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Angie approached the small child menacingly, drooling as she clutched an ice pick in her hand. The child shrieked and struggled against their restraints, but the effort proved to be fruitless as Angie closed in on them. Angie’s eyes shined a brilliant red, glassy and lustful and blood seeking. The child struggled once more. “P-Please…” They begged, looking Angie in the eyes. “Please, Big Sis Angie, stop it!”

Angie hummed, then pressed the ice pick against the child throat, just barely avoiding piercing the skin. “No can do,” she replied, “Atua requires blood sacrifices, correct? And He just told me that He wants a soul sacrifice to go along with it- like a side dish!” Angie giggled, and the child screamed once more. “No, no, please! Big Sis Angie, it’s a sin, isn’t it?! Atua forbids it, right?! So, please, don’t! Just leave me alone!”
Angie laughed at the child begging, her insane cackles echoing throughout the room. Once she had calmed down, she lifted the ice pick just above the child’s neck. “Atua can change His mind, you know.” She stated. Then she brought the ice pick down on the child’s throat.

Blood flew everywhere, staining Angie’s white bikini top a hideous red. A horrifying gurgling sound echoed as the child choked to death on their own blood, and within moments, they had stopped breathing.
Angie tossed the bloodied ice pick to the ground and stepped back, admiring her latest model. She entered a closet in the back of the room, and returned with a white canvas and a paintbrush. She sat back down on the stool she had sat on in the child’s slaughter, dipped her paintbrush into the nearest puddle of blood, and went to work. She was sure that this would be her best creation yet- just glancing at it would be sure to drown a person in despair.

Within minutes, Angie had finished her painting, and stepped back to admire it. It was exactly as she had pictured it- maybe even better. The sheer ecstasy that coursed through her veins as she gazed upon the horrific portrait was truly divine- even more divine than Atua himself. She giggled, and wiped some drool off of her chin with the back of her hand. Then, she exited the room, giving time for her masterpiece to dry before it was revealed to the world.