them anymore." She confirmed.

"Serpensortia." Again, a snake appeared in the graveyard. Riddle looked at her. "Try to speak to it."

"Yes, my Lord." She then turned towards the snake. "Do you understand me, my friend?"

"Indeed I do, little serpent." It answered her.

With great relief that she hadn't lost her ability as a parselmouth, she looked at Riddle, who nodded at her. "You will go to Gringotts and will have your heritage checked. I want to know in what way you are descendent of Slytherin. You may leave. You are released."

The snake hissed a thank you at them before it slithered away, it's tongue tasting the air for possible prey.

"How well do you perform in school?" He suddenly asked, earning himself a startled look from her.

"Uhh...I-I am top of my year in almost every class, Herbology being the only exception, my Lord. May I ask why you want to know this?"

"I have plans for you. I have to did surprise me and you did impress me. But I need to know where your loyalties are and I will not believe you unless I see it for myself. For that I need to enter your mind." At that Lillian stiffened visibly. "What is it?" He asked her suspiciously upon noticing her reaction.

She stammered, stumbling over her words. "I-I...m-my Lord, there are some...some things you might see...t-that are...about w-what my mudblood relatives did to me...made me do..."

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I see. Prepare yourself. Legilimens!"

She saw and felt how he went through her memories, some more and some less important. The less important ones he discarded quickly, but the more important ones he watched intently. Like the first beating she got from Vernon when she was two years old. Like the first broken bones she received after her first accidental magic. Like the first time Vernon raped her when she was just 8 years old, crying her eyes out. She couldn't see the graveyard, Riddle being in her mind forcing her eyes to see what he was seeing but she felt herself shake. She was shaking violently but she didn't cry. That first rape was the last time she shed any tears and would remain the last time. She tried to compose herself as Riddle watched more memories. Her conversation with Dumbledore, her plea to let her live in Hogwarts during the summer, his dismissal of her when she told him about what happened to her in that house. Then he saw that she had his diary and she panicked, having completely forgotten about it. I'm sorry, my Lord! She thought, hoping he somehow heard her in her mind. He saw how she studied in the Library, how she snuck out into the restricted section, he saw the heated discussions she kept having with Dumbledore and how she shut him off from everything she did. How she kept Riddle's diary secret and hidden after saving the Weasley girl and appeasing his first horcrux. How she learned spells and curses from it on top of what she learned herself. Then, he removed himself from her mind.

She hastily touched her face with her hand, carefully at first, still thinking she had glasses on. After finding it dry, she let out a shaky breath.

"Give me your wand." Riddle commanded her and she did as she was told. He ran his own wand several times over hers, mumbling several spells and incantations, making her wand shoot sparks in several colors. After a few more moments he handed it back to her. "I removed your trace. You can now perform magic whenever and wherever you want." He explained, his tone of voice telling her more than his words.

"Thank you, my Lord." She whispered. She wasn't defenseless anymore. And if her uncle even thought about touching her ever again she would destroy him.

"Lucius." He turned towards the still injured Malfoy patriarch. "We will have to have an in depth talk about my diary." His voice was calm; deadly calm.

"My dear Death Eaters." Riddle spoke loudly, capturing the full attention of his followers once more. "It seems like we made a bigger catch today than we could have hoped for. All we hoped for was to kill Dumbledore's golden girl, his champion- and now we are here and find that he has neither. Instead, we have an exceptionally talented, intelligent and ruthless young witch, willing to join our cause." He paused as their was loud murmur going on between the Death Eaters. With a smirk he continued. "Welcome my new apprentice, the Girl-Who-Lived herself, into our ranks."

There was a loud reaction, some shocked, some confused but most so the opportunities with this, so there were some cheers.

"M-my Lord, really?" Lillian's eyes widened comically and she was sure that every single Death Eater looked the same way.

"Yes...apprentice." He smirked at her.

She dropped down to a knee, her gaze on the ground. "Thank you, my Lord. You won't regret this decision."

"See to it that I won't." He said. "You do understand that you will spy for me? That you will lie for me and torture for me? That you will kill for me?"

"Yes, my Lord." She answered.

"Good. Then today we will have you initiation. Nott, bring me the boy." Riddle ordered one of his Death Eaters, pointing at where Diggory was.

Nott immidiately did so and brought the struggling Hufflepuff boy with him, dragging him by the cuff of his shirt.

He tossed him into the middle of the circle, at the feet of Lillian and Riddle. Her new master looked at her. "Kill him, apprentice and you shall officially earn your title and rank among us."

Diggory's eyey widened in shock and he paled. "Apprentice?! Potter, what did you do?!"

Lillian straightened and gripped her wand tightly as she turned towards Cedric. "Yes, my Lord." She answered and raised her wand. "Goodbye, Cedric. Avada Kedavra!" Bright green light shot out of her wand and struck Diggory at his chest, his shocked expression still on his face as he dropped dead. Lillian couldn't help but grin and feel giddy as adrenaline rushed through her system. She did it. Her first murder and it was someone from her school no less. She glanced at the Dark Lord, waiting for his reaction and hoping for his approval and her hopes were heard.

"Very well done, apprentice." He looked around at his stunned Death Eaters, a smirk on his face. "Look at her! A fourteen year old girl, initiated into our ranks with the murder of a school friend. No hesitation, only determination, ruthlessness, eagerness to please and a thirst for my approval. She will be molded into a weapon that Dumbledore and his light will fear."

Lillian felt pride swell in her chest at the Dark Lord's words and a smirk on her face at the excitement settling in around her as the Death Eaters started to truly understand what they had gained. It wasn't just that they had gotten the Girl-Who-Lived as the Dark Lord's apprentice. It was all about the fact that she was willing. She wanted this. It was probably their biggest victory to date.

It was time for a new era to begin.

She looked at Alastor Moody with mirth in her eyes. She knew who he really was as her master had informed her before she was to return to Hogwarts' grounds. Her wand cleared of the dark spells after she used several nonsensical light spells and getting twitchy and hurting muscles after having another Crucio cast on her, along with a couple cutting spells so she would look battleworn, she returned to Hogwarts with Diggory's body. She made up a story of Pettigrew using the Cup as a portkey, killing Cedric and trying but failing to resurrect Voldemort. She told them about how she battled him after he tortured her, how the adrenaline keept her going and how he used Avada Kedavra on her, how she again didn't die. How it destroyed something in her, in her scar and how her scar had vanished when she came back to and how her eyesight got better somehow as a result. How Pettigrew was gone and how she then returned back with Cedric. It was an ingenious story her Master had lain out for her and all the while telling it as convincingly as she could, she avoided eye contact with the headmaster at all cost.

And now, here she was. In 'Moody's' office, after he said he would take her to the hospital wing. She sat across from him, a small smile on her lips.

"So you are saying the Dark Lord hasn't returned? That it failed? What are you smiling at?!"

Then she broke into a grin. "Relax, Barty." He looked like a fish, his mouth opening and closing several times. "You did well, this whole year. Our Master has tasked me to tell you, that you will earn your reward in the summer. That you are to return to him. You are needed at his side, not here." She shifted in her seat and flinched at a particularly painful spasm in her body.

"What happened there?" Barty asked, confusion written all over him.

"Remember your polyjuice, Barty. You don't want to get caught. I will tell you after you took your next dose."

Eyeing her warily, he got up and walked to a hidden cauldron, refilling the flask and dropping a hair of Moody's from his stash in it before taking a big gulp.

He then sat back down in front of her. "Talk." He said gruffly.

"The rat was successful." She told him. "The Dark Lord is back. I am not a pawn of Dumbledore's. Our Master has confirmed it for himself and the Death Eaters that were there. He...went through my mind."

"So what? You are one of us now?" Barty asked her, his eye(s) wide.

Lillian straightened up proudly, but not without a wince. "The Dark Lord took me in as his apprentice. And I am initiated." She explained.

"So that boy...?"

"It was me." She smirked coldly.

"So it was a victory." He grinned maniacally.

"Indeed it was, Barty. The Dark Lord was really pleased with your performance." She groaned slightly in pain. "Could you help me to the hospital wing, please? He had to use Cruciatus on me to make it look like I was really tortured...I ache all over and I am really tired now."

Barty nodded, his annoyance evident, but if what she said was correct- and everything seemed to point in that direction- then he would be good to aid her when necessary. Besides, apparantly she was now one of theirs. Not a fellow Death Eater directly, but she would be as close to the Dark Lord as one could get. She would learn directly from him and rise above them when she did well enough. No, he would be the first to acknowledge her future status. Maybe the Dark Lord could appoint him to watch over her during the summers? To be her bodyguard?

His annoyance slipped away as those thoughts crept into the forefront of his mind, being replaced by excitement instead. The future was now really something to look forward to.

She exited the train, pulling her trunk behind her. The term was officially over, the whole of the student body paid their respects to the late Cedric Diggory and Dumbledore couldn't stop himself from turning his parting words into a warning that the Dark never sleeps etc, etc. The train ride was the same old too: she sitting in a compartment with the likes of Greengrass, Parkinson, Zabini and Malfoy reading while they were talking about their families latest accomplishments and balls they would attend to. She wondered what her Master would think about these snotty and spoiled children. Their talent was average, their marks mediocre. They thought that their family names and the influence, wealth and connections of their parents would deal with everything for them. They were in for a rude awakening. She hoped that, when that time came, she would be there to taunt them.

With those thoughts running through her mind, she exited platform 9 3/4 and spotted the people she despised most in the world. Without a word they turned around and walked towards their car, leaving Lillian alone with the task of lifting the trunk into it. With the feather-light-charm on her trunk it wasn't that big of a deal to her. After everything was stowed away she sat in the back of the car and listened to her uncle rant about how she was ungrateful and how she should cower before them and kiss their feet in thanks for taking care of her even when they didn't have to. She was silent the entire way to Privet Drive. Once there she got out of the car with her trunk and waited for the front door to be unlocked. Upon entering she stopped after closing the door behind her and spoke up for the first time.

"What do you know about Lord Voldemort?" She asked her aunt without addressing her. She would never use their names again. She would never call them aunt or uncle again.

"Wasn't he the maniac who killed my sister and her no-good husband? Why do you ask?" Petunia snapped at her.

Lillian smiled cruelly at them. "The Dark Lord has returned. Thought you ought to know."

"Why should we care?" Vernon growled at her.

"Because I was there when he was resurrected. Because he took me in as his apprentice. Because he was in my mind and saw what you did to me and removed the trace from my wand." She answered, her smile growing into a predatory grin as she drew her wand at them. They both paled with every word until they looked as white as a sheet and shook violently. "Don't you think for even a second that I am above killing either of you. But I need you for as long as the Dark Lord says so." She stared them both in the eyes. "And in case you filth don't believe me: serpensortia!" The snake appeared with a bang and landed with a thud on the floor, hissing angrily.

"Calm down my beautiful friend. I still need them for now, but you can scare them a bit. I will release you into the garden and you can hunt there." She looked up at her relatives and smirked at them. "I can talk with snakes, by the way." Then, looking at her uncle with a cold expression, she walked right in front of him. "If you ever lay a finger on me again, I will have your entire arm for it." She whispered at him. "And then I will call some friends who will rape your wife until she won't ever be able to walk again." Her uncle looked as if he was about to explode and her aunt like she was about to pass out. "I see, we understand each other." She said, looking at both of them. "I will be in my room then."

With that, she opened the door for the snake to slither into the garden and hunt for small rodents, before she climbed up the stairs into her room.


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Lillian stalked into the Leaking Cauldron, ignoring the looks she was getting from people around here, especially teenager boys. She knew that puberty was being kind to her and that she was developing into a beautiful young woman. Yes, she was very petite, standing only at 5 feet and 2 inches, but that had a lot to do with the malnutrition and living in the cupboard during her childhood. And still, her body seemed to be well proportioned. Her breasts were indeed on the small side and she assumed that she would end up with a small b cup but that would be just fine and would fit her. Her waist was small and accentuated her developing hips. While she was nowhere near an athletic person her stomach was still flat, albeit soft. Her legs under her summer dress were visibly smooth and soft, shaped nicely and would be one of her many aesthetic weapons.

To top all of those wonderful physical developments her teenage body was undergoing off, people could now actually see that she also had a gorgeous face. Soft lips, long eyelashes, naturally delicate eyebrows, high cheekbones. But now that her scar and glasses were gone people would at first notice the nice contrast between her pale skin, her black hair and hair emerald eyes.

And even though Lillian Potter had little to no interest in sexual endeavors and had never shown any interest or desire to explore her own body- courtesy of her uncle who raped such feelings and desires out of her in the past six years- she knew that she could charm young men and boys for favors if she used her features just right. A subtle touch here, a little innocent eye contact there. She knew she had those possibilities, but she never saw the need to do those things, to lower herself in such a manner to get what she wanted. No, if she wanted or needed something she found that blackmailing or threatening others was more effective. On rare occasions, a well-placed Imperius could do wonders too. But using her womanly attributes was something she found too revolting.

Right now, though it was just annoying, so she ignored all of those randy teenage boys who drooled after her as she walked through Diagon Alley and towards the Goblin bank Gringotts. She didn't like those distasteful beasts but it was what it was and they were needed in the wizarding world. Very, very few creatures could compete with the ingenious ways the Goblins guarded their vaults. They were ruthless and at times even sadistic. They were dangerous.

So, as she entered Gringotts, she made sure to be a polite teenage witch and not the Dark Lord's powerful, dark and sadistic apprentice. Walking up to a free desk she was greeted by the goblin sitting behind it. "Greetings. Your name and your business." He greeted her.

"May your riches flow freely, Master Goblin." She greeted him in return, showing some Goblin courtesy, she read up on and while the words flew freely from her mouth she still had to swallow the bile rising in her throat down.

I only have one true Master you inferior creature. She thought to herself.

"And yours too." The Goblin returned after blinking in surprise.

Lillian smiled at him, though her eyes remained cold. "Thank you. The name is Potter and I would like to have a thorough inheritance test done so I can at least know if there might be potential vaults, titles or names I could claim or reclaim."

He glanced at her forehead, his eyes narrowing at the lack of a scar there.

Slightly irritated, she spoke up. "It's gone. I am still Lillian Jane Potter. If you want you can have a blood test done to confirm my identity."

The Goblin stared at her. "No need. Wait here as I find someone for your original business."

He left her alone before returning a few moments later with an older looking Goblin. "This is Gradnik. He will handle your affairs from here."

She nodded at him and followed Gradnik into his office, where he offered her a seat in an uncomfortable chair. Apparently, Goblin's didn't care for human comfort, something that irked her.

"I was told you want to do an inheritance test." He began as he rummaged for a knife and a large piece of parchment. He rolled out and flattened the parchment on the desk before handing her the knife. "Three drops of blood."

"Will this be sealed?" She asked him.

"Sealed to your blood. It will look blank to anyone else. With three drops of blood you will allow them to see all."

With a satisfied nod, she nicked her thumb with the knife, letting her blood drop onto the parchment, one, two, three.

Immediately names and lines, linking the names to each other, appeared on the parchment, spreading themselves along the parchment in a deep red, the deceased crossed out.

Once it stopped she went to look for the name she really wanted to see on there and grinned in satisfaction. There, at the far bottom she saw the name Salazar Slytherin. Looking farther up after following some more lines, branching up here and there she saw the Peverells. After that the lines branched farther and farther apart until there were no real familial relations left of the Peverell's descendants up to the Potters.

"So, I am a very far descendent of Salazar Slytherin..." She mumbled to herself. "Just barely enough for me to be a parselmouth." Satisfied, she looked at the Goblin. "Is there anything that I could claim?"

"Well, the Slytherin Vault is already claimed by a direct descendent." He explained.

She smiled at him, smug and with arrogance. "I already know that. I know that person."

"Very well. As for the Peverell name, there is not much to it. The name itself died out and nothing more than your now known blood-relation is left. We do not know of more as of now." He continued. "To the Potter name there would be the Potter manor, some heirlooms and the main family vault. Those you can claim once you reach wizard maturity."

"You mean once I am seventeen years old."

"Yes." The Goblin confirmed.

"Very well. That will be all. Thank you for your time, Master Gradnik."

The Goblin nodded at her, rolled the parchment up and took it with him as he left.

She left Gringotts and walked purposefully to Eeylops Owl Emporium. An elder man greeted her.

"May I help you dear?" He asked her kindly.

Lillian gave a nod. "Yes, I need to send a letter." She had never bought herself an owl or any other pet as she never had anyone to exchange letters with and had no desire to care for a living being. When she could she would study and complete her summer assignments if her stuff wasn't locked away. Usually she was forced to slave away for her relatives during the summer and endure other forms of abuse and humiliation.

No more.

The man pointed her to a booth to write her letter. Pulling a small piece of parchment, since her letter would resemble more to a note than an actual letter, she began to tip the point of her quill into the ink and began to write.

I finished my business at Gringotts. He wanted me to inform him of the results. I assume you know his location. I also assume I will be picked up. The address is 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. It is heavily warded. If I am to be picked up, there is a playground for muggle children close by. If He decides for other means to meet or contact me, then owl me.


After addressing it to Lucius Malfoy she paid and left.

She was lying on her bed, finishing another summer assignment, when an unknown owl flew through her window and landed on her desk. Getting up from her bed, she walked towards the desk to untie the letter from the owl's leg.

"About time..." she muttered to herself after having to wait for almost a week to receive an answer from Lucius Malfoy. Reading it, she wrote a short note to confirm the information she got and bound it on the owl's outstretched leg.

Going back to her bed, she continued her homework.

A couple days later, late in the evening, she had her trunk packed with her necessities and went down to leave for the playground. Satisfied that a whole month had already passed so the wards would still be there, she left Privet Drive and headed to the meeting spot.

After 10 minutes, she arrived at the playground and saw a lone, regal looking woman with long blonde hair sitting on a bench. Upon approaching her, the woman turned towards Lillian, a look of distaste on her face. "Potter."

"Mrs. Malfoy."

"I am to take you with me and you are to stay at our manor until term starts." Narcissa explained, obvious that she didn't like that at all.

Lillian nodded. "I assumed as much. Let's go then." She said and grabbed Narcissa's arm tightly while holding onto her luggage.

The Malfoy matriarch scowled at her but held her tongue, apparating them away. The still very uncomfortable feeling of being squeezed through a tube caused Lillian to feel nauseous for a few moments, after they re-appeared inside a large foyer.

Straightening herself after taking a couple deep breaths she nodded at Narcissa, indicating that she was good to go.

"Dobby." Narcissa called and a scared looking house elf, wearing a filthy pillowcase as clothing, appeared. "Take our guest's luggage into a guestroom upstairs."

"I wills do so, Lady Malfoy." The elf squeaked, looking at Lillian with wide and frightened eyes, a look which Lillian returned coldly and without empathy. In her second year the elf had tried to get her punished by the ministry for underage magic to protect her from what would later take place in Hogwarts. Once her Uncle got his hands on the letter and found out that she was bluffing with her threats of hexing them...well, his wrath was extremely unpleasant. As was Dobby's second encounter with Lillian as her wrath wasn't something to be trifled with either.

Once Dobby disappeared with her trunk, Narcissa led her through the manor and towards another wing. As they got closer towards their destination, she started to hear loud voices coming from one of the rooms.

"...children like this! This is a disgrace!" She heard her master shout. "This is what is supposed to succeed you? This is what will be the pride of the magic world?"

Once in front of the door, Narcissa knocked, albeit hesitantly, to announce their arrival.

"Come in." Riddle called, his voice still full of irritation and anger.

They entered a room that seemed to be a conference room. Lillian wasn't sure if it had always been here or if it was transformed into this for the Dark Lord. It was a wide room with a long table close to a wall and rows upon rows of chairs lined up on every side of it. There was also a large portion of the room unfurnished, probably for situations as the one presenting itself right now: the Dark Lord standing in front of a group of her year mates, all of whom looked pale and scared out of their wits in front of their parents who didn't look much better.

"My Lord, I have Potter with me as per your order." Narcissa said.

"You may leave." Riddle told her without looking at her.

Once the door closed behind her Lillian walked in front of Riddle and dropped to a knee looking down. "My Lord, I arrived as summoned."

"Yes, my apprentice, and I believe you have interesting news." He looked down at her, a pleased smile on his face at her subordination. "You may rise. First, I have some other business to tend to and I have something for you to do over the summer which has to do with the spoiled, useless spawn of my Death Eaters, followers and supporters." Riddle ended with disgust as he looked at her year mates.

She followed his gaze and saw Malfoy, Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle, Greengrass and some more. So this wasn't solely about Death Eaters.

"Tell me apprentice, what do you see when you look at your friends?" Riddle asked her.

At the word friends sneers appeared immediately on the faces of her year mates, causing her to roll her eyes. "My Lord, I apologize, but none of them is a friend of mine. I don't make 'friends'." She made air quotes with her fingers. "But what I see in them are children who hide in the comfort of their parents' influence, money and blood-status. Mediocre in everything they do, gutless and spineless." She glanced at Riddle's unreadable expression as she continued to demean the thunderous looking Slytherins. "They don't work because they don't have to work. If they need or want something, their mommies and daddies get it for them. After their education, they will be useless to our society because they do not have the drive, the intelligence, the knowledge and the talent to actually do the work."

Riddle nodded. "Pretty much my assessment and it pleases me to see that you do not shy away from calling out incompetencies of those standing right in front of you and with whom you will have to spend the majority of the year."

She looked smug and straightened up at his praise. "If I was afraid of them I would be just as useless, my Lord."

"Very well said." He turned back towards the others in the room, all of whom were glaring at Lillian causing him to frown. "Do not glare at my apprentice!" He snapped at them. "No one but you are at fault for being here in front of me! If you hadn't made such lazy fools out of your children then I would have no reason for calling you here. I will not have any useless dimwits supporting me. I will not have people in key ministry positions who do not know how to do the work. There are of course some of you, who are naturally...below average intellectually." He looked at Crabbe and Goyle- both senior and junior- with distaste. "Alas, every leader needs muscle. But that muscle needs to be able to do more than casting a couple of spells." He then looked back at Lillian. "You will spend your summer here and catch up these children in their schoolwork."

Lillian looked severely disappointed. Instead of learning from her Master she would have to waste her time tutoring them. "Yes, my Lord." She still answered obediently.

"You will listen to her." Riddle looked at the young Slytherins. "You will do as she says. When your time comes you will be ready. If you are not ready then you are useless to me. And you will not like what happens to people who are useless to me. So, in your own interest..." He let the threat hanging.

The children all nodded and mumbled several 'yes, my Lord's'.

"You are dismissed." Everyone aside from Lillian left. After the door closed, Riddle spoke again to her. "What did you find in Gringotts?"

"Apparently my connection goes over several different lines as far back as to the Peverells. That is the connection I have with Slytherin, my Lord. It is really thin and blurred with all the different bloodlines coming into the mix but I assume it was just enough that I could inherit the parselmouth ability."

"The Peverells you say?" Riddle asked, suddenly really interested. "You do not happen to know about the Deathly Hallows?"

"No, my Lord."

"They are powerful items, gifted to the Peverell brothers by Death itself: The Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility."

At the last item Lilliam perked up visibly, with her eyes widened. "My Lord...I do own such a cloak."

"You do? How did you come by it?" Riddle asked her, his focus on her intense, making her fidget.

"I, was given to me on Christmas during my first year by Dumbledore I had a note attached, saying that it belonged to my father and that he gave it to him before you killed him, but it didn't have a name on it. It also said that it was kept for my father before the decision to give it back to me was made. As I said, I assume it was Dumbledore." Lillian explained.

"So, he had it for at least eleven years and you have it for an additional almost four years now. It still works? Usually such cloaks lose their worth after just a few years."

Lillian nodded in confirmation. "Yes, my Lord. It works flawlessly."

"May I see it? I will not keep it from you. What I truly want is the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in existence. Your cloak will be of more use to you."

Secretly glad that he did not seem to have any desire of taking her cloak for himself, she nodded. "Of course, my Lord. You don't have to ask. I will show it to you tomorrow."

"Good. One last thing, then you can leave. I will start teaching you non-verbal spellcasting. You are good and quick, you seem to have a nice repertoire of spells to use but it will be a huge advantage if you can make use of those silently."

Hiding her giddiness at being able to learn from her Master after all, she nodded her consent. "Of course, my Lord. I look forward to learn from you."

Riddle smirked inwardly, still not fully able to grasp that the nemesis of his mad and paranoid self was now an eager and devoted apprentice of his. And all of this after the supposed prophecy? He couldn't understand how his paranoid self paid any heed to mere words. Now of rational mind, he grasped that those mere words could not outline his fate and destiny. A prophecy only worked if you paid mind to it. He didn't any more, but still, he would like to hear the full prophecy. Just out of mere interest.

Pulling himself from his thoughts, he nodded at Lillian. "Good. You are dismissed. Ask Narcissa to escort you to my quarters at no later than ten o'clock. Do not forget your cloak. And we will discuss something else then. Something, that Dumbledore might have decided not to tell you."

"Yes, my Lord." With that, she turned around and left.

Finding her way back to the foyer she originally apparated into with Narcissa Malfoy, she headed upstairs. A sudden pop startled her and she scowled down at the house elf Dobby. "What?"

"Miss Potter, I is to shows you your room. Please follows me." The elf squeaked and rushed to lead her to her new room, which was next to another which seemed to be occupied by several people, if the noise coming out of it was any indicator.

"Who is in there?" She asked Dobby.

Cowering slightly from her glare, the elf answered. "It's Master Malfoy and friends, Miss."

Nodding and dismissing the elf, she knocked once and without waiting for an answer, opened the door. All occupants- Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy and Daphne- glared at her.

"Look who is here." Pansy sneered. "The Dark Lord's whore. Did you just come back from spreading your legs nice and wide for him, Potter?"

Lillian just smiled coldly at Pansy. "I dare you to say this again, Pansy. But this time when the Dark Lord can actually hear it." Pansy paled slightly at the thought, but kept glaring at her, as did the rest of the group. "Don't think that I look forward to wasting my time with tutoring you lot. But it is what the Dark Lord demanded of me, so I will do it." Her smirk turned into a vicious sneer. "If any of you even thinks of disrupting the tutoring lessons in any way...well, just don't think that I am above showing you my displeasure."

"My father won't allow this." Malfoy growled. "He will talk to the Dark Lord first thing tomorrow morning. He is his most loyal-"

"Your father?" Lillian asked incredulously, before laughing loudly. "Really?"

"What are you laughing about?!" Malfoy snapped at her, his cheeks starting to flush, Pansy and Daphne looking at Lillian suspiciously and Crabbe and Goyle glancing uncomfortably at Draco. Their fathers seemed to have talked about the events at the graveyard.

Calming down a bit, Lillian looked at Crabbe and Goyle. "Judging from the way you look at Draco here, I assume you know about it?" Both boys shifted uncomfortably.

"Know what?" Malfoy asked, looking at Crabbe and Goyle. "What's she talking about?"

"I'm talking about the way I humiliated your father in a duel, Draco." She answered softly. "The Dark Lord was definitely not pleased. It was after he saw how a fourteen-year-old girl humiliated one of his most devoted Death Eaters he decided for me to become his apprentice."

"You are lying." Daphne said, a haughty look on her face. "No way you could defeat a grown man, let alone humiliate one."

"Ask him and see how he answers. Ask the Dark Lord for all I care. I am surprised he didn't speak of it, just to taunt your father, Draco. Your father probably begged the Dark Lord to be spared this humiliation in front of his family." Lilliam smirked. "But enough of this." She ended the discussion with a swipe of her hand. "Tomorrow after lunch, first session. You all will be there." She was about to turn around and leave when Pansy's voice stopped her.

"And why should we?" The pug-faced girl glared at her.

"Because I will not be punished by the Dark Lord for your insolence. And if that should come to pass then what I will do to you and what the Dark Lord would do to your family would make my punishment look like child's play. Don't think that I have no experience in using an unforgivable."

Without waiting for a reaction, she retreated to her room.

This time, after knocking, she waited. But it wasn't just any door; it was the door leading to her Master's private quarters.

"Enter." Came the answer from inside and so she did.

Dropping to a knee, she greeted her Master. "My Lord."

"You may rise. I assume you have your cloak with you, as I requested?"

"Yes, my Lord. I also brought your diary. I imagined you would want it back to find a safer location than the bottom of my trunk." She said, as she handed him the diary.

Taking it from her, he stroked its cover gently, looking at it almost fondly. "Indeed, I would. I have to thank you for keeping it safe, apprentice. This is a particularly precious item to me. You shall be rewarded in good time."

Looking awfully pleased with herself, Lillian gave a bow in acknowledgement to Riddle's praise. "Thank you, my Lord. It was my pleasure."

"Now, let me see this cloak of yours." He put his diary away for now and looked at her expectantly.

She handed him the neatly folded cloak and stepped back, giving him a bit of room. He held it in his hands, stroking the material, muttering a few things she didn't catch. Finally, he donned it on, looking pleased at how perfectly he vanished from sight as he looked into a mirror. Taking it off, he handed it back to her. "You definitely own a Deathly Hallow. Your average invisibility cloak loses its ability after only a few years, but this is different. The material already is different. And the fact that after at least 14 years it still works this perfectly just adds to that assumption." He had a faraway look in his eyes. "The Elder Wand has to be real then...I just need to find it..." Riddle then looked back at Lillian. "Now to the matter of what I wanted to talk to you about." He motioned for her to sit down on a chair as he did. After they were both seated, he continued. "The night I tried to kill you. The reason was a prophecy I was told parts of. Those parts fit you and another infant. I had to choose and the choice fell onto you."

Not sure what kind of a reaction was expected of her, she just nodded. "Understood, my Lord."

Pleased, that he didn't have deal with a now angry or sad or confused apprentice, Riddle continued. "I am curious about what exactly that prophecy entails. I will try to gain access into the Department of Mysteries. When we are successful I want you with me."

"Of course, my Lord! I would be honored." Lilliam couldn't hide her excitement.

"By then you should have your own Death Eater uniform, though with slight differences. You are after all not a mere foot soldier. You are being trained to become my right hand."

Her eyes were wide and her chest was swelling with pride. "I... thank you, my Lord. I promise I will become what you expect of me."

"I am sure of it." Riddle smirked at the eager teenager. After hearing of her bloodlines, he had even more plans with her but decided to wait a bit more before telling her about them. He didn't want to scare her away after all. Instead he brushed upon another topic. "Young Draco came by an hour earlier, asking about a duel in a graveyard."

"What did you tell him, my Lord?" She asked Riddle, trying to hide her smirk.

His answer was short. "The truth."

"How did he take it?"

"As you would expect, my dear apprentice. I assume you had a reason?"

Lillian nodded. "I hoped he would see that I was not one to be trifled with without me having to crucio him in his own home."

"Are they causing you trouble already?"

"No, my Lord." She answered hastily. "This is nothing I can't deal with. If they get too insolent then I won't hold back on punishment."

"Good. This will be all then. You are dismissed."

Bowing, she turned and left for the door when someone knocked. Looking at Riddle, who nodded at her, she opened the door only to be surprised by her Head of House, Severus Snape.

He looked at her, his expression unreadable. "Potter."


Without another word or look, they both went on their ways.

Still kind of distracted by what it could mean that her Potions Professor and Head of House saw her leaving the Dark Lord's room, she entered the one provided for her tutoring sessions. She saw the group of year mates from yesterday and almost all of them glared at her.

Standing in front of them she gave the group a once over, mentally deciding who of them could be worth her effort and who couldn't.

"You all know why you are here, who I am and why I am here, so there's no need for any introductions or speeches."

"A bloody slut is who you are..." Pansy Parkinson muttered under her breath.

Lillian did hear it however and gave Pansy her iciest look. "Pansy, come forward."

The black-haired girl came forward, haughty and arrogant. "Yes?" She asked Lillian with a smirk.

"You seem to think that I need to whore myself out to the Dark Lord to be worthy of his attention. Among other things." Lillian began.

"You talk as if I am wrong."

Ignoring Pansy's interruption, she continued. "I say you need to get it out of your system. A duel. Now."

Pansy looked gleeful, hoping to put Lillian in her place. A half-blood like her being the Dark Lord's apprentice!

Lillian purposefully remained lax as they readied their wands and gave a short bow. Pansy took the chance and immediately cast a cruciatus at her. For a second Lillian was scared and wondered if she made a mistake but the pain of the curse went as quickly as it came.

She blinked and looked at Pansy who stared at her wand in confusion. Then Lillian laughed, humorlessly.

"Lesson number one." She began, raising her wand with a cruel grin. "If you want to cast an unforgivable you have to mean itCrucio!"

Pansy writhed in agony and screamed as all her nerves burned in white-hot pain. Lillian held it for another few seconds until Pansy begged her to stop and then she did.

Pansy whimpered on the floor and her body spasmed in the aftershocks. Lillian just looked at her, no empathy on her face. "Someone help her up already." She finally said and Daphne gathered her friend up with Tracy Davies.

"Now to just have any doubt about why I am the Dark Lord's apprentice removed once and for all, let's ask Draco what the result of his talk with the Dark Lord was. Draco?" She gave him a grin.

He just glared at her, his fists clenching in his lap. "You were right." He clenched out between his teeth.

"Indeed. I was right. I beat your father in a duel." She let that settle for a moment, smirking smugly before calling the attention back to her. "Now, I want to see what you lot know and don't know. I prepared a test for all of you before I went to bed. You have an hour."

With that, she handed the parchments out and hoped that they were smarter than she gave them credit for.

She really could think of a lot of better ways to spend her time during her summer than tutoring spoiled pure blood brats. There were a couple moments when she thought this might be some sort of punishment but really, it somehow showed that her Master thought she had enough talent and intellect to make a difference here.

And then there was Snape. Was he a Death Eater? If so, then where was he when the Dark Lord returned? Was he a spy? Where were his loyalties? Obviously, he came to see the Dark Lord, so he knew about him.

She was confused. She had to talk with her Master about this. If Snape would talk to Dumbledore about her being here and leaving the Dark Lord's room...

She didn't want to think about it.

Chapter Text

Lillian was lounging lazily in one of the comfortable chairs in Malfoy Manor's vast library, reading one of their many books about dark arts. The things she found in the book were so much more interesting and insightful than those, in comparison, really superficial books she read in Hogwarts.

It fascinated her just how deeply into a person's mind and body magic, especially dark magic, could reach. From blood magic to mind magic, the possibilities to wreak havoc on someone were absolutely endless. It was utterly fascinating.

The young girl was also interested in becoming an Animagus. She thought it could be useful for her upcoming spying jobs for her Master. At least she hoped that there would be jobs for her soon.

As she kept on reading, she heard someone enter the library, the soft clicking of dress shoes on the floor giving her an implication of who it could be. Glancing over the top of the book she was holding, she saw it was young Malfoy, his eyes not positioned on her face but on her soft thighs, displayed as the hem of her summer dress had ridden up a bit.

"As flattering as it is, Draco, please refrain from staring at my legs so blatantly. It makes me uncomfortable."

Blushing, Draco cleared his throat. "I was sent to ask you if you had finished correcting our…exams."

"I have indeed." Lillian answered, her gaze still locked on the book as she finished reading a page and leafed lazily to the next.

"And when are you going to tell us how we did?"

Slightly irritated, the raven-haired beauty took a small piece of parchment from the table next to her chair to place it in the book, marking the page she was at. "During your next lesson, obviously. I assume you didn't really come here to ask me foolish questions?"

Scowling, he snarled at her. "Look, Potter; I don't trust you. I don't know what you think you are doing, but you are not one of us and definitely not worthy to be the Dark Lord's apprentice. I don't like the way you walk around in ourhome like you own the place. I don't like how you disrespect us in our own home, I don't like that you of all people are supposed to tutor us. I want you to leave and pretend you never were here to begin with."

A small smile toying at her lips, Lillian crossed one leg over the other as she made herself comfortable on the chair, directly staring at his eyes. "Do you think that you should be his apprentice, Draco? Are you jealous of me?" His furious glare was answer enough for her, so she let out a chuckle. "Draco…do you know what the difference between you and me is?"

He resumed his silence, his glare fixed on her.

Lillian tapped the side of her head with a finger. "It's the brains. I am not saying that I am smarter than you, even though I actually am. I am smarter than you and your whole entourage put together. But you are not stupid, you know." She gave him a calculating look. "I don't understand how you don't understand that you actually could be above average in your schoolwork. I assume you simply are lazy on top of being spoiled and arrogant for no reason whatsoever."

"It's fascinating how you still manage to insult a person while giving them compliments."

Lillian let out a short laugh, before smirking at him. "I didn't compliment you, Draco. Insult you- yes. Compliment you- no. You'd have to be exceptional at something for me to compliment you, which you are not." Stretching her back on the chair, resulting in a few satisfying pops, she got up to her feet and took the book with her. "I'll have to go see our Master now. After I've finished this book I'll place it back."

She left the room, not glancing back at Draco as she exited the library and went back to the foyer before making her way to Riddle's quarters. She passed Daphne, a girl whom she wasn't too sure about what to think of. As far as she knew, the Greengrass family wasn't as radical about blood purity as the Malfoys, Crabbes and Goyles were, not even like the Parkinsons who were blood purists but not as vocal and radical as the aforementioned trio of families. So, she wondered what Daphne was doing here and what her family's alignment with the Dark Lord was.

Upon reaching her destination she pulled herself back from her thoughts before knocking on the door.

"Come in." The deep and commanding voice of the Dark Lord answered.

Opening the door, she was startled to see both the head of her house and the Dark Lord waiting for her.

"Enter, my dear apprentice." Riddle commanded her so she followed.

Once inside she marched up to the Dark Lord and, not before giving Snape a quick glance, kneeled in front of him. "My Lord."


Again, glancing at Snape, she saw him looking at her impassively but she could almost feel his confusion radiating off him. Raising her chin defiantly, she returned her attention back to her Dark Lord, focusing solely on him now.

"I assume you are confused about why Severus is here."

"Yes, my Lord."

"He is our spy. He is close enough to Dumbledore and his Light to gather important information for us. He also told us that, despite you selling our cover story quite impressively, he has reformed his Order of the Phoenix."

Taking all the information in, she cast yet another glance at her Professor, her eyes narrowed this time. "I don't want to presume anything, my Lord, but how can you be sure that he is not double-crossing you?"

Snape stiffened slightly next to them but Riddle gave her a big smile, almost looking proud. "A very wise question, Lillian." She perked up at that, her Master addressing her with her first name for the first time. "Of course, one can never be sure. Severus here is a very accomplished spy, so good in fact that no one, not even me, can be sure of his alliance. Isn't it so, my old friend?"

Her Professor, for the first time directly spoken to since she joined them, nodded in assent. "Indeed, my Lord."

"Then how can we be sure that you won't let me being here slip to Dumbledore and his little followers?" She asked Snape, foregoing any decorum usually necessary when addressing one of her teachers.

"Because the Dark Lord threatened to kill me should he ever find out that I did so." He drawled out, his gaze piercing her.

Satisfied with the answer, she nodded. "I can accept this for now. Thank you, my Lord, for taking care of this."

"You are quite welcome, apprentice. Now tell me, how did the children fare with your exam?"

"It was mixed, really. Greengrass doesn't do badly in school but she can be much better, as her exam showed. Malfoy, who is below average in school can also be much better. I don't understand how they do as poorly in school as they do, in comparison to the marks they got in my exam." She shrugged her shoulders. "It's not like I made it easy. Crabbe, Goyle and Parkinson were as I expected. Very poor and not of much use to your future endeavors, if I may say so, my Lord."

"Severus, how would you rate the difficulty of Lillian's exam?" Riddle asked the Professor.

"It was thought out very well, the range of questions reached from first to fourth year material and the difficulty should indeed have been challenging enough for the students."

"Very well. I will have a talk with at least Greengrass and Malfoy about their performances. You may leave for now. Should I have need of you I will call upon you." Riddle dismissed the dour potions-master before returning his attention back to his apprentice. "What is this book you are carrying, my dear apprentice?" Her Master asked her, genuine curiosity lacing his voice.

"It is about the differences and varieties of the Dark Arts, like blood and mind magic, my Lord. I find them utterly fascinating." She couldn't help the excitement coloring her voice.

"Ah yes, blood magic is indeed a fascinating branch, especially when it goes into sacrificial blood magic rituals." Riddle replied, nodding in approval. "It pleases me to see that you keep widening your horizon. Knowledge is what grants the most power, so your thirst for it is something that will help you keep growing and strengthening until you will seem undefeatable to others. Never waver in the face of knowledge, no matter how disturbing that knowledge might be."

"Yes, my Lord." She immediately made a mental list of more topics to research.

"Good." He motioned for her to sit on a chair at the large table, which she immediately did. "Now, onto your first lesson for silent spell-casting."

Her eyes widening slightly at the prospect of being taught by none other than Tom Marvolo Riddle, she leaned forward ever so slightly and focused her whole attention on the powerful man before her.

"It is not something that is hard to learn. In the end, accidental magic can be classified as silent spell-casting, for it works in similar ways. Accidental magic is triggered by an overwhelming wish for something to happen."

"Like running away from someone, wishing to be far away from them and teleporting yourself away?" Lillian asked into the lull during her Master's explanation.

"Indeed." He eyed her curiously, feeling that this as something that had happened to her during her childhood. "Silent spell-casting works very similarly. Instead of loudly yelling the incantation, imagine screaming it inside your head. While accidental magic relies in focusing on a general thing to happen, silent spell-casting focuses on a specific spell you want to cast. Try it."

He silently conjured a dummy for her in the middle of the room, causing her to awe at how effortlessly he conjured something out of nothing.

She got up and focused on a blasting spell with all the intensity she could muster, aiming her wand at the dummy. While she did manage cast it, it was significantly weaker than the usual power she could pour into it.

Riddle still looked pleased enough. "Well done. This would have earned you five points for your house." He chuckled lightly. "It was obviously weaker than what you are usually capable off, but you did bend the dummy's arm. Now, you need to manage to pour your usual power into your silent spells. All you have to do is to reach a point where you stop feeling the difference between silent and vocal spell-casting. Try it as often as you can until you reach that point. I expect you to spend at least one hour each day during this week to train and then I will see you again to examine your process."

She felt severely disappointed that this was all there was to her time being trained by the Dark Lord himself, but nodded nonetheless. "I will, my Lord."

Looking amused, Riddle looked at her with a smirk. "You look down, Lillian. Why would that be?"

Blushing furiously, she glanced away from his gaze. "I, uh, thought that my private lessons with you would be…longer. I can't help but feel…disappointed, I guess, that this was all there was to these private lessons."

Laughing loudly, he went up to her, cupping her cheek and causing her eyes to widen. Her face was heating up rapidly just as she was recovering from her first blush. "M-my Lord?" She stammered.

"My dear apprentice," Riddle began. "I have to admit that it still baffles me that you, Lillian Potter, the-girl-who-lived, are here with me and practically begging me to teach you my darkest knowledges. I promise you that I will teach you all I can, but for now you have to be patient."

"I apologize, my Lord." She whispered as she stared into his dark eyes, unable to look elsewhere.

"Don't. I am most content with your devotion to me and your submissive nature towards me. I feel great loyalty, a desire to please me every time I look at you." He traced his thumb across her soft and slightly parted lips.

"My Lord…do you…want me?" She asked clumsily, partially afraid that she was reading his behavior completely wrong and partially afraid that she was right.

"I can't help but notice that you are growing into a beautiful woman, apprentice. But I know that you are still scarred because of those filthy muggles." He spat out the last word. "How would you feel if I would want you?" He suddenly asked her, not really thinking.

" I…I don't know." She muttered honestly. "On one hand…I'd be honored. On the other…I don't know if I could please you…because…" She shrugged helplessly.

"Lillian." His voice was firm and commanding, calling upon her attention. "I do want us to join our bloodlines in a marital union." He stated bluntly. Originally wanting to wait until the end of her fifth year, he felt that she needed to know now about his plans so she could start getting used to the thought. She was obviously shocked if her wide eyes were any indication. He also was amused how she paled at first and then started blushing soon after.

"Me? Really?"

"Yes, of course." He looked at her with his head cocked in amusement. "We both share the ancient blood of Salazar Slytherin, which should not be sullied by joining with other and, in comparison to ours, lesser bloodlines. You are also fairly pleasant to the eye. As am I, if I may be so blunt."

She couldn't help the small and demure smile forming on her lips at the compliment she received from the Dark Lord. He basically called her pretty! Maybe even beautiful!

"Thank you, my Lord."

"So, what do you say?" Riddle asked her, though he was expecting for a certain answer. He was pretty sure that she knew what he expected and as submissive to him as she was he was sure he knew which answer she would give.

"Whatever it is you want of me, my Lord, I am willing to give." She looked up at him, her gaze firm and back straight, showcasing her utter willingness of becoming what he wanted her to be.

A pleased grin formed on his face as he again cupped the side of her face, causing her to lean her head ever so slightly against his head, her eyes full of utter devotion for him. "You and I together, we will both destroy Dumbledore and bring the magical world back to its glory days." Her face formed a sadistic grin at the mention of destruction, causing his loins to stir. "I give you one year to heal and free yourself of what your filthy relatives did to you. Then I will expect you to be ready for us to further our relationship from master and apprentice to a marital one."


"Seek a mind healer. I can search and provide you with the best. You can also start to try and explore yourself. Replace the pain you felt at intimate touches with experiences of pleasure in your private time." He graced a hand lightly over her exposed collarbone, causing her to gasp slightly. Removing his hand with a grin, he lead her towards the door with a hand on her lower back. "Now go. You have children to teach and your own tasks to master."

"Y-yes, my Lord. Thank you, for…I-I promise, I will be ready." She stuttered and stumbled over her words, but her message was clear all the same.

"I know you will." Riddle told her, pleased with himself but even more so with Lillian Potter, soon to be Riddle.

She was so powerful for her youth and under his tutelage, bound to him by marriage, she would become a force even he wasn't sure he would be able to handle, but she was so devoted to him, hung on his every word and was so eager to please him and gain his approval, he wasn't really worried.

He was looking forward for her healing process to end. Yes, Riddle could pretty much demand their union to be completed immediately but he wasn't a complete and utter monster. He would never rape a magical woman. Yes, he would kill them if they opposed him but no matter if muggleborn, half-blood or blood-traitor, as long as they had magic in them and were capable of wielding it they were safe from his desires. Besides, he wanted Lillian to want him. When the time came and he showed her the pleasure of sexual endeavors, once he could claim her as his young wife, her devotion would be absolute.

Never before felt he so sure of his victory and the former champion of the light was the key.

Leaving her room after putting away the book and taking the corrected exams with her, Lillian was still distracted from her conversation with her Master. Tom Riddle found her desirable enough to want to marry her! Her mind was still reeling every time that thought came to the front and her skin was still tingling from his touches and caresses. She felt a slight damp heat between her legs and she wondered if this was how it was supposed to feel after a man touched her in such an intimate manner.

Just last summer she remembered how dirty she felt every time Vernon would lay his filthy, meaty and sweaty hands on her bare skin, how she felt the bile rising in her throat every time he entered her, the painfully burning sensation between her legs and his stinking breath coming out in pants.

What she felt now though was so foreign, so unfamiliar, but so pleasant. She wondered how different it really would be if the Dark Lord claimed her as his; not just as his apprentice, not just as his weapon but as his permanent companion, as his partner in bed and as his wife. She wondered if his touches could make her forget about the humiliation and degradation she suffered under the Dursley's roof and under Vernon's fat body.

Releasing a shaky breath, she tried to calm herself as she entered the room for her tutoring sessions. Putting on her I-am-better-than-every-single-one-of-you-face, she glanced around and saw everyone present.

"I apologize for my lateness." She began, glancing at the clock and seeing that was indeed fifteen minutes late. "I had a private session with our Master and got caught up in a conversation with him." She walked up to every desk and handed the exams to her 'students'. "With some, I was genuinely surprised at how well you did. With others, you did just as poorly as I expected." She stated before returning to her place and sat down. Now, before we start actual tutoring sessions, I want to ask all of you one question that has been bugging me the whole time I was going through your exams." Giving each of them a piercing look, she spoke. "What the fuck is wrong with you morons?!"

She glared at them, her frustration clear as day. "You idiots have such potential to be great personalities in our future! You have money and influential parents! You have the advantage of your bloodlines! But you don't use your heads!" Her piercing green eyes locked on Daphne. "Greengrass is the only one who I allow to be an exception. She did quite well in the exam and is just above average in school as far as I could tell. Am I wrong?" She asked the blonde.

"Uh, no." The bewildered Greengrass heiress answered.

"You can still be so much better. You can be under the top five of every class if you would just put some effort in it! Why did you try so hard on this meaningless exam?" She gestured with her hand at the parchments lying in front of the children. "All it is good for is to give me an idea about where to put the most emphasis in during this summer!"

Turning towards Draco, she glared at him too. "The same goes for you. Get off your arse, stop milking the comfort your parents provide you with and become more than this spoiled, annoying toddler you seem so intent on being." Turning her attention to the others, she calmed down a bit, almost feeling bored. "Theodore, Tracey, Blaise…you results were mediocre here as they usually are in Hogwarts. I'm not sure what to expect in the future of you. Show me and our Lord that you can have a place in our future. Crabbe, Goyle…well, muscle is always needed I guess." The two gorillas just grunted and smirked stupidly at each other, flexing their biceps, causing her to roll her eyes in the process. "Now, my favorite part…Pansy." She smiled sweetly at the pug-faced girl, causing her to scowl at her. "I know you don't like me. You can be sure that I feel sick if you are even remotely in my proximity and I have to fight the urge to just kill you on the spot every single time I see you." She kept smiling, even as Pansy paled at that statement. "But, alas, me being the most loyal servant and apprentice to the Dark Lord, I heed his wishes with the utmost dedication he expects of me. That means to teach every single one of you." Standing up, she slowly made her way towards Pansy, stopping just in front of the girl, glaring down at her, her voice low and dangerous. "My Master expects me to get results in everything I do. If I don't show results for my private sessions with him, I will get punished. If I don't show results here- meaning you putting in effort during these sessions and filling the emptiness in your head with something useful instead of which blowjob technique pleases Draco the best- I will get punished." Ignoring the furiously blushing teens and the chuckles hidden behind coughs, she continued. "If you answer one more time to any of my questions-and I don't care if it is during sessions or on exams I make for you- I will crucio you until you beg me to kill you. If I get punished because you fail in any class at all this year, I will dismember you and keep you alive during it so you can watch as the beasts in the Forbidden Forest feed on your body parts. I will not get punished because of your insolence. I promise you that."

"You are sick." Pansy muttered, feeling scared because she could feel Lillian meant every word she just said.

The Dark Lord's apprentice merely answered with a manic grin.

It was getting late at night and Lillian wasn't sure if what she was about to do was a good idea. She was confused in so many ways, the events earlier in the day causing her to lose her cool in a manner she was vastly unfamiliar with.

She was about to tread in even more unfamiliar territory as she was about to do something she never ever did before.

Lillian Potter, a self-proclaimed sadist, a still freshly made murderer at fourteen, the apprentice of one of the- if not the- most dangerous and powerful dark wizard in the history of Great Britain, was about to ask someone for advice.

So, there she was, pacing back and forth in the garden of Malfoy Manor, she was waiting and hoping that the person would come but also hoping that the person would just ignore her message.

After a few more moments of waiting she heard muffled steps in the grass and turned around, half relieved and half nervous to see Lady Malfoy advancing towards her.

"Potter." Her voice was full of annoyance but also a hint of curiosity. "What is so important that you had to call me here this late into the evening?"

"I'm sorry for any inconvenience, Mrs. Malfoy but I didn't know who else to talk to." She began. "I…have a problem with something I am vastly inexperienced in…or at least, the only experiences I ever had were…" She stopped, taking a deep breath, avoiding the Malfoy matriarch's curious eyes. "They were…extremely…unpleasant." And painful. And humiliating. And disgusting. And traumatizing. And scarring. "Today though I was…I experienced something…more pleasant than I was used to. Just a hint of how it could be. I was approached with…well, pretty much a proposal I suppose." She muttered softly and had to fight hard to fight the smirk that threatened to break through.

"A proposal? From whom, if I may ask?" Narcissa sounded genuinely curious.

"You will know when the time comes." Lillian waved a dismissive hand at her. "Either way, I accepted but it won't be official until I am…well, ready. And I don't know how. I want to be, I want to be able to please him and…you are the only woman here I feel I can turn to with this, no matter how uncomfortable I am with talking about this."

It slowly dawned on Narcissa what the Potter heiress was talking about and, despite herself, she felt her heart break. "Lillian…" She couldn't help but use the girl's first name. "Were you…raped?"

Lillian raised her chin in defiance and took on a haughty tone. "I don't want anyone's pity. All I need is advice on how to…teach myself the more pleasurable aspects of having breasts and a vagina."

Narcissa had to hide her smile. Maybe she was wrong about this girl, whom she always saw as more of an annoyance than anything else. She didn't feel the same displeasure her husband and son felt towards the girl but she still never particularly liked her.

She felt humbled that the young girl sought her out for a talk about intimate issues as exploring one's growing body. "Child, there is no textbook or such things for exploring your body." Lady Malfoy began gently. "I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must feel at the thought of sexual things, considering what you must have experienced before." She placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "What you need first and foremost is a mind-healer. Someone to really talk to, share these things with, finding closure for what you went through."

Lillian huffed in annoyance. "He said that he would find me the best…but I don't really want to talk about it."

"It can only help." Narcissa shrugged delicately. "But still, if you feel excited for whatever reason then don't hesitate to explore your body. Find out what pleases you most. But go slow and stop when you feel uncomfortable. Be gentle and understanding with yourself."

