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Henge Love

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Genma looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders tonight.

“No pretty girls fighting over you tonight Genma?”, the Copy nin teased, eyes peeking at him over the edge

of his book.

“Kakashi. I ..really need someone to talk to. Can you come to my place for awhile? Have a drink there?”

Whatever it is it must be bad. This was far from typical Genma behavior. He glanced around the bar then

looked back at the senbon wielder.

Letting out a small sigh and a shrug, he got up from his seat.”Let’s go.”

Why everybody wanted his advice he’d never know. It’s not like he was happy.

They trudged towards Genma’s apartment, two blocks from the bar.

As they walked, Kakashi asked him quietly,”What is this about Genma?”

“I’d rather talk about it inside.”

The Copy nin nodded, ducking into his friend’s front door, and sitting on Genma’s couch.

Genma sealed the room then went to the kitchen,”Whiskey?”

“Sure.” Kakashi replied, eyes widening as Genma brought a large bottle with two glasses to the coffee table.

“I do plan on making it home after this, Genma.”

“I want you to be too drunk to hit me before I tell you what I’m thinking of doing.”

Oh great, what was it this time? Or rather who.

“Girl trouble then?”

“I’ll say,”Genma sighed, gulping down a glass before speaking again,”I was attacked in my office yesterday

by a very dangerous woman.”

“Who would that be?” Kakashi asked, sipping on his own glass.

“Sakura Uchiha.”

The Copy nin chuckled. Being confronted by a furious Sakura could drive a man to drink and ask for help.

“Just apologize, stay away from her fists and wait. She’s got a temper but it will blow over. What did you do?”

“Nothing yet, and she didn’t make it easy on me.”

Genma could feel the dark glare on him before he ever saw it.When he turned his head to face it he spoke rapidly

before it was too late, putting up his hands in a show of peace.

“This is why I wanted to talk to you! She said she wants me to sleep with her!”

“Bullshit.” A small sentence saying the conversation was over. The Copy nin stood.

Genma looked alarmed,”Where are you going?”

“To talk to Sakura. Now.”

“Please don’t! She asked me not to tell! It’s late anyway, she’s probably asleep.”

“Goodbye Genma.”


Sakura looked at herself in the mirror.The lingerie Ino had helped her pick out was really sexy.

The anticipation of more frequent sex was all over her face. Finally she had spoken up.

Sasuke didn’t want her enough to stay home, but he respected her enough to allow her to feel wanted by someone.

She was surprised at how less bitter she felt now, wishing she would have said something sooner.

Sasuke  loved her, she knew he did, he just wasn't that interested in sex in general.

He couldn't change it anymore than she could. It wasn’t Sasuke’s fault really.

It was hers, therefore something she could control. Once she admitted responsibility for her happiness,

the amount she had was up to her. It was scary at first, but right now it was a wonderful relief.

There was a knock at the door. It was very late. Genma?

She donned her robe just in case and went downstairs. Whoever it was had masked their chakra.

She opened the door a crack and peered out.


A foot wedged itself in the door, the Copy nin behind it.”Let me in Sakura.”

“Kakashi?”, Sakura unfastened the chain on the door and opened it,”Is everything alright?”

“No”, he grumbled, stepping in and sitting at her table.

Sakura locked the door and came over to sit with him, being careful to keep her robe closed.

She’d neglected the tie somewhere upstairs, assuming she could handle whatever it was by opening the

door a crack or letting Genma in so she could take it off.

With one hand clasped at her front she reached out the other to take his, her concerned face asking,”What’s wrong?”

“I just had a talk with Genma at his apartment,” he said, accusation in his eyes.

Sakura held her head high. She’d come too far for this,”And?”

“And he says you want to have an affair with him.”

Sakura said nothing.

Kakashi sighed,”Look, I know Sasuke is rarely home, and everybody has….needs, but..”

“Sasuke understands, and I thought Genma could keep his mouth shut,”she said, releasing his hand and

standing in a whirl of red fabric, revealing a leg with… gartered stockings?

