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A Child of God

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Akito sat in the back of the sleek black car. His hands gripping the seat so tight his knuckles were turning white. He was here with Shigure and Hatori watching Tohru leave her class for the evening. She was attending college for nursing now that she was out of high school. She still lived with Shigure for the time being. She had come to Shigure two nights ago to let him know she would be moving out.

Akito’s health had been failing for several months now. The curse was slowly breaking due to Tohru’s diligence, but it was not fast enough. They needed another God before Akito passed. The only way to do so was to have the current God to father one. Akito decided he wanted Tohru to be that person.

He was worried that she would leave the Sohma’s and he couldn’t let that happen. Last month she lost her grandfather and he turned over an account that was started by her parents when they found out they were expecting Tohru. The account had 500 million yen in total. She had wealth of her own now.

When Akito had heard the news of her new-found wealth, dread curled in his gut. She would leave, he knew that was a given. She was always determined not to learn to heavily on others and often felt like a burden. When she first arrived he agreed whole-heartedly she was a nuisance and needed to be rid of, but now having her with the Sohma’s for three years he saw her in a different light. This is why the curse was slowly breaking.

He didn’t hate her as much as he used to. Before just looking at her smile made him want to smack it right off her face and replace that smile with tears and fear. Fear of him and the pain he would make her endure. Now the mere thought of anyone but him hurting her fueled his rage. She was the light to his dark. 

Things changed when he met her in the woods that fateful night two years ago. She had fallen after asking to be his friend. This was the second time she had surprised him. He had abused her in the past, yet she still wanted to know him. To share his pain.

No. He didn’t hate her. He desired her. He used the excuse of his poor health when explaining to Hatori and Shigure his plan. Of course, part of it was indeed they would need a new God before he passed, but the real reason was he wanted her.

He came to that decision from spending time with her once a week for a few hours for the past two years. His zodiacs even though they would eventually be free would flock back to him where they belonged with her by his side.

Clearing his throat Hatori looked at Akito in the rearview mirror. He was not certain this was the best plan for Tohru. He was not entirely convinced Akito had changed his ways. He still had fits of rage frequently sending the staff at the Honke into a tizzy trying to scuttle out of the way of his wrath. “Akito, are you sure this is a good idea?”

Akito blinked his obsidian eyes slowly and met Hatori’s gaze with a cool one. “I think it is a perfect idea, Hatori. Who else is better to birth the next God. She is the one and we all know it. She can not leave.”

Pursuing his lips Hatori moved his gaze back to Tohru who was waiting patiently for the bus. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he took in her appearance. She was no longer the woman-child he once knew. Now she had turned out to be a stunning beauty of nineteen. She looked so young and carefree standing there chatting with her classmates. She looked different tonight. She was wearing scrubs with a hoodie. Her hair in pig-tails. ‘Adorable.’

“Are you going to continue just to stare at her, Hatori?” Akito growled. “Go and get her.”

Hatori tugged on the handle of the car door shouldering it open sliding gracefully out. Shigure watched him walk with an even gait towards Tohru. He felt a little guilty for what he was getting Torhu into. He did need her to stay. She was indeed the key to break the curse, as it was a few of the zodiacs already were.

Akito’s possessive eyes followed Hatori’s every movement as he approached Tohru. Tonight was the night she would come to the Honke and remain there if he had his way. Being Akito, he would get his way. He always did. He would get great joy in making her submit to him. He would be the only one to do so. 

He watched the confusion and worry on Tohru’s face as Hatori approached. Of course, she would be worried something was wrong seeing Hatori at her college. Hatori gestured towards the car where they waited and Tohru tipped her head to the side looking towards the darken ally and back at Hatori.

Akito held his breath at the uncertainty on Tohru’s lovely face. He could see that she was uneasy going by her body language. He gripped the seat tighter as Tohru turned and spoke to some of her classmates briefly offering a few brief hugs before falling into step next to Hatori gripping her school bag tight against her chest.

“Get in the front seat next to the dragon,” Akito growled at Shigure, impatience coloring his voice. “I want Ms. Honda back here with me.”