"I suppose…" Lillian muttered, not entirely pleased with the conversation. Very much was vague and even more was identical with what Tom told her. "Thank you for your time, Mrs. Malfoy. And I assume I don't need to press just how badly I want this talk to be private and only remain between us?"

"Of course. My lips are sealed." She smirked at the young girl. "And you are quite welcome."

Chapter Text

The next few weeks passed in a blur for Lillian. She finally had managed to sort out Pansy's attitude with that bit of fear tactics (which were not exactly empty threats) and she also managed to cast fully powered silent spells just halfway through the deadline her Master had set upon her. After she showcased her new skills to him he gently touched her bare arm, sending shivers all over her body, making her feel marked and burned in the best ways possible.

The sensations he made her feel were unlike anything she ever imagined. She never even dreamt that any man would ever touch her the way he did, that any man would give her those tingling sensations. After six years of pain and disgust, she actually had settled that her body would only ever feel those kinds of ways after being touched.

Her Master showed yet again just how much better he was than any other man she ever got to know.

She had settled herself on a cushioned bench outside in Malfoy Manor's vast garden, softly humming to herself as she read about poisons and their effects on the human body. Currently, Lillian was deep into a poison that would start melting a person's intestines and worked very slowly. When it would be discovered what was happening inside the victim's body it usually was already too late and adding pain relieving potions would cause the poison to react very violently to them.

It really was a very insidious concoction and Lillian was chuckling in amusement as she read about it.

"That is a…interesting piece of literature you are reading, Potter." A low drawl drew her attention away from the book.

Sitting up and pulling the hem of her dress further down to cover most of her thighs, she looked at Severus Snape, his face expressionless. "I do find it most fascinating what the human mind is capable of coming up with just to cause another person the most excruciating kind of pain." The young girl stated before smiling at her Professor. She did like him. His class was very interesting, her favorite really, and she did agree with his attitude. No one should have to have the patience to be nice and understanding to a bunch of airheads who weren't capable of following basic instructions that were right in front of their noses. But since she knew that he was aware of her relationship with the champion of darkness she was a lot warier of him. Yes, the Dark Lord's death threat hung over him like the sword of Damocles but still, her trust had been vastly reduced.

She never trusted anyone ever fully. There were people she felt were worthy of more of her attention than others, resulting in her opening up to them just a little bit- like her Professor. But she never ever would trust anyone fully. At least not anyone other than her Dark Lord.

Patting the spot next to her, she invited Snape to sit next to her. "What brings you here today, Professor?"

"I wanted to talk to you about your…affiliation."

"I see." She stiffened ever so slightly. "And what is it that made you feel that there was anything to talk about?"

"Potter…Lillian." He began, his hard and cool mask slipping away, showing her a man who looked dead tired. "All I want to know is…why? I agree with a lot of the things the Dark Lord does and wants to achieve…but…I loved your mother." He finally ground out with a lot of effort, causing her eyes to go wide and her lips twitch in amusement. "And he killed her. He is the reason that you are an orphan. So, I just want to understand why you feel so…loyal to him, because I know that day estranged me from his revolution." Lillian narrowed her eyes at that last statement, causing him to roll his eyes at her. "He is well aware of that fact for I begged him to spare Lily."

"Hm." She gave him a narrow-eyed, sideways glance. "I will accept that for now but I will watch you very closely. My Master has no use of people who are not completely devoted to his cause." Crossing one leg over the other, baring a soft and creamy thigh in the process, she bobbed a bare foot up and down while thinking about a satisfying answer for him. Finally deciding on a few half-truths, she began to speak without looking at the Potions Master. "Before I begin, Professor, I want you to swear upon your magic that nothing I tell you will reach someone else's ears. I will not tell you all. The only one who knows everything is my Master and that was because he took what he wanted to know about me. I don't mind though, for I am completely his. I am his most loyal servant and his apprentice- he has the right to know everything there is about me." She finished with a fond smile before looking at Snape expectantly.

"Fine." Snape relented, feeling more than just a little bit disturbed that a fourteen-year-old, almost fifteen-year-old, girl felt so devoted to a mass murderer. He had to admit that once upon a time he didn't feel that much different about Voldemort's ideas but that ended once he lost his way and became a paranoid maniac who murdered the only friend he ever had, the only person he ever loved and all of this because he believed in the babbled nonsense of some Seer. He ended up being shocked once he saw that the Dark Lord did not return as the snake-like Voldemort but as Tom Riddle Jr. Maybe he found his way again, maybe he was ready to return to his original goals. He would have to wait and see, bide his time.

Raising his wand, he started to abide by her wish. "I, Severus Snape, swear upon my magic that nothing Lillian Rose Potter tells me will be revealed to another person should she not expressly say so. So mote it be." Golden hot wires spread from his wand to his arm and up to his chest then settleld right over his heart before slowly fizzling away.

"Thank you." She gazed ahead, her eyes unfocused as she decided how to begin. "I assume you are aware that, after I became an orphan, Dumbledore put me into the care of my relatives. How much do you know about my life there?"

"Nothing really." He answered carefully.

"Figures." She chuckled humorlessly. "Until I began muggle school I thought my name was 'girl' because they never used my name. Vernon would beat me senseless because I excelled in school while his walrus of a son had poor marks in every class. I had collected countless broken bones over the years and only thanks to my magical gift I am able to tell you this at all and that isn't half of what I had to endure. I never had a childhood and never will have one."

Snape was speechless as he listened to what the daughter of the single most important person of his life had to go through.

"I became who I am now because I needed to survive. I know I am sadistic, cruel, vindictive, ruthless and coldhearted. Probably even more than just those things. But I embrace it. I can hurt people without remorse because I was hurt without remorse." She gave him a calculating look. "If I am honest, there are only two people in this world I feel any affection for. The first person is my Dark Lord. He is so immensely powerful, his darkness…it feels like it is covering me like a warm blanked every time I stand near him." Lillian whispered, her voice full of wonder at what her Master could make her feel, Snape's disturbed look unseen to her as she averted her eyes from him and gazed at some unseen spot far away from where they were sitting.

After a few moments of silence, she returned her attention back to her Head of House, a rare but soft and kind smile on her face. "The second person is you, Professor." She chuckled at the surprised look on Snape's face. "I really admire your skill. I am saddened that you do not seem to have the opportunity to really profit from it but I hope and wish for you that after we have won this war my Master will give you that opportunity. I will certainly talk to him about it."

"I…thank you, Lillian." Snape answered, slightly awkwardly because he was not really used to people giving such praise to his skills. Even though he wasn't really able to express it, he was humbled and grateful for the things Lillian said.

"You are quite welcome. I can actually understand why you are always so grumpy during class. I feel like tearing out my own hair at the stupidity of some of your students." She chuckled lightly, before becoming serious and cold. "I really enjoy your classes, Professor. I greatly admire your skills and can only hope to one day become half as good at brewing potions as you are. I even enjoyed this little chat we had, though I know and even understand that you feel sick, disturbed and heartbroken at what Lily's baby girl has turned into."

"I'm not-" He began, hoping that he didn't hurt her feelings by showing his emotions so openly, something he never did but she just caught him off guard with almost everything she told him.

Laughing airily, she waved his attempted apology off. "Don't be. I don't mind if you are disturbed by who and what I am. I don't have enough feelings left in me for you to be able to hurt me with mere words. You would have to cruciome to cause me actual pain, I suppose." Sighing contently, she leaned back on the bench, closing her eyes. "Anyways…what I wanted to say is that I hope that my trust in you, even though it isn't close to what it was before you saw me with my Master, is well placed. I would actually be saddened if we had to kill you, Professor. So please, if nothing else, don't betray me to Dumbledore."

"Don't worry." The Potions Master answered dryly. "As empty as my life is, I still value it."

"I'm glad you do." She was about to stand up from the bench before a slow smirk appeared on her face as a thought crossed her mind. "Professor…despite all of my, in your opinion at least, distasteful qualities…how much do you like me? In all honesty. I promise I won't cry or tell anyone."

Again being caught off guard, he hesitated with his answer. "You are…the last memory of the only person I ever loved. It doesn't matter that you have nothing of her kindheartedness…you still are a piece of Lily and I will protect this piece until my dying breath."

Not really expecting that, she actually felt just a bit moved by his words, even if his motives weren't about her at all but about the memory of her dead mother. "I appreciate that, Professor. By the way…did you know that I actually begged the Headmaster to stop making me go back to the Dursley's? He knew everything they were doing to me there...and I mean everything. The things I told you about are mere child's play compared to the worst Vernon put me through, something Dumbledore is very aware of...yet, he still made me go back every single year. I thought you ought to know this, just in case you felt even a hint of loyalty towards that old piece of filth."

Shocked beyond believe and not even registering the obvious manipulation, he felt a rage burning inside of him that he never felt before. The supposed leader of the light submitted a child, a young girl, to an abusive household fully aware of what was happening in there. He relied on Dumbledore for so much and he was grateful that despite his past as a Death Eater during the first war he was granted a job and a safe place to live. But now knowing how he turned a blind eye to all the suffering Lily's daughter had to go through…the last in the long and ancient line of the Potters!

He barely registered the girl getting up from her place next to him as another thought crossed his mind, something he dreaded the answer to considering everything she told him but he just had to know. She was already on her way back into the Manor as he called out to her, making her stop in her tracks. "Did you…did you kill Diggory?"

His heart froze at the cold smirk she threw at him over her shoulder.

"I won't have to lie if you don't ask."

He nodded, before letting his head drop into his hands.

The only daughter of the love of his life was a murderer.

"I'm sorry, Lily."

Once the letters for the students had arrived, a day to go to Diagon Alley was set. It was an unusually large group that was led to the fireplace by the two elder Malfoys, but it wasn't every day that Lord Voldemort demanded for the children of all of his silent supporters and public followers to be tutored. It also wasn't every day that the tutor was the-girl-who-lived, who was standing a few paces away from the large group, looking rather bored as she waited for her turn to come.

"Potter." Lucius called her with a sneer, his pride still wounded because of their now infamous duel in the graveyard after Riddle's resurrection. "Do you know how to floo?"

"Yes." She answered in a bored tone and threw a small pinch of the powder into the fireplace before calling her destination as she stepped in.

Gracefully stepping out, she took in her surroundings, a look of distaste on her face at the guests drinking and dining in the Leaky Cauldron.

She didn't wait for the rest to arrive as she was about to leave and get her shopping done when a hand reached out and held onto her arm. Slowly turning around with a thundering look on her face, she growled at Draco. "Let go of my arm before I remove yours from your body, Malfoy."

"Alright." He held his arms up in surrender, a look of bewilderment on his face at her almost violent reaction over such a simple thing. "I just wanted to ask you where you are going. We are supposed to stay together."

"I prefer to do tend to my business on my own."

"Be that as it may, Lillian, we have direct orders to all stay together." Narcissa's voice came from behind her and Lillian's shoulders sagged.


Hanging slightly behind the group, Lillian went through a mental list of things she wanted to get for herself and after having finished she walked up to the elder Malfoys. "I was wondering if we could take a detour to Knockturn Alley after we have finished our business here."

"And why would you want to go to Knockturn Alley?" Lucius asked, not looking at her but she felt the eyes of everyone else on her.

"If you lot are so eager to eavesdrop you need to come closer because I can't say the following thing out loud." At least some of the children had the good grace to blush but they huddled in closer nevertheless, curious about what Lillian would want to buy in Knockturn Alley, notorious for its dark shops.

"I've read some of your books about Dark and Black Arts and blood magic has really caught my eye. There are some rituals I am eager to try and he has given me permission and said that he would help and watch over me during the rituals."

She saw most of the children blanch at her explanation as did Narcissa, but Lucius remained unmoved. "Very well."

"Thank you." Though she still didn't like him and wondered if she ever would, she thought it still good manners to at least be grateful that he took the time for a small detour.

Slowing her steps again, she took back on her bored look as they wandered from one mundane store to the other, not even the books in Flourish and Blotts tickling her fancy.

After almost two hours they were finally done with their school purchases and made their way into Knockturn Alley. As they were walking, Lillian could barely contain her excitement, looking the liveliest anyone had ever seen her.

"Okay, I can't help myself. Just what is this ritual you want to do and what exactly do you need?" Daphne asked her, half amused and half disturbed at Lillian's wide and happy grin.

"Well, at first I wanted to do something sacrificial, but my Master said that such rituals are still very far away from my level so I had to relent with trying out blood manipulation. I still obviously need to find an unwilling subject to experiment on." She answered with a frown before she grinned manically at the shocked faces on her classmates.

"You mean like…a person?"

"Well, obviously." She answered, looking as if she had to explain to an adult that one plus one equals two. "On top of that I need to buy a human heart, chalk made from human bones, candles, a dagger specifically created for black magic and ritual garbs." She counted everything off with her fingers as if she was ticking off a list of groceries, making the girls look green in the process and the boys just pointedly looked away.

"You really are sick." Pansy spat, looking at her as if she was the vilest thing the pug-faced girl had ever laid her eyes on- which probably was exactly what the Parkinson princess was thinking.

"I would like to think that I simply have the stomach and willingness to explore everything our gift of magic has to offer. Don't you think it's sad that such powerful and ancient magic makes you react as...pitifully as you do?" She asked them with a frown. "I mean, you don't have to practice it but the mere mention of it has you look like scared toddlers."

"How can you be so…normal about something like that?" Daphne asked, her voice just above a whisper.

Lillian shrugged her shoulders. "I simply don't care about mundane people, so if they are being processed into more useful things and, as a result of that, end up helping me dabble in black magic- then I am happy. And me being happy and in a good mood is good for everyone." Her eyes widened as she saw Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary. "Finally!" She rubbed her hands together in excitement and dashed forward, the hem of her dress fluttering in the light breeze and drawing the eyes of the boys towards her legs.

"Man, I wonder why no one ever even tried to date her…" Zabini mumbled, earning himself a soft chuckle from the other boys and a frown from Narcissa as she remembered her talk with the young girl.

"I know, right?" Nott answered. "I mean, yeah, she is a Potter, she is a half-blood, was supposed to be the Dumbledore's champion and all that but now…she is like the Dark Lord's dark princess…and without those fucking ugly glasses she is crazy hot, even if she's…freaky and scary."

"I want a piece of that." Blaise muttered almost wistfully.

Sighing and placing a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder, Nott agreed. "Me too, man, me too."

Oblivious to the goings-on behind her, Lillian spoke in a low voice to the old shop-owner. "I would like to take a look at your…special wares."

"And why would I show those to a young lady like yourself?"

"Because you are a greedy old man who gets weak at the sight of gold." The raven-haired girl smirked as she handed him three galleons.

"Ah, we have never spoken before but you already know me so well. Then come and please try not to throw up all over the place."

Rolling her eyes, she followed him eagerly through a hidden corridor. Her entourage followed her as they took a set of steps leading downstairs and then through a door that was locked with a password, opened by the shop-owner.

Once inside, Lillian took the morbid sight in, her eyes shining brightly in fascination. "This is magnificent!"

"I think I have to puke…" Pansy mumbled and raced back upstairs.

Lillian looked after her in distaste. "Whimp." Turning her attention back to the cooled room, she let her eyes wander. "Just think of the possibilities with these ingredients!" She muttered, more to herself than anyone else.

"She does know those are human body parts, right?" Tracey muttered at Theodore as she couldn't tear her eyes away from a cauldron full of human eyes, unseeing but staring into her own.

"Do you have hearts? As fresh as possible?" Lillian asked the owner, her eyes on a bowl filled with tongues.

"I do indeed. They are farther in the back."

She followed him farther until they reached a wooden box, filled with hearts. "Wonderful. Now just to find the right one…" She muttered as she squatted down and was about to reach in just as she was handed a pair of dragonhide gloves. Smiling sheepishly at the owner she thanked him. "Got too excited I guess."

As she shuffled through the box the man spoke up. "Dare I ask what you need them hearts for?"

"I can't forbid you to ask but I have to refrain from answering this question or I might have to kill you and honestly, your little shop is becoming way too convenient for me very quickly to risk a dead owner."

"Fair enough." The owner laughed in good humor.

"Ah, there it is." She pulled out a heart, still wonderfully red and even still a little bloody. "This one is very recent, isn't it?" Lillian asked as she snipped a finger against it, testing its texture as she squeezed it lightly a few times, nodding in approval. She was no expert by any means but she read so much about the usage of human body parts in rituals and how they were supposed to feel and look like, that she was fairly confident in her judgement.

"Yep. Nineteen year old mudblood girl. Came in this early morning."

"Perfect." Lillian grinned as she put the heart in a charmed bag, keeping it cool. "Would you also happen to have chalk made of human bones?"

"Unfortunately, I don't. All I have are unprocessed ingredients for potions, poisons and less legal things than potions and poisons. You might want check out Borgin and BurkesCobb and Webb's or Dystyl Phaelanges."

"I will do just that. Then our business is most certainly done for now. How much for this?" She held up the bag with the heart.

"Hm, human heart, not even a day old, young. Fifteen Galleons should suffice."

Laughing at the price but fishing for the coins nonetheless, she handed them to the owner. "My dear friend, you are a cutthroat."

"And very proud of it." He grinned at her. "It was a delight to make business with such a beautifully young and dark lady. I hope to see you soon again."

"You will, be sure of it." She waved a hand at him before grinning at her entourage who gave her awkward looks. "What a lovely man, isn't he?"

It took another hour to finish the rest of her business until they were finally done and soon the group arrived back at Malfoy Manor.

Riddle was sitting on a couch in the living room, sipping from his glass filled with firewhisky. "I see you returned."

Not wasting a second to go down on a knee in front of him, Lillian answered for the group. "Yes, my Lord. We also finished my personal business."

"Wonderful. Do your classmates know what that business was for?"

"They do and they all are well aware to keep their mouths shut for their own safety." She grinned at the group coldly and she knew she was still scary enough from the submissive position she was in as they all nodded frantically.

Letting out a small laugh, Riddle motioned for her to get back up to her feet. "Very well then. You all are dismissed for today. Apprentice, when do you want try out this ritual?"

"I would like to do so now, but we have no one to experiment on."

"I wouldn't say that." Riddle smirked at her.

Her eyes widened in excitement. "Really? Thank you so much, my Lord!"

"You have outdone yourself this summer, so I thought you were due for a small reward."

"Thank you, my Lord! Can we begin?"

"I will prepare your items while you go and get yourself ready." Lillian nodded and ran to her room to wash up. "The rest of you can come and watch. I personally urge you to witness a talented young witch trying herself at one of the most ancient and darkest magics there ever was. But it is, ultimately, your choice."

Pansy and Tracey declined, their stomachs too weak, and Tracey didn't want to give herself anymore nightmare material after seeing that room full of body parts.

After having finished showering, her still wet hair clinging to her skin, Lillian put on the skirt she bought at Borgin and Burkes. It was made for African shamans who practice(d) voodoo and other sacrificial magics, blood magic included. Its material consisted of animal hide and fur, various human and animal bones decorating it. The skirt didn't go beyond mid-thigh and her top was completely bare, revealing her chest. She was shy to step like this in front of her Master but he wanted her to be his wife and he wanted to bed her, probably bear him an heir too.

He might as well see what he is going to get, right? She tried to talk some bravery into herself. Taking a deep breath, her entire body shaking, she walked a while with her top only covered with a towel.

Once she reached the room she stepped inside, paling at the group of people standing there. "What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice rising several octaves.

"That would be because of me, my little apprentice. Something so rare should not be hidden from curious eyes, don't you think?" Her Master explained why he invited them to watch.

"B-but I have to be…h-half-naked?"

Riddle stepped up to her, throwing an arm above her shoulders and pulling her away from the others. "Lillian…you have a beautiful body and you should not be ashamed of showing it. See it as therapy…though it is admittedly a pretty sudden and hands-on kind…but this may help you to get comfortable in your own body." He spoke lowly and his presence so close to her did calm her nerves.

"I'll try…" She finally assented.

"Very well. Let's get this started." He spoke loudly and clapped his hand.

Her face still pale and her body still shaking, she avoided any eyes as she removed the towel and put it on a chair, moved to one side of the room. She was glad that no one whistled or commented at her bare breasts and hardening nipples as the cold air hit them.

Almost mechanically she went and took the book lying readily on a table, as did the piece of chalk. She did her best to draw a perfect circle, big enough to place a grown man in it. She then drew another, smaller circle inside of it and connected them on the top and bottom with wavy lines. A few inches to the left side of the two circles she drew another one, completely empty.

Feeling more relaxed now that she got down to business and almost forgot about her audience, she asked her Master. "My Lord, the test subject?"

"There he is." Riddle waved his wand and, from the back of the room, a young and fit man, immobilized, floated right into the middle of the first couple circles, his head connecting to the top wavy line and his feet to the bottom one. She then took the silver chalice placed on the table and went to the immobilized man, removing the charm partially so she could move his arm. He swung it at her, but Lillian dodged it and aimed a quick bludgeoning hex at his elbow, shattering it in the process. The man screamed in pain but he couldn't move his mouth so it was muffled.

"Your own fault. You should have just behaved." Lillian muttered, as she cut him with the dagger along the artery of his arm, filling the chalice quickly with his blood before she healed the cut again. "That should suffice."

She dipped a finger deeply into the collected blood and painted several runes on his body. After she was finished she went and took the heart, placing it just over his head. Looking in his eyes, filled with terror, she spoke to him but also loud enough for the rest of the room to hear her explanation. "This heart is…well, more of an offering than a sacrifice for the patrons who gave us the gift of blood magic. A sacrifice needs to be a living thing, ranging from rodents to people. They are necessary for more powerful rituals. Ultimately you can use any body part, from arms and legs to just any organ you fancy. But the heart is said to be the best offering and the fresher it is the better the patrons shall favor you."

He tried to say something but it was all just very muffled with the immobilization charm still on him. Shrugging her shoulders she took the chalice with her and stood on her own, smaller circle. She painted herself with several runes, using the blood as a coloring, before she squatted down and connected both circles with a wavy line of blood. She then stood up and took a deep breath to brace herself for what she was about to do. Raising the chalice to her lips she squeezed her eyes shut as she heard several mutterings ranging from She isn't! to Damn!. She took quick and deep gulps as she drank another person's blood, the coppery taste clinging to her tongue and painting her mouth and teeth in deep red.

Once finished, she suddenly felt a sharp spark going through her body, illuminating her from the inside before it went away, but she still felt that strange awareness. "Something's…different."

She looked at the man and raised a finger but couldn't, no matter how hard she tried. "My Lord, could you lift the charm off him but keep him quiet?"

Once he did, she tried again and saw him raise a finger. "Fascinating…I can make him do anything I want…but the mobility is limited. I wonder if I can manipulate him more deeply…" She went towards him and touched his arm, feeling it heat up under her palm as his blood started to boil. A grin covered her face, baring her still bloodstained teeth. "My Lord, I feel like this could be a wonderful torture device! I can basically boil his innards just by mere touch! The body control is not as effective I'm afraid but good enough to make him follow you in public without the obvious empty-imperius-eyes. But it's a thing of preference, I suppose. Don't you agree, my friend?" She asked her experiment as she placed a hand gently on his thigh, making him scream once again in pain. "This is so much fun! Just a touch and-" She placed a finger in his bellybutton and held it there for a few moments and his screams, still muffled just a moment ago, were suddenly very loud.

"Stop! Please! Just kill me, kill me, please just make it stop!"

Looking towards her Master she saw him with his wand in his hand, smirking at her and she could just smirk back. He had such a great humor!

Removing her finger, she gave him a few moments to recover, his breath coming in pants. "I wonder if there is more to this…" She got back up from her position and had to stop herself before moving very consciously. "Apparently the movement manipulation has to be conscious and with vision of the victim. This is very useless I am afraid. I have no idea what…no wait…" She turned in excitement towards the table, her small breasts swinging with her at the sudden movement, the eyes of the boys firmly on them. She ignored that however and stared at her Master. "One could force another person with this manipulation to harm is own kin! A mental torture device via movement manipulation. It's brilliant!"

Nodding in approval at her figuring this possibility out, Riddle tilted his head towards the tortured man. "Why don't you finish up?"

"Yes, my Lord." She went up to her victim with a smile on her face, squatting down next to him. Running a hand through his hair, she took particular care that her skin touched his scalp. Soon he started screaming again but it didn't take too long for blood to ooze out from his ears before he became limp and stopped moving altogether.

She looked at her audience and, while all the children looked like they dreaded going to sleep tonight, Lucius looked at her as if he saw a completely new person. Her Master looked very pleased with her performance while Narcissa looked at the dead man on her floor, her face contorted in a grimace as if she had a particularly foul taste in her mouth.

She, personally, felt as if she could just float away. Today was a good day.

Later that night, comfortable in her bed and having pleasant dreams about the ritual she performed, she woke up, feeling disoriented. As her mind started to clear the fog of sleep she realized that something heavy was on her and something wet around her nipples. She felt something hard and warm poking the inside of her thigh and with a sudden start, a wave of panic and adrenalin rushing through her, she grabbed her wand from under her pillow and aimed it at the general direction of the person, still missing him but blasting a huge hole into the wall.

"GET OFF ME!" She shrieked at the person on top of her, who was so startled at the sudden violence that he fell onto the floor and scrambled up to run out of the room.

Lillian jumped off her bed, her nipple still bare and wet with saliva, the inside of her thigh still sticky with the person's pre-ejaculate, she sent another blasting spell after him and another and another.

"COME BACK SO I CAN KILL YOU!" She screamed again, the rage burning so hot in her that she didn't register where she was or how she looked. The Manor looked as if it went through a small battle, with holes littered across the walls, pieces of the floor and banisters littered all over the place. She heard several steps rushing towards her, her wand at the ready as she saw Lucius, Narcissa and her Master arriving at the scene; curious teenagers appearing from various directions with the adults took in the scene with wide eyes.

"What is the meaning of this, Potter?! Why are you destroying my home? And cover yourself up, will you!"

"Where is he?!" She snarled at him, not caring about his house in the slightest.

"Lillian!" Her Master barked at her but, while still turning towards him, she didn't calm down. "What are you talking about?"

"Some fucker sneaked into my room and…touched me! While I was asleep!" She barked back.

His face was darkening instantly. "Who?" Riddle asked, his voice still low.

Lillian looked at the group of her classmates and saw only one of them missing. "Nott." She whispered. "Where is he?!" The dark-haired girl barked at the youngsters, her wide and wild eyes in combination with her sleep-hair giving her a scary and crazy look.

"He…uh, he hid in…my room." Zabini spoke up and Narcissa immediately disappareted and returned a few moments later with a scared looking Theodore.

Not even wasting a second she immediately aimed her want at him and screamed. "Crucio!"

It only lasted a few seconds though, her wand flying from her hand into the waiting one of her Master.


She didn't look at him or even addressed him as she turned around and went to leave back towards her room.

"Lillian." His voice started to sound threatening.

"I need to wash myself off his…fluids…before I get sick in front of everyone." His apprentice answered stiffly.


"Not fully."

Saying no more, she left.

The next day, Lillian's mood was in the gutter and she avoided any contact with any person. She spent the entire morning in the library, having her food and drink brought to her by the house-elf.

After she arrived in the bathroom last night she immediately cast a silencing and locking charm on the door and screamed until she couldn't help and break down in tears and throw up into the toilet.

It wasn't because of the act itself but more the timing that finally had her cry for the first time since six years. She finally felt like she was starting to heal. She already had two sessions with a healer who got hired by her Master. She enjoyed speaking to her and though they had yet to brush on the topic she actually was there for, she talked a lot about sexuality and the mental healing process after rape, how different women dealt differently with it. Some like her felt no desire for any sexual endeavors at all, some let themselves go and had as much sex with as many people as they could.

They talked and Lillian actually tried out touching herself in general erogenous areas, actually enjoying the sensations she could give herself, yesterday before going to bed even causing herself to moan loudly. She even did become comfortable during the ritual, not minding the ogling eyes of the boys after a while. Of course, it did help that she became so deeply involved and distracted in the torture of the victim but nonetheless.

She felt like she made such huge steps and now that had happened. She felt as if she was thrown back a lot more than she made steps forward. As yesterday the thoughts of being touched by a man brought up extremely careful curiosity, but curiosity nonetheless, the thought now made her sick and want to throw up.

As soon as she heard the door to the library slowly open, she gathered herself up and marked the page in the book before starting to leave, trying to find a new area of solitude.

She was stopped though by Narcissa, the tall stature and elegant dress telling her as much as she avoided looking anyone in the face and just stared ahead.

"You were supposed to hold one of your tutoring sessions two hours ago."

"I don't care." She muttered, her voice still hoarse from yesterday's screaming.

"The Dark Lord wishes to speak with you."

Nodding, she went on her way to meet her Master. Maybe he would crucio her, maybe he would just scold her but she didn't really care at this point. What Nott tried to do caused her to feel weak again. Yes, she defended herself but that was only because he didn't bind her. If he had, she knew how it would have ended.

Once she arrived at her destination she knocked and waited for the permission to enter. Stepping inside, she dropped- out of habit by now- on one knee. "My Lord."

"Rise, apprentice, and sit down."

Nodding, she got up and took a seat across from her Master.

"You didn't appear to your tutoring session."


"And why?"

"I preferred to spend the entirety of the day in solitude."

"Yet you appeared here."

"When the Dark Lord calls upon his apprentice she appears, whether she wants to or not."

"Indeed. But why would such a devoted apprentice like you not continue on fulfilling a task you had gotten through a direct order from me?"

"Because I will not have anyone see me while I feel this weak."

Sighing, Riddle ran a hand through his curly hair. "Nott didn't actually want to rape you, or so he said."

"What?" Her voice was low and her eyes narrowed.

"He said he wanted to seduce you because he heard you moan through your door an hour before he sneaked in and he thought you might enjoy some company. Of course, I still punished him severely because first, you belong to me and second, what he did still accounts as attempted rape as you were not aware at all to what he was doing."

"I do belong to you, my Lord." She whispered before her mind went back to what actually angered her. "So, he is still here?"


"I will leave then."


"Then I will stop tutoring those brats."

"You won't. He wants to apologize."

Lillian first looked at her Master, then broke out laughing, almost entering into hysteria. "Oh, that's okay then! 'Hey, Lillian, I am so sorry that I almost fucked you in your sleep. I didn't actually want to rape you, I just happened to assume that hearing a girl moan in her room is an open invitation for any guy to sneak into their rooms during the night and rape them as they sleep, because that's what really gets a girl going.' Yes, my Lord. I'll absolutely accept that apology. Should Vernon apologize, I'll accept that too. He probably once heard me moan because my back ached as I was cleaning the floor of the entire house with my hands when I was eight and assumed it was sexual and that all I needed was a good plowing."

"Are you done yet, apprentice?" Riddle ground out between his teeth, his fingers itching to punish her for her insolence but he had to admit that accepting an apology by someone who had almost raped her was laughable. The way how ridiculous she made that possible apology sound helped along the way.


Taking a deep breath, he almost chocked on what he was about to say, though he would need to be able to, if for no other reason than ensuring the loyalty of his apprentice and his future life-partner. She had to be able to trust him and his judgement and if he made blunders in topics this sensitive for her he would just sabotage his relationship with his apprentice. "I…am sorry for presuming that a simple apology would suffice in clearing a matter as sensitive and hurtful as this one is for you."

Lillian's eyes widened and her cheeks actually blushed. "My Lord…you didn't need to-"

"Lillian." He got up from his seat and placed a hand on her shoulder, feeling her stiffen at first but slowly relaxing. Knowing that anything more intimate than this would just be harmful at this point, he remained his hand on her shoulder and gave her a comforting squeeze, hoping that she took it for what it was, nothing more and nothing less. "I treasure your loyalty to me. Never before had I had a follower with devotion like yours. Sure, there was Bellatrix but she was utterly unstable and her loyalty to me was tainted by her obsession. While you have her sadistic and ruthless streak- a very useful trait to have when you torture someone for important information- you are, very unlike her, intelligent. I have to admit that watching you teach and watching you learn is a wonderful distraction from my daily work." He smirked as she smiled into her lap as the blood from her cheeks spread all over her face.

"Thank you, my Lord." She whispered.

"I don't want to jeopardize our relationship before you are even ready to indulge it more deeply. I don't treat anything that belongs to me carelessly. So yes, I have to admit a mistake I made and apologize for it. I will remove Nott from the Manor if this is your wish."

"It is."

"Then it will be done. I do expect you to continue your tutoring tomorrow. Indulge in solitude today if this is what helps you."

"Thank you, my Lord."

"And I will call the mind-healer for tomorrow. Speak to her about what happened."

"I…" She sighed. He already allowed her more than she expected, he didn't punish her for her cheek and he even apologized for being tactless. "As you wish, my Lord."

She got up from her chair and gave her Master a brief but grateful look. She was content with how this talk turned out in the end. But then, she shouldn't have expected anything less from him.

He did say that he took great care of his belongings and, after all, he more than once made it very clear that she belonged to him .

Chapter Text

Finally! The summer is over! Lillian thought to herself as she got herself ready to leave the Manor and get to Platform 9 ¾.

This summer holiday felt like the longest she ever had and, even though it was mostly positive in so many different ways, the last couple weeks were really starting to grind on her nerves.

Starting with the fact that, after a wonderful day full of shopping for a human heart and chalk made of human bones and other such morbid and fascinating things, after engaging and experimenting on her first ever blood ritual, Theodore Fucking Nott eavesdropped on her as she engaged in a little exploration of her body and heard her moan loudly as she found a particularly wonderful spot.

Apparently, he translated that moan into 'please Theo, come into my room when I sleep and rape me', considering that was what he attempted.

The following days were spent with getting pitiful looks from her classmates as they all tried to 'comfort' her and 'be there' for her.

She didn't need the help of those imbeciles. After she took a day of solitude following that Nott-situation she was fine and back to her usual you-insects-are-below-me-attitude.

And still, Daphne suddenly wanted to become her friend and shared details about her on-and-off relationship with Zabini with her. Why would she want to know that Daphne was annoyed with Blaise because he got her to give him a blowjob but would not return the favor and go down on her? To make things worse, the incredulous look Lillian gave Daphne for that particular piece of information was interpreted as 'really? I so totally understand you, Daphne', causing the Greengrass- princess to share even more.

The only positive thing coming out of that whole situation was that for once, Pansy just kept her mouth shut and didn't annoy her. It was such a pleasant change, that Lillian hoped the others would just take Pansy's example and shut the fuck up.

But they didn't and she blessed every deity she knew of when September 1st finally arrived.

So, here she was, just slipping into a fresh pair of black lace panties- she didn't have another reason for wearing them other than enjoying the feel of the lace on her skin- and was about to put on her bra, when she was startled by a knock on her door. "Who is it?"

"It is me, my dear apprentice."

Her small breasts were still out in the open, her bra in her hands as she bit her lip, as she was wondering if she should. On one hand, though as uncomfortable as she still felt at times, she did enjoy it when her Master's leering eyes stared at her; stripped her bare and caressed her with just his eyes.

On the other hand...well, she still felt so uncomfortable at times. Yes, she liked to wear light and short dresses but that was only for comfort and because she found them pretty.

But there he was; the man who wanted to marry her because he found both their bloodlines to be highly compatible, who wanted to sire her child so she could bear him his heir.

"I might as well…" She whispered to herself and took a deep breath. "Think of it as therapy. This is your future Lord Husband waiting outside." Calming her nerves with a couple more deep breaths, she called out. "Please come in, my Lord."

Her bare back towards the door, she heard it open and close with a soft click. "Thank you for knocking, my Lord, but you shouldn't have to. When you want to be somewhere, you should just go and enter."

"That I usually do, but I thought I should be a gentleman for once." He answered in good humor.

"And I appreciate the sentiment, but you are my Lord and I am but your servant and apprentice. The roles are clear and, considering that you also want to sire my future child, there shouldn't be a reason for modesty between us. Sooo…would you mind helping me with this, my Lord?" She turned around, her face beet red as her breasts were bare in front of him. Holding out her bra, matching to her panties, she handed it to him with shaking hands.

He took it from her, his eyes burning her soft, pale skin as he drank in the sight of her bare flesh. "Of course. Slip your arms through and turn around."

She did as she was told, her skin bursting out in flames at every graze of his fingertips on her skin and then turned around, feeling the material tighten comfortably around her before it settled firmly against her skin. "Thank you." She whispered before walking towards the wardrobe to take out the dress she picked out the night before. Quickly slipping into it, she sat down on her bed and put on the pair of heeled strappy sandals waiting there for her. Once done, she started to brush her lush and wavy hair to get rid of any tangles, which was easier now that she had it cut short, reaching just beyond her jawline. "Was there a reason you wanted to see me, my Lord?" She asked him, a leg crossed over the other, baring a soft thigh as she kept herself busy with her brush. "Also, please make yourself comfortable. The bed has enough room for you to sit down." She added with good humor, hoping he would see it as such.

Thankfully, he seemed to do so as he joined her on it. "I hope you do understand that I don't make a habit out of seeing off any of my lackeys."

"Of course, my Lord. It's why I feel humbled that you took the time out of your schedule to see me." And she meant every word.

"As you should. I came by to give you something. Something to remember me by, something to have me with you permanently."

It couldn't be…could it? "You don't...couldn't...mean…The Mark?" She whispered.

"Oh yes, I do."

"My Lord…I-I…I'm not worthy! I haven't achieved anything in your honor yet!" How could he think that she was achieved enough to wear something as glorious as the Dark Mark?

"That is indeed true. But I see in you a lot more than in many others of my inner circle. Besides, you are my apprentice. You will become my first lieutenant. You will be the mother of my heir. I find it only fitting to bind you to me andmy cause forever."

"I…I will wear it with pride, my Lord." She whispered. This felt like a dream to her; one she never wanted to wake up from.

"I know you will. But for now, I will hide it under a permanent glamour charm. You will know it is there, but no one will see it, not even Dumbledore. It will remain hidden until I- and only I- remove that charm."

"I am ready, my Lord."

"Then give me your left arm."

As she did so, he grabbed it gently and pressed the tip of his wand against the inside of her forearm. She felt a burning sensation spreading through her arm and as she looked she could see that infamous skull with the serpent slithering out of its mouth pouring like ink out of her Master's wand and into her skin. After a few moments, he withdrew his wand and there it was- if she wanted or not- she was bound to Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. a.k.a Lord Voldemort for the rest of her life. She was now forever his to command, his to use as a weapon and, at some point during this year, she would also be expected to be his to warm his bed with.

She stroked the tattoo, as black as a starless night, running a finger on top of the serpent. "I will make it my life goal to never disappoint you, my Lord." She whispered.

"I have heard this a lot of times. Just make sure to be the first one to actually achieve this goal."

"Yes, my Lord." A sudden wave of determination ran through her, becoming now part of his inner circle and wearing his mark causing it. "I will do my best to be ready by winter, my Lord."

"Ready for what?"

"To share your bed." She answered bluntly, though she felt her cheeks heat up. But Lillian felt, deep inside, that she wanted this. She wanted her Master to show her pleasure, to touch her. All that was left was that mental barrier, a reflex and impulse which seemingly wanted to protect her from intimate touches. It needed to be dealt with and if she needed to, she would see to it to have more frequent sessions with that mind-healer.

Chuckling, her cupped her cheek. "You set yourself high goals. I hope- for your sake- that you achieve them. Now go, the others are waiting and you don't want to miss the train."

She nodded and grabbed her handbag, gasping when she felt him slap her ass lightly.

"I wanted to do this since you allowed me to walk in on you wearing nothing but that scandalous underwear." She could pretty much hear his grin.

"I'm glad you liked them." She muttered, not looking at him as she rushed out of her room. Once she felt she reached a far enough distance she couldn't help but smirk to herself. This was big for her. Getting her rear touched in such a way by a man of such magnificence and feeling nothing but excitement was a first. Now, for the first time, she felt confident that she actually could follow up on her big talk.

Her great mood was evaporated once she stepped inside their compartment after Draco, as they came back from the prefect meeting. Theodore Nott was sitting in their compartment. At first, she ignored him, minding her own business, reading through the last few pages of the last schoolbook she had left to read when she heard his soft and scared voice calling out to her, trying to get her attention.

She slowly put the book down on her lap, marking the page and closing it, a manicured fingernail painted in black tapping the cover of the book impatiently as she looked at him, having found a seat across from her.

Seeing, that she wouldn't say anything he simply started to apologize. "I really am so- "

"No. I will not accept an apology from a would-be-rapist." With that, she thought she ended the conversation and was about to return her attention back to her book when he continued to talk.

"Come on, I thought we were friends."

All she could do for a few moments was to give him a look of utter confusion and bewilderment. "What? When did that happen? The lot of you hate my guts just for breathing; not that I care but still, the fact remains that we never ever have been 'friends' at any point and I also don't want any. I can do well enough without having people latch onto me like leeches, thank you very much. And for you to actually come here after you tried to rape me and then claim that we have been friends…if this is how you treat supposed 'friends' then I would feel sorry for Daphne and Pansy if I were capable of any empathy."

"I actually feel sad that you feel that way…" Daphne muttered, wondering how any person would not want to have at least one friend to be close with.

Lillian, now back at reading the book, had a leg crossed over the other and bobbed a bare foot up and down, having slipped out of her sandals once they had found their seats. "Not my problem," she answered flippantly at Daphne's comment. "I, for one, am perfectly happy."

"What if you ever need someone watching your back? What if you have problems you need someone else's help with?" Draco asked her.

"Then I'll just hire your gorillas as they're more than capable of watching 'my back', considering they've been busy doing that all summer." Lillian drawled, ignoring the laughter as she was idly flipping through a page. As she kept bobbing her foot, her eye caught some of the nail polish being chipped on her toenails. Frowning, she put the book down, rummaged through her bag until she found the small bottle and pulled her knee up to chest, the foot planted on the edge of her seat.

"Really?" Blaise muttered, amusement clear on his face.

"What can I say?" she mumbled as her brows were knit in concentration. "I am a vain person."

"Vain, arrogant, sadistic, ruthless, coldhearted, selfish- now those are some grand qualities in a girl." Draco laughed.

"Thank you very much, Draco. One of your qualities must be your humor. If I didn't need to be so concentrated right now I'd have laughed at the arrogance-part, considering it came from you of all people." Hearing no reply, she just muttered. "Knew that'd shut you up."

Once she was done covering over the chipped spots she continued her work to get it done cleanly, first with a cotton pad to carefully dab off the excess paint then applying polish over the nail again so it looked the way it was supposed to. "Perfect."

Carefully setting the foot down on one of her sandals, she inspected the other and was glad to see that there was no chipped polish anywhere.

"Why don't you just use magic?" Draco asked her, not really understanding why someone would go into so much effort just for that.

"Magic is not reliable when it comes to cosmetics." She answered shortly, this time crossing the other leg over the one with the freshly applied polish as she resumed her reading.

The compartment was quiet for a while, all that could be heard being the occasional rustling of a page, Blaise's soft snores and the engine of the train.

Having finally finished the last page, she closed the book and put it inside her handbag, before checking her watch. Looking around she saw that everyone else was either asleep or otherwise occupied. She shook the dozing Draco awake, who looked startled at the rude awakening. "It's time to start our patrolling."

"Already?" He yawned and stretched.

"Yes, now get up. We don't have all day."

As he slowly gathered himself up she slipped on her sandals before collecting her school clothes. "Let's go find a compartment where I can change."

It didn't take them long and she quickly slipped inside it and changed before leaving again, her dress neatly folded and stowed away in her handbag, as were her shoes.

"Let's get this prefect business started, shall we." She said as they just started to walk towards the back as it was closest to their compartment.

Taking on a leisurely pace, they looked around and were glad that there was nothing going on that would need their intervention.

After a while, Draco spoke up. "I've been thinking a lot about what you said…back in the library, the day after you arrived."

She indicated with her hand for him to continue, making it clear that she was listening.

"Did you mean it when you said that you saw more potential in me?" He asked her, causing her to mentally groan.

"Is this going to be the kind of awkward situation in which you want me to give you some sort of insightful advice or something?" She asked with a grimace.

Malfoy just sighed and scowled at her, putting his hands on her shoulders to stop her and quickly pulling them back again. "Just this once I want you to say something to help me out here. This is important to me, so please, just…don't be sarcastic or cruel or whatever. Just…help me out here. Please."

"Fine. But if you tell anyone about this, I will torture you until you will have to rent a bed next to the Longbottoms."

"Sure, okay. Can't have people think about you as anything other than a cold bitch."

"Exactly! I actually love my reputation because it is accurate." She chuckled to herself. "Anyways…I meant what I said. You have potential to be better academically. It was obvious when I tutored you and that is so frustrating for me!" She scowled at him. "Do you even begin to understand how mad it makes me when someone does not even try to reach his full potential, especially academically?"


"That is personal and something you do not need to know. Just understand that it makes me mad, really mad. I strive to be the best at everything I can be and I will try to top every class and I will do all I legally can to be top at herbology this year. There is nothing I enjoy more than learning new things and applying that knowledge. It's this drive and this thirst for knowledge that ultimately secured me the position I have with…him."

Draco was silent for a while as he took her words in. He never was that big of a reader and never was really invested in academics. He never needed to. In the end though, it was true that you needed to be good at stuff to get good positions, to become important in one way or the other.

If he was honest, all his father did was bribe the right people to gain influence but when it came down to it, he was neither a great wizard nor a talented academic.

His duel with Potter was the latest proof.

"You need to get off your arse, Draco. Knowledge is the one real way to power. Bribery, like your father uses, is good enough for a while but sooner or later people will try and rid the ministry of corruption. One day his targets will be replaced by other people like Bones. It is a good and useful talent to have but it isn't permanent. Knowledge is. I was powerful enough to beat your father in a duel because I have knowledge and he doesn't. He is an average wizard at best."

"Would you mind continuing to tutor us? The willing ones at least. I spoke with Daphne, Blaise and Tracey, they would all want to. Theo only if you allow it, obviously. We all- "

"As flattering as it is, I won't have the time. With my own studies, with prefect duties, with…new occupations, I simply won't have the time, even if I wanted to. Which I don't."

"Well, we expected that answer." Draco gave her a that infuriating smirk of his. "We thought of a solution and ended up speaking with my mother who in turn spoke with my father who in turn spoke to your, uh, boss."

"You didn't." She growled at him, both infuriated and impressed at his gall to go to her Lord and Master behind her back just to have her teach them.

"We did. Here is proof, he handed it to me yesterday evening." His smirk grew.

She snatched the parchment out from his grasp and looked at it. At first it was empty but then it quickly reacted to her touch and she felt the inside of her left arm burn. Ink appeared on the parchment and it pretty much confirmed what he told her. "You are going to pay for this move, Draco."

"I want to be better and I want an important role in his future." He replied with a low voice. "But I do need your help. We all do. We are willing to pay our dues to get there."

Huffing in annoyance, she stuffed the parchment into her back as they resumed their patrol. "That you will."

Later that day, once the Hogwarts Express arrived at Hogwarts, they made their way towards the seemingly magically operated carriages. Lillian knew better though and she knew that most of 'her' students would now too.

She couldn't hide her smirk when she heard Daphne squeal. "Oh my god, what are those?!"

Several students stopped to give the Greengrass princess an odd look.

"Relax, Daphne. Those are Thestrals. Only people who have experienced death one way or another can see them." She explained with a roll of her eyes as she patted the leathery hide on the neck of one of the skeletal horses.

"They are supposed to be bad omen!" One of the Gryffindor prefects, Ron Weasley, whispered loudly, eyes widened in fear and trepidation.

"Don't soil your underwear, Bilius. They simply have a bad reputation. They are actually quite docile." Ever since he got that howler from his mother, who announced his ridiculous middle name to the whole school in her rant, she never wavered from addressing him with that name only.

Ignoring his insults, she stepped into one of the carriages and sat down next to Daphne, who pointedly ignored Blaise.

I wonder what he did this time. Maybe he didn't hold her hand long enough. Or he did it too long and Daphne wasn't ready for that kind of commitment and she felt pressured by him and…

Soon enough they arrived at the castle, time flying by thanks to the new pastime of spinning the most outlandish reasons what new drama happened between Daphne and Blaise she amused herself with.

Stepping past the opening gates the group of chattering students entered the Great Hall and Lillian couldn't help but feel like she returned home. Yes, the curriculum was way too tame for her taste and she got bored easily because, if she may say so herself, she was intellectually too far ahead for what was being taught here.

But this was her refuge from Privet Drive. This was her safe haven for the past few years. This was where she learned that she was not a freak but that she had a gift that put her above mudbloods, above the average human. Here she learned that she was superior with every piece of magic she absorbed and learned and used.

This place was where she started polishing the raw diamond that was created after years of abuse and molestation and would ultimately become the dark apprentice of Lord Voldemort/Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr.

Sitting down with her year mates, she ignored their chatter and let her eyes wander over the high table. She stopped at a distasteful looking woman with the most hideous looking pink robes she had ever laid eyes on.

"Sweet Morgana's knickers, is that frog up there that Umbridge woman your father was yapping about, Draco? Is she blind or why is she wearing something…that bright?"

Following her gaze, all the girls started to giggle while the boys looked slightly disturbed at the color.

They quieted down when McGonagall brought in the Sorting Hat and it started to sing once more and soon the sorting began. She remembered when she was standing there, a broken and weak girl, wearing way too oversized clothes but so excited all the same. Yes, she was so unbelievably excited for this adventure, this new life for her and now, five years later, she could say she grabbed that opportunity as firmly as can be with both her hands.

Half an hour later, the last of the first years was sorted and the headmaster was about to begin his speech when he was interrupted by a sickening hem, hem.

Soon enough, that ministry lackey began her speech and Lillian listened carefully even though she already had the information about the ministry's plans regarding Hogwarts.

After she was done there were a couple polite claps strewn across the hall but most students looked like they just woke up from a nap.

"Ugh, that woman…" Lillian shook herself. "Her voice alone grates on my nerves."

"You actually listened? We already knew what's going on, why bother?" Tracey asked her with a yawn that quickly morphed into a grin as the food finally appeared.

"Well, yes. It is one thing to hear it mouth-to-ear but it is something entirely different to hear it from the original source." She put some food onto her plate and was glad that she was sitting a bit away from Crabbe and Goyle as their eating habits left a lot to be desired.

Soon enough the desserts replaced the main course and she looked for her favorite before happily putting some on her plate. Taking a forkful of the treacle tart, she sighed happily at the wonderful taste. "I could eat tons of this and never feel sick of it."

Once the whole student body felt sated and sleepy, Dumbledore stood up again and ordered the prefects to lead the first years to their common rooms.

"Come on, then." She looked at Draco and had him follow her as she called for the first years. They walked in a leisurely pace, allowing the children to take in the moving portraits and other magical wonders the castle had to offer as they walked the shortest and easiest path from the Great Hall to the Slytherin common room, all the while answering questions the little ones had. She hoped they would do their house proud. While Slytherin stood for cunning and resourcefulness above all else, the house of the serpent had a history of producing some of the greatest minds in the history, part of the reason being that a Slytherin usually didn't shy away to delve deeper into magic than others.

Soon they arrived at the wall leading inside their common room. "Here we are." Lillian announced. "Do you remember the way from the Great Hall to here?" Several nods were her answer so she continued. "If you don't remember or are lost somewhere in the castle, don't shy away from asking the older students for directions, especially the ones with the prefect badge. They will help you and if they don't then just remember what they look like and tell me so I can have a chat with them." She smirked at the giggles she received. "Now, getting into our common room is fairly easy. All you have to do is say the password towards the wall." She took her position right in front of it and spoke in a clear voice so even the kids farther in the back could hear her. "Lingua serpentis."

The wall vanished to gasps from the first years and they looked around wide eyed around the room, seeing the cackling fire, the comfortably chairs and tables, the couches. "The password changes every week and you can find the new one always over there, so make sure to check or you will have to wait until someone else who knows the password wants to get in. Draco will show the boys their dormitories; girls, follow me."

She showed them the dormitories for the first years before heading up to her own. Her trunk already at the foot of her bed, she began to unpack and hang her clothes in the wardrobe assigned to her. Once she was done and her undergarments, socks and various other things were where she wanted them to be, she changed into her nightclothes- a pair of boxer briefs with a tank top- she crawled under her blankets and leaned, sitting, against the head of her bed with a book in her lap.

It was about ancient shamanic rituals in Africa and how they developed and changed over the centuries.

She found it awfully interesting how sacrificial magic was practiced back then and how the magical community developed faster than the muggle community thanks to those sacrifices. She knew that it wouldn't work like that these days. First, one needed hundreds and in very rare cases thousands of sacrifices in a single ritual for the kind of effect described in the book. That was the reason why mass sacrifices were done so often in the ancient times. Today though, it would be impossible. The magical community was dying out and, as distasteful as it was, the intermarriage and crossbreeding between magical and non-magical people was the saving grace of magic.

Second, there was the fact that, since they couldn't effort to sacrifice of their own people, the only other possibility was mudblood sacrifices. Considering how technologically advanced they were in comparison to the magical community it would be suicide to engage in such an attempt. One muggle bomb going off in Diagon Alley would put a huge dent in the number of her kind.

It was a shame, really. The ancient magical people had the right idea about the usage of sacrifices. But there were always the goody-two-shoes who ruined everything.

An hour had passed since she started reading, when the door opened and the other girls of her year came in. Not bothering to acknowledge them, she kept on reading, ignoring their giggles and whispers. After they were all done with settling back in at Hogwarts, their clothes and other things put away and their empty trunks stowed away.

"Do you actually have hobbies other than reading?" Daphne asked her, trying to get a look at the cover. "The Dark History of Magic- Shamanism and Sacrifices in Africa. Sounds ominous."

