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Underwater Heaven

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Noel fisher was a lot of things; an amazing actor, loving brother, proud son, fantastic boyfriend…. but he was not a swimmer. At age 35, which to Noel was practically grounds to retire, he still couldn’t swim. Most kids learned at an early age, not Noel. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though, he tried…boy, did he try.

Cameron smiled up at him from the waist deep water in his pool, located privately in own back yard in L.A. Surrounded by a privacy fence and everything, they were blocked from the world, from fans and paparazzi. But Noel still refused to get in.

He stood at the top of the stairs, arms crossed in front of him with a stubborn look on his face. Cameron knew he was trying to seem menacing, but he was just an adorable puppy like this. It was hard not to smile up at his boyfriend of 6 years.

And in that 6 years, he’d been wearing Noel down enough to contemplate learning to swim. This was the first time he even got near a pool. Progress, but not enough. It was hot during the summer in Cali and Cameron had this luxurious private pool for them to play in but playing alone was never fun.

“Baby, come in.” Cameron smiled up at him, holding out one hand so he could help.

“Cam, we talked about this.” He replied back, glaring at the pool like it was his evil nemesis. “I don’t mind waiting up here for you.”

“That’s not the point. I don’t want to swim alone.” Cameron stuck his bottom lip out in a pout that was sure to wear the other man down. When Noel sighed heavily, he knew he had him.

“We already tried this though. I couldn’t even get off the steps.” He whined and had a death grip on the handrail.

Cameron stepped forward until he was on the last step, looking down at him. He placed wet hands on Noel's hips, gently rubbing his soft skin. “It’s only 3 feet. Barely up to your ass.” He winked, earning him a smile. “I’ll be with you the whole time.”

Noel sighed deeply and wrapped his arms around Cam's neck, fingers twisted in his flaming hair that somehow managed to look 10 times brighter under the sun. “Promise?”

“Promise baby.” He leaned in and kissed his soft lips before taking his hands and linking their fingers. He stepped backwards into the pool, descending the steps and pulled a reluctant Noel with him.

His normally pale face looked ten times whiter. Even under the sun. Even with his tan. He really was scared. One step after another, with Noel following him each time until they both stood in the shallow 3 foot deep water lapping at their legs.

Cameron smiled proudly and pulled Noel in by a hand to the small of his back, feeling the sexy little dimples there. “See, not so bad. Right?”

“I’m not a baby Cam.” Noel tried to push away but Cameron only held tighter.

Cameron bit his tongue, trying not to open himself up for an argument. Instead he nosed Noel's lips with his nose before kissing him lightly. The kiss was returned, despite his fear and Cameron just smiled. The longer they kissed, pushing together as they’d done a million times, Cameron eased them backwards, deeper into the water.

Noel didn’t notice, which was good because the water was nearly up to his nipples. As the water lapped at them, Noel moaned into his mouth as his hands moved towards his swimming trunks to palm at him.

Cameron broke the kiss with a moan before twisting his fingers in blonde hair to angle him how he wanted to deepen the kiss. The harder Noel moved his hand, the more ragged his breathing became until he was unable to continue the kiss, harshly breathing into Noel's mouth.

“Fuck baby…” he half chuckled against his lips, eyes still closed.

“Too bad water sucks for lubrication.” He smiled back, proud of his efforts.

When Cameron opened his eyes, Noel's eyes darkened as they did every time he was aroused. He loved it. But there was a hint of panic in those eyes, when he looked around and saw that they were nearly to the center of the pool.

“Deep breaths baby, just focus on me.” He pressed his hand on top of Noel's that was still gripping his dick. It added more pressure until they both moaned, and Noel started to rub on his own. “That’s it…fuck, that’s perfect.”

Noel blushed and bit his lip. “You’re perfect.” He smiled back. “Look at you man, you’re shaking.”

He was indeed shaking. It didn’t take much from Noel to get him going. Hell, just saying or hearing his name was enough to get him hard. But when Noel focused all that attention on him, it nearly drove him crazy. It was overwhelming, mind blowing. Noel made him feel like the only guy in the entire world.

“Want you.” He breathed shakily. His hands slid back to grab Noel's perfect ass and squeezed. “Need you.”

Noel nodded, nearly drowning in Cameron's lustful eyes. “Let’s get out then. Yeah?”

When Noel tried to pull him towards the stairs, Cameron easily gripped his thighs and picked him up, so Noel was sitting a little higher than his head. “Want you in here.”

Noel wanted to give in to that shattered voice but up that high he could see the darker end of the pool, the deeper end. He scrambled trying to get down. “Let me down.”

“I got ya baby. Don’t worry.” Cameron kissed over his wet chest, as his hands lightly squeezed his ass. He wanted to go deeper into the pool, but Noel was getting uncomfortable, so he moved forward a little. “Damn, you look so good like this.”

Seeing as Cameron wasn’t leading him deeper, he eased up and stopped squirming. “I always look good Monaghan.”

“That’s very true.” He grinned and started to push Noel’s body forward until their groins brushed together through their shorts. “Feel how hard I am for you?”

Noel nodded quickly and bit his lip. “I feel it.” Moaning breathily when Cameron's finger teased his ass, slipping down his crack, he let the water push him forward to grind a little.

Cameron nuzzled his head until he turned it enough to kiss along the smooth skin. Licking drops of water off him, nibbling with his teeth while Noel moaned in his ear. Those sounds alone…Jesus he was a wreck. As he slipped a hand down the back of Noel's shorts, he could hear the sound of thundering paws and before he could brace for it, the water was swooshing over them, getting their upper halves wet.

Cameron laughed as he blinked the water away, but Noel had jumped down and was frantically trying to get to the stairs. He smiled fondly as his boyfriend, looking a little freaked out but still adorable.

“Damn it Bette…” Noel cursed as he gripped the rail. He glared back at Cameron's Doberman Bette, who was happily paddling towards his owner.

“Ah Noel, she likes to swim too.” He patted her head and watched as she slowly paddled around the pool. “Come back.”

Noel walked up the stairs quickly and knew Cameron was looking at how tight the wet shorts clung to his ass, but it wasn’t enough to lure him back in. “Nope! Can’t be a damn coincidence that every time we try this, something freakish happens.”

“She just wanted to play. That’s not freakish babe.” Cameron slowly walked to the stairs as Bette emerged and shook all over Noel who grouched at her like an old man. “Please?” he asked with his hand out, just like before.

“Sorry Monaghan. Water is not for me.” Noel tossed his hands up in frustration and walked wetly into the house.

Cameron took a seat on the stairs, shaking his head. At this rate, summer will have come and gone before Noel learned not to be afraid.

The next attempt at getting Noel to swim didn’t happen until two weeks later. Things between them had been a little tense after the pool session, they weren’t fighting. It wasn’t that severe yet, but something was happening.

This time, Cameron was thigh deep in the ocean, waves lapping happily against him and the squishy sand under his feet. It was a beach day, perfect weather. Not too hot so they (yes, they) could still enjoy themselves and the beach was occupied as always but not crowded.

Noel was sitting under an umbrella, as far away from the shoreline as possible. After the pool thing, he didn’t even want to get his feet wet. So why was he there? Because Cameron had walked out of their room, shirtless with his beach bag and said he was going. Shirtless Cameron was enough to make Noel follow him anywhere but there were gawkers at the beach, and Noel wasn’t okay with that.

Beside him, a little girl with blond pigtails slashed and nearly knocked him over. He laughed and turned back to motion to Noel, pouting like an old man on the beach. Noel just shook his head, giving a little smile.

So, he turned back around and dove forward into the waist deep water, letting the water cool the upper part of his body from the sun. The water was crisp and cool and felt heavenly. Noel really needed to be able to enjoy this with him. When he emerged a few feet from where he started, a pair of women, a little older than him if he had to guess, were walking towards him with shared looks.

He should have expected this. He and Noel couldn’t go anywhere without being noticed. But that was a part of the job. He wiped the water from his eyes as he stood and waited for them to get closer. They didn’t have a phone or camera thank God, maybe it wouldn’t be too awful.

“Hey there.” The one with dark hair smiled up at him.

Internally he was rolling his eyes. “Hey back. Nice day huh?” he replied off hand and eased backwards. Hoping to signal he wasn’t sticking around.

“Nicer now.” The other one offered.

What did he say to that? Nothing polite… So, he smiled and kept going deeper into the water.

“So, we have this party later. Was wondering if we can get your number.”

Cameron stopped and turned around. He looked past them to see Noel standing up, way closer to the water then the umbrella had been situated. He smiled. Jealous Noel was a favorite of his. The older man got worked up over everything. Even girls. Hell, the world knew he was totally gay for Noel Fisher and still he got so jealous, territorial.
Upside? It was getting Noel closer to him, closer to the water. As much as he wanted to shoo them off, he could play along a little bit and hope Noel came closer. With a smirk towards his boyfriend, he turned back to the ladies in question and gave them his biggest and brightest Hollywood smile.

It worked. They beamed at him like he was literally the sun and the earth rotated around him. “A party huh?” he asked, not paying attention as Noel came closer to the water.

“Exclusive.” They said at the same time, thinking they had him under their pretty little nails.

They didn’t refer to him by name which was a blessing. Maybe they just thought he looked good and decided to invite him and didn’t know he was famous. Not shocking but refreshing. He was just Cam for the moment. Not Cameron Monaghan.

“Exclusive!” He smiled and acted flattered. “Now, why would you ladies invite me to your exclusive party?”

Cameron looked past them, eyes a little wide as Noel had left the beach all together and was slowly wading his way through the water. He expected a scared look on his face, but it was more determined. He didn’t want those women talking to him. Why that made his heart pound and his blood rush was something he still had to get used to.

The Noel Fisher, big time Hollywood actor…wanted him. Every day for 6 years he wanted him. Being at the core of Noel's desire was something extraordinary.

“Because you’re just the hottest guy we’ve seen all day long. And believe me, we’ve looked.” Blondie said with a smile on her overly glossed lips. Gross…

Noel was nearly to him, eyes burning like a blue flame. “As much as I’d love that,” he paused as Noel pushed past both girls and Cameron grabbed him around the waist and pulled their bodies close. Noel had his arms around his neck, glaring at them. “I don’t think my boyfriend would be up to that. Would you baby?” he smiled into Noel's neck as he kissed his pulse point.

“Nope, sorry.” He gave them a triumphant smile.

Cameron chuckled. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” He whispered against his jaw before he kissed it.

“Oh wow,” the first girl spoke. Clearly shocked but not uninterested. “You sure? We don’t mind if you both come.” They smiled at them. “It'll be fun for both of you. It’s a pool party.” She handed them the neon pink flier she had tucked into the top of her suit.

Cameron cringed because…boobs. But shuffled Noel into one arm and accepted the paper, even after hearing Noel scuff at him. “Thanks, we’ll think about it.” He said genuinely.

They both grinned, looked at them smashed together for another moment and headed down the beach to scope new guys.

Cameron chuckled and nuzzled into Noel's cheek. Now that the girls were gone, it was like Noel realized what he’d done and was now stuck in waist deep water, clinging to him.

“Well look at you.” He kissed Noel's pouty lips. “Braving the water to come to my rescue.”

“Don’t pretend you aren’t happy I’m out here.” He dug his nails into Cameron's shoulders. “We aren’t fucking going by the way. To the party.”

“Didn’t plan on it but she did say pool…” he grinned and ran a hand up his muscled back. “I should have thanked them better actually. They got your sexy ass out here.”

Noel looked at him, trying to be mad but Cameron had this way about him. Cocky yet not in the bad way. He was almost sweet about it. He huffed out a laugh and kissed his waiting lips. Cameron's hands wound around him, one in his hair, tilting his head as the kiss deepened as the other pushed against his lower back, pressing them snuggly against each other.

“Mmm…” Cameron hummed happily as the kiss broke. He grinned, so big.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn cute Monaghan.” Noel smiled, unable to help it.

“Knew you only wanted this pretty face.” He feigned disgust and jutted his chin out.

“Want that pretty everything.” Noel said in a much darker tone. Too dark for the bright setting at the beach. He couldn’t help but take in Cameron's body. He was dripping wet, salt water dripped over tight muscled skin.

Cameron laid his forehead against his, speaking very low so only Noel could hear him. “Hope on my back, I’ll take you back, so you can have your way with my pretty self.”

Noel breathed deeply. Slick skin against slick skin was probably not smart right now. But he nodded and waited for Cameron to turn and bend down enough for him to hook his legs.

Cameron smirked and headed out into the water instead of turning back and felt Noel tense up, his legs tightening around his middle.

“The hell Cam?” Noel asked and watched them get deeper. The water nearly past Cameron's shoulders.

“Want you to see something before we go back.” He said simply and felt the ground beneath him fade away into nothingness. He didn’t mention how that made him feel, nervous at what lay beneath and the fact that he may never know, because Noel would surely freak the hell out and never forgive him.

“Please Cameron,” he closed his eyes and laid his forehead against the back of his head. “This is worse than the pool. Too much water, not enough beach…” his voice was trembling. “Sharks!” He squealed before he could help it. “Sharks in the ocean Cam.”

He smiled and used his arms to swim further out, kicking with his legs. “Yes baby, all sorts of shit out here but it’ll be fine.”

“Fine?!” Noel growled. “Fuck this. Take me back!”

They were almost there. “Baby…” he waited when Noel didn’t reply to him. “Noel just trust me. You know I wouldn’t let anything bad happen. Right?”

Noel didn’t talk. Couldn’t for a moment and he damn sure couldn’t, wouldn’t look up and see how far away from the beach they were. But he trusted Cameron with his whole self. “Right.”

He breathed a breath of relief. “Thank you.” He saw the sandbar before he could feel it. A few others stood on top of it, but they were far enough away so not to bother them. A few more feet and he reached out with his hands to feel it. He turned to sit down on it and most of their bodies were still in the water.

“Hey, open your eyes.” Cameron said softly, wrapping one hand around Noel’s two that were locked around his neck.

Noel felt his hands…how was Cameron swimming without them? He slowly opened his eyes and they were now turned around looking towards the beach. They weren’t floating anymore…he was sitting?

“You can let go and sit with me.” Cameron kissed his knuckles. “We’re on the sandbar.”

Noel looked down and over to see a literal wall of sand stretched out as far as he could see. Like a giant bench smack in the middle. He released Cameron and slowly slid to the side.

Cameron watched him, turning a little. He could see the hesitation in his blue eyes. But he firmly planted his feet and jumped a little, probably to see if it would give away and drop them into the dark water. When it was clear that wouldn’t happen, a giant, beaming and frankly, breathtaking smile appeared on Noel’s face. Fuck he was beautiful. It made him smile too.

“Wow!” Noel sat cross legged, not nearly comfortable enough to let his legs dangle in the open water. Too many episodes on Shark Week for that. “This is amazing!”

Noel had never seen anything so amazing. The clearest blue water he’d ever seen stretched all around them. Both sides. The sun reflected off the water, making it sparkle. It was beautiful. He looked at Cameron and the beauty of the water didn’t even compare next to him. Cameron was gorgeous. Wet skin, bare chest, that red hair looking dark orange because of the water. And his smile…all for him. Because of him.

Cameron chuckled and scooted over to toss an arm around his shoulders. “Right? Sorry if I scared you but I wanted you to see this. See how amazing it is.”

Noel put a hand on the back of his neck and clashed their lips together. Cameron moaned into his mouth, sliding his eager tongue along his lips until they opened. His other hand landed on Cameron's bare thigh, from where the shorts had ridden up.

He pulled back with a lazy smile and glazed eyes. “Kinda wanna fuck you right now.”

Noel barked out a laugh, playfully pushing him away but he knew Cameron was serious and that sent a chill down his spine. The laughter subsided, and he gave his boyfriend that look. “Too bad we’re so far from the beach. Could be halfway home and naked by now.”

Undeniable need washed over him, just as a wave clashed against his back. Noel gripped his thigh harder, trying not to let the waves knock them forward. “Just wait til we get back.”

Noel smiled. “Waiting for it.” He said with absolute eagerness. “Even though I’d rather be under you, in your giant ass bed, this was pretty awesome.”

Vivid images of them and his bed flashed through his mind. Soft sheets, naked Noel under him, moaning and sighing deeply. Cameron shivered, even with the sun beating down on them. He could wait til they got back.

“Asshole.” He laughed when Noel smirked. “But yeah, it’s great out here.”

“You wanna head back?” He arched a brow at him, biting his lip.

Cameron slowly slid off the sandbar and into the water again, moving until his back was to Noel. “Mount me baby.”

Noel snorted but did as he asked and climbed on his back like before. As Cameron pushed forward, Noel closed his eyes again but put his mouth near his ear. “Just wait til we get home. Gonna mount you for sure then.” He licked up the side of his ear.

Cameron shivered but kept moving forward. Why was the beach suddenly so far away?

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Cameron pulled Jeremy into a tight hug as he walked across the threshold into their house. It had been awhile since they got to meet outside of filming Shameless, but the timing was right for everyone and he would take advantage of it while he could.

After the beach and after Noel holding up to his dirty promises, Cameron had called a few of their friends for a little party at their place. Nothing big or “exclusive” but just enough for them to have a good time with their friends.

“How you doin Cam?” Jeremy joked and slung an arm over his shoulders, off set because of the height difference.

Cameron smiled. “Been doin good actually. Just relaxing.” He lead them further into the house towards the kitchen to get him a drink. “Enjoying the summer.”

The music was loud inside but not so loud that they couldn’t talk. The others were spread around the house, drinks in their hands and smiles on their faces. Enjoying the present company. Some where even outside swimming, drinking and dancing. It was going to be a good night.

