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In our path to hell blooms a spider lily

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The warehouse smells like incense and perfume, the moonlight filtering through the cracks in the wooden walls.

Hui Hai knows neither of you can truly have the luxury of being too loud, just one slip and any of the monks that do nightly rounds around the temple may just overhear. The walls of the warehouse may be sturdy, but they are still too thin to conceal too much.

He waited all day just for this, to have you underneath him just like you are now. During prayer or sermons, all he can focus on is counting the seconds left before you and him can be together again. The monk has forsaken everything he ever believed in, his faith and his teachings, and he couldn't ever hope to crawl back from this abyss he shares with you. He does not want to, either.

You are always so eager, pulling him down to flush your mouth against his own, kissing him with fervent hunger. Your tongue deviously slides over his lower lip and your teeth nibble at it, and he just can never deny you entrance. By now he has memorized the feeling of your tongue inside his mouth, the lithe muscle coating his cavity with your taste, his tongue joining yours by swirling around to taste more of you, too. He often wonders if you give his brother--your husband-- kisses like this, if you cling around him trying to eat him whole, just like you do now to Hui Hai.

Your full breasts press to his chest, bringing his attention to your taut nipples that rub against his skin. One of his hands reaches to grope your breast, catching your nipple between his fingers, pinching and teasing the hardened bud. You break the kiss to let out a soft mewl of pleasure, and the sound goes right to his hard, throbbing cock.

Now both of his greedy hands slide over the curves of your body, your flesh so soft and supple under his touch. To touch you is an addiction, sometimes also a fixation, he likes to imagine his hands burning the traces of his brother away from your skin, even if you will surely be covered by them again.

From your breasts to your waist, to your hips, to your rear, then your thighs...

"Huihai..." You breath out his name, a knowing hint in your voice that shows how you can tell exactly what he is thinking, and taking his hands with your own to place them over your belly, which is already growing swollen. "Don't forget this place, I'm soon to be a month into the pregnancy."

He snorts, he cannot help it. You may be the most devious, shameless woman he will ever hope to meet in this life or the next. But by the holy one, he loves you with all his heart.

"I didn't forget." He replies with a gentle, teasing smile that you both know is fake. "I just don't plan to take away my brother's right to his future child."

"This child may be yours as much as it may be his. I wonder though...which one will it be?" And you laugh, it's a taunting sound. The path of hell is scattered by spider lilies, red like those lips that taunt him so. He has to wonder just how lower into this hole can you drag him anymore.

"Why, any child you carry will be my brother's of course." But the smugness that shows in his gaze doesn't go unnoticed, which only makes you laugh again.

"Don't you want it to be yours?"

Hui Hai doesn't answer right away. Instead he grinds his erection against you, reminding you that even though his words will never betray the mask of complacency he wears, the desires of his body and his feelings, are a different matter.

"Right now, all I want is you." He leans over to whisper against your ear. Oh, what wicked happiness it brings you. Of course, you take this as a cue to spread your legs even further, giving him a view of your dripping cunt, showing him how much you want him too.

He slides his cock in between your slick folds, coating his cock with your juices.

"Then take me."

It's all it takes, he feels all of his will crumble all over again. Almost too eager he enters you, the thickness of his shaft stretching your walls around him. Your reaction is immediate and delicious as ever, your back arches beautifully as you throw your head back with an expression of pure bliss all over your features. With your tight walls clenching around his cock, sucking him into your heat, Hui Hai lets out a deep groan. The feeling of being inside you will always melt all his senses away until all that remains is desire, no matter how many times he's had you. It pains him terribly that he wasn't the one to take your virginity. Of course, that had to his brother, back on your wedding night.

Suddenly that familiar anger swells within his chest, and it's the push Hui Hai needs before he starts thrusting into you.

It's so unfair. I am the one who loves you! So why was my brother the one who got to marry you? It had been an arranged marriage from the start, you are just another duty to him. It's unfair, this world is so unfair. If only my brother would disappear forever!

These feelings were the proof that whatever goodness had ever existed in him, Hui Hai had long lost. But it didn't matter to him, as long as it meant not giving up on his love for you.


"Hui Hai...a-ah!" You cry his name, his cock breaching your cunt and drilling into you with sudden intensity, the tip of his cock hitting your deepest spot again and again. His larger frame pinning you down against the mat on the floor, and he peppers kisses against your neck and down your collar bones.

It doesn't take long before your orgasm starts building up inside you, the arms you had around his neck sliding now down his broad back, your nails digging into his flesh. Soon his name is a mantra on your lips as he keeps thrusting, before you reach your peak.

He feels your walls tighten around him as you ride your climax. To him the sight of your orgasming face, lit in pure ecstasy, is the most otherworldly sight this mortal world has to offer. But it's those eyes of yours, that watch him for a moment with pure love that he feels himself coming undone.

Thrusting erratically, Hui Hai finishes soon after, spilling himself deep into you. A too big part of him wishing that the child you carry is indeed his, that it was his seed that impregnated you, no one else's.

With his arms wrapped around you, Hui Hai and you lay together for a moment catching your breaths. You don't always indulge him with tenderness, but this time you do, cuddling up against him like innocent lovers do. He kisses the top your head, whispering words of love to you, his hand resting against your belly.

But he is not a fool, he knows the spell will shatter before the sun rises again. Tomorrow you will be back to his brother's side, being the proper wife and he the proper monk. But until then, right now, you are his.

The warehouse smells like incense and perfume, the moonlight filtering through the cracks in the wooden walls. And when he is holding you like this, Hui Hai knows that he will keep walking on this path of spider lilies into hell, as long as it's together with you.