"Reading is one of the greatest gift we, as humans, have…actually the second greatest, right after magic." Her eyes were still on the book as she flipped to the next page. "To be able to indulge in it as often as I can seems like the most natural thing to do to me. As for other hobbies…you did witness one during the summer." She looked over her book at Daphne and gave her a predatory grin, making the blonde girl pale at the implication.

"Sorry I asked…" The Greengrass princess muttered.

"What did you with her in the summer?" Bulstrode asked Daphne, a curious look on her face.

"I was tasked to tutor her and several others from our year." Lillian answered in a bored tone, back to her reading.


Not bothering to answer, she finally put the book away and stretched like a cat before laying down on her side to sleep, her tiredness washing over her and drowning the sound of chatter from the rest of the girls.

Their first class of the year being potions with Gryffindor, she both dreaded and looked forward to it. She dreaded it because she hated the Gryffindors. Their righteousness, their holier-than-thou attitude, their brashness and, worst of all, Bilius.

She didn't like the Weasley clan in general. Bilius, because he lacked talent in pretty much everything, the twins because they didn't seem to care in their academics and all they were good for was Quidditch, a sport she never bothered to get into, and jokes, most of which being aimed at Slytherins.

Then there was the single Weasley girl. Ginevra, she didn't even actively dislike. The redhead amused her more than not, but that was about it. For a time, she seemed to have some sort of celebrity crush on her up to the point when she realized that her heroine was actually a Snake instead of a Lioness.

So, once she made her way towards the first potions class of the year, she wondered what potion they would start with when she caught snippets of the chatter going on around her.

"…going to sit next to her!"

"This is my worst class, I should be the one!"

"Not my problem. I called dibs first."

Her brows furrowing in confusion, she looked at Tracey Davis who chuckled at the look on her face. "What are they going on about?"

"They are fighting over who's allowed to sit next to you."

"You're kidding, right?"


"Draco! Blaise! None of you will sit next to me. I can't have anyone distract me by explaining to you what should be obvious, considering it's on the blackboard there for you to read." She snapped at them. "Just get back to ignoring me already, will you?"

It was so annoying how she suddenly found herself integrated into their little group, even if it was more about the benefits they got out of having her there than them enjoying her presence. It still was a huge inconvenience for her as they simply didn't leave her alone anymore.

The door to the classroom opened and they ushered in, she on purpose being the last to enter. With narrowed eyes, she scanned for an empty spot at the Slytherin side and growled in frustration.

"Really?" She hissed as she sat down between the two boys who fought over who would be allowed to sit next to her. "If my mark drops because you two keep bugging me to help you and distract me, you will regret it." She threatened them and they knew she meant it.

They listened to Snape as he insulted them in his own underhanded way and reminded them about the importance of this year's potions class and their O.W.L. exams at the end of the year.

Then, with the typical flick of his wand, he had the necessary steps for the Draught of Peace they were supposed to make appear on the blackboard.

Immediately going to collect the necessary ingredients, she returned a few short moments later with everything she needed and went to task.

With the directions being very specific, she knew that every little mistake would ruin her efforts and possibly her mark.

So, she began to add ingredients and stir while answering questions from both sides at the same time.

It was a difficult task but in the end, she persevered and her draught looked turquoise blue, the way it was supposed to, when she finished.

Still, it was a very frustrating and stressful class when she usually enjoyed it for the way brewing a potion made her relax. That was exactly the reason why she made her displeasure very clear to the boys as they made their way to their next class, DADA.

"I don't get it! Can't you read? Do you need glasses? Every single step needed for the draught was right in front of you, written in large, legible letters. Every single step! And yet you asked me what every single step meant! Is there more than one way to interpret 'stir until the potion turns blue'?"

"We already said we are sorry, what else do you want?" Draco groaned.

As she opened her mouth to retort, Umbridge cleared her throat in that fake, unnerving way of hers and ushered them inside the classroom.

Once inside, she took a seat on the far-right side of the classroom. The rest of the Slytherins followed her lead and they took their seats around her but thankfully got the message as she had no one sitting right next to her.

She already had a vicious headache going on with that potions class and had now to suffer through whatever the ministry came up with for that Umbridge hag.

Sighing, she pulled out a piece of parchment, her quill and ink and the book out of her bag and began the task assigned to them, which she could thankfully finish in peace.

Her temper tantrum after potions class had obviously paid off, as she was left alone for the rest of the day, but she still felt like that there were some things she needed to make clear.

When they were done with their dinner, she gathered the whole group in the common room and sat them down by the fire, ignoring the curious glances she got from the rest of the house.

"What I am about to say now I will only say once. If I feel like you still don't get it, if there is any indication that you simply chose to ignore what I am about to say, then be sure to suffer my utmost displeasure." Once they all nodded, she took a breath and began. "Leave. Me. Alone. I love potions. I love going to that class because I find it relaxing. But today…" Draco and Blaise cringed. "Today it gave me the worst headache I ever had. Not only did I have to take care not to screw up my own potion, no, I also had to explain every single detail to you two!" She glared at the two boys. "I am not your babysitter! The fact that I have to keep tutoring you, after already doing so the whole summer, is pissing me off as it is! I have enough to do already this year and I refuse to do your work for you on top of that!" Feeling more relaxed now, she turned to leave but decided for another, more threatening message. "Just be glad that we are in Hogwarts and that all I can do here is to scold you like naughty little children." With that she went up to the fifth-year dormitories and flopped down on her bed and took her book from the nightstand. Reading was right up there with brewing potions when it came to relaxing tasks.

Chapter Text

The rest of the week, after she took Draco and his entourage to task, was finally the way she enjoyed it the most: quiet.

All she did and had to do was go to class, sit down and excel in everything, so she did exactly that. She already earned her house several points for being the first to finish their assigned task in transfiguration and charms, for her draught of peace being perfect and even in herbology she finally managed to outshine Neville Longbottom.

She felt like she was on top of the world and her improved attitude showed exactly that.

Friday evening, the weekend having arrived on them, had the Slytherin House relax in the common room, most of the fifth years gathered on a table with books, parchments and heads on the table as there were several growls of frustration heard.

"You lot!" Lillian called to them as she made her way towards their table. "Tutoring session tomorrow at ten in the morning."

"That's so early!" Pansy complained.

"I don't care. You want it, you meet my demands. I demand you to be up at ten. Professor Snape provided us with an empty classroom in the dungeons. You will not bring your homework with you. We will review this week's classes and I will allow you questions regarding your homework at the end of the session." With that, she turned around and went to her own table, finishing up her essay for Arithmancy.

Once done, she packed up and stowed away her books and parchments in her dorm and left the common room to take on the last sunrays of the day outside in the grounds. As she passed the medical wing she heard the school healer, Madam Pomfrey, call for her. Curious, she raised a brow and entered the healer's office. "Yes?"

"Ms. Potter, take a seat please. We will soon be joined by the headmaster, regarding your letter asking for a mind-healer be allowed into the castle for a weekly therapy session with you."

"And why would that be such a big deal that the headmaster thinks it necessary to have a chat with me about it?" Her irritation was obvious.

"Because I was wondering why you wouldn't consider having these sessions with Poppy, who would be just as capable." Dumbledore answered in his grandfatherly way as he entered, mysteriously just in time to snatch up a supposedly private conversation between her and the school healer.

"Because I feel more comfortable having my therapy with someone who is as neutral as possible and considered outstanding and prodigal in their field, exactly what Anna O'Hallahan is." She glanced at Pomfrey. "No disrespect."

Nodding ever so slightly, the elderly healer glanced at her, while Dumbledore gave her an impassive look. "Then would you mind sharing why you have the need for a mind-healer? Does it have something to do with the events during the Triwizard Tournament's finale?"

"No. It has something to do with something I told you about at the end of my first year, if you remember?" She glared at him, avoiding his eyes and their dangerous twinkle.

"What? What is it? Albus, if you knew that she had troubles for four years-" Madam Pomfrey began to scold the headmaster before Lillian cut in.

"Actually, it's almost seven years now, but I am sure he knew even then…unlikely that the headmaster did not keep tabs on me." Lillian shrugged nonchalantly. "Anyways, if you do not allow Anna into the castle once every Sunday then I will have to have a chat with Mr. Lucius Malfoy, who luckily got reinstated into the Board of Governors this summer, about giving me special permission to leave the castle to meet with my mind-healer because Hogwarts doesn't seem to value its students mental health as much as it should."

"That won't be necessary. Right, Albus?" Poppy asked the headmaster pointedly, causing the old wizard to sigh in defeat.

"No, it won't. Ms. O'Hallahan has permission to enter the school grounds."

"Thank you very much." Lillian gave them an overly sweet smile as she got up and left.

Sunday quickly arrived and Lillian, dressed in a flowery knee-length dress and her legs covered in stockings, she made her way to the school's hospital wing and entered, her flats giving away her arrival to the ginger woman waiting patiently for her.

"Lillian! Looking good. How are you today?"

Lillian nodded at her with a small smile. "I honestly am dreading it a bit. I think…I would like to actually talk about the, uh…main thing."

Immediately turning serious, Anna indicated for Lillian to follow her into Madam Pomfrey's office.

Lillian, ever the suspicious one, asked the mind-healer the question that rang warning bells in her mind. "Who gave you permission to use the school-healer's office?"

"Your headmaster, of course."

Lillian just shook her head slowly as she raised her wand, waving it around the room in high arcs. Once she found what she was looking for, she just chuckled mirthlessly. "An eavesdropping spell. Thought so."

"What?!" Anna looked incredulous. "That's...that's highly unethical! He can't do that! You have to report this! I have to report this!"

"Please do." Lillian muttered as she removed the spell with a swish of her wand. "I'd love to see what the Daily Prophet would have to say about this if they ever got wind of it."

"It doesn't bother you at all?" Anna asked her.

"The fact that he couldn't leave me alone and tried to eavesdrop on what is going to be the most intimate, vulnerable and private conversation I am ever going to have with someone? I expected it. The idea of the only media outlet almost any witch and wizard in England ever reads catching wind of this? It actually amuses me."

Making a noncommittal sound, Anna turned the chair to face Lillian, who sat on the edge of the school healers desk, looking at her expectantly.

Lillian, catching the nonverbal signal, cast a privacy charm around them before she started to take a deep calming breath. "The…first time was when I was eight." Lillian looked for a point on the wall across from her to fix her gaze on and when she found it, she continued. "I was scrubbing the floor of the entire house. I was done with the kitchen and the foyer and was almost done with the living room. My back ached and I made a sound even when I wasn't allowed to." She remembered that day like it was yesterday. Compared to other times it wasn't even the worst day she had had…at least up to the point when she made that sound. "Vernon was watching some sport thing but when I groaned in pain he turned off the television and said that I drained the fun out of watching the game with my freakishness. All I did was groan because my back ached from scrubbing the floor for three hours without a break."

Lillian, now with a leg crossed over the other, bobbed a foot up and down as she kept staring at the wall, her face a mask lacking any emotions. "He grabbed me by my…or his son's…sweater and dragged me up the stairs to his bedroom and I mean drag. I bumped against every step and had bruises for weeks. He said he would take back the fun I stole from him. I thought he'd just beat me senseless or belt me or something…which would have been preferable in hindsight." Lillian was quiet for a while, not sure how to continue. She knew it would never happen again and she had experienced the first summer without getting raped…even with that one close call. But actually talking about it made it all seem so immediate instead of those cruel and distant memories they seemed to fade into.

"He never made me use my mouth on him, you know? I don't know why, but once I got an idea what sex was, what the concept and idea behind sex was, what it was supposed to mean…I mean, men like it, don't they? Oral sex?"

Anna chuckled with a soft smile at the question. "They usually do, yes."

"Yes, well, he never made me do it on him. Not that I'm complaining, but…I don't know. He just went directly for the main prize. It was…extremely painful. But the worst thing was that, until I started my monthlies, he would always finish inside of me. There was nothing else for him other than penetrate and dump his load in me. At least he didn't want to knock me up, because he started using condoms once that possibility appeared."

"Condoms?" Anna asked her.

"Mud- uhhh, muggle protection." At Anna's nod, who also pointedly ignored her almost- slipup, Lillian continued. "Every single sexual experience I ever had- and it's been a lot- has been painful. Every single one. I never felt pleasure at any moment. But…I want to. I know Vernon can't touch me anymore. I'm not that weak little girl anymore and he knows it. He's afraid of me and rightly so. But…I need to get past this…barrier or what it is, to have someone touch me and not feel…the way I feel."

"And how do you feel?"

"Sick. It's been getting better…I've had someone…help me put on my bra the day I left for school." Lillian smiled at the memory. "And he slapped my ass. I enjoyed both experiences."

Anna grinned at the teenager as flashes of her own teenage memories passed through her mind. "There you go! What kind of things have you still feel unsafe?"

"Longer physical contact…the idea of someone being between my legs and it doesn't even have to be in a sexual way. Just the position in general."

"It's good that you are aware of these things. That's something to work with." Anna began before she started to formulate a plan for Lillian.

The dark-haired girl knew it would be a long road to take but she had a schedule she intended to keep.


Disturbing news have reached this Reporter of the DP and it still is utterly baffling, even as I am writing this for you, my dear Readers.

As we all know, there are many things a person can need in the medical department. But one particular thing has, even in this day and age, people still feel uncomfortable talking about: a mind-healer.

Now, news has reached us that a Hogwarts student, whose name was not released to us, has asked for permission for a weekly therapy hour and for her mind-healer be allowed to enter school grounds. Said student was granted these wishes, which would have been a nice thing in and on itself, if it wasn't tainted immediately by the allegations that, just before the session, eavesdropping charms were used to listen in on the therapy!

How these charms were detected and by whom are still to be released to the public, but the accusers seem to be very confident of their side of the story.

The Headmaster, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (O.M. 1st class, Supreme Mugwump, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot) has yet to comment on the issue.

We, at the DP, will do our best to keep on top of this issue and wish the Hogwarts student the very best on their way to recovery!

Rita Skeeter

The following Monday had the wizarding world in uproar. It didn't take Anna any time to keep her promise to report the headmaster's violation of privacy for the therapy session between Anna and Lillian.

The headmaster was of course immediately contacted by the mind-healer's superiors and, as was the habit of the Daily Prophet, it's reporters didn't waste any time to sniff the blood and have a short article about it on the front page. A lot of things were still held back, but that was okay. It was a blow landed right on the chin of the headmaster.

It was a telling sign that the he was missing from the head table during breakfast as the owls brought in the newspaper and the staff had to squirm under the various glares and glances given them by the student body.

Her self-satisfactory smile disappeared in a startled yelp when an owl landed in front of her, holding out a foot for her. Never before had she received any mail aside from her Prophet subscription. It never bothered her for she had no desire to share anything or bond with someone in friendship. She needed no pen pals, nor did she want any. The general solitude she lived with was something that suited her well. It gave her the freedom to pursue what she wanted, do what she desired and feel no obligations and responsibilities for anyone but herself.

Granted, now that she bore the Dark Mark she did have obligations and responsibilities but those were of the kind that she would have no problems fulfilling. Being the Dark Lord's apprentice was something she would not trade for anything.

And the Dark Lord was the only person she could think of who would bother messaging her and, as she touched the parchment, the confirmation came in the burning sensation of her left inner arm. Unrolling the small piece of parchment, there were only two words written.

'Well done.'

Feeling pride swell in her chest for being praised by her Master, she put the parchment away in her bag and resumed eating, a smirk etched on her face that seemed to be unable to go away.

"What's got you so smug?" Daphne asked her, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"I just got praised." Lillian answered in a sing-song voice.

"By who? And why?"

"'Whom', Daphne. Please." She ignored the roll of the Greengrass- princess' eyes. "To answer your question, let's just say he is someone who would be awfully pleased if someone managed to weaken Dumbledore's position in the wizarding society even by just a tiny bit."

Eyes widening, Daphne put the pieces together. "You mean-?"


"And that student-?"

"Again, yes. And don't bother asking, it's called privacy for a reason."

"Well…I should maybe just stay quiet, but I can't help but say that in the end it seems to be true that people like you are being made and not born." Daphne commented carefully, assuming that, considering that Lillian did have therapy sessions, she had not always been the sadist the Greengrass heir had gotten to know over the summer. The blonde still had at least uncomfortable dreams about that experimental blood ritual.

Humming in assent, Lillian cocked her head a bit. "You are not wrong, Daphne." Taking a bite of her French toast and swallowing the mouthful, she spoke up again. "I am but a result of other people's mistakes. But, looking at me now…I almost have to thank them. I would still be a weak little girl if it weren't for the things I had to endure." Finishing up her breakfast, drinking what was left of her water and wiping her hands and mouth, she got up from her seat. "So, in the end, all turned out well, didn't it? I just need to work out some…kinks, so to speak."

Leaving a curious Daphne behind, she made her way down to the dungeons for her potions class. She knew there were more than just a few 'kinks' to work out in her psyche but that was okay.

She was Lillian Potter and Lillian Potter finished what she started, no matter how trying a task it was. Beating her brain's defense mechanisms, overcoming her own psyche- it would just be another thing to add to her flawless track record.

As she neared the classroom she heard a few Gryffindors speak and what she caught had her almost release a loud gasp in excitement. Slowing down and pressing herself against a wall, she strained her ears to catch as much of the conversation as she could.

"- of Mysteries."

"But I though they said that Potter stopped him from coming back?"

"My mother said that Dumbledore doesn't trust her."

"Well, I've seen her being all cozy with Malfoy in the Express."


"Yeah. Might have been just friendly but being close to that family is never a good sign."

"That's why she wasn't called in to the Order meetings."

"They re-formed the Order of the Phoenix?"

"Dumbledore must really believe that a new war is coming…"

"Exactly. And they've really amped up patrols in the Ministry, especially around the Department of Mysteries. My dad is one of them. They are trying really hard to guard something there."

Satisfied with what she gathered for now, she made her presence known, as she walked up towards the classroom and waited as the rest of the student for Professor Snape to allow them in.

She couldn't wait for this class to be over so she could go and send an owl to her Master. It would be the first time she would give him this kind of sensitive information and it was so easy to find and gather. That Weasley boy and his big mouth would be the Light's undoing.

Now she just had to figure out a way to code her message in case someone would get his hands on it.

The potions class passed by quickly and a lot less stressful than the last time. She actually felt herself relax and just enjoy the low bubbling of the brew in her cauldron as she lost herself in the task. Not even the couple of questions Draco and Blaise dared to ask her threw her off her balance and she even answered them in a civil manner.

When the class was over and she handed another perfect looking potion to her Professor she made her way up to the owlery and wrote Lucius Malfoy a quick note he could hopefully decipher. She had all the confidence in her Master and knew it would be easy for him to understand what she wanted to say, but Lucius was another matter entirely.

If worse came to worst, she would just have to elaborate and/or her Master would arrange a personal meeting so she could explain herself.

After she released the owl she went back down to head to her next class. Umbridge was still sort of an enigma to her. Lillian had known a lot of strange and downright distasteful personalities who thought they could teach DADA but none were quite as hard to place into a category as Umbridge. It was obvious that woman had an agenda and it was obvious that her loyalties were with the Ministry, or at least the Minister. But the endgame of this whole farce was still very blurry to her.

After everyone entered and took their seats they were again ordered to take out their books, read a chapter and take notes. That was the entirety of her class so far.

Lillian didn't mind it very much. It was a quiet atmosphere to work in and, since she was a fast reader, she usually finished earlier than others and could work on other assignments.

Once she was finished with her reading, she fished through her bag to take out her potions book and start on the essay she was supposed to do when she noticed someone standing at her table.

Looking up, she realized it was Umbridge. "Is there a problem, Professor?"

"What are you doing?" She asked her in that fake and annoying sweet voice of hers.

"I finished your assignment and figured I could start on my potions assignment instead of sitting here and doing nothing until class is over."

"You need to ask for permission first, Ms. …?"

"Potter." Lillian looked at her in bewilderment and wondered how she didn't know who she was and the answer came quickly as Umbridge's eyes flickered towards her forehead and narrowed in suspicion. "That scar's gone, thankfully. Anyways, may I start on my potions assignment, Professor?"

"Very well, Ms. Potter."

Rolling her eyes as Umbridge turned back towards her desk, she went back to digging for her potions book, but not before shooting a glare at the sniggering Draco and Pansy.

With a sigh, she started on her essay, wondering all the while if Umbridge was going to be a problem this year.

The next morning, she arrived to nervous muttering in the Great Hall and, with a raised eyebrow, she sat down next to Draco. "What's going on?"

Draco, with a smirk, handed her the newspaper and she immediately shared his smirk at the headline. In bold letters, it basically screamed at the reader 'Mass Breakout From Azkaban!'. "This is brilliant." She whispered and Draco could only nod at her.

"And it seems like you got another letter."

With no small amount of excitement, she took the note from the owl, which landed in front of her, and unfolded the note. She started to grin as she read it, the burning in her arm starting to feel more like a comforting warmth.

Keep up the good work. We decided to become more proactive after your letter. You will see and hear more soon.

"What's it say?" Draco asked her and she smirked at him.

"Just people appreciating my efforts." Leaning over slightly and lowering her voice, she spoke in a low whisper. "Things are starting. I overheard Bilius and sent some information to your father. They decided to take action, hence the breakout."

Understanding apparent on his face, he gave her a look that was almost- almost- bordered on admiration. "Not bad, Potter."

"Pretty good, even." She smirked at him.

"Don't get ahead of yourself."

"I would never think of it." In reality, she thought of it a lot and felt really good right now. Twice now she got praised by her Dark Lord and it looked like things were finally picking up. Maybe, in the near future, even this school would experience a shakedown of some sort. It would be entertaining, at least.

She looked around and saw several worried looks on the faces of the student body. Farther across the hall, Neville Longbottom seemed to have taken the news particularly bad. Reading the article again, she saw a list with the names of the escaped prisoners and had the stop herself from laughing out loud. That would explain a lot!

"Looks like your aunt is a free woman again, Draco. Don't think that Longbottom is going to congratulate you."

"Please don't remind me…that woman is completely mad. I mean it in the most literal way possible." The blonde boy groaned.

"Yes, well…we all have our flaws." Lillian replied airily, before she got up, picked up her back and made her way to her next class. The next days and weeks sure seemed to become more exciting than she anticipated.

Over the coming weeks, Lillian's life at Hogwarts picked up its pattern. First, there were her studies, which she followed on as diligently as ever. Then, her weekend sessions- Saturdays the tutoring, Sundays the therapy.

Between those three things, there wasn't all that much to do. She had her Prefect duties and the nightly patrol rotations coming with them, though that wasn't much of a chore.

Bodily explorations were out of question, considering she had to share her bedroom with the rest of the fifth-year girls.

But soon enough, September made way for October and October made way for November. Winter arrived and with it, the first snowflakes.

Aside from a few hits from Death Eaters in more or less important locales her Master still preferred to stay in the shadows. She still waited for direct orders so she could help in any way, but since another few attacks in quick succession in September, after the mass breakout, things quieted down faster than she expected.

She was sure that her Master had his reasons but still couldn't help the disappointment she was feeling every time she checked for new major attacks in the newspaper only to see that there was…nothing.

But then, something entirely unexpected happened. As she was minding her own business, researching for an Arithmancy essay in the library, some first or second year student from Ravenclaw came up to her and handed her a slip of parchment, telling her that the headmaster required her presence.

Still wondering what Dumbledore would want from her, the gargoyle statue blocking her entrance. Taking a look at the parchment in her hand, she rolled her eyes. "Lemon drops. They don't even taste good, what's his obsession with them…" Lillian muttered to herself as she walked up the circular stairwell. Knocking once at the door leading into the office, she let herself in, barely sparing a glance at the perching phoenix as her attention was drawn to the collection of people inside. Raising an eyebrow, she couldn't help the small smirk appearing on her face. "This…is not what I expected when I received your message, Professor."

"Please take a seat, my girl."

Ah, Lillian thought, the grandfatherly approach. She did as she was asked, looking around her. Remus and Sirius, both old friends of her parents, both who were firmly aligned to Dumbledore. She felt nothing but a lot of distrust for them, but she still had hoped to be able to live with Sirius but Pettigrew ruined everything and she was forced to endure Vernon and his family for another summer; hence her anger at the graveyard.

Then there were the real Moody, another auror and, for whatever reason, the Weasley patriarch. She wondered what this was going to be about.

"So…what is this about?" Lillian asked, as she leaned back against the chair, crossed one leg over the other and had her hands folded against her stomach, creating a perfect picture of relaxation.

"Lillian," Sirius began, probably because he thought he might tug at her heartstrings for he was her late father's best friend and she would desperately latch onto him like a toddler at its mother's teat. "A war is coming and there are signs all over that the Death Eaters are preparing for their Master's return. We need to start sticking together so we can win this, Lils." He smiled at her kindly, hoping he could make her warm up to him with endearments.

"First of all- no nicknames, endearments or anything else in that category. Second- I don't care." She glared at them. "I don't care about your war. I care about myself and that is all there is."

"Your parents wouldn't-" Remus began, before Lillian interrupted him.

"My parents are dead, so what they would or wouldn't approve of, what they would or wouldn't think about me- it has absolutely no relevance here. So, don't try to guilt-trip me with the memory of Lily and James."

"They are your mother and father." Arthur threw in, only earning himself a bored look from the black-haired teen.

"Whom I never knew. I have no memory of them, I don't know what they sound like or even what they look like. At this point, I don't care about it anyways so I never bothered to find anything about them anyways." She shrugged before examining her fingernails, wondering what approach they would try now.

"Just what happened to you that you have…become like this?" Sirius asked her, a hint of desperation in his voice.

Looking up from her fingernails, she locked her cold eyes on her godfather. "It's none of your concern."

"But it is! I am your godfather!"

"A fancy title with no meaning to me." She looked at Dumbledore, her eyes avoiding his, as she ignored the shocked gasp coming from Sirius. "What is your role in this farce, Professor? Are you just going to observe or are you going to try to secretly use legilimency on me while my heart and resolve is weakened as I am being suffocated by all the emotions caused by the presence of the last connections to my late parents?"

"What?" Her godfather roared, causing her to roll her eyes.

Dumbledore did nothing but give her that infuriating smile of his as all the two aurors did was to look uncomfortable.

"Pathetic." Lillian spat at them. "You are not even going to pretend that using something like that on students is highly illegal."

"They merely understand that certain things need to be done for the Greater Good." He gave a brief pause before speaking up again. "What were you doing in the company of the Malfoys in Diagon Alley during the summer?"

"I was hired to tutor their son and some of his friends. Looks like it's only the pureblood children who think that their blood status frees them from the academic responsibilities and the benefits of a good education." She answered without missing a beat. It wasn't a complete lie, at least.

"You do realize that Lucius Malfoy is a known-"

"Death Eater? Yes, everybody knows. So?"

"So?!" Sirius looked absolutely incredulous. "Death Eaters hate muggles! Your mother was a muggleborn!"

"Exactly. She was a witch. A muggleborn witch, but a witch all the same. And again, please stop guilt tripping me with my parents. They are dead and that is all there is to it." She shrugged. "And now, can someone please tell me what this is all about?"

"Your godfather wants you to become a part of…a certain movement. I was against it and, to be frank, unfortunately you have given me even more reasons to believe that I was right in my stance."

"I wouldn't have wanted to anyways. As I said earlier, I only care about myself. I don't care about you, your movement or whatever, Death Eaters, if Voldemort will return or not, if there's going to be a war or not…I can't be bothered with any of…whatever all that is." She waved her hand dismissively at the last part.

"I'm…really disappointed in you, Lils." Sirius looked at her with a sad face.

Lillian reacted with a shrug. "I'm sure you've been disappointed before. Anyways," She got up, letting her gaze sweep through the room. "I've still got an essay to work on and you've taken up enough of my time. I'll see myself out."

Descending the stairs, she thought if she should write to her Lord or if this was really something to distract him with. The information that Dumbledore didn't trust her was proven by the old man himself now, probably due to her sudden disappearance over the summer, paired with the fact that she spent time at the Malfoy's which he probably concluded after she had obviously been spied on in Diagon Alley.

It could have been worse, she thought to herself. He could have known about Knockturn Alley.

With new determination, she was about to take a turn towards the school's owlery when she heard hastened steps behind her. Turning around, she sighed let out an annoyed sigh. "What is it?" The teen asked her godfather. "You do know that if you get spotted you will end up back in Azkaban, right?"

"That's why I wanted to ask you to join me for a private chat in an empty classroom?" Sirius gave her a small grin.

"If you'll leave me alone after that chat…" She muttered to herself and motioned for him to follow her.

Not bothering to hide herself or him, she led them through a corridor before she found an empty classroom they could use. Sitting on a table and crossing her legs, she looked at him expectantly.

Pacing in front of her a few times, Sirius spoke up. "I feel like…you don't like Dumbledore much."

"So what? Are you trying to make me like him?"

"No, it's your opinion. I thought…maybe you'd be more open without him there."

Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, she asked. "Open about what?"

"About what happened to you."

"No. I won't talk about it. I have someone whom I already talk to and that's quite enough."

"But I am-"

Lillian let out an annoyed groan as she lost her patience with that man, effectively interrupting him. "I don't care. I don't care who you are, what you are and what you are trying to be to me! I was alone my whole life and that is fine by me! I have no friends because I don't want any! I have no family and I'm perfectly content with that because no one will bother me about anything! I am free to do as I please and that is perfect for me so please, please just leave me alone!"

"What about the Dursleys? Me? I mean, yes, your aunt-"

"I would slit my throat before I would call that filth my family." Lillian spat out, her face contorted in an angry grimace. "It makes my skin crawl just to think how that whore's blood actually flows in my veins." She shuddered visibly. "As for you- yes, we actually are related somewhat distantly through Dorea Black and Charlus Potter's marriage and still, I am not interested in…whatever you think we could have going on. Reconnecting after all this lost time, sharing tales about our Hogwarts mischiefs, et cetera, et cetera…thanks but no, thanks." They were silent for a few moments, Lillian bobbing a foot while looking out the classroom's window, seemingly bored, and Sirius looked visibly heartbroken. "You know…" Lillian spoke up again. "I had hope to be able to live at your house once you would have been cleared of all crimes, just to get away from that filth I am forced to stay with every summer…but now, to see that Dumbledore has you on a very tight leash…"

"He hasn't."

"Oh yes, he does and that alone is reason enough to not be close to you at all…though it is a shame that I'll miss out on all of the books in that famous Black library…" She muttered the last part under her breath. If Sirius had heard her he didn't show it. "Anyways, it was a good chat but you should leave now." Sliding off the table, she made for the door, stopping and glancing over her shoulder at Sirius. "Don't contact me again, will you?"

"Did you drink all that on your own?" Remus asked the broken looking man sitting alone at the kitchen table at Grimmauld Place. It was the day after their failed attempt to bond with Lillian, to get her join the Order. Remus took the way it turned out hard but he expected it. He was prepared for Lillian and even though Sirius should have been too- she never contacted them and ordered them after the end of third year to not contact her either, a wish they obliged with against their better judgement- he took it even worse than Remus did.

"We failed her, Remus." Sirius said, staring at the table. "We failed her and we failed James and we failed Lily. Something…something happened to her." He looked up at the werewolf, his eyes full with guilt and sadness. "I can't accept that she just is this…shell of a child! She should be thinking about boyfriends and dates in Hogsmeade! Instead she just is…alone! She said she had no friends at all!" He almost wailed, his desperation evident. "She threatened me, Remus…she said I would regret it if I even tried to find out…but we have to. We owe it to James and Lily at least. We just have to…"

"Say, we do try to find out what happened…where do we even begin?" Remus asked, understanding and even sharing his friend's desire to do everything they could to try and help Lillian.

Sirius deflated for a moment before his eyes flashed dangerously. He looked at Remus, his fury burning as he ground out a single name between clenched teeth. "Petunia."

Chapter Text


In the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast in the United States lives a monster feared by many and known by few. It is a monster feeding on human flesh.

Some may say 'there are many beasts in the magical world and many animals in the non-magical world that humans fell victim too.' That is very true, but this monster, this Wendigo, once upon a time was human itself.

In my time visiting several native tribes in Northern America, including Mi'kmaq, Cree and Naskapi there often was talk about Wendigos as those would only hunt at night. Several of the tribes' medicine men and other magic-wielders would hang out fetishes for protection and every night several would stay up to guard.

And still it was not enough.

I remember to this day, 23 years later, this one particular night. It was a cold, freezing winter. The tribe was suffering from famine. There was this one particular hunter; he was young and still inexperienced. He was still learning to discipline his body and mind to be a successful hunter, to handle bad hunting days, to deal with hunger.

But he couldn't.

The tribe was looking for that boy. He was 17 years old at most. A snowstorm- nothing to bad but enough to cause trouble seeing and hearing one another- had cut him and his partner off from the rest of the hunting group. A couple days later, when the worst of the storm was over, another searching party was sent out and I offered to join, which was gratefully accepted.

It took us several hours to find him and I wish we didn't. Apparently he and his partner found a cave to hide out in but without food and any means of communication, they had nothing but themselves. A bloody rock and the crushed head of his partner made it obvious to me that the young hunter must have killed him in his sleep before he started to feast on his flesh.

As for the boy; he ended up being nothing but a bizarre and sickening caricature of himself: the rotting smell he emanated, his skin so thin and tight over his bones, his eyes almost disappearing in his sockets…he looked more like a rotting corpse than the fit young man he was before.

I still remember the leader of our search party whispering for us to run once he caught sight of that grotesque scene. I still remember running for what felt like hours and hours. I still remember the occasional screams echoing through the forest as that monster hunted down and killed our search party off one by one. Once I felt safe enough to catch my breath I immediately apparated away.

To this day I do not know what became of that small tribe. It is said that a Wendigo is always hungry. It is said that a Wendigo can never stop eating. If those things are true, then the tribe has most likely been entirely eaten.

"Wow." Closing the book, Lillian got up from her bed, staring at its cover. The author of the book was a wizard who apparently went out of his way find the darkest creatures around the world that had yet to be documented. Never having heard of those Wendigo beasts before, she now was stunned and fascinated that such monstrosities really existed, though it baffled her that they seemed to be existing nowhere but Northern America, which was weird since apparently cannibalism played a huge role in their transformation from human to monster. She was sure there had to be Brits who ate other Brits at some point but no sighting or anything regarding Wendigos here were ever reported; at least to her knowledge.

Checking the time with a groan, she got up from her bed, ignoring the other girls getting ready to sleep as she went to the Great Hall for her prefect patrol duty. Sighing in resignation once she caught sight of that ginger hair, she went on to greet the brat.

"Let's get this over with, Bilius."

Her look of obvious distaste was as clear as a summer's day on this winter's night; her prefect duty forcing her to patrol the castle with the youngest Weasley boy.

"Don't look too thrilled…" Ron muttered under his breath.

"Trust me, I'm not."

Without further comments, the duo started their patrolling and, thankfully, it seemed to be a quiet night.

"Can I ask you something?"

Glancing at Ron, Lillian rolled her eyes in annoyance. "What is it?"

"My dad talked about your chat with him and the Order of…you know, the group of people there." Ron began, stumbling over his words before he almost spilled out the entire name of the group.


"I was just wondering…you were supposed to be our champion! Why are you…you know…the way you are?"

"Oh, for the love of-" Lillian began as her temper was skyrocketing immediately. They were having such a nice and quiet stroll through the castle, doing their duty without saying a word to each other and this idealistic light fool just had to there and grind on her nerves with this nonsense. "It is none of your business! Would you people just stop pestering me? I'll patrol the rest by myself. You can just leave for all I care."

Stomping down the corridor they were in, she left the Weasley boy standing by himself. Once the war would really start, Bilius was definitely up there in her list of people to kill and she definitely would not use Avada Kedavra on him.

The past week had already been an annoying one, with her monthlies starting and Sirius sending her a letter, telling her that he was planning on visiting her aunt to ask about her. She immediately went to her Head of House to let him know what that mongrel had planned so he could put a stop to it before it really started. The last thing she needed was for that whole Order to know about the humiliation she had to go through since her childhood.

And now that Weasley brat pestered her about it too! Was it just a coincidence or was he tasked by someone to ask her about it if he got the chance? She couldn't tell. She didn't really care either.

She was just mad and angry and annoyed.

It made her itch for something- or rather someone- to release her pent-up aggression on. It made her itch to kill. Before Lillian was able to join up her Lord's cause she didn't really think about killing and murdering. Of course, there was the odd animal she killed when trying out hexes and curses from the forbidden section of the school's library but they were just that- animals. It still gave her small thrills when she saw the light of life disappearing from their eyes but compared to when she murdered Cedric while he was staring into her eyes, silently begging for that whole situation to be some sort of sick joke? Or that stranger she experimented blood magic on, cooking his brain with a mere touch of her hand on his scalp once she was finished with him? No, killing actual people gave her a thrill like no other and she had to admit that she was a bit surprised by how little it bothered her to murder. If she was more like Bellatrix Lestrange, she probably would just go and murder a student right now but alas, she was a very sane person in comparison. Walking around the castle and killing students just for the thrill of it would do no good and her Lord would probably Crucio her into oblivion if she ever did something that stupid.

Groaning in frustration, she decided that she fulfilled her prefect duty and turned to head back to the Great Hall to make her way down to the dungeons from there. She couldn't wait for the term to be over.


Looking up from her homework, Lillian saw Malfoy entering the Common Room and walk towards her before sitting down across from her. "Yes?"

"I just received word from my father that you are to stay with us over the winter holidays."

"Thank you for letting me know."

Secretly, she was relieved to get away from Hogwarts for some time as she couldn't shake off the feeling that Dumbledore had his cronies keep a closer eye on her than she liked. If it wasn't that Weasley brat and Granger mudblood during classes then it was that old fart himself eyeballing her during her time eating in the Great Hall. It would be great to be away from his attention for a while, even if it was just a few weeks.

"So, uh…what are you going to say to, you know?"

Cocking her head in slight confusion, she looked at Draco, his demeanor trying to be cool but hiding his nervousness poorly. "About what?"

"Our performances…this term."

"Oh." Chuckling slightly, Lillian put her quill down before leaning back in her chair. "I don't have to say anything. Your marks will speak for themselves."


"Draco," Lillian interrupted him, "my job was to help you review your classes on weekends and help you if you really struggled somewhere. I was not tasked with babysitting you through this year. If you solely relied on me to carry all of you through this term…then you have something to worry about. If you actually worked hard- outside of your sessions with me- and improved, then you have nothing to worry about." Picking up her quill again, she gave the Malfoy heir a small smirk. "I really couldn't care less either way."

"You never care about anything."

"That's where you are wrong." Countering Draco's angry look with one of her own, she continued. "I care about myself and I care about doing my best to stay in His good graces so my spot will never be threatened. The strong prey on the weak, Draco, so I do all I can to be as strong as possible. If you can't do the same and if you need me to hold your hands the whole time then you deserve to be the prey." Leaning forward a bit, Lillian locked her eyes firmly with Malfoy's. "On the Express you told me about how you want to become better at whatever, how you want to be useful for the future. Right now, basically begging me to put on a good word for you, you don't behave like it. I'm doing my job tutoring you, so you better start doing yours or I'll be looking forward to prey on all of you."

Malfoy was silent after Lillian's small speech, his eyes cold and his lips pressed tightly together. "One day you'll need our help and you won't get it."

"I highly doubt that I'll ever need your help but if the day should really come I can promise you that you will help me because if you didn't you'd basically be signing your own death warrant. Anyways, if you are done I still have homework to finish."

Without another word her fellow prefect got up from the table and stalked away angrily, her eyes following him to the couches where he joined his entourage. She shook her head at the angry glare he sent her way, muttering under her breath.


Lillian couldn't stop herself from letting out a sigh of relief when she stepped foot into Malfoy Manor. She felt like she was suffocating at Hogwarts, that eyes were following her every step. To be away from that, to recharge was what she desperately needed.

"My Lord!" Immediately going down on a knee, showing her obedience, she greeted her Master.

"It is good to see you have not forgotten how to properly address your better, apprentice."

"I would never forget my place, my Lord."


Getting back to her feet, she looked at her Master and couldn't help the excitement building up inside of her. She was sure she was ready for him to completely make her his. Besides, she promised him that he could bed her during the winter holidays and it would do no good at all to promise something to the Dark Lord and then not fulfill it.

"So it is true, my Lord."

Lillian's head snapped to the side at hearing a voice unknown to her so far and her eyes widened in recognition. "You must be Bellatrix Lestrange."

"I couldn't believe it when my Lord told me that the Girl-Who-Lived was part of his cause, his apprentice even." Taking a few steps towards Lillian, she lowered her voice just a bit. "I don't trust you filthy, little half-blood."

"I really do not have the patience to deal with you right now." Lillian pushed her way past the mad-woman before straightening up in front of Riddle who just observed the little exchange with a bit of amusement. "If you have no need of me right now I would like to go to my room and lay down, my Lord."

"Go ahead. I expect to see you at 8 PM for a full report of the past term."

"Thank you, my Lord."

Ignoring the rest of the group in the foyer, Lillian made her way to the room she spent the past summer in before emptying her trunk off her clothes and underwear.

Not bothering to change, the teen just went to lie on the bed before her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Having slept a couple hours, Lillian woke up feeling more refreshed than she expected and she knew what she wanted from the rest of the night. A quick shower and fresh and pretty underwear later, she made her way to her Master's study, dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a simple shirt.

Once she arrived there and knocked on his door, he called her in and her heartbeat started to speed up.

"Apprentice. Come and sit." With a wave of his hand he motioned for her to take her seat across from him at his desk.

Doing as she was told, the teen took her seat and waited for Riddle to finish what he was doing.

"So, tell me, how was the past term?" He finally asked her, his dark eyes fix on her emerald ones.

"It started off well enough but these past few weeks since Sirius Black organized that meeting with me, Dumbledore and several others, has been stressful."

Once her private chat with Sirius was over she wasted no time informing the Dark Lord.

"Severus told me that he informed you about wanting to chat with your mudblood aunt."

"Yes. I am actually glad he tried to get on my good side by informing me beforehand. It gave me the opportunity to shut that down before it started." Running a hand through her hair, she continued. "I also think that Dumbledore's distrust in me grew a lot more since that meeting. I feel like I have eyes on me wherever I go. They seem to be observing my every step."

"Then you will continue to be nothing more than a Hogwarts student."

"Yes, my Lord."

"How about your extracurricular sessions? How are they progressing?"

"If you are asking how Draco and the others are doing in school: you will have to ask them if they improved their marks, my Lord. I did my job by tutoring them on weekends but I refuse to coddle them through a whole school year. They should be old enough to do their homework and their studying by themselves." Not being able to stop the teasing smile on her face and the excitement pooling between her legs, the teen leaned forward just a bit. "If, however, you are asking whether I am ready for you to take me to bed then…yes, my Lord. I am ready."

"I agree with you on the first point." Getting up from his chair, he moved around the desk grasped Lillian's left arm before pointing his wand at her forearm, making the Dark Mark reappear. Stroking his thumb along the tattoo, he locked his eyes with her and his voice was rough with pure lust as he spoke. "I want to see it on you when I finally claim you as mine."

Lillian was feeling overwhelmed with all those new sensations. Here she was, her bare buttocks on the Dark Lord's desk, her breasts exposed as he suckled on a nipple, her knickers dangling from one ankle while his member was pumping away at her between her legs. There was no romance, there was no love and she didn't want any of those. No, this was her Dark Lord claiming what belonged to him, claiming her.

And he was right to do so.

No other man was allowed to touch her the way he did, no other man was allowed to give her the immeasurable pleasure he gave her. She would kill any man- or woman for that matter- who would dare to lay a hand on her.

She couldn't help the small moans escaping her as her future Lord Husband changed what once disgusted her into something wonderful, beautiful even. She couldn't help the small laughs escaping her as her mind almost deliriously fed her random thoughts. "My Lord…" she panted as he just hit that spot within her. "Imagine…imagine if Dumbledore and his cronies- oh my lord- imagine if they knew…what their champion…what I am doing right now…" A giggle and another escaped her in between moans and her grin widened when she felt the deep but silent chuckle escaping her master, causing her to dig her nails into is back.

Just a few moments later she felt her stomach tighten as the pleasure reached heights she never knew existed, drawing a long and deep moan from her and seconds later she felt her Master twitch inside of her. It was a familiar feeling but this time she loved it. No more would she feel disgusted by sex, no more would she feel scared and humiliated of a man between her legs.

This was glorious; the most powerful man, the most accomplished wizard, the Dark Lord himself, he who defeated death itself desired her like this. She would relish this feeling from now on, she would desire this from now on.

"Have you protected yourself?" He asked her, his member still inside of her but softened by now as she felt his seed slowly leak out of her.

Fully lying on his desk, her face flushed and her hair sticking wetly to her face, she nodded at him. "Yes, my Lord. As much as I would enjoy carrying your offspring I did imagine that getting impregnated now would be very badly timed."


Freshly showered, the teen waited for Riddle to get out of the shower himself. A few moments later he appeared and seemed surprised to still see her there. "I hope you do not expect to spend every night with me now, apprentice."

Blinking in surprise, Lillian chuckled lightly. "No, my Lord, of course not. I was just meaning to talk to you about something I very recently read, something that fascinated me greatly."

Almost looking relieved, to Lillian's amusement, Riddle leaned against the desk, crossing his arms and looking down at his protégé. "Now I am intrigued. What is it?"

"Have you ever heard about a Wendigo?"

Chapter Text

The fire was crackling away as it provided a comfortable warmth for the library as Lillian was lounging lazily on a couch, reading while munching on cookies provided by the Malfoy's house-elf.

It was a few days after Christmas, though it was not celebrated here. The Malfoys apparently abhorred any mudblood holidays and preferred to celebrate Yule instead, though they did it in private and away from the frowning public eye. Narcissa was willing enough to explain her that Yule was the celebration of the winter solstice, of renewal and rebirth, of the sun making its way back to earth.

She found it interesting enough to observe some of it but since she never celebrated anything- ranging from her own birthday to any holidays that existed, be they magic or mudblood in their origins- she didn't feel any desire to really participate. The Dark Lord himself did participate though he didn't order her to join him. He gave her a nod, seemingly silently understanding her position, but that was it.

As she was about to reach for another cookie she neither felt the bowl nor the cookies, forcing her to look away from her book only to find the bowl in the hands of Draco, who helped himself to one.

"Can't deny it, Dobby's baking skills are something else."

"Indeed, they are, Draco and since he is your house-elf you can simply order him to bake your own batch. Like I did."

"Don't get mad, Potter. Dobby will always be ready to bake more, it's not like he has anything better to do. Anyways, the Dark Lord wants to see you."

"Alright then." Putting a piece of parchment between her book she got up from the couch and stretched, exposing her midriff and making the sleeves of her sweater slide down a bit before she felt Draco grab her left arm and staring at her forearm. "Draco…" Her voice was threateningly low.

"When did you get this?" He asked her indignantly.

"September 1st, just before we left for Hogwarts."

Yanking her arm out of his grasp she started to make her way to her Master's office. Draco soon followed her out, not done with his questions yet.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

Laughing, she gave the Malfoy heir an incredulous look. "Why in the world should I have? It's not like I owe you any explanations for anything, neither am I forced to report you anything. Besides, if we go down this road and look at our respective statuses you should be reporting things to me. Granted, for the most part you do so like the good boy you are."

Malfoy was blushing furiously at her calling him a good boy, his face contorting in suppressed anger. "What did you even do to deserve it?"

"I became his apprentice. I follow his orders and have yet to disappoint him. I am incredibly well read, exceptionally smart, ruthless, sadistic. My thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, no matter how dark and dangerous that knowledge is. I don't hesitate to torture anyone below me if they deserve it…sometimes even if they don't deserve it, simply because it is fun. I have two murders under my belt and can't wait for more to follow. Did I tell you that I have a list of people I want to kill? Don't worry, you are not on it," she finished, an almost feral grin adorning her face.

"Two murders? What two murders? You only killed that one mudblood and he was begging for it."

"Cedric of course."

"Diggory? But my father said- "

"What? That he did it? Seriously, Draco? I'd be shocked beyond words if your father ever had the guts to do anything like murdering directly."

They reached their- or at least her- destination and stopped, Draco looking deep in thought while Lillian gave him look before reaching a conclusion; not without a resigned sigh but, to her, a good and promising conclusion with potential for more nonetheless.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she forced him to look at her. "Draco," she began, retrieving her hands from him and crossing them over her chest, before leaning against the door behind her, "I have to admit, after getting to know you a little bit better these past months I don't find you as obnoxious as before. You still are a spoiled little shit, to be crude, and I say this with all the affection I can possibly muster."


"Exactly. What I want to say is: I know your problem."

"What problem?" Malfoy asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Your father. He influenced you too much, spoiled you too much, gave you wrong directions about what things to prioritize in your life. You value your blood status, your family tree, your money, your political influence too much. You rely on those things too much, even after I spoke to you about it several times these past months. It's pitiful."

"What exactly is your point?"

"Remove yourself from the shackles your father put on you. Follow my lead and you will gain our Lord and Master's favor. You have potential Draco. You only have to grasp it. Time is ticking. It's now or never."


"You have time to decide if you still want to be your daddy's spoiled little shit or if you want the Dark Lord to see that you follow the opportunity and example his very own apprentice presents to you. If you still have no answer until then the offer dies and you are on your own to see where you will end up in a year or two."

With that she left the blonde boy standing and entered her Master's office after knocking and being called in.

"You are late, apprentice."

"Yes, my Lord and I apologize. After Draco saw the Dark Mark on me we got into a little argument about me deserving it or not deserving it and I ended up offering him an opportunity he would be a fool to reject."

"Oh? And what opportunity would that be?"

"He removes himself from his father's protective bubble and becomes useful by following me, ultimately becoming something of a more direct subordinate to me. He has potential but he is too lazy and comfortable to utilize it."

"An ingenuous idea, apprentice. I am impressed." Leaning back in his, he motioned for her to sit down. "I have to admit it really started to grate on my nerves when Lucius simply would not shut up about his son and how I should utilize him and how talented he is. If Draco takes your opportunity and improves, well…everything fast enough then I just might have a reason to cave in to Lucius wishes. Now, to the matter at hand. Or matters, to be precise. We have a problem and it is your godfather."

"He is still trying to get to my mudblood relatives?"

"Yes. While your distasteful past is not necessarily a problem it still can be utilized by Dumbledore's followers. It might weaken his position, it might not, but we do not want you in the spotlight like this. We want you to be a Hogwarts student, nothing more, nothing less. You will have the pleasure of killing those who tortured, abused and humiliated you, apprentice."

"Really?" She already felt herself anticipating that thrill murdering and torturing provided her with, her excitement skyrocketing faster than ever. There was one thing to consider however. "But…what if the public starts talking about me basically being an orphan? Thanks to that rat I can't even live in the Black manor. Dumbledore will have several of his followers apply for my adoption."

"I am aware of that. Our goal is to publicly announce my return by the end of this term so hopefully the ministry will be too busy to bother itself with a child's adoption, even if that child is Lillian Potter. If our hand is forced I will simply have Lucius adopt you."

She physically cringed at that thought, but ultimately it was better than the Weasleys.

"Do you remember when I promised you your own Death Eater uniform?" He suddenly asked her, a small smirk on his face.

"Yes, my Lord! Do you have it already?"

"Indeed, I do."

Getting up from his chair he opened a cabinet and removed a neatly folded uniform, handing it to her.

"Try it on."

Lillian didn't waste a moment to remove her clothing and putting on the mixture of cloth and leather. The uniform was completely black, as was the foot soldiers' uniform, but while the several clasps on their uniform was a basic silver hers were gold. Several gold seams accentuated and distinguished her uniform in addition to the golden clasps.

Then, there was also the mask. From what she saw in the graveyard the masks were individualized for every Death Eater and hers was no different in that regard. Her mask, also completely black like the uniform, also had golden accents; those outlining the slits for the eyes.

It was so simple, yet so threatening and mysterious at the same time.

"It's beautiful my Lord. Thank you so much." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"You are quite welcome, apprentice. Use it well."

"Oh, I will." She looked up at her master with adoring eyes and he returned it with hunger. Lillian knew how she would thank her master for those gifts once she returned.

"One last thing before you are ready, apprentice. Do you know how I defeated death?"

"No, my Lord."

"Then sit and listen well and if you ever drop a word of this to anyone who should not be aware of my biggest secret then I will murder you."

She didn't even bat an eye at his threat; it was justified after all. "Of course, my Lord."

"Good. The word you are looking for is 'horcrux'. Essentially, they are objects in which I stored pieces of my soul, anchoring myself to life. To be able to do so you have to kill people; a pure soul. Someone innocent…which you did. Twice. Your school friend, Cedric something and that mudblood. I picked him with this in my mind."

"You want me to splinter my soul?"

Immediately, Riddle's face darkened, his tone threatening. "Is that a problem, apprentice?"

"Of course not, my Lord!" Lillian replied immediately. "Becoming immortal? Defeating death? Who in their right mind would not want this?"

"Good. You and I will change the magical world over generations, apprentice." His eyes wandered off, just for a moment, as he imagined their future before returning his attention back to her, looking serious. "I will not allow more than two Horcruxes. I…became unstable after four and yet I kept going. You shall not suffer the same way and I do not wish to bed a husk of a woman. Remain as intelligent, mentally sound and attractive as you are, Lillian. Even when immortal."

She couldn't help the blush covering her cheeks. Her Lord would indeed receive her thanks. "Of course, my Lord."

"I prepared the ritual in the basement. All you must do is choose a vessel for it. Make sure it is something worthy of your status as my apprentice and your bloodline."