Jeremy poked at his sunburned neck. “Yeah, clearly.” He laughed when Cameron swatted at him. “Me too man. Been a great year so far.”

He handed him and beer and grabbed one for himself. “Yes it has! Missed you all though.”

“No doubt. Guess we’ve all been busy.” He looked around, brows drawn together.


“Where’s Fisher?” he looked around again before looking at Cameron.

“Shower I think.” He smiled, knowing that he was undoubtedly trying to clean him come out from inside him and if that didn’t make him proud and giddy, nothing would.

“So,” he leaned against the bar, “things goin okay between you two?”

Cameron nodded and took a drink of his beer. “Fuckin fantastic.” They both grinned at the familiar reply. “Never been better though, honestly. It’s been 6 years and I thought that glow would be gone, ya know?” Jeremy nodded. “But it hasn’t. I’m just happier every day.”

Jeremy smiled brightly for his friend. He remembered when Noel and Cameron never used to talk to each other back in the early years of their show. Cameron had just been a kid , Noel a solid 10 years older had already made a name for himself by then. But over time, their on screen relationship became real. Only instead of Gallavich, it was Mosher.

“Happy for you man, both of you. Relationships are rough in this line of work in the first place but you two made shit work.”

Warm hands circled his waist from behind and Cameron immediately smiled, placing a hand over them and leaned back as Noel placed a kiss on his neck. “Hey babe.”

Noel smiled and rubbed his lips against his hot, sunburnt neck. “Sorry I’m late.” He glanced over Cameron's shoulder and nodded at Jeremy. “Hey man.” He moved around to shake his hand.

“Hey back, good to see you.” Jeremy opened the fridge and handed him a beer. Noel took it and it was still odd for him to see how casual they were. Cameron leaned against the counter and Noel leaned right back up against his chest, like it was nothing. It made him smile.

“Whatcha been up to man?” Noel asked and happily leaned into Cameron's touch. Long arms came around his body to rest at his hips.

“Bunch of shit. Few new roles, family visits but I’m just happy to be here. To take a minute off.”

They both nodded in agreement. A hand waving at them from across the room got Noel's attention. He pulled away from Cameron “Gonna say hey to Emma.”

Cameron looked past Jeremy to see Emma G smiling at them. He gave her one back and waved. “Try to have fun old man.” He winked and pulled Noel in by both hands on his ass.

“Fuck you.” He grinned.

“Thought I did.” He said against his lips before kissing him quickly.

Jeremy snorted as Noel flipped them off as he turned. “You tell him?”

Cameron shook his head. “Nope. Wanted it to be a surprise.”

“6 years man…” he shook his head because it was still hard to believe that Cameron snagged the older man and kept him. Impressive. “That’s like a life time here.”

Cameron smiled proudly as he and Jeremy walked out back towards the yard and the pool, away from Noel. “Feels like a life time but also like it just happened. We are usually busy on our anniversary so this time I wanted to do it right.”

They leaned up against the fence and watched as Steve started splashing people outside the pool. Cameron could also see the moment Noel slipped out too, his eyes were programmed to lock onto the other man in an instant. He and Emma sat at the fire pit, passing what looked to be a joint between them.

Well, he did say to have fun.

“Think it’ll freak him out?”

Cameron finished his beer. “I really hope not. Tried to get him more open to the water these past couple of weeks but no damn luck.”

“Try not to worry man, he’s gonna love it no matter what.” He gripped Cameron's shoulder and grinned.

Cameron grinned back and watched Noel intently as he smiled and laughed with Emma. Fuck, he was so beautiful. So damn perfect. And that smile…it was a cure all for everything. Something he could stare at for ages and still have that butterfly feeling in his gut.

“Your guy still okay flyin us?” he asked after a moment.

“Yup. Called this morning. All set up. Private plane to anywhere you want for a forth of the price.” He handed him a business card that he kept in his wallet with info scribbled onto the back. “Flight is at 5 am.”

Cameron took the card and pocketed it. He almost felt guilty for doing this. He was whisking away his boyfriend in the early morning, probably as he was nursing his coming hangover, to put his cute ass on a plane to enjoy their anniversary. He didn’t tell Noel anything about it and he was a little weary of how it would go but he wanted it to be perfect, to be special.

“Thanks again for this Jer.”

“Not a problem man.” He laughed when he looked over to see Noel nearly falling out of his chair as he laughed. “Better get your boy before he hurts himself.”

Cameron chuckled as he left Jeremy to join Emma and Noel. He stood off to the side as he watched them laugh together. Clearly high and maybe a little tipsy but he looked amazing. He was happy when it only took Noel 4 seconds to realize he was there and that smile got so much brighter.

“Babe!” Noel patted the end of the chair, face lit up like a Christmas tree.

God, he was cute. Cameron motioned for Noel to scoot forward on the lounge chair so he could slip behind him. When he tried to pull Noel back against his chest, Noel straddled his hips, pressing close against him.

He groaned and instinctively gripped his ass, urging him to grind forward. Temporarily forgetting that they were hosting a party and people were smiling at their behavior.

“Missed you.” Noel whispered against his lips, unable to control the shift in his hips that made them grind together.

Cameron gasped, head falling back as his eyes closed. He didn’t give two fucks about an audience, not when Noel was like this. Not when he felt so good.

“Didn’t go far baby.” He replied once he got control of his erratic breathing. “Havin fun?” he glanced at the joint in his hands.

“Very much.” He took a deep hit, holding it in as Cameron brought his mouth close enough for them to shotgun it and kissed him before he pulled away.

Cameron exhaled and felt the creeping calm coming. He smiled fondly at his boyfriend surged up to kiss him. Not a gentle kiss either. This felt all consuming, open mouths, swirling tongues and deep moans from both of them. “Fuck, I want you.” He whispered against Noel’s lips when they parted.

“Take me then.” He challenged, hands moving from behind his neck to the sweep of his shoulders and down his firm chest.

He made it sound so easy. “House full of guests baby. Gotta wait.” He forced himself to say as he tried to stop Noel from rocking his hips forward.

“Our party though. We are allowed to end it whenever…” he winked.

His eagerness was sexy and made him give that dark, low chuckle. “Party just started. Gotta give it a while.” He kissed his jaw. “Let’s mingle.”
An hour later had Cameron pushing Noel up against the wall in the hallway. He pinned his hands above his head and gripped his hip with the other hand. Noel had been teasing him all night. Grinding back in his lap when they sat and talked to Emma, whispering nasty things in his ear when she went to get more drinks. The little tease.

Finally, he snapped. He told everyone to leave a their convenience and pulled Noel away, smiling proudly as their friends chuckled and gave them knowing looks. The party continued as he lead Noel closer to their room. They didn’t make it that far.

They kissed hungrily as Cameron pushed Noel’s legs apart and let his thigh rub against him. Noel moaned into his mouth and pushed against his hands but greedily accepted all of it. Cameron was going wild. The teasing…Noel smiling all damn night, it was too much.

“Why do you do this to me?” he asked as he pushed his face into Noel’s neck to bite and kiss the skin, nibbling on his ear.

Noel let out a deep moan and angled his head to the side. “Cuz you’re too damn sexy.” He trembled as he ground against Cameron's thigh. “Plus weed makes me horny.”

Cameron snorted and pulled back, releasing his hands. “Yes it does.” He jerked Noel the rest of the way by the collar of his shirt. A few times, he noticed him to be a little more wobbly then he thought. When he closed the door, he leaned on it and Noel flopped back against the bed, feet hanging off the side.

His dick twitched as Noel stretched his arms above his head. His dark gray shirt moving up to reveal that little stripe of skin at his hips. When his back arched, Cameron moved as fast as he could to the bed, gripping his waist and pulling his smaller body against him.

“Take your clothes off.” Noel mumbled and tried to reach for his clothes.

Cameron watched as he fumbled, unable to get his belt off and he knew no sex was going to happen. He stilled his hands as he unlooped his belt from the first loop. “Baby, stop.”

“Don’t say that.” Noel smiled drunkenly at him and tried again for the belt.

When Noel's fingers brushed his dick, he gasped and nearly gave into the urge to just sit back and let his boyfriend do as he wanted but he couldn’t. “Noel, you’re trashed.” He smiled when Noel huffed and fell back against the bed. “You need to sleep it off.”

“How the hell can I sleep it off with my dick hard?” He arched an eyebrow and looked at his lap.

Cameron followed his gaze and sure enough, he was hard. A small wet spot drawing his attention like a moth to a flame. He unconsciously licked his lips and thought about what to do.

“Please babe?” Noel asked and wiggled his hips. “Won’t be able to sleep til it’s gone.”

Noel was taking advantage of this and Cameron knew it. With a shake of his head, he dropped to his knees in front of Noel and watched those eyes get wide, a little smirk on his relaxed face. “You’re full of shit.” He commented as he helped Noel shimmy his jeans and boxers down so he could kick them off. “Good thing I like your dick in my mouth.”

Noel grinned, knowing that Cameron loved that was a rush. It made his body go a million miles an hour. “You love my dick.”

He gripped Noel behind his knees and pulled him until his ass was on the edge of the bed. Cameron locked his mouth around Noel’s juicy thigh and sucked a deep red mark into his skin. Noel moaned, spreading his legs wider. He moved up and made another mark just to the side of his balls and Noel gripped his hair.

“Cameron….” He moaned his full name, eyes swimming in lust and booze. “Please.”

Cameron licked a slow stripe up his balls, then up the base of his dick, then up the long, hard shaft. Noel arched his back again and let out a needy moan. When he bobbed his head down, slicking the way for his mouth, Noel pulled his hair tightly.

“Fuck, your mouth is so damn good.” He whined and tried to shift his hips but Cameron had a good grip, prohibiting him from moving.

“Noel, look at me.” Cameron whispered as his mouth hovered over the head. When Noel drew those heated eyes down, Cameron opened his mouth, let his tongue circle the head before taking him deep into his mouth.

Blue eyes widened exponentially large, dilated to the point where Cameron could hardly see any blue. He loved Noel like this. Unguarded, wide open and showing that raw emotion. He was himself right now in ways he couldn’t normally be. He was letting his boyfriend take him apart, one lick at a time. And Cameron loved it. He loved how only he could bring Noel out like this.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck… Cam!” Noel nearly sobbed as Cameron's thin lips stretched so wide around him. Slick from spit and moving expertly up and down his dick.

Cameron moaned around him, adding a fist to stroke him hard. His fist met his lips over and over again, only adding to Noel’s pleasure. He could taste how close Noel was. He just needed that little push to make him come. He released Noel’s thigh and pushed his finger into Noel’s mouth and watched his cheeks hollow out around it.

When he brought it between his spread legs, Noel began to shake uncontrollably. Gasp after gasp as he was thoroughly fucked. He spread his saliva around Noel’s hole and felt his dick twitch.

“Just fuck me Cam, please?” he begged and let his foot rest on the bed to give him more room.

Cameron shook his head and sucked harder. Blue eyes rolled back and he roughly pushed his finger inside him, angling it instantly to find his prostate. A jolt went through Noel’s body and he was now fucking up into his mouth.

“So good Cam…” he moaned and held his head down to thrust into his mouth, then back against his finger. “So close, I feel it!”

Cameron moaned, letting it vibrate up his dick as he worked him with his mouth and his finger. He was painfully aware that his dick was getting no attention but that could always wait until later. He focused all his energy trying to make Noel come.

“Now Cam! Now…” he whined.

Cameron groaned deeply as Noel came inside his mouth, coating every inch with his come. He swallowed greedily, milking him for every drop while he gently removed his finger. Noel was a panting mess, eyes closed, that satisfied smirk on his face. He was gorgeous.

“Good?” Cameron asked as him after he pulled back and rested his flushed face against Noel’s thigh. He was panting, lips red and slightly abused in the best way, flushed face and knew his styled hair was a mess.

Noel giggled as he cracked open an eye and gently caressed Cameron's cheek. “So good baby, you know exactly what I need.” He pulled Cameron up by the back of his neck and kissed him, swirling his tongue inside for a taste. “Thank you.”

Cameron pulled back with his own smile. “Lift up.” Noel lifted as much as he could so Cameron could shrug his shirt off and flopped back down. “Up you go.” He ushered Noel up to the pillows and pulled back the blanket as he settled naked between the sheets. Utterly beautiful.

“Comin to bed?” Noel asked as he yawned and closed his eyes.

“After clearing the house baby.” He pulled the heavy, feathered blanket up to his cheek and kissed him sweetly. “Love you.”

Noel reached out to grab his chin before he got to far and kissed his lips. “Love you more.”

Noel was out within seconds. Cameron smiled and brushed his blond hair back, turned the light off and walked out, making sure the door was shut. A drink, he needed a drink. He walked back to the party, they managed just fine without them and downed the first beer he saw.

“Noel okay?”

Cameron turned to see Jeremy perched against the counter again. “Yup, drunk and baked.”

“He asleep?”

“Wore him out.” He winked as Jeremy laughed again. “Should be good for tomorrow though. Don’t want him to wake up til we are on the damn plane.”

Jeremy moved closer and tossed an arm over his shoulder. “Not to worry. It’ll be fine. Now, join me for beer pong and worry about tomorrow later, yeah?”

Cameron grinned as Izzy and Emma waved at them from the beer pong table. He looped his arm around Jeremy’s waist, took the joint from his lips and lead them over. “Let’s do it!”

Chapter Text

Noel groaned before he even moved from his warm spot nestled in their bed. The house was dead quiet, so the party must have been over with. He didn’t remember falling asleep. He remembered talking with Emma and Cameron's mind blowing BJ before being tucked into bed, but not falling asleep.

He peeled his eyes open, cringing as he realized he slept in contacts, a crack to see how dark it was. Even the curtain was pulled back, so he could see outside, and it was pitch black. He batted the feathered blanket back from his face to sit up and look around. He couldn’t see much. Their clothes scattered on the floor, both his and Cameron's.

Noel turned to look next to him and sure enough, Cameron was fast asleep on his back, the sheet pulled down low to pool low on his hips, so low he could see a see red hairs peeking out. One gangly arm was tossed over his eyes while the other was hand was under Noel’s pillow.

How the hell he got someone as beautiful and amazing as Cameron he had no idea and thanked whatever was giving him so much luck. He was making the most of every minute. Even when his pushy red head tricked him into the water. The sweet asshole.

“Noel…” Cameron gasped in his sleep.

He grinned like an idiot. Cameron dreaming about him shouldn’t make him so happy, but it did. He turned so he was facing him, studying the lines of his face to see if he could tell what he was dreaming of. His face would scrunch up every few minutes, he licked his lips so often they were nearly chapped, but when Cameron gave that soft moan, Noel knew.

Cameron was dreaming about sex.

After Cameron taking care of him before bed, the least he could do was return the favor. Waking Cameron up by riding him would be the best thank you. Noel quietly dug into his side table and grabbed the bottle of lube. As he popped the cap, the sound echoed enough for him to wince. When Cameron didn’t wake up, Noel coated two of his fingers and dropped the tube down to the sheets.

He laid back on the end of the bed, legs pulled up to his chest as he reached around and rubbed against his hole. He gasped at the coldness and anticipation, but it was nothing compared to how Cameron made him feel. The red head knew his body like the back of his hand and reduced him to a puddle within moments.

Never taking his eyes off Cameron, Noel pushed one finger in deep. Biting his lip to keep quiet, he quickly opened himself up, adding a second finger when one wasn’t enough. His eyes closed briefly as he scissored his fingers, but only looking at his man made it that much better. Two became three and he was panting, spreading his legs wide to get in deeper.

Cameron shuffled on the bed, quickly stretching his legs out before settling again. Noel removed his fingers and straddled Cameron’s legs as he slowly let the sheet slip down his body. He was hard, pre-come dripping onto his belly. Noel groaned and moved up further to plant wet kisses up his body. Starting at his hips where the light pink tattoo of his lips was branded forever into the soft skin of Ian’s right hip. Noel’s favorite spot. The first kiss had Cameron's dick twitching and rubbing against his throat.

“Please…” Cameron whispered in his sleep, turning his head to the side.

Noel moved up, licking into his belly button before guiding his tongue over the dips and curves of his abs. Soft skin over hard, solid muscle. Cameron shifted again when he licked over his nipples and he decided that was enough teasing. Any more and Cameron was liable to wake up.

He reached over, grabbed the lube and squirted some in the palm of his hand and tossed it aside. He applied it to Cameron's dick as carefully as possibly, only making Cameron shift a few times but never waking. But he was panting now, mouth parted to get more air in. He was absolutely stunning like this. His skin flushed down to his chest, lips wet and ready for a kiss. Noel moved up, hovering over his groin. With one hand planted on Cameron's chest, and the other reaching behind to stand him up, he sank down as slow as he could. As his thick head slipped inside, he wanted to close his eyes to absorb the full feeling, but he wanted to watch the minute Cameron woke up to him like this.

Cameron gasped as he pushed himself all the way down, Noel, unable to keep his deep groan in. Even with three fingers, Cameron was still stretching him painfully good. So good he could feel everything. Every ridge and vein, the thicker Cameron got towards the case of his dick. It was enough to take his breath away.

Even in his sleep, Cameron's body knew what to do. He tensed and nearly thrust up and Noel had to grip Cameron's chest, so he didn’t fall forward. As he bit his lip, Noel slowly started to move. Rocking back and forth slowly, hardly moving up and down at all but forwards to grind against him. And he felt everything…

A satisfied smirk appeared on Noel’s face as Cameron moaned deeply, finally beginning to wake up. He could see those sleepy, but burning green eyes blink away the sleep and focus on what he was doing. That look nearly killed him, so dark and full of passion, need.