Shigure blinked over at Akito before opening the door and sliding out. He grasped Tohru’s hand leading her to the back as she tried to get in the front seat. “Akito wishes for you to sit next to him, my little flower.” Shigure grinned bringing her hand to his mouth, his lips barely brushing against her knuckles as he handed her into the car closing the door behind her.

Tohru’s heart was pounding in her chest as she settled next to Akito. Their relationship was getting a little better, but he still had moments when he would lose his temper with her. She had been with the Sohmas now for three years, and it took that long for Akito to tolerate her presence, or so she thought.

She tried not to flinch when Akito’s cool hand wrapped around her hand intertwining their fingers together as they took off into the night. She held perfectly still as Akito studied her under the flashing lights of the lamp posts as they rode in silence her face remained forward not meeting his gaze.

Arriving at the Honke twenty minutes later, Tohru opened her door waiting for the others to join her. She had no idea why she was here, and this late. She wasn't supposed to see Akito until this weekend which was four days from now. All Hatori would tell her was that they had something of great importance to discuss with her.

Her mind began to whirl wondering if he finally decided to erase her memories. She swallowed the dryness in her throat as Akito grasped her hand once again and tugged her through the gardens to the veranda that led to his chambers avoiding the front doors. She tried not to panic as all four of them entered the dim room and Akito closed the door and locked it with a ‘click’.

Leading her to the middle of the room, Akito helped Tohru settle on one of the plush pillows. Shigure and Hatori seated behind her waiting for Akito to speak.

The swishing of fabric was the only thing Tohru could hear as Akito paced in front of her, her eyes never leaving the floor in front of her. He seemed agitated tonight, and she knew better than to speak up until he decided to initiate the conversation.

Pausing his steps in front of Tohru she looked up at him waiting for the blow to come across her face, but instead, he looked down at her and gave her a wide smile that caused shivers to run down her spine, and not in a good way. “Ms. Honda.” He started before he knelt in front of her grasping her chin in a tight hold forcing her to look at him. “I’ve brought you here for an important discussion.”

“Y-yes,” she breathed. “Hatori told me you wish to discuss something of great importance with me, Akito-sama.”

“I’ve decided it is time for me to father a child.”

Tohru’s heart stopped in her chest as Akito gave her a small smirk, “A child?” she whispered.

Letting go of her chin he stood brushing his thin hand down the fabric of his expensive kimono. “Yes. As you know I am the God of the Zodiacs, the keeper of their souls.”

Tohru nodded.

“When their God dies, there has to be a new God in place to hold onto their souls, otherwise, everyone with the curse will perish,” he gave her a small frown. “The only way for a new God to come about is the current God to procreate.”

“I see,” she said quietly. She had no idea why Akito was telling her all these things, her mind went blank.

“Do…do you have someone in mind to help you with this? Another Sohma?”

Akito let out a small chuckle, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “You.”

Her brows went up. “Me?”

Humming in the back of his throat he knelt in front of her once more. “You are the reason the curse is finally breaking my Tohru. However, with my health, I am not sure the curse will be broken in time, so I need to have a child of my own, and that is where you come in.”

Tohru sucked in a sharp breath, “You want me…” she exhaled a shaky breath. “You want me to have your child?”

He made a small sound in the back of his throat, “Of course, you are the logical choice. You know of the curse, and you are helping break it.”

“I don’t know if I can do that, Akito-sama,” she said quietly.

“Why not?” he hissed shifting closer to her.

Taking a deep breath she let it out slowly, “I’ve never…I’m still…” she blushed a deep red squirming uncomfortably. Changing tactics she cleared her throat, “Would it be like…artificial insemination or something?”

Letting out a dark chuckle he slowly shook his head, “No.”

“I see,” squaring her shoulders she met his gaze. “I’m not the one that can that, Akito-sama. I will not give myself to anyone I am not married to.”

He tilted his head to the side and studied her, “ I could always take your memories from you and then convince you we are married.”

“Akito,” Hatori warned. He wouldn’t do it, even if he was told to. She was too important to the Sohma’s to do that.