Lillian didn't think about it and simply touched the mask with the tip of her wand, doubling it once and immediately stopping the spell, handing the original to Riddle. "Nothing represents who I am, what I am and who I belong to more than the mask of the Death Eater who is also the Dark Lords apprentice, my Lord."

"Very well spoken, apprentice. The duplication mask will do for tonight. I will prepare another one for the time you will need it. Let us go down to the basement."

It didn't take them long to reach the ritual site and Lillian had to do a double take. "Is that- "


"The mudblood from your blood ritual? Yes. I preserved his body since we need it. A simple preservation charm did the trick as it would do no good for you to eat the flesh of a rotten corpse."


"To complete your violations of nature and activate the ritual you must commit one more crime against nature, which can be a series of things. Admittedly, not even I am comfortable with those things but I did what I had to do to become powerful. I figured biting off and swallowing one chunk of flesh off my victims will be the quickest and least distasteful thing to do to reach my goals."

"Alright…I can do it, my Lord."

Seeing him nod at her, the young apprentice made her way towards the body, her mind reeling with what she was about to do. Was she really willing to commit cannibalism to become immortal? Was she really willing to step so far into the darkness to defeat death, knowing that there was no way out of this ever again?

No, she knew those questions were pointless. Her actions provided the answers as she was kneeling next to the body, sinking her teeth into his soft abdomen as the blood spilled slowly from the wound, tainting her lips, teeth and tongue. She dug her teeth even deeper into his flesh and pulled as hard as she could when the sound of ripping flesh filled the basement and a green light started to fill it as she was kneeling there with the flesh of her blood ritual victim in her mouth, swallowing it.


Suddenly around her a ritual circle started to form, the most complex runes she had ever seen appearing in various positions and black candles lighting up with black fire. The green light started to intensify and she felt a pressure inside of her very core and a pressure around her. It felt as if something did not want her to leave the circle she was kneeling in as simultaneously something wanted to break out of her.

The circle's glowing intensified with every passing second until it actually seemed to shriek. Then, her master pointed his wand at her. She saw his mouth move but couldn't hear him through the pressure and noise of the ritual when suddenly something ripped out of her causing her to shriek in unbearable pain.

And just like that, everything calmed down. Lillian was lying on her side in a fetal position, whimpering. Never before had she experienced something like this and, seconds after it happened, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go through this a second time. She felt a hand brushing her hair from her face before cupping her cheek.

"You did well, apprentice. Very well, even. I will cover this very first horcrux of yours in multiple curses after I will accompany Rodolphus Lestrange to his family vault to hide it there. It is one of the best protected there is at Gringotts. How do you feel? How is your mind?"

She waited a moment, examining herself, thinking things through and, for now, she didn't seem to have any troubles mentally. "I think okay, my Lord…" She mumbled. "I am in pain."

"It is indeed the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Not even feeling my body getting destroyed after attempting to kill you as an infant comes close to ripping a piece of your soul out of your body."

Lillian chuckled weakly before slowly getting up, a lot of groans and moans accompanying that process. "I'm not sure I want to do that again, my Lord."

"It is not a must, but an option for you to have another Horcrux."

"I will thoroughly think it through."

Once they exited the basement they were greeted by Lucius, Narcissa and Draco as the Malfoy's waited outside of the basement wide eyed, torn between wanting to know and not wanting to know what exactly went on in their basement. After seeing Lillian's blood-stained mouth, extremely pale skin and how weak she looked they probably opted for the latter.

Riddle looked at them before focusing on Lucius. "Tell Nagini there is food for her in your basement. Do not enter it for tonight if you know what is good for you."

"Apprentice. It is time."

Her eyes fluttered open as 'her' bedroom slowly came into focus after her couple of hours napping. Slowly but surely memories returned of what she had actually done. She committed cannibalism. She tore her soul apart to become immortal. She actually took part in what probably was the darkest, the blackest of all magical rituals that ever existed.

But she essentially was immortal now. She could not be killed; not really. That piece of her soul anchored her to this plain of existence.

"It does take some time to actually understand what you have done, doesn't it? It did for me at least."

"Yes…it does. But I'm not regretting it."

"As you shouldn't. Now come, you have family to kill, apprentice."

"I will be ready in a minute, my Lord."

Quickly, after washing her face and taking her duplication mask, Riddle and she went back to his office, were Bellatrix and Barty Crouch Jr. waited for them.

"I will accompany you at first. If I know Dumbledore at all then your relative's house will be extensively warded. There is nothing I cannot remove however, so that will be what I will do. You two," he looked at Bellatrix and Barty, "will accompany her, guard her and bring her back safely. Dumbledore will probably know one way or another when his wards have been removed so at least someone to check in on the mudbloods will arrive at some point. When that happens, apprentice, and your relative are still more or less alive you will Avada Kedavra them and leave with Bellatrix and Barty. You will not engage them."

"So, we only babysit Potter?" Bellatrix complained. "Where is our fun, my Lord?"

"Trust me when I say that watching my apprentice work is entertaining enough. It is up to her though, if she wants to share the mudbloods. I gave this to her because it is personal."

"Thank you, my Lord. It is most appreciated."

"Let us leave then."

Moments later the four arrived at the playground Lillian had described to Narcissa in the summer and made their way to Privet Drive. As soon as it came to vision Riddle started to move his wand in complex patterns, constantly murmuring under his breath as she saw flickering after flickering in the sky around the house. This easily went on for five minutes when finally Riddle nodded at them and disapparated.

"Finally." Lillian mumbled under her mask and made a beeline to the house, the people she abhorred like no other. With a wave of her wand she silenced a wide area around the house before blasting the door open with a spell. She didn't look if Bellatrix and Barty followed their Master's orders as she marched upstairs only to meet Vernon halfway up the stairs with a baseball bat in his hands. She immediately cast a binding spell, not bothering to look after him as his bound body tumbled down the stairs. Once she reached the master bedroom she also bound the scared Petunia and levitated her to the living room before she returned to the stairs to do the same with Vernon. Then, she finished off the reunion with doing the very same thing with Dudley.

Soon enough, once everyone was in the living room, she took a seat on a couch, while motioning for Crouch Jr. and Bellatrix to do the same. Then, her attention was solely on her relatives.

"I will call the police! Leave this instant!" Vernon, his head taking on that ugly purple color, started to shout.

Getting up from the couch, she walked in front of the family and crouched to get face to face with the man. "Do you even understand how long I have been hoping for this moment to arrive, you filth?" Lillian then removed the mask to reveal herself to the Dursleys who all immediately went as white as humanly possible. "I don't have to let you live anymore. I have permission to kill you. The Dark Lord assigned me specifically for this."

"Wait! You are not really- you can't!"

"Oh, I can and I will." She then turned to Bellatrix and Barty. "I have turned so many stories about you two. Could you tell me how best start killing off an entire family?"

Bellatrix actually started to laugh at that. "Potter, I might actually find this amusing after all! Always start with the children. Parents hate seeing their babies get hurt."

"Drag it out!" Barty threw in.

"Oh, yes, most definitely. Torture that fat boy for a bit."

"Why don't you do it, Bellatrix?" Lillian offered before the mad witch sneered at her.

"Don't you have the guts to do it yourself, Potter? I thought this was personal."

"Crucio!" Her wand was pointed at her cousin, who screamed and squirmed in pain, his muscles convulsing against the binding ropes as his parents screamed at her to stop before she lifted her wand, releasing him from the torture. "I do. I just wanted to be nice and see you work. Besides, who I really want is him." She nodded at her trembling uncle.

"Hm." She didn't apologize, nor did Lillian expect her to, but Bella's eyes on her now shone with curiosity. Once they were on Dudley though, they took on a mad murderous gleam. "It's been so long since I had a toy to play with. Let's begin, little piggy."


Lillian knelt next to Petunia, forcing her tear streaked face towards Bellatrix and her son, as the mad witch used several cutting spells on him as a starter. "This lady," Lillian began, "she's been in wizarding prison for years. You know why? Because she used the torture spell I used on your pig of a son for so long on a family that went mad. Their brain doesn't function anymore. They are hospitalized for the rest of their lives. No one tortures like she does. No one enjoys hurting others like she does."

"Please leave my baby alone…" Petunia sobbed, crying and closing her eyes but Lillian forced her eyelids back open.

"I enjoy it because it is fun to see them squirm and writhe in pain!" Bellatrix shouted before she used a severing charm and cut off one of Dudley's arms before doing the same to every other limb.

"Keep watching, you whore. You enjoyed watching me suffer for years, so…keep…watching." Lillian whispered in her ear before turning to Barty. "Barty, how long has it been since you had a good shag?"

"Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?" He asked, licking his lips as his grin turned feral.

"Up to you. She's yours."

Standing up while unzipping his pants, Barty walked to Petunia, who just whimpered and begged. "We are going to have fun, mudblood…"

Lillian tuned out the rest of the room when she turned her attention to her personal prey. "You. Finally." She couldn't help the hatred and despise welling up, causing a turmoil inside of her that forced tears flowing down her cheeks. The man of her nightmares stared at her, a mixture of hate and dread on his face. "Your torture is seeing your son being cut to pieces and your wife getting raped…before I cut her too pieces too. Watch carefully and don't miss a thing."

"You freak…you are crazy!"

"Says the mudblood child molester. You will never understand that we are your superiors in bloodlines and in having the magical gift you lack. You are simple minded. Pitiful. Worthless. Insects I step on."

"Potter, I think your cousin is dead."

"No! My son!" Vernon cried out, causing Lillian to scoff.

"Oh, please uncle! What did you expect? her had his arms and legs cut off." Lillian then waved her wand once and with a bang, summoned a snake. "Eat, my friend."

Silently, the snake started to devour the body parts that once were Dudley. Bellatrix, though had her eyes on Lillian. "You speak parsel?"

"Yes, I too am related to Slytherin."

"But- "

"I did not choose my mother, Bellatrix. If it were up to me I would have a pureblooded bloodline just like you or the Malfoys, but alas, I am related to these creatures." Returning her attention to Barty, he saw him putting away his pride and glory back inside his pants. "I see you are done, Barty. Oh, wow, how did you manage to bleed her like that?" Lillian almost winced at the bloody mess between Petunia's legs, before shrugging. "Oh, who cares, we are on the clock." She summoned another snake. "This woman is your feast today. Enjoy it."

The serpent hissed its thanks before sinking his fangs in Petunia's face who didn't even really seem to register. The potent venom of the magical snake almost instantly killed her and the snake started to devour her from her head, her aunt slowly vanishing into the snake's gaping mouth.

"What do you say, Vernon? Your family is nothing but snake food. Vernon? Hey?" She nudged him with her boot but the man seemed broken, didn't react. "Hey? Tell me, was all this worth doing the things you did to me? Hey?" She nudged him again. "Oh well." With a flick of her wand she set him aflame before putting her mask back on.

She watched her uncle, the man who stole everything from her, silently burn alive. This was it; she closed a loose end- no, she closed the loose end of her life. The single thing she needed to do to fully commit her life to the Dark Lord.

Today was a good day…probably the best of her life.

She at least got Malfoy to doubt the path he was taking in life, hiding under his father's influence. She became immortal; at least to some extent. She finally, finally got to kill the man she wanted to kill most. Staring into the inferno that slowly started to spread around his body, taking in the smell of his burning flesh…it finally was over.


It was good. It felt good.

"Who- Oh merlin!"

Three heads simultaneously snapped towards the voice and Lillian wasted no time to use her wand. Silently she vanished the two full snakes along with their food and cast fiendfyre before turning towards her guardians. "Let's leave."

Barty left on his own as Bella grabbed her arm and disapparated with her after Lillian cast one last glance at Arthur Weasley being chased by her bewitched inferno.

"Apprentice." Riddle opened the door to his study slash living quarters, letting her in.

Lillian entered and removed her mask, dropping it on a desk before vanishing it.

"I hope everything went well?"

"Yes, my Lord. The response of the order was farely late. Bellatrix cut my cousin to pieces before I fed them to a snake…Barty raped my aunt bloody before I fed her to another snake…and I left Vernon untouched through all of this so he could see and hear them. Then I burned him alive but I think he was too far broken to register that. Arthur Weasley arrived at some point, but alone. Or he was the first to arrive, I'm not sure." She shrugged. "Anyways, the snakes were done eating so I vanished them and then I cast fiendfyre before we left."

"I thought I told you not to engage."

"It was no real engaging, my Lord. It was a distraction. The flames chased him so he couldn't attack us. If he dies, Dumbledore loses an avid follower. If he doesn't he'll just be dead another day."

"I will let it slide, apprentice but I expect you to follow my orders to. The. Letter. Understood?"

Lillian dropped to a knee in apology. "Yes, my Lord. I meant no insubordination."


She then looked up at her Master with a cheeky grin and adoring eyes. "My Lord…while I am in this position, I thought it would be a good moment to show you my gratitude for everything you did for me today."


"If you don't mind, of course."

Riddle smirked at her from above as her nimble hands unzipped the fly of his trousers and fished for his member. He buried a hand deep in her locks and forced her to look up at him while she was holding his growing erection. "You look good like this, apprentice."

Grinning up at him, Lillian slowly started to stroke him as her Master stumbled backwards and into his chair. "I hope you will enjoy this, my Lord. Just relax. This is all about me thanking you."

Chapter Text

Lillian was lying on her Master's bed, naked and sweaty, her thighs sticky with her own wetness and the Dark Lord's release. Her breathing was still slightly shallow but her face bore a content smile as she stretched, purring at the still new feelings of pleasure her Master provided her with. A slight gasp escaped her as she felt her still hard nipples be caressed, causing her to look up and see the naked and freshly showered Dark Lord looking at her body hungrily.

"Do you want another round, my Lord?" She asked as she spread her legs invitingly, a sultry smile on her face.

Pulling his hand away, he shook his head. "As much as I would love to, I have to accompany Rodolphus to Gringotts to hide your horcrux. You wear me out too much, apprentice."

Not hiding her self-satisfied smile, Lillian replied with a small giggle. "I'm not going to apologize for that, my Lord."

"And I don't expect you to. I should also inform you that your year-mates will arrive later today so you can review the past term with them. Aside from Crabbe and Goyle they all improved to some extent, so keep up the good work."

"Understood, my Lord." Her eyes then suddenly widened when she remembered something she wanted to ask her master about. "My Lord! May I ask you something I have been wondering about?"

Riddle looked at her with obvious curiosity before motioning for her to continue as he put on his clothing.

Lillian, rolling over to her side and prepping up her head with a hand, did as asked. "Do you remember when I spoke to you about Wendigos?"

"Yes, I do."

"I've been wondering…since you and I have consumed human flesh for horcruxes, even if they were small bites…shouldn't it have changed us to some extend? Especially you, since you must have done it several times. I mean, in the book I've read it is explicitly stated that the committing cannibalism results in becoming a Wendigo. There have to be people in Great Britain who must have consumed a whole human but…"

Riddle looked thoughtful while buttoning up his shirt as he stood in front of a full body mirror. Adjusting his collar, he finally spoke. "I see where you are coming from and it is indeed a fascinating topic. It seems to me that these Wendigos- or the process of turning into one- seem to be an occurrence tightly tied Native American culture."

"I've thought about that possibility as well…though in what way is it tied, I wonder."

"I shall visit some stores in Knockturn Alley and see if there is something to be found about this…"

"Thank you, my Lord." Lillian replied before sinking back into her Master's bed and pulling up the blanket over her body. She then stretched once more, resulting in a series of satisfying pops running up her back when she felt the Dark Lord grasp her left arm, running his thumb over the Dark Mark forever tattooed into her skin. He did that a lot of times, whether he was shagging her or not and she didn't mind it one bit; in fact, she took great enjoyment of the fact that her master still seemed to be utterly fascinated by the fact that the light's golden girl bound herself to him forever in every way. It even seemed to arouse him if the bulge she was massaging through his trousers was any indicator.

"Lillian Potter, what would your parents say if they knew you were warming the Dark Lord's bed?" He asked her as his breath grew shallower.

Lillian, now on her knees on the beds, the blanket long since revealing her bare skin again, smiled up at him. "I'm pretty sure they would say that they have no daughter anymore," she whispered as she pressed her breasts into Riddle's clothed chest while she opened the fly of his trousers with one hand; she struggled a bit but she managed all the same. "They would also be publicly shamed, probably shunned from their friends and the wizarding society as a whole," she continued, having found her Master's growing erection, slowly and sensually stroking him in her soft hand, "and I would probably be called the Dark Lord's whore, newspapers would talk about nothing else for months." Her Master release her left arm, allowing her to get comfortable on her knees as she smirked up at him before running her tongue over his member.

He buried his hand in her dark locks, slowly urging her to completely take him into her mouth. "I thought I told you that I have somewhere to be, apprentice."

Lillian couldn't suppress the chuckle escaping her even as she pleasured her Master's erection with her tongue and mouth. She simply answered him with a shrug of her shoulders as she redoubled her efforts to make him release his seed faster. The teen relished the noises of pleasure her efforts forced out of her master, she relished the smell and taste of him, the strong grip he had in her hair, painful and pleasurable at the same time.

Soon enough she heard the by now familiar sounds of her Master reaching his climax and the first spurts of his ejaculate landed on her tongue and, not wanting to make a mess on his fresh clothes, she quickly swallowed. After the first time she did this, she spit it out in a sink; it wasn't a terrible taste but not pleasant either. But this time, she swallowed all the same. Once finished, she released him from her mouth and quickly grabbed a tissue from the night table to clean him up before she put his member back in his trousers and zipped up his fly before smiling up her Master. "You should be good to go now, my Lord."

"You are becoming very greedy, apprentice." He still sounded out of breath.

"I'm sorry my Lord…you just seem to be irresistible." Lillian replied with a coy smile.

Riddle allowed himself a small chuckle as he cupped Lillian's cheek, a by now familiar gesture for her, one she greatly enjoyed. "Be sure to not miss the other children's arrival, apprentice."

"Yes, my Lord. Have a good day out."

Lillian woke up from her nap an hour later. While feeling icky with her Master's and her own bodily fluids clinging all over her she still felt incredibly refreshed and satisfied. But she had to shower and definitely brush her teeth to get that taste out of her mouth.

After getting up from the bed, she quickly went to her Master's bathroom and took her shower before slipping into a fresh pair of knickers she took with her from her bedroom. Once cleaned up and clothed, she left for her own bedroom to brush her hair and teeth. Since last summer, she made sure it didn't grow past her jawline since she found it too annoying to deal with her thick hair when she let it grow. Besides, her shorter hair was just as pretty.

Soon enough, she made her way to the living room where she found Draco. "When are the others due to arrive, Draco?"

"Should be any moment now."

"Alright then." The teen made her way next to Draco and sat down beside him, waiting for his entourage to arrive.

They were silent for a few moments, Draco looking deep in thought while Lillian simply looked bored.

The Malfoy heir then broke the silence. "May I ask you something?"


"The other day…what did you do in our basement?"

Turning to face him, Lillian looked straight into Malfoy's eyes. "If you were supposed to know, you would. Trust me, you do not want to know this."

Malfoy was about to protest when the fireplace lit up and the first Slytherin students stepped through. Giving him one last meaningful look, the apprentice returned her attention to her year-mates, waiting for everyone to arrive. One by one the students came through, followed by their parents. Narcissa also entered the living room to be the gracious hostess as was expected of her, accompanied by her sister Bellatrix with Lucius presumably being out for some kind of ministry business.

Lillian knew that Bellatrix Lestrange was her Master's right-hand woman right now and she respected that. The woman may be crazy, despite her lucid moments, but her devotion to the Dark Lord's cause was admirable. At the same time though, that devotion was also what made the Dark Lord wary of her, as it could border on obsession. While devotion was expected, even demanded of his followers, obsession was seen as a liability. Lillian fully expected herself to replace Bellatrix as her Master's right-hand once the time arrived but for now she knew that she still had a lot to learn.

Once Narcissa was done greeting her guests Lillian got up from her seat, effectively silencing the chatter and drawing the attention to herself. The adults still mostly gave her distasteful looks, the children on the other hand knew for the most part what she was capable of.

"Greetings, everyone," she began. "I expect all of you to know why you are here. The Dark Lord has reviewed your marks of the past half-year and was actually pleased that almost everyone improved to some extent which in turn pleased me because I did not get punished for anyone's laziness." There was some obvious relief going on, making Lillian chuckle lowly. "I personally am pleased to see that those who have improved apparently realized what is at stake and that a proper education is only helpful. All that being said, tomorrow after breakfast the review sessions will begin. Use today to catch up and whatever else you fancy to do in your free times."

Having finished what she needed to say, she was about to leave when Pansy spoke up, her voice immediately raising her blood pressure.

"What about your muggle relatives? It was in the Prophet…that they were killed."


"Well…did you do it?"

"Yes, Pansy, I did. Though I also have to give credit where it is due; Bellatrix and Barty Jr. did help out and the brutality and savagery with which they torture was truly eye opening." Lillian replied, a murderous grin on her face.

"It was my pleasure, Potter!" Bellatrix laughed. "I hope you learned a lot."

"And I hope you see that I am truly devoted to our Master and no sheep of Dumbledore's." Lillian nodded at the former Black. "Anyways, I hope your curiosity has been sated, Pansy. If not, I certainly don't mind going through the whole thing in detail; I do remember it fondly after all."

"Thanks, but no, thanks," Pansy blanched.

"Suit yourself." Lillian was again about to leave before she remembered something. "Say…was there any news on Arthur Weasley? Him dying or being gravely injured?"

The teens all looked at each other before shaking their heads collectively.

Nodding with a small frown, Lillian left the teens to head to the library.

Who could have saved him from her fiendfyre?

"Thank you for coming in such short notice, my friends, but I am afraid that a terrible attack has occurred."

The group around the table in the Black manor looked, fitting to the reason of the meeting, very serious.

"As you might have read in the Daily Prophet, the Dursley family was brutally murdered by Death Eaters," Dumbledore began, "and before they fled a very dark spell- fiendfyre- was cast. If I would not have arrived when I did we not only would have lost more innocent muggle families, we would also have lost Arthur."

Molly Weasley had her hand firmly grasped by her husband, who apparently still was very shaken about those events. "I have never seen a spell like that…it was like…the flames were sentient. They changed into all sorts of beasts…I was certain I was dead…and there was so much blood in that house…"

Moody listened intently to Arthur before grunting and shaking his head. "This doesn't sound like your average Death Eater attack to me. It sounds way too personal."

"What are you suggesting?" Black asked with a low and threatening tone.

Both of Moody's eyes fixated on Sirius, his gaze unflinching. "That Albus may be right after all and your goddaughter might have been lying to us when she said that Voldemort's resurrection failed."

"We are missing something…" Dumbledore spoke up. "The Dark Mark is not visible on Severus' forearm."

"But it was."

Looking at his old friend over the rim of his glasses, Dumbledore nodded. "Yes. Then, shortly after the end of the last school year it disappeared again. That is what I am talking about, Alastor."

"Snape might be double crossing us. To protect Potter."

"Lillian is not a Death Eater!" Sirius roared, his friend Remus Lupin trying to calm him down.

"It is something we have to consider, Sirius. I know it might be a painful and disappointing thing to accept but-"

"Don't give me that bullshit, Albus." Sirius glared at the headmaster almost ferally. "Don't give me that. I demand you tell all of us right now what happened to Lillian when she lived with those muggles."

"Sirius, I doubt now is the time-"

"Tell us. Or leave. I swear I will evoke this house's magic and throw all of you out if you don't."

Dumbledore stared at Sirius for a few short moments before nodding. "If it is what you wish…she told me that she was being beaten and abused by the Dursley's and-"

"Abused how, Albus?" Sirius interrupted him, his face slowly losing all colour. "Tell me exactly what she said. How was she abused?"

"Sirius, this really is no time to talk about things in the past. We should have some respect for a brutally murdered family."

"Say. It."

Dumbledore himself looked very uncomfortable now as the eyes of every member of the Order were on him. "She mentioned some…sexual abuse."

Collective gasps erupted around the table before Dumbledore held up a hand. "I had several trustworthy witches and wizards keep an eye on her and they never mentioned anything out of the norm to me. It was a child's exaggeration."

"Did they go to the house, ring the bell, demanded to see her? Or did they just look at the house from the outside?" Sirius' eyes started to tear up in anger.


"Leave." His voice was low but firm. "Leave and don't come back. Wherever you hold your order meetings, I don't give a damn. Get out of my sight."

Remus himself was completely in shock at what was just revealed and looked unseeingly at a shaken-up group leaving.

Once they were alone Sirius finally allowed himself to break down as he got up, flipped the wooden table over with an anguished cry before sinking to his knees as his cries and sobs took over.

Remus just sat there, staring at a wall across from him with silent tears streaming down his face while he silently apologized to James and Lily Potter over and over and over.

Once called inside, Lillian closed the door behind her before going down on one knee. "Welcome back, my Lord. I hope you had a good trip to Knockturn Alley."

Once Riddle had motioned for her to get up and take a seat, she did as told. "It was just business as usual, apprentice. What brings you here? I did not call for you."

"I was thinking about becoming an Animagus, my Lord, and wanted to ask for your opinion on that matter."

Leaning back on his chair, Riddle looked thoughtful for a moment before slowly nodding. "Yes, I can see the merits. You must understand, however, becoming an Animagus is a pretty long and extraordinarily complex process. You will need time and dedication to succeed."

"I will prepare myself accordingly, my Lord."

"As I expect of you. Before heading back to Hogwarts be sure to head to Diagon Alley and find some books about becoming an Animagi. During the coming summer we can start working on it."

"Thank you, m- oh! Who is this gorgeous snake? Would that be Nagini?" Lillian smiled brilliantly at the beautiful, large green snake slithering its way from behind her master towards her, tasting the air with its tongue.

"Yes, apprentice. This would be my familiar, Nagini. It seems like she is finally willing to meet you."

"What type of snake is she, my Lord?" The teenager asked while she got up from her chair and crouched down to get on eye level with the reptile. "You are so gorgeous, Nagini! May I pet you?"

"You may, little snakelet. Right under my chin is where I like to be scratched."

Getting Nagini's permission to do so, Lillian sat down next to the snake and began rubbing the scales under the snake's jaw, visibly relaxing her.

"She would be a king cobra, apprentice. She has a lot of magic in her which made her venom even more potent and herself visibly thicker and stronger."

"I'm not thick!" Nagini threw in indignantly, making Lillian chuckle.

"Beautiful." Lillian kept scratching the snake's scales for a while longer before she remembered something else. "My Lord, have you found anything regarding Wendigos?"

"Unfortunately, no. I am actually considering travelling to North America for this, to find out first-hand what this transformation is all about."

"When would you travel?"

"When you head back to Hogwarts. I would not miss out ravishing my apprentice a few more times before she has to go back to school."

"I was hoping for that answer, my Lord." Lillian glanced at him with a sultry smile before standing up. "I will start the review sessions with the brats tomorrow after breakfast. For now, I will head to the library and see what I can find on becoming an Animagus."

"Don't leave just yet, apprentice." He waited for Lillian to sit back down before he continued. "I assume you know what occlumency is?"

Lillian smiled as Nagini slithered and curled up on her lap. She was heavy but Lillian didn't mind. "I do, my Lord. Occlumency is the art of closing one's mind against mental attacks from a Legilimens."

"Exactly. You must learn it."

"I would certainly benefit from it…" The young apprentice mumbled while scratching the scales on Nagini's head. "Who would teach me?"

"I will. While Severus is a master in occlumency I do not wish for him to go through your mind. But be warned: it will be draining on you, both mentally and physically. We will have sessions daily for one hour after you are done with the other children. I will provide you with the best literature on occlumency and legilimency so you can keep studying and meditating in Hogwarts. You may leave now."

The last week of the holiday passed quickly and soon enough Lillian found herself back at Hogwarts. She already missed her time in the Malfoy's vast library and missed the light bruises the Dark Lord gave her thighs and hips. The ones she got now would fade soon enough. She also missed seeing the Dark Mark on her arm as it was once more made invisible by her Master.

She wondered for how much longer she had to stay here. Her Master already knew so much and could probably teach her more than the staff at school. Learning directly from him was a dream she wanted to have fulfilled so badly, but alas, here she was. Tomorrow classes would start again and she would be plain, old Lillian Potter. Well, maybe not plain, she was beautiful and she knew that she turned more than a few heads of both sexes.

Entering the Great Hall, Lillian made her way to the Slytherin table and sat down, quickly filling her plate. If nothing else, there always was the food at least. She quietly began to eat as the rest of her year slowly started to appear and joined her, some greeting her and some ignoring her.

"Hey, Potter, what's that on your neck?"

Looking up to Pansy, Lillian gave the girl a questioning look before swallowing her food and reaching with her hand to her neck. "What?"

"Other side. Lower. Yes, that. Wait, is that a hickey?" Pansy asked, her eyes widening comically once Lillian exposed her neck a bit more without really wanting to.

"Nonsense. Now go back to minding your own business." Lillian tried hard to hide the furious blush on her cheeks. Yes, the Dark Lord was particularly rough and possessive with her last night and she was sure she had at least a couple more hickeys on a breast and thigh. She should have checked harder on the mirror. Damn that sweater.

"Who is it?" Daphne asked, already excited for some smutty stories from the Dark Lord's apprentice.

Lillian was quickly losing her patience. "Shut it! It's none of your business!"

"Come on! Was it any of you boys?"

"Are you kidding? Don't you remember what…you know…did to Theo when he tried?" Blaise shuddered at that.

"Don't remind me man, I still get twitches sometimes…" Nott mumbled in response to that.

Lillian started to tune them out when her eyes caught something far across the hall. She saw Ronald Weasley keep throwing glances at her and when he caught her eye he quickly concentrated on his food, avoiding her.

"What the…" Wiping her hands and mouth with a napkin, she got up from her chair and made her way quickly to the Gryffindor table before stopping behind the mudblood girl and across from Weasley. "What?"

"Whachu mea wha?"

"Swallow your mouthful and tell me why you keep eyeballing me, you pig." Lillian scrunched her nose up in disgust. "This wasn't like your little spy game for Dumbledore when you just kept glaring holes in my back. Yes, I know about that."

Weasley again was avoiding her eyes. "I don't know what you are talking about…"


"Alright! Follow me…"


"Shut it, Granger! Lead on."

Ignoring the stares, they received, Lillian followed the youngest Weasley boy out of the Great Hall and into an empty classroom. Folding her arms over her chest, she waited for him to start.

"Okay, look…I heard some things about you…"

Lillian narrowed her eyes. "What things?"

"See…you heard about your uncle and aunt, right? So, there was a, uh…meeting where they talked about that stuff…and apparently some things came out about what they, uh…did…to you…"

Reeling inside, Lillian took a deep breath. "Like…what?"

Looking very uncomfortable, Weasley was almost begging. "Please don't make me say it! I didn't even know those things happened to you, your godfather threw Dumbledore out and everything! That's what my dad said at least."

Lillian's green eyes were very wide as her mind went through a million possible outcomes of this mess she found herself in, a shaking hand rubbing her face. Aside from closure for herself murdering the Dursley's gained them nothing. Damn that Sirius Black. Damn him for not leaving her be.

"Who else knows? I know you have a loose mouth, Bilius. Give me names. Now." Her voice was low, threatening and shaking at the same time, her eyes still wide, her lips thin as she pressed them together tightly.

"Come o-"

Lillian charged at him, forcing him against a table, her wand pressing against his stomach as he was lying on his back, his hands up and eyes widened in shock. "I swear I will slaughter your entire inbred clan, Weasley, starting with you! Tell me who you told! NOW!"

"Okay! Blimey, calm down! Just Neville and Hermione! Shit!"

"If you spill this to anybody else I will kill you."

Lillian left the Weasley boy alone and headed straight to the dungeons and the Slytherin common room as Draco was nowhere to be found in the Great Hall. "Malfoy."

Draco looked up and gulped at the thunderous look on Lillian's face. "I didn't do anything!"

"I need your owl. Come with me." She didn't wait for his answer but headed straight to the owlery.

"Why do you need me with you?" Malfoy asked, heaving caught up to her.

"You agreed to my offer. You do what I say. Shut up and come with me."

"You can't tell the owls apart, can you?"

"Shut. Up."

Their trip to the owlery remained silent from then on, Malfoy only shooting a few curious glances at her.

Once they arrived, Malfoy picked his owl out and Lillian quickly picked a sheet of parchment, a quill and ink provided for the students before she started writing.

Malfoy respectfully waited a few paces behind her and once she was done and had the parchment rolled up and bound, she handed it to Malfoy who then sent his owl off.

"May I ask what's going on?"

"Certain people know certain things they shouldn't know because my godfather couldn't leave things alone. I'm not sure how to deal with this situation so I asked for advice." Looking at Malfoy, she continued. "If you hear things about me…tell me when and from whom you heard it. Immediately."

"Alright…what exactly-"

"You'll know."

Lillian was sitting on her bed in her sleepwear- consisting of a tank top and boxer shorts, which fortunately covered the other hickeys- with her eyes closed and legs crossed, her brows still slightly showing the frown she was wearing the entire day.

Back at the Malfoy's manor she had to admit that occlumency was an incredibly complex and difficult art to learn but she at least managed by the last day to create a weak barrier which was just about strong enough to block a very weak mental attack from her Master.

The meditation itself was very useful too, allowing her to bring some calmness to her worrisome thoughts. So, she slowly felt herself relax as she used the breathing and relaxation techniques she read in the book she took with her.

Soon enough she was so far in her mental tranquillity that she didn't hear the door to the dorm open and only barely heard her name being called, pulling her back out from her meditation.

"What in Merlin's name were you doing?"

"Meditating." Lillian answered before getting up from her bed to her feet and stretching before lying back down.


Sighing at Daphne's questions, Lillian answered. "It's a training exercise which helps with learning occlumency."

"Were you ordered by-"

"Yes, are you done with your questions? I was so relaxed just a moment ago and am already feeling my blood pressure rising again…"

"Sorry, sheesh."

Waving her off, Lillian turned to her side before slowly falling asleep, mentally preparing for the first class after the holidays.

Chapter Text

Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as the Dark Lord Voldemort, trekked through the wilderness of the North American Atlantic Coast. The cool wind whipped against his face, biting into his skin as he made his way through a dense forest. A deep coating of snow covered the frozen ground as thick, grey clouds covered the blue of the sky.

It was a small reprieve from his planning and plotting in Britain, if he was honest with himself. Of course, a Dark Lord was supposed to be busy, was supposed to work tirelessly but even he needed a break now and then.

But then, his reason for being in the United States was certainly not recreational.

No, he was here to do a small favour for his apprentice, so to speak. Ever since Lillian Potter read about the monsters of Native American legend, those Wendigos, she had been utterly fascinated by them. He was not entirely sure whythat was, but he had a feeling that it had a lot to do with death and mayhem. There were only so many ways one could utilize mindlessly ever-hungry beasts after all.

There also was the fact that his apprentice had a knack for showing an almost maniacally sadistic streak, very much like his ever-loyal right-hand woman, Bellatrix Lestrange. Very unlike her, however, his apprentice was sane, as in actually sane. Whereas Bellatrix needed lucid moments to touch reality through that haze of madness, making her almost seem schizophrenic, Lillian's madness all happened in either a very calculated and calm manner or through a teenage temper tantrum. Whichever it was, his apprentice was always aware.

And he was glad she was. Riddle was not sure he could have handled another devotee with such potential wasting away in their madness.

All those things considered, he expected of his apprentice to have been thinking about ways to utilize these Wendigos, otherwise he would not waste his time travelling overseas trying to find out more about them, especially considering that he didn't even do it for himself; at least not directly.

It was odd to think about doing things that didn't benefit himself immediately or directly but then, it was also odd to think about the time and dedication he had already invested in grooming the Light's former golden girl into what she would eventually become. Granted, Dumbledore had certainly done a splendid job already, considering the raw diamond Lillian Potter was when he took her for himself on the day of his return.

The old fool had done the same mistake with her, as he had done with him all those years in the past. It was baffling as just how infallible Albus Dumbledore saw himself to not recognize the pattern between how he treated Tom and Lillian.

The Dark Lord was far from complaining, though. Not only did he get an eager servant out of Dumbledore's second big blunder, no; he got an exceptionally talented witch, he got a witch thirsting for power and willing to delve in the darkest depths of magic to gain said power but not so much as to challenge him- she was far too loyal to him for that to be a possibility- and he also got a witch who was descendant of the Slytherin bloodline, willing to be bred by him to bear him an heir, strengthening his legacy and that of their bloodline.

That she did not seem to care much for love was a bonus, a real luxury. Not having to deal with the stupidity love seems to awaken in the general populace was something he certainly was grateful for.

Of course it wasn't like he had no feelings to spare; Tom Riddle was capable of feeling affection and dismay, he could get bored or excited. He simply could not feel love, as his mother conceived him while she drugged his father with a love potion. Riddle probably should feel grateful as that fact did free him from many, many troubles.

But yes, the Dark Lord Voldemort was capable of affection in certain ways. Should he ever lose his loyal Bellatrix he certainly would be angry. Should he ever lose his apprentice, he would be beyond furious. Should he ever witness either of them getting maimed or otherwise gravely injured the culprit(s) would suffer his wrath…after he would punish his two most devoted for allowing their enemies to injure them.

It should not be said that the Dark Lord did not care for his followers.

As he continued trekking through the forest, his mind wandering, he caught something from the corner of his eye.

A curious hum left the depths of his chest as he made his way to the tree. It was an old tree; tall, strong and thick. In times of muggle industrialization it was almost a miracle that it was still standing. But then, as his hands ran across its bark, his finger running along the faintest of carvings, he couldn't help but smirk.

"It seems I may finally be closing in on the answers you yearn for, my dearest apprentice," Riddle muttered to himself.

Ancient black magic certainly was a beautiful thing.

It had been a week since she found out about the Weasley brat knowing of her deepest humiliation. It still made her angry. It still made her want to go out on a rampage, but, alas, she could not allow herself to.

Besides, the answer she received from her master when seeking out his guidance after Weasley's revelation was clear as a summer's day.

"Do not fret. Own it. Utilize it. Make it your weapon. Turn what was once your weakness into strength. You are better than this, apprentice."

She was. She was Lillian Potter and she was not weak. She was Lillian Potter and she had beaten her mind when it was crippling her with her late, poordear uncle's deeds he had wrought upon her.

That someday in the foreseeable future the magical populace of the British Isles- and probably also the magical populace of the European continent and probably beyond- would find out about what she had to suffer through her entire childhood irked he more than thoughts could express but her Dark Lord was right, of course. Like he always was.

She would not let them put her down. She would not let them portray her as a broken girl. They would not see what they would expect to see, no. The people would see their heroine as just that- a heroine. A tragic heroine, yes, but still. They would see that she suffered and that she was broken but that she soldiered through and that she put herself together time and time again.

They would also see that those supposed to protect her, their leader of the light and his little cult, failed to do so. Her personal favourite thing though would be when she ripped off the protective veil Dumbledore had cast on the muggles and revealed them as what they truly were: filthy, vile animals waiting to be put down.

Oh, she couldn't wait for the uproar her past would cause. The magical society was on the brink of a major shake-up.

However, this was not all her master had to say in his letter and she actually was feeling a little excited over what he told her to do and the free reign he gave her to make those decisions. Lillian was aware though that any bad decision was hers to own so she thought long and hard before coming to her conclusion.

So, at evening time, when most students were gathered in their respective common rooms, Lillian approached Draco's group, her eyes fixating on the blonde Greengrass heiress.

"Daphne, accompany me to our dormitory. We have to have a private talk."

Giving a pointed look to the rest of the teenagers, Lillian headed upstairs, fully expecting Daphne to not question her and follow her without a word.

Once they were both inside, Lillian immediately closed and locked the door before casting a privacy charm on it.


"Sit," Lillian ordered the blonde as she sat down at the edge of her own bed. Once Daphne nervously did as told, the young apprentice began talking. "Out of everyone from your…group, I see the most potential in you, Daphne."

"I…thank you?"

"Before I begin with why I demanded to speak with you I will ask you some questions. Just a few questions for which I expect honest answers. If I ever find out you lied to me I will kill you. Slowly. Understood?"

Daphne's pale features paled even further at that promise as she nodded. "Yes."

"What exactly is your family's motivation in this war?"

"What do you mean?"

Lillian got up from her bed, slowly pacing in the middle of the room. "None of your family that I know of is part of our Lord's inner circle or even just a simple Death Eater grunt, despite the Greengrass' influence in pureblood social circles. During my stays at the Malfoy Manor I have researched the Sacred twenty-eight and read about the Parkinsons, Notts, Selwyns, Carrows, Yaxleys…they all are obvious in their allignments. I also read about the Greengrass' but your family is just so obscure. Obviously the Greengrass are pure-blooded, which is a commendable trait which I greatly envy." Lillian wasn't lying either. Every time she thought about her relation to the Dursleys she felt physically ill and not just because she hated them in particular. Good riddance and she wished she could kill them over and over again. "But," she continued, "your family was not involved in the past war, to my knowledge at least, and even now your family's involvement only consists of you being tutored by the Dark Lord's apprentice." Stopping her pacing, Lillian turned to face the Greengrass princess, her back straight, hands clasped behind her back and legs slightly apart, feet firmly on the ground as she gazed down at Daphne, her very posture oozing confidence and demanding obedience.

"O-of course," Daphne nodded, her heart thumping against her chest as she looked up at Lillian but avoiding those cold, green eyes. "My family is more, uh, opportunistic than anything else. W-we believe in blood purity and are more dark than neutral, traditionalistic and everything b-but avoid being in the centre of things. That's w-why you wouldn't find many records of the Greengrass name in lots of history books that don't explicitly deal with family histories."

Letting out a non-committal hum, Lillian didn't say anything for a few moments, her face not betraying any thoughts. "I see. So, what use is your family to our cause? What does your family do?"

"Black market trading. W-we provide the Dark Lord with dark artefacts he asks for."

"Has Dumbledore ever shown any interest in you?"

"I- what?" Daphne asked, confused at the sudden and seemingly random change of topics.

"Answer the question."

"No. No, he hasn't ever spoken to me at all."

"Good. The Dark Lord recently tasked me with something for which he allowed me free reign. He tasked me with building my own inner circle of trusted individuals out of those I tutor," Lillian began, once more pacing. "To trust is something I do not do easily. In fact, there is only one person I trust implicitly and that is, quite obviously, the Dark Lord himself. However," Lillian turned to face Daphne fully, "there are some among your group from whom I expect to be of great use in our future war and our magical empire once it is over. You are one of those individuals, Daphne. Your family is smart. They act in the shadows and always out of sight. They are cunning and driven. True Slytherins, indeed. More so than the Malfoys."

"Thank you…?"

Lillian smirked at Daphne's uncertainty and she couldn't blame her. "Have I told you about my Slytherin heritage?"

Daphne's eyes widened comically. "Are you serious?"

"Indeed I am. Granted, it is very diluted, but I am a descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself. However, the Dark Lord is a direct descendant and has more claim to the name than I do. It doesn't matter, though. He offered me to become his Lady."

After that reveal, Lillian had to stop herself from laughing out loud at Daphne's expression. Completely undignified, the Greengrass princess looked both shocked and unbelieving at the same time.

"To be fair, it is no big secret, although the big announcement and actual bonding is supposed to happen this coming summer. But I figured you ought to know that I am not just a powerful year-mate of yours who lets the Dark Lord's attention get to her head. I am his apprentice. I am bearing his mark. I am to become the Dark Lord's bride. I am a descendant of Slytherin's. I am a parselmouth." Lillian smirked ferally at Daphne. "In just a short few months I will officially become His Dark Lady."


"'I see…'?"

"I see…my Lady."

Lillian couldn't help the giddiness she felt when Daphne addressed her with her proper title. Sure, there were still a few months to go until it would actually, really be official but training her group of followers early was surely nothing reprehensible. "Good. Now, what do you say to my offer, Daphne? And, just so you know, Draco is already partially in my inner circle. He surely is a boy with potential, but he has yet to touch said potential. Curse his father for spoiling him rotten, which he literally did."

Daphne still seemed to struggle to cope with addressing a teenage girl, a girl the same age as her, in such a way but she knew there was nothing she could do about it. What reason would Lillian even have to lie? If she did lie and it would get out to the Dark Lord, she would not even have a chance to explain herself. No, Lillian had to be telling the truth. "I…would be honoured. My Lady."

"As you should," Lillian subconsciously emulated her master. Sitting back down on the bed, Lillian stared straight at Daphne, who was sitting on the bed next to hers, locking eyes with the blonde. "I cannot stress enough that you will only address me as your Lady when in private. Not to hide it from the rest of your group, I do not care about them, but fr-"

"But from Dumbledore and the rest of the school and staff."

"Do not interrupt me."

"I apologize, my Lady."

"You are correct, though. They cannot know unless the Dark Lord besieges and takes over Hogwarts or decides it unnecessary for me to continue my schooling here." She doubted it would ever be the latter but secretly hoped it. The Dark Lord could just take over the rest of her education, but he likely would not have the time. "I expect great things from you, Daphne. Hopefully you will be as useful an asset as I expect you to be."

"T-thank you, my Lady."

"That would be all. You can go join back your friends. Keep up your studies. If I need something specific from you I will let you know. For now, just do what Draco does: keep your eyes and ears open for anything that could be useful to our Lord, to me or to our cause in general."

"Yes, my Lady."

With a wave of her wand Lillian dispelled the privacy charm and unlocked the door, silently dismissing the Greengrass heiress who all but ran out of the room. Getting up from the bed, the young apprentice slowly closed the door, leaning against it with her back as her hand discreetly crept under her school uniform's skirt, pressing against her sex over her wet knickers.

Never would she have guessed just how arousing it could be to assert once dominance over another person. What she really did was emulate her master's behaviour when he was talking to his followers; his body language, speaking pattern, the tone of his voice and his careful wording.

She wasn't sure just how successful she really was compared to someone like her master, but it was enough to force the Greengrass princess into a submissive position during the entirety of their talk. She was meek, she was scared, she was in awe.

Forcing such reactions out of another person was intoxicating to Lillian. And arousing. She was debating with herself if she should do something about it, a quick relief while fantasizing about torturing another person certainly didn't sound half bad just about now but she decided against it. It just wouldn't be the same to climax if it wasn't her master causing it. She wished she was with him so he could assert his dominance over her.

Chapter Text

"...and this is why the last step is to stir counter-clockwise thrice. Any more questions?" Lillian let her piercing gaze wander over the group of her Slytherin year mates. It was a cold Saturday morning and they found themselves in the empty classroom provided to them by their head of house. The tutoring sessions she was ordered to give them were starting to bear visible fruit too. Daphne and Draco were miles ahead of the rest of course or she wouldn't have bothered giving them the attention she did. But- and that was the point- almost every single one of the group improved significantly. Even Pansy had her impressed as the only class the Parkinson princess still struggled with was Transfiguration. Lillian hated to admit it but maybe, just maybe, Pansy wouldn't be entirely useless. So far the apprentice's preference was still to dismember the pug-faced girl and feed the body parts to the beasts in the Forbidden Forest but slowly that shifted to 'crucio her just because'. She almost felt as if she was getting soft.

None of her 'students' seemed to have any more questions left for this session as there were no hands raised. "Very well," Lillian started to pack up her notes, "then we are done for today. Dismissed."

The rustling noise of parchment and clinking of ink bottles being stuffed into backpacks filled the classroom.

Being the last to leave, Lillian followed the other teenagers in a leisurely pace. Since she had recruited Daphne into her inner circle there hadn't happened much else. Her Master, the Dark Lord, was still in Northern America as far as she was aware. Neither Daphne nor Draco had anything to report to her. Umbridge had yet to make moves to take over Hogwarts from Dumbledore. The Prophet had yet to print an article about her childhood.

So, what did one do when there was nothing to do?


The blonde boy stopped his chatter with his friends and turned around to face Dark Lord's apprentice. "Yes?"

"You do not happen to know if your family's library has books on ya sang?"

"No idea. Why?" "What's that?"

"Do me a favour and send an owl to your father. If he finds something he can duplicate it and send me the copy. Otherwise he can look for it in Knockturn Alley. There is bound to be a shop somewhere selling something." Turning from Draco to Blaise, Lillian continued. "To answer your question, ya sang is ancient black magic originating in Thailand. It specializes in poisons and curses."

"And you need information on that, because...?"

Scoffing at Tracey Davis, Lillian continued her walk to the Great Hall. "I don't need to know anything about ya sang. It is just mere curiosity, nothing else. Other...magicks...hogged my attention for a while and now I am busy with reading up on Occlumency and becoming an Animagus. So, I figured, why not read up on something entirely new and foreign?"

"What about voodoo? I don't know much about it but I've heard that it's some serious black magic."

Lillian didn't say anything to Theodore's comment for a while. She didn't enjoy his company or his presence in general since he molested her in her sleep. That he didn't actually, vaginally rape her was nothing but luck. The fact that she even allowed him back to her tutor sessions was for no other reason than doing her Lord a favor after he complained about Nott senior complaining about his son not being tutored by her. It was unfortunate that Nott senior was such a valuable enforcer.

"Do you believe in patrons?" Lillian suddenly asked.

"You mean like the Seelie and Unseelie Queen?"

Nodding at Daphne, Lillian continued. "So, you know that some patrons- not all but some of them- are said to represent different branches of magic. Voodoo is especially notorious in that regard, or so I have read. Because of it's entirely sacrificial nature it is said that Baron Samedi- death itself- is Voodoo's patron. It is said that to be able to actually practice Voodoo rituals one has to promise one's soul to Samediafter death." A small chuckle left Lillian's lips after she finished her explanation. "Now, I'm not sure if there is any truth to it or not but I'd rather not gamble with my soul." Especially not after the horcrux ritual, Lillian thought to herself.

"Huh...wouldn't have pegged you for a superstitious person," Pansy mumbled, still extremely careful around Lillian.

"That's fair. But a few years ago Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Wisps...they all were fantasy to me. But now, they and souls and everything else that were once fantasy to me are real things. To think that a higher being resides on a different plane of existence as the patron of a certain kind of magic doesn't seem too far fetched to me anymore. Anyways," Lillian signaled the end of their conversation once they reached the Great Hall for a late breakfast, "don't forget about my request, Draco."

The group then made their way to the Slytherin table, still somewhat deserted as it was a weekend. It was still odd to Lillian how the dynamics in House Slytherin had changed since the Triwizard Tournaments finale last year. Not even a full year ago she was basically nonexistent to the other Slytherins. They didn't care about her and, after initially trying to bully and intimidate her until she retaliated violently, didn't bother her. They went about their lives in Hogwarts and she about hers. That was all there was to it.

But after she became the Dark Lord's apprentice and spent her summer at Malfoy Manor tutoring her housemates it seemed as if everything they did revolved around her in one way or another.

Over the course of a single summer holiday she rushed from the bottom to the top. If she told them to bow and kiss her feet they would do it. She knew they would. As did they.

Sitting down at their table, they began filling their plates when the daily owl mails came, some carrying letters, others subscripted newspapers and magazines.

Lillian didn't pay it much mind as her Daily Prophet would be delivered to her any moment now. What did catch her attention though was the rising sound of students murmuring, of gasps and shocked exclamations. Curious, she looked across her own table and saw that only Daphne had received her Prophet so far and if the wide eyes, the one shaking hand firmly grasping the newspaper and the other hand covering her mouth were anything to go by it was not good news.

"What is going on?" Lillian asked curiously. Pansy shrugged and leaned over the shoulder of her best friend and mere moments later the fork the Parkinson princess was holding got dropped onto the floor.

"Oh Merlin..."

"M-my...Potter...Lillian, I'm so sorry, I had no idea..."

Lillian gave Daphne a baffled look and glanced around the Great Hall, seeing students whisper and chatter as fingers were pointed in her direction, teachers looking stricken and shocked as eyes were giving her looks full of pity. She hated it. She hated being pitied, she hated being felt sorry for and there was only one thing- one single thing- that would make people feel that way for her.

And as if on cue, her newspaper finally arrived. She didn't want to see it. She didn't want the confirmation that, as of today, the entirety of wizarding Britain knew about her suffering, her torture, her humiliation.

Holding her breath, she unrolled the paper after paying the owl and there it was. On the front page, glaring at her, there was the confirmation. They all knew now. Her most intimate secret was out for the world to see and eat up.

Own it. Use it. You are better than this.

The Dark Lord's words ran through her mind like a chant, over and over and over again.

He was right. She had to own it. She had to use it. She was better than this.

Almost mechanically, Lillian put the newspaper on the table with shaking hands, her lips tightly pressed together, her eyes wide and her skin sickly pale. She got up from the table and picked up her bag before leaving for the common room without a word.


Lillian didn't know how much time had passed. She was in the girl's dormitory on her bed, wearing her sleepwear and meditating. Not only did it help to improve her occlumency, it also helped her find her equilibrium.

Never felt it this hard, though. Her mind was in a state chaos, a million thoughts running havoc inside her head. A few days ago her Master's advice gave her confidence, made her feel that she could brave this. But now, actually coming face to face with this made her feel angry. Vulnerable. Exposed. At times like this she hated being Lillian Potter. She hated being this poster girl for a group of fools who latched onto the random luck of an infant that didn't die when she should have.

She hated the obsession the general public had with her private life. She hated her animal muggle relatives for doing this to her. She hated the animal muggle neighbors for ignoring the cries of a young girl. She hated Dumbledore for ignoring her pleas for help. She hated, hatedhated.

But most of all, she hated being a disappointment to her Master. So far, Lillian had avoided being exactly that and she would very much like to keep it this way. With a wary sigh Lillian got up from her bed.

