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Christmas Calendar 2018 - Smut Version

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I fell down on the bed with a tired but pleased sigh, finally having finished filling all the stockings and put them in the basket for our small christmas party we were going to have with our friends weeks from now. Some may say it was a bit early but in my family we’ve always been finished with gifts before December came because then we could enjoy the month so much more without the stress of gift shopping. Soonyoung had been all on-board off of it luckily and glad that our group of friends had agreed to gift each other a stocking each that costed no more than 3000 won for our small christmas party before everyone parted ways for the holidays to celebrate christmas with your family and loved ones.

This was one of the years we had agreed to celebrate christmas with my family in Australia, so we had slowly but surely began to put away stuff to have in our suitcases so we wouldn’t forget it or it would be sold out when we truly went shopping for the trip, luckily our tickets had been booked since two months prior. I was looking forward to spend Christmas as well as the New Years with the family back in Australia, it hadn’t been easy to get that time off from our companies but it was all worth it since we would be able to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I crawled up a bit on our bed, just enjoying the soft covers and snuggling my face into Soonyoung’s pillow which smelled like him and his aftershave. I shivered a bit as a cold breeze came from the opened window, letting in the cold, crisp december air to cool our overheated room a bit and twinkled my toes in the direction of the window just to feel the breeze. I heard Soonyoung finish up in the bathroom, turning off the sink and moving around a bit before his footsteps began to walk in the direction of our bedroom. I didn’t move or stop with what I was doing, if anything I snuggled a bit further into his pillow as I waited for him to join me and ask me to move to my side of the bed. Soon enough his footsteps padded into our bedroom and he walked to his side side of the bed where I was currently lying.

“Hey, Chaeyoung.” I hummed in response, hiding a smile into the pillow as I acted as if I hadn’t just claimed his side of the bed. “Hope you don’t mind getting a gift early.” I knew, I just knew that tone of the voice which was up to no good so I didn’t turn to him just yet.

“I wouldn’t but why now?” I asked suspiciously.

“Let’s just say, it seemed like a good day to give this to you.” That did not cease my suspicions at all and when I rolled over to see what he was up to I stared incredulously at his hard dick. Which was put in a christmas stocking. I blinked at it, looking up at him then back down at it and began to laugh. “Hey! Come on, don’t laugh at my gift! Do you know how much hard work I had to put into it.” He joked which only made my laughter grow instead of ceasing it.

“Y-Y-You idiot!” I laughed, wheezing for air and clutching my stomach which had begun to ache. I squealed with even more laughter as he pounced on me, he was laughing too as we wrestled against one another for a while before it ended up with me lying against his side. My head was on his shoulder, a hand on his rising chest while one of his hands was in my hair and we both begun to calm down from our laughing session. As the laughter began to die down I looked at his cock, still hard and ready in the stocking which had me giggling for a moment before I reached down and gently squeezed the head of it making Soonyoung groan in pleasure. “You’re such a weirdo.” I said fondly, looking up at him as he looked down with a sheepish grin.

“I couldn’t help myself, it was all just too funny not to do it.” He explained and wiggled a bit to get more comfortable. “Come on, let’s go to sleep.”

“But… What about my gift?” I said, trying to sound as serious as I was but a hint of amusement laced the question because really, he had put his cock in a stocking as a gift, only something he could try and pull of really, which made me love him even more.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t expect you to do anything about it so don’t worry, it will die down eventually.” He said as he reached for the sheets but I stopped him which had him looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. “Chae?” I blushed a little, biting my lower lip for a moment in thought before I sat up properly.

“Well… What if I want to open my gift and s-s-see if it’s too my tastes?” I said, trying to sound sexy but really, it was just as cheesy and bad as his gift in the stocking had been if the look of amusement said anything on his face but I didn’t mind it. We had discovered early on that humor while having sex didn’t make the experience any less romantic or comfortable, if anything we felt more comfortable when humor slipped in and we truly just enjoyed ourselves.

“Well, go ahead and open it.” I shuffled down on the bed, looking at the stocking covered dick for a moment before lightly running my fingers up and down on the clothed erection.

Soonyoung didn’t reacted until my hand encased around it and squeezed, he let out a deep groan which increased as I went up and down with my hand on it. It felt weird to give him a handjob while he was wearing the stocking but it didn’t cease my growing arousal, especially not when I began to play with his balls with my free and and was that the top of the stocking began to grow wet as it wasn’t one of those stocking made with thicker material. I pinched the top of the stocking, slowly pulling it off and watched enthralled as the veiny, wet appendage was revealed and my boyfriend whined at the sensation.

Once free from the stocking I could grip his dick much better, I took hold of his dick and got surprised when he thrusted up into my hand as I did so and felt a blush creeping up on my face. It didn’t matter how many times we’ve made love, I always blushed and felt a bit shy whenever we did it but Soonyoung never made fun of me for it nor was he put off with the fact that I wasn’t much of a seductress, quite the contrary thankfully.

So I began to stroke him slowly, gentle at first and admired the way his taunt, lean muscles from all these years dancing rippled as the pleasure went in waves of his body. His thick thighs that trembled as I tightened my grip on him, I tried to coordinated my stroking with my thumb stroking over his slit awkwardly for a bit until I got the hang off of it and felt myself grow embarrassingly wet at the praises and grunts that left his lips. I licked my lips before I leaned forward to lick at the leaking head, the salty taste not unpleasant and I began to slowly inch my head lower and lower  for every time I sucked on him and had my hand meet my mouth in a good tandem. I continued doing so, feeling him throb in my mouth as he wasn’t too far away from release when my arm accidentally gave a away a bit so my mouth fell and he hit the back of my throat. The sensation choked me, I chanted to myself to not clamp my mouth shut as I would bite him if I did and swiftly pulled my mouth away to breathe.