Large hands moved slowly to grip his hips, leaving bruises that he couldn’t wait to see the next morning. He rolled his hips, never breaking eye contact and Cameron's breathing picked up, panting harshly now.

“Noel.” Cameron's voice was raw, dry. He looked over Noel’s perfect body, watching as he moved on top of him, happy the reality was far better than his dream. Dream Noel didn’t stand a chance against the real thing.

He grinned at how wrecked he seemed and changed pace, moving up and down hard but slowly, getting him as deep as possible. “Good dream?” He asked as he raised his eyebrows with that knowing look.

Cameron smiled darkly and wiggled them back, so he could lean against the headboard with his feet planted on the bed. It jolted Noel forward so their chests touched, and the angle became so much deeper. “Fuck…” he tried to breathe through it. “Was fuckin you in my dreams.” His eyes roamed Noel’s body greedily. He watched a drop of sweat drip from his hair line, down to the middle of his chest as he moved confidently above him.

Noel started to move again, slowly because the angle change had Cameron’s dick against his prostate. His lips were dangerously close to Cameron’s when he spoke. “And, how was I?”

Cameron’s hands moved down from his hips to straining thighs, feeling each muscle as he moved up and down. “Not as good as you are right now.”

He leaned forward and pressed their lips together. They kissed softly, taking their time enjoying the feel of each other’s mouths, the way their tongues danced together. Noel moaned deeply when Cameron started to rock his hips up into him, meeting his every thrust, slowly bouncing their bodies together.

“Please Cameron…” Noel mumbled against his mouth, his energy was waning quickly. Too much alcohol, not enough sleep and with every press against his prostate, his legs shook.

With a tight grip on his thighs, Cameron expertly flipped their positions until Noel was flat on his back, legs wrapped tightly around his already bucking hips. He planted one forearm beside his head, while the other one gripped behind Noel’s knee, bringing it high on his hip. When he thrusted forward, Noel’s back arched off the bed and those sapphire eyes closed.

“Yes…” he threw his head back and dug his nails into the small of Cameron’s back. He never thought it was possible to feel this much pleasure during sex. He’d never felt it with anyone besides Cameron. He felt so full and satisfied without even coming, his body felt alive and on fire whenever those large hands touched him with confidence.

Each time he pushed in, his body was electrified. Every nerve ending sending pleasant shocks up and down his body, demanding he never let that feeling escape him. So Noel held on, his hands gliding over slick skin to help Cameron press deeper into him.

“God, you feel incredible baby…” Cameron moaned and grabbed Noel’s hand to push it high above his head, then linking their fingers. He stared down at his stunning boyfriend, to see pure pleasure etched across his fine features. It was nearly too much to look at all at once. Like he’d go blind. “Fuck, I love you.”

Noel opened his eyes to see that totally blissed out look on his face. He smiled and dug his heels into Cameron's ass, urging him on, taking him deeper. “Love you more.” He replied easily, watching everything and still not seeing enough.

Cameron leaned back further on his knees, pushing Noel’s legs up towards his chest by the tight grip on his thighs. He tore his eyes away from Noel’s face to watch as he thrusted into him over and over again. The slick slide of his cock brushing against every part of him…it was an unimaginable feeling that had him spiraling out of control.

“Noel,” he nearly whispered as a new sheen of sweat broke out against his skin. “Can’t—shit, I’m close.” He breathed out as he spread those legs wider. “Need you to come for me baby.”

Noel had both of his hands on Cameron’s abs, feeling them bunch with each hard thrust of his hips. Each time he pulled out, Noel could see Cameron’s slick cock shortly before it plunged back in, always deeper and harder. “Get it wet for me.”

Without breaking his rhythm, Cameron slowly let a ball of saliva drip from his extended tongue and watched as it dripped dirtily onto the swollen head of Noel’s dick. “Hurry baby, it’s too much…” he pleaded and fucked into him with wild abandon.

Noel reached between his bunched up thighs and palmed his slick cock. His ass tightened immediately, and Cameron was thrown from that punishing rhythm for a moment. He jerked hard and fast, biting his lip because it was bordering on painful. His hand matched Cameron’s hips and he saw the moment it was all too much. Those green eyes widened like he’d never seen them before and with one more powerful thrust, Cameron was spilling into him.

“Oh God…fuck fuck fuck!” He screamed as a wave of exhaustion powered over him. He was panting raggedly, eyes lazy as he kept up for Noel. He looked down just as his boyfriend came, groaning that sexy sound as he splattered between them. Hot and sticky.

“Cameron!” He whined slowly jerked himself as Cameron's hips came to a slow, nearly inexistent pace. His legs fell apart and Cameron slumped against him, tucking his head into his neck.

“You’re so perfect.” Cameron mumbled as he kissed Noel’s neck, tasting sweat and not caring one bit about the come gluing them together.

Noel chuckled, satisfied and rubbed up and down his muscled back and wide shoulders. He tucked his face into sweaty red hair and breathed their smell in deep. “And you’re huge.”

Cameron barked out a laugh that had Noel wincing from their shared contact. He slowly pulled out, imprinting Noel’s sigh into his brain. “I’ve been told that once or twice.”

Noel snorted and playfully pushed his shoulders. “What I meant to say was roll your giant ass over.” When Cameron went to move, he only held on tighter.

“Why you tryin to play. You love me like this.” He pulled back to look at him, kissing his pink lips.

“Maybe a little.” He winked and brought a hand up to wipe sweat away from his brow. “I need more sleep.”

Cameron chuckled and rolled to the side to grab the boxers he peeled off the night before and rubbed them off as best he could. But they would definitely need a shower. Once clean, he pulled the blanket back up and laid back, slinging an arm around Noel’s waist. “You’re not close enough. C'mere.”

Noel didn’t try to stop his smile and wiggled back against Cameron’s strong chest. Those capable but loving arms pulling him flush against him. One arm under his neck, the other around his waist. He linked their fingers and turned his head searching for Cameron’s lips.

Cameron’s hand moved from his waist up to cup his face as they kissed. Sleepy eyes and lazy kisses was exactly what he needed after that. He pulled back with a kiss to Cameron’s cheek, seeing lids close around green eyes and his hand moved back it its original place on his waist.

“Get some sleep baby. Early day tomorrow.” Cameron whispered as he buried his face in Noel’s neck, blond hair lightly brushing his face.

He narrowed his eyebrows. Early day? For what? He wanted to ask but Cameron’s breathing instantly steadied out and Noel knew he was asleep. Early day or not, he was still under the influence of weed, booze and now Cameron’s dick and he needed to sleep. He felt that hangover coming already.

Noel nuzzled into his pillow, squeezing their laced fingers and listened to the sound of that deep breathing against his neck and closed his eyes to dream about green eyes, soft skin and red hair.
The wailing of his alarm woke him from a dead sleep. Cameron blinked rapidly and blindly reached out to slap his phone into silence before he snuggled Noel closer, burying his face between warm shoulder blades. He kissed his soft skin and felt Noel sigh deeply, making him smile.

Deep in the back if his mind, Cameron knew he needed to get up. But what for? He had been curled up naked with Noel, what more could he possibly want?
What seemed to be either minutes or hours, the alarm on the phone shrieked through the room again. Noel gave a disapproving grunt and pulled his arm tighter when Cameron went to move it. Cameron kissed his neck and took his arm back to grab his phone.


Bold, dancing letters flashed brightly across his phone. THE MALDIVES!! Their trip started today. They needed to be at the plane well before 5 to make take off. Cameron smiled and turned off the alarm, more awake now than before. He also noticed it was only 3 in the morning…way too early. They had about 45 minutes before they needed to leave.

Cameron rolled back into Noel’s body and slipped his hand down to grip his dick through the thin sheet. He wasn’t hard, but it was the fastest way to wake him up. “Baby, we gotta get up.” He cooed in his ear, kissing it lightly.

Noel grumbled and snuggled deeper into the pillow but pushed his hips forward, chasing Cameron’s hand.

“Big day today!!” He tried again, a little louder and kissed over his shoulder. He paused his hand for a moment, then smiled as Noel pushed back against him, trying to get him to continue.

“Damn it Cam, m' sleepin!” Noel jerked away from him and turned onto his stomach, frustrated that Cameron had stopped jerking him off.

“Fine, guess I’m going to New York by myself then.” He said in a snarky tone and turned towards his side of the bed. But he felt the bed move behind him and smiled.

“The hell you goin to New York for?” Noel asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. When they opened enough to look out the window, he noticed how dark it was. “It’s not even morning!”

“We told Jeremy and Emma we’d all go to New York today.” He lied easily, even though a pit formed in his stomach. He hated lying, even about good things like surprises. It never sat well with him. “Don’t you remember?”

Noel wracked his brain, trying to remember but all he saw was drinking, smoking, a fantastic blow job from Cameron and riding his dick in the middle of the night.

Cameron turned towards him, one leg on the bed. “You really don’t remember? We said we’d go. I guess you had so much to drink last night.” He grinned as Noel just nodded sleepily.

This was one of his favorite looks. Adorably sleepy Noel. Tired eyes, half shut because he refused to acknowledge anything before 5 am. Lines from the sheets pressed against pillow warm cheeks. He was sweeter in the mornings, less pent up and just kinda went with whatever was going on, which is what he was counting on.

He couldn’t help but lean forward to kiss those soft lips. One hand cupping his jaw, his thumb rubbing affectionately over his rough cheek. Noel gave that soft gasp and just went with it, let him lead. Cameron kept it short and sweet because they had a short time frame.

He pulled back and rested their heads together. “We need to shower okay?”

Noel kept his eyes clothes but nodded.

Cameron got up and went to Noel’s side of the bed and offered a hand. Noel took it and let Cameron lead them into the shower. He didn’t turn the light on in the bathroom, but he turned on a lamp in the bedroom so inside the bathroom remained dim and somewhat intimate.

He left Noel to lean sleepily against the door as he cranked the 5 person marble and tinted glass shower on until water poured from the waterfall shower head and steam filled the room. Once again, he offered Noel his hand, stepped inside and pulled Noel along with him.

The shower was large. Big enough for 5 people so they had plenty of room without bumping elbows, but Noel just leaned against the side, eyes still unfocused. Cameron tugged him until his back was under the fall of the shower and he smiled as Noel groaned deep as the hot water hit his skin.

“Feels good.” Noel tipped his head back, so the water ran down all sides of his body, even his face. He was glad for Cameron’s hands on his hips, keeping him steady or he’d have fallen.

Cameron watched with hungry eyes as all that pale skin was drenched in water. He wanted to lick him dry, push him back into their bed and warm him with his body… but they had a flight. “Looks good.” He smiled when Noel stepped to the side and looked at him. Cameron took a clean rag, grabbed Noel’s favorite rose scented body wash…yes, roses, and started to rub all the sweat and come off his body, making sure to pay extra attention between his legs.

Noel sighed deeply as Cameron got to his knees and carefully cleaned between his cheeks and over his hole. He felt Cameron's lips on his hip and looked down to see his dick only an inch away from that sinful mouth. Cameron smirked but only moved the rag to the front of his body.

“Love when you do this.” Noel let Cameron wash him, lifting an arm or a leg when it called for it. Being taken care of was something he may never get used to, even with the slight teasing on Cameron’s part.

He pushed Noel gently under the water to wash way the bubbles. “And I love doing it. Now, your hair.” He grabbed the shampoo and lathered Noel’s blond hair, massaging his scalp with the tip of his fingers until Noel groaned and bubbles slowly trickled down the soft, toned plains of his body. Noel tipped his head back for him and the shampoo was rinsed out carefully. He repeated the motions for conditioner as well.

“There, all clean.” Cameron smiled and reached behind Noel’s neck to lead him into a deep, but quick kiss. “You wanna head out and dress?”

“What about you?” He questioned with a raise of his brows as he opened the door.

“I’m more awake then you are.” He chuckled when Noel glared at him. “Plus, if you touch me all over like that, I won’t be able to keep myself from taking you in the shower…” he smiled as Noel’s breath hitched. “Then we’d miss our flight.”

Noel did his best to breathe and let the comment pass. “That sounds about right.” He asked for another kiss, to which Cameron gave him happily. “Don’t take too long. We need to pack.”

Cameron started to wash himself, then his hair as quickly as possible, not paying even half the attention he did to Noel. “Did it last night before you passed out.” He lied again. He’s had those bags packed since he decided to plan their trip. Even had someone lined up to watch their fur babies.

Noel had a towel around his hips and one across his shoulders. He tapped a button on the wall and the floors started to heat up under his feet. He groaned. “So what? I just sit around til you’re done?”

Cameron smiled and turned off the water and Noel tossed him a towel. He didn’t miss the way those blue eyes dipped down below his waist as he bit his plump bottom lip. “Wanna make coffee?”

Noel was snapped out of the little porno he was watching in his mind. “Coffee, yeah sure.” He gave another lingering look before walking out to find a change of clothes.

Cameron grinned. It felt too good to be wanted by Noel Fisher. Like a constant high. An adrenaline rush he needed to survive. It was toxic and lifesaving at the same time. He took a deep breath and dried off as slow as possible, so he didn’t walk naked into the same room. They’d really miss their flight then.

By the time he dried off, he could hear Noel in the kitchen. Cameron dressed in record time, made sure to have his phone, keys and wallet, Noel’s as well, and headed for his coffee.

“So, New York?” Noel asked as he handed Cameron and cup.

He nodded. “Yeah, just to catch up with everyone. Have some fun before our schedules are booked.” He shifted his gaze to his coffee, unable to hold the lie if he looked him in the eyes. “You don’t wanna go?”

“I didn’t say that. I just don’t remember it.” He set his cup down and stepped in between Cameron’s spread legs, hands on his chest.

“But you remember the other things, right?” His voice dropped to a deeper tone and licked over his lips as he watched the memories flick wildly over Noel’s face. “Can you still feel me baby?” he whispered against his lips.

Noel nodded, feeling the ache between his legs pulse as if it did remember vividly. His hands moved down Cameron’s chest before he was stopped just above his waist line.

“I know you can feel me baby…” Cameron kissed him once. “Imagine how surprised I was to wake up with you riding my dick.” He kissed him again, hearing Noel gasp. “We need to go, but the mile high club is calling our name.”

Noel laughed and pushed away with one last kiss. “What about Bette and Sushi?” He saw both his cat and Cameron’s dog lounging on the couch. “Can’t just leave.”

“Izzy said she’d stop by and make sure they’re okay.” He turned off the kitchen light and ushered Noel to the door. “Don’t worry baby, they are taken care of.” He put his mouth close to Noel’s ear and breathed hotly against it. “All you need to worry about is how many times I can fuck you before you walk crooked.” He slapped his ass out the door and locked it.

Noel groaned. “Fuckin tease Cam.” He shook his head but walked towards Cameron’s car and sure enough, about 2 bags a piece were loaded into the trunk. “Damn boy scout.”

Cameron opened the driver seat and winked before getting in, Noel joined him, and the front gate was slowly opening for them as he started the car. “Here’s to a mini vacation, yeah?”

Noel rolled his eyes but leaned over to kiss him. “Shut it and drive Riley.” He grinned and leaned his head back, eyes shutting immediately when Cameron put a hand on his thigh and squeezed.

Chapter Text

Cameron parked the car in the still dark, but partially lit private airspace. Unlike the airport, this place was quiet, no people to crowd around it. Just a few people bustling around, getting the plane ready, checking surroundings, a few people up in the tower doing things he could only imagine; checking the weather and flight plans, making sure everything was clear. It was amazing compared to the airport. Jeremy really hooked them up this time.

And thank God for that. It was over a 20 hour trip to The Maldives and being cramped between 2 people for twenty hours, especially with no guarantee he and Noel could sit together, private was way better. Better than first class even and that’s what they would have taken. They really owed Jeremy for this.

Noel was still fast asleep against the door as Cameron got out, opened the trunk and handed their bags off to be checked. Yes, even here they needed to go through them. No weapons or food, liquid kept at a minimum, liquid being their travel sized bottle of lube. Last time they took the big tube, it had been tossed. Liquid. Those assholes. It was the expensive kind too. This time, they knew better. After their bags had the OK from security, they were tossed into the plane and he was left waking Noel up.

He opened the passenger side door and slipped his hand inside to keep his head from falling. Noel groaned and nuzzled into his hand which only made his heart pound when he smiled. He eased Noel’s head back against the seat and nuzzled his face just under his jaw, gave it a little lick and nibbled it…it was odd, but it was the key to Noel’s heart…or his arousal.

Noel blinked sleepily and looked around, eyes unfocused until he could smell Cameron close to him. That brought a smile to his face and he leaned his head against red hair. “We here?”

“Mm hmm, private plane. So it’s just us.” He kissed along his jaw, loving how his 5 o’clock shadow scraped against his lips. “You ok?”

“Private plane?” He asked as he finally looked to see the smaller version of a big ass plane. “How the hell did that happen?”

“Jeremy hooked me up. Might as well be comfortable.” He looked down, so Noel didn’t see the lie on his face. He waited a moment to glance up and Noel didn’t seem suspicious, just sleepy and it made his smile reappear. “Come on baby, up you go.”

Cameron handed his keys away and his car was safely parked in the parking structure until they came back. He grabbed his carry on bag, Noel’s hand and marched up the few steps into the plane. It was marvelous. Something he’d never seen before…which said a lot since he had been on dozens of planes each year.

The inside was spacious. Room enough for 2 people to walk shoulder to shoulder and have plenty of space. Two large recliners faced a 60 inch t.v. that was bolted to the side, a mini bar stuffed into one corner, a small sofa on the other side. It looked like a small studio apartment.