She dreaded going to the common room, dreaded the words of pity and support. They weren't the Dark Lord's apprentice. None of them were marked by him. None of them had his attention like she did. Taking a deep breath, Lillian jutted her chin out defiantly.

Exiting the dormitory, she quickly made her way to the common room and ignored the sudden silence, deafening as it was. She quickly found 'her' group and walked up to them.

"My Lady, I-"

"Save it, Daphne. I neither want, nor do I need your pity. Yes, I had a difficult childhood. But I survived. I came out stronger." Her gaze wandered over the teenagers, her expression not betraying the reeling emotions raging through her. "If any single one of you changes their behavior towards me even the slightest bit...then they will suffer my utmost displeasure. That is a promise."

She then sat down next to Draco on an empty spot, crossing one leg over the other, her boxer briefs doing nothing to hide her bare thighs. "Draco, how much influence does your father have with the Daily Prophet?"

Thinking for a moment, the Malfoy heir gave a shrug. "Can't say if he has any real influence there but I do know that he knows some people there, so high-up editors if I'm not mistaken."

"Good enough," Lillian began with a nod. "Ask him to organize an interview with them for me, as fast as possible. I need to use this story to my advantage..."


Smirking at Pansy, Lillian leaned back into the couch, a bare foot bobbing up and down as she folded her hands over her stomach. "By telling the public the truth about their leader of the light. By telling the public what kind of savages muggles really are."

"Wait, you aren't really giving them detailed-"

Raising a hand to stop Theo from talking, Lillian scowled at him. "First of all, what's it to you how much of my past I choose to reveal? Secondly, of course I am not going to give the public a detailed story about what happened to me. Don't be an idiot. All I will do is give them a rough idea of what happened to me and who was responsible." Smirking at them, Lillian went back to comfortably leaning back into the couch. "If there is one thing you need to know about the average citizen out there, it is this: the hearts of men are easily swayed." Her smirk quickly morphed into an angry scowl. "Draco, another thing. Tell your father to find out how Skeeter got her hands onto this. That woman's obsession with me is becoming a nuisance and I want to know what her secret is. I want to squash her like an insect." Draco gave her a nod but didn't move. "Now!"

At her shout, the Malfoy heir scrambled out of the common room and rushed to the owlery. Lillian glared into the fireplace, her thoughts drifting away, thinking of all the ways she wanted to kill Dumbledore for letting her suffer and her godfather for not leaving her be and putting his nose in places he had no business in.

"Can we...can we do something?" Blaise asked tentatively.

Lillian didn't answer for a while. "No," she finally spoke up, her voice barely above a whisper, "go away."

Not even a whole week later a reporter of the Prophet arrived at Hogwarts. Lucius had to play his influence to make it happen but it was what he was good at. She was just glad that it happened so quickly and finally reached the empty classroom provided to them for the interview. She entered without knocking and greeted the reporter upon seeing him.

"Good afternoon, Miss Potter. My name is Glynda Gibbles. Thank you for approaching us with the interview offer."

Lillian gave a gracious smile. "I figured that, since it is such a vulnerable and traumatizing chapter of my life being slaughtered like this, I should at least add some facts to halt senseless speculations."

"Yes, we are really sorry that-"

"Don't give me that, please. You could have chosen to not print it. Yet you still did. You saw a top-selling story and printed it. It's business, I can't blame you for that."

Chuckling nervously, the young reporter motioned for Lillian to sit across from her. "Shall we start then?"

"Yes, please."

Nodding, the reporter prepared her parchment and dicta-quill. "Let's start with a very basic question. Some say that story is a lie and you paid for it to be printed to get attention."

Lillian raised a delicate brow at that. "Really now?"


"Well, that accusation is preposterous. I wish I did make that up but unfortunately, no. I was sexually abused. I was raped. Regularly. From the age of eight to fourteen."

The reporter paled at that. "For six years?!"

"For six years."

"May I ask how it started?"

"No. I have had a mind-healer to talk in detail about what I went through. I have no desire to do that again."

"Understandable of course." The reporter gave Lillian a small smile. "May we get some information on the culprit then?"

"You already know them. They were the muggle family I was dumped at, the family of my aunt from my mother's side. They hated magic. They hated me. They made sure I was aware of that every day."

"So the abuse was not just sexual in nature?"

"Correct. Let's just say the worst treated house-elf is still treated better than I was treated by those animals."

"How do you feel about their deaths?"

Lillian smiled at that. "The happiest day of my life. Whoever was responsible, I want to thank them."

Coughing awkwardly, the Reporter continued with her questions. "Why did we only now find out about what you had to go through?"

"Important people were aware. They just chose to not do anything about it."

"Muggle authority figures, for instance. Like my teachers from the muggle schools I visited. Or the neighbors. They must have heard my screams but chose to ignore them. However, the most disappointing of all has to be Professor Dumbledore. I am beyond certain that he had people keeping an eye on me over all the years I was forced to stay with my aunt. Once I attended Hogwarts I asked several times to not go back to them. He could have at least cut my abuse short by several years. He chose not to."

"Professor Dumbledore knew?!"


"And he...?"

Lillian chuckled mirthlessly. "If I remember correctly, his exact words were 'now, now my girl, I am sure it is not so bad'."

"Unbelievable! The Girl-Who-Lived left abandoned in such an environment and people were fully aware of what was going on!"

"To be fair, Miss Gibbles, the muggles don't care about such titles. They don't know. They fear what they don't understand and do all they can to destroy it."

"Care to elaborate, Miss Potter?" The reporter asked with obvious curiosity.

"It may be an unpopular opinion, but I think muggles- and I mean strictly muggles, not muggleborn- are dangerous. They hate and destroy what they don't understand, like magic. Just think of the witch-hunts. Think of the wars they wage every day with each other. What do you think they will do if they ever discover Diagon Alley? One bomb could destroy most of magical Britain."

" actually a scary thought."

"I know." Lillian checked her watch before giving the reporter an apologetic smile. "If you don't have any more questions I think we should end this interview here. I still have some essays I would like to finish."

"Of course! Thank you again for your time, Miss Potter. It was a pleasure and I want to say that your strength through all you had to go through is really admirable."

"Thank you for your kind words, Miss Gibbles and the pleasure was all mine."

After shaking hands, Lillian left the classroom and the reporter, a self-satisfied smile on her face.

I hope my Master thinks I did well.

Chapter Text

It had been an enlightening journey to the North American East Coast. Even in his over forty years of travelling, researching, studying and conquering, he still found new Magicks and the experience of learning them, of deciphering their properties- Tom Riddle couldn't feel love but what he felt for the gift of magic was extremely close to it. The magicless vermin that forced his kin into hiding would never understand it. They couldn't possibly hope to understand just how far below they were from the magic folk around the world. The mudblood populace of this world had to research and build things over weeks, months and years. The magical populace however had to flick their wands and there it was, whatever they wanted conjured out of thin air, transfigured from one thing to another, a multiple ton boulder suddenly was as light as a feather. A wizard and witch could do those fantastical things with sheer willpower. Compared to the vermin mudbloods that inhabited most of this planet they were gods amongst men and yet, they still kept hiding themselves.

No more.

He couldn't wait for them to gain access to the Hall of Prophecies. Once he got his hand on that prophecy that supposedly bound his and his dearest apprentice's fate together and got to listen what it said, he could finally announce his return and get back to his original goal: to let magic reign over this world once more.

For now, however, he had to catch up on what he had missed in his three weeks away.

"My Lord, welcome back."

Riddle glanced down at Lucius Malfoy kneeling in front of him. "Rise, Lucius. Tell me what I have missed."

"Of course, my Lord," Lucius began once rising back to his feet. "There haven't been any major developments in your absence. We did as you asked and have not engaged in any raids or anything else. We kept away from the public eye."


"However, your apprentice has had several requests for me recently."

"Oh?" Riddle raised an eyebrow at this. "Did she now? And what kind of requests would those be?"

"One was for a book on a peculiar kind of magic I have not heard of before: ya sang. Unfortunately there neither was anything on it in out library and I have also yet to find anything in Knockturn Alley."

Riddle couldn't help his chuckles. "Ah, I have come to expect my apprentice to be interested in the more exotic aspects of our gift. It makes me wish that the spoiled spawn of my pureblooded followers would be more like the half-blood golden girl of the light but would take away all that makes my apprentice so special, does it not, Lucius?"

Swallowing thickly, Lucius couldn't help but agree. "I do have to agree that the Potter girl has been full of surprises. I was very skeptical at first but she has proven to be very intelligent but at times she reminds me a lot of Bellatrix."

"She does, doesn't she? She's a wild little thing. What were her other requests?"

"She wants Rita Skeeter dead. My son said that she said that she, quote, wants to squash her like an insect."

"Why would that be?"

"Apparently your apprentice wants to find out how it was possible for Skeeter to find out about her...distasteful past because Skeeter has become a nuisance to her."

"So it has finally become public knowledge."

"You were aware of it, my Lord?"

"Since I used Legilimens on her in the graveyard on the day of my return. You will find Skeeter and bring her to me. I too am curious about her secret and we can not have her find out every little thing about Lillian. But we will not kill her. Do you know why, Lucius?"

"Because you can not kill every problem away, my Lord."

"Exactly. My dearest apprentice, as cunning and sly as she is, is still very impulsive. If I didn't know any better I would say she is Bellatrix' child."

"Merlin preserve us..."

"Come now, Lucius. We both know it would be amusing to see Bellatrix raise a child."

"I have no doubt, my Lord," the Malfoy patriarch answered with a shudder. "You apprentice's last request, my Lord..."


"She wanted me to arrange an interview with the Daily Prophet regarding the Skeeter article about her childhood abuse and I did so."

"Do you have the article at hand?"

"Yes, my Lord. If I may be so free, I have to say your apprentice handled herself exceptionally well," Lucius said as he reached inside his robes to fish for the newspaper before he handed it to the Dark Lord.

Once they reached the sitting room, the Dark Lord sat down and unfolded the newspaper, reading the interview and ignoring Lucius. The only indicator of any opinion the Dark Lord had about Lillian's interview with the Prophet was the barely visible smirk appearing. Once he was done, he waved the now again folded newspaper at his Death Eater.

"This," he began, "is exactly why Lillian and none of the other children is my apprentice. What was the general reaction to this interview?"

"Most of the firmly light families are openly appalled at Potter's comments about muggles. They also conveniently chose to ignore the parts about Dumbledore."


"The usual suspects, my Lord. You would be looking at the Weasleys, Longbottoms, Diggorys."

Riddle waved his hand dismissively at those names. "As to be expected from them. They won't abandon that old fool so easily."

"The lesser light families however are in uproar and are pushing to have Dumbledore removed from the Wizengamot. The Dark families are pushing for investigations in the homes of muggleborn children or orphaned magical children and how they are treated in orphanages."

"Good. They are eating Lillian's story up."

"My Lord...if I may much of it his true?"

"Everything, Lucius. I saw what this exceptional witch had to go through at the hands of those mudbloods when I entered her mind. But, as angry as it makes me I am glad she did."


"Use your head, Lucius," the Dark Lord snapped at the blonde man. "If Dumbledore had actually put her in a family that actually cared for the Girl-Who-Lived and nurtured her, do you really think she would be the witch she is now? She would have been raised with Light ideals. Instead he abandoned her at those animals who defiled a magical child for no other reason than her having magic. Now we have a witch who has pledged her loyalty to the murderer of her parents without a second thought, willing to torture and kill without remorse whenever I tell her to."

"Of course, my Lord."

"You know, I have to agree with you Lucius."

"My Lord?"

Smirking at Lucius, Riddle got up from his seat and motioned for the Death Eater to follow him. "When you said how well my apprentice did with this interview. I agree and I think she is deserving of a small reward. Where is Peter, Lucius?"

"Diagon Alley, my Lord. After you left for your journey I have send him to gather information and listen in on the general populace in his rat form," Lucius answered, his nose scrunched up in distaste.

"Well, no more. Say, Lucius, have you ever heard of Wendigos?"

"How does the Dark Lord keep coming up with these things?" Barty Jr. asked as he was staring at the immobilized monstrosity in front of him.

"Our Master told me that it was little Potter who brought those things up."

The present Death Eaters all looked at the cackling mad witch, Bellatrix Lestrange, the surprised shock evident on their faces. "You have got to be joking."

"You think our Lord is a liar, Yaxley?" Bellatrix snarled, her wand at the ready.

"I wasn't being serious, you hag. But I have to say that girl is starting to impress me."

"You should have seen her when we went to kill her mudblood family," Barty threw in. "She made her uncle watch his son get cut to pieces and his wife get raped. And she is a parselmouth."

"Is she now?"

"Oh yes, like our Lord. I can see why my Lord took her in as his apprentice!"

The two men looked at the crazy witch in amusement. "Can't believe you of all people would say that," Yaxley chuckled. "She is a half-blood after all."

"Doesn't matter to our Lord, doesn't matter to me. Her Slytherin blood trumps it all. I have so many curses I want to teach her..."

"Anyways," Barty ended their little chat, "we've got to get going, the portkey is almost ready."

Donning on their masks, the trio knelt down as Barty placed the portkey on the monster's belly before they all touched it just in time.

Moments later they appeared in a muggle music venue as intented. The band playing stopped, confused as to what was going. Security staff was ready to engage them but Yaxley already shot is first Avada Kedavra, killing one of them.

"What the- who-"

"Sonorus," Bellatrix muttered as she pointed her wand at her throat. Her voice amplified, she addressed the confused guests. "Hello everyone. Let's play tag. You all have to run, because our little pet is it," the former Black cackled as she petted the monster on the head.

Barty tapped his wand against the beast with a silent Finite Incantatem before the trio immediately apparated out and onto the roof of the venue, summoning the Dark Mark into the sky, before disappearing with the portkey, the terrified and panicked screams of the muggles below them drowned by the bestial sounds of what they had released.

On a quiet Friday evening, the group was sitting by the fire, some chatting, some playing exploding snap and one reading. Never would she have guessed that she would find herself integrated into their midst like this, but here she was, the Dark Lord's apprentice, the future Dark Lady, just...hanging out with her 'students'.

To be fair, she was sitting there first and they just joined her. She ignored them and focused on the book she got sent by Lucius Malfoy; that was until Draco addressed her.

"Tomorrow's a Hogsmeade weekend."

"That's great."

"You want to join us?"


"You haven't visited Hogsmeade once and you've had your permission slip from Black for years now."

Pulling away from her book in exasperation, Lillian turned to face Draco. "And what is it to you? I simply do not care for a village that has nothing to offer aside from a couple dingy pubs and a sweets shop. Everything I need I can simply order."

"I can't believe I'm going there but what if a boy wants to ask you out for a Hogsmeade weekend?"

Lillian had to laugh at Daphne choking on her water after hearing what Draco said, before she decided to toy with him a bit. "Why Draco, are you saying you wanted to ask me out and I ruined it for you?" She ignored Pansy's indignant gasp.

"What? No! I wasn't asking you out!" The Malfoy heir blushed furiously.

"So what? Are you insinuating I'm not good enough for you?" She continued, her voice dropping to a threatening level. "Am I not pretty enough to be worthy of your attention?"

"Wha-? I didn't-! Guys, help me!" Malfoy pleadingly turned to Blaise and Nott while the elder Slytherins laughed silently.

"Leave me out of that one. You got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out," Blaise denied him, his hands raised up.

Lillian just started to laugh before standing up, patting Draco's head. "I was merely joking, Draco. But to answer your 'what if'...I am already promised to a man whom no other person on this planet could ever hope to ever surpass."

" are promised as in...marriage?"

Daphne looked pointedly away during this conversation, but Lillian paid her no further heed. "Yes."

"To whom-?" Pansy began to ask but Lillian interrupted her with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.

"Think, think! Whom could I possibly be talking about when I say that he is a 'man no one could ever hope to surpass'?"

"No...way..." Draco began when it finally dawned.

"I knew it!" Pansy jumped up from her seat, pointing a finger at Lillian who just raised a brow as her arms were crossed over her chest. "I knew you were fucking the Dark Lord! You acted all high and mighty when I first said it last summer but I knew it! In the end you still are nothing but a half-blood slut!"

One could hear their own breathing, such was the silence that followed Pansy's outburst.

"My Lady, she didn't mean it! I swear she didn't, I-"

"What in Merlin's name are you doing, Daphne?! This is beneath you, she is beneath you! That mudblood should be addressing you the way you keep addressing her!" Pansy hissed at her best friend.

"Shut up, Pansy, damn it! Do you want to die?!"

"Enough, Daphne." Lillian looked at Pansy, her face a mask of disgust. "Draco," she addressed the blonde boy, "how did you keep visiting your family during the school year?"

"P-professor Snape's Lady...please don't..."

Ignoring the blonde's pleas, Lillian aimed her wand at Pansy. "Imperio."

The fireplace in Malfoy Manor lit up and the moment the controlled Pansy stepped out, followed by Lillian, the dark apprentice removed the curse from the other girl.

"Wha-what happ-"

She was cut short when Lillian's fist collided with her jaw, the girl falling onto the carpeted floor. The pain in her jaw didn't have time to register when soon her entire body convulsed in pain, her nerves aflame.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN INSULT ME LIKE THAT?! YOU THINK I WILL ALLOW YOU TO INSULT ME IN FRONT OF MY ENTIRE HOUSE?!" Lillian shouted over Pansy's screams of agony as she held the Cruciatus curse on the Parkinson princess. "YOU THINK-"

The door to the room opened and several adults gasped at the sight of the Dark Lord's petite apprentice towering over the Parkinson heiress' convulsing form.

"What is the meaning of this, my Lord?! What is she doing to my daughter?!"

Lillian had to blink several times before it registered that her wand was summoned from her hand. She turned to face the culprit and immediately dropped to a knee. "My Lord, it is good to see you again."

"Explain yourself, apprentice. Now."

"Of course, my Lord. I revealed to my group the nature of our future relationship. Pansy's reaction was less than savory. I decided to teach her how to address and behave around her betters."

"That's it?!" Parkinson senior asked incredulously. "I ought to teach you some manners, you-"

The Dark Lord halted the Parkinson patriarch's rant with a raised hand. "What exactly did she say to you, apprentice?"

"May I rise, my Lord?"


"Thank you, my Lord." After Lillian got up from her kneeling position, her face contorted back into it's angry grimace before she delivered a swift kick against Pansy's whimpering form. "Tell them what you said to me! Word! For! Word!"

Pansy gasped for air as she tried to speak, her face tear streaked, her entire form a pitiful mess on the ground. "I-I...I s-said...y-you are nothing...b-b-but a...mudblood slut..."

Riddle's face immediately darkened at that. "Miss Parkinson," the Dark Lord approached the young, tortured girl, "do you think I would just take any half-blood as my apprentice? Do you think I would propose to join bloodlines to just any half-blooded witch? You insulted a descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself. Were you not aware that my apprentice speaks parsel?"

If Pansy was scared for her life before, she was now positively terrified. She glanced at her father, who, before, tried to help her but after hearing the Dark Lord's words just now he was looking just as terrified as his daughter.

Lillian knelt back down next to Pansy, roughly grabbing the girls jaws and forcing her to look at her. "I told you several times to be careful when talking to me, Pansy. I never liked you but I began to tolerate you these past weeks. You were doing so well. Did you really think you could just go and call the Dark Lord's future bride, his Dark Lady, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself, a mudblood slut? Are you actually stupid?"


"Please what?"

"D-don't...don't k-k-kill me..."

"My Lord? Am I allowed to kill her?"

"No! Please! My Lord, I beg of you, please!" The Parkinson patriarch was on his knees now himself. "She's my only daughter, my only child! Please spare her life this once!"

Lillian scoffed at that. "I gave her more than one chance. I say she has used them all up."

"Did she have knowledge of your bloodline and our union when she insulted you before, apprentice?"


"Very well. Miss Parkinson," Riddle approached the girl, her tear- and fearful gaze on the Dark Lord, "You are lucky your father is such a devoted follower. I will spare his sole heiress this once. However," he continued before the Parkinsons could thank him, "the disrespect you showed my apprentice will not go unpunished. You have five minutes with her, apprentice. No permanent harm."

Having her wand returned to her, Lillian towered over Pansy, who stared at the green-eyed girl with fearful wide eyes. "Permanent harm does not equal long-term harm, am I right, Pansy? Mr. Parkinson," Lillian turned her attention to her year-mates father who just looked icily at her, "a fair warning: your baby girl will need a mind-healer and homeschooling after this. Somnum exterreri solebat."

And then Lillian crouched down next to a screaming and trashing Pansy, intently staring at the girl with a happy smile as she lived and felt every nightmare her mind came up with.

Lillian moaned as her back roughly hit the wall of the Dark Lord's study, her lips bruising thanks to her Master's firm kisses. Her legs were locked around his bare hips and her panties were pushed to the side to expose her sex under her skirt. She moaned again when she finally felt that wonderful stretching sensation only the Dark Lord could give her. Her hips and thighs hurt wonderfully from the way she was being used and manhandled by him, her neck burned from the painful bites he was giving her. It was glorious.

"," her Master panted out in between his hard thrusts, "for...your...inter...view..."



Her Master was the best.

It was late at night when her head of house escorted her back to the Slytherin Common rooms, freshly showered of course.

He didn't ask where she went and why she took so long, which was what she had expected of him. He also didn't ask why she disappeared with Pansy and came back without her. That she also expected.

Once she reached the dormitories she immediately felt the eyes of every other girl in the room on her.

"Where's...Pansy?" Daphne asked, her face white and her lower lip trembling.

"Don't fret, Daphne. She is very much alive. The Dark Lord did not allow me to kill the only heir of one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. You should thank him when you have the chance. I would have had no problem whatsoever to kill her. Oh well, maybe another time. At least I got to torture her enough so she won't come back for the rest of the year," Lillian finished with a sharp grin.

Once Lillian had put on her sleepwear the other girls pointedly ignored the bruising visible on her thighs and the hickey on her neck. No one wanted to mention that the dark apprentice evidently had sex after torturing another person.

"Why are you so excited?"

Lillian grinned at Blaise. "I am supposed to get a reward I can find on the Prophet for my interview. There must be some great news!"

Soon enough the owls appeared, her Daily Prophet one of the first to be delivered this time. She quickly paid the owl and went on the scan the front page, not able to hide her excited gasp. "I completely forgot to ask! He did it! He actually did it!"

Her excited whisper the curiosity of those around her and Blaise and Draco actually leaned over her shoulder to get a look.

"What-?!" "What is that thing?!"

Lillian, hiding her feral grin from the staff table, answered in a low voice as she stared at the bizarre visage someone managed to catch a picture of. "That, my dear followers, is a Wendigo."


Chapter Text

Amelia Bones was at a loss. She and several of her Aurors had spent the entire night and the following day securing the area of the massacre with strong compulsion wards before obliviating the few- very few- survivors. There was no chance to explain that...thing... away with simple memory modifications. Too much trauma, too much terror.

Whatever the Death Eaters had released on those poor muggles was pure savagery. When they first arrived she had to dry-heave several times, as did every other Auror that didn't actually get sick. Body parts, many of them half eaten, were strewn all over the hall. Heads, limbs, intestines- there was no body that wasn't mutilated.

"That can't have come from your average Death Eater..." Bones muttered under her breath, taking in the scene for the hundredths time.


Bones glanced at one of her best, Kingsley Shacklebolt. There were rumors among his colleagues of him being a Dumbledore loyalist, something that irked her more than she cared to admit. Of course Dumbledore was one of the greatest wizards of his lifetime and even in his age an incredible fighter and duelist, but if you were an Auror, you were an Auror first before anything else. That one of her best Aurors was rumored to play spy or agent or whatever else for Dumbledore in his free time- potentially sharing sensitive information with the old wizard's Order- was distasteful to say the least, but there was not much that could be done without having actual proof.

"I said," Bones addressed Shacklebolt, "that that beast could not have come from your average Death Eater," she finished, nodding at the charred figure at their feet.

"I agree," the dark-skinned wizard crossed his arms over his chest. "Death Eaters have simple minds...attack, kill, torture, leave. This...releasing beasts like this..."

"In the last war, dangerous, dark, evil creatures were used...just think of the Inferi. But it was You-Know-Who, who summoned them, controlled them. Not his minions."

Shacklebolt glanced at his boss. She rarely left her office anymore since she got the position as Head- Auror but this was too big to just observe from behind a desk. He was glad, too, as he respected Amelia Bones and her quick and analytical mind. In his opinion, she was one of the best- if not the best- Auror in Britain to date. "Ma' you think that he could actually be back?"

"I don't know, Kingsley. These days it is hard to be sure about anything," she sighed. "If he is back...the implications would be terrifying."

"The could mean she lied to us...but it is also possible that she didn't and he only recently came back."

"Doubtful. Don't forget the mass breakout from Azkaban. If he is indeed back then he's been back since before then...if they indeed managed to make the impossible possible...then it only means one thing: the Girl-Who-Lived lied about what happened during the Tri-Wizard finale."

"What reason would she have?"

Chuckling without humor, Bones glanced at Shacklebolt. "Have you not been reading the Prophet, lately?" Looking around herself, she saw her men finishing up with vanishing the last evidences of what occurred here. "Alright, let's wrap things up and transport this thing to the Unspeakables so they can find out what we are dealing with here. At least we know now that fire works against them..."

The news that Pansy would not attend Hogwarts for the rest of her fifth year settled as quickly as it came. Sudden health issues that needed long-term treatment the school's infirmary couldn't provide, teen pregnancies, familial responsibilities- there were multitudes of reasons why one would have to pull out of Hogwarts, even if just temporarily. Sure, Pansy's case was very sudden and unexpected but definitely nothing that was unheard of.

Either way, Lillian didn't care. She was in a great mood since that day. Of course she was disappointed that her future Lord Husband denied her the pleasure of snuffing out Pansy's life- that little bitch had certainly pissed her off one too many times- but she got the pleasure of torturing her.

That curse she used on her without pause for a solid five minutes was pretty much the equivalent to what the Cruciatus curse did to ones body, or nerves to be more exact. Before she used it on Lucius for a few seconds in the graveyard during their duel Lillian never had the chance to actually use it on anybody. Sure, there were many curses- curses that attacked the victims body, that left visible marks to be examined- she tried out on rodents and other easily discardable small animals. The Somnum curse, however, attacked explicitly the victim's mind. In the script she bought for a lot of money in KnockturnAlley, it was stated that the victim was forced to suffer through a terrible loop of nightmares equivalent to the caster's intent. On top of that, their mind was tricked into making their bodies feel those nightmares. They, of course, never had lasting physical injuries but for the time they were under the curse it certainly felt like it. So, basically, Pansy saw and felt vicious nightmares that were equivalent to Lillian's intent and Lillian's intent was beyond vicious.

The Dark Lord's apprentice wasn't even sure if the Parkinson's heiress would make it back to her sixth year. Whatever it was, it didn't bother her one way or another. To her, the Pansy-issue was dealt with. It was doubtful that the girl would ever again disrespect her like she did and even if she did it would definitely be the last thing she would do. That one chance Pansy got was for no other reason than her groveling father and the fact that she was indeed the only heiress of one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight.

That girl was more than lucky.

For now, though, she had other problems as she closed her book with a disappointed sigh.

"What's the matter?" Draco asked her, still with some hardness in his voice, their relationship having become somewhat frosty since he found out just what exactly she did to his girlfriend. Lillian chose to ignore it and wait for him to get over it...for now.

The Dark Lord's apprentice, sitting on her usual seat by the fireplace, leaned her head back and stretched her legs out before turning slightly to face the blonde sitting next to her. "Turns out ya sang isn't as exciting as I initially thought. You just mix a few ingredients to get a couple's basically like...brewing potions, really. I expected more."

"My Lady...may I ask you something?"

Lillian, suppressing a pleased grin that threatened to break out every time she got addressed as my Lady, motioned with a hand for him to continue.

"Why...were you so vicious with Pansy?"

"Draco," Lillian began, her face betraying her anger at such an unnecessary, foolish, stupid question, "I will overlook the stupidity of your question just this once because you have yet to really disappoint me." She gathered herself up on their sofa, pulling one leg up underneath her as she turned her body to fully face him. "You do remember what your precious girlfriend has called me, even after I revealed that I have agreed to become the Dark Lord's bride, do you not?"

"Of course! I know it was stupid, I told her several times to watch her tongue and to show you respect, believe me, I did! But...I still can't help but feel that...maybe you overreacted a bit," Draco mumbled the rest, fearing how Lillian would react.

The young apprentice of the Dark Lord, cocked her head to the side, her eyes slightly narrowed and an unnerving smile on her face, her voice barely above a whisper. "I overreacted, you say? I overreacted to Pansy calling the Dark Lord's future bride, one of the two only remaining descendants of Slytherin himself, a mudblood slut? The Dark Lord himself has marked me, he has chosen me as his apprentice. He trains me personally. He has chosen me as the mother of his future heirs and heiresses. And you have the gall to tell me that I overreacted to an insult directed to my bloodline and virtue? Are you out of your mind, Draco? Should I have just rolled over, let that untalented hag insult me- a parselmouth, a descendant of House Slytherin- in our common room in front of basically every other Slytherin?

"That's not what I meant..."

"Then you better curb your tongue. Your girlfriend has had months to get that attitude out of her system. She should be back in Hogwarts by the start of our sixth year...should her mind-healer not be completely incompetent. The Dark Lord specifically ordered me to not do any permanent harm, so I didn't do permanent harm." Lillian grinned cruelly at him. "Don't worry, you won't have to marry a vegetable."

Draco glared at her, his knuckles turning white as he fisted the material of his uniform pants, a biting retort at the tip of his tongue, but he heeded her advice and curbed his tongue. Instead, he continued his questioning. "So you really agreed to marry the Dark Lord?"

"Oh, yes. I would be a fool to not to."

"Why? He is around...fifty or so years older than you."

"Only in age, Draco." She cocked her head slightly to the side. "His current body...I would guess is around ten years older than me. He is very attractive. Powerful. Intelligent. Everything that no other man in this world is. The fact that he chose me honor."

" are in on this by your own free will?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

Draco shrugged, suddenly bashful. "I just wanted to make sure, I guess. know, the Prophet articles about you and then you say that you agreed to marry someone several decades your senior...who also happens to be the one making you an orphan. You may be a terrible person...but you still don't deserve to again be forced into something you don't want."

Blinking a couple times, Lillian allowed herself a small chuckle before patting Draco on his arm. "I have to admit, that is sweet. But still, your worry is unwarranted. Everything I do, I do on my own volition. I very much look forward to be officially bonded to the most powerful Dark Lord there ever was. And, just between the two of us," Lillian smirked, before whispering conspiratorially, "all those decades of experience make for a wonderful lover."

Draco paled and shuddered at that before glaring at Lillian's laughter. "I seriously could have spent the rest of my life without ever knowing that."

"Okay, seriously, this is getting ridiculous."

Lillian was standing in front of yet another so-called educational decree. At first they were amusing but, slowly, they began to become a nuisance. Forbidding student organizations? Umbridge becoming the High Inquisitor?

"My father didn't warn us about this, that's for sure."

"The minister seems to be losing his mind."

"That's ten points from Slytherin, Miss Potter."

Lillian slowly turned around to come face to face with Dolores Umbridge. So far, she had been successful in just avoiding her attention but all those ridiculous decrees started to become more and more restrictive. In her mind it was time to finally overthrow the ministry and take reign of the wizarding world's leadership.

"If you would follow me, Miss Potter."

Lillian's face didn't betray any emotions as she followed the woman to her office. Neither said a word as they walked through the halls of the castle before finally reaching the DADA teacher's office. Once inside, Lillian visibly cringed. Everywhere she looked was pastel in coloration. Everywhere she looked she saw kittens.

It was disgusting.

"Please sit, Miss Potter. Tea?"


Lillian took pleasure in the visible tick her lack of respect forced out of Umbridge's ever-smiling expression.

What did catch her off guard though was when Umbridge leaned slightly forward and a necklace slipped out from under her blouse. It was a locket of heavy gold with a serpentine S, made out of green glittering stones.

"That is a beautiful locket, ma'am."

Umbridge smiled sweetly at her. "It is a family heirloom. My bloodline is traceable to the Selwyns, this was handed down for several generations until it reached me."


Lillian hated it when others thought she was so gullible, so naïve and easy to fool. No, she was the one to manipulate, trick, lie and fool. She was the one play others.

Umbridge would die, that much was certain.

It would be easy. One strong cutting hex and she would paint all this disgusting pastel in beautiful, sticky red.

Her fingers itched and-

'You are still too impulsive, too wild apprentice.'

No. She had to be smart about this. She knew she saw this locket somewhere, some tapestry or illustration maybe. It would be quick to find.

'You are also cunning, yes. Your wild nature,' he pulled her towards him, his hand firmly on her lower back as he pressed her front tightly against his, making her gasp, 'arouses me more than I care to admit but you have to reign your impulsiveness in."

She would not disappoint him.

"Now, Miss Potter. Your punishment for speaking out of turn against our dear Minister. You will write 'Minister Fudge is always right' ten times, since it was only your first time to attract my attention negatively. No, no," Umbridge waved her off when she reached into her schoolbag to take out her quill and ink bottle, "I have a special quill for occasions like these."

Lillian eyed the quill suspiciously but didn't say anything else. She dipped its tip into an ink bottle and began to write when a slight gasp escaped her at the burning sensation on the back of her hand.

Momentarily confused, she kept writing, wondering why the ink seemed to be red instead of the black she used, until the irritated skin on the back of her hand caught her eye. It was very, very faint and you had to really look to see it but-

You are a dead woman, Umbridge. Not right now but I will kill you, slowly and painfully.

"Draco! What is the general consensus among your father and his peers towards Umbridge?"

Startled, the blonde took a few moments to answer. "Aside from her distracting Dumbledore she is useless. Expendable."

"Good." Without another word she left the common room again and headed straight to Snape's office. She knocked once with her good hand, the other feeling extremely tender from the use of the black quill.

"Miss Potter, please come in."

Without a word, Lillian went straight to take a seat across from her head of house's chair, waiting for him to sit down. "I need a small bowl of murtlap essence, Sir."

Snape wordlessly went to prepair the concoction and handed it to her, watching as she let out a small sigh of relief. "Care to explain what happened?"

"Umbridge uses a blood quill as punishment," was all she said and it was enough.

One who didn't know the potions professor as good as she did would think he didn't react at all but she saw the small telltale signs; the clenching of his jaw, the way he breathed out heavily from his nose.

"Don't act against her. It was a stupid thing; I wasn't aware she was behind me when I insulted the minister. She will die but not just yet."

Snape sighed. "You don't have to d-"

"As endearing as it is, Sir, you don't have to protect me in such ways. I enjoy killing. You just do what you do best: stay in the shadows and watch over me when no one can see you."

She narrowed her eyes at the pained look that flashed over Snape's face.

It was some time later when she returned to the common room. Most of the Slytherins had retreated into their dorms, only a couple two- or third-years and Daphne Greengrass were left. Sitting next to the Greengrass heiress, Lillian took a quick look over the blonde girl's essay. Nodding in approval, she was about to lean back when her eyes caught Daphne's trembling hand.

Raising an eyebrow, she addressed the girl. "Are you afraid of me, Daphne?"

"No, my Lady! I-"

"I like it when people are afraid of me. It gives me power over them and I like having power over others," Lillian began, her face serious, "but you don't have to fear me...yet. You have done absolutely nothing to disappoint me so far, Daphne. You have never made me angry either, even when you and the others were still so valiantly rebellious."

Daphne didn't say anything, her face turned away from Lillian.

"Look at me," the young apprentice demanded. "Are you afraid because of what I did to Pansy?"

"Yes, my Lady," was Daphne's soft whisper.

"Have you done anything like Pansy that I don't know of? Have you insulted me behind my back? Have you insulted my bloodline behind my back?"

"No! I haven't! I swear!"

"Then stop acting like a helpless toddler around me. I will not punish followers- especially my inner circle- without reason, Daphne. Pansy needed to be punished. actually deserve to be rewarded at some point. I will take that up with my future Lord Husband." Lillian then leaned back against the sofa, closing her eyes with a wary sigh.

"Are you alright, my Lady? And thank you," the blonde hastily added.

"That Umbridge woman uses a blood quill as a punishment method so don't get caught doing things she doesn't approve of."

Daphne balked at that. "Really?!"

"Yes. She is living on borrowed time."

"Say, Daphne," Lillian began, "you don't happen to remember seeing a golden locket with small green gemstones forming an somewhere, do you?"

"That sounds an awful lot like what Salazar Slytherin is wearing in that tapestry over there, my Lady," Daphne answered, humor tinting her voice.

Lillian's eyes shot open and she got up so quickly, she felt dizzy for a moment. Quickly stalking over to her ancestor's large tapestry, she immediately zoned in on his neck. She felt her pulse shooting up and an angry vein appeared on her temple as she clenched her teeth.


Chapter Text

The weekend following her detention with Umbridge, Lillian sneaked under her Potter heirloom to Snape's office, so she could use his floo and travel to her master.

She had to tell him personally what she found Umbridge wearing. It was too important. It belonged to them- to her master! He was a direct descendant of Slytherin and that slimy toad of a woman had the gall to wear such a piece of ancient jewelry and claim it belonged to her?!

She hoped her future Lord Husband would let her loose from her leash and allow her to rip that Umbridge woman to pieces.

Once she stepped through the fire, she called out for the Malfoy house elf. "Dobby!"

The small creature looked up at her fearfully. "Dobby is here, Lady Miss Potter..."

Lillian sneered at it. "Where is the Dark Lord?"

"Dark Lord sir bes in meeting..."

"Hm. Get out of my sight."

Lillian then purposely stalked through the by now familiar Malfoy Manor towards her master's conference room, the one where she was first led to by Narcissa Malfoy last summer.

Soon enough she arrived and, although she heard several voices through the closed door, she knocked, effectively halting any conversation that was being held inside.

"Come in," she heard her master's irritation clearly but still confidently she opened the door.

"My Lord," Lillian immediately went down on a knee, her head bowed submissively, "I apologize for the interruption, but I have news of the kind I felt would best be delivered immediately and personally."

The room was silent, and Lillian felt nervousness creeping up inside of her, but she kept her position in fear of irritating her master even further then she could tell he already was at having his meeting interrupted.

After a few moments he finally spoke up. "I will see how urgent those news really is in a moment, apprentice. For now, take a seat next to me."

"Yes, my Lord." She got up and let her piercing gaze wander over the Dark Lord's guests; some were part of his inner circle as she recognized those faces, some she didn't know.

After conjuring a chair next to his own, her Master motioned for her to sit down before returning his attention to the personnel in front of him, sitting on either side of the long table as he was sitting at one end himself.

"Most of you are aware of my dear apprentice and those who are not: this is Lillian Potter, former Golden Girl of Dumbledore's, current apprentice of mine. She answers to me and me only. You will show her respect, you will address her accordingly. If any of you threatens her, insults her or harms her in any way she is free to punish you as she sees fit, barring killing you outright or inflicting permanent harm."

Lillian leaned back into her chair in satisfaction at the way her master introduced her.

"That's the Potter girl, eh?" One of the unknown spoke up and Lillian wrinkled her nose in distaste; he looked like an animal, yellow-ish teeth, wild blue eyes, an unruly beard and wet, dark grey hair.

"Indeed, Greyback. Lillian, this is Fenrir Greyback, the leader of our werewolf army."

"A pleasure," Lillian answered, holding back a biting comment as she did not want to antagonize allies of her master, despite her hatred for half-beasts. To her, werewolves were animals and deserved to be eradicated but if her master saw use in them then so be it. She was sure that once their use was diminished he would handle them accordingly.

"This here is our ally from France, Pierre Arnette," Riddle continued his introductions as he pointed to a pale elder man with piercing grey eyes and a haughty frown on his face. "From Germany, Anna-Marie Durm, from Poland Piotr Kowalczyk, from Egypt Hassan Salah, from Saudi-Arabia Abdul Azim Salib, from Japan Himiko Kobayashi, from Brazil Carolina Da Cunha, from Peru Claudio Betalleluz and from the United States Victoria Hunt. We all have something in common, we all have the same goal. We are the Dark Lords and Ladies of our generation and of our countries. We want to push magic back to where it belongs and do the same to muggles."

"An alliance would of course make sense then, my Lord. Subjugating a population in the billions is no easy task after all," Lillian commented as she took in the other Lords and Ladies. They all had something dark and powerful about them, it was almost touchable, right there in the air, that they had dabbled in the darkest of arts to gain the power they now had. It was still obvious to her though that none had gone as far as her very own master.

"Indeed. The Light has allowed the muggle population too much freedom, too much time, too much space. They have grown in ways that none of us could have imagined and as a result, over the past centuries, our population has dwindled. One mistake and one reaction of muggle forces can destroy a whole magical community in a single strike."

"What role will your apprentice play, Lord Voldemort?" Pierre Arnette asked, a French accent not apparent, although he did pronounce the Dark Lord's moniker in French.

"For now, she will play her role as the Dumbledore's mascot while weakening his position, as she has been successful in doing so already. In the coming months her role will be more prominent."

"I do not see how a girl as young as her could be as useful as you make her out to be, Thomas," the Japanese Dark Lady spoke softly. Lillian would lie if she claimed that she was not intrigued by the small woman's appearance. She almost looked otherworldly with her pitch black and long, straight hair, her milky white skin, blood red lips and long, almost sharp fingernails. Her traditional Japanese garments completed her look of something ethereal, of something straight out of Eastern Asian fables.

"Don't underestimate her, Himiko. Lillian is not your average teenage witch or else I would not have given her the position I did."

"You do understand my scepticism, I am sure, considering your madness during your last reign."

"I have made mistakes, I must admit," Riddle's voice was soft yet firm, not losing any of the power it usually carried, "but my resurrection did not go as planned, obviously, as I have regained this body and not the one I intended, and it was a lucky thing to happen. I have yet to experience the madness my former self suffered through. I am very much sane now, I can assure you of that."

"My Lord, if I may speak up?" Lillian asked, gaining the attention of her Master and the others present.

"You may."

"If I remember correctly, the ritual required the blood of an enemy, forcibly taken. I have not seen you as such since at least my second year before I landed in the graveyard. Could that be the reason you have regained this body instead of your intended one?"

"Quite possible. Every detail in a ritual is important and the slightest changes, mismatches, mistakes can alter the outcome in unpredictable ways. As I said, I did get lucky, but I am not complaining, mind you. This clarity of mind is something I have missed sorely." There was silence for a few moments, before her master spoke again to his guests. "Let us return to the matters at hand…"

After the last of Riddle's guests had left he exited the conference room set up for him in Malfoy Manor, indicating for his apprentice to follow him.

Lillian did just so, keeping pace with the Dark Lord as he made way to his private quarters. Once they arrived, she closed the door behind her upon entering as her master sat down and looked at her expectantly. "I really am curious what it is you found so important to leave Hogwarts and intrude into a conference I was holding; one as important as this one, no less."

"I apologize, my Lord. I had no idea there were other Lords and Ladies invited."

"Go on."

"The reason why I am here is that Umbridge has something I believe belongs to you, my Lord. I have seen what I believe to be Salazar Slytherin's necklace on her."

She wasn't sure what kind of reaction she was expecting from her master upon that revelation but the shout full of rage escaping him, the hole he exploded into the wall next to them as he suddenly pulled out his wand; those reactions were not what she was expecting.

She would have understood anger, after all a mere ministry lackey was wearing a family heirloom belonging to the Slytherin line and claiming it to be of Selwyn origin and belonging to her, but this was pure unadulterated rage her master was showing. Never before had she seen him lose his composure like this.

"Impossible!" He finally screamed, slamming his fist on his desk as he was breathing heavily. "Are you sure, Lillian?"

"Yes, my Lord," Lillian answered, ignoring the fact that the Dark Lord started to call her more and more often by her first name instead of the title he gave her. "At first, I wasn't sure what it was, I just knew I saw it somewhere until Daphne pointed out that what I described to her looked like what Salazar Slytherin was wearing on his tapestry in our common room. I took a look myself and it was true, what Umbridge was wearing looked exactly like what Slytherin was wearing in the tapestry."

"I used Slytherin's locket- my family heirloom- as a horcrux. Come with me Lillian, I have to go check in on something."

The young apprentice, momentarily shocked into a stupor, shook herself out of it and muttered a yes, my Lord before gripping onto his arm and letting him apparate them away.

Moments later, after taking a couple calming breaths, Lillian took in their new surroundings. They were seaside, a cave in front of them. She looked at her master and he glanced at her.

"The hiding place of the locket. I still have hope that what you saw on Umbridge was a fake, but I cannot be sure without seeing the original here for myself."

"I understand, my Lord. It is an honour that you would allow me to accompany you here."

"It is indeed," the Dark Lord answered as he let his gaze wander over the location. "I remember, bringing Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop here. I was still a child, my magic so very raw and untrained. I experimented on them, I had snakes threaten them when they tried to run away. I rendered them…speechless, so to speak," he chuckled to himself.

"How did you get them down here, my Lord? It doesn't seem like an easy trip to make."

"Indeed, it isn't, my dearest apprentice. How would you do it?"

"Fear and magic, my Lord."

"The two greatest tools you can have."

The Dark Lord then stepped towards the cave entrance, which was sealed shut by an unmarked door, before slicing his thumb open with his wand and pressing it against the door. An immense pulse of magic made Lillian stagger lightly as she looked inside the cave with wide eyes when her master once again indicated for her to follow him.

"An offering of blood is required to enter this cave. Anyone can give the offering but only my blood will deactivate any traps, enchantments, curses, potions and creatures I have set up and used as protection for my horcrux," Riddle explained as he conjured a boat for them both to step into. "However, I would still recommend not to touch the waters."

Lillian gave the Dark Lord a questioning look before staring intently at the sea beneath them and she could see bodies upon bodies through the shallow waters in the cave, some face-up, some face-down. Those whose faces she could see had their eyes open, misty as they were as though with cobwebs.

A fascinated gasp escaped the teenage, dark witch before she looked at her master. "I have never seen an Inferi before, my Lord! This is so fascinating…how many are there in this lake?"

"I cannot say for sure, but the number should be easily somewhere in the hundreds."

"So you do practice Necromancy, my Lord?"

"Indeed. Death is the ultimate enemy one shall defeat, and I have done so several times, apprentice. I have created horcruxes and I have bound the dead to my will. Soul Magic and Necromancy are the tools one needs to have power over death itself."

Lillian thought about her master's words. She, herself, had been made immortal for as long as her horcrux remained safe. She didn't want to die, so she had no regrets whatsoever for partaking in an act of such darkness, an act considered of such evil and depravity.

Of course, once upon a time when Lillian was still weak and helpless there where days when she wished for death. After Vernon had raped her the first time, when she was in such unbelievable pain, she had begged for death to come and claim her over and over again. She was in the darkness of her cupboard, she remembered the silent sobs escaping her, she remembered the pulsing and burning pain between her legs, the wetness of Vernon's release and her own blood burning her abused sex.

She would and could never forget it, how she hoped to die.

But those times were gone. Vernon was gone, burned to a crisp by her own hands and before he did she made sure he would witness the slaughter of his family.

Now she was not weak and helpless anymore. She had power, power beyond anyone else of her generation. She had witnessed and partaken in magic others would never even dream of.

She had killed and tortured without an ounce of remorse. She would be the bride of the most powerful Dark Lord of his generation, probably of all time. No, she would live and witness over the change she and her Dark Lord would bring upon this world. She, Lillian Potter, would see how the magical world would regain its rightful place and the non-magical be subjugated like they should have remained hundreds of years ago.

"We have arrived," Riddle spoke up after their silence, the boat rocking against the small island with a stone basin in the middle of it.

They both got off the boat, her master immediately reaching into the basin and retrieving the locket lying in it.

Opening it, he cursed widely as he took out a note before reading it. With a wild scream, he threw the locket onto the ground where it shattered. It was obvious that it was fake.

"Curse you, Black. Curse you!"

"Black? Do you mean my godfather has something to do with this, my Lord?"

"No. His younger Brother, Regulus. He found out about me creating at least this horcrux." The Dark Lord was practically seething with rage before a manic laugh escaped him. "But he didn't get far. He could never have been able to escape my traps by himself. He probably had his blasted house elf he was so fond of with him, but Regulus, despite all his efforts, will serve me for the rest of eternity," Riddle ended his rant while staring into the lake.

"What about the original, my Lord? What do you wish me to do about it?"

Riddle turned and looked intently into Lillian's eyes, an intensity burning so strongly in his that it made the teenager tremble ever so slightly. "You, my dear apprentice, will bring my horcrux back to me. I do not care how you do it. I want it back and I want it back intact without anyone being aware of its true nature. Fail to do so and your punishment will be most severe."

"Y-yes, my Lord."

Chapter Text

Tom Marvolo Riddle was waiting. For a week now, he was waiting for news on his apprentice's attempts in retrieving his horcrux from Umbridge's clutches. He was impatient and wanted results immediately but he also knew that he did not give Lillian a time limit. She could just wait until the end of the school year and act then, which, if he was being honest with himself, would be the safest route. But he also knew her better than that by now and he knew she was always so eager to please him and earn his favour. She would always try to get results sooner rather than later.

He was confident in her resourcefulness and her capabilities. There was little doubt in his mind that, eventually, his horcrux would be back in his possession.

But he was impatient, very much so.

It was a good thing he was expecting a guest, then. A distraction was welcome in situations like he found himself in currently. The constant waiting, the constant worry that maybe something still could go wrong- it made him lose focus, as loath as he was to admit that.

The sudden gust of wind had him look up from Fenrir Greyback's report he held in his hands. Out stepped a young woman dressed in garbs that betrayed her primal, wild nature. Her face would look innocent if it weren't painted completely white with black lines moving from her eyes like thin veins accentuating the bizarre look. Her delicate neck was adorned by a thin string which held several skulls of various animals, ranging from birds to rodents and sticking out of her inky hair were black feathers. Her feet were muddy and bare, something Riddle was sure would test Narcissa's nerves. The fur garb she was wearing left most of her thighs and her arms unclothed and Riddle could see that the black lines from her face travelling down her neck covered even more, reaching all the way down to her feet. He was unsure if it was just a really good job of ritualistic body paintings or an actual tattoo.

To complete thethe picture, the woman held a gnarly wooden staff in her hand, fully adorned with various fetishes and a human skull with very complex runic carvings sitting firmly on the top.

"Vara, it has been quite some time since we last met," Riddle spoke first, indicating for the woman to take a seat on one of the Malfoy's luxurious chairs.

"It has indeed and I see that time was as kind to you as it has always been for me."

Her soft voice was always something that would catch him off guard at first as it seemed so ill fitting to her appearance.

Once she sat down across from him, Riddle took a sip from his glass of water before replying. "You and I both know time had very little to do with our appearance."

A predatory grin showed itself fleetingly on the woman's face, giving her a monstrous look with the paint covering her skin, but she didn't speak. Instead, her gaze locked firmly onto Riddle, studying him intently.

"So, why have you sought me out again, Vara? You were content with keeping your Coven out of the last war."

The woman didn't speak at first but cocked her head slightly to the side before she inched a bit forward in her seat, the bones on her 'necklace' and staff clattering gently with the movement. "While your proposal was intriguing at the time, you were too unstable and unreliable for me to risk the last of my kind by joining your cause."

"Fair enough. And that has changed now?"

"You tell me. Imagine my surprise when a Soothsayer whispered into my ear that not Lord Voldemort but Tom Riddle returned from the dead."

"They are one and the same," Riddle replied through clenched teeth, his temper rising but he knew better than to actually lash out. He respected the woman's capabilities. She was dangerous and her magic was still a mystery to him after so many years. It probably would also remain as such as only those accepted into her Coven were able to even learn its theory. Riddle knew that he could never be accepted, as a Coven was a gathering of witches which automatically removed him from the equation.

"Are they though?" Vara asked, the decorative bones again clattering as she leaned towards Riddle, her piercing amber eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "Isn't Lord Voldemort the name associated with the mad snake? Are you still mad, Thomas?"

"Lord Voldemort is the title I gave myself when I was ambitious and young. The title itself and me losing my mind when I splintered my soul too many times have nothing to do with one another."

"I see. Tell me about that Potter girl."

"What do you want to know?"

"What is her role? Is she just there to warm your bed and breed you an heir? Because if that is the case I would love to clutch her from your grasp. I could not allow such raw talent and potential to be wasted in such a way."

While Riddle did not believe in prophecies or the ability to predict the future, he still found the capabilities of Vara's soothsayer unnerving and he never found things unnerving. He consumed human flesh for the darkest of rituals. He killed children, women and men without an ounce of remorse. He twisted one of his own followers into an ancient, ever-hungry monstrosity and let him lose in a muggle music vanue, locking them in with his former servant, trapped to be slaughtered and he laughed when he read about it in the Prophet the following day. But that soothsayer- a blind woman who offered her eyes in a ritual 'to truly see'- knew more than he would like. A soothsayer was a person who speaks the truth and Riddle could not help but feel exposed in her presence. She could not see in the future- that was impossible- but she could see in ways not even legilimency could. Legilimency and occlumency were powerful tools but a soothsayer's vision was something else entirely.

"Lillian," Riddle began, "belongs to me. She has a powerful bloodline, raw magical talent far beyond anyone in her generation and she is completely and utterly devoted to me. She is a key, if not the key for my vision of magical Britain. Everything beyond that is a bonus both of us enjoy."

Grinning again, Vara let out a short cackling laugh before speaking again. "Good to see you remember that lying to me is fruitless. Good to see you do not waste the talents of your pretty little apprentice."