Kakashi swallowed, the brief flash making him uncomfortably warm, suddenly imagining what she could have

done to make his friend consider fucking the dangerous Uchiha’s wife despite having plenty of options.

“What do you mean he understands?”

“He understands I need more than he can give me.”

Alright, then,“Why Genma?”

“Discreet I thought, attractive, I hear the girls talk about what he can do.”

Kakashi's frown deepened,“He’s a lot older than you, Sakura.”

She creased her brow,”So? Most men my age are taken and have families. I want sex, not to be a homewrecker Kakashi.”

He made a last push to change her mind,”You think you can go through with this, that everything will be alright, but it won’t.

Have you already been with someone other than Sasuke? Are you sure you can go through with this Sakura?”

Sakura pushed back, dropping her robe, giving him a determined glare.

”Does it look like I’m scared to you? Go home Kakashi. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

He averted his eyes, but it was too late. He’d seen her shaved pussy, the stockings, the garter belt against her

toned sexy stomach, the shelf bra with her pretty pink nipples, and gotten instantly hard.

He mumbled a quick,”I’m sorry”, before escaping through her door into the night.

Sakura’s stomach flashed with heat. There was no doubt. Kakashi had responded to what he saw.

Feeling more confident now, Sakura bounced back upstairs. She would give Genma hell tomorrow for telling

Kakashi before she bedded him.


Genma arrived at Jonin headquarters the next morning, creeping into his office and shutting the door quietly behind him.

“Genma.” a deep voice said, making him jump inside, turning quickly to the source.

“Kakashi? What are you doing in here?”

“You’re going to spend the day as me Genma, and I’m going to spend the day in here as you until I can talk Sakura out of this.”

Genma sighed sadly,”I take it your talk last night didn’t work? I know you want to protect her Kakashi, but she’s grown.

She’s serious too. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants.”

“We’ll see.” Kakashi handed him his key.”Don’t make me too ashamed tomorrow, Genma.”

Genma winked at him,”You either.”

He left his office in a henge and headed to Kakashi’s apartment.

Kakashi frowned, removing his mask and donning a henge of Genma.

This probably wasn’t his best idea, but he couldn’t come up with anything else.

Poor Naruto would have a heart attack if Sakura did to him what Kakashi had been the recipient of last night.

He didn’t want any of her other friendships affected because of this. Ino probably wanted her to do what she was doing,

tired of her friend being unhappy. If “Genma” rejected her kindly enough maybe she would rethink this whole thing.

An hour later, he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Sakura walked in, eyes lined with kohl and glossed lips.”Are you ready?”

Her body language, the look on her face, screamed that she was.

“For what?”, he asked, feeling unbelievably awkward.There was a beautiful woman in here with him that

expected to be fucked. One he’d seen in a rather lewd costume last night. One he’d refused to touch himself

to the thought of, though maybe he should have based on how he was responding now.

He hadn’t been in a position like this, with a woman who seemed ready to devour him, for too long.

He could always escape before it went too far.

Instead of answering him, she came to stand very close, pretty green eyes looking into Genma’s chocolate ones.

She grasped him through his pants.

”You’ve seen mine. Now I want to see yours.”

Oh no. His body betrayed him as his lovely former student caressed his cock through his pants.

Do something you idiot.

“Sakura. I don’t think I can do this.”

Her brows furrowed in anger,”Why not? Is it because you told Kakashi?”

“No, I..”

“Fine.”, she cut him off. “I have other places to go. Goodbye, Genma.”

He hadn’t accounted for that. He needed more time.

“Sakura wait!”

“For what?”, she questioned, her hand on the doorknob.

“I just..well it’s a little fast is all. I want to start slower.”

“We’re not dating. We’re fucking. If we’re not I’ll just go to Raidou or Sora.”

Neither one of those men would turn her away, nor would he get a drop of information from them.

He needed to touch her or let her go. He inwardly sighed. He was making a horrible mistake.

Maybe he could save her marriage and they would forgive him. Maybe not.

“I want  you.”, he said. “Please stay.”