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Redrum Queen

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Hyde growled lightly under his breath. As the minutes ticked on, he became more annoyed with the situation at hand. Practically all night, he watched Gackuto keep an eye on Aella. Of course, Gackuto did it subtly, but he did it nonetheless. Hyde felt after six whisky tonics, he needed to cut back. If he had any chance at all with getting the girl, he wouldn't want to look like a drunk. After all, he didn't know how Aella would react. Only he and his family knew that alcohol never quenched his thirst; not even in the slightest.

Hyde heard thoughts pouring into his brain from girls across the room. Stupid extra-sensory perception was a nuisance sometimes. It was simple child's play to him, to lust and leave. He had been doing that for centuries. It was something he was good at. What he wasn't good at, was longevity. He never connected with anyone. Ever. The thought of finding that connection with a human was farfetched. Empathy and sympathy went hand in hand with him. He also wondered how his parents weren't so hell bent on him finding a mate. He too would eventually need someone to call his. It was true he was the baby, but that was no reason to abandon his needs as well.

Aella never missed a beat on filling drink orders. She was spectacular at it. It was her niche and what she loved to do. It was just a shame that all her help quit. Normally, she'd be okay with it, but she had a busy schedule. Almost like she was double booked. After this night, she would have to either find more help or cancel a few parties. She would miss revenue and probably get shit talked among the town. This was the last thing she needed. Noticing her new friend wasn't sitting, she looked around. He had an essence about him. Aella liked his presence. That guy seemed like a calming soul.

Gackuto left Astrid on the dance floor while she was caught in conversation with someone. With Hyde away, he wanted to do a reading on Aella. Approaching the bar, he noticed the little things about her. This would help him in the future. Aella looked at Gackuto, before turning away to grab things off shelves, as he spoke gently to her. Just hours before, he seemed rough to her. This time, his voice was deep and as smooth as butter. It stopped her in her tracks.

"I'm Gackuto. How long have you been a bartender?"

"Close to six years. I enjoy it. You meet new people daily."

Gackuto broke into her thoughts. Normally he wouldn't, but this was a different circumstance. If he was to make her his, he would have to know details. Sitting in silence sipping his drink, he heard all about how she just wanted to go home. Parties with overtly rich people made her uncomfortable. She felt as if she was being judged. He even knew she was. Aella was in deep thought on how Gackuto was rough, and seemed judgemental as well. He got insulted. There was no reason to feel that way, but he did.

"What's your story?" Gackuto yelled across the bar to Aella.

Quizzically, she turned. It would seem he was making small talk. She was floored.

"My story?"

"Yeah, you seem like you have something to say. I'm here to listen."

She laughed at that absurd comment. This guy obviously knew nothing about anything.

"I'm fine actually, no story here," she glanced over his shoulder to see a pair of eyes glaring at her. 'Jesus christ, now his crazy bitch is going to come start shit with me. Is she waiting on me to try and fuck him? She needs to get off my ass.'

Gackuto spit his drink out hearing every word. He was curious what she was going on about. Suddenly, he figured it out. Only when Astrid decided to place herself right next to him. Now she was becoming a nuisance. He wouldn't be able to get to know Aella if Astrid was constantly up his ass. Even his parents were shoving her off on him. She just wanted to be with him. He wanted to be away from her. This was not his idea of fun. He was even getting close to being annoyed. Gackuto wanted to be left alone by her. He felt his fangs growing through, his tongue lightly running across them. It would seem Aella would have to come another day. Maybe then, he could get to know her better. He had to walk away, before he exploded. Oddly enough, Aella paid attention to him walking away.

Closing the door behind him, Hyde rejoined the party. His tie was missing, and the top buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. His thumb met the corner of his mouth as he hid his fangs. He found Gackuto brooding again.

"You okay?"

"She thinks I'm judgemental. I'm far from that," Gackuto couldn't hold back the loudness. If the party wasn't loud, everyone would hear him.

"To be fair, you did. Not to mention you're picky. She's only seeing what you're showing her. It's common sense Gackt, not rocket science."

Gackuto stood up, eye level to Hyde, "How am I supposed to get to know her, if she won't give me that chance?"

Hyde felt hurt in his voice. That changed his demeanor quickly. His brother was genuinely worried. Hyde rested his hand on his shoulder.

"We have to give it time. She's a human. They work off emotions and mushy scenes. Well, not mushy but women are lovers of romance. You'll have to win her slowly."

Gackuto looked over at the bar once more. For once, his little brother sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He also did want a challenge, so he was getting one. Hyde led Gackuto to the bar, ordering them drinks. Aella noticed the difference in the way Hyde was dressed. She tossed him a towel telling him to clean the lipstick off his neck and the lip gloss from the corners of his mouth.

"Cleanup dude; remember that next time."

Aella started laughing as Hyde and Gackuto both broke out in light chuckles. It was certain she wasn't the average woman. She started to pour them a drink as they sat down. Aella had walls up, but Gackuto was determined to walk through them. Hyde got lost in conversation with Gackuto, as they laughed about everything. He figured if he could help show Gackuto's nicer calmer side, that it would help win Aella over. This seemed like a good alternative.

A few seats down, a couple of sketchy guys kept scanning Aella from head to toe. She paid no mind, but Hyde felt strongly against them. If Aella was to leave, they would harm her. Hyde gave Gackuto a look that drew his attention to the creeps. Gackuto walked over as he heard the guy's thoughts loud and clear.

"You want to watch your mouth?"

The two guy's stood up, but Gackuto didn't falter or back down. Hyde stood next to him.

"I believe he's asking you a question."

"We haven't done anything to spark this hostility Camui."

"I don't care, you're disrespecting the lady. If I hear you again, we will have issues and you will have to leave."

At this point, the conversation attracted an audience, especially Aella. She felt honored that they defended her. Maybe, just maybe Gackuto wasn't a bad guy. At least that was what he was proving at the moment. If he continued down this route, then he would possibly have Aella. If Hyde was right about human women, they strived off of romance and emotions, then Gackuto would have to find ways to break her. It was worth a shot.

Glancing at the clock, Gackuto and Hyde noticed it was getting close to the end. Gackuto knew exactly where she was going to be the following day. With her being the only Portable Bar Company around, it left her with options and advantages. They would see her again. Hyde and Gackuto decided to help Aella clean up, with his family watching in the distance. She was a strange girl to them, with her hair like that, but she was able to do the unimaginable; tame both of the Camui sons. They never lifted a finger or made an effort to help a stranger like that. Maybe his father was looking towards the wrong person to shove off on his son. It would seem the youngest was interested as well. She wasn't what they would have expected, but she was radiant with them. This could be a game changer.