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When The Dust Settles (Book One)

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Birth Name: Beatrice Mercy Milligan

Alias: Mercy Winchester. Beatrice Winchester. Mercy Milligan.

Nickname(s): Trixie. Trix.

Av. Nicknames(s):

Little Mortal (Loki - Pre-relationship)

My Love. Love. Sweetheart. Darling. My Mortal. My Queen. Little Warrior (Teasingly - usually when training). Impossible Girl. Goddess. Sneaky Thief (Usually referencing his heart or his clothes...or the blankets) (Loki - Relationship) 

Kiddo. Spunky. Robo-girl. Coo-coo. Dreamer (Tony) 

Born: September 29, 1990

Age: 29 (2019 - Supernatural World) 22 (2012 - Avengers World)


Cast: Alexandra Daddario





-Trixie loves science fiction, specifically the world of comic books and spends her free time designing new heroes and rewatching her favourite comic book films.

- Trixie can be very caring but possessive of the people she loves. She hardly ever shows her true feelings, when worried or upset she often disguises it with anger and witty remarks.

- She is very strong-minded and equally stubborn, she is also incredibly brave and daring. Trixie shows many signs of dauntlessness, courage and determination. But she doesn't believe herself brave, she often tells Dean that she wishes she was braver, like him. Dean will often admit to Sam that he wishes he was brave like Trixie.

- Trixie is also an intellectual, clever and witty. She's also analytical, strategic, and is very wise. But she believes that she's not as smart as she is, she wishes she was smart like Sam, who oftens corrects her, telling her she's the smartest of them.

- She can also be very sarcastic, sometimes rude, and laid-back most of the time.

- Trixie is shown to hold resentment towards John for never properly being there for her, yet she voices that she would have liked more of a relationship with him.

- She was slow to warm up to her half-siblings, even stating, usually when angry, that neither of them are her family.

- After a car accident left her physical disabled, and reliable on a prosthetic arm and hand, Trixie started to empathise more with the comic book character the Winter Solider, along with his alter-ego Bucky Barnes. She struggled to get used to a new appendage, to remind herself that it no longer works like it used to, that she can't do that things she used to do with it. Over time Trixie learnt how to compensate in her daily life.

- Trixie is also rather emotionally and personally attached to the characters in comic books, movies and tv shows, the level of emotional escapism they granted her when in hospital and then after during nights she cannot sleep due to nightmares, or simply during 'bad' days, they provide her with a sense of safety, understanding and security, a way for her to distance herself from the world around her.

- Trixie is also very subconscious of her fake arm, opting to keep it covered at all times. (usually with a elbow length all black silk glove), she feels uncomfortable with stares.

- Trixie has never had a series romantic relationship, life on the road means that she approaches sex and love like her brothers. Maybe once upon a time she would have liked to settle down, fall in love and start a family. The experiences over the last 11 years have eroded away that part of her, this has caused her to shut down her heart to romantic affection.



- Trixie prefers villains over heroes (Comic books), her favourite tv show is Legends of Tomorrow, her favourite movie is Captain America: Winter Soldier, her favourite characters are Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier, she prefers Marvel to DC, but has a childhood love for Superman (She and Adam used to spend hours watching them as kids)

- Trixie likes spicy candy, like red hots

- She'll choose chocolate milkshake over soda, tea and coffee anyday

- Like Dean, she has a thing for Dr. Sexy (It's one of the things they first bonded over)

- She prefers wine to beer (Rose)

- She loves candles and incense (it takes away the smell of man from the bunker and her brothers), she prefers the scents of cinnamon, mulled wine, Dragon's Blood, Cotton Candy, or peaty whiskey.

- She shares Sam's healthy diet but will indulge in chocolate cake.

- She partakes in yoga, it helps with her prosthetic arm movement.




Cain (ancestor) †

Abel (ancestor) †

Henry Winchester (paternal grandfather) †

Millie Winchester (paternal grandmother)

John Winchester (father) †

Kate Milligan (mother) †

Adam Milligan (Twin Brother) (Sealed in Lucifer's cage)

Mary Winchester (stepmother) †

Dean Winchester (older half-brother)

Sam Winchester (older half-brother)

Emma (half-niece) †



In January 1990, Trixie's mother met John Winchester in Windom, Minnesota when he came into the hospital where she worked as a nurse, when he was injured during a hunt. Trixie and Adam were born on September 29, 1990. That same year, John killed a ghoul.

The twins didn't have any contact with John until they were twelve. After the initial meeting, they had sporadic contact with John.

2005 - When Trixie was 15 she was involved in a drink driving accident, which resulted in her loosing most of her left arm. She remained in a heavily sedated state for 5 days, of which she 'hallucinated' seeing her father, John actually did make time to go see her.

2006 - John Winchester dies in a 'car crash'.

2007 - Trixie ended up going to the Rhode Island School of Design to study Illustration.

2009 - Seeking vengeance, the ghoul's children killed Kate and Adam Milligan and assumed their forms, hoping to lure John into a trap as vengeance for their father's murder at his hands nineteen years earlier. According to the ghoul that took Adam's form, Adam was still alive when they took their first bite of him and described Adam as "a screamer". Sam and Dean tracked down Trixie to tell her that Adam and her mother were dead, leaving out the monster side of it, along with the fact that they were her brothers.

2010 - Adam is resurrected by Angels who also then kidnap Trixie to 'persuade' Adam to help them. In the end Trixie is rescued, Adam is not. And she is told the truth about everything. She wants nothing to do with hunting or Sam and Dean and walks away. 2 months later, Adam (Michael) is pulled into Lucifer's cage by Sam.

- A short time later Sam wakes up in the cemetery, without his soul.

2011 - Trixie graduates with honours. She thinks no one is there to see her graduate. Dean watches from the back.

2012 - Trixie is kidnapped by Crowley, (Instead of Lisa and Ben), Dean and Sam have to rescue her. Trixie realises there is no escaping that world now that it knows about her, she has no choice. She joins Sam and Dean.

2013 - Dean kills Dick Roman and is sent to Purgatory, Sam shakes up with Amelia, Trixie takes to secretly hunting, alone. She becomes proficient enough.

2014 - Dean returns from Purgatory. Sam leaves Amelia. Dean gets angry that Trixie was hunting alone.

Jan 2015 - The Winchesters find the Bunker with the help of Henry Winchester.

June 2016 – Dean is killed by Metatron, returns as a Knight of hell

June 2017 – Dean kills Death and releases the Darkness, Sam calls Trixie tells her to hunker down in the bunker till they get back.

May 2018 – Amora and Chuck reconcile, Mary returns from the dead after 33 years. Trixie withdraws from Sam and Dean.

- Trixie continues to keep to herself, avoiding Mary and her brothers. (She feels uncomfortable around Mary) Until Mary assures her there is no ill will, that Mary wants a relationship with John's daughter.


May 2019 – Jack, the nephilim, is born, Cas 'dies', Mary is yanked through a portal by Lucifer.

- Sam and Dean send Trixie back to the bunker whilst they go after Jack.

- Sam, Dean and Jack come back to the bunker.

- Sam and Dean hunt a wraith with Jody and meets Patience, while Trixie stays home with Jack.


May/June 2020 – Castiel returns


 July 2020 (13:09-13:10) – Sam and Dean leave the bunker following up a favour for Jody Mills. Trixie opts to stay behind and finish sorting through boxes in the Bunker storage room.




  • Loki Laufeyson (Love of her life)





Ring: The Ring that transports Trixie into the Avengers world. The stone is a Norn Stone (

Chapter Text


I wanted to put up a chapter that explains a few things. 


1. Time

As Loki will state in the chapter seven the alternate universes don't always run alongside at the same time. 

- This is true for Earth 1 and 2 (Spn and Avengers world) 

Trixie will be in the Avengers world for 5 years and 11 months. But when she returns to the Supernatural world she will have only been missing for 11 months. 

- That means for every 6 months she spends with Loki in the Avengers world, only one month passes with Sam and Dean. 

- 1 month in the Avengers world is less then a week for Sam and Dean. 

So it's going to be a huge shock for Trixie when she returns because she has spent so long in the Avengers world. 

- Also the body she has in the Avengers world is that of her younger self, so as she ages in the Avengers world it will be working up to the body she had when she left the Avengers world. 


2. Plot and Books

Obviously because of this story line certain films and plots are not going to take place within this series. I am not going to tell you everything I have planned but hopefully it will be a happier all round sort of deal; bad stuff still happens, some of the plots do still go ahead. But obviously with Trixie's 'visions' they can plan to change events. 

This was originally going to only be 5 books; but since planning it out it's looking to be more like 9 books. 

- Each book in this series will deal with at least one major film/plot and to give you an idea of timeline wise I have mocked up a thing that doesn't give too much away. 

Book 1: Avengers - Pre Thor: Dark World (Will have a loop in and reference with Iron Man 3 as well)

Book 2: Thor: Dark World - Pre Captain America: Winter Soldier

Book 3: Captain America: Winter Soldier

Book 4: Age of Ultron

Book 5: Civil War

Book 5.5 (Mini-book): Surprise plot!!! (Not connected to any film or plot)

Book 6: Ragnarok - Infinity War

Book 7: Supernatural Return

Book 8: One shots (NSFW and moments that occur between the books above, different points of view of events e.g. Sam and Dean learning that Trixie is missing; Loki after Trixie returns to SPN and stuff to do with the surprise plot) - This will be open to ideas/requests. (This may be released earlier; and not last; depends when I plan on doing the first one shot)


- Books 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are looking to be....I'm thinking 20-30 chapters (20 more likely) Book 5.5 will be shorter. And book 8 is pretty much open ended. 



3. Weapons

Notice that I didn't mention any weapons for Trixie. Obviously in the Supernatural world she would uses the weapons that most hunters would use. 

Trixie will go through a few different weapons as I go through this series including daggers, guns, axes, shield. But Trixie's main weapon (Possibly from Book Three on wards - before then it will be her trying out different weapons and stuff) will be: 

Double-Sword: The Double-Sword is a powerful blade that has been designed to combine the scope of a spear and the cutting edge of a sword. With fitted blades on each end this staff, in the hands of an expert, is most devastating. 




4. Opinions and suggestions

Most of you know that I am open to ideas and suggestions etc, I love hearing from my readers, it means that I am doing something right lol.

- Is there anything you want to see happen??? It can be something small, something big (If I can find a way I might write it in) 


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Trixie Winchester had always wanted to be an artist, she wanted to draw, that's all she's ever wanted to do. But life had this funny way of getting in her way. First it was with the death of her father, mother and brother. Then with the resurrection of her brother and her subsequent kidnapping at the hands of angels. After that she tried to go back to a normal life, blocking out everything that she didn't want to be involved in, she tried so hard, she fought so hard to be normal. But again it got in the way again, when the King of Hell arranged for her kidnapping and possession. After that, what was she suppose to do, try again, keep trying and keep getting pulled back, and risk people getting hurt because of her, she couldn't do that, so she gave up on art, she gave up her dream and settled on living the life that the world seemed to want her to live. The life that was in her blood. Hunting. Saving people. Hunting things. The Family Business. It's how she ended up living in an underground bunker with her two older half-brothers, a bunker that once belong to a super secret organisation. What is it with secret organisations and underground bunkers? Not that she minds it actually, it's proven to be a safe and secure house, house not a home, but it'll do. Trixie scratches at her neck a little before rolling it, she currently sits in the library with her laptop, headphones over her ears, eyes fixed on the screen as it plays a movie. She takes a deep breath and then sniffles a little pulling her headphones off her head pausing the film playing on her laptop, she pushes her hands into her eyes and rubs at them, she's been sat here a while and her eyes are starting to sting. Behind her her big half brother Sam approaches her, he glances to her face as he reaches her. Sam has been a kind, patient and trying big brother, but he's not Adam, which she's always resented a little, she gained two half brothers with Adam's death, but that doesn't fix that she lost her twin brother, it's not something that ever goes away, loosing another part of herself. Sam tries, he really tries, Dean does too, in his own way, they've always tried, since she joined them but again, it's not Adam.

“You okay?” Sam asks setting his hand on her shoulder, Trixie looks up at him and kind of just watches him a moment.

“Yeah” she finally answers. He brushes the tears from her cheek and smirks a little.

“Bucky again?” he asks motioning to the laptop in her lap, she shoves him away lightly and shakes her head.

“No” she answers turning back to her laptop, Sam leans on the back of the chair and then snorts. “Okay, fine, it is Winter Solider” he tugs on her hair a little as he chuckles before he sobers slightly.

“You have a bad night?” he asks, she clenches her gloved fingers on her lap and shrugs. Bad nights aren't rare to them, to any of them, but Trixie has some really bad nights, nights where she relives the car accident that disfigured her body, nights where she dreams of her brother and wakes up heartbroken and in tears, nights where she just can't sleep, and she lays awake her mind just...overloading her with the horrors of her life..

“Just worried about Jack” she answers quietly, Sam touches her shoulder and nods. Jack is their little nephilim....ward, she supposes, a kid they kind of swore to look after, and he ran off, so he's out there, alone in the world and she's worried about him.

“Yeah, me too” Sam agrees. “But we'll find him” he assures her, she gives him a small smile before he moves to sit in front of his own laptop at the library table, Trixie rubs at her cheeks a little before standing and stretching, she's been stuck in that chair since Captain America: The First Avenger, she was having a marathon, working her way through the Marvel films. Her thing with superhero movies started many years ago, her childhood was filled with them, her and Adam were obsessed with them, from Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk to Billy Zane as The Phantom and to the newest Avengers. She clings to those a bit more then the others, Iron Man was the last film she an Adam saw together, the last one they took the time to meet up, have lunch, and watch. Not a year later he was dead, for the first time. She takes a breath and drops back down into the chair. The bunker door opens and closes followed by the heavy booted footsteps of big brother Dean, Trixie sets her headphones back over her ears as he walks into the war room, she waves her fingers at him and he winks back and motions to his ear where his cell phone is wedged between his ear and his shoulder, he moves to sit across from Sam, setting the bag down. Trixie holds off on her headphones a moment.

“Patience, hey. This is, uh, Dean Winchester. Listen, I know that I, uh, told you to avoid this life, but, uh... me, my brother, and my sister, we're– we're looking for someone. And we put an APB out with every hunter we know, and... nothing. We really could use a psychic's help on this. So... if you could call me back. Thanks” Dean's cell phone beeps as he hangs up and he turns to Trixie.

“Any word from Cas?” he asks, she nods.

“Yeah, he called, he says he's still looking for Jack, working a lead in Tucson” she answers fiddling with her headphones, Dean cocks his head.

“Bad night?” he asks motioning to the laptop, she glances to him.

“Just...Jack” she answers. “Worried is all” Dean's phone rings in his hand and he shows the phone to Sam and motions to Trixie who stands and moves towards them. The phone continues to ring. Dean answers it and puts the phone on speaker, setting it on the table so Sam and Trixie can hear it too. Sam shuts the lid of his laptop as Trixie sits on the edge of the table.

“Hi Jody!” Dean greets.

“Hi Jody!” Sam offers.

“Jody” Trixie adds. “What's going on?”

“Hey kids, I got something for ya. Friend of mine from Bismarck PD called with a lead. He said that a local artist was found dead with his eyes burned out” Sam startles. Trixie raises an eyebrow looking to the phone. Dean meanwhile is digging into his bag. He turns back to the phone

“Sounds angel-y” Trixie offers.

“Yeah, that's what I thought, except for that there was a witness– the victim's girlfriend. She pegged someone at the scene” Jody informs them. “She gave the police a description. I think its your boy” Sam and Dean look at each other considering, Trixie sighs and slips off the table.


Dean sets his duffel on the table as Trixie removes the blankets from her legs, she sat back in her chair after her brothers went to pack for their trip, going to look for Jack, to look into this death. She can't believe it's Jack. She can't believe that Jack would do something like that. Dean glances to her as Sam walks into the room with his bag.

“You not coming?” Dean asks Trixie as she stands from her chair, it's not a question of surprise or suspicion, it's genuine curiosity, he and Sam both love working with Trixie, she's actually turned into an amazing hunter but she prefers to do the book thing from the warm, supplied, shelter of the bunker library, she'll come out with them if she feels like it, or is wanting to hit something, to see the outside world, or to shop for superhero stuff.

“Hmmm nope, I'm going to stay here” Trixie answers closing her laptop. “There are still some boxes in storage that need sorting through, I mean, we've been here 4 years and there are still items that haven't been catalogued, the things the Styne's missed when they ransacked this place...” she gives them a look. “I've got the rest of the Avengers box set, a bottle of wine, my Green Arrow blanket and a box of crap to play with, I'm good”

“Party for Trix” Dean teases, she nudges his as she passes him with a smirk.

“But you guys have fun” she waves over her shoulder with her gloved hand. She doesn't mind them going without her, it gives her some 'me' time, and she gets to tidy up without them under her feet. Despite the fact there is currently only five of them living in the bunker, it doesn't half get messy, dirty clothes, dirty dishes, books left lying, weapons, it's dangerous and unhealthy and she doesn't mind cleaning up after them, they let her keep the place tidy, her kind of tidy, and they do try to keep it clean, but well...they're boys and they can't. Trixie uses her hip to push at her bedroom door and opens it before slipping in, letting it close behind her. Sam and Dean share a look.

“She'll be fine” Sam assures Dean who looks away from the corridor where Trixie disappeared too. “You know she likes this stuff, plus she's right....we've been here 4 years and there are still a ton of boxes in storage that need to be gone through, someone should go through them” Dean grabs his bag and sighs.

“Yeah, I know, she's a freaky little thing, but some times I think we leave her alone too much” Dean argues. “Especially on bad days”

“Just cause she was watching a hero movie doesn't mean she was having a bad day” Sam corrects. “Even if it was Winter Soldier” Dean gasps dramatically.