Cameron smiled and watched as Noel’s jaw dropped a little bit. Success, Noel was already impressed. He set his bag down on the sofa and the door closed behind them. Noel glided forward to ran his hands up the side of one recliner and all Cameron could do was watch him. Noel was smiling, he was happy.

He noticed a small curtain towards the back of the plane and knew they had only stepped foot into the front. Jeremy mentioned something about a bed being on the plane, but he just thought his friend was bragging about how good it was. Now he thought Jeremy might be telling the truth.

“Wow, this is amazing!” Noel smiled and plopped down in one of the recliners, leaning back as his feet were propped up.

Cameron moved to his chair instead of the empty one and while Noel’s eyes were closed, he easily jumped up to straddle his thighs, his ass seated right on Noel’s lap. Noel’s grunt turned into a moan and his hands went to Cameron’s hips.

“You know there’s another chair Riley.” Noel smiled but kept holding his hips.

Cameron huffed at the use of his middle name. Only Noel used it. Anyone else and it would piss him off. “I know, but your lap is much more comfortable.” He kept his gaze and rolled his body down, grinding softly against him.

Noel gasped, and his grip tightened. “Already?” He gave a dark, satisfied chuckle. “Only counts as the mile high club if we are high up.”

Cameron groaned at that laugh. Even after all these years, Noel still retained that sexual confidence over him. Noel knew how he was, knew what he liked and used it as often as he could. It made the spark between them grow with each day they spent together, with each kiss and caress. He fucking loved it.

“You know I'd never say no to that,” he wiggled again. “But…our positions are backwards.”

Noel moaned as lightly slapped Cameron’s jean covered ass, squeezing his cheeks. “Mm maybe we should change it up, huh?”

Noel had that dark look now. The one that was usually saved for when they spent time apart and finally saw each other again. He lived for that look. Until he processed the words. Noel wanted to fuck him? 6 years together and they’d never tried that, or even talked about it. Not on purpose of course, they just fell into their natural role. Did Noel want more?

Cameron studied Noel’s face, saw the way he bit his lip. He wanted it. Noel wanted to fuck him. “You want to, don’t you baby?” His voice dropped lower, and it affected Noel instantly. He breathed heavier now, licked his lips eagerly.

Noel squeezed his ass and Cameron gasped. That one sound sent a hot blast of heat all over his body. “And if I did? Would you want that?”

Cameron’s first instinct was to say no. He liked topping. Loved it. He loved being inside Noel and knew Noel liked it just as much. Why change it if it can’t get any better then what they had? But as soon as Noel pulled him down to grind up against his ass, images of Noel bending him over flashed through his mind at warp speed. Noel thrusting behind him, kissing on his back and shoulders. Noel reaching around to finish him off as he lost himself in his body.

“Shit…” he dropped his head back as his eyes slid shut. Too many images. If he wasn’t careful, he’d come too soon.

Noel chuckled again. “Maybe we should try huh?” he raised light eyebrows, giving Cameron a hopeful look.

“Not on the plane though. Too damn rocky.” He pegged him with a hard look to which Noel only laughed.

“Deal.” He slapped his ass again and the curtain near the front of the plane opened and a man dressed in a suit appeared. He smiled at them, even with Cameron straddling his body.

“Good Morning, we are about to take off so if you could both takes your seats,” he smiled politely. “Then we can begin takeoff.”

Cameron grinned, unashamed as to what they had been doing, but Noel blushed redder than a cherry and gently shoved him away. He gave those pink cheeks a quick kiss before going to his own seat and buckling up. With a nod of gratitude from the man with a suit, they were once again left alone.

“Well, that was a good first impression.”

Cameron smirked at his sarcastic as hell comment. Noel still had that blush on his cheeks, even after the guy left. “You’re so sexy when you get all embarrassed like that.” He bit his lip and admired Noel’s body bluntly.

It got him to smile, widely. Cameron always knew just what to say. “Shut up.” He shook his head to try and clear the smile. It didn’t work.

The rumble of the plane let them know it was time for takeoff. Seat belts buckled, no sharing seats and it was time to go. Cameron looked out the oval window to see the plane slowly start to roll down the dark runway. His left hid acted on its own and fell between their seats, grabbing Noel’s thigh and gently squeezing. Noel hated to fly, hated it. He glanced over to see blue eyes wide and Noel put his hand on top of his own and squeezed.

They shared a smile, Cameron turned back to the window as the plane rapidly picked up speed. Noel probably had his eyes closed by that point, if the immense pressure on his hand was anything to go by. It didn’t take long to get into the air, not enough turbulence to have him or the pilots worried and the grip on his hand loosened.

Noel took a deep breath and squeezed Cameron’s hand as he brought it up to his mouth to kiss the back of it. “Love you.”

Two words and his heart was ready to bust out the window and fly alongside the plane. Two words had never sounded so sweet before. Cameron turned back towards him with a lovey dovey smile. “Love you more.”

The curtain opened once more, and they were greeted by the same man. He didn’t blink when he caught Cameron straddling Noel’s thighs and he didn’t blink at their joined hands. But he did give that warm smile.

Cameron caught the guys eye before he spoke, and a brief but meaningful look passed between them. Everyone but Noel knew this was a surprise. He just wanted to warn this guy before he said something he shouldn’t. Like say, how many hours it would take. Nearly 20 to their destination but Noel would know New York wouldn’t take that long.

“Take off was a success!” He said and clapped happily. “Please feel free to move about as you wish. Bathrooms are to the back of the plane and we have the mini bar for your convenience, there is also food available to you. Please let me know if you need anything. My name is Josh. From this point further, I will announce my arrival over the speaker so as not to…. interrupt anything.”

Cameron grinned and nodded his thanks while Noel blushed harder and kept his mouth tightly shut. God, he was so adorable. Blushing like a school girl. “Thank you, Josh., I think we have it covered for now.”

Josh nodded. “I’m only a call away.” He opened his hands before he turned and walked back through the curtain.

“That guys is creepy.” Noel commented once they were alone. “Does he think we are gonna fuck all the way to New York?”

That just made him smile. Noel was cute when he was all flustered. He normally didn’t do PDA too much, not ashamed or anything. More like private. He didn’t like people seeing their private moments and Cameron could understand that and he never shied away from him, but he loved their special moments more than public. He was the one who wanted to show the world they were still together. So, seeing Noel blushing because of their private flight attendant was cute.

He stood and walked the short distance to stand in front of Noel’s chair, blocked by the raised footrest. One glance down let Cameron know that Noel was still hard. Even creepy Josh couldn’t take that away. He leaned forward to rest a hand on each of the arm rests, so his face was directly in front of Noel’s.

“Creepy Josh didn’t ruin your mood though.” He glanced away from Noel’s eyes, to his cock, then back to his eyes while licking his lips. Making his intention very clear. “So…about that mile high club…?”

Noel huffed out an excited laugh, unable to say no, both to Cameron’s tone and those words. “Gonna pull me away into the bathroom Riley?” He raised his eyebrows. “I think you’re too big for that.”

Cameron grinned. “Mmm that’s it baby, shower me with those compliments.” He joked, making Noel smile wider. He offered Noel his hand, which he took as he kicked the footrest back down and a stood up. Cameron didn’t take a step back, only looped his arm around Noel’s waist to keep him from toppling back.

Noel wrapped his arms around Cameron’s neck and couldn’t help the shiver that arose when large hands dipped under his shirt, smoothing slowly up his back. “Gonna fuck me right here?” he glanced back to the chair and when he looked back, Cameron’s face was closer. “Hmm? Gonna bend me over the chair?”

Noel was such a damn tease. His hands moved from Noel’s bare back down to grip his perfect ass. “Don’t tempt me. You know I have no problem fucking you anywhere, anytime.” His voice was deep, as it always got just before they fucked. Rough and raw, hoarse and Noel loved it.

“You don’t want Josh to see me like that, do you Cam?” He raised an eyebrow, trying to bait him. “Bet he’d love to see me stretched out and wet.”

Cameron growled, low and dangerously. He crouched down enough to wrap his hands under Noel’s ass and lifted him up, blond hair nearly brushing the ceiling. Noel gasped in approval, smiled and locked his ankles into the small of his back. “Only I get to see you like that.”

He walked around the chair, trusting his brief layout skills to navigate around the plane because there was no way he was taking his eyes off Noel. He moved them towards the back of the plane, all while his hands squeezed Noel’s ass, a finger rubbing against his crack.

“Only me. Right?” He asked against his lips.

Noel nodded and dug his fingers into Cameron’s hair. “Only you Cam. Don’t want anyone else to see.”

Cameron moved one hand to cup the side of his face as he kissed him hard. He absorbed Noel’s deep groan and let out a matching one. He could never get enough of this man. Never. He didn’t think it was possible to want someone as much as he wanted Noel. He slid his tongue against Noel’s lips and they parted like magic.

“I need you.” He whispered into his mouth as he walked them back. Noel claimed his lips again, pulling at his hair to angle his head just right. Cameron grabbed the curtain in the back and stumbled forward, breaking the kiss as he tripped over a small rug in the walkway.

When he blinked past the hazy sex fog, he looked past Noel to see the bedroom…yes, Jeremy was right. There was a bedroom. He grinned and nodded as Noel caught him smiling. He eased him down his body and watched as Noel took in the room.

“Oh fuck.” He half moaned.

It was too much. The bed took up the entire back of the plane. A king sized bed squeezed into a plane. It was amazing. The bedding was a dark blue color, the sheets also, pillows piled high, nearly to the top. Cameron wrapped his arms around Noel’s waist and pushed his groin into his ass.

“We have a fucking bed.” He chuckled at the disbelief in his own voice. “I can’t believe it.” Noel blinked and turned to look at Cameron. “Tell me this is for real…that I didn’t just pass out and dream this shit up.” Noel leaned back against his chest, feeling how hard and fast his heart was pounding against his back.

Cameron turned his head to nuzzle the soft skin behind Noel’s left ear. He licked it slowly before grazing his teeth against it. Fuck, even his skin tasted good. Like fresh water, sweat and a little bit of himself lingered there. “You’re not dreaming baby.” His hands moved down to his thighs and slowly slid up them. “We get this whole bed alone, no one to interrupt us.”

Noel wiggled his ass, his hands resting against Cameron’s before linking their fingers. He kissed the back of his hand. “Good. Don’t wanna ever leave this place.” He smiled wide, feeling that familiar flutter in his chest when they experienced moments like these together. Moments to remember.

The bubble was real. They pretty much lived in one constantly. Blocking out the world, living like they were the only 2 people in the entire world. Living every moment like it was their last because who knows, it could be. How they had gotten to be together for 6 years was a blessing enough. They didn’t want to seem ungrateful for it.

So they lived, and they loved like they wouldn’t have the chance tomorrow. Like they had only a single day to work in every possible emotion. It left them exhausted but fulfilled, left them sore and their hearts and bodies tired but they wouldn’t trade anything for it. They’d kindly accept the pain of feeling so happy it hurt, over the pain of never finding someone to share it with.

Cameron turned Noel around and kissed him with all he had. Gripping his face lightly but making sure he knew he would never let go. And Noel needed it as bad as he did. His hands moved up to slide up the front of his shirt, making him gasp when goosebumps flowed over his skin. He massaged Noel’s tongue with his, drinking down each moan.

“Need you Cam.” Noel moaned and turned his head, so Cameron could kiss over his neck. Leaving hot, wet kisses that left him breathless. He lifted the hem of his shirt and Cameron let him remove it.

“Need you more baby.” Cameron mumbled against his neck as he walked him back a few steps until he could feel the bed. He quickly removed Noel’s shirt and went to work on his jeans, using quick fingers to pop the button and slip his hand inside, unable to wait until he was naked. Noel gasped and clawed his back as he stroked his dick, breathing hard into his
neck. “Wanna taste you.”

“God Cam…” he shivered and pushed into Cameron’s fist. His hands moved to Cameron’s ass and squeezed, pushing him forward. “You drive me crazy when you talk like that.”

Cam smiled and lowered him to sit on the bed. He stood, towering over him. Running both hands through baby soft blond hair. Noel’s hands were sliding up his jean clad thighs, sliding up to rub against his groin with both thumbs. He looked down and Noel was biting his lip.

“Getting shy on me baby?” He smiled fondly down at him. It had taken some time, but Noel had pretty much lost all shyness he had when they started this. Only moments, like this, that it came out. “Tell me what you want.”

Instead of talking, he popped the button on his jeans and worked them down his legs. Cameron was hard, pressed tightly against his briefs and his mouth watered. One hand went to his cock, stroking it slowly, the other up to trace his V, then up his six pack, to tease his nipples.

“That what you wanted?” Cameron asked, breathless. His body swayed so he gripped Noel’s hair tighter, earning a groan. “I love your hands on me baby. Feels so damn good.” He closed his eyes as Noel worked him. It was easy to get too wrapped up in this, it felt too good to stay calm.

Noel loved him like this. Nearly as fucked out as he got when they fucked. It was like Cameron went into a trance when he touched him. Green eyes closed, mouth parted to pant, fuck it was sexy. He was sexy, beautiful and all his. He could do whatever he wanted. So he did. He leaned forward and traced the V with his tongue. Green eyes opened wide and looked down at him. So he did it again on the other side but bit his right hip, lightly tracing the tattoo of his lips.

“Fuck…” he groaned and pulled his hair.

“Like?” Noel asked shyly as he bit Cameron’s other hip.

He gasped. “You know I do.” Blue eyes stared up at him like he was God. Like he was something precious and coveted. “I wanna feel your mouth on my dick.”

Noel grinned and pulled his briefs down, letting Cameron’s cock lightly slap his throat, leaving a warm streak of pre-come behind. It was worth it to see Cameron’s face. He looked like that just before he came. “Not gonna come early, are you?”

Cameron gripped under his chin and let his cock push against his throat. “I might. You find new ways to drive me crazy.” He thumbed over a cheekbone, then ran it over Noel’s pouty bottom lip. Before he released him, Cameron gripped his cock and brought it to Noel’s lips, smearing the rest against them. “Don’t.” He warned as Noel went to lick it off.
Noel rubbed his lips together like he was wearing Chapstick, smoothing it evenly but didn’t lick it like he wanted to.

Cameron smiled at the effort. “Lay back.” He ordered and watched as Noel scooted back, kicking off his shoes and the clothes around his ankles. When he looked up, Noel was against the pillows, legs spread wide with slick lips. He crawled naked up the bed, smiling as Noel tracked every movement. “Look at you…” he breathed when he was kneeling between his legs. “So damn pretty.”

Noel scuffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “M'not pretty Cam. Pretty is for women.”

Cameron pulled off his shoes and socks first, trailed his hands up strong thighs until he could drag pants and boxers with him until Noel was naked like he was. He kissed over a bent knee, swirling his tongue over it. “You’re my pretty baby, aren’t you?” he asked hopefully.

There was no way Noel could say no to that. So, he nodded.

“Good.” He gave the same treatment to the other knee before moving up, sucking and biting on his inner thighs as Noel moaned from above, hands fisting his hair, trying to guide him further up. “Spread your legs.” He whispered close to his balls that he felt Noel’s shiver. He spread them just enough for Cameron to see his hole.

Noel gripped himself, slowly stroking as Cameron teased him with that mouth. Each time he kissed higher, his dick would leak, adding lubrication that allowed him to jerk off with ease.

Cameron groaned at the sound. He didn’t even need to look up to know Noel was jerking off. He focused on spreading his legs wider with his hands to get closer. He cupped Noel’s balls and pushed them up enough to run his tongue over his hole, groaning as Noel gasped and quivered against him.

“Cam!” his head fell back as Cameron worked him over. He used to question if Cameron liked eating him out but now, just the sounds his boyfriend was making were enough to let him know he fucking loved it. He gripped Cameron’s hair and urged him on as he stroked himself.

Both legs over his shoulders allowed Cameron to inch his tongue inside. Past tight muscles and even after Noel’s shower 2 hours ago, he could still taste his own come. Fuck, he was going to die if this got any sexier. He couldn’t handle Noel being any hotter right now. Especially not with one hand in his hair guiding him while he jerked off. It was too much. He gripped Noel’s hips, gave him a look for Noel to brace himself and flipped him onto his knees.

Cameron wasted no time gripping his ass and spreading him wide open. He licked from his balls to the top of his ass, groaning as Noel pushed back. “You taste so damn good.” He mumbled before pushing his tongue in as deep as it would go, fucking him with it like it was a cock.

“Please Cam…” he begged, slowly moving his hips to slide back and forth on his tongue. “Feelin close already.” He whined, it was true, he was so close.

Cameron pulled back, wiping his slick chin with the back of his arm and batted Noel’s hand away from his cock. “Stop speedin shit up then.” He grinned and grabbed Noel’s hand, sucking two fingers into his mouth to get them dripping wet. “Work yourself open for me.” He purred and grabbed a pillow to push under Noel’s ass.

His face flushed but he brought saliva coated fingers to his hole and pushed them in as he moaned, his eyes never leaving green ones. “Cam!” He gasped and pumped them in and out, watching Cameron watch him. It was so much better when he watched. It was hotter, and it made him feel sexy and wanted.

“God damn Noel…” he growled and got on his hands and knees, practically pushing his face between Noel’s legs to watch as two fingers got swallowed up by his body. Every time Noel pushed them in, his thighs shook, and his toes curled. “Fuck baby. Feel good?”

“Feels better when you do it.” He breathed and pushed another finger in. “You do it. Please.” He looked at Cameron with hopeful eyes.

