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Hotel Transylvania 2 1/2: The Fangs of Friendship

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An 19-year-old Filipino girl, who wears a plain white dress, a pair of Timberland shoes and glasses, and her hair is long, black and straight, named Agatha Mondejar Galido a.k.a Aggie, who has a life of a kid, was been selected by the government to be a one-month employee of the owner of Hotel Transylvania. Aggie was taken a job as an organizer, organizing the hotel to make more human-y, and a party planner, who's the one who made Dennis' 5th birthday party.

When Aggie first enters the hotel, she was escorted by the Fly. He lets her sit down on a sofa in the lobby and telling her to wait while he'll call the owner of the hotel. Aggie looks around the hotel. She was scared, yet amazed, that the hotel was surrounded by monsters in different species. She wonders why there are no ghosts in the hotel. She was expects that the hotel would be more like her friends/adoptive fathers, Jack Skellington and his adoptive guardian, Jet Skellington's home town, Halloween town, which it was full of monster and ghosts. Aggie suddenly felt bored of waiting and want to take a nap. She dumps her head on a table, embracing her head by her arms and takes a little nap. Once she's about to close her eyes, a man came over in front of her and questioned her, "So do you comfortable here?" Aggie lifts her head and face the man who ask her. Once she did, her eyes suddenly opened so wide that she sees the man who asks her and smiles at her.

It was Dracula.

A pink light flashing in Aggie's eyes. Could it be? It's a ZING! Aggie feels she's in love with a man who could be that handsome. But how could she? She already had a boyfriend and she can't betray him. She's also too young for him. So she tries to calm her down and act normally like talking to a friend.

"So you must my new employee." Dracula greeted Aggie so nicely as he took her hand to help her stand up from sitting in a sofa for too long.

Aggie feels her bones start to shake and made a little squeak, having a romantic excitement. Aggie starts to answer with a big smile. "Yes. Yes, I am. My name is Agatha Mondejar Galido, but you can call me Aggie. I'm from a country called Philippines."

"Oh, you're a Filipino? And human?" Dracula sounded interested


"Oh that's good. I'm Count Dracula. I hope you heard all about me. I'm also the owner of this hotel"

Aggie did know all about him. He's a vampire. She can't believe she has a huge crush on a vampire and the owner of this hotel. It won't be so bad as long as she's stays loyal to her present boyfriend.

"I heard the government assigned you to take a job here in a month. They say you're good on this. So what job do you want to take in my hotel?" Dracula asked as he winked on Aggie.

"Um… an organizer and party planner." Aggie answered shyly.

"That's great! I really need someone to organize this hotel. You see, my daughter is married to a human and have a son, which he is more of a human than a vampire. So Mavis decided to make this hotel more human-y for my grandson, Denisovich or Dennis rather."

Aggie was shocked at this too. She has a crush on vampire, who was the owner of the hotel, plus he already had a daughter, a son-in-law, and grandson. So there was no chance for Aggie to have Dracula since he's a married vampire. She also feels like she's only a fan, but she has crush and a big fan of a vampire is quite the same. So there was no problem for her.

"Oh… all right." Aggie sighed. "So can I meet your wife, your daughter, your son-in-law and your grandson?"

"Oh, my daughter is upstairs in her room playing with Denisovich and her husband Jonathan." Drac explained." And my wife died 123 years."

Aggie felt guilty about this, yet a little happy, finding out Dracula's wife died already. "Oh, I'm so sorry I asked that… wait, a hundred and twenty-three?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you of my age is 539? And my daughter is 125"

Aggie can't believe it again. She was very confusing about her first love at first sight.

Although Aggie already fell in love with her boyfriend because of his personality as the leader of his group, why is she in love with a vampire because of his looks? She remembers that she made a promise that she will never replace her boyfriend no matter what.

"So do you want me take you on a tour in this hotel?" Dracula questioned as he winks on her again.

"Okay." Aggie squeaked in excitement.

Aggie suddenly gets used to Dracula as a friend. She also joins the Drac pack when they took Dennis out to make him a vampire.

