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Storks: Junior and Tulip Love Story

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Ever since storks delivered babies again, Junior, formerly co-boss, now the boss of Stork Mountain, and Tulip, the co-boss and Junior's best friend, work so hard to make new babies for the parents who asked them. Although, it was only one year after Cornerstore was gone, there aren't enough storks to deliver babies on time to their parents as they're running out of storks. Some got tired, some got sick from the weather, some have broken body parts, and some are occupied to deliver more than one baby at the same time. So, Junior and Tulip hire more storks, even other types of birds, and one human, who came from another world.

One day, Junior flew inside the baby factory to check if everything's turned out well as he greeted his fellow storks. "Good job, everybody! Looking good! Keep up the good work!" Then, he called the new human who was holding a clipboard and wrote something on it with a pen. "Great work in listing, Aggie!"

"Thanks. Mr. Junior!" Aggie responded with a thumb up.

Agatha Galido was a 22-year-old girl who lives from another world. She has long black hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and wore a white dress, brown fedora with a pink bow in front, black shoes, and glasses. Although, she's 22, her height is like an average size of a 13 or an 11-year-old kid (61.7" [156.7 cm]), almost look innocent and younger than Tulip, but was also as mature as the older characters. Aggie worked in Stork Mountain for five months, assigning each stork to deliver a baby, giving them the babies' addresses, reporting weather conditions, and checking the total number of babies delivered in one day.

When another day is done, all storks return to Stork Mountain, and having the rest time there and take their dinner at the Dinner room.

Junior clanged the glass with a spoon, "Attention! Can I have everybody's attention?!" Everyone stopped eating, and looked at him as Junior cleared his throat. "Thank you. So, as the boss of Stork Mountain, I would like to congratulate all of you for another success of baby delivering!" When they heard this announcement, everyone in the room cheered for themselves and applauded. "Also, I would like Agatha Galido to announce us the results of today's baby delivering." He pointed Aggie, who was eating a sandwich with the other storks between them, at the other table

Aggie stood up, took her clipboard, and walked in front to announce, "Well, Mr. Junior, according to my list, we just delivered 150 babies today! It's a new record!" Everyone cheered and applauded about Aggie's announcement.

"What do you mean 'new record'?" Tulip asked.

"Well, Ms. Tulip, yesterday's result was 120, because some of the storks can't handle the weather, like that guy over there." Aggie pointed the stork that was shivering and wrapped in bandages around his wing, head, and left leg.

"It was hail in New York." The injured stork stammered.

"I know I'm just a new working girl here in this world and in Stork Mountain, but I suggested that we should do something to protect these birds from any bad weather conditions. I don't want them to get sick or hurt." Aggie added.

"Even though you're new here for five months, but I think you might be right, Aggie." Tulip smiled, "And I know just a thing." She showed her new invention. "This is called an Umbrella hat. When birds wear this, it can protect them from getting wet from the rain."

All the storks and other birds nodded with this suggestion.

"Then, it settled." Junior hammered the spoon on the table, it's like they were in a court, agreeing the suggestion.

Later, after eating dinner, Aggie used her ID to open the door, and entered the locker room, where other storks chat around, and checking their lockers. They stopped of what they were doing, and spotted Aggie, waving 'hi' to them. They greeted her nicely.

"Hi, Aggie."

"Great work back there, girl."

"You did an awesome job."

Aggie started to blush as she opened her locker, since everyone knew that she's the only girl/human in the room, but she won't mind, even the storks won't mind. "Oh, guys. You're all nice. I'm just doing my job. Hey, do you have free time this weekend? It's my month-sary of my arrival here, and everybody is invited to my party in my place."

But the storks rejected her invitation.

"Sorry, girl, I promise my wife for another date this Saturday."

"I have to spend time with my kids."

"Family reunion."

Aggie just stared in silent, then shrugged, "Oh, that's fine. I can see that you're busy. Don't worry, I can invite someone else." When she closed her locker, she saw Pigeon Toady below her.

"Nice work back there, bra." He smiled.

"Thanks, Pigeon Toady," Aggie deadpanned. She's not really comfortable with Pigeon Toady around. It's not like she doesn't like him, but he's pretty annoying to her and, according to everyone, he was more of a tattle tale.

Pigeon Toady took out his phone, and showed Aggie a picture of his 'girlfriend' who was a goose. "Check out my girlfriend. She's real, she migrated."

"I thought she migrated last year."Aggie reminded.

"And she migrated again." Said Pigeon Toady. "And…"

"I don't want to know it all." Aggie opened her locker again, and took out her clipboard. "Right now, I need more papers for the list tomorrow and… Holy Rabies! I forgot to tell the boss about the water-bottle suggestion! I better tell him that." She rushed out of the locker room, and went outside to find the elevator.

Meanwhile, just got out from the dinner room, Junior and Tulip walked through the hallway to find the elevator.

"Well, we did a very great job." Junior started to chat.

"Yeah, especially that Aggie." Tulip added. "A girl from another world is kinda… cool, and does a very good at job at this."

"Yeah, she's 22. She's older than you, Tulip, but she looks 13 years old to me, and she acts more childish."

"You read her profile. She doesn't want to be a grown-up, and never acts like any grown adults. She loves being a kid."

Just then, the duo finally found the elevator. Junior pressed the up button. The top floor is where the boss' office is. They entered the elevator, and Tulip pressed the top floor for Junior.

"Yeah, I know Aggie's been like that." Junior continued the conversation. "But she's smart and kind just like you."

Tulip blushed. "You think I'm smart and kind?"

