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Cipher Psychosis || Bill Cipher x Reader

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Hey guys,

I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read this; it means a lot to me! I've been working really hard on this story, and I really appreciate all of the support and praise I have gained thus far! Thank you so so much! Gravity Falls is my all-time favorite TV show, and I absolutely love the plot, and I adore all of the characters. So, to show my love for the show, Alex Hirsch (our lord and savior) and the fans I wrote this fanfic. Hope you enjoy!

As a disclaimer, I want to warn you all that this fanfiction I have flagged this story as mature. I advise you to leave now if you are underage or if the topics listed below make you uncomfortable in any way. I want to make it clear that I DO NOT support the themes featured in this story. Please be mindful that the mature topics listed may change due to this story being incomplete. So make sure to check the disclaimers regularly since new mature content may appear in the future. Do remember that this story is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken to heart. The predicted age range for this story is +17, but that may change along with the topics listed due to this story being incomplete. However, +17 is the overall predicted age range based on the subjects that are planned to come up in the story. I will not be held responsible for anyone's actions so if you are underage, there's obviously nothing I can physically do to stop you but do remember that this is your decision and I have nothing to do with that. Proceed on your own accord, but I will not be held accountable for anyone's actions.



Mature content:

- Strong language

- Graphic depictions of violence and gore

- Murder/character death

- Masochism/self-harm

- Threats of suicide

- Sexual content

- Minor sexism/patriarchy

- Bullying

- Mental illness

- Stockholm syndrome

- Underage drinking

- Underage smoking

- Implied alcohol abuse/alcoholism

- Implied drug use/drug addiction

- Implied incest

- Implied child abuse

- Implied childhood sexual abuse

- Implied underage sex

- Implied rape/non-consensual sex



These warnings may seem daunting, but this fanfiction was never intended to be sweet or cute. I envisioned this story as exceptionally dark, taking the show of Gravity Falls in an entirely different direction as opposed to just touching upon it like the show does. I got some of the ideas for this story from the unusually dark moments in the show and decided that I would develop that and make this fanfic more adult rated. I've never envisioned Bill Cipher as a good character. There is just too much darkness in his personality and implied backstory. However, no spoilers but don't go thinking that this is a happy story filled with cuteness and 'fluff' (but there may be some).

This story mentions brands that you may be familiar with. However, the names have been edited, so the names do not directly link to any real brands due to trademarking (i.e., Nike = Hike). I changed this after I decided there were too many mentioned brands and I didn't want to risk any legal trouble and raise questions and criticism. So they've been changed! If you wish to know which brand I am referencing leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible.

Additionally, I don't wish to see any arguments or hostile behavior the comments. If this is directed at me or anyone else, then your comment will quickly be deleted. Everybody has three strikes. After that, you will be either muted or reported. That said, coming back to the disclaimer above; I also don't wish to see anybody or anybody's parents complaining about the mature themes. Like I mentioned before, you are reading this at your own risk, so any actions taken by you are your own responsibility. If you don't like this story, then click away and don't read it! Please don't waste everyone's time by complaining. Just like with hostile behavior, I will delete your comment as soon as it arrives. I don't want to sound aggressive, but I just want to make this clear to some people. On the other hand, I'm open to any nice comments, constructive criticism or questions!

Due to this being the AO3 edition, comment moderation is on so I can monitor 'troublesome' comments. Don't worry yourself over it since it's only to prevent people from using vulgar words or writing anything horrible. In most cases, your comment will immediately be approved! Don't be put off from stating your opinion, whether you like the story or not! I will never delete/deny your comment as long as it follows the guidelines listed below. I'm happy to hear your thoughts and whether you have any constructive criticism for me! Feel free to say whatever you want as long as you're being civilized and not wasting everyone's time. Listed below are the guidelines for what could (or in some cases, will) get your comment denied so please be mindful of what you're writing!



Comment guidelines:

- No excessive use of strong language. (Limit strong language as best as you can. Since this is a mature story I will allow strong language but please don't go overboard with it. However, I will not tolerate any extremely offensive words such as the C-word, the N-word or anything similar. If the word is used in the story, I will allow it.)

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- No controversial topics. (This includes political bias, opinions on people in power, religious beliefs, opinions on migration, the age of consent, etc. This can stir up a lot of arguments so please say away from topics such as these.)



Last, of all, I want to note that almost all of the pictures in this story don't belong to me and I do not take ownership of them. I created the cover for this story but the photo featured in the cover I don't take credit for. Credit goes to the original artist!

Gravity Falls is a Disney show that belongs to Alex Hirsch, and Gravity Falls and all of the canon characters belong to him. This story is a fanfiction that is non-canon to the original show with no official link to its original source. The fanfic itself and all of the minor OCs (Original Characters) in this series pertain to me. The real-life characters such as (Name) for example, belong to you, dear reader. The non-canon characters are listed below. Expect to see certain names possibly appear and disappear whenever this page gets updated.



Real Life Characters:

(Name) (Middle Name) (Surname) / Reader

(Mother) (Surname) / Mom

(Father) (Surname) / Dad

YandereswithKnives OCs:

Noah Damien (Surname)

Amelia Rosalina Martell

Alec Crowley

Charlotte Everlast

Karen Ward

Ava Mortera

Louie Redmond

Lillian Vignola

Olivia Dale




Tia Lyons

Skylar Lewis

Jessica Lewis

Abdul Khatri

Jack (Surname) / Uncle Jack

Margret (Surname) / Auntie Margret

Lucy Hellman

Riley Lario

Chris Ardman

Mitchell Marino

Harry Woods

Matt Capone

Howard Lyons


Alec's sister




⚠️Mature Warning! This story contains graphic descriptions of violence and gore, explicit sexual content, strong language, and imitable behavior. This story is not suitable for children or sensitive readers! Predicted age rating for this story is +17. Read at your own risk!⚠️

Cover created by me, image featured in the cover is not mine.
Gravity Falls © Alex Hirsch.
(Name) © You.
OCs © YandereswithKnives.


Text copyright © YandereswithKnives 2018–

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

If you wish to contact me, you can either email me, send me a message through Wattpad or contact me via Twitter.


Twitter: YanderesWKnives

I hope you all enjoy the story, and I'm sorry for putting you to sleep with this!

- YandereswithKnives

Before the summer began, I had plans to go to LA with my dad. I was looking forward to it. However, it seemed he had other plans.

I ended up going on holiday to Oregon to stay with my cousin. I hated the idea that I was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in a town known as 'Gravity Falls.' I didn't like the idea that I was giving up LA for this.

Now, I'm currently sitting in my room. The deplorable wallpaper keeps fading in and out of my view. One minute I see tacky pink roses on a mahogany red background, next minute I see eyes. Eyes that stare at me. But in a flash, it's gone, until it returns again.

I never realized how much of an unlikeable person I was. Back then all I ever did was whine and complain until I got my own way.

And now, nearing the age eighteen-I have matured a bit-but I still whine and complain until I get my own way. However, now people have even more reason to hate me. Now I have a reason to hate myself.

But despite all of this, he gives me recognition and tells me that I've made him proud. He claps, he 'smiles' and encourages me along. But I feel awful, and this responsibility that has been forced upon me is too much to handle and now thanks to him it has been doubled. How can I be the heroine when I'm the villain? I have no clue whether I'm a good person or not.











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