During the Drac-pack-road-trip, Aggie heard every conversation that Dracula and his friends talk about.

"You know who could fix the kid in a snap, Vlad" Frank suggested to his friends about it.

"What? We don't need to call Vlad." Dracula said in disapproval way. "We've got this."

"Hey!" Aggie interrupted. "Who is this Vlad you're talking about?"

"Oh, he's…" Wayne tries to explain but Dracula cuts him off by covering his mouth so quickly.

"Uh… someone I know, Agatha." Dracula explained. "Don't mind him. Why do you ask?"

"Because when I was in the Philippines, every Sunday, I watch my favorite vampire comedy show. There was my favorite character. He's name is also Vlad, who married a human and had a son name Victor."

"That was a nice show, Aggie, but I don't want to talk about Vlad right now."

"All right." Aggie sighed.

At the family dinner, Aggie accompanies Drac while he welcomes Johnny's whole family.

"Isn't it nice to have the whole family together?" Linda asked out loud. "Mavis, do you any cousins or fangles in your family?"

"No, it's just been me and dad." Mavis answered.

"I never did asked how you lost your mom."

"Oh, she was killed by angry humans. But there is my Gandpa Vlad."

"Oh! You have a grandpa?"

"Wait." Aggie surprised as she joins the conversation. "Vlad was your grandfather?"

"Yeah." Mavis answered. "And he'll be at the party. I invited him"

Dracula spat his drink right on Linda's sleeves. "You invited him?!"

"Dad, he's never seen Dennis or Johnny." Mavis explained. "I wanted to them to meet once before we go."

"Sure. Great. Peachy. Good ol' Vlad" Dracula smiled nervously. "Yes, Grandpa Vlad will be so happy when he sees the big masquerade party Johnny, Aggie and I have planned."

"Whaaat?" Johnny and Aggie were confused.

Dracula froze everybody else at the table except for Johnny and Aggie. "Play along. It's my dad."

"You have a dad? That's funny." Johnny grinned.

"Vlad is your dad?" Aggie giggled. "Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Listen to me!" Dracula commanded in a serious voice. "My dad cannot know you two are humans, or any of your family."

"What? But Drac, I'm proud that we-" Johnny tried to explain but he was cut off.

"Or he'll steal your families' souls, and eat your backpack!"

Johnny looked worriedly at his backpack but Aggie laughed a little. "Oh guys. I still want to meet Vlad. I'm such a big fan of his."

"Or he'll drink your blood, and eat your clipboard!" Dracula yelled at Aggie who gasped and looked at her clipboard worriedly.

She and Johnny understood right away that Dracula had a point.

Dracula unfroze everybody and Johnny made his announcement. "That's right, gang. Drac, Aggie and I just decided we're going to make the birthday a monster masquerade party!"

"Really?" Mavis felt skeptical about the idea.

"Oh, that's lovely. Sort of like a last hurrah before Dennis gets to be with normal people!" Linda, on the other hand, loved the idea.

"I couldn't have said it better." Dracula mumbled.

"Couldn't have been better if you didn't give your kid his happiness." Aggie whispered and gritted her teeth with anger.

"What was that, Aggie?" Mavis asked when she heard what Aggie said.

Aggie blushes as she covers her mouth with her clipboard and said, "Nothiiiiiiing!" she runs at full speed to escape from the families.

Dracula puts Aggie in charge to plan Dennis' birthday as a masquerade party. Aggie disguises herself as a white lady that only wears a white dress from neck to bottom of her feet (the most popular ghost in the Philippines), it's her favorite Halloween costume. In order for her to dress to dress up like a real ghost, she took off her glasses. She can still see without her glasses, but a bit blurry sight, and unable to read far away.

She comforts Dracula by rubbing his shoulder to calm him down from worrying.

At that moment, Johnny came over to them in his costume.

"So, what do you think?" Johnny asked.

"This is your vampire costume? What are you, nuts?" Dracula was disgusted.

"I ordered it online! It was the only place that delivered overnight." explained Johnny.

"You look like you've got a baboon's butt on your head," Dracula criticized, while Aggie holds her laughter. She think's Dracula's criticism is very funny, "Have you at least practiced your voice? You can't just talk like a hippie."