“No...” he draws out. “She was watching Bucky, man, it must have been a bad night” Dean glances back towards where Trixie had walked away. “Maybe I can persuade her to come with us”

“She's fine” Sam argues grabbing his own bag. “Okay, let's go, let her get on with her vino cleaning spree” Sam grabs Dean's shoulder and pulls him along a little, Dean sighs and follows him.


Chapter Text

Trixie sits in the bunker library going through a box of books, she traces the title on the spine of the book in her hand before setting it into a pile in front of her. Splitting the books up by the system they have running through the library. Turns out the though the psycho, body part snatching, murdering Stein family missed a lot of the Men of Letters stuff. Dean had arrived before they destroyed everything. Lucky for them Trixie is also a control freak, and had everything useful boxed away and kept safe in her safe under her bed, which they didn't find. One day they will thank her for doing that.


It takes her four hours to get through three boxes of books, it's also how long she takes to get through Winter Solider and Age of Ultron and a full bottle of wine, and half another.


Trixie rolls her eyes a little as she crouches in front of a box in storage, Dean talks to her over the phone, he's checking up on her.

“I'm fine, Dean, you don't need to check in on me” Trixie comments grabbing a box from storage, she talks to Dean on a Bluetooth ear piece, he'd called within five hours to check on her and she knows it's because of the whole...'Bucky' thing, they know that Bucky is her go to sad, pathetic, feeling sorry for herself film. This is not a Bucky thing though.

“I wasn't” he argues, she makes a noise of disagreement and uses her hip to push open the door to the room before leaving the room.

“You called to check that if you put a book away” She argues. “When was the last time you read a book? Or picked up a book? Or even looked at one?”

“Haha” Dean mocks. “This morning”

“Busty Asian Beauties is not a book” she argues with a amused smile.

“There are articles” he argues back as she reaches her room. “Are you sure you're okay?” he asks changing the subject.

“I'm fine, really” she assures him. “I wasn't watching the Winter Soldier because I was having a 'Bucky' day, I was watching it because I started from the beginning...”

“Oooohh” Dean offers. “So all of them huh?” he asks.

“Yeah, I'm about to start Civil War...soooo”

“Alright...go on then” he dismisses her. “Have fun”

“Oh I will” she assures him. “Hey, any word on Jack?” she asks him.

“We're not there yet” he answers.

“Then don't call till you got that kid in your sights” she scolds slightly. “I'm fine...he's not”

“Got it...” he states.

“Goodbye, Dean” she tells him and then hangs up, throwing her phone on the dresser before setting the box on the floor, sitting with it. Her fingers curl into the lid and lift it from the top. It's filled with more then just books this time. Small trinket boxes mostly, a few pouches, a few longer bigger boxes but she ignores all of them. It's one. The one that stands out more then the others. A small white wooden box beautifully decorated with runic symbols and on the lid a serpent. Trixie picks up the box and touches the engravings on the box. “What is this?” she asks herself, she runs her fingers along the side and then lifts the lid revealing a stunning ring inside. She lets out a impressed breath. The green velvet lining surrounds a truly gorgeous ring, branch style framework with pink blossom tops, between the branch tips is a smooth blue and white oval stone. Gently pulling the ring from the box she turns it around in her fingers, something about it is....calling to her. Like it's begging her to put it on. So she does. She slides it onto her right hand ring finger. She looks at the ring in place and smiles. Perfect fit. But she should catalogue it and put it away. She should. Yet she can't bring herself to take the ring off, she wants to keep it and wear it. It's hers now. She smiles and closes the ring box, setting it aside before she gets to work on the rest of the items.


Later Trixie groans throwing the last of her pizza into the pizza box on the counter before finishing off her glass of whine, time to call it a night, the pizza doesn't seem to disappear as fast without her brothers, she closes the box and moves to put it in the fridge, they can finish it later.


Trixie turns off Avengers: Infinity War on her laptop before closing it and setting it aside. Turning back she readjusts her blankets and pillows before getting comfy. She admires her new ring with a smile before biting her lip. It really is stunning and she really, really loves it.


Once Trixie falls asleep, the stone in her new ring begins to glow a bright blue. When the light recedes Trixie turns over in her bed towards the window across from her bed, the New York skyline illuminated by moonlight beyond.


Chapter Text

Trixie wakes to her alarm clock ringing in her ear, she groans and rubs at her eyes before stretching and then turns off her alarm clock, the sun glistening off of the ring on the blue and white wooden ring on her finger, she rolls over again and then sits up. She doesn't seem at all bothered by her change in location. She yawns and stretches her arms over her head, her metal hand glinting off of the sun. Lowering her hands she climbs out of bed, she pads across her bedroom floor and disappears into the ensuit bathroom closing the door behind her.


The coffee pot beeps before starting itself, dispensing fresh coffee into the pot below. Trixie walks into the kitchen, now fully dressed, stretching her arms over her head, her prosthetic arm on full display. She moans a little taking in the smell of the coffee before grabbing her personalised mug from the cabinet above the coffee machine, she also takes a second mug from next to hers and sets them both on the counter before walking away to a door across the room, a cork notice board attached to it with medical notes and diagrams. She knocks on the door and clears her throat a little.

“Adam” she calls out. “Coffee” she comments before walking away hearing him cursing as he climbs out of his bed, falling slightly, like he does every morning, his alarm clock stopped functioning 2 years ago, but he still insists he doesn't need on, even if the only thing that gets him up on a morning is his sister knocking. She rolls her shoulder grabbing her sketch book from the table behind the couch, she takes a piece of charcoal with it and turns to lean against the kitchen counter to finish her sketch off, she'd started it the night before watching Adam nap on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy, he likes to point out mistakes when he finds them. The bedroom door across from her opens and her twin brother stumbles out still half asleep, she smirks a little not looking up from her drawing. Adam shuffles forward to reach for the coffee pot, he pours out both mugs and then picks up his own, reading; World's Greatest Brother. The twin to her; World's Greatest Sister; one. Adam kisses her cheek and then shuffles back towards his room. She hums a little picking up her mug and takes a sip. Perfect. As always.


Trixie grabs her jacket and her art portfolio before leaving her apartment, heading down the hall, she passes her older neighbour as he collects his paper.

“Hey, Mr. Barrington” she comments, the older man smiles and nods as his wife Janice opens the apartment door and smiles at Trixie before taking the paper from Travis.

“Off to work, sweetie?” Janice asks, Trixie smirks and turns to walk backwards to talk to her.

“Everyday, Mrs. Barrington” she answers turning and waves before turning forward to head down the staircase.


Trixie has a small space inside an office block, the only proof of it's existence is one of those small notices on the buzzer box and the plaque outside their door. Winchester & Co. The company name protects her and her business partner from fans and the crazies, as does their pen names, Mercy Winchester and Carver Edlund. Trixie uses her hip to push open the office door, they're just a small company, they pretty much do all the work themselves, with their secretary, Becky, who is only working for them cause she is dating 'Carver'. Trixie doesn't actually like her, she's way too invested in their character creations. Becky waves excitedly at Trixie who offers a small smile and sets a coffee down on the woman's desk before heading into the studio where 'Carver' aka Chuck is sat at his work desk.

“Hey, Chuck” she greets, her business partner looks up from the storyboard he's working on as she sets a coffee next to him before moving to her own desk, her latest sketches and storyboards scattered across the top, she doesn't keep a clean desk like Chuck, they each have their own process that stems from the same source. Dreams. And those dreams are turned into the two series that they put out, Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Supernatural. They're not big sellers but they're not flops either, they have a steady fan base and a great group of followers which pays the bills. Chuck had started drawing comic books before Trixie, he's older then her but it wasn't till they met that they started thinking about publishing their work. They'd started the Supernatural series as a test run and when that started taking off they brought out Trixie's Earth's Mightiest Heroes series out too. Trixie sits at her desk and smiles touching the copy of the last edition. Trixie's comics started with Captain Patriotism, Sergeant Noble, and the Wailing Commandos. Then she moved onto Doc Green, then The Legionnaire and then Lord of Thunder. Finally bringing them together in an ensemble piece including two new heroes, Eagle-eye and the Noir Widow as they protected the Earth from Lokke who opened a portal into space. That is the last released comic, released two weeks before hand, now they work on the next edition. A special edition, with extra scenes from all the ones that came before as well as the five editions that came before. Chuck's comics concentrate on two brothers. Sam and Dean. And their life as hunters of the supernatural. Chuck had actually introduced a character called Trixie to thank her for how she helped him get his work published. Sam and Dean's younger half-sister, who in the last edition disappeared from their home. Both have their separate fans, and they have fans that love both series. Trixie opens her portfolio and pulls out her newest sketches, rough ideas for new foes. Elves. She's not sure yet.

“Hey, what do you think of this?” Chuck asks turning to her and holding up his newest sketches.

“They look amazing” She comments. “As usual” she smiles. “What's going with our wayward heroes this week?” she teases, he chuckles a little.

“A crossroads demon offers Sam and Dean a spell to locate Jack, in exchange for their assistance on an unusual heist” he answers setting his art back on the desk.

“Oooo” she teases. “What about Trix?” she asks.

“They're looking, but they think that Jack may be the only one who can find her....” She nods in agreement.

“Maybe” she agrees and shrugs. “I can't believe we've been doing this for seven years” she comments, he smirks.

“I can't believe how grown up you are now....” he counters. “That cheeky little 16 year old with ideas out of this world that walked into my classroom” Yes, Chuck had been her Intro into Comics teacher back in the day, she'd been hooked that first class and hasn't looked back.

“Those ideas are now selling like hot cakes” she reminds him. “And are currently helping you payroll your new girlfriend” she smirks. “Nice new necklace she's wearing today”

“Becky likes gifts” Chuck argues, she shoots him a look. “Least I have a lover” he counters, she shoots him a look. “What? I've never seen you date”

“Yeah, well” she shrugs. “I can't find anyone good enough” he smiles at her softly knowing it's more about her self-consciousness surrounding her arm and scars from her car accident when she was 15. She flexes her fingers a little and then clenches them on her knee, her metal hand is covered again, hiding her deformity from the world. Chuck watches her sadly before turning back to his work, he knows she won't want to talk about it.



Chapter Text

Trix is not a psychic. She's not. Yet she is finding it hard to believe that herself as she watches the sky open above her, a scene not at all unsimilar to one from her comic book, a portal to space ripping open the skyline of New York. The coffees in her hands are forgotten as she listens to the screams around her, people already starting to flee as not only is the sky torn open, but aliens fly down from the portal. This sequence of her comic came from a nightmare she had, and now it is coming true.

“No” she whispers frowning. She is not a psychic. So how come she's already seen how this plays out? She already knows the ending. A running civilian bumps into her shoulder sending the coffee flying to the ground by Trix is still frozen in place. She can't move. Body just....numb. Chuck leaves their building and grabs her arm.

“Trix!” Chuck shouts trying to get her attention before he gives up, pulling her into their building, getting her off the street, they share a look, both thinking the same thing.

“I'm not a psychic” she argues. This isn't the first time it's happened. It started with Captain Patriotism. Two weeks after the release of that comic, the news broke that Captain America was found alive, spoiling the end of her comic. Then The Legionnaire. Billionaire Toni Stank kidnapped by terrorists and forced into building a missile, instead he built a super suit and escaped. Two weeks later, Tony Stark was kidnapped. And eventually he came out as Iron Man. “I'm not” she argues again, weaker this time. Chuck touches her arms as she shakes.

“Okay, we can worry about that later” he tries to calm her. “We need to get out of the city...”

“No, we have to stay” she argues already wiggling free of his arms and running towards the stairs.

“Stay?” Chuck asks before following her. “Are you out of your freaking mind? The world is ending....we find somewhere quiet get hammered...maybe order a few prostitutes” she leans over the railing to glare down at him. “Okay, no prostitutes” he corrects. “But the rest is a solid idea” she pulls back and continues running up the stairs. Chuck sighs and hands his head. “Yep, totally gonna die today” he comments to himself.


Trix grabs her cellphone as she packs up her sketch work, world might be ending but she's not risking loosing her hard work, grabbing another file of sketches she dials and sets her cellphone at her ear waiting for Adam to pick up.

“Come on” she begs of her brother, she wants to warn him to get out of the city before the roads become to blocked. She's not sure he will leave, he's a medical student, he'll head to the hospital and try to help. When he doesn't answer she slides her cell phone away in her pocket. Chuck finally reaches the office, panting, out of breath.

“Trixie?!” he shouts heading into the office before pausing to watch an alien fly past. “Oh god” he complains and then hurries into their office, Trix pulls her bag over her shoulder and then moves to him.

“Let's go then” she tells him, he gives her an unbelievable look before nodding. He'll yell at her later. If they make it out of this.


Trix throws open the door to the building and she and Chuck are greeted by an alien, the three of them all just stare at one another before Chuck and Trix start screaming, the alien screams back at them. Trix instinctively throws out her prosthetic arm in a punch and hits the alien right in the face before Chuck pulls her back and shuts the door pressing his back against it. They both share a look.

“What were you thinking?” Chuck asks. “Punching E.T in the face”

“It was reflex” Trix argues as the alien pounds on the door.

“I think you annoyed it” Chuck counters as the glass on the door breaks and the alien reaches in and grabs Chuck's shirt trying to pull him out through the window, he starts screaming. Trix looks around before spotting a fire extinguisher, she smirks and runs towards it, grabbing it off the port on the wall and readying it. She aims the hose and then sets the bottle on her waist.

“Chuck” he looks to her. “Duck!” his eyes widen and he manges to get his head down, Trix pulls the pin on the extinguisher and fires at the alien, the foam erupting and hitting the creature dead in the centre of it's face, it screams and falls backwards trying to escape the foam. Chuck scrambles away from the door and stands behind Trix. She holds the extinguisher ready just in case. The alien gets back up and looks into the building watching Trix before it runs off, she takes a breath and slumps lowering the fire extinguisher.

“So they're on the street” Chuck comments. “Let's barricade ourselves in upstairs, wait for it to pass...” she takes a breath and nods. “And we'll grab all the extinguishers on the way up” Chuck adds looking to the one in Trix's hand.


Trix grabs her easel and looks at it a moment before glancing to the windows, she bites her lip and smirks. An idea forming. She holds up the easel and checks the size against the nearest window before she turns to Chuck.

“Chuck, grab that other easel and any blank canvases we have” he frowns and looks to her.

“What for?” he asks.

“We're gonna use them to cover the windows....” she explains moving to a window, Chuck frowns. “If we can see out they can see in...” she offers. He nods understanding and the two of them move to cover the windows. “Chuck?” Trix pauses turning to him. “Where's Becky?”

“Ah crap Becky” he complains moving to find his cell phone. “I was supposed to meet her for lunch” he complains finding his cell phone.


Chapter Text

It seems to pass quickly, whatever is going on outside, the aliens, the portal in the sky. Trix and Chuck aren't trapped very long before the city shudders into silence. It's eerie how silent it is. Chuck and Trix both head off home in search of Adam and Becky. Brooklyn seems to have been spared the brunt of the damage of the army of aliens which means that Trix's apartment is untouched. She hurries up the stairs, ignoring everyone around her, gossiping, hugging, families glad to be reunited after the day they've all had and Trix wants her own reunion. She throws open the door and hurries into the apartment.

“Adam?!” she shouts looking for him, and she searches every room. But he's not home yet. That's all she will think of. Because she cannot bare the thought that her brother is dead. She sees the flashing of the answer machine and hurries to it pressing the button to retrieve the message waiting for her.

“Trix, if you get this...I'm fine, don't worry” Adam states. “I'm at the hospital and I'm staying till it quietens down. Do me a favour, though, text me if you're alive, just so I know....” she smiles a little as the voice message beeps finished. She pulls out her cell phone and does shoot off a text, assuring Adam that she is home and in one piece.....well what counts as her in one piece. She flexes her mechanical fingers and snorts a little. One piece. She relaxes though. Adam is fine. She takes a steadying breath and then looks around the apartment. She needs a drink.


Sitting on the floor with a bottle of whiskey, her artwork in her hands, the art that shows just how this was all going to play out, the art that was released into press more then two weeks before. How long till people come looking for her? Her art work is evidence that she has 'abilities' even though she got her ideas from a dream. That she actually had no idea this was going to happen. How inclined will they be to believe her? To believe she had nothing to do with this? Trix lets out a cry of frustration and slams her art down, the board breaks in half and she throws it across the room. She buries her face in her hands and lets herself cry a little. This is not happening. Her dreams, her drawings, they are not coming true. This is not fair. She groans into her hands and lifts her head a little reaching for the bottle. Yep, she is going to drink away the day, ignore the aliens falling from the sky, ignore that she basically predicted that it would happen, and ignore the fact that her life is now probably screwed. When she wakes up tomorrow she will come up with a plan, maybe she can hide out in her apartment until it all blows over, maybe she should leave the country, find the most remote location she can and just vanish from the world. Who would miss her, really, her brother? So busy they barely see one another anyway, Chuck? She could always send in her drawings for him to publish. And that ends the pathetic list of her relative and friends. Yep, she could just escape, that sounds like a good plan. She takes a healthy, very healthy drink from the bottle, some dribbling down the side of her lips and chin. Drink then plan. That's her plan.


Loki is kind of lingering where he is not wanted, muzzled, handcuffed and standing against the wall at the side of the room, away from the others in it, the 'Avengers', Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the ones that forced him into this predicament, and his brother Thor standing just in front of him, keeping an eye on him. They haven't decided what they are going to do with him, so until they do he is to be kept under the watchful eye of his 'big brother'. Like it can get any worse. The others, the heroes, still banged up but recovered are sat around the kitchen counter in front of him. Clint glares at Loki from his seat next to the redhead assassin. Tony Stark is nursing a drink, Bruce Banner at his side trying to remain invisible and Steve stands leaning against the cooker eyes almost vacant as he looks out over the city. The elevator pings reaching their level and the doors open to reveal Fury, he walks into the room and towards them. Natasha and Clint sit up straighter at the sight of their superior. Fury nods slightly to them as he reaches the counter, he hands each of them a copy of the comic book in his hands. Tony flicks through the first few pages without reading them, opting to go off the images instead, Natasha scrutinizes every page.