“F-F-Fuck, baby, be careful.” He cautioned, his hands brushing away some of my hair for me and the sweet gesture coupled with his words made me tear up a little. “Hey, you okay?” I nodded, smiling at him but he didn’t look convinced. “You don’t have to continue, I can finish myself off!” I shook my head in denial and he sat up properly. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing just… You’re so sweet and I realized yet again how happy I am to have you...”

“All that from sucking my dick? Wow, it must be magic-aoch! Kidding! I’m kidding!” He chuckled when I slapped his thigh, not too hard yet enough to warn him, in retaliation and huffed when he hugged me to him. “I shouldn’t have joked about that but I’m sincere when I say that you give me those kind of self-awareness moments quite often. When we make love too, so it’s okay.”

“You do?” I asked, pulling back a little to meet his eyes when he smiled softly, looking so handsome that I had one of those thank-god-he’s-mine moments yet again. Soonyoung was very good looking with his tanned, muscled body and soft lips and big eyes. I never understood how some haters could write some of the awful things they did about how he looked or acted but even if they did, he was perfect for me and that was what mattered the most.

“Yeah, like...” He thought for a moment with pursed lips that became a soft smile again as his thumb swept along my bottom lip then my nose making it flutter then I smiled at the gesture which had his smile growing. “There, everytime I see you smile like this I have one of those moments or whenever you’re there to greet me when I come home or vice versa.”

“Anything else?” I asked, feeling greedy and blushed when his hands slipped under one of his sweaters that I usually borrowed to sleep in because they were bigger than the ones I had and gave me just a bit of sweater paws because he had longer arms than I.

“I get those moments when you’re wearing my sweaters, making me want to protect you and keep you close.” I shivered as his hands went up and the sweater with them until he was pulling it off of me leaving me only in my panties. My body trembled from the cold, soothing december air and I blushed as I felt my nipples peak from it and wanted to hide my breast but he stopped me from doing so as he cupped my breasts in his hands. I gasped, arching into his touch as his thumbs teased my sensitive pebbles and I let out a shaky breath. “I love your body, I love the way your breasts fit perfectly into my hands and how sensitive you are to my touch.” He fondled my breast some more before he moved me so I was straddling his lap, my hands disappearing in his dark hair and pulled him in for a slow, sweet kiss even as his hands went down and he stroked my hips. “Can we? Like this?” He asked, lips nipping and licking down my neck to my collarbones where he began to mark my skin with his blunt teeth and suckles.

“Y-Yes!” I let out a moan as his lips traveled further down after marking me a bit, sucking on a nipple and biting it gently making me grow even wetter. He pushed the panties to the side a bit with one hand, his fingers dipping into my slick folds and I whined as he brushed against my clit which throbbed, rather stroking my slick folds back and forth teasingly. “S-S-Soonyoung! D-Don’t tease!” I begged, flushing as his chuckle around my nipple sent another wave of pleasure down to my core but he begun to finger me properly. First one finger, then two then three as his thumbed joined in on the fun by stimulating my clit. “O-Oh g-god!”

“No, my name is Soonyoung.” He joyfully corrected me as he released my nipple with a final lick to it, laughing with me as I shook my head at his joke and smiled into the kiss we shared as he stroked my wet canal until he deemed me ready.

It was a bit of a struggle getting out of my panties, there was lots of giggling and humored apologies as we accidentally elbowed each other until the panties were finally off and he aligned his dick to my dripping entrance after putting on a condom. Then I finally sank down on him, our lips touching once I bottomed out and we basked in the moment off of it. neither moved except for our mouths, to whisper sweet nothings to each other and exchanging a smiling kiss whenever one tried to be cheesy.

As we began to move it was with slow, languid movements that kept our orgasmes at bay and we trembled under each others traveling hands. There was no hurry it nor did it feel frustrating as we moved as one and our hands traveled over each other’s bodies, feeling goosebumps and the light sheen of sweat that was accumulating. When we finally did came it wasn’t with a scream nor did I see fireworks, instead I felt  a warmth spread throughout my limbs which left me blissfully buzzing afterwards, limbs heavy in a sleep induced way and I felt at home in the arms that embraced me. I held onto him as well, our lips merely brushing against each other as we came back from Valhalla and awareness returned to our eyes.

I smiled slowly, shyly, when he nuzzled my nose with his before kissing it and lied down with me suddenly making me squeal. He laughed as we bounced against the bed, even more so as I began to chastise him for scaring me and began to tickle me to stop me from scolding him further. It was all fun until his member slipped out of me, the action causing both of us to groan and I lied down on the bed, curling a bit into myself to avoid the cold a bit as he took of the condom with a hiss as he was still a bit sensitive and threw the tied condom into the waste bucket by his side of the bed. He reached for the sheets, tucking me into his side as the sheets covered us up to our shoulders. I willingly went into his arms, nuzzling into his shoulder and smiled sleepily as he kissed my forehead and just like that we fell asleep.