“What?” Akito feigned innocence, “We need her to do this, Hatori,” his eyes met Hatori’s and hardened. “She is the only one that can do this. If she doesn’t then the rest of you will die when I do.”

Looking back down at Tohru he grasped a small curl from her pigtail and twirled it around his thin fingers, “Tohru, you understand they will all die when I do, don’t you? That by refusing to do this you are condemning them to a death sentence.”

Bowing her head she clutched the fabric of her hoodie. She didn’t want anyone to die, but to give herself to someone that was not her husband just seemed wrong. She remained silent as Akito continued to twirl her hair with his deft fingers.

Seeing that she was not going to speak Akito let out a huff shoving her on her back. Straddling her hips as he grasped her hands in his and slammed them above her head causing her to let out a small hiss of pain. Her wide blue eyes met his obsidian ones, “You have no choice in the matter, Miss. Honda,” he said in a low tone. “You are part of the Sohmas, I am your God as well as theirs. You will have my child.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she studied him, “Why?” she croaked, “Why me? I am sure there is a Sohma who would be more than happy to do this for you. I’m nobody.”

Akito tsked her leaning forward licking her tears as they trickled down her cheeks, “That is simply not true, my Tohru. It is your duty to this family to do as your told.”

Turning her head her eyes met Hatori’s. He had a blank look on his face, but his hands were fisted on his lap. She could tell this was difficult for him. Her eyes drifted to Shigure’s pleading for help. He met her gaze with an even look.

Swallowing the lump in her throat she closed her eyes, “I’ll do it,” she said in a pained whisper.

Akito grinned down at her loving the look of defeat. He leaned forward planting open mouth kisses to her neck lightly biting. “Perfect,” he breathed against her skin.

Releasing his hold on her he got up and shifted his kimono back in place. He nodded to Hatori with a smirk on his lips. “Take her to the clinic, give her a full examination. I want to make sure we can start immediately,” he paused at the door he stopped turning to look at Torhu who laid in a heap on the floor. “Oh, and Tohru. I agree with your condition. We shall be married by the week's end.”

Giving them one more look Akito strode to the door opening it leaving a shocked Tohru quivering on the floor. Hatori stood on shaking legs and assisted her up wrapping an arm around her trembling form. “Thank you, Torhu,” he said quietly.

Shigure watched them leave the room. His heart felt oddly heavy. He had been using Tohru for years to break the curse, and now it was breaking. When she met his eyes, the pleading look she gave him made his heart clench. His desire to be free outweighed the desire to help his ‘little flower’ to get out of this situation.

He didn’t wish to die of course, and if came down to it, Akito could have a child with someone else, but he knew Akito. When he obsessed about something, he never relented before he got his claws into that something or someone. That was Tohru right now.

She could leave he knew, she already tried to. He couldn’t and wouldn’t have it. She was part of the Sohmas now even if she liked it or not. Kyo and Yuki were off to college living there leaving just the two of them at his small little house.

Hell, he even wanted to bed her but he knew better. The way Akito had been talking about Tohru for the past year, he knew it was only a matter of time before Akito had demanded her submission to him. It was the way it worked in this family. He could demand it from anyone with the last name Sohma. Even though Tohru was not technically a Sohma, she still fell under those rules when Akito allowed her to keep her memories of the curse. She had to obey.

Standing to his full height, he ran his hand through his raven locks and padded quietly to the door and down the hall to his new tempory chambers. He and Tohru would be living here from now on. Akito would make sure of it. He would cage her and keep her here under his thumb until he was done with her or died that was for certain.

Akito had been gracious enough to start remodeling a new home on Honke grounds for him to live in, and it was almost finished. He knew that he and Hatori would be living there soon with his little flower as soon as she was with a child so they could watch over her unless Akito wanted her with him.

Entering his room he flopped down on his bed and let out a low groan. He hated that he was feeling sympathy for her. Things were much easier when he could manipulate her and not feel any guilt for doing so. Along the way, in the past three years Tohru had wormed her way into his cold heart and now firmly resided there.