"I'm not a hippie," Johnny retorted, "I'm a slacker."

"Talk like a vampire!" Dracula insisted.

Johnny changed his tone to sound like Dracula. "My name is Count Jonafang! I am a vampire."

Dracula was not amused, and Aggie is still holding her laughter. "Okay, vampires don't go around saying, 'I am a vampire.'"

"Sorry." Johnny tried again. "I am Count Jonafang! Bleh, bleh-bleh!"

"Are you kidding me?" Dracula grunted.

Aggie releases her laughter and stomps her foot with enjoyment. She finds Dracula and Johnny very funny.

"I'm sorry! I'm nervous!" Johnny whined.

"Hey, I'm nervous too, you know!" Aggie tried to cheer Johnny up.

"Yeah, listen, if you think I don't like it, you definitely don't want to say 'bleh, bleh-bleh' in front of my father." Dracula warned.

"Sir, Master Kakie has arrived." The suit of armor announced, presenting the man who played Kakie on TV. He was a dull looking man with a big costume bag, looking bored and tired.

"Oh, hey. Drac, this is Brandon, aka Kakie. We got him for Dennis." Johnny made the introduction.

"Nauseated to meet you," Dracula greeted with non interest.

Aggie greets too by bowed down with politeness, like a lady.

"Hey, man." Brandon greeted dully. "When does this happen? I got a book fair in half an hour."

Suddenly the door to the ballroom suddenly burst open, revealing Vlad. "All right, where's my vampson?"

The room was immediately quiet. A monster had dropped his champagne glass to the floor.

Suddenly, when Aggie first saw Vlad, a pink light flashed in her eyes again. Could it be? It's a ZING! Again! Aggie feels like she's in love with him, just like she's in love with Dracula before. Aggie thinks that she's in love with both vampires, who are older than her, already married, and widowed, and have kids. It's very complicated for her to have a huge crush on two vampires, who are father and son.

Dracula, having seen his father come in, sighed in exasperation. "Oh, please. Still have to make a dramatic entrance." He shielded Brandon from view and shouted across the room in a cheery voice. "Dad! Look at you! Ho, ho!"

"So you run a hotel, now?" Vlad scoffed. "From Prince of Darkness to King of Room Service."

"Yes! So good to see you!" Dracula chuckled nervously. "I'll be right with you!"

Aggie is frozen like a statue, then she snaps out of it and whispers to Johnny, "Jonathan, I think I have a funny feeling."

"What is it, Aggie?" Johnny asked quietly.

"I don't know. When I look at Drac's dad, I feel like..."

"Like what?"

"Like... I still don't know." Aggie then whispers to herself away from Johnny's ear as she looks at Vlad, "He's quite charming."

"What was that, Aggie?" Johnny almost hear what Aggie said.

"Nothing." Aggie grinned sheepishly.

Dracula shoved Brandon out of sight as he whispered to Frank. "Keep Vlad away from the humans... and Mavis."

Frank saluted, with a mouth full of fish pizza. "I'm on it!"

Mike and Linda staggered over to Vlad, still acting like zombies.

"Oh! Now that is a neat costume." Linda complimented once she saw Vlad.

Vlad leaned in towards her hair and sniffed her with his long nose. "These two smell funny." He said suspiciously.

"Oh! You're European. It's called deodorant." Linda said ignorantly.

"Nothing like insulting an entire continent, Linda," Mike said annoyingly to his wife.

Frank quickly pushed his way between Vlad and Johnny's parents. "Hey, Count, how goes it? I'm Frankenstein. Actually, I'm technically 'Frankenstein's monster' you know, Frankenstein, he's the doctor who..."

But Vlad waved him off, trying to ignore him. "Would love to hear more. Call my people."

But Frank refused to give up in distracting Vlad. "So let me introduce to some of your son's other buddies." He took him over to Murray, who was kissing a female mummy's hand. "This is Murray..."

"AAAH! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Murray regained himself and introduced himself. He acted cool, but sounded crazy. "Uh, I mean, yo, V! What's up?"