Cameron couldn’t stop staring. Literally. He could not look away. Not even to see Noel’s flushed face. Three fingers in, and he wanted to see his whole fist in there. “Don’t move.” He growled and had to tear his eyes away to give Noel a look. “Gotta grab something.” He walked out naked and grabbed the bag he left and hurried towards the bed once again. Noel didn’t move. In fact, his legs were spread wider and he had four fingers in.

“Cam please, please just fuck me.” He panted. His body ached, exhausted and needy. He needed to come. He needed Cam to make him come so he could pass the fuck out and let the rest of the alcohol in his system fade away.

Cameron zoomed in on his ass once more. Blindingly digging through the bag to find the lube. He kicked the bag aside and knelt between his legs. “Needed four huh?” He asked with a smirk.

“Still isn’t good enough. Not wide enough like you.” He blushed and bit his lip, finally tasting the pre-come Cameron smeared across his lips. Cameron was more than average. And he found that he required all 9 inches to satisfy him. Nothing else seemed to work. He was dick whipped.

“Think you could do all of them?” He asked with so much desire in his voice. He sounded possessed.

“L-like fist myself?” he stuttered. It only happened when he got this flustered. Always around Cameron.

Cameron looked up with hungry eyes and moved forward as if he were stalking him. Hard to do in a confined space but he made it work until he was straddling Noel’s body, ceasing anymore ass play for the time. He kissed him, so quick it was over before Noel could respond, tasting himself. “Yes baby. Wanna see that whole hand up there.”

Noel gripped Cameron’s hips, breathing deeply so he didn’t come. “Why?” he swallowed deeply and wanted to fall apart under that gaze.

“Actually no…” he paused with a smile. “I want my whole hand up there.” He brought his hand close to Noel’s face just to remind him how big it was. “Want to fuck you like that.”

“Fucking shit…” he moved to squeeze the base of his cock to ward off the orgasm. “It’s too big Cam. It would never fit.”

“You said the same thing about my dick the first time. Remember?” He growled against his lips. “You wanted it so fucking bad Noel. I remember like it was yesterday.” He breathed deeply and popped the top on the lube, coating three fingers before he tossed it aside. He slid back enough so Noel’s thighs rested on top of his and slid all three fingers into him. “But your tight little hole took every inch I gave you. Took it greedily and fuck, you wanted it so fucking bad. Begging and clawing at me.”

Noel dropped his head back as Cameron finger fucked him. Mind fucking him with his words too. He did remember their first time and Cameron wasn’t exaggerating. He was such a needy bitch that first time. “I want it just as bad now as I did then.”

Four of Noel’s fingers was like three of his. His were thicker and longer, stretching him wider. So he added a forth finger, which would have been like Noel doing all five. He gasped in wonder when Noel’s ass took all four. “Fuck yes!!” He laughed darkly. “Taking it so good.”

Noel nearly screamed and gripped Cameron’s forearm tight. Either assisting or trying to push him away, he had no idea. He just needed to hang the fuck on. “You keep this up and I won’t last for sex.” He warned.

Cameron shook his head. “Don’t you worry about that baby. I wanna fuck you just like this.” He smoothed his free hand over Noel’s shaking thigh. “Need me to stop?”

“No!” he blushed at his hurried response. “It feels so good, but I don’t think your whole hand will go.” He leaned forward enough to connect their lips. Felt like hours since they kissed last and Cameron melted into it.

Cameron kissed him deep, letting Noel invade his mouth, swirling their tongues together as his fingers moved in and out, scissoring them apart to widen him out. He needed his whole fist in there. He needed to see Noel’s hole stretched out like that. He pulled back, eyes staring deeply into blue ones.

“Can I baby? Please…”

Noel nodded. Like he would actually say no? Yeah right. He was incapable when it came to Cameron. Plus, he really wanted to see if it was possible. “But I get to fuck you once we get there. Deal?”

Cameron nodded. “Planned on it already.” He lunged for his mouth, licking into him like he needed Noel to breathe. Noel kissed him back just as fiercely. When he pulled back, he took his fingers back as well, earning a gasp from Noel. “Hands and knees. Angle is better that way.”

Noel agreed and flipped over again on shaky legs. He braced on his arms until Cameron folded against his back, kissing and sucking every inch of skin in his reach. Noel gasped and tilted his head to give him more room. “How do you want me?” he whispered against Cameron’s jaw.

That threw his whole body into spasms. His skin was crawling with the desire to say fuck the fisting and thrust deep inside him. To fuck him until he could no longer stay awake. He could finally answer when he caught his breath. “Face and chest on the bed, spread your legs.” His voice was rough, jagged and he put his hand in the center of Noel’s back and lowered him where he wanted him. “Perfect.” He kissed the dimples in his back.

Noel’s hole looked like nothing had been inside it for the past hour. It was back to its tight little shape as Cameron fumbled for the lube, squirting some on his fingers and Noel’s ass. He looked so tight again until Cameron pushed four fingers back inside and he opened up like a flower.

“Shit…” he groaned at the stretch. Four was a lot. Even for him. It wasn’t unpleasant, but he could feel the pressure, the fullness already. “Keep goin.”

Cameron nodded and slowly worked all four fingers in. Back and forth, up and down, even circles. Stretching him for that final finger, his thumb, which would be difficult…but doable. Noel was panting again but seemed to have lost some eagerness. So he wiggled his fingers until he found that spot and pounded into it.

“Yes…yes…fuck!!” he moaned and pushed back roughly. His eyes closed, and he gripped the sheets on the bed. He wanted to be fucked. No…he NEEDED to be fucked. “Right there Cam…fuck right there!!”

God, this man was so beautiful. So needy and perfect and pretty and HIS. He wanted to keep it going but he had one more finger left. So, he backed off Noel’s prostate, hearing a deflated sigh as he calmed back down. Cameron placed kisses along his cheeks, the dimples in his back and across his spine. “Just one more baby…one more and I’ll make you come.”

“Cam…” He sobbed into the blanket, so exposed and raw and needy.

“You’re so good Noel,” he praised and meant every word. He kissed between his cheeks, slowly licking his stretched hole and Noel just broke down more. So overwhelmed but he fucking loved it. “So perfect for me. You take everything I give you, don’t you?” he praised before he began licking again.

Noel pushed back, needing more of his mouth.

When he got no answer, Cameron stopped licking and nipped at his ass. “Don’t you?”

Noel nodded quickly. “I do! But please Riley…” the nick name slipped this time, he was so gone. “Please, the last one so I can come.”

Cameron put his hand on his lower back and slowly pushes forward. His thumb pressed as close to his palm as he could manage. Noel panted harder, quicker as even more slipped in and Cameron couldn’t believe his eyes. His hand was nearly in. Past the knuckle and slowly swallowing his palm.

“Fuck baby…fuckk!” Cameron moaned, his own cock pulsing now. He was hard before but not like this. It was too much. “Just a little more…” he kissed over his cheeks as the last part of his hand slipped inside and Noel’s stretched hole slowly closed around his wrist.

He couldn’t breathe…it was both too much and not nearly enough. It burned, stretched him wide. So wide. Wider than he ever had been. But Fuck he was full. Full of Cam, just how he needed it. And each time those nimble fingers shifted, it brushed across his prostate sending white hot bolts of lust spreading over him.

“Cameron!!” He screamed and rocked back, so each digit could rub against it. His eyes rolled back, and his cock was dangerously close to busting.

“God damn Noel!!” He growled and slowly moved his fist, clenching and releasing and watching as Noel fucked back against him. “Looks so fucking good!” He tore his eyes away and fumbled in the pocket of his kicked off jeans, managing to get his phone out of the pocket with only one hand.

“The fuck are you doin?” Noel trembled with every movement from Cam.

“Don’t move…need to take a picture.” He took photo after photo from a few angles, some zoomed in before he tossed it aside. “Too sexy to pass up.”

Noel laughed and immediately regretted it as his cock twitched. “Fuck me Cam. I can’t…. Fuck…I need to come.” He begged.

Cameron nodded and slowly pulled his hand back. After his thumb slipped out, it was easier for the rest to slip out. Noel sighed heavily, brokenly and slumped to the bed. Cameron slicked up his cock, pulled Noel’s hips up because he was too gone to help and slid in easily.

“Yes!!” Noel gripped the sheets…it was really all he could manage.

“Still so tight, even after fucking my fist.” He praised and molded to Noel’s body, bent over his back as he thrusted in deep and hard but kept that steady pace. One hand gripped his sweaty hair and attacked his neck with bites and kisses.

“Close.” Noel breathed out, unable to touch himself. All he could do was lay there and let Cameron use his body.

“Come for me baby,” he growled and fucked harder. “Squeeze my cock and come for me!”

He was gone…done. He came hard, coating the fresh sheets in his come and he couldn’t care. His body shook, his ass clenched, and Cameron was railing him hard.

“Fuckk!!” Cameron moaned and bit the side of his neck as he came, pumping his hips and filling him up. Noel slowly clenched around him, milking him of everything. He leaned against his back as his hips moved slowly, riding it out. When he could, he kissed over Noel’s body, touching him as much as possible. He could almost be ashamed that he didn’t last but five minutes but really…this time was different.

“Fuck baby, you’re sooo fucking perfect.” Cameron pulled out slowly, knowing Noel must be a little sore, and fell to the side, breathing heavily.

Noel laughed into the pillow that half covered his head. Only one eye opened and he looked at how beautiful his boyfriend was. “You are perfect Riley…Jesus fucking Christ.”

Cameron rolled over and peppered his face with kisses, stroking his back and his cheeks. He wanted to play with the come that came out, but Noel was most likely sore, so he left it. “Thank you.”

“Welcome.” He leaned up as much as he could to kiss him. Sleep was taking him. He couldn’t move or hardly speak. No way could he dress or clean up.

“Sleep baby.” Cameron kissed over his jaw. “Fuck, I love you so much.”

Noel smiled but he couldn’t reply. His eyes shut, holding the image of a smiling Cameron as he fell asleep.

He lay there and stroked his face, his back, those plump cheeks until Noel was fast asleep. He was lucky to have him. Thankful for the trust. He was so lucky. He didn’t mean to, but the more he touched Noel, the faster he was falling asleep. He did manage to turn down the light and toss a sheet over them so creepy Josh didn’t see more than he was allowed, before he cuddled up to Noel’s side and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Noel was jolted awake when a shock of turbulence shook the plane. He opened his eyes wide and took a look around, sensing no immediate cause to worry because the plan evened out once more. He rolled on his stomach, his face in his hands against the pillow, rubbing his eyes awake.

Then they reopened, he was face to face with the most breathtaking man he’d ever seen. Cameron was still asleep, and the sun had begun to shine through a gap between the curtain on the window, illuminating his hair like it was literally on fire. The sides cut short and the top left long to hand lazily in his eyes.

Pale, smooth skin with the cutest freckles, and he kissed each of them many times. Noel let his eyes travel down Cameron’s firm chest, chiseled torso and cut hips and licked his lips as he saw the head of Cameron’s cock pushing past the blue sheet pooled at his hips. Fuck, his boyfriend was just sexy. He wasn’t even gonna lie.

Instead of rolling into those long arms and feeling all that warm from bed skin, he groped around for his jeans and pulled his phone out. The time had to be off. They boarded the plane at 5 and their little sex-a-thon lasted 2 hours, but it was 3 in the afternoon. Had they slept 8 solid hours? Why weren’t they in New York yet?

Noel slid off the end of the bed, as not to wake up his sleeping ginger, and noticed that just about every muscle in his boy ached. Especially his ass. Having Cameron’s giant fist up there…he was surprised he could walk at all. Good thing the door to the bathroom was literally in the same room. He used the bathroom and washed his face before stepping back out.

He snatched the first pair of boxers off the ground, Cam’s, and slid them on before wandering out to the front of the plane. It was quiet. He glanced out of one of the windows, only to see clouds and sun. He could almost feel the heat from it.


Noel jumped early out of his skin at the sound of that creepy ass flight attendant. His heart beat fast as he turned to glare at him. Josh was looking at him up and down…that’s right, because he was in his boxers only. So much for this asshole knocking.

“Sorry Mister Fisher, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Josh apologized with a smile.

Noel nodded back. “Just wasn’t paying attention.” He replied curtly, feeling more naked in only boxers then he did actually naked. He watched as Josh glanced behind him and remembered he left the back curtain wide open and Josh was now staring at Cameron’s naked, perky little ass bare to the world. Fucker had turned over…great.

Noel growled and stomped to the curtain and drew it closed with more force then necessary. “You mind not staring at my boyfriend, Jeeves?”

Josh blushed, embarrassed and looked away. “My apologies again Mister Fisher, I was only going to ask Mister Monaghan if he wanted to eat now or to wait…but I’m going to wait. Sorry again.”

At least the guy had the decency to look sorry about mentally fucking Cameron’s ass, even apologized but that didn’t help. He was a jealous boyfriend and he knew it; hell Cameron knew it too. Red even said he loved that he was the jealous boyfriend sometimes.

Josh left, and he poured a fifth of whiskey from the mini bar before walking back towards the bed. Cameron had indeed turned over; the sheet had been pulled down past his thighs so that tight ass was on full display. He didn’t get enough ass time with Cameron, no pun intended, and it was such a damn shame. He had a great ass and it made Noel smile because he was finally going to get a piece of it.

The sight of his ass distracted Noel from waking his sneaky ass up to see where they were going. There would be time for that later. But for now, he slid the boxers back to the ground and slowly crawled up the bed, straddling Cameron’s thighs pushing his half hard cock into the crease of his ass.

Cameron let out a breathless groan but remained asleep. Noel grinned and planted soft kisses over his muscled back, doing his hardest not to bite down. He even traced the faint red scratch marks he’d left on Cameron’s back only a few hours ago. That pulled a hiss from the sleeping giant.

Noel sucked on his ear as he pushed his hips forward with enough force to rock Cameron’s body forward. From only that trust against such a tight ass, Noel was fully hard, leaking against his skin. Cameron let out the prettiest groan and it only added to his pleasure.

“Noel?” Cameron asked sleepily. But his voice held that hint of arousal Noel wanted to hear.

“There he is…” Noel licked across his ear and Cameron trembled when he pushed his hips forward again. “It’s such a shame that I never get to play with this ass.” He rolled his hips again. “So
tight and soft…” he groaned, tucking his face into Cameron’s neck.

Cameron groaned deeply, one of his hands detangling from the sheets to reach back and grip Noel’s thigh, bringing him closer. “Feels fucking good.”

Noel gave a shaky laugh. “Feels good, looks good…” he kissed down Cameron’s back, tracing each muscle with his hands first, then his tongue. “Bet it tastes fucking fantastic.”

“God, Noel…” Cameron fell back to the bed and spread his legs wider, offering his body. “Always wondered what that felt like.”

Noel shivered because he did know what that felt like. It was nearly better than sex. His ass getting Cameron’s undivided attention was something he still had a hard time grasping at. Up until Cam ate him out, he thought a blow job was the best feeling, or coming just from having his prostate played with…nope! Nothing could compare to how it felt to be eaten out.

“Wanna find out Riley?” he asked as he scooted down his body, kissing and licking down his back and settled between those incredibly long, lovely legs.

“Yes!” Cameron groaned deeply and sat up to rest against his elbows, looking back with dark eyes.

Noel winked and kissed over the dimples in his lower back, then the firm globes of his ass. Wet kisses that ended with a little nip. Each time making Cameron gasp. His hands smoothed down
his ass, then his thighs, squeezing behind his knees then making the journey back up, gripping his ass and slowly spreading him.

“It always feel this good?” Cameron asked as he gasped, face flushed from Noel’s efforts.

“Always Cam. Everything you do makes me feel so damn good but there is nothing like having your tongue in my ass…” He shivered and bit his ass hard enough to leave a print of his teeth.
“Fuck, I kinda want it right now.”

Cameron chuckled. “I can see why.”

Noel fully gripped his ass this time, spreading him open as far as he could and saw his perfect little hole. Untouched to the entire fucking world. And he was going to be the first. And only. Noel gently blew against him, smiling wildly as Cameron whined and wiggled his ass. Noel licked a slow, wet strip up the center, his entire body shaking with how good he tasted.

“Noel!!” Cameron moaned and dropped his body back against the bed. “God…”

Moaning, he licked again, and again. Faster each time. Swirling his tongue in slow circles like Cameron did to him. He kissed and sucked at it, nibbled his cheeks. Moaning the entire time because, fuck, it was so good. When Cameron arched his back, pushing his ass against his face, Noel growled and plunged his tongue inside.

“Yes, just like that!!” Cameron praised, one hand reaching back to grip Noel’s blond hair and pushing back against him, the other one slid between his body and the sheets to stroke his cock, hard and extremely painful.

He’d never felt so good before. Noel was right, blow jobs and sex didn’t compare to how this felt. He was in total ecstasy. He needed more, so much more.

“Noel…please.” He begged brokenly as he stroked himself faster. He was close. So fucking close.

Noel fucked into him over and over, twisting his tongue in deeper. Swirling it and pushing in as deep as he could. And Cameron was an absolute wreck. Pushing back against his face, holding his head steady all while jerking himself off.

“Oh God…” he panted, eyes rolling back. “Gonna…fuck baby, gonna come!”

Noel growled and slapped his ass hard, making Cameron scream as he came against the bed, still fucking harshly against his face and into his hand. Noel sighed and kissed each cheek before resting his face against them. “Fuck you taste good.”

“Is that what you feel every damn time?” Cameron asked, shocked and very much fucked out. He knew Noel loved it but fuck, doing it and having it done to you were way different. “Jesus fucking Christ.” He smiled back at him, satisfied.