The both of them were silent for some time, Riddle quietly taking sips from his water while Vara looked at him, her piercing eyes never leaving him for a second.

After a while Riddle got up from his seat, his arms crossed behind his back, before turning to the Coven witch. "I will, once again, offer you a place among my followers. Your soothsayer should know I have no intention of betraying you or your kind. You are powerful wielders of magic and have a rightful place in my vision of a reborn magic world."

"We have no loyalty for any Dark or Light Lords. We simply wish to practice our own magic without having to hide out of fear of a repeat of history. Come with me, Thomas, and promise in front of my soothsayer that you and yours will leave Covens alone once we reestablish ourselves in society again, and you will have our magic fight for your cause."

"Very well," Riddle nodded at Vara's demands, "lead the way."

"Daphne, I need you to have your family get a few things for me and smuggle them into school."

Over the past week Lillian was very busy wrecking her brain over the horcrux situation. She wasn't sure if it was intentional or not but she sure was glad that her Dark Lordhad forgone a time limit for this endeavor. She could think and research without having to worry about getting immediate results, and she did a lot of thinking and researching since the Dark Lord tasked her with retrieving his horcrux from Umbridge. Of course, the easiest and fastest way would be to just kill her but it would also be the dumbest way and Lillian was a lot of things but dumb was not one of them. She knew better than to bring a host of aurors into school over the murder of a ministry employee.

And like this she thought of several different ways on how to go about this and finally decided upon one. However, it was a very risky thing to do as she had never done anything of the like before and it could go wrong in countless ways but she had trust in her own abilities. She was sure she could pull it off.

"Of course, my Lady. What do you need?"

It never ceased to bring a smile on Lillian's face when her subjects addressed her properly. It was addictive in the best possible ways. "Here is a list of everything I need. Make sure they know just how important and urgent it is that I get these items."

"Of course, my Lady," Daphne replied with a quick bow before dashing out of the common room, the list quickly tucked away in her robes.

"What was that about, if you don't mind me asking, my Lady?"

Glancing at Draco from the corner of her eye, Lillian proceeded to leaf through the book she had brought with her from the Malfoy's library after her last visit. "If it would concern you, Draco, you would know. Say, did you know that there used to be Covens up around two hundred or so years ago? At least this book says so. Apparently they suddenly just disappeared."

"No, never heard of anything of that sort."

"It says a Coven used to have their own magic but when they disappeared their magic was lost too. Such a shame," Lillian shook her head as she silently mourned for all the lost secrets and magics. "I wish I could access the Black library...just imagine what I could find there if your family library hold information of vanished magic societies! All those secret and possibly lost arts..."

Malfoy didn't reply to that but it didn't matter to Lillian. She knew he wasn't as interested in ancient and lost magic, in forbidden magic, like she was. To him, what mattered was wealth, influence and comfort. She could appreciate that. But he didn't like to get his hands dirty and that was something Lillian could and would not tolerate. It was getting better though. Slowly but surely Malfoy started to remove himself from his father's shackles.

He still had a ways to go but progress was being made and that was something which pleased Lillian immensely.

Progress was what pulled him away from Malfoy Senior after all and while she did not actively hated him anymore she did still hate what he stood for: greed, laziness and worst of all cowardice.

She admired the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr. as they wore their marks with pride and openly enjoyed what they were doing.

When Lillian's mindset started to shift away from helplessness for the first time and drifted towards the safe haven she found in the darkest of magics and in pure and unadulterated rage and hatred she started to find out as much as she could about the war everyone was so skittish about.

And she learned so much. She started to understand that people without magic were inferior, that she was wielding something that made her superior to the mundane. She devoured as many books in the forbidden section of the library as she could, learning about all the things she could do to the Dursleys and those that ignored her screams, those that ignored her plight, those that ignored her begging for help.

It was intoxicating, understanding for the first time in her life that she was not entirely helpless. And when she somehow got her hands on the Dark Lord's diary, communicating with him- or a seperate, sentient piece of him- for the first time, making it clear that she did not want to fight him, that was when her descent finally, truly started. All she had to do was suffer a few more years, bide her time. And she did.

As did Bellatrix, Barty and so many more. The stories she read about them were her gateway to who she would eventually become.

Neither Bella nor Barty knew the role they had played in guiding her through her first steps, but she would eventually tell them.

The Dark Lord himself was and would always be her biggest influence of course. He was the terror she idolized, the ultimate embodiment of power and darkness she enveloped herself in but his two psychotic and, aside from Lillian herself, most important assets had played a very prominent role as well.

Lucius Malfoy on the other hand...his story reminded her of what she escaped from: weakness, cowardice. He owned nothing of what he did and that same mentality was deeply instilled into his son.

Glancing at Malfoy, who was diligently working on his homework as was the rest of her group of followers, Lillian smirked.

She was turning them into the right direction alright.


Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, looked up from the huge pile of parchments strewn across her desk in front of her. She was tired, her back was aching from sitting at her desk and the many, many overtime hours she was taking. After the massacre in the muggle music venue commited by that monster the ministry, and the DMLE in particular, were on constant high alert out ofof fear of something like that happening again.

Deep down in her gut she knew what was happening and she mentally prepared herself for it. She knew she would be a target and she did what she could to make sure her niece was taken care of if worse came to worst.

Susan and she were all they had left and she would do all she could to stay alive but during war living was never a certainty, especially when magic was involved.

"Yes, Kingsley?"

"The Unspeakables are finished with their autopsy of that...thing. You...need to see this for yourself."

Amelia raised an eyebrow at that as Kingsley was one of the most rock solid and stoic men she knew and to see him shaken like that was almost unheard of.

She was certain from the very start that the nature of the monster would be less than pleasant but now she had to admit she was morbidly intrigued.

The elevator ride to the Department of Mysteries was a quiet one but once they arrived there and stepped out of their ride, they were greeted by an excited masked woman.

"Head Auror Bones, a pleasure. Please follow me."

Amelia glanced at Kingsley for a moment before they both followed the Unspeakable.

"You are the first member of the DMLE to make use of our department's capabilities. We appreciate your trust as, understandably, we generate a lot of scepticism."

"I suppose this trust will be rewarded with results?"

A low, humorless chuckle escaped the Unspeakable as she lead the two aurors into a wide and bright room, the beast lying on a large stone plate covered in runic markings, its chest and belly cut open, its organs filling different, enchanted glass containers. "It depends on your interpretation of the word result. As for this," the Unspeakable pointed at the monster, "we first had to answer the question wether it was natural or created. Turns out it was created. This thing was human once. A human going by the name of Peter Pettigrew, to be exact."

As stunned as she was, Amelia now knew why Kingsley was so shaken.

Chapter Text

"Professor. Thank you for joining us on such short notice."

Amelia Bones was sitting in a conference room, joined by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Cornelius Fudge and now also one Albus Dumbledore.

She would be lying if she said that she was thrilled about including Hogwarts' headmaster in what was about to be discussed but she had little choice.

Amelia did not particularly like Albus Dumbledore but she also didn't actively dislike him. She acknowledged his accomplishment; she would be a fool not to. But- and in this she felt more often alone than not- she did not givegive his word more weight than anyone else's.

To her, it seemed as if his victories, and with those his reputation, did get to the elderly wizard's head. He was stubborn to a fault and dismissed other people's input instead of welcoming a second opinion on things. And while she was far from being a supporter of Fudge's, he was the Minister of Magic; something the Professor seemed to forget a lot and Amelia was beyond certacertain that thatdid not have anything to do with him going senile with age.

"Of course, Amelia. I would be amiss to deny my help when being asked."

"What is the meaning of this, Bones? I was not aware that Albus would be joining us!"

Amelia suppressed a sigh as the first signs of a headache were already forming. "What I am about to talk about is bigger than personal pride, Minister. I understand the animosity between you and the Professor but we need him."

Fudge simply leaned back into his chair with a huff. "This better be good."

Dumbledore, unfazed by Fudge's clear disapproval of his attending this meeting, conjured his comfortable chair and sat down, waiting for Amelia to continue.

"I assume everyone remembers the attack on the muggle music venue a little while ago?" The head of the DMLE asked the group.

"A terrible tragedy, no doubt," Dumbledore answered with a sad tone to his voice while the minister merely nodded.

"I decided to keep the more...grisly details from the public and I still believe it to be the right policy. However," Amelia continued as she pulled out a big stack of parchments from her desk's drawer ans put it in front of Fudge and Dumbledore, "I also do believe that the currently two most important figures of our society need to be made aware of what really happened to those muggles and what we may be facing."

Neither of the two men were saying anything but both were obviously intrigued.

"What the general public knows is what we told the Prophet: some unknown creature attacked the venue and killed almost everyone. The Dark Mark being cast above the venue leaves little room for speculation about the culprit or culprits releasing that creature on the muggles. What they don't know," Amelia paused again to reach for another stack in her desk's drawer, this time magic pictures from the crime scenes, "is the pure brutality and savagery with which the creature killed its victims."

Dumbledore looked up from one page of Amelia's report at the repulsed sound Fudge made at seeing the pictures. "Dear Merlin...", the headmaster allowed for a small outburst of shock, "those poor souls..."

"The first response squad arrived within ten minutes aftet the Mark was cast. In ten minutes the creature slaughtered 572 muggles out of 580 who have attended the concert. Not one dead body was left whole. They were ripped in half, torn apart by their limbs. They were eaten."

"Just what is that thing? Are there going to be more?"

Amelia looked the obviously frightened minister in the eyes. "We don't know, Sir. But we had the Unspeakables look more...deeply into what we could be facing and they have shed some light at least into this mystery. While we may not know what that things is, we now know who it is...or was."

"What do you mean, who? This obviously is not a person, Bones!" Fudge scoffed at her.

Dumbledore on the other hand only looked even more disturbed than he already did.

"The Unspeakables have run magical imprint tests on this creature. You do understand that the magical imprint in one's blood is truly unique to one person and one person only, do you, Minister? It is absolutely infallible, impossible to fake."

"Of course I do!"

"The imprint test deduced that creature to be Peter Pettigrew."

Were she not a no-nonsense-person, Amelia Bones would have found Fudge's expression hilarious.

"Preposterous!" Fudge finally broke out of his stupor. "Pettigrew is dead!"

"Remember after the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Cornelius? How Lillian explained that Peter was allive and attempted the Dark Lord's return?"

"I don't believe for a second that you take that girl's word seriously, Albus. Your...troubled relationship with the Potter-girl is public knowledge after all."

"You misunderstand...I do believe Peter is...was alive at the time but I do not believe he failed in resurrecting his master."

Now Fudge looked positively incredulous. "Are you actually saying that the daughter of one of your most loyal followers is a Death Eater now? Has she hurt your pride so badly that you are really going down that road?"


"No, I've heard enough! Pettigrew is a dead monster, Potter a teenage Death Eater and You-Know-Who is back from the dead! Everybody is starting to lose their minds, obviously!" Fudge got up shakily from his chair, his eyes wide and the fear and panic clear as day in them.

Neither Bones nor Dumbledore showed intentions to keep Fudge from leaving.

Amelia knew how Fudge would react from the moment she decided on having this meeting. She knew he would panic and close his eyes from what was so blatantly in front of him, but it would be wrong and it would go against her very principles if she would hold secret meetings about things like this without involving the Minister of Magic.

It frustrated her to no end that the most important and influential figures representing wizarding Britain were so unreliable. One thought himself above all and everyone and the other was gut- and spineless.

"Amelia," Dumbledore spoke up once Fudge had left the room, "are you absolutely certain that the creature was Peter Pettigrew?"

"As I already said, it was an imprint test. I saw the results. I repeated the test myself just to make sure there's absolutely no doubt about the result."

"Do you have any clues how he became like this?" Dumbledore asked as he looked at one of the pictures showing Wormtail's bizarre features.

"The Unspeakables say he was made that way. They are currently going through records of rituals and curses reaching several hundred years into the past."

"I see. And with Peter obviously not having been killed by Sirius' hands..."

"The case will obviously have to be re-opened."

"Thank you, my dear. If there are any new developments..."

"You and the Minister both will be informed, Professor. As loath as I am to involve anyone outside of the Minisitry. Do you truly believe Potter to be a Death Eater, Professor? Or at least a sympathizer?"

Dumbledore shook his head in defeat and sadness. "Too many signs show to that direction, as unfortunate as it is, Amelia..."

The head of the DMLE did not bother pointing out the potentially big role Dumbledore's neglect of the girl could have played in her possible desertion of his side.

Lillian was having a good time. It was the middle of the night and she was by herself in the Chamber of Secrets.

A couple days ago, Daphne had handed her a bag, which was charmed multiple times, and that bag was what she was waiting for so desperately.

And now here she was, drawing complex symbols onto the ground while humming a nonsensical tune to herself. She was nervous, very much so, but despite that nervousness she was confident in her abilities to pull this off.

Things could go wrong of course, but then again, that could be said about any ritual, no matter how simple they may be.

Once the circle and runes were drawn, Lillian prepared her offerings before putting each one precisely on its respective rune; the human bone dust on the rune for mortality, a Lobelia flower on the rune for malevolence, a shrunken monkey head on the rune for mischief.

Once that was done, Lillian knicked her thumb with a ritualistic dagger and let her blood drop onto the center of the circle to activate the ritual.

Immediately her offerings were set ablaze by purplish flames before they disappeared. The young witch held her breath, both apprehensive and eager to see the end result of her first ever ritual she performed by herself, which also was only her second ritual in total.

A small gasp escaped her, the excitement evident, as she saw a small, purplish-red clawed hand shoot out from the center of the circle, grasping the ground for purchase before another hand shot up, pulling the rest of a small body, the same colour purplish-red as its hands with the exception of a few yellow-tipped elongated body-parts, out from a seeming abyss.

Once the little creature had fully emerged, Lillian knelt down and extended a hand, an invitation which the little wisp immediately talk as it climbed onto it. Lillian, now carrying the wisp on her hand, brought it right in front of her face.

"You are now bound to me by the magic carried in my blood, little wisp. You have my memories and my knowledge."

It answered with a nod, seemingly understanding her, something that pleased Lillian immensely.

"Good. Now listen well, little wisp. You will go to Umbridge's sleeping quarters. You will retrieve Slytherin's locket from her and bring it to me. You will not kill Umbridge. That will come at a later time. Understood?"

The wisp, baring its teeth at her in a grin, gave a chirp before vanishing from sight. She could still feel its weight on her hand for a moment but mere moments later she felt it jump down. There was no sound of it walking however, no pitter-patter of its feet hitting the ground.

It was the perfect solution and she had full confidence that her evoked creature would be successful in its endeavor.

For now though, it was time for her to return to her dormitory.

Himiko Kobayashi was a simple woman. If you did as she asked, there were no problems. If you failed, however...

"Kobayashi-sama...please, I did my best! I tried!"

The Japanese Dark Lady looked at her groveling follower with nothing but disdain, her long and sharp fingernails tapping on the surface of her chabudai as her cup of tea was still sitting in front of her, still untouched.

"You say you did your best. If that is your best, Kubo-san, then exactly what good are you to me? All I ordered you to do was to remove the shinto wards so my Gashadokuro can safely approach the village. It was neither a complicated task nor was it physically straining. Thirteen charms. All you needed to do was to remove thirteen charms by midnight. You removed two."

Through the entire time Himiko talked, her gaze didn't leave her follower's begging form once. He was on his knees, his hands and forehead touching the floor in a show of utmost submission but Himiko remained unfazed. Neither her expression nor her voice did betray the boiling rage she was feeling deep, deep down.

She wasn't unreasonable. She understood how sometimes even the best-laid plans could go awry. Nothing was ever certain and a sudden change of guard rotations or even the weather could force someone to just cut your losses.

But this; this was just pure incompetence and incompetence was unacceptable.

"I'm sorry, Kobayashi-sama! There suddenly were more guards and-"

"Hayami," the Dark Lady called into the spacious room and suddenly one could hear a pin drop, everyone simultaniously going stock still, "is that true? Did the village suddenly increase the number of its guards?"

A clicking sound filled the room, followed by a manic giggling. "No, no, no, no, no, no. No! No."

Her follower, Kubo, started to wimper as a shadow started to form and grow on top of him but he did not dare to look up. He had seen it once and that was enough.

"It was all the same numbers, all the same numbers, all the same numbers. This little fly," Hayami reached out with an arm to grasp Kubo by his skull with an overly large and clawed hand, "is telling a lie."

"Eat him."

Those two words barely left Himiko's lips when the Jorogumo pulled her victim up with superhuman strength, two spider-like fangs on the sides of her mouth sinking into Kubo's soft flesh, flooding his system with a paralyzing venom and digestive enzymes to slowly liquify him from the inside while the arachnid lower half of her body- complete with an archnid abdomen and eight legs- pulled her back up into the shadows by her string, just before a low slurping sound accompanied by low cries of pain could be heard.

For ten minutes nothing was said. The only sound was the slurping of Hayami drinking up her food while Himiko finally started to enjoy her tea.

Then, for a moment there was nothing before a sudden thud filled the room as Kubo's dried out husk was dropped onto the floor.

"Remove him," Himiko ordered one of her guards, "and bring his brother to me. Let's see if incompetence runs in their family."

A sudden shriek woke Lillian up, making her grumble in annoyance. "What is going on?"

"My Lady, there is something on your bed!"

"Huh?" Still sleepy and somewhat confused, Lillian sat up to see her new companion waiting patiently for her to wake up. "Ah, I see you have met my little wisp."

"Your...little wisp?"

"Indeed, Tracey. You all should get used to its presence as it is bound to me by blood and magic." Lillian didn't wait for reactions from the other girls and instead turned her full attention to the wisp. "Do you have it?"

The wisp stretched out a clawed hand and the locket started to materialize before landing on her bed.

"Very impressive," Lillian muttered before picking it up. The moment she held it in her hands Lillian could swear that, albeit very faintly, she could feel the Dark Lord's presence in it. Was she imagining it? Was it something that was possible with horcruxes? She couldn't tell but it didn't matter. He mission was a success and her master would be so very pleased with her.

"What is that?"

Lillian glanced at Millicent before putting the locket into bottom of her trunk. She would be delivering it to the Dark Lord later in the evening after dinner. "Something that belongs to the Dark Lord."

"Oh. Okay."

" Lady, is that wisp dangerous?" Daphne asked, apprehension evident in her voice. "I has arms and legs...and claws and teeth. I thought wisps were just like floating lights."

"You are thinking about will-o'-wisps. This is a simple, basic wisp. And from what I have read, they are carnivorous."


Lillian couldn't help the grin breaking out. "Don't worry. It won't kill people unless I tell it to."

Chapter Text

"Umbridge looked mad," Daphne commented in a low voice as she and her friends followed their Dark Lady into the great hall for lunch.

Glancing back at them, Lillian could only scoff. As if that woman had any right whatsoever to feel that way. Proudly wearing something that was no even hers! Making up its heritage just to make her own bloodline look more important than it was! Umbridge should be glad that she was still breathing.

But that would change soon enough.

For now though, Lillian and her followers took their seats at the Slytherin table under the ever watchful eye of the headmaster.

Over the past months she seemed to feel his constant presence looming over her, unyielding and unwavering. She knew Dumbledore didn't trust her but if she had to take a guess than Lillian would say that his distrust was close to reach a tipping point. Maybe it was because she was busy with dragging his name through the mud or maybe it was because her housemates were obviously eating out of the palm of her hands at this point.

Anyone who paid attention could see that she had the utmost respect of pretty much the entire Slytherin house. At this point, a year ago, she was more than happy with being ignored and avoided, enjoying the solitude. Nobody bothered her and she could do whatever she felt like doing in relative peace. And everybody knew of her situation because she was Lillian Potter and people liked to stick their noses in her life.

So, of course, if people paid attention- and since it was her she was sure they did- one would see how very different her situation was now. She moved from the bottom to the top over the course of the summer holidays.

It was only natural that one would ask questions, that one would wonder how that happened, that Dumbledore would be very suspicious.

But not much longer and she would finally, finally get to reveal her true self to the public. Not much longer and the wizarding world would finally make its big move to reclaim its position at the very top of the food chain and move the muggle dirt where they belonged.

"Say, Draco, I've been wondering something these past couple days," Lillian began while cutting her piece of shepard's pie.

"I'm listening."

"Are there or have there been other foci than wands? In the books I've read there's all kinds of magics but never a mention of foci. It got me curious."

Cocking his head to the side a bit, Draco thought for a few moments before letting his shoulders sag a bit. "At this point I don't think it matters anymore...if you can wait, I'll tell you what my father told and showed me after dinner."

"Now I'm intrigued," Lillian replied after she swollowed her mouthful, eyeing the blonde with unveiled curiosity.

"Why do you want to know, if I may ask?"

Turning her attention to Tracey, the young apprentice took a moment to think about her answer. "Simply put...I like to widen my horizon. A more complex answer is because I refuse to accept that all there is to magic is waving a wand and make people's feet dance uncontrollably. All my life I was powerless and magic was my salvation. At first, opening a lock without a key was so very exciting but the first time I snuck out to take a little peek beneath the surface...there are infinite possibilities to magic. I want to see all of them." Lillian looked around at the faces of her followers. "I know you all grew up with magic and are taking it for granted but believe me, nothing is more exciting than unlocking new possibilities of the power that is right there in the palm of your hands. However, it certainly is not for those with a weak stomach."

"I understand, I think..."

Lillian gave Tracey a small smirk. "As I said, you all grew up with this," she said as she made a sweeping motion around the hall, "so it is normal for you. You have your pure blood, your families' names and everything. You grew up with magic and power. You are comfortable. I doubt I would have had this desire to delve into magic the way I do if I had the luxuries you did in your childhoods."

"That makes sense, to be honest," Daphne muttered as she prepped up her head on a hand. "There never was a reason for us to look beyond what we would eventually learn for any of us, nothing to drive us in that direction."

"Exactly. Of course, if any of you ever has the desire to see just what exactly our gift has to offer I would be more than willing to guide you. I daresay I would be even proud of you! But if not I certainly would not hold it against you." Looking around her group, Lillian saw that everyone was finished with their food, so she got up with a clap of her hands. "Very well, let us head to the common room, I am eager to hear what Draco has to tell me."


Once inside the Slytherin common room, the group sat at their usual spots, Draco and Daphne flanking Lillian at the seat in front of the fire. Lillian turned towards the Malfoy heir with an expectant smile, not saying anything.

"So," Draco began, "remember when you and the Dark Lord were in our basement for whatever reason?"

Lillian thought back for just a moment before she remembered the horcrux ritual after which she became immortal. "Yes?"

"That basement...we have a secret passage there that leads into a backroom where my father hides a few artifacts among other things. I found out about it by accident when I followed my father there. He wasn't mad though, he just took me to his side and started explaining some of the things...fetishes, effigies, shrunken heads, cursed objects, you name it and it was there. At some point I saw something that I think was a staff and father called it his 'rarest and most prized possession'. I'm not sure if my guess was right and it really was a staff, I'm not sure how much father actually knows about these things but, well," Malfoy shrugged, "you might as well know about that backroom. Maybe you'll find something useful there."

Lillian's eyes gleamed with delight. "I am most eager to see that room! But first, I have a visit to make."


It was an odd feeling to have a wisp inside of you. Apparently, her new little companion had the ability to vanish in her body, making it impossible to spot it and very easy to smuggle it.

She could feel there was something in her, a faint presence, somewhere, but could not pinpoint it. It definitely was a very alien sensation but after carrying it around like this for the past week she got used to it.

However, after exiting the floo into Malfoy Manor, this was the first time she felt anything but contentment from the little whisp. It seemed the little beast was not a fan of this way of travel.

She ignored it and quickly made her way towards her destination; the Dark Lord's study. Once she reached it she waited for a moment, trying to make out if he was alone. Once she was certain that was the case, she knocked on the door, waiting to be called in. Upon hearing the Dark Lord's commanding voice she quickly opened the door and entered before closing it behind her and kneeling in front of her master.

"What brings you here, apprentice?" Riddle asked from his chair, his eyes firmly on Lillian.

"My Lord, I have completed your task. I have successfully retrieved your horcrux from Umbridge.

"Have you now? Rise and hand it over to me."

Lillian did as told, getting back up to her feet and closing the distance between the Dark Lord and herself. She held out her hand and couldn't stop the self-satisfied smirk appearing on her face as the little wisp seemed to climb out of her palm until he was fully standing on it with the locket firmly in his grasp. After a couple chirps he held it for the Dark Lord, who took it with an amused look on his face, examining it with his wand before looking at his apprentice.

"And what would this be, Lillian?"

"That is the wisp I summond through a ritual to get the locket, my Lord. It snuck into Umbridge's sleeping quarters and back to me completely undetected. It also is bound to me by blood and magic."

Riddle eyed the little creature for a bit longer before returning his attention to Lillian. "Colour me impressed. While I do not approve of you already doing rituals on your own- summoning rituals no less- I see the evidence of your resourcefulness and talent right before me." Riddle got up from his seat and moved closer towards his apprentice, so close until their bodies touched. He snuck an arm around her waist, his fingertips dancing just over her skirt-covered buttocks. Lillian stared up at him with wide green eyes and a lustful grin, which he returned. "I believe a reward is in order, don't you think, Lillian?"

"I wholeheartedly agree, my Lord. In fact, I came prepared just for that," Lillian answered through a toothy grin as she took hold of the hand on her waist and guided it under her skirt, unable to hold her giggle once her master realized that his prized apprentice wore no underwear.

A gasp escaped Lillian when Riddle squeezed her butt cheek roughly. She felt herself slowly but surely get wet between her legs, Riddle alternating between biting and kissing her neck, his ministrations on her dancing between pleasure and pain but always enjoyable. "H-how do you want me, my Lord?"

"Get on the bed, Lillian, on your hands and knees."

Lillian wasted no time to follow the Dark Lord's orders as she climbed onto the bed, facing away from him as she positioned herself with her skirt pulled up to her waist, exposing her privates.

She heard as the Dark Lord unbuckled his belt and freed himself of his pants before she felt him caress her rear once more. "You are an exquisite specimen of a woman, apprentice."

Lillian moaned out her thanks as she felt a finger slip between her folds before sinking into her silky warmth, spreading her legs just a bit more for him.

Removing his finger from between her legs, Riddle took his position behind his apprentice's naked rear before slowly sinking his manhood into her, gasping at the warm tightness enveloping him.

He wasted no time to pick up a fast pace, pounding roughly into her.

Lillian couldn't contain her moans as she enjoyed the dominance her master showed time and time again when they were intimate like this. She wouldn't allow anybody else to treat her like this, regardless of the sexual nature. But the man behind her, pounding into her like this, reaching forward to free her modest breasts and knead them roughly, squeezing her buttocks hard enough to leave bruises behind; that man was not anybody else. He was the Dark Lord. Her Dark Lord.

Her moans grew louder as he pumped into her even faster and harder, the bedsheets balled up in her fists and soon she felt the telltale twitches inside of her which triggered her own release.

With a small gasp from her she felt Riddle slip out of her before he left a sharp slap on her butt cheek.

"You are something else Lillian."

Taking the offered handkerchiefs from her master, Lillian held them between her legs, before rolling onto her back, allowing her master's release to leak into them. "Thank you, my Lord. I enjoy our trysts as much as you do, believe me. I especially like it when you are rough with me."

"Do you now?" Riddle smirked at her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"I do. It feels like you are marking me as your territory, showing that I am off limits to everyone but you."

Riddle reached between Lillian's now cleaned up privatesprivates, cupping her. "You are my territory, Lillian and you are off limits to everyone but me. You should know that by now or are you in need of a reminder?"

Pressing herself against his hand, Lillian moaned quietly, her eyelids heavy. "Yes, my Lord. I think I need another reminder or two."


"My Lord, I was wondering something."

Lillian was sitting on the Dark Lord's bed as she watched him work on his desk, reading through reports from his Death Eaters. Her wisp, which had disappeared when her master had once again marked his territory, was now vanishing in and out of her body, playing by itself. It made her wonder if it was still juvenile in age.


"Do I need to continue Hogwarts next year?"

Riddle stopped his reading and put the parchment on his hand onto the table. "What do you mean?"

"Well, for one, I don't expect my charade to last much longer; certainly not beyond this school year. I am also to join you when you plan to reveal yourself. I also am not learning anything at Hogwarts anymore; I could learn more by myself. To be frank, at this point I do not see the benefit of me staying at Hogwarts beyond this fifth year anymore. I wish to do more for you and your cause."

Riddle, turned to face her, had listened to his apprentice intently and had allowed her to speak her mind. She had earned that privilege by quickly becoming one of his most devoted, reliable and intelligent Death Eaters. "I understand and I agree. I would pull you out of Hogwarts even now if it wouldn't be so incredibly suspicious but I do not expect you to during your sixth year. However, there are still some scenarios that might require your presence at Hogwarts during your sixth year."

"Thank you for understanding, my Lord."

"It is a reasonable concern, Lillian."

"And what about the planned attack on the ministry?"

"Eager for bloodshed, aren't we?" Riddle chuckled at Lillian's feral grin. "We are moving things into position and will make our move very soon. You will be notified in time. And, as I said before, wether you reveal yourself is up to you."

"I want to, my Lord. I want all of Britain and the rest of the world to know that Dumbledore lost his greatest possession to the Dark Lord himself."

"Your reveal might end up overshadowing mine," Riddle joked lightly, "which might even work in our favour, putting Dumbledore and the Light even more off balance..."

"I can't wait to fight alongside you, my Lord," Lillian said, her look earnest.

She couldn't wait for the bloodshed to come.

Chapter Text

Spring flew by quickly once Lillian returned her master's locket to him. It was also the last time she had seen him face to face. Of course she could have always used Snape's floo connection, but, unfortunately, her Dark Lord had ordered her to stay put at Hogwarts until it was time to attack the ministry.

"As desirable as you are, Lillian," he said, "and as much as I enjoy ravishing you, it is better if you stop your visits now. We will have many more opportunities for this."

Just months ago she would have vomited at the thought of a man touching her naked body. She was sure her mudblood uncle had ruined her, broken her.

But here she was, missing the Dark Lord biting and kissing her neck, kneading her breasts and buttocks, stroking her vagina.

He was everything she desired and more.

"My Lady, are you alright? You seem distracted."

Lillian was embarrassed to admit that Daphne's voice startled her out of her thoughts. The blonde heiress watched her with genuine curiosity and worry visible in her eyes and brought other thoughts to the forefront of her mind. Thoughts she never had before, she never even expected to have. Strange, foreign, yet not altogether unpleasant.

"It's just been over a months since I've been with the Dark Lord," Lillian answered Daphne's question bluntly.

Daphne's eyes bulged in a completely undignified manner as her face flushed crimson. "You that?"

Lillian laughed airily at that reaction. "Of course."


Putting her quill down and stretching, Lillian turned her body fully to face the young heiress. "Daphne...I want you to know that I have definitely noticed your growing loyalty to me."

Caught off guard, Daphne blinked a couple times at first before reacting. "Thank you, my Lady. I do try my best."

"That you do. Keep it up and always be on guard. You have grown on me. I would be upset should something happen to my favourite minion."

"I will, my Lady." Daphne was silent for a bit after that, feeling slightly off balance as feelings of pride and awkwardness were warring inside of her after being called a 'favourite minion' by one of her year mates. Even after the past months, it still felt a little bit odd to adress Lillian as 'my Lady' but she did get used to it more and more. After all, it was in her and her family's best interest that she did, she thought as she watched her little sister Astoria chat and laugh with her friends.

It was then that their head of house appeared in their common room, halting any and all activities immediately. He zeroed in on Lillian, whose eyes widened in excitement after Snape beckoned for her to come with him.

Without acknowledging anyone, Lillian did so and soon enough they were on their way to Snape's office, not far from the common room.

Neither of them spoke until they finally reached and entered the potion master's office and Lillian closed the door behind them.

"The Dark Lord requested your Lady."

Lillian hid how pleased she was that the Professor addressed her as such and instead opted to nod in acknowledgement. "Very well."

The rest was by now familiar for the both of them, with Lillian tossing the floo powder Snape offered into the fireplace and clearly stating the Malfoy Manor as her destination.

Once she arrived and stepped out into the Manor, where she usually was greeted by silence this time there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on.

"Ah, Lillian. Welcome back."

"My Lord!" Lillian dropped down to a knee immediately.

"Rise," Riddle commanded her.

Lillian did so and took a moment to look around, seeing the likes of Nott, Parkinson, Crabbe, Goyle, Yaxley, the Lestranges and the Carrows among other Death Eaters all in one room. Bellatrix and Barty were standing a bit away from the others, showing their special status compared to the rest.

"Come forward Lillian and show me your arm," the Dark Lord commanded her and Lillian could barely hide her excitement.

She held out her left arm and Riddle rolled up her sleave before lightly tapping her forearm once to remove the glamour, baring the Dark Mark for everyone to see.

Riddle kept holding her arm up to show the gathered Death Eaters. "This is the mascot of the Light, of Dumbledore, who wears my mark with utmost pride and loyalty. My supposed eternal enemy has killed in my name, has followed my orders, has completed tasks I have bestowed upon her without any questions. The last of the esteemed Potter family...has bound herself to me as a loyal soldier in the war against the Light and the subjugation of our magical kind and will bind herself to me in a magically binding marriage so the last two of Slytherin's heirs can join their bloodlines."

Lillian's chest swelled with pride and a grin formed on her face as she heard the murmurs in the room rising. Of course they knew that she did join their ranks since the Dark Lord's resurrection in the graveyard but now they knew to what extent.

"From now on Lillian Potter will be 'my Lady' to you. Most of your children are already aware of that fact and may have even written to you about it. Some of you may have been present when I first was forced to announce it because one child could not curb her tongue and had to be punished for it," Riddle continued, his eyes on Parkinson Senior, "so I saw it fit to repeat those things with everyone present one last time to make sure that no one can pretend they did not know."

Riddle released Lillian's arm and she took her place a bit behind him at his side. She was not his equal after all. She never would be and didn't want to be. However she wanted to be the first he would call upon for difficult tasks and such and her positioning showed it.

"Now with this out of the is time, my dear followers. Months of preparation, of putting the seed of doubt into the minds of Dumbledore's followers and the magical populace of Britain in general have finally come to an end. Today we will attack the ministry. We will take it from the Light and we will start our rightful regime. Today, for us, it is the end of the beginning. For the Light it is the beginning of the end."

The room exploded in cheers and sparks shot out of several raised wands, the excitement clear as day.

"Go to my room and change into your uniform. It is prepared for you on my bed. Be quick, as we will move out soon."

Lillian nodded quickly at her master's orders and wasted no time to head to his room.

Only moments later she reappeared on the Dark Lord's side again, this time donned in her Death Eater uniform.

"Hold firmly onto my arm and once we arrive at the ministry follow me," the Dark Lord told her before addressing the rest of the Death Eaters. "It is time."

And moments later, following multiple loud cracks, the room was empty.

Loud, multiple cracks filled the air as suddenly a horde of masked individuals appeared in the atrium hall of the ministry, making several people scream and jump in surprise. The screams quickly turned to fear and terror as the first victims were hit by killing curses, bombardas and cutting hexes. Lillian would have loved to join the massacre but she had other orders. Bellatrix, Barty, Lucius and she were following the Dark Lord as he marched onwards towards an elevator, effortlessly blasting away those that dared to try and stop him. Their path was quickly paved by heads, limbs and guts.

Suddenly several women, all dressed in fur garbs of different kinds appeared around them but seemingly without apparating as the telltale crack was missing. Lillian quickly drew her wand but the Dark Lord's hand on her arm stopped her from firing even one spell.

"You are late, Vara," Riddle spoke to the one woman with very prominent face painting.

"We apologize of course, Lord Voldemort. Our preparations took a bit longer than expected," the woman replied, though her tone had no hint of fear or anything even remotely close to it.

A sigh of annoyance escaped the Dark Lord but he waved a hand at the women. "Go set your traps at the discussed locations and disappear as agreed."

The women did as they were told, although the painted one, Vara was laughing.

"My Lord-" Lillian began as they continued on their way, but was immediately cut off by him.

"Not now, apprentice. You will be introduced at a later date."

"Of course, my Lord. I apologize."

While the battle continued around them, their group closed in on the elevators.

Once they reached them, the Dark Lord blasted open the golden gates after killing the sole attendant working the entrance to the elevator hall.

They continued with their swift pace as the Dark Lord led them, stepping into one of the lifts and locking in their destination, the Department of Mysteries.

The Department of Mysteries was so very different from the rest of the ministry. There black-tiled walls were bare; there were no windows or doors. At the end of the corridor, which only had a few torches with blue-white light illuminating it, was a single plain-black door.

The door then opened and out stepped a person, which Lillian assumed was an unspeakable. She always imagined them to be mysterious, even anonymous in some ways, but the man before her simply looked like your average wizard.

Except for the vacant look in his eyes.

"Lead us to the Hall of Prophecy."

Lillian glanced behind herself at the voice; so it was Lucius Malfoy who had imperiused him.

The unspeakable did as told and the group followed him through one of the many doors in a circular room. There were no words spoken, though Lillian couldn't help and look around; countless time-turners of all shapes and forms and many other devices which's nature she did not know.

It took them a while to reach the end of this hall but once they did they were lead through another door and then, they finally arrived at their destination.

"Dispose of him."

Lucius did as ordered and a bright, green flash later the unspeakable was on the floor, lifeless.

As they looked around it dawned on them just how huge this hall was.

"There are really this many prophecies? Just by the very nature of a prophecy you'd think they'd be rarer than this," Lillian commented as she held out her hand, watching as her wisp climbed out of it and onto her palm. "Search for my prophecy and when you find it come back and lead us to it." The wisp chirped once and jumped down onto the ground before dashing off.

"What was that thing?" Bellatrix asked with keen interest.

"A wisp I summoned. It's bound to me."

"It's kind of cu-"

"Enough chatter. Split up and look for the prophecy record. Do not touch it. If you find it then shoot sparks from your wands. Lillian, you are with me."

"My Lord, is there anything specific you expect from this prophecy?"

Riddle didn't answer right away. They walked for a few moments past shelf after shelf after shelf of endless rows of prophecies, none containing theirs. After some time, he then spoke up. "I don't know, honestly. I don't know what it will say. What Severus delivered to me was only part of the prophecy and it was enough for my mad self to hunt your family down and attempt to kill you."

"Yes, my Lord, you mentioned this once before."

"I did, didn't I? Ultimately, prophecies are mere words so...this me, this sane me...I will not take this prophecy's words to heart. It is mere curiosity, nothing more."

"What will you do then once we have listened to it?"

Glancing at his apprentice from the corner of his eyes, Riddle gave her a small smirk. "I destroy it and we will join the fight upstairs."

They kept looking for a bit more when Lillian's wisp materialized in front of them. It chirped a couple times and dashed away again, this time with Riddle and Lillian following it.

It took them a few twists and turns and longer than they expected but finally they reached the right shelf.

Right there, among countless other prophecies was the one they were looking for.

"My Lord, this inscription...S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D...Dark Lord...and (?) Lillian Potter...what does that question mark mean?"

Riddle took the prophecy record from its shelf and examined it before reading the inscription himself. "Probably a placeholder because my supposed enemy was uncertain at the time. Notify the others."

Lillian did as told and shot the sparks from her wand.

"Are you ready, Lillian?" Riddle asked, holding the record in one hand.

"Yes, my Lord."

He then dropped the orb, shattering it in the process when the ghostly apparition of the Hogwarts divination teacher of all things suddenly appeared before them. Her mouth openend and closed silently a few times before her scratchy voice filled the hall.

"Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark her as his equal, but she will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives..."

Both the Dark Lord and his apprentice didn't say anythinganything until the rest of the Death Eaters reached them. It was then, when the Dark Lord spoke up. "Such nonsense."

"But if it wasn't for this nonsense I would not be here, my Lord. I should thank you for believing this garbage at the time and targeting me, otherwise I would just be another Potter kissing Dumbledore's robes," Lillian replied with a shudder.

"That is true," Riddle replied with a nod. "Now that my curiosity is sated it is time for us to join the actual fight."

The battle in the atrium was in full swing when they joined it. Several aurors and hit-wizards had joined the skirmish as did Dumbledore's secret society and the old wizard himself. As Lillian took a moment to take the scene in, she saw several wizards and witches crushed into the ceiling of the atrium by what seemed to be skeletal hands growing out of the ground. She assumed those were the traps from the witches from earlier.

The Dark Lord wasted no time targeting him while Lillian and the other Death Eaters helped their foot soldiers.

Lillian managed to engage a younger looking auror into a duel, giving one of the Death Eaters breathing room as he was cornered in a two versus one situation.

The auror and she traded a few spells, neither hitting each other but Lillian kept on firing her curses and hexes before she suddenly got an idea.

Holding out her hand, her wisp materialized quickly and jumped onto the ground before charging the surprised auror and vanishing inside of him.

"What the-?!" He then started to scream and writhe in agony as the wisp started to tear into him from the inside before collapsing to the ground, still twitching occassionally.

Lillian couldn't help but laugh in glee at the sight before aiming a bombarda at another auror.

"You seem different from the last time we fought, Tom."

Riddle transfigured the water from the fountain into an icy serpent, having it charge at his old rival before answering. "A lucky coincidence, old man."

"I see," Dumbledore replied calmly as he conjured a maelstrom of fire to melt the frozen serpent. "It is unlike you to leave things to chance."

"Oh, I didn't. Things just fell into place in an unexpected manner this once. However, I am not complaining."

Dumbledore blocked the conjured spikes from Riddle with a conjured pillar of rock from himself before pointing at the smallest Death Eater. "And I see you are now recruiting children. I did not believe you could stoop any lower..."

Riddle laughed at that. "My biggest accomplishment!"

Lillian shot several diffindos in quick succession at a hit-wizard who wasn't paying attention to her, one of the shots hitting him in the neck and severing his artery, causing him to clutch his wound as blood started to spray from the wound. Mere moments later he dropped to the ground as the blood loss from his other wounds took their toll.

She was about to look for another target when she heard the Dark Lord laugh before shouting loudly "My biggest accomplishment!"

She turned to look at him as he continued. "Your pawn in my hands!"

She started to grin behind her mask as she moved towards him, Dumbledore's face stoney as he realized his worst fears were true. "The Girl-Who-Lived is the Dark Lord's apprentice!"

And just like that, as Lord Voldemort's booming voice carried out this message through the atrium, the battle stopped when the soldiers and followers of the Light watched with disbelief and dread how the face of their hope appeared behind a Death Eater's mask.

Chapter Text

"This can't be true..."

"She has to be imperiused!"

" a Death Eater?!"

"Look, old man! Look how the morale of your following is crumbling!" Riddle was laughing, loudly so, as he watched more than just a few wizards and witches drop to their knees in disbelief and despair after Lillian revealed herself, her true alliance.

"What have you done, child?" Dumbledore was looking at Lillian with the eyes of a disappointed grandfather; something she could only scoff at.

"If you had just listened to the pleas of a desperate child then I would have done anything you asked of me. Anything! I would have been a martyr for you...but I probably should thank you for not caring, for allowing that filth to continue raping me...after all, I would not be in the Dark Lord's service, had you intervened and I quite like where I am right now." Lillian looked up at the Dark Lord with a grin as he rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Of all my victories over the past decades...having Lillian Potter's loyalty without even having to try was the sweetest of them all," Riddle boasted with all the smugness he could possibly muster.

"That was you...! You killed your own uncle and aunt! What about your parents, Lillian?! What would they be thinking"

Lillian looked around to find the source of the voice, her gaze settling an a balding ginger, the Weasley patriarch.

"And he! He killed your parents! And you joined him! He hates muggles! Your mother was muggleborn! Please come to your senses! This isn't right!"

Lillian just rolled her eyes and, without so much as a warning, fired a killing curse at him.


Another ginger threw himself between Arthur Weasley and the green flash before being hit and crumbling onto the ground in a lifeless heap.

"Percy! No no nonono..."

Without an ounce of remorse in her eyes Lillian watched the father cry in anguish as he held his son's dead body as close as physically possible. "He just does not want to die," the apprentice muttered in annoyance as she raised her wand to finish off the elder Weasley but Dumbledore's voice stopped her.

"Oh, Arthur...," Dumbledore's voice was heavy with grief at the sight of the deaths of so many innocent people, of the fear and broken morale, but most of all at the sight of one of his most loyal followers in such despair and anguish. He then returned his gaze to the Dark Lord and Lillian, understanding that for now to retreat and recuperate was his best option. "This victory is yours, Tom."

Before any of them could react, the sound of a phoenix echoed through the atrium and in a flash of fire all but the Death Eaters and those, whose dead bodies were not intact, disappeared.

Before his followers could break out into celebration, Riddle held up a hand to stop them in their tracks. "Spread out in pairs and look through every single department. Apprehend any and all stragglers. Do not kill them yet, but hold them here in the atrium. Be careful as there still could be aurors or hit-wizards somewhere. Amelia Bones was also not to be seen in the fight. I assume she is guarding the minister, but still keep an eye out for here. Lillian, Bella, Barty- you are with me."

"Yes, my Lord," Lillian nodded as she quickly joined her already marching master.

"I have to say, Po- sorry, my Lady," Bellatrix corrected herself with a wry grin, "I am starting to adore you! Without a blink, snuffing out the spawn of that muggle-lover scum! Beautiful!"

Lillian grinned at that. While receiving praise from the Dark Lord himself was of course on a whole different level, being noticed in such a way by one of his most trusted was still nothing to scoff at. "I appreciate it, Bellatrix."

"Enough," Riddle's commanding tone cut through their chatter. "It is time to find Fudge and Bones."

Lillian was more than ready for that. She was still riding the high from the battle as so many kills in such a short time was still entirely new for her. It was exhilarating.

On top of that, she was finally free to be what her Dark Lord needed her to be, without the restrictions of being in Hogwarts. Of course Hogwarts was a sanctuary for her for a long time, a safe haven away from the Dursleys, but once she took the Dark Mark and was ready for her true calling, she knew it could never be enough ever again.

For a time, yes, she learned. She learned that she was special, that she was better, that she was more. And she learned why the Dursleys hated her so much. She learned of their fear. Hogwarts build the groundwork for her future, but now that she had reached it...

Now, the Dark Lord was her haven, whereas Hogwarts became a prison.

And they were just about to overthrow the Ministry of Magic.

"My Lord," Lillian spoke up as a thought came to her, "what if Fudge and Bones escaped via portkeys?"

"Unlikely, Lillian. Remember," he glanced at her from the corner of his eyes with a smirk on his face, "this has been in planning for months. I have thought of every eventuality and almost all of them have had countermeasures in place. Including portkeys. The only thing I couldn't do anything about was that cursed phoenix."

"Of course, my Lord."

While they continued their way to the minister's office, their group did not encounter any more stragglers, but Lillian was sure there were still many left. Nothing short of one of the most mystical and powerful creatures in existence could get in and out of the ministry at this point.

Those left behind were like mice in a snake pit, scurrying for hidey-holes that did not exist.

After another elevator ride, this one taking them to the DMLE, the foursome stepped onto the deserted floor, most of the law enforcement either dead or saved by Dumbledore's phoenix.

"Spread out and look for any who could be hiding."

Nodding, Lillian, Bella and Barty did as ordered, looking into offices, under desks, inside lockers.

"I found a plaything," came Bellatrix' sing-song voice before the sound of struggle echoed through the empty offices. Moments later, Bellatrix was dragging a young woman by her hair towards the Dark Lord and they were quickly joined by the empty-handed Lillian and Barty.

"I found nothing, my Lord," Lillian reported.

"Same here, my Lord," Barty replied before shooting a hungry look at the terrified woman in Bella's grasp before the crazy witch tossed the DMLE employee at their master's feet.

"Where are Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge?" Riddle asked her, not willing to waste any more time.

"I-I won't tell you an-anyth-aargh!"

Her defiance was cut short as Riddle wordlessly cast a Cruciatus at the woman for a couple seconds before releasing her, his face an impassive mask throughout. "Where are Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge?"

The woman's breathing was already heavier and tears of pain were already threatening to spill. Still, she remained defiant.

"Have it your way," Riddle put away his wand and turned to Lillian. "I didn't quite catch what your wisp did to that young man in the atrium, Lillian."

Grinning, Lillian held out her hand towards their captive, watching it appear on the palm of her hand.

"Lillian? As in Lillian Po- wait, what is that?!"

"Oh, right, the poor girl wasn't there during the battle," Bellatrix was cooing, "she doesn't know about our Dark Lady!"

"What?! What's going-"

"That is what my wisp can do, my Lord," Lillian grinned with giddiness as the woman's blood drained from her face when the realization of what was happening to her set in, the wisp eating her insides as she was still alive, too much in shock for the pain to register.

"I want one too, my Lord!" Bellatrix exclaimed while watching the wisp's outline move around inside the woman's body, causing Lillian to laugh.

"I can show you the ritual, Bella, but you will have to do the actual summoning."

"Ah, I see you have been busy, my dear followers," Riddle exclaimed as he, Lillian, Bellatrix and Barty rejoined the Death Eaters in the atrium, "and I am very pleased to see that your tasks were more successful than ours. Unfortunately neither the head of the DMLE nor the minister himself were anywhere to be found, but no matter: the ministry is ours!"

Riddle was now standing in front of his Death Eaters with his arms spread wide as cheers erupted from behind the countless masks before they were removed and tossed into the air.

"No more hiding!" Riddle's voice was booming through the hall without being amplified. "No more striking from the shadows! Now we have the power! We will lead magic back to its former glory! We will not allow muggles to take what does not belong to them! We will not allow muggles to drag their traditions into our culture! We are magic's salvation and we will start with our cleansing here and now."

"That was a beautiful speech, my Lord," Lillian commented over the loud cheers of their foot soldiers, "and I swear I will always carry out your message with devotion and pride."

"I know you will, Lillian," Riddle replied with a glance back at his apprentice, "and you can start doing so right now. Come with me."

The both of them stepped up to one of the apprehended ministry workers; a young man who probably started his job only recently.

"What is your parentage?" The Dark Lord asked him.

"I-I'm...I'm muggleb-"

Without a word, the Dark Lord moved away and a bright, green flash from Lillian's wand later the wizarding world was rid of another muggleborn.

"And this is how we will proceed. Kill every mudblood. Every half-blood refusing to comply will also die. No pureblood will be harmed, unless they refuse to comply. Then torture them until they see things my way."

Once her master was finished with giving his orders, Lillian turned with a grin towards a middle-aged woman, whose eyes widened in recognition.

"Miss Potter! Please snap out of it! I knew your parents, please!"

Lillian crouched down to be face to face with the woman, annoyance clear on her face. "Please tell me you are a mudblood."

MINISTRY MASSACRE: GIRL-WHO-LIVED A DEATH EATER Dear Readers, The times of peace and harmony we got used to seem to be over. Mere hours ago the impossible did indeed become possible in more ways than one. The first impossible thing: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is alive. Yes, you did not misread what I just wrote. The greatest terror to haunt magical Britain is very much alive, although he looks younger and healthier than he should, which experts claim might be due to rituals. The second impossible thing: Lillian Potter, daughter to James and Lily Potter- who were heroes of the first war- is a murderer and a Death Eater! The Girl-Who-Lived a Death Eater! No matter how many times I write this, it still is surreal. Lillian Potter killed Percy Weasley and several other ministry workers during the attack. She joined forces with the terrorist who orphaned her, who tried to kill her, she even seemed to be extremely close to him. Lillian Potter was supposed to be our beacon of hope and instead became our bringer of doom. The third impossible thing: our de-facto leader Albus Dumbledore ran away! After Lillian Potter revealed herself as a Death Eater and murdered Percy Weasley, Albus Dumbledore ran away with a few others who joined the battle in the ministry's atrium, leaving countless junior workers and non-combatants at the mercy of Death Eaters. Where is our leader in this time of crisis? This is my last piece for a while, my dear Readers. I will go into hiding- as should you. Maybe even flee the country. Our future is looking bleak. Good luck to all of you and stay safe.

Rita Skeeter

"This is all your fault! No one else's but yours!" Sirius shouted at Dumbledore outside the Weasley's home, the burrow. Both men were in the garden with some distance to the house so they wouldn't disturb the grieving family, who had lost a son, no matter their estrangement, to Lillian herself.

When Sirius read the article from Skeeter, published through a smaller and independent source with, as of yet, unknown origins, he had to throw up. All of his worst nightmares wrapped into one snuffed out what minimal high he had after hearing from Remus who heard from someone else that maybe there was a chance that he could regain his freedom. Now, however, it didn't matter.

The daughter of his best friend, his god-daughter, was a psychopath. An actual psychopath. She was a racist, she was a sadist, she was a murderer. She was willingly under the service of the man who tried to kill her, who made her an orphan.

How such a thing was even possible under any circumstances was beyond him but it was true and the cause of everything was right in front of him.

"Why couldn't you just listen to her when she begged you for help?" Sirius was desperately trying to understand how things could have turned out this way and the only person able to give him any answers at all was Dumbledore himself and he looked older than ever.

"When Lily sacrificed herself for her daughter...she activated an ancient protection that could only work on blood relatives and every time Lillian went back to her aunts house she recharged it...she had to stay."

Pure disbelief was written all over Sirius' face. "We have countless charms and spells to cast, countless warding techniques we can use...and you left her to left her because of some obscure thing Lily accidentally did when she got killed." Sirius shook his head before running a hand through his shaggy black hair. "I'll try to save way or another. And if she ends up killing me I'll at least have an entire afterlife to apologize to James and Lily for what happened to their only child."

"Just how does she keep doing this?" Lillian wondered out loud as she was naked in her master's bed, her inner thighs sticky with her own wetness and the Dark Lord's release. "We have to find her, my Lord. This Skeeter woman."