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“You know the rules.” Hui grinned from where he sat on the bed, holding a mistletoe over his hard dick and I began to laugh, loudly. “Hey! Appreciate the creativeness!” He laughed as well, getting up from the bed and strolling over to me, dick bobbing with every step he took and I had trouble breathing as I laughed.

“You’re such an idiot!” I said as he took hold of me and tugged me along with him to the bed.

“I like the term creative genius better but idiot works too.” He shrugged as sat down on the bed and rested his hands on my hips while I rested my hands on his shoulders. “You told me to surprise you!”

“With dinner or something else than a corny joke.” I said but all the same began to undress myself with the help of Hui.

“I thought you loved corndogs?” He grinned when I groaned at his poor joke and I put back the straps of my bra.

“You know what, never mind.” I pretended that I was going to walk away but he held me still.

“No! It’s been forever since I was last intimate with you, I have needs!” He whined.

“You also have hands?” I reminded him, blushing as I did so which annoyed me a little because no matter how many times we were intimate I still blushed at sex jokes or when he or I made sexual innuendos.

“Yeah, they have missed you.” He took off my bra swiftly, palming at my mounds and I let out shake sigh as his thumb rubbed my sensitive nipples. “F-fuck, you look gorgeous.” He leaned forward, licking teasingly at a nipple while he played with the other. I began to shake between his legs once he sucked the nipple into his mouth and tongue at it thoroughly.

“H-H-Hwitaek!” I whimpered, my thighs rubbing against one another as my center began to get moist. My hands carded through his hair, tugging on it to switch breast and I buckled a little as he blew on the wet nipple before he switched. “A-AH!” He chuckled around the neglected nipple, I sagged against him as his hand went inside of my long stockings and panties. His long, fingers delved into my wet center, stroking my clit insistently and I felt my knees buckle from all the ministrations. “P-Please...” He released my breast with a wet pop, crawling back into bed and I hurriedly pulled of my long stockings and crawled after him. He began to laugh suddenly once I was in his lap. “W-what?”

“Okay, I can take a hint when I see one.” He pointed at my panties, I looked down and flushed in embarrassment because I had worn a matching underwear set with a mistletoe print. I didn’t know what to say so I kept quiet but Hwitaek sobered up with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Hey, want to try something new?” I made a head tilt, intrigued. “How about we try 69?” I thought it over, biting my lip as I imagined us doing it and nodded my agreement. “Okay, let’s lie down on our sides.” Chucking of my panties we got into proper positions, I stared at his dick right before me and blew on the tip making him groan. “F-fuck.” I giggled, I hadn’t even touched him yet and he reacted like this.

My giggles turned into a small gasp and whimper as he began to stroke my vagina. I began to touch him as well, playing with his balls and stroking on his sensitive spot behind his balls for a while before I began to lick at his dick teasingly. Only once he began to leak precume did I suck his head into my mouth for a moment before releasing it, swallowing briefly to continue teasing and he growled in frustration making me smile but it died out as he spread my nether lips with his fingers and began to lick into me like a starved man. It was hard to concentrate on pleasuring him when he went strong from the beginning. I let out a moan followed by a whimper from the wonderful sensations, my body moving on its own and I loved how my nipples rubbed against his body.

Hwitaek bucked, his dick hitting me in the face leaving a streak of precum. Determined I took hold of his dick so I could slide it into my mouth, I bobbed it a few times with my hand still on the dick, stroking what I couldn’t fit into my mouth but as I got the hang of it my hand went to stroke his sensitive spots around his dick, dragging a teasing fingernail up his spine and felt him trembling against me. I felt my juices gush a little as he ate me out more earnestly, shaking his face so that his chin resting on my sensitive stimulated it thoroughly and I choked on his dick for a moment from how good it felt. It was turning out to be real messy, tears running down my cheeks and saliva escaping my lips but all the slurping noises were more of a turn on than I’d like to admit.

Soon enough Hwitaek began to slow down on me as he got closer and closer to orgasm, determined to have him come before me I began to deep throat him to my best ability and moaned loudly around his dick, the vibrations a sure way to undo him. He whimpered, body trembling as he got closer and closer to the edge and I heard him weakly begging. I pinched the sensitive spot between his balls and arse and sucked hard at the same time. He came with a drawn out yowl, I swallowed as much as I could before I had to pull away and he sprayed a little bit of semen over my breasts and chin. I panted, getting up on trembling arms and whining as he lied down on his back pulled on me a little.


“Come on, baby, sit down on my face. Go on, there you go, beautiful.” He cooed as I weakly did as he instructed, sitting down on his mouth and began to cry as he ate me out properly this time while stroking my sensitive inner thighs.

He then grabbed hold of my hips, helping me grind down on him and I felt myself beginning to peak. My body trashing as the orgasm began to make itself known yet not there yet but as he pressed his mouth more against me his nose met my throbbing clit and as he shook his head it was it. I came hard, my juices gushing over him and running down my thighs unto him. I stopped breathing when I came, my mouth open in a soundless scream and my body trembled violently as it came down from the orgasm. He licked my clean, groaning when I found the little energy I had and used my finger to gather up the semen on me and suck on it. Once we were both “clean” I forced my limbs to work as I lied down, half on him with my head on his shoulder and sighed as he held me close, his chest moving as erratically as mine.

“I’ll never be able to look at a mistletoe the same way ever again.” He said so seriously that I began to laugh and he laughed too even as he added, “I am not joking!”

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“I’m not sure about this.” Jinwoo said as I held unto the back of the couch with my legs spread.