"Yeah, I mean, when Diamond Destiny was made, you decided to deliver her so she wouldn't be an orphan, like you. It was a good choice." The stork smiled.

Tulip twirled a strand of her hair, and blushed. "Thanks, but you also the same as I am."

"What do you mean? I'm not so smart. I wasn't kind to you at first."

"It's true, but. Don't you remember? Hunter ordered you to fire me, but you didn't. Instead, you put me in a mail room. Then, you decided to help me delivering Diamond Destiny, you gave up the opportunity of being a boss by making a million babies, and you saved me and the baby when we fell. I have to say it's not only the smartest nor kind, but also the bravest thing you've ever done. And I never got a chance to say thank you… for everything."

"Um… your welcome." Junior's cheek turned red.

When the elevator finally reached Junior's office, Junior and Tulip walked out of the elevator as they didn't noticed that the elevator goes down. It has to do with someone was going to use it.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow?" Junior asked with an awkward smile. "Because we still make a meeting about the Stork Mountain's 1st anniversary of re-making and delivering the babies again."

"Sure. We should continue working before something happens." Tulip said.

"Like what?"

"Like, I don't know. Something unexpectedly?"

Tulip thought it was so stupid that she told Junior about what she called 'something happen' and 'unexpected'. Nothing is going to happen, except that something will happen between them.

Suddenly, the elevator opened, and Aggie popped her head out, "HEY!"

Junior and Tulip startled as they held to each other.

"Oh, Aggie, it's only you." Junior sighed in relief.

"Sorry for startling you, Mr. Junior." Aggie said.

"Oh no, Junior is fine. 'Mr.' makes me uncomfortable."

"Okay, so you're wondering why I'm here. I forgot to tell you about the water bottle suggestion. If the weather is very hot, like in Egypt, I'd like to suggest that storks should wear a travel belt pouch to put their cold water bottle so they won't get thirsty or heat stroke." She explained.

"Then, we should announce this tomorrow. Good suggestion, Aggie!" Junior exclaimed.

"Thank you, Junior. Well, I must be…" Aggie was about to walk back to the elevator, until she noticed something, "Wait, what are you two doing?"

"Well, we, uh…" Junior and Tulip stammered.

"And why are you holding each other?" The white girl smirked as she noticed that Junior's wings wrapped around Tulip's back, and Tulip's arm wrapped around Junior's back.

"It was nothing, really." Tulip let go of Junior.

"Yeah, we're just startled when you came in." Junior let go of Tulip, and smiled sheepishly.

"So can I come with you?" Asked Tulip.

"Oh, sure." Aggie said as the two girls entered the elevator.

Before the elevator closes, Junior waved 'goodnight' at them, "Goodnight, girls."

"Goodnight, Junior!" Aggie waved at him as Tulip just waved without saying 'goodnight'.

When the elevator goes down, Aggie continued glancing and smirking at Tulip. Aggie was suspicious about Junior and Tulips relationship. Of course, she and everyone knew they're just friends, but Aggie has another thought.

"What?" Tulip was confused why Aggie looked at her like that.

"Are you and Junior friends, Ms. Tulip." Aggie started to ask.

"Yeah, we're just friends." Tulip replied. "And you just call me, Tulip."

"Really? Or more than that?"

"What do you mean, Aggie? What's more than friends anyway?"

"Well, you know…, do you have feelings for him?"

Tulip eyes widened as she blushed, "What? No! That's ridiculous, Aggie! I'm a human, and he's a stork. It could never work."

"But there's no rule of falling in love with someone who wasn't your species, and species doesn't matter." Aggie said.

"How can you explain that?"

"Hello, Tulip, you just talked to a girl who came from another world. I've been travelling through many different worlds for 12 years. I just discovered that love is the strongest feeling in the whole universe. You can't stop it. And, I have a secret: I've been in love with a bird from another world." When Aggie said that, Tulip was shock. Aggie continued the story. "Yep, he was a cardinal flightless bird. He's name is Red. When he hatched from an egg, his parents were not there, and he has anger issues in his whole life. He was sent to Anger-management class, and I was sent there too, two minutes after him. That's how we met. Although, I have the power to transform into a bird, he still won't mind that I'm actually a human, and I won't mind that he's a bird. We still love each other for what we are."

"Love works for you because you two lived in different worlds." Tulip sighed. "Junior and I lived in the same world."

"Oh, come on. In the world of Zootopia, that was another world, Judy was a rabbit, and Nick was a fox. They became best friends after they and I solved a case. But for me, they secretly have feelings for each other. I know they're both predator and prey, but their world is different. They're both lived in the same world. There's also no rule for them to have feelings."

"This is different, Aggie. Junior and I are just friends, and that is final!"

Aggie doesn't want to force Tulip on this or pressure her, not even Junior. If they were just friends, then so be it. "Okay, if that's what you two are, just friends, I respected that." Just then, the elevator door opened. They were sent to a floor with hotel rooms. "Well, this is my stop. Goodnight, Tulip. See ya tomorrow."

"See ya, Aggie." Tulip said as she pressed a button.

When she was now alone in an elevator, Tulip began to think about what Aggie had said. She was right. Species doesn't matter when it comes to love, but Tulip doesn't know if she has feelings for her only best friend, Junior. Of course, they're just friends, but it's been a year since they worked together to deliver Diamond Destiny, and became co-bosses of Stork Mountain. When Junior was promoted as boss, they still stay strong in their friendship.

"Is it true?" Tulip thought to herself. "Am I having feeling for Junior? No, that's impossible, especially for our species. We're just friends. What if—What if Aggie was right? What if we treat each other more than just friends?"