"Talking toilet paper - well, that's a new one." Vlad shrugged.

Frank and Murray slouched in embarrassment. "Alright, where's the kid? That's who I want to meet," Vlad asked impatiently.

"Johnny!" Frank called him over.

Johnny was very much afraid of the older vampire as he came over.

"This is Dracula's son-in-law." Frank introduced Johnny to Vlad.

"I am Count Jonafang! Blah, blahhh blacksheep. Have you any wool?" Johnny did his best accent, while Aggie elbowed him for almost saying the word "bleh," but he shrunk back in fear as Vlad leaned forward with a glare.

"What's that thing on your head?" Vlad asked, looking at Johnny's fake hair. "Looks like my grandmother's boobies."

Johnny, Frank, and Murray laughed awkwardly.

"Not funny," Vlad growled, "Your generation is sick."

"Ha! That's very funny!" Aggie laughed so hard, she showed herself to Vlad.

When he looked at Aggie closely, Vlad eyes widened as little tears came out from his eyes "Amaia?"

"What?" Aggie asked in confuse as she looked around and looked at Vlad. "My name's not Amaia."

"My apologies." Vlad apologized as he secretly wiped his tears from his eyes with his fingers. "Who are you exactly?"

"Me?" She stammered, "I'm, uh... White Lady!"

"White Lady?" Vlad never heard of this kind of monster.

"Yes! I'm a ghost from the Philippines. We come from humans who are dead, but I was born a ghost." Aggie explained with a big smile with romantic excitement on her face when she realizes that she was actually talking to Vlad, who she was confused of earlier. "I was also allowed to be touched."

"Good to know." Vlad smiled at Aggie.

Just then, Dennis came running up to Johnny.

Johnny picked up Dennis, asking in curiosity, "Daddy, who's the man with the funny face?"

"Oh, Dennis. You're very lucky." Aggie sighed. "This is your great-grandfather, Vlad."

"Is this the kid?" Vlad asked, pointing to Dennis.

"Heh, it sure is," Johnny said with a nervous smile.

Vlad gave his best friendly smile to the little boy as he said to Dennis, "Let me see those fangs."

In a sudden swift movement, Dracula scooped up his little grandson and embraced him tightly to his body, trying to shield him from Vlad.

"What're you doing?" his father asked in confusion.

"Oh, I just love him so much, I want to hug him," Dracula tried to cover, "Right in the fangs, that he has."

With a wave of his bony hand, Vlad telekinetically levitated Dennis out of Dracula's arms and to his face and said sternly, "I repeat, let me see those fangs."

Unsure of what was going on, Dennis opened his mouth wide and Vlad peered inside hard to look for fangs. Dracula, Johnny, and Aggie braced themselves. Vlad glared at Dracula and Johnny with a raised wispy eyebrow after finding no trace of fangs. Dracula gave a nervous grin, while Johnny quietly gulped, and Aggie bit her fingers, thinking something bad is going to happen.

"Ah, he's a late-fanger," Vlad said with a wave of his hands in amusement, "Just like you."

"Yes," Dracula laughed nervously as he pushed Dennis back down to the floor, "Just like me."

As soon as Dracula put Dennis down, the little boy ran off to play with a werewolf pup being ridden by a Gillman kid. Aggie waves goodbye to him.

"The big shot here was a little crybaby alright," Vlad teased, making Dracula and Johnny laugh nervously, but Aggie was the only ones who laugh for real, thinking it was pretty funny, and Vlad pointed to Dracula with his thumb as he continued, "He used to pee in his bed."

"Okay, Dad," Dracula groaned with a slump.

"We just need to scare the fangs out of the kid," Vlad decided.

"Hare ha hangs?" Johnny stumbled over his words.

"Scare the fangs?" Aggie asked confusingly as she raised her eyebrow with confusion.

"Yep! It's what I did for Mr. Tough Guy here." Vlad gestured toward Dracula who continued to frown. "First, you got to possess something the Late Fanger finds sweet and innocent..." Vlad demonstrated by possessing a green balloon before making it sprout sharp points, "...then you show them what's what and..." The spiked green balloon burst at Vlad's control. "POP!"