"She is indeed very obscure," Riddle answered as he was lying next to his apprentice, enjoying just a little RR for once after successfully taking over the ministry. The next day would see them establish the new magical Britain and then the sacking of Hogwarts was going to be their next task before it would finally be time to re-announce to the world that magic was, indeed, very real.

"How can we possibly catch her? If it wasn't for her picture on her prophet articles I wouldn't even know what she'd look like."

"Leave it to me, Lillian. How about we discuss something else, instead?" Riddle asked as he placed his large hand on Lillian's flat stomach, making her gasp as it immediately dawned on her what that discussion was going to entail.

"I'll stop taking them immediately, my Lord," she whispered hastily before spreading her legs and pulling him on top of her.

Chapter Text

Only a few stars made it through the clouds and smog of the pitch black night in Dagenham, London, when Lillian was out and on the hunt with Bellatrix accompanying her.


Lillian definitely had to admit that she grew fond of the mad witch and felt like Bellatrix thought the same of her. In hindsight, it wasn't even that surprising, if Lillian was honest with herself. They both were strong women, they both had devoted their lives to the most powerful wizard to ever live, they both enjoyed the art of killing in very messy ways, they both were not exactly sane (even though Bellatrix was a lot worse than she was) and they both were enjoying their lives to the fullest.


They had too much in common to hate each other over petty competitions like being further up in their Dark Lord's grace.


Bellatrix knew that the Dark Lord saw her as one of his most trusted, most loyal and most fearsome followers and Lillian...well, the Dark Lord planned to make their bonding official when the Hogwarts students would return in a couple weeks and until then, when he was not in the ministry, he was busy trying to put his heir in her belly. What more could a young woman like her possibly want? She got to kill magicless vermin, she got to hunt blood-traitors and muggleborn leeches and she got to do all of that while being the Dark Lady of the Dark Lord Voldemort himself and the mother of his heirs and heiresses. The best possible life she could have ever hoped for.




"What can I help you with, my dearest Lady?" The crazy witch asked while looping an arm through Lillian's with a big grin on her face.


The apprentice humored her with a slight roll of her eyes, but she was smiling nonetheless. Bella was fun and she liked her. She didn't mind putting up a bit with some of her quirks, as long as it didn't get out of hand. "What do you think of Narcissa? You are sisters, if I remember correctly."


"She is soft; too soft to serve the Dark Lord properly. Lucius and made them weak and little Draco too, although I did hear from the Dark Lord that you did endeavor to toughen him and his friends up. Merlin knows they need it, those poncey little twats."


"Oh yes, I was busy tutoring the Death Eater's children this past term, though I doubt any of them will appreciate being arms-deep in a mudblood's guts anytime soon."


"Have you ever done that?" Bellatrix asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Not yet, no," Lillian sighed with regret, "but anyways, back to Narcissa. It doesn't sound like you have that high of an opinion of her."


"Oh, it's not that. I simply assumed you were curious about her not being a loyal servant to the Dark Lord like myself."


Lillian chuckled lightly at that. "No, I didn't mean that. As you might be aware, my Lord Husband and I are trying to conceive a child and your sister is the only one who does have experience in being with child and raising one."


"Oh, I can't wait for the little Lord or Lady to arrive! I am going to be their godmother, aren't I?" Bellatrix asked with a wry grin.


"I certainly wouldn't mind but it ultimately is my Lord Husband's decision but I doubt he would have any objections either."


"Well, my Lady, once you are with child I don't think you'd go very wrong with Narcissa's help in that regard but beyond pregnancy and infancy there are other and better people to ask for advice, otherwise you'd end up with a child that won't ever be able to cast a Cruciatus without getting sick themselves," Bellatrix finished sharing her opinion with a roll of her eyes.


"I appreciate your honesty, Bella."


The two of them kept walking through the London Borough, the night's silence only interrupted by the occassional drunkards shouting some nonsense at each other.


Their path continued for another while before they finally reached their destination.


"Are you ready, my Lady?"


Lillian grinned at Bellatrix before donning on her mask and pulling out a mirror shard from one of her Death Eater uniform's pockets. Tapping on it once with her wand, she whispered "Walden Macnair" and moments later the face of said Death Eater appeared in the mirror.


"M'lady, the beast is prepped an' ready. The portkey'll activate in, uhh, ten minutes."


"Very well, Walden, good work," Lillian answered before giving him the exact adress of their target location.


With a nod, Macnair deactivated the mirror and the two women walked past the broken metal fence supposed to keep people out from entering this abandoned factory, but it mattered little to Lillian and even less to Bellatrix.


As they continued on, Lillian kept her senses sharp for any surprise attacks. The last time she was hunting, a surprise attack had almost cost her an arm and only thanks to Bella's experience and reflexes was she not short of a limb. While Bella got- rightfully so- praised and promised a reward (she would get the wisp she wanted so badly), Lillian had to suffer through three seconds of crucio. It was humiliating and she was so very, very angry but not at her master but at herself and her own stupid carelessness.


But she would not let that happen again.


The bang of a heavy steel door being closed rang through the night, prompting Bellatrix and her to pick up the pace. They quickly reached the derelict factory but had to take a jump backwards to dodge a couple stunners aimed at them from above.


Both women looked up and saw a few grimy and tired looking wizards and witches glaring at them through broken windows.


"Now that wasn't very nice," Lillian commented airily with a hand on her hip.


"Tell that to all of our friends and families you killed, you traitor!" A young woman screamed at Lillian with angry tears in her eyes.


Lillian, however, took off her mask and looked the woman in the eyes to the best of her ability, as dark as it was. "How am I the traitor? I am fighting in the name of our gift, in the name of magic! I am fighting to elevate us back to where we belong and the only one powerful enough to lead us there is the Dark Lord himself." Lillian paused for a moment before she caught movement from the corner of her eyes, her wand in her hand and firing the killing curse in one smooth movement, causing the other witches and wizards to gasp and cry out in shock and terror. "Do not. Attack me. While. I. Speak." Lillian was seething with rage. "I was willing to share my motivations with you. I was willing to explain why the Dark Lord and his movement is Britannia's salvation and to give you a chance to join us as long as you were at least a half-blood. But you already gave your answer."


As if on cue, Macnair appeared from behind them, a wendigo levitated in front of him.


"M'lady. Bella."


His greeting was followed by hushed whispers from the broken windows, apprehension radiating off of the witches and wizards. "Screw this, I'm out of here," one of them exclaimed but nothing happened. "What the- why can't I apparate?!"


"Oops," Bellatrix giggled while twirling her wand between two fingers.


"Anyone know how to remove anti-apparition?" One of them asked but the only answer he received was nervous murmuring. "Seriously?!"


"I s'ppose none of 'em poor bastards comin' back with us?" Walden asked as he dodged spells fired at them before answering his own question with a 'nope'.


He glanced back at the Dark Lady and Bellatrix, the former nodding and the latter waving at him. They both activated the portkeys hanging around their necks with their wands and moments later the were gone.


"Ye' twits should've just said 'aye' but that ain't my problem no more," he mumbled to himself before canceling the petrificus totalus on the beast and immediately activating his portkey so he was gone before the wendigo could let out even a sound.


Lillian woke up in her new bed, her eyelids still somewhat heavy from sleep but that disappeared quickly as her mind caught up with her body and started to wake up as well.


Yesterday Lillian Potter officially ceased to exist, the Potter name officially disappeared. Everything belonging to the Potters got moved.


She was now Lillian Riddle. The Potter name would fade away into history. Everything that belonged to her now also belonged to her Lord Husband.


She gasped when a large and strong hand sneaked around her naked form and pulled her flush into a firm chest, a hardening penis poking her buttocks. The hand first wandered up towards her breasts, giving them a firm squeeze each and toying with her hardening nipples, before sneaking back down to the slowly moistening area between her legs, which she spread invitingly.


The hand carrassed her fold first, spreading the increasing wetness around, teasing the sensitive nub before a single finger tested the waters inside, making Lillian's insides coil in arousal as a moan escaped her.


The finger inside her pumped a few times in and out of her before it was pulled out and she felt something hotter, longer, thicker and harder demanding entrance which she readily provided.


Without further ado she felt the pleasant pressure of her Dark Lord taking what belonged to him and a blink of an eye later she felt her body jerk forward with every hard thrust into her from behind. She was moaning and grunting in tandem with her Lord Husband's pelvis slapping against her buttocks, her insides tightening further and further.


"H-harder, my Lord! Please!" He knew she needed a much rougher handling than that in the bedroom and he showed it, his hands kneading her breasts painfully as his pistoned in and out of her rapidly, his pelvis smacking into her behind so hard she was sure she would bruise.


She loved it.


Her orgasm hit her like an overpowered bludgeoning charm and she was quickly followed by her Lord Husband if his loud groans and the twitching inside of her were anything to go by.


They both continued lying on their sides for a few moments longer before Riddle pulled out of her and rolled onto his back, while Lillian took her pillow and put it under her pelvis before rolling onto her back herself. She then glanced to her side and at her naked Dark Lord. "A good morning to you, my Lord," Lillian greeted him with a grin.


He gave a short chuckle and reached out with a hand to put it on her flat stomach. "Good morning to you, too." He then pulled his hand away and looked up at the ceiling for a few moments. "I never imagined to be bound to someone like this. Of my own accord no less. I also never imagined to literally share my bed with someone. Again, of my own accord no less..."


"We don't have to, my Lord, I am perfectly content if we sleep in seperate-"


"It's not that I am uncomfortable. It's just odd. Something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and yet it feels like one of the most significant things I have ever done."


Lillian didn't say anything for a while. Ultimately, he was right of course. Their bonding wouldn't change anything visibly. A few things in the background, like the moving of the Potter vaults into the Dark Lord's vault, did happen of course but Lillian was still the Dark Lord's apprentice, she was still his subordinate and she would loyally remain as such until...well, her metaphorical dying breath, since technically she could not die.


"I don't understand, my Lord." She really didn't. What was it, that made their bonding so significant to the Dark Lord?


"I suppose you don't," Riddle muttered before rolling to his side and locking his eyes with hers while her pelvis was still elevated by the pillow. "I don't suppose you are aware of how I was conceived?"


"No, my Lord."


"My mother drugged my father with amortentia and while he was under its influence she got pregnant with me, making me incapable of feeling love," Riddle explained, "which is probably why I feel that bonding with you is so significant...despite its insignificance."


"Oh, I think I see," Lillian nodded in understanding. Feeling that the sperms had enough chances by now to take advantage of her provided help, she removed the pillow from under herself and turned fully to her side. "Nothing is going to change, my Lord Husband. I will still be your loyal and devoted servant. I will happily kill and torture in your name. I may be your wife on paper now, my Lord, but I will always be your Death Eater first." She started to smile at the satisfied smirk on her Lord Husband's face. "I won't ever expect love from you, my Lord. I neither need nor do I want it."


"And do you love me?"


"No," Lillian answered without hesitation. "I will love our offspring, once it is there, I can already guarantee that. But loving someone romantically? I don't know if I will ever feel that way. It makes thing too...stupid. I don't want that. I don't need any such things. Flowers, anniversary gifts and such...thanks but no, thanks. The way our relationship is now is perfect in my opinion. 'Dark Lord and apprentice in a marriage of convenience with benefits.'"


"Lillian Riddle, how very glad I am that you did not die when you should have," the Dark Lord laughed out loud, causing Lillian to giggle too.


"Before I you remember the woman during our conquest of the ministry?"


Lillian's eyes widened in surprise. "I actually come forgot about her!"


"She is actually eager to meet you."


"She is?"


"Yes," Riddle nodded. "Very much so. She is willing to teach you some of her sacred coven magic in exchange for some...special rights for her coven once we have full control over the magical side of Britain. You might even get to make a staff if things go well."


Lillian could barely contain herself.



Chapter Text

Lillian was excited. She was sitting in her new home's living room, waiting for the guest of honour to arrive, as her Lord Husband was having a discussion with a few of his servants in his conference room.

The Riddle manor in Little Hangleton was renovated completely from top to bottom and the Dark Lord only fount it fitting to now use the roots of his hated father to build a new magical world order.

A couple days had passed since the official announcement of her bonding to the Dark Lord and the reaction of the public to that most scandalous revelation was as expected.

Lillian loved it.

Finally she could stop the pretense and show her true colours, her true ambitions, her true self. Finally she was rid of that name that was stained with servitude to Dumbledore, the person she hated above everyone else. Finally she could freely give herself to what she truly desired: her Lord Husband and new and obscure magics.

It was a kind of freedom which was entirely new to her. Before this, she always had something to hide. First, it was the humiliation she suffered under the meaty and sweaty body of her dear, late uncle, may his soul burn forevermore. Once she was freed of that, once her Lord Husband saved and protected her, she had to hide her loyalty to him.

But it was all in the past. Her whole journey in life, all fifteen- almost sixteen- years of it with all the hardships and suffering included, led her to this point and this point was where she wanted to be, needed to be. This point was, may she daresay, what made Lillian Riddle née Potter actually happy.

A ripple in the very air itself, followed by a gust of wind, startled her out of her thoughts as the guest she waited for appeared in front of her.

Lillian got up to her feet and for the first time could truly focus on the woman she only saw once- and very briefly so- during the attack on the ministry. The woman was a bizarre sight, a mixture of innocence, provided by her petite stature and youthful features, and something more raw and primal provided by her attire and the paintings covering so much of her skin.

"Vara, I assume?" Lillian greeted her and the woman, barely taller than her, cocked her head to the side, making the small skulls of her necklace clatter gently against each other as her amber eyes burned intently into Lillian's green ones.

"Indeed," a surprisingly soft voice answered her question, a voice as soft as silk lightly caressing her skin, but if Lillian had to take a guess she would say that silk was poisoned. "I have been so very eager to finally meet you, Lillian...Riddle it is now, is it?" Vara let out a quick cackling laugh.

"So my Lord Husband told me and I was just as eager to make your acquaintance."

"So my soothsayer told me," Vara grinned at her, the face painting making it appear more like a grimace than anything else. "My soothsayer also told me that your Lord has not told you the entire reason why my Coven has such an interest in you."

"Coven?" Lillian whispered with evident excitement. "Are you a Coven Witch? I read that Coven's were supposedly dead!"

"Might as well be!" Vara laughed once again in that cackling way, befitting her whole contradictory being. "My Coven is the last of its kind and it is dying," Vara explained, her eyes locked firmly on Lillian. "We do not care for Lords and Ladies and their powerplays...but this generation, led by your Lord Voldemort," Vara bared her teeth in a grin, "they are interesting indeed. Your Lord wants to restore the olden days when magic did not need to hide herself. He wants to create a world in which our culture, our Coven culture can thrive once more."

"I understand," Lillian replied, her arms crossed over her chest, "but how do I fit in? Why your interest in me?"

"Unfortunately your Lord Husband seems very intent on keeping you," Vara grinned at Lillian, "but he understands the benefits of a Coven's power and we understand the benefits of his ambitions. My Coven...offers you a place among us as a honorary Coven witch- an ambassador for our magic if you will- under certain conditions of course," the witch's tone grew serious as Lillian's eyes widened in excitement. "You will never betray our secrets and you will protect our Coven as we will protect your Lord's and your cause." Vara held up two fingers. "Two simple rules we expect you to respect and honour. If you agree to them, Lady Riddle, then we will teach you in the art of our Coven Magic. If you are proficient enough, then we will allow you to create your very own staff; an honour we do not give away lightly."

"How long would I be away?" Lillian asked but Vara just scoffed at that.

"Who says you have to be away, girl?" She took a couple steps towards Lillian, the bones of her necklace and staff clattering with the movement. "I will be teaching you here in your home. Everything necessary has been taken care of and you have your master's approval. You just worry about the Yes or No."

Lillian eyed the gnarly wooden staff in the Coven witch's hand as a grin slowly appeared on her face. "Yes."

"My Lord," Lillian took a knee when she arrived in her Lord Husband's study after the Coven witch left.

"Rise, Lillian. How was your meeting with Vara?" The Dark Lord asked, eyeing his prized possession with keen interest.

"Not the way I expected it to be," Lillian began as she took a seat in the offered chair. "She is..."

"An unusual character."

The teen witch nodded in agreement. "Yes."

"I assume you agreed to her proposition?"

"I did. I could not deny myself the opportunity to learn such unique and obscure magic."

The Dark Lord hummed in agreement. "And I would not expect you to. I also expect you to honour Vara's rules. She is a powerful and dangerous ally; more so than any of the others. But she has one benefit: as powerful and dangerous as she is, she does not care about my position of power or petty political plays. She has one interest and one interest only."

"The end result of our cause."

"Exactly," Riddle agreed. "She knows the one chance to see her Coven thrive again is when we have magic established at its rightful place once more. As powerful as she, her magic and her Coven are, her people's numbers are so incredibly few and ever dwindling."

"She seems like a smart woman."

"That she is. She understands your particular pallette for unusual magics and she understands that with you as a...go-between, so to speak, between myself and her Coven, she has set up a powerful connection. She understands that as long as she protects and serves our cause that we will protect her and her people. Two powerful allies in a mutually beneficial agreement with the most powerful witch of her generation serving one and wielding the power of the other."

"Should it ever come down to it, I will of course always put our cause first, my Lord."

Riddle gave her a satisfied smile in return. "I don't doubt that for even a second."

"And Vara?"

"She knows that and understands. She also does not care for your loyalty as a Coven does not work like that. A Coven does not have one strong figure whom all follow. A Coven is more like a host of witches with the eldest as the voice of the rest. They don't all live together in one place either. They have a certain ways of communication I do not understand as it is part of their magic. What ties a Coven together and seperates it from others is their Coven magic, as it is unique to that particular host of witches."

"So when Vara teaches me her Coven magic..."

"You learn only a fraction of what Coven culture has to offer."

Lillian almost looked disappointed. "That is both intriguing and incredibly disappointing."

"Imagine how I felt when I learned I could not study Coven magic just because of my sex," Riddle chuckled in good humor, causing Lillian to laugh.

She was definitely looking forward to learning from the Coven witch.

"My Coven's magic ties to death and disease," Vara began with a grin, "so it is only fitting we tie your magical imprint into my Coven's magic right here in this graveyard."

"The place of my first murder and where I swore my loyalty to the Dark Lord," Lillian muttered as she looked around.

Vara however waved that away disinterestedly. "Yes, yes, yes. I am not talking about any of that. I am talking about a place filled with the bones of the deceased, reeking with the stench of death. Nothing evokes emotions as primal as the thought of death does. Do you understand, girl?"

"Of course," Lillian nodded. "Now, how do I go about tying your Coven's magic into my imprint?"

"By making an offering of blood to our magic and our ancestors," the Coven witch explained as she drew a ritual circle into the graveyard's ground. "I never really understood the obsession people have with keeping the remains of their dead. Mourning over rotting flesh and dust and bones," Vara scoffed. "I quite like how practical you are, girl. You have no qualms about making use of the dead. A human heart is more use in a ritual than as food for worms and maggots after all. Although your views stem more from the fact that, to you, mundanes are less than human. Quite amusing."

"How do you-"

"My soothsayer, girl. She sees, she knows everything your dear Lord knows about you. The moment he stood in front of her for the very first time all those years ago, she created a connection between them. It frayed when he died but now it is renewed," Vara explained with a smirk. "Don't give me that indignant look, girl. Your Lord is very aware of what a soothsayer is capable of, for they are no part of a Coven. They merely offer their services."

Lillian frowned, wondering why the Dark Lord would put himself in such a vulnerable position. His knowledge was what he treasured the most after all and if there were no secrets to be had and no lies to be told in front if a soothsayer then why would he step in front of one? Was this Coven magic really so powerful that he would willingly bare himself like that just to have this witch at his side?

"Now, the magic you are being taught nowadays is a travesty. It is an insult to magic herself, it is an insult to our ancestors who were burned alive, it is an insult to anyone who bears our gift. What do you think you know about magic, girl?"

Lillian took a moment to think, looking at the ritual circle with symbols she had never seen before, symbols that looked even more alien than the ones the Dark Lord had used to create the circle during the creation of her very own horcrux. "Not enough. I don't know nearly enough to even call it knowledge. There are different branches splitting into even more branches. There are patrons for certain magics and there are different plains of existence from which different creatures can be evoked."

"More than I expected and yet so disappointingly little. But not your fault, girl. To me, you are still a babe." Vara turned to fully face Lillian. "There is no light or dark magic. Such nonsense," Vara spat, a disgusted look on her face. "Magic is magic and we all have the potential to use almost all of it to its fullest potential. Almost." Vara pointed the bottom end of her gnarly staff at the ritual circle. "Covens existed before witchcraft and wizardry even came to be. Our magic is the very first, the very raw essence of what it later evolved to be. At first there were affinities to certain types of magic. Pyromancy, geomancy, death and disease, life and health, soul and spirit, even sex," the witch finished with distaste.

Lillian gave her an amused look. "Sex?"

"Wenches, if you ask me, is what that Coven was full of, but they had their uses. magic kept the land and crop fertile."

Lillian didn't ask any further questions about that particular Coven but her amusement about Vara's clear dislike of sex magic was obvious.

"The affinity," Vara continued, "is still within us but not so easily discernable any longer. Why is that, you ask? Because the art is lost to everyone but a Coven." The witch stared Lillian in the eyes. "I know you want more from magic than pointing a stick at your adversary and tickling them. Your Lord would certainly have the talent too, but unfortunately he has a ballsack. Nevertheless, he does well enough with his wand. His immense power is refined enough to make the most he possibly could of a wand, something yours is not and never will be. The full potential of a wand is beyond you and I know you feel it with every spell you cast. You need a staff to focus that raw, primal power slumbering away within you." Vara took a step towards Lillian. "But do you deserve one? I don't know yet."

Lillian was shocked just how much this woman actually knew about her. How deep into another person's consciousness could a soothsayer see? To be laid completely bare like was unnerving; probably the most unnerving thing she had ever experienced.

"Now come, girl. Give me your right arm; I doubt your Lord would be pleased if our markings would cover his marking."

"would be very displeased if that were to be happen," Lillian commented with a raised brow before a small gasp escaped her as Vara made a deep cut into the palm of her hand with a sharp bone-dagger.

"The essence of your magic is in your blood, your very imprint, who you are. Press your palm into the circle and soak in our essence, our imprint and who we are. Take in our Coven and our magic."

Lillian glanced at Vara before kneeling down onto the ground and pressing the bleeding palm of her hand into the small circle Vara drew earlier.

The effect was immediate: first her hand sank into the ground and it felt like millions of bugs were walking around on it. Then her forearm sank into the ground and the sensation spread and finally she was down on her belly, her arm shoulder-deep in the ritual circle. The sensation of millions of bugs on her arm finally stopped and moments later she saw the soil of the graveyard die right before her eyes. Before, this graveyard was just neglected, but now she saw the soil around her arm become compacted, dried up, almost like rock. As the dead soil spread from around her arm she felt herself get overwhelmed with memories that were not her own. She felt herself get burned alive. She felt herself drown with her arms and legs tied to huge boulders. She felt her heart get pierced by wooden stakes. She felt her entire life crumble around her as her brethren, her magical cousins, were hunting her and her kind down. She felt a suffering of aeons in seconds.

"This is what it means to be part of a Coven. Hopefully you, Lady Riddle, having been accepted in mine as Lord Voldemort's little wife, will be the silver lining I have hoped for these past centuries."

Lillian panted and did her best not to vomit as her body was still screaming in agony. She pulled her arm free of the dead soil and saw that the pale skin on her right arm was now a ghostly white, reaching from her wrist up to her shoulder, adorned by a thin black line climbing up her arm like a vine.

"Beautiful," Vara commented as she took hold of the arm marked by the ritual. "And now," she continued, her amber eyes burning as she stared into Lillian's, "it is time to teach you the art of death and disease."

Chapter Text

Months had passed. Months of rigorous training, of spell teaching, of understanding the very essence of magic, one of the first magics there ever was. What Vara pushed her through was both a history lesson and a lesson in an entirely new form of spell casting. Before this, it was learn the namelearn the wand movementuse it. Now it was so much more difficult, so different from everything she had been taught over the past five years. Violet would be lying if she said that she wasn't really getting into this new magic. It felt like her, just like her. It felt raw, it felt primal, it felt dangerous and volatile and deadly. She loved it. All those years spent at Hogwarts felt laughable now. She remembered sitting in classrooms to learn how to levitate a feather or how to transfigure mice into tea cups. Like Vara had said, it was a travesty. She would be forever grateful that a man like her Lord Husband existed; a man who saw through the lies and brainwashing, a man who took his studies into his own hands. A man who travelled the world in search of true, actual magic. The man who would bring salvation to their gift.

She would destroy her own horcrux and slit her own throat before she would even approach the thought of betraying him, new powerful magic at her fingertips or no.

No, what she would do was to try and continue to conceive his heiress or heir while she laid waste upon his enemies, while she cast a miasma of death and disease upon them. And then she would use their rotting flesh and bones against their friends and families.

Vara may have tutored her and Lillian would be foolish to not honour her promise and fight for the Coven that trusted her with its aeons of secrets but it was her Lord Husband who trusted her enough to allow her into this path. She bore two marks but one reigned above the other. Vara understood. Her Lord Husband knew.

And the world would learn.

"I see Vara finally allowed you to create your own staff," Riddle observed when his beaming young wife entered their home, dressed in her new attire. Lillian's time with Vara certainly had changed her and it was for the better, no doubt. Before, she was a potential weapon, ready to blow. Now, she was an actual weapon firmly grasping and quickly realizing said potential. The young witch quickly took to the Coven culture and its magic, starting to dress more like them too; fur garbs, jewelry made of bones, bare feet.

'It feels like me, my Lord,' she said. 'It feels wild.'

He wasn't complaining. In fact, he had her Death Eater uniform and mask be magically incorporated into her garbs, meshing the two worlds into one and resulting in black fur garbs with golden highlights and her mask hanging from her hips. She could wear it if she wanted to and if not, then it would be a nice adornment.

Lillian certainly was happy with the end result and she made sure to passionately thank him multiple times.

"Yes, my Lord!" Lillian was all bright smiles as she looked at the wooden staff in her right hand, adorned with the bones and skulls of all kinds of animals, ranging from rodents to muggles.

"I have to say, Lillian," Riddle began as he got up from his seat, approaching his young wife and cupping her cheek, "to see you grow and realize your see your utmost devotion to me and my see the length you are willing to go to learn about any and all kinds of fills me with immense pride and satisfaction. You are my greatest success."

Lillian just stood there for a few moments, not exactly sure what to say, but this certainly was one of her favorite moments in her life so far, if not the favorite moment. "Thank you, my Lord. I don't know what else to say, I-"

"There is no need to say anything, really. Take the praise you deserve and strive to always do better. I know you can reach even higher heights, just like I know that you know."

"I will, my Lord."

"Now, my dear Lady," Riddle approached her, enjoying all the skin her fur garbs did not cover, before pulling her flush towards him as his hand grasped a butt cheek, making her smile seductively, "I have something for you to do, but how about we first put that child of mine finally inside of you?"

"I certainly don't mind giving it another try, my Lord Husband. How do you want to dominate me?"

The conference room in the Malfoy manor was full with the Dark Lord's most loyal followers. The Dark Mark on their arms burned as the Dark Lord had called for them and they wasted no time to appear. Many of them, like the Malfoys and the Lestrange brothers, were now working in the Ministry, still picking up the pieces of the battle's aftermath. It was a slow- very slow- process as the magical Government, right now at least, consisted of little more than a skeleton crew. Many overnight shifts were needed and many junior workers, who were spared after the Dark Lord's takeover, had to be executed since they thought that playing spy was a smart thing to do.

So when Lillian appeared out of nothing inside that room, the ripple in the air and a gust of wind the only indicator that it was a magical means of travel she used, it was a bunch of tired eyes that widened at the sight of her, as it had been a good six months since they had last seen their Dark Lady.

"My Lady!" Bellatrix immediately greeted her after she looked up from playing with her own little wisp; blue with purple limbs. "It has been too long!"

"It is good to see you to, Bella," Lillian grinned at her before nodding at the rest of the room. "The same goes for all of you, of course, my Lord Husband's most loyal and devoted. Barty, Mr. Malfoy, Misters Crabbe and Goyle, Misters Dolohov, Rookwood, Avery, Yaxley, Nott, Travers, Misters Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange."

The Death Eaters greeted her back in return, their heads inclined in respect. Her own inner circle would kneel for her and for her Lord Husband, but these men and woman would only kneel for the Dark Lord himself. She understood that and as long as they adressed her properly and treated her with the appropriate respect and devotion befitting her title and position, she was content. Those were, after all, not her followers, her minions. She had her own.

"Your Dark Lady has spent the past months in training, in widening her magical horizon," the Dark Lord explained. "She is not done yet but she is ready to put some of her new skills to the test. Lucius," he focused his attention on the Malfoy patriarch, "you sent me an owl about a certain individual we have been looking for?"

"Yes, my Lord," Lucius Malfoy replied, standing up from his chair. "I have come across information about Dolores Umbridge's whereabouts."

Lillian's eyes widened at that and she felt the bloodlust inside of her start to boil and rage.

"I assume you know what is expected of you, Lillian?" The Dark Lord gave her a crooked smile, which she returned with her own feral one.

"Torture her until she sqeals out what she knows about Fudge and then I can do what I want to her for wearing what belongs to you, my Lord, and for her using that blood quill on me."

"Good. Make sure that she is actually coherent when she talks, though." The Dark Lord then turned to Lucius again. "Go with her, just in case the location is guarded or warded. Take someone else of your choice with you. Bella, Barty, I have a task for the two of you. The rest of you is dismissed. Head back to the ministry."

"Mr. Malfoy," Lillian smirked at the blonde man as she approached him, before greeting the other blonde. "And I see Mr. Yaxley will accompany us."

"Corban is the new head of the DMLE, my Lady. He knows his way around a wand. Should things go awry, he will be the most help to us," Lucius explained and Lillian loved his new attitude towards her. She remembered, not too long ago, when their genuine dislike for each other shone through every time they spoke to each other. And now, here they were, Lucius Malfoy speaking to her in an almost submissively respectful tone. How times had changed.

"Congratulations to that, Mr. Yaxley. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to follow my Lord Husband's process, now that the ministry is ours. I assume you enjoy your new position?"

"I do indeed," Yaxley smirked. "The aurors were wimps, cowards. Toughening up that department is a lot of work, but one I enjoy immensely."

Lillian chuckled at that. "Just make sure that there will actually be some recruits left."

"That's pretty much what the Dark Lord said when he gave me the position."

"Now, gentlemen," Lillian returned the focus back to the task at hand, "I think it is time we get on with it."

They arrived at a rundown part of Manchester and quickly started their search for a derelict building fitting Lucius description.

"Say, Mr. Malfoy, how is Draco doing? I haven't seen him since my bonding with my Lord Husband," Lillian asked, genuinely curious about the state her little group was in without her.

"Some of the other children and Draco do have their own task from the Dark Lord, my Lady," Lucius told her, his chest swelling with pride.

"Yes, I was told as much. I'm almost loath to admit, but I am quite proud to see how far he has come from that poncey, spoiled brat he was before."

Lucius didn't say anything to that but Lillian couldn't contain the small smirk appearing on her face at his hand tightening ever so slightly around his cane.

"What about Pansy? Has she returned to school? How is she fairing since I cursed her?"

"Considerably better," Lucius explained with a glance towards Lillian. "She is indeed attending Hogwarts again but she still suffers from bouts of insomnia. I have also heard that she is a lot less...talkative than she used to be."

"I expect a thank-you-letter from Draco, then."

"This the place, Lucius?" Yaxley asked as they had reached an old apartment complex, which looked as if it hadn't been inhabited in years.

"Yes," the Malfoy patriarch confirmed.

Lillian stretched out her hand and her wisp climbed out of it, looking at her. "Look for Umbridge inside this building," she commanded it and off it went, vanishing through a wall.

They waited outside for a few minutes, Lillian resting a bit of her weight on her staff as a gentle breeze made her garbs flutter in the darkness.

"May I ask what brought about this change in your attire, my Lady?" Lucius asked, unable to further contain his curiosity, and even Yaxley, usually very disinterested in such things, looked at her.

"My tutor wears similar things and after I learned her magic...this felt more fitting to me, to myself," Lillian explained. "The magic I learned and am still learning, these things I wear, they are more aligned to my nature. My Lord husband merged my Death Eater uniform into these garbs, so I can feel more in line with my nature and still show off my affiliation with pride. The best of both choices in one."

"What is this magic you learned, exactly? And what is up with that stick?" Yaxley asked, his eyes narrowed.

Lillian grinned as her wisp returned, waiting for them to follow it. "You shall see soon enough."

The three of them entered the building, Lillian's bare feet making nary a sound compared to the heavy stomping of the two tall men accompanying her. The wisp led them up several flights of stairs before stopping in front of a door. Lillian held out her hand once again and this time it jumped into it and disappeared inside of her.

She pointed the human skull on top of her staff at the door to unlock it before they entered the hideout. Even as simple a spell as alohomora felt so, so much more natural than it ever did before just by using a staff instead of a wand. They closed the door behind them before Lillian hit the bottom end of her staff hard onto the floor, a ripple spreading throughout the apartment as she cast a silencing charm, followed by an anti-apparition charm. Yaxley then motioned for them that he found Umbridge and soon enough the three of them were standing in the woman's bedroom.

"I have so looked forward to this," Lillian muttered before nodding at Umbridge's direction. "Wake her up."

Yaxley did so by backhanding Fudge's former senior undersecretary. The woman jerked awake, flailing about in surprise and shock at the rude awakening before her wits returned to her. It was only a few moments later she also realized she had guests.

Lillian looked at the woman's widening and terrified eyes, a mocking smile gracing her lips. "A good morning to you, Dolores. May I call you Dolores? You are no longer my teacher, after all."

"You-!" Umbridge tried to scramble farther back on her bed, but there really was nowhere to go as her back quickly hit the headboard of her bed. "Why-?! How-?!" The woman's wide-eyed gaze first locked onto Lillian's garbs, then the markings on her right arm, then her staff as sweat was starting to form on her forehead.

Lillian looked around the bedroom and just like the rest of this hideout it was dirty, rundown and just plain pitiful. She chuckled as she returned her gaze to Umbridge. "What happened to all those...kitten-themed decorations you used to have? You should have seen her office at Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy. It was hideous. Your poor wife would have suffered a stroke had she been forced to lay her eyes on such decor."

"I have heard rumors about Fudge's undersecretary's questionable taste in decoration from before the Dark Lord announced his return," Malfoy drawled. "Narcissa would also not mind you telling her about it; she enjoys talking about other's bad tastes in...everything. In fact, my Lady, she has asked about you quite a lot."

"Has she now? Then I shall pay her a visit," Lillian replied with a smile as she took a step towards Umbridge's bed. "Dolores," she began, her green eyes a sparkling maelstrom of unadulterated rage while her lips formed an almost sweet smile, "I will ask you one simple question. You either answer truthfully and the rest of this evening will be over fairly quickly, or you lie and I will show you just how slowly and painfully I have learned to kill." Taking another step towards the bed, Lillian pointed the skull towards her former DADA teacher. "Do you understand the position you are in?"

Umbridge nodded, her features pale as sweat kept forming on her forehead and her upper lip.

"Where is Fudge?" Lillian asked, her delicate fingers dancing over the wooden surface of her staff, the bones clicking ever so lightly.

"I-I don't know...I w-was just his un-undersecretary..."

"You know, before we arrived here in Manchester, Mr. Malfoy here told me how he came upon the location of your hideout. May I ask you to repeat what you told me, Mr. Malfoy?"

"I believe my exact words were," the Malfoy patriarch began, "'I came upon communications between the former minister and his senior undersecretary, strongly implying a deeper relationship between the two.'"

Lillian gave the paling woman a sympathetic look. "Yikes." Lillian cocked her head to the side for a bit, before looking first at Yaxley, then at Malfoy Sr., both of whom gave her a shrug, making her sigh. "You lied to me, so I have to punish you. Unfortunately, my Lord Husband told me to keep you coherent long enough when you finally start to squeal and I always obey my Lord Husband. A simple cruciatus will have to do for now." Lillian pointed the skull at Umbridge's quivering, frozen form and even Yaxley's and Malfoy's eyes widened as the skull's empty eye sockets glowed red and it's mouth opened to release the curse. The sheer lack of effort displayed by the Dark Lady was also a sight to behold as she watched her screaming former professor writhe in agony with a smile on her lips. An eternity of a few seconds later, she released Umbridge from her torture, the older woman's limbs twitching from the curse's aftershocks.

"Now let's try again and if you lie again I can promise you that you will be begging me to use the cruciatus on you instead. Where is Fudge?"

"P-please...I d-don't know...w-we just talked ab-about-"

"You did talk about potential safehouses, just in case. I have read the whole exchange between the two of you and while it was disgusting it was also informative," Lucius interrupted her.

Lillian pointed a hand at the blonde. "You heard the man. You lied again. I will try something out. Mr. Yaxley," Lillian turned to the shorter, stockier blonde, "this is the kind of magic I have learned."

The skull's black empty sockets seemed to look even darker, even more black, as if they were drawing light into an endless abyss. The mouth opened itself, just a fraction, releasing a thick, black cloud which made its way towards Umbridge's feet. The blanket and bed sheet it first came in contact with were immediately rotting away, the rot eating through the mattress and soon the bed's frame, making it collapse with Umbridge. The screaming woman tried to get away before finally giving them the answer they were looking for.

"Isle of Skye! Cornelius is most likely in a safehouse in the Isle of Skye!"

The cloud stopped and was drawn back into the skull's open mouth before it closed with a clack.

"See? Was that so hard?" Lillian gave the woman a grin.

"You are a monster. I love that man and you made me..."

Lillian scoffed. "And he loves you right back, doesn't he? He dumped you in some filthy hole while he enjoys the good life on a pretty island."

"Fudge is a right bastard like that," Yaxley agreed. "Probably has a whore or two with him there."

"Well, our business is- oh no," Lillian exclaimed, "I almost forgot! Remember that pretty locket of yours, Dolores? The one you said was passed down to you from your Selwyn ancestors? Can you believe that, Mr. Malfoy? This hag related to one of the Sacred?"

"I am sure our very own Selwyn would be very...interested in this," the tall blonde replied with a raised brow.

"Do you know whose locket that actually is? The one you so proudly wore and showed off?" Lillian now all but hissed, her eyes narrowed in fury as Umbridge's were wide in fear. "It is Salazar Slytherin's locket. My ancestor's locket. The Dark Lord's ancestor's locket. It has been passed down in the Dark Lord's family for generations and you have the gall to claim it as your own without even getting the origin right?!"

"I-I didn't know!" Umbridge was visibly shivering, her features almost as pale a white as the white on Lillian's right arm's marking.

"And did you really think I forgot about this whole blood quill thing?" Lillian continued, her green eyes burning.

"She didn't!" Yaxley exclaimed, a laugh escaping him before he could help himself. "Foolish woman!"

"Oh yes, she did. She made me write 'Minister Fudge Is Always Right'. Didn't you?"

"It was within my rights!"

"Blood quills are illegal punishing methods, so no, you were not. And even if you were, I would not care," Lillian corrected before turning to the two men. "You may want to get out, I don't want you to accidentally get touched by this. In fact, you can head back to the manor. I will be a while longer."

"What about you, my Lady? I wouldn't want the Dark Lord to kill us because his Lady Wife got hit by her own magic," Lucius pointed out, making Lillian laugh.

"Death and disease is my affinity. It doesn't harm me."

The two men took that as their cue and quickly left her alone with Umbridge. "I will stay here and watch you die, slowly and pitifully."

A wimper left Umbridge as she stared into the blackness of the skull's eyesocket before the mouth opened again, but wider this time. A miasma reeking of sickness engulfed her, her lungs burning as she had breathed it in in her surprise. Her whole body felt as if it was being pricked by a million needles, her strength already waning. Slowly she felt herself sliding down from the broken bed's headboard and onto the mattress.

Conjuring herself a chair right next to Umbridge, Lillian sat down on it, crossing one leg over the other as she idly bobbed her foot up and down. Her cold gaze was firmly on Umbridge, who was slowly bleeding from seemingly even the tiniest crevices of her body; her mouth, her nose, her ears, her eyes. "How do you feel, Dolores?" Lillian asked, her tone casual. "I must say, you look horrendous. This is the kind of death I wish upon people like you," she continued, ignoring the moans of agony from her former professor. "People with that inflated self-importance that doesn't even have the basis to justify it. You were a nobody. You had some desk job at the ministry and spread your legs for the minister. Congratulations. The minister gave you some made-up titles while you were at Hogwarts. Congratulations. I cannot believe a person your age would actually believe that any of that meant anything. People like you make me sick." A few minutes turned into a couple hours and Lillian's eyes never once left Umbridge's slowly dying form, taking in every shallow and raspy breath from Fudge's former secretary. "A pitiful death for a pitiful existence," the young witch commented, as she leaned forward, her eyes locked onto the now still form in front of her. "You should have thanked me, really."

Chapter Text

"Mrs. Malfoy! It has been quite some time," Lillian spoke up when she approached the tall woman.

Since she confided in her that one time, Lillian couldn't deny that she had developed a soft spot for the woman. Yes, she may be too soft, a bit spoiled, too materialistic and most definitely did she coddle her son way too much, but the woman showed genuine concern for her when she hinted at her past abuse and when she asked for sexual advice. She could have been turned away, she could have been ignored and Lillian wouldn't even have blamed her. Narcissa Malfoy, at the time, didn't have any obligations when it came to her beyond providing her with a place to stay for as long as the Dark Lord told her to. And yet, the woman tried to give her actual advice, tried to steer her into the right direction. Over a year had passed since that one real conversation they had as Lillian had felt uncomfortable and, even more so, vulnerable for having opened up like that. It was a necessity at the time to find a woman to confide in, but the feelings afterwards made her cringe inwardly any time she thought about that talk with the aristocratic woman. But she was born anew, a different person in many ways and truth be told, she had indeed missed the woman a bit. She adored her sister Bellatrix already, an incredibly fun person whose sadistic tendencies just meshed wonderfully with her own and she hoped the two of them could soon go out to hunt blood traitors or muggles again. Being on a killing spree with Bella was always a fun pastime.

Narcissa, on the other hand, she expected to be a nice change of pace to the past months and year even. A nice, calm chat in the fresh and crisp autumn air.

The elder woman turned around on the bench she was reading a book on once she heard her voice, her eyes widening ever so slightly in surprise, before she got up on her feet to properly greet her with a respectful bow. "My Lady, I didn't expect you to visit."

"Please sit," Lillian told her, before she joined the woman on the bench, the bones on her necklace and staff rattling softly. "When your husband, Yaxley and I were dealing with that Umbridge woman, you husband mentioned that you have asked a lot about me. I realized then, we have barely had a chat since I sought you out that one time during my first stay here."

"Well, I am glad you are here then," Narcissa inclined her head in a gentle, appreciative nod. "Would you like some tea?"

"Yes, please."

"Dobby!" Narcissa called out in a cold, commanding voice, the house-elf appearing immediately. "The best tea for our Lady." She then turned to Lillian again. "Do you like milk with your tea?"

"Yes. And three tea spoons of sugar. I have a sweet tooth," Lillian shrugged at Narcissa's raised brow after Dobby left to prepare her tea. "So, why did you ask your husband about me, Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Truth be told, I was- and still am- a bit worried about you. First, after you revealed your abuse, which was then put out for everyone to see by that vile Rita Skeeter. Then, after I heard that you were bonded to the Dark Lord looked pleased enough during the ceremony, but one can never be too sure."

"I appreciate the sentiment, Mrs. Malfoy, but rest assured that I am very happy with my life. My Lord Husband is very indulgent, even as busy as he is, and I can confidently say that the scars of my past have faded enough that they don't bother me anymore," Lillian explained as she took her tea from the house-elf without a word and took a sip. "This is quite the delicious tea. But back to what I was saying...yes, at this point I can touch and be touched and enjoy both to the fullest."

"That is good to hear, my Lady. It did change the way I looked at you...when you decided to confide in me, that is," Mrs. Malfoy admitted. "You weren't just 'the Potter girl' anymore...the fact, that a muggle of all things..."

"He got what he deserved," Lillian shrugged, not wanting to delve on this topic any longer than necessary. "Wherever I banished those snakes too, they have shat out Vernon and his family a long time ago. Excuse the language," Lillian added with a smirk, which Narcissa returned with one of her own.

"That is quite alright."

A lull took over their conversation as they enjoyed their tea in silence. This was kind of what Lillian both expected and hoped for when deciding to go for this. "I quite enjoy your company, Mrs. Malfoy," she admitted finally, glancing at the surprised look on the elder woman's face. "Considering how much I disliked the Malfoy name initially, that says a lot."

Mrs. Malfoy chuckled at that. "That feeling was very much mutual. Lucius in particular was quite put out over the fact that some half-blood, the Girl-Who-Lived no less, humiliated him and gained such immediate favour with the Dark Lord."

"As much as I hate the fact that James Potter muddied his bloodline with a mudblood, the fact that Salazar Slytherin's blood runs through my veins does trump my sire's mistake."

"It does indeed," Narcissa agreed. "Just Bella taking such a liking to you, my Lady, is all the answer anybody needs, if they are foolish enough to think that the Dark Lord's opinion is not enough."

"May I ask you something?" Lillian turned to fully face Narcissa.

"Of course, my Lady."

"How long did it take for you to conceive Draco?"

"A year," Narcissa answered after a moment's surprised silence. "Bella told me you are trying to conceive. Half a year now?"

Lillian nodded in confirmation.

"Don't worry about it, my Lady. It can change from woman to woman, no one conception is ever the same, not even for a woman with more than one child. If you are worried, I could always offer to contact the healer who helped me during my pregnancy with Draco. She is a bit of a harsh woman, but very good at what she does, and she shares a bit of your...extreme views. It certainly would make her working with you easier than if it was a scared, Dumbledore worshipping mudblood."

"That would be very much appreciated." She didn't say anything for a while before deciding that she already confided in her once, so she might as well do it again. "Truth be told," Lillian began, steeling herself, "I am a bit scared...that maybe that animal did more damage to me than just mentally."

A small gasp escaped Narcissa and Lillian could see the woman warring internally with herself, causing the teen to roll her eyes. "You may," she muttered and allowed Narcissa to gently pull her into an embrace, rubbing her back.

"Oh child, don't you worry. Even if what you fear to happen did happen, we have magic at our hands. We are no simpletons! You know that."

"I know," Lillian muttered before slowly pulling away from Narcissa. "I know. It's just...I want this child. More than anything. If I couldn't, I don't know..."

"What ifs are for fools, my Lady and you are no fool. I am sure you worry over nothing, so let us focus on my healer and what the result of her potential visit will be first."

"Yes. You are right. And Mrs. Malfoy-"

"You are welcome," she smiled at the teen witch, "and I know, my lips are sealed."

A couple days had passed since her visit to Narcissa Malfoy and she did feel better about the whole failed-conception-situation. Even if it made her feel vulnerable, after her time with her mind-healer Lillian had learned that having someone to confide in could sometimes be helpful. She would never go and just completely open herself to Narcissa, but every once and again it was a good thing to have with the elder woman. She could appreciate that and it had already proven a little bit helpful to curb her irrational fears of a potential infertility. They were magic. Should worse come to worst, then she would find a solution. She had multiple lifetimes to do so after all. Deep down she knew she had nothing to worry about, however in her mind, in the far recesses of it, there always was that niggling flicker of worry. But of course she hoped that in the end all she would have to do was to lie on her back, spread her legs and let the Dark Lord have his way with her until his seed would take.

Chuckling to herself, she shook her head. It wasn't too long ago that the thought of having her own children was laughable and now here she was, hoping to finally swell up with her Lord Husband's child.

She closed the tome sitting on her lap before stretching. It was odd to just sit and read on a comfortable couch, in her home's living room, in front of a burning fireplace while it was pouring outside, October having officially announced its arrival. It almost felt familial, homey even.

She stood up from the couch and carefully placed the tome, which she had received from Vara to further her studies, in a shelf, a piece of parchment marking the page she was on.

She wished Bella and Barty would be back soon. The Dark Lord was waiting for their return, so they could be on their way to to the Isle of Skye. For now, only a couple of potentially expendable foot soldiers were sent there to scout the island and provide them with any important information. Until then, Lillian had little to do. It was all about waiting. Waiting for Draco and the others to make progress with their task at Hogwarts. Waiting for Bella and Barty to return. Waiting for news on Mrs. Malfoy's healer.

Maybe she could visit the ministry and see the changes made since the battle for herself. Or maybe she could visit Diagon and Knockturn Alley; it had been a while after all. Or she could finally start with that animagus training she had planned on starting with seemingly forever ago. But first, she needed to check her Lord Husband's potions chamber for the necessary ingredients and to go there she needed permission. Not because he didn't trust her, but so he could always be aware of where she was, just in case of any unforeseen circumstances. He was possessive like that, always in need to know of her whereabouts. It didn't bother her in the slightest, as she didn't feel restrained by it. Quite the opposit in fact, if the dampness between her legs at those thoughts was any indicator.

She shook herself to refocus on the matter at hand. Animagus. Potion. Chamber. Permission.


She continued her walk to the Dark Lord's study. Once she arrived there, she knocked a couple times before being let in.

"My Lord," she greeted him as per usual by taking a knee, waiting to be allowed to rise again.

Putting down his quill next to the big pile of parchment he was working on, he turned to fully face her. "Rise. What can I help you with, Lillian?"

"My Lord, do you remember when I wanted to work on becoming an animagus? I wanted to start on the potion and wanted to check if the ingredients were all in stock in your potions chamber," Lillian explained, her hands folded behind her back.

"I see. I can already tell you that they are not, but I also am not sure if I want you to go shopping for them by yourself."

Lillian scoffed at that. "Whoever would dare try something won't try anything ever again."

"If anything happens to you," the Dark Lord began, his gaze locking with hers, "I won't let you out by yourself ever again."

Lillian bit her lower lip at the involuntary shudder rushing through her, her cheeks flushing and her eyes shining with arousal. With a couple quick strides she was next to her Lord Husband before she straddled him, revealing her lacy knickers and the prominent damp spot at their center as her garbs rode up. "I love it when you are so possessive of me, my Lord."

"It's only natural to be possessive of ones possession," the Dark Lord replied, his own voice rough at what the young witch was doing to him.

"Tell me more, my Lord."

And he did.

Arriving at Diagon Alley brought a wave of nostalgia. She remembered how full and busy the alley was every mid-August with students and their parents, rushing from store to store to get their shooping for the coming school year done.

She imagined herself, in ten to eleven years time doing the same with her children, with her little Lords and Ladies.

Her cheeks flushed a bit at the thought. She was going crazy with that baby fever.

Some moments later she reached the apothecary, ignoring the whispers and stares she received. It wasn't because they recognized her as Lillian Riddle née Potter. No, that was impossible, as she was protecting herself from the downpour in a fur cloak she made herself with Vara's help, a hood also hiding her face. But the fur cloak drawing so much attention was also very unlikely. Lillian was sure that it was the click of the bones on her staff and her necklace, audible enough even through the rain and wind, that was drawing everyone's attention...if it wasn't the muggle skull adorning the top of her staff. She found it hilarious and couldn't help the grin forming under the hood.

She stepped inside the store, her bare and muddied feet making wet sounds as she walked towards the counter. The owner eyed her staff warily, but Lillian ignored it as she approached him. She pulled out the parchment of ingredients from one of the cloak's inside pockets and handed it to him. "Only the very best quality," she added as she took a step away from the counter and idly looked around.

The store itself was mostly empty as it was mid-day and those who were not at Hogwarts were at work. Aside from a few stay-at-home-parents, who were either doing some household shopping or just spending some time roaming Diagon because they had nothing else to do, the magical shopping district was mostly deserted. She wondered how these people would react if she were to reveal herself. Would they be scared? Disgusted? Angry? How many of their close ones had been killed during the attack on the ministry, the attack she proudly and gleefully took part in?


Lillian returned her attention to the counter and handed him the fifteen galleons for her ingredients and the perma-cooling-bag. Without anything more to say, she left the apothecary and strolled farther down the shopping district before coming across the sign pointing towards Knockturn Alley and she immediately took the left. The underbelly of the magical shopping district reeked of decay and depravity, a combination that made Lillian smile.

After a few twists and turns, Lillian finally found the shop she was looking for and headed inside, the doorbell alerting the owner of her presence. Feeling no need to hide herself from Knockturn's witches and wizards, she removed the hood as she looked around.

"Welco- Merlin, my Lady, it is an honor to have you grace my humble shop with your presence!" The owner was kneeling in front of her in a show of absolute submission and devotion, making her grin widely.

"Please rise, Mr. Borgin," Lillian commanded him and the shop's owner did just so.

His eyes fell to her staff and widened immediately. "I have seen a staff here and there moved in the black market but they were usually of really poor quality," the owner explained as he eyed hers from the distance. "Usually bought off of some shaman of some backwater country for some cheap coin. But this...this is really masterful work, if I may say so."

"Thank you very much," Lillian gave him a nod of appreciation. "I did craft it myself, though a mistress of the art guided me through it of course."

"As I said, masterful work. Now, how may I be of assistence, my Lady?"

"I'm actually not here to shop," Lillian admitted to the owner's surprise. "The Dark Lord- my Lord Husband- told me about the Malfoy heir's ingenious plan to create a pathway into Hogwarts with the help of other students. I was curious about their progress."

"Ah," Borgin nodded, his face souring. "While the Malfoy brat may not be as stupid as he looks, he sure likes to act like it," Borgin spat, making Lillian arc an eyebrow.