“These were released to the public more then 2 weeks ago” Fury tells them.

“Really?” Natasha asks looking to him. Fury nods.

“But this is exactly how it happened” Clint points out. “Like...speech and everything even the stuff behind closed doors..” Loki raises an eyebrow interested now, he peers around Thor to look at the one in his hand, images of them all flickering past his eyes.

“The only thing that is different are the names” Bruce points out.

“Are there more?” Steve asks, Fury nods.

“With origin stories...” Fury answers. “Very detailed...”

“Who wrote these?” Clint asks turning the comic over to look for a name.

“Mercy Winchester” Fury states. “It's her pen name” he flicks on the screen which throws up a profile onto the holo table. “Real name: Beatrice Milligan. Born: September 29th, 1990.....Lives with her twin brother, Adam in Brooklyn....except none of this data existed until two weeks ago, and neither did they”

“I don't understand” Steve offers. “She's not real?”

“Sounds like witness protection” Natasha offers.

“I called them” Fury answers. “They've got no record of a set of twins matching their descriptions on their system”

“So how does she do this?” Clint waves the comic. “How did she know this was gonna happen?”

“That's your job” Fury points out. “SHIELD is busy with cleaning up with all the chitauri parts littering the city, so it is down to you guys to figure out how this woman knew every little detail about the battle of New York” Loki's eyes scan over the page open in Thor's hand, it shows Loki's own conversation with the Other, no one would know about that except him and the man he spoke to. No one. How did this girl figure it out with two weeks notice? Thor glances to Loki and notes his eyes, Thor shuts the comic book and pulls it out of Loki's reach whilst glaring at Loki. Loki shifts back and schools his expression. He wants to know just as much as they do. So he'll wait this one out. See what they come up with, see why this 'girl' is so special.




Chapter Text

There is a hammering echoing in her head when Trixie wakes on her living room floor, a blanket over her, a pillow under her head, she shifts slightly and groans as she knocks over the empty bourbon bottle....bottles. Something woke her. Something loud. She narrows her eyes and looks around, everything is where she left it the night before. Her art and canvases scattered and broken around the apartment. There it is again. Hammering banging.

“Ah” she complains as it rattles through her brain like a jack hammer. Pushing herself to her feet she meanders through the mess of her apartment for the door, her mind briefly wondering where her brother is and hoping it was him that set up the blanket and pillow for her, cause that was not her. She'll worry later, right now she needs to stop the hammering before her head caves in. Opening the door she glares at the person, or in this case persons on the other side of the door. Two huge male figures. Familiar figures. Captain America and Thor. Steve Rogers is just as blonde and muscular as he was in her dreams; as weird as it sounds, it is nothing sexual; it's just bad dreams. She leans against the door and raises an eyebrow at the two of them, ignoring the head. She even has to look up at the two of them and she's not short, she's 5 foot 8 for Gods sake, that's not small but these men are freakishly tall and yet that even feels familiar. She doesn't know tall people; other then Adam, he's tall too, breaching the 6 foot mark.

“Beatrice Milligan?” Steve asks, she sighs and raises an eyebrow.

“If you're who I think you are and if you're here for the reason I think you are....” She starts. “Then no, she's not in right now” she shuts the door and shuffles back into her apartment. “Not happening” she mumbles to herself. “This is not happening” the knocking on her door starts again and she cringes as it reverberates through her hungover mind. Then her door is being kicked in, Trixie screams and cowers slightly seeing the two men step over her broken door and head towards her. “Okay so...this is about my comics?” Trixie asks calmly whilst inside she's screaming. Keep calm. Don't let them see weakness. Be strong and get through it. Something inside of her just knowing how to behave. She takes steps back as they follow her. “I'm really sorry” she offers and then trips landing on her backside on the couch.

“Ma'am” Steve tries. “Try to remain calm”

“Remain calm?” She asks. “You broke down my front door!” she points out motioning to the mess of wood on the floor behind the two of them. “Broke into my home!” she stares up at them. “I'm not whoever it is you are looking for!”

“You're telling me that you are not Beatrice Milligan; you just look like her; identically like her? And live in her apartment?” Steve asks, she smiles sheepishly and shrugs.

“If I say yes will you believe me?” she asks Steve. He gives her a look back, his Captain look. “Fine” she grumbles. “Yes, Captain, I am Beatrice Milligan but...Trixie is fine....Trix works too” she offers, neither man say anything, just watch her a moment. “No, okay, that's cool....we can do sullen silences” she then looks everywhere but at them, her flesh hand rubbing on her jeans with her nerves.

“There is something not right here” Thor comments stepping towards Trixie, she frowns up at him, her prosthetic fingers curling into a fist on her knee instinctively.

“Really?” she asks. “I hadn't noticed” she tells him dryly. “What between the aliens pouring from the sky or two figments of my imagination now in my living room talking to me....” she sighs and presses her fingers into her head. “They told me it would happen eventually” she grumbles. “Finally gone and lost your mind, Trixie” she tells herself. “Shouldn't have smoked all that pot in high school, pretty sure the whiskey didn't help either....” she opens her eyes and finds the heroes still sat with her, she groans and throws her head back. Steve and Thor share a look, Thor shrugs still thinking there is something off about all of this, this girl has an energy about her, an energy that doesn't belong here. A familiar energy rolling off of her. Steve takes a seat across from her in Adam's armchair. He watches her a moment as Thor glances around, takes stock of all the wrecked art.

“How do you do it?” Steve asks her. “How do you know this stuff?” he pulls and sets down his centric comic on the table between them, Trixie sighs and shrugs.

“I have....Dreams” she admits. “I see things, clearly real things....” she admits. “Vivid dreams...nightmares really, terrible....terrible things” she draws off a little, Thor glances to her.

“Do you have them every night?” Thor asks her, she shakes her head.

“No; I think it's usually about a week or two before an event....” she motions to the comic on the table. “I think I had a dream you'd be found alive on the wreck of the Valkyrie....and then you were. I think I had a dream that Stark would be kidnapped...and then he was....I think I had a dream about an Asgardian falling to Earth...” she nods to Thor. “Then he did....” she sighs and runs her flesh hand through her hair. “I wasn't stupid enough to believe it was coincidence, I just....I didn't want to believe....” She shakes her head and looks down flexing her prosthetic fingers on her knee. “I didn't want to have....some form of powers”

“You think?” Steve asks, she shrugs.

“I don't remember” she whispers pulling her sleeves down her arms. “I don't remember the dreams, I don't remember drawing the storyboards or the art.....two weeks ago it's like I woke up in my bed and...before then I don't remember, I know who people are, I can talk to them and know them but...trying to remember specific things; dreams, art, work, dinners, dates......blank; but I must have...” she draws off to a whisper. “It's my work” she assures them. “It's my handwriting and my brush strokes....and I feel the art, like it's part of me....” Thor and Steve share another look, Steve turns back to Trixie.

“Is it just us?” Steve asks her. “I mean have you had dreams about anyone else? Another event?” she shakes her head.

“Just those of you that are....” she motions to the comic again. “Featured in those; I I said”

“Right” Steve whispers looking at the comic. He believes her.

“Am I in trouble?” she asks quietly. “They're not going to make me disappear, are they?” she adds whispering towards Steve, Steve smiles softly at her and shakes his head.

“No” he assures her. “No, they're not going to make you...disappear” he leans his elbows on his knee; resting his chin in his hands. “Would you come back and explain to Director Fury?” Steve asks her.

“Do I have to?” she asks. “I mean I pretty much just explained it to can tell him, I'll stay here and not pack a bag...” Steve gives her a look. “Okay fine, I was going to pack a bag and do a runner” she admits leaning back.

“Now you've just admitted to being a flight risk” Steve points out. “So we have to take you back with us” Trixie sighs and leans forward.

“Do I get to at least pack a bag? Just in case I'm not allowed to come back” Steve nods, Trixie stands and heads towards her bedroom, Steve and Thor behind her, she turns. “Seriously?” she asks.

“Flights risk” Steve points out.

“It's the eleventh floor” she counters. “Am I really going to jump out the window? Do I look like the type?” Steve purses his lips in thought before relenting, he nods. “Thank you” she offers and then heads into her room, and for them keeps her door open so they can see her moving about to pack a few of her things.


Trixie has changed by the time she walks out of her room, yesterday's clothing gone in favour for dark jeans and a band tee accompanied with a leather jacket. A glove covering her prosthetic hand. Steve stands from her couch and offers a reassuring smile, Thor has some of her wrecked art in his hands to look over, Trixie raises an eyebrow at him.

“What happened to these?” He asks her his eyes still on the wrecked painting.

“Freaked out a little” she answers. “Yesterday was a tough day”

“What was this?” Thor asks holding up the painting, Trixie moves to him and looks over what is left of the painting.

“Oh...Jotunheim” she answers, the swirls of white and blue and towering ice easily recognisable. “There should be an Asgard one around somewhere too” she looks around the floor, she moves to part of a painting that as a lot of gold on it. “This might have been it” she cocks her head and then throws the painting down. She adjusts her bag that rests in the crook of her arm.

“Let me” Steve reaches for Trixie's bag, she pulls it closer.

“I am capable of carrying my own bag, thank you” she snarks at him; she's hit with a serious case of deja vu then as well, like it's not the first time she's snapped that at someone, not the first time someone has tried to coddle her. “Let's just go” she offers softer glancing at Adam's bedroom door.

“We can contact your brother from Stark Tower” Steve offers. “Just to let him know you're okay” she sighs and nods.

“Thanks, I guess” she mumbles pulling her bag up her arm.

“Shall we?” Thor asks behind them, both Steve and Trixie look to him, she shrugs and then follows the two men out of the apartment.

“We'll send someone to fix your door” Steve adds as he pulls what is left of her door up into place, giving some resemblance of security. Trixie rolls her eyes a little; this is all ridiculous; it's not like she controls her dreams, what can she possibly give these people.


Chapter Text

Steve explains everything to the others whilst Trixie sits at the end of the table her flesh fingers running circles into the top of the table, her prosthetic ones clench her knee. She's not listening. She's already been through it all once with Steve and Thor. She wonders is Adam is back home yet; if he crashed or whether he noticed she was gone, considering the door was hanging off she would hope he noticed. She wonders if Chuck will notice when she doesn't turn up to work later this morning. She wonders why it is her, why is it her with the dreams when it literally could be anyone else in the world. Eyes on her, mostly from the figure sat at her side, muzzled and chained and posing no real threat to her. He's about as interested in what's going on as she is. Because he knows exactly what she is and how she knows this stuff and it's not what she told Steve and Thor. Loki knows because of what is sat on her finger. Then conversation dies out as he takes Trixie's flesh hand in his, she lifts her eyes to his as he pulls her hand closer to him.

“Loki” Thor warns already stepping closer to stop his brother. Loki's eyes leave Trixie's and move to the ring on her finger. Trixie covers the ring with her other hand and pulls her hand back from him, he tightens his hold on her. “Loki?” Thor asks, more of a question now when Loki doesn't let up, his big brother moving closer to him ready to pull Loki off of the girl if need be. Loki grunts against his muzzle shooting Thor a look. Thor glances to the others before moving to stand behind Loki. Lifting Loki's hair he unlocks the muzzle and pulls it from Loki's face, he stretches his jaw slightly before turning his attention to Trixie.

“Where did you get this ring?” he asks her.

“It's just some trinket” Trixie answers.

“Then simply answer me” Loki counters, she purses her lips and looks down.

“I don't remember” she whispers touching the ring on her finger, spinning it slightly. “Probably some junk sale or something....”

“I doubt it” Loki comments. “This stone” Loki starts holding out his hand palm up for her, she looks up at him and then sets her hand in his. “This stone” he repeats touches the stone of her ring with his thumb. Behind him Thor shifts, his eyes lingering on the stone as Loki causes it to catch the light.

“Is it?” Thor asks seeing it now, seeing the difference, the real shift on the stone that reveals what it really is.

“What?” Tony asks, the suspense killing him. “What is it? Don't leave us hanging here....”

“It's a Norn Stone” Thor answers; Loki looks up at Thor and nods. “Where did you get that ring?” Thor asks Trixie who shrugs.

“I don't know; I told you”

“She's telling the truth” Loki stops them from arguing. “In part anyway”

“How can I be telling the truth in part?” she asks. “Either I'm telling the truth or I am lying; I can't do both” Loki leans on the table, hand still holding hers.

“They're not dreams” he tells her. “They're memories. You know what will happen because for you it already has” he explains.

“No way” she argues. “So it's what; time travel; because even for me that's a little out there....”

“Not time travel” Loki counters rolling his eyes. “Think of it as....lines” he looks around at the other making sure they're paying attention to him. “One next to another, next to another, next to another....on and on and on...infinite. Each line represents an alternate universe” he looks to Trixie. “You're not from this universe, from this line....” he smirks. “You're from another one” he lifts her hand to look closer at the ring. “This little thing....brought you here from your world....It's why she has no memories from more then two weeks ago, which I am guessing is when she arrived here” Loki looks to the others. “The trip jumbled her mind, planted her into the life of this world's version of her....The jump; it's not meant to be undertaken by a mortal, it's why she can't remember anything, it's why she dreams's her old life pushing back”

“And you know what this ring does how exactly?” Steve asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“I know because I made this ring, or at least I am guessing her world's version of me, I made one similar many, many years ago but Odin destroyed it.....” Loki points to the ring and then lifts his eyes back to Trixie. “But just how did you come to obtain it, little mortal?” he asks her with interest. She doesn't have an answer, like he said her memories are all scrambled and locked in her head. Fury crosses his arms over his chest.

“So we exist in her line?” Fury asks. “Her universe?” Loki nods.

“Yes, it's how she know everything, the lines don't run at the same timing, it's 2012 here in this universe it may be 2005 in another, 1980, 1700s, 2020, 2189” he offers. “Not all of them run at the same pace either, a hundred years could pass here but only mere hours in another........each line is different from the others, sometimes minute differences, sometimes bigger....”

“And we're just going to take his word for it?” Clint asks glaring at Loki. “After everything he did.....” Trixie looks to him and then around the others, other then Thor she probably knows Loki best, she knows all of them more then anyone else, to her these are her characters. She pulls her hand back from Loki and raises an eyebrow turning to Thor.

“Thor, what colour are Loki's eyes?” Trixie asks, Thor frowns back at her.

“Green” he answers confidently, not really even thinking about it, he knows his brother's eye colour of course he does, he's spent nearly a thousand years around them. Trixie's eyes flicker back to Loki who clenches his jaw, his blue eyes looking back at her.

“Are you sure?” she asks, Thor frowns deeper.

“Of course I am sure, I know what colour my brother's eyes are” Thor argues, Trixie raises an eyebrow.

“Show him” She tells Loki who takes a breath and turns to his brother. “Are you sure?” she asks Thor again. Thor's eyes widen as he looks into his brother's eyes. “Familiar?” Trixie asks.

“It's the blue of the sceptre control” Thor points out.

“You know what that means right?” Trixie asks looking to the others. “Loki was...still is about as in control of his actions as Agent Bird Boy over there”

“Hey” Clint whines slightly as Tony chuckles.

“So...if Loki is just as much a victim then why is it okay for Barton to get a free ride and not him?” Trixie asks. “Both were under the same mind control; both were forced to do terrible things whilst under that control; and yet....Loki is the one being punished for it” Loki looks to her surprised. “I'm sorry, how does that work out?” she asks the others. “I mean...really?”

“That doesn't prove anything” Natasha argues.

“Did any of you actually read the comics?” Trixie asks back. “And I mean really read them, all the way through from the first to the last?” they all share a look. No, they did not. “Maybe you should” she offers. “Or maybe you could ask Loki about what happened in the Sanctuary” Trixie looks to Loki who looks down, embarrassed, ashamed, pained that someone knows just what he went through. “I didn't draw that 'dream' up; there was no dream but I do know what happened between him falling off the Bifrost on Asgard and appearing through the portal in New Mexico; just because he's not human doesn't mean he doesn't get hurt.....he's still flesh and blood” Loki stands abruptly, rising to his full height in front of Trixie, he has a good 6 inches on her standing but now she's sat and with the very, very intimidating glare he is displaying he seems larger. Imposing. Dark even.

“I don't need you fighting my battles for me, little mortal” Loki snaps at her. “Nor do I desire for my life to spread across pages in ink.....or for you to just....inform people of my misfortune” she raises an eyebrow, her heart pounding in her chest, how is she so calm on the outside? How is she managing to not crumble like she desires to? Her heart is beating so fast she could imagine it flying out of her chest like an animation.

“Did you see the end of this series of events?” she asks calmly despite his glare. “Earth's Mightiest” she asks and turns to the table grabbing the last edition of the comic, she flicks through to the end and holds it out to Loki who takes it. The scene depicts him and Thor with the heroes in Central Park, Thor has the Tesseract in a glass case and Loki is stood muzzled and chained. Then they're gone. Returned to Asgard according to the text. “Now I haven't seen...” she stops and rolls her eyes. “I don't remember what happens next....but I am guessing that you would be punished by Odin....” Loki lifts his eyes to hers. “How well do you think that is going to go for you?” she asks him, his eyes soften staring at him, knowing this single mortal who is a stranger to him tried to save him from Odin's wrath and punishment. He doesn't like it. He lunges for her, Thor is fast too and knows his brother too well, he grabs the back of Loki's jacket to stop him as Trixie stumbles backwards out of her chair, her eyes wide as she stares up at Loki.

