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Ain’t It Fun?

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Moon’s POV


Moon’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her Decidueye (who’s name was Hedwig) carefully put her down at the top step of the Altar of the Moone. Hedwig tilted it’s head at it’s trainer. It was confused. Something had called Moon there. She didn’t know what, but something needed her. 


Sun’s POV


Sun carefully stepped through the dark hallway, his Incineroar at his side. He had a gut feeling that he had to be here. The Lake of the Sunne. His footsteps echoed through the hallway as he walked towards the pedestal outside. Something was waiting for him there. 


Hau’s POV


Hau ran across the bridge to the Ruins of Conflict. His heartbeat grew louder and louder as he got closer to the ruins where Tapu Koko lived. Poseidon (his Primarina) was confused as to why he was going there at first, but it seemed to understand that it wasn’t a matter of why, but who was pulling him towards the great Tapu’s nest. 


Lillie’s POV


Lillie’s legs shook as she entered the Ruins of Hope. Flower, the Venusaur she had received from Professor Oak during her travels in Kanto, looked nervously around the ruins, it’s head turning in all different directions. She didn’t blame it for being scared. She could feel her own heart trying to beat it’s way out of her chest. Something about the ruins where Tapu Fini lived had pulled her towards it, and she was about to find out. 


Gladion’s POV


Gladion knew it was stupid. He had done plenty of stupid things in his lifetime, so this wasn’t the first. The grains of sand stung as the pelted him and his pokemon. Silvally hadn’t made a single noise of protest when he told it what he was doing, but instead nodded it’s head knowingly. Gladion knew he and his friend shouldn’t be so close to where Tapu Bulu’s ruins were. But something in the depths of the Haina Desert was calling him, and he had to see what it was. 


Acerola’s POV


Acerola had not planned to go to the Ruins of Life today. She had gone to Akala island to see her boyfriend Sun, but he wasn’t there. Her Mimikyu was perched on her shoulder, scanning its surroundings in an attempt to understand what it’s trainer wanted. To be honest, Acerola didn’t even know what she was doing in the ruins. She just had a feeling that the reason she was in Tapu Lele’s nest was important.