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Elementary, My Dear Anderson

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Day 1: Snowman

Blaine shifted in his seat and turned to Kurt, who was next to him, eyes closed, listening to a playlist through his ear buds. Blaine hesitated to disturb him, but he figured he had a good enough reason. He carefully removed the ear bud closest to him.

“Hey, husband,” he said softly. Kurt opened one eye and gave him a questioning look. “The plane’s going to land in less than an hour. I thought I’d use the bathroom now, while it’s quiet. Let me out?”

Kurt stretched, took out the other ear bud, unbuckled his seat belt, and slowly stood up, moving sideways into the aisle. “I knew I should have taken the window seat.”

Blaine squeezed his arm affectionately as he passed in front of him, not at all minding when their bodies brushed together. “I’ll remind you next time.”

Burt was waiting when they landed in Columbus. The winter cold hit them the minute they stepped through the sliding doors onto the sidewalk. Kurt tightened the scarf around his neck. “God. It’s even colder here than in New York.”

Burt smiled. “See what happens when you stay away too long? You get nostalgic for winter in Ohio.”

Kurt grinned. “I don’t think that’s what I meant. But I am nostalgic about Christmas.”

Burt opened the trunk of his car so Kurt and Blaine could load their bags. “We did what you told us,” he said to Kurt. “Carole and I bought the tree, but held off on the decorating. We’re leaving that to you and Blaine.”

“Maybe ‘leaving that to you so you can give orders to Blaine’ is more accurate,” Blaine teased as he opened the rear passenger door and got inside.

Kurt, who took the front seat next to Burt, turned around and gave Blaine a mock glare. “Never orders, sweetie. Just suggestions.”

“Oh, is that what we’re calling it now?” said Burt as he pulled out of the parking space.

“Dad! You’re supposed to be on my side!!”

As they got closer to Lima, Kurt’s eyes were glued to the window, while he pointed out what was new and what had stayed the same since their last visit home. When they reached his old neighborhood, Kurt began to critique the outdoor holiday decorations that adorned many of the homes. Inflatables seemed to be all the rage.

“I think that’s nice,” said Burt as they drove by a lawn with an inflatable snowman and three illuminated reindeer. “Very traditional.” Blaine was about to say something when Kurt spotted a front yard full of inflatable Minions.

“Oh my god. Please tell me what Kevin and Stuart have to do with Christmas!”

Blaine smiled. Kurt had no patience with design fails, whether it was clothing or home décor. “You didn’t seem to mind the Mickey and Minnie Mouse inflatables two blocks back.”

“Mickey and Minnie are iconic,” Kurt replied. “They transcend Christmas. I find inflatable Minions aesthetically offensive as holiday decorations.”

“Guess I’d better scratch my plans for a Minion holiday tableau for our apartment, then.”