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25 Days of Shipmas

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It was December 1st. And that meant it was finally, officially, Christmas season. The weather had been chilly for a while now and they'd even had frost for a few days. Snow shouldn't be too far behind. Of course, most other shops and restaurants had already prepared for the holiday. But Souma liked to wait until it was actually December and now it had come. 

"Ryo, help me with this", he said as he lugged a huge box from the basement. They were getting ready to open the restaurant and Souma was bringing out the Christmas decorations. Ryo came up to him and helped carry it the rest of the way. 

"Why do you have so much?", Ryo asked as they set it down on one of the tables. 

"We get a lot from friends and neighbors", Souma explained. He opened the box and took some out. His father was still traveling around but Souma returned home to give their customers a special holiday service. Ryo had come along to assist his boyfriend. 

"This is one we got from Junko-chan. Her parents run the convenience store", Souma said as he held up a small clay heart with a string through it. He took out more decorations that had a story attached while Ryo put them up around the restaurant. It was getting more Christmas-y by the minute. It had Ryo thinking that Souma had a lot of gifted decorations but none from him. 

This was their first Christmas together and he never had the chance to give him something, but now that he had the opportunity, he had to do something. Souma had even been given decorations from some of their classmates. After about an hour, just about everything was in places. Wreaths up around the walls, a small tree in the corner with baubles and lights. 

There was a wreath outside the door that had little bells on it. Souma surveyed their work with a proud smile. 

"Perfect. I'll make us something quick to eat and then we'll open." 

He went into the kitchen to get to work, leaving Ryo in the dining part of the restaurant. The gears in his mind was turning as he looked around for materials to use. Souma could see him moving but didn't question what he was doing. He knew he'd see whatever it was soon enough. About twenty minutes later, both of them were done. 

"Come and get it", Souma called out, serving up their breakfast. 

Ryo came and set something down in front of Souma's food without a word. Souma stared for a moment before reacting. 

"Is origami angel?", he asked as he picked it up carefully. 

"You don't have anything on top of your tree", Ryo said. "You're welcome." 

Souma smiled and kissed his cheek. "Thanks." He went to place it on top of the tree in the corner. "Now everything's perfect."