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Friendship Test 2: The Book of Love and Friendship

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It was a beautiful summer day in the city as Sasha, Sanjay, Jane, Luka, and Joao made it to the museum, and hopped of the black car.

"Thanks for sending us here, Mommy." Sasha called out to her mother.

"No problem, dear." Sasha's mother said. "Call me if you're done."

When Sasha's mother drove away, leaving the kids to walk up the stairs of the museum.

"This is gonna be exciting, everyone!" Sasha jumped excitingly. "I can't wait for another story of the Book of life."

"If you only La Muerte was here." Jane mentioned as she strolled around with her skating shoes.

The kids found the hole in the wall that it was a door of Mexican museum. "So, where do you go now?"

"If only someone else, like La Muerte, was here." Luka hopped.

"You were looking for me?"

The kids whirled around to see who spoke to them. It was La Muerte disguised as the tour guide, Mary Beth.

"La Muerte!" Sasha shouted happily, but Mary Beth placed her finger on the little girl's lips.

"Sshhh. I've been hiding like this from the humans so they won't know that I'm La Muerte." Mary Beth shushed them. "So, can you kids keep this as a secret?" The kids looked at each other, and nodded at Mary Beth. "Thank you. So, why did you kids come here?"

"We came here to hear another story… in the Book of Life." Sanjay replied.

"Well, it's your lucky day, kids, 'cause I reserved a story just for special kids, like you." Mary Beth smiled as she turned on the flashlight, and led the kids into the tunnel. "Okay kids, follow me!"

The kids follow Mary Beth through the tunnels. They were quiet when they travel in, until Sanjay began to spoke, "What kind of story did you reserve for us?"

"I can't tell you. It might spoil the surprise." Mary Beth chuckled as the kids also laughed.

Just then, Xibalba, disguised as Guicho the office security guard, and a white bat with black hair on top of his hat appeared, startling the kids, but not Mary Beth.

"I knew you kids look familiar!" Guicho exclaimed, then picked his white bat with his finger from his hat. "You don't want my new pet white bat to bite you, don't you?"

The little white bat tried to scar the children, but roared at them slightly and silently, and showed her scary face.

"Aww, she's so cute!" Sasha squealed with cuteness.

"Uh, she's does not look so scary." Joao said.

"Yeah, because she's so small and white." Guicho explained as the white bat crossed her arms and glared at her owner. Then, he turned to Mary Beth. "You will get us both in trouble. Ancient rules of administration." Then, Mary Beth kissed him on the forehead. "Well, I suppose I could let you this time again, my Dear."

When Mary Beth and the kids continued to walk, Sasha left behind staring at Guicho. He noticed her as he and the white bat scared her off, and laughed.

Mary Beth switched on the lights, and one of the lights lit the Book of Life, just right at the end. Sasha ran first towards it.

"Oh, can I open it? Please, please please!" Sasha yelled excitingly.

"Go ahead. I bookmarked the story that I reserved for you." Mary Beth said as Sasha opened the book, and followed the bookmark to open the reserved chapter.

"So, are you going to tell us Manolo and Maria's story?" Sanjay asked.

"Nope. This is different, this time." Mary Beth replied. "Because our story is all about love and friendship."

"You mean, love as in 'love story', and friendship as in 'friends'?" Jane guessed.

"Close, but this story will show us about how strong friendship will remain for these characters, even though they are different to each other. Different worlds, different timeline, different personalities, different appearance, but those things… doesn't matter when it comes to friendship. Only the problem is, their friendship was tested. And so, our story begins one year later after Manolo and Maria's wedding, and it's also the Day of the Dead."

It was the Day and the Dead again. La Muerte and Xibalba met again on the roof of a building.

"Aww, another year of the Day of the Dead." La Muerte sighed while watching the humans visited their deceased loved-ones. "It has been very nice when humans visited their loved-ones once a year."

"Yeah, unlike I don't care about it." Xilbalba rolled his eyes, and looked away from watching the humans.