Dracula, Johnny, and Aggie watched with gasps of horror.

"Trust me it'll scare the fangs right out," Vlad said with proud certainty, "Right, Drac?"

Just then, Brandon came over, dressed up in his Kakie costume. "Seriously, guys. If I'm late for the book fair, I'll miss the street fair." And he walked off towards the stage.

"That's your guy." Dracula told his dad that Kakie is what Dennis found sweet and innocent.

Vlad chuckled wickedly before trailing after Kakie like a predator stalking its prey.

"Possessed?!" Johnny gasped, "But Dennis will be so upset."

"Yeah!" Aggie agreed with this in a pity looks.

"Don't you get it?" Dracula asked as he turned to Johnny, desperation colored his pale face, "If this works for Denisovich, Boom! He's a vampire, and you all get to stay here!"

"Alright, alright," Johnny said defeated, "Uh, capishe."

"Good call," Dracula told him.

During the party, Aggie watches the whole scene about possession and fear. When Kakie was being possessed, Aggie can't stand seeing it due to Johnny's nervousness when she sees him like that. Emma, on the other hand, watches the possession in terror.

Kakie then suddenly started shooting out real cakes from his mouth like cannonballs, hitting the faces of monster party goers with near pinpoint accuracy as everyone became pelted and covered in icing and cake crumbs, even all three of Dennis' cousins who groaned in pain, but it served them right for their bullying Dennis.

Aggie was also being hit, but when she saw a half-part of the cake that has three candles on top of her head, she gasped and screamed, "MY HAIR!" She was pretty upset when her hair gets covered with icing. She really wants her to be long, clean and straight for next Halloween as a white lady.

Dennis suddenly hugged closer to Dracula in fear.

"I'm scared, Papa! What's happening to Kakie?" Dennis asked frightened.

Dracula unsure of what to do as he hesitated to even hug his grandson; he gave a conflicted look to Emma who looked back at him with a pleading look in her eyes to stop this.

They watched the possession of Kakie the Cake Monster worsen as he rapidly transformed into Kakie the Cake Demon as he bulked muscles, his eyes glowed a demonic green and the cake prop on his head became real fire, and he threatened in a deep demonic voice to the birthday boy, "You don't eat cake! CAKE EAT YOU!"

"No!" yelled Dennis.

He clung tightly to Dracula, and he held him close as he momentarily shut his eyes. He couldn't watch his precious grandson suffer any longer.

"STOP IT!" Dracula yelled loudly, as with a wave of his hand blue mist shot forth and the possession of Kakie was rapidly lifted, returning the monster costume to normal, except he still floated on stage.

Vlad gasped in surprise at the sudden interruption.

"What just happened, man?" Brandon asked in annoyance, "I'm out of here." He then started 'swimming' off the stage as he complained, "None of these parents better review this on Yelp."

After that, Johnny notices Aggie crying about her hair getting messed up. He patted her shoulder and said, "Sorry about your hair, Aggie. I know it means a lot to you as a white lady."

Aggie was actually smiling while crying without tears, and whined to Johnny, "That's okay. I'll just go to the restroom. I'll be right back." While she left the party, Aggie removed the cake from her head, and drops it to the ground.

When Aggie exited the restroom, she wipes her face with a towel when she washes her hair to remove the icing from it. When she got back, she only caught up the scene where Vlad say this.

"If you didn't stop me, my great-grandson wouldn't have to be a whimp his whole life." He then gestured to Johnny. "Like Shrumpy over here."

"A Whimp?!" Johnny yelled angrily, having had enough of the elder vampire's arrogance.

"Johnny, be cool," Dracula told his now angered and insulted son-in-law, but Johnny didn't listen as he climbed up onto the stage right in front of Vlad.

"You want to throw down, Old Man?!" Johnny challenged, and did karate moves as he shouted, "Certified yellow belt since 1997." He suddenly threw off his ridiculous powdered wig, revealing his shaggy red hair, and held up his hands in a fight ready position.

Dracula yelled worried, "No!"