“Stark, would you take Miss Milligan to her room?” Fury asks Tony who nods moving to Trixie.

“Come on, kiddo” he offers helping her up, noting that she keeps one of her arms as far from his as possible whether subconsciously or otherwise he can't figure out. Thor has yanked Loki as far from Trixie as he can whilst hissing for his brother to stop. That even Thor could see she was trying to help Loki. Tony grabs her bag from next to her chair and then hovers his hand over her lower back. “This way” he leads her out of the room as her heart hammers loudly and rapidly in her ears.


Chapter Text

It's a simple room; neutral colours; wood furniture. Tony points out all the important stuff, bathroom, wardrobe etc, like she needs telling. It's all pretty obvious where things are. Trixie drops onto the edge of the bed and looks around the room, Tony turns to her and frowns.

“You alright there?” Tony asks, she nods a little and flexes her fingers a little, eyes on the gloved fingers of her prosthetic hand.

“Yeah, I mean.....pretty solid” she mumbles her answer. He raises an eyebrow.

“You seem it” he comments with a smirk. “Seriously? Most people would be freaking out by now....aliens, strangers, celebrities” she frowns and looks up at him.

“Who?” she asks cocking her head, his smirk falls a little. She chuckles. “No, I know who you are, Mr Stark” she admits with a smile. “Remember?” she reminds him. “I know pretty much everything about you” he looks down and then up at her slightly.

“Everything?” he asks. “ know Howard...”

“Was a great big bag of dicks?” she asks, he snorts a little. “Yeah, I know how much of a jackass he was....least you remember yours”

“You really have no memories before two weeks ago?” he asks her, she shrugs and shakes her head. “But you on with life?”

“Instinct...muscle memory; I don't know how to explain it....I didn't even realise it was wrong, not till later...not till the aliens” she sighs. “Not till I was going through all my art and I had no memory of doing it” she looks to him. “My brother is not really my brother....” she mumbles. “I mean...he's world brother” Tony nods understanding. “I don't remember...” she looks down and takes a small breath.

“Are you going to cry?” Tony asks. “Cause, fair warning, I'm not very good with crying women”

“I'll do my best to control myself” she tells him dryly. “It's not like my entire life has been spin on it's axis or anything”

“Welcome to the club” he teases sitting next to her. “What a day” he offers, she hums in agreement. Tony lets his mask slip a moment, letting the last few days catching up to him, she doesn't care about it so he can relax around her. He takes a moment before standing, back to his usual self. “You need anything?” he asks. “Food?” she shakes her head.

“No, think am just going to shower and then sleep.....” she mumbles and sighs running her fingers through her hair.

“Just ask Jarvis if you change your mind” he offers and then leaves her alone. Trixie tubs at her left arm at the join, she shouldn't have slept in it cause now it's been rubbing too long.


Trixie runs the towel through her hair, she's opted for an extra long bath instead of a shower, just laying their, listening to music, helping her relax after this crap storm of a day. She needed it, oh boy did she need it. Setting the towel into the laundry basket Trixie then drops onto the bath pulling out her phone from her bag to check her messages. None. She lets out a breath and groans laying backwards on the bed to stare up at the ceiling. Next thing she knows, she's napping.


Trixie wakes again as someone knocks on the door. Why does this keep happening to her? She groans sitting up and glaring at the door. Taking a breath she sits up and rolls off the bed with another groan. She picks up her prosthetic arm and pulls it back into place, adjusts it, cringing in pain a little before pulling on her glove moving to the bedroom door. She takes a breath and then opens to greet whoever is on the other side. Her mood souring slightly at the sight of her guest.

“What do you want?” Trixie asks seeing Loki on the other side of her door, he crosses his arms over his chest and looks away from her.

“Thor said I am to apologise for....trying to attack you” she raises an eyebrow at him.

“Okay” she draws out, he stands there slightly as if waiting for something. “Go on then” she pushes. “Apologise”

“I just did” he points out, she snorts and rolls her eyes.

“That doesn't count” she argues, he wrinkles his nose in distaste and then looks to her.

“I apologise for attacking you” he offers. “How's that?”

“Not accepted” she answers, he raises an eyebrow at her. “You're only doing it because Thor is making you...not because you actually mean it” she turns and slams the door in his face, Loki stares at the piece of wood between him and her. How dare she just not accept his complete and utter insincere and fake apology. He rolls his eyes and then turns to walk away only to stop hearing the door open behind him. He turns back to find Trixie leaning out, she raises an eyebrow. “What happened to your eyes?” she asks looking at his face; the wonderful green of his eyes shining back at her.

“I let Barton bash me in the head a few times with that...ridiculous shield, the others joined in....just to be sure” 'Just to be sure' they both know that they did it just to get a few punches in, just because he's Loki and he tried to invade the world and well....they don't like him. “It seems to have done the trick at clearing the rest of the sceptre control” they share a look, his eyes showing her what he is too stubborn and too proud to tell her. They're both quiet a moment, Loki is now basically lingering outside her door, he thinks about walking away but she takes a step closer to him.

“How does it work?” she asks and then holds up her hand. “This ring.....if I take it off; will I go home?”

“No” he answers. “Something brought you here, it is also keeping you here....” he admits.

“What?” she asks him.

“I don't know” he lies to her, he's not sure if she can tell, he hopes she can't, he should be able to lie to one little mortal girl. “That's for you to figure out” he offers, she wrinkles her nose and then touches her arm as if in pain, Loki steps closer before changing his mind and stopping.

“What happens if I take it off?” she asks.

“I don't know” he answers. “The one I made never made it this far” she looks to him and then cocks her head, seemingly realising something else about him. 

“You're not....cuffed” she points out, he shakes his head.

“They seem significantly happy that whatever control the sceptre had on me is now gone....but I am to remain under the watchful eye of the artificial intelligence and my brother until they are sure my intentions are not....questionable” she shrugs and glances away.

“ know” she starts and smirks. “Better then you would have gotten back on Asgard” he nods in agreement and looks over her, she's swapped out her clothing, this is a more relaxed look, shorts, long sleeved baseball tee-shirt and still that glove. His eyes linger on her legs, scattered and covered in scars, some older then others, some nastier then others. “See something you like?” she asks, Loki snaps her eyes up to hers, expecting a teasing look but there is none, she's self conscious.

“I should go” he offers. “Before they accuse me of corrupting your soul” she chuckles a little and shrugs.

“Can't corrupt what's already black” she teases, he glances to her. “But fine...I need to sleep anyway, maybe I'll wake up and this will have been a terrible, terrible nightmare” she shrugs and then disappears back into her room closing the door behind her. Loki closes his eyes slightly and then opens them as he walks away. Thor lingers at the end of the hall having been watching them.

“You didn't tell her the truth about the ring” Thor accuses as Loki passes him.

“What is to tell her?” Loki asks back trying to escape this conversation. Thor follows him though, right on his trail. Loki doesn't want to have this conversation; he's not even sure the same reasoning behind that ring applies, he didn't make that one; the reasons he made his might not matter here. Thor grabs his arm and stops him.

“Loki” Thor starts. “Loki, you made that ring to find the one who...”

“I know why I made it” Loki interrupts stopping him. “And Odin destroyed mine....this one might have different reasons behind doesn't matter”

“There has to be a reason why she is here, and only two weeks before you invade....” Thor points out.

“Maybe” Loki gives. “Maybe not” he shrugs Thor's hand off of him before walking away, this time Thor doesn't follow him. Loki runs his fingers through his hair and sighs, his heart hammering in his chest.


Chapter Text

Loki won't admit that he spent the night laying in bed; his mind jumping from torture and pain to Trixie and her defence of him. The nightmares that kept him awake soothed away by him thinking of her wearing that ring, of her fierce eyes, of that smirk, of how quickly she flickers away that fear in her eyes when she was trying to be brave. He won't admit that she's already wormed her way under his skin. How could she not have? He jumps slightly as something clatters across the table, his heart pounding in his chest as he glances up, Bruce smiles sheepishly in apology, he's dropped a serving spoon in the scrambled egg bowl. Loki tries to calm himself down, his night too rough, his nightmares too real. Breakfast is awkward and silent, all of the 'Avengers' and Loki are sat together around a table brought in just for them, Thor and Steve on either side of Loki, both of them more willing then the others to forgive him. Clint and Natasha less so. And Bruce is on the fence, hates that Loki brought out the beast but still not really Loki's fault is he was forced into it. The only person missing is Trixie and Tony. Tony is still sleeping and had some colourful words for the artificial intelligence when probed about waking with the others. And Trixie politely declined; though apparently that wasn't her first response. Loki looks down at his food and he loathes to admit that this food is actually rather delicious. Sweet yet still somehow savoury. Loki glances to his brother who has submerged his breakfast in syrup of some kind and fruit.

“I have a question” Natasha starts looking to Loki who raises an eyebrow looking back at her. “If this Trixie, the one we've got, jumped into this world's Trixie's body, then how come she still didn't exist more then two weeks ago?” the table falls silent with this. Because Natasha has a point. Two weeks ago Beatrice Milligan didn't exist, how could Trixie have jumped into her body without a body already here. Every single set of eyes around the table turn to Loki.

“I don't know” he admits, he really doesn't know, he had forgot about that fact actually, her jumping into her own body was the most logical way for this to have worked. “The ring must have...” Loki draws off not having an answer. There has to be a reason, of course there does, there is a reason for everything but it complete fails him. “Some...reality warping or something similar?” he whispers to himself in question.

“Me and Clint are heading to her apartment today” Natasha offers out. “Try and talk to her brother, get the rest of her stuff....maybe we'll find an answer there”

“These Norn stones, the one in her ring, what exactly do they do?” Bruce asks.

“Norn stones power vary depending on who has it” Thor offers. “Loki may have created the ring with one purpose, which it will complete” Thor shoots Loki a look with that. “But what it does when worn is dependant on the individual's desires, personality and wants as well as their magical ability, and their control over the stone. Lady Beatrice is not an Asgaridan and has neither magic or any control over the ring....”

“So?” Bruce asks.

“She cannot wield it” Loki points out. “Anything the ring does is to complete it's purpose” Loki adds.

“Which is?” Steve asks, Loki looks down at his food and clenches his jaw.

“Why did you create a ring using a stone that powerful?” Bruce counter asks leaning on the table.

“It's not really all that important” Loki mumbles, Thor shoots him a look. Loki sighs relenting. “Fine....I created mine to find the one person...”

“Morning” Clint greets cutting Loki off as he sees Trixie enters the room, she smiles back at Clint in greeting. She waves a little.

“Morning...” she offers quietly.

“Join us” Steve tells her motioning to the empty space next to Bruce.

“I don't want to...intrude” she counters.

“Loki's here so you know” Clint offers. “You are the better company” Loki shoots Clint a glare as Natasha smirks.

“Sweet talker” Trixie teases moving towards the table. “Bet you're a hit with all the ladies” she adds with a teasing wink.

“You know it” Clint teases back.

“How'd you sleep?” Natasha asks.

“Oh you know....” Trixie answers. “Strange bed, strange building, strange people and strange world so...fantastic” she takes the seat next to Bruce as he sets an empty plate in front of her, Clint grabs the coffee pot and a mug and pours it for her.

“Thanks” Trixie offers.

“Pancakes, bacon...eggs?” Bruce asks, she hums and shrugs.

“I'm easy” she answers, Clint snorts. She shoots him a look back as Bruce piles a few pancakes onto her plates along with some rashers of bacon. “Thank you” She tells Bruce as Loki glances to her, trying to remain subtle as she brushes her hair back behind her ear and grabs the coffee, her eyes flickering around them all. “Okay...” she draws off, a few eyes flicker away from her to their foor. “Can I just say...You're all very....nice” she comments. “Accepting” she adds. “Considering I'm a stranger that...sees stuff” she rolls her eyes. “Sorry; knows stuff” she corrects herself.

“Yeah, so it's not like we have to hide anything from you” Natasha offers. “And to be honest....there is something about you”

“Like we know you're on our side” Clint adds.

“Plus you're kind of tiny despite being really tall” Trixie raises an eyebrow at Tony who's eyes are on her chest.

“Really?” she asks him, he hums a little and then lifts his eyes to hers.

“Most of you is tiny” he comments with a smirk, she rolls her eyes.

“How you ever get women to sleep with you in their hordes escapes me” Trixie comments with a smirk.

“Sorry, that's hot” Bruce pulls his mug away from Trixie's arm where it had been pressed against it, she glances to him and then to the mug.

“Oh, didn't feel it” she offers, Bruce frowns at her.

“You didn't?” he asks her worried.

“No” she assures him, he doesn't look convinced. “Look” she sighs. “It's fake” she admits and knocks on her arm.

“You have a fake arm?” Clint asks, Trixie nods and curls her real flesh fingers over her fake arm.

“Yep” she answers.

“Can we see?” Clint counter asks.

“Barton” Steve warns shaking his head. “You don't have to” Steve assures Trixie who looks to each of them before sighing.

“No, it''s fine” she offers. “But do you really want to do this over breakfast?” she asks them, they each nod, she sighs and shakes her head before she shrugs out of the plaid shirt leaving her in a vest top, revealing her arms to them, her good arm is scared, much like her legs. She pulls off her glove to reveal her prosthetic arm. Raising it she waves her fingers at them. “Ta-dah” she teases weakly, wanting to curl into herself. But to be honest their attention is more on the number of scars on display rather then her arm.

“That's a gunshot wound” Clint points to her arm and then lowers it to point at another scar. “Knife? Knives?” he asks cocking his head. “Or claws...” he lifts his eyes to Trixie. “What the hell did you do in your world?” she shrugs and touches her scars.

“I have no idea...but it doesn't look like it's fun whatever it is” she offers. “These aren't even the worst....I got a buckshot scars on my back, more claws marks on my legs and what looks to be a bite of some kind on my ass” Clint raises an eyebrow, she nods back at him. “It's not even a little one, whatever it was....had big teeth”

“Is this sore?” Bruce asks looking over the join of her arm, it's red and swollen, she glances down and shrugs.

“I wore it too long the other day, slept in it and....yeah, it's aching now”

“I can have a look at it if you want” Bruce offers.

“You really don't have to” She argues pulling her shirt back on. “It's fine” she leaves the from of the shirt open at the front. “I just have to remember to take it off before bed” they all share a look; Trixie then stands picking up her plate. “I'm just going to eat this in my room” she mumbles and walks away. They wait till she's left completely before talking again.

“Claws aside those injuries would imply that she was a soldier” Natasha offers. “But to be honest she doesn't seem the type...”

“She just keeps getting more and more interesting” Bruce adds and then turns to Loki. “Is there any way to reach her old memories?” he asks, Loki looks away from the doorway and shrugs.

“Depends on the damage they might do when they do return.....” He offers crossing his arms over his chest. “There might be a reason the ring locked them away in the first place.....” Loki leaves it there, the implications are obvious, if they bring Trixie's memories back they could in turn destroy her mind or worse....kill her. “It's best to let them come back on their own....if they ever do” Loki offers to them and then goes back to his breakfast.



Chapter Text

Steve, Natasha and Clint are still in the kitchen when Fury arrives, stepping out the elevator, the others look to him, Natasha raising an eyebrow at him, they weren't expecting a visit from him with the clean up of the city in full swing.

“Sir?” Natasha asks.

“We have a problem” Fury states glancing to Steve who snaps off the pair of marigold gloves from his hands, Fury gives him a weird look before schooling his face.

“What happened?” Natasha asks.

“All those comic books....they're gone” Fury answers.

“What?” Clint asks.

“They've vanished...” Fury answers shooting him a look, Clint shakes his head and reaches into his jacket.

“Nuh-uh” he argues. “I was just reading it like a few hours ago” he struggles to find what he is looking for in his jacket, frowns and peeks down, the comic book he stashed in his jacket has gone. “What the...” Fury gives him a look.

“I want you and Romanoff to go to her apartment now” Fury tells Clint who looks to Natasha. “Packed up everything, bring her brother in....I want every inch of her life combed through” they both nod back at Fury before standing and leaving the room to change.


Loki lingers listening in on the conversation happening in the kitchen, he knows he probably shouldn't be eavesdropping. He can hear Trixie walking towards where he's stood, well it's more like he can feel her. Feel her and that bloody ring.

“Aww you're still on the naughty step” she teases, Loki glances to her as she approaching him, he smirks and looks back into the kitchen listening in on the conversation.

“What is your excuse?” he teases back.

“I never left it” she answers with a smirk. “I have this feeling I was always getting into trouble” she admits, he cocks his head. “Plus pretty sure the scars I have aren't from good behaviour” he hums a little in agreement. “So what's going on?” she asks. “Why are you skulking like a cliché villain...” She draws off and then smirks at him. “Oh...” he shoots her a look, he turns to lean against the wall facing her, his eyes search hers before he smirks at her.

“One day that smart mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble” he warns, she chuckles and cocks her head.

“With you?” she asks, he shrugs.

“Heading that way” he teases. “But don't worry....I'm sure I can find better uses for it” he all but purrs at her.

“Is that so?” she asks back pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. He leans closer to her, eyes locked until he can't keep it, his lips lingering near her ear.

“Do not tempt me, little mortal” he whispers. “You might not like the consequences” he breathes her in, this close to her, he can really smell her. It's delicious. It reminds him of a flower on Asgard. A flower that used to grow outside his window. With a scent so strong that in spring it was a constant presence in his bedroom. A comfort to him. Like the Sun. Like warmth. Floral but not overly so. He shifts only slightly to look into her eyes. Why hadn't he connected the dots before? The colour of her eyes. That scent. The way she's climbing her way into his life and his....he pauses and stops himself before he finishes that thought. He's not ready to admit that's she twisting into his heart like that flower twisted up the walls of the palace to his chambers. She's not wrapping around him like that flower did his balcony. He's lost in her. Already.