“Listen, are you 37 weeks pregnant?” I questioned, looking back at him.

“No?” He furrowed his eyebrows, looking a bit dumbfound which I had always found very adorable on him.

“Exactly, I am and I am also very in tune with my needs and I need for my boyfriend to fuck me. Who is the boyfriend?” Jinwoo pointed at himself, a bit unsure as he did and I nodded. “Yeah, exactly, so what will we do now?”

“I’ll fuck you from behind and fulfill your needs?” I leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss him but my belly got slightly in the way and I bristled in anger because of it then I felt like crying. “Who am I kidding? Who would want to fuck me? I am fat and whiny and I ate all of your moon pies.” I sniffled and Jinwoo rubbed my arms.

“Hey, hey, first of all, you are not fat, you’re pregnant and I get still very turned on by you just as I did before you got the pregnant belly.” I eyed him suspiciously.

“Really?” He smiled, bending down and kissed me, just in the way I loved.

“Yep, also, you’re not any whinier than MJ hyung is and you have more of a reason to be whiny. He doesn’t carry a new life while making sure an apartment is running efficiently, he whines because his neck pillow is too stiff.” I giggled, wiping away a lone tear. “Also, I can just buy more moon pies and if you eat all of them too, then so what? It only gives me more of a reason to buy more and freak the cashier out that I have been eating all of them but is still my handsome-self.” Jinwoo striked a superhero pose, looking more handsome than he should’ve and I was smiling for real now. “There’s my favorite smile, now, was there anything I could do for my stunning girlfriend?” I bit my lower lip.

“Yes, I have an ache you need to take care of.” He grinned, beginning to unzip his reindeer costume but I stopped him. “While wearing that or, rather, keep the horns and only get the top off but keep the pants on?” Nervous, hoping I didn’t come off as weird but Jinwoo’s surprise were just as quickly gone as his eagerness returned and he did as I wished. He made me turn and put my hands on the back of the couch again. He grabbed my hips, pulling them back a little making my back curve and he hissed as he noticed that underneath my negligé I wasn’t wearing any panties. “I didn’t want to wait any longer.” I explained, flushing in embarrassment but forgot about being embarrassed when Jinwoo’s hand found my center and began to caress it. “O-Oh that feels so good...”

“Wow, you’re really wet, is it because it has been long or is it my costume?” He asked, clearly amused and I whimpered as he found my sweet spot. “Both, huh?”

“Jin, please.” I said, pushing back against his hand which began to truly move and make me ready for having sex.

“Hold on, just a little bit more.” He kissed my shoulders, any available skin possible at a languid pace as his fingers slowly but surely opened me up more and more until I was rambling in a mix of korean and english. “Okay, and if it is too much at any moment tell me to stop and I will. Okay?”

“Y-Yeah, just please!” I looked over my shoulder, watching him as he lined himself up and pushed himself in. It felt so good, my mouth falling open as he pushed into the very hilt and paused then in order for me to adjust for a moment. “F-Feels so good...”

“Are you okay?” He breathed, hands on my hips.

“More than okay.” We laughed over the tone of my voice more so than what I said and I hummed in pleasure as he finally began to move.

“You look so gorgeous, so sexy with all your curves.” Jinwoo praised, adjusting his stance ever so slightly and my whole body trembled as I cried out because he hit a special bundle of nerves in my wet canal. “F-fuck!” He cussed as I clenched around him and he thrust even harder.

It felt really good, I looked over my shoulder at him and rested my head on the back of the couch so I could look at him without straining my neck as much. He looked so good in that reindeer get up, his chest glistening with sweat and his dark hair wild from the filming the christmas version of Baby and as he met my gaze he grinned devilishly and bent forward which changed the angle but not in a negative way. One of his hands caressed my round belly while the other found my clit, stroking it as he leaned into kiss me. I met his kiss to my best ability as he kept thrusting and I felt myself tipping over the edge moments later with him following me into bliss as my clenching caused him to come undone.

I sat down on our couch, chest having as I trembled from the aftershocks and Jinwoo sat down beside me panting as well. We looked at each other, both beginning to giggle as his headband with the deer antlers slid down and covered his eyes. I took them off, putting them away on the coffee table and cradled his face in my hands while his caressed my stomach. We said nothing, simply basking in the afterglow and shared a kiss as we enjoyed a rare moment in our life as we could be boyfriend and girlfriend expecting our first child rather than the idols Jinjin and Rosé. It is all I ever wanted and needed at the moment and I was completely satisfied.

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Jiho licked the last of my juices up, smirking over how debauched I looked and stood up to kiss me which I returned fully. I stood up, smiling into the kiss as I traded places with him and got down on my knees, wanting to return the oral. I opened his zipper, stroking over his erection for a moment making him hiss from the pleasure. Showing him mercy I pulled him out of his boxers, taking the candy cane tasting lube out of my pocket and dribbling it over his dick to help me give him a proper handjob before I switched over to a blowjob. I began to stroke him slowly, making sure so swirl my thumb over his glistening head everytime my hand got up seeing as I knew how much he liked it and had to focus on not rubbing my thighs together from how turned on I was getting from pleasuring him.