"What's this now?" Vlad said with surprise and growing shock, "You're not a vampire?"

"Uh...bleh?" Johnny moaned with a shrug, losing his daring courage.

"Of course he's human," Mike said, now in the fight as he embraced his wife, "He's our son. You think we're monsters?!"

Mike and Linda wiped off their makeup, revealing their true faces, further shocking Vlad.

"YOU!" He pointed an accusing finger at Dracula. "You let your daughter marry a human, and have a human kid?! Why don't you just put a stake through my heart!" Vlad did a stabbing gesture to his chest.

Dracula gestured to Johnny's family, and Aggie as tried to reason with his father, "We don't hate humans anymore, and they don't hate us."

To help Dracula stand up to his father, the rest of humans, Johnny's siblings and Dennis' cousins, all removed their makeup or masks to reveal their true nature. Even Aggie has no choice but to remove her hair behind her ears and puts her glasses on.

"You're a fool!" Vlad snapped at his son.

But Dracula snapped back at his father, feeling empowered, "Your great-grandson is the sweetest, kindest, most special boy I've ever met, and if you can't give him the love he deserves because he's half human, then YOU'RE the fool!"

Mavis observed this scene. Touched by her father's defense of her son. Tearfully, she ran to him and threw her arms. "Oh, daddy!"

Seeing the whole scene, Aggie felt sad when she found that there is one thing missing in this family; Acceptance. She plans to tell them about this, but she was afraid to join the conversation that is only for families, which she's not part of it, yet.

Dracula and Mavis broke from the hug, just as Johnny voiced out that Dennis was nowhere to be seen, and they looked around for the little boy.

"Dennis!" Johnny called out his son's name.

"Dennis?" Mavis did the same, with a face of worry.

Aggie also looked around worryingly when she found out her new friend was gone.

Back at the hotel, everyone was searching frantically for the missing birthday boy.

"Dennis!" Murray called, along with many other monsters and family members as they searched for the child.

"Denisovich!" Dracula called out sick with worry.

"He's not in his room," Mavis told him.

"He's not by the pool," Wayne informed them.

"He's not in this pot of soup," Frank said awkwardly as he set down the soup pot he had been drinking from down.

"Where could he be?" Dracula said in devastation as Vlad walked up to him and Mavis.

"I don't know why I ever invited you!" Mavis shouted at him in angered regret, making Vlad shrink into himself and frown more.

Upon seeing this, Aggie was secretly disappointed at Mavis when she yelled at her grandfather. Like most children and grandchildren, it's not right to yell at people who are older than younger ones, especially to grandparents, even when it was unintentional. Like in Aggie's country, most people have anger issues to those people who are older than them, and they didn't get along. Aggie doesn't want her friends to have that issue, especially to herself. But she doesn't have time to tell Mavis that, she joins the search party to find Dennis.

Once the search party is over, Aggie arrive in the scene where Dennis was now a vampire, and Dracula and Mavis help him fight Vlad's bat cronies. Aggie finds the Dracula family so cool in fighting, especially when they used their powers, just like her friends/teammates. Because of her distraction about the family's pure coolness, Aggie didn't notice that a few bat cronies readied to strangle her from behind, but Dracula saved her by fighting off the cronies.

"Aggie, what are you doing?! Snap out of it!" Dracula shouted at the helpless girl, "We should hide if we want to stay alive!"

"But, I want to help!" Aggie volunteered, but she saw another bat crony, ready to grab her with its feet. Aggie quickly ducks before she got caught. She, suddenly, changes her mind in panic and said, "You know what? I'll hide."