“What are you two whispering about?” Tony asks, Loki pulls away from Trixie and they both look at him.

“Nothing that concerns you” Loki answers, Tony ignores him and looks to Trixie.

“Is he bothering you?” Tony asks, Trixie glances up to Loki and snorts.

“Yes” she answers, Loki looks to her. “But it's okay” she assures Tony. “I kinda like it” she admit, Loki smirks, the threat of a real smile there. They share a look, she smiles and shakes her head before walking away, Loki's heart beating with each step she takes away from him.

“What's your game with her?” Tony asks Loki. Loki waits till Trixie is out of sight before turning to him.

“What makes you think I am playing one?” Loki asks back. Tony raises an eyebrow.

“Aren't you?” Tony counters. Loki clenches his jaw and then rolls his eyes. “She's a good kid” Tony offers. “So far anyway....for whatever reason it's your ring that's dragged her into this.....don't you think you've done enough to her already?” Loki looks away and he can't believe he is about to think this but: Is Tony Stark right?


Trixie leans back against her bedroom door and sets her hand over her heart, pounding, it's pounding under her hand. She closes her eyes and wills it to slow. Loki. Loki and his green eyes and his...stupid smirk. Green eyes that draw her in, that lock her in place. A smirk that promises her own destruction if she falls into it. And oh boy does she want to. She has a feeling she has a thing for bad boys, for villains, for those that might just break her. Those that might shatter her. Those that will destroy her. She unhooks her arm and pulls it free, setting it on the dresser as she passes, her fingers reach up and press into the flesh of her stump. A wave of self-consciousness hitting her with full force. Even if Loki could be remotely interested in her, what sort of God would want to be with a one-armed, scarred girl? She scoffs at herself and pushes that feeling away. She doesn't know how she does it, or when it started, but it works. Pushing it down. Way down. Deep down inside of her. She drops onto her bed and lays back to look at the ceiling.


Loki doesn't really do much for the rest of the day, he sits on the small couch in his room and reads, he reads the same page over and over again. His mind stuck on 'her'.


Trixie spends the rest of her day in her room, sat crossed legged on her bed drawing with supplies Jarvis had arranged for her. Her art has one subject. Green eyes and smirks. She draws Loki, over and over. Her mind stuck on 'him'.



Chapter Text

Loki knocks on Trixie's bedroom door and then runs his fingers through his hair taking a deep breath. She'd not come out for dinner and Steve sent Loki to check on her. A few knowing smirks and looks were passed around the table, except for Bruce who looked oblivious; but Loki let the looks slide. He hasn't seen Trixie since their moment in the hallway early that morning; and his mind, his body, his soul is pleading with him to seek her out.

“Trixie?” he asks and knocks again. He shouldn't just leave, just in case, just in case something has happened to her. He looks around before debating with himself to just walk in. His hand finds the doorknob before he is pushing into the room. Once in her room he can hear the shower turn off in her bathroom and he almost lets panic show on his face as he tries to decide whether to stay of flee. He doesn't have the time because she's suddenly there in her bathroom doorway holding her towel around her body. Her eyes widen seeing Loki stood in the centre of her room. Neither one talks. Just trying to avoid the awkwardness rising. And oh is it awkward. She shifts slightly in the doorway and Loki glances to her bed. “Can I?” he asks, breaking the silence, motioning to her prosthetic on the bed, she swallows hiding in the doorway to her bathroom, he is aware she's keeping her arm out of sight. She nods though, stiff as she watches him pick up her arm. It's crude. Basic. Cheap. No wonder it's been hurting her. “What happened?” he asks sitting on the edge of her bed, she gives him a look, he nods and looks down. “You don't remember, do you?” he asks her, she shakes her head.

“Nope” she answers and shrugs. “Not sure I want to remember. I mean...nothing good took my arm, right?” he lifts his eyes to hers, notes the sudden presence of sadness in them. She tries so hard to cover it all up with smiles and sarcasm and teasing but there is no mask on her face right now. This is Trixie. Pretty much laid bare before him. Loki's heart flutters slightly; that she is allowing him to see this side of her. Given who he is. Given what he's done. His eyes find his ring on her finger. She notes his gaze. “Does it bother you?” she asks looking down at her hand. “That I wear it?”

“No” he answers. “No, it doesn't bother me” he assures her. “You didn't know when you put it on”

“We don't know that either” she argues, he snorts and looks down at the prosthetic in his lap. He stands with it.

“Can I?” he repeats looking at her, her eyes flicker between his, filled with embarrassed tears that threaten to fall. He steps towards her, her prosthetic hand in one of his, his other held out to her. Her jaw trembles as she struggles to hold in her emotions of being caught without her arm. She hates it. But there is something sincere in Loki's expression that has her allowing him to move closer, something that allows him to take her stump in hand, something that lets him pull her closer. His fingers brush over her skin as he attaches her arm, gently setting it into place. “Scars on Asgard are a sign of a battle well fought” he tells her ghosting his fingers over the gunshot scar on her arm. “A battle survived” He cups her cheek and uses his thumb to brush away the few tears that have snuck free. “You are beautiful” he assures her, his eyes staring into her, trying to make her see how honest he is being in that moment with her. She looks down and away from him, a blush working onto her cheeks, he lowers his hand from her face smiling softly.

“What are you doing here?” she asks him, he pulls away from her and clears his throat.

“I came to see if you were joining us for dinner” he admits. She looks to the clock on the bedside table and nods.

“I lost track of time” she offers with a soft sigh. “I'll get dressed” Loki nods and then starts to leave, he pauses in the doorway when he hears her call his name. “Thank you” she offers quietly, he smiles and then leaves closing the door behind him.


Natasha is sat beside Clint, Thor and Loki as far from them both as they can get, between them Steve, Tony and Bruce filling the seats between them. There is a space next between Bruce and Loki this time when Trixie joins them. Loki hides his pleased smirk when she sits beside him brushing her hair over her shoulder, this movement whafts over her scent, that flower filling Loki's senses, again. Now he's smelt it, he can't unsmell it on her. Thor sniffs slightly and glances to Trixie, he raises an eyebrow and then shares a look with Loki who shrugs back knowing Thor can smell it too. Bruce sets a fresh coffee in front of Trixie who smiles in thanks and picks it up and pulls a face, not unnoticed by the spy sat across from her.

“What? Don't you like coffee?” Clint asks, Trixie looks to him and then shrugs a little.

“Not really, no” she admits setting the mug down. “I didn't want to seem rude or...ungrateful”

“What do you like?” Steve asks her. “Tea?” she shakes her head.

“I'm not really a big hot drink person”

“Not even hot chocolate?” Tony asks giving her a look she shakes her head. “You heathen” he teases seriously, she snorts and smiles a little.

“Chocolate milkshakes” she admits. “That's my poison and I don't care if it makes me sound like a child....I love that stuff”

“I'm sure we can...figure something out” Steve offers, she shrugs.

“I'll make do with this” she touches the coffee mug. Steve goes to open his mouth to argue. “Stop fussing; it's just a drink” She scolds slightly, Steve blushes and looks down as Loki brushes his hair back from his eyes, Trixie glances to him and smile, and his heart does not stutter, it does not, okay it does, his heart actually flutters in his chest seeing her sat there. What the hell is this mortal girl doing to him? His eyes find that infernal ring on her finger. What was he thinking making that thing? Those eyes of hers, piercing and blue, so very blue, he's never seen anything like them, not the blue of the sceptre control but something more beautiful, incredibly startling. He could actually get lost in them.

“Urgh!” Clint groans over the top seeing Loki's lingering gaze on Trixie, Loki rolls his eyes in annoyance back. Trixie smiles though and looks down.

“Any idea how long I have to stay here?” Trixie asks them. “I do have a life to get back know a job. What's the plan here?” she picks up her coffee.

“Honestly?” Steve asks looking around the other before looking back to Trixie. “We don't have a plan” he admits. Trixie raises an eyebrow at him.

“Oh” she breaths. “Sooo....I can go home?” Steve glances to Natasha and Clint. “What?” Trixie asks looking between them.

“We went to your apartment” Clint tells Trixie. “And it was gone”

“Gone?” Trixie asks frowning. “Where?” Clint shrugs.

“Whole apartment block is gone” Natasha offers. “Like it was never there”

“What about Adam?” she asks, Natasha shakes her head in answer, Trixie looks down and frowns. “And Chuck?” she asks quieter.

“Chuck?” Steve asks.

“Chuck Shurley. He's partner, my friend; and my neighbour...” Trixie answers looking around them. “I have...” she stands abruptly. “I have to go to the office” she turns and hurries out the room. The rest share a look.

“I will go with her” Loki announces standing surprising not just himself but everyone else. All eyes turn to him with varying degrees of suspicion.

“Yeah, cause we're going to let you loose on New York...” Clint comments.

“I'll go with them” Steve counters. “Keep an eye on them both” Loki inclines his head; Steve is more agreeable then the others, Steve is more likely to let Loki go unleashed. Thor stands as Loki leaves the room, determined to talk to his brother Thor follows.



Chapter Text

Thor follows Loki into his claimed room, right across the hall from Thor's room, just in case. He's actually surprised they let him have this much, and not making him sleep on the floor somewhere cold and damp. Loki moves straight for his bed where his coat lays, yes they'd even had clothes prepared for him, and Thor as well, but Loki is the more surprising part of that.

“You have to tell her the truth, Loki” Thor whispers to his brother who grabs the coat from the bed.

“And how well do you think she'll take that?” Loki asks turning to Thor. “With everything else going on in her life......”

“She's your soulmate” Thor argues, Loki sighs and looks down. “She deserves to know why she is here, in this world...why she was pulled away from her own life and forced here”

“We don't know that” Loki argues. “Her worlds version of me might not have made that ring for that...purpose” Thor raises an eyebrow, not believing him, universes may differ but that ring had one purpose and Thor knows it shares it now.

“Loki” Thor states, Loki clenches his jaw and shakes his head.

“Mortals do not have soulmates the way we do” Loki argues. “She won't understand” he pulls on the coat and glares at Thor. “Leave it be” he pleads with Thor. “Let this play out the way it is supposed to” Thor sighs as Loki leaves the room.

“This isn't going to end well” Thor mumbles and then follows after his brother.


Loki and Steve have barely stepped through the front door of the building when Trixie pushes through them and rushes onward, pushing herself up the stairs towards their business, this is all insane, everything that is happening in her life. She needs this to be real. She needs something of the last two weeks to be real. She bursts into the reception of the office and slows. The art she destroyed has been repaired like nothing happened and stand against the wall; on display. She takes a breath, her eyes scanning over each of them before she disappears into hers and Chuck's office.


Loki is slow to follow Trixie, letting her have a moment. His steps falter as he enters the reception of her office. His eyes linger on the paintings. They're incredible. He knew she had to have some talent, he's seen her comic work but these paintings are more traditional in style. He settles of the painting of Jotunheim. How did she manage to make that ice-scape look so beautiful? There is a figure, stood on the ice, tall, slender, cape billowing in the wind. Loki. It's him stood on Jotunheim. His breath catches as his fingers graze over the figure.


Trixie walks towards Chuck's desk and cocks her head seeing a box with her name on, and a letter set on the top.

“Trixie!” Loki shouts from the next room.

“In here” she counters picking up the letter and opening it up. She glances to Loki as he enters the room and raises an eyebrow at her, she holds up the letter and shrugs back at him before turning her eyes to the letters on the page.

[Trixie, this must all be really weird for you but I know you will take it all in stride when the truth is revealed. I'll start with this: I'm not the Chuck of this world. Sorry. But every world has different versions of different people, as you probably have found out now. The box is for you. It's contents is a gift. It will not take you home. But it will restore what you lost; part of it anyway, some things are best left unknown for now, but you will know when you need to. And you'll understand my involvement soon too. When I felt you arrive here, when I felt the ring pull you here, I came back and I sought you out...made sure you settled, kept you on the right path. For all you and the others did for me and my sister....Best of luck, Chuck] Trixie holds the letter back to Loki who takes it from her to read, she touches the top of the box and then lifts the lid. Inside is a glass encased photo of her and two men she recognises from Chuck's comics. Only this is a real photo. Loki peers over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow.

“Who are they?” he asks her.

“Sam and Dean Winchester” she answers. “They were the subject of Chuck's comics....” Loki raises an eyebrow.

“And yet...” he offers.

“Yeah” she whispers and reaches out to pick up the photo. Her fingers touch the glass and suddenly it's overwhelming. Flashes of images, faces, voices, screaming, monsters and the pain, so much pain. So much blood and hurt and crying. Loki only just manages to catch her as she collapses, his eyes filled with worry as she looses consciousness. He brushes her hair from her face, his hand lingering on her skin before he stands lifting her up into his arms. His worried eyes tracing her face as his fingers brush over her cheek.

“Trixie” he whispers, pleading with her just as Steve walks in and sees them.

“What did you do now?” Steve asks Loki marching towards him, disappointment and anger shown on his face.

“Nothing” Loki answers. “She touched that picture thing” Loki nods to the glass photo.

“The photograph?” Steve asks, Loki nods adjusting Trixie. Steve shuts the box, making sure he doesn't touch the photo himself, and picks it up. Tucking the box under his arm. “Let's get her back, get Banner to give her the once over”

“What about the rest of the stuff?” Loki asks.

“I'll get Fury to send over some agents to pack it all up...” Steve answers looking to Trixie. He pauses slightly and then glances up at Loki. “Whatever this is” Steve starts. “Is it real?” he asks Loki. “Or is it the ring? Or is this a game?”

“Why do people keep asking me that?” Loki asks pulling Trixie closer to him.

“Because we like her” Steve answers. “And to mess with people” Loki scoffs but remains silent for a moment, thinking, he then sighs and looks to Steve.

“Do you want to know why I made my ring?” Loki asks, Steve nods and looks to him. “I made it to find my soulmate” Loki admits. Steve raises an eyebrow. “Humans don't usually have them....but there have been some rare cases; very rare” Loki looks down at Trixie. “Asgardians, Jotun, Vanir....we all have that one person who is considered the other half of our's supposed to be another of our own kind, mine should have been a Jotun.....but..but it's not; Trixie is mine” Loki claims. “She's my soulmate....”

“So why did Odin destroy your ring? Why didn't he want you to find someone that you know is going to love you, regardless of....anything?” Steve asks.

“Loving who you are supposed to love before you are meant to love them changes things” Loki answers. “Imagine that your soulmate is meant to love you as you are now” Loki offers. “As Captain America.....But you meeting them before you became him.....what if it caused you to not become Captain America?” Loki asks raising an eyebrow. “You meeting your other half early, would change the future.....Imagine how many people would have died without Captain America there to save them”

“Okay, I can see it now” Steve offers. “But how do you know that now isn't when you are supposed to meet her?” Steve asks Loki. “That, though you didn't create this version of the ring, it still choose to bring her you” Loki looks to Steve who raises an eyebrow. “Maybe the ring knew you needed your soulmate” Steve offers. “Think about it...without Trixie, where would you be now? On Asgard? In a cell? Still under the sceptre's control? Who knows what your future would be, other then her, maybe the ring saved you from something that would have happened....” Steve gives him a look. “Maybe she saved you” Loki looks down at Trixie, realisation flooding through him. This ring; his ring. It hasn't made a mistake by bringing her to the wrong Loki. It chose to bring her to him. To save him. Steve smirks a little knowing he got through to Loki. He sees what the others are struggling to see. Steve sees what Thor sees in Loki. Someone that was hurt and broken and used and twisted into a villain; and he sees the difference without the control of the sceptre influencing Loki, and the difference with him around Trixie. What he did won't be forgotten, but it can be forgiven.


Chapter Text

Loki lingers in the medical labs of the Avengers Tower, his eyes locked firmly on 'her'. Trixie. Unconscious still. Laid on a medical cot, a blanket wrapped around her, sticky probes attached to her forehead tracking her brain waves which according to Banner's computers, they are erratic. Up and down. Loki's hiding his worry. Not letting it show how much this is affecting him. Seeing her like this. His soulmate unconscious and unresponsive in a medical bed. Banner leaves mumbling to himself, not seemingly realising he's leaving Loki alone with her, Loki watches him go before the doors close on him and Loki moves towards the bed. He looks over her, eyes worried and tired. He hasn't slept since he returned with her. Thor has tried to drag him away multiple times, to eat, to sleep, but he couldn't leave her. This is all his fault. All of it. And he can't....he can't let her wake up alone because of him. He pulls the stool closer brushing her hair back from her face, his fingers grazing over her cheek, sitting he lets out a breath. He reaches down and takes her hand, threading his fingers through hers.

“This is all my fault” he whispers to her. “You being here....” he swallows and sniffles a little and pulls her hand up, his lips pressing to her knuckles. “I'm sorry” he whispers.


When Trixie wakes it's not that she suddenly remembers everything. Nothing so cliché. But she doesn't feel so....out of sorts when she wakes. Like something inside of her has settled into place. She knows stuff about herself that she didn't the day before. She knows who she is now. She knows that Sam and Dean are her brothers. She knows her Adam is dead. She knows her life wasn't easy, and she wishes it was. She wishes it was as easy as comic books and 9 to 5. Maybe that's why the ring gave her the life it did here. She wakes slowly, processing everything new to her, the memories, the flashes, the smells and the pain. And the small warmth around her flesh hand. A hand clutching to hers. She turns her head, still groggy, to look at the figure at her side. Her breath catches slightly. Loki. He sleeps with his cheek resting against her forearm, his fingers wrapped around her hand, his other around her wrist. Her eyes linger on him, how peaceful he looks when he sleeps. She reaches for his face but a voice across the room stops her.