“B-Baby, y-y-you don’t need to- Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He cussed as I leaned forward to give him a few kittenish licks to his sensitive head. I always had to ease myself into doing it, still feeling a bit scandalous whenever I performed oral but seeing the look on ecstacy on his face was worth it. I stroked his balls as I began to bob more and more of him into my mouth, caressing his sweet spots while my tongue drew patterns on his minty tasting dick. “If you don’t want to swallow, tap my thigh twice.” I considered this but in the end just tapped once. “I-I’ll wa-warn you.” I hummed appreciatively, smiling when he whimpered into his hand as the vibrations heightened it all. My jaw began to ache towards the end of it and my knees burned a little from sitting on such hard floors while doing this but I sucked harder and deeper as I could tell he was close. “C-C-Coming!” I hummed loudly and didn’t really hear him cuss or cry out as I was preoccupied swallowing the thick ropes of semen that mixed with the candy cane lube didn’t taste half as bad as it usually good. I swallowed every last drop, licking him clean until he gently pushed me away because of over sensitiveness. I tucked him back into his boxers and jeans and got up. “Thank you, it was really great and I’ll make it up to you.” I curled my arms around his neck as his hands rested on my lower back.

“You don’t need to, I wanted to do it.” I shyly admitted, blushing when he pecked my nose. “But if you really want to make it up to me, please come home before ten tonight?” I tried, not for anything sexual but he had been so busy working on his album he had barely been home and I just wanted to sleep one night with him. Jiho smiled fondly, resting his forehead against mine and I knew that while we enjoyed our small, stolen moments in his studio, whether they were kept pg or more explicit like now, we missed spending time with each other for more than thirty minutes.

“Deal, I’ll come home before than no matter what.” We smiled at one another and he groaned when the door to his studio was knocked upon as an assistant yelled that they needed him for a demo recording. “I’m so sorry, baby.”

“It’s okay.” I kissed him softly and stepped back, making sure I looked proper and checked that I had a toothbrush with toothpaste in my handbag so I could clean my mouth as soon as possible. I laughed when he took the bottle of lube and put it in one of his drawers. “Tonight?” I asked, nervous and my belly fluttered in warmth when he took my hand and kissed the back of it.

“Tonight.” He vowed and I believed him.

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My christmas bauble earrings jingled, as they contained a bell each, as I ran up to the door of the penthouse of the seemingly abandoned building. As I punched in the code and it buzzed green I threw open the door and ran through the christmas light lit hallway. I took the elevator, punching the button for the next to highest level of the building and waited impatiently. I knew they were close to their heat and rut respectively, we had all been preparing for it but none of us had expected them to come early.

When I had gotten the text from Seokjin about the current situation I had been at the christmas party my company was hosting, which had been a blessing in disguise seeing as while I was worried about my men I was thankful I had an excuse to leave the party seeing as I never really liked going to parties. I just went tonight because of two reasons, one being that Lisa had used her lethal puppy eyes and the other being that my boss had wanted me to perform a christmas song which had gone very well. Now though all of that was unimportant as the elevator pinged and I hurried out of the elevator on my way to our apartment door. Namjoon and Seokjin was standing outside of it, Seokjin visible sighing with relief while Namjoon began to steer him away from the door.

“I’m sorry but they really need you.” Seokjin apologized and I waved it off.

“It’s okay, they’re way more important than some christmas party and more fun too.” Namjoon smirked while Seokjin looked shocked, I thought over what I had said and blushed as I realized what it had sounded like. “N-N-Not like that! Even though i-i-it’s fun too but I meant… Ugh, just, bye! Thanks for looking after them!” I ran off, hearing Namjoon laugh as I opened and closed the door behind me. “My stupid big mouth....” I muttered, feeling embarrassed and took off my low heels and jacket.

I let out a shriek of surprise when  body pressed me up against the door, taking hold of my wrists and holding them above my head. I stared into Yoongi’s eyes which swirled in alpha gold, my heart aching at seeing how sweaty and tired he looked. I knew he got really restless when he got into rut and either I or Jimin was not there with him or worse, none of us. Which in that case he would go out hunting us down to make sure we were safe and well, at least when one of us was with him we could keep him calm.

“Yoongi, doesn’t it hurt a lot? Didn’t you and Jimin begin without me?” I asked in worry seeing as he was wearing all his clothes still.

“We wanted to wait.” He growled when he nosed up my neck. “Need to scent mark you anew, you smell horrible.” He began to scent mark me, growling in frustration when it didn’t work and I knew he didn’t like me smelling like other people, especially during ruts and heats. “Off.” He pulled me with him, backing me towards the bedroom as he and I worked together in divesting myself off my clothes. I shivered from the cold and yelped as my dress got caught in my earrings.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Yoongi stopped dragging and my arms were kind of immobile but luckily a warm present got behind me and with nimble fingers got the dress unstuck from my dress. More gently this time Yoongi got the dress off of me leaving me in my underwear and I turned around to look at Jimin who looked calmer and not as sweaty as Yoongi, meaning Yoongi had began his rut and in turn triggered Jimin a bit later. He smiled brightly, taking a gentle hold of my chin and pulling me in for a kiss. “Hello to you too.” I greeted once we parted, returning his smile and swatted at his shoulder as he wrinkled his nose. “I know, I know, I smell horrible apparently.” I gave Yoongi a look over my shoulder who rolled his eyes.

“Well, only one way to fix it.” Jimin claimed with a suggestive smile, pulling me with him to the bed.

“A shower?” I quipped, laughing when he tug on me causing us both to fall unto the bed.

“No, something more active.” He returned and began to undress while Yoongi, who had already ripped off his clothes, got behind me and ripped off my underwear swiftly.