Aggie quickly hides behind the trees, but some bat cronies found her and ready to harm her. With a new found of bravery within her, Aggie lets out her pair of fairy wings at her back, that are look like Tinkerbell and Periwinkle's wings (Aggie is related to Tinkerbell and Periwinkle in wings side), and flies off to fight the cronies. With the fighting moves that her friends (The Penguins of Madagascar) taught her for a long time, Aggie fights the cronies with hand-to-hand combat and karate moves with her full strength and strong muscles like her other friends, the Powerpuff girls. Then, Aggie transforms into her half-pony form, her ears change into pony ears, wings change into Pegasus wings, and a pony tail appears at the bottom part of her dress. She grabs one of the bat cronies' feet with her pony tail, and smash it on another bat crony. Then, Aggie transforms into half-mariposa (her Combo ñino animal transformation). When her pony ears, Pegasus wings, and pony tail disappear, two antennas growing from her head, and her wings are now white butterfly wings with black circle in each part of her wings. She flies around the bat cronies she faces, making them pile up in one. The bat cronies shrieked that they're trap by the half-mariposa. And finally, when Aggie finished piling the cronies, she raises her hand, and cried, "BALL OF LIGHTNING!" A ball surrounded by lightning appears on Aggie's hand, and fires it towards the bat cronies. The ball hits beneath the cronies feet, causing it to explode, and making the bat cronies fly away from the scene in fear.

Realizing her work is done, Aggie transforms back to her human form, and whistle casually, and continue watching the fight scene, where Dracula, Mavis, and Dennis fight the bat cronies in final showdown.

After a conversation about Dennis being a vampire was shared between Dracula and his brave grandson, Aggie appear in the scene, with Aggie pretending that she didn't join the fight.

"Hey guys," Aggie squealed nervously at Dracula and his family, "You guys are so cool! I wish I could fight like you."

"Well, you only just sit there and watch us fight." Dracula stated in sarcasm.

"Yes, yes I did." Aggie lied as she smirks.

Dennis was suddenly pounced on again out of his Papa Drac's embrace by Winnie and she started licking him vigorously again, making him giggle, and everyone cheered again.

From behind a thick patch of gathered bushes, an enraged and livid Bela saw the happiness unfolding, and it disgusted him. He wanted revenge now. He grabbed a nearby sharp branch that looked enough like a wooden stake, and leaped out to stab at the nearest human, Johnny.

Johnny flinched and tried to shield himself with his arms, but when Bela's stake was mere inches from Johnny, the giant lead bat crony was suddenly immobilized in a thin cloud of red tinted black mist, making everyone look to see Vlad with his arm out stretched at his traitorous minion.

"Don't ever come near me or my family again," Vlad warned with finality as he made a gesture with his long gnarled fingers and Bela suddenly shrank down to the size of a harmless rat.

Dracula gave a laugh as Vlad joined his son by his side with a smile. "Daddy," he said to his father with a new found growing respect, admiration, and love, "You just saved a human."

Vlad gave a fatherly laugh as Dennis jumped up into Dracula's arms again and hugged him.

"All this pressure about when the boy's fangs were coming out," Vlad said humorously, and waved it away, "Who cares. Mine came out years ago, look."

Vlad suddenly yanked out his own fangs, dentures covered in drool snapped in his palm, grossing out his son and making Dennis laugh at Grandpa Vlad's cheekiness.

After the long party, Aggie went back to her and her friends' HQ. She puts her bag on the floor, and stretch her body, feeling very tired with all the party plannings, the road trip, and the fighting. When she yawned a little, she saw her friends rush to her, and hugged her.

"Hey, Aggie!" All of her friends greeted her and hugged her in a group. Each of her friends questioned her.

"How's the hotel?"

"How's the party?"

"Who's the hotel manager?"

"Is he or she has a family?"

"Are they cool?"

"Are they fighters like us?"

"Did they hut you?"

"Are they friendly?"

Aggie's mind wandered, thinking of what she'll gonna do next. During her work in the hotel, she observes Dracula's family of how they love each other, and accept for who they really. One of them hasn't yet, but after realizing how humans change for the past years, Vlad finally accept them, even his family who also has their human heritage. Aggie also observes the family's powers and fighting skills. They were so cool! She really wants to learn those powers. Even if she wants to be trained, she still wants to be friends with the coolest family she'd ever met. She now dreams of becoming one of them.

Then Aggie has an idea, and called her friends, "Guys, take a note of this. I'm going to have a mission next month. I called it 'Operation: Being part of the coolest family ever'!"

Aggie's friends were confused about this, but they shrugged and obeyed her orders.