“He hasn't left your side since he and Steve brought you in” Bruce tells Trixie who looks to him, he glances up from the tablet in his hand. “How are you feeling?”

“My head is killing me” she answers. “Like my first know, all tequila and vodka” Bruce smiles a little moving towards her. “What happened?” she asks.

“You collapsed” Bruce answers softly. “What do you remember last?” he asks, she lets out a breath.

“We were at the office” she answers. “There was a letter and a photo...” Bruce nods and picks up the box that holds the photo, none of them had touched it, though Dum-E had taken some samples from the entire thing.

“This?” Bruce asks, she nods.

“Yeah” Loki looks up at her as she stares down at her photo. “I remember” she admits. “I remember my own my own world” she sniffles and then smiles. “These are my big brothers, half brothers” she tells Bruce. “Adam...he died. They found me and....took me in” she knows it's more complicated then that, but her memories are still hazy and fuzzy and whilst she can't remember the exact details she knows that these people won't understand. “It' was a long time ago that Adam....” she tried to explain.

“Loosing a twin” Bruce offers. “I can't even begin to imagine how that would feel....” he sets the photo on the side and gives her a small smile. “I'm glad you're awake” Bruce offers her warmly. “I'll go tell the others” he touches her shoulder. “They've been worried” she offers him a smile and then watches as he leaves, she lets out a heavy breath and closes her eyes resting her head back against the pillow behind her. It falls silent in the room and it's eerie almost. Loki's hand moves in hers before he is lifting his head, keeping hold of her hand, she turns to him.

“Hey” she greets, he smiles at her.

“Little Mortal” he whispers back stroking her arm.

“How long was I out?” she asks.

“Only a couple of days” he answers sitting up straighter, but his hand remains with hers.

“Were you worried about me?” she asks him, he rubs his thumb over the back of her hand, his eyes on the motion.

“No” he answers, lying through his teeth, and he knows she knows he is.

“Thought you were the god of lies” she accuses teasingly, he smirks and lifts his eyes back to hers.

“I was worried” he admits to her. Her eyes soften. “They....they blamed me” he informs her. “When we came back with you” his fingers play with hers. “When I walked in and you were....” he starts and then takes a breath. “The one time I didn't actually do something” he smirks and looks up at her, she smiles back at him. They share a look, eyes locked, emotions on full display. He frowns and looks down at their hands. “I'm sorry” he tells her, voice breaking, eyes downcast, heart pounding. Because this one he means. It's been days. Literally days. He cannot believe it's only been days. And this woman has him so twisted up inside, his mind so untangled, his heart pounding a war drum. He knows why. Of course he does. He knew the moment he saw that ring on her finger. Even if he didn't want to admit it. But this woman is his soulmate; and he tried to hurt her, when he'd snapped under the sceptre control and tried to lay his hands on her. And not in the right way. “I'm sorry” he repeats.

“Loki” she whispers.

“I'm sorry for what I did” he pulls her hand closer to him when he feels her pulling away. “For the ring. For bringing you here. For the hole in the sky. For the Chitauri. For trying to hurt you. For letting you touch that blasted thing. I'm sorry” and he means it this time, he really, really does mean it. This isn't because Thor told him to. This is all him. She moves, swinging her legs over the side of the bed before climbing down, he closes his eyes expecting her to walk away. What he doesn't expect is her arms are around him, his head against her shoulder. She takes a breath and smiles.

“I forgive you” she assures him. “I forgive you for all of it” he wraps his arms around her back and holds her to him. “Because I know” she whispers. “I know everything”

“Really?” he asks her. “Even.....even...” he struggles, she smirks a little, she pulls back from him.

“To me” she starts, his eyes lifting to hers. “You will always be better then Thor” she assures him, his eyes widen. “I know he was cocky and arrogant and over be me he was just a giant prick with a over hyped hammer. He's just a carpenter with ideals of godhood...” he bites his lip and then he is laughing, it's pure and real and him and she smiles listening to him let loose. “We both know he wouldn't be who he is now without you” she offers pulling back from him. She squeezes his shoulder.

“So you remember your old life” he starts as she hops back up onto the bed, she nods and takes a breath.

“Yep...” she answers lifting her eyes to his, and now she has her memories he can see that something has shifted in her eyes, now there is pain, loss, real damage, whatever life she had back there, it's hurt her in more ways then he could possibly ever see. “Still called Trixie” she assures him.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asks her, she shakes her head.

“No” she answers instantly. “You wouldn't understand....” she looks down at her fingers clutching to the edge of the bed. “I don't have all of them back” she admits. “There are still....empty bits” she looks to Loki. “When I try to think of you...of all of you; I can remember that you're all fictional” Loki raises an eyebrow. “You're characters in comic books” she admits. “And movies.....but I can't remember anything about you guys after 2012.....”

“Why? What year was it when....?” he starts.

“When I put the ring on?” she ask and then takes a breath. “2019” she admits. “I'm....”

“7 years ahead of us” he finishes, she nods. “Maybe there wasn't anything more, maybe that's all that happened ” he offers, she shakes her head.

“I know there is more, I can feel there is, but I can't....I can't remember anything....” she cocks her head. “Chuck's letter did say something” she sighs a little. “Some things are best left unknown for now” she recounts and looks to Loki. “So..maybe I will know them when I have to know them” she offers with a shrugs. “God, this is all complicated” she complains and lays back on the bed. Loki stands and takes her hand again, she looks to him.

“This is my fault” he whispers touching the ring on her finger.

“My own too” she argues sitting up. “I put it on...” she looks to the ring. “I was sorting through the storage and I found this box..” she explains.

“White wooden box decorated with runic symbols and on the lid; a serpent?” Loki asks, she nods and then sighs. “Are you hungry?” he asks, she looks to him and then nods.

“I could eat” she answers, he helps her down off the bed but keeps hold of her hand as he leads her out of the room.


Chapter Text

Food turns out to be for everyone, the others wanting to make sure Trixie is alright after her collapse, Bruce wasn't lying when he said they were all worried. Clint produces home made cookies; misshapen and burnt but he's tried, for dessert. Trixie is actually a little touched by it all. Having all these people around her; especially with her new memories. Loki sits at Trixie's side, Bruce on her other, and the rest scattered around the table, Loki's lingering closer to her now, worried something else is going to happen. Tony glances to her and then away. And then back. And then away again. And she knows he wants to ask her about it, probably knows she has her memories back via Bruce.

“Soooo” Tony starts, Trixie sighs and leans forward slightly.

“Yes, I remember” she tells him. “I've already explained to Loki so I guess I should tell you guys too; where I come from, my world, you're comic book character, movies're not real; I mean you are real but you're...actors” she shrugs and picks up her spoon.

“So everything you know?” Steve asks.

“It's from movies” she answers. “And comic books; I'm actually a huge superhero genre fan” she admits.

“You know everything that is going to happen?” Natasha asks, Trixie shakes her head.

“That's the thing; there are significant differences between movies and the comics” she explains. “And I can't remember what happens next...” she admits. “It's like there are these boxes” she motions to her head. “And each one is locked....”

“And each box will tell you what happens next” Clint offers, she nods. “How do we open them?”

“Hell if I know” She mumbles. “I'm just happy I knew what bit me on the ass”

“Oh my God, what was it?” Clint asks leaning closer.

“A very big dog” she answers with a smirk.

“Can I ask where you live? What do you do?” Steve asks. “I mean...your family? Friends?”

“Slow down” she teases, Steve blushes a little. “I live in Lebanon, Kansas in an underground Men of Letters bunker with my half brothers Sam and Dean, their mother, Mary and two friends, Cas and Jack....” she answers drawing off at the end with a frown, worrying about how much she's missed, the table all turn to her with confused looks, she sighs. “The bunker or the Men of Letters?” she asks them, the 'Avengers' share a look before Steve nods.


“Men of Letters” Trixie starts. “They are...or they were preceptors, observers, beholders, chroniclers of mysteries not easily explainable or known to men; they dealt with weird crap; we deal with weird crap. Me and my brothers found their bunker back in 2013 but it was empty, had been since about 1958; we moved in and took over”

“2013 hasn't happened yet” Tony points out.

“Has for me” Trixie counters. “I left my world in 2019; so my world's a little ahead of yours”

“Just a little” Clint teases, she smirks and shrugs.

“This seems to be my younger body too” she points out. “There are scars missing; tattoos as's like it's my 2012 body and it's missing the next 7 years”

“Ooo tattoos” Tony teases, Trixie smirks a little.

“Hmmm” she leans back in her seat. “Wouldn't you like to know”

“I do want to know” Tony agrees.

“So do I” Loki whispers, Trixie glances to him, he smirks at her, she starts to blush.

“And your....your arm?” Steve asks, Trixie touches her fake arm.

“Urm I was 15” she answers. “Car accident; drunk driver” Loki glances to her. “I don't really remember much of what happened....which I am kind of glad for....” she scratches at her head and shrugs a little, her fingers tracing the join of her arm. “I'm really tired, I think I'm going to turn in” she stands and gives them all a tense smile before walking away, Loki watches her go.


Loki wakes in the middle of the night, not from a nightmare this night but to Trixie screaming down the hall, his heart hammers in his chest, fear and panic gripping him, because her scream is one of fear and terror. He is out of his bed in seconds not stopping to pull on shoes just straight out of his room, he, Trixie and Thor are the only ones in this corridor and Thor sleeps like the dead. Which leaves it down to Loki. He moves down the hall to the room she's staying in, reaching the door just as another scream echoes through him. His soulmate is in pain and he has to do something. He takes a breath and then raises his hand to knock on Trixie's door before letting himself in, his eyes finding her instantly in the dark. She's is tangled in her sheets, a sheen of sweat on her face and arms, and her face is contorted in fear and agony.

“Trixie” he states trying to wake her gently as he approaches the bed. He kneels on the edge. “Trixie” he touches her shoulder and she jerks awake. “It's me” he whispers. “It's Loki” he tells her brushing her hair back from her face, her wide eyes look around before settling on him. She stares at him a moment before she practically climbs into his lap, he frowns a little as she clings to him, nuzzled into his neck, her fingers clutching to the back of his shirt as she cries. He holds her close to him, his arms tight around her. “I've got you, darling” he assures her. “It was just a nightmare” he tries to sooth as she shakes against him. When she's calmed, when reality crashes down on her she pulls away and scrubs at her face before climbing off her bed, shame and embarrassment rushing through her.

“I'm sorry” she tells him. “I shouldn't...If I woke you; I-I-didn't mean to...”

“I know, it's alright, sweetheart” he assures her standing himself. Her bottom lip trembles as she tries to control her own emotions.

“Will you stay?” she whispers. “Please” she whimpers almost. Loki nods and pulls back the covers on her bed.

“Come here” he takes her hand and pulls her to him. He nods to the bed and she climbs in, scooting over to the other side, Loki climbs in after her pulling the blankets and covers around them both, she curls up at his side, resting her head on his chest, his arm slips around her.

“Can you take them away?” she asks him, he shakes his head.

“I cannot read your mind and I cannot alter your memories” he admits stroking her hair. “That's not something I can do” she sighs a little.

“I know” she whispers. “I know I just....” she clutches to him. “Thought I'd double check” Loki strokes her back softly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she shakes her head against his chest.

“Just don't go” she begs quietly.

“Little Mortal, I'm not going anywhere” he promises her, she relaxes against him, letting him play with her hair.

“I used to have a tattoo of you” she admits, he raises an eyebrow and looks down at her.

“You did?” he asks, she nods and leans up, strokes her finger behind his ear.

“Well...Your name, in runic here” she tells him, he hums a little, trying to hide how much her finger stroking him there is affecting him; it's such an nonsexual area but his body wants to shudder.

“Why?” he asks her, she shrugs.

“I got it after my accident” she admits. “I read a lot of comics in the hospital when I was recovering; the ones my brother brought me where the Journey into Mystery comics, issue 622 to 634, they all featured you” she shrugs. “You character was there for me at a very hard time in my life” she gives him a smile as she continues to touch behind his ear. His eyes watch hers as she smiles softly, her fingers threading through his hair now. She glances to him and then leans closer to him. Loki actually stops breathing when her lips touch his. His entire body coiled because he can't believe this is happening with her. This is actually happening. And he can't believe he's about to do this too....He stops her, a hand firm on her shoulder, he gently pushes her back. Not like this. Not without her knowing the truth about that ring. Not without her knowing who she is to him.

“I apologise” he whispers. “This...That shoul....” he struggles, his famous silver tongue failing him spectacularly in this moment; a moment when it means the most. Her eyes widen horrified with what she's done. She looks away from him and he hates that look on her face. There is nothing he can say in this moment that will make her feel better. He stands as she shuffles away from him. He wants to say something. He wants to tell her that this is not how he wanted their first kiss to be; in his mind it was something epic. He starts to leave, brushing his fingers through his hair, reaching the door he sighs and shakes his head. “Trixie” he starts but when he hears her sniffle he can't look back, he can't bare to see that look on her face. So he flees, slips out the door and closes it behind him. 


Chapter Text

A week. A whole week that's how long Trixie's been ignoring Loki. And he's miserable. She's actively avoiding him. He hasn't actually seen her in days, the last time he'd caught a glimpse of her as she disappeared out of the kitchen. He knows someone is helping her avoid him, and he would put money on it being that damn computer. Tony stands across from him with his coffee, Natasha sits reading the paper, Clint at her side napping with his head in his hand. Loki pokes at the fruit bowl in front of him, he's not really all that hungry.

“I saw Trix with Steve earlier” Tony tells them grabbing his coffee. “They were talking about pastels or chalks or stuff” he glances to Loki. “Surprised she's not with you; aren't the pair of you inseparable now?” Loki glares at him and then goes back to his breakfast. “Wait, did something happen?” Tony asks.

“Nothing happened” Loki mumbles in answer. Tony and Natasha share a look, the redhead scoots closer to the god and raises an eyebrow.

“So something did happen” she corrects, Loki looks to her. “You say something?” she asks. “Do something?” she raises an eyebrow at him. “Did she say something?” she narrows her eyes at him. “You're so hard to read now” Natasha grumbles a little.

“You were reading the sceptre's influence” Loki corrects. “You saw what it wanted you to see” Natasha pauses to think about that. Trixie walks into the room behind them and the whole room just stiffens, awkwardness taking it's seat, someone definitely did something and now Loki and Trixie aren't talking. Steve follows her in carrying a crate.

“Thanks, Steve” Trixie offers smiling at him as he sets the crate down.

“What's this, Kiddo?” Tony asks.

“Your paintings” she answers. “Well my paintings of you guys” She corrects. “I figured you'd want them....or not, you just throw them out, I don't mind....” Clint moves to unlock the crate and flips the top.

“Wow” Clint whispers lifting his painting from the crate. “I'm keeping mine” he announces and hugs it to his chest. Natasha snorts and shakes her head before moving to have a look for her own painting.

“So I was actually thinking we could go out into the city” Trixie offers. “You know maybe find a bar for a drink” she looks to them. “Also there is this store I would like to go to, I need some shopping; and seen as I literally have nothing....”

“Yeah, don't worry, I got you covered, Kiddo” Tony assures her. “Me and Steve” Steve nods at Trixie's side. “We've already talked about this.....given that technically you don't exist in this world; we're figuring something out” She smiles at him.

“Implying that you want me to stick around” Tony shrugs.

“Always wanted an annoying little sister” he teases, she pulls a face at him, sticking out her tongue and then moves towards the counter. “What's this store?” Tony asks.

“It's called” Trixie pulls out a piece of paper and unfolds it. “Enchantments; it's an occult store...”

“Occult?” Steve asks.

“Magic and stuff” Trixie answers. “I need a few supplies for a couple of spells” Loki snaps his head around to her.

“What?” he asks, she looks to him.

“Spells” she draws out. “I would assume you knew what that meant” she offers shortly, the awkwardness and strain evident, Natasha and Tony share another look.

“I didn't realise that you knew magic....”

“There are a lot of things you don't know about me” she counters, eyes locked.

“So these spells are for what?” Steve asks, Trixie turns to him.

“To get me home” she answers. “I have a few ideas...I'm going to start with them; then I'” she shrugs and then leaves the room, Loki watches her go.

“Where did she get spells from?” Clint asks the room clutching to his painting.


Loki rubs at his eyes as he moves towards his bedroom door, a knocking had woken him, a small insecure knocking. And he has a feeling he knows who it is. Opening the door he opens his mouth to talk but finds the hallway empty, he frowns. Leaning out he looks one way and then the other. Empty. He looks down. Finds a crate in front of his door. A letter with his name in runic on. Trixie. He smiles subconsciously and picks it up, opens it and pulls the paper from inside. The note reads; 'These are yours. Trix x' Loki looks down at the crate and then down the hall to Trixie's bedroom door. He looks down at the crate again and then opens it. Painting after painting of him. He lets out a breath and pulls up one of the paintings from the middle. It's clearly of a younger him and Frigga. Of her teaching him magic. It's really beautiful. He looks up at Trixie's door again, manoeuvring around the crate he heads to her door, to thank her, to apologise for how things have been. For pushing her away. He knocks and waits a moment before letting himself in closing the door behind him. But her room is empty, her bed unslept in. Loki sighs and leaves again, heading off to find her.


Trixie's laying in front of the tv, a bottle of Scotch on the table half drunk when Loki finds her. She has her head rested on the arm of the chair, her eyes on the tv.

“Trixie?” Loki asks approaching, she hums a little showing that she heard him. “What are you doing awake?”

“Couldn't sleep” she answers quietly, he leans over the back of the couch and threads his fingers through her hair, she hums a little.

“Thank you” he offers, she turns to look up at him. “For the paintings” he adds. “They're beautiful”

“You're welcome” she mumbles already falling asleep. Loki sighs and moves around the couch. “What are you doing?” she asks when he lifts her up, sitting on the couch, he shifts them both so he lays under her, her hands clasp at his chest before settling again, falling straight to sleep, Loki strokes her hair as she breathes softly against him, slotted into place; made to fit. Literally.