“Yoongi! They were new!” I pouted but it turned into a gasp as he kissed my neck while his fingers found my center, I shivered in pleasure as his fingers worked their magic and I felt his hard erection pressing to me back. “O-O-Oh my goddess!”

“No, his name is Yoongi and I’m Jimin.” I gave the omega a weak glare which he only laughed at as he fisted his erection and leant forward to suck on my nipple making me cry out from the sensations. He suckled, using his teeth very lightly making me arch my back so I pushed out my breasts to him.

“Ours.” Yoongi growled, biting down on his claim mark on my neck which paired with his clever fingers caused me to come for the first time this evening.

Jimin’s eyes glow omega blew as he opened them to look at me, releasing my breast with a wet plop and switched to the other, whimpering as the hand he had sneaked away made a squelching sound as he fingered himself. I was trembling, over sensitive but loving how they egged on the throes of my orgmas and beginning to build a new one, but my hands went determinedly to their goals.

One hand sneaked behind me to stroke Yoongi’s heavy erection which had been dripping against my back, I yelped as Yoongi licked and nipped at me matemark with a rumbling chest as I pleased him to my best ability. My other hand stroked down Jimin’s back, down his cracked and my smaller, daintier fingers joined his making him whimper against my breast which in turned caused me to moan from the wonderful vibrations. We were a tangled mess yet it worked, moving as one in a well oiled machine. Where one kissed the other the one left out teased one of the other’s breasts, where one brought one over the edge the other helped the other ease down from the throes of their euphoria.


As my body began to grow really exhausted I found myself on my front on the bed, elbows supporting my upper body while Jimin held up my bottom so he could sink his long length inside of me. He had his mouth on his claiming mark on my neck, licking not yet biting as he wanted to wait until he came to do so. He was close, I was close, as he moved with every thrust Yoongi pistoled into him as he chased his own true orgmasm and wanted to knot into our omega. I was crying, face wet with tears and I felt my voice grew hoarse as I couldn’t form proper words as my body was so wound up from all the orgmasm and I knew that the one coming now would be stronger than any I had this evening and would be the end of me. I writhed, shying away while at the same time responding to Jimin’s hand that cupped one of the breasts to which he had bitten previously. I was close, so close, I couldn’t breathe from how wound up I felt and I desperately met every thrust of Jimin but it wasn’t enough.

Yoongi was growling non-stop now, going harder and harder which in turn caused Jimin to slam into me and as Jimin finally bit down I clamped down on his long length, my scream mixing with their howling as my orgasm triggered Jimin’s which in turn triggered Yoongi to finally knot him. I lied there, feeling boneless as Jimin and Yoongi rode out their orgasms. I twitched and trembled, trying to speak but it came out as soft gurgling but Jimin kissed my claim marks all the same and hugged me to him as he lied on me.

Jimin and I both whimpered and whined as Yoongi made Jimin lie on the side which in turn had me having to move too even if it felt near impossible. As Yoongi settled behind Jimin, his knot going away anytime soon, I turned so I faced Jimin and curled as close as I possibly could to him. Yoongi hand barely managed to touch me but I felt his hand on me waist as he tried to be close, I did the same to him and returned Jimin’s kisses. My eyes began to close, in the dim light of the room I saw an ornament above the bed that were two wolves which sat around red riding hood and I fell asleep while smiling at it.

Chapter Text

My eyes fluttered open as Minho suddenly sprang out of bed, struggling for a moment as his legs got stuck to the snowman printed sheets and he looked around the room with a crazed look. I looked at him, rubbing one eyes as I desperately tried to wake up properly and my heart squeezed as he had difficulty breathing. His chest moving erratically and I realized what was going on, all too familiar with it.

“Minho, it was just a memory, I’m here.” I said softly, not wanting to spoke him too much but needed to make my presence known. He stared right at me, not quite believing his eyes for a moment but I saw the moment he remembered where he was and with who as he reached for me and I hugged him to me, letting him burrow his face in my neck and I had some slight difficulty breathing from how tightly he embraced me. “I’m here, I’m with you.”

“Fuck, fuck, thank god you’re here.” I stroked his back, heartbreaking at how vulnerable he sounded and recalled just why he was so broken.

We were the kind of soulmates who had shared a life together once before but sadly, that time it didn’t end happily. He had been a king and I had been his fiancé, we were to marry in the summer and we really loved each other. But as he had refused any consorts and concubines, he had invoked a fury in some of the court and they had taken my past self away and kept me locked in a tower as they were too afraid to kill as they could invoke the wrath of the old gods. Leaving Minho’s past self distraught as he looked for mer, refusing to marry or lay with another and my past self had tried to escape to get to him.

Minho’s past self had seen me trying to get out of the tower, had called for me and as we were about to be reunited he had gotten shot by a guard, mistaken for a commoner and the king had died before he had returned to his soulmate’s arms. My old self had killed the man who had killed the king but not without gaining fatal wounds and dying from them herself. It was a sad love story, memories that had given both of us restless nights and when we finally stumbled upon one another a year ago, our soulmate marks of a blue bird glowing and itching until we shook hands, we cried. Even as our souls were reunited and were looking forward to a life together but sometimes the past would come to haunt us like this but we only needed to remind one another that we were alive and with each other.

“Minho.” I got into his lap, hands stroking over the tattoos of his skin until a hand rested on the blue bird on his shoulder blade and I gazed upon him, his lip piercing gleaming in the light from the dimly, lit christmas lights in the room. “I’m here.” I repeated, kissing him softly for a moment. “Okay?”