Noel laughed. “Nothin else like it.” He moved back up the bed and Cameron literally attacked him. Nearly jumping into his arms as their lips connected. That just made it hotter. Cameron tasting himself after, just like he did. It was filthy, dirty but oh so damn sexy. Noel pulled back to rest their heads together.

“Can’t wait to fuck you.”

Cameron laughed happily, his hand moving down to stroke Noel’s neglected cock only to find that he was soft and sticky. He looked down with wide eyes. “That made you come? Just that?”

Noel blushed and looked away. Feeling like a 14 year old boy again, coming with barely any dick stimulation. It was embarrassing. “Shut up.” He grumbled.

Cameron was beaming. Smiling to the point his cheeks hurt. He cupped Noel’s face and kissed that mean smirk off his face until Noel was gasping into his mouth, eager for more. “Don’t be shy about that baby.” He breathed once they parted. “You have no idea how sexy that is. How happy it makes me.”

Noel looked at him for any signs of dishonesty. As usual, Cameron showed none. If anything he was brutally honest. It calmed it, it made him smile and lean in for a quick kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you more.” Cameron replied and laid back, keeping Noel close on his chest. “So, how long did we sleep?”

“About 8 hours.” Noel glanced up to see Cameron avoiding his eyes. “Got something you wanna tell me Riley? Like how New York is now a 12 hour plane ride…”

“Well we aren’t going there…obviously.” He looked a little ashamed. “I wanted it to be a surprise.” He breathed sadly, sounding defeated

Noel kissed under his chin, letting him know he wasn’t angry. “I am surprised.” He smiled up until he got one in return. His hand moved lazily up and down Cameron’s front, totally okay with the sticky mess still there. “Can I ask why the sudden trip?”

“Every year for our anniversary we are working, or busy.” He said solemnly. He hated that their day fell between the cracks due to their work load. “I wanted this time to be different.”

Noel looked up at his boyfriend with pure love on his face. What a thoughtful thing to do. Not just for him but for them as a couple. It warmed his body, made his heart quicken and even brought tears to pool in the corner of his eyes. He linked his hand under Cameron’s and kissed them.

“Why are you so amazing?” He breathed, a little choked up.

Cameron smiled and kissed the top of his head. “Because we are amazing together and we need some time together. I wanted to whisk you away before shit got too busy and before something else could come up.”

“How long have you been planning this?” Noel asked, basking in that warm glow that was all Cameron. It was the only way to describe it. Cameron made him feel warm and safe, like he was wrapped up in a heated blanket as he floated up into the sky. Both grounded and soaring high.

“Few months.” He shrugged but Noel gave him a wide look and he smiled. It was a bigger deal then he was making it out to be.

It had been a big deal if he was being honest. Being a star in Hollywood was hard. And they were both in the limelight. Cameron had to call about 100 people to organize this trip. Jon Wells needed to be told in case filming got moved up like last season, both sets of their families needed to know they’d be MIA for a while, so they didn’t worry, both their managers and agents
had to be told and they had to keep off social media as much as possible. Not to mention trying to do all that and keep Noel in the dark for the surprise. It was taxing…but the way Noel was
looking at him, like he was his God given gift made it all worth it.

“Have I ever told you how amazing you are?” Noel asked as he moved up to press their heads together, stroking Cameron’s cheek with his thumb.

“Maybe once or twice.” Cameron smiled.

“Shit…more than that.” He laughed and nosed against him. “Well, we have some time to kill…” he trailed off and licked his lips. “Any ideas how to pass the time?”

Cameron growled and rolled on top of him, caging him against the bed. “I’m going to fuck you all over this plane.”

Noel swallowed dryly at the serious, yet dangerous look on Cameron’s face. “We do need to break the place in…but if creepy Josh shows up.” He trailed off, fuming.

“Whatcha gonna do tough guy?” Cameron challenged, unworried.

Noel smirked. “Then no ass for you Riley. Or dick.” He moved the shocked look he got. “Got it?”

“Got it. But if he interrupts us, I’ll literally toss him out of this damn thing.”

Noel scratched his nails down Cameron’s chest, leaving behind red marks and making him growl again until he palmed his dick, then he moaned louder. “Deal.”

Chapter Text

Cameron watched smugly as Noel slowly descended the steps off the plane. Giving his best penguin waddle. They had spent the remainder of the trip fucking on just about every surface, then slept more, then ate like they were starving and topped it all off with one last round of drunken sex.

But 20 hours of straight sex took its toll on their bodies. Muscle aches and cramps bruised and scratched and bitten. Chapped lips, Noel had split Cameron’s lip with his teeth. Noel’s ass was sore, and his dick was throbbing.

Cameron wrapped his arm around Noel and kissed his temple as they stood at the airport under the sun. Noel still didn’t know where they were. He had clammed up tightly, not giving in like he normally does when Noel pouts.

“You gonna tell me where we are Riley?” Noel grinned as he looked around. It was tropical, no doubt. He could smell the ocean air, smell the salt water and the sand. The sun was bright but not sweltering hot against his skin and the breeze was perfect.

“Well, Mister Fisher, this is The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.” Cameron grinned, very happy with his choice. “We are going to be spending 3 weeks here, just you and me.”

“We’re in The Maldives…” it wasn’t a question. More like he couldn’t believe they were finally here. They talked about coming here for years. For one holiday or another but never had the time… “Holy fuck.”

Cameron smiled and wrapped his arms around his love. “Breathe baby…this is for us. We deserve this. Don’t you think?” He kissed over the side of his face, getting just a little emotional as Noel was.

He nodded rapidly and turned in Cameron’s arms to pull him in for a tight hug, burying his face into his neck. “Fuck yes we do. I can’t believe you brought us here Cam.” His eyes were moist as he pulled back to kiss his amazing boyfriend. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome baby.” He kissed him again and held his hand after they untangled. “Now, I have a reservation at the hotel, but I don’t want you to see it until we are inside.”

Noel scuffed and followed Cameron to a car waiting for them. Cameron got into the back first, then he slid in after him, Cameron’s arm immediately went around his shoulder, squishing them together. “So, what. You gonna blindfold me?” He had been joking until Cameron pulled out a blue blindfold. “Cam, I was kidding.”

“I wasn’t.” He smoothed the silk of the blindfold with his thumb, his other hand moving slowly on the back of Noel’s neck, trying to soothe him. “It’s the best hotel on this island so I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. I want it to be a surprise.”

Cameron’s voice was soft. It only did that when he was holding something back. He wasn’t lying though. Noel knew Cameron would tell him if he pushed it but why? It was a harmless surprise, fun for both of them and it would make his boyfriend happy. Why would he ruin that? He trusted Cam wholeheartedly.

“Whatcha waitin for Riley.” He smiled and motioned for Cameron to continue. And the smile he got in return was worth it. Such a bright smile. One he needed to see all the time.

“You’re too good to me Noel.” Cameron whispered in his ear as he tied the blindfold around his head, making sure it was tight enough to stay put. “If you don’t like it, we can always switch hotels.”

He didn’t need to see Cameron’s face to read him like a book. He was still nervous for some reason. He laid his hand on Cameron’s thigh and squeezed, automatically he felt him relax into his side. “Just relax babe. We won’t need a different hotel. I’m sure you picked the perfect one.”

Cameron smiled and kissed his temple. “I hope you think that after you see it.”

They sat in comfortable silence for the rest of the ride. Even though Noel didn’t know where they were going didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy every moment. The window was down, letting the breeze making him relax even further. Letting go of all the stress and worry. The best part was Cameron glued to his side, one arm around his shoulders, the other hand was laced with his own resting on top of his thigh.

To feel Cameron relax against him, the way he kissed him every few minutes was all he wanted from this anniversary vacation. He wanted to be wrapped up in those arms and feel the love between them. He knew there was more, but Cam didn’t need to try so hard.

“I love you Cam.” He whispered against his lips, not kissing him, just letting their lips rub together.

“I fucking love you too.” Cameron sighed and cupped his face, tracing his strong jaw with his thumb. “And I love when you say that.”

He grinned. “Me too.”

The car pulled to a slow stop and they both felt their hearts beating fast. Cameron got out first, then offered Noel a hand out and kept their hands locked together.

Noel felt a wooden deck like walkway beneath his feet, study but definitely not the normal concrete walkway or even sand. Wood. It didn’t creak or smell musty, it was solid just like Cameron was beside him.

“It’s a bit of a walk but it’ll be worth it.” Cameron smiled up and the beautiful hotel.

“Just don’t walk me into the water and I won’t be mad.” He joked but could feel Cameron flinch.

The walk seemed like it took ages, that same wooden walkway stretching for miles under his feet, but Cameron kept walking, so he followed. Finally, after at least 15 minutes, they stopped, and Noel heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Welcome to Hotel Muraka Mister Monaghan, Mister Fisher. My name is Nika and it’s a pleasure to show you around.”

Her voice was overly excited for sure. And she knew their names and their faces… exactly how far did Cameron go with this?

“Thank you Nika. If you could just point me in the right direction, I can figure it out. I want it to be a surprise.” Cameron accepted the map of the hotel she handed him.

Noel shook his head. Hopefully they’d get that tour when he had the blindfold off. “Can I take this damn thing off?”

“No.” Cameron said as he chuckled. “Just shut it and follow me.”

“You shut it.” He smiled and let Cameron drag him forward.

He felt the change immediately. Instead of the cool breeze, he was blasted with cooler air conditioning, but the smell of the sea was all around him. The familiar ding of an elevator was comforting, as was Cam pushing him up against the inside of it, pressing his larger body against him.

Noel groaned and let his hands move up to Cameron’s sides, he didn’t need to see to know where he was touching. The elevator moved, but it went down instead of up. He was about to ask when he felt lips on his neck and he could care less which way they were going as long as it had a bed.

“Can’t even wait til we get in the room?” Noel smiled and tilted his head to the side to give him more room.

“Nope, I like you blindfolded like this.” He kissed over his jaw, skipping his mouth entirely.

Despite his ass being a little tender, he was ready for more. He could never get enough of Cam. Not even 20 hours’ worth. “Why are we moving down still?” he asked as he felt the elevator still moving.

“Nope, not gonna tell you.” Cameron mumbled against his jaw. His hand gripped Noel’s hip hard and pressed them closer together. “Fuck, I just can’t get enough of you.”

Noel smiled. “Good, hope that never changes.” He breathed back, his hands slipping lower to rub over Cameron’s obvious bulge. They both groaned and rocked together. “How much longer?”

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, making them both chuckle and peel apart. Noel let himself be pulled forward until Cameron stopped and he heard keys jingle. This was it. The moment he got to see what Cameron had been so anxious about and he was both very excited and slightly terrified.

Cameron moved forward, pulling him close behind, close enough to trip over even. The room was quiet, no air kicking on, no talking. No sounds. And he couldn’t see anything. It was frustrating.

“Are we here?” Noel asked when Cameron didn’t say anything.

Cameron sighed heavily, very, very happy with the room. “Yes baby, we are.” He moved behind Noel and gripped his hips, walking him forward. “Remember what I said about switching rooms?”

Noel nodded but rolled his eyes under the blindfold. “I remember but Cam, we don’t- “

“No, we might. Just know that we can, and I won’t be mad.” He kissed his neck, nearly trembling from anxiety.

Noel put his hands over Cameron’s and squeezed. “Just show me yeah? We can talk about it after.”

“Okay. I’m going to take this off but I’m going to block your eyes until they adjust, then you can look.” Cameron kissed his neck again and started working the knot out of the blindfold.

Noel nodded and kept absolutely still. The blindfold slipped away, and he blinked hesitantly, seeing dots of light as he tried to adjust to the light. But all he could see were Cameron’s hands. “Okay, I’m good.” He breathed. He was trembling just as bad as Cameron was.

“Here goes everything.”

Noel watched his hands slip away to reveal what was in front of him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He grabbed Cameron’s hands and held tight as he took in the room. They were under water. Literally. Instead of taking that elevator up into the sky, it brought them below into the sea. Panic started creeping in. Seeing all that blue water, on every side of them. Closing in, crashing down…

“Breathe Noel…” Cameron took a deep breath. “Just breathe.”

Noel matched his breathing until he calmed a little bit. He was safe. He wasn’t going to drown. With that realization, he released Cameron’s hands and stepped forward.

The floor was like coral under his shoes. Sparkly, shiny and beautiful. Different designs and colors. The entire room was surrounded by water, being kept away by glass. Instead of a wall, it was a glass wall. A big, beautiful oceanic view from under the sea. Almost too perfect to be real.

He could see everything from the sandy bottom that swirled when a fish swam too fast across it. Beautiful coral in every color was spread around the bottom. There were natural rock fissures with star fish stuck to the sides of them. Beautiful, oval shaped prisms hung from stands in the middle, wish various corals and fish swimming about, they looked like the seas version of a chandelier.

“Oh wow…” Noel mumbled and walked slowly to the glass. He put his hand flat against it and a few fish swam up to circle his hand. He smiled. Memorized by the beautiful sight before him. It looked like heaven.

He turned away from the giant walls and took in the rest of the room. Unaware of Cameron watching him with the same amount of wonder as he watched the water.

The room was just as beautiful. That coral carpeting looked soft and plush under his shoes. A large, oval sized bed was centered directly in the middle of the room, facing the ocean. The bed draped in shining silvers and grays. Pillows mounted at the headboard that was in the shape of a seashell. Two round tables on either side of the bed, held a fresh vase of flowers.

A large, extremely large t.v. was facing the bed, a few couches to the far side of the ocean wall, made from the same shining material as the bed…and this was only the first room. All he could see without moving.

Noel turned back to Cameron, with tears slowly dripping down his face. But his boyfriend didn’t see happy. He still looked nervous. Maybe it was because he was crying. Cameron probably thought he was afraid. When he went to speak, Cameron beat him to.

“I can’t tell if you like it or hate it.” He shifted his feet and looked down. “I-I just wanted you to have the chance to be in the water. To see how beautiful it can be.”

Noel stood silent. Unable to put into words now much he loved this man. Cameron was crying now too, trying to justify his reasoning when it wasn’t needed. But he still couldn’t speak.

“Shit…” he sniffled and sucked in a large breath of air to get through this. “I tried to get you into the water, so you can enjoy everything while we were here, but you still didn’t like the water.” Cameron was clearly blaming himself for this. He did try to get him into the water. He just couldn’t put that fear behind him.

Cameron rubbed a hand over his face. “I wanted to show you how beautiful the water can be. And this…” he motioned to the water surrounding them. “This way you can feel safe. You don’t have to worry.”

Noel couldn’t stop the tears now. How did he get so fucking lucky? He didn’t deserve someone as amazing as Cam. Who would put that much effort into making him happy and to make him feel safe. It was so beautiful.

“Oh Cam…” Noel moved forward and grabbed his boyfriends face, brushing away the tears. “I think this is so fucking beautiful. I love you so damn much for doing this.”

Cameron blinked dumbly…Noel didn’t hate it? He was crying though… “You like it?” he asked hesitantly and pulled him closer.

“It’s fucking beautiful Cam. I never want to leave here.” He kissed him softly, no tongue. Just their lips moving lazily, lovingly against each other’s. “You are so amazing Cam. I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Cameron was beaming. It worked. Noel liked it. He was finally in the water. Unafraid and smiling that beautiful fucking smile. “I love you.”

Noel smiled. Cameron really did love him. Not even this room could compare to how beautiful his boyfriend was, how beautiful his heart was. It was heaven sent, it had to be. He pressed their heads together and kissed him quickly. “Show me.”

Chapter Text

Underwater Heaven
Chapter7- Monaghan Squared


Cameron gently untangled himself from the warmth and comfort that was Noel’s body. He unlinked their fingers, gently laid Noel’s head off his shoulder and onto the bed, one thick thigh was spread over his legs slid off too and he was free to stand and stretch. His back, neck and knees popped as he stood, digging his bare feet into the coral looking carpet.

A pleasant soreness spread out along every muscle in his body. As it usually did after having sex with Noel. After surprising Noel with the room, he was happy to show him how much he loved him…for nearly two hours. Each time a muscle pulsed, he was reminded of what position they’d been in to make that happen.
Images of Noel pressed face first against the oceanic wall, so he was able to take in the view and take his dick at the same time. Then again with Noel riding him on the couch, working those powerful thighs like he knew he could.

“Jesus…” Cameron smiled at the chill that spurred up his spine. He bent down and pushed an unruly strand of hair from Noel’s face before leaving him to sleep.

He stopped to dig his phone and a small black box out of his discarded jeans, to the bar to grab a flute of sweet tasting champagne and into the next room to make his phone call. They’d only had the pleasure of breaking in the bedroom of the suit. Just the bed and the couch, but the other areas of the suit were just as impressive.

He walked through the glass covered hallway, clear with ocean water just like the main wall in the bedroom. The carpet was soft under his feet and the water had that blue hue to it that made everything glow. Cameron felt like he was in a 6 foot wide tube walking right into the ocean.

The bathroom was impressive. A large, claw foot bathtub dead in the center, once again in front of the wall of ocean, but the wall was curved, arched to make it look wider. Two seashell shaped sinks stood on the back wall with marble and coral lined counter tops. Thank God the toilet was simple, plain white and blocked from the rest of the bathroom by tinted glass.

It was hard to believe they were actually here, their dream vacation; The Maldives. This was their spot, their slice of heaven they had been unable to visit for years. It was something they talked about early on in their relationship. Just an idea tossed around that became real to them, that became a dream and a goal. Now they were here, and it was still hard to believe.

Cameron blinked out of his little daze and walked naked to a bench that was set against one wall, facing the bathtub. He hisses as the coldness bit into his bare ass but after being wrapped up in Noel for two hours, his body was flushed. He scanned through the contacts in his phone until he found Jeremy’s and dialed as he brought the drink to his mouth and downed half of it.