“I'm sorry I upset you” he whispers and kisses her head. She just nuzzles into his chest further as she sleeps, his arms tightening around her. “I do not wish for you to go home” he admits sadly. 


Chapter Text

Tony walks into the living room to find his newest friends and comrades watching Trixie, stood at a table, a bowl, candles, and chalk symbols. She'd gone out and picked up the supplies with her new credit card, courtesy of Tony. Loki's eyes on Trixie as she waits for something to happen. Tony frowns a little.

“What is she doing?” Tony asks setting his jacket over the back of the chair.

“Summoning” Clint answers watching Trixie as she stands waiting, Thor cocks his head.

“Nothing is happening” he announces, Trixie shoots Thor a look and he gives her an encouraging nod, she rolls her eyes and looks back at the bowl.

“This world is different” Loki offers. “What if you are summoning something that cannot manifest in this plane of existence?” he tells Trixie who clenches her jaw and looks down. Failure gripping her heart.

“Please, please, please” she whispers staring at the chalk. “Come on” she begs. “Please” Loki watches on softly. “Please” she pleads, her voice breaking. All she wants is to go home. “Just someone....appear” Nothing happens. Nothing changes. No one appears. She lets out an annoyed and frustrated cry and throws over the table before walking away.

“Guessing it didn't work” Clint whispers softly, an undertone of sadness; he knows how much she wanted to go home. How much the spell meant to her. How much she wants to go home.


Trixie punches weakly and without effort at the punching bag in front of her; she just wanted something to take her anger out on, but she's run out of steam now. Pain, longing, grief, it's all digging in to her bones now. She can feel Loki behind her now, lingering, his eyes on her as she rests her head against the bag.

“Trixie” he starts moving towards her.

“I really thought it was going to work” she admits, Loki nods a little though she can't see. “It always works” she looks to him. “I guess I'm stuck here” she sighs and looks away from him.

“And that's a terrible thing?” he asks her, she looks back at him.

“My family, my brothers, Mary, Cas, Jack...they're...all over there; who the hell do I have here?” she asks him, he touches her arm and shrugs a little.

“You have me” he whispers, she laughs and shakes her head.

“When you want to talk to me, right?” she counters, he looks down. “We've barely spoken the last week. And I know it's my fault, but I tried to apologise....”

“I thought you were still mad at me” Loki argues, she frowns and looks to him. “I thought we made up the other night....but then you just continued to avoid me” she shoots him a look. “You don't remember” he realises and sighs realising his mistake, he should have fixed it when she was sober and awake. He hen lets out a laugh and moves to her. “Oh little mortal” he coos placing his hands on her shoulder. “Then it is my fault” he admits. “After you gave me those paintings, we talked a little but you'd been drinking, I thought....” he presses his forehead to hers. “It doesn't matter” he pulls her into a hug, she sighs softly against his chest.

“I'm not going home” she whispers, letting it catch up with her, that she is truly stuck here.

“I'll look after you” he offers, she shoots him a look. “You...changed my fate” he cups her cheeks. “That means I'm forever in your debt”

“So you'll look after me because you have to” she rolls her eyes and pushes his hands from her, he grabs her again.

“I'll do it because I want to” he argues. “Because I actually happen to like you, Trixie” he smiles at her. “Because you make me smile and laugh, when I haven't felt like doing so years” he admits. “You are the closest thing I have to a friend in this world”

“Just a friend?” she asks him, they share a look, he takes too long to answer her and he knows it, sees the look on her face.

“Hey, Trixie, I've got this dress....” Natasha calls for Trixie as she walks into the gym, raises an eyebrow at the pair. “Sorry, am I interrupting?” Trixie sighs and shakes her head.

“No, we were done” she walks away from Loki.

“Trixie” he starts reaching for her, she shakes her head and carries on, Loki closes his eyes and sighs. Natasha and Trixie leave the gym together talking.

“Are you trying to push her away?” Thor asks behind Loki who turns and glares at him.

“Eavesdropping is rude” Loki scolds. “Why do you care what's going on anyway?”

“Because if you stop screwing up she will eventually be my sister” Thor points out. Loki rolls his eyes and then walks away.

"Just leave it alone" Loki grumbles, Thor shakes his head and smirks a little. 


“Tonight we're going out” Natasha announces as she and Trixie head towards the hunter's bedroom. “And if we're going out then we're doing this right” Natasha holds up a black dress in one hand and a pair of black heels in the other before walking past Trixie into her room, Trixie sighs and follows her closing the door.

“Natasha” she starts.

“Plus with this dress Loki'll be drooling all over you” Trixie shoots her a look. “Unclench we all know” Natasha teases slightly hanging the dress on the wardrobe door. “We've all seen the way he looks at you” Trixie glances to her subtly. Natasha smirks. “It's sweet” Natasha adds.

“I thought you'd all hate him” Trixie offers. “For what he did”

“You made your case for him” Natasha sits on Trixie's bed. “And to be fair you were right about Loki and Clint and the mind control; and we've all seen the difference in he's free of the sceptre” Natasha glances around the room, Trixie has still not let herself decorate; the others have already started leaving their marks on their rooms, knowing that this tower is basically their home now. Or their work home anyway. “I mean Clint still wants to kill him but....” Natasha adds, Trixie smirks and then touches the dress. “He understands better now. I'm not saying they'll ever be friends”

“No” Trixie agrees. “ never know, not really” she offers. “I can't wear this” she admits pulling her hands from the dress.

“Why not?”

“I need some support for my chest” Trixie argues shooting Natasha a look. “I'll fall out of this”

“Trust me it doesn't look so bad once it's on...just try it on” Natasha pushes a little Trixie takes the dress down and heads into the bathroom. “So what did I interrupt?” Natasha asks. “Back in the gym”

“Nothing” Trixie answers as she changes. “It was nothing” She answers and then looks down at the dress, she rolls her eyes. Fair enough. It's not as bad as she thought, there is more coverage on the top, the bottom less so, she'll not be able to bend over even a fraction without showing the world her underwear. “No” Trixie tells Natasha as she leaves the bathroom, Natasha nods.

“You look amazing” Natasha assures her.

“My ass is hanging out” Trixie complains trying to pull the dress down. Tony's head peeks around the corner of the door and smirks.

“I heard ass and hanging out” Tony teases and then wrinkles his nose at Trixie's dress. “What are you wearing?”

“Natasha picked it out” Trixie offers.

“So you have absolutely no taste?” Tony scolds teasingly looking to Natasha, then turns to Trixie. “I'll get Pepper to pick something out, she's got great taste”

“Hmm” Trixie smirks and shares an amused look with Natasha. Tony's already texting.

“You know the new wing should be ready soon”

“Wing?” Natasha asks.

“Yeah, if you're all staying, we're doing it right” Tony points out and turns his phone to face Trixie. “How about his?” The photo on the screen is of a deep green dress, of better length and coverage, Trixie nods.

“It's nice” she offers.

“It's in Pepper's wardrobe, you can go up and get it” Tony tells her. “She doesn't mind” Trixie kisses his cheek as she passes him.

“Thanks, Tony” she offers and then disappears. Natasha raises an eyebrow at Tony who shrugs back at her.

“You weren't kidding about always wanting a sister, huh?” she asks him, Tony smiles a little and then leaves.


Chapter Text

Loki's in the kitchen when Trixie enters in that ridiculous dress, and she's mortified, this dress is mortifying. Loki raises an eyebrow at Trixie's dress, she pulls down the bottom of it before walking past him.

“What are you wearing?” he asks, she stops and turns to him.

“Natasha gave it to me...” she looks away. “Don't worry I'm changing, Pepper has a dress....” she then hurries away. He cocks his head and then shakes it turning back. Natasha and Tony walk towards him having entered the room following Trixie.

“I saw Trixie in your dress” Loki comments crossing his arms over his chest, raising an questioning eyebrow.

“Did you like it?” Natasha asks wearing a smug smile.

“No, it was hideous” Loki answers, Natasha's smile fades, Tony shoots her a smirk.

“Told you so” Tony comments.

“All her....intimate areas were on show” Loki complains. “Other men could see....” Natasha smirks.

“That's the point” she comments. “It's for her to get laid...” Tony shoots Natasha a look as Loki pulls a face and clenches his jaw.

“Why would she want that?” Loki asks.

“Come on, surely you have sex on Asgard” Tony teases. “For fun? Procreation? Scratch that itch...” Natasha smacks his arm as she smirks. They're both doing this to wind Loki up, and they both know it's working. “Well maybe Trixie has a really deep itch” Tony offers, Loki glares at him. “We're going out so get changed” Tony tells Loki, pats his arm and walks away with Natasha, they burst into laughter as they leave the room.


Loki pulls at the collar of the shirt they'd forced him to wear. Midgardian clothing. Feels like it is trying to choke him, and he gets...flashes of things he'd rather forget. Thor pats Loki's shoulder and they share a look. Seems now Loki has the all clear to stay by his 'father'. Thor had gone back to Asgard to explain things to Odin; whilst he was apparently not 100% on board with Loki staying, but he let it slide, for now, and Loki is sure it's only because he knows Thor will have told Frigga about Trixie, and Frigga would have spoken to Odin about letting him stay with her. Great. So pretty much everyone but Trixie knows about that stupid ring. How long till one of them tell her? How long till Thor does? Loki turns to see Trixie as she enters the room. She looks....incredible. That dress....It's just a simple strappy sweetheart neck line skater dress. But it's in his colour. In green. And with her hair curled like that, the green jewelled necklace around her neck, Loki knows they did this on purpose. He shoots Natasha and Tony a look, Tony nods and holds up his drink in a salute as Natasha smirks.

“Look at you” Clint teases rounding Trixie who blushes a little.

“Feels so freakin' weird wearing an actual dress with real heels without me being bait” she complains a little, Clint smirks and kisses her cheek before heading to the bar. Loki looks back to Trixie as she walks further into the room, subconsciously keeping her fake arm covered with a folded jacket. She looks to Loki who offers a smile.

“You look...” He stops and frowns when she tucks her jacket under her arm and then reaches up, undoes the tie around Loki's neck, pulls open the button, releasing his throat, calming him instantly, she gives him a smile before walking away. Not a word said but more done then anyone else. She'd seen it on him that he needed to be freed from the constraints and she just did it. She stands talking with Natasha who nods looking over Pepper's dress. Tony had been right about that. That dress is stunning on her.


At the bar, if it can even be considered a bar and not a club; with the lights and music it's just across the bar side of the line because of the pool table and karaoke machine, Loki looses sight of Trixie as the night goes on, and he nervous, worried, if Natasha is right then she's looking for a male companion. And that makes him sweat in this stupid Midgardian suit. He should have told her sooner. Told her about the ring. Told her what she really means to him. Then she'd be on his arm not fishing. Loki fingers tighten around the glass in his hand, the amber liquid not doing anything to help him. The glass shatters and he sighs. Steve motions to the bartender who hands him another glass, it's not the first Loki's broken; and none of them feel it will be the last.

“If you just tell her about the ring and....the whole soulmate thing” Steve scolds as he hands Loki another drink.

“I want her to want to be with me not because some ring tells her she has to” Loki argues.

“I think she does” Tony counters on Loki's other side. “Come on, no one spends as much time with you as she does unless she likes you” Loki rolls his eyes but glances to Tony who nods. “Plus she and Natasha have been talking” Tony adds. “You know I hear things”

“He means Jarvis spies on us...” Steve corrects.

“Same difference” Tony counters waving Steve off. “My point is; that they talk about things.....girl things” Loki and Steve look to him. “You and stuff”

“Oh God” Steve complains and looks away taking a large sip of his drink.

“What sort of things?” Loki asks, Steve shoots him a look trying to get him to stop.

“Trixie was telling Natasha about this one time with these three men. an ice cream van and a funnel...” Tony starts. But luckily he doesn't get to go any further with his story. Loki is instantly seeking out Trixie when the gunshots start, warning shots to tart with but it sends the Avengers into action. Steve grabs Loki's arm and yanks him over the bar into cover.

“Trixie” Loki argues standing, Steve pushes him down.

“The others will have her” Steve argues. “But you're wearing no armour and have no weapons” Loki loathes to admit that Steve is right, Loki holds up his hand and twirls his wrist, a dagger manifests in his hand and he smirks at Steve. “Fair enough” Steve offers and then peers over the top of the bar.

“What is she doing?” Steve asks alarmed causing Tony and Loki to stand to look. There are armed men around the entire bar, ready and armoured. One has Clint by the throat, the archer trying to wriggle free, Thor and Natasha have guns turned on them. And stood right in the middle of it all is, of course, Trixie. She has a gun in one hand, her other hand holds her shoes. There is one armed man stepping closer to her, eyes locked on her. He seems unbothered by the gun in her hand.

“You think I'm afraid of you?” Trixie asks with a smirk on her face. “Really?” she looks so amused that the men attacking are actually confused. “You have no idea” she growls and steadies the gun in her hand, aimed between his eyes. Everyone stops and looks to her as she keeps it trained on the man in front of her.

“You wouldn't” he comments, the Avengers shifting, each one fond of Trixie and now she's just gone and dropped herself in the centre of the fight. “You don't have it in you, little girl” Trixie steps closer to him.

“Look in my eyes and tell me again I won't do it” Trixie calmly tells the armed man in front of her. He stares at her, trying to read her. He smirks.

“You won't...” he chokes off as Trixie shoots him between the eyes.

“I'm sorry, you didn't finish” she offers cocking her head as he falls, dead. The others seem unsure what to do now their 'captain' is dead. They all look to Trixie and then just fight harder. Gunshots sound off and Loki yanks Trixie by her waist, pulling her down into cover with him, keeping himself over her to protect her.

“What in the Nine Realms are you playing at?!” he snaps at her.

“I don't need protecting!” she snaps back pushing him off of her. They share a look, Loki clenches his jaw and pulls a dagger from his boot and twirls it in his hand.

“Stay here” he orders of her.

“Don't tell me what to do” she pushes at him again and stands raising the gun in her hand and shooting across the room, she then leaves cover.

“Come back here!” Loki snaps, she ignores him and starts to shoot. He sighs and groans before following her. “Where did you even learn to shoot?” Loki asks covering Trixie's back.

“For my job” she answers, Loki raises an eyebrow.

“It's your job to wield a gun?” he counters asks.

“You think I got shot and stabbed and clawed and then I don't carry a weapon?!” she asks Loki who shrugs and pulls a face then nods. “Hey, in my world....I'm practically a serial killer!” She shouts and turns to shoot another armed man. Loki turns to her and raises an eyebrow.

“What?” he asks her, she smirks back at him and then goes back to fighting. “Why does that make me want you even more?” Loki asks himself more then anyone else.

“Because you're a weirdo” Clint counters behind him, Loki shoots him a look and then manifests another dagger before throwing it.


Chapter Text

The Avengers come out on top, of course they do they're the Avengers. They'd done alright considering the numbers. Clint is sporting a knife scratch to his arm but that seems to be the only damage done. Well to them. The bar's seen better days. Steve moves towards Trixie, climbing over the few bodies on the ground.

“Can we talk about what you said?” Steve tells Trixie, she sighs and turns to him.

“The serial killer thing?” Trixie asks them as she pulls on her shoes.

“It's a bold statement” Tony teases slightly.

“Well maybe it's not the right statement” she comments. “I kill; I do, I'm not arguing that but not humans....well rarely humans”

“So you kill but you don't, always, kill humans” Natasha starts. “Animals?” Trixie shakes her head.

“No...I hunt monsters” She admits. “Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, shapeshifters, demons....etc, etc” she draws off seeing that they don't believe her. This is why she hadn't already told them. Because she knew they would never believe her. “ can believe me, or you can not; you wouldn't be the first, I didn't even believe it at first....but it's true and” she shrugs. “Whatever” she whispers and then walks away, the door the the club slamming shut behind her.

“She's telling the truth” Loki offers turning to the others.

“It only works when she's in the room” Clint teases slightly. “You know sticking up for her” Loki glares at him.

“Are you only saying that because you fancy her?” Tony asks.

“No” Loki argues. “I am saying that because I am the God of lies and can sniff one out a mile away” he points out. “And she wasn't lying. Think about it....think about the types of scars she bares....the bite, the claws...”

“Oh damn” Clint mumbles. “She's telling the truth...”

“Wow” Natasha breath. “Freaking vampires”

“You think they exist here?” Tony asks. “That would be weird” he turns to look for Loki only he's gone.


Loki stands on the street outside of the bar, pulling his jacket around himself the night turning chilly. But there is no sign of Trixie. He sighs a little.

“Psst” Loki snaps his head around. Trixie smirks at him from the alley next to the bar, he chuckles and moves towards her.

“Is there a reason for the cloak and dagger routine, little mortal?” he asks with a smirk, she shrugs.

“I don't want them all to look at me like I've gone and lost my mind” she admits. “You believe me, don't you?” She asks him

“Of course I do” he assures her, she grabs his hand and pulls him along away from the club and the safety of the Avengers. “Where are we going?” he asks her.

“Now that I am stuck in this world” she comments. “I should be think about precautions” he frowns a little. “Protection.....”

“Against what?” he asks her now walking at her side.

“I don't know if the bad things from home exist here or not; so I need to make sure I am protected just in case” he hums in agreement, it is a good plan, a good idea. “So I'm starting with tattoos” he snaps his head to her.

“What?” he asks, she smirks.

“I'm replacing the ones coming here took from me”

“All of them?” he asks, she looks up at him, she knows what he's asking about.

“Well no” she answers quietly. “It doesn't exactly hold the same meaning here” she comments touching the place behind her ear where her Loki tattoo was. ”I had another idea any way” she admits and smiles softly at him.