“You’re here.” He said, kissing me and moved slightly, our centers pressed against one another through the thin clothing of his pajama pants and my pajama shorts. “I will never let anyone take you from me ever again.” He vowed, sniffled a little as I got emotional from his promise and my heart ached because he had to say that. Expressing he was afraid that I would suddenly disappear once more even if we both knew in our heads that it wouldn’t happen. Never again. “You’re mine and I never want to be apart from you.” He began to move his pelvis against mine, making my breath hitch but his expression did not change. He was still very serious, eyes focused on me, drinking in my expression and rested my forehead against his as I began to slowly grind back on him. “You’re so pretty.” He whispered, brushing his lips against mine and I shivered in want as the metal met my lip.

“T-Thanks.” He laughed along with me as I said it, meeting his lips for a smiling kiss as the grinding made me grew wet. I trembled as he left kisses down my throat, to the column of my neck and I shivered when he took out one of my breast from my camisole to lick and nibble at it as his grinding upwards became more determined. “O-Oh!”

“Come for me, beautiful.” He groaned and sucked on my nipple, making me see stars as I with a few more grinds came silently but no less than intensely. I trembled in his arms, twitching from the aftershocks of the orgasm and he swallowed my hiccup in a sweet kiss as he trembled as well. “Forever and always.”

“Forever and always.” I vowed as well, kissing him deeply and fell back with him to the bed to dream much nicer dreams for the reminder of the night.

Chapter Text

“You look gorgeous.” Yuto breathed out as I stilled, adjusting to his size and my palms on his chest steadying me. I blushed, using my hair to shield my face and he tutted. “No, no, don’t do that. You don’t have to hide away from me, never ever.” His big hand stroked away my hair, putting it behind me ear while his other hand cupped my cheek. “Are you sure you want to do this? We can go missionary if you don’t like this position or stop it all and just cuddle?” I shook my head in negative and he furrowed his eyebrows. “What is it?” The vampire’s voice was rough as he strained himself not to move or give signs of just how affected he was but as I moved slightly, causing him to shift inside of me he groaned and I whimpered from the sensation.

We had never done this position where I rode him but we wanted to try it, but I felt in a way more exposed as he looked upon me from below and his eyes hooded from his eyelashes. He looked really handsome in the warm glow from the christmas lights, red eyes sparkling when they reflected in them and his voice darker than it usually was. I wanted this just as much as him but I was feeling a bit insecure, not really knowing how to move.

I bit my lip, leaning into his hands for a moment before I took one to place it on my hip while I shyly put the other to my breast. My hands rested on his, making them move as I experimentally rolled my hips and without me having to said anything realization dawned upon him. The hand on my hip helped with guiding my movement, the hand cupping my breast rolled the nipple and I gasped as the euphoria spread all over my body, feeling ticklish from it.

We went slow, gauging each other’s reactions and learning what movement worked the best and our hands restless on one another. I began to slowly but surely pick up speed, feeling myself drip around him as I got closer and closer to the edge but it wasn’t enough. I reached for his head, pulling on it lightly and he caught up to my wordless plea. He sat up, shifting in me making us both cry out for a moment and then he was kissing me like a starved man. I matched the hunger, mumbling in a mix of korean and english while he responded in japanese as our lips met. His cold skin against my warm one welcoming, the heart that hadn’t been beating for centuries keeping up with my own and I shivered as his fangs brushed against my lower lip.

My voice was a staccato as he thrust up into me and I tried to match his thrusts, my breasts jiggling with the movement and the skin meeting skin echoing in the small room. I felt sweat running down my collarbone, between my breasts until it disappeared to his chest. I whined as he took hold of my hair to pull my head back, exposing my throat to him and he mouthed at my neck. I clung to him in anticipation, back arching once his fangs sank, down into my jugular and the overwhelming endorphins that was released from it making me cry as I came. My dripping pussy clung to his length, my vision going hazy and the lights unfocused as my body trembled from the throes of my orgasm and he came while drinking from me.

My body went lax, pleasantly numb from having orgasmed but also from the feeling of being fed upon. He took a few more mouthfuls before he released my neck, biting into his thumb and using his own blood to heal my puncture wounds. Enough for them to not release more blood but not enough for them to heal instantly, leaving them as a mark on my fair skin. I shivered as he licked my neck, cleaning my skin from the blood and I whimpered as his tongue followed the trail of a blood drop that had went down to my nipple and he proceeded to suck it on. I cried from oversensitivity, wanting to shy away but at the same time keep his mouth on it and he chuckled as he noticed it.

He lied back down on his back, I followed him and gasped as his dick slipped out of me. I clenched around nothing, feeling oddly empty but as Yuto rubbed my back and kissed my forehead every now and then as my breathing calmed down. I snuggled into his neck, leaving a small bite of affection and smiling sleepily as he purred in delight from my action. I fell asleep on his chest, the christmas lights appearing like small fairy lights in my half-open eyes and the sound of his heartbeat lulling me to a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

“One kiss?” I pleaded as held unto him, the hot shower doing little to protect my skin from the cold of Youngbae and even as we tried to be intimate with as little damage as possible I still managed to get frost nips. “One kiss and we won’t have to worry about you hurting me any more.”