"I'm telling him, I need to see the damage to properly help him repair the cabinet," he explained, walking over to his part of the pair of vanishing cabinets. "These things are delicate and complicated to create. You can't just vaguely describe what's broken and hope to fix it with vague instructions. He is being stubborn. I heard some of the other kids try to make him see him reason but boy, oh boy..."

"When does Draco usuall-" Lillian stopped herself at a sudden sound, as if from very far away.

"He's working on the cabinet again," Borgin answered her unasked question with a scoff.

Lillian cocked her head when Borgin's cabinet shook for a moment before all was silent again. She opened it to look inside and all there was, was a rotting apple missing its half.

"It's been the same result since he started."

"How do you communicate with him? With owls?"

"Yes, my Lady. Nothing can be sent undamaged from my cabinet to his or the other way 'round, else he wouldn't need to repair his."

"Of course...I will talk to my Lord Husband and his father about this. No need for delays if this could be solved a lot quicker."

"Thanks, my Lady. That's what I've been telling that brat the whole time."

She grinned at him. "I'm sure he'll understand soon."

Chapter Text

"You are a perfectly healthy and beautiful specimen of a young woman, my Lady," the plump, old woman with grey hair bound in an almost painful looking tight bun, told her. Pocketing her wand, she took a step back, so Lillian could put her garbs back on after she sat up.

She was at the Malfoy manor, where she agreed to meet the healer. Her Lord Husband insisted on being present and took the, for him, expected results with a satisfied nod.

"I had no doubt this would be the result," he told her, his arms crossed over his chest.

"I know, my Lord. I couldn't help but worry," Lillian admitted with a sigh. "I just want to be pregnant sooner rather than later and we have tried for a while now..."

"With all due respect," the healer spoke up again, "half a year is hardly 'a while'. Keep trying and soon enough it'll happen."

"I suppose I am being impatient," the young witch shrugged before turning to the healer. "Thank you for your time, Healer Graham. I'll make sure to call upon your services again should I suspect a pregnancy."

"It would be my honor," the old woman first bowed to the Dark Lord, then to his Dark Lady. "And I want to thank you both, my Lord and my Lady, for taking it upon you to cleanse magic from the mudblood invasion. Leeches stealing our gift and culture, not to speak our jobs..."

Lillian watched the grumbling old woman floo away with an amused smile before turning to the Dark Lord. "I like her."

Lillian wiped the sweat from her face, watching the bronze coloured brew simmer. It had to stay that way for one week, so she was free of another thing to do, but at this point, potential free time was the least of her worries.

Another week had passed and there was still no word from either Barty or Bella. Next to her, she knew those two were her Master's most trusted and most dear followers. They, together with the Lestrange brothers, tortured the Longbottoms into insanity for information on the Dark Lord's whereabouts because they would not accept that he was just gone. Even as they were captured, they were proud of their deeds, even then they proudly wore their marks.

She felt the burn on her left forearm and her brows furrowed. This couldn't be good.

Taking one last look at her potion to make sure all was as it should be, she headed out and left the potions chamber, locking the door behind her. Grabbing her fur cloak and putting it on, with the hood covering her head, which was more of a stylistic choice of hers rather than a necessity, she took hold of her staff and took a step forward, concentrating her magic, feeling herself being sucked in by an endless abyss before stepping out again into the Malfoy's conference room. Unlike last time, the room was filled to the seams with Death Eaters and not just the inner circle. Every enforcer, every grunt, ever foot soldier seemed to be there.

"My Lord," she announced her arrival as she went down on a knee, her head bowed in submission.

"Rise, Lillian," he ordered her, his voice low and tense. Her feelings were right; the Death Eaters and she were not summoned to receive good news.

She took her place at his side, slightly behind him, and waited for the meeting to commence.

"As you can see," the Dark Lord began, "we have two vacant chairs. A little over two weeks without any word from Barty and Bellatrix."

The room was silent. Everyone knew what those two were capable of, especially together. Lillian let her gaze wander and settle on Rodolphus, Bella's husband, who was looking anything but happy. She never really saw those two being romantic with each other. There was no hand-holding or stolen kisses or such nonsense, but a certain passion that fueled the other was palpable when they were together. In some weird way, she found their relationship similar to the Dark Lord's with her; to a certain extent at least.

"I received information about Amelia Bones' hideout and sent the two of them to kill her. Since they still have not returned, it is safe to assume that said information was a trap," the Dark Lord explained.

"So we have a traitor among us?" Lillian mused, feeling the anger boil inside of her.

The Dark Lord nodded, his expression stoney. "Yes."

Lillian's brows furrowed in confusion. "But didn't we first assume that Bones would be with Fudge?"

"Indeed," the Dark Lord leaned back in his large chair. "However, Nagini confirmed that their tastes actually did split up, Fudge fleeing with his own entourage rather than with Bones. Also, Bones would never leave her niece alone for several months as long as the child is not at Hogwarts. It is a possibility that Dumbledore and Bones have actually been in contact these past months. They may have even worked together."

"What now, my Lord?" Rodolphus asked through gritted teeth.

"Lillian will go and investigate," the Dark Lord stated, making Lillian look up in surprise. "I cannot accompany you, Lillian. They may expect me to come personally for two of my most trusted. However, I will not hold back any more than that. I expect Rodolphus and Rabastan to be more than willing to join you. Amycus and Alecto Carrow will also come with you."

"Yes, my Lord," both sibling pairs sat up straight in their chairs.

"What about the rest of us?" One of the newly joined Death Eaters spoke up but he immediately realized his mistake as soon as he finished his question. The entire table turned to face him and Lillian's staff banged loudly onto the floor as she angrily got up to her feet.

"Do not speak out of order to your Dark Lord, grunt!" She hissed at him.

"I'm sorry, m'Lady, I-I forgot!"

"Please sit back down, Lillian," Riddle put a gentle hand on her arm and made her sit back into her chair before turning to the young, still mark-less Death Eater. "Usually, when I am in a good mood...or on special occasions...I can overlook stupid mistakes...once. Everyone present here can varify," he explained, his eyes wandering across all of his Death Eaters. "However," he continued, "today I am in a very bad mood. You, to his left," Riddle spoke to another newly joined grunt. "Kill him and receive the Mark."

"Micah, please..." the first grunt whispered, shivering in fear as the wand of his friend was pointing at him. They both stared at each other, neither of them able to move or say anything. Half a minute passed and quickly turned into a full minute before the Dark Lord had enough. He got up to his feet, quickly drew his own wand and killed both of them in quick succession before they could even turn towards him.

"Useless...go and get Nagini from our manor. She gets to feast today. I have a few more things to say to those present before you can leave on your mission," the Dark Lord told Lillian before he sat back down, Lillian disappearing from the conference room after a quick nod and an 'of course, my Lord'.

Her four companions and she arrived at a vast strip of land, untouched by humans for the most part. She could make out a couple of cottages, far apart from each other, and a lot of sheep.

"This is where they were sent?" Rabastan asked, his eyes sweeping for any indicator of what exactly could have taken place.

"Whatever supposed hideout there may or may not have been, it could have been an illusory charm. Or the trap could have been to just have anyone sent by the Dark Lord to get to this remote location to be ambushed," Lillian deduced, her head cocked to the side in thought.

"Makes sense I s'pose," Amycus shrugged, Lillian grimacing under her hood. She wasn't overly fond of the Carrows as both seemed rather slow in quite a few areas. At least they were rather proficient when it came to casting spells and curses.

"Let's have a look around," Lillian told them as she was the first to head down the hill. The area was completely unremarkable; a lot of green, a lot of sheeps and, so far, no people. As far as her eyes could see, there was nothing indicating that Barty and Bella had ever even been here. Her entourage remained close behind her and she expected them to keep their eyes and ears wide open.

They kept on walking, the cool and wet grass beneath her feet bending with every step. Before long they had closed in on one of the cottages, the sheep close by ignoring the group in favor of continuing to feed on the juicy green.

"Something feels off," Rodolphus spoke up for the first time and Lillian had to agree.

Two cottages with a lots of sheep in visual range but there was not one muggle nearby. Not even a herding dog was anywhere to be seen.

Alecto then raised her wand. "Homenum Revelio."

They waited a couple moments but nothing happened. Aside from them, there was absolutely no one close by. Lillian then held out her hand, her wisp immediately appearing out of it. "Go to that cottage over there," Lillian explained, pointing her staff to the other one farther away, "and look for any signs of Barty or Bella. If you find anything at all indicating that they were there- or any other witches or wizards- come back at once." The wisp chirped a couple times before jumping onto the ground and dashing towards its target. "We will do the same with this place. Look for any signs of any human presence."

A mixture of 'understoods' and 'got its' from her entourage later, all five of them entered the small building. The inside looked as you would expect from a cottage out and far away from the busy city life. A shelf, a sink, a bathroom, a bed slash kitchen slash living room. Nothing else of interest. They turned over the bed, looked behind the book shelf, inside the bathroom's medicine cabinet, slit open the bed's pillow and mattress and they found nothing. Lillian was standing there, a hand on her hips, her brows furrowed as she was thinking. It was obvious that Barty and Bella stumbled into something. Was the information actually right but they activated an unexpected set of alarms? Or were these cottages set up for the sole purpose of misdirection and setting up a trap, one they had stumbled into?

It was then, when her wisp returned, phasing through the cottages wall and straight towards her and since it wasn't chirping and waiting for her to follow, she knew it was just as unsuccessful as her. "Nothing," she said, for the others sakes. She held her hand out for her wisp to jump onto but suddenly it stood still, sniffing the air. Lillian arched a brow but motioned for the others to back off as she did the same. It kept sniffing before doing small circles at a spot in the center of the room and started chirping at her. It then phased through the wooden floor and reappeared moments later with Bella's wisp in tow, which immediately started to chirp wildly at her.

"Are Bella and Barty below?" Lillian asked her wisp, which shook its head 'no'. "But obviously they had been there," Lillian said, her eyes on Bella's blue companion. "Is there anything else below we might need?" Lillian asked. "Like their wands? A message?" Again her wisp shook its head. "Very well then," she turned to look at the blue wisp. "Lead us to your mistress."

"How?" Rodolphus asked, confused about the whole situation.

"This little wisp," Lillian pointed at Bella's, "is bound to Bellatrix' blood and magic. It can track her down from one end of the world to another. It was ingenious of her to leave it behind."

"That's my wife," Rodolphus grinned, looking forward to see her unleashed very, very soon.

After Lillian was shown by Bellatrix' wisp where to go, she took Rodolphus with her to the target location, which then prompted a series of side-along apparations. It was an arduous procedure but it didn't take overly long and soon enough they all found themselves deep in the woods somewhere. The blue wisp chirped excitedly, sensing its mistress close by, as they trekked farther in.

Soon enough, dim lights could be made out in the darkness of the thick forest and Lillian made all of them stop.

"Wards," was all Lillian said. She hit her staff onto the ground and a pulse of energy moved out towards the lights in the distance before hitting something, an obvious ripple appearing in the air before disappearing again. "They either have someone very proficient with warding here or someone very experienced, elite even."

"Then what do we do?"

Lillian smirked as the lights in the distance went out. "They know we are here. We wait."

As soon as they felt that shockwave hit their wards, they knew they were found.

"What was that?" One of the younger aurors asked, nervously looking at the other inhabitants of the hut. Sweat started to form on his forehead as he heard the mad witch start to cackle loudly from the basement.

"Turn off the lights!" Another of the younger Aurors whispered harshly, her words quickly being followed on.

A thud could be heard as a wooden leg took a step towards the window, a magical and a normal eye staring outside. "Doesn't matter," a gruff voice spoke up. "They know we are here."

"What now, Alastor?"

Mad-Eye Moody turned towards Amelia Bones, taking a sip from his flask. "We fight."

"W-what about Dumbledore? You could send a patronus to him and ask for help!" One of the younger aurors suggested.

"Dumbledore has his own project going that he needs to focus on if we want to have any chance of winning this bloody thing...idiot already messed up once," he turned the suggestion down before muttering the last bit under his breath.

"Let's just portkey away then!"

"It wouldn't even buy us minutes at this point," a deep voice answered in Moody's stead. Kingsley Shacklebolt appeared from the basement, the slightest bit of worry visible on his stoic face. "They will track us down immediately."

"And how is that?" Amelia Bones asked, looking outside but not seeing anything aside from darkness and trees.

"They won't answer. All I got out was 'you can't hide anywhere' from Lestrange."

"Half a vial of veritaserum and we didn't even account for our own safety," Bones sighed.

"Even if we all die here, our job's done. We got all the information we possibly could and relayed it to Dumbledore. It was a win in my book." Moody turned to Amelia Bones, his rough features softening a bit. "You have a niece to look after. All you have is each other. Portkey to Hogsmeade, you've done what you could for now."

"Moody..." Bones looked conflicted but she knew he was right. She could not leave Susan alone in this world as it was right now. The thought alone made her very soul ache.

"I will stay too," Shacklebolt said and the two junior aurors nodded too, albeit very shakily. "Please leave, Madam Bones. Dumbledore and you are our most important figures in this war."

"Thank you for everything," Bones said shakily as she looked at the five willing to lay down their lives so she could still be fighting and be there for her Susan. "And I'm sorry." And then, she touched the portkey on the ground and disappeared from the hut.

"Sorry for what?" Moody asked no one in particular with a chuckling grunt. "Stupid girl."

A bright light illuminated the darkness for just a moment, startling birds into flight in the middle of the night. "Did they portkey away?" Lillian commented as she got up to her feet, dusting off the wet leaves and soil from her bottom.

Her answer came a few moments later as they saw the air ripple again, but this time the wards did visibly flicker off. Lillian then led her group towards the hut, where they were greeted by their adversaries.

"Misters Moody and Shacklebolt," she greeted two of the most well-known aurors of magical Britain with a smile before giving the three juniors a disinterested look. "And whoever you are."

"You killed my sister! You traitor!"

Lillian gave the young man a blank look before returning her attention to the two who actually interested her. "I assume you know why we are here. Let us get this over with quickly and I won't make you suffer too much."

Moody grunted at that. "Look at you, girl. Fucking the murderer of your parents and suddenly you think you can match aurors who have seen it all. I have seen the likes of you a million times and they fell flat on their faces a million times."

Lillian just smiled during his talk. It wasn't like he could see it; her hood covered her face and the few rays of the moon's light breaking through the thick cover of trees wouldn't have been nearly enough. But it didn't matter. "Believe me when I tell you this, Mr. Moody," Lillian replied softly, "you have seen nothing like me yet."

"And what makes you so special, eh? Wha-"


A piercing scream echoed through the night as one of the juniors dropped onto the ground in agony, clutching his thigh as he watched the flesh of his leg rot right off his bones.

Even the Death Eaters were shocked at what they saw, Rabastan the only one actually saying something. "Holy fucking shite."

"I am not afraid of magic, Mr. Moody," Lillian chuckled as she watched the rot spread throughout the junior's body, the stench becoming almost overwhelming.

"Joey, oh Merlin..." The only female watched, retching, as her friend's body was literally, slowly dropping off of its skeleton.

"He's with his sister now. I did him a favor, really," Lillian shrugged before returning her attention back to the senior aurors, one actually being a senior. "Now, Bella and Barty please."

"Come and get them, you biTCH!" The other young man screamed as he cast a disarming spell at her but Amycus was quick to step in front of her, blocking the it with a protego.

"Move," she muttered and all the Death Eaters heard her loud and clear, getting out of the way as the skulll's mouth on her staff was opened widely. With a sweeping motion low on the ground, she sent a wave of thick grey dust towards the aurors, who jumped out of the way rather than try and block it.

"What kind of magic is this?!" Shacklebolt asked as he watched the lumps of rotten flesh from the dead, young auror get hit by the wave before it seemingly dried out. "This is vile!"

Alecto quickly killed the young female auror as she was getting up after her dodging of Lillian's spell while Rodolphus did the same to the other junior.

Amycus and Rabastan stood at the ready to protect her from any spells targeted at her.

"There is no such thing as vile magic, gentlemen. But that's the difference between you and me," Lillian spoke as she impaled her staff on the ground. "I embrace our gift, our blessing. You fear it."

The runes on the skull started to glow an eery blue and the various bone-adornments on the staff started to vibrate. A moment later several cracks from the ground could be heard and suddenly the three bodies of the junior aurors were sucked into the ground.

"Necromancy?!" Shacklebolt exclaimed as he and Moody exchanged spells and curses with Alecto and Rodolphus.

Lillian shook her head. "Not quite, but not that far off either." As soon as she finished the sentence multiple bones shot out of the ground, impaling both men several times.

They both gasped in pain as they collapsed, knowing that their time had come.

"I would compliment you for a formidable fight but it really wasn't," Lillian shrugged as she stepped closer to the fallen men. Moody tried to lift his wand-arm but a bone had impaled it right at the elbow. "You can't defeat what you don't know. I defeated you because I know every spell you are capable of using; the boring standard repertoire of any average auror. I didn't need my Lord Husband's devoted but they certainly made it even easier and faster." She then turned her full attention to Moody. "Now tell me, Mad-Eye Moody: what do you think it is that makes me so special?" The hateful glare from the wheezing wizard was enough to make her grin. "That's what I thought."

Lillian then looked for the blue wisp and once she found it, she gave it a nod. "Let's get your mistress and Barty back home."

Chapter Text

The return of his two elite Death Eaters and the death of two elite members of the Light should have brightened his mood, one would think. However, her Lord Husband looked deep in thought as he was sitting in front of the fireplace in the Malfoy Manor, staring intently into the fire.

She was unsure if she was welcomed or not, so she hovered a bit behind the sofa. The Dark Lord made the decision for her though. "Sit, Lillian."

"I apologize, my Lord," she muttered as she walked around the back of the sofa to sit next to her Lord Husband.

"Tell me," he began, "what do you think this...'project' of Dumbledore's, Barty overheard them talk about, could be? What could he be working on that could potentially win them this war?"

"I doubt it is any kind of uncommon magic," Lillian deduced, her lips pursed in thought. "Almost everything that is not taught at Hogwarts is considered 'evil' or 'dark' magic...he would not dare touch anything of that sort."


"If he were to try and form new alliances, we would know already. The Dark Lord has eyes everywhere."

Riddle nodded, a self-satisfied smile on his lips despite his sour mood. "That he does."

"That traitor Snape," Lillian took a deep breath to bring her seething rage under control, "is a lot of things but not 'secret-project-worthy'."

"He will be dealt with in due time. But can you really not think of anything?" Riddle asked her with a raised brow. "Anything that would harm us? That would make us immensely vulnerable?"

Lillian's brows furrowed as she wrecked her brain at what her Master could possibly be thinking about before it dawned on her and a cold shiver was running down her spine as she felt the colour drain from her face. "My Lord, you couldn't possible mean-?"

"Indeed. We might have a problem, Lillian."

"But how?" Lillian wondered, her eyes wide and her voice barely above a whisper.

"I'm not sure and, frankly, I don't really care right now," the Dark Lord replied as he turned to fully face her. "We have to assume that he is aware of my biggest secret, though I am not sure if he would know about yours. My diary and locket are safe, thanks to you. Nagini is close to me always anyways. Two others should be relatively safe still. If he is indeed aware of my secret, he won't figure those two out anytime soon. But there is one that I am worried about."

Lillian quickly got up to her feet. "Then we should go and see if it is safe!"

"Nagini is already on her way. She will make sure it is still in its place and if it is, I will put some additional protection. I want to avoid moving it."

"Understood, my Lord. I apologize."

Riddle chuckled, making her shiver as he placed a strong hand under her garbs, high on her naked thigh, stroking the inside with his thumb. "Now how about we go to our home and celebrate you killing two of Dumbledore's strongest and most devoted followers?"

A needy sigh escaped Lillian as she willingly spread her legs to give her Lord Husband all the access he could possibly want, her voice shaky and her cheeks beautifully flushed. "Yes, please, my Lord!"

Barty and Bella were given a week to recuperate as they were malnourished after their two weeks of being Moody's, Shacklebolt's and Bones' captives. During that time adjustments needed to be made and so, the Dark Lord made it happen.

After the Dark Lord had used legilimency on Barty and Bella to exactly see what had happened during their captivity, he was...less than pleased. No, he was angry. Incredibly angry. Angry at Bella and Barty because they were not strong enough to withstand the veritaserum, angry at Snape for swearing loyalty to him only to betray him, angry at Moody for having the gall to move in such a way against the Dark Lord himself. Every time he lost his temper it was an explosion of fury, just as it was this time. The rational part of his brain knew that logically there was little Barty and Bella could have done. So, with a lot of willpower, instead of torturing them in their already weakened state, he blew a hole into a wall a junior Death Eater was unfortunate enough to stand in front of. Lillian had wondered, with a wide smile, if her Dark Lord would have acted the same had it been a marked Death Eater standing there.

But because of everything Bella and Barty were forced to reveal under the influence of veritaserum, the Dark Lord was forced to change and adjust a lot of plans.

Fudge's assassination, for instance, had to be put on hold for the moment. The Gaunt-ring was still there but was now as extensively protected as it possibly could be, and, considering the curses and spells that were already in place before, that was saying something.

To get the ministry up and running had now to be the main focus and most of the Dark Lord's main focus was now targeted there. He would contact the other Dark Lords and Ladies soon again to see where they were standing in their takeover plans.

Ultimately, everything would be delayed for months.

But it also gave time. Time for Lillian to make progress with her animagus training. Time for the newly joining Death Eaters to become more than cannon fodder and a meal for Nagini. Time for the Dark Lord to adjust his plans accordingly. Time for the Hogwarts students to keep their eyes and ears open as there was little else for them to do since the plan to infiltrate Hogwarts was also revealed, the only silver lining being that no names and no means were mentioned. Lucius sent his son a letter on the Dark Lord's orders, telling him and the others to not do anything suspicious and keep their heads down. They all already had huge targets on their backs from the moment they went back to Hogwarts.

The coming weeks would be tense, that much was sure.

As her master was busy with all those things, Lillian was furthering her studies in Vara's Coven magic. The tome she received from the Coven witch never stated it outright, neither did Vara herself, but the more Lillian read, the more she felt like necromancy originated from the magic she was wielding now. While she did not enslave the dead, while she did not make them puppets bound to her will, she could use them beyond death. Not by reanimating them; that was not the case, no. Their bodies, their flesh and bones however, those could still be used. The death aspect in death and disease went beyond simple killing.

Such was the beauty of magic. If one was dead, it did not mean that their remains became useless. Even the most pathetic of minions would ultimately serve their master; wether it be by being enslaved without a will of their own or wether it be by having their bodies become something else entirely.

Muggles did not understand. They could never understand. As Vara had said: there was no point standing at a grave, crying over the buried and rotting remains of whomever while maggots and worms were feasting on body parts that could still have served a purpose.

And that was what she did with those nameless and faceless rookie aurors when she killed Moody and Shacklebolt. Those three bodies could have just been left there but they still had potential, they still had use. So they became her weapon; rendered off their flesh, the bones of their dead comrades were what she killed two of Britain's most elite aurors with.

But dead bodies still had even more potential than that.

A whole graveyard filled with decades worth of bones as her training ground, Lillian sat at the center, Vara's tome on her lap and her staff next to her. If one were to enter the graveyard, they would have been witness to an eery sight; a hooded figure, cloaked in heavy fur, sitting by herself in a graveyard after sunset and reading an ancient and dusty book with a long stick, which was decorated with an assortment of bones, lying next to her.

Lillian chuckled to herself as she carefully turned to the next page. She probably did look like something out of a scary story. Maybe, one day, she would actually become the main protagonist of scary stories parents told their children to stop them from doing foolish things.

She closed the tome after putting the piece of parchment between the pages she was at and, with a wary sigh, moved up to her feet. She did feel a bit fatigued these past couple days, but no matter. While her master may have had to slow down because Dumbledore got his hands on too much information, it did not mean that she could be idle just because she felt a bit tired.

She brought Vara's notes back to the forefront of her mind, concentrating her magic into her focus as she speard it into the ground. The runes on the skull shone a bright blue, illuminating the encroaching night. She felt her magic touch the bones of the dead, she felt them rattle and then-


An annoyed huff escaped her as she glared at the graves with a hand on her hips. Creating something out of bones was more difficult than she thought it would be.

This was her third try already and for the third time she found herself seated on the ground, in the middle of the graveyard; this time with the skull's mouth opened to give her some light. Again the tome was opened on her lap and again she was reading over the same page.

"What am I doing wrong?" Her scowl was firmly set on her features as she reread the same passages again and again.

She did exactly as it was described and yet, she created nothing. It was frustrating. Even when she did not immediately succeed in something, she could at least see progress with every attemp. But here...nothing.

She could always contact Vara of course...


With a small, stubborn growl she refocused on the page in front of her and read the necessary passages again.

Once finished, she closed the tome once more, grabbed her staff, got up to her feet and went for her fourth attempt. Her staff was impaled into the ground, the runes were glowing on the skull, her magic touched the bones, causing them to shake below and-


"Damn it!" She yelled, her frustration finally getting the better of her. "What the fuck am I doing wrong?!"

And once again, she found herself sitting in the graveyard, her staff providing the only light as she reread the same things for the fifth time.

Groggy, green eyes opened the next morning and with a groan they closed again. Lillian felt exhausted. She didn't want to get up from bed. The Dark Lord was already up and about, as per usual for him. He was an early riser. So was she, usually, but something was off, these past few days. She felt drained. Rolling onto her side, a wince escaped her as her breasts moved. With a hand, she felt her breasts, causing her to wince again. They felt sore and tender.

Was her period coming? It should be due soon. Her PMS didn't have these symptoms though. She would get a little moody but that was about it. But this? This was odd, unusual. Maybe she pushed herself to hard the previous night. She was out in the graveyard until past midnight after all. But so was she was sneaking out past curfew in Hogwarts, learning spells and curses from her Lord Husband's diary and the forbidden section of the library. It also wouldn't explain why her breasts felt the way they did.

"Ugh..." Forcing herself to sit up, she looked around for no real reason. Biting her lower lip, her mind came up with a possible explanation, but...

"Tiffy!" Lillian called out and a moment later the scared looking, pitiful house-elf appeared.

"Yes, hers Dark Ladyness?"

Scrunching her face up at the sqeaky voice, she glared at the small creature. "Go find Healer Graham and ask her to see me at her earliest convenience. I will be at the Malfoy Manor."

With a hasty bow, the little creature disappeared and Lillian forced herself to her feet before making her way to the bathroom, stripping off her clothing and stepping into a warm and comfortable shower.

A small niggling feeling, deep, deep, deep down in her guts, told her she knew what was up, told her she knew what these symptoms could possibly mean. But there was nothing definitive about it and months of failed tries had left her sceptical. In the muggle world, she still would have to wait a few days before she would be able to actually test her theory. But this was not the world of those backwater animals. Here, she would know soon today. Her hands touched her lower abdomen before letting go with a sigh. She shouldn't let herself get worked up. It could be nothing; just a couple vague things she was feeling that could mean anything.

A couple vague things that were symptoms for possible early signs.

Which still could mean nothing at all.

Or they could mean everything she had hoped for these past months.

A frustrated groan escaped her as her mind was driving her crazy. She needed to focus, finish her shower, head over to Malfoy Manor and then see what Healer Graham had to say. In that order.

With a determined nod, she went on with her shower.

She would know soon enough.

It was late in the evening and, as per usual these days, her Lord Husband returned fairly late, although still sooner than she expected. She was already at the table and eating when she heard the telltale crack of the Dark Lord apparating home, muttering about incompetent fools and inbreds.

Moving the focus from different fronts entirely onto the ministry, to have a new and actually functioning government for the magical world, did take its toll but it also moved things ahead after being forced to take several steps back.

"Tiffy!" She called for the elf who immediately appeared. "Bring the Dark Lord's dinner and it better be warm."

"Lillian," he greeted her with a nod as she greeted him by standing up from the table and taking a knee. Her Dark Lord was more important than her dinner, of course. "Rise."

She did just so and waited for her master to sit before she did so herself. "It is good to see you, my Lord," she spoke after swallowing her mouthful. "You have been quite busy these days."

"It shouldn't take much longer to get the ministry running again and once that is done, the workload will be a lot more manageable, I am sure."

They were silent for a bit before Lillian spoke again. "My Lord, I was wondering...have you ever thought about possible names for our future children?"

Lillian smiled at the way the Dark Lord cocked his head to the side, surprised by the question. "I figured it would make more sense to do so once you have conceived," he finally answered.

"Well," Lillian grinned, her cheeks flushing, "then it is about time to come up with a few names I suppose."

Chapter Text

She was floating. Finally it had happened. Finally she had the Dark Lord's heir or heiress, whichever it was going to be, growing inside of her. Receiving that confirmation from Healer Graham was definitely, definitely the best thing that ever happened to her. It easily topped commiting her first murder (in front of the Dark Lord and by his orders no less), it easily topped him taking her in as his apprentice, it easily topped when he fully claimed her as his, it easily topped-

Well, it easily topped just about everything.

She had a piece of him growing inside of her. Even more than that, she had a piece of them both, something the both of them created, growing inside of her. It was an amazing feeling. The Dark Lord and she created a life together.

A laugh escaped her at that thought as she was staring at herself through the full-body mirror in their bedroom, nakedly, with her hands above the warm safety the Dark Lord's and her child was growing in.

The both of them created a life together. It was ironic, considering so far all they did was to claim lives. Granted, her Lord Husband had a few years on her, but she certainly was no slouch when it came to snuffing out the lives of her lessers.

But here they were.

A combination of the most powerful witch of her generation and the greatest Dark Lord and wizard to ever walk the face of the earth and she was going to give birth to him or her. It made her heart race in the best possible ways.

The only downside was that she had to throw away her animagus-potion, but no matter. She had waited so far, she could wait a bit longer. She successfully brewed it once, she would successfully brew it again.

The Dark Lord's child. Inside if her.

Just perfect.

And he was just as ecstatic as she was. When she told him he took her right then and there at the dinner table. He walked up to her, claimed her lips, had her lie on her back on the table and used her as roughly as ever. His hands were not on her breasts or thighs or hips, though. No, his hands were on her belly as were his eyes. She stared at her Dark Lord as he thrust wildly in and out of her, as he fixated on the life he had put inside of her, his eyes burning with a passion she had not seen until then. Yes, it drove him wild to see his mark taint the skin of Lillian Potter, back when she still bore that last name. It drove him wild when she relished the way he used her in bed, when she relished his rough treatment of her. But this, the knowledge that the Dark Lord's seed had taken, that the girl Dumbledore had once seen as the savior of the world, as the one to defeat him, had willingly accepted everything the Dark Lord gave her, culminating in her being pregnant with his child...that truly drove her Dark Lord wild.

As it did her.

The Dark Lord was her everything and there was nothing she would not do for him. Bearing him an heir or heiress? It was nothing.

"How are you feeling, my Lady? And a good day to you, Barty."

Once she revealed her pregnancy to her Lord Husband, he wasted no time ordering her to be guarded at all times. If he was not with her, then either Barty or Bella had to be. If they couldn't, then it would have to be two or three of whoever else were available.

She understood where he was coming from even if this felt a tad bit restrictive, but who was she to deny the Dark Lord this peace of mind?

Lillian smiled at the blonde woman as she was greeted by a respectfully inclined head and Barty gave the Lady Malfoy a nod in return. "Emotionally: wonderful. Physically: fatigued and my breasts feel really tender and sore."

She sat down next to Mrs. Malfoy in the reading room as the elder woman called for the house-elf and ordered it to bring Lillian tea, while Barty was standing guard outside. It was a job below his skills but guarding her and her child was a privilege, so good on him.

"When I conceived Draco, I had no symptoms until I missed my monthlies," Mrs. Malfoy began to reminisce. "After that it really was quite the easy pregnancy too. Considering the many tales of other women, I certainly was not complaining."

"I can imagine," Lillian nodded after taking her tea from Dobby with a glare before she returned her attention to the elder witch. "I won't mind if all I have to complain about will be sore breast and feeling tired."

"That would be quite the wondrous pregnancy, then," Mrs. Malfoy chuckled. "Are you excited to be a mother, my Lady?"

Lillian nodded eagerly. "I have to admit...yes. I am excited about the pregnancy itself, there are no questions but I never really thought about it as my own motherhood," the Dark Lady explained thoughtfully. "However, now, that everything is actually real...yes. I really am looking forward to raise a child. I will raise it to be as powerful as its father and mother are."


Mrs. Malfoy barely began her sentence when Dobby popped back into the room, holding a letter in his hands. "I is sorry, Lady Malfoy but I's have a letter for you," he explained holding it out for her before she took it, dismissing the house elf.

"I apologize, my Lady," the blonde witch said as she was about to put away the letter.

Lillian however waved the apology away. "It is quite alright. You may read it. I know I hate to let them sit without knowing what they say. At least once I started receiving any, that is." She then sipped at her tea after the Lady Malfoy inclined her head in thanks before unrolling the parchment and her eyebrows immediately disappeared under her fringe. "Is everything alright?" Lillian asked as she calmly kept on sipping her tea.

" might want to see this, my Lady," Lady Malfoy replied before handing her the letter.

"Do I now?" Lillian took it after she put her cup onto the small table next to her. Beginning to read, her brows immediately furrowed and suddenly the blonde woman's reaction made sense.


I know we haven't talked in years and I know our views on things are as different as ever. But as the world is going crazy all around us, I don't know whom else to turn to. I have tried to contact Lillian several times but the owls just kept returning. I have no clue where she lives but I am sure you have a means of contacting her. Please, if you can find it in you just tell her that I want to talk to her. Nothing else, no tricks. I just want to talk to her, to understand, really understand how things could have come to...this. If you can find it in you...please. I am begging you. Put our differences aside and show her this letter. Whatever she decides, just write a letter. If she wants to talk, add a date and location.


Lillian rolled the letter up and handed it back to Narcissa before picking her cup again and finishing the rest of her tea. "That man just can't leave me alone. One ought to think that being bonded to his best friend's murderer would have disgusted him enough or scared him enough to finally cut his losses with me."

"What will you decide, my Lady?" Narcissa asked carefully as Lillian leaned back into the comfortable sofa.

"I might as well go. However, I will have to take it up with my Lord Husband first, of course."

"It wasn't necessary for you to return home just for this, my Lord," Lillian said as she was walking down to the Little Hangleton graveyard. "But I do appreciate you taking time out of your schedule all the same."

Glancing at her from the corner of his eyes, Riddle gave her a crooked smile. "I thought it appropriate that the man you belong to would be the one to accompany you here instead of a bodyguard."

"How gentlemanly, my Lord," she grinned up at him, pleased with herself that she drew a chuckle out of him. Looking ahead, she saw the old gates to the graveyard and there he was, pacing between graves and waiting for her to arrive. Lillian sighed at that. "What a pitiful sight."

They entered through the gates and her godfather quickly turned towards the sound of their approaching steps. She had to chuckle at the double-take he did; first at the sight of her in her Coven attire and her staff, then at the sight of the Dark Lord at her side.

"Lillian...I thought you'd come alone."

Lillian didn't speak at first, deciding to show off her devotion and submission to Lord Voldemort instead. He caught on and the hint of an amused smile appeared on his lips. "You may talk," he told her, the smile growing slightly when a growl escaped Sirius. "He is here for you after all."

"Thank you, my Lord," Lillian replied, suppressing her grin as she turned her attention to her godfather. "I have a condition because of which the Dark Lord sees it fit to not leave me be by myself. For this meeting he decided it would be appropriate that he would be my company instead of Barty or Bella."

"And what would that condition be?" He asked her apprehensively.

A cruel grin was making its way to her face as a feeling of giddiness was washing over her. She was so going to enjoy his reaction. "The Dark Lord's child is growing inside of me. I am pregnant with Lord Voldemort's baby, Uncle Siri."

For a moment no one said anything. Then, Sirius laughed. He shook his head in denial. "No. No way. No way."

"If you want I will swear upon my magic that I am telling the truth," Lillian offered, her tone of voice silky sweet.

"Why?!" He asked desperately, sounding on the verge of breaking down. "He killed your parents! He tried to kill you! Why?!"

"Just stop it already," Lillian replied in a bored tone. "It's always the same with you. He killed your parentsthey are Death Eatersyour mother was a muggleborn, yadda yadda. I have no emotional connection to my parents whatsoever. I don't care about James and Lily Potter. The Potter family is dead and they will remain so. James is dead. Lily is dead. Lillian Potter- the god daughter you so desperately clinge to- is dead."He was about to speak but she continued. "You should start accepting these facts instead of...whatever it is you are trying to achieve by bringing up James and Lily's demise every single time we talk."

Sirius had dropped to his knees by now, his eyes staring at the ground. When Lillian looked at him, she didn't see a proud member of the esteemed and prestigious Black family. What she saw was a man who was on the verge of just giving up, a man cursing everything and everyone in his life. She saw a man with only one question going through his head over and over again: how did things end up like this? "Did the Dursleys do this to you? Did they turn you into this monster?" He finally asked her.

Lillian raised a brow at his question before turning to her Dark Lord, who was content with silently observing her and her god father. "May I sit, my Lord? I am starting to feel rather fatigued."

Instead of answering, with a wave of his wand, he conjured her a chair to sit on before doing the same for himself.

"Thank you, my Lord."

"I can't have the mother of my child collapse now, can I?" He replied, his eyes on the pitiful form of her god father.

Grinning at the Dark Lord, she returned her attention to Sirius herself. "That filth...they started it. My entire life in that house was torture. Every day I, a child of magic, was forced to slave away for muggles. Every day I was not slaving away for them I got beaten. With fists, with pans, with rolling pins. And once that fat animal got his first taste of raping me...not on day passed without him doing it again and again. And that whore? She ignored it. She simply ignored her husband raping a child, her niece."


She interrupted Sirius before he could react. "But they merely started what I would become," Lillian continued. "How do you think a child would feel if she laid bare everything she suffered through her entire life to the most esteemed member of the magical society, only for him to say 'nownow my girlI am sure it is not so bad'?" Lillian seethed, her face an angry grimace as she remembered that moment. The feelings of despair, the feelings of betrayal. How completely and utterly abandoned she felt by everyone and everything. A lone girl whose sole destiny was to seemingly suffer through daily pain and humiliation. But she would not accept it. "That day...I broke," Lillian said softly. "I barely spoke to anyone anymore. I continued to silently slave away for the Dursleys, to silently get raped and when I was in Hogwarts, I silently went to classes, I silently did my homework. On the inside, though, I was anything but silent. On the inside I was screaming in rage every second of every day. I felt myself slowly...slip, for lack of a better word. I was going mad." Her voice was soft as she told her tale, but not in a gentle way. There was an edge to the softness which betrayed her feelings as she gave Sirius what he wanted: the whole ugly truth of her. "The first time I actually felt good was when some of my fellow Slytherins attempted to bully me. The usual. Throw homework into the fire, pour ink over the books. But I snapped. I took my ink bottle and smashed it into that kid's face and beat into him. I couldn't really hurt him with my fists but when the ink bottle shattered on his face...I felt so alive with his blood on my hands." A chuckle escaped her. "Dumbledore had to do everything in his power to have his Golden Girl not be expelled. The kid healed up nicely as well. And once I got this brief hint of what it felt like to have power over others, I wanted more, I was aching for it. I got immediately addicted to it. Every moment from that day on I researched either the Dark Lord, his followers or spells and curses not taught in class. I wanted to know why people reacted to him the way they did. And everything started to make sense. I learned the beauty of his ideology. I learned I was no slave. I was no freak. I was no toy for those insects to use. I was better. I was gifted. Magic is power. Muggles are dirt. They feared me so they did their best to snuff me out, but instead...everything that was done to me culminated in one thing: they ignited a raging inferno," she finished and leaned back in her chair as she crossed a leg over the other. "And there you have it. You pestered and pestered, so desperately needing to know what happened to me and I finally gave it to you. Do with it what you will. Where my life is at right is wonderful."

No one said anything for a while. Her eyes were on her godfather, watching him intently. The initial plan in her head wasn't exactly what ended up happening- her telling him basically everything- but in the end it didn't matter. While she was over her past for the most part, having squashed her demons with the greatest man alive guiding her, she didn't need to relive it like that. But in front of her, there was no man who would use it against her, no. In front of her, there was a man broken by life itself. A man who was aimless, goalless. Telling her story did not give him ammunition against her. Telling her story did not make her vulnerable. It was the other way around. Her story had hurt himHer story was ammunition against him. A shell of a man, on his knees in front of her. "You are a pitiful, pitiful sight," Lillian sighed as she rested her elbow on the conjured chair's arm and prepped up her head with her hand.

"My whole life is pitiful," Sirius replied with a hollow voice. "Everything's just...I..." His arms flopped helplessly against his sides. "I don't know..."

"What now?" Lillian asked, an amused smile toying at her lips. "You got what you wanted. You kept asking what made me like this and I finally gave it to you."

"I...I don't know...I honestly don't..."

Lillian scoffed. "There certainly doesn't seem to be a lot you do know."

"Maybe it is time you put this whimpering dog out of his misery, Lillian," the Dark Lord spoke up for the first time in a while.

Sirius chuckled at that, but it lacked any humor. "Maybe, yeah. Though I'm scared to face James and Lily after how I've failed you..."

Lillian stood up from her chair and regarded her godfather with her cold, green eyes. "I'm almost starting to think that putting you down would just be me doing you a favour."

"It's not. Having to look James and Lily in the eyes or having to watch you be...this...I can't tell what's worse."

Lillian moved up to Sirius and crouched down in front of him, looking him straight in the eyes. "It always is about James and Lily to you, isn't it? I think I know what's worse for you." She then stood back up and pointed her staff's skull at him, his head hanging low, not looking at her, before a bright green light illuminated the night.

Chapter Text

Lillian was out in the graveyard, sitting once more on her buttocks with Vara's tome in her lap, her frustration this close to boiling over. Two weeks she had tried that same thing over and over again. Two weeks of no results. Her pride had stopped her from contacting Vara, but she had to admit- and the thought almost made her throw up in her mouth- that she was at her wit's end. She pulled her own bone dagger out from the sash around her waist and drew a small ritual circle into the ground, having it memorized after Vara had drilled it into her for hours on end. She then cut the palm of her right hand and let the blood drip into the circle's centre. The blood bubbled for a few seconds before it stilled.

"Vara," Lillian said in a steady voice and the moment the woman's name left her lips, a toxic green fire burst from the circle, bearing no heat whatsoever. For a moment there was nothing. Then, from within the green blaze, she heard that poisonous, silken voice.

"I hear congratulations are in order."

Lillian's hand moved to her belly without her even realizing it. "Thank you."

"To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Lillian didn't answer right away. She didn't want help and she hated the fact that she did need the help, the advice. She had always managed perfectly fine by herself. But now, here she was, looking for advice.

"Well?" Vara started to sound impatient.

With a sigh, Lillian finally spoke up. "I struggle...with creating a bone golem."

"Do you, now?" Vara cackled, making Lillian growl deep in her throat.


"And what is it exactly you are struggling with?"

"I don't know!" Lillian replied, her frustration evident in her voice. "I am following your tome's guidance to the letter! There should be enough bones t-"

Vara interrupted her, her voice laced with amusement. "Are you using that old, tiny graveyard?"

"Of course!" Lillian replied, "It is the most obvious choice, it is right there."

"Foolish girl," Vara chuckled, her tone so patronizing, it made Lillian's blood boil.

"What is it?" The young witch asked through gritted teeth.

"Have you not done any research on golems? How many materials they actually need? That little graveyard of yours won't even be enough to create a bone apparition."

"You could have just mention-"

"I expect a witch of my coven to think beyond what they are being told or what they read," Vara interrupted her with an edge to her voice.

Lillian, however, was not to be intimidated. "You know very well I do think for myself. Do not insinuate-"

Interrupting her again, Vara's voice was now clearly cutting. "You did not this time, girl."

Biting back another retort, Lillian concentrated on the information she actually needed, though she could not suppress the anger in her voice. "How many materials are we talking about?"

"A small village should suffice. Around a thousand skeletons."

Lillian gaped at that. "A thousand?!"

"What did you expect, girl? A golem is not a small thing to create," Vara scoffed at her.

"I need a bigger graveyard then," Lillian muttered to herself as she looked at the hundred or so graves scattered around this decrepit place.

"Is that all then? I have work to do."

Lillian glared into the fire, irritated at the woman's dismissive tone. "Yes."

And with that, the flame disappeared.

"My Lord," Lillian spoke up as she was getting ready for bed, "I received a letter from Daphne asking for my help."

"The Greengrass heiress?" The Dark Lord asked with a raised brow. "Isn't she your...what is she exactly?"

Lillian chuckled as she slid below the sheets, sighing contently at the softness and warmth during the constantly cooling temperatures. "She is my favourite follower, without a doubt. She will never be one to get her hands dirty and I don't expect her to. She probably will never even kill anyone," Lillian shrugged. "But she is very smart and I want to keep her around to handle more bureaucratic affairs. She would be perfect for that. Her family's connections to magical Britain's black market is a bonus as well. The Greengrass family were who provided me with the items needed to summon my wisp and retrieve your locket, my Lord."

"You seem to have grown attached to her," the Dark Lord said, making Lillian look thoughtful.

"Have I? I'm not sure about that, my Lord but I do admit that I might have a soft spot for her. It probably would upset me quite a bit should Daphne get hurt or die. She was the first to address me as it befits my status. She is also very submissive towards me. I like that."

"She is scared of you."

"Oh yes, she admitted to that on multiple occasions." Lillian grinned at the memories.

"Very well," Riddle said, "then what does she need your help for?"

"Apparently her sister Astoria collapsed during class. Her family healer visited the school once Madame Pomfrey could not diagnose anything and determined it to be the 'Greengrass-curse'; a blood-malediction curse an ancestor of theirs has been killed with."

Her Lord Husband laughed at that. "And she hopes you will find a way to remove it?"


"And what do you think is the right course of action here?"

Lillian shrugged. "I am the Dark Lady, not charity. I don't go about and help with every problem Draco or Daphne or Tracey or Blaise may or may not have, just out of the goodness of my heart."


"But I think it is not a bad thing to have some of them indebted to me in some capacity. And Daphne is due to be rewarded because, after the children's initial rebellion, she was the first to fully submit to me. Not a single time did she step out of line and never questioned anything. She never asked. She simply did as told."

"There you have it," Riddle answered with a nod. "Ruling through fear is good; very good. You assert your power over others through fear. However, rewarding your followers once in a while and showing that you appreciate their dedication to you...that is what actually ensures loyalty. It is a delicate balance."

"So you say I should bother with this?" Lillian asked, both not really wanting to do charity work like this but also interested in that curse.

"Indeed. It might seem like a waste of time now, but in the long run...the Greengrass family will remember."

For the first time ever, Lillian found herself in the Greengrass home. She stepped out of the floo into the guest room, followed by her entourage of three, where Daphne's parents were already expecting her.

"My Lady," the Greengrass patriarch greeted her with a respectful nod, mimicked by his wife, who did the same. "We are honoured...and surprised by your visit. The owl you sent, it didn't mention why-"

Lillian raised a brow at that, her hood not obscuring her face enough to hide it. "Daphne did not tell you that she contacted me? Curious." The blonde's parents shared a confused look, which was answer enough for Lillian. "She contacted me because apparently, a curse cast upon one of your ancestors some generations ago resurfaced in her. She asked if I could help save her sister."

The parents' eyes widened in panic and they both paled instantly. "We are so sorry, my Lady! I don't know what Daphne was thinking, you sure h-"

Lillian interrupted them with a raised hand. "I will look into it."

Mrs Greengrass first didn't say anything before she broke out in sobs, a muffled excuse me escaping her before she sat down on a sofa.

"You will?" Daphne's father asked almost unbelievingly.

"Yes. But don't misunderstand," Lillian continued, holding up a finger. "I don't do this because I have a hero-complex; far from it. I do this because your family, Mr Greengrass, has served me well. You kept your head down, as did your eldest daughter- once she curbed her little rebellion that is. I would even go as far as to say that- after I actually saw beyond that airheaded-blonde-princess-façade- I actually like your daughter. She has a shrewd cleverness about her which I quite appreciate."

"We are glad you think so, my Lady."

Lillian smiled at the Greengrass patriarch. "Now tell me about this curse."

"Of course, my Lady. Please sit."

Lillian went to the couch by the fire and sat down, followed by Mr Greengrass.

"Would you like some tea, my Lady?" Mrs Greengrass asked, still sniffling daintily after she cried in relief.

"Yes, please. Nothing with caffeine," Lillian said, the hand not holding her staff unconsciously on her stomach. "Something like rooibos, mint or ginger would be appreciated."

"Patty!" Mrs Greengrass called and an elderly house-elf appeared immediately. "Rooibos tea for the Dark Lady." Without a word, the elf disappeared again. "Her tongue was removed because she talked back to a guest. The shame was unbearable!"

Lillian nodded in approval. "If a creature does not know its place, then it needs to have its face shoved into it. Anyways, the curse. What can you tell me?"

"Unfortunately not all that much," Mr Greengrass began with a sigh. "We know the curse was cast because of a family feud during the late eighteen-hundred-nineties, but there are no mentions about which family cursed mine or what the feud was about. Neither do we know what the curse is called. All we have is a tracking system to know when the curse disappears or resurfaces."

"Well, that doesn't sound like any curse I have ever heard of," Lillian muttered. "How do you keep track of it? How did your healer identify it on Astoria? The symptoms?"


"And those would be…?" Lillian pressed on while taking her cup of tea from the Greengrass' house-elf

"A frail and weak immune system. A simple cold can be life-threatening for her. It is like one's life-force is very slowly being sapped," Mr Greengrass explained. He obviously ached because of his daughter's fate. Lillian wondered if she would act the same way if something like this were to happen to her own child. She wondered if she had it in her to feel like Astoria's parents did.

"Are you sure this is not a disease passed on through your family? You know, a hereditary disease?" Lillian asked.

"We have tested for all possible diseases, even if none of the symptoms matched. Nothing came up, my Lady. It is the curse because my daughter is not sick. In my family's scripts, there are three more cases describing exactly what is happening to our Astoria."

"Very well," Lillian said. "This certainly has me intrigued now. A most insidious curse, without a doubt."

" will help our daughter, my Lady?"

"I will try," Lillian corrected him. She finished her tea and got up from her seat. "I have no illusions about how difficult a task this will be, considering the lack of, well...everything. I have very little to work with, so don't get your hopes up just yet."

"Of course, my Lady," Mrs Greengrass said this time. "We are glad that you are at least willing to try. We can't ask for more than that."

"Indeed. A good thing Daphne thought of me and my eagerness to dive into obscure and dangerous magics." Lillian grinned before heading towards the fireplace. "I will send you owls should I find anything."

"Bella," Lillian greeted the mad witch, who was chatting quietly with her husband in her sister's guest room.

"Yes, my Lady!" Bellatrix jumped up with a wide grin and held her arms wide open, an invitation the teen readily took. Lillian liked Bellatrix too much. Sometimes, deep down in secret, she wished that Bellatrix would have been her mother. However, she couldn't bring herself to replace her sire with Bella's husband, since she would then lose her Slytherin heritage.

Bella and James...heh, what a scandalous pair that would have been, Lillian thought. She then returned her attention to the which holding her. "I need you to come with me to your family home. Your cousin was stupid enough to give everything that has 'Black' on it to me in his will. He never changed it."

Bellatrix scoffed. "Sirius always was a sentimental fool. But wouldn't it still be under the fidelius charm?"

"No," Lillian grinned. "One thing was added during my last Hogwarts year...he nullified the fidelius contract. Grimmauld Place is ours for the taking but we should still be careful in case Dumbledore and his fools have taken it back."

"Why would he even mention that?" Bellatrix wondered, but Lillian just laughed.

"Because he loved me. Despite everything he still loved, even when I put him down like the dog he was."

Bellatrix scoffed. "Foolish boy. He should have just listened to aunt Walburga."

"His own fault. Now please, let us see if it is safe to go there."

"As you wish, my Lady."

A moment later, she felt as if she were squeezed through a tight tube and before she knew it, it was over. They were standing on a street, only illuminated by street lamps. Bella and she waited a few seconds, but there were no spells shot and no incantations yelled. For the moment, they seemed safe.

"It has been quite some time since I have been here", Bellatrix said and Lillian was almost startled at how...lucid she sounded. There was an air of wistfulness surrounding the eldest Black sister which Lillian had never seen before.

They entered the house a short time later and Bellatrix kept looking around, taking all the memories in. Lillian herself was interested in only one thing. "Could you show me the library please, Bella?"

"Of course, my Lady," Bellatrix said in a sing-song voice before hooking her arm through the younger witch's.

Lillian let Bella drag her through the house, passing room after room, before, at long last, they found themselves in front of a wooden double-door. Bella then opened it, but her grin immediately vanished. "No…"

Lillian was equally in shock. The infamous Black library had been defiled. The shelves didn't even house a quarter of the priceless literature, the library once prided itself in, anymore. "Oh Sirius, I should have made you suffer."

"Not just Sirius. I bet my own magic that it was those blood traitors from the Order. I bet everything!"

"Don't worry, Bella," Lillian said in a low voice, her rage boiling deep down in her gut. "They didn't just spit on the Black family's legacy, they spat on magic itself. And didn't my Lord Husband recently pass a law that the destruction of anything related to magic- items, books, anything- was punishable by death?"

Bella started to giggle at that, obviously slipping once more. "I'll be happy to uphold the law."

Lillian nodded silently, her grip tight on her wand. And I'll have to find research material for golems and Astoria's curse.