It rang a few times before a very tired Jeremy answered, voice raw and full of sleep. “Cam?”

Cameron winced, he’d spaced the time difference thing completely. “Hey Jer, sorry man. I forgot about the damn time change. We can talk later.”

Jeremy shifted in his bed and Cameron could hear it through the phone. He stretched, groaning and walked out of his room to let his girlfriend sleep. “Naw man, been waitin for this call. How’s it goin?”

Cameron smiled. “Fucking amazing! The whole trip was great, the plane…oh my God it was dope.”

Jeremy laughed as he lit a cigarette. “Right? We may have to pitch in and buy that fucker.”

“For real! But it was good, fucked all over the plan,” he smiled again when Jeremy snorted. “Slept and the surprise went perfectly.” He finished the champagne and leaned back against the cool wall.

“So, he didn’t freak the fuck and leave your pale ass like you thought?”

He knew Jeremy was playing around but he was very afraid that was a possibility. Noel did not like the water. Something to do with his childhood that he never liked to talk about. Cameron had been concerned it would push Noel too far and he’d be mad and leave.

“No, thank fuck for that too. He loved it.”

“You know I was jokin man.” Jeremy said seriously. “But that’s good man. I knew goin there would be worth it. Too bad it took ya 6 years.”

Cameron laughed because it was true. “I was so anxious the entire fucking time man. But it’s good, being here. It’s incredible. You wouldn’t believe these rooms.”

“Oh, no. I believe you. Shit, you showed me every hotel on every island there, remember?” Jeremy stood outside his balcony, thinking maybe he should plan a vacation soon.

“Oh stop bitchin man. You fuckin loved it.”

Cameron fiddled with the box he held tight in his hand. That little box was the other reason why he was nervous. It had been burning a hole in his pocket for an entire year. This was half the reason why they were here. To finally do this.

“You gonna do this time?” Jeremy asked in a gentle tone. He knew how important this was to him. How long he had waited for this.

Cameron eyed the hallway, making sure Noel wasn’t lurking around before he flipped the lid on the box, showing him the sparkle of the ring. It was hardly simple for a ring, meant for a man of course but instead of a plain band, it had small diamonds laced all around it.

“This is it Jer.” He breathed heavily and could have sworn the ring did too. “This is really it.”

“About damn time. I know you tried last year…”

Ah, last year. The year Cameron had booked this exact hotel with every intention of proposing to Noel. 5 years together felt like a lifetime and he wanted to show him how much he really meant to him. But Noel had something come up last minute, a new roll he had been waiting for. So the vacation, the ring and their anniversary had been put on the backburner.

“Last year was rough, don’t get me wrong. And the whole fuckin time I had that ring the only thing I could think about is that if I had to wait, Noel might get tired of us, of me. That he’d move on.”


“Yeah, yeah. I know he wouldn’t do that shit. He loves me. But sometimes you can’t help it. This year though, this is the time. The place. It’s everything.” He smoothed over the bumps of each diamond as it sparkled from the blue hue of the water.

“Any plans on how you’re gonna do it?”

“I have a few, don’t wanna jinx it though so I’d rather not say.” He chuckled as Jeremy called him a dick. “Think he’ll say yes?” He asked after a minute and even to him it sounded hesitant and doubtful.

“Do I think he’ll—really man? Of course he’s gonna fuckin say yes!” Jeremy shook his head, Cameron was really nervous about this. “It’s been 6 years dude. You think he’d stay with you for that long if he wasn’t all in?”

The box clamped closed before he put it beside him on the couch. “When you say it like that, I sound ridiculous. But Jer, we have never talked about it. Not once. Not when Emmy got married or when Noel’s sister Rae got engaged. Nothing.”

“Wow, really? Like…. nothing?”

“Nothing. Not a single word about us and getting married so no, I have no fucking clue how he feels about it.”

Cameron stood and ran a hand through dirty, sweaty hair. He needed a shower for real, it got nastier the more he messed with it and he messed with it because he was scared. This entire conversation was supposed to encourage him to push forward and propose but instead he was doubting everything.

“Don’t do that Monaghan. Don’t start with the doubt. You know how he feels about you. Just take some time and think it all over.”

“Yeah, sounds like a plan.” He said as he heard shuffling from the other room and Noel’s soft yawn. “Look, Noel’s up.”

“Gross man, don’t need to know the current state of his dick.”

Cameron snorted so hard he coughed. “Oh, fuck you. But I do gotta go before he hears shit he shouldn’t.”

“Don’t punk out man. Emma and I have a bet goin.”

Cameron rolled his eyes. “Jesus Christ, you two are like old ladies gambling away all their money. Stop betting on our love life.”

“Blah blah blah Cam, get off the damn phone and go wear his ass out…literally.” He grinned and got back into bed.

“Such a dumbass Jer.” He joked before turning serious for a moment. “Thanks man. I’ll call you later yeah?”

“Only call me when he says yes. Try not to panic. Love ya man.”

When he says yes…not if.

“Love ya too.” He hung up the phone and stacked it on top of the ring box. He could hear Noel in the other room, probably looking for him. He turned to the large bathtub and filled it with near boiling water just as Noel stepped in, that adorable sleepy look on his face.

It instantly calmed him. Taking away all his anxiety, at least for the moment. Just the innocent, sleepy happy look Noel gave him was enough for him to forget his own name. Cam stood naked by the tub, watching as an equally naked Noel walked up to him, rubbing his blue eyes.

“Woke up and you were gone.” Noel linked their fingers.

“Jeremy called. Wanted to know how the surprise went.” He grinned brushed their noises together. “You okay?”

Noel nodded. “Woke up cold, you know I hate that.”

“Yes, I know.” Cameron smiled and turned to the tub, unlinking one of their hands so he could slide inside. “That’s why we have a hot bath waiting.” He tugged their remaining hands and pulled him closer.

“I guess we are a little sticky huh?” He grinned and stepped into the hot water. It instantly relaxed him as he turned his back towards Cameron and sat down. “Fuck this feels good.”

Cameron wrapped one arm lazily around his neck and chest while the other went under his left arm, sliding over the slick skin of his hip. It was hard to ignore Noel’s naked ass against his front, but he wanted to just enjoy this without thinking of sex.

“Yes, it does feel good. Guess we have over worked each other since the party.” He kissed Noel’s neck and they both stared out into the ocean, watching fish swim in groups, swirling happily around the colorful coral.

“Wow Cam, just fucking look at that.” Noel grinned and watched a shark pass right by their glass. It looked like something they would see right out of Shark Week. Up close and personal.

“I’m so happy you like it so much.” He squeezed around him as he smiled. “I was afraid you wouldn’t.”

“I didn’t mean to make you feel like that Cam. It’s just complicated, water and I.” He sighed, nearly pissed off with himself for making Cameron feel that way after all the stuff he did for him.

“It’s okay baby. You like it, I like that you like it. Fuck, we are finally here after all this time.” He let out a heavy breath. “I just love you so fucking much.”

Noel turned to brush their noses together. Even after years of being with the same guy, he could never get enough of him and those three words. “Love you more.” He smiled into their kiss, closing his eyes and trying to keep them in check.

Cameron groaned against his lips as one of Noel’s thighs breached the water and slid against his own. You’d think that after constantly fucking he would need a break, not. He wanted to climb inside Noel and fucking live there. He wanted to be glued to his side for as long as he could before they got broken up again.

“Easy baby,” Cam smiled and took a deep, calming breath. “You gotta be sore.”

“I am, like a lot.” He blushed. “But I’d never say no.”

Cameron groaned. “Insatiable Noel…really.” His hand moved from around Noel’s chest to rest on that thigh, lightly stroking it up and down. “But we have plenty of time to do that. We have a reservation upstairs for dinner and should probably keep it, so we don’t starve.”

Noel chuckled and turned back around. He was about to argue until his stomach groaned loudly. “I guess dinner wouldn’t hurt. But…”

Cameron smiled and started to rub Noel’s stiff shoulders. “But…”

“But we are coming back here for desert.” Noel chuckled darkly. “Sound good?”

“After that, room service sounds good.” He whispered in his ear before nibbling on it. “Sit up, let me wash your back.”

Noel leaned forward and groaned the second Cameron washed his back with the silk like rag. “Only if you let me do you.”

“Like I’d even say no to that…”


Thirty minutes and no sex later, they were dressed nicer than board shorts and tanks but not as dressed up as suits and shiny shoes. A pair of nice jeans and button up shirts with combed back hair, linked hands and blinding smiles on their faces and it was show time.

Noel was in awe of the hotel. He’d been unable to full appreciate it when they arrived, so he was taking in everything now. Getting excited each time he saw a wall of crisp, blue water. He could just watch it for hours. Together he and Cameron looked like those two gay guys on that t.v. show where they flip houses. It was ridiculous.

And Cameron didn’t rush him either. Every two seconds a different piece of the ocean was revealed and each time he was drawn to the window with Cam plastered to his back, smiling against his ear. It was amazing. They wouldn’t move again until his stomach growled and then suddenly a new part would appear and they’d back to step one.

“Shit, sorry.” He blushed and pulled away from the glass enough for them to find the restaurant.

“Don’t be. We can look for however long you want.” Cameron smiled back and flagged down the hostess.

Noel just blushed, how’d he get so damn lucky. Cameron held his hand tightly as the hostess came up to them with menus in her hand and a friendly smile. He didn’t miss the way her eyes lit up as Cameron smiled at her like he smiled at everyone, polite.

“Welcome. Do you have a reservation sir?” She asked, never looking away from the red head in front of her.

Noel wanted to snort and tell her that THEY had a reservation and it was their anniversary, so she needed to back off. But of course, Cameron didn’t need his help and took it all in stride.

“Yes ma’am, we do.” Cameron smiled widely at her but wrapped his arm tightly around Noel’s middle.

“Wonderful! Name?”

“Monaghan.” Noel said quickly, making her brown eyes narrow at him and Cameron just leaned over and kissed his neck. It didn’t matter where they went or who they were around, Noel liked recognition. He was Cam’s and Cam was his. And his boyfriend happily indulged.

The hostess fumbled for a moment and Noel could only smile wider, feeling giddy all over at her sudden unease.

“Ah, here we are. Table for two for a Mister Monaghan and Mister Monaghan?” she questioned at see both men listed under the same name.

Noel tensed. Both Monaghan? Was that on purpose or maybe she assumed they were married. Is that way Cameron wanted? Had he missed any signs that he did want that? Noel wasn’t even sure he wanted that. They’d never talked about it. Maybe they should? But how was he supposed to answer right now? Cameron was silent and looking at him with a smile, letting him decide how to play it.

Noel cleared his throat and laced their fingers together. “Yes, table for Monaghan and Monaghan.” He looked up at Cameron who was beaming, a smile so wide he looked like he was back on set for Gotham's Jerome.

“Of course sir, right this way.”

Noel went to follow her when Cameron jerked him back by their interlocked hands and pulled him in for a hot and hungry kiss. All tongue and lips and small gasps from him with deeper sounds from Cam. His head was spinning by the time he pulled back.

“Fuck Riley…tell me how you really feel about it then.” He smirked and nearly wanted to fan his flushed face.

“It just has a good ring to it.” He shrugged like it was nothing…when it was really everything.

Their eyes met, never once losing contact ad he spoke. “Yeah, it kinda does.” He grinned and turned back to see their hostess smiling brightly at them this time. He nodded to her, she nodded back, and they followed her to the “Monaghan table” which was a quiet place far in the back right next to that blue wall of wonders.

Noel took a seat and expected Cameron to sit opposite him, until his quirky ginger sat in the same side of the booth as he was. One of those long arms going around his shoulders to make him lean into him so Cameron could kiss his temple.

“So clingy.” He smiled but leaned back and relaxed, one of his hands going to Cameron’s thigh. He liked Cameron this way. It was like Cam was unable to go without touching him for longer than a few minutes at a time.

“You love it.” He replied with confidence as he kisses his ear. “You like this place?”

Noel suppressed a shiver as he nodded. Cameron was doing this on purpose. “Of course I do. Nice and quiet, dark and it has a breathtaking view.” He stated at Cameron, not the wall.

“The view huh?” Noel nodded. “Gotta admire the view first.” He tried to hide his smile, but it didn’t work.

“I am.” Noel leaned in close to kiss lightly over smiling lips. Until someone cleared their throat again and ruined their little moment. He looked away from his beautiful boyfriend to see their waiter smiling at them.

It didn’t take them long to order, or for Noel to realize this guy was eying him like he was desert. Whenever they went out, people migrated towards Cameron, hardly ever at him. Cameron was fucking gorgeous. Even now with that furrowed brow and mean mug as he pulled him in closer.

“Asshole.” Cameron muttered as the guy left and pulled Noel by his shoulders, so he was practically leaning into his chest. “Don’t people understand boundaries anymore?”

Noel snorted. Jealous Cam was something else. He leaned more into his body, putting one hand back on Cameron’s thigh while the other smoothed up the buttons on his shirt. That got Cameron to look down, green eyes wide and a little dark.

“Easy red, you got nothin to worry about.” He squeezed his thigh until Cameron moaned.

“I always have something to worry about when you look the way you do.” He whispered into his ear, his nose buried in his freshly washed hair. “Maybe you need a sign on your ass with my name on it.”

Noel chuckled. “This about that waiter? He couldn’t even see my ass Cam.”

“No matter. Maybe my name tattooed on your forehead?” Noel shook his head. “I think you could rock the shit out of it.” Being absolutely serious right now. He knew Noel was drop dead gorgeous…the whole world knew but Noel was his, plain and simple.

Noel bit his lip, looking at how well that shirt fit against Cameron’s firm, chiseled chest. “You know Riley, you’re kinda sexy when you get jealous.”

Cameron bit back a smirk at Noel admiring his body. “Is that right?”

“Hmm mm…very sexy.” Heat poured low in his gut, clenching pleasantly. He couldn’t even remember why they came out of that gorgeous room in the first place. “Do we have to stay and eat?”

“Baby, we already ordered.” Cameron tried to be serious but Noel’s hand on his thigh was making it hard to be anything but turned the fuck on. “We should eat.”

Noel moved his hand up, slowly creeping up to Cameron’s crotch. He moved to speak right next to his ear, making sure his lips grazed him. “I can think of other things for you to eat Cam…” he licked his ear and Cameron gasped. “I may want a taste of you too.”

“Fuck Noel…” he breathed and put his hand over Noel’s and slowly slid it up to touch his cock. He hissed, and Noel groaned loud into his ear. “Real dick move bringing that up NOW! Are you tryin to fucking kill me?”

Noel nipped at his ear, his fingers slowly tracing the outline of Cameron’s dick. “Just thought I should properly thank you for this wonderful vacation.”

Cameron moved his hand up from Noel’s shoulders to thread into his blond hair, messing up the style. The moment he went to reply, that asshole boyfriend stealing waiter moseyed up to their table, carrying their food with that annoying smile.

“I made sure to put a rush on the order, just for you.” He winked.

Noel chuckled because he knew what Cameron would do. It was useless to try and stop him. He’d given the waiter reasonable doubt, but that proved Cameron’s point. It came to no surprise when Cameron didn’t move from their position.

“I appreciate the rush on the order. My boyfriend here was just begging me to leave. You see, he has this undeniable urge to bend me over and properly thank me for this wonderful vacation.”

Cameron said as smugly as he could, smiling at the startled waiter as his mouth hung open and he looked slightly embarrassed.

Noel on the other hand expected him to sat a lot of things to get his point across, that wasn’t one of them. He wasn’t embarrassed in any way, a little surprised but mostly he was fucking hard. Hearing Cameron talk so confidently like that did things to him he didn’t even know existed.

“He’s right…” Noel smirked after a moment, his hand moving slowly up Cameron’s thigh. “In fact, would you mind wrapping this up for us? We have something we can’t be late for.”

Cameron groaned a little, putting a hand to block his mouth so that deep groan couldn’t slip it’s way past his lips. The waiter took the hint however and moved away from the table mumbling apologies. He gripped Noel’s hair and looked into his eyes.

“You have no idea how sexy that was.” He breathed, nearly panting. Crazy with want and need.

Noel smirked back at him. “Yeah? Probably just as sexy as you telling him how I’m gonna bend you over.” He licked his lips and watched Cameron track it.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom while he’s wrapping all this up,” he breathed heavily against his lips. “Be ready to leave when I get back.” He smashed their lips together, not caring that others around them were watching and making comments.

Noel kissed him back, moving his hand up to grip that firm jaw and slip his tongue into Cameron’s mouth. The second their tongues touched, Cam gave that low groan he loved so much. He pulled Cameron back when he yanked his hair.

“Hurry the hell up then.” He lightly pushed Cameron, so he could slide out of the seat.

Cameron smiled, tried to unbunch his pants and hoped no one saw how hard he was as he walked to the bathroom.

Noel tracked every movement as Cameron walked away. From the sway of his hips, to the light gimp as he tried to walk with an erection, to the way Cameron winked at him before he turned the corner. That sexy little fucker. This was getting ridiculous.

He waited approximately 30 seconds after Cameron left before he stood up and tried to fix his own clothes when the damn waiter showed up. He tried to speak but Noel just help his hand up. “Please, just get it to go and send the bill to our room. I’ll be back to get the food.”

The waiter nodded, and Noel was powerwalking towards the bathroom at nearly warp speed. One moment he took his first step and the next he pushed open the door and locked it behind him. There were 3 stalls along the side wall and saw the last door was closed. He walked up to it and lightly knocked, trying to get his breathing under control.

“It’s occupied…” Cameron replied quickly.