La Muerte eyes widened when she heard those harsh words from her husband. "Ay, Balby, you don't mean that. You're not thinking that humans are still selfish and no pure heart, don't you?"

"Look at these mortals, mi amor." Xibalba pointed the humans down below. "Do you think that they are good, kind, and their hearts are pure? I don't think so. They are cruel and heartless!"

"Not all of them, my love."

"How can you prove that? You've got no evidence, my Dear."

"Oh yeah? You've got no evidence too."

"Then, what do you think about that?" Xibalba pointed at the kid who secretly stole an apple from a store, and ran away."

"How about what do you think about that?" La Muerte pointed the same kid who stole the apple, only to be given to his younger sister who was hungry. Then, the goddess turned to her husband. "Well?"

"Okay, you got a point there, but you still can't prove that mortals are good. That kid stole an apple!"

"Well, that kid stole it for a good reason! He gave to his sister."

"I need more evidence for that, my love. I still don't believe mortals have good inside of them."

"And you don't have evidence to show to me that mortals are cruel

The god couple looked away from each other after that short argument. They don't fight for just the lands they ruled, but also their opinions about mortals. Then, La Muerte has a plan.

"Well, what if I should consider this as a wager?" She smirked.

"A wager?" Xibalba heard that word, and turned to his wife. "Why, you never ask me for a wager before. Just me."

"Hey, you beg because you want to cheat on this game!" La Muerte yelled. "You don't to, my love, 'cause I already set up a wager, just for the two of us."

"What exactly do you have in mind?" Xibalba asked.

"Let me explain, my love. I will send you a mortal tomorrow to your land to stay with you for 30 days. We will observe this mortal's personality if he or she treated you kindly with pure heart. After 30 days, there's enough evidence to prove that I was right about mortals being good." She explained.

"But if that mortal treated me so badly, there's evidence that I was right about mortals being cruel." He added. "So, then, If I win, I will finally rule that Land of the Remembered."

"And if I win, you will…" La Muerte twirled her finger in Xibalba's beard, which he quite literally melted at her touch, until she yanked his beard and growled at him. "You will stop insulting mortals, and that mortal will be your friend for all eternity!

"What?!" Xibalba exclaimed angrily as he rubbed his chin trying to soothe the pain from his wife's iron grip. "I can't do that! Come on. It's the only fun I ever get when express my opinion towards mortals, and I hate mortals, especially humans. I don't want a human mortal to become my friend."

"Then the bet is off." La Muerte chuckled.

Xibalba growled, then smirked as his wife. "Very well, my dear. By the ancient rules..." He extended his arm to her. "The wager is set." Xibalba and La Muerte shook hands, making a deal as lightning strikes in the sky.

Intro (theme music intro)

The Friendship Test!

We've come this far and we're not gonna quit (No way!)
Prepare yourself 'cause we are the elite (Elite!)
We hope this day will never last (Right now!)
And when we're finished we'll be able to pass

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

Let's go!


Agatha "Aggie" Mondejar Galido


La Muerte

Candle Maker

Imaginary teams

Honorary Imaginary teams

Back-up I teams

We trained hard and we're here to succeed

We're only telling you once

Our friendship comes from our minds and hearts

What you see's what you remember
Don't forget ever

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

All the way (all the way)
All the way to the Friendship Test
Na, na, na-na-na, oh
Na, na, let's go!

An unknown person opened his/her drawer, containing a paper and a pencil. He/she wrote a letter to his/her friends to let them know that he'll/she'll be away for a month, and promise to return. The unknown person placed the letter in an envelope, and placed it on his/her friends' mailbox. Suddenly, the envelope has a golden glowing "I" inside of it.

I don't own this song. "Friendship test" song was a parody song from the movie, My Little Pony Equestria girl: Friendship games. The I teams are group of friends from different worlds, like crossovers. Honorary I teams are old and new members who were still in training. The Back-up I teams are just back-up members for emergencies only, and they're still in training. The members can be found in my profile. I hope you like it so far. Pls review