“But if I kiss I’ll want to kiss you once more, we can’t.” He thrust slowly into me, strong arms caging me in against the wall and his biceps perfect to hold on to as we made love in the shower. As his mouth enclosed a nipple, the cold making me drip more unto him but it isn’t where I wanted it the most.

I loved him, all of him but his curse as a Snow King I weren’t too fond of. He had become a great ruler but as he took upon the mantle of Snow King, embracing the additional powers it meant that we could no longer kiss. One kiss would let me not get hurt by the cold anymore, a second one would make me forget about every person other than Seunghyun and the third one would kill me. I missed kissing him just as much as he misses kissing me, at times I would beg for just one kiss even though we both knew that if we gave in for that one kiss it would be difficult to not get a second kiss and in worst case scenario, accidentally making the third one which would have me dying in his arms.

“No, kiss me, give me a snowflake.” I said, giving him a meaningful look to which he smiled around my nipple and left it. I put a hand on his mouth as he put one on mine, both of us kissing our hands and we smiled into them. We had come up with a new way of kissing each other, if only for symbolism and it was to kiss each others hands because then we could carry the kisses with us with us for the reminder of the day. They were unique, precious just like snowflakes. It was silly but as we held those hands together over my head and our foreheads rest against one another it felt right. “Love you.”

“Love you.” He returned and as we came our lips pressed against one another’s cheeks and it was more than enough.

Chapter Text

I lied in bed with Bobby, tracing his skin with my fingers as they traced the letters and magical markings put upon his skin. Some telling stories of the great quests he’s been on, some honoring people who are important to him but my favorite of them all was the gingerbread man by his hip. Representing our first time meeting, when he had accidentally fallen down the roof from the sleigh as he had been assigned to leave presents at the house where I lived as a single mother with my two children. Bobby had to stay as he recovered from the fall, lucky enough to have only broken his leg and gotten a concussion. The days he had stayed I had first believed that the concussion had gone to his head as he told my children about his life as an elf but as he performed magic in order to save me from a ravenous snake I believed him.

We had gotten very close but as Santa finally managed to get back for him, he had to leave for the North Pole but every year for these past three years he had always returned to us for Christmas and staying for twelve days. The time between was spent sending letters to one another, we had fallen in love and become a couple. My children looked up to him as a father figure, they missed him when he wasn’t there and I did too but I had yet to bring it up.

I kissed his pierced nipple, smiling when he shuddered and I put another kiss on his inked skin. He was not like I would imagine an elf to be like but that was even better, he was Bobby and I loved him very much. I hummed the song twelve days of christmas, snuggling into him further and shivered a little from the cold as we lied on my bed above the covers, bodies exposed to the temperature of the room as we hadn’t bothered getting under the covers after we made love. Bobby turned his head, looking at me and I met his look, feeling a blush coming on with the way he stared at me.

“What?” I asked, lips quirked up into an inquiring smile as he moved to lie on his side which while I remained in the same position. His big hands gentle as they stroked over my back and one came up to curl some of my red hair on a finger. “What are you doing?”

“Taking mental pictures, making the most of the time we have with one another.” He explained, his long, curly bangs covering most of his eyes but I still see one gleaming.

“You wouldn’t have to if you stayed?” I whispered, going for it and as expected, Bobby gave me a pained look and stroked my cheek.

“I can’t, you know that. If I could I would’ve in a heartbeat.” I cupped his face, brushing my nose and lips against his as I whispered;

“Good thing then that you don’t have to worry about it.” He gave me a look of utter confusion. “Me and the kids can come with you?” I offered, heart stilling as he got very quiet and I worried that he would actually say no straight away.

“You would do that? You know that if you come with me you will be as stuck as me there, you won’t be able to visit your parents here as you wish?” I let out a sigh of relief and kissed him briefly.

“Of course I would, I and the children love you and we want to be with you like a proper family. My parents would understand and I could still send them letters, dad was actually the one who made me finally see sense and decide to not be afraid any longer. So… What do you say? Do you have room for all of us?” He began to smile slowly, I’ve never seen him smile that big before and- “Are you crying?” To my big surprise a tear ran down his cheek.

“Are you an idiot? I’ll build us a new home for all of us.” He pulled me in for a long, deep kiss and intertwined our legs as we became even closer than before. Our tears mixed together as we kissed in between laughing and talking in a hushed tone about our love for one another and other things. “I’ll create the indoor swimming pool you’ll always dreamed of.”

“I can bake you all the saffron cookies you want.” Body against body, skin rubbing against skin we talked as our bodies began to respond to the stimulation. “Will the children have their own room-ah!” I gasped as his fingers found my wet mound, thumb rubbing insistently on my clit and I returned the favor by grasping his growing erection, thumb teasing the tip of it.

“Yeah, little Chanyeol will have a soundproofed room for his instruments and Felix will have a hill from his window so he can sleigh how much he wants.” He pulled my had back to lavish love bites on my throat and I moaned into my pillow. “Our room will overlook the grand lake, we’ll have the canopy bed you’ve always wanted with red, velvet drapes.”

“O-oh! Tell me more!” He laughed into my neck and I joined him, releasing his erection and holding his head to give him a kiss. As I did so he lined up and pushed inside of me, setting a slow, gentle rhythm from the start and I was already sensitive from our lovemaking before and knew neither of us would last long but that was okay. When we came there wasn’t fireworks or broken screams, instead there was a lulling, satisfied warmth that spread through our bodies in waves and my hand rested on our special tattoo as we lied there in utter bliss.