Loki sits in the waiting room of the tattoo parlour Trixie had taken him to. The walls covered in the artists work. He's been waiting a while now. He doesn't know how long these things usually take but he knows the others could be looking for them now. Trixie leaves the back room adjusting her hair. She seems pleased. So Loki takes that as a good sign. She moves towards him pulling on her jacket.

“So?” he asks. “Everything alright?” she nods.

“Yep” she answers. “Wanna see?” she asks, Loki nods, cautious, but sort of excited. She turns around, back to him. Loki holds up her hair and smiles; okay this is a little better. Behind one ear read D.W and behind the other S.W. And across the back of her neck is A.M. With a small cross next to his name. Unlike him; she seems to adore her brothers. “I figured if I can't go back” she starts.

“You don't need to explain” he stops her. “I understand why” she turns to him and smiles. “But these have nothing to do with protection” he points out.

“No they don't” she admits and then pulls up her sleeve to reveal the anti-possession tattoo on her wrist. “This does” Loki takes her wrist in his hand careful of the fresh ink. “Thank you for coming with me” she states. “I didn't think the others would understand....” he strokes her arm and gives her a smile. His eyes tracing the lines of her face. “What?” she asks him noting his expression. Loki brushes her hair over her shoulder and cups her cheek. His eyes search hers before he smiles softly.

“Not just friends” he answers her previous question, she frowns a little. “What I should have said didn't exactly give me a chance...”

“Oh” she breathes back, he pulls her closer to him, strokes his thumb over her cheek. He leans closer to her before he kisses her, she sighs softly against his lips before she is kissing him back. He pulls back and smiles. A real pure smile. And it lights up his whole face. He strokes her cheeks and kisses her again, just a quick lingering one this time before he stops himself.

“There are things that need to be said before....before anything else happens here, darling” he admits. “Important things” he threads his fingers with hers, grazing them over the ring on her finger. “Honest things” he changes. “But right now I should get you back before they think I've rotted your mind and run off with you” he teases poking her nose, she smirks and then chuckles.


Chapter Text

Loki plays with the ring on Trixie's finger as they stand in the elevator. He's dreading this. Telling her the truth. About the real reason she's here. He's terrified she's going to turn away from him. That she's going to find this too much. He doesn't know what he'll do if she doesn't accept the fate of that ring. Trixie leans against his side, he smiles and kisses her head, her arm wraps around his back.

“The parties on Asgard would have lasted a little longer then ours before blood was spilled” he teases, she chuckles and looks up at him. “Surprisingly it wasn't my brother at the centre of it this time” he smirks.

“Well you can't say a night out with me is boring” she points out poking at his chest, he shakes his head slightly.

“No...” he agrees. “Boring you are not” she smiles and sets her head back against his arm. “Thank you” he whispers, she is quiet a moment before she leans up again.

“For what?” she asks confused.

“For what you did for me” he answers warmly. “For standing up for me in the beginning.....I know I was rather cruel in response"

“It's okay” she assures him. “I blame the sceptre and...the Other” he looks down. “I don't blame you” he glances back to her, she smiles and shrugs a shoulder at him. “I've been giving out second chances to the men in my life for a while now” she offers. “Force of habit” she teases slightly.

“Is it worth it?” he asks her, she shrugs.

“Sometimes” she answers. “More often then not they always screw up again; and I give them another chance after that and another and another....” he smiles softly. “That's the thing about family” she starts. “It doesn't matter how many times you screw up; they'll always be there....”

“How can you be sure?” he asks her brushing her hair from her face, fingers ghosting over her skin.

“Because....Family doesn't end with blood” she parrots Bobby Singer; channels him really. “But it doesn't start there either” Dean's addition makes even more sense here; with Loki. “That's why you and Thor are's why he'll always be there for you; always defend you even when you've been a little shit....because you are his brother” Loki leans down and kisses her, hands soft on her neck. He smiles pulling back.

“Such wise words for one so young” he offers softly, a teasing twinkle in his eyes.

“Actually those words of wisdom come from two old men in my....former life” she admits. “They should take the credit” The doors open to reveal an almost empty living room. Clint and Tony sit drinking at the bar, laughing with one another. They both turn hearing the elevator; Loki and Trixie walk out, Loki's hand on the small of her back.

“Hey” Clint greets; obviously on the line of one too many beverages.

“Where did you two disappear to?” Tony asks teasingly, suggestively. Trixie rolls her eyes.

“I went to get a couple of tattoos; Loki was kind enough to come with me” she admits. Tony raises an eyebrow. “Just to replace the ones I lost” she offers. “Nothing too big...” she smiles at them. “I'm goodnight” she tells them all glancing to Loki before leaving, Loki smiles to himself and takes a seat at the bar with Tony and Clint. They both stare at Loki as he pours himself a drink.

“Well?” Clint asks. “Did you make a move?” Loki looks to him. “Slip it to her” Tony snorts choking on his drink; he coughs and wipes at the liquid on his chin.

“You two are depraved” Loki scolds. “No, I did not 'slip it' to her, unlike the two of you it seems I at least have some morality and manners when it comes to the fairer sex” Loki stands with his drink. “Excuse me...” he then walks away, Clint and Tony share a look before they laugh.


Trixie sits on the edge of her bed using a cosmetic wipe to remove the make up of the day, her moments with Loki they make her feel like she hasn't transported worlds; they make her feel like she belongs here with him. She smiles thinking about it, about him. There is a knock on her door and she raises an eyebrow.

“It's me” Loki's voice travels through the door, she snorts and stands moving to open her door. Loki stands there having changed from his party wear into something more comfortable. “We still need to talk” he reminds her. “Can I come in?” he asks her.

“It's fine if you want to sleep on it” Trixie offers leaning in her doorway. “We can talk tomorrow”

“I'd rather do it now” he admits, she nods and walks into the room, letting him follow behind her closing the door behind him. Loki takes a breath sitting on her bed, he looks to her as she just stands there waiting for him. “Sit” he pats the bed next to him and she sinks onto the mattress.

“So...Am I going to hate it?” she asks him, he reaches over and takes her hand.

“Maybe” he admits, her eyes turn worried. “This ring” he whispers brushing his thumb over the ring on her finger. “It was made to find my soulmate” he admits. “To bring them to me...” she looks down at the ring, stares at it, and stares at it....for a long while, processing. “Trixie?” he asks her when she's been silent too long to be considered normal; each passing second that crushes down on him. She sighs a little and he closes his eyes.

“I believe in free will....” she states quietly, Loki looks to her. Rejection. Pain gripping his heart. “And no ring made me like you” she offers, he frowns looking to her. “I like you because I like you” she argues rising to her knees. “I like you because I choose to....not because some ring decided for me” he smiles a little as she climbs into his lap, Loki leans back slightly, his hand finding her waist, wrapping around her. Her lips press softly against his before he kisses her back. Both a little more insistent then before. More meaningful. She pulls herself closer to him, her fingers threading through his hair. He pulls back first smirking away. Proud of himself. Happy too. Her eyes reflect her own happiness back at him. Despite how far from home she is. Right here with Loki she is happy. “What happens if I take it off?” she whispers, he searches her eyes.

“I don't know” he admits. “I really don't....” he nudges her nose with his own. “Nothing might happen” he adds. “Or something....It's not something I planned for to be honest....”

“So keep it on to be safe” she offers, he nods and kisses her cheek. “Is this just an excuse so I won't take the ring off?” she asks him, he smirks against her cheek before pulling back.

“No” he promises her, she pushes at his shoulder and he laughs falling back against the bed, she lays next to him, her legs resting over his. She sighs softly, content. He tucks his arm under her head to play with her hair.

“Why did Odin destroy your ring?” she asks him.

“He claimed that seeking out my soulmate early would bring them into my life before I or they were ready” she lifts her head to him. “His words were: Altering destiny is a fools game”

“Destiny can suck it” she teases, he smiles and presses his forehead to hers.

“Do you think I come into your life too soon?” she asks him, he shakes his head.

“You arrived in my life at the very moment I needed you the most” he admits pulling her closer to him, she smiles. “Little Mortal” he whispers warmly.


Chapter Text

Loki groans as he wakes, a hammering on the door across from the bed. He tightens his hold on Trixie who grumbles burying her head into her pillow under her head, Loki's face plastered to her back, he lifts his head and glares at the door. He kisses Trixie's head before climbing out of her bed and heads to the door. Running his fingers through his hair as he opens the door. Natasha stands on the other side. She smirks, Loki sighs knowing that he's probably in for some teasing in the near future.

“What's with the early morning wake up call?” Loki asks.

“Stark wants us all in the penthouse” Natasha answers, that smirk permanently etched onto her face. “Wake her up; get up there before he comes looking; you'll know his teasing will be ten times worse” Natasha gives him a look. “Congratulations” Natasha offers and then walks away. Loki closes the door and turns back to Trixie's bed, she's sitting cross legged watching him. He moves back towards her and smiles; a smile more real then he's done so in years. Because of this little mortal girl. He clasps her face in his hands to look down at her.

“Sneaky thief” he whispers, she raises an eyebrow at him, he shakes his head and kisses her nose causing her to chuckle.

“What did Natasha want?” she asks when he pulls back.

“Stark wants us all in the penthouse” he answers, she wraps her fingers around his wrists and pulls his hands from her face.

“Suppose that means we have to go” he nods in agreement.


Later: Tony stands at a podium set up outside the formerly Stark Towers; now renamed the Avengers Tower. The Avengers themselves, Loki and Trixie sit on the stage behind Tony. All dressed up and poised for the public eye. That's what the morning roll call was for. To go over all of this. To plan for it. 

“We were attacked last night” Trixie points out. “Is this a good idea?” Natasha shrugs a little.

“They were after you” She points out. “We're showing the world that you're protected....”

“This is about Loki too” Steve adds, Trixie looks to Loki who is clutching a set of cards containing his apology speech, he looks to Trixie who smiles softly at him, trying to reassure him. The speech is the start of his very public redemption on Earth. And he's nervous. Because now he has a reason to stay here. He wants to stay here. With her. And she can't comfort him, not here, not in front of all these people. “He'll be fine” Steve whispers to her, she looks to him. “Whatever the public decide he is staying” Steve assures her. “I doubt we could even get him to leave” he teases a little, she smirks and looks down.

“Loki; Prince of Asgard” Tony introduces, the crowd is instantly silent, sets of eyes turning to Loki as he stands. Tony gives him a reassuring thumbs up but Loki glances to Trixie, her eyes softer, more reassuring, he feels calmer already. He turns to the podium and sets his speech down, eyes lingering on the words. The whole gathering is silent when he looks up. He looks around the crowd, press, emergency services, soldiers, SHIELD agents. People he hurt, people he caused harm to. Loki touches his speech and then takes a breath before he starts.

“Whilst under the control of a mystical force I attempted to invade this world” Loki admits. “I caused damage, I hurt and I killed your people” he takes another breath. “And for all of that and so much more I wholeheartedly apologise” he makes the mistake of looking around, he shouldn't have. He should be used to the eyes, the stares, but this is something different, this is an entire race judging him for his deeds. Deciding whether or not he gets to stay with his soulmate. He looks back down to his speech. “The circumstance surrounding the events that partially destroyed the city were brought on after I was subjected to a period of....” he swallows hard reading the words. “Of painful and lengthy mental, emotional and physical torture until I was....complacent to the demands of my jailers. It in no way excuses all of my behaviour; but my actions were driven by a force outside of my control....and I will do whatever is needed of me to redeem myself in the eyes of the Midgardians my actions have hurt the most” Loki offers. “I made a mistake. A mistake that has cost some of you dearly and that I cannot undo.....and I know that there are many, many of you that will never forgive my actions....But I would very much like to stay in this world; and try to atone” he steps back, wanting to escape all the looks. Loki moves to his seat, his heart pounding in his chest. Thor pushes him down into his seat and then pats his shoulder, proud. Loki starts to tear his speech up in his lap, something to focus on. He wanted to sit next to Trixie but Tony and Thor decided that they'd sit him between them so she's sat all the way down there away from him. Tony moves back to the podium.

“Any questions?” Tony asks leaning on the podium and looking around. A journalist raises his hand and then stands.

“Loki stuff aside” he starts. “As there are a lot more then just those of us here that need to...process his...apology” Tony nods a little. “The rest of you for the most part are recognisable” the journalist states. “Seen at the Battle of New York itself but...” he looks to Trixie, Tony glances to her and then back to the journalist. “She was neither there or a familiar face”

“Trixie” Tony states and glances back to her, holding out his hand to her, she gives him a look but stands to join him. “I was hoping somebody would ask actually” Tony offers with a smirk turning back to the crowd as Trixie moves to his side. “Recent events alerted me to a change in familiar circumstances” Tony offers wrapping an arm around Trixie's shoulders. “A dalliance in my early 20s produced a child that I was never informed of”

“Oh my god” Trixie whispers figuring it out, she turns to Tony. “What are you doing?” she hisses barely above a whisper.

“That produced a daughter” Tony ignores her. “So I would like you all to meet Beatrice Stark” the cameras then start to flash and Trixie hates it. She's not used to all this attention. “I assure you all the tests and checks have been done and I am happy to release all the paper to you if so needed” Tony adds. “But she is very much a Stark” Tony pulls Trixie into a hug.

“I'm going to kill you in your sleep” Trixie whispers in Tony's ear, Natasha chuckles reading Trixie's lips, Loki smiles a little. “Dad” she adds and then pulls back to smile sweetly at Tony who smirks back at her.

“Told you we had a plan” he pokes her nose and she rolls her eyes but does smile a little.


Loki sits with Trixie, her legs resting across his lap as the others sort of snacks and drinks. Clint and Natasha sit down together on the floor as Steve takes the seat behind them handing them both a bowl of popcorn. Tony hands Trixie a beer and she smirks up at him.

“You know you are going to regret naming me your heir” Trixie tells Tony who chuckles sitting next to her.

“Well you're too young to pass as my sister” Tony points out patting her shoulder. “So daughter is the next best thing”

“No, no thing is the next best thing” She argues. “Why did I have to be your anything? I could be just some wayward Dick Grayson” they all frown at her. “Robin?” she asks. “You guys don't even have Batman and Robin here?” she asks more surprised given their blanket looks, Loki smirks playing with her hair. “Shame...” she looks to Tony. “You and Batman are eerily the same person” she comments. “No super powers but a ton of money and brains” she adds, Tony smirks and nods.

“I like the sound of this Batman guy” he tells her, Trixie snorts and shakes her head.

“Look the thought was; If you're staying then you're going to need an identity” Steve points out. “And you look more like a Stark then a Barton” Clint looks mildly offended.

“Hey, if I was her dad I'd be having words about her choice in men” Clint offers shooting Loki a look, Loki sticks out his tongue back at him and pulls Trixie closer to him.

“Trust me you wouldn't be the first” Trixie comments. “My brothers were always on my case about the men I..” she stops and looks to Loki who raises an eyebrow at her. “Who I attended book club with” she offers, Tony smirks and then chuckles.

“Lie better next time” Loki teases and then kisses her forehead, she smiles and shakes her head fondly.

“So we talked with Fury” Natasha offers changing the subject. “We're all getting paid to be Avengers” She and Clint high five.

“We get basic wage day to day, unless we're kicking ass then we get double time” Clint raises his drink. “Even Mr. I took over the world over there” Clint nods to Loki who raises an eyebrow surprised. “If you're staying....and helping” Loki smiles a little and glances to Trixie.

“You're welcome” Trixie tells them all with a smug smirk.

“Urm we negotiated the deal” Natasha motions between her and Clint.

“Yeah, but this isn't how it was supposed to end, remember?” Trixie points out. “Loki and Thor would have gone back to Asgard, Steve to the capitol, who knows where you two disappeared to and Bruce and Tony would have come back here to play with science....the Avengers are still the Avengers right now, because of you're welcome” she takes a drink of her beer as Loki chuckles raising an eyebrow at the others who share a look.

“Tony” Bruce reminds his fellow scientist, Tony nods and points to his friend in thanks.

“Ah one more thing” Tony offers reaching behind the couch for a box, he sets it in Trixie's lap. “Welcome to the family” he teases softly and she raises an eyebrow before opening the box lid. Even Loki is surprised by it's contents. “State of the art” Tony offers as she traces over the item inside. “Stark standard....” she looks to him and smiles.

“You made me an arm?” she asks him, he nods.

“I made you an arm” he repeats back at her, she actually wells up a little. “I can tell how long you've had that one” he motions to her current arm. “And it no longer fits properly which is why you've been having a few issues with it” She moves suddenly, hugging Tony who lingers a moment unsure before he is hugging her back. “Tell you what” Tony pulls back. “Let's try it on now so I can see if it needs adjusting” Tony stands pulling her up by the hand, she looks to Loki who shrugs and smirks taking a drink from his glass.


“So this is it huh?” Loki asks from Trixie's bed, Trixie raises an eyebrow as she pulls off her jacket. Revealing her new arm to him, it was impressive in the box but's something else. All black save for the gold detail on the joints of her fingers. The gold a nod to her new Stark status. He holds out his hand to her and wiggles his fingers towards her new arm. She sets her hand in it and lets him pull her closer. “Being the good guy” he elaborates. “Getting the girl” she smirks as he pulls her down. “It's not terrible” he admits tracing his fingers over her new arm.

“Seen the error of your ways?” she teases a little, he smiles and looks up at her.

“For you?” he asks and nods. “I'll walk the straight and clean for the rest of eternity” he offers, she looks to him softly. He can deal with Earth and the Avengers for her. He can be....good for her. To keep his soulmate happy and with him. He pulls her down for a kiss, she hums against his lips and clutches to his shirt. The two of them happy. Despite their circumstances.




Trixie's new 'Stark' arm: