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Advent Fic - 2018

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Severus had, only faintly reluctantly, agreed to try moving in with Harry. Harry had a larger home, which allowed them to have some separate spaces.

Severus had been alone too long to dive immediately into close cohabitation.

"There's plenty of space in the yard for whatever we'd like," Harry offered over dinner. "A greenhouse, a gazebo, or something else."

"We can work on that," Severus temporized.

"Too soon?" Harry asked, with a small grin.

"Yes," Severus admitted wryly.

"I count on you to speak up," Harry said.

"Have you known me to put up with nonsense?" Severus countered.

Harry shrugged.


What they both took to immediately was sleeping together. The king size bed gave the illusion of space, but they readily gravitated toward each other.

Nightmares abated, or were soothed, as they helped each other in the dark of the night.

"It's New Year's Eve," Harry announced. "I'd like to see the Muggle fireworks."

"I've not done that in a long time," Severus said. "We can go there."

They shared a warmth charmed blanket; Harry leaned into Severus. "This is nice."

"It is," Severus agreed. "I'm glad you invited me for the holiday."

They kissed as the year turned new.