Noel smiled. Cameron sounded wrecked. His voice was rough, even a little irritated. So, he knocked again, not speaking and he could hear Cameron curse. Noel braced as the lock jiggled and Cameron yanked the door open as he unleashed a mouthful of curses.

“You hard of hearing? I said it was…” the door opened, and Noel was standing there with a smirk on his face. “Noel.”

He grinned and grabbed Cameron by the collar of his shirt to pull him out of the stall. “Easy there Riley, you sound so frustrated.” He purred and pushed him against the wall as he stood between his legs.

Cameron swallowed back a groan and placed his hands on Noel’s hips. “So much for waiting for me.”

Noel smiled, his hands moving where they were braced on the wall by Cameron’s head to the button on his dark jeans. He popped them with one hand and unzipped him with the other. “Decided I didn’t have to wait.” He heard Cameron whine as he dipped his fingers into the band of his briefs and felt the head of his cock.

“Fuck…” he groaned and tried to turn Noel around to face the wall. Normally it was easy, Noel rolled with it. Not this time, this time as he tried to spin Noel around, the little fucker spun too fast and suddenly it was him face first against the wall.

“I thought we talked about this Riley.” He mumbled into his ear as he held Cameron’s hands above his head with one hand and slipped his hand down the front of
Cameron’s pants with the other. “Thought I was going thank you the right way.” He ground his dick against Cameron’s perky ass, already hard and leaking.

“Yeeess…” Cameron groaned and pushed his ass back without thinking about it. Noel did that to him and it drove him crazy. “I didn’t think you were this serious.”

Noel immediately let his hands go, but Cameron kept them against the wall. “Did you change your mind babe?”

“No!” he pushed back against Noel’s body again, feeling how hard he was. His body was hot and hard, aching to be touched by Noel like that. To feel things he’d never felt before. He wanted this. He wanted Noel. “I fucking want you like that.”

A breath of relief came out as he chuckled and put his hand back on top of Cameron’s. The hand in his jeans moved slowly up and down his hard length, making Cameron moan. “Good, because I really want to see how tight you are.”

“I’m ready!” He panted and pushed his ass out like an offering.

Noel groaned and pulled his hand off Cameron’s long enough to pull his jeans down, so they rested below his ass. He took a step back to just watch. Cameron had a great ass. And it did not get the attention it needed. So tight and perky, he could bounce a nickel off that thing. He ran this thumbs down Cameron’s spine under his shirt, then dug lightly at those dimples above his ass.

“Fuck Cam…” he groaned when he was able to fully grip his ass. Squeezing and kneading at it like it was a work of art. “Just perfect.”

“Yeah?” He asked breathless. “Is it bad that I really want this to happen?” He chuckled when he turned to see blue eyes trained on his ass. “Don’t just stare.”

Noel nodded and pushed his groin up against Cameron’s bare ass. Cameron groaned low in his throat when he rocked forward, grinding against him. He put two fingers up to Cameron’s lips and nudged him. “Open up.”

Cameron sucked his fingers in, licking around them like it was a cock. Swirling his tongue all around, moaning around them.

“That’s it Cam, get em wet for me.” He breathed in his ear and tried not to shudder at every move he made.

It was probably smart to take this into the hotel room, but he just couldn’t stop. Not now. Not after that damn waiter being so forward. Noel didn’t want to wait, and Cameron didn’t either apparently. Not with the way he was reacting.

Noel pulled his fingers free from his wet mouth and down to rub between his cheeks. He attached his mouth to Cameron’s neck, sucking and biting and drowning in his moans as he circled his tight hole. Cameron shuddered, fucking trembling for him.

“Please Noel…” he begged and spread his legs a little wider. The entire time, he was wondering if this is how Noel felt every time, they were together. So overwhelmed by pleasure, hardly able to think or act.

Noel pushed the tip of his finger in slowly, not stopping until his finger was fully seated up to the knuckle. Fuck he was tight, squeezing him like a vice. “You okay?” He asked as he slowly thrusted in and out, loving just how Cameron’s entire body trembled.

“Fuck, I’m good. Is it always like this?” He panted and arched his back.

Noel nearly came at that sight alone. Cameron had that curve to his back that just screamed bottom. The way he arched back, that tight little ass searching for more to fill him up. He’d give anything just to see that arch every time they fucked.

“Always Cam.” He pulled his finger out, quickly sucked them into his mouth and pushed back in with two and fuck the curve of his back… “God damn I love when you arch your back like that.”

Cameron groaned, shaking so hard his teeth chattered, sweat gathering under his shirt, between his shoulder blades. He felt full, so full and it was only two fingers. How in the hell had Noel taken his entire fucking hand?? “Feels good Noel.” He panted and moved his hand down to stroke over his neglected cock.

Noel let him stroke it a few times just because his ass tightened wonderfully around is fingers, before he batted his hand away. Cameron whined, and he had to smile. “Wanna make it last Cam. Don’t you want that?”

Cameron nodded quickly. “You gonna add another one?” he nearly begged as he asked.

Noel really wanted to. Like really fucking bad. He couldn’t help but look down and watch that tight ass swallow both of his fingers over and over. “Not yet.” Cam whined. “Gonna wait til I can stretch you out on that bed of ours, long legs spread wide.” He scissored his fingers when he said “wide” and Cameron’s knees nearly buckled. “I wanna see how good you taste Cam.”

“You keep talkin like that and I won’t last.” He warned as be gasped. One hand moved down to squeeze the base of his dick to keep his orgasm in check. “I fucking need it.”

Noel kissed his jaw and removed his fingers slowly. Cameron turned around in time to see him sucking them into his mouth, too eager for a taste to wait. That perfect jaw dropped open and all Noel could do was smirk. He was loving this little role reversal they had going but it was time to take it up stairs.

“Ready to leave?” Noel asked as he straightened his shirt and slicked his hair back.

Cameron snorted and pulled his jeans back up and his shirt down, ignoring the fact that he missed Noel’s fingers inside him. “We gonna continue?”

Noel grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him down for a quick kiss. “Of course I am Cam. But only if you arch your back like that again.”

“Liked that did you?” Cameron smirked and smacked Noel’s ass on the way out of the bathroom.

“Damn right I do.” They stepped out, expecting to see everyone staring at them, somehow knowing what they had been doing. But everyone was minding their own business. Not caring at all what they had been doing. Noel felt Cameron’s hand on the small of his back as they passed their table and the waiter.

Cameron grinned at him while he snatched the bag of food off the table and pushed Noel forward. “Thank you for dinner!”

Noel snorted and shoved him playfully as they walked back towards the elevator. At this point, he didn’t care how amazing the hotel looked. He didn’t care about that endless wall of blue water. All he cared about was getting to their room as fast as possible.

When the elevator doors opened, and they stepped inside, Noel was on him. He pushed Cameron up against the back wall as they continued down. His hands rubbing over his nipples through the shirt, then down to rub over his cock until Cameron’s knees nearly buckled.

“Noel!” He moaned and reached down to grab his ass with both hands and squeezed. “I love you like this.”

“Like what?” Noel asked between kisses on his neck. He was slowly grinding against Cameron’s thigh, counting down the minutes that passed between each floor.

“Aggressive, pushin me around.” Cameron groaned back as rocked against Noel’s hand. “You gonna fuck me like this too baby?”

The elevator dinged before it opened, and Noel pushed away from him only to nearly drag his lanky ass down the hallway. “Walk faster Cam.” He grumbled and saw their door. Thankful it wasn’t far from the elevator. “You got the key?”

Cameron nodded and fumbled with it as he pulled it from his jeans. Noel immediately glued himself to his back, grinding against his ass. “Fuck!” he stopped trying to unlock the door and laid his head back against Noel’s shoulder.

“Open the door so I can fuck you.” He whispered in his ear before he nibbled it with his teeth. His hands slipped to his front and unbuttoned Cameron’s jeans, sliding a hand down to fist him. “Don’t you want it?”

Cameron pushed his ass back and focused enough to unlock the door. As he walked in Noel followed, kicking it closed and guiding him to the bed. “Yes I want it Noel.”

Noel grinned and turned Cameron around to face him. He loved how wrecked he was already. Face flushed red, panting. So needy for him. “Take your fucking clothes off.” He ordered and watched as Cameron took them off quickly, leaving him gloriously naked in front of him. “Damn, you are so fucking sexy.”

Cameron blushed and lifted Noel’s shirt off his head. “Talk dirty to me Noel.” He leaned back on the bed, legs split wide.

Noel froze, Cameron was trying to kill him. He quickly jerked off his jeans and crawled between those long legs, smoothing up from his ankles to his thighs before squeezing them. “Whatcha wanna hear Cam, hmm? You wanna hear how hard you get me? How I can’t stop thinking about my dick balls deep inside you?”

Cameron involuntarily arched his back, spreading his legs wide as Noel’s words hit him hard. Making his body flush with a new wave of heat. His hands moved into his hair, threading through them slowly before moving down to caress his neck and chest.

“Keep going baby.” Noel praised as he leaned down to kiss on his thighs. Open mouthed kisses, biting gently as he moved up. He couldn’t take his eyes off his back. Arched so perfectly. “Touch yourself for me.”

Cameron nodded and let his hands move to rub over his sensitive nipples. “Need your mouth on them.” He whined and motioned for him.

Noel moved up, leaning his lower body between his spread legs until they both groaned deeply, moving slowly against each other. He sucked Cameron’s nipple into his mouth until it was hard enough to bite. “Like that?”

Cameron nodded and guided Noel’s head to the other nipple. “Just like that.”

Noel grinded down, feeling Cameron’s naked cock brush over his still in his boxers. “What else you need Cam?” He kissed down lower, watching his face the entire time, seeing his mouth part as he moaned. “Lower maybe?”

“Yes! Lower Noel.”

Watching Cameron’s face, Noel kissed his way lower until he was face first with his dick. Hard and leaking at the tip. He blew cold air on it and watched Cameron arch up again. He felt across the bed until he touched the bottle of lube and coated two of his fingers as he licked the head of Cameron’s dick.

“Please Noel,” he whined, sounding as broken as he felt. “Need to feel your mouth.”

Opening his mouth wide, Noel took him down inch by inch. Cameron gripped his head tightly, moaning so loud he thought the entire hotel could hear them. A slick finger moved between his cheeks, rubbing over his slightly stretched hole.

“You okay?” He asked as he backed off his dick, loving the line of saliva that dripped down. “You still want to?”

“So fucking bad baby, please.” Cameron spread his legs wider as he reached down to stroke himself, using Noel’s spit as lube. “Stretch me.”

Noel groaned and pushed a finger in, memorizing each groan Cameron graced him with. He had one hand on his thigh, spreading him wider to add another finger. Cameron bucked against the bed, rocking his body down.

“Fuck Riley, you’re a natural.” He grinned and added more lube to his fingers, so he could add a third one. Cameron nearly screamed but that beautiful body was shaking with need. “Feel good?” he asked as he finger fucked him deep while licking up and down his dick.

“So good Noel, can you fuck me now?” He asked eagerly, his entire body covered in sweat. He was close to coming and they hadn’t even reached the best part.

Noel nodded and removed his fingers before surging up to kiss him. Cameron’s hands tugged at his boxers and he lifted enough to push them down. When he resettled between his legs, he wrapped a hand around their lengths and jerked fast.

“Fuck, please baby…” Cameron begged. “Feel so fucking good when you’re in me.”

Noel pushed his face into Cam’s neck and rocked against him. “Not gonna last long Cam. I’m already so fucking close…”

Cameron nodded, scratching down his back. “Me either baby.”

Noel moved back, grabbed Cameron by the hips and flipped him over. He grunted but let out a pleased moan. “Hands and knees, now.”

Cameron scrambled into position, leaning forward on his forearms and offering his ass to Noel like a damn trophy. He felt so exposed like this, so open. But when Noel let out that deep growl, he suddenly always wanted to be this way. To have Noel growl like that.

Noel leaned back just to admire the damn view. Cameron’s ass…just fuck! Long lean thighs split wide, the round curve of his ass, so tight and he leaned forward to bite it like he wanted to. Cameron moaned and wiggled. He smiled and ran his hands up his thighs, then to his ass and squeezed.

“Should have done this years ago.” He kissed the dimples in his lower back, then over his cheek before spreading him open. Cameron’s hole was so tight and perfect his mouth watered. He leaned down and blew against it.

“Oh God…” Cameron groaned and pushed back.

Noel finally licked a long stripe from his balls up to his hole before swirling it around. Fuck he tasted amazing. Noel groaned and licked him over and over, growling against his skin before dipping his tongue inside.

“Holy fuck!” Cameron moaned, and his arms gave out, he went face first into the bed, fisting the sheets and pushing his ass out. “So fucking good baby. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Noel smacked his ass just for the hell of it and wiggled his tongue in deeper. He pushed in a finger, angled it up until he found his prostate and sucked eagerly on his balls and Cameron lost it.

“Fuck…fuck…shit Noel!” He screamed and thrust back hard as that white hot feeling rushed through him. “Just like that baby…right there!!”

Noel pulled away panting as he reached for the lube and slicked himself up. “I can’t…I just fucking need it right now.”

Cameron nodded. “Fuck me Noel, I’m so close.” He squeezed his cock to put it off longer.

“If you don’t like it or something is up, just let me know.” He kissed up Cameron’s back. He needed to calm the hell down. One wrong move and it was over.

“Wait, I wanna see you.” Cameron tried to flip over but Noel held tight.

“You know it’s easier like this.” He gasped as he rubbed the head against Cameron’s slick hole.

“I want to see you.” He said again, turning to look at him.

Noel nodded and moved to let him lay on his back. He gripped one thigh and brought it high on his hip as he lined up. Cameron’s hands cupped his face and brought him up for a kiss. “I love you.”

Cameron smiled, his hands going to Noel’s sides. “Love you more.”

Noel started to push forward but kept his eyes on Cameron’s face. Green eyes went wide as his head slipped in and it took everything he had not to come.

“Noel!” He gasped and tightened his legs around him.

“I know.” He whispered against his mouth and kissed him hard as he pushed all the way in. “Holy shit!!” He gasped as the kiss broke. His entire body was shaking. “So damn tight.”

Cameron was also shaking. Legs locked tightly around Noel’s hips. He felt so full. He breathed deep and the pressure slowly subsided and gave way to immense pleasure. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe, slowly stroking Noel’s sides. “God Noel…. you feel…”

He pulled back to see Cameron’s face, he was beautiful. “I know baby, I know.” One hand was braced on the bed by Cam’s head while the other gripped his thigh, keeping them flushed together.

“Move Noel, please.” He begged and leaned up to kiss him.

Noel kissed him slowly as he rocked forward. Slowly pulling out nearly all the way before pushing back in. Cameron let out that incredible groan each time, gripping his sides hard enough to leave scratches. Each time his hips were flushed against his ass, Cameron’s legs started to shake.

“Oh Cam…” he breathed into his neck. His thrusts were getting faster, harder as he worked them towards that edge. “So tight for me.”

“Noel!” He moaned and slowly thrusted up to meet his. He couldn’t stop looking away from Noel’s body. Those thick thighs clenching over and over as he thrusted, his abs bunching with each move. He could even see his cock going in and out of his body.

“Jesus Cam…” he leaned back enough to watch his dick sliding in and out perfectly. “You take it so good baby. Fuck, you take it so fucking good!”

Thrust after thrust, Cameron’s body took it all like he was born to take his dick. He knew exactly when to meet him for each thrust, he knew when to squeeze around him. Each time he pulled out, Cameron’s body tightened around him. He was so perfect.

Noel sat back, moving one of those long legs over his shoulder to get in deeper. He gripped Cam’s hips and pistoned forward. Cameron kept gripping the bed, biting at his arm and clawing angry, sexy red marks down his chest.

“I never want this to end...” Cameron whispered as one thrust hit him hard, making his body buck. “Need you like this all the time.”

Noel slowed his pace. Long, slow strokes that managed to let him touch every inch inside him. “Gonna bottom for me baby? Gonna let me bend you over whenever I want?”

Cameron nodded without hesitation. He leaned up on his elbows and watched his dick pound in and out. That incredible sound bringing him so much closer to that edge. “Whenever you want baby. Just fucking take it whenever you want."

His breathing was harsh, shallow. Each thrust had him shaking, kissing over his neck and down his chest, licking the sweat off Cam’s skin. “Fuck you feel incredible.”

Cameron let go of Noel's side to grip his cock, working it fast as he panted and writhed under him. “So close baby…” he moaned, and his head dropped back as Noel hit his prostate. “Shit…shit, fuck. Right there Noel!”

He twisted his hips to hit that spot over and over again, barely hanging on by a thread. “Come for me Cam, come all over my dick!” He growled and fucked into him as hard as he could. Pounding into him hard and fast, the sound of skin slapping pounded through the room.

“Fuck Noel!!” Cameron closed his eyes as he shot all over his hand and against Noel’s chest. Shaking until he could no longer hold his legs up.

“Oh Fuck!” he shouted as he came hard, filling Cameron up for the very first time. He panted and looked down at his boyfriend with a matching grin. “You are so fucking beautiful.”

Cameron smiled wickedly and slipped a come coated finger into Noel’s mouth. His eyes darkening as he sucked it all off. “And you are one hell of a top.”

Noel chuckled and kissed him, letting Cam taste himself. “I love you.” He breathed heavily, his body was exhausted, and he was falling asleep fast. “Love you more than anything Cam.”

Cameron yawned, wrapped his arms around Noel’s body and kissed his head. “Love you Noel, more than I can even say.”

Noel chuckled. “Try then asshole.”

Cameron grinned, thinking about that little black box. “Don’t